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The Divine Feminine With Guest Lorella Doherty THE SEASONS OF OUR CYCLES

I was 13 when my first period arrived. I felt to embarrassed to tell my mum that I didn’t. For two years I used the sample packs of tampons I had been given at puberty lessons at school. When my younger sister got hers I asked if she could tell mum we both had it; that was my introduction to one of the most sacred and imperative initiatory moments of a womens life; her menarche. It was never meant to be this way; Women, living so disconnected to each other, the earth, to our cycles and our feminine power... There was a time when we all lived in a way where cycles of life were revered and respected, where our cycles connected us to all of life. I now have two daughters of my own; one close to menarche and I am in awe of the sacredness of this upcoming time for them and the journey to their own feminine power that they will begin to embark on... for within our menstrual cycle, holds the key to a meaningful, creative and fulfilled life that not only serves ourselves, but the world. This knowledge has both spiritual and scientific aspects as it relates to both our hormone systems and physical bodies, but at large to our mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. The idea of celebrating our menstrual cycle and using it as a tool for personal and planetary healing and transformation can be hard to comprehend when mensuration is such an un-talked about, even taboo subject; and more closer to a burden than a gift, that causes many women monthly pain, stress and even shame. There is no doubt that as women our bodies are innately cyclic; and like nature, we too have our own inner seasons, where we shed the old and birth the new - I remember feeling a deep sense of relief when this knowledge was shared with me, and finally felt at home in my body for the first time... like my innate divine essence had been awoken... Since working with my cycle, I have become ab42

Issue #7 | The Inspired Guide | January 1st 2020

solutely fascinated by the intricacies of how our bodies and psyche tick in this way. The simplest way to introduce you to such a profound ancient wisdom is to introduce you to the ‘inner seasons’ of our monthly menstrual cycle. Let’s start at the beginning... Inner Winter: Day 1 - (the day you start bleeding) until roughly day 5 This is our time of rest and recuperation. It is the time in our cycle to slow down, surrender, forgive and heal. This is the time we detach from the outside world and form a deep connection with ourselves. During our Inner Winter are at our most intuitive. It’s like being a walking channel. I don’t go far without my pen and pad to take it all down. I know well enough now that if I don’t respect my body by resting and listening to my needs, I pay for it the whole month. I would feel sluggish and undirected for my whole cycle with a crabby and crampy following Inner Autumn, as I operate from a half filled (or empty) cup. I think of Inner Winter as my golden compass. The absolute gift. Without it I would have no course to follow. Our Inner Winter resets us back on course if we were off. It shines the light if we were lost and instructs us with our next steps. I used to find stopping hard. Not because I felt lazy or because of others expectations, not because there was too much to do, but because I did not understand the sacredness and the gifts it would give me if I did. Now I blank out as much as I can for those few days and I do me. I celebrate myself, I am gentle with myself, I rest, I breathe, I pick up a book, I journal, I sit, I receive. While in our Inner Winter and at our most intuitive, and if we do take a step back from life, and pause, rest and reset like our body, mind and soul begs. We can receive incredible wisdom about our life and the world, what changes need to be made and how, and receive the ideas and vision to be birthed throughout the rest of our cycle.


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