The Inspired Guide - Issue #18

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Well Being

With Amanda Sears BACK TO BALANCE I've certainly had my share of experiences of the love-hate relationship with my body. But right now I'm the heaviest I've ever been (by like 20kgs), I'm the healthiest inside that I've ever been and I love myself more than I've ever loved myself before! It's all about balance... I feel so blessed to have experienced what I have with my body, right from birth - so I had the opportunity of getting to know it in a really deep and meaningful way while still young. It may not be 'scientific' but these are some of the things I've learned while coming back into balance with my own body over the years. SIMPLE STEPS YOU CAN TAKE TO BRING YOUR BODY BACK INTO BALANCE & HARMONY LOVE Our thoughts, words and actions create our reality - whether you believe it or not - it is pretty clear when it comes to the body that this is true. Loving your body and thinking loving thoughts of your body release those happy feeling chemicals and the hating our body and speaking harshly to it most likely creates the opposite effect. So before anything else - you need to LOVE YOUR BODY. It is the most amazing thing in the whole world; the only constant companion you will have from birth to death - and without that beautiful body of yours you would just be a soul floating around not able to touch, smell, hear and sense this beautiful world... that's right... no chocolate! No matter what your body is up to at this now moment, love it; it has never betrayed you; it only loves you and wants the best for you. If you don't listen to the gentle nudges it will get louder - because it is so important to your existence here, it cannot keep quiet if you are killing yourself faster than your highest good! The body, just like all of life, is in a constant state of change and evolution - what you tell it in thoughts and words today is what it will become tomorrow... When you LOVE your body, living in it becomes much more enjoyable.


BREATHE As a child with severe asthma; a chronic pain sufferer and so insecure about my body that I always sucked my tummy in - it was no surprise that at 25 after a back injury - my amazing physio noticed I actually didn't breathe properly! WOW! I breathed shallow and fast... no wonder I got out of breath so fast! She helped me learn the importance of deep abdominal breathing, along with slow outbreaths to reduce anxiety - and showed me how to become more mindful around this so it became my default way of breathing. She suggested lying on a flat surface on your back with your hands on your tummy with the fingertips touching over your belly - then breathe in and fill your lungs and abdomen enough that the fingertips disconnect then reconnect on the out breath. If you are still struggling with breathing - check out the article from Nicky Mcleod in Issue 11 on breathing and the Buteyko Institute Method. MEDITATE Meditation can be silent and still, or it can be active - eventually it can actually become your default way of being. Meditation is clearing the mind, being in flow and shifting the brainwave frequencies into a relaxed state of bliss and receptivity. I try to be in a constant state of meditation but practice silent meditation in bed or on the couch AND active meditation while I am exercising or gardening. It is no surprise that people who practice daily meditation achieve more balance, peace, joy, happiness and even success in their lives - just try it for 10 minutes a day to start and see if you notice or feel any difference. Let those thoughts flow in and out again and focus on your breathing - eventually the thoughts reduce, your mind quiets (and this becomes the norm - no overthinking or over analysing everything anymore) and it even creates space for inner guidance to surface into your consciousness. Meditation is highly recommended and it is definitely worth it - reduce worry, anxiety, stress, overwhelm and increase peace, bliss, joy, awareness, calm and love. Issue #18 | The Inspired Guide | December 1st 2020