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"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished." - Lao Tzu

How to Make the Most out of

What do you do in your everyday life that brings you joy? Amanda Sears | Creator 4

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020



I also hope you enjoy this months cover illustration as I think it might be my best yet! This is why I love creating this for you! I get to have so much fun connecting, creating and collaborating with so many ideas and people! It is so joyful!


Let's see how that goes!


Issue #9 has been a pleasure to compile and yet again is filled with some super inspirational stuff from our regular writers and some guest ones. I am also starting to re-trial embedded video content - so give that a go and see how it works for you as I plan to have more in the future... the idea is that you don't need to leave the magazine to watch a video or listen to audio, etc.


And just like that it is March... where on earth did the first 2 months of 2020 go? I don't know about you, but they flew by for me as if they never existed yet I recall they contained much fun and enjoyment!


Hello and welcome to Issue #9 of The Inspired Guide magazine!


y o j n E & e m o c l e W

Designed to inform and inspire all who seek to live more conscious lives. The Inspired Guide encourages a holistic approach to soulful living which stems from our innate ability to create our own reality for a more conscious, joyful and balanced life.



For a balanced life it is important to incorporate mindfulness and personal development in all areas of our Mind, Body and Soul. The Benefits of an eMagazine Links are all active - so go ahead and click them to go through to that page online for more information Zoom in if you want to see things closer or larger Share easily with friends, family, colleagues and networks to spread the word and grow the awareness! Read ANYWHERE! ♥ Read with an open mind ♥ ♥ There is no ‘one size fits all’ ♥ ♥ Hold no judgement ♥ ♥ Read what calls to you ♥

CONTENTS - #9 Get Involved ...... 6

A Twist in the Tale ...... 76-79

The Good Guide ...... 7

Mindset Matters ...... 81

Meet Our Contributors ...... 8-10

Soulful Business ...... 83

Lighthearted Laughs ...... 11

Lifestyle Extra ...... 84-85

Inspiration on Instagram ...... 12-15

Lifestyle Extra ...... 86 Mindful Colouring ...... 87

Short & Sweet ...... 16-19

Food Extra ...... 88-89 Sweet Treats ...... 90-91

Creativity & Exhibition ...... 20-25

Feel Great Food ...... 92-95

Travel & Adventure ...... 26-35

Conscious Business Market ...... 97

Home Grown Gardening ...... 37 Sustainable Living ...... 38-41 Sustainable Living ...... 43-45 Consciously Business ...... 46-47 Spiritual Guidance ...... 49

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| Sept


1st 2019





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Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

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1st 2019



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The Good Guide Not every day is a walk in the park or a breath of fresh air - but it can be... When you need a pick me up or something inspirational to shift that doom and gloom. Be uplifted & inspired with our carefully curated selection online... WATCH Look for the light in the world and you will see how bright it shines! Get a breath of fresh air with Good News! READ A book can teach you or take you away on a journey - often both... enjoy our selection of inspiring and uplifting books. ART Art is subjective... it can inspire, soothe or insight action among the viewer. Our collection hopes to do all of these things... BE INSPIRED Hear the words from great minds around the world! Watch inspiring videos and learn more about these people. LISTEN Soothe your soul, find that happy place and get your groove on with some of our uplifting musicians and singers.

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Cover Art

'Mother Earth' (2020) Handdrawn and digitally coloured illustration by Amanda Sears




We realise there is A LOT of great content in The Inspired Guide that you may want to find again, for example a chocolate cake recipe... and you probably don't want to search through all of our previous editions to find it! So we have created 'Topic' pages on the website where you can peruse for a certain topic that tickles your fancy OR find a topic from any edition to re-read or share. We are working on developing a site search that will find what you are specifically looking for, but this appears to be harder than you think - so enjoy perusing the full topic pages while we get the advanced search option installed. >CLICK HERE< Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020



Embodied Brilliance www.embodiedbrilliance.co.nz The creator of Embodied BrillianceTM , an innovative embodiment curriculum that nurtures the authentic, Soulful expression of children, Alison has 20 years experience as a pediatric occupational therapist, intuitive energy healer and body worker supporting children to embody and express their Soul. She is passionate about helping educators and youth professionals recognize a childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s unique quirks, emotions, sensitivities and intuitive abilities as clues to who they are and what they need. So they can support children to feel comfortable in their skin and at home in their body being exactly who they are.



Sears Co www.searsco.nz Amanda has many roles in life that can be summed up in 4 words: create, connect, learn and experience. She lives a full life of possibilities and has had an adventurous life so far, full of many ups and downs. In her own personal journey she has battled through the darkness of many physical, emotional and spiritual health lessons and has come out the other side a more developed, aware and knowledgeable person. She shares helpful tips based on her own experience and observations of life in the hope to inspire those struggling on their own personal journey â&#x20AC;&#x201C; while continuing to grow, evolve and learn herself.


Life Coach www.angelacheruseo.nz Angela is a leading edge wealth empowerment coach, life coach, workshop facilitator, inspirational keynote speaker, and author. What she loves and what motivates her is seeing the improvements in the individuals she works with - moving forward, eager to be the best version of themselves. Angela is passionate to see you achieve sustainable transformation in all areas of your wellbeing, job/career or relationships. As a life coach she can facilitate a better space for you to untangle whatever may need untangling and get you back on track to be operating as your unique and true, perfect you.


A Nourishing Notion www.facebook.com/ANourishingNotion Hannah is a mother, wife, registered nurse and a whole food plant based-lifestyle (WFPB) proponent. Originating from Timaru, she moved to Nelson in 2007 to do her nursing degree. She works part-time at the Wakefield Health Centre and recently completed a certificate in plant-based nutrition. She proudly belongs to a group of Nelson health professionals who promote WFPB; aiming to achieve positive health outcomes, and sustainability in the community. Passionate about cooking and creating recipes, she enjoys inspiring and supporting others through her new business 'A Nourishing Notion' and via her social media.


BlueStar Spiritual www.bluestarspiritual.org Founder of BlueStar Spiritual and The Awakening Network. James has over 30 years of experience as a Master Spiritual Teacher, Master Healer and Master Channeler. He has developed his own readings and has developed the BlueStar Healing Method; a true Quantum healing modality aimed at assisting Starseeds to not only release and prepare for their return home, but also to assist them in connecting more fully to their true self. His focus is on assisting people to walk the path that they are here to walk. 8

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

JOHN DU FOUR John Du Four really enjoys being creative. He has made art in everything from acrylics to encaustic to batik. He’s fired ceramics and sculpted in papier mache. He’s composed music and written jingles. He’s performed in the Edinburgh and Adelaide Fringes. He’s written and directed short films, one of which was an international finalist in New York. He has choreographed dance and written many short stories. A former chef, sound therapist, and creative director in advertising, John is on the board of Arts Council Nelson and is Arts writer for Wild Tomato magazine. He lives in Richmond with Sue.



Supercharged Food www.superchargedfood.com Lee is a holistic nutritionist, yoga and meditation teacher, wholefoods chef and author of the bestselling Supercharged Food series. After changing her diet to improve symptoms of a non-specific autoimmune disease and fibromyalgia she started the Supercharged Food website from a need to share easy, wholesome and simple recipes. Experience has taught her to listen to the cues and signals from your body and that making positive nutritious food choices while having the desire within you to change your life for the better is the first step to optimum health.


Seeds of Peace NZ www.facebook.com/SeedsOfPeaceNZ Mariette is an early childhood teacher and Reiki practitioner with a passion for exploring different aspects of holistic wellbeing and supporting others on their journey to living a fulfilled, authentic life - true to their higher calling. She has created a strong spiritual practice that supports her in staying connected and aligned to her higher Self which includes time in nature, Reiki, creativity, mediation, oracle cards and more. Her own healing journey recently led her to experience the power and magic of Inner Child Healing and she looks forward to incorporating what she has learned into her work with children and adults alike.


Pure Vibration www.facebook.com/PureVibrationNZ At age 22, Michelle experienced the most life- changing year of her life and discovered who she truly was and her spiritual and healing abilities. Embracing this aspect of herself and realising she was a blank canvas, Michelle trusted herself and the Universal Source of Creation and started learning about all things spiritual and energetic. She loves the life she has chosen, which is filled with love, learning and pure vibrational energy... and best of all, she gets to use it to help others as a Clairvoyant Medium, Trance Channel, Healer, Teacher and Empowerment Coach.


Life Coach www.roseaitken.com Rose is an Inner Wisdom & Potentiality Coach offering private Life Coaching Sessions & Programs in Nelson, New Zealand and online. Rose is an expert at helping you undo your blocks, release your pain and connect with your potential. She has a genius for nurturing your talent, providing support and seeing where you are limiting yourself, how to challenge you, and where your undiscovered capacities lie. Rose gets results and her clients have nick named her “The Excavator”, because they are so free of their problems after working with her. “You can’t build a new house on old Foundations” Rose Aitken. Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020



Empowerment Coach www.heysabrinaweber.com Sabrina is a womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s empowerment coach, modern mystic and self-proclaimed palm tree enthusiast living in Raglan, New Zealand. In true Aries fashion, she designed her own career path; blending spirituality with purpose-driven business mentoring that attracts and elevates like-minded women globally - empowering them to live life by design, stepping into their true goddess power and purpose work, and saying 'yes' to who they really are for a happier and freedom filled life. Her clients adore the effortless blend of spiritual tools and down to earth business talk from this beach-loving boss babe, mother and plant foodie.



Life & Business Coach www.sarahjensen.com.au Sarah Jensen is an award winning, internationally certified Life and Business Coach and host of the award nominated Rock Your Goals podcast. Sarah helps heart led coaches and creative entrepreneurs grow a sustainable, successful and super fun business (without going broke or burning out in the process). She believes in owning your awesome, writing your own rules, and chocolate!


Mindfully You with Sarah www.facebook.com/mindfullyyouwithsarah Sarah Noble is a Mindset and Mindfulness Speaker, Writer and Mentor, and Accredited Mindfulness Teacher. She specialises in helping first-time Mums optimise their Mental Health, so they can navigate Motherhood with confidence and clarity. She Mentors 1-1, Hosts Mums and Bubs Workshops, Teaches Beginners Mindfulness Courses, writes blogposts and articles, and Speaks at, and hosts events. She lives in Dunedin with her partner and son, Dylan, who is 11 months old. She loves vegetables, rock music, nature, travel and swearing.


What Sarah Bakes www.whatsarahbakes.com Sarah has loved to bake for as long as she can remember and as a self taught baker has had her fair share of baking disasters! Passionate about making your baking experience the best it can be, Sarah creates recipes that taste great and are easy to follow. Over the years, she has developed a baking style that focuses on the ease of baking without compromising on flavour or texture, with influences from her travels in Europe and America, and of course her home country New Zealand. Sarah shares tasty recipes that have proven to be a hit with family and friends.


Anahata Yoga Retreat www.anahata-retreat.org.nz Swami Karma Karuna, a founding member and director of Anahata Yoga Retreat, NZ, is an engaging, intuitive yoga teacher with over 25 years of training and experience in a range of areas such as therapeutic applications of yoga, yoga nidra relaxation, prana, chakras, women's health and applications of yoga into daily life. She travels internationally including guiding yearly sadhana (Yoga practice) retreats in India at the home of her spiritual guides. Swami Karma Karuna shares her depth of knowledge in a simple and practical way, creating an inspiring environment for people to access and apply yogic practices in their own lives. 10

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020


Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020



Instagram@asjaboros 12

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020




BECCA REITZ By Becca Reitz

Dani is an author, blogger, and designer living in Washington, DC. In 2009, she launched the website PositivelyPresent.com sharing experiences and insights on positivity and self-love! Now a global, destination for inspiration and resources. Follow her on Instagram: @PositivelyPresent

Ellie is an artist, designer and practitioner of metaphysics, based in Sydney, AU. She uses her unique gifts to help, support and guide those on a Soulpreneur journey. Her work is spiritual, inspirational, enlightening, informative and fun! Follow her on Instagram: @the_celestial_witch

Becks is a counsellor, mindfulness coach and illustrator based in Nelson, NZ. She began illustrating mental health tools with a goal of making counselling and therapeutic techniques more accessible to everyone. Now they are a global resource! Follow her on Instagram: @journey_to_wellness_

Becca Reitz is an illustrator and graphic designer that resides in Denver, CO. Her work aims to capture the beauty and essence of the human experience â&#x20AC;&#x201C; each piece is a visual representation of our truth, our journeys, our past, our future. Follow her on Instagram: @becca_reitz Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020




Follow her on Instagram: @theself_carekit

A 17 year old from Slovakia - known only as 'Teabag' she has loved drawing since she first held a pencil and never thought her digital doodles would get so much attention! Her doodles help with her own mental health and cheers her up. Follow her on Instagram: @teabag.cartoon

AMY CHARLETTE By Amy Charlette

ASJA BOROS By Asja Boros

Amy's art is closely tied to her spiritual side and heavily influenced by yoga, nature, chinese medicine, metaphysics and sacred geometry. She creates art to inspire deeper connection to self, creativity, community, nature and the universe. Follow her on Instagram: @amycharlette 14

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

Artist and illustrator based in Croatia, Asja's work reflects a deep desire to glance behind the curtains of daily reality, to go beyond all reason and dive into the mysterious realms of imagination and to explore her inner worlds in a playful way. Follow her on Instagram: @asjaboros


A huge book nerd and gamer with 5 cats, Dominee uses her life experiences to inspire you to really know and love yourself, to believe in yourself, trust your intuition, and realize that you have the ability to make all of your dreams come true. Follow her on Instagram: @blessingmanifesting


Just an average guy residing in Ottawa, Canada, Boki writes, illustrates and shares content in the hopes of turning wondering eyes inwards. He loves art and quotes so it was natural to combine these into potent whispers for the mind, heart and soul. Follow him on Instagram: @bokifide

RAYCHPONYGOLD By Rachel Urquhart

Designer, illustrator, & writer from NSW, Australia, where the magic of the natural world drives her creative practice; Rachel draws together the profound and accessible, to describe the magic of the world, that is occurring everywhere, all the time. Follow her on Instagram: @raychponygold


Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020




Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

Life Coach

Holistic Health

4 Tips to Clear Your Debt Faster

Holistic Health Components

Your money and money habits matter; a topic not many people wish to address but is a number one cause of stress. You may be in a position where your personal debt or mortgage is getting in the way of achieving financial freedom or affecting your well-being. Then you need a plan, one that won’t compromise your lifestyle.

Following on from last months article lets firstly consider our bodies from a physical perspective, highlighting 4 key factors. What is essential and to keep a homeostatic balanced being? • SLEEP Is vital, as vital as the oxygen we breath and it is often neglected. Good quality sleep is important because it enables the body to rest, repair and be ready for another day. Making sure you get adequate quality sleep (REM cycles) will help prevent such things as excess weight gain, heart disease, and can even speed up disease recovery. • HYDRATION Your body depends on water to survive. Every cell, tissue and organ in your body needs water to work properly, eg. maintain its temperature, remove waste and lubricate your joints. Adequate hydration is essential. • DETOXIFICATION Your body has a sophisticated way of eliminating toxins by itself that involves the liver, kidneys, digestive system, skin and lungs. Yet only when these organs are healthy can they work effectively. This is an extremely vital piece of the holistic health puzzle so stay tuned as I will dive deeper on this topic in upcoming editions. • NUTRITION Good nutrition goes without saying and is a vital part of leading a healthy lifestyle. We have all the essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements bio available to us through food. Understanding a little bio chemistry and sourcing organic (where possible) whole foods will take you a long way on your health journey.

With Angela Cheruseo

Time to build your wealth. Now that you are completely free from personal debt with at least a lower mortgage, take the monthly amount you were paying on your last debt and put that money toward investments or to an existing investment. Get your money working for you. www.angelacheruseo.nz

It's the little things you do every day that make the biggest differences when it comes to health. www.wellpower.co.nz Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020



Here are 4 simple steps to clear personal debt. 1. Keep your debt in check. If you have credit cards with outstanding balances, discipline yourself to use only one card if you must and ensure you clear it each month or cut it up. 2. Increase your cash. What can you do to earn an extra $200 per month? or by cutting back on your discretionary spending (the fun non-essentials) and groceries. 3. Focus on one. With the extra cash, apply that to your monthly payment as an extra on only one of your credit cards at a time. Clearing your debt faster. 4. Continue the pattern. Once your first card is paid off, continue that method on your next card. With each debt you pay off, apply the full amount you were paying on that debt to the payment of your next debt and later your mortgage. As you pay off each debt, your existing debt is cleared quicker. Deal with one at a time.

With Tracy Power

Business Basics

Living Well

6 Practical Email Tips

Fitness & Conservation

Anyone who is online sends and receives emails. Some are annoying, some are spam and some are super relevant with awesome content from businesses and people we love... however there are little tricks to emailing to help it go smoother, keep you safe and reduce frustration.

With health and wellness + conscious living in focus all over the world, many innovative programs and ideas have sprung forth to combine these into practical daily habits and lifestyles. The below 'fitness outlets' are great for people who want to get fit AND care for the environment!

1. Organisation: Keep your inbox organised by checking your account daily and filing emails as they come in to appropriate folders, flag urgent ones and respond to others sooner rather than later + unsubscribe from email lists that no longer serve you or are relevant anymore.

Green Gym: According to Wikipedia the 'Green Gym' concept was originally developed in the late 1990s by Dr William Bird an Oxford-based general practitioner and The Conservation Volunteers - a scheme which inspires you to improve both your health and the environment at the same time; improving your strength and stamina, boosting your practical skills and confidence and benefiting your local green spaces by getting together each week to do practical conservation or gardening work. Participants are Volunteers Learn more here: www.tcv.org.uk/greengym


With Amanda Sears

2. Junk/Spam Folder: Spam filters are a lifesaver but sometimes they can put a genuine (and often important) email into the Junk/Spam folder by 'accident' so think of this as your 'Second Inbox' and clear it just like your main inbox.

With Amanda Sears

3. Legalities: Know the rules about spam and adding people's addresses to 'lists' without their permission... there can be big consequences.

Plogging: Picking up plastic while jogging

4. Safety: If an email looks 'fishy' don't open any attachments or click any links - look for clues to its authenticity... but trust your gut - some legit emails look spammy and some spam looks legit.

#trashtag: A social challenge where people pick a place filled with litter, clean it up and post before and after pictures online. This has been extremely beneficial to many places! Learn more here: www.bbc.com

5. Privacy: Utilise To, CC & BCC, eg. when sending to more than one person use BCC - this keeps each address private from the other recipients.

Strawking: Collecting straws while diving

6. Attachments: Keep the file size of attachments as small as possible to make sure they send and are received - usually maximum 7mb per email.

Beach Cleanup: Picking up rubbish along coastlines and beaches - this is super easy and so good for the soul! You just go for a relaxing stroll down the beach with a bag for the rubbish and just pick up what litter you come across... easy. Learn more here: www.projectjonah.org.nz




Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020



Cathy Jones | 'The Reader' (2005) | Acrylic | www.cathyjones4art.weebly.com 20

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020


Creativity + Exhibition With Guest Cathy Jones Profile photo by Peter Gibbs

I was born in England in 1946 and immigrated to New Zealand as a two month old baby. I lived in the North Island of New Zealand until 1996 when I started work as a Threatened Plant Botanist for the Department of Conservation, based in Nelson, focusing mainly on dry-country plants in South Marlborough. I have always been creative along with my father, grandfather and uncle who painted. I had my first proper lessons in 1975 and started exhibiting with the Tauranga Society of Artists. What do you do creatively and why + why did you choose this topic and medium? I started with oils of landscapes and flowers inspired by my interests in conservation, tramping in the bush and gardening. I soon switched very successfully to watercolours until 1985 when I moved to Hamilton and went back to school to study Bursary art for a year. I was introduced to acrylics and figures and haven’t looked back, enjoying the challenges involved in spite of selling fewer paintings. I think I am constantly storing up shapes in my head, sometimes being able to photograph them as well. Often ideas come into my head while I am lying in bed. Either when I wake in the night, or in the morning when I am trying to convince myself to get out of bed. I keep paper (the backs of supermarket dockets etc stapled together) and a pencil beside the bed and end up with untidy piles of notes, some of which get used. What is your earliest creative memory? Considering that painting was a very frequent wet day occupation for my father (a farmer), my brothers and me, it surprises me to find that I have only two memories of pictures I produced. One was a very realistic blackbird I painted for a school project sometime between 1956 and 1958, and the other was a Purple People Eater inspired by a pop song on the charts also in 1958. What inspires you and your creativity? I am inspired by the shapes of things and sometimes by the colour. As a botanist who spends a

lot of time identifying plants by inspecting them under a microscope, I have access to an infinite variety of magic shapes and the quirky strangeness of nature. I am also strongly drawn to paint large pictures of figures. Creativity doesn’t flow constantly for me. Although I believe that, to make maximum use of my abilities, I need to do something related to my art practice every day; I have a very busy life and haven’t yet succeeded in organising it well enough to achieve this goal. I experience painful blockages and the best way to overcome this seems to be committing to having an exhibition, provided of course that I can convince a gallery to have me! The adrenalin produced by approaching deadlines seems (usually, not always) to be very helpful. Otherwise I have to fix whatever is stressing me in other areas of my life. Misery and anger don’t seem, for me, to result in creativity though I acknowledge that they may act as triggers for others. Tips for others finding their creative path: Join an art society. It gives you access to interactions with other artists, learning opportunities and ability to exhibit. Use the internet to find images of other artists’ work and fill your head with possibilities. Create as often as possible so that you find your own ways of working and develop your own style. Learn the rules and then use them or break them to suit yourself. Following the completion of an Advanced Diploma in Art and Creativity through The Learning Connexion (distance learning) I have moved away from the need to follow rules and instead create what I think ‘works’ artistically. My work seems to have settled into two streams - painting stylised but recognisable smaller images of native plants (particularly rare ones) to show their beauty and individuality, and convince people of the need to look after them - the other involving figures, somewhat less realistically and often with ambiguities, humour and maybe a message . Find out more on her Website: www.cathyjones4art.weebly.com Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020



Cathy Jones | 'Metamorphosis The Cyclist' (2018) | Acrylic | www.cathyjones4art.weebly.com 22

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020


Cathy Jones | 'Fireshed with Fuschia' (2005) | Acrylic | www.cathyjones4art.weebly.com Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020



Cathy Jones | 'Kaikoura Broken Landscape IV' (2017) | Acrylic | www.cathyjones4art.weebly.com 24

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020


Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020



NELSON | J Muzacz (2015) 26

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020


Travel & Adventure With Amanda Sears + Guests NZ STREET ART - WITH GUESTS I've been photographing and documenting the street art in the Nelson and Tasman regions of New Zealand since 2014/2015 after realising that people really didn't 'see' the art... even if it was 3 storeys high! In 2014 there were a few murals around Nelson but 2015 really saw the beginning of an influx of artwork here and all over NZ. In Nelson alone we increased our mural count by 13 by just one man, the prolific street artist J Muzacz from Texas during his short 8 month stay! Painted walls (street art and murals) engage communities, enrich urban landscapes and enliven spaces, towns and cities + they make for an energising and active way to explore all the nooks and crannies of a town or city - so much fun! My passion for capturing and promoting art and artists in the region spurred the creation of my first Nelson City Street Art photobook and map and then led onto my second more extensive book and calendar of the Nelson AND Tasman region and eventually into my role as the official Street Art Cities 'Hunter' for the region - my task is to put the murals and street art I photograph up onto their global map via Street Art Cities HERE for the whole world to see. Wherever I travel I love 'hunting' out art in all sorts of places to the extent that my time and energy allows - places like Wellington, Foxton, Napier, Taupo, Queensland, Melbourne... so far... There are so many more places to hunt out art!! Most towns and cities in New Zealand have held a street art or mural festival in some capacity over the last few years, from Whangarei to Dunedin and even including little olâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Foxton in the North Island! These places (and others all over the world) understand that street art and murals are a cost-effective way to enrich and transform

urban, suburban and industrial areas while also engaging locals, visitors and tourists throughout the year... creating photo opportunities that can then be shared online. The painted walls then live out their existence as beautiful semi-permanent creative community assets until they require repainting or removal, or are demolished or blocked by a new building - creating an ever changing artistic terrain and adding life to bare corners, alleys and walls. Not only do painted walls enrich urban landscapes and drab corners of a city, they also benefit the local economy by creating destination experiences for tourists to explore all corners, alleys and roads of a region searching for their #selfie opportunity - which they then tag and share around the world on social media, blogs and websites. It is great for everyone! In this month's BIG travel feature I share with you some of the photos I've taken and artist details where I've managed to get them + I introduce you to the other amazing people around NZ showing off our talented artists and beautiful walls with guided tours and street art festivals! Enjoy... Every so often you will see a bare canvas of a blank street wall become a masterpiece of art seemingly overnight! And I won't be far behind to photograph it... Nelson Street Art Cities Map: nelson.streetartcities.com For the Love of Street Art NZ photographic collection + the books by Amanda Sears: www.fortheloveofstreetart.nz *Most of the photos are by me - although some are supplied by the guests on their page. Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020



NELSON | ROA (2014)

NELSON | Chris Finlayson (1984)

NELSON | Jeremy (2019)

NELSON | Charles & Janine Williams (2019)

NELSON | Chris Finlayson (2010)

NELSON | The Cut Collective (2011)

NELSON | Sophie Smith, Francesca Hills & Youth Council (2013)

NELSON | Hamish Betts (Late 90s?)


Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020


TASMAN | Chris Finlayson & Village Green Society (2000)

BLENHEIM | Freya Thompson, Claudia Cameron, Gynelle Blake (2019)

TASMAN | J Muzacz (2015)

FOXTON | Des Comyn, Michael Barclay, Mike Jull & John de Vries

TASMAN | Pete Madsen (2018)


TASMAN | Dani Hedges (2018)

KAIKOURA | Marie Scott & Jean Laming (2014) Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020



BOON STREET - HAMILTON The 2020 Festival marks the 5th Boon Street Art Festival in Hamilton. The Boon Street Art festival is here because great cities are creative cities. Wall by wall, we are working with artists to transform the streets of Hamilton into places of creative expression and storytelling. We work with local Waikato based artists and established out-of-town national and international artists to bring approximately 10 new permanent artworks to Hamilton every year. We are a not-for-profit, volunteer-based organisation, run by amazing locals who love our city and are excited by street art. So far we have contributed over 40 murals to Hamilton. We believe the Festival has brought the community’s attention to street art. Recently New Zealand’s biggest mural Te KoPu Mania o Kirikiriroa was completed by another community Trust – the Beyond Tomorrow Trust. We are now also able to broker artworks throughout the year.

HAMILTON | T Wei (2019)


HAMILTON | Techs_x (2017)

HAMILTON | Charles & Janine Wiliams (2017)

HAMILTON | The Underwater Collective (2018)

HAMILTON | Christie Wright (2019)

HAMILTON | Jeremy Shirley & Daniel Ormsby (2019)


Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020



Dunedin was like all the other NZ centres with murals painted by local artists on small walls and graffiti covered spaces... that was until Belgium artist ROA painted his big wall in February 2014. Until then the artwork was always by Kiwi artists most of it commissioned as site specific work where the building owner made a lot of decisions about the imagery.

DUNEDIN | Dal East

ROA was the first high profile international artist to paint a mural in Dunedin and his presence in the city caused a snow-ball effect whereby his contemporaries around the world decided that they would also like to be represented here; after all New Zealand is an exotic destination. We now have a fantastic international portfolio of art on our streets by around 20 artists and growing, as Dunedin is now well known on a global street art scale. It has been exciting for local and national artists to also sit along the internationals and their work is well represented and loved on our streets.


I started my street art tour business in 2015 in response to many private requests through my social media accounts where I have been documenting New Zealand street art since 2012. I enjoy walking the streets with visitors from all over the world sharing Dunedinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s artwork, most of which I have seen being created. facebook.com/DunedinStreetArtWalkingTour

DUNEDIN | Aroha Novak & Guy Howard-Smith

DUNEDIN | Natalia Rak

DUNEDIN | PHLEGM Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020



WATCH THIS SPACE - CHRISTCHURCH Watch This Space is a charitable trust dedicated to exploring, documenting and celebrating Tautahi Christchurch’s vibrant urban art and urban art culture. Founded in 2016 by Lindsay Chan with the idea of creating a digital map of the art found across the city streets. Today Watch This Space also provides an online platform to share the stories of the art and artists who continue to make Christchurch a mustsee destination, while also helping artists find opportunities to create new works, and introducing residents and visitors alike to the stories and histories of graffiti and street art, locally and globally, on our guided tours.

CHRISTCHURCH | Adnate (2015)

Through a tumultuous decade, urban art has played a significant role in Christchurch’s recovery and reimagination, from intimate interventions to large-scale events. Christchurch’s graffiti, street art and muralism tell stories of what the city was, is and can be in the years to come. www.watchthisspace.org.nz

CHRISTCHURCH | Fin Dac (2017)

CHRISTCHURCH | Sofles (2015)

CHRISTCHURCH | Jacob Yikes (2017)

CHRISTCHURCH | Chimp (2018)

CHRISTCHURCH | Beastman, Vans the Omega (2014)


Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020


STREET PRINTS - NZ VARIOUS The idea of leaving artistic footprints in the streets. Established back in 2014, Street Prints was first developed as a platform for street artists to sell their works and prints. As time progressed and we travelled to various festivals and events around New Zealand and the world, the Street Prints concept grew and evolved. Now, we engage in art exhibitions, workshops, youth mentoring, volunteering and are the organisers of 6 national and international street art festivals!

WHANGAREI | Find Dac (2019)

> Mauao | Mount Monganui 2015 > Mauao | Mount Monganui 2017 > Otautahi | Christchurch 2017 > Manaia | Whangarei 2019 www.streetprints.org *Images from StreetPrints.org

WHANGAREI | SwiftMantis (2019)

MOUNT MONGANUI | Christie Wright

WHANGAREI | Millo (2019)


MOUNT MONGANUI | Mica Still Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020



OTHER... Street Art Cities - Global Map Global street art digital mapping platform www.streetartcities.com Oi YOU! - NZ & Australia Produce street & graffiti art festivals, events & projects delivering stunning exhibitions, installations & murals in New Zealand & Australasia www.streetart.co.nz Dunedin Street Art Volunteers bringing commissioned art to the streets of Dunedin www.dunedinstreetart.co.nz

TAUPO | Toby Jenks (2014)

Pangeaseed: Sea Walls - NZ & Global Artists for Oceans is non-profit global public art program that brings the oceans into streets around the world, inlcuding Napier & Gisborne. www.pangeaseed.foundation/sea-walls Graffiato: Taupo Street Art Festival Brings together some of the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best street artists over Labour weekend every year to transform the townâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s walls www.taupostreetart.com

TAUPO | Xoe Hall

NAPIER | Celeste Byers (2016)

TAUPO | Mica Still (2017)

NAPIER | Askew One (2016)

TAUPO | Erin Forsyth (2017)


Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020


NAPIER | James Bullough (2017) Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020



Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

Home Grown Gardening With The Tim's Garden Team BEING BRAVE WITH COLOUR Gardens are so very... well... green aren't they! Apart from a few tones lighter or darker, it's a lot of green. As a garden designer I am often wanting to upstage the green in our gardens and inject a splash of colour. So how do I do that? Contrasting coloured plants really give a garden a boost and if they are evergreen then you would have the colour all year round. ... Imagine silver hedges surrounded by a deep red carpet of Ajuga... a large copper coloured shrub under planted with a silver ground cover like Stachys Byzantina... vivid perennials and bulbs that pop up every year, just when you'd forgotten they were there, like lilies, cactus dahlias, alliums and peonies... Consider pots and urns as an opportunity to introduce immediate colour. They can cheer up a tired corner or enhance a front entrance. If the pot is tall and shapely then I would say that it's sculptural and you may not need to plant anything in it. Enjoy the singular presence it brings. Pots don't have to shout "I'm big and colourful, look at me" either, and really shape is a huge consideration with containers but also try aged terracotta, dusty warm greys or a rough, textured concrete.

than the harsher ones; they meld with nature's hues and ever-changing light. I have a high fence in my garden that backs a long border; it is a dull green. To start with I wanted to change it but now I see that it's perfect as it blends with all the different plantings and highlights the flowering lilies. Sometimes you get a bit of garden that you never use and you can't work out why... paving can give a forgotten corner a real lift and it doesn't have to be grey! Deep blue riven slate paving can look extremely beautiful and classy; just after a rain storm they look rich and glossy with intriguing reflections. Pale coloured paving set in a random pattern can have tones of an Italian courtyard, natural wooden loungers with striped cushions... you get the picture... or dusty red bricks which when set in a secret corner can look warm and inviting even on an chilly autumn day. Choose one part of your garden and start small... maybe a favourite sun spot or your front porch... be brave and let your space sing. Clare Smith Stevens (Garden Designer) Timâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Garden www.timsgarden.co.nz

I always think of furniture in a garden as a form of sculpture. A seat near a back door can be painted duck egg blue; a perch for that moment in the morning sun or placed as a focus at the end of a pathway in deep cherry pink. Take a moment to consider all the walls and paths that surround your seat and be brave, choose the colour you really want not the colour you think you should have! Fences and decks are big flat areas that are a commitment when it comes to colour. Take your time, spend weeks or even months mulling over the right colour. I have always found that the softer colour tones look so much more satisfying Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020


Water Saving Tips from: www.nelson.govt.nz/services/water-and-wastewater/water-conservation 38

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

Sustainable Living With Guest Nelson City Council WATER CONSERVATION TIPS

ping tap can waste over 1,000 litres per day

Conserving water in homes and businesses means that we reduce our impact on river flows and are better prepared to cope with prolonged periods with no rain. Harvesting rainwater to use during droughts can also help provide a water supply during periods of water restrictions.

In the House • Install water saving shower heads (less than 10 litres per minute) or flow restrictors • Keep bath levels to a minimum • Wait until you have a full load before using your dishwasher and use an 'eco' cycle if possible • Wait until you have a full load before using your washing machine or use the half load switch. You'll save as much as 125 litres per full wash. • When buying a new washing machine, consider a front loading type as they use less water, power and soap powder. You'll save around 50 litres per wash. • Insulate the hot water pipes, starting from the hot water tank and moving towards the taps • Don't use the toilet as a waste bin • Turn off the tap once you have collected enough for the task, either in a bowl or in a sink with the plug fitted. • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth

Average Household Water Use On average, each household connection uses 272 litres of water per day. Typical Water Usage Breakdown • A typical dishwasher uses around 16 litres of water per load (try using the 'economy' cycle) • Summer gardens can drink 1,000 litres per hour • Washing your car with a running hose can use up to 400 litres • A deep bath can use more than 200 litres of water but a three-minute shower uses only 80 litres. HOW TO SAVE WATER You can make savings on discretional water use (the non-essentials around your home and garden). Water savings are about preventing waste, like being careful with the hose and attending to leaky taps. Here's a few easy ideas to save water: In the Garden • Hand watering can be an efficient way to water • Water the garden on calm days, during the evening or early morning to minimise evaporation • A wisely used timer with an irrigation system can be efficient and save water • A dripper pipe system is an efficient watering method. (Moveable sprinkler systems are the least efficient method) • Cover soil around plants with mulch, straw or grass clippings which helps the soil retain moisture while also discouraging weeds • Save 'grey water' for garden use (the wastewater generated from sources without fecal contamination, such as: sinks, showers, baths, washing machines or dishwashers *Not toilets) • Don't 'hose down' the yard or paths *A hose left running can waste up to 40 litres per minute - that's 2,400 litres an hour and a drip-

The Toilet & Flushing • It's easy to reduce the amount of water used to flush the toilet: • Put a brick or a two-litre bottle of water in the toilet cistern • Install a flush saving device • Install a dual flush cistern when buying a new toilet or cistern. A dual system uses between three and six litres per flush In the Yard • Use a swimming pool cover to stop evaporat • Use a bucket and brush when you wash the car and the house windows


Harvesting rainfall is a simple way of being more sustainable, wherever you live. By collecting and storing the rain that naturally falls on your roof, you are doing lots of good things: • Reducing pressure on our streams, rivers, and groundwater resources. • Saving money on water bills. • Giving yourself an emergency supply. • Taking water out of the stormwater system during heavy rain, which can help reduce Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020


flooding and erosion. • Reducing energy used for water treatment and transport. The quality of the water you collect depends on the condition of your roof, guttering and storage system, and there are filters available if you need to ensure your rainwater is suitable to drink. Rainwater harvesting systems can be as simple or as sophisticated as your needs and budget dictate. You could start with a simple rainwater barrel to use for watering the garden, and add more storage and filters in the future. Diverting rainwater from your roof through a downpipe to a storage tank is a great way to conserve water, especially for gardening or outdoor cleaning use. It can also increase your options in the event of an emergency. It can be relatively simple to install a kit that diverts the 'first flush' of rain from your roof and gutters, which contains most of the contaminants, away from your tank, feeds clean water into your tank, then directs overflow back into your stormwater system. Before you get started: • Check the condition of your roof surface and the roofing materials including the type of paint, flashings, and nails used. Lead paint and rusty nails could contaminate your water • Mount tanks out of direct sunlight • Ensure feed pipes have a constant gradient to avoid stagnant water pooling along the way • Elevate your tank so you can use gravity to increase pressure • Fit a floating out-take, calmed inlet and tank vacuum overflow Maintenance Your rainwater harvesting system will be most successful when it is well maintained: • Make sure tree branches do not overhang the roof • Clean filters and leaf collectors regularly • Keep spouting and guttering clear and clean Why should I install a rainwater tank? Diverting rainwater from your roof to a rainwater tank offers multiple benefits. They’re good for storing water for watering your garden and washing your car and they’re also an excellent source of emergency water in a natural disaster or drought – although you will need to treat the water if you want to drink it. 40

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

Can I drink the water from my rainwater tank? If you are using rainwater as a domestic or drinking water supply, use a UV steriliser plus a filtering system to ensure it is safe. There are lots of different filters available for keeping debris out of your rainwater, including first flush diverters and leaf filters. Check building consent requirements to find out what is required for your needs. How much water would I need for a natural disaster? This depends on: (1) how many people there are in your household; and (2) how long it will take to restore the water supply network after a natural disaster. Civil Defence NZ recommends storing a minimum of three litres of water per person per day for seven days – but this is just drinking water for survival. You will need to store more water for cooking and hygiene – we recommend having a minimum of 20L per person per day of emergency stored water for as long as the water supply system isn’t working. If you have a family of four and the water supply is out for two months, you would need to have stored around 4,800L. A rainwater tank that is connected to your roof guttering system would get replenished every time it rains, so consider your local climate and rainfall whilst thinking about tank sizes. What size tank would be suitable for household water storage? Bigger is better! For maximum effectiveness, the tank must be connected to the roof guttering of your house so that it can be refilled by rainfall. The amount of rain you can collect from your roof depends on the size of the roof and your local average rainfall. The drier your climate, the bigger tank you need to make sure you have enough water to see you through an emergency period or a drought. If you are looking for a simple system to store water simply for watering the garden, washing the car etc. then a 250 – 400 litre tank will usually be more than adequate for your needs, and easy to install yourself. You can of course add more tanks to increase your supply. Gardens use about 20% of a household’s water.

Laundry and toilet flushing uses up to 45% of a household’s water.

If you want to use rainwater for all your houseWHAT ARE THE LEGAL REQUIREMENTS? hold needs all year round, including showering and drinking water, allow least 300l per day o The NZ Building Act at allows tanks not per household, and make sure your tank ashing exceeding 35,000 litres and supportedhas directly plenty of by capacity forbedry periods. will ground to installed without building


r dens .

consent. Tanks supported on a structure have limits onkitchens size beforeuse they need consent. Bathrooms and about 35% of a


that will be connected to your home's plumbing in any way, you should check with our building officers to (Article, links and information adapted from find out how to make sure your water supply is safe, www.nelson.govt.nz/services/water-and-wastelegal and won't cause any problems in your home.

usehold ater, make




household’s water. However if you are installing a rainwater tank system


HARVESTING RAINWATER Our most precious natural resource

water/water-conservation & www.nelson.govt. For further information please contact nz/services/water-and-wastewater/rainwaduty.buildingofficer@ncc.govt.nz or visit ter-harvesting - please visit these link for more nelson.govt.nz/rainwater-harvesting information)

Please see your local websites for more 'local specific' information, regulations and suggestions AND if you are planning on drinking harvested rainwater or using it for consumption ensure it has been treated and filtered effectively and properly for hygiene and safety. View the below video demonstration from Nelson City Council for installing a small rainwater harvesting tank system USEFUL LINKS (https://youtu.be/6zbZ1Jmqy8U) level.org.nz/water

or level.org.nz/water/water-supply/mains-or-rainwater/ the image to the right to download a harvesting-rainwater/

Click PDF brochure on rainwater harvesting from smarterhomes.org.nz Nelson City Council. smarterhomes.org.nz/smart-guides/water-and(www.nelson.govt.nz/assets/Rainwater-Harvesting-Browaste/collecting-and-using-rainwater/ chure-Jun18-PRINT.pdf)

Civic House, 110 Trafalgar Street, Nelson 03 546 0200 • nelson.govt.nz

03 546 0200 nelson.govt.nz

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020



Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

Sustainable Living With Guest Sally Rees PART 2 REMEMBER: SAFETY FIRST WHEN FORAGING OR USING EDIBLE WEEDS. Continuing on from Issue #8 with a few more of the edible weeds I wrote about in the previous edition including Stinging Nettles, Speedwell, Fathen, Purslane and Miners Lettuce.

ipes using cooked nettles, especially from English cookbooks. They can be used in green smoothies as a source of chlorophyll. Nettles are also a great source of calcium, magnesium, cobalt, iron, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, silicon, copper and sulphur as well as vitamins A, C, K and B. They contain lecithin that is good for our blood vessel walls and our nervous system. They are highly prized by herbalists for their healing qualities including being a blood-purifier of the highest calibre. Because of its high alkaline-mineral content (silicon and iron) and blood-building properties, the leaves neutralise and dissolve acidic wastes in the blood. Nettles help lessen allergies, are beneficial for anaemia and are a powerful preventative of rheumatism. The silica in the leaves makes an excellent hair rinse. Make as you would a tea - steep overnight in a jar filled with boiling water, strain off the greenery and put into your compost, the liquid can be added to the rinsing water for your hair.

Stinging Nettles - (Urtica Urens) The most common stinging nettle is the annual Urtica urens. There is also a perennial variety Urtica dioica as described below. Our native tree nettle Urtica forex stands 2 metres tall and is our most poisonous native tree and should be avoided. Nettles can sting if picked by the leaves, however if picked from the stalk under the leaf the sting is hardly noticeable. It has high nutritional value and healing properties. The annual stinging nettle Urtica urens grows up to 60 cm tall, usually on a single stem, and has short stinging bristles on the square shaped stems and on the leaves. It has clusters of tiny flowers in the leaf axils where the leaf meets the stem. Nettles are nutritious and there are plenty of rec-

Nettles are not only a complete plant food but also one of the best activators for the compost heap. They can stimulate the growth of nearby plants and make them more disease resistant. Soft fruit bushes improve markedly if nettles are allowed to grow amongst them for one season - probably a good idea in the first year when picking the fruit is often discouraged. Speedwell – (Veronica persica) This plant belongs to the same family as plantains. Speedwell, with its pretty blue flower, is Veronica persica from the Plantaginaceae family and can be found in most gardens. It is named after a young girl who was canonised as St Veronica. There is plenty of Speedwell in the Waimarama Community Gardens. It has a sprawling habit and will climb over other plants. The small blue flowers are 1cm wide and appear as solitary flowers. The upper three petals are bright blue and the lower petal whitish or pale blue. They open on sunny days on thin stalks, flowering all year round. Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020


The pale to medium green leaves grow in opposite pairs, are oval, coarsely toothed and hairy. The stems are round and flexible growing up to 70cm long and easily root at the nodes which are the part of stem out of which the leaves grow. If you have congested sinuses, sore eyes or too much mucous in your body, make a tea with this plant. It’s a great addition to a smoothie contributing chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, proteins and anti-oxidants.

undersides makes the magenta part seem even brighter. The flowers ripen into seedpods that look like bumps on the stems. Use in smoothies, salads (very colourful), steam like spinach and silver beet. Very high in anti-oxidants Vit C, Vit E, iron, calcium, minerals. It’s full of calcium and protein, having even more protein than kale. Some oxalic acid. Contains the highest vegetable levels of beta carotene, the precursor of Vit A. Pick the leaves continuously for a longer season. Quinoa, in the same family, is C. quinoa.

Purslane – (from the Portulacaceae family) Can be found growing horizontally along the ground in Summer. The succulent-like stems have a reddish colour. It has the highest proportion of Omega-3 fatty acid of any other leafy vegetable plant. When young it has green stems, turning into reddish branched stems as it ages. It has a small yellow flower and it is best harvested for eating before it flowers. Its flavour is slightly sour and salty. It's an ideal dry soil plant.

Fathen - (Lambs Quarters, Magenta Spreen, Goosefoot, Chenopodium giganteum) Is of the same family as spinach, beets, silver beet and quinoa, and was thought to originate in India. It will grow to tree size (2 metres). This is a beautiful plant to grow with soft green goosefoot-shaped leaves that have a splash of magenta-pink on the youngest leaves. A reflective downy covering on young leaves and leaf 44

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

It has deep roots that bring up moisture and nutrients that other plants can use for example corn will 'follow' purslane roots down through harder soil that they couldn't otherwise penetrate. Purslane is seen as a vegetable rather than a weed in a lot of countries around the world. The best time to harvest is in the afternoon because at night it's leaves trap carbon dioxide, which is converted into malic acid. In the early morning, the leaves have ten times the malic acid content of those harvested in the late afternoon. Try adding it to a Greek Salad, as they do in Greece, or cook and use it like spinach as they do in Turkey. The flavour is a lot like spinach.

There are nearly as many uses for this luscious little ground cover as there are names including verdolaga, pigweed, little hogweed, red root, pursley and moss rose.

WILD WEED PESTO Ingredients • 1-2 cups good quality olive oil • 1/2 cup nuts, chopped i.e. pine nuts, walnuts, or cashew. Activated if possible* • 3 cloves garlic • 3-4 handfuls fresh picked wild weeds i.e. chickweed, nettles, dandelion greens, • Spring cresses, or sow thistle…whatever you have growing in your garden, stalks removed. • 1 Tbsp nutritional yeast Method 1. In a blender or food processor, combine and blend the olive oil, nuts, and garlic until creamy. 2. Add the raw, wild weeds and blend thoroughly. 3. Remove from the blender and stir in the nutritional yeast 4. Adjust the seasoning with more salt and pepper if necessary

Miners Lettuce - (Claytonia perfoliata) Nicknamed winter purslane, due to its previous classification in the Portulacaceae family (Purslane). A hardy annual native to North America. It grows widely in NZ. A trailing plant that prefers cool damp conditions. Often can be found growing amongst other plants and weeds in the garden, holding on in the ground with a weak rooting system. The leaves are fleshy, bright green and juicy and look good in a salad. The name is from its use by Californian gold rush miners who ate it to prevent scurvy (lack of Vit C) because of its high Vit C content. 10gms miner’s lettuce contains 850mg Vit C = 20 x more than lemons. Also high in Vitamin A which is good for eye health, skin and heart. Eat as a vegetable like spinach or add to smoothies or tear up and put in a salad.

How to Preserve Pesto There are two basic ways you can preserve pesto: 5. Freeze the pesto in an ice cube tray. Once frozen, pop the cubes out and put into a freezer safe container. Label well. 6. Pack fresh pesto into small glass jars, no more than one or two servings per jar. Smooth the top of the mixture with the back of a spoon, then pour a small amount of olive oil over the top - this provides a seal. Now, screw the lids onto the jars and store in a cool, dark place. It should keep for up to two months. * Activated nuts are soaked for several hours then you can dry them in a dehydrator, in the sun or oven at the lowest temperature leaving the door ajar (open). By soaking nuts and seeds you release the inherent enzyme inhibitors. We want active enzymes to do the magic in our bodies. As we age the body can't always make enough of them so we need to add more. Live foods ie. uncooked contain many essential enzymes. Sally Rees Natural Nosh www.naturalnosh.nz

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020



Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

Conscious Business With Guest Natural Pools NZ Questions answered by: Alex Traut Director I fell in love with the concept of natural pools whilst doing my Landscape Apprenticeship in the 1990's in Germany. Ever since then I was hooked on the beauty of our surrounding environment and creating natural, comfortable spaces for people and wildlife to enjoy. I met Hans, my business partner in New Zealand. He is a retired German GP, who specialized in natural spa medicine, balneology and climatology. We shared the same vision: to provide a garden/swimming environment that is not toxic to humans, plants or animals. We founded Natural Pools NZ in 2008   We are conscious of those with allergies, as our son has a strong allergic reaction to chlorine and we want to create environments for people that invite wildlife back into the garden area. Natural pools are chemical free and do not use chlorine. The precious nature of water constitutes a complex chemistry, ever changing and behaving and reacting differently. Hence each and every natural pool will not be the same. Different geographical locations and their climatological conditions, the influence of natural elements as well as the individual and unique design have an impact on the constantly changing balance of natural living water. Types of Chemical Free Pools The Natural Pool is characterised by their simple and natural design, gentle and rounded forms and pool edges that merge with the surroundings. The carefully planned planting of a special regeneration zone ensures clean and pure water. This regeneration zone is given over to aquatic plants which not only oxygenate the water but along with microorganisms, act as living filters and organic cleansers, naturally and continually filtering the water through their root system and taking nutrients out of the water. A Living Pool is an organic version of a swimming pool. Visually just like a classical swimming pool the Living Pool requires no chlorine or other toxic chemicals and provides crystal clear water.

Instead of the regeneration zone required in the Natural pool an underground bio compact filter and a specially developed phosphorous filter provide biological and physiological purification, continuously keeping it clear and alive. How does a chemical free pool work? In a chemical free swimming pool the water is firstly filtered through a biological filter. This filter can be either sand or gravel as is the case in a Natural Pool or it can consist of layers of foam mats as in the Living Pool. Millions of microorganisms that settle in these filters purify the water by breaking down organic matter into inorganic forms of phosphorous. This process is known as mineralisation. Phosphorous can then be taken up by a secondary, special phosphor filter and is thus less available as nutrient for algae, therefore keeping the algae growth at a minimum. Together these two filter systems produce crystal clear water. In addition phosphorous can also be utilised by plants as it is in a Natural Pool. How do you do business more consciously? All the products we use are carefully selected to be long-lasting, high quality, natural and with minimal effect on the environment. With our staff, we are honest, reliable, caring and pay them well - all our staff are long term. We believe you need to be happy in your work as it is such a large part of life.  The challenging part of our business is also the beauty of it. It it is a very high quality, unique product; a luxury item. Our market is people that are health conscious and care about their environmental footprint and are willing to invest long term into more sustainable products. We have long term relationships with our customers, provide the best customer service and if there is a problem with the pool in 10 years, we will be here to fix it. Find out more on their website: www.naturalpoolsnz.com Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020



Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

Spiritual Guidance With James Thomas A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY Each person, no matter who they are, will walk a spiritual journey from time to time during their life. Sometimes it is throughout the entire life, sometimes whenever it suits. This actually has nothing to do with the particular spiritual beliefs that a person has. It can be pagan, spiritualist, religious, New Age or any other of over 5000 different religions and spiritual beliefs that are on this world... The first aspect here is the belief that there is something more than what our 5 senses tells us. One of the areas that doesn't seem to be that great is those people who have their own 'spiritual or religious' beliefs and think that anyone is wrong unless they believe the same way... if that were truly the case, there wouldn’t be over 5000 different spiritual beliefs, religions or pathways out there... Almost every person believes in something, and this is the real basis of walking a spiritual path. Through hundreds of different lifetimes, most of us have believed in a wide variety of different religions and spiritual disciplines. Does it really matter what your personal beliefs are? In all honesty, it matters to you, the individual. The problem comes in when a person allows someone else to dictate what they are going to do, what they are going to believe in or how they 'should' live their life. So many people want to believe in something and they seek and travel, listen, read books and will go to great lengths to attempt to find something to believe in...They don’t realise that their actual truth is already sitting within their own heart. They think that they are here on their own and so many people will hang their hat on whoever will tell them what they think they want to know, instead of realising that Spirit would never place them here on this world, in this dimension with no assistance, no information. We simply need to unlock this within ourselves.

The situation is actually very simple... You want to walk a spiritual path; you want to have that connection with Spirit... It starts easy enough, you make a decision that you want to walk a spiritual pathway; The next steps are a little more intense... What do you believe in? What path is right for you? This is where discernment comes in. What resonates within your soul, in your heart? Is there one spiritual belief that is better than the next? Is there a spiritual pathway that will get you where you want to go better than another? Only through your heart will you discover those answers. The key word in the phrase, “Your spiritual path” is the word “Your”. Your path for this lifetime is just that, yours. It doesn’t mean that there won’t be those people who you can share your path with, or who will hold the same beliefs; but only you can determine what is truth for you and what isn’t. No one can tell you that. If you allow someone else to dictate what you will believe, which direction that you must walk, what your truth is going to be, then all you are truly doing is giving your power away. Connect and listen to those that truly resonate with you and don’t be afraid to walk away when it no longer resonates. By living your life by what resonates, it will begin to change your life in a myriad of ways. Spirit has given you all the tools you need, and there are those in your life, or those that you will meet that are there to assist you in moving forward on your path; Those that are there to assist and support you in the things that are part of your life and your path. Trust and faith is the key to discovering what you need to and that starts within you. Walk your path and live your truth always. Remember... you are an Ascended Master of Earth. James Thomas BlueStar Spiritual www.bluestarspiritual.org Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020


Divine Guidance With Michelle Cotton HUMANITIES OPPORTUNITY Greetings, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a blessing to be able to connect with you all in such a way. This earth year is underway and progressing quickly into the incredible unfolding of expansion and light; it brings many new outlooks and for those keen to evolve and expand their consciousness, the increase of higher frequencies will be opening new doors and opportunities to you. The ultimate transcending light vibration is becoming more directed in certain areas of the world through the earth's light grid. When you allow yourself to just be and surrender to the frequency that is surrounding you, it allows for expansion through your energetic bodies, thus bringing in the sensitivities to connect with all things around you and become one. Let go of fear and expectation, bring forth love and acceptance. You are here to be living in love and oneness with yourself and the earth; harmony is when you trust in yourself and love and accept yourself for who you are without wanting to change to fit into someone elseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ideas. Feel the power of you. The Gift of Nature Nature's insight: nature is the greatest gift to mankind; it provides your needs in all ways, from shelter, warmth, food and clothing and yet it is not given the respect and gratitude it deserves. From history we know how important the land and sea were to the peoples' survival. There are people that care about the earth to stand up and support it; we are blessed to have these people living here to make a difference. There are the people that ignore their responsibility; they walk past and look away from the rubbish dumped and say nothing. Then there are those that choose to dump rubbish, pollute water and destroy it; these ones have no regard for all it provides and how we require it for our future. We were given all that we require with food in the ocean, rivers, lakes and forest, the animals, 50

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

the trees and caves, healing medicine in the plants and crystals in the earth. For those tribes and cultures that retain their history, it is respected and looked after. Those living in greed without considering the consequences for the future generations and the planets survival will reap the seeds they sow in this life or the next. It is not our place to judge the choices made by man, nor is it our place to tell anyone what to do, we simply bring you guidance to expand your options and make informed choices and remind those on earth that there is always something you can do, to be of assistance to the earth's sustainability. Earth - Take time to experience nature; sit under a tree and feel or sense the essence, allow it to rejuvenate your energy and feel the way it enhances within you a strength and grounding; the crystals and minerals it contains, the plant medicine it grows and nurtures, its landscapes and ability to replenish itself. Respect its harsher side containing of volcanoes and earthquakes. Water - Swim in the ocean and connect with the powerful force of its water; use your awareness to feel the cleansing effect it provides. While in a lake or river sense the fresh energy and purity; it energizes and clarifies your auric field. In learning to respect water you understand its power of tsunami, floods, currents, and freezing temperatures along with the creatures that live within these bodies of water. Fire - Using the sun's energy in the right way to boost your body with health and radiance, purifies the old by feeding new energy into the energetic field and provides a warmth that is nurturing to the soul. The flames of fire to cook food and bring light to dark and warmth to cold. Respect its power; in a flash it can create wildfires from lightening, or if misused, fire creates the most dangerous and destructive fires. Air - The power of breath is taken for granted. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s incredible ability to be so gentle and provide life to all living creatures and the connection with the trees cleaning our air; the wind has much power in its overwhelming ability to create such destruction; tornadoes and Cyclones.

Give gratitude to the air we breathe. With the love of land and sea, you are the caretakerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s of thee. Divine Mother Channeled Through Michelle Cotton Pure Vibration www.facebook.com/PureVibrationNZ

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020


Divinely Guided

With Guest Awakened & Empowered Expo UNLEASHING YOUR INNER SUPREME BEING

If you were to imagine yourself at the center of the earth, holding in your hand the key to all creation, what would you desire for this planet? All of these desires, when found within you and reflected to the collective, are amplified by the frequency of self-love. In this channeled writing, Quan Yin speaks on behalf of a Divine Feminine Collective about the importance of our journey back to self-love and unleashing our inner Supreme Being. Marrying the mind and the heart is often a difficult task on this earthly plane. The mind and heart tend to go in opposite directions when it comes to perceiving the self and the way in which to craft your reality. These tools – the heart and the mind – when working in concert allow a flow or orchestration of human reality that is effortless. But the question is, how do we allow these tools to work in concert when they have consistently run opposite patterns of each other through time? The Supreme Being, the Source or God, is a whole being, a one consciousness. This means that it sees itself not separate of all things, but a unique reflection of this ever expanding collective. You are this Supreme Being captured in a fragment of light that expanded itself through time. As a young child, you were taught to become very self-aware. Self-awareness in and of itself is not wrong, but it is the way in which your awareness of the self has evolved that causes reason for pause. You, as a young reflection of your parents and family, began to take on the standards of this reflection; meaning that you weren’t developing self-awareness, so much as you were taught awareness of the self through comparison of others. Comparison is the first activity that began to separate the mind and heart. Because as you were created unlike any other yet forced to see where you were alike, a very precious part of your Being dislodged itself from Source. 52

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

You, in a moment of realization that all things must compare their likeness to all things, became focused into the mind absent of the heart. How is it that you could be true and authentic to that which lies in your heart while upholding a repetitive standard of what has already been seen on this earth? This acceptance of self-regulation to a human standard of those around you was the very first time you limited your perspective and identified not as Supreme Being, but as a being attempting to find the Supreme through others. This is the basis of how your creative energy became hijacked and did not benefit you or others on this planet. Coming as this fragment of light, this essence of Supreme Being, you were connected not to a standard, but to an endless energy of love. The basis of this love, the self, would carry you through human experience to create beyond what those on this earth who had walked in human shoes had done before. What this fragment of light supplied to you is unlike what it had given to any other; a connection that goes beyond time to route you home and to carry your attention always to your inner desires as the basis for creation. Because, if you were to create a human life to its fullest and highest potential, your inner desires and knowings were to be the basis of this creation. So understanding yourself as Supreme Being, the only one who can choose, desire and prefer what is right for itself, is the only frequency of Source to tap into. The mind and the heart are a human technology that work together to transform your reality. Ancient civilizations were taught by the Gods to amplify the frequency of love to move objects and manifest physicality. This love, however, is bigger than what humanity is currently capable of holding. And we are here to offer an explanation for how to recover and hold this frequency for all of mankind; a sacred geometric reconnection that strengthens your earth and universe, allowing only the highest and best for all beings. This process must start humbly within each of you; a personal journey back to God that calls your Supreme Being to the table of creation. And it may be easier than you believe.

If you were to imagine yourself at the center of the earth, holding in your hand the key to all creation, what would you desire for this planet? Health, happiness, peace, abundance? All of these desires, when found within you and reflected to the collective are amplified by the frequency of self-love. So our first recommendation to reactivate your realization that you are Supreme Being is to turn your reflection inward to all of the unique and beautiful aspects of your current reality. Spend a moment there and really feel into this aspect of you; the one that sourced and continues to source abundance. Take an inventory now of the people, places and experiences you have manifested in this life; even the ones that have caused you pain or sorrow. Were these not the evidence of your creator energy? Could it be the random nature of the planet that you arrived at these exact things in your physical journey? Do you see how powerful you are? Now we know that in this evaluation, you may find means to criticize your creator abilities. That perhaps you, unknowingly, manifested things that were not in your highest and best. Pause here and really feel into your heart on this. Could you have evolved to the Supreme Being you are today had you not encountered these events? And could it be that all involved in these events are released from judgement by you or others for their actions? Feel the peace in this! Peace is not a consequence of taking action upon others, but an allowance of currency for yourself to create beyond this current timeline. Peace enables the Supreme Being no restrictions in the amount of energy flowing into creation. Peace is for you and for all others. Because when you are free of restrictions and judgements, you are moving through space and time creating as Source. This is the first step to freeing humanity from the separation of the mind and heart. You are not responsible for the judgement of others. You are only able to judge yourself to the degree that you perceive yourself separate of all others. Judgement has become a basis for mind and heart to flow separately of each other.

The mind and the heart, when aligned for the self, are a conscious technology that manifests at the highest degree. Your life is a sacred entanglement of all human life. If it is not lived to its fullest, most joyful and highest potential, the human race suffers the consequence. What we most often notice is that humans look to their outer world as the reason for their limitation. They are not good enough, successful enough, beautiful enough, or capable enough in their own eyes. Holding these beliefs in the mind stifles the heart which already knows you are Supreme Being. When you tell your consciousness that you are not beautiful enough, the world you know becomes less beautiful; for you are the reflection into the collective that draws itself back to you. And if this reflection shows itself to you in this way, it also feeds into the consciousness of others, creating a similar collective reality. Practice the feeling of knowing who you are by allowing a steady flow of human experience to validate your consciousness. There is no other being on this planet meant to experience human reality in the same way. When you begin to accept yourself as the Supreme Being, Creator of your life, you allow others to also do the same; releasing them from a perceived responsibility that they must follow any one path. The heart and mind operating as One is something not foreign to you. Many have had fleeting moments of surrender into self-love so high that they found themselves in the midst of joyful, exciting human experiences. This is what we desire for you as the first step into human reconnection. Quan Yin channeled through Micheila Sheldan Awakened and Empowered Expo (Original post www.awakeandempoweredexpo.com/magazine/unleashing-your-inner-supreme-being)

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020


Spiritual Lifestyle With Guest Machelle Tewnion UNGROUNDED - THE NEW AGE

PHYSICAL DISASTER DESTROYING OUR BODIES' ELECTRICAL SYSTEM Have you ever had the feeling that you weren't quite with it? Did you feel like you couldn't concentrate? Loosing your memory? Perhaps your emotions are all of a sudden more heightened? Are you noticing your thoughts aren't quite matching up? Or is it you just can't seem to handle structure or schedules the way you used to? Perhaps you are now easily overloaded with sensory stimulus that once had no effect on you? Maybe even your sleep / wake cycle is out at the moment? The chances are that you may be ungrounded... Our body has its own electrical system, it is continuously harnessing electrical energy and changing it into other forms of energy. From the nervous system, to the brain, to the heart; all our body is constantly in some form of electrical activity. We are electrical beings, the reality is that if electrical activity stops in our body, we cannot survive; however with too much electricity in our body, we 'fry' our bodies' electrical system, which means frying the body itself. We receive information through our 5 senses and the information from the physical world to our brain is changed to electrical energy. This is done through what we call neurons. Neurons can be thought of as a switch, which is turned on or off in the body according to the bodies' right conditions. We require electricity for the nervous system to send signals to the brain and throughout the rest of the body, We, as humans are made to fit in with the earth, this is why we can breathe here and we generally live without any issues amongst the earth's atmosphere and environment. Our body fits with the earth also in the sense that there is a constant flow of energy between our body and the earth. 54

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

The earth holds a huge negative charge and it can serve as a powerful supply of antioxidants and free radical eliminating electrons . There are a number of things which disrupt our bodies' electrical system, the main one I am going to focus on today is the impact of overstimulating the emotional body. In esoteric psychology we have 3 main vehicles which we live through : 1 - Physical 2 - Emotional (astral) 3 - Mental What we need is to have all of these systems working in balance, together. If we over amplify one system the whole body becomes out of alignment and we start to experience problems. The emotional body carries a huge amount of charge, you know this from your own experience; having ever felt anger, grief, love or even excitement to name a few, carries about huge energy and with energy comes electricity. We know when we are emotionally charged, it dis-aligns us both mentally and physically. Perhaps you mentally can't think anymore, or can't sleep, and physically maybe you don't want to get out of bed. With anger perhaps you have a lot of energy and you have an overpowering desire to do something with it. However we have all experienced the 'charge' or 'surge' of natural emotional energy to some degree. Feeling emotions as they come about naturally in your body is normal and part of your bodies' response. This happens in flow, in the bodies' time and when it's ready too. In other words it is balanced and a mechanism of the body. Bringing on emotions and provoking them, amping them up, on your own or in a group environment is disastrous. This is where the problem lies and where the mass of ungrounding we are seeing in our clinics today is coming from.

Forcing our emotional body into a reactionary state like this 'on demand' is the equivalent of putting a plug into your electrical system and frying the entire circuit, as it can't handle the voltage; especially when these emotions are linked to past traumas. Our body is clever, it compensates and tries to balance out as best it can, which is why it may take a while to notice the impact of overstimulating the bodies' electrical system 'on demand'; eventually though your electrical activity and conductivity in your body will be detrimentally effected. I speak from experience having to be medicated now for both my brain and my heart to conduct electricity to the best we can get it. If you are feeling ungrounded (after ruling out medical causes) in any way here is what you can do: 1. Cease doing any emotional body work immediately, either it be in groups or workshops. 2. Get back to basics, come into your senses and be present with them here, use your mind for this - not feeling 3. Get out and into nature, with bare feet 4. Add structure and schedule to your day 5. Do some sort of exercise to keep you in your body 6. Rest your mind and body as much as you need to 7. Seek assistance We are incredible beings and our body is capable of doing amazing things, with this goes great responsibility though. Use discernment always and if I can advise you of one thing, avoid any workshop were there is an emphasis on ramping up the emotional body. Machelle Tewnion Health & Wellness www.machelletewnion.com

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020


A Life Full of Love With Guest Crysal Olds 5 WAYS TO STRENGTHEN YOUR HEART ENERGY

difficult to be creative, having low-level or primal cognitive functioning and decreasing our overall health and well-being.

What rules the body – the heart or the brain? For a long time, cognition has been thought to be the governing body of the human form, however research has now come through showing that the heart plays a major role as well. Scientific studies have shown that the “heart generates more energy than any other organ in the body, producing an electromagnetic field that is 5000 times more powerful than that emitted by the brain” (O,Dell).

What can we do to strengthen our heart in feelings of happiness, gratitude and love? There are many practices we can do to strengthen our heart in feeling these feelings. And the good news is, the more we practice these feelings the more it will become habit to feel this way and the more we increase the strength of our neural pathways connecting in this way (and vice versa).

How could the heart be so much more powerful? Studies have shown that the heart has its own conscious working memory and its own nervous system with cells, neurons, proteins and neurotransmitters. It can work completely separately from the brain experiencing things on a different level. How does the heart work in with the brain and the body? Studies have shown that the heart actually communicates to the brain through a variety of rhythms which alter cognition and physiological states of the body. For example, studies have shown that if the heart rhythm is coherent (feeling grateful, love and happiness) or in a state of balance, the message sent to the brain is one of clarity. “This can increase creativity and improve decision making, as well as influencing positive states of emotion” (O’Dell), which leads to overall health and well-being. What does this mean from a practical sense? What we feel matters, as it can influence our cognition and physiology. If we feel happy, grateful and loving, we can increase our levels of cognition opening the door to creativity, higher function decision making, and overall health and well-being. It could be safe to assume then that if we feel unhappy, resentful and hatred, then we can decrease our levels of cognition, finding it 56

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

TO STRENGTHEN OUR POSITIVE UPLIFTING HEART FEELINGS WE CAN: 1. Have a daily gratitude practice - at the end of each day, make a note of the things that happened during the day, that you are grateful for. Before long you may even notice that you are grateful for the challenges in your life because they allow you to see/give you new experiences etc. Gratitude is feeling thankful for what you have, and what you have experienced rather than wishing things were different. 2. Have a daily loving kindness practice. You can do this through meditation, visualisation, journaling, etc. It is a process whereby you wish yourself, those you know, those you see everyday and strangers, Iove, kindness and well wishes. This is my favourite meditation as follows: Loving kindness meditation: Find a nice comfortable position. If you are sitting up, ensure your back is straight and supported. If you are lying down ensure your legs and arms have space to sense (arms slightly away from the body, palms up, and legs slightly apart, feet relaxed/splaying out). • Take a few nice deep breaths. • Notice your body on the floor/chair, particularly where your body makes contact with that supporting you. Notice the temperature in the room, any other body sensations. • Notice the sounds both inside and outside the room. • Notice the smells.

• When you are ready, imagine that you are walking down the road by your house. It is a beautiful day, the sun is shining and you have all the time in the world. • You notice a small animal crying in the bushes to your left. You kneel down and peel back the bush to find a small animal (kitten/puppy/ whatever you choose), it is disheveled, hungry, and it needs your help. • You gently talk to this little being, asking if it would like your help. It comes to you uncertain, a bit worried that you might hurt it or be unkind. You assure it that you only want to help it and that you will take loving care of it. It shows you that it is ready. • You pick up this little being and take it home to clean it up. As you are carrying this little being you notice your heart centre filling with love for this little being, you see past the dirt, the tattiness, and you can see that this being is just a product of a lack of love. • You lovingly give it some food and water that you have prepared. You gently and respectfully clean this little being, and then you hold it in the palm of your hands looking at this young animal in amazement. • As you are holding this animal, you notice that your love for this animal is growing. You can feel your heart centre warming and increasing in size. Your shoulders might move back, your back becoming more upright. Your heart may feel like it is glowing or radiating a warm light of love. • The little being senses this heart energy radiating from you and responds through its heart growing and radiating a warm love energy toward you. • When you are ready, place this little being down now, informing them that it will have a home with you for as long as they want one.

4. Notice your thoughts – our thoughts are a great way of letting us know how we are doing in terms of well-being. If our thoughts are kind and loving, all is well. If they are unkind and resentful then perhaps we are having a hard time with something. Trying to flip the coin on our negative or challenging thoughts can be a great way to rewire our brain to gratitude. For example – “She just took all the chips, how could she do that?!”, to “She must be really hungry or really like chips… I’m so glad that I didn’t really need any right now”. Just changing the way we word things and the stories we tell ourselves can have a huge impact on the way we view the world. 5. Be loving and kind to yourself – this can be the hardest thing to do at times, especially when we are going through a rough patch. All of these five actions will help you to be a bit easier on yourself, but if you are berating yourself for something, try flipping the coin and letting yourself know that it’s ok, you are ok. Everyone makes mistakes and that’s how we learn… and if we make the same mistake over and over again, it is just us letting ourselves know we are still practising making this mistake – we haven’t yet mastered it. So give these a go and notice what happens…. All of this does take time, so be patient. It’s like learning a new skill; you don’t expect to be able to be proficient at it on the first day…. (even though we would like to)… so be patient. Crysal Olds Mind Over Matter www.mindovermatter.co.nz

Take this increased love energy with you throughout your day, and know that anyone acting unkind is simply the product of a lack of love… Could you be the person to show them love and kindness like to you did to the little being? 3. Volunteer your time to help someone – this doesn’t need to be an ongoing thing. It doesn’t need to be volunteering for an organisation, it could just be putting someones' trolley away for them at the supermarket, or offering a hand to a parent who has his/her hands full and a crying child… Giving of anything, but particularly your time where you have an interaction with another person/animal in which there will be an exchange in energy (often gratitude) is an amazing feeling. Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020


A Balanced Life With Sarah Jensen ASK YOURSELF THIS QUESTION BEFORE YOU QUIT YOUR BUSINESS… If I had a dollar for every time a big-hearted entrepreneur told me they were ready to quit their biz, I’d be a rich woman; and that’s not counting all the times I’ve felt that way too! It can often look like this… You get an idea and throw your whole self into your new business at a million miles an hour. You’re filled with passion, drive and a need to help others, make a difference, and create positive change in your own life too. Maybe you crave financial freedom or the ability to work from anywhere. Maybe you want to do work you love; or maybe you just want flexibility with your hours so you can sleep in, start your day slow, or pick your kids up from school. But what starts as a flurry of activity and excitement turns into bleary eyes, a less than healthy bank balance (because you just HAD to sign up for that exclusive mastermind, even though you couldn’t afford it), and has you on the brink of burnout. You’re working your tail off but you feel like you’re going backwards, and you seem to be surrounded by biz owners who become Insta-famous overnight or quit their day job after only a month in business. You’re not only broken, you’re heart-broken and ready to quit. But before you throw in the towel and head to the local supermarket to see if they’re hiring, take a pause for the cause and ask yourself this question: Are you tired of the mission or the method? If, underneath the late nights and out of control inbox you still want to create, make, sing, paint, coach, heal or help, I urge you, please, please 58

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

don’t quit; instead, take time to look at your method (a.k.a. the WAY you’re doing business). Maybe... • You’re following someone’s expert advice but it just doesn’t suit your schedule • You’re trying to cram your biz work in first thing in the morning but you’re actually a night owl • You saw someone online having great results with a tool, technique or piece of software, but you know in your gut that’s just not right for you. Instead of quitting your business, get lovingly honest with yourself and reflect on your method. That might look like: • Taking time off social media so you can reconnect with your own ideas + goals. • Creating room to rest so you can recharge your batteries. • Looking at how you’re spending your time; whether you’re honouring your own strengths and rhythms and, if not, trying a fresh (and more gentle) approach. • Asking for help from a trusted advisor, friend, mentor or coach. • Journaling or meditating on your mission and how you’d like your business to look and feel. If you’re over the mission, by all means let it go, make room and move on – life’s too short to live someone else’s dream; but if the mission still lights a fire in your belly, but the way you’re doing business isn’t working for you, it’s time to course correct, shake things up and try something new. And if you need any help, reach out to someone you trust. You’re not alone. You’ve got this, and what you have to share matters. Sarah Jensen Sarah Jensen www.sarahjensen.com.au Watch my Video about this >> (https://youtu.be/tB4nPhawImI)

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020



Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

Well Being With Sarah Noble 5 WAYS TO START BEING MORE MINDFUL What is Mindfulness? Essentially, it’s being present; consciously aware. Mindfulness is getting more and more popular, and for good reason – most of us live in our heads, in the past or in the future. Ruminating over what could have been, what you could have done better, how much that person wronged you; stressing and feeling anxious about what might happen, trying to plan for every scenario, thinking about what could go wrong. It’s exhausting. It causes stress, anxiety, overwhelm, negativity and can even impact you physically with headaches, or tense muscles for example. So, where does Mindfulness come in? Mindfulness helps you to remain in the present moment, focusing on what is happening in each moment as it comes. It stops you from wandering off down the rabbit holes of past and future. It also helps create a gap between stimulus and response – so you can CHOOSE how to react to situations, rather than react automatically. Are you in? Thought so. So, how do you get started? Mindfulness is super easy, but of course, like any new habit it requires repetition, dedication, time and patience. Here are a few simple ways that you can start being more Mindful: 1. Practise Mindful Listening When your children, colleagues or partner are talking to you, listen. Like, REALLY listen. We are often on our phones, away with the fairies, or interrupting, trying to force our opinions.

Listen, nod, look into their eyes and wait until they are finished speaking before you speak. Not only are you practising Mindfulness, but you will improve your relationships too! 2. Practise Mindfulness During everyday tasks, like brushing your teeth, eating your dinner, doing the dishes, hanging up the washing practise being mindful. A great way to tune in is to focus on your senses – what can you smell? What can you taste? Touch? See? Hear? 3. Meditate I recommend starting with an app to guide you or using a mantra like “I am Abundant” or “I am loved”. Start small and work your way up to longer meditations. Just a minute a day will help. 4. Breathe Yes, I know you breathe anyway, I’m talking intentional, deep, diaphragmatic breaths. Especially useful when you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, angry, anxious etc. Pause and take in 5-10 deep conscious breaths to come back to the present moment, connect with your body and help your body back into rest and digest. 5. Gratitude Gratitude is so simple and SO powerful. I like to end each day thinking of 3 things I am grateful for from the day. These don’t have to be big things; the little things are very beautiful and help us gain perspective of what really matters. You can write down what you are grateful for, think it, or speak aloud sharing with your partner or a girlfriend. So, there you go, 5 simple ways you can start being more mindful today! Sarah Noble Mindfully You www.facebook.com/mindfullyyouwithsarah Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020


Living Naturally With Hannah Shaw LOVE YOUR LIVER TODAY The role of the liver… The liver is the body’s second largest organ, weighing in at ~1.4 kg (3.1 pounds). It is located in the right upper abdomen and plays a vital role in that it has many functions within the body. Some of the main functions include: processing nutrients from our food (for the production of energy, and creating essential chemicals to be used within the body), building proteins, making bile (for the digestion of fat), regulating blood glucose levels, storing vitamins and minerals (iron and copper), metabolising drugs and alcohol, and assisting in the removal of waste matter such as worn-out or damaged cells, proteins and old hormones from the body. Detoxification + signs and symptoms... The 24/7 process of detoxification is essentially a transformation process. Substances that would be harmful if they were to accumulate within the body must be transformed into less harmful matter, which can then be excreted safely and effectively. The liver is extremely resilient, however if it sustains damage the elimination of toxins becomes difficult. When toxins cannot be safely excreted they begin to accumulate and create problems. If our liver stops doing its job properly, it will begin to negatively impact our health. Signs that your liver may require some attention include: low energy, irritability/bad temper (‘liverish’), frequent headaches, skin imperfections, rashes, inability to shift body fat, poor sleep, darkness under the eyes, high blood cholesterol, digestive concerns (including constipation, bloating and abdominal pain), or hormonal imbalances (commonly manifesting as premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and even 'clotty' menstruation). Conversely, optimal liver function provides us with: increased energy, clearer skin, menstrual cycle regularity with reduced PMS, healthy sinuses, 62

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

less infections and robust immunity, fewer digestive complaints and improved bowel function, fresher breath and improved oral health, a positive mood and sharper mind. So many reasons to take good care of your liver, right?! Liver Loaders... 'Medical Medium' Anthony William states that the liver gets bogged down by toxins, and the over-consumption of dietary protein and fat. “Liver Loaders” should be reduced or avoided where possible; these include: alcohol, caffeine, ‘trans fats’, refined sugars, synthetic substances (pesticides, medications, skin-care/cosmetics), and household chemicals (such as air fresheners, perfume/cologne, hairspray, scented candles, hair dye, and conventional makeup/cleaning products/laundry detergent). He identifies eggs and dairy as foods to avoid as they feed pathogenic viruses and bacteria, encouraging further liver toxicity. You don’t necessarily need to be consuming or exposing yourself to liver loaders such as those listed above - the liver can still become ‘junked up’ by recirculating cholesterol, oestrogen, and substances created as a result of poor digestion/ constipation/dysbiosis - if the process to transform and excrete these substances is compromised. Help a liver out... What we choose to eat impacts the liver’s ability to do its job – it is important to choose mostly whole foods, including plenty of plant foods, to help the liver get the nutrients it needs. Specific foods and herbs further aid the liver, particularly bitter ones. The following are some of Dr Libby’s favourites: • Turmeric for its ability to assist in the metabolism of cholesterol and oestrogen so it is not recycled within the bloodstream. • Dandelion root is very bitter and can be used as a coffee substitute. It is helpful in maintaining effective bile flow within the liver. • St Mary’s Thistle (or milk thistle) is an excellent anti-inflammatory. It aids the lymphatic system and assists in healthy cholesterol balance.

It stimulates bile production and defends the liver from long-term damage caused by alcohol and synthetic substances such as medications. It also helps to regenerate any liver cells that may have been damaged as a result of poor lifestyle choices. â&#x20AC;˘ Brassica vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, cabbage, kale) contain unique substances known as indoles and glucoraphane, which get converted into the potent detoxifier and anti-cancer superstar, sulforaphane. These substances support the optimal functioning of the liver, mostly via effective oestrogen metabolism, which is beneficial for the prevention of disease, improved thyroid function, greater energy, efficient use of body fat as a fuel, clearer skin and improved mood. â&#x20AC;˘ Leafy green vegetables; your liver loves phytonutrients and leafy greens are packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants so do your liver and entire body a favour and make them part of your daily diet. The Medical Medium also makes recommendations regarding food and supplementation to assist the liver. He lists the following plant foods as being an important component in your liver-loving-diet: apples, apricots, ginger, asparagus, dulse/kelp, bananas, berries, Brussels sprouts, celery, and tomatoes. I know how health-giving it has been for me since I began consciously nurturing my liver, and I wish you the very best in your liver-loving journey. Remember to seek the advice of your health care practitioner before commencing any supplements or making major dietary changes. Hannah Shaw A Nourishing Notion www.facebook.com/ANourishingNotion

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020



Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

My Journey So Far With Guest Sabrina Weber Who I am today at almost 36 is a vastly different person to who I was, growing up. These days I get to call myself a women’s empowerment coach & motivational speaker; in a nutshell I am literally living the life I was once dreaming about; working with absolute queens as my clients, hosting events in dream locations, creating content that inspires and elevates others to also dream bigger and unleash what I call their Purpose Work. As well as working from any place that offers internet, flexible enough to be the kind of mother I want to be for my girl. I am feeling very grateful to have had the courage and support to leap into this lifestyle, when I did. Since you are asking about key components I also want to mention that I am married to a hot surfer who always has my back! Describe the experiences that have shaped your journey There are too many to mention here but one experience that stands out would be the Christchurch Earthquake back in 2011. It has taught me that you can lose big time and still CHOOSE to see the bright side, that each of us has the power to be angry and miserable or move on. In my case it is thanks to these events that I am the person I am, today! I got to start fresh on a blank page but knowing what I don’t want anymore and how I’d like to feel instead. The universe delivered and I am happier than ever before. There are many people who had a great impact in my life including several mentors I’ve paid lots of money to and happily continue to do so. Investing in myself in this way has been super powerful.

Share with us the ways in which you have changed your life for the better That’s a complex Q :) On a practical level, I moved from Switzerland to New Zealand with my hot surfer guy, ten years ago. Simply on a quest to find our dream way of living; we are getting close… We’ve also recently committed to shifting from long term vegetarianism to veganism and we both feel amazing! But the biggest shifts for me have come from my obsession with spiritual growth and mindset work, which of course is now a big part of what I get to teach. I started on this path when I read Eckhart Tolle for the first time at the age of sixteen. It has been - and still is - about consciously choosing to follow my soul's desires, choosing confidence and trust, over fear. My current focus is in infusing my wild Aries energy with some more gentle compassion, work in progress. And to come back to your question on the “how” for these things, I’d say it really does come down to making a decision then to keep committing to that. Tips and Advice for the Readers I once read a quote that really stuck; "Be open to everything and attached to nothing". This still deeply resonates with me. And on a more personal note I’d say, don’t play small! Invest in yourself and the life you know is available to you! Sabrina Weber

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020


A Nurtured Life With Mariette Zoeppritz NATURE IS THE PLAYGROUND

“Passion is lifted from the earth itself by the muddy hands of the young; it travels along grass-stained sleeves to the heart. If we are going to save environmentalism and the environment, we must also save an endangered indicator species: the child in nature.” - Richard Louv In early childhood settings around New Zealand the sight of real grass, trees and other forms of nature is becoming a rare occurrence. Health and safety requirements, the work and finances required for maintenance and other reasons encourage these settings to go for fake grass, safety matting, fixed climbing structures and other man-made surfaces and resources in their playgrounds. Considering that a lot of children spend most of their days in early childhood settings, it follows that a lot of these children do not experience much nature in their lives. As the quote by Richard Louv already shows, this lack of nature in children’s lives has far reaching consequences. Only someone who loves Mother Earth will be interested in protecting and caring for her when they are adults. This love grows naturally as children are allowed to play and explore in nature, as well as when they observe the adults in their lives taking care of and treasuring the outdoors. And playing in nature holds lots of benefits for children, too. The following list is just some of the important nurturing, skills, and ways of being children gain from being fully immersed in outdoor play. • Gross-motor skills encompass whole-body movements of the arms, legs, and other body parts to walk, jump, run, climb, among other things. To develop these, children need free movement with ample opportunity to challenge and test their developing skills in different situations. Nature with its uneven ground, trees to climb, rocks to jump from, etc. offers variety and ample opportunity for children to hone their skills at their level. • • Fine-motor skills involve small muscle movements and often require hand-eye coordination. These are important skills to develop in prepa66

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

ration for tasks such as writing or using scissors. As children pick up small rocks, hold on to branches as they climb, dig in the dirt, etc. they naturally develop and strengthen these important skills. • Being outdoors allows children to develop and explore with all their senses. For example, the sense of touch gets developed through experiences such as digging in the dirt, pulling out weeds or grass, burying one’s feet in the sand, or splashing around in the water. Or the sense of sound is involved in listening to the birds, hearing the wind rustling through the trees, or a stone splashing into a stream. • As children play in nature, they are able to set their own challenges and goals. Once they have mastered climbing one tree they might set their sight on another one, or they might choose to climb higher than they have before. As they set their own challenges, they also learn to take and assess risk. • With setting their own challenges and goals, children also build their resilience, for they may not achieve their desired outcome the first time they try. Sometimes it can even take a very long time for them to finally achieve their goal. But as they are intrinsically motivated to succeed, they build resilience and problem-solving skills with every failed attempt. • Being connected to nature with hand and feet, also exposes children to the grounding energy of Mother Earth. • Visiting and observing the same spots and places, allows children to see the seasonal changes in nature. This builds their knowledge of seasons and cyclic nature of life. • Being in nature grows the children’s love for mother earth which will allow them to grow into guardians and protectors of Mother Earth. Allowing children to play freely in nature, to connect with all their senses and all their hearts is vital for the children’s wellbeing as well as the

wellbeing of this planet we call home. As Gary Snyder puts it so fittingly â&#x20AC;&#x153;Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.â&#x20AC;? So let nature be the playground for our children. Mariette Zoeppritz Seeds of Peace NZ www.facebook.com/SeedsOfPeaceNZ

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020


Embodied Awareness With Alison Elsberry 3 FUN ACTIVITIES THAT SUPPORT CHILDREN TO CONNECT WITH THE EARTH Did you know that everything you need is right under your feet? Your feet connect you with the Earth’s energies of support, safety and nourishment and have energy centers and healing points that help ground your energy. Pretty amazing, right? In fact, there are many sensory receptors on the soles of a child’s feet that when activated with massage, can help them reconnect with their body and feel more centered. The feet are a unique way that their Soul connects to the Earth through their body, helping them feel supported. When a child’s feet touch the Earth, it’s an invitation, an opportunity to be welcomed here, a chance to receive support and find solid ground to stand on. Think of it this way, it’s hard to move through life without a healthy foundation underneath you if you’re not fully supported. Yet what that foundation and support looks or feels like is different for every child. How they choose to walk this Earth is everything and they learn to do that through the body, i.e. how it moves, how it feels and by remembering the sacred importance between their Soul and its relationship to their body – AND the Earth. Having a better understanding of where their feet are in relation to the Earth can help children find more solid footing and learn how to engage with life in healthy ways. Learning how to take a step forward, when to step back, how to stand still, when to run or walk away, when to leap with faith, how to have one foot on the ground and the other in the sky, or when to have both feet firmly planted, are all natural ways we learn to navigate life as a 68

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

human being, while staying connected to Soul. Here are 3 activities that can support children to feel connected to the Earth and their body: 1. Spend time outside and play “I spy” Pick an area to sit outside where you can feel your feet on the ground and play this fun game of spotting objects based on colors and shapes in nature. Take turns saying “I spy a _______” as you give clues that help a child find what you’ve chosen to spy on (ex, “I spy something green” or “I spy a green circle…”). It’s fun and helps focus their energy on what’s in and around them and it also engages their natural connection to the Earth without having to think about it. This activity can open up conversations about being in nature and how to care for the Earth and her animals, birds, plants, flowers, etc… 2. Play in the dirt (or the sand) This activity may seem simple, yet digging in the dirt gets a child’s feet and body ON the Earth, literally closer to the ground, in touch with Mother Nature’s energy. It also uses muscles that help them feel grounded in their body through purposeful movements such as squat to stand, lying down to sitting position or exploring textures and objects in their hands. Together, you can plant flowers, hunt for rocks, pick veggies or flowers, find feathers, dig a hole, look for bugs, make mud pies, build a sandcastle or pick up shells. You can even fill a container with dirt or sand, place it on the ground and use a twig, fingers or other tools to draw in it. 3. Make footprints This activity can help kids understand where their body is in relation to the Earth and the world around them. It helps them orient where they are and can also start conversations about how to take care of their feet and body. Fill a container with water and have a child wet their feet and make multiple footprints on the sidewalk or another surface.

You can create fun shapes with footprints and handprints. And use colored chalk to draw on them before they dry, or use it to outline each other’s feet or entire body. Remember, being in a body is a big adjustment for a child’s Soul. These 3 activities are a natural way to begin nurturing their connection with the Earth, so they have fun being themselves and enjoy what’s right under their feet. Alison Elsberry Embodied Brilliance www.embodiedbrilliance.co.nz

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020


An Empowered Life With Rose Aitken WHAT IF YOUR BODY IS A TOOL FOR NAVIGATING YOUR SPIRITUAL & EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT? – EMBRACING INJURY & ILLNESS AS AN OPPORTUNITY TO HEAL, LEARN, GROW & BE WISE Do you have issues in your body? Do they bother you? Are they episodic, regular, semi regular or daily? Are you in pain? Has everything you have ‘tried’ so far, not really changed it, but has only helped manage the symptoms? Does this frustrate or limit you in some way? What if your body is not what you have been taught it is? What if your body is your greatest facilitator of your consciousness? Louise Hay was one of the first people to teach us that symptoms in the body equal blocks created by spiritual/emotional wounds that we can heal and in so doing, we free the body. There are other schools of thought or systems offering very similar approaches. One of my favorite authors on this subject is Christiane Beerlandt who wrote 'The Key to Self Liberation'. The way we have been taught to view our body is very superficial. For example, let’s say – I fall, I injure my knee, my knee hurts because I fell, therefore, I ice and bandage it and see a physio until it gets better. Woe is me, it really hurts! There is a deeper, more meaningful perspective on this… 70

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

Let’s take Louise Hay’s work as an example. According to Louise Hay, knee problems equal inflexibility and being stuck in ego and pride. So therefore, the psycho-spiritual perspective on why you injured your knee in the first place, is that your body was trying to give you a message about being stuck, rigid, prideful and egoic. Imagine you knew this at the time you injured your knee, so as well as bandage your knee, ice it and see a physio, you had a healing, to work on any stuck aspects of yourself where maybe your ego was running things, you were prideful or inflexible. When you get the awareness of what your body is communicating with you and take steps to address that imbalance or issue in your world, your knee has to get better, it is Law. This hastens and super cedes any physical measures you are taking to improve your recovery, because you are working with energy and it is instantaneous. Therefore when we understand our true nature on a deeper level and the implications of issues in our body, not only can we become more aware and free of emotional baggage, our knee problem (for example) can spontaneously heal or begin to clear up. Now, if you are reading this and have recently messed up your knee (for example), I am not telling you that you have an ego problem, far from it. That would be dis-empowering and inaccurate. What I am suggesting is that there is some aspect of yourself, your life, your relationships or choices to which this paradigm applies. Rather than making yourself wrong for this (which many of us tend to do when we first hear this ‘shocking’ concept), what if this perspective is an opportunity and a short cut to stepping into the highest, wholest version of you now? Instead, it can be something you use to elevate your life, to connect, tune in and become outstanding on all levels? Wouldn’t that be incredible? Contemplate just for a second what life could be like if we viewed health from this holistic

and conscious perspective. If we regarded our physical ‘problems’ as a form of communication, rather than an unfortunate event. Instead, our soul is bringing our attention through our earthly vessel to an aspect of ourselves that requires some work, awareness or releasing?

Once we can contemplate this prospect without massive resistance, put it into practise and see that it does in fact work, life assumes a richness and a tapestry which is empowering and liberating beyond anything we may have previously considered.

We are so finely tuned and miraculously whole (and always seeking balance and wellness) that this reality is available to us all the time. We just aren’t aware of it and we haven’t been taught to think in this way.

Everything that we experience is energy and if you can change the energy, you can change anything. When we can embrace this truth, we can start to see the genius of how this works and embrace what it is telling us, rather than feeling at the effect of events and denying the infinite nature of our creating.

Now, don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with Western medicine or approaches. However what if as well as taking advantage of the lastest technological advances in medicine, we were able to heal ourselves and connect with our body to do it? What if all injury and illness were an invitation to become more aware, free of our ‘stuff’ and healthier, mentally and physically?

Rose Aitken Life Coach www.roseaitken.com

I’ve found this to be true in my world and with my clients – it certainly is a reality that is a lot more empowering and inviting (and more logical) than, “I hurt myself, this really sucks” with no rhyme nor reason to it whatsoever. Life is not a maelstrom of unconnected events in a chaotic world, it is a sequence of finely executed and inter-connected happenings which take place for us and for our growth. Every single tiny thing we experience we have co-created for our own evolution. When we start to be open to this possibility, we can delight in our power as infinite beings having a human experience. We can wonder at our epic ability to create in the physical, which is designed to align us with our inner landscape. We can trust that this will match us with events and happenings that benefit us, keep us safe and contribute to our learning and development. We can develop confidence in our awareness of and stewardship with our body, knowing that any time we have symptoms or issues, we personally are empowered to change them, (in addition to giving our money, trust and time to the Dr). Far from the bleak perspective of a meaningless and cruel world, we are being prompted to embrace the wisdom of our soul, expressed through our physiology. This is also relevant to happy, energized and beautiful moments, which similarly course through us – offering evidence of our higher self at work. Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020


Healing Modalities With Guest Jan Haldane HYPNOTHERAPY I started training in counseling nearly 30 years ago when I was at home with my first child. At that time my builder husband and I were trying to get established building our own products. I volunteered with Lifeline for a time until pregnant with my second child. I was hooked on wanting to understand human behaviour and how the human mind worked. My training in the spiritual arts began almost 25 years ago when I joined a local spiritual development circle on Auckland’s North Shore. I was an eager and apparently talented student who made fast progress. My teacher thought I should go professional and I was interested in doing this. I had a young baby, a child just gone to school and a very controlling husband who didn’t have a spiritual bone in his body. Back then it was pretty confronting to come out of the spiritual closet. The internet was in its infancy and information was generally only found in print form. I was doing psychometry at a circle one day for a new student and whatever it was I told her gave her an abreaction. She was very, very upset. Clearly something had been triggered within her. I got cold feet because this spiritual work was so powerful. I decided to stick to caring for my baby and designing houses. I still did readings for friends and family, but life was very busy for the children’s young years. Fast forward 15 years; I had sold my very successful childcare centre and was ready to finally follow my purpose helping others enjoy a happier and healthier life. I trained as a Life Coach here in New Zealand and a strategic Intervention Coach internationally with Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes. To be a good coach you need to call on your intuition regularly which suited me perfectly. Most of my coaching clients were wom72

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

en and it didn’t take long to understand how their relationships with their significant other affected them achieving their goals or not. Over time I began to work almost exclusively with relationship issues for women. In 2014 I published a book called You Can Love Again which is basically a mini coaching course for older women who have been burnt in their relationships and are ready to look for love again. I’m pleased that this book has helped women around the world. I now live in a small country town called Waihi. Over the past few years I have been a spiritual counselor, crystal healer and psychic medium. It was time to finally step out of the spiritual closet and into who I really am. I have run many spiritual workshops from my base here in Waihi including Past Life Regression which I learnt many years ago from Doreen Virtue. My work with Past Life Regression led me to explore the modality of hypnotherapy and I have never looked back. I trained with Hypnosis New Zealand initially. Hypnotherapy allows me to combine all my prior knowledge and skills to create powerful positive outcomes for my clients.

How has this modality changed your life?

I now travel the world studying hypnosis techniques and speaking on topics related to energy and how this affects therapists’ practices. Both nationally and internationally there is a wonderfully supportive hypnosis community. It’s fascinating studying the human mind and the programmes that we unconsciously run on. On a personal level, I have learnt so much about myself, my learned patterns and my way of being in the world. This has allowed me to reframe adverse life experiences and let go of any residual charge or negative energy that I was unwittingly still carrying.

Becoming a hypnotherapist gave me a community of like-minded people and renewed my purpose to help people live happier and healthier lives.

About this modality:

Hypnotherapy is a combination of hypnosis and therapy. Hypnotic trance is a state of focused awareness. Every day we slip in and out of trance several times. When we drive, we are aware of the road but basically, we’re on autopilot. Our subconscious gets us from A to B. Reading a good book, playing a computer or board game, watching tv can all induce a type of trance or take our brainwaves from the day to day Beta state into the Alpha or Theta state. So, trance is not a scary state to be in. In fact, it’s a Smart Learning State just like young children up to the age of 7 live in. Hypnotherapists have no interest in making you cluck like a chicken or do other silly things; that’s for the stage hypnotists. Hypnotherapy accesses the root cause of your pain, suffering or distress by going deeper into your own mind, where all our discomfort and pain lies. It can help you to resolve your issues, modify behaviours, cope better with emotions and manage chronic conditions. Hypnotherapy works on all of these seemingly diverse issues because they all have a starting point in your psyche. Hypnosis allows the client to access the root causes, safely and without trauma and remove the charge or energy that causes the issue or issues.

a relationship; business success, career advancement, confidence. There are many more areas related to what I call the big 3, depression, anxiety and stress such as IBS, hypertension etc. I received a message from a client who had come through a very difficult relationship and was ready to start dating again but was apprehensive. In the session we had cleared out lifetimes of “stuff”. She happily reported that since her chastity belt was removed, she got her mojo back and was going on a date. Another client came to see me because she was in a constantly bad mood. However, when she consulted her Higher Self, she realised that in fact she was incredibly sad that her husband was growing increasingly aged and frail and that despite her own ill health she was working long hours to repay debts from his failed business. After a session of Hypnotic Ho’oponopono she forgave him and herself and her life changed to better support her needs. Any last words about this modality? Hypnotherapy is just as effective online as it is in person. It took me a wee while to come to terms with this, but it really works just as well as in my clinic! Jan Haldane Hypno Wellbeing Ltd www.hypnowellbeing.co.nz

How do you feel about this modality in healing? Hypnotherapy, especially Holistic Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for facilitating change in your life. Our body, mind and soul are interlinked, thus if we truly want to be well, happy and successful we need to address any issues on all those levels to achieve the optimal outcome. I personally believe the most powerful form of hypnotherapy is Energy Centred Hypnosis which combines with coaching, mindfulness training and visualisation/meditation where applicable.

Who do you think could benefit from this?

Anyone who is wanting to make beneficial change in their life can benefit from hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy can assist with phobias and addictions, smoking cessation, weight loss, childbirth, infertility, sexual issues, getting over Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020


The Yogic Lifestyle With Swami Karma Karuna YOGA ECOLOGY PART 1 - A STRAND IN THE WEB OF LIFE In New Zealand, the Tasman Sea temperatures are reported to be two to six degrees higher than normal for this time of year. It has been wonderful for swimming, but what about the influence on the oceanic ecosystem? On a recent trip to Colorado, USA, there was little snow during mid winter, except what had been made by snow machines, yet in Florida, typically hot, my sister sent a picture of herself wearing socks and a coat. Something is out of balance with this picture. Despite many of us on the yogic path striving for consciousness, and doing our little bits to save the planet, living in the modern world has a way of creeping in and disconnecting us from the source. Our use of resources - electricity, food, air, water - and even our best intentions to live green, get put on the backburner or overlooked. While some still deny it, there is evidence that climate change is upon us, being rushed along by human actions and unconscious use of precious resources. So how can yoga, a seemingly individual pursuit, help with these global problems? Although the physical practices dominate the modern yoga scene, looking back to the roots of yoga, the ancient Vedic texts refer to environmental protection, ecological balance and the honouring of the natural cycles. Mantras and hymns describe practices to connect with the different natural forces, bring the rain, give gratitude for the crops and respect the animals. The Earth itself was considered a manifestation of the Divine Mother called Bhumi Devi. “It was understood that the well-being of Mother Earth depended on the preservation and sustenance of the environment.” - Times of India The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root ‘Yuj’ meaning to ‘join' or 'unite’, thus yoga is often translated as union. It could be thought of as the union between the individual self and the cosmic or greater whole. Yoga may begin as a personal goal to get healthy or reduce stress. However, it is a powerful tool that has the 74

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

potential to awaken the realisation that we are each part of a bigger whole and that what we do or think, both positively and negatively, impacts at some level on the collective experience. Ecology is the study of relationships - the interactions between organisms and their environment. Humans are in relationships, not just with each other, but also with our own selves and with everything around us. Chief Seattle describes it as, “Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it, whatever he does to the web, he does to himself”. As a species, we are dependent on the earth’s ecosystems for survival and we influence these ecosystems with our individual actions. Yoga Ecology is about remembering our connection to the entire web and taking action to be a positive force. It begins by deepening our experience of our own self and expanding the wisdom into how we interact with our fellow beings and all aspects of creation. Swami Niranjanananda states, “True jnana yoga is realizing how to apply the wisdom, how to use understanding to create a better you and a better world in which there is harmony and union with the cosmic and the inner power”. We often live our lives as if we are immune to the elements and to the external rhythms of nature, especially with increasing technology and electronics. With 24/7 shops and online ordering, it is easy to overlook all the resources that need to come together to make it possible to buy our weekly groceries or receive that product in the mail. This disconnection from the natural rhythms and cycles and the source of what sustains us influences our own health as well as that of the planet. Understanding ourselves from the perspective of Tantra, which states that the "macro cosmos is inherent in the micro cosmos", is an important step towards rebalancing the planet and ourselves. The Tattwas are the essential principles of which matter is composed. They are the basis of the human being, just as they are the basis for the rest of creation.

The Sanskrit term “tattwas” means “that-ness”. There are five key elements, which compose creation: • Akasha – ether or space • Vayu – air • Agni – fire • Apas – water • Prithvi – earth Space is responsible for void and stillness, while air relates to perpetual motion. Fire signifies heat, water represents fluidity, and earth cohesion and weight. Too much or too little of the water element can create drought or floods; an imbalance of the air element can express as wind storms or stagnated, polluted air; an excess of the fire element can cause fire or too much warmth. All of these affect the human being, our crops, waterways and the greater environment. Everything existing in the macrocosm has its reflection in the microcosm our body is a miniature universe...

Ancient cultures such as the Aboriginal, Native American, Vedic and others honoured nature and the human interdependence through ritual, lifestyle and celebration during seasonal changes, gratitude when abundance was provided. Yoga ecology practices give us an opportunity to be more connected to the laws of nature and participate in the rhythms of the universe. When we view ourselves as a part of the whole, each individual has the potential to contribute to the harmony and balance or to disharmony and imbalance Swami Karma Karuna Anahata Yoga Retreat www.anahata-retreat.org.nz

Within our own body, we could think of the skeleton as the earth and the veins and arteries as the internal rivers. A quick internet search reveals that the human body is composed of approximately 60% water. The fire energy relates to the digestive fire, metabolism and dynamism in life, while the air element connects us to our constant breath (which we cannot survive without for more than 3 minutes). Space is ever present around and within, creating the ability for the other elements to express. Both the external and internal balance of the elements has a direct affect on our body structure and physical health as well as an influence on the personality, mind and emotions. The right balance of the earth element gives a sense of grounding, while too much can indicate a stiffness and immovable type of nature. Water can relate to the ability to flow and to the emotions. Fire is the passion and energy for life while the air element can indicate whether we are too movable or not flexible enough. Space is that sense of stillness and clarity. If we are perceptive, the outside elements often change the mood and experiences. As we know ourselves better through practices of yoga and meditation, we begin to see how these elements are constantly interacting inside our bodies and with the external world. Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020



Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

A Twist in the Tale Short Stories By John Du Four WET WEDNESDAY MORNING A short story by John Du Four

I walked my dog to the cathedral this morning. She likes to sniff around the lawns and the flower beds there, and do her usual business, which she produced in a timely fashion. A good thing too, as the summer rain was a soaking one, laying Lilly’s black curls flat and setting my sandaled feet slip-slopping in their slick leather confines. On the way back, as we passed the local funeral home, Lilly, walking ahead and off her lead, veered left, and before I knew it, entered the building through its automatic front doors. ‘Lilly,’ I hissed uselessly, since she was already inside with the doors closed behind her. By the time I folded my umbrella shut, stood it dripping next to the doorway and entered, she was nowhere to be seen. I gingerly looked around, thankful to see no-one, and made my way down a long central aisle. Regular rows of seating fanned out to either side of me, and I glanced left, right, left, right, as I made my way along, hoping for a glimpse of a black wagging tail. No such luck. As I reached the end of the room the space opened out, and I noticed for the first time a coffin resting on a white-draped gurney. Its burnished wood and brass gleamed like a rich man’s motor launch, the kind you see in movies set in Venice. I couldn’t resist walking alongside it and running my hand over the smooth, gently rounded mahogany. Beneath my fingers it felt almost sensual. Then I remembered Lilly and called her, this time a little louder, and she suddenly appeared, making her way slowly towards me, head down, sniffing along the carpet like it was mapped with an invisible puzzle that just had to be solved. I managed to grab her and reconnect the lead, and was about to pull her away from her urgent meandering, towards the doors, when I heard it: Greensleeves – a mobile phone ringtone. It sounded far away, and my first instinct was to glance behind me to see who had entered the building. No one – I was still alone with my dog. The ringing cut off. A few seconds later it started again and I saw Lilly look up and cock an ear. I smiled at the tilt of her head, following her gaze until a sudden chill ran through me. She was transfixed on the coffin – and the sound, it wasn’t originating from a distance, it was simply muffled, and coming from within the coffin! My first impulse was to pull Lilly close to me, like I was expecting I don’t know what. Then the thought came to me that, oh my God, there is someone in there trying to get out! Which, of course, made no sense – they’d simply push the lid upwards. But wait, it might be sealed! But even then, even if they couldn’t get it open and were resorting to the cellular network, surely they’d be phoning out, not receiving calls. The ringing ended again. Then began for a third time. I called out into the room, ‘Hello, is anybody around? Can anyone help here?’ As the next bout of ringing kicked in, I gingerly approached the coffin. My heart was pounding wildly. I dropped Lilly’s lead and slowly placed both hands, fingers upwards, under the extended lip of the lid. Then I took a big breath and lifted. It was lighter than I expected and opened easily. Thankfully, it made no creepy creaking sound. There before me lay a very elderly man, a very still elderly man. The ringtone ended. I looked closer at his face – it was creased and well-lived in. His cheekbones and chin were pronounced, the skin slack and draped in folds. His hair was grey and thin and combed back neatly. He was dressed in a dark blue suit with a collared white shirt and light blue tie. I studied his chest to convince myself it wasn’t gently rising and falling. I held my breath, stilling myself completely, so I could make absolutely sure. I was – he was dead. The phone burst into life again and my heart nearly shot out of me! It was coming from within his suit. I slowly reached inside the coffin, crinkling up my eyes at the thought, as I patted at the corpse’s coat pockets. Sure enough, it was in his lower right side one. I gently slipped my hand in and felt for the phone under my fingers. I withdrew it. It was an older style flip-phone. It again fell silent. It dawned on me that there must be an office or back area somewhere where I’d surely find another human being – preferably a live one. I could hand the phone in and get the hell out of there. But GreensIssue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020


leeves started up again, and without really thinking I flipped it open and held it cautiously to my ear. A voice spoke. ‘Oh, thank God, at last ... hello?’ I held my breath. ‘Hello? Can you hear me? Hello, hello?’ I managed to mumble: ‘I hear you.’ ‘Can you speak up, I can barely hear you?’ ‘Er, I said yes, I can hear you.’ ‘Who is this?’ ‘Ah, Adam – my name is Adam.’ ‘Well, Adam, am I glad I got through to you!’ ‘Wh-who is this?’ I asked. ‘It’s James, James Battersea. I’m the dead fellow.’ There’s no real comeback to that. ‘Adam? Adam, are you there?’ I had no idea what to say. ‘I know this must seem strange – extraordinary in fact. But I am calling from the other side.’ I looked down at Lilly, who caught my glance and wagged her tail. ‘Look,’ I blathered, ‘I – I’m not sure what to say.’ I looked around the empty room. ‘Are there cameras rolling? Is this some elaborate prank?’ ‘Oh, no, nothing of the sort. In all seriousness, I am calling to you – I guess one would say – from beyond the grave. Though technically, I’m not in the ground yet.’ They say the best form of defence is attack, so I decided to take it to him, whoever he was, wherever he was. ‘Okay, Mr, ah . . . Battersea – ’ ‘Please, given the circumstances, the personal nature of this, Adam, I think you can call me James.’ ‘James then – if you are in the great beyond, tell me about it. Describe what it’s like in the hereafter.’ ‘Well, I can, of course – but there’s a far more pressing issue at hand, the very reason for my call!’ ‘Look, if I’m going to even begin to believe you, if you really want me to play along, I’m gonna need some proof. Details.’ His tone changed – he became urgent, and seemed more than a little pissed off. ‘Play along? There’s no play involved here, none whatsoever!’ He sounded incredulous. ‘This is the result of meticulous planning – which I’m not about to let unravel now due to the misfortune of my call being answered by some suspicious-minded simpleton!’ So much for my attack – I stammered an apology, but he cut across me. ‘Listen, Adam, there isn’t much time. We made arrangements, you see. My wife and I. She was supposed to be at the funeral home right now, receiving this call. Something’s gone awry.’ ‘Why don’t you try calling her phone?’ I asked. ‘The phone you are speaking on right now is her phone!’ ‘Well, why didn’t she just keep the phone with her?’ ‘Because it needs to be in close proximity to my body. There’s still a connection, you see – between my corporeal self and my soul self. The separation is not yet complete.’ ‘And once it is – ’, I began. ‘Any chance of communication is lost forever!’ I glanced at the phone in my hand. ‘Hey, you know your battery’s pretty low!’ ‘Dear oh dear, this is terrible. Where could she have got to?’ He sounded distracted, almost bereft. I felt for him. ‘How’s the charge holding up at your end?’ There was no reply. ‘Mr. Battersea? Can you hear me?’ I asked. Nothing. ‘Mr. Battersea? James? Are you there?’ At last he spoke. ‘Yes, Adam.’ ‘How’s the charge at your end?’ ‘I’ve no phone at this end. Material things don’t cross over.’ ‘Oh. So how can – ?’ ‘That’s where love comes in, Adam.’ He sighed. ‘Everyone says, give me a sign, move a plate, rattle 78

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

the windows, to their departing loved ones. That just can’t occur – there’s no physicality for the dead to interact in that way. But what Anne and I determined is this: we become, during the interval of transition to the afterlife, something akin to radio waves.’ ‘Really? How on earth did you figure that out?’ ‘Science, Adam. We were both physicists in our day – researchers. It’s how we met. Cell phones, you see, utilise radio waves to communicate, transporting digitized voice and data in the form of oscillating electric and magnetic fields: EMFs. The rate of oscillation is called frequency, and radio waves carry it, travelling through the air at the speed of light. We deduced that love, too, is a radiant energy, and that one could possibly use its waves to patch into EMFs. Turns out we were right.’ I could hear the sad smile in his voice. Talking like this seemed to calm him down. ‘Shit,’ I said, ‘There’s really not much battery left!’ I hated being the voice of doom. ‘I just can’t believe it – all our planning. Ah, well – at least the science has been proved.’ Just then the doors to the funeral home opened, and an elderly woman in a raincoat entered, fumbling with her dripping umbrella. It had to be his wife. ‘Mrs. Battersea?’ I called out excitedly. ‘Yes,’ she replied breathlessly, as she made her way towards me. ‘I am indeed.’ ‘I’ve got James on the line – and does he ever want to talk to you!’ I could see the twinkle of delight in her eyes as I handed the phone over. ‘Hurry,’ I said, ‘It’s almost dead!’ I flinched at my choice of words, but she just smiled as she turned away to speak quietly, gazing fondly into the coffin. I moved off, gave them space, dragging Lilly with me, who seemed intent on sniffing at the woman’s legs and feet. Probably a pet at home. I thought about that – about her rattling around in the strangely voided landscape of their house. I imagined seeing all the reminders of James: his favourite cup on the kitchen bench; his toothbrush in the bathroom; his robe hanging on the bedroom door; a bookmarked novel at his bedside table. It all seemed so sad. I felt a light touch on the arm – it was Mrs. Battersea. ‘We’ve said our goodbyes. James would like a final word with you. Thank you, you’ve been so very kind.’ I took the phone from her. ‘Adam, are you there?’ ‘Yes, I’m here.’ ‘Thank you so much, young man. You’ve been a lifesaver!’ We both chuckled at that. ‘You asked me what it’s like where I am. I owe you an answer. Remember, I am still in transition, so what’s ahead may yet change. But for the moment, all around me, I can se——— ’ By John Du Four

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020



Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

Mindset Matters With Angela Cheruseo HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH Many surveys show that stress affects your energy levels and so affects your productivity. Science tells us that prolonged stress is linked to many different diseases; it is toxic to our bodies and if we don’t make adjustments then we will later pay the price for living a life continually in a state of stress. Some people turn to unhealthy habits more due to stress... A survey carried out by the BNZ Bank in 2011, found that money is the highest worry for 67% of the population. But still, so many people do not bother to seek out the help required to sort out this area of their life. Why? Athlete have coaches, CEO’s and managers employ coaches, so why not get a coach for the area of finances? The alternative I see is that people would rather pretend that all is well to their friends and colleagues than get help and bare the truth to someone. It is easier to mask the symptoms of stress; to not let others know what’s going on, but this lasts only temporarily, the anxiety always returns (if it ever goes), if we do not get serious and deal with the cause.

How is your present lifestyle working for you? ... Really? What is this kind of behaviour costing you? Rate Yourself 0-5 for each of these: • How often do you find yourself worrying or frustrated about money? • Are you sleeping well each night? • Are you unhappy and working long hours to pay for the high end lifestyle you have created? • Do you get easily irritated if money comes up in a conversation? 4 Solutions to activate to avoid a money leak and so stress: • Create a spending plan/budget. If you have a savings account know what is it for? • Open up more bank accounts eg: emergency account, bill account, spending. At least 5 • Decide on an amount for food and all 'fun money' each week, leave only this in your eftpos account each pay day, once it's gone it's gone. • Take a good hard look at your money beliefs; any disempowering negative thoughts? What are they and how are they affecting your spending? Angela Miccio-Harris Angela Cheruseo NZ www.angelacheruseo.nz

Instead, some continue in a lifestyle where they cannot say no to their children or to invitations to go out often for a meal or purchase the latest fashion or deny themselves a holiday on credit. They cannot cut down on the groceries or the power bill. Instead, they are stressing themselves out, not sleeping well and working long hours to pay the bills and for 'luxury' items. This is so unwise. We must value our health more. A point to make here is that this area is your responsibility! Fail here, and you will not be good for much, or much benefit to those around you. If you do not take responsibility, why not? What is your mindset around health and stress? Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020



Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

Soulful Business With Sabrina Weber EMBRACING UNIQUENESS IN A SEA OF ENTREPRENEURS Something I hear from most of my clients at some point along their journey is the fact that we live in a world where we seem to have everything! It’s all been done before, right?! • Who am I to start a marketing agency? • Who am I to become a weight loss coach? • Who am I to think I can teach yoga differently? • Another mum blog anyone? Yes, yes, yes I get it all of these things do exist already. Here is what I believe to be true: this is a 'struggle bus' you don’t have to be on! Yes, you might end up on said 'struggle bus' if you are accidentally living the wrong life, meaning you choose to start a business for the sake of starting a business; something that does not come from alignment or has any deeper meaning to you beyond making money, then perhaps you will have to play the competition game… ... But if you choose to enter into business as a spiritual path of personal growth, trust your intuition and follow through with the message you are feeling called to share than you will have zero competition! Because no one else is you and no one else has gone through the teachings of life the way you have. If you take a walk down memory lane, what would you say your life has prepared you for, up to this point? If you could have it all your way, what would be the work you sell?

They are like me; my tribe, my sisters. Not, because I have xyz experience or certifications. If you could have it all totally your way, who would you want to work with? When you are with your best friends, having a good time. Do you speak differently than you would in your client communication? When you are fully in your element and flow, what does that look like? What part of you is a bit extra? If you showing up as you, would be truly enough, would you be wearing yoga pants and a sports bra while working? Or maybe high heels and faux leather tights? Perhaps some kind of fairy pink outfit? #youdoyou So let’s look at these examples again: • Who am I to start a marketing agency? How would you do things differently? What do you take a stand for? Where does your focus go? Why is this important to you? • Who am I to become a weight loss coach? What is your unique story and transformation with this? Why is this important to you? What are the deeper layers of your work? • Who am I to think I can teach yoga differently? What has yoga thought you? Who do you want to teach (surfers, mums, kids, CEO's…) ? • Another mum blog anyone? What aspects of motherhood have you mastered or overcome? What is your unique family setup? What is the message you want to share with other mums?

For the most part people buy based on emotion. People will be drawn to you and your business because of YOU, what you stand for, who you are and how you do things. Of course you need to be amazing at what you do but more so you need to be doing ALL of YOU!

Can you see how you can carve your own way into anything that comes from your heart? Take a stand for what needs to flow through you. While I take a stand for you. You are supported, you are loved, you are abundant, you are good enough, you are ready, you are worthy of your desires.

My clients buy from me over and over again because they are my soul aligned, dream clients who love who I am and how I do things.

Sabrina Weber Sabrina Weber www.heysabrinaweber.com Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020


Lifestyle Extra

With Guest Masha Ellman DECLUTTERING - FOR AN AHHHHHH... FEELING I don’t know about you but I’ve jumped on the decluttering bandwagon and I love it. I’m in the process of decluttering and with every clearing I’m feeling more of that Ahhhhhh... feeling that fills me with lightness and joy; it’s magical. I’m committed that 2020 is my change year. I’m more clear about what I want this year than ever before and that clarity has overlapped into every area in my life. Self-care, self-love, manifesting my desires and living in harmony with universal laws are my priority; and that means inner clearing, out with old beliefs that are keeping me from moving forward, as well as decluttering my home, making room for energy to flow; I’m ready for it all. In the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, it’s believed that clutter prevents energy from flowing. Clutter holds energy so it becomes stagnant, and that can affect your wellbeing, cause mental weight, make your body feel weighted down, and you’re not living in harmony with the way of nature. To honor my self-care, self-love I’m decluttering to gift myself a harmonious home, a place that elevates me and is in harmony and balance with my beliefs. Just smudging my home to remove negative energy is not enough, I need to create space to allow the flow of energy, so I can feel spacious and light and good when in my sacred sanctuary. One day in a conversation with my son about this, he said that when he buys a shirt, he gives one away. WOW! I never thought of that. What a great idea, and how simple, buy something, give something away. This way the flow of energy in your home is constant. It’s always clean and airy and feels good. So, here’s my plan of action: Simplify and remove the overwhelm of decluttering. First, I needed to get real about this and 84

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

find a method that works for me. Decluttering my entire house in one day, or one month is stressful and overwhelming. Instead, I do something every week. Whether it’s clearing out sweaters, pots and pans, or jewelry. This may not be 'correct' according to the experts, but it works for me. Adapt a system. I love Marie Kondo’s system, declutter by category where you can, not by room. For instance, gather all your books from around your house into one pile and work on them all at one time. And then use her philosophy, when you can’t decide, ask yourself “does it spark joy” if not, give it away. And my mother always said, if you haven’t used it in a year you’re not using it now, give it away. Keep it going. I’m following my son’s process, buy something, give something away. In this way you’ll always have flowing energy because you’ll never accumulate anything. When we talk about self-improvement we don’t really think of decluttering as being a part of self-love/self-care, but it most definitely is, and OMG, I can’t even tell you how incredibly amazing this feels. I feel lighter and more energetic; it’s like a heavy weight has lifted off me. As I go along every week, not only is this creating space for ‘new’ in my home, but it fills me with a sense of spaciousness, accomplishment and joy - I love it! I’m empowered with a feeling of - 'I’m in charge of my life'. What can decluttering do for you? • Create spaciousness in your mind and body. • Create a sense of inner freedom. • You’ll gain greater self-confidence. • You’ll feel more empowered over your life. • You’ll feel in harmony with universal laws. Living in an un-cluttered home - is magical. Being surrounded by only those things that ‘spark joy’ - is magical. And let’s face it, don’t we all want that delicious – Ahhhhhh - feeling that we get from a clean, clear, energy flowing space? And what about the feeling we get from knowing that our precious

things that no longer serve us, are now bringing joy to someone else. A blessing back to the universe! Happy decluttering! Masha G Ellman Writer. Guide. Coach. www.mashaellman.com

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020


Lifestyle Extra With Guest Sue Norman ART THERAPY Art therapy is simply using art to explore feelings and manage behaviours. It’s suitable for all ages with no need for artistic skills. Art therapy can assist people to become more self-aware and increase their self-esteem while potentially functioning with more ease in day-to-day living. Art opens up the natural creative centre we have within that helps keep us balance while dealing with all the mental structures and beliefs we have in our daily life. Without art and creative activities, we shut down our innate creative nature and many of our natural coping skills. It’s wonderful to know that after many years as an Art Therapist, that this non-invasive form of therapy now has a recognised place in the mental health field and is being embraced in schools and mental health clinics. The techniques used in art therapy can encompass any visual art form including painting, colouring, drawing, sculpting and collage. There have been occasions when I’ve introduced music and instruments to help someone open up. I find different art forms assist people differently; boys in particular love building 3D creations. Because art is a method of self-expression, people can use art in therapy to express themselves in ways that they are unable to verbally. Having them create art allows them to work through their presenting feelings and issues such as anxiety, stress, depression, emotional conflict, abuse, anger, addictions and brain injuries in a safe environment. Over many years of working in schools as an art therapist, I’ve had great success with children displaying what society relates to as ADHD, Autism and Asperger. Often, even when deeper feelings and emotions are being unlocked and 86

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

recognised, the session is usually felt to be a happy and safe space. Art therapy calls for the therapist to be both knowledgeable and intuitive in reading the person’s art and to have awareness in which path is best to guide them along with their creation. With children who have come for their first visit, I ask them to draw their immediate family and then the family friends. This can show me who a child feels safe with and many other interactions in the home. Another day I may ask them to draw things they like and dislike. I never use words such as fear or hate. If a child or person is feeling uncomfortable in the session, I tend to draw with them on my own paper which often helps them feel more comfortable. I’ve found that children and adults who have suffered abuse will often unconsciously draw the abuser or situation in a way that reveals them without causing emotional shutdown or over expression of emotions. I often analyse their creations and how they feel about them as they work, as it may help them to gain more insight into their minds and feelings naturally. As they become used to accessing themselves in this way they feel more self-empowered and confident. I encourage people to keep drawing journals to keep the connection with self open and to assist them in understanding any presenting issue. While many people have begun enjoying buying colouring in books for their creative outlet, I do find that when a person draws their own art they open themselves up to a greater sense of awareness, joy and relaxation. On a last note, find the creativity that makes you smile and include it in your daily adventures. Sue Norman Art Therapist www.suenorman.wixsite.com/art-therapy

Mindful Colouring Conscious Art Practice

To download a printable copy of this monthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s colouring pages, please click HERE - we would love to see the finished art if you want to tag @TheInspiredGuideNZ on Facebook or share to our page. Have Fun! Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020


Food Extra


What Makes These 'Breakfast' Cookies? I call these little gems breakfast cookies because they have serious staying power.

Chocolate chip banana breakfast cookies made with just 3 healthy ingredients and loaded with plenty of chocolate and oats! They’re gluten-free, vegan, and make a perfect snack for any time of the day!

No lie, I ate one with some Greek yogurt and fruit yesterday morning and wasn’t hungry again for hours. They’ll keep you fueled, full, and satisfied.

If you’ve tried my almond joy breakfast cookies or my pumpkin breakfast cookies, you already know that cookies for breakfast are a very real thing. You definitely can eat these chocolate chip banana oatmeal cookies for breakfast or for a healthy snack. If you are looking for a super easy (and delicious), grab-and-go breakfast option, this recipe is for you! Simply made of oats, bananas and chocolate chips these yummy cookies are like eating a bowl of oatmeal, only in cookie form. They make the perfect breakfast or power snack throughout the day. They’re filled with healthy carbs, good-for-you grains, and a bit of chocolate just for good measure. The only challenge with these banana breakfast cookies is not eating the entire tray! But hey, sometimes a girl needs a few extra cookies (joking, not joking!). The other great thing about these healthy breakfast cookies is how fast they come together. I know how busy life can get and these cookies won’t make life feel any busier. They only have three common ingredients and you only need one bowl. Score! They also make great after school snacks and are perfect for lunch boxes. I often make a double batch on Sunday, so they are ready for my kids to enjoy throughout the week.


Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

They’re dense, but not too heavy. Ultra thick, chewy, and incredibly soft without being cake-y. Each bite is full of chocolatey-banana flavor. The perfect breakfast treat! Making Banana Breakfast Cookies: You’ll find yourself making these cookies often. Why? Because they are so easy to make and so yummy. All three ingredients (mashed banana, oats, & chocolate chips) are mixed together in one bowl. Add them all to a mixing bowl and stir until you have a thick, sticky dough. These cookies don’t spread while baking, so form them into a cookie shape and then drop each onto a cookie sheet and bake for about 15 minutes. That’s it. Tips For Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies: • Use ripe bananas. The riper, the more brown-speckled, the better your cookies will taste. I also recommend using fresh, not previously frozen, thawed bananas. • These cookies freeze well for up to 3 months. Refrigerate overnight to thaw before enjoying. • Try your favorite mix-ins! About a 1/4 cup sliced almonds or dried fruit would be great options. • You will need to use a combination of quick oats and old fashioned rolled oats in this recipe. Quick oats are slightly more processed, and will soak up more of the wet ingredients – thus creating a better texture. The quick oats will also bind the dough together better than whole oats would. Although, if using only whole oats is to let the mixture sit for about 20 minutes to let the moisture be absorbed by the oats.

3-INGREDIENT BANANA OATMEAL BREAKFAST COOKIES - RECIPE Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook Time: 12-15 minutes Total Time: 20 minutes INGREDIENTS • 1.5 cups oats (I used 1/2 cup rolled and 1 cup quick) *See oats notes • 2 medium bananas • 1/3 cup mini chocolate chips INSTRUCTIONS • Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius (350 degrees Fahrenheit). • Line an oven tray with baking paper. • Using the back of a fork (or potato masher), mash bananas in a medium bowl until they are broken down. Add in oats and gently stir until all of the oats and bananas are mixed together and look like a thick cookie batter. • Now you're ready to add the chocolate chips! Sprinkle them into the dough and stir until they are just mixed throughout. • Scoop one heaped tablespoon of the dough into your hands and free form into a cookie (These cookies will not spread in the oven, so be sure to form them into a cookie when placing on baking tray). Place on cookie sheet and continue until you have 12 cookies. • Cook for 12-15 minutes or until set through and lightly golden. Cool and enjoy! NOTES • Baking Instructions: These cookies will not spread in the oven, so be sure to form them into a cookie before placing on baking sheet. • Oats: Use a combo of quick and rolled oats in this recipe. Quick oats are more finely ground up whole oats, so they are slightly powdery. You can also make quick oats at home – simply measure 1 cup of whole oats and pulse in the blender or food processor about 5 times. If using only whole oats is to let the mixture sit for about 20 minutes to let the moisture be absorbed by the oats. • Freezing Instructions: Cookies can be frozen up to 3 months, then thawed overnight in the refrigerator before enjoying. Dani Spies Clean & Delicious www.cleananddelicious.com (Slightly adapted from original post August 30, 2017 - www.cleananddelicious.com/3-ingredient-banana-oatmeal-breakfast-cookies) Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020



Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

Sweet Treats With Sarah Sears BANANA BRAN ZUCCHINI MUFFINS Healthy muffins that use up any left over veges or fruit in the fridge. There’s something so satisfying about using up old fruit and veges in the fridge. That’s how this muffin recipe came about. I wanted a healthy snack that I could feed Isla (my daughter) but didn’t have much on hand. But thankfully half an apple, 1 small zucchini and two ripe bananas came to the rescue! This is a recipe you can have fun with and is designed so that you can use whatever you have on hand. Replace the apple and zucchini with carrots, pears, beetroot, parsnip or anything that can be grated easily really. Isla is not the best eater but thankfully she really loved tucking into these muffins for afternoon tea today. I’ve popped the rest in the freezer so that they last for more than a few days and I can easily grab one out and pop it in the microwave for 20 seconds or so ready to eat. Packed with fibre and flavour, it’s hard to remember there are actual vegetables in these muffins.

WET INGREDIENTS • 2 large bananas, mashed • 1/2 apple, grated • 1 small zucchini, grated • 100g (1/2 cup) brown sugar • 1/4 cup oil • 2 eggs • 3/4 cup milk with 1 tablespoon vinegar • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda METHOD • Grease and/or line a 12 hole muffin tray. Preheat oven to 190 C. Using a whisk, mix the dry ingredients until well combined in a large bowl. • Add baking soda to milk and vinegar, set aside. Combine all wet ingredients (including milk mixture) and mix well. • Gently fold the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients until just combined. • Spoon mixture into prepared muffin tray and bake for 25-30 minutes or until golden. Sarah Sears What Sarah Bakes www.whatsarahbakes.com

PREP TIME: 5 mins COOKING TIME: 30 mins SKILL: EASY SERVES: 12 INGREDIENTS DRY INGREDIENTS • 125g (1 cup) self-raising flour • 70g (1 1/2 cups) bran flakes • 2 teaspons cinnamon • pinch of salt Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020



Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

Feel Great Food With Lee Holmes SPOTLIGHT ON CAULIFLOWER + CAULIFLOWER & RASPBERRY CHEESECAKE RECIPE Oh Boy, have I got a pin-worthy, insta-ready veg for you. I’m offering a delicious life hack, shining the spotlight on my favourite ingredient- showcasing its history, nutritional benefits and including a scrumptious recipe for you to give a go. Secretly, I’m hoping to entice you to use more of my favourite ingredient of the month, each week. That’s the plan. What do you think of when you see snow-capped trees in winter? Being a foodie means I immediately think of my 'IT GIRL' vegetable, cauliflower; with its fluffy brain-like shrubs of sculptured florets clinging together, just begging to be cut down, pulled apart and caramelised, baked and used as a sponge to soak up juices, aromatic flavours and beckoning spices. Whether used as a stand-alone ingredient, riced, roasted or steamed, added to curries, soups, frittatas, muffins, burgers, patties, or used as a bulkening ingredient in desserts, this humble, fibre-rich crown of curds and cruciferous-ness is comfort food heaven. Move over Kim Kardashian, even cauliflower pizza crusts have now BROKEN the internet. #TeamCauliflower Speaking of desserts, I’m adding a nutritional bonus to treat time and sharing my call me crazy Cauliflower and Raspberry Cheesecake recipe. The Background of Cauliflower The oldest record of using cauliflower as a food dates all the way back to the 6th century BC. However, back then and for many centuries following, cauliflower was more so revered in the garden, holding an honourable place in many elegant estates throughout Europe. It wasn’t until the times of Louis XIV in the late 1600’s when it began appearing on grand table feasts due to Louis’ apparent appreciation of a floret or two.

Its identity is still emerging with scientists now favouring the term 'brassica' rather than 'cruciferous' as a classification. In Latin, the word brassica simply translates to cabbage but sounds much more exotic. I’m sticking to cruciferous as I’ve only just managed to figure out how to pronounce it. In Season Cauliflower is a veg that’s never unavailable, with varieties planted throughout the warmer months to ensure a year-round supply. In Australia, cauliflower is best in late summer and early autumn, making now the perfect time to start appreciating and using it in your recipes. It’s also abundant in the UK just in time for springtime and makes its full Broadway appearance in summertime in the US. Interesting Fact Cauliflower is a flower that has not yet fully developed. This dates back many years when cauliflower was appreciated amongst horticulturalists, rather than fashionable foodies. Health Benefits This seasoned classic is an amazing source of Vitamins C and K - making it a great anti-inflammatory and flu-fighting friend. It’s been found to reduce the production of lipids that increase heart disease when they are in high concentration within the blood. Raw cauliflower is twenty five times higher in Vitamin A than when cooked so try cutting it small and adding to salads raw or serve on a platter with homemade dips. Cauliflowers are also a very fibrous vegetable, helping to increase satiety and add roughage. Unlike other cruciferous vegetables much of the nutrition is stored in the florets or curds. What to look for When purchasing cauliflower it’s important to look for vibrancy in colour. Interestingly, it comes in a variety of colours, including white, orange, lime green and purple. Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020


Start by feeling the cauliflowers weight, it should be dense and fairly heavy. Another key indicator of freshness is the emerald green leaves that surround the cauliflower heads. Touch these and look for crisp leaves that are not wilted and are able to hold their shape. Preparation Despite their impenetrable appearance, breaking a cauliflower down is not hard. Remove all excess green leaves surrounding the heads. Once this is done, start from the top of the cauliflower and work down. Cut into smaller chunks by cutting the cauliflower into quarters. The cauliflower can then be chopped into your required sizes. If you’re making a recipe which requires small, delicate bite size pieces, you can use your hands to break off the fluffier parts of the cauliflower or use a knife and run it along the stem, this will release each cauliflower floret. Wash the florets once you have cut them. A medium cauliflower breaks down into 3-4 cups worth of florets, which is adequate for a side dish serving 4 people. Cooking Cauliflower is amazingly versatile and can be cooked, baked, steamed, fried, grated, dehydrated and pickled. Mashing cauliflower brings out its goodness and creamines; add nutritional yeast for an easy cheesy texture and taste when making a Cheesy Mash. A delicious soup to try is my Curried Cauliflower Soup a warming soup with variety and twists. My favourite way to eat cauliflower is to make popcorn by chopping up the florets small, and baking them with olive oil, turmeric, lemon and garlic, they come out all crunchy and delicious, the perfect accompaniments for movie nights if Bradley Cooper is not available. Storing Cauliflower can be stored as a whole head turned down in the fridge, place inside a paper bag with the leaves removed or cut up into florets and stored in an air tight container. It can also live in the freezer and be taken out when needed. In the fridge it keeps for 5-7 days. Recipes: If you haven’t yet experimented with Cauliflower rice, try this recipe which is an improved swap 94

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

for traditional refined white rice. Serve alongside Eggplant and Green Bean Curry.


Makes 1-2 cups depending upon size Ingredients • 1 small cauliflower, cut into florets • Pinch of Celtic sea salt • Freshly ground black pepper • 2 tablespoons cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil • 2 garlic cloves, minced Method To make the cauliflower rice, place the cauliflower in a food processor and pulse to a fine grain or it can be grated. Season with salt and pepper. Heat the olive oil in a frying pan over medium heat and pan fry the cauliflower for 5–7 minutes.

CAULIFLOWER AND RASPBERRY CHEESECAKE - RECIPE WF, DF, GF, VEG, VG Makes 1 Use farm-fresh produce to create a decadent dessert like my Cauliflower and Raspberry Cheesecake. The cheesecake gets its’ deliciously creamy texture from cauliflower, and combines an unusual but pleasant pair-up with seasonal fresh raspberries; a perfect use of plant-based produce in delicious dessert form. Base • 120 g (41/4 oz/3/4 cup) raw, unsalted cashews • 65 g (21/4 oz/1 cup) additive-free shredded coconut • 1/4 teaspoon stevia powder • 60 ml (2 fl oz/1/4 cup) freshly squeezed lemon juice • 1 tablespoon melted coconut butter Filling • 310 g (11 oz/2 cups) raw, unsalted cashews • 1/2 cup coconut butter • 300 g (101/2 oz/11/2 cups) cooked cauliflower (about 1 small) • 125 g (41/2 oz/1 cup) frozen raspberries • 1 teaspoon alcohol-free vanilla extract • 1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice • 1 tablespoon of rice malt syrup, or 1/4 teaspoon stevia powder • 80 ml (21/2 fl oz/1/3 cup) additive-free coconut milk • 60 g (21/4 oz/1/2 cup) fresh raspberries, for decorating

Method • Place the cashews in a bowl, cover with filtered water and soak for 2 hours. Drain. • To make the base, place the cashews and shredded coconut in a food processor and blend until finely chopped. Transfer to a large bowl and stir in the remaining ingredients. • Turn out onto a clean work surface and roll out into a dough. Press the dough evenly into a 16 cm (61/4 inch) cake tin and place in the freezer for 30 minutes. • To make the filling, combine all the ingredients, except the fresh berries, in a food processor and blend until smooth. • Remove the base from the freezer and pour in the filling, using a spatula to smooth it over. • Return to the freezer for 30 minutes, or the fridge for 1 hour, until set. Top with fresh berries and serve. This will keep for up to 1 week in the fridge, and 2 weeks in the freezer. Happy Cooking! Lee Holmes Supercharged Food www.superchargedfood.com (Originally published by Lee on March 25, 2015)


Ingredients • 1 kg fresh tomatoes, de-skinned and chopped (Approximately 7 large toms) • 3 Tablespoon tomato paste • 6 drops liquid stevia (optional) • 2 garlic cloves, crushed • 1 Tablespoon freshly chopped basil and parsley • 1 red pepper chopped very finely • 2 Tablespoon virgin olive oil • 1 brown onion, chopped • Sea salt to taste & fresh ground pepper Method • Place onion in heavy deep fry pan with garlic, red pepper and olive oil and cook on medium heat until translucent Now add the tomatoes, tomato paste, stevia and sea salt to the pan • Bring to the boil then cover and simmer for 20 minutes until thick or if you prefer thinner let cool and strain through a sieve • Stir in the fresh herbs and enjoy Last for up to 2 weeks in the fridge. Lee Holmes Supercharged Food www.superchargedfood.com (Originally published by Lee on May 27, 2012)

Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020


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Issue #9 | The Inspired Guide | March 1st 2020

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The Inspired Guide - Issue #9  

Read Issue #9 of The Inspired Guide - FREE Conscious Living and Holistic Wellbeing eMagazine! Filled with inspiring and informative article...

The Inspired Guide - Issue #9  

Read Issue #9 of The Inspired Guide - FREE Conscious Living and Holistic Wellbeing eMagazine! Filled with inspiring and informative article...

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