The Inspired Guide - Issue #8

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Energy Forecast

A Conscious Soul-Path

February 2020 - Overview

It is the individual's responsibility to take the steps, make all the decisions and be responsible for their incarnation when living a conscious Soul-Path. The art of listening is a vital element in this and there are different aspects to this art and its importance.

The month of the Heart; as are March and April. There will be times where we want to avoid and not feel too much or to switch off our emotions and be numb for a while; prone to judge our sensitivities. I invite you now to be with it, be conscious of where you are trying to zone out and how you are avoiding feeling or being with what is bubbling up. The solution is not on the other side, but through. We tend to slip into the thought patterns that it is destined to go wrong, that the hurt, the emotions will be too much. You do not give yourself enough credit; you underestimate your abilities and your strength. Your uniqueness is what is needed here. The aspects of you that you only share with yourself or a select few want to be let out for all to see!


With James Thomas (& Gideon)

Your guides and helpers on the other side are determined to assist you in whatever manner they can. (Their job is not an easy one). Too often people tend to ignore many things, including the guidance that is being given to them - most guidance will not be hitting you over the head... Your first component in walking your Soul-Path starts as it should, within yourself. The more you can listen within, and tell the difference between the mind and heart, pathways will open for you. The second component is listening to what others have to say. So many times a person is guided to say something and not even realize that Spirit is having them act as a physical guide for someone. The third component is when you might be listening to TV, watching a movie or listening to music; there are times that Spirit will provide messages in this manner. The forth component is to determine through discernment if what is being presented resonates. If it does, then follow the clue you have been given. Spirit is dedicated to assisting you on your path and through living a conscious Soul-Path and will be able to provide you with greater guidance. You won't catch everything, but if you miss something it will be given until you get it... 18

Issue #8 | The Inspired Guide | February 1st 2020

With Clare Deale

This is about connection and understanding of self so that you can truly connect with others. There is so much yet to be discovered within you, yet you haven’t given yourself permission to go there. In fact you have become quite skilled at avoiding this from happening at any cost. The subconscious dominant fear is you will not be understood or accepted therefore rejection is guaranteed. There is a grain of truth to this, one thing that is likely to happen is those that have been in your field for too long draining your energy and time will ideally move on so that souls that are a match will come in where space has been created. Another thing that becomes clearer is you having the ability to say no to what no longer serves you and gain a clearer insight into where you have been giving your focus to something that is no longer in alignment with you now or where you are going. The words for this month are: Heart, trust & Connection - check in regularly to see if these words come into your choices and reality.