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Your family member should be realistic when considering course entry requirements. If they have achieved a grade ‘C’ in their AS should they apply to courses requiring grade ‘A’ from their A level? It is best to select courses with higher and lower entry requirements and ensure that subject requirements are also different - e.g. if one course requires AAB and another asks for ABB they may each require the grade A to be in Mathematics – what if mathematics is the weaker subject? It is wise to think about employment opportunities – is a specific subject required for the profession? What are the entry requirements, at both GCSE and A level? Is there an admissions test, such as HPATUlster*, an audition, a portfolio review, an interview or the need to demonstrate evidence of experience? A guide for families 26/27

* Health Professions Admission Test (HPAT- Ulster) Ulster is the sole provider of Allied Health Profession education in Northern Ireland and has built a strong reputation for high quality delivery across the range of disciplines including Dietetics, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Diagnostic Radiography & Imaging, Radiotherapy & Oncology and Speech & Language Therapy. Applications to take this test are made alongside the UCAS process, and details are available on the HPAT-Ulster website www.hpat. All applicants must have completed HPAT-Ulster to be considered for entry to University of Ulster Allied Health Profession programmes. The HPAT-Ulster practice test, providing a sample of questions, is available in the form of an e-book.

It is advisable to attend university Open Days. We advertise our Open Days and other information events and we welcome your attendance. You can attend talks, speak to students and staff, tour the campus facilities and find out about courses. For more information see www.ulster. It is important to consider not only the academic aspects but also issues such as accommodation facilities – how much will it cost and will your family member require transport to get from their accommodation to university?

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Step 2: Applying If your family member is still at school then they must make their application through their school. Schools will advise on how to do this. A maximum of five choices are available. Students should apply only to places where they want to go. A standard application fee applies. Application Deadline Although 15 January is the application deadline for the majority of courses at UCAS, most schools will require the final draft of the application form to be completed by the end of October, this includes the Personal Statement. This allows the school sufficient time to check the application form and prepare the school reference.

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