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When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. When I let go of what I have, I receive what I need. - Tao Te Ching

How to Make the Most out of

How has life changed for you recently and how are you making the most of it? Amanda Sears | Creator 4

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020



It's times like this where I am so thankful for technology and how far we have come with communication and adaptability globally - no one ever needs to be alone or feel less connected to opportunities or information ever again. We can connect to the other side of the world in a heartbeat and learn new skills in the comfort of our own home!


We are already seeing just how quickly policies and strategies can be put in place that effect the whole world and the environment, which gives me hope for our future and faster united global responses.


I am interested to see what comes of this 'shaking up' of the world and I imagine the next 6 - 12 months will be VERY different for everyone.


Well, life is a little different at the moment as I write this and while I don't get caught up in the fear or drama, my heart does hurt for those effected by all that is happening.


Hello and welcome to Issue #10 of The Inspired Guide magazine!


y o j n E & e m o c l e W

Designed to inform and inspire all who seek to live more conscious lives. The Inspired Guide encourages a holistic approach to soulful living which stems from our innate ability to create our own reality for a more conscious, joyful and balanced life.



For a balanced life it is important to incorporate mindfulness and personal development in all areas of our Mind, Body and Soul. The Benefits of an eMagazine Links are all active - so go ahead and click them to go through to that page online for more information Zoom in if you want to see things closer or larger Share easily with friends, family, colleagues and networks to spread the word and grow the awareness! Read ANYWHERE! ♥ Read with an open mind ♥ ♥ There is no ‘one size fits all’ ♥ ♥ Hold no judgement ♥ ♥ Read what calls to you ♥

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Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

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The Good Guide Not every day is a walk in the park or a breath of fresh air - but it can be... When you need a pick me up or something inspirational to shift that doom and gloom. Be uplifted & inspired with our carefully curated selection online... WATCH Look for the light in the world and you will see how bright it shines! Get a breath of fresh air with Good News! READ A book can teach you or take you away on a journey - often both... enjoy our selection of inspiring and uplifting books. ART Art is subjective... it can inspire, soothe or insight action among the viewer. Our collection hopes to do all of these things... BE INSPIRED Hear the words from great minds around the world! Watch inspiring videos and learn more about these people. LISTEN Soothe your soul, find that happy place and get your groove on with some of our uplifting musicians and singers.


Cover Art

'Butterflies in Autumn' (2020) Photographic Art by Amanda Sears (photo by Analise Benevide |




We realise there is A LOT of great content in The Inspired Guide that you may want to find again, for example a chocolate cake recipe... and you probably don't want to search through all of our previous editions to find it! So we have created 'Topic' pages on the website where you can peruse for a certain topic that tickles your fancy OR find a topic from any edition to re-read or share. We are working on developing a site search that will find what you are specifically looking for, but this appears to be harder than you think - so enjoy perusing the full topic pages while we get the advanced search option installed. >CLICK HERE< Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020




Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020




BECCA REITZ By Becca Reitz

Dani is an author, blogger, and designer living in Washington, DC. In 2009, she launched the website sharing experiences and insights on positivity and self-love! Now a global, destination for inspiration and resources. Follow her on Instagram: @PositivelyPresent

Ellie is an artist, designer and practitioner of metaphysics, based in Sydney, AU. She uses her unique gifts to help, support and guide those on a Soulpreneur journey. Her work is spiritual, inspirational, enlightening, informative and fun! Follow her on Instagram: @the_celestial_witch

Becks is a counsellor, mindfulness coach and illustrator based in Nelson, NZ. She began illustrating mental health tools with a goal of making counselling and therapeutic techniques more accessible to everyone. Now they are a global resource! Follow her on Instagram: @journey_to_wellness_

Becca Reitz is an illustrator and graphic designer that resides in Denver, CO. Her work aims to capture the beauty and essence of the human experience – each piece is a visual representation of our truth, our journeys, our past, our future. Follow her on Instagram: @becca_reitz Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020




Follow her on Instagram: @theself_carekit

A 17 year old from Slovakia - known only as 'Teabag' she has loved drawing since she first held a pencil and never thought her digital doodles would get so much attention! Her doodles help with her own mental health and cheers her up. Follow her on Instagram: @teabag.cartoon

AMY CHARLETTE By Amy Charlette

ASJA BOROS By Asja Boros

Amy's art is closely tied to her spiritual side and heavily influenced by yoga, nature, chinese medicine, metaphysics and sacred geometry. She creates art to inspire deeper connection to self, creativity, community, nature and the universe. Follow her on Instagram: @amycharlette 10

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

Artist and illustrator based in Croatia, Asja's work reflects a deep desire to glance behind the curtains of daily reality, to go beyond all reason and dive into the mysterious realms of imagination and to explore her inner worlds in a playful way. Follow her on Instagram: @asjaboros


A huge book nerd and gamer with 5 cats, Dominee uses her life experiences to inspire you to really know and love yourself, to believe in yourself, trust your intuition, and realize that you have the ability to make all of your dreams come true. Follow her on Instagram: @blessingmanifesting


Just an average guy residing in Ottawa, Canada, Boki writes, illustrates and shares content in the hopes of turning wondering eyes inwards. He loves art and quotes so it was natural to combine these into potent whispers for the mind, heart and soul. Follow him on Instagram: @bokifide

RAYCHPONYGOLD By Rachel Urquhart

Designer, illustrator, & writer from NSW, Australia, where the magic of the natural world drives her creative practice; Rachel draws together the profound and accessible, to describe the magic of the world, that is occurring everywhere, all the time. Follow her on Instagram: @raychponygold Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020



Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

Life Coach

Holistic Health

When Your Gut & Logic Disagree

5 Gentle Ways To Detox

Until we make a decision we have no target. It is like shooting an arrow in the air with no clue when it will land and we are left stuck and frustrated; conversely, when we make a decision we create mental maps that direct us to the fulfillment of the decision made. It is wise and helpful to have questions to work through, especially if emotions are involved. Write it down and get it out of your head. You will be able to evaluate it more clearly and be more confident and able to make the best decision. Thinking about it in your head or even talking about it with others is often just going to be more confusing...

Our bodies are beautifully designed to constantly clear and clean what it does not need. The long term effects of everyday toxins is a taxed system working doubly hard; ultimately effecting our lymphatic system and immune system. Here are 5 little things we can do everyday to help: 1. START YOUR DAY WITH WARM LEMON WATER: Make a fresh jug with the whole lemon skin, zest, juice, the juice of lemons filters unwanted toxins in our body, it as citric acid which helps move our bowels, regular elimination is important. 2. MAKE UP A LARGE JUG OF DETOX WATER: Add fresh fruit and veges to a jug of clean water and drink it throughout the day (8 -10 glasses) 3. FOODS - Choose high fibre fruits and vegetables, in particular leafy greens and cauliflower, brussel sprouts, kale and broccoli which cleanse the liver and can continue to cleanse for 2 weeks after we eat them. Eat organic where possible. Explore and try intermittent fasting (if suitable for you) to give your organs a rest each day. 4. DRY BODY BRUSHING: Brushing your body with with a brush when the skin is dry detoxes our skin and lymph nodes, improves circulation, exfoliates our skin, removes toxins by flushing them out and reduces the appearance of cellulite. The skin is our largest organ which means it is our largest eliminator. 5. REBOUNDING (MINI TRAMPOLINE): Is a wonderful, easy and fun exercise which kick starts and boosts our lymphatic system. As the Lymphatic system does not have a pump like our heart we need to move our bodies to stimulate the lymph and aid in the detox processes.

With Angela Cheruseo

Doing this is well worth it as important decisions can change the direction and quality of your entire life and these 6 questions well help you work through any tough decisions you come across. What are the answers telling you? Don't over think it...

ENJOY LIFE Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020



HERE ARE 6 SMART QUESTIONS TO ASK: 1. What’s the result or outcome I most want in this area of my life? What do I want or not want? 2. What do I want to do more or less of? 3. List all of your options to move ahead - even the perceived 'outrageous' ones 4. List as many pros and cons for each area 5. List the worst case scenarios for each option. It is vital to write them down because when we take time to write them down we see it’s rare that there’s any decision we can’t change or recover from which will help to remove any fear. 6. Who else will this impact for each option? Think beyond yourself... your team, friend, family, customers, etc.

With Tracy Power

Business Basics

Living Well #1

Smartphone Photography

When Fear Takes Over

When photographing landscapes, objects, people and places be sure to think ahead to the potential platforms and ways the image may be used, such as: print, digital, big, small, landscape, portrait, square, etc. Take various shots that can be cropped to different dimensions without losing the main focus of the image. Take multiple shots at various angles, closer and further away and experiment with the available lighting and overall scene and compositional elements.

As a past long time sufferer of anxiety and overwhelm (products of fear) I have developed some coping strategies over the years to work in most scenarios. There are many methods when an attack comes on like sensing and focusing on your surroundings, but when I needed more than just the sensory relief... here are some of things I use:


With Amanda Sears

I always try to use natural lighting wherever possible as flash photography without the right equipment never seems to make a good photo. Sometimes a bright sunny day is too bright to photograph in with too much contrast and shadows and you may find a light but cloudy day offers a natural soft filter/diffuser and a rainy day adds vibrancy - explore lighting for your shot. Smartphone Photography Checklist:  Set Image Size to Maximum if Available  Pick Image Dimensions (1:1, 3:4, 9:16)  Check Direction and Quality of Lighting  HDR - High Dynamic Range on or off  See What is in the Frame - no odd objects, shadows, rubbish, poop or flying saucers  Steady Your Hands & Take the Shot. REVIEW it!  Take Multiple Shots in Different Compositions

With Amanda Sears

• Deep Slow Conscious Breath to bring myself back into my body and oxygenate my blood and reduce the chemical fear response • Binaural Beats: I use this one, but there are many others so I just trust my own intuition about what feels right for me in the moment (best played in earphones for optimal effect) • Rescue Remedy: this has been my best friend for a long time and still holds a place in my heart, mind and handbag - I’ve used this before flying, speaking events and while under stress • L-theanine: my go to brand is ‘Go Healthy’ and when things got REALLY bad for me, this was my only salvation... it can make some people feel a bit dopey so try it in a safe space first • Preparation: I have a list on my phone of things to do, such as: listen to music, remember certain words, pray, use essential oils like lavender, use the 'havening' technique, neutralise the fear with love (think loving thoughts), etc.

Always photograph in the highest resolution & remember that smartphones don’t photograph distance in great detail, are not the best for zooming or micro shots and can be tricky in low light. If in doubt, hire a professional. Quality images are the key to promoting your product.

Anxiety, fear, overwhelm and stress are much more prominent when you are tired and hungry or undernourished, so rest and eat well and take care of your physical health to reduce the occurrence and severity when fear can take over. The best results though, come when you eliminate or deal with the root cause of the fear...


Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

*Always consult a healthcare professional when taking newtherapies - even the natural ones!!

Living Well #2

Conscious Living

The Body - Vessel for the Soul

Regenerative Agriculture

I find it odd that the we need to get really unwell before remembering to actually look after ourselves. I've done it many times... Run my body into the ground while seeking external success - now The Body comes first. The Body is a vessel for our consciousness to reside in on this earth and provides the opportunity for communication, expression and experience. It is a divine and sacred vessel for our soul here and needs love and compassion all year round, 24/7, not just when it starts to physically ache or exhibit disease.

Is a conservation and rehabilitation approach to food and farming systems based on various agricultural and ecological practices, with a particular emphasis on minimal soil disturbance and the practice of composting. It focuses on topsoil regeneration, increasing biodiversity, improving the water cycle, enhancing ecosystem services, supporting biosequestration (the capture and storage of the atmospheric greenhouse gas carbon dioxide by continual or enhanced biological processes), increasing resilience to climate change, and strengthening the health and vitality of farm soil. Regenerative agriculture on small farms and gardens is often based on philosophies like permaculture, agroecology, agroforestry, restoration ecology, keyline design, and holistic management. Large farms tend to be less philosophy driven and often use "no-till" and/or "reduced till" practices. On a regenerative farm, yield should increase over time; as the topsoil deepens, production may increase and fewer external inputs are required; output is dependent on the nutritional value of the composting materials and structure and content of the soil.

With Amanda Sears

Principles include: • Increase soil fertility and subsequently yields • Work with whole systems holistically • Improve whole agro-ecosystems (soil, water, and biodiversity) • Connect the farm to its larger agro-ecosystem and region and continually evolve • Make holistic decisions that express the value of farm contributors; everyone is significant. • Payment can be financial, spiritual, social, or environmental capital Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020



4 TIPS TO TAKE CARE OF THE BODY VESSEL: Listen to it: Get to know it and develop a relationship of love, trust and compassion with it. Breathe life into it deeply: every breath we take is bringing more life into the body. Breathe deeply into the stomach and breathe fresh clean air. Feed, nourish and hydrate it: think about the 'energetic potency' of the food and water you consume. Fuel the body with high energetic potency fresh food and clean 'living' water. Move it regularly: get the energy flowing daily with some enjoyable breath and body work Trust it: ask it what it needs and listen to it. Some alkaline water? Herbal tea? A Supplement? Trust that your body knows what it needs and how to heal, but may need some assistance at times. Rest and restore it: sleep, meditation and relaxation techniques are undervalued in the power they have to reset and restore the body to full functionality. Long term stress and anxiety pulls on all systems until eventually one by one they collapse - but regular meditation, deep quality sleep and relaxation can reverse these effects and rebalance the systems.

With Amanda Sears



Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020


Creativity + Exhibition With Guest Michelle Bellamy I grew up and was educated in Nelson, New Zealand, with my parents and two younger sisters and brother. I am a second generation New Zealander with Central/ Northern European grandparents who were both artists. Spare time involved heated drawing competitions between family members, and expeditions into the outdoors. I am mainly self-taught, although both parents are artists; my mother an illustrator, and father a painter and sign-writer. I gained valuable knowledge and critiques of my paintings from them as my skills developed over the years. A painting would be finished and both parents would have to evaluate it before it could leave for the gallery. I started painting works early in high school, and sold them in local cafes.

washes. My working method is a semi-planned process, although I have absolutely no idea what the final piece will look like. I have a vague idea of colour relationships in the painting and a clear idea of composition, although this may be altered during the process.

What is your earliest creative memory? The earliest records of me creating, were apparently at age 2, I drew a very life-like sheep. Not long after that I got into my mother’s oil paints and half completed a painting and painted a big green tree in the sky. My earliest memory is sneaking into the sign writing workshop while my Dad was in his studio and getting into all his tins of half dried up paint that he used in the early days of sign writing. I guess being brought up with Dad being a sign-writer, I have always been drawn to vibrant colour, composition placement and typography, although not all of this displays in my work.

Keeping creativity flowing can be a challenge, especially with the time-consuming nature of my work. For sanity’s sake I cannot be left to my own thoughts. I’d be completely distracted, so I resort to audiobooks. I have “read” endless hours of fiction, stories carrying me through the tedium of fine detail work. Funny enough, I have noticed that when I visit a painting later at a gallery the specific audiobook that I was listening to while I painted that part echoes through my mind.

Explain the way in which you work: I have worked in all mediums but have a great love for the special qualities that acrylic paint offers. Acrylics suit my temperament and particular way of using illustrative detail combined with watercolour layers. I paint with acrylics on board, with the occasional work on linen. Pen, ink and pencil are always great fun to work with. Usually when I approach a painting, I prep the surface to perfection, then start sketching, blocking and putting down some nice thick vibrant colours with darks. From this stage on the layers get progressively thinner, more delicate and refined. Working with acrylics can be a challenge, as the colours very easily head down the muddy, dull track. So I like to bring the intensity back between every layer of detail using pure, fine

What inspires you? Things that inspire me to paint what I paint; a moment when you are throwing stones with the kids at Cable Bay, and the evening light caresses the hills. On a mountain with the golden hues illuminating in the tussock. Looking out into our bush-clad valley up the Brook, and a soft haze filers across the hills. Everyday moments captured in colour and light.

What are some of your highlights? I completed two large commissions for Sir Robert Jones in Auckland and Wellington. I have had many exhibitions around New Zealand since 2005. I have not entered many art awards and have never won a specific art award but almost always win the Peoples' Choice awards. Advice for others on their creative path: Stick at it. Put many hours in. Be very stubborn. Be inspired by the world around you and learn from what others do. Persistence through 'failure' is essential. Find out more on her Website:

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020



Michelle Bellamy | 'Fisherman's Village Falls Dam' (2018) | Acrylic | 18

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020


Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020



Michelle Bellamy | 'Okiwi Bay Spearfisherman' (2014) | Acrylic |


Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020


Michelle Bellamy | 'Big Blue Day' (2013) | Acrylic |

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020



Michelle Bellamy | 'Last Light' | Acrylic |


Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020


Michelle Bellamy | 'Fisherman's Stop' (2015) | Acrylic |

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020



Michelle Bellamy | 'A Glass Day' (2018) | Acrylic | 24

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020


Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020



Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

Travel & Adventure With Amanda Sears WEST COAST ROADTRIP South Island, New Zealand One of my favourite times to visit the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand is in the Winter time or at least the 'cooler' months... less people, less sandflies and discounted rates at some of the accommodation places. We have had a few road trips from Nelson down to Hokitika over the last few years and even one time ventured down as far as Franz Josef for a quick look and bite to eat. (Well worth it!) Every roadtrip down the coast for me is like looking at the world with new eyes - the beauty and rawness of the rocky coastline alongside the native bush and Nikau palm trees is such a stunning contrast that it creates a feeling of wonder and amazement each time - well it does for me! There is so much to see and do down the West Coast and the best way to explore it all is by road trip. I'll provide some of my highlights from our most recent journey from Nelson > St Arnaud > Reefton > Greymouth > Hokitika > Franz Josef > Hokitika > Punakaiki > Westport and back to Nelson - which we did over 4 days in August. HIGHLIGHTS: • Historic Buildings: the coast is full of them and in all styles too! The history of the West Coast is rich and fascinating visually and historically. • Pancake Rocks: one of the big tourist attractions this is a must see. Layered rocks and outcrops with powerful blow holes! Just time the tide right - it has to be in to get the full effect. • Caves & Glow worms: when it gets dark you can go up some short paths and see glow worms! Then there are BIG caves you can explore during the day too and will need a torch for these. • Beach Foam: One year at Punakaiki there was this amazing beach foam! Like nothing we had ever seen! It was magical! It crept up the beach and up to the resort and while photographing it John almost got enveloped in it (so funny)! • Accommodation: On our trips we have chosen to stay at waterfront resorts to watch the sun-

set and often get them half priced in Winter but there is a lot of other accommodation options for whatever your preference and budget • All the Beaches: Since it is a coast line there are many beaches to explore. Some with BIG caves and waterfalls coming into them, some with layered rock formations and rocky outcrops. • All the Lakes: There are so many lakes down the coast that you are spoiled with choice. • Hokitika Regent Theatre: we went to the movies here and it was the best cinema experience I've ever had! It is in a historic building in the large theatre room - well worth a visit! • Glaciers & Glacial Water: Franz Josef has a glacier but there are also beautiful blue glacial rivers too! Like the Hokitika Gorge... amazing and relatively easy to get to! • Nature & Bush Walks: there are SO MANY options for exploring! Whether you want a long, short, easy or hard walk... the bush is EPIC! • Food: Never short on food options! We have dined at some pretty delicious places all the way up the coast but there are also supermarkets in Greymouth, Westport and Hokitika if you do need to stock up or get supplies. • Shopping: Plenty of unique places for general shopping, but also amazing art and crafts too. We love the Hokitika Glass Studio. • Sunsets: the sun sets in the west and it doesn't get much better than watching it set over the ocean anywhere down the West Coast... WEST COAST WINTER ROADTRIP TIPS: • Dress warm with layers (starting with wool) • Take a waterproof layer too (it often rains!) • Check tides and keep safe around the wild West Coast ocean - it can be very dangerous! • Watch the weather and check it regularly • Wear good walking shoes with good tread • Take a torch or use your smartphone torch Just writing this article has made me want to visit the coast again, so plans are underway for another trip later in April or in May... Maybe this time we will try our hand at gold panning.... Official site with full tourist information here: Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020



Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

Conscious Lifestyle With Amanda Sears THE 'HOLIDAY AT HOME' As someone who prefers to be at home rather than anywhere else and has practically been a happy hermit at home for the last 2 or so years I've got quite used to home life and developed some pretty positive ways of looking at being house bound - because it wasn't my choice originally (but now I love it!)... AND now I have some great practical tips on how to approach it. The first few days of 'enforced' home life may feel either like a blessed break or a burden because of what you feel you 'should' or 'could' be doing... Just let this pass, there is no point using up energy on something you can't change, instead shift your focus; treat it like an opportunity and a positive experience. Here are some suggestions: • Go inwards get to know who you are away from the energy of everyone else, get real up close and personal with YOU - especially now that you have the time and no excuses • Disconnect - take a break from social media, stop watching the news and disconnect from the collective consciousness drama and reconnect with the unending peace and love of YOU • Clean and declutter - while you have the time use it with purpose and clean the house and declutter everywhere; open the windows and doors and let the sunlight sterilize the surfaces and the air flow through and create space • Get into gardening - haven't weeded, trimmed or pruned in a while? Now is a great time! (If that also applies to your body hair, now is a great time for that too! HAHA!) • Keep moving - online exercise videos (or pull out your old Taebo vids), housework, dancing, play, climb trees, gardening, rolly pollies... • Learn something new - a new skill through a book or online workshop or video tutorial like guitar, changing a tyre, cooking vietnamese... • Create! - write that novel, compose a symphony, paint a masterpiece, build a birdfeeder • Do NOTHING - Be bored and be ok with it. Lay in the sun and get grounded, watch the clouds, listen to the birds, enjoy nature and just be. Feel what it feels like to be relaxed and at rest instead of busy busy busy!

• Quality Time - with your family, spouse, partner, kids, pets, yourself • Catch up on fun - watch some movies on one of the many streaming services, read those books you've been meaning to get to, listen to all the wonderous podcasts on your 'to do' list • Expand your mind - with spiritual seeking via books and online streaming (watch The Matrix) or visit galleries and museums online (list here) • Play Games - like Pass the Pigs, Trivial Pursuit, Table Tennis, Trouble, Twister, Frisbee, Cricket, Darts and Cards + all the online games • Deep Relaxation - meditate, sleep, dream... • Pamper Yourself - shave, hair treatment, nails, moisturise, epsom salt bath with candles, cucumbers, mud mask, foot spa or massage train • Socialise - Just because you are at home doesn't mean you need to be alone! Keep in touch with others via the magical internet! • Check Yourself - take a look at your priorities; are you where you want to be or expected to be at this point in life. Where do you want to be and how can you get there. What changes can you make to get you on your desired path? After a few weeks at home you will likely feel different. Maybe you realised you actually don't like your job or being so busy. Maybe you unearthed an amazing new talent! You may have let go of many attachments and worked through some outdated belief systems. Be prepared to BE a different person... maybe... What better way to spend time at home then having a rest and treating it like a personal luxurious retreat in the safety and comfort of your own home with everything you love! Stepping out of your busy-ness or daily patterns may bring up some parts of yourself you have been avoiding and these can be those scary bits that you've avoided for years... Don't be scared anymore, it is time to let them come up - you are safe. Breathe and allow them to move through you with love and compassion and let them go. A change is as good as a rest and change WITH a rest is obviously twice as good! BTW you don't need to be housebound for 14 days to get this... Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020



Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

Home Grown Gardening With The Tim's Garden Team WHERE DO I START? I have always owned a garden…. secretive walled gardens in suburbs, rambling country gardens windswept gardens on hillsides but never an island garden! But now I do… and it's wonderful. Inheriting and getting to know a garden, I always feel, is like stepping into a room full of people you have never met before; pacing between, brushing past, glancing sideways. And when you want to start moulding and shaping your little plot the question is "where do I start"? I think that is always the big question Isn't it! Shall I start in that corner? Shall I build that over here or there? Maybe in the middle! You don't know where to start so you don't do anything! But I think that is ok…. Spend time pacing about like a leopard back and forth, round and round, getting accustomed to your new friends. Do absolutely nothing and just stare. Have numerous cups of tea sitting in a sunny spot, close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you. Take time to really feel... I have a book that I jot ideas in. Sometimes they are big, powerful ideas that surface like a whale and sometimes they are tiny snippets like the best place for a seat in the evening sun or a washing line out of sight. Scribble down everything; a piece of advice you hear on the radio, the name of a plant, a future project. You may not act on it straight away but it's there for later. Your garden and you venture out together.

1. Buy yourself a new spade: Having new tools that really suit you, makes everything so much easier. Just looking at them will inspire you. 2. Get a seat: That might sound like a funny suggestion but a seat represents a place to pause. It will encourage you to linger and enjoy the evening sun. 3. Plant a specimen tree: These trees stand out from other plants, for example Canadian Maples, Magnolias and Acacias. Choose one and put it where you can see it from the house. 4.Get inspired: Find local workshops and talks. This will put you in touch with like-minded gardeners and enthusiasts, all of whom will be exploring new places. 5. Find out about design: Design is about finding out how your space works for you. It doesn't have to cost the earth either! A simple consultation might well give you the impetus you need to get started. 7. Take your time: a garden is personal; it comes together over years… it's not a speedy process. Feel your way with it and experiment…what's the worst that could happen? 8. Share your garden: I'm not just talking about inviting people round, but you can also give away cuttings and plants. You will be amazed at what you are offered in return. 9. Accept advice: I'm still learning things after decades of filthy fingernails! Have an open mind to other people's ideas… you may like them, you may not, but take the time to listen.

Yes, I agree it can be a bit daunting at first but the journey will be a delight.

10. Only keep the plants you love: It doesn't matter who gave them to you or how much they cost, your heart will dive every time you look at them. Mould a haven that you feel relaxed and calm in every day.

Still, not sure, OK, here are a few tips to get you underway. Something to ponder for the Autumn days ahead:

Clare Smith Stevens (Garden Designer Tim’s Garden

Your garden... a new space, a new journey, a place you can nurture, something just for you.

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020



Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

Conscious Business With Guest Natural Paint Co Questions answered by: Grace (Co-founder, head of customer happiness) Natural Paint Co was born in 2015 after learning how toxic the paint industry is. As people were choosing to reduce chemicals in their lives and focus on their environmental impact, we noticed the coatings industry had barely changed their practices for 70 years, favouring petrochemicals and toxic ingredients; causing negative health effects and putting pressure on our world's resources. With this knowledge we set out on an uncompromising mission to make high-quality paints and oils that are free of all harmful chemicals without compromising quality, durability or colour. Making them better for you, your family and the planet. Our passion and drive comes from the desire to bring clients not only exceptional products, but a total experience that adds value to their life and wellbeing. How do you do business more consciously? Not only does Natural Paint Co focus on the health of our people, we focus on the health of the planet as well. Natural Paint Co is focusing on conscious business by: • Over 80% of ingredients come from renewable resources • Certified Carbon Neutral Company • Saving 1sqm of rainforest for every 1sqm painted. To date we have saved 1.4M sqm. • Products are made in New Zealand • Raw materials are sourced from New Zealand suppliers where-ever possible • All left over paint can be composted or returned to us to be recycled or donated • Products are palm oil free and vegan friendly With our conscious approach to business we have reduced the toxic load of over 20,000 New Zealanders and diverted the purchase of more than 50,000 litres of chemical paint, to a

healthier and more sustainable alternative. Describe your unique business attributes: Every kiwi at some point in their life will need to use paint or will be exposed to paint. Our unique offering is helping to reduce the toxic load of thousands of New Zealanders. Rather than having to move out of their homes during renovating or not renovate altogether, every New Zealander now has access to a healthier and more ecological solution, that will cause no negative side effects on people's health or the health of the environment. By bringing awareness to an old industry with outdated and unsustainable practises, we are educating paint buyers to make a more conscious decision. Consumers will be aware of the harmful effects of paint on the earth and the health of people and feel empowered to make more conscious, sustainable decisions in other areas of their life. How have you found doing business this way? The market has been very receptive to Natural Paint Co. Over the last two years we have noticed a significant increase in informed consumers wanting to make a conscious decision about the products they use. We have found businesses within this space are happy to support each other, creating a louder voice together, to make significant change for all of our futures. We are successfully challenging and debunking myths that with natural you have to compromise on quality. We have proven you don’t have to, and that natural will even outperform chemical products for the better. Find out more on their website: Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020



Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

Conscious Business With Guest Pure Eco Painting Questions answered by: Jonny Anderson – Director/Painter Pure Eco Painting is a painting and decorating business. I established this company as a means to get away from decorating with paint and oil products that are full of chemicals, extremely bad for the environment and being able to continue doing what I am good at and to give people the option of decorating their home in a very healthy manner. I am extremely passionate about our environment and what impact we have to this beautiful place and that we have a responsibility to leave it in the best possible condition for the next generation coming through. Change happens within and so I created Pure Eco Painting to make a change in our already toxic environment. How do you do business more consciously? The products we use are chemical free and made of natural ingredients, the paints are of German origin and have been made here, New Zealand for the past 20 years and are of high quality. The timber oils we use are also natural and are sourced sustainable, helping communities profit from their oils but also not chopping down their trees. We do not use any paint from other mainstream companies therefore we have completely gone the ‘Eco’ way, but I personally think this is how it should be. Natural Paint Co are based in Christchurch and James and Grace have been supplying us their paint & oils; they have such a great concept for every 10 Litres of paint used is a 100 m2 of rainforest saved in the Peruvian Amazon. Natural House Company from Motueka supply our timber oil products and have continued to supply high quality oil for our work.

‘Decorating with Chemical free products.’ We strive to be the point of difference. That what we do will completely benefit your health and help protect our already fragile environment. We have plans to use compostable products in an industry that uses a ton of wasteful single use plastics; I've been working closely with Ben from Community Compost Nelson to knock that on its head and make a change in how we view waste. I had worked in the painting industry for 12 years prior to starting Pure Eco Painting and have the first-hand knowledge of how bad the products are, the effects it had on my health and the damage they do to the environment. Ever since people have come on board, they notice such a huge improvement in their health and enjoy working with such a pleasant smell! How have you found doing business this way? Definitely more highs than lows! The reception we are getting is amazing and continues to give me the drive to grow the business, offering the services for everyone. The connections we have made ranging from community organizations like ‘Waste No More’ and ‘Community Compost’ and expanding to doing new high-end builds. The challenges have been in educating people on the quality of the products we use, the interior paints have a warranty of 25 years rather than 12-14… And exterior paint has a 10 year warranty, the same as all other products used in the industry. It does stand the test of time as it’s been used long before me! Find out more on their website:

Describe your unique business attributes: What sets us apart is that we only use natural chemical free products, hence our by-line Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020


Lifestyle Extra

With Guest Dawn Grace Kelly ARE YOU HIGHLY SENSITIVE? I'm easily over-stimulated, bothered by bright lights and I enjoy being alone. I need plenty of down time after being with groups of people. I like to pause before acting and reflect on the right course of action. I’m a highly sensitive person (HSP). I wonder if you are too? If I watch intense movies or shows at night time, the images come into my dreams. I have to hide my face during the bits where bodies are hurt because I can actually feel it. That’s because I’m also an empath. Empaths have the ability to perceive the physical, emotional or mental state of other people and animals. It's different to having empathy. That means imagining what a feeling or situation might be like for someone else. (It’s a wonderful trait to develop for experiencing greater connection to others.) Empaths literally feel what the other is experiencing. They can also perceive the energy of the natural world. All empaths are highly sensitive, however, not all HSPs are empathic. When I discovered Elaine Aaron's book, The Highly Sensitive Person, I was excited to discover that there's actually 15 to 20% of the population who have similar experiences to myself. That percentage even occurs in the animal kingdom. Here's another fact - 30% of highly sensitives are extroverts so it isn't all about being shy like some may think. Here's some classic traits of HSPs: • Have high sensory awareness • Feel emotions deeply • Tend to take things personally • Notice subtleties and details • Are sensitive to noise, light and other stimuli • Can be anxious socially • Have a sensitive nervous system • Become over-stimulated easily • Can easily become overwhelmed • Tend to avoid violent movies • May feel time pressures keenly • Need lots of alone time • Pause before acting 36

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

• Tend towards being intellectually gifted • Are attuned to subtle energy • 70% are introverts / 30% are extroverts And what about empaths? They're very similar. Unique to empaths is feeling others' feelings. Empaths: • Feel the pain of others • Pick up on others' feelings • Feel calm on their own • Can't concentrate when others are around • Can 'read' people's energy • Have trouble watching shows that are disturbing • Astrologically often have water signs in sensitive placements • Can be challenged to separate themselves from other people’s emotions • Have trouble recognising their own feelings • Are giving • Listen well • Can be targets for energy vampires • Are exhausted by negativity • Are highly sensitive • Tend towards introversion • Are highly intuitive • Feel revived by nature • Are sensitive to noise, smells and too much talking • Can absorb stressful feelings triggering panic attacks, addictions, depression and fatigue Are you saying yes to lots of the points on these lists? I hope there’s comfort in knowing you’re not alone. I warmly welcome you and your heightened self to the club! We are living in a highly stimulating world that seems to be even more so post-internet (too much smartphone can wipe me out too.) Maybe you’re an empath, an HSP or a bit of both. It’s likely you’re also a Lightworker (those souls who have incarnated to support the planet’s evolution in some way) If you relate to that then the topic of self-care becomes even more important.

A healthy you is required so you can do your Lightwork! Earth needs all hands-on deck! Here's some tips for self-care: • Learn how to create energetic boundaries • Practise honest, calm and loving verbal boundaries • Know your social limits • Schedule time to be alone • Do restorative yoga • Practise breathwork • Get comfortable with saying no • Be with animals • Enjoy the natural world • Meditate • Work with vibrational healing techniques like Spiritual Healing, crystals, sound, flower essences, Reiki and colour • Don't judge yourself. Be kind • Get your hands in the Earth • Take care of your body with vital water and food • Take care of your Spirit by having beauty around you • Enjoy essential oils, candles and incense • Listen to music you love • Let water soothe you. Bathe and swim in rivers and oceans • Fit nurturing time into your schedule • Practise mindfulness • Be wary of overeating to numb negative emotions • Be mindful of alcohol – it is strong for sensitives Being sensitive brings you many blessings. When you learn about your inherent nature, discover your needs and choose to honour them, you will find your life becomes more peaceful and you will be happier. You'll be able to share your gifts in loving service, supporting others to grow and heal. Seeing the world though sensitive eyes can also deepen your whole experience of life. Dawn Grace Kelly Author, Spiritual Teacher and Energy Intuitive

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020


Divine Inspiration With Aimee Shields To the Earth I walk upon and all that it has given to me. Thank you for the abundance of all good things in my life... To the Great Elders and Wise Ones who have always been there to comfort, shelter and share their energy with me To Gaia whose heart beat I hear every time I lay my head upon the grass and to the Elemental Kingdoms thank you for your guidance, companionship and love To Divine Spirit words will never express all that it means to have so much love, so much joy and bliss and support walking this journey. Thank you for my life.


We are a multitude of energies all speaking as one. We are of Gaia, the Mother Earth energy and we are made up of Elementals (Fairies, Pixies, Trolls Sprites, Giants, etc.), Nature Divas, Animal Spirits, Water, Air, Earth, Fire and Spirit Elements and many other sacred and varied energies that make up the multitude that support and speak for our Gaia upon this sphere and other realms. There is more to the functioning of this earth than is recognized by the many who dwell here. It is as one might call us magic... we are of the magic of Gaia. It is her voice you hear speaking through us.


This is foremost and forever a love letter penned by the hand of one who knows me. So many of you have forgotten I am your Earth Mother. I feed you, clothe you, fill you with all the plenty I have. As all mothers do, I have watched over you all. You trip and forget yourselves and it has broken my heart. You forget that I am of you and you are of me. Ours is a co-existence. I do not exist to wound, to take your lives, to cause you to live in fear. I want what all mothers want... for my children to be happy and to live in peace and 38

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

harmony in tune with the rhythms of your souls and your connection to the Divine. I have seen my children burned and raped and murdered by their brothers and sisters. I have watched as you have left your own children to die, to suffer alone and as you have built great castles that have served only to take you further from the truth of your beings. So long have you spent in these castles, these machine driven lives no longer offer refuge to the soul and so I do what any mother would do watching her children sink further into their forgetfulness so much so they risk destroying themselves, their futures and their offspring... I pray. You cannot exist without a Soul my dear ones, without connection to your brothers and sisters, without love for all that this world contains for you and so what has been done many times; the Earth begins to protest and I give it leave to speak, for I can no longer reach you my darling ones. Please heed the messages sent your way for they are for your awakening, not for harm. You have forgotten the rhythms of this Earth, therefore you have forgotten the essential part of yourselves. In your arrogance and your greed, you thought you understood all things; you thought you could manipulate and shape at will and it would not upset the balance... you are children in a playground full of mirrors. How can a child hope to understand how food appears before them, the intricacies involved? How can a child hope to understand what holds the roof above their head when it rains and what makes the sun shine when they wish to play? You ceased to communicate with the greatest power on this Earth, the Creative Spirit of which I am a large part. You forgot you were not alone. You forgot how this world works and that each small choice you make influences the whole. Look what you are creating my darlings': unrest, war, famine, flood, disaster, earth moving. You speak to yourselves, but you are so accustomed to not listening, you no longer know what you are saying.

I am still here. I am the Mother of all that you see before you; I know more than you could ever know of this world and many other realms. These have been washed from your memory, all the subtle energies that support the daily functioning of this realm. In your ignorance and exuberance for progress much has been left behind. Turn and face me my children for I long to see the look of loving recognition on your faces... it has been too long.


The seasons have come full circle once more and the great falling away begins. Mark the passing of the old, release the burdens that now form at the edge of your lives. It is a heavy weight as the human forgets to follow the rhythms of the earth it walks upon. It is the time for letting go of all that holds you to ransom. I feel your grief and anguish at all that has passed away. When you grieve, I grieve also, when you are in pain, I feel this pain within the heart of me, such is our connection. Lay your heads upon my breast for I long to comfort you through these difficult times and the times to come. Lay your head upon my heart and let our birds sing to you reminding you that life continues on and so will you. Allow the rains of my tears to fall upon you washing away your sorrows to leave only the raw and fresh behind. Warm yourself with the sun of my love high in the skies. I have let only the pure, the vital enter your air, let it nurture you as you breathe; breathe in deeply the air that I have made for you. Lean against the Great Ancient Ones that cover this vast land. I have made so many good things for you my children. Open the eyes and rejoice in this new day for I have made it for you my darlings that you might lift your heads from the gross ways you have come to call your own and remember the might, the power and the beauty that resides within you, that surrounds you every moment you are here living with me. Come remember your true path, it is lined with flowers of every kind with joy and bliss and freedom. I love you my children, come to me, feel the earth beneath your bare toes, cover yourself with the sodden earth I have given to you and absorb its nourishment and its strength for it is my gift to you that you might sustain yourself in the times to come, that you might return to the old ways in a new energy and remember the divine connection to your Earth Mother, the one who sustains you. Aimee Shields Divinely Inspired Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020


Spiritual Guidance With James Thomas SPIRITUAL RULES & PROTECTION One of the things that I feel that people need to be aware of, is that this planet, during this grand cycle that we are in, is complete free will choice; as such, among Starseeds on the planet are beings of light and beings of darkness. Through a grand cycle of complete free will choice, we are presented with a complete variety of things to experience, process and choose from. While planet Earth for many is considered a school (which is the case for the 'Humanity of Earth', or the 'native human' population), for Starseeds it's not a school, and in order for us to be able to provide the amount and type of assistance that we are here to provide, as living examples, we need to experience everything that this world has to offer. During this 'Age of Awakening' (Alsharon), it is about Starseeds 'remembering'; we have to begin to remember things that we need to know in order to complete our path in not only this life, but on this sojourn. Because of things that have occurred, 93% of all Starseeds who have been here throughout this grand cycle will be going home at the conclusion of this current incarnation; because of this, releasing the old energy is vitally important - but at the same time, there are those both of light and dark who are working to manipulate the energies to go in particular directions. Therefore, it is vitally important that Starseeds learn to not only protect themselves, but also to set your rules. Remember, this planet is complete free will choice; just going around saying “love and light” is not going to protect you from these energies that are being thrown around. Furthermore, there are those people who out of jealousy or envy, might be throwing things your way energetically as well. So, we shall start with setting your rules. 40

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

In 1989 I was opened to channeling from Archangels Gabriel and Raphael. One of the first things that they taught me was that I had to set my rules. I would set my rules every day, before doing readings, healings, channelings or anything. This has assisted me greatly over the years. The following is the phrase that I was taught in 1989: “I command, in the totality of the Lord God/Goddess that I AM, that only those beings of light, who are here for my highest and greatest good, are allowed to communicate to me, through me or be around my energy field, SO BE IT.” As Starseeds, part of our main purpose in being here is in being a living example; meaning, how we live our lives; living from our heart, discernment, taking proper care of ourselves and loving ourselves. But along with this, and one of the main components to living a spiritual life, is to live a conscious life. Setting your rules is one of those things that you need to do in order to give yourself the best opportunity that you can in doing what you are here to do. Now, with protection, this is a little different... There are many people out there, doing all manner of things with energy completely unconsciously. Many times, they can throw energy daggers, blocks, even devices onto people without being conscious of it. Therefore, although we still have to live our lives, if we follow a couple of protection techniques, it can be very beneficial. Not just with constructing them, but also with your intent. Doing it every morning, noon and evening is also a valuable tool. The Bubble: Now, the bubble is just as it sounds. You create a bubble that basically you sit in. The intent is that anything that is for your highest and greatest good can enter, anything else bounces off. That simple.

The Mirror: Now, the mirror is a little different. You visualise four panes of mirrors that goes from the ground all the way to above your head, with a mirrored roof shall we say. Attach them so that there is one in front, to each side, and behind you. Same intent as the bubble. Remember, you are responsible for your path, set your rules and protect yourselves. James Thomas BlueStar Spiritual

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020



Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

Divine Guidance With Michelle Cotton WELCOME TO AWAKENING Welcome, welcome, welcome... With the intensity of energy at the present time on the earth planet there is much going on and new alignments of energy effecting peoples consciousness on levels that are increasing rapidly from having an interest or just discovering spirituality to opening up to receive channeled information and see energetic beings. There are also those that are feeling chaos and spinning out of control; many diverse effects are in play with a world wide effect, this is a huge shift. It's coming in through on a powerful frequency aligned with our true soul paths, whether humans want to or not, there will be an awakening on the conscious level, a great wave is here. Remember to hold a calm space within and breathe deeply to keep your balance while going through this shift; have no fear of this shift as the beautiful connections to your higher consciousness will allow for greater knowledge and harmony within. People will start to see each other again on a higher purer vibration. Love will feel deeper for those that have been disconnected previously, your ability to see will appear brighter, smells will be more enhanced, your senses will all be more sensitive to the vibrations experienced, and the awareness will be clearer. So many exciting changes happening; the shifts are gentle and have already begun. Some places on earth are starting to feel the vibration's intensity with their sensitivities as they have been aware of them coming and immersing themselves in sacred places and harmonising there own energy to ascend to the higher vibrations. The earth grid is a part of this energy shift also; for those that are new to this, the energy lines throughout the world are raising in vibration like a recalibration to upgrade the energy traveling through them. There are many important sacred sites all over the world, some well-known, and others not so known.

The grid has other names such as ley lines; there consist of many portals and vortexes throughout the grid in areas that can be felt by many visiting with an awareness to energy. The women we channel through will describe it as though stepping through a doorway, a complete shift in energy frequency, almost like going inside into shade from standing in the warm sun, that sort of difference in a physical sense. When you make a conscious choice to open and expand yourself to a spiritual life, the magic starts to happen in mysterious ways; new people that are on the same or similar path come into your life, you outgrow some of your past habits and unhealthy relationships, you view life through fresh eyes, seeing the beauty in things you once took for granted. You feel differently about things you once put a lot of energy into, some things no longer have the same meaning they once did. Spirituality has many life experiences to grow from, the most important is staying true to your own alignment with source; trust in yourself, try different things to gain knowledge on what resonates for you. You have no requirement for a guru, you are your own guru, just experience different teachers as they come into your awareness when the timing is right for you; there is no right or wrong path, only your path that you feel drawn to follow on. The simplest gift and tool while living on earth is to use the breath. Breathe to relax and regain yourself; it helps to reconnect you body, mind and the spirit as one Then allow yourself time to grow and experience life, be kind to yourself and be present and aware of the experience you are having. Sharing blessings and knowledge. Isaiah Channeled Through Michelle Cotton Pure Vibration Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020


Cosmic Guidance

With Guest Awakened & Empowered Expo A STEWARD OF RECEIVING - THE LINK BETWEEN HUMAN INTERACTION AND OUR NATURAL RESOURCES Often in our singular perception, we do not recognize the significant relationship and cosmic interplay between all things. Deep within our genetic code, we were designed to utilize vibrational exchange to expand the universe for the benefit of all things. This vibrational connection becomes the relationship between our natural resources, the earth and our cosmic families. Does the destruction that we see playing out on our planet have its roots in the way we offer and receive vibrational feedback from one another? The way in which we respond to the vibrational offering of others may hold more significance that we thought. The Pleiadians share insight about the destruction of the earth’s natural resources and our human ability to become stewards of receiving. In the beginning, when the earth chose to merge with the One, there was an announcement to all Beings that a new time space reality was born. Just as you are a fragmented energy of Source, Gaia too has expanded from the God particle to offer herself as a structural, physical entity. And many came. Many who were also interested and invested in this expansion heralded her calling. They desired to comingle their DNA, their abundance and their resources to enhance their race. You may wonder how offering these things to earth and humanity would further their expansion. You see, all things that are energetically exchanged feed into themselves, creating new patterns of energy. Let us break this down in a way you might understand. When you offer someone a compliment, there is an energetic exchange. There are words you are using, sounds, gestures and emotions. All of these things combine to create a frequency. This frequency, when directed at another, offered or exchanged, has an effect on the receiver. The receiver may blush in embarrassment, smile in 44

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

gratitude or reject the compliment all together. Regardless of their reaction to your offering, there is feedback… another offering. So now, the one offering becomes the receiver, and based on the reaction, also receives a frequency. As this frequency comes back to the original offeror of vibration, it has the capacity to expand or contract the recipient. This is how exchange works. This is why we say, you are all connected by vibration or consciousness, because in any one moment you are both a receiver and offeror of vibration that is being exchanged at some level of human interaction. Now when your earth’s natural resources were seeded, they were offered to her in many forms and from many receivers all having a connection to their offering. Take a simple flower such as a rose, for example. Where did this rose come from? You can retrace its history through time, but most likely you will find it was created as a combination of other forms of life. Where did those forms of life come from? Do you know the source? Perhaps a rose was the result of a mixing of genetics from two original plants to the earth’s consciousness. And perhaps both of those plants were different genetics – one seeded here from Arcturus, one from Atlantis. As these divine genomes combine, they now interact with humans in a new form. However, that form holds the original imprints of each plant’s divine genome. As the rose now takes shape and form, it offers something back to humanity – a beautiful color, a scent and healing properties. When humanity uses the rose in these ways, they are now the receiver of not just an earthly rose, but the vibrational imprints of Arcturus and Atlantis. And as humanity receives these imprints, it calibrates its DNA to also remember its Arcturian and Atlanteans history. In doing so, a valuable connection is made. Honoring your divine genome as earth bound universal citizens forges a connection that cannot be unbroken; just forgotten, resisted or lost. And this is your history. You are not just human and not alone here on this planet. You are receivers of and offerors of a valuable exchange.

The reason we bring this to your attention now is that much of your multi-dimensional resources are being destroyed or neglected. And just as if the response to that compliment was hurtful, this neglect is being felt by your cosmic families. What is interesting to note is that much of this destruction is coming from the misuse of vibration, energy, and exchange between humans. The fires you see burning on your planet are the fires you have blazing inside of you – the anger, fear and sadness of what you have received in response to your offering. We ask you to consider this. If you were to offer more vibration that was designed to receive an aligned reply, wouldn’t that enable humanity to live more in harmony with its own DNA, race and planet? We believe that this becomes a critical starting point to resolve further destruction that not only affects your planet, but all things throughout the universe. The Pleiadians channeled through Micheila Sheldan Awakened and Empowered Expo (Original post www.awakeandempoweredexpo. com/magazine/steward-receiving)

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020



Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

Soulful Living With Kerry Kingston DAILY HOLISTIC LIVING Holistic living supports and takes care of your entire self, mind, body and soul; add space into the mix and how the environment around you connects with this way of living. This incorporates decor items, finishes, materials, scents, atmosphere, environmental considerations and the energy of the space surrounding you and how this is maintained.

Falling back on routine becomes easy and others can jump in knowing what needs to be done. My systems might not appeal to everyone but they have certainly helped me over the last 12 or so years. Particularly when the children are small and some days you feel like you haven’t achieved anything; a task to keep your mind on track will help you feel like you have it all together!

If you were to take this one step further you could delve into how the home is run on a daily basis to be free flowing, efficient and as streamlined as possible.

Implementing a basic plan, daily chores, weekly, annually, along with lists for organisation of travel packing, medication lists, occasions, purchases, and special occasions and back to school is my specialty!

Rushing, multi-tasking and unrealistic demands are a way of life for most of us. We often have to leave the house in a state of chaos to return home at a later time to deal with it... when we really need this time to unwind and relax.

Staying on top of things is the key and that may take discipline at first, it may mean being prepared the night prior to take pressure off the following day or getting up 10 minutes earlier but it pays off in the long run.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to get out of the house faster, feeling like you haven’t left a trail of unfinished-ness and knowing you have a space that you look forward to returning to later?

Some examples of daily routines include a few set morning tasks, after school or work and evening; such as lunch prep for the following day, putting on the dishwasher, tidying kitchen and laundry, etc.

When you look at a house as a whole; the tidying, cleaning, upkeep, maintenance and decluttering, it can seem overwhelming not knowing where to start - this is where systems in place will put you back in control, freeing your mind of mental and physical clutter, allowing for order as well as supporting and easing tension for everybody who shares the space.

The ultimate goal is to free up time by setting times and routines to get things done which will reduce the time spent worrying about the state of your home and constantly seeing chores that need your attention and not knowing where to start.

Whether a single household or with multiple occupants, if everyone in the family group knows what is required and when, it’s easy to jump in and share the load. Once a system is in place (written down initially is a good idea) after some time it becomes second nature. This type of system based approach helps the home run smoothly especially in times of sickness and unusual events.

Running the home efficiently is almost a safety net to avoid things from spiraling out of control. We don’t have to live by rules but we can appreciate having a guide to organisation and a space self-created that feels good to be in. Kerry Kingston Kerry Kingston Design

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020


Holistic Lifestyle

With Guest Machelle Tewnion HOW TO BREAK FREE FROM THE CYCLE OF RECURRING PROBLEMS If you don't experience problems, chances are you are dead; problems are an undeniable part of life. Every once and a while a problem can occur which is hard to shake and just wont disappear. The longer it sticks around and the mind focuses on it the more the problem will manifest itself in multiple ways. Consider every problem is as much of a problem as we make it and the more we focus on it the more magnified the problem becomes. We often naturally think that our problems are created and controlled by an outside event or source, when in reality, if we could get used to the idea that actually we are in control of all our problems, they would much more easily be resolved. Suppose you end up in the wrong relationship with the wrong person over and over again, if you were to take control of this, at some stage it would lead you to look at the way in which you were selecting your partners and therefore the relationships which follow. It's easy to say to people that your partner or whomever is 'crazy', and see what others are doing wrong. The more difficult choice is to turn your focus inward and reflect on why it is that you keep making the same decisions and expecting it to have a different result or outcome. There are 2 ways you can view a problem; the first is as an obstacle to learn from; the second is you can look at is as an external force, out of your control and therefore in which case the problem will never die. 48

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

So what are 2 quick things you can do to can get past a problem? 1. SEE THE BIGGER PICTURE How are you viewing the problem? Can you see any clear patterns that you seem to be repeating? Bringing awareness to and interrupting old patterns which are no longer serving you is the quickest way to get the best results. This also means you get to know yourself a little more intimately and the reason why you do things. By moving your focus of the problem and the way you are now choosing to view it, you can directly influence your relationship with it and how you deal with it. If you are able to see a gift within it or a lesson within, then you are able to use the problem to grow instead of being defeated by it. Sometimes our biggest barrier is how we are seeing the problem itself. 2. MAKE A CHANGE Doing the same thing over and over will guarantee you get the same results. Decide on just one small change you can make right now and then actually make the change. You need to make a change in order to change the outcome. Machelle Tewnion Holistic Health Institute

A Balanced Life With Sarah Jensen DO YOU DO THIS TOO? A little something I wrote at my day job on a Thursday - you might relate... I’ve noticed lately that I've been picking up my phone – A LOT. I find myself mindlessly scrolling, looking for a hit of happy, or fulfilment, or love, or - something – maybe I’m not even sure quite what. Meanwhile, a 2020 intention I’ve set is ‘conscious phone use’. So as I sit at my day job at 9.45am on a Thursday, I notice myself reaching for my phone. Again. For possibly the 20th time today (and I'm not exaggerating!). Instead of berating myself, or losing 15 minutes to checking every possible app on my phone in case SOMETHING happened that’s more exciting than the dictation I’m typing, I heard a voice in my head (and nope, I hadn’t left the dictation playing)… “What are you looking for?” Indeed. When I pick up my phone, even though I checked it less than 10 minutes ago, what am I looking for? What do I want? What am I feeling? What’s my heart craving? And what NEED am I trying to fulfil with my phone, my inbox, or social media? This thought took on a life of its own and it finally clicked that all of the great habits I keep working on (which often feel more like sporadic bursts of enthusiasm at creating change) – things like eating well, going to bed early, less screen time, more focus on joy – are never going to stick if I’m not meeting my deeper needs.

If my phone’s dishing out the feel good vibes but celery, or a 10pm bed time, isn’t – what am I going to choose? Well, honey, hand me my phone (or a chocolate bar)! What if instead, when we reach for our phone (or a chocolate bar, or just one more episode on Netflix even though it's 11pm and we said we wanted to 'get more sleep'), we could tap into the power of our deeper needs to make better choices + create habits that stick? If you're keen to try this fresh approach, try pondering, or journaling, to these questions next time you find yourself on autopilot:  What do I need?  Is this current habit meeting that need?  Is there a more nourishing way I can meet that need?  How can I gently invite in the new habit and let it support me? What about you? Is there a habit you’ve been trying to create, or a change you’ve been trying to make, that’s just not sticking? If there is, I invite you to go deeper, listen to your heart + your body, and let your inner wisdom guide you forward. Because you can't create a habit if you're not meeting the TRUE need inside you. But here's the great part - once you identify that true need, you have the power to create positive + intentional change (that sticks) in your own life quickly and easily - because you can CHOOSE how you meet your own needs. Experiment with this and see how it feels for you. Sarah Jensen Sarah Jensen Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020



Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

A Balanced Life Extra With Sarah Jensen GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD & INTO YOUR HEART

If you do, you might like to try this technique to gently move out of your head and into your heart. It’s a visualisation you can do anywhere, can take as little as 60 seconds, and it’s a really easy way to create that mental wedge and move out of the mind and into the heart or body.

I've noticed I can be at a meditation or yoga class, sitting down to journal, making time for a bath, or thinking I'll go 'relax and unwind', but my mind is so busy I can’t switch off. And then if I get caught up in that mental chatter, or start feeling like a failure at self-care because I can't chill out, I can end up feeling more frustrated or stressed out than before I started.

I find it’s really helpful in my business too.

This month for me is about bringing gentle awareness to how busy my mind can be and finding simple ways to slow things down.

It's like when you're trying to go to sleep but can't, and the more you focus on being awake or the thought that 'I need to go to sleep', the more stressed out and awake and anxious you get (and the less likely you are to fall asleep). Do you experience that sometimes too? You make time to do something for yourself that’s meant to help you feel less stressed or anxious, or more calm or relaxed, but because you can’t switch off you find yourself more irritated than before you started?

I use it before coaching to press pause on my monkey mind or mentally managing my to do list and move into my heart for client work. And it’s also great when I need to do something creative (like write an email, write a blog or social media post, or create a video) – especially if I’m overthinking or feeling fear or discomfort. It helps me turn down the volume on my ‘ego’ or inner mean voice and tap into the loving energy in my heart instead. It’s super simple but really powerful. Check out the video and give it a try and let me know what you think. Sarah Jensen >>

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020


Living Naturally With Hannah Shaw FAITH, HOPE, TRUST...

life and barely believe it was once a reality.

Dealing with poor health can really get you down. You may despair, and think, why me? Or wonder when the heck you will ever feel ‘normal’, or good, again. At times it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

Try these things whilst on your journey: Write a journal so you can record the progress of your healing journey. This is great to read on those days when you’re feeling completely disillusioned and disheartened by the process. Looking back and reflecting on just how far you’ve come is uplifting - and you’ll be surprised at how much progress you’ve made. Check out some of the amazing healing stories available on You Tube, such as those on Chris Beat Cancer’s channel, to give yourself a boost of hope.

The most difficult part I found on my healing journey was not knowing where/what to turn to next, feeling lost, and not knowing if the “modality” I was trying at any given time was even going to work. We are all different and the healing game seems to be one of ‘trial and error’. However the universe has always got your back and tends to deliver the people, circumstances and wisdom you need, and with divine timing too. All I can recommend is that you keep on trying. Keep striving for wellness. Because one day you will find that thing, or things, that will begin to make you feel alive again. In time you will thrive. You see, it’s all about having faith (and being patient). Believe in yourself and the magic of the human body. Believe that you can heal. Believe that your body has the innate understanding and ability to repair itself in ways that even science cannot yet explain. Put all of your trust in the process. It’s not completely uncommon to hear of people being told that they have mere months to live, yet go on to either cure themselves of, or stabilise, metastatic cancer. (I have a friend who is 4 years on from a malignant melanoma diagnosis - she was told she had 4 months to live, yet is absolutely thriving). So, never give up because you’ve got this, and one day you’ll look back on this low point in your 52

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

Check out Medical Medium’s blogs, podcasts, books or social media for everything ‘wellness’, and for further stories of miraculous healing - or other healers that resonate with you. Surround yourself with people who understand you (or are at least willing to try to understand you) and who will support you in your endeavours to achieving better health. Hannah Shaw A Nourishing Notion

Soulful Business With Sabrina Weber IS THE CONCEPT OF WORK-LIFE BALANCE A TRAP? Let’s talk about this shall we… Everyone seems to be striving for balance these days, I can’t help but wonder what are you then expecting to find at the end of this rainbow?? Is there a prize to be won for the most balanced adult? And if there was such a thing as perfect balance, would that be boring? I don’t know… You know, I’ve spend a fair amount of time and energy trying to find balance in my work and life especially in the early days of being a coach because that is what I thought must be achieved in order for me to be a ‘good coach’. Says who exactly?! Needless to say, I failed! Ok, picture yourself standing in Tree-Pose for a moment - or better even stand up right now and do so… (you know that yoga pose where we try to balance on one leg and not move, like a tree, yes). So, even if you are a super yogi who can hold that pose in perfection, your body is in constant movement, your muscles are shuffling even if they are the tiniest micro adjustments. So, isn’t it perhaps more sensible then to instead of looking for balance, looking for what is needed in this very moment for me to feel stable?

What really matters is how you are feeling, moment to moment. Knowing actually HOW you want to feel,then checking in with yourself and ask how can I feel this way (or close) right now? Then of course take action accordingly. Seeking balance can truly become a trap! Because it’s not something that can be reached as an end goal, yeah? Which then, if you are not careful, can quickly result in frustration and feelings of not good enough, been there? Yes, me too. I want to give you permission right now to release this pressure for yourself and instead choose something that is much more controllable, measurable and empowering which is you deciding how you want to feel then choose to feel it. Perhaps you can feel your desired feeling right away and perhaps there is some action to be taken first, such as asking for support, outsourcing, saying no, moving your body, change your environment, eating for vibrancy etc. Only you know, so give yourself some credit and say yes to yourself! Sabrina Weber Sabrina Weber

And look, it doesn’t really matter if you are a parent, business owner, wife, digital nomad or all of the above. Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020



Step 1: Is it true?

“She shouldn’t have said that to me!” “He should show more gratitude!”

Step 2: Am I sure it’s true?

Sound familiar? You’re a conscious parent who loves your child deeply. But that doesn’t always mean you find your child’s behavior likeable... or even tolerable. If you’ve ever felt ‘triggered’ by your teen or tween’s behavior, you can relate to my experience creek walking with my 12-yr-old. I’d spent an hour collecting water, shoes, snacks, tadpole-inspecting equipment for the preschoolers; I’d even remembered a knife to cut the avocado at snack time - I was winning at parenting… for about 15 minutes. Then one of the kids got wet - a fairly predictable occurrence when creek-walking. What had I forgotten? Towels. The tween wasn’t having it: “Seriously, Mom?!?” And with those two words, my thoughts raced straight to Trigger Town.

Do I know for a fact, with 100% certainty, that she shouldn’t have said this to me?

If we’re unsure about step 1, step 2 really asks us to dig deep and ask again. Can we be so sure we’re right? Is there any room for us to adopt another perspective? Could I be absolutely certain that my daughter shouldn’t have said that to me? No. She’s a tween whose brain is still developing emotional regulation capabilities, in the middle of a creek with a mom who forgot towels... And how ironic that I expected emotional regulation from her, at age 12, when I could barely hold it together myself! Step 3: Who am I with that thought? This step prompts us to tune into the feelings we have when we focus on the stressful thought. “She shouldn’t have said this to me” - I felt ANGRY and hurt.

OMG. The snark. How can she be so ungrateful?? Doesn’t she realize how hard I worked to plan this? Doesn’t she realize how stupid I feel for forgetting the towels?

Step 4: Who am I without that thought?

I pondered my next steps. As a parent, I want to model thoughtfulness and compassion, not reactivity. (I also know that I am unlikely to get my needs met by reacting with anger!) I knew I’d have a conversation with her when I was calmer. But how to return to a calm state?

Well, I would just be a mom on a creek walk with her kids. And oops, I had forgotten the towels, and my tween had let me know she wasn’t thrilled about it. (Understandably!)

Enter Byron Katie’s “The Work”: a 4-step process to question stressful thoughts and remove the reactivity around them. It’s magical, and a parenting game-changer. The thought causing me the most stress was, “She shouldn’t have said that to me!” With that particular thought in mind, I focused on the 4 steps to neutralize the stress. 54

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

Who would I be if I could drop the thought “She shouldn’t have said this to me?”

Turnarounds Finally, Byron Katie proposes coming up with 3 ‘turnarounds’ - reasons why the exact opposite thought is true. She SHOULD have said this to me. Why? I came up with 3 reasons: 1. She was reasonably upset, and reacted before she could think about it. We’ve all done it!

2. The trigger brought up issues from my childhood that needed to be healed. As I pondered my intense reaction to two words from my child, I realized I was still healing from a childhood with an ADD mom who did her best, but often forgot important items. I reacted so personally to my daughter’s comment because I was deeply worried about repeating this pattern. What a great reminder that our kids hold up a mirror to our old stories … so we can heal! 3. She offered me a powerful window into her distress: I definitely won’t forget the towels next time! After using “The Work,” the trigger was gone. I was calm again, and we splashed upstream carefully (since we were towel-less!) and amicably. Did I approach her about her tone later? Yes, but gently, with the aim of guiding her to understand my feelings while I sought to understand hers. We felt more connected, not less, and all it took were 4 steps. Devorah Goldblatt

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020



Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

Embodied Awareness With Alison Elsberry THE HIDDEN SUPER POWERS OF A CHILD'S NOSE A child’s natural gifts and abilities are expressed through their sense of smell in very unique ways that are sometimes misunderstood or labeled as “weird”. Smell can be a symbol, a natural way for a child to attach their own unique meanings to certain people, places, sights, sensations, emotions and even sounds. It’s one of the brilliant ways they can use their nose to explore the world, take in the scents around them and express who they truly are. Smell has the ability to heal and transform. It influences your mood and is directly connected to memory - it can help you create new ones or remember past ones. That’s why smell is so personal and intimate, because it invokes emotion. And it also encourages another unique ability that may surprise you… Energy shows up through scent and certain smells that children can easily recognize.

Or phrases like “it smells to high heaven in here!” or “something smells fishy” when you have an intuitive sense or gut feeling about something or someone. A child’s sense of smell can help them identify or locate potential danger and it can also assist with seeking out smells that are fun, comforting, healing or uplifting. You can get to know a lot about a child (and yourself) through the sense of smell. Notice what scents and aromas they like. Ask questions and pay attention to what smells they seek out and how it makes them feel. This not only helps you understand their preferences and more about who they are, but it also allows them to connect certain smells with emotions, supporting the awareness of core body sensations and feelings. You can also use smell to create positive associations with being in the body. When you create meaningful memories using smell, it anchors the physical experience into the body.

Scent recognition and smelling energy is a powerful way in which children sense and perceive energy.

So for example, cook/prepare a favorite meal together and talk about the smells or explore scents at the beach, in the forest/garden or at a farmer’s market.

A lot of children do this, yet may not realize that it’s happening, simply because it’s second nature to them. But if you ask them about it, they can often easily tell you how they associate energy and people with certain scents and smells.

All of those smells create new worlds that invoke powerful sensations and emotions that support positive feelings and awareness about being a Soul in a body.

They may even be able to recognize odors or smells that can reflect the state of someone’s health or aspects of their mood or personality.

That’s why smell is so powerful and personal to every child and why their nose is one of their hidden superpowers waiting to be acknowledged for the gift it really is.

Like fingerprints, every person has their own distinct scent/odor. So, it’s no coincidence that we have popular sayings like “I smell a rat” or “she came out of it smelling like roses”.

Alison Elsberry Embodied Brilliance

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020


An Empowered Life With Rose Aitken 9 SIGNS YOU ARE STUCK & COULD BENEFIT FROM SOME HEALING, PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL RELEASE, NEW ENERGIES & INFORMATION Often, the more we require healing, the more terrifying that prospect may seem. This is totally normal and when we sense something would unlock what is keeping us safe and in familiar territory, we tend to naturally veer as far away from it as possible. I know, because I used to be that person. Healers terrified me and I used to take the piss out of anyone who was into whale music, veganism, essential oils or who was even vaguely ‘hippy’ (which is what I’d decided healing was all about). It’s funny now, as I now run a business where I help others heal and what I realize is, how clever our brains and egos are at doing their job of keeping us committed to safety and maintaining our limitations. HERE ARE SOME CLEAR SIGNS THAT HEALING MAY BE RELEVANT FOR YOU: 1. You don’t trust yourself You constantly second guess yourself and worry endlessly about whether you did the right thing or if what you did was good enough. You are on a constant state of high alert and may suffer from Imposter Syndrome. This is characterized by feeling like a fraud when you have a win or demonstrate competency, particularly in your career and happens when our inner landscape and opinion of ourselves doesn’t match this capability. 2. You are disconnected/isolated from others It’s great that it’s become socially acceptable to acknowledge being introverted. However being socially isolated and disconnected because of pain or trauma isn’t cool. 58

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

The reality is we are designed to be tribal and interdependent. If through circumstance and/ or decision making, you are an island, with your barriers up and you don’t trust anybody (because you are convinced other people will hurt you), perhaps healing would help. 3. You have a sense of almost paralysis and are living the same day, the same weekend and the same year over and over Putting one foot in front of the other and continuing on just as you are feels like your only option. It’s a bit like being paralysed by invisible forces and operating from tunnel vision at the same time. You are bored out of your mind and so stuck you feel like you will lose it at any moment, yet you justify continuing to stay as you are, because change is so terrifyingly scary. You are worn down, nothing excites you and you have forgotten who you really are, maybe except on that vacation ten years ago… 4. You are often numb when you would like to feel joy, excitement or connection Numb is actually a choice and a protection mechanism and allows you to stay detached and removed. You may have a sense that if you connected with what is below the surface you would cry and never be able to stop or perhaps you could explode with rage. The other side of this coin, is that someone could do something utterly horrible to you and you wouldn’t say/do a thing about it. In this scenario, there is a horrible sense of inertia that is overwhelming and seems endless. 5. You live in your head You’ve just about forgotten how good it feels to live instinctively, feel alive, go out on a limb and you endlessly justify your choices as ‘adulting’ or ‘what life requires of you’ or because you have a very responsible job or perhaps there are others who depend on you.

You wear ‘busy’ as a badge of honor because it makes you feel valuable and reminds you that you are capable and needed. It also keeps you from feeling those sneaky feelings that are so uncomfortable and bottled just below the surface. Paradoxically, you may occasionally indulge in risky behavior as an antidote to this and remind yourself that you are still alive. You know this recipe isn’t good or safe, but right now, it’s all you have. You long for escape from all of it. What was freedom again? 6. You react when you shouldn’t and this frustrates you You exercise incredible self control until you can’t and then at the most inopportune moment, you lose it or say something that appears out of character. This is humiliating, embarrassing and you may have to make amends. 7. You look for love as if it’s going to save you (and it never works out) I see this frequently. People have such a good security system keeping them safe (mammalian brain), that instead of dealing with themselves, they search for someone to love them, thinking it will be exciting, romantic, they will be rescued and ‘all the pain will go away”.

Deep down you are tired – tired of fighting, struggling, perhaps being broke, having romantic disasters and feeling broken by life. The thought of paying more money and having to work on yourself to change all of that, feels unfair, engenders feelings of regret and even annoyance. 9. You live in the Past Rather than face up to what you are dealing with, you tell yourself “if XYZ had been different, my whole life would have worked out”. This usually involves blaming someone/something else and is never true, because if you were empowered and connected with your potency, one little thing wouldn’t have stopped you. Maybe you even fantasize about what could have happened if things had been different. This is another way we keep from dealing with now. If any or many of these things apply to you, it is possible to deal with all of it and be completely different – much more quickly than used to be available to us... Time for a healing? Rose Aitken Life Coach

The result is inevitably a learning rather than loving experience, which reinforces all of the above things. Often, these people ‘hate’ their ex with a passion and the shitty things they did, or they are obsessed with one person and how to get them back. These are all defense mechanisms, designed to keep them from being present with them and what requires healing in their life. 8. You justified your way out of your dreams, settling instead for a life that is mediocre and it feels like crap It was all too hard, because some things happened to you in the past that you weren’t taught how to handle. That wasn’t your fault, but the scars remained and before you knew it you were 40 and it just felt too hard to change. You probably kept going the best you could, hoping things would change and thinking it was ‘your lot’. Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020


Healing Modalities With Guest Jackie Butler BIODYNAMIC CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY (BCST)

That’s become the art of living to me, cultivating a state of heart-centred inner peace. It enables me to empower my clients in the same way.

Over the years I’ve worked in a variety of energy and healing modalities both formal and intuitive including reiki and intuitive healing, soul rescue, channeling and mediumship. I’ve also enjoyed exploring the world of non-local consciousness and the spaces where science and spirituality converge.

About this modality:

I first experienced this therapy when I received a combined massage and BCST treatment. I was in throes of an adrenal meltdown; my session was timely and truly sublime. While that treatment ignited a deep desire for more, learning the therapy felt like ‘mission impossible’ due to the complexity of my life. The next diploma course started without me, although a friend had enrolled and I talked with her after the first seminar. She was shining, eyes sparkling, full of inspiration, and I was overcome with grief; an astoundingly powerful and unexpected reaction. It shook me up in a profound way. When you listen to your body it tells you what you need to know. Sometimes understanding what it is to lose something is a powerful motivator. I knew I had to be on that course and I made it happen It was the beginning of an incredible shift in my life.

How has this modality changed your life?

I left my job halfway through the course. I wasn’t the only one. Some people leave relationships, some people leave town. The therapy brings you into alignment on so many levels that change is inevitable. My life now is very different, I am more embodied than I have ever been. I keep things simple; a quiet place to live, good friends, solitude and togetherness in good balance and taking pleasure in the small things. 60

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

The therapy began evolving from Osteopathy in the 1930’s. The Biodynamic (BCST) approach is a gentle, non-manipulative form of craniosacral therapy (CST) allowing the body’s innate wisdom to initiate healing at its own pace using the potency of the breath of life – an organising force that informs the interaction and the synergy of all body systems. It is this intelligence that ignites our physiology, from conception through to the development and maintenance of our adult bodies. As practitioners we cultivate a finely tuned perception of this potency within the fluids and tissues of the body. We primarily orient to this health, areas of discord are noticed but it is the potency of health that resonates and allows the clients body to instigate a shift. Our skills are refined through hundreds of hours of treatment practice and study in anatomy/ physiology with the Body Intelligence diploma course in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. This course includes learning to master the regulation of our own nervous system so we are able to hold a balanced and neutral presence when listening to a client’s body. As a client’s nervous system regulates, reflecting the presence of the practitioner, their body feels safe to engage its own intrinsic ability to reorganise toward health. In my life, this neutral place of perception has become a framework for living, where there is the duality of discord alongside health in every aspect, but always there is the ability to return to stillness. It is this stillness, a creative state in my body, from which I desire my life experiences to unfold.

How do you feel about this modality in healing? It’s the simple act of non-doing that attracts me to BCST, the facilitation of stillness to provide safety and space for the body to do its thing without any interference. It’s in this space that mind body and soul align with their healthiest expression.

Who do you think could benefit from this?

Because this is a client-led therapy, it is suitable for people of all ages, including pregnant women. I also work with animals; if you hold the right presence with them their systems align with health very quickly, much like babies and children. I’ve had clients be pain free for the first time in years, clients where no other treatment has managed to achieve the results they were looking for. It is not unusual to have clients report fundamental life changes and shifts in many aspects of their wellbeing. Any last words about this modality? BCST allows the nervous system to return to well-regulated and appropriate responses to life’s challenges. I believe if we can readily return to this balanced state of being, this internal stillness, that living to our full potential has the space to truly express. It’s in the stillness that something happens. Jackie Butler Dip.BCST Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020


The Yogic Lifestyle With Swami Karma Karuna YOGA ECOLOGY PART 2 - PRACTICES Havan or Yajna (Fire Ceremony) The word Yajna comes from the root yaj, meaning to offer. Traditionally, the Vedic worship of fire is extremely detailed with many layers of meanings. A simpler version of yajna is a havan or homa. In simplistic terms, it is a fire ritual or ceremony performed to invoke and connect with nature and the cosmic energies. They are used to bring abundance, give thanks for the crops, honour a marriage, bless a new house, business or child, and for a multitude of other reasons. An intention is set, then different offerings are made to the fire whilst chanting Sanskrit mantras. Some scientific evidence shows that in places where these fire rituals are performed, the immediate and surrounding areas are influenced in terms of air quality, soil and microbial activity. The word Yajna signifies three important actions essential to our lives. Ya means production, Ja distribution and Na enjoyment and well-being. A yajna always contains these three components. Yajna is not only an external offering or ritual, but must also become the way in which we live our lives. At present, the way we produce items is destructive, with overflow of waste products, short life cycles of products which often break a few months after the warranty has expired, and pressure in society to get the latest and newest model. Distribution is out of balance, with a small percentage of the population holding the majority of wealth and therefore the lack of joy and security in our societies is a growing problem. The essence of Yajna defines how production, distribution and enjoyment can be integrated into all of our actions. By doing whatever we do with consciousness, sharing our abundance with others and enjoying the small gifts of life that are all around us, we can transform the external environment and ourselves. 62

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

Tree Puja In many traditions the tree is worshipped as the symbol of life. Trees provide oxygen, fruits, seeds, wood and shade. Trees purify the air, water and soil. They provide shelter and homes to thousands of other species. Tree puja is worship of Mother Earth, the source of all nourishment and life. Without trees we would not have oxygen to breathe, fruits to eat, medicines and so much more. Tree puja can help to reestablish our disconnected relationship with nature. When we build a relationship with something or somebody, we begin to care about its health and well-being. Tree Puja involves adopting a tree or plant and caring for it daily. Our positive energy can help it to gain health and grow and vice versa, the tree can teach us about nature and offer a sacred place of support or a moment of peace in a busy day. As we observe changes to our tree or plant through the seasons and notice the flowers or fruit it may produce or animals it may attract, an understanding of our interconnection with nature can develop. By making offerings, we not only nourish our tree, but we receive an opportunity to connect with the elements and ourselves. Some ways of connecting with your tree or plant may include: • Lighting a small candle represents the fire element and the flame of the inner light within the tree and ourselves. • Burning incense symbolises the air element and purification of the environment • Offering water signifies offering life-giving water to the roots of the tree and the nourishing of our own spiritual thirst. • Placing a flower can be given in recognition of the beauty of the divine. • A Prayer, mantra or song may be offered in thanks and gratitude Yogic Diet Our choice of food has a tremendous influence on our bodies and minds as well as the sustainability of the planet. Whether we eat packaged, processed food or whole food, consume food grown close to where we live or imported from

afar, organically grown or sprayed with pesticides, impacts the amount of planetary waste, our own health and that of the planet. The yogic diet is sattwic or pure and balanced because it increases vitality and results in a healthy body and calm mind. A yogic diet is moderate, simple, natural, eaten at regular times and with an abundance of organic seasonal whole foods, ie. vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and grain grown in your local area wherever possible. What we eat, may vary with climate, season, personality type and sadhana etc. but the aim is to eat as close to nature as possible.

from everything else around us. In the yoga journey, we travel back inwards, so that we can see the illusion of duality and rediscover the reality of union. Swami Karma Karuna Anahata Yoga Retreat

A vegetarian diet is not a prerequisite for yogic practice, however, as we develop a connection to the greater whole, the reality of the mistreatment of animals, overuse of sprays and use of unsustainable farming practices that injure our earth become apparent. Thus, taking time to see where our food is coming from, how it is produced, and using awareness in what we eat and how we eat it can contribute to positive changes for ourselves and for the whole. Ahimsa (Non violence) Patanjali’s 8-limbed path of yoga begins with Yama, which translate as self-control or restraint. The purpose of the Yamas is to harmonise the external and social environment and our responses to it. The Yama of Ahimsa means absence of harmful intent towards all beings in thought, word and deed. As practicing yogis and responsible humans, it is natural to reject violence towards other humans. However, this practice needs to extend further, to include other species. As one develops ahimsa, violence is noticed on a more subtle level such as in thoughts or in ways we misuse the natural resources or turn a blind eye to the reality of harm being done to animals and the earth through unconscious actions. A yogic perspective is aiming to develop non-violence in a wider way, by raising our consciousness. Whether we feel we have time for it or not, whether we experience the personal effects of global environmental crises or not, as yoga practitioners gifted with these amazing practices to support lives, it is time to extend our yoga off the mat and into daily action. We each have an opportunity to play a vital role in helping our personal, local and global ecosystems, and each choice we make, does have an impact. The yogic texts state that we have descended from unity to duality. In duality, we see ourselves as separate Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020



Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

A Twist in the Tale Short Stories By John Du Four LAZY GOAT ROAD By John Du Four

I scuffed my way along Lazy Goat Road, kicking up the dust that is the norm here except during the wet winter months. You won’t find the name on any official maps or Google. Look instead for Onakiwi Road, just along the edge of the plantation forests near Orinoco in the Moutere Hills. The road’s tarsealed for the first kilometre, shingle for the remaining three—winding past paddocks and derelict farmhouses good only for storing hay. At its end, a wide steel gate swings open to logging teams, when they sweep in to cull the backblocks of Radiata pine. It’s called Lazy Goat Road because of dear old Ruby, a long-lived Saanen who presides over her grassy half-acre knoll, about midway along its stretch. In a breed well-loved for their curious intelligence and highly individual characters, Ruby is far more than a curiously intelligent character—she’s a local treasure. Whenever anyone passing by stops, Ruby comes up to the fence line and bleats a single, robust ‘How’s it going?’ She then happily receives the handful of weeds and grasses pulled from the roadside and held for her to enjoy. She eats with surprising poise and delicacy, pulling with gentle, measured tugs. As she chews she issues small grunts of satisfaction. When you speak to her—for invariably you do—Ruby listens attentively, her head tilted slightly. Her letterbox pupils hold you in their wise alien gaze, encouraging you to share your thoughts. Locals have come to know that whatever worries they might have, especially those of the personal kind that only begin to be understood when voiced in the open light of day, Ruby is there for them. She’s the area’s valued social worker, a voluntary position she’s held for nearly twenty-five years. Such selfless service does not go without recognition. As time passed Onakiwi Road fondly became known as Lazy Goat Road. And when, a few years back, there mysteriously appeared a lovingly hand-carved timber sign proclaiming the name change, bolted firmly beneath the official roadside one by someone in the community, it proudly remained in place—where it does to this day. •••

Life goes on. Until it doesn’t. This much we know, this much we understand.

The rest is pretty much up for grabs. Toss of a coin, win some, lose some. We fuddle our way forward occasionally reminding ourselves it’s about the journey, not the destination. Wasn’t it Lennon who sang that life’s what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans? Like our plans to update the en suite by extending the entire space by another metre-and-ahalf so you could at last kiss goodbye to the old, cramped 900 x 900 cubicle and enjoy a full walk-in rainfall shower. And our plans to take the next winter escape to Vietnam—lie on hot, humid beaches while everyone back in New Zealand shivers. And our top secret plans—our gift to one another—to fly all the kids and their families home from far and wide at the end of next year for our fortieth wedding anniversary.

But what do you do when the plans stop?

Dead in their tracks.

In the dead of night. Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020


Dead in our bed—where I found you. Woke to you, cold and curled, lying next to me in the morning light, for all the world snuggled and dreaming but for your lifeless palm and icy fingers resting on my chest. Your soft snores slipped forever into silence. Lips paling to blue. What about then? Because it turns out death is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. Death and its trail of emotional bankruptcy. ••• You were fifteen months gone when I finally took up the matter with Ruby. It was a parched Tasman summer’s day. I hadn’t visited her once since that October night. Despite the sincere concern and various interventions of friends and family, depression had made a ghost of me—a wilted shadow-man.

I stopped at the fence and watched Ruby amble towards me.

“Hey there, Ruby. Been awhile. Sorry about that.”

“Had to disappear for a bit, eh. Had a lot to deal with.”

Tugging selectively at the proffered greenery, Ruby bleated: “How’s it going?”

“Oh, here you go, old girl.”

“Truth to tell, Ruby, I’ve been doing it hard. Jean—you know my Jean, she used to come here with me sometimes—well, she passed on.”

“It’s been tough, you know. Real tough.”

Ruby looked at me, her eyes soft with sorrow.

“Now I just rattle around the place. It’s a lot scruffier than Jean would have put up with. I hardly ever remember to hoover. And I leave the dishes piling up in the sink way too long before I shove them in the machine. She wouldn’t go for that.” “And look at me, I’m just as scruffy. Shabbier than she’d ever let me get away with. I just can’t be bothered. She’d hate this beard—too scratchy for her. But who’s going to worry about that now? Who’ll ever get that close again?” I felt tears nudging at me, welling up behind my eyes. But stubbornly hanging back, just out of reach—as they’d done ever since that clot committed its blasphemy on my wife. “You know, Ruby, I was watching re-runs of Friends the other day. Jean loved that show. Phoebe was her favourite. She said Phoebe was a bit muddled, a bit weird, but always full of heart. Jean reckoned Phoebe had a good moral compass.”

“She used to always talk like that. She was always spot on about people.”

“You know what gets me? I miss her skin.”

The tears teased at me again.

I closed my eyes. “I can almost feel it under my hands now, catching at my fingertips, bunching up. I’d rub her shoulders. Get right in and follow the weave in her muscles. Knead out every kink and knot. God, she loved that.”

“Who’s going to let me touch them like Jean did?

I opened my eyes. To my surprise everything looked blurry.


Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

“I miss the way she’d sit next to me on the couch, in front of the telly, and lay her legs across my lap so I could massage her feet. I’d work her arches, her Achilles, her toes one by one. I complained that she took it for granted, expecting it night after night. But it was me all along that took it for granted. Ruby, I’d give anything to have her feet back in my hands again—scratchy heels and all.” “Whose skin will I ever feel now? Whose skin will I come to know and love like that?” “I miss her wrinkles. Her moles. Her stretch marks and scars. I miss her mouth. The way I always knew when a smile was coming because it would twitch at the corners. And those tiny cobweb creases around her lips that would stain red with her leaky lipstick.”

Ruby watched me, her head tilted in concentration.

“Most of all, Ruby, oh God, most of all, I miss the way we spooned in bed. It’s always how we fell asleep—right from the first night we spent together. We’d snuggle right in. I’d nestle around the curve of her back, my legs tucked in behind hers. Two perfect Ss, side by side. I’d reach my top arm over, curl my fingers so they’d cup perfectly into the hollow where her tummy met her hips.”

“Or slip my hand under her breasts. Feel their soft liquid weight.”

The dam—it broke apart.

“So beautiful,” I stammered, “so b-b-beautiful.”


“It eats me up inside, Ruby . . . that I’ll never . . . do that again.”

Tears streaming down my cheeks.

“I’ll never . . . t-touch . . . like that . . . a-again.”

The agony flooded out of me—hard and messy. I gulped at the air, sputtered.

“T-t-touch a-anyone . . . like . . . like th-th-that . . . ever . . . a-gain.”

I sank to my knees. Fell forward on to my arms.

And, at long last, wept.

Wept to the core of my soul.

Wept until there was nothing left to purge.

Wept for an eternity.

Then, in a whisper, a voice so small and lost it belonged to a confessional: “All that precious knowing built up over so many years—nothing now.”

I wiped my nose on my sleeve, shakily drawing myself to my feet.

“Just the sad recollections of a lonely old man who should’ve died first.”

I turned my sodden face to Ruby, my red wet eyes puffy and stinging.

She smiled at me and turned away. My healing had begun.

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020



Similarly, if you are in the office, greater focus should be paid on the tasks at hand. This then will make you more efficient at work.

We live in a very fast-paced world and therefore the ability to achieve work-life balance is becoming more and more difficult. Employers expect more from staff, and we put more pressure on ourselves to achieve greater results. But when did it become OK for our 9am to 5pm working day to become 8am to 7pm?

3. We experience fewer health problems. We all know that when we are run down, tired or stressed our immune system suffers. Resulting in less serious conditions such as the flu, right through to much more serious health issues. Take the time to look after yourself by exercising, eating well and relaxing; this will limit your health problems and make you more efficient in all other areas of your life.

Many of us have allowed this to happen, whether it is through conforming to workplace culture, or feeling obliged to put in the extra hours, but this should not be the case. Maintaining work-life balance is not only important for our personal health and relationships, but it can also improve the efficiency of our work performance. So why are we on this crazy treadmill? If you need further convincing take a read. 1. We become less susceptible to burnouts. While stress is normal for every job, burnouts are not. According to “The Help Guide” burnouts occur when you feel overwhelmed and unable to meet constant demands. Allowing work stress to enter into your home life is one of the primary indicators that you are not achieving a work-life balance. 2. Attention is paid where due. If you leave work at the office, your full attention will be on your home life and giving your relationships the attention they deserve.


Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

Here are but a few myths we tell each other, that need changing: • I’ll stay up late and get it done. • Being a team player means always saying yes. • More is better than less. • I have to do this. • If everyone is doing it then I need to do it. • If you can fit it in, you should fit it in. • I’m too busy living to think about life. Remember the saying that goes: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten” So take time to pause and think; where do I need to make changes? What is making me happy and what is not? Angela Miccio-Harris Angela Cheruseo NZ

My Journey So Far With Guest Frida Kabo My name is Frida Kabo, I'm a possibility explorer and Licensed LifeSpider Coach. My favourite saying is "when nothing is certain, anything is possible". I moved to New Zealand with my family; my husband and two kids in August 2016. We wanted to try something other than Sweden and New Zealand seemed like a land of opportunities and adventures. I work from home with my clients all over the world and coach them to accept themselves and step into their leadership. Describe the experiences that have shaped your journey As a possibility explorer, I truly believe that anything is possible, but I do need to remind myself of it now and then. And in the earlier part of my life, I thought so many things were certain. I grew up in a good home in Sweden, trying to figure out what life was all about and trying to be a good girl and do the right things; but at the same time, I was longing for something else. I had a feeling of not fitting in. A longing to get out in the world and make a difference. I found myself doing what I thought I should do to be happy: education, work, husband, kids, house, and Volvo (its in Sweden after all!) . But I had forgotten one thing: ME I had all these great things and was still not happy; and ashamed of not being happy. What was wrong with me? Why couldn't I be happy and content like everyone else? That's when I came in contact with the LifeSpider System. Share with us the ways in which you have changed your life for the better Going through the process with the LifeSpider Coach was like reconnecting and accepting parts of me that I had tried to push away.

It expanded my world, inside and out. And I realized that I wanted to help others the way I had been helped. Now I'm the first and only LifeSpider Coach in New Zealand, working online with amazing people that want more, change their own lives and create an impact in the world. I'm holding workshops about the meaning of life, speaking, inspiring people to feel that they are ok as they are and that they can do whatever they want, even if they don't know what it is yet. I'm living the life I want to live instead of following the path I thought was expected of me. This makes me feel free and alive and happy to be me, and that is what I wish for everyone. Tips and Advice I believe that the meaning of life is to be yourself as much as possible. When it comes to change, follow the nudges; there might be a big life event that totally changes everything, but there might also be a low whisper or longing, a spark of curiosity. Follow it and see what happens! What I have found is that I feel better and more alive when I have something exciting planned, like a trip or a speech or some other adventure. So if you don't have something exciting planned, plan it. I also believe that we have all that we need and all the answers inside of us. So remember to ask questions. Take your favorite saying and turn it into a question: eg. When nothing is certain, anything is possible becomes: What is really certain? If anything is possible, what do I want to create? By turning it into a question we take it to us and make it actionable. Experiment and see what questions and answers come to you! Frida Kabo Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020



Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

CONSCIOUS BUSINESS MARKET Find the right conscious business, service or person for your needs. Click the link to go through to their site.

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Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

Want to get back your love and excitement for life? Want to feel confident in your decision making so you achieve your goals? I will help you to reconnect with your clear purpose and direction and to develop an empowering mindset that serves you rather than holds you back. Facebook @ Bridie McHaffie Life Coach

Sue Beesley


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Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020



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TIRED to INSPIRED! I help conscious businesses to present & communicate their brand authentically with holistic design & marketing. Bespoke Creative & Marketing Solutions Amanda Sears - 027 974 3879 Based in Nelson, NZ 74

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020





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Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

Sweet Treats With Sarah Sears FRESH BERRY GALETTE A free-from pie topped with fruit – the perfect thing to serve for brunch or dessert! This fresh berry galette recipe comes with all the baking secrets you need to know about how to make a galette. And, it’s made of pastry so flaky, it melts in your mouth… This week we’re using our easy pastry dough to make a delectable fresh berry galette which is perfect to serve for breakfast, brunch, or dessert. It’s one versatile dish. If you’re not familiar with galettes, they’re basically a pie but better because they are less time consuming to make but taste just as good. They involve rolling out pastry dough, adding desired toppings and folding the edges of the pastry in towards the middle, to enclose the toppings. Super easy and super delicious. They remind me of my sister, who always made the best apple galette. Speaking of which, apples make a great topping to this galette, as does any other fruit that you have lying around in your fruit bowl. PREP TIME: 35min (inlcudes chilling time) COOKING TIME: 35-40min SKILL: Medium SERVES: 6 INGREDIENTS PASTRY*

• 310g (2 1/2 cups) plain flour • 25g (2 tablespoons sugar) • 1 teaspoon salt • 225g (1 cup) cold butter, diced • 125ml (1/2 cup) cold buttermilk


• 1 cup fresh berries (or thinly sliced peaches, apples, pears etc.)

• Zest of 1 lemon • 50g (1/4 cup) sugar • 1 tablespoon almond meal (or semolina) • 1 egg yolk mixed with 1 tablespoon milk

METHOD 1. Make the pastry: In a medium sized bowl, sift the flour, sugar and salt and whisk to combine. 2. Cut the butter in using a food processor, pastry cutter or rub the butter in with your finger tips until the dough resembles large and small ‘clumps’ of buttered flour. 3. Add the buttermilk and using a fork, bring the dough together (or use your hands). Form the into a ball and cut in half. Flatten each ball with your hands to form a disc shape and wrap in plastic wrap and place in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. Note that this will make enough for two large galettes. Double to topping to make two, or place one pastry ‘disc’ in the freezer for another time. Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 190C (375F). 4. Make the topping: Combine the berries, lemon zest and 1 tablespoon of the sugar in a bowl and gently mix together. Set aside. Place the dough on a piece of baking paper then place another piece of baking paper on top (the pastry should be sandwiched in-between the paper**). Roll out the pastry dough in a circle (roughly 26cm/10 inches in diameter). 5. Take the top layer of baking paper off, and place the pastry and remaining baking paper on a tray. Sprinkle the almond meal over the pastry, and add the berries, making sure to leave 2-3cm from the edge. Fold the edges in to enclose the galette. Using a pastry brush, brush the egg and yolk mixture over the galette and sprinkle the remaining sugar all over the galette. Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020


6. Bake for 35-40 minutes or until golden brown. Serve with ice cream, whipped cream or yoghurt. This galette can be enjoyed cold too. NOTES * Note that this pastry makes enough for two 26cm in diameter galettes. I like to freeze one half for another time, but if preferred, just halve this recipe. ** This helps prevent the pastry from sticking to the bench and makes it easier to roll. Omit this step if preferred. Galette Baking Secret: See the flaky, non-soggy crust. Well there is a handy trick you need to know to get it and that is: Sprinkle almond meal, semolina or even coarse flour over the pastry before adding your filling. This helps soak up the liquid from the topping and avoids a soggy crust. Also, be sure to bake it for the entire required time. Sometimes the topping looks done but the crust needs longer. Pastry Rolling Baking Secrets: Galettes require you to grab your rolling pin. But don’t worry, if you’ve ever had trouble rolling out pastry before, then I hope this little tip helps. Instead of rolling the pastry out on a floured surface, I like to use two pieces of baking paper with the pastry sandwiched in-between. It makes pastry rolling much easier and you don’t need excess flour which can often dry the pastry out. Once finished, simply peel the top layer of paper off and place the bottom layer and pastry directly onto the baking tray – so easy! How to assemble a galette: Once you have rolled out your pastry, sprinkle the almond meal on top, add the berries (or other fruit), fold in the edges and brush with egg wash. Sprinkle sugar on the fruit and pastry and bake! Easy as pie, right? (pun intended). Sarah Sears What Sarah Bakes 78

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020



Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020


Cooking is a wonderful activity to get the whole family involved in, and a nice return to a more grounded and simple way of life.

As more people are staying at home during this time it’s probably a good time to get your pantry in order. That doesn’t mean you have to go crazy and buy out the whole store or fight over toilet paper (we’ve all seen THAT video). Ok rolling on…

Food is part of our everyday lives so it’s important to make eating well as easy and enjoyable as possible. Whether you’re a meat-eater, flexitarian, keto enthusiast, paleo, vegetarian, vegan, gut lover or somewhere in between, don’t worry I’ve got you, I’ve created a shopping list that can work for everyone, it just takes a little bit of mixing and matching.

As a minimalist, neat freak the idea of stockpiling to me is a tough one, personally I try to live with just one of everything. However, I also think about the many people who can’t get out to the shops regularly, people who are not well and need certain ingredients and medications. The last thing we need is for people to be out of supply of their everyday essentials. I’ve had some requests for a plan and shopping list, so I’d love to show you how to stockpile your pantry for a 14-day period in case you need to be at home due to quarantine, natural disaster or other reasons. I’ve based it upon feeding a family of four. Just halve the amount for couples or quarter for singles. You don’t need to be a doomsday prepper to get into stockpiling, it’s really a case of being prepared and having things on hand when you need them, and by the way, I don’t just mean 12 cans of pre-made pasta sauce, 14 tins of spam and oodles of pasta shells! I’d love to give you some ideas on healthy and affordable meals you can make at home too. I understand that budget is also a concern for some but if you buy the basics in bulk, you can have a healthy stockpile whether you’re a large family or a cash-strapped student. Another way to think about the potential of being at home and getting your pantry sorted is the way that you look at food itself. When you think about food, look at it as investment in your life and family, with smart meal planning and budgeting, these acts can become a simple yet beautiful source of fulfillment in your life.

Traditionally in emergency situations, basic general needs come into play, but that doesn’t mean you need to live off bland and boring food. If you make a plan, you can enjoy a great variety of colourful foods that are high in nutrients and ones that will make you feel good AND look after your health. So where to start? There’s nothing worse, and I mean nothing, than a chaotic spread of every ingredient lurking in the pantry. The very idea of it makes my skin crawl! That being said, first thing’s first, let’s get the hard thing out of the way. I need you to go through every single item in your pantry and fridge and bin anything that’s past it’s use-by-date or likely to give you food poisoning! Then put things back in date order if you can with supplies you need to use first at the front and then staples and longer use items at the back. I personally love the idea of a ‘one ingredient pantry’, where everything is a single spice, herb, grain or other food item. Next up it’s all about meal prep, meal prep, meal prep! Figure out your meal plans for the 14 days and plot in when you’ll be cooking and eating specific recipes. Take note of everything from breakfast to dinner, including any herbal teas or snacks you may like to have on hand. A little bit of prep now makes your whole day a lot easier later on; trust me! This way you’ll fill your kitchen with everything you need, without needing to worry about breaking your budget Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020


and wasting purchases. If you're on a budget it helps to do a quick price comparison and check the prices at your supermarket or local grocer and think about bulk options that are available in your area. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to make time for food preparation, just think of it as a fun activity and get the family involved. Do you need to make your own bone broths or buy them? Are there times you won't be able to cook dinner, requiring a batch-cooking session beforehand? Note all these subtleties, so your meal planning helps you rather than acts as a burden. Think about where you do the majority of your food shopping. It may be the time to consider local producers, co-ops, buy in bulk stores and services that offer the best price and quality ingredients before you go out on your stockpiling spree. Sometimes, online grocery shopping can be even cheaper than your usual store and as an added bonus; it's delivered straight to your door. How easy is that? Plus, online stores often have special offers so keep an eye out for them. Check off the things already in your pantry, fridge and freezer. This will totally change the productivity of your household food gathering. It’ll

ensure you’re fully prepped. The best place to start when looking at the pantry is with your non-perishables and we’ll start with… GRAINS, SEEDS AND PASTA An absolute staple, grains, seeds and pasta are among the most affordable ingredients you can add to any meal. Using brown or basmati rice (healthier than white), quinoa and buckwheat (if you’re gluten free) and oats will enable you to create some hearty and nourishing dishes. Each one is versatile, budget-friendly and will last for months sealed in a jar in your pantry. If you plan to reheat a dish that you’ve made the night before, add some brown rice or grains to bulk it up and allow it to serve the whole family – and at the same time it makes it even more affordable. Repurposing last night’s roast meat or vegetables into a fried rice is super-fast and makes for a tasty and convenient lunch the next day. Brown rice is full of fibre and a great way to satisfy your tummy. Quinoa has become more popular over the last 
few years and it’s a more affordable and versatile ‘powerfood’ of today. The versatility of quinoa is good as it can transport you from breakfast to dinner. Buckwheat has also become a go-to grain substitute in recent times, and is a scrumptious alternative to rice or can be made into porridge for a warming breakfasts, good for autumn in Australia and New Zealand. Oat porridge is a perfect way to start a cooler autumn day. Tasty and tremendously satisfying, oats are high in fibre and a perfect way to ensure the family is satisfied. Or try this Quinoa Porridge with Cinnamon and Apple. For a 14-day period for a family of four, buy the following, in bulk if possible: • 1 x 5kg bag of rice • 2 x 1 kg bag of quinoa • 1 x 5kg bag of oats • 1 x 1kg bag buckwheat • 3 x bags pasta HAVE YOUR FINGERS ON THE PULSES Pulses (or legumes) will play a key role in your supercharged stockpiling. Stocking chickpeas, cannellini beans, lentils, split peas and other pulses is a convenient and inexpensive way to jazz up the leftover vegetables from last night’s dinner. You’ll be able to create a lentil curry, a totally dahl-icious Supercharged Dahl or Chickpea Marrakesh Casserole, or make mouth-watering


Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

dips. Split peas are great to add to soups or casseroles and make dishes last longer. Pulses provide protein, complex carbohydrates and several vitamins and minerals that give sustained energy throughout the day. They’re known to lower blood pressure and reduce LDL cholesterol levels, adding a supercharged kick to any meal. Unopened raw pulses can last for years in the pantry, reducing the chance of waste, and are really simple to prepare. Once you’ve cooked up a batch of your favourite pulse, you can store any unused portion in the fridge for up to five days as a quick and easy addition to your remaining week’s meals. Throw the following in your trolley: • 1 x 5kg bag red or green lentils • 1 x 2 kg bag of split peas • 1 x 1 kg cannellini beans STOCK UP ON HEALTHY FLAVOUR PROVIDERS Onions and garlic, both from the Allium genus of plants, are
 two of my favourite flavour accompaniments to use in cooking. They don’t just play an important culinary role; they also provide a plethora of health benefits. Onions can stay fresh for well over a month in your pantry, and garlic can last for more than three months, so you’ll have your flavour friends right by your side for a good length of time.

Rosemary is an anti-inflammatory and restorative herb that has a soothing effect on the nerves. It’s lovely when paired with oven roasted vegetables and meat dishes.

Shine a light on these bulbs: • 7 x garlic bulbs • 8 x brown and red onions

Oregano is another good herb to stockpile. It’s known as a strong antiseptic as it’s high in Carvacrol, a type of phenol known for its potency and its perfect with fish and Italian dishes.

FLAVOUR UP WITH DRIED HERBS AND SPICES Herbs and spices are a dream come true in the kitchen; there’s hardly a dish that doesn’t benefit from including them. You can grown them or buy them fresh or dried. If you have fresh, to keep them longer, dry or dehydrate them yourself and store. Some tasty herbs to use in your kitchen everyday and incorporate into your menu planning are ones such as mint, which can be used as a tea too or in salads, vegetables and lamb dishes. Sage is good too. It’s a herb often used by herbalists as a remedy for respiratory infections. The oils and tannins in Sage have astringent, antiseptic and irritant properties, helping to loosen up congestion, treat coughs and soothe sore throats. You can flavour meats, roasts and vegetables with sage.

For some spice add some Cayenne pepper into the mix. It’s made from the dried pods of chilli peppers. It helps the body to create hydrochloric acid, which enhances digestion and assimilation of protein too. During the 14-day period, pop it in your stir-fries, curries, Asian inspired dishes and soups. The next herb to put on the list is Basil, as it’s very high in antioxidants, especially when used in the form of an oil or extract. Incorporating Basil into your diet will assist in reducing occurrences of common colds and the flu. Basil also holds antibacterial properties and can be used to disinfect surfaces. Add to salads, pizza and pasta dishes. Tick Turmeric off you’re stockpiling list, it can be used widely to flavour foods. I like to sprinkle it Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020


on oven-roasted cauliflower, and use in soups and curries. Grab some Ginger as it helps to stimulate the body’s circulation, providing relief for people with poor blood supply to the hands and feet. Ginger is beneficial if you’re experiencing a fever as it induces sweating, working to cool the body temperature. Try a cup of Ginger tea or use in Asian dishes, relishes, dips and soups. It’s great to include other flavour providers such as Cumin, Coriander, Curry powder and Chilli. So on your herbs and spices list if you don’t already have them, add the following: • Mint • Sage • Rosemary • Oregano • Parsley • Cayenne Pepper • Basil • Turmeric • Ginger • Cumin • Coriander • Curry powder • Chilli

SPEND SOME DOUGH ON FLOURS AND BAKING ESSENTIALS If you like to cook and enjoy baking there are a number of flours and ingredients that last the distance in your pantry. Flours such as gluten free flour, almond meal, rice flour, spelt flour or coconut flour can be used to create delicious bakes for the family. Golden flax meal (or grind up your own flaxseeds) is also a good one to have on hand to add to smoothies, porridge, yoghurts and desserts. It’s handy to have some other baking items such as baking powder, bicarb of soda, desiccated coconut, rice paper wrappers, vanilla, cacao powder for healthy muffins too. If you don’t like baking or not keen to make your own bread, stock up on your favourite bread or wraps and place them in the freezer. Add these to your pantry if you like baking: • 2 x 1 kg Almond Meal • 1 packet Gluten Free flour • 1 packet Rice Flour • 1 packet Flaxseeds • 1 x Baking Powder • 1 x Bi Carb of Soda • 1 packet Desiccated Coconut • 1 packet Rice Paper Wrappers • 1 x Vanilla Essence • 1 x packet Cacao Powder • Bread - 6 x loaves/wraps for freezing STACK UP TINNED FISH AND EGGS Making your own quick and tasty meals is easy when you store tinned sardines, tuna and anchovies in your pantry. Bursting with anti-inflammatory properties, these little guys are budgetfriendly and tremendously convenient to keep on hand if you prefer preparing fresh meals swiftly but don’t want to sacrifice flavour. Eggs are a great source of protein too and are fantastic when making frittatas with frozen veg, so stock up on those they come in very handy. Reach for the following: • 9 x tins Tuna • 5 x tins Sardines • 1 x jar Anchovies • 3 x dozen Eggs THINK TASTY TINNED TOMATOES From pasta sauces to vegetable bakes and soups to casseroles, there’s no limit to what trusty tinned tomatoes can do for your kitchen, especially if you don’t have fresh on hand. They add a richness of flavour to many a meal, and are a versatile product. When transforming a roast into a stew, or converting unused vegeta-


Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

bles into pasta, tinned tomatoes are essential for simple but flavoursome cooking. • 7 x tinned Tomatoes DRESS UP YOUR DISHES WITH DRESSINGS, OILS AND VINEGARS To add some instant flavour and bring your ingredients together, maintain stocks of a few basic dressings, oils and vinegars. Start with wheatfree tamari, apple cider vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Wheat-free tamari is a thicker, less salty, fermented soy sauce that can be used in Asian and non-Asian cooking to add a full, savoury umami flavour to your dishes. Originally used as a food preservative, vinegar is a must-have condiment for flavour and acidic balance. Apple cider vinegar, is delicious as a marinade or salad dressing, and is known for its vast list of medicinal benefits, including supporting digestion and providing an energy boost. Extra virgin olive oil is a necessity in a supercharged stockpile, and you may find yourself using it daily. The ‘extra virgin’ refers to the oil being of the highest quality, harvested when the fruit is at its peak and processed straight away. Extra virgin olive oil is completely natural, and it tastes so rich and charming its no wonder the Italians add it to everything! • 1 x bottle apple cider vinegar or balsamic • 1 jar real mayonnaise • 1 x bottle good quality extra virgin olive Oil • 1 x bottle flaxseed oil • 1 x bottle wheat-free tamari • 2 x cartons of stock (if not making your own) GET CRACKING ON SEEDS AND NUTS AND CEREALS These are some of the most adaptable ingredients, adding a crunchy texture and earthy flavour to your sweet or savoury dishes. They also taste great on their own as a nifty little nibble. Keep on hand almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, pecans, walnuts, pine nuts and pistachios. If you haven’t experimented much with seeds, try chia and linseeds (flaxseeds). Sprinkle chia seeds over your breakfast or fruit salad for some added protein and fibre. You can eat flaxseeds whole – sprinkled over your breakfast or used in homemade muesli bars. Another way to use them is in breads and muffins, after grinding them to meal using a high-speed blender (or you can buy them ready-ground at the supermarket). Nut and seed butters are a scrumptious and

filling spread to stockpile, peanut is great and so is a nut mix. A favourite of mine
 is tahini, made from ground sesame seeds. It’s also handy for transforming dishes: added to casseroles, roasted vegetables or even smoothies, tahini lends a thick and creamy texture. A few boxes of your favourite cereal will keep you going if you don’t feel like making your own granola. Choose these nuts and cereals: • 1 x kg nuts of choice • 1 x jar tahini • 1 x packet chia seeds • 1 x packet flaxseeds • 3 x boxes of cereal DAIRY OR NON-DAIRY MILKS Stock up the pantry with long-life milk, natural nut milk, oat milk, coconut milks, rice milk or seed milk (hemp!). These are all great options to add to your breakfast muesli or porridge. If you’re extra-handy in the kitchen, you can always make your own. When creating curries, soups, casseroles or stews, or even thickening up a sauce or gravy to pour over meat, coconut milk is a close friend. Purchase milks in the carton and store in your pantry until you’re ready to use. Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020


The fridge is also an important component of any supercharged kitchen. To add an extra hit of flavour and get really creative with your cooking, here are my favourite fridge-friendly foods. HEY PESTO! TOMATO PASTE, PESTO AND OLIVES
 These ingredients are always in my fridge, and I use them 
on pizzas or pasta, or in dips or winter casseroles. Having them on hand ensures that when the time comes to transform meals, you’re all set to get crafty without any time wasting. They offer a very convenient opportunity to convert unused vegetables into spiralised pasta with a fresh pesto or marinara sauce in just minutes. I also find capers are a great addition to any savoury dish. Place these items in your basket: • 6 x tubs Tomato Paste • 3 x Pestos • 1 x jar Olives • 1 x jar Capers FAM FAVOURITES, CHEESES AND YOGHURTS Having cheese on hand allows you to jazz up vegetables, pizza or even on toast. Yoghurts can be used to craft a creamy yet light dressing for a salad or simply enjoy them with some berries and granola or seeds scattered on top. Once opened, the carton should be stored in the fridge and used within a few days. • 10 litres x milk of choice • 4 cans coconut milk SWEETEN YOUR MEALS NATURALLY Alternatives to refined sugar and artificial sweeteners include rice malt syrup, raw honey and fruits. They’re a good way to satisfy your sweet tooth while protecting your waistline, particularly if you aren’t getting much exercise or you’re not out and about. 1 x jar honey or rice malt syrup LONG LIFE VEGETABLES These vegetables have a longer lifespan and will stay fresh in your pantry. Store them in a cool dry spot with your garlic and onions. • 2 x Pumpkin • 1 x Cabbage • 1kg x Carrots • 2 x Celery • 2 bags x Potatoes • 1 bag x Sweet Potatoes FILLING THE FRIDGE 86

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

• 2 x blocks Cheese of choice or one grated variety • 2 x Goats Cheese or Soft Cheeses • 2 large tubs plain Greek Yoghurt A FUSS FREE FREEZER Contrary to popular belief, 'fresh produce' doesn’t always necessarily mean it’s really fresh. The fresh fruits and vegetables you buy at your local supermarket may already be a week old by the time they’re put on display. If you don’t have access to fresh, it’s not a bad idea to opt for frozen. Frozen produce might sometimes be even healthier because they’re frozen immediately which locks in all the essential nutrients. Depending on the size of your freezer, some of the essential freezer nitty-gritties to have on hand are homemade stock, and frozen veggies and fruits. Other odds and ends that can keep in your freezer are ginger, dough or batter, veggie burgers, edamame (soya bean pods), nuts, flaxseed meal, flours and muffin mixes. PEAS PLEASE, FROZEN VEGETABLES Having some packets of snap-frozen vegetables in your freezer will get you through. They’ll come in handy when you need a quick satisfying bite. Then all you need do is open your pantry and add your choice of pulses and tinned tomatoes

or a pre-made sauce, and voilà! You have everything you need to create a home-cooked meal. A mixture of frozen vegetables, peas, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower (rice) corn, spinach. (I also grow my own kale and rocket and freeze them for smoothies). See how much room you have in your freezer. ICY SLICYS, FROZEN FRUITS A final must-have for your freezer is frozen fruits. I know their list of health benefits is as long as your arm, but they’re also delicious. Instead of wasting those sweet fruits, keeping frozen fruits on hand avoids waste. And they make a convenient solution for an uplifting smoothie or a refreshing breakfast, scattered over a granola or yoghurt. Try mixing frozen fruits into your next sweet dessert. Buy green bananas and let them ripen naturally, then when ready eat them and pop the rest in the freezer • 1 x packet frozen Mango • 2 x packets frozen Blueberries or Berries • 14 x green Bananas, ripened, eaten then the remainder peeled and (frozen) DON’T BE PALTRY WITH RED MEAT, FISH AND POULTRY If you’re eating red meat, chicken or fish, these can be stored in the freezer depending on space.

I hope this has given you a few ideas if you need to stockpile your kitchen. And a few last minute tips from me, have plenty of teas and coffee so you can enjoy your time at home, plus they fill you up between meals. Try our Love Your Gut powder to keep your gut health and gut immune system strong, it also helps to keep you regular if you’re not doing your usual exercise routine. Use the time at home to start something new, perhaps try intermittent fasting twice a week or do an online yoga class or practice meditation! Please enjoy my free Guided Meditation for Anxiety and Stress. And remember, stockpiling your pantry doesn’t mean that you can’t have flavour in your meals. Use this time to try out a few new recipes, no need to go stir crazy at home, just stir it up in the kitchen instead, and you never know, you might even find some enticing meals your whole family will enjoy and ones that will turn into family favourites. Lee Holmes Supercharged Food (Originally published by Lee on March 15, 2020)

Choose a selection of beef, lamb, mince, chicken and fish dependent upon your family’s needs and preferences and place them in the freezer. A good tip is to dig around the supermarket fridge and find ones with the longest use-by date. Once you start emptying the freezer you can then move perishables into the freezer and others from the pantry to the fridge so that you have a continual fresh supply. Look at it like a kitchen rotation. A fab way to rescue vegetables and fruit is by dehydrating them.


AD O L N W to DO

Download your FREE Shopping List PDF here. Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020



Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020


I get asked on the regular how I stay motivated to run most days of the week. The answer is I love it. I love getting away from the days problems and chores to get some fresh air into my lungs. I love being alone with my thoughts and the mental clarity I gain from a run. I love the invigorating feeling of post run endorphins rushing through my body. As I write my muscles have a gentle ache from cruising the hills of Kaiteriteri through to Marahau and back. Yesterday I completed the annual Kaiteriteri Gold Half Marathon here in sunny Nelson, New Zealand. A lot of people get this feeling from running too. But even more people don’t! I have had weird looks more than once when I start talking about some of the distances and elevation gains I have run. The truth is I stopped worrying about my times a long time ago and began running for the love of it. Sure I still feel a bit proud when I get what is a good time for me. But I am not constantly striving to be the fastest. The gain comes for me from feeling good. When prescribing a new fitness plan for a client I always ask what they love to do. To get long term gains from a fitness routine you need to be consistent and to be consistent there needs to be an element of enjoyment. So thinking about what you enjoy is key. Be it yoga, pilates, resistance training, walking, running, HIIT training or crossfit. The list goes on! It is not worthwhile trying to do something you dislike. You might gain some fitness but the likelihood of maintaining some consistency in your routine is not high. It is equally as important to work out what makes you tick. Most of us know if we are creatures of habit that prefer routine or if we get bored easily and need variety. You can incorporate a variety of activity or stick to just the one thing. Personally I like to have variety in my fitness life. I use a combination of running, yoga and weight training to get my fix. Adding in extras might be what comes for you once you have built your fitness up in one area and are looking for more of a challenge.

Below is a description of some of the popular activities out there and what they can do for you: Yoga: Good for core strength, flexibility, relaxation, balance and an element of strength depending on the type of yoga. Pilates: Low impact and builds core strength, balance and postural alignment. Resistance training: Using weights to build muscle in a variety of areas and consequently assist with burning fat. Walking: Super cheap with the bonus of flexibility of your time. I like how most people can build this into their routine somewhere. It’s a great place to start if you feel like you are “not an exerciser” but want to give it a go. HIIT training: Can be done anywhere since you can get a great High Intensity Interval Training workout out of body movements. These workouts are great for the time poor and burn fat in a short space of time. Running: Relatively cheap (unless you must enter all the events)! Improves cardiovascular fitness and burns fat. Crossfit: A good mix of Olympic lifting movements and cardiovascular training. The moral of my story really is about figuring out what works for you. A good fitness professional can help you navigate learning a new activity but it is so important you are enjoying it! When it comes to fitness it is important that you do what works for you! Rosie James Nourish and Move Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020



& Flow 90

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

Movement & Flow Yoga With Julie Stephens

Julie Stephens Starting her yoga journey around 30 years ago, Julie found the spiritual aspect of it a major draw card and the physical side an added bonus. She spent many years travelling the world and in 2000 started her yoga teacher training apprenticeship. She trained with many great inspirational teachers and has since owned yoga studios all over the world. Yoga Yoga is an ancient practice (not religion) based on a harmonizing system of development for the body, mind, and spirit. The practice of yoga makes the body strong and flexible, it also improves the functioning of the respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and hormonal systems. Yoga brings about emotional stability and clarity of mind. Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) A gentle flow you can repeat as many times as you feel comfortable. If you don’t have much time and would like to maintain flexibility, strength and peace of mind, then challenge yourself to practising these as much as you can. You will notice a great improvement on all levels.

Yoga Flow

With Julie Stephens

Sun Salutations

If viewing the magazine online click the ‘play’ button to watch the video

Julie Stephens Julie Stephens Yoga >> Direct link to video:

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020


Movement & Flow Pilates With Tania Huddart

Tania Huddart Celebrating her 25th teaching anniversary in 2020, Tania believes in thinking differently about the way in which to teach Pilates and has been training teachers for the past 18 years as well as teaching professional development workshops internationally. Pilates The Pilates method was devised by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s. Pilates helps you develop correct posture and breathing, core strength, flexibility, and joint mobility. Your body is trained to work as an orchestrated whole instead of isolating muscle groups and developing them individually. Pilates engages your mind to improve your kinaesthetic understanding (awareness of the position and movement of parts of your body). Lower Back & Foot Pain Relief Improve your lower back pain and release tight, sore feet with a small spiky ball. Mobilise 25% of all the joints in your body simply and effectively. The nerves from your lower back end in your feet. Often tight, inflexible feet contribute to back pain. More flexible feet will help you stand better and improve your posture too. The same nerves that connect your feet and lower spine run through your pelvic floor muscles. Healthy feet helps you heal your pelvic floor muscles too.


With Tania Huddart

Lower Back & Foot Pain

Tania Huddart Hearts and Bones Pilates >> Direct link to video: 92

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

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Movement & Flow Qi Gong With Natalie Meijer

Natalie Meijer Natalie started her path training with Yuan Tze in Ren Xue and its connected disciplines of Yuan Gong Qigong and Yuan Ming Medicine around 14 years ago. Benefiting so much from these tools in her everyday life, it felt like a natural extension to share it with others. Qi Gong Qi Gong is a holistic approach to healthcare and life; strengthening the connection and awareness between body mind and Qi (life force). Yuan Gong is a form of Qigong distilled with ancient wisdom adapted for our modern times - moving and still meditations using the body, mind and breath to cultivate lifeforce and self awareness. Instilling a deeper sense of unification to our inner wisdom to understand how to get our life back to optimum health. Gathering Qi (Tian Yuan) First Method of Yuan Gong Tian Yuan; first method Yuan Gong designed to gather Qi (essential life force) from six directions. The sides, below, above, the front and the back. This is the first part of a two part series to restore the energy in ones body. We naturally build immunity and improve our health when we have abundant Qi in our bodies. You can repeat this one round a few times to relax the body, calm the mind and restore your essential life force. It can be modified to a seated position or even a lying position when we use our mind actively.

Qi Gong

With Natalie Meijer

Gathering Qi (Tian Yuan)

Natalie Meijer Heart Wisdom

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Movement & Flow Breath With Natacha Anthoni

Natacha Anthoni Natacha has been assisting people to open up to their full potential with conscious breathing through workshops and guided breathing sessions since 2009. She is passionate about her personal journey of living as a fully conscious, divine human and assisting others to do the same. Conscious breathing has been the most profound tool in her journey of self-realization, and it is her passion to share this with others through workshops and free online guided meditations. The compassionate energies of her Higher Self are woven into the videos to enhance your experience and provide greater potentials for your soul integration. Conscious Breathing Conscious breathing comes in many forms, but this type of deep, conscious, soul-connected breathing not only has amazing physical benefits, every breath also invites a deeper connection with our soul, and it is an indispensable tool for anyone on their spiritual journey. Getting started with conscious, soul-connected, breathing Conscious breathing can be practiced anywhere and at any time, but it is also a very easy and effective way to meditate. In this video we go over the basics of this very simple breathing technique followed by a guided meditation, gently integrating your soul with every breath.

Conscious Breath With Natacha Anthoni

Getting Started with Conscious Breathing

Natacha Anthoni My Breath >> Direct link to video: 94

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020

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Mindful Colouring Conscious Art Practice

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Meet The Contributors


Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020


Divinely Inspired Aimee is an intuitive and empathic healer who paints and scribes for Spirit. She is a pure channel through which many people have been able to receive messages from their guides and Divine Spirit. A practicing Pranic and lntuitive Healer for 10 years Aimee is part of a team of healers who travel New Zealand and Australia holding channeling and healing events. Aimee has a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning from the University of Canterbury and has worked much of her adult life caring for and teaching children. She lives in New Zealand, a magical piece of Lemuria, with her beloved daughter and their two cats, two bunnies and two hens.



Embodied Brilliance The creator of Embodied BrillianceTM , an innovative embodiment curriculum that nurtures the authentic, Soulful expression of children, Alison has 20 years experience as a pediatric occupational therapist, intuitive energy healer and body worker supporting children to embody and express their Soul. She is passionate about helping educators and youth professionals recognize a child’s unique quirks, emotions, sensitivities and intuitive abilities as clues to who they are and what they need. So they can support children to feel comfortable in their skin and at home in their body being exactly who they are.


Sears Co Amanda has many roles in life that can be summed up in 4 words: create, connect, learn and experience. She lives a full life of possibilities and has had an adventurous life so far, full of many ups and downs. In her own personal journey she has battled through the darkness of many physical, emotional and spiritual health lessons and has come out the other side a more developed, aware and knowledgeable person. She shares helpful tips based on her own experience and observations of life in the hope to inspire those struggling on their own personal journey – while continuing to grow, evolve and learn herself.


Life Coach Angela is a leading edge wealth empowerment coach, life coach, workshop facilitator, inspirational keynote speaker, and author. What she loves and what motivates her is seeing the improvements in the individuals she works with - moving forward, eager to be the best version of themselves. Angela is passionate to see you achieve sustainable transformation in all areas of your wellbeing, job/career or relationships. As a life coach she can facilitate a better space for you to untangle whatever may need untangling and get you back on track to be operating as your unique and true, perfect you.


Holistic Teen Coach Devorah says teens and tweens are her spirit animals; since 2007, they’ve filled her office and dinner table with everything from head-scratching trends and Netflix recommendations to conversations about anxiety, depression, academic pressure, and cyberbullying. Fiercely committed to teaching teens and tweens tools for inner peace and resilience, Devorah has over 15 years experience as a community youth worker, high school counselor, and holistic teen coach. She merges her counseling skills with techniques such as EFT and mindfulness to help teens (and their families!) stay grounded and peaceful throughout adolescence. Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020



A Nourishing Notion Hannah is a mother, wife, registered nurse and a whole food plant based-lifestyle (WFPB) proponent. Originating from Timaru, she moved to Nelson in 2007 to do her nursing degree. She works part-time at the Wakefield Health Centre and recently completed a certificate in plant-based nutrition. She proudly belongs to a group of Nelson health professionals who promote WFPB; aiming to achieve positive health outcomes, and sustainability in the community. Passionate about cooking and creating recipes, she enjoys inspiring and supporting others through her new business 'A Nourishing Notion' and via her social media.



BlueStar Spiritual Founder of BlueStar Spiritual and The Awakening Network. James has over 30 years of experience as a Master Spiritual Teacher, Master Healer and Master Channeler. He has developed his own readings and has developed the BlueStar Healing Method; a true Quantum healing modality aimed at assisting Starseeds to not only release and prepare for their return home, but also to assist them in connecting more fully to their true self. His focus is on assisting people to walk the path that they are here to walk.

JOHN DU FOUR John Du Four really enjoys being creative. He has made art in everything from acrylics to encaustic to batik. He’s fired ceramics and sculpted in papier mache. He’s composed music and written jingles. He’s performed in the Edinburgh and Adelaide Fringes. He’s written and directed short films, one of which was an international finalist in New York. He has choreographed dance and written many short stories. A former chef, sound therapist, and creative director in advertising, John is on the board of Arts Council Nelson and is Arts writer for Wild Tomato magazine. He lives in Richmond with Sue.


Julie Stephens Yoga Starting her yoga journey around 30 years ago, Julie found the spiritual aspect of it a major draw card and the physical side an added bonus. She spent many years travelling the world and in 2000 started her yoga teacher training apprenticeship which took 18 months of practising six days a week, 30 hours a week. She trained with many great inspirational teachers and has since owned yoga studios all over the world. As a yoga teacher she feels truly honoured and privileged to be able to share such an ancient practice – one that offers not only great physical benefits, but ultimately allows us to be mindful, happy and content.


Kerry Kingston Design Kerry combines stylish interior design with a holistic and intuitive approach to create harmonious and healthy spaces from a soulful living perspective. As a holistic interior designer she looks at a space in its entirety; from the overall design, environment and visual appearance to the feel, flow and energy. Her holistic approach includes timeless décor and practical design while taking into consideration eco living and the energy in the space; utilising a range of holistic methods to enhance these attributes, such as: decluttering, plants, Feng Shui, complementary crystals and essential oils. 98

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020


Supercharged Food Lee is a holistic nutritionist, yoga and meditation teacher, wholefoods chef and author of the bestselling Supercharged Food series. After changing her diet to improve symptoms of a non-specific autoimmune disease and fibromyalgia she started the Supercharged Food website from a need to share easy, wholesome and simple recipes. Experience has taught her to listen to the cues and signals from your body and that making positive nutritious food choices while having the desire within you to change your life for the better is the first step to optimum health.



Holistic Health Institute Machelle is the creator and founder of ‘The Holistic Health Institute’ which provides a 6 – 12 month holistic practitioner program bridging together the ageless wisdom from the east and the modern science of the west, spirit and matter. A registered nurse and human behaviour expert, Machelle has spent the last 7 years traveling throughout parts of India and developing an extensive knowledge around the ancient mysteries and how we can combine it with the science we have today to help people in all areas of their lives. She is passionate about bringing about unity and believes the foundation of this starts with ourselves.


Pure Vibration At age 22, Michelle experienced the most life- changing year of her life and discovered who she truly was and her spiritual and healing abilities. Embracing this aspect of herself and realising she was a blank canvas, Michelle trusted herself and the Universal Source of Creation and started learning about all things spiritual and energetic. She loves the life she has chosen, which is filled with love, learning and pure vibrational energy... and best of all, she gets to use it to help others as a Clairvoyant Medium, Trance Channel, Healer, Teacher and Empowerment Coach.


My Breath

Natacha has been assisting people to open up to their full potential with conscious breathing through workshops and guided breathing sessions since 2009. She is passionate about her personal journey of living as a fully conscious, divine human and assisting others to do the same. Conscious breathing has been the most profound tool in her journey of self-realization, and it is her passion to share this through workshops and free online guided meditations. NATALIE MEIJER

Heart Wisdom Natalie started her path training with Yuan Tze in Ren Xue and its connected disciplines of Yuan Gong Qigong and Yuan Ming Medicine around 14 years ago. “I have benefited so much from these tools in my everyday life and it feels such a natural extension to want to share this with others”. Natalie works from home and in the wider Nelson/Motueka community where she runs classes online and in person as well as healing and life cultivation sessions. In New zealand her home base is setup for intimate retreats and wellness weekends. Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020



Life Coach Rose is an Inner Wisdom & Potentiality Coach offering private Life Coaching Sessions & Programs in Nelson, New Zealand and online. Rose is an expert at helping you undo your blocks, release your pain and connect with your potential. She has a genius for nurturing your talent, providing support and seeing where you are limiting yourself, how to challenge you, and where your undiscovered capacities lie. Rose gets results and her clients have nick named her “The Excavator”, because they are so free of their problems after working with her. “You can’t build a new house on old Foundations” Rose Aitken.



Fitness & Nutrition Coach Rosie James is a Registered Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. She is also a dedicated Mum of 2 children, partner to Kris and obsessed with their 3 resident cats! She is passionate about empowering ordinary people to live their best lives through improving Nutrition and Fitness. Rosie is a believer in exercising for enjoyment rather than torturing yourself. When she is not working from her home based fitness studio and nutrition clinic you will find her running the hills and trails of Nelson, New Zealand training for her next running event.


Empowerment Coach Sabrina is a women’s empowerment coach, modern mystic and self-proclaimed palm tree enthusiast living in Raglan, New Zealand. In true Aries fashion, she designed her own career path; blending spirituality with purpose-driven business mentoring that attracts and elevates like-minded women globally - empowering them to live life by design, stepping into their true goddess power and purpose work, and saying 'yes' to who they really are for a happier and freedom filled life. Her clients adore the effortless blend of spiritual tools and down to earth business talk from this beach-loving boss babe, mother and plant foodie.


Life & Business Coach Sarah Jensen is an award winning, internationally certified Life and Business Coach and host of the award nominated Rock Your Goals podcast. Sarah helps heart led coaches and creative entrepreneurs grow a sustainable, successful and super fun business (without going broke or burning out in the process). She believes in owning your awesome, writing your own rules, and chocolate!


What Sarah Bakes Sarah has loved to bake for as long as she can remember and as a self taught baker has had her fair share of baking disasters! Passionate about making your baking experience the best it can be, Sarah creates recipes that taste great and are easy to follow. Over the years, she has developed a baking style that focuses on the ease of baking without compromising on flavour or texture, with influences from her travels in Europe and America, and of course her home country New Zealand. Sarah shares tasty recipes that have proven to be a hit with family and friends. 100

Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020


Anahata Yoga Retreat Swami Karma Karuna, a founding member and director of Anahata Yoga Retreat, NZ, is an engaging, intuitive yoga teacher with over 25 years of training and experience in a range of areas such as therapeutic applications of yoga, yoga nidra relaxation, prana, chakras, women's health and applications of yoga into daily life. She travels internationally including guiding yearly sadhana (Yoga practice) retreats in India at the home of her spiritual guides. Swami Karma Karuna shares her depth of knowledge in a simple and practical way, creating an inspiring environment for people to access and apply yogic practices in their own lives.


Issue #10 | The Inspired Guide | April 1st 2020


Hearts and Bones Pilates Celebrating her 25th teaching anniversary in 2020, Tania believes in thinking differently about the way in which to teach Pilates and has been training teachers for the past 18 years as well as teaching professional development workshops internationally. She loves to inspire people and finds it exciting to see them open up, to ask questions and explore movement without fear. Starting her career as a dancer before training to be a Pilates teacher, Tania trained in the UK and USA before establishing Hearts and Bones Pilates in Wellington, New Zealand in 2002; in 2018 she moved to Nelson, NZ with her family.


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