The Inspired Guide - Issue #7

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Spiritual Guidance With Renae Bailey ARE YOU CONSCIOUSLY CREATING YOUR LIFE? At this time of the year we are generally reflecting on the previous year with a view to moving forward. Did we achieve all that we set out to achieve? If we did, we can feel proud! If we didn’t, how can we set things up differently to ensure success for the following year? One answer is fairly simple Conscious choices and conscious creation. Every moment of everyday, we are faced with choices. The secret is to make the choices conscious and choose the options that make our heart sing. Even the choice to spend a day in bed can bring joy if we are choosing to honour our need for rest. Staying in bed to avoid making decisions, however, allows us to spend the day coming up with a long list of things we “should” be doing instead, bringing guilt and shame from our choices, not the rest and recuperation we thought we would get. Taking control of our life by taking control of our choices - making conscious choices - is one of the most empowering things we can do for ourselves. Discern in your heart, and really feel into what is the best choice in the moment for you. Once we have chosen which goal or dream to focus on, the next choices become clear. Simply by bringing our awareness to whether the option we are considering, is moving us closer or further away from our dreams. Bringing clarity to what we want to create in our lives can be achieved through the process of Conscious Creation. There are 5 steps to this: 1. Vision - First we need to get clear on what we want to create in our life. What do we truly desire? Travel? A new job? Something else entirely? It is best to sit quietly, tuning in to our hearts, and asking “What do I want in my life?” Going as deep as we can, bypassing the more superficial wants such as being successful or rich, and really defining our vision, going into the details of what 62

Issue #7 | The Inspired Guide | January 1st 2020

we are wanting to create. What would being successful mean for us in our life, how would we define that - more time with family or more travel opportunities, as examples. Using our discernment and really feeling into whether this is the most beneficial life we can create, adjusting the vision as necessary. Exploring how it feels. Really cementing the feeling of this vision within ourselves. 2. Witnessed - Our vision then needs to be witnessed, so we need to share it with those closest to us. When a vision is shared, energy is added. There may be some who do not support the vision, they may tell us it will never work, it’s no good etc. The best thing here, is to just walk away from these people. We will find the ones who are truly aligned with us, truly supporting our vision. 3. Action - We need to show the Universe we are serious about creating what we want by taking action towards the achievement of our goals. This provides energy to our creation. We may need to gather information, or do some research, even complete a course or a workshop. Whatever it takes to make a start, we need to do it. 4. Determination - This is a very important step. We need to stay the course, and not give up. We need to remain in our hearts, continually discerning the best course of action to take in order to move toward our vision. If things begin to feel blocked, or the pathway is not opening as smoothly as we would like, we need to pause and again tune into our hearts. We need to ask ourselves what it is we need to do, what it is we need to learn in this moment. We need to stay open to new insights and ideas as we move forward. 5. Patience - We need to have a little faith and trust the process! Just as we order dinner in a restaurant and trust we will receive what we ordered, we need to create our vision and trust it will arrive (we don’t go and harass the chef do we?). We may desire to be at the end goal “right now”, but we need to remember that experts do not become experts overnight. Some things take