The Inspired Guide - Issue #7

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With Guest Awakened & Empowered Expo CELLULAR REORGANIZATION AND DEPROGRAMMING - PHYSICAL EXHAUSTION AND NON-PHYSICAL INFORMATION Under a human microscope, our bodies show a million cells, pulsating and vibrating at the speed of light. These cells are intelligent; they hold matter and are conscious. We are the keeper of these magnificent beings that, while separate of each other, are also united in a similar intention – to keep our bodies functioning at the highest potential and best accommodate our soul’s journey. But what if along the way, our disconnection from these loving beings resulted in a misunderstanding of how they were meant to function? Have we lost communication with our bodies, or have they simply been programmed away from our soul’s eternal quest for balance and vitality? There are so many humans on the planet right now struggling with disease, exhaustion, symptoms of environmental and personal stress. What do we need to know about these issues, and what is the best way to get our bodies back onto the timeline that our soul most desires? The human cellular structure is fragmented into collective energies. Not unlike the multi-dimensional collectives that exist in the universe, similar intentions draw entities together like a magnet to serve and guide aspects of human existence. Your cellular energy is made up of light. It is designed to channel information in the form of light to support the function of organs, tissues and muscle groups. Light is One Source. To some, it may seem that light is the eternal God, that it looks the same, contains the same information and channels the same energies. Yet light is malleable. This is its greatest strength. Light is designed to be organized, expanded, programmed, colored and directed by a consciousness greater than itself. But what consciousness could be greater than light? 68

Issue #7 | The Inspired Guide | January 1st 2020

As humans in the 3rd Dimension, your consciousness was always present, yet directed often times through the mind. The God that many associate with in this dimension is a physical one that exists outside of the self. Even nature and universe were often looked at in a singular perception, as opposing forces of a human experience. This concept of an outer God or universe became the basis for programming your cellular light. At the constant quest for a resolution to your pain, disease, heart ache and suffering, the light within your cells began to perceive they were less than intelligent and unable to receive guidance from within. This resulted in a loss of cohesive messaging and cooperative activity in your cellular energy. The unified light is the only consciousness greater than that of a singular cell. This unified light is made up of your soul’s consciousness and all cells forming a one collective for the purpose of expanding itself. Your cells were often programmed to search beyond your internal structure for a physical means to reorganize and shift into balance; when in fact, this was never needed to bring your body into a state of cohesion. Light is the basis of all technological advancement in ancient civilizations. It was understood that light existed in form, but if that light was not honored and cared for, constantly vibrational tuned and communicated with properly, it could operate in ill intention of the whole. This, in fact, has happened through time. Even in ancient Atlantis, beneficial light-based technologies were directed into self-serving intentions and skewed from their original collective purpose. You can look at this as an example of what has happened to the human cellular organism. The energy centers and meridians in your body are a vital part of your cellular light and make up a human technology that is ready to reinstall new programming for the 5th Dimension. Every time your physical body comes in contact with intense solar frequencies, new information in the form of light is adjusting your cellular structure to higher vibrational energy field. This is a part of the ascension timeline and these solar energies