The Inspired Guide - Issue #7

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Walking Your Path With Guest James Thomas MOVING FORWARD INTO 2020 & A NEW DECADE

Recently I’ve been reminded that each decade is unique and there are aspects of the decade that are synonymous with that decade. 100 years ago, the 1920’s was known as the “Roaring 20s” and although a really great decade, it ended badly with the stock market crash that created the Great Depression. I have a feeling that the 2020’s will probably end somewhat better... Today though, for myself, this is an opportunity for those known as Starseeds to take things to levels that they haven’t done before. There has been a massive awakening occurring for many years now and there are many different truths to choose from. What do you choose in order to truly move forward on your path? This is a question of vital importance, for you see, each of our goals is the same; we want to make sure that we do what we have come here to do. As Starseeds, we have chosen to come here, or as the old saying goes, 'volunteered' to come; but with Starseeds from so many different places (even though here for the same reason) they each have their own 'truths'; their own ways of doing things and what works best for them. So, how do we ensure that we are doing the right things for us? For the reasons why we are incarnated here and to ensure that we have the experiences that we need for us? The key components in this comes down to a few things. There are 5 keys to living the spiritual life that you need to: Key 1 - Trust and faith in yourself, for yourself Key 2 - Trust and faith in Spirit Key 3 - Follow your heart and guidance Key 4 - Trust your intuition or 'gut instinct' Key 5 - Discernment Discernment is Key 5 because it is the lynchpin for our incarnation. 66

Issue #7 | The Inspired Guide | January 1st 2020

Does something resonate within? I see so many Starseeds and people walking spiritual paths that blindly accept what someone says because they have published a book, they are famous, they say the right words and phrases or they call themselves and convince people that they are 'experts'... Before I learned how to channel, when I went to my very first public channeling session, in March 1989, I learned a very valuable lesson. The being that was channeled went by the name of Rajni. Although I couldn’t tell you anything about the message he brought through, I have always remembered what he first said; and I’m paraphrasing: “I am here to speak my truth to each of you. That is my job; to speak my truth from the depths of my heart. Your job is to discern the information that I provide to you. If it resonates within your heart, explore it, experience it and see where it leads you. If it doesn’t resonate, then put it on a shelf or throw it away. Do not judge or criticise it - if you require it later on, it will come back around.” This was the information that has influenced my entire journey on this spiritual path of over 30 years. So, as we are coming to the end of not only a year, but a decade... a completion of sorts. Moving into 2020, we not only move into a new year, but a new decade filled with unknown wonders and amazing things; but it will also be filled with challenges, loss and contemplation. If you truly want to walk the path that is in front of you, then stop blindly accepting what anyone says as truth. Stop blindly giving your power away. There are those out there demanding that you do things according to their truth and according to their views. When this happens, walk away. Remember that if you are a Starseed on this planet, you are already an Ascended Master.