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– 2011

Stories from Matevž, Apsara, Tina and Andy

January is of course cold. But that’s OK because I like to take shots of ice. This year it was cold for only about a week. Well, not that cold, but down to about -15C.

Most of the time I give up well before my camera does.

The Lake doesn’t freeze over every year. The last time it did was in 2009.

This is my favorite place to shoot the lake. I call it the G-Spot. G for “good” – very good.

There is an annual event called Danilo Re, which is a competition amongst staff who work in national parks in Europe, in particular, the Alps. Over 40 teams compete, and this year Slovenia hosted the event. It took place at our local ski station Vogel.

Tina was the reigning Giant Slalom champion, but was too heavily involved with the event to get enough training under her feet. She did however, managed to get a creditable forth.

February means ski shool! It was Apsara’s third year of skiing but the first with the school. Slovenians ski like Aussies kids play cricket or netball. Not sure where that puts Matevž. He doesn't like any sports but is at least showing signs that he likes hiking.

Video of Apsara skiing

This coming winter Apsara will do both alpine and cross country skiing. Hopefully Matevž will finally ski down the piste by himself.

March is time for a carnival. To celebrate the end of winter, children as well as adults put on a costume and come out of hyberbation.

And eat krof – a donut very similar to the Australian variety.

April mornings are still cold and whilst everyone else is sleeping in on weekends, I like to get out and get in a shot or two.

And now everything starts to turn green. Perfect to go into the countless number of gorges and have the place to yourself and daughter.

May brings danellions, flowers and guests. And of course the family BBQ.

Time to bring out the lawnmower

For some reason we are popular with architects from abroad.

June is the calm before the storm. This year Rob from down under brought us a familiar accent into the place.

I even managed to get in a rare lunar eclipse shot.

Even we need a break – Krk Island, Croatia

In July there are more guests than you can poke a stick at!

A new cycling trail has brought us a lot more welcomed guests.

It was the driest summer we ever had

August was even more busy.

Apsara Ana

Smiles and sunsets

Matev탑 Andrej

September means going back to school, tidying up the garden and getting to know better some of the guests. And a lot more events, including the hiking festival and the “Cow’s Ball”.

Husking corn photos

The Cow’s ball video

October is the season for colors, roasted chestnuts, and in some years, snow! And the odd guest or two just keeps things moving along.

The 1st of November is a day to remember our family. Churches all over Slovenia are full of flowers and candles.

This year we all went for a long hike, and in the evening I came to this little spot that I discovered a few years ago.

The light in the valley on some mornings is almost beyond believe. From the top of Studor it can look as if we live on the set of Lord of the Rings.

Studor is directly below with the church of St Martin and the village of Srednja Vas a little further out.

December is a full of events. First is the blessing of the horses, Otepanje – a local sing along by the boys in the village, and of course all the usual festivities associated with Christmas. And if it snows, wow!

My mother saw this on her iPod Touch – the best invention of all time!

Well, that’s it. See you next year.

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