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SAIPROGRAMS About SAI Since 1995, SAI Programs has provided students with exceptional cultural and educational experiences abroad, offering the opportunity to enroll in some of the finest schools available to English speaking students in Europe. By encouraging students to explore the complex intersections between self, community, and creativity, SAI aims to provide an inspiring and transformative experience for all participants. All of SAI’s services, in the U.S. and overseas, are geared toward ensuring student safety and maximizing the student experience; both in terms of providing a framework for academic inquiry, and offering each student opportunities for personal growth and development. We pride ourselves on our guiding principles: • Personal attention We build relationships with our students throughout the study abroad experience. • Community emphasis Our programs are designed with the local community in mind. • Immersive experience Our volunteering, internships, homestays, and unique activities help students immerse themselves in their host culture. • Safety and support We provide support in all areas of the student experience, offer on-demand emergency assistance, and the comfort of knowing that experienced staff are always on hand.

What Does SAI Offer? SAI offers educational and cultural experiences abroad at a variety of academic and professional levels. Our programs pair academic excellence with a commitment to cultural and community integration, offering an immersive abroad experience.

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE We partner with some of the finest European universities to provide students with exceptional academic experiences in all areas of study and academic level. We offer U.S. academic credit for all undergraduate coursework, and are proud to offer some of the most diverse fashion and design courses available. Our Admissions Counselors help students find the right program, enroll in courses, and prepare for an experience of a lifetime.

CAREER PREPAREDNESS SAI programs offer a variety of activities that help students gain meaningful experiences abroad beyond classroom learning. We offer various programs with internship components, community volunteering opportunities, and leadership training such as the SAI Global Leadership Certificate. These opportunities foster a global outlook and a leadership mentality, and prepare students for future careers and global citizenship.

Jess Vass - Florence



SAIPROGRAMS COMMUNITY EMPHASIS Community is at the root of everything we do. We provide a sense of community

SAI Program Features • Academic courses in English in all host cities, with host language options

both for study abroad students, and the people and places that welcome them. SAI programs include an active calendar of activities and excursions designed to foster a

in some

• U.S. academic credit for all undergraduate coursework • Accommodation in carefully selected student housing • Airport pick-up and transportation on arrival day • Welcome reception and events • Welcome bag containing items to kick-start your experience abroad • SAI orientation to the host city and school • SAI staff on-site dedicated to providing personal assistance • Student health insurance providing full coverage and medical emergency

deeper understanding of the local community. Our on-site staff create a welcoming community for our students, and are available to offer assistance with personal and academic challenges.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE At SAI, we are committed to making study abroad achievable for everyone, and we provide financial assistance to help students realize their dream. We offer scholarships ranging from $300 to $5,000 to support students with academic need and merit. We are also able to process financial aid from students’ home schools,


allowing students to defer payment until their financial aid has been disbursed.

LEADING SERVICES The SAI experience is distinguished by the level of our services, ranging from our exceptional housing, to our 24-hour on-site support. We provide all the assistance students need, allowing them to focus on thriving in their transformative experience.

• Access to and assistance with international cell phone plans • Weekend excursion for semester/quarter students • Frequent SAI cultural activities and day trips • 24-hour on-site emergency support • SAI mid-term re-orientation for personal reflection and goal setting • Farewell event with all students PRE-DEPARTURE SERVICES

• US-based admissions counselor assigned to you, providing friendly, professional assistance

• Helpful pre-departure tools and resources • Online student groups to acquaint you with other SAI students • Assistance with student visa application • Assistance with financial aid processing • Need-based SAI scholarships RE-ENTRY SERVICES

• Paid registration fees for national re-entry conferences • SAI Ambassador Program, with paid internship opportunities • SAI Alumni Network


• Student Apartments

SAI student apartments are located in buildings and areas shared by local residents. Private or shared bedrooms are available and all apartments are clean, comfortable and well equipped with basic furnishings, kitchen, living area and bathrooms.

• Family Homestays

Family homestays, available in some SAI locations, are a terrific way to ensure your language skills and cultural knowledge grow. Homestays offer a shared or private bedroom in the family home with basic furnishings.

Solomon Mercurio - Barcelona



SAIPROGRAMS SAI Fashion & Design Programs Creativity is at the root of studying abroad with SAI, and we are proud to offer some of the most dynamic programs to meet your needs, no matter your tastes and aesthetic. By studying fashion and design abroad, you will be able to explore real-life examples of world-class creativity both in and out of the classroom, using the city and its museums, galleries and public spaces as a point of analysis and exploration. In addition to influencing your personal style, SAI partner schools will challenge you academically, empowering you to design and create new pieces and experiences that reflect a global context and push boundaries.

Fashion & Design studies available


Florence • Fashion • Design

Semester, Quarter, Summer, January Intersession, Short Programs Career Certificate


• Fashion


John Cabot University (JCU)

• Design


Florence University of the Arts (FUA)



Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA)

• Fashion • Design


Milan Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA)

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC)

Istituto Marangoni (IM Milan)

Domus Academy (DA)

• Fashion • Design

Semester, Summer, Master’s

• Fashion

Semester, Summer

• Fashion • Design • Fashion


• Design


• Design

Semester, Master’s, Graduate Certificate

Barcelona SPAIN

Elisava, Barcelona School of Design & Engineering


Paris College of Art (PCA) FRANCE

Paris American Academy (PAA)

Istituto Marangoni (IM Paris)



• Fashion • Design

• Fashion

Semester, Summer

• Design


• Fashion


“My classes at NABA took full advantage of living in Milan. We went to the


MICAM International Footwear Fair, where I saw my first fashion show, held in a circular room with a 360 degree projection screen. Works and images were projected in sync with the upbeat music and catwalk. When Design Matters scrolled across the screen, it hit me that I was in a room full of people that value design as much as I do.” - Elizabeth, NABA, Rochester Institute of Technology

Paris College of Art end of year fashion show

“Here’s one of the projects I’ve completed while studying design at Elisava in Barcelona! It’s an instructional manual for coping with mornings” - Talia, Elisava, Virginia Commonwealth University

“My internship at FLY clothing store was unforgettable. It was interactive, collaborative and hands-on, and my opinion and ideas were valued at the highest level. We had the creative freedom to plan, market, and create visuals for the store as well as for emerging designers and student promotions.” - Alaysha, FUA, Virginia Commonwealth University

“The street style of Milan during Fashion Week was breathtaking. Not only did I get to attend 5 fashion shows, but I also got to work backstage as a model dresser for the Leitmotiv show. This opportunity was filled with excitement, a little anxiety, and overall sense of joy. That night was truly a dream come true.” Haylee, NABA, Missouri State University

All Elisava study abroad students create a unique functional chair, made from an array of materials. The chairs are showcased to the public during the end of term show.



FLORENCEITALY Florence University of the Arts (FUA) Florence University of the Arts (FUA) is a young, vibrant institution offering liberal arts coursework that takes a contemporary approach to international education. With small classes taught by highly qualified international faculty, FUA courses aim to enhance the social, intercultural and professional experience of each student. In addition to coursework in arts and sciences, communication, and business, FUA offers unique opportunities for students to enroll in cutting-edge fashion, design, architecture, and fine arts courses, as well as culinary and wine studies courses.

Academic Programs Semester & Quarter Elective Programs Visiting students at FUA have the option of enrolling in a semester (12 – 15 credits) or quarter (9 – 15 credits) program. Both programs offer a wide array of design and fashion coursework that emphasizes creativity and hands-on experience in the heart of the Renaissance. Students are able to supplement regular coursework with an internship or a SAI Global Leadership Certificate.

SAI Florence Florence is a very manageable city for study abroad students, who can regularly interact with visitors from around the world. The SAI Florence office is centrally located and offers meeting and study space for students, as well as open office hours during which on-site staff provides support and guidance. Program-inclusive activities in Florence include bookmaking, soccer games, and cooking classes, with weekend excursions to Cinque Terre and Lake Como and day trips to nearby sites.

Sample Design & Fashion Courses Digital Imaging and Visual Arts • Street Photography

• Introduction to Fashion Photography

• Advanced Video Making and Postproduction

• Experiential Learning in Visual Communication - Graphic Design

Interior and Visual Design Summer Programs Students studying abroad in the summer at FUA have various options for length and credits. Courses are offered in various subjects, with opportunities to enroll in unique experiential learning courses and internships. SAI offers the following summer programs at FUA: Summer 3 weeks (3 – 6 credits) Summer 6 weeks (3 – 9 credits) Summer Semester 12 weeks (6 – 12 credits) January Intersession January Intersession allows students the opportunity to enroll in a short 3 week program in January, between regular terms. Students select 1 or 2 courses for a total of 3 - 6 credits. The Intersession program can also be paired with a Spring Semester, offering the opportunity to complete more credits. Short Programs FUA short programs are designed to allow a great deal of flexibility for untraditional study abroad timing. SAI offers various 3 week short program start dates throughout the year. Short programs can be combined to create longer back-to-back programs. In each 3 week program students select 1 or 2 courses for a total of 3 - 6 credits. Career Certificate Programs FUA Career Programs are subject-intensive sessions offering predetermined coursework for a full immersion and professional experience in a particular field. Students can enroll in fall quarter (beginner-level) or spring quarter (intermediate-level) sessions, or complete a full academic year to receive a Certificate. The following Career Programs are offered at FUA: Accessory Design and Technology • Fashion Design and Technology • Photography • Publishing • Visual Communication • Fashion Design, Merchandising & Media • Fashion Communication, Promotion & Media • Communication & Interactive Digital Media • Product Design • Fashion Merchandising, Marketing & Retail



• Italian Renaissance Architecture • Introduction to Lighting

• Introduction to/Intermediate Interior Design • Interior Design Materials & Furnishings

Fashion and Accessory Design and Technology • Apparel Design

• CAD for Fashion/Advanced Patternmaking • Knitwear

• Introduction to Accessory Design: Hats, Scarves and Embellishments • Straw Hats and Bags: A Florentine Dynasty

Fashion Merchandising and Communication • Fashion Magazine

• Visual Merchandising and Display

• Fashion Retail Management Experiential Learning

• Fashion Buying Strategies: From Personal Shopper to Retail Merchandising • Fashion Forecasting for Merchandisers • Fashion Marketing

ROMEITALY John Cabot University (JCU) Since 1972, John Cabot University (JCU) has offered students from around the world the opportunity to pursue an exceptional academic and cultural education in the heart of one of the most inspiring cities in the world. JCU is accredited in the U.S. by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, and offers a liberal arts curriculum taught entirely in English. Students studying abroad at JCU are integrated into the diverse and international degree-seeking student body. The school draws professors from around the world who are committed to a multicultural environment, and to imparting a global understanding.

Academic Programs

SAI Rome Study abroad students are quickly swept up into the profound history of the enchanting city of Rome. Visitors can enjoy the Mediterranean sunshine in a beautiful park, savor a gelato on the Spanish Steps, or study art history overlooking the Trevi Fountain. SAI’s Rome office is located in the beautiful Trastevere neighborhood, near SAI partner schools and housing. SAI Rome on-site staff holds open office hours to provide advising and support, and the office includes space for students to meet and study. Program-inclusive activities in Rome include gelato making, bike rides and beach trips, and weekend excursions take students to unique regions in Tuscany and Lazio.

Semester Elective Program Semester students studying at JCU select 4 or 5 elective courses from the wide range of disciplines offered for a total of 12 - 17 US credits. Courses are available in Graphic Design, as well as Art History, Business, Media Studies, and Studio Art, among many others. Students are able to supplement regular coursework with an internship or a SAI Global Leadership Certificate. Summer Programs During the summer, students can choose between the following programs: Summer 5 weeks (3- 6 credits) Summer 11 weeks (6-12 credits) Courses are offered in Drawing and Photography as well as Art History, Business, Communication, Media Studies and many more.

Nuova Accademia Di Belle Arti (NABA) Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA), based in Milan, now offers its exceptional art and design programs to SAI students in Rome. The Rome campus includes specialized labs for Fashion, Visual Arts (equipped for printing and engraving), and a media lab featuring the latest IT infrastructure and digital experimentation equipment. NABA Rome holds true to its teaching methods in Milan that stress cultural, theoretical and practical aspects of design while bringing students in contact with companies and professionals in the field.

Summer Programs Summer 4 weeks (6 credits)

Sample Design Courses (JCU) Graphic Design • Introduction to Graphic Design • Advanced Graphic Design

• Graphic Design: Corporate Identity and Branding

Studio Arts & Media • Video Art

• Sound Design in Media Arts • Digital Photography • Rome Sketchbook • Figure Drawing

Sample Design Courses (NABA) Fashion Design & Merchandising • Fashion Design

• Fashion Marketing & Communication • Fashion Image & Styling • Visual Merchandising • Textile Design

Digital & Studio Arts • Graphic & Visual Design • Multimedia Arts

Students in NABA’s 4 week summer program complete two 2-week sessions taking one course in each session, for a total of 6 credits. NABA utilizes its position in Rome to include trips in the city to enhance classes. SAI offers two 4 week sessions each summer. Summer 6 weeks (9 credits)

Students in NABA’s 6 week summer program complete three 2-week sessions, earning a total of 9 credits. SAI offers one 6 week session each summer.



MILANITALY Nuova Accademia Di Belle Arti (NABA) Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA) was founded in Milan in 1980 and is the only design school in Italy accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education. NABA instructors are world-renowned artists, professionals, and designers working in Milan. NABA subscribes to the philosophy that creativity is best cultivated in an international atmosphere, and welcomes students from around 60 different countries. The school is located in the Navigli area of Milan, and uses 12 buildings to provide exceptional equipment and studio space for its 2,000 students. NABA is among the member institutions of the European League of Institutes of the Arts and the International Council of Fine Arts Deans, which consists of members from over 800 international art and design universities.

Academic Programs Semester Elective Program Semester study abroad students at NABA have the opportunity to delve into design fields under the mentorship of leading industry professionals. Students choose 3 to 6 courses within one of the designbased concentrations below. Those with varying academic needs can also select courses across all concentrations for a total of 12 – 18 US credits. Fashion Design • Fashion Styling and Communication • Graphic Design • Interdisciplinary Design • Interior Design • Product Design

SAI Milan Students in Milan can enjoy the city, as well as easily travel to nearby treasures such as the Italian Alps, Lake Como, and the remarkable canals of Venice. SAI on-site staff welcomes students to the city and provides advising and support, as well as open office hours. Program-inclusive activities in Milan include wine tasting and museum tours, and weekend excursions take students to Venice, Tuscany, or the Apennine Mountains.

Sample Design & Fashion Courses Art & Design • Cultural Tour of the Best in Design in Milan • Food Design

• Italian Design History

• Sketching Around Milan

Fashion • Accessories Design

• Cultural Tour of the Best in Fashion in Milan • Fashion Anthropology

• Fashion Marketing & Communication • Fashion Styling I & II

• Fashion Trend Scouting

• History of Fashion & Costume

Summer Programs NABA’s summer programs offer students a synthesis of NABA expertise in the design fields under the guidance of, and collaboration with, professionals in the field. Students enroll in back-to-back 2 week courses, each worth 3 credits, in design, fashion, and photography subjects while spending an unforgettable summer in the heart of design. SAI offers the following summer programs at NABA: Summer 4 weeks (6 credits) Summer 6 weeks (9 credits) Master’s Degrees also available – see pg. 13

• Textile Design

• Visual Merchandising

Graphic & Visual Design • 2D Cartoon Animation • Brand Identity

• Digital Illustration

• Editorial Graphic Design

• Layout and Visualization Techniques

Interior Design • Exhibit Design

• Interior Design for Hotels • Interior Design I & II

Product Design • Design Methodology • Lighting Design • Packaging

• Product Design I & II



MILANITALY Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC) Founded in 1921, the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC), or “Cattolica”, is the largest private university in Europe. Cattolica’s Milan campus hosts over 27,000 students per year and is located in a beautiful 8th century monastery, renovated by Bramante in the 1600’s. The school is an integral part of the local community of Milan, attracting students from within Italy as well as from around the world. Visiting students at Cattolica join others from around the world in elective semester and summer courses offered in English across the liberal arts curriculum. The bustling streets around the campus are full of cafés, restaurants and shops. Yet hidden discreetly within the school’s perimeter are picturesque gardens and courtyards, all of which add to the unique ambience and study environment.

Sample Fashion Courses Fashion • The Fashion Market: Structure, Players and Success Factors • A Fashion Brand from Line Creation to Market Placement • Luxury Business Insights

• From the Catwalk to the Classroom: an Introduction to Modern Italian Fashion

Academic Programs Semester Program Study abroad semester students at UCSC enroll in 3 - 5 elective classes for a total of 12 - 18 credits. Course options include fashion and design, as well as business, international relations, literature and communication. Students interested in completing Italian language courses can do so during the semester or enroll in an intensive 2 week language course that takes place prior to the regular semester start. SAI semester students can choose to supplement their academic work with an SAI Global Leadership Certificate. Summer Programs Students in UCSC’s summer programs enroll in two or three backto-back 2 week courses from the variety of options. Course options include such titles as Fashion Markets, Luxury Goods, and Italian Cuisine History & Cooking Lab. SAI offers the following summer programs at UCSC: Summer 4 weeks (6 credits) Summer 6 weeks (9 credits)

“Every day I am amazed by all of the design opportunities that are available to me as a student in Milan” www.saiprograms.com


BARCELONASPAIN Elisava, Barcelona School of Design and Engineering Founded in 1961, Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering was the first school of design to open in Spain. As a pioneer, Elisava’s role has been instrumental in shaping the culture of design in Catalonia and Spain. Elisava’s programs offer cutting-edge design disciplines, strongly geared to the professional and promoting close collaboration with companies, institutions and universities around the world. Elisava is included in Domus magazine’s Top 100 Design Schools in Europe. The school is affiliated with Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), which awards the school’s formal degrees.

SAI Barcelona In the same day, students can explore the small winding streets of Barcelona’s Gothic quarter, attend an FC Barcelona soccer game to watch one of the world’s most beloved teams, and lounge on the sunny beaches. Barcelona’s manageable size allows students to explore it with ease and become comfortable getting around by walking or via the easy public transit system. SAI’s Barcelona office offers a welcoming space for students to study and relax, and our staff holds open office hours to provide guidance and support. Program inclusive activities in Barcelona include cooking courses, trips to different beaches, and human castles workshops, with weekend excursions to Seville and Montserrat.

Sample Design Courses Design • Food, Design and Health

• Retail Design/Visual Merchandising • Furniture and Product Design

• Typography and Graphic Design • Design for Packaging

Academic Programs Semester Elective Program The design semester program at Elisava allows visiting undergraduate students the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Englishtaught design courses at one of Europe’s top design school, with a special focus on hands-on experience and direct engagement with the city of Barcelona. Two program tracks allow options for students with and without previous design experience, with courses available in furniture design, packaging design, typography, and more. Students enroll in 4 to 6 design courses for a total of 12 – 18 credits. Master’s Degrees and Postgraduate Diplomas also available – see pg. 13



• Digital Representation Principles

• Advanced Principles in Design: Integrating Comm., Humanities & Scientific Techniques • The Global and Historic Context of Art and Design

PARISFRANCE Paris College of Art (PCA) Paris College of Art (PCA) is a premier art and design school firmly rooted in the rich artistic landscape of Paris. For over 30 years it has provided students the opportunity to explore and participate in the Parisian art scene while developing their portfolio under the guidance of respected industry professionals and academics. Study abroad students at PCA are integrated into the degree-seeking student population, and take courses alongside the international student body of about 250. PCA is based in a beautifully refurbished historic building in the culturally rich 10th arrondissement, full of art studios, textile stores, creative agencies, and myriad cafes and restaurants. PCA’s close connections with the local art and fashion scenes allow students unique opportunities for hands-on engagement with fashion shows, gallery events and local artists as an extension of the classroom.

Academic Programs Semester Elective Program The PCA semester program is geared toward students interested in art and design, and is open to students both with and without previous experience. Visiting students select from the concentrations below, usually aligned with their major, and select any elective courses from the array of art, design, management, and humanities offerings for a total of 12 - 19 credits.

SAI Paris Paris has something for everyone, as each of the 20 arrondissements (or districts) that make up the city take on a life of their own. Students can spend their lunch breaks overlooking the bustle of the Eiffel Tower, exploring museums, or perusing the boutique markets of Montmartre. SAI’s Paris office is centrally located and provides study and meeting space for students, and our staff holds open office hours to provide support and guidance. SAI program-inclusive activities in Paris range from cooking courses and wine tasting, to ballet performances and beach trips, with weekend excursions to such places as Bèziers and Annecy.

Sample Design & Fashion Courses Fashion • Fashion Design in Paris: Vintage to Haute Couture

• The Art of Draping: From Grès & Vionnet to the Japanese • Intro to Childrenswear

• Lingerie Design: A Paris Love Affair • Fashion Professions

• Fashion Textile Printing

Available concentrations: Communication Design • Design Management • Fashion Design • Fine Arts • Interior Design • Liberal Studies • Photography

• Collection Concept Development I & II • 3D Fashion Design I & II • Pattern Drafting I & II

• Fashion Drawing: Shoes

Summer Program PCA’s 4 week summer program offers students an intensive environment to deepen their understanding and sharpen their skills in art and design with courses like Fashion Sketchbook, Photography in Paris, and Fashion Blogging. Courses offer students unique exposure to the city of Paris by combining classroom time with excursions to various sites around the city. Students enroll in two back-to-back 2 week courses for a total of 4 credits

• Textile Identification

Communication Design • Interactive Media Design • Topics in Typography

• Branding and Identity • Web Design

Interior Design • Architectural Components • Project Fundamentals • Light Design

• Window Display Design

Photography • From Image Making to Curating an Exhibition

• Fashion Week: Street Style Fashion Photography • Paris, A Surrealist Photographic Exploration • Editorial Fashion Photography

• Identification & Preservation of Photographs



PARISFRANCE Paris American Academy (PAA) The Paris American Academy (PAA) was founded in 1965 and is known for its excellence in boutique and couture fashion design instruction. With a strongly vocational approach, PAA prepares students for careers in creative fields, with summer program instruction from masters in fashion, fine arts, interior design, and creative writing. Students benefit from a personalized learning environment created by a studentinstructor ratio of one to five and small classes. Courses are rigorous and intensive, and students develop a strong community around an environment of creativity and peer learning.

Academic Programs

SAI Paris Paris has something for everyone, as each of the 20 arrondissements (or districts) that make up the city take on a life of their own. Students can spend their lunch breaks overlooking the bustle of the Eiffel Tower, exploring museums, or perusing the boutique markets of Montmartre. SAI’s Paris office is centrally located and provides study and meeting space for students, and our staff holds open office hours to provide support and guidance. SAI program-inclusive activities in Paris range from cooking courses and wine tasting, to ballet performances and beach trips, with weekend excursions to such places as Bèziers and Annecy.

Summer Program PAA’s intensive 4 week July summer program offers students an immersive experience in creative and design fields. Students select from the concentrations below, and complete 2 block-style courses for a total of 6 credits. • • • • • •

Sample Design & Fashion Courses Fashion

Fashion, with concentration in Couture Techniques Fashion, with concentration in Design Process Fashion, with concentration in Merchandising and Communication Interior Design Fine Arts Creative Writing

• Fashion with Specialization in Couture Techniques • Fashion with Specialization in Design Process

• Fashion with Specialization in Fashion Merchandising and Communication • Essentials of French Fashion Design

Interior Design • Interior Design Techniques: Design Studio

• European Interior Design: Essentials of Interior Design





Advice from me to you

Hey I’m Camille! I’m a Muhlenberg College alum, and while I was a student I studied abroad with SAI at the Florence University of the Arts. I became a student ambassador upon returning home, and I’m now the summer intern at SAI in California! As a theatre and art student, I knew I wanted to go abroad somewhere that would allow me to really experience first hand the works I had studied, not just look at them on a powerpoint. What ended up making me choose FUA was learning that both my mom and dad (who are both working artists) studied art in Florence post grad! It was an amazing and emotional experience getting to stand feet away from works I had studied in class like The David, Da Vinci’s Annunciation and Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, which I had a poster of back in my room at home (I cried when I saw it in person… I know. So dramatic.) Florence is an amazing city with so much culture and history, and I feel so lucky I got to live there for a semester.

Do one new thing every day, whether it be visiting a local library or museum, getting coffee or a meal at a new spot, or just walking a different way home! Make the most of your time by doing things that scare you - that’s what studying abroad is all about. Netflix will be there when you get home. Try practicing your Italian when you’re out and about, and don’t assume that everyone speak English! You are in Italy, after all. Even if it’s not perfect, making that effort is great practice and showing that you respect the culture you’re in goes a long long way! Order the house wine in restaurants! It’s often the chef’s top choice at a cheaper price. Restaurants take a lot of pride in their house wine!

If you’re ballin’ on a budget like I was, make use of public transit around Italy. On weekends that we weren’t roaming around Firenze, my friends and I would catch cheap trains all around Italy. Learning to navigate transportation in a foreign country is an incredible test of patience, and is a wonderful way to make new friends.

Studying abroad helped me become more patient and open to change. I’m not afraid of trying new things because I know how rewarding it was to throw myself into the culture of Firenze, despite it being a huge challenge.



SAIPROGRAMS Master’s & Graduate-Level Design & Fashion Programs

FLORENCE, ITALY Polimoda SAI offers various 9 month Master’s programs at Polimoda in the fields of fashion design, fashion business, art direction, and design management. Programs are continually evolving to cater to market needs and reflect new trends. The following programs are available: • Bag Design Master’s Course (9 months)

• Collection Design Master’s Course (9 months)

• Creative Direction Master’s Course (9 months)

• Fashion Brand Management Master’s Course (9 months) • Fashion Design Master’s Course (9 months)

• Fashion Marketing & Communications Master’s Course (9 months) • Fashion Merchandising & Buying Master’s Course (9 months) • Fashion Retail Management Master’s Course (9 months) • Fashion Styling Master’s Course (9 months)

• Fashion Trend Forecasting Master’s Course (9 months)

• International Fashion Business Master’s Course (9 months) • Luxury Business Master’s Course (9 months)

• Product Management Master’s Course (9 months)

Domus Academy (DA) Domus Academy Master’s Degree programs are 1 year long and students receive an accredited Academic Master’s Degree from its sister school, Nuova Accademia Di Belle Arti (NABA), in addition to a Master’s Diploma from Domus Academy. The following degrees are available: • Business Design Master’s Degree (one year) • Fashion Design Master’s Degree (one year)

• Fashion Management Master’s Degree (one year)

• Fashion Styling & Visual Merchandising Master’s Degree (one year) • Information Design Master’s Degree (one year) • Interaction Design Master’s Degree (one year)

• Interior & Living Design Master’s Degree (one year)

• Luxury Brand Management Master’s Degree (one year) • Product Design Master’s Degree (one year) • Service Design Master’s Degree (one year)

• Urban Vision and Architectural Design Master’s Degree (one year) • Visual Brand Design Master’s Degree (one year)

Domus Academy also offers the option to enroll in a pre-master’s semester in preparation for a degree program. Created for graduates, this four-month program provides students with the foundational understanding of design that is required for admission to Domus Academy and NABA Master’s Degree programs. It also provides valuable opportunities to construct a professional portfolio under the guidance of mentors who are experts in the field.

• Shoe Design Master’s Course (9 months)

MILAN, ITALY Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA) SAI offers one and two year Master’s Degree programs at NABA conducted in English and accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education. The following degrees are available: • Creative Advertising Master’s Degree (one year)

• Fashion & Textile Design Master’s Degree (two years) • Interior Design Master’s Degree (two years)

• Product Design Master’s Degree (two years)

Istituto Marangoni, Milan SAI offers a wide array of Master’s programs at Istituto Marangoni, Milan. Programs last 9 months, and students earn a diploma from Istituto Marangoni. The following programs are available: • Fashion Design Womenswear Master’s Course (9 months) • Fashion Design Menswear Master’s Course (9 months)

• Fashion Styling, Photography & Film Master’s Course (9 months)

• Fashion Promotion, Communication & Media Master’s Course (9 months) • Fashion & Luxury Brand Management Master’s Course (9 months) • Contemporary Fashion Buying Master’s Course (9 months) • Fashion Product Management Master’s Course (9 months) • Fashion Start-up Master’s Course (9 months)

• Luxury Accessories Design & Management Master’s Course (9 months) • Interior Design Master’s Course (9 months)

• Surface & Textile Design Master’s Course (9 months)

• Contemporary Furniture Design Master’s Course (9 months) • Fine Jewelry Design Master’s Course (9 months)

• Design Management Master’s Course (9 months) • Car Design Master’s Course (9 months)

• Exhibit Design Master’s Course (9 months)

• Lighting Design Master’s Course (9 months) • Digital Imaging Master’s Course (9 months)



SAIPROGRAMS BARCELONA, SPAIN Elisava, Barcelona School of Design and Engineering Elisava’s English language Master’s Degrees follow block coursework designed around collaborative problem-solving, hands-on experience and workforce preparedness. Elisava Master’s Degrees are awarded by Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) and Elisava. The following degrees are available: • Graphic Design Master’s Degree (one year) • Interior Design Master’s Degree (one year)

• Photography & Design Master’s Degree (one year)

• Research for Design & Innovation Master’s Degree (one year) • Retail Design Master’s Degree (one year)

• Temporary Space Design Master’s Degree (one year)

Elisava also offers semester-long Postgraduate Diplomas, geared toward students who have their Bachelor’s degree and wish to broaden and refine their skills in a design field. Postgraduate students study for one term alongside Master’s Degree-seeking students in block courses, and receive a Postgraduate Diploma from Elisava upon completion. The following diplomas are available: • Design & Innovation Diploma • Interior Design Diploma • Retail Design Diploma

PARIS, FRANCE Istituto Marangoni, Paris SAI offers fashion Master’s Degrees at Istituto Marangoni, Paris. Programs last just over one year, and students earn a diploma from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. The following programs are available: • Fashion Design Womenswear Master’s Degree (15 months)

• Fashion Styling, Photography & Film Master’s Degree (15 months)

• Fashion Promotion, Communication & Media Master’s Degree (15 months) • Fashion & Luxury Brand Management Master’s Degree (15 months) • Contemporary Fashion Buying Master’s Degree (15 months)

“Studying abroad pushed me to be a better designer, citizen, and thinker. I loved being surrounded by such creative individuals”

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Design & Fashion Brochure  

Design & Fashion Brochure