The Inspired Guide - Issue #4

Page 82

Special Food Feature By Amanda Sears BASIC TASTY COLESLAW My mother-in-law Mary Sears introduced me to a delicious and very easy to make coleslaw - so I thought I would share it with you since Spring is a great time to think of getting more nutrients into you through food, but also you might be starting to socialise more and need a quick low-allergen dish to take to gatherings. Basically: Start with finely chopped cabbage then add to it! Here are just some of the ingredients Mary has used in her coleslaw - but you can chop and change in or out what you like and you a dressing of your choice. So very simple.


Issue #4 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2019

YOU WILL NEED: Cabbage finely shredded/chopped Carrot grated + any additional extras such as: Yams Radish Celery Baby spinach Spring onion Broccoli Nuts and seeds Currants or dried fruit Grate, finely chop, shred or whiz it all together. Dressing: Olive oil or avocado oil Sprinkle of celery salt Lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to taste