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Cody Does Things By: Stu & Whitney

Cody Does Things By: Stu & Whitney

Cody likes to be outside.

Cody goes for a ride.

Cody likes to pout.

Cody stretches out.

Cody stares.

Cody cares.

Cody eats a bone.

Cody stands alone.

Cody likes to sleep.

Cody is a creep.

Cody goes to bed.

Cody plays dead.

Cody likes to chat.

Cody won’t eat that.

Cody likes bears.

Sometimes Cody glares.

Cody broke his leash and chain.

Cody lives life in the fast lane.

Cody has big, brown eyes.

Cody is very wise.

Cody poses by the trees.

Cody always says please.

Cody’s paw is white.

Cody goes night-night.

Cody loves Stu.

Cody also loves you.

The end.

Cody Does Things  

Cody does a lot of things!