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"Life has no meaning; Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer." - Joseph Campbell

How to Make the Most out of

y o j n E & e m o c l e W Hello and welcome to Issue #16 of The Inspired Guide!

Designed to inform and inspire all who seek to live more conscious lives. The Inspired Guide encourages a holistic approach to soulful living which stems from our innate ability to create our own reality for a more conscious, joyful and balanced life.

Amanda Sears | Creator






For a balanced life it is important to incorporate mindfulness and personal development in all areas of our Mind, Body and Soul.

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Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

Read ANYWHERE! ♥ Read with an open mind ♥ ♥ There is no ‘one size fits all’ ♥ ♥ Hold no judgement ♥ ♥ Read what calls to you ♥

CONTENTS - #16 Get Involved ...... 6

Healthful Environments ...... 61

The Good Guide ...... 7

Lifestyle Extra ...... 63

Incidental Comics ...... 8

Living Naturally ...... 65

Inspiration on Instagram ...... 9-11

A Balanced Life ...... 67

Positively Podcasts ...... 12-16

An Inspired Life ...... 69

Short & Sweet ...... 18-21

Mindset Matters ...... 71

Creativity & Exhibition ...... 22-33

My Journey So Far ...... 73

Movement & Flow ...... 34-35

Conscious Creating ...... 74-75

Living Well ...... 37

Healing Modalities ...... 76-77

Travel & Adventure ...... 38-39

Insights into Animals ...... 78-79

Feel Great Food ...... 40-41

Well Being ...... 80-81

Food Extra ...... 42-43

Divine Inspiration ...... 82-83

Conscious Business ...... 44-45

Divine Guidance ...... 85

Helpful Herbs & Flowers ...... 46-47

Crystal Healing Extra ...... 86-89

Kids in the Garden ...... 48-49

Insights into Being ...... 90-91

A Nurtured Life ...... 50-51

Divinely Guided ...... 94-101

Naturally Nurtured ...... 52-53

A Twist in the Tale ...... 102-107

Lifestyle Extra ...... 55-57

Conscious Business Market ...... 108-109

Soulful Living ...... 58-59

Meet Our Contributors ...... 110-113 Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020


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Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

The Good Guide Not every day is a walk in the park or a breath of fresh air - but it can be... When you need a pick me up or something inspirational to shift that doom and gloom. Be uplifted & inspired with our carefully curated selection online... WATCH Look for the light in the world and you will see how bright it shines! Get a breath of fresh air with Good News! READ A book can teach you or take you away on a journey - often both... enjoy our selection of inspiring and uplifting books. ART Art is subjective... it can inspire, soothe or insight action among the viewer. Our collection hopes to do all of these things... BE INSPIRED Hear the words from great minds around the world! Watch inspiring videos and learn more about these people. LISTEN Soothe your soul, find that happy place and get your groove on with some of our uplifting musicians and singers.


Cover Art

'Spring Bliss' (2020) Photographic Art by Amanda Sears (Photo by Patrick Malleret |



We realise there is A LOT of great content in The Inspired Guide that you may want to find again, for example a chocolate cake recipe or steps on personal freedom... AND you probably don't want to search through all of our previous editions to find it! So we have created 'Topic' pages on the website where you can peruse for a certain topic that tickles your fancy OR find a topic from any edition to re-read or share. You can now use our simple search option to find a specific article by typing in what you are looking for! So easy!


SEARCH Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020



Grant began drawing comics in 2009 as an exploration of art, literature, and the creative process. He lives in Wichita, Kansas with his family, where he also practices orthodontics. You can often find him carrying a sketchbook, lost in his own thoughts. A collection of his comics have been published by Abrams in 'The Shape of Ideas' and 'I Will Judge You By Your Bookshelf'. Find him online: 8

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020





A huge book nerd and gamer with 5 cats, Dominee uses her life experiences to inspire you to really know and love yourself, to believe in yourself, trust your intuition, and realize that you have the ability to make all of your dreams come true. Follow on Instagram: @blessingmanifesting

A doctor & illustrator based in Christchurch, NZ, Greta started Me-Mo as a resource to encourage people to have more Me-Moments. Taking some time out to improve their mental wellbeing on a daily basis and to enjoy an inspired Me-Moment. Follow on Instagram: @memo.memoment

Becks is a counsellor, mindfulness coach and illustrator based in Nelson, NZ. She began illustrating mental health tools with a goal of making counselling and therapeutic techniques more accessible to everyone. Now they are a global resource! Follow on Instagram: @journey_to_wellness_

A 17 year old from Slovakia - known only as 'Teabag' she has loved drawing since she first held a pencil and never thought her digital doodles would get so much attention! Her doodles help with her own mental health and cheers her up. Follow on Instagram: @teabag.cartoon Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020




AMY CHARLETTE By Amy Charlette

ASJA BOROS By Asja Boros

Becca Reitz is an illustrator and graphic designer that resides in Denver, CO. Her work aims to capture the beauty and essence of the human experience – each piece is a visual representation of our truth, our journeys, our past, our future. Follow on Instagram: @becca_reitz

Amy's art is closely tied to her spiritual side and heavily influenced by yoga, nature, chinese medicine, metaphysics and sacred geometry. She creates art to inspire deeper connection to self, creativity, community, nature and the universe. Follow on Instagram: @amycharlette 10

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

Just an average guy residing in Ottawa, Canada, Boki writes, illustrates and shares content in the hopes of turning wondering eyes inwards. He loves art and quotes so it was natural to combine these into potent whispers for the mind, heart and soul. Follow on Instagram: @bokifide

Artist and illustrator based in Croatia, Asja's work reflects a deep desire to glance behind the curtains of daily reality, to go beyond all reason and dive into the mysterious realms of imagination and to explore her inner worlds in a playful way. Follow on Instagram: @asjaboros


Dani is an author, blogger, and designer living in Washington, DC. In 2009, she launched the website sharing experiences and insights on positivity and self-love! Now a global, destination for inspiration and resources. Follow on Instagram: @PositivelyPresent


Follow her on Instagram: @theself_carekit Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020



! s t s a c d o P


Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020





Jessica Reid is a Global Clairvoyant, Channel and Founder of Spirit Girls Collective and Gifted Experts! ​

In this episode, I have an amazing conversation with Tracey Spencer; award-winning coach, creative business mentor, speaker, author and the founder of Lightworkers Academy. We cover so much magic about business, living your light work, creativity and more!

With Viola Hug


Jessica’s expertise is to connect and communicate with Spirit to bring through guidance along your highest path, ​although she is even more passionate about helping you to utilise your own intuitive gifts – So you can have your Spirit Guides on speed dial too! ​ But she’s also just a fun, girly-girl, who travels, loves horse riding & camping out in nature!

*Episode may contain some explicit language

With Rachel White


Some of what we cover: • What a lightworker is and how you don’t need to be ‘spiritual’ to be one • What to do when you feel frustrated like things aren’t working in your business • How spirituality and business can party as one and letting intuition guide business decisions • How to allow your vision to lead you • How to invite the energy of your business into your energy to see which aspects need nourishment and focus

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020






With Katherine Rose


In this truly transformative conversation, I’m joined by Molly Luffy – a wildly intuitive, results-oriented, fun, irreverent, practical, direct and deeply spiritual professional and life coach. Her favourite work is connecting people with clarity about their Soul Purpose and Divine Mission so they can understand themselves well – and make a powerful impact in this world. Molly’s work blends intellect, strategy and intuition for high impact solutions to even the most complex problems. In our conversation, Molly shares intuitive insights into how to love yourself and your work, accept imperfection, ease anxiety, and throw away the to-do list to tap into your aligned divine mission…and find JOY! 14

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

With Rachael Kable

This episode was inspired by an episode of the Australian television show, 'You Can't Ask That'. In this episode, you'll hear about my own experiences with what-if thoughts and a simple 4-step process for coping with these types of thoughts. Step 1: Acknowledge the what-if thought Step 2: Practise mindfulness Step 3: Repeat step 1 and 2 Step 4: Seek good quality support. Thank you for listening and I hope you have a wonderful week.





Jessica Anwyl is here to redefine beauty and how you see yourself so you can love the skin you’re in. Through Jess’ experience with a rare skin condition and near-death illness she created In The Ra – an online home for healing with whole foods, and Ra Photography, which Jess describes as a blend of photography and art therapy.

The fantasy archetype of a stripper draws on many preconceptions, not the least of which are notions of perfection. Perfect bodies, perfect confidence. And the fantasy doesn’t leave much room for imperfection — or intuition.

With Sarah Jensen


In this episode Jess shares how Ra Photography came to life and how, at its heart, it’s a transformational photo shoot experience created to help you see yourself as beautiful.

With Jenna Teague & Ashley Looker


Today’s guest, stripper and CEO Lauren Allen, defies and redefines preconceptions and shows us how to harness the power of the intuitive hustler waiting within each of us.

We also talk openly about body image, breaking the shame cycle, and the power of listening to your body, and your intuition, no matter what kind of healing journey you’re on.

What You Will Learn About in this Episode: • The game-changing power of resilience • How stepping back and perspective are key to rooting out the lies perfectionism tells us • Why, like any other job, stripping is a job and a role and how stripping has helped Lauren grow her confidence

*Episode may contain some explicit language

*Episode may contain some explicit language Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020






In this week’s episode I chat with Katie Patrick, an environmental engineer and designer who applies data-driven, gamification, and behavior-change techniques to solve the world’s environmental problems.

Do you often resist masculine structure and leadership? Is your body screaming that it isn’t a good fit for you, or is it your fear/ego coming up to keep you safe from going outside your comfort zone? Do you often question whether it’s fear that’s holding you back or your intuition?

With Brooke & Ben McAlary

In our conversation, Katie shares how it’s only possible to access our full creative potential (the same creative potential that we need to access if we want to create world-changing solutions) if we learn to slow down. (Yes I said “Woah,” out loud when I first heard this.) Katie brings with her a completely new perspective on what it’s going to take to change the world, and it’s a refreshing, hope-filled, imagination-fuelled joy to listen to. This episode has so much juicy goodness for us to think about and I can’t wait to see what world-shaking changes it brings about in all of us. 16

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

With Maddy Moon

It can be tricky to navigate structure and leadership with our flow and creativity. It can be difficult to distinguish between a hard “no” and what fear is telling us we should do to keep us safe. It can be challenging to know if it’s our intuition or our laziness that’s keeping us from going on the date, attending the networking event, starting our own business, etc. If you’ve been trying to navigate these waters, in this podcast Madelyn explains how she checks in with herself to know whether it’s intuition or fear. She gives you several examples, as well as offers her best tools, so you can easily move forward with processing your decisions with ease.

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020



Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020





How do you deal with challenging times? Do you have tools to deal with seasons of turmoil? We have a strong 'survival' instinct. When continuously 'on' we can end up living in suspicion and negativity. Consciously and unconsciously we absorb fear through immersion in social media and the news. Hopelessness, fear, confusion, insecurity, anxiety, overwhelm, loneliness, addiction. These triggers are needs that want to be met. How we interact with our needs determines how healthy we are. Ask yourself what do you turn to? News? If so, you will get stuck in survival mode. Question to ask, what are your needs? Are you carrying too much? Bringing work home and vice versa. Do you add more and justify it, or shame yourself for not coping? Be careful as these extra burdens are easy to pile on, but they come with disempowering emotions. Weight carried for a long time feels familiar and accepted. But is it OK? Do you have a healthy relationship with your needs?

A recent experience reminded me to be extra vigilant about how and where I focus my energy.

With Angela Miccio-Harris

Four common mistakes when fronting the root cause of problems: 1. Using friends instead of guides. Friends give hope and encouragement yes, but are they victorious or gifted in your area of need? 2. Choosing instant gratification over long term reward 3. Blindness or denial of what you are carrying. (You cannot solve it if you won’t own it ) 4. Procrastination The best motivator is to carry HOPE inside you – Did you know the true meaning of hope is 'positive expectancy'.

With Amanda Sears

Love, patience, abundance, positivity, hope, worthiness, kindness, care and compassion OR Fear, hate, anger, sorrow, pain, lack, regret, blame, negativity, annoyance or resentment Imagine that your energy feeds a big machine that impacts the whole world with its output... what goes in, is what comes out. What energy would you feed it? At the moment it may be easy to feed it fear and mistrust, but that is exactly what it pours back out into the world... If you do slip into the denser energies of fear, anxiety or anger - get yourself out of there as fast as possible and shift the energy into a higher, nicer feeling and more loving state of being. You can: • Sit outside in the sunshine with your feet on the earth and breathe deeply of the fresh air • Dance, listen and sing to your favourite music • Meditate in silent stillness or actively through gardening, running, painting, cooking, etc. • Pat, cuddle or play with animals (or watch cute videos of animals online - immediate joy) • Do more of what brings you joy for as long as you can, as much and as often as you can • Stop, breathe and allow the feelings, emotions and energy to just flow through and let them go • Remember that it will pass and that LOVE is your natural state of being. Life is much more joyful, lighter and brighter for EVERYONE if you feed everything with love and kindness - and it is actually easier and more natural too. Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020






Carnelian is a great crystal to use when you need a boost of confidence, energy or courage. It is a highly active crystal and one which increases our zest for life.

Petrified wood promotes patience and slow, steady growth. It helps to heal past lives through past life recall and is especially useful in grounding any insights which come through from our past lives. It can also help one to recall suppressed memories from childhood in order for one to confront them, heal them and then move on. Petrified wood can bring insight into ancestral issues which have passed down through generations.

With Kimberly Stewart

Carnelian activates all of the lower chakras- the root, sacral and solar plexus- which brings passionate, assertive and creative energies to the user. With a complete activation of the lower chakras, life force energy and vitality flow easily. Carnelian is a great crystal to wear or have in your pocket when you are going for a job interview, need to convince others of your ideas or if you are tasked with creating something from scratch. Its energy stimulates courage and bravery in even the most insecure people. If you have gone through a particularly exhausting time or are feeling fatigued then regular use of carnelian with pick up your energy levels. Use carnelian only during waking hours- if used at bedtime it can cause over stimulation of the mind and body.

With Kimberly Stewart

Petrified wood is a strengthening crystal and it has a very positive effect on the body as it increases one’s general strength and vitality. Its masculine energy is great for general bone health and its energy helps support the whole skeletal system. Petrified wood activates the root and third eye chakras which gives it the ability to help one intuitively know which areas of the body need strengthening.

Physically, carnelian boosts our physical strength, vitality and sexual energy. If things have been lacking in the bedroom lately then carnelian will get your sex drive back.

Petrified wood encourages peace within oneself and reminds us to be patient when needed. It is particularly good at taking away the frustration which can be connected to impatience and can bring a sense of slow-steady growth to our spiritual pursuits. Petrified wood harmonises well with amethyst and clear quartz. When coupled with one of these stones its energy is magnified.

It is an ideal crystal to use after illnesses such as the flu, as it aids recovery and helps us regain our strength. Carnelian can also aid the detoxing process from drugs and alcohol.

If your interest lies in viewing past civilisations and places then Petrified Wood can help you view these easier during meditation or while asleep.


Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020





Imagination is a great way to dream big, to explore possibilities, to relax and to calm yourself; however many people use their powers of imagination to create anxiety and fear in their life - by worrying what if this or that happens - but you can use imagination in the opposite way too!

Do you feel 'empowered' in your life? Or are you just coasting along in the back seat watching it go by and letting everyone else direct the flow? For most of our lives we are taught that everything is outside of us and outside of our 'control' - would it surprise you to know that everything is actually WITHIN you? Including your personal power - oh, yes, some people give their personal power away which is called disempowerment but you can actually have ALL your power back within you in a breath and be EMPOWERED in all you think, be and do!

With Amanda Sears

Imagination helps you to come up with ideas from your heart, soul and higher mind; then passion leads you on the path to realising them. As children we daydreamed, played and created worlds in our heads and told wild stories then as we 'grew up' many of us were told that 'dreaming' was not the way to live; to be 'realistic', to think smaller. Then movies, art, books and gaming became our only way of venturing into the world of fantasy - even though these realms were proof in action that imagination was a 'real life' way of living for some - a realised dream! Our body and brains can't tell the difference between 'reality' and 'fantasy or imagination' which is why a 'fictional' story can leave you in tears or fearful - what if this 'fictional world' the 'Imagination Land' was just another version of your multidimensional reality? Is it real or fiction? Anything is possible - just look at the world right now - could you have ever imagined this? What grand visions can you imagine for your body, health, lifestyle, money, work, travel, clothing, friendship, etc! Get imagining! We don't even know ALL that IS possible - so we might as well imagine our dream life and seek to live it BIG!

With Amanda Sears

How to Take Your Power Back: • Ask questions about everything and discern for yourself the truth for you in the now moment. • Know that everything is happening FOR you. • Use your energy to focus on the positive things. • Find your passion for life and get excited about all the things you can do every single day. • Get knowledgeable about daily living; could there be a better, more joyful way to do things? • Familiarise yourself with your finances and empower yourself with your money - you may find you do not need to work as much as you think! • Get to know yourself; what you like and don't like, what brings you joy and what doesn't. Then do more of what brings you joy! EASY! • Check your belief systems about EVERYTHING. • Embrace the fear and learn/do something new! • Get to know your business - what each person, process and system does and why, at all levels. With great knowledge comes great empowerment! Get passionate about your life and know you are the creator of it! Take your power back! Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020



Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

Creativity + Exhibition With Guest Josephine Davis "I have always loved the way the sunshine and moonlight play upon the earth, water, and ultimately our imagination, where anything is possible"

What inspires you? Most of my inspiration has come from places and things I have experienced and seen. The way light plays on water and on land and fellow artists including my daughter Oliva Bezett and my son Anton.

I was raised on a steep hill country farm in the Motu area with Gisborne (NZ) approximately an hours drive away. Being so remote I had to ride my horse to school so I was always distracted and always late. I now live on the Hibiscus coast, but still visit the farm every chance I get.

Advice for others on their creative path: Don't be afraid of trying something new, experiment, get a sketchbook and "do a drawing everyday" are words my mother told me.

I was very lucky to have a mother who was an artist, Lois Davis (nee Watkins) who studied at the Christchurch School of Art, graduating in 1947, so I have been drawing and painting from a very early age.

I was always told to draw what you see, not what you think you see... Drawing and painting from life can be very revealing, but I see fairies, so don't put limits on your imagination and most of all, have fun creating.

When younger, you would usually find me painting in the bush at the farm close to a big old Puriri tree which has, and is still known as 'the fairy tree' - the fairies came a little later.

Find out more on her Website:

I started with watercolour as it seemed easier and I didn't make so much of a mess. I have tried all sorts of mediums but love oils because they are so forgiving if you make a 'booboo'. Inspiration is everywhere, but mine usually starts off with more of a feeling then expands on that. Occasionally I will dream it, but it is never quite the masterpiece I imagined... What is your earliest creative memory? That's a hard one, but I do remember an art competition that had hand puppets as a prize. I had to imagine and paint how I'd save this little cartoon character who'd fallen into the lake. I remember painting fairies on lily pads, pushing with long sticks and frogs, water rats, dragonflies all trying to help. Alas I didn't win because I left out a crucial element to make me qualify having had misread the instructions - it was an advertising feature for their product which was a can of soup I think - which was meant to be included!

Josephine Davis 'Bambi in the Woods II' (2018) Oil on Board

I CRIED FOR AGES... so I have been told.. Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020



Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

Josephine Davis 'Summer Twilight Gathering' (2018) Oil on Board

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020



Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

Josephine Davis 'First Light in the Fairy Kingdom' (2018) Oil on Canvas

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020



Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

Josephine Davis 'Disturbance' (2018) Oil on Canvas

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020



Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

Josephine Davis 'The Enchanting Story' (2018) Oil on Canvas

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020


Josephine Davis 'Imagine, A Leap of Faith' (2018) Oil on Canvas 32

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

Josephine Davis 'Coral Sky' (2018) Oil on Canvas Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020


Movement & Flow

If viewing the magazine online click the ‘play’ button to watch the video 34

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020


With Tania Huddart

Move Your Spine

MOVE YOUR SPINE (30 MIN) With Tania Huddart This class will help you move your spine. You will start with warming up your pelvis, lower back and ribcage before starting to mobilise your whole spine with bridges, a modified double leg r ollup, a 'walking' twist, side bend variations, goalpost extensions, and slinky cats. Tania Huddart | Hearts and Bones Pilates |

>> Direct link to video:


With Michael Toru

Yoga to Raise Your Vibe

YOGA TO RAISE YOUR VIBE (30 MIN FLOW) With Michael Toru Join me for this 30 minute all-levels yoga flow practice designed to clear away stagnant energy in the body and energize you for the day ahead! This is a total body flow to stretch and strengthen into all the areas you need most to thrive. Michael Toru | Yoga with Michael |

>> Direct link to video:

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020



Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

Living Well

With Tania Huddart THE BENEFITS OF WALKING FOR OLDER ADULTS Walking daily benefits your mind and body. Regular walking acts as a break on our aging brains and may even reverse it. We often take our ability to walk for granted but it is the easiest form of exercise we can do and best of all it is free. Walking has big benefits for your mind and body and goes easy on your wallet. What’s not to like? WALKING & YOUR BRAIN Recent research looked at the ways the learning and memory centers of the brain responded in older adults who participated in walking groups. They looked for people who walked three times a week. The walks didn’t have to be demanding. The results over a year showed these adults reversed their aging by approximately 2 years. They also showed an increase in the volume of the brain areas studied. This suggests that regular walking changes the very structure of the brain itself. A quote by Shane O’Mara sums this effect of walking on the brain: “you don’t get old until you stop walking, and you don’t stop walking because you’re old”. Walking can also improve your creativity, mood and sharpen your thinking. REDUCE INFLAMMATION & IMPROVE YOUR SLEEP Are you feeling frustrated, have anxiety, and an aching, tired body? Why not try to walk barefoot for at least 30 minutes and see how you feel. Walking barefoot is a powerful strategy called 'grounding'. Walk anywhere, on grass, concrete, a forest track or the beach. Kick-off your shoes and ‘ground’ yourself with the earth’s surface. Multi-disciplinary research has revealed that contact of the human body with the surface of the earth produces positive effects on our physiology and health. Such as reducing inflammation, improving our immune responses, and wound healing. It may even help hot flushes during menopause too.

WALKING PROTECTS YOUR HEART Daily walking can reduce certain fats called triglycerides. These fats are thought to underlie some forms of heart and cardiovascular disease. At the same time daily walking can produce high-density lipo-proteins thought to protect the heart. Daily walking can markedly protect the heart. HOW MUCH WALKING SHOULD YOU DO? Do you head to the gym or do other forms of exercise instead of walking? Why not give walking a go? New research shows that among older women, approximately 4400 steps/day was significantly related to lower mortality rates. “Every step counts” says Professor Min-Lee, “but don’t be intimidated by having to get 10,000 steps if you are a woman in post-menopause". A goal of 10 000 steps/day is commonly believed by the public to be necessary for health but science does not back this up. The phrase 'movement is medicine' is correct. Many drugs come with side effects but movement doesn’t. Walking is a ‘drug’ that only has positive effects. The good news is that it is never too late for anyone to start walking. Make a commitment to yourself today and try and take a walk every day. Keep a diary of how your mood changes and the physical sensations you experience while walking. Walk in a mindful way, observing, listening and sensing your environment.

Tania Huddart Hearts & Bones Pilates Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020


Travel & Adventure With Isaac from Prowalk Tours Ciao, I’m Isaac and I’m the guy behind the camera in the walking tour videos. For the last six years, my family and I have been living in Naples, Italy where I have been working as a high school math teacher on the US Navy Base. My two oldest children both attend the school where I teach. In fact, this year I have my son in class for the first time. He is thrilled. My wife stays home with our youngest son who is about to start his first year of pre-k. She is also actively involved in a Christian women’s group. Over the last six years we have traveled all over Italy and other parts of Europe. It is after traveling to a new location with the family that I start to begin planning a walk for my YouTube ProWalk Tours channel. This often starts by drawing out a familiar route on Google Earth. Then, I research all the sites that are not to be missed and add them to my walking path. By the time I am finished, I have the entire route mapped out and memorized. I started my Youtube channel, Prowalk Tours, in early 2017 after my Uncle asked me to film a walk around Naples for him to watch while he walked on his treadmill. At the time, there were just a few random walking videos on Youtube but no channels dedicated to walking tours. In the first year of the channel, I posted up 45 videos, gained just over 1,000 subscribers and had a total of 75,500 views. Now, nearly 4 years later, the channel is closing in on 200,000 subscribers and gets an average of 76,000 views per day. Those 76,000 views equate to a staggering 2.7 years of watch time each day. 38

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

What began as a channel for treadmill walks has turned into a travel channel where viewers can get the most authentic travel experience possible right from the comfort of their own home. Throughout this Youtube journey, the most rewarding piece of all has been reading the comments and learning how the videos have had such a positive and meaningful impact on people’s lives. Some viewers watch the videos to help plan their next trip abroad while others watch to re-experience trips from the past. I have received countless comments from viewers who are disabled or have medical conditions which prevent them from traveling who share how the videos have given them a window to a world they would otherwise never know. It has been my pleasure to film and edit these walks. Recently, I filmed several walks around Sicily and northern Italy as well as a few in Paris. These walks will all be posted up over the next few months on my YouTube channel. Enjoy! Isaac Prowalk Tours



This walk around the Giza Pyramid Complex was filmed on a Sunday morning in January of 2019. The walk begins on the Khafre causeway near the entrance to the Mortuary Temple of Khafre. During this tour you will see all three pyramids up close while captions pop-up with information on each location. The tour continues around the Sphinx and ends with a short stroll through the neighborhood in front of the pyramids. Direct Link:



The Garden of Ninfa is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world. It also has a very interesting history. Ninfa started as a town on the main route between Rome and Naples. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the Holy Roman Empire gave this land to the Pope. Years later in 1297, another Pope gave the property to his nephew, a member of the Caetani family. The property was owned by the Caetani family for 680 years, all the way up until 1977. Ninfa has been the site of an English Garden since 1921. Direct Link:

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020



Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

Feel Great Food With Lee Holmes RAW BERRY & CHOCOLATE TORTE (Originally Published By Lee On January 29, 2015) If you want to make new friends, this tantalising torte is a sure-fire way to do it. Who could resist a rich, chocolate and berry dessert that is completely guilt-free? You and your new best friends will be bursting with bliss after just one mouthful. I’ve included cacao in this recipe to give it chocolaty oomph. A hype-worthy quality of cacao is that it can be used to make chocolate, the most popular food craved by many due to its unique chemistry, taste and sensory properties. Real chocolate really is, and always has been full of remarkable health boosting qualities. It just hasn’t been created the most healthful way. The key to unlocking the potential of chocolate is to devour it in its raw, natural state; the way nature intended. Make your own scrummy chocolaty treats at home using raw cacao products such as raw cacao powder, nibs, beans, and butter. These days you can pick these goodies up at just about every natural health food store, and they can all be used to make a host of delectable desserts and sumptuous smoothies, while also topping you up with mountains of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. If you want to get into the kitchen and whip up a raw delicacy then my decadent Berry and Chocolate Torte will deliver you a choccy fix whilst resting in the knowledge that it’s bringing health and healing to your body, rather than zapping energy and taxing your immune system with highly processed ingredients. Note to you, the commercial chocolate treats that you’ve previously loved will taste like cardboard compared to the lively flavours of this homemade desert! If the facts don’t convince you, the delectable, taste of cacao and the sweetness of the berries will!


INGREDIENTS Base • 175g (6 oz/11/2 cups) raw walnuts • Zest of 1 lemon • 1/2 cup dried berries • 60ml (2 fl oz/1/4 cup) melted extra virgin coconut oil • 1 teaspoon stevia powder Filling • 155g (51/2 oz/1 cup) raw, unsalted cashews • 40g (11/2 oz/1/3 cup) raw cacao powder • 115g (4 oz) cacao butter, grated and melted • 2 tablespoons rice malt syrup, or 1 teaspoon stevia powder • 2 tablespoons additive-free coconut milk • Juice of 1 lemon • 2 cups mixed berries, plus extra, for decorating (optional) METHOD • Place the cashews in a bowl, cover with filtered water and soak for 2 hours. Drain. • To make the base, place the walnuts in a food processor and blend until they are finely chopped. Transfer to a bowl and add the lemon zest. • Place the coconut oil and dried berries in the food processor and blend. Add to the walnut mixture and combine well. • Press the mixture into a 20 cm (8 inch) spring form cake tin and chill in the freezer for 30 minutes. • To make the filling, place all the ingredients in the food processor and blend until smooth. • Remove the base from the freezer and spoon the filling over the top. • Chill for 2 hours in the fridge, or 1 hour in the freezer, until set. Scatter over the extra berries before serving. This will keep in an airtight container for up to 1 week in the fridge, or 2 weeks in the freezer. Lee Holmes Supercharged Food Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020



Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

Food Extra

With Guest Donna (Whole Food Bellies) BAKED BANANA BREAKFAST DONUTS If you like baked banana and baked donuts, then this is definitely the recipe for you. Light and fluffy, egg, dairy, refined sugar and gluten-free, these homemade breakfast donuts are ready to take your breakfast game to a whole new level. These baked banana breakfast doughnuts will fill up your hungry belly and leave you feeling ready to take on the day. The perfect grab-andgo breakfast, or top with some banana frosting and pair with a cup of tea for a delicious afternoon snack These are pretty easy to make up and don't take much time at all. Ok ok, baked banana in a donut may not be the first thing you think of when you think of healthy, cleansing foods. We all know healthy is a subjective term... However, I have a serious sweet tooth that really needs to be kept in check, and I find that having something sweet and delicious like these donuts on hand will (hopefully) stop me from reaching for the chocolate bars stashed at the back of the pantry when afternoon cravings hit. They also make a better quick breakfast option than a lot of the breakfast foods on the market. These breakfast donuts are full of natural, wholesome ingredients which sits well with me. I am not going to serve them every day, but I am also not going to worry if this is what we grab on the way out the door on a busy morning.


Prep Time 5 mins Cook Time 24 mins INGREDIENTS • 3/4 cup oat flour (see notes below for making your own). Choose gluten free oats to keep this gluten free • 1 1/2 tsp baking powder • 1/4 tsp sea salt • 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon • 1/3 cup pure maple syrup • half of a super ripe banana - mashed • 1/3 cup oat milk or other milk of your choosing • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract INSTRUCTIONS • Preheat oven to 150oC (300oF) and lightly grease a donut tray (I use fractionated coconut oil) • Combine the oat flour, baking powder, salt and cinnamon in a large bowl • Add in the maple syrup, mashed banana, oat milk and vanilla. Stir well to combine • Spoon the batter into the donut tray (there will be enough for 6 donuts) • Bake for 24 minutes, they should be firm to the touch • Allow to cool in the tray for 10 minutes, before removing and popping onto a cooling rack Notes To make your own oat flour, just process the desired amount of whole oats in a food processor until it resembles a fine flour. Donna Mansour Whole Food Bellies

What if you don't have a donut tin? If you don't have a donut tin, don't fret. They work just as well when made up as regular sized muffins which need to be baked for the same length of time. Or make up a big batch of mini muffins and reduce baking time to around 15 minutes. Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020



Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

Conscious Business With Guest Fossil Creek Farm Questions answered by: Jude Porteous & Lloyd Tibble (Owners) Lloyd and I met 2 years ago and quickly discovered we shared a passion for nature, animals and enjoying life. It was this mutual love that led us to Fossil Creek Farm 1 year ago after joking about needing more space for horses. The property was on the market at the time and when I saw it I fell in love - 100 acres of rolling hills, meandering streams and mature native trees with a cosy farm-style home nestled in the Wairoa Valley Gorge of Tasman, New Zealand. We started with a couple of dogs and now have filled our farm with mostly rescue animals and treasured friends of all sizes whom we love! We currently have 9 horses (and 4 wild Kaimanawa horses), 4 miniature horses, 3 miniature donkeys, 20 alpacas, 25 cows, 6 goats, 3 dogs, 10 ducks, 2 cats AND the freshwater crayfish, eels, birds and bees that live on the land and in the water. Since purchasing the farm we have gardened extensively, tidied up, added a cute little bridge and picnic tables; done up an old barn for the animals to shelter safely and are planting out a vegetable garden to complement the already established fruit and nut trees ... Paradise ... How do you do business more consciously? To share our version of paradise, we choose to open our home and farm to the public in a variety of ways in the hope that we can add a little sunshine to people's lives. The opportunity for children to interact with animals in a farm environment is an important consideration for us as we see the benefit of children slowing down and having experiences in nature. We farm with animal welfare as our top priority and we care for the land to the best of our ability knowing that we are handing on the stewardship of the farm to Jude's children in years to come. We try to keep our charges low so that we balance being accessible for everyone but still cover the cost of feeding the animals; most of whom are rescue animals now in their forever homes.

Describe your unique business attributes: Our farm tours are a chance to interact with our animals in their environment while taking in the meandering spring fed streams that wend their way down the farm tracks. Lloyd and Hayden are the main tour guides and are both happy to let each small group set their own pace. Jude's animal and nature based therapy stems from a deep love and connection with animals. Five years of study in the social sciences and a passion to help people find their way in challenging times means that Jude is able to offer professional, and enriching therapy, utilising the magic of Fossil Creek Farm. (Read about it on page 76) Our Airbnb attracts people from all over the world. It is a self contained area within our large farmhouse; well equipped for families with children. Books, toys, and board games replace TV, cellphone coverage and high speed wifi. People are woken by the birds and can star gaze to their hearts content with no light pollution at night. All activities on Fossil Creek farm are carried out with respect and consideration for the animals and the beautiful environment of the farm. How have you found doing business this way? Covid19 forced us to close the Airbnb for a short time and rethink ways to share our slice of heaven with others. 'Lockdown' allowed for time to settle all the animals into their new home and 2020 seems to be the best time to be offering support and a chance to reconnect with nature. We had always envisioned Jude eventually offering Therapy involving the animals and the farm. Likewise the plan had always been to reduce Lloyd's hours at work away from the farm, with this falling into place recently the time became available for Lloyd to start the small group farm tours which have been a lot of fun and greatly appreciated. We have been blessed with a chance to live our very best lives and enjoy sharing our blessings with others. Find out more on their Facebook: Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020



Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

Helpful Herbs & Flowers With Minette Tonoli CHICKWEED

Full of vitamins and minerals it is a very nutritive green.

Don’t just pull your weeds! Eat them! Indeed, a great many plants that are known as common weeds in gardens, and disposed of with a vengeance by traditional gardeners, are actually highly nutritious and medicinal herbs. One of these, in abundance in gardens in my area at the moment, is chickweed!

Because the leaves are high in saponins, some caution is advised in regular consumption. Saponins, although toxic, are very poorly absorbed by the body and are broken down by cooking. Generally passing through the body without causing any harm; eating large quantities are not advisable, as is eating them when pregnant or breastfeeding.


“What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson Chickweed, Stellaria media, is a fast growing sprawling annual to about 10cm. It is in leaf all year round and flowers pretty much all the time too! Preferring moist soils and even at home in heavy clay, it grows in semi shade or full sun and has a knack for coming up in cultivated garden beds. It’s easy to identify by its tiny starry white flowers that have five deeply divided petals - making it look like there are 10 petals, and the soft green oval, pointed-tip leaves that grow in opposite pairs. Two other tricks to make sure you are foraging for the correct weed if flowers are not visible the stem, when broken has a thin inner thread that stretches like a rubber band when you pull it gently, and it has peculiarly, only one single row of hairs on the stem. If you are in areas that don’t have severe winters and continuous frosts, you may even find it all through the winter months of the year. But it is most prolific in the cool seasons of very early spring and later autumn. Culinary The leaves are edible and quite tasty*. They can be eaten raw, tossed into salads or in sandwiches. Used as a pot herb and cooked; leaves, stems and flowers can be used added to soups and stews.


Medicinal Stellaria media has a long history of use as a folk medicine, especially to soothe any severe itchy skin condition (internally and as a topical treatment) and is still often used in herbal salves and ointments for eczema and psoriasis. Taken as a food or tea, it is also said to be a traditional remedy for chest complaints and makes an excellent circulatory tonic. It is soothing to the digestive tract and is further mentioned for easing pain of arthritic swollen joints; as a tea, salve and by taking chickweed baths. Garden Chickweed is useful in the food forest as a living mulch, creating a dense prostate carpet that spreads indefinitely, and is a dynamic accumulator. It is also noted as attracting beneficial insects to the garden space. Animals Named CHICKweed for a reason - all domesticated birds seem to love it. My poultry enjoy chickweed treats and I give it to my chickens, ducks, and quail. The aviary birds - budgies, finches, parakeets and cockatiels get very excited over this green too! It’s not only birds, but also pigs, guinea pigs and rabbits that seem to enjoy chickweed, although, and I’ve not tested this, apparently it’s not eaten by sheep or goats. Minette Tonoli MeadowSweet Herbs & Flowers

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020



Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

Kids in the Garden With Minette Tonoli CHILDREN IN THE GARDEN

Children and nature. Kids and gardening. Terms that are more and more prevalent wherever early childhood development is mentioned. There is a global trend of a fast growing nature movement, specifically with regards to children with nature-based education centres popping up everywhere; even mainstream schools are adopting gardening programs as a subject of importance. Over the past few years experts have argued, and (scientific research has confirmed) the importance of getting children (re)engaged with their natural world. Besides countering the aptly coined term 'Nature Deficit Disorder' - which has been making the rounds since the release of his book 'The Last Child in the Woods' by Richard Louv - the benefits of being in nature (and getting 'Vitamin N'), is manyfold – children who regularly engage in outdoor activities in a natural setting can be more relaxed, exhibit a happier general emotional disposition, are able to show more resilience, may have greater emotional intelligence, learn and sleep better, and enjoy better physical health. All humans are hard-wired to love nature and need exposure to our natural world - it’s the reason why we holiday at scenic places, grow gardens, and enjoy pictures of natural vistas. Indeed, when we withdraw from nature, we can suffer solastalgia (a term coined by Australian professor Glenn Albrecht). Conversely, if we live in spaces that maximise our Vitamin N, researchers at the University of Michigan demonstrated that an hour of nature interaction improved memory and attention by 20 percent. Being in nature is also physically and psychologically healing - patients who have views of gardens or parks show faster recuperation times and less negativity toward their hospital stay, while 'nature bathing' is becoming a prescription from psychologists to combat anxiety, depression and anger. If it works this well for adults, imagine what regular enjoyment of nature activities can do for the developing minds and bodies of our children.

An easy way to get children involved with nature and nature activities, is to garden with them! 10 Reasons why Gardening is Good for Kids: 1. It offers a multisensory experience of the wonder of nature. 2. It provokes interest and enthusiasm for our natural world and the protection of our planet and an understanding that their actions have an impact on the world they live in. 3. It offers easy integration with many subjects such as maths, science, language & literacy, arts and creativity to better their knowledge and understanding of the world. 4. It is fun! And it can create fond memories to last a lifetime. 5. It encourages fine and gross motor skills. 6. Kids learn first-hand about nature – plants, mini beasts, animals, seasons, weather, soil and lifecycles and the effect everything has on each other. First-hand experiences tend to be much better incorporated into life and remembered than textbook only teachings. 7. Gardening and working with nature can build self-esteem, offering a sense of achievement and satisfaction. 8. When children garden, they learn to care for something living. 9. They learn where their food comes from! 10. It encourages children to recycle and reuse. In the subsequent issues of The Inspired Guide, I hope to guide adults to take some time each month to engage with the children in their care in nature experiences by offering easy to do gardening projects. Minette Tonoli MeadowSweet Herbs & Flowers Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020


A Nurtured Life With Lorella Doherty WATERING SEEDS For the second time in the last few months some really big things have come up for me that have consumed me with worry. Although I am a positive minded person, who is not inclined to get very anxious, and is pretty accustomed to trusting in what is. Sometimes my thoughts still take me down the worrying rabbit warren. A few months ago I had an accident that left me with a head injury. It was a giant learning curve for me for this very thing. One day after two weeks of lying on the couch, with a body that was not functioning and a brain that was still very foggy, sore, overwhelmed and unable to perform the simplest tasks; a conversation with someone ‘trying to help’, about how long winded recovery can take had me in tears. A friend taking care of me who witnessed this conversation, that went a little like this “well you know healing a head injury takes a very long time, it can take a year and a half”, helped me see it through a different lens after the ‘only trying to be helpful’ person left. My friend said to me: “You know that is their story and experience. You imagine what you want your healing to look like and focus on that.” And so that’s exactly what I did. And within the week I was back to walking properly and my recovery really sky rocketed. Even the comments I got about a lengthy recovery, I simply let wash over me as not having to be my experience. Attached to this accident were some heart issues which were picked up while I was in hospital and required me to have some scans done. The heart specialist had given me all of the scenarios from very best - being no complications - to worst case which was sudden heart attack in my 40’s (I am 37) and heart surgery. As the date for the scans came closer I started worrying about the worst case scenarios more than the best case scenario... It was like a seed had been planted, and I was watering it (and feeding it some growth hormones), and it was taking root and invading me like a noxious weed. 50

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

Except this time I knew the power of focusing on what I wanted the outcome to be; so I did just that. As soon as that seed's roots started tingling to be watered, I tended to my own seeds instead; the reality that I wanted to create. I planted a garden bed full of seeds in abundance, and I watered them with visions of a healthy heart, one that beat regularly, one that was as it should be with all the compartments beautifully in place and valves that did as they should when they should. I saw my body filled with healthy clean blood, that allowed me to thrive, and a heart that was loving and beautiful and strong. I watered my own seeds when ever I thought to; every time I showered, before bed, upon waking. I even started saying nice things to my heart. I do a lot of loving so I actually feel pretty grateful for this beating beautiful mass in my body and I thought I had better start letting it know this! My scans 2 weeks later came back 100% healthy. Now 4 months on, I find myself in a new challenging scenario, but again one that is pulling me into my worrying self. If anyone has tween/ teenage daughters you will be well aware it can be a scary time to raise them in the age of technology and all that it creates for them. There are a LOT of seeds that are planted, and can be watered with worrying thoughts from bullying, eating problems, self-harm, sexuality, suicide - the list goes on. And it seems not many escape being effected to some degree at some stage. As I found myself watering these seeds, I knew I was being called again to plant my own seeds and tend to them lovingly and diligently. It’s not about hoping for the best, and thinking happy thoughts. I can’t just hope for the best for her. I have to actively partake in creating this outcome I want to be for her. We need to be laying down the foundation for what we want to manifest in our lives. It’s creating a fertile garden with all those things that are going to make the seeds we want to be our reality, be able to grow and flourish.

It’s about not focusing our energy on something we do not want to happen, and instead using that much needed energy to create what we do want to happen. It’s about consciously and purposefully creating our reality and believing that we can create the best possible outcome, but doing so with a flair of trust in what will be. And if it is not what we were hoping to manifest; perhaps it was not meant to be that way and the universe has something slightly different in store for us, and that our gardens are bigger than what we can see alone. But the outcome might just be a new kind of beautiful and this new beautiful garden will be filled with the environment to flourish also. Watch the seeds you are tending too, for life has the capacity to be filled with beauty. Lorella Doherty Writer

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020


Naturally Nurtured With Gaylene Hansen CARING FOR PARENTS - NAVIGATING BEING A NEW MOTHER OR FATHER Life can be challenging at times and we do not have a step by step guide for every situation we find ourselves in. Parenting is like a dance of observation, interaction and response in meeting our own and our baby's and children’s needs. As each child is a unique individual, one style of parenting does not fit all. Within this, how often do we consider the physical, mental, emotional and social changes we are experiencing as a mother or father and the powerful sense of love and protection we have for our child. What if we then add extreme tiredness and the expectations of society? In short, being a parent can at times be overwhelming and for some it may feel like they lose themselves in the process. As we navigate our way through this, remember we are doing the best we can with the knowledge and understanding we have at a given moment. So …. • Take a moment to quietly sit with your thoughts. Take a conscious breath and tune into yourself, your mind and body. Be aware of any sensation you feel, where it is in your body and what it feels like for you. A colour, size, shape, memory, and emotion may come into your awareness. Acknowledge and accept whatever is coming up. • Maybe you have a concern for yourself, your partner, or your child? Ask, what does my baby, child, partner need? What do I need right here, right now. Look at your thoughts and the situation with curiosity. Maybe there is something to learn. • What resources do you have - your own inner self and strength, family, loved ones, friends…. What resources will enable you to feel nurtured and able to move forward. 52

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

• Maybe use some of your self calming strategies. Become aware, ‘that even though I am experiencing … I am ok. I can feel, I can choose to feel calmer and I can breathe and settle myself’. Maybe you can use some of the strategies highlighted within last month’s Inspired Guide article, ‘Loving Connection, connecting with ourselves and others’. • Avoid strict deadlines. When life brings you things not on your plan, go with the ‘dance’. With respect and kindness for yourself, without expectations of how it should be, without comparison to others, life flows with more ease. Trust your instincts, your inner knowing and ask ‘what else is possible’. • Ask yourself ‘Who am I and who do I want to be, both as ‘myself' and as a parent. What do I know about raising this child. What parenting style does my child need. Follow your child’s lead of what they are telling you - their voice, their actions, their expressions. • Consider your own infancy and childhood. What beliefs might you be carrying from your own experiences and how are these influencing how you respond. It can be very liberating to learn and understand why we respond as we do in a situation. Going back to your early years with gentle processes such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Matrix Reimprinting and Matrix Birth Reimprinting can be life changing for you and your children. • Don’t give up on a bad day. Take each as temporary, that ‘this too shall pass’ even though it may feel ‘for ever’ when experiencing it. Set small achievable goals and add to them as you feel able. Embrace challenges that arise. • Provide yourself with nourishing food. Take time out, even a few minutes - a walk, a nap. Share and convey your needs with your partner, friend, loved one. • If you are planning to become a parent or are pregnant, prepare for your little one’s arrival as much as you can.

Read, listen, follow what resonates with you but also be open to other possibilities you have not considered. • Seek the help you need when you need it. In many instances, another is there 'in the wings’, waiting to be asked. Someone you resonate with who can help you believe in yourself. Our society has moved away from the concept that it takes a community to raise a child yet it is as real now as it has always been. So many parents are striving to do this on their own. Reach out for the support you need, family, neighbours, community, friends, support groups, health workers. Time with other parents, mums - a walk, local meet up … Find your tribe. Know you are doing the best you can in this moment and be kind and gentle with yourself. Gaylene Hansen Health Coach

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020



Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

Lifestyle Extra With Crysal Olds COPING WITH STRESS & ANXIETY IN AGES 4-11

experience outward symptoms of stress and anxiety. We may need to recall several day’s worth of events to find out the source of the stressor.

Stress and anxiety are natural components of life. The body's response to these can be both helpful and unhelpful; for example, moderate stress is great for getting projects completed and for building resilience. Likewise, anxiety is our body’s natural response to stress – the type of stress where we experience something new and this can cause a fear or nervous response. Anxiety heightens our awareness so we can take in all the information to determine how safe this change is.

• Be aware of their play - younger children often process their experiences through play.

As you can see, these two – stress and anxiety – go hand in hand, and for the most part, when we experience these we take a break. Our body gets to rest and reset itself and the nervous system calms. It is when we are faced with chronic stress that our natural responses can start working overtime as we don’t give our body and mind a chance to rest and reset. This can be troubling enough for adults, but can be even more unsettling for children, as often the signs are seen as ‘difficult behaviour’. Things such as difficulty concentrating, trouble sleeping or having bad dreams, changes in appetite and food choices, irritability, quickness to anger or tears, staying close to well-known adults (e.g., parents, caregivers, etc) and worrying/negative thinking may be a sign of stress or anxiety in our children. Remember though, that stress and anxiety aren’t necessarily bad things, but it is good to get to the root of a change in behaviour as soon as possible to help coach our child through the tough time they are facing. DETERMINING THE CAUSE OF STRESS/ANXIETY IN CHILDREN Often younger children won't really know, if asked, what they are stressed or anxious about, so it is up to us as the adult to deduce by watching, noticing, and providing opportunities for open conversations. Every child is different – some may respond straight away to a stressor and others may take a day or two before they

• Be curious about their drawings – ask them to tell you about them. • Ask questions starting with “I wonder” – this will let your child know that you are genuinely interested and will invite them to be curious with you rather than requiring an answer from them. E.g., I wonder what fun things there may have been at school today, I wonder what things may have been hard/challenging at school today... • Check in - how are you feeling? How are the family/important people in your childs’ life coping. Often our children’s stress and anxiety can be a mirror of our own, or someone close to them. Look at the important people in your child's life and imagine these people like pillars holding up a roof. If one pillar falls, the rest is shaky, so it is in everyones best interests to help the fallen so that stability can be restored. • Make a set time for one-on-one connection with your child every day - this will increase opportunities for open conversations. Rub their feet, do their hair, draw/doodle or colour with them, kick a ball around, etc… HELPING YOUR CHILD MANAGE STRESS AND ANXIETY Stress and anxiety will feature a lot throughout the life of your child, so what we are wanting to do here is set them up with healthy ways of coping so that they can notice the signs, accept the feelings as ok and know what they can do to help themselves (also what you as a parent can do to help). • Take time out. When life gets overwhelming it is ok to take some time away from the normal schedule to rest and relax, practice self-care, and give the body and mind time to restore and rejuvenate. Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020


• Food choices – Educate your child on the impact that food has on their body e.g., sugar and caffeine will feed stress and anxiety rather than starve it. Encourage them to experiment with different foods and notice what effects they have on their body. • Adult information – It can be easy for our children to have access to information that isn't necessarily targeted to their age group. Be mindful of the conversations you have around your children. Be mindful of what your children are watching/listening to. Mainstream media can often be sensationalised which can instil uncertainty and confusion into younger children. • Play it out with your child - If your child processes their experiences through play then you can take this opportunity to coach them in how to handle things using this method, e.g., let your character talk about their feelings and how they are going to try accepting and working with them – see below for ideas). • Engage in conversation about perception – we all perceive the world differently and we decide what we see. Play a game with this in mind, e.g., listen to a song and ask your child the words they hear in a particular part of the song. Then you say the words you hear – perhaps you hear different words. Look at a flower and talk about what you see or think of when you see it – perhaps you think different thoughts. If we have different thoughts and see things differently, perhaps we can decide how we see or think about things…? • Be predictable – when children are faced with uncertainty they will cling onto things that are predictable. Maintain meal, bath and bed times and try to maintain your own demeanour – be the lighthouse they need in the storm. • What they can control – invite them to identify things that are 'within' and 'outside of' their control. If what is worrying them is inside their control, help them to problem solve and come up with a plan. If it is outside of their control, invite them to see it like the weather and accept it on the day (rain or shine), but wear appropriate things to protect themselves i.e., give them a raincoat of action they can take when things are tough. • Share your experience – you undoubtedly have been stressed or anxious at some time in your life. Share the story with your child and what you did that helped. 56

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

• Cardio – if your child has an increase in energy, fidgeting etc... invite them to join you in some fun exercise – dancing, create and run an obstacle course, go for a light run/walk/jog in the bush, light bike ride, swimming etc… This will help release some of this energy in a positive way and if kept light, will return to Parasympathetic Nervous System (PSNS). • Increase PSNS stimulation – inviting your child to join you in yoga (cosmic yoga is great), qi gong, meditation, mindful games, etc… on a daily basis can help to increase PSNS responses and encourage the body to rest and relax which will help the repair from stress and anxiety. • Breathe – Invite your child to focus on their breath alongside you. Perhaps they want to put a teddy on their tummy and watch it rise and fall. When they are having a tough time they can imagine their tummy is a balloon – breathing in to blow it up and then breathing out, imagining they are blowing out a hundred candles (try to encourage a longer outbreath than inbreath). Three breaths like this can drop them back into PSNS when they feel anxious/ stressed. Get them to experiment with their breath – I wonder if my breath changes when I am scared? I wonder if it changes when I am happy? Etc…. • Awareness of thoughts – if they are aware of worrying thoughts, invite them to imagine the thoughts coming out of their mind in bubbles, and either allowing them to float away, or popping them. • Non-allopathic modalities – there are many non-allopathic modalities available that can help with stress and anxiety – holistic pulsing, massage, essential oils, water therapies, herbs, mindfulness, etc… ensure you seek someone trained in working with children. • Getting professional help – if you feel your child needs further help always seek the advice of a professional. We are currently experiencing a time where we, including our children, are more sensitive to the energy exchanges happening within and around us. We all naturally need down time to release others' energy that we take on, but during this time we may need more than usual. Unstructured time in nature and in water can be particularly healing at this time.

Often, stress and anxiety will heal itself within our children over time, but being consistent, having a deep sense that your child is ok just as they are and that they don’t need ‘fixing’ can be a good start. Crysal Olds Mind Over Matter

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020


Soulful Living With Kerry Kingston THE KIDS BEDROOM EDIT We have spent more time at home this year than ever before! While having more time together as a family is something I am grateful for, kids do need their own space to retreat to. A place to play, relax, learn, create and hang out… So here I share my top interior tips for kid’s bedrooms. Take what is relevant depending on the age of your children and enjoy working together to create a cool space! Theme – It is possible to add a few touches rather than an entire overhaul and do a theme justice for the longer term. A 'dinosaur' theme could be based on three primary colours with a link to dino cushions on the bed, toys placed on display and a hanging bunting in the same colours. A 'space' theme may include a star or planet mural and colours that tie it together with black furniture and a circular rug. A 'fairy' theme could have a whimsical artwork collection and a pretty hanging canopy. Colour Mix – I would suggest 3 main colours to keep things simple. While I prefer to run the same wall colour and carpet throughout my home, the kids don’t have that much say on that. You could add a painted feature wall, wall art or décor hooks to hang items. Rugs are a great way to add some depth and pops of colour too. Furniture – Investing in a good quality bed and storage, such as drawer units or a bookcase built to last in metal or wood, will be used for many years and evolve with any design changes. Lighting – Night lights are an important fixture for most children and teens; from plug in versions, wall lights or bedside lamps; 58

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

soft lighting is both soothing and comforting and perfect for bedtime reading. Storage – Plenty of storage options are always useful for books, toys and clothing with a variety of options including drawers, shelving, hanging space and storage boxes to help tidy different toys. I recommend avoiding under bed storage as according to Feng Shui, clutter in this area can lead to unrestful sleep; plus it can be a dust trap! Comfort – Extra throws and cushions add warmth, texture and layered interest. Black out window coverings are a great option for summer when lighter evenings can affect bedtime routines. Having a carpeted floor space or a soft rug makes playing on the ground nicer, while adding a bean bag or floor cushions makes for extra seating. Mess – Some mess is ok! Sometimes it is just not worth the battle, providing the space is clean (such as dirty laundry and dishes in teenager’s rooms). Being able to close the door is always an option! In our house every year before Christmas we have a bedroom sort out and decide on items to donate. Crystals and Scents – This applies to boys and girls rooms of any age (bigger crystals are best for younger children to avoid choking risk). My crystal recommendations would be Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Howlite, Moonstone or Celestite for a soothing effect. For scents, lavender is known to aid in a restful sleep and can be used in balm form or as a drop of pure oil placed into the bath or bottom of the shower before bed. Desks or Table – This covers the practical aspect of kids doing school work from home or having a place to study, write or create. Check the height of furniture is correct and screens are positioned for your child’s height.

Décor – Like other rooms in the home, kids rooms can include artwork, photos of family and special memories, posters (educational or other). Bring in nature with shells, rock collections and sticks. This has always been popular in our house, with cactus or lucky bamboo being the top plant choices. Personal Touch – Having a guitar or skateboards clipped to the wall, or a world globe with places you dream to travel (I passed mine down and it has been well loved and pondered) all make the space unique. I recently had a request for a mini fridge from one child but we couldn’t agree on that one! Kerry Kingston Kerry Kingston Design

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020



Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

Healthful Environments With Carla Friend SPRING TIME It has come into that glorious time of year where the earth is reawakening. The days are longer, the air is warmer, lambs are out and beautiful flowers are blooming into life. Spring time has to be my most favorite season; this time of year has a fantastic energy to it. I feel my most productive and energized and that may be why for some Spring is the chance to do some deep cleansing for the mind, body and home. The idea of deep cleaning our home can feeling overwhelming but like most things the payoff can be worth the hard work. Here are some tips to cleanse your naturally and holistically. 1. Declutter and organize Take the time to go through your belongings and adapt a Marie Kondo approach, which is to hold an item and feel within yourself if it sparks joy. Those items that are being kept can find a home and that is where they live; items that you feel you no longer need can be donated to your local charity secondhand store. For larger items some shops will come and collect from you so it may be worth giving them a call. TIP: Keep a box or basket near the front door dedicated to donating; as you come across things throughout the year pop them in the box and drop off as you can. Or check local pay it forward pages for people reaching out for specific items. It feels good to help those in the community. 2. Make a realistic game plan - not a strict schedule. Make a list of each space that you are going to deep clean and break it down into jobs within that room. A list can be a good visual of what need to done and a prompt for time management and also gives us the satisfaction of ticking it off once it is done. Remember to delegate. If there are other members of your home pass age and ability

appropriate jobs onto them, or if your budget allows, pay someone to come and help such as windows or some cleaners and organizers will work alongside you; this is a great option if you feel strange about hiring a cleaner. 3. Products and equipment. Using a natural multipurpose spray can not only save you money but also time. You can zip around the house with just the one bottle and not be switching them out. The idea that we need a cabinet full of bottles is just good marketing. Easy Multipurpose Spray Recipe To a spray bottle mostly fill with water Add 1 Tsp Castile soap and 10-15 drops essential oil. (Thieves oil can be great for antiviral properties and has a refreshing clean smell). Use a quality microfiber cleaning cloth. The way these cloths are made allows for maximum catchment of dirt and grime, bacteria and viruses. To preserve your cloth, hand wash it in warm water with a small amount of natural washing powder and always dry it in the sun (avoid using a dryer). 4. Energetically clearing a space. Once you have physically cleaned and organized your home, I recommend doing a space clearing ceremony to shift the energy inside your home. Burning white sage is commonly used in these rituals but my personal favorite for smudging is Palo Santo. Starting at your front door and moving clockwise around the home, guide the smoke into each corner of the rooms. Remember to stay present during the ritual and as the negative energy is being cleared, replace it with positive intention. Carla Friend Twinkle & Bean

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020



Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

Lifestyle Extra With Lee Holmes 8 SIMPLE WAYS TO IMPROVE DIGESTION & ABSORPTION I have a new theory. You are NOT what you eat. I know that sounds a bit random, but essentially, you are NOT what you eat, you are what you digest and absorb. Have you ever eaten food which is perfectly healthy and nutrient rich only to discover the after affects of pain and bloating and wishing that particular food had never been on the guest list? If you suffer from any kind of digestion stress and feel sleepy and sluggish after meals, you may need a digestive tune-up. Follow these tips to get yourself on the right road to maintaining a healthy digestion. Use more coconut products Coconut oil contains lauric acid - a proven antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal agent that is easily digested and absorbed. The anti-fungal aspect helps kill candida in the gut, which is a common problem for people with digestive stress. Plus, coconut helps absorb beneficial nutrients from our food. Take probiotics Probiotics are a live microorganism that improve the balance of flora in the digestive system. For a healthy digestion these friendly bacteria are essential. They help prevent the overgrowth of 'bad' bacteria and are often depleted if you've been taking antibiotics or if you've had gastro. Probiotics can be found in some yogurts or taken as supplements. Soak your nuts and grains When you soak your nuts and grains you are reducing toxic substances and inhibitors that occur naturally within the grain. For example, phytic acid which is found in most nuts, seeds and grains, will combine with minerals such as calcium, zinc and magnesium and prevent them from being absorbed during digestion. Soaking neutralises this natural inhibitor.

Do an elimination diet If you find you experience adverse affects after eating a particular food, it might be worthwhile trying an elimination diet. Remove the suspected food or food group from your diet for anywhere between two weeks and a month and see if symptoms resolve. Try bone broth Your digestive lining is supposed to be permeable to absorb nutrients. But for some people it can become too porous and let too much 'leak' through without absorbing it properly. When this happens, your body can react, attacking the foods you eat. This can create IBS and other gut problems, even some autoimmune disorders. Bone broth contains gelatin which helps reinforce the lining of the gut and soothe digestive distress. Drink less with meals Drinking a lot of fluid (even water) while you eat can dilute the level of hydrochloric acid (HCL) in your stomach. This acid is needed to help kill bacteria and digest your foods. It's best to minimise the fluid you drink while eat and for at least an hour after you finish your meal. Drink warm water and lemon Along with a delicious breakfast, it's a good idea to get into the habit of starting the day with a cup of warm water with lemon. This alkaline drink will help jump start your metabolism and get your digestion moving. Chew your food If you're a mum, you probably tell your kids this all the time: chew your food! Chewing is the first step in food digestion. Try not to rush through your meal, but allow yourself plenty of time to chew, chew, chew before you swallow. Lee Holmes Supercharged Food (Originally Published By Lee On April 20, 2013) Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020



Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

Living Naturally With Hannah Shaw SPRING DETOX Spring seems to be a favourite time for rejuvenating and uplifting oneself in preparation for the warmer months ahead. All day, every day, the body carries out multiple detoxification processes. Therefore, every day is a good day to support your body’s detox pathways. I have discussed the mighty liver in greater depth in a previous Inspired Guide article. However, in addition, the kidneys, lungs, skin, lymphatic system and colon each play a crucial role in detoxification. • Liver - cleanses the blood of undesirable metabolites. • Kidneys - filter the blood and excrete toxins via the urine. • Lungs - filter the air we breathe. • Skin - removes waste via perspiration. • Lymphatic system - traps toxins and pathogens so the immune system can deal with them. • Colon - eliminates ingested toxins; removes toxins that get reintroduced via the gallbladder and liver. Modern day exposure to environmental toxicants; poor diet, dehydration, sleep deprivation, and lack of exercise, all contribute to impaired detoxification pathways. Supporting your body with good habits/routines, nutrition and herbs, enhances its ability to excrete toxins safely from the body. The following are some ideas for supporting your body with detoxification: 1. Drink plenty of quality water. 2. High fibre diet - vegetables, particularly leafy greens. Add psyllium, chia, flaxseeds to support soft, formed bowel motions.

3. Fruit is one of mother nature’s potent detoxifiers. Try 'fruit mornings' - no fat (including from plant sources); just fruit through to lunch time. 4. Try a series of colon hydrotherapy sessions; or home enemas. 5. Juice or water fast for short periods of time. 6. Choose herbs that support or gently detoxify the liver and kidney. Take as a tea, tincture, or tonic. 7. If you are taking herbs that reduce pathogenic microbes be sure to 'reseed' with a quality probiotic. 8. Take a binder such as bentonite clay to aid the safe elimination of toxins and reduce the risk of a detox reaction (look up ‘Herxheimer reaction’ for more info) if doing an intensive detox regime. 9. Dry brushing - use a soft, dry body brush to gently brush your skin from the legs upwards in circular motions toward the heart. 10. Sweat - sauna, vigorous exercise. 11. Legs up the wall pose. 12. Consistent, adequate sleep. Early nights. 13. Tongue scraping. Use first thing in the morning before eating and drinking; gargle with water. Also use last thing at night. 14. Oil pulling with coconut oil or olive oil (swishing oil in your mouth for up to 5 mins). 15. Pranayama (breathwork) - kapalabhati breathing is particularly powerful. 16. Sunshine on bare skin. Another of mother nature’s potent detoxifiers. 17. Bath with epsom salts and baking soda. Hopefully you will find a few 'do-able' things from this list to go ahead with. Please remember to be consistent and go gently; the benefits of a well cared for body will soon be yours! Hannah Shaw A Nourishing Notion

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020



Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

A Balanced Life With Sarah Jensen SPRING CLEANING FOR THE HEART & SOUL Spring has well and truly sprung and with it comes a burst of sunshine, beautiful flowers bursting into bloom, and the good old fashioned 'spring clean'. Traditionally the territory of throwing open the windows, welcoming in the fresh air, and clearing out the cupboards, this season I invite you to try an energetic approach to spring cleaning, through journaling. Journaling is a wonderful way to:  Reflect, honour and acknowledge your recent experiences and growth.  De-clutter, take out the mental garbage, and let go of the things you don’t need anymore.  Throw open the doors to your inner wisdom and guidance so you can move into the months ahead with clarity and intention.  Just like a thorough vacuum or a review of the linen cupboard, even 20 – 30 minutes of intentional journaling to heart-crafted prompts can help you tap into self-connection, make space for what matters most for you, and connect with what you’d like to experience and create moving forward. Here’s how:  Grab your favourite notebook and pen (but know that any old scrap of paper will do).  Know that there’s no such thing as 'perfect', and no 'right' or 'wrong' way to journal. If you can pick up a pen and write words or draw, doodle or scribble, you’re journaling.  Let it be what you need and what naturally flows for you in the moment. It might be a single word or solo sentence. It might be a whole page or more. It doesn’t matter.

Let yourself put on paper whatever’s on your heart or in your head right now.  Give yourself full permission to write fast or slow, messy or neat, without pressure to make it pretty or creative. Know that it doesn’t need to even make sense and you don’t need to read it back. The aim is to write from the heart (without filtering or second guessing yourself) not to write a best selling novel.  All you need to do is put pen to paper and start writing. Weave your words in whatever way feels wonderful for you and see what messages your heart, Soul and inner-self have to share with you.  And if a prompt doesn’t pique your interest, that’s okay. Simply choose another one from the list, or free write instead. • I’d like to acknowledge… • And I want to honour… • The growth and changes I’ve noticed in myself are… • And I feel… • I’m ready to release… • And I no longer need to carry… • I’m ready to choose… • And I’d like to make room for… • I’m craving… • And desiring… • I am welcoming… • And inviting… • My heart wants me to know that… • I’m ready to embrace… • And something I can do that’s just for me is… May these prompts bring you beautiful self-connection and knowing, divine self-trust and clarity, and deeper access to your inner guidance so you can craft your life with heart and joy. Happy journaling. Sarah Jensen Sarah Jensen Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020



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Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

An Inspired Life With Masha G Ellman THE MAGIC OF HAVING A WORD FOR THE YEAR I just love the freshness of a new year, don’t you? There’s so much possibility, you can just feel it in the air. It’s a brand-new year, a brand-new slate. It’s an invitation for new beginnings, there’s a renewed sense of hope. Anything is possible. One of the most powerful tools I have found to help me navigate through the year, is to have a word for the year. A word brings meaning, focus, joy. It shines the light on what I want to create; a gentle reminder that brings me back for when I lose myself. I started the practice of having a word a few years ago and for the first couple of years I chose my word, but for the last five years, words have been choosing me. I now leave it up to the universe. Every year my word shows up in October and every year it’s the perfect word. My 2020 word is 'empowered', and empowered has been my saving grace this year. The value of having a word Your word is your comeback place, your center point, your companion. It will help you to stay focused on your goals, make decisions, and bring you back when you lose yourself in the every-day hustle. It sets a theme and paves the way. It’s your constant. How to get a word • You can ask the universe for a word, stay open to receive, and trust that the perfect word will show up. • You can choose your word. One way is to first review the year, and then decide what you want for the following year. Some questions to ask yourself • What do you want to let go of? • What do you want to change? • What do you want to invite more of in the coming year? • What do you want to nourish?

How do you want to feel? You can write out a list of words as they come to you, highlight the ones that stick out, narrow it down to three, from these which one tugs at your heart? Once you find the word, hold on to it, see how it stays with you, carry it around for a week or so, see how you feel with it. You’ll know when it’s the right word. Look it up in the dictionary, I’m always surprised at how much more meaning the word takes on. What to do with your word • Give it some love, bless your word and thank it for coming into your life. • Keep it visible, you can make it the wallpaper on your phone, write it on an index card, color it, decorate it, stick it on your bathroom mirror. • You can also use it as a mantra, in meditation, say it in an affirmation. Some words to get you started  Empowered  Open  Focus  Love  Mindfulness  Space  Grateful  Calm  Success  Boundaries

 Clarity  Movement  Health  Confident  Simplify

You can also have more than one word. This year I chose ‘joy’ in February, because I wanted to feel joy and infuse joy in all I did. And ‘purpose’ showed up in July. And at any time during the year if you feel your word no longer matches you, you’re free to change it. You’re meant to feel good, to have a spectacular life, to experience miracles. You’re designing your life every day! Live with gratitude, treat yourself special every day and have a magical word; a word that empowers you to achieve your desires. Your word is a force of the universe. It’s powerful and joyful - it’s your magic potion. Masha G Ellman A Sweeter Life Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020



Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

Mindset Matters With Crysal Olds YOU ARE PART OF THE WORLD'S SYMPHONY

So when we feel like sitting a song out and retreating from the limelight, remember the symphony will still play on.

“A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.” - Albert Einstein

Because of your presence, you, will never be ‘sitting out’ of any musical number, you may just be playing a different part. Each part, large or small, or all those in between, are important, as the music we hear would not be the same without each part. So how can we open ourselves up to that connection with others?

This quote was part of a meditation I took part in recently, and it came at a time where even though I felt connection with others, there was still a level of holding back there. Holding back because of my own ideas of what was appropriate at that time and a level of self-preservation and defensiveness. Little did I know that holding back was futile in a space of kindness, love, non-judgement and acceptance, created by all the people present and before long I experienced freedom. The freedom to let emotion flow unhindered. To be kind to myself for doing so. And to find my way back to equilibrium again, because after all, emotion is just energy in motion. What I noticed from this experience was that whatever we do, whatever we feel, even just by being on this earth, breathing, living and being, we are part of the worlds symphony. Sometimes, like in all musical numbers, there is a clash, where instruments are out of tune, where pieces of the song have been forgotten, beats missed, and where the heart just doesn’t seem to be in it. For all those times, there are also times where the musicians nail it, they are all in tune, in time, in the flow of both the music and with each other. Where, if one misses a beat, the others all hold the space strongly so they can find their way back in line. Perhaps, all of us, in living and being, are just playing our part in the worlds symphony.

By allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, to be kind, accepting and non-judgmental, not only to ourselves, but to others as well. We can perhaps start with: Noticing our emotions – when an emotion arises, notice it, accept it, allow it to flow through by letting it go. Trusting – that whatever unfolds is all just part of the musical number at play at this time. Non-judgment – being aware that our judgments may be a way for us to see where our instrument may need tuning. Kindness – perhaps try expressing gratitude and appreciation daily for whatever notes have been played, for whatever transpired, and for whomever played their part. Connection – perhaps take the lead by allowing true, unhindered connection and vulnerability wherever you can and be curious as to whether any feelings of defensiveness are due to safety or pride. From what I have seen and experienced, living our lives unhindered, is a goal for many. Perhaps it is just up to us to get out of our own way, and allow ourselves to flow with the world’s symphony. Crysal Olds Mind Over Matter Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020



Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

My Journey So Far With Guest Nicola Fleitas Hi I’m Nicola! I am 23, I come from Paraguay and I moved to NZ four years ago. I am half kiwi and a third 'culture kid' which means I belong everywhere and don’t fit in anywhere simultaneously. I am a creative with a lot of passion to help others succeed. I love travelling and enjoy creative mediums such as film, music and singing; writing and aspects of design and photography. I speak several languages and love to cook. Back home I was a preschool teacher, photographer and event organizer; I counselled youth and worked in the community helping third world families, mainly as an educator. Describe the experiences that have shaped your journey At age 14 my depression started, I didn’t know what it really was, and I felt guilty. I only got diagnosed with anxiety and depression four years later after I had a fourhour panic attack (I had no idea what a panic attack was) and ended up in hospital on new year’s eve. I lost 7kg in a month and had a bad case of induced anorexia and insomnia. I have been quite open with my mental health issues and how it has affected my life because once I started this journey, I learned that it's way more common than people let on; I want to break the stigma. I decided to move to New Zealand to work on myself, my mental health and a start fresh. After five years of actively working on my mental health I feel like I am finally winning. Although that doesn’t mean there isn’t still a lot left to work on... Share with us the ways in which you have changed your life for the better I’ve found Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) has been the most successful in helping me work through panic attacks, tachycardia, esophagus spasms and useless midnight trips to the ER not being able to breath.

Over the last 5 years I’ve tried a lot of different counsellors, medications, programs, and food. I was on a cocktail of meds for the first year then switched to non-dependent pills. I came off meds completely for a year and a half now and it’s something I never thought I could do. I learned that there wasn’t something wrong with me just that I was reaaally good at having anxiety and depression. Along with this I have learned a lot in this last year about the power of manifesting, the power that words, said and written, can have. How you can direct the things you want to happen. I manifested personal things like changes in my physical appearance, my weight, I also have manifested business things, clients and projects. I have sometimes (a fair bit) then doubted all the mind work, until it would happen and then I thought: of course! After 'lockdown' I had been let go of my part time job and I decided to make it the best thing to happen to me. I relaunched my business, incorporating new skills and a completely new website I built in 6 days (pretty proud) and genuinely a newfound confidence. Successfully 3 months in! Tips and Advice My advice would be to focus on the little things: sleeping until you’re not tired, not feeling guilty for staying up late, eating when you need to not at conventional hours. Learn and repeat positive sayings, listening to people like Dan Lok, writing down intentions no matter how small. Don’t give up. Follow your gut. You deserve everything you dream about. Guilt is an ugly monster. Give yourself more, and that way you have more to give. Nicola Fleitas Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020










Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

To download a printable copy of this month’s colouring page, click HERE - We would love to see the finished art if you want to tag @TheInspiredGuideNZ on Facebook or share to our page. Have Fun! Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020


Healing Modalities With Guest Jude Porteous ANIMAL & NATURE BASED THERAPY - AT FOSSIL CREEK FARM

About this modality:

I'm Jude and I run Fossil Creek Farm with my partner Lloyd. I studied Social Sciences, applied social work for five years and work as a family/ whanau worker. I have raised three children in this technologically saturated era and I see and feel the value and benefit of a return to intuitive animal interactions and mindful time spent in nature. I have lived a life where I felt I only half belonged and was always searching for the missing ingredient. Motherhood was a blessing, but not the complete answer to my self-prescribed disconnect.

We have horses, miniature horses, alpacas, miniature donkeys, goats, cows, ducks in our park area, chickens, a Siberian husky, cats and birdlife that is at times deafening.

It wasn’t until I fulfilled my dream of owning horses that I really woke up to living my best life fully. I have gone on to buy a farm full of the wonders of nature with century old trees and fresh running streams with my ever supportive partner. We have filled our farm with rescue animals and treasured friends of all sizes. The interactions with many of our animals, coupled with my profession, has led to Fossil creek Farm Animal Based Therapy.

How has this modality changed your life?

I lead a busy lifestyle, by choice. I work four days a week with some of the most vulnerable people in our societies, offering compassionate, strengthening and at times life saving support. I am also embarking on volunteer work at a medical centre as a navigator, offering support for patients in need of extra opportunities within the community. This work drives me and is my passion, it is however emotionally draining at times. I have sat with the variety of animals on my farm, cared for them, talked with them and been comforted and re-energised by them every-time I have needed it. This is the power of intuitive animals and reciprocal respect, trust and love. 76

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

The best way for me to describe for you the power of this healing modality is for me to walk you through a session.

A client will be drawn to particular animals and we will sit within the herd, group, flock and let the animals interact with us in their own natural way. We may talk about the group dynamics or individuals of these chosen animals. We may find some of these characteristics relate to us which can open discussion. Or the animals may offer comfort of touch, loving snuggles, or quiet acceptance of our presence. This allows natural relaxation in clients and a chance to practice quiet emotional regulation. In this environment many will choose to have a discussion while being hands on with the animals. Others may want to walk further and settle on the grass by the stream and feel their problems are heard and carried away by the flow of the water. Or conversation may take place in a comfortable chair after we have had the magic calming of the walk. A shared experience interacting on the farm brings a sense of connectedness between myself and the client which builds a foundation for our therapy.

Thoughts on this modality in healing:

I personally find animal based therapy and nature based therapy to be the answer to our busy, fast paced, results driven lifestyles. For animals to respond to and accept you within their environment you need to slow your mind and be present in the moment.

Who do you think could benefit from this?

If you suffer from anxiety, depression, grief, loss, abandonment, low self-esteem, poor attachment to friends and family, loneliness, or even just the feeling you don’t belong then this is for you. The power of animals will help you to heal and grow. I myself am adopted and know the adoption triangle can be hard to navigate and remains with you for life, speaking from experience for myself, and my adopted friends and acquaintances animal based therapy heals us. Animal based therapy and nature based therapy works for everyone regardless of age, or gender, and is completely free of discrimination. The power of healing is there for anyone who comes looking.

Last words about your healing modality...

The power of mother-nature surrounds us, when we open our hearts and our eyes to see her, then she blesses us. Jude Porteous Fossil Creek Farm

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020


Insights into Animals With Guest Val Heart TEDx TALK HOW HUMANS AND ANIMALS COMMUNICATE • Have you ever wondered how humans and animals communicate? • Is your pet is trying to tell you something? • Have you ever felt like there was a reason they are in your life? Have you ever wished you knew how to talk to animals? • If they could speak, what they would say? I love animals. I’ve spent most of my life learning how humans and animals communicate. If your pet is staring at you intently, then you know for a fact that they are trying to do a Vulcan mind meld with you, trying really hard to figure you out, or they desperately want to tell you something. They don’t understand why you can’t hear them. If they are behaving badly or are in pain or suffering from poor health, then yes, they are trying to get your attention then too. Animals are highly intuitive. They have to be in order to survive. Ever notice how Fido knows when it’s time for a bath and conveniently disappears? Or how Fluffy exercises her Houdini disappearing skills when it’s time to go to the vet? Or how about when Trigger heads for the hills when it’s time for your riding lesson? When they are paying attention, they know how to read your mind. They hear your thoughts, feel your feelings, see what’s in your mind’s eye. They can also sense what’s going on inside your body. They want to tell you what’s bothering them, where they hurt, what happened to them, what makes them happy, what makes them sad. One of the things you may not know yet is this: Animals can reflect their person’s imbalances, stress and wounds. That can make them your best teachers, guides and healers. I call that the Human Animal BodyMind Connection. 78

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

I’m Val Heart, 'The Real Dr Dolittle'. I’ve also been called a spiritual multidimensional, multi-frequency healer and a master teacher. In my almost 60 years of experience communicating with animals, I can tell you without a doubt that animals are in your life for a reason. And yes, they try to talk to you all the time. Animals can be Angels, Teachers, Guides and Healers. When we learn how to recognize, respect and revere animals for who they truly are, they help make us better people because they help us heal, evolve and grow. I am highly sensitive empathic intuitive, it means that I can feel things other people aren’t as aware of. I tend to know things other people don’t. And the animals talk to me, we understand each other. There is no question that humans and animals can communicate, we do all the time whether we humans are aware of how we’re doing it or not. Did you know that animals speak a lot in mind pictures and feelings? Out of my work with animals, I realized that anyone can learn how to talk to animals. So I founded The Heart School of Animal Communication to teach animal lovers how to do what I do. My vision is a world where everyone knows how to talk to animals. My mission is to reach and teach one million animal lovers how to communicate with animals, because I believe that when we do that, together we will change the world. Exploring the Mysteries of the Human Animal BodyMind Connection One of the important things I realized in my work as an animal whisperer is that pets can mirror their people. I call this phenomenon the Human Animal BodyMind Connection. It’s where we reflect each other’s stress, dis-ease, and wounds. Animals are telepathic - meaning they can feel things over a distance.

They are intuitive. They can often read your mind and they know what you’re feeling. They sense what’s going on. They show up and get who you are at deep spiritual levels. They can help protect you, heal you, they travel in your soul group following you around from lifetime to lifetime. No need to clone them. They reincarnate. Like we humans do, they can keep coming back to us because they are part of our soul family consciousness.

Companion animals choose to spend their entire lives attempting to break through our barriers, help us heal and become reconnected with all life. They touch our hearts, and for that, we are forever grateful. Want more? Get your Free Ebook Hidden Secrets to Communicating With Animals! (CLICK IMAGE)

Why do they do that? Because they want us to heal, evolve and grow into the best version of ourselves possible. They want us to reconnect with the circle of life. They want us to be whole, consciously aware and healthy. When we take time to talk with them, we can begin to recognize their soul’s purpose and their potential as well as our own. We can partner up. We can help each other. They are trying to help you by mirroring or reflecting your stress, wounds, disease, and imbalances. Their hope is that once you see it, that you’ll be able to change and then they won’t have to do that anymore because honestly, carrying and acting out your stress can hurt them, and carrying your illnesses can eventually cause death.

Enjoy the TedX Talk Video Below (Click Play) (Direct Video Link: Val Heart Animal Communicator


HOW HUMANS & ANIMALS COMMUNICATE Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020


Well Being

With Amanda Sears BAROMETERS OF BEING Spring is a great time for cleansing our inner and outer environments as they come into a season of renewal, rejuvenation and new life. One day I was inspired to clean my car, tidy up the garden, sort out files on my email and computer, and declutter the house... I noticed that while I was doing external tidying I was also doing internal decluttering and clearing out beliefs, patterns and limitations too! It reminded me of a book my friend Renae told me about a few years ago that I'd forgotten about called 'The Body is a Barometer of the Soul' by Annette Noontil. Annette discusses the body's ailments in relation to the energetic, emotional and thought elements and it intrigued me enough to buy a copy but I hadn't really looked into it until this experience triggered my curiosity. On further investigation and divinely timed wisdom, it surprised me to find out that many seemingly 'external' things like the car and home can actually be a mirror or aspect of your Self - an extension of your energy... a part of your being - an expression of YOU. For example: I had let my car (that I love, but had neglected) get covered in filth and let the interior accumulate dust and rubbish. It had also developed an oil leak too and needed the brake fluid topped up and then it failed its Warrant on the suspension (which had never been a problem before)... then one day I felt inspired to give it some much needed love and attention. I groomed it inside and out; replaced the wiper blades that were caked with dirt, put in a faux sheepskin and hung a crystal from the rearview mirror - it LOOKED like new and FELT like new; it actually felt like it was loved and appreciated and passed the Warrant on recheck! 80

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

Going by my car as a barometer for my self, clearly regular maintenance, my energetic flow, loving attention and treating myself well were some things I needed to be doing more of for myself! How had I let this slip so far?! (Oh, I know... I had been busy 'seeking' and 'doing' rather than 'being' and 'knowing'. I'd forgotten to implement the lessons I was learning and to live abundantly in joy! Yes, I had been doing some things sporadically and other things I had been neglecting completely, you know, 'too hard basket', etc... So I looked into other areas of my life that may have a message for me and they almost all said the same thing as my car. So... • I went shopping and bought new clothes that make me feel like the goddess I am. I took the time to shave my super hairy legs, gave myself a facial and had a massage. • We got rid of our ant problem and I got quotes for doing the maintenance work on our house that was well overdue! • I got a car cover for my car to keep it clean when not in use and booked it in for some servicing and maintenance. • I looked at where my energy was flowing too much or blocked and balanced these • I remembered what brought me joy and started doing more of it (like the fact I LOVE animals, so we got a new cat. YAY!). • I sorted through my computer and tidied up most of my files, including all my photos (which meant I could enter a photo comp!) • I cleaned the house and my studio (this is an ongoing thing... lol) and did a BIG tidy up of the garden and yard (WIP). • I looked into every aspect of my life and how I could love it more and then I did. • I read the Annette Noontil book and got some ideas on other physical complaints like digestive things and muscle aches and started to balance these out too.

7 BAROMETERS OF YOUR BEING THAT MAY PROVIDE INSIGHT INTO YOUR INNER SELF: 1. House: Are there areas of your home you don't look in for fear of what you will find - a cupboard or a whole room? Do you open the windows and doors and allow the air to flow and sun to shine in? What is the plumbing, electrical and heating like? Are there blockages anywhere or clutter? Example: There is a cupboard you never look in for fear of what you will find or have to deal with - What inner part of you do you resist facing up to and why? 2. Garden: This is a very obvious one! Seeds are planted in good soil, then need to be fed, watered, protected and loved; they function differently throughout the seasons. Weeding, pruning, trimming and 'dead-heading' are all part of nurturing the growth of the plant - do you do this? Do you have a pest problem or is your garden in harmony and balance? Example: Your brand new plants get blown away/damaged in a Spring storm - How well are you supporting yourself or allowing yourself to be supported? 3. Car: Start with the exterior then move into the interior aesthetics - is it clean? Then look at the mechanical components. Is the wheel alignment out? Do the electrics work? Do the windscreen wipers work? Example: According to Annette Noontil an oil leak could indicate 'your direction is not progressing because you are not being creative'. 4. Computer: Is your desktop cluttered? Does it operate slowly, make a noise or crash/ freeze often? Do your programs work or do you need to update your system or storage? You can also think about your smartphone, tablets and email inboxes too. Example: You always have heaps of tabs open in your browser and files all over your desktop - How clear is your head? Do you constantly have heaps of mental 'tabs' open and feel overwhelmed?

5. Clothing: Does your clothing reflect your self-worth? Does it bring you joy to wear it or is it just what you've 'always worn'? Example: Adamus (from Crimson Circle) says of clothing "if your zipper or buttons are broken then it may be an indication that you need to 'get it together'". 6. Body: Do you listen to the needs of your body, when it asks for rest, water, specific foods, fresh air, etc.? Do you love all the bits of it whatever they are up to? Do you take special care when you wash it or do you just scrub it like you would the dishes? Example: According to Annette Noontil pain could indicate 'Not being good to yourself and giving yourself a hard time'; each pain can have it's own message, like a back ache as 'feeling unsupported'. 7. Pets: How you look after your pet is often quite a good indicator of how you look after yourself, since their basic needs are similar. Quality nourishing food, regular self-care, rest as and when needed, play in nature and lots of love and affection! Example: Do you care more for your pet than yourself - are you not worthy yet you think others are because of certain things? You may notice that when you are ready to clear out personal and emotional 'baggage' that you also naturally get the desire to declutter the house or tidy up the yard and physically clear out rubbish from your external environment - and sometimes you physically purge some of the 'clutter' inside your body too via bowel motions, urination, crying, sneezing or if you are super unlucky... vomiting. (I've done them ALL). Do you see a reflection of your inner world in your outer world? Is it time for a clean out of your mind, body, soul, home, car, etc.? Does your outer world reflect your new inner world? Is it time for NEW things? Out with the old and in with the NEW to match the NEW you?! What insights can you gain? Amanda Sears, The Inspired Guide Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020


Divine Inspiration With Aimee Shields GROWING

Your scientist will tell you true, that plants they respond to music, vibration... energy dear ones and Love is energy.

This is the blue-print for a new way and we are not the only ones who have spoken to you of this knowledge, but we bring it to your attention once more for it is time. You seek nourishment; look to your food... the sources from which you receive the bounty of Mother Earth for it is true that vibration of foods shall become very important to you.

It is divine energy... it is the part of you that acknowledges another life form and the divinity within it. It also came from the God Seed, from the Mother Earth, from Gaia.

Foods that contain no vibrations or energy of love or connection to the Earth by the grower, will be as ash in your mouth. They will not satisfy and you will be left feeling hungry.

It is this energy that will see your garden flourishes, whether it is a small potted plant outside your suburban window or a great masterpiece that stretches for acres.

Food produced consciously and with love and connection to the Earth will fill you easily, so much so, that you do not need to eat as much as you once would have.

The energy of love in this New Earth will grow crops where the ground seems to have in past held no nourishment. It will seed future plantings with the inspiration with which you have fed them every single day and it will ensure that the crops from such plantings will nourish you in a way no other plant could - For it shall hold your essence and it will have grown for you, my dear ones.

Consciously grown foods are what are required by the new generations, by the new children of the Earth. Many will grow ill if they continue to eat mass unconsciously processed foods that are not of the new energy vibrations of Earth.

Did you know my darling ones that love grows everything?

The plants, you foster a relatedness with, will flower for you; their fruit will be grown for you. It will be filled with the love you have given it and this love shall return to you in the form of nourishment for your body and soul... spiritual gardening, spiritual food.

Organically grown, whole foods and foods grown and planted by your own hand will hold the energy of Spiritual Food.

It is what is needed in the new energy - true interrelatedness... to create Spiritual Crops and Spiritual Food.

It is Spiritual Food you shall all seek in the new vibrations upon the Earth. We bring this message that you might turn your thinking from the old dynamics of food production and create a new one, ways that shall serve your evolution upon this planet - that shall see you living in harmony with the Earth and all the plenty it has to offer you in the new higher vibrations of this Earth.

It will not be long and the world will see that mass production and the disconnectedness from Mother Earth... the process by which you choose to grow food to eat will no longer be sustainable in the new energy.

Remember every tree, flower, fruit, plant has a Divine Energy that watches over it and whispers the secrets of the Universe to it as it grows... you want to know the secrets of the universe that lie within your being...


Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

begin to commune with all the life that surrounds you. It comes from the God Source, it comes from Gaia and you are a part of it. Aimee Shields Divinely Inspired

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020



Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

Divine Guidance With Michelle Cotton THE SHIFTING FREQUENCIES Welcome dear ones, as you have experienced the shifting of frequency over the past 3 months, you may have become more exhausted energetically at times allowing the body to recalibrate into this vibration; it has been a huge shift and the sensitive souls have felt more than their share, carrying others pain and suffering into the void allowing others to transition also. Much healing has been done on the earth plane throughout this time allowing for the new wave coming with enlightened energy starting to rise above the heaviness, it is a time to rejoice and nurture yourself to be of assistance to those new to the awakening process. Your help is essential to make the transition smooth for all the new souls that are searching and looking for help and knowledge of what has happened and created the shifts in their lives. So many lives have changed, through all kinds of tragedies and experiences; once the new frequency has settled and people start to regain a sense of moving forward and fresh energy, ideas and inspiration things will take off. The new year will bring the most noticeable change; life will hold more peace for those connecting to source and growing. It truly is a remarkable time on earth. We are aware this transition has been incredibly difficult for many with so much loss in the process. The letting go has not been easy for most but know that when you surrender you will begin to flow with ease, life unfolds before you when you stop resisting and learn to trust in the flow.

For those that have been suffering illness during this shift, please take note of your sensitivity and take extra care of yourself; take time to be alone and recharge yourself, eat well, exercise and rest. Nurture your wellbeing and be aware of the energy you're feeling as your body tells you what it needs, if you are tired, rest, etc. Go within to listen to your intuition and connect with source through meditation, nature, or whichever way you prefer; allow yourself to stay in alignment with yourself and source. Spend time growing food, getting back to basics, stop getting pulled into other dramas and fear-based energy. Protect yourself and stay in the light energy - you can only help those wanting to learn and grow. Their will be many of these souls, just shine your light and they will be drawn to you. Move away from aspects of your life that no longer resonate with you; live your purpose, enjoy what you love and be the best you can be doing it. May the health and well being on earth improve through each soul aligning with their true self. May each soul feel peace within their heart to expand their consciousness into the new vibration aligning on earth. We are always with you dear ones, especially at your darkest moments. Blessings Dear ones, Isaiah Channeled Through Michelle Cotton Clairvoyant Medium/Trance Channel FB @ michellecottonclairvoyantmedium Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020


Crystal Healing Extra With Kimberly Stewart

want its energy to be released. An easy way to look at this is: • A crystal’s COLOUR/TYPE determines its ENERGY • A crystal’s SIZE determines the AMOUNT of ENERGY that it has • And a crystal’s SHAPE determines HOW that ENERGY will be released

CRYSTAL SHAPES & HOW TO USE THEM How to use different crystal shapes to get the most from your crystal's energy. ​ Crystals come in all different shapes, sizes and colours. It can be confusing to know what exact crystal you should pick for a particular purpose. What you need to consider is the properties that you want the crystal to possess, how much power you want behind your crystal and how you

When determining which crystal to pick, it is best to first choose which properties you want the energy of the crystal to possess. For example, Rose Quartz is best to pick if you are looking to promote love and kindness in your life, and Black Obsidian will help to ground and protect you from negative energies. ​ When looking at the size of a crystal, bigger is better if you are after more power. When dealing with a crystal’s shape there are lots of different forms that you can come across. Below is a list of crystal shapes to help you determine how you want the energy to be emitted.

​ UMBLED CRYSTALS T Tumbled crystals are easy to use and are generally inexpensive (depending on which crystal it is). Tumbled crystals are best to use to help create crystal grids (whereby you can create a field of energy) and they are also perfect to use when you need to carry that crystal’s energy around with you during the day as they can be easily placed in your pocket, handbag or bra. Some people also tend to use tumbled crystals to make crystal elixirs or to amplify the energy in a bath. Tumbled crystals tend to emit energy gently overtime into the auric field. SPHERES/ BALLS ​Crystal balls have been used for hundreds of years and are the most recognised form of crystal for divination. Clear quartz and black obsidian crystal spheres are particularly good for scrying… if they are large enough and are genuine. ​ Crystal spheres have a special way of emitting energy so that it touches all areas of a room and their energy is emitted equally in all directions. The flow of the energy seems to be ongoing rather than in short, sharp bursts like a crystal cluster might give. Crystal spheres are also excellent to use for meditation as they are an ‘attention grabber’. This makes it easier for us to focus during meditation and in turn opens us up to the crystal’s energy. Crystal spheres and balls are best placed in the bedroom or in any area in which energy needs to flow easier. 86

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

POINTS Crystal points direct energy in a focused and powerful manner. They are especially good to use as an energy holder in crystal grids and can be placed under your bed at night to direct energy towards your auric field. Think of them as water in a water fountain which sprays directly up and then falls back down into the fountain in a beautifully flowing manner. The power of crystal points is direct, focused and strong.

CLUSTERS Crystal clusters emit amplified energy throughout a room. They usually have a large number of cluster points on them which means that the crystal’s energy can be sent in different directions throughout a room. Clusters bring harmony into the environment in which they are placed and are particularly good to have in an active area of the house such as a living room or kitchen.

TREES Crystal trees have a fun and ‘happy’ energy to them regardless of the crystal type. Crystal trees are essentially small tumbled crystals placed together on a tree foundation. These small tumbled crystals emit gentle, slow releasing energy into a room and bring harmony into the space. Crystal trees are especially good to place near front doors and entrances as their energy will 'greet’ anyone who walks in the door. It is also good to place them in an area where natural light shines through onto them so that their energy is amplified slightly.

PYRAMIDS Crystal pyramids work similarly to crystal points in that they direct energy upwards and outwards. They also have an added advantage over point crystals in that they help to preserve one’s energy when placed above the body. Placing a crystal pyramid on top of your head while meditating will help to infuse your auric field with the crystal’s energy so that the effects last longer.

GEODES/ CAVES Crystal geodes and caves act in the same manner as crystal clusters, although their energy release is much slower and not as invasive. Geodes and caves are best placed in bedrooms or living areas where calm is needed. Where a cluster will amplify and throw energy right across a room, geodes and caves will slowly release energy as the people in the room need it.

CARVED SHAPES Crystals are often carved into animal shapes or heart shapes. They are essentially polished crystals and their energy release is very similar to that of tumbled crystals in that they emit energy gently overtime. Heart shaped crystals are good to work with to activate and balance the heart chakra as the heart chakra naturally recognises the shape, and animal shaped crystals can help animal spirit guides come through when meditating with them. Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020


PENDULUMS Crystal pendulums naturally hold stronger energy than regular pendulums as they are enhanced with the earth’s life-force energy. Pendulums usually have a pointed crystal at one end and are attached to a chain. Crystal pendulums are perfect for chakra healing as they can move with the energy of the chakras and diagnose any imbalanced chakras. Crystal pendulums do hold some healing energy properties but are usually used to diagnose issues rather than treat them as different crystals will have an affinity with different chakras. JEWELLERY Crystal jewellery can come in many shapes, sizes and forms. Whether it is a vial or pendant necklace, a gem cut ring, or a bead or chip bracelet, the concept of crystal jewellery is the same: to keep the crystal’s energy close to the user. Crystal jewellery in all forms is like having a tumbled crystal on you constantly except that you don’t have to worry about them being in your pocket or handbag. Necklaces which fall to the middle of the sternum, where the heart chakra is, allows the crystal’s energy to work with the heart chakra closely. SCRYING DISHES Scrying dishes usually come in Black Obsidian form and are used for clairvoyance (clear seeing). Crystal spheres can be used instead of scrying dishes, but it is all dependant on which crystal shape you find easier to use for scrying. Scrying dishes are usually bigger than a person’s hand. They are highly polished to help reflect images back to us. Scrying dishes should be treated with the utmost respect (just like any crystal really!) and should have a special place in which it is kept. They should not be used simply as display items otherwise their energy becomes dulled. CUBES ​Crystal cubes are slowly becoming more popular as time goes by. Cubes can either be formed naturally in crystals or the crystal can be carved into a cube shape. Some crystals which naturally appear in cube form (both rough and naturally polished) include pyrite and galena. Cube crystals bring our energy into the present and ground us, which is why some of the more grounding crystals such as pyrite and galena sometimes naturally form into crystal cube shapes. Crystal cubes have a pulling effect whereby they will pull your energy towards them in order to cleanse and heal the energy before giving it back to you. LAMPS Crystal lamps can emit strong energy as light is a great crystal activator. Regardless of whether natural light - such as a candle - or artificial light is used in a lamp, the effect is the same: an all-round powerful energy which creates harmony in a room. Crystals react well to light energy since they have spent so long underground and have a natural affinity with its energy (both physical and spiritual). If you are particularly sensitive to crystal energy and find that too much crystal energy can cause headaches or loss of focus, then it may be best to only use crystal lamps sparingly. If you have worked with crystal energy for a long time then crystal lamps will make you feel at peace and in perfect balance. WANDS ​Crystal wands are made from polished crystals. They usually have a polished point at one end, although some crystal wands have a polished point at both ends. Crystal wands direct strong energy towards the area which the point is directed at. For this reason, they are very good to use during crystal healing as you can target a specific area with them. For example, if you had a headache you would simply need to point the wand towards the area on your head which was hurting and hold it there until the pain has subsided. Crystal wands are particularly good at speeding up sluggish chakras. 88

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

PALM STONES & MEDITATION STONES Palm stone crystals are flat in shape and usually fit in the palm of your hand. They have the same energy as tumbled crystals in that they emit energy gently overtime in the auric field. Palm stones are easier to place on the chakras during meditation as they are larger than smaller tumbled crystals. ​ Meditation stones are of a similar size to palm stone crystals. The only difference is that they aren’t flat. Meditation stones usually fit in the palm of the hand and emit the same energy as tumbled crystals and palm stones, although they have usually been selected for their amplified energy or deep colour which makes them a bit more powerful than palm stones or tumbled crystals. Kimberly Stewart The Channelling

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020


Insights into Being With Guest T.C. Aeelah THE PATH OF FREEDOM & MY PURPOSE

armor and lower the weapons so that we can recognize ourselves in all our layers - the clearest and the most obscure.

I wish I could tell you that it's easy. But it is not. The way back home - meeting the Human with the Divine is painful, extremely challenging and requires our total commitment to ourselves; with the end of suffering, with the definitive dilution of the illusion of separation - the biggest, without a doubt, and the one that supports all the others.

In these challenging times when the feeling of having completely lost control increases with each uncertainty we see outside, the only place where we can really find comfort, security, peace and serenity to discern our own path is today, more than ever, even though it has always been - inside.

However, it is painful only for the Ego and it hurts even more the greater our stubbornness and resistance to what we feel is the path our heart invites us to take.

To continue in denial of this invitation that the collective consciousness has now given us, is simply to procrastinate the inevitable expansion of that same consciousness - individually and collectively.

The very fact that it is a path without a map, which is discovered moment by moment, one breath at a time, with total confidence in the deepest Truth - the one that even words cannot completely define, makes the Mind continually struggle to understand. But it is not intellectual understanding that can show us how to fall in Love here - the greatest Love there is. Essential keys are: Stay, Presence, Accept, Allow, Cooperate. Stop looking outside and face the fear of the unknown inside, eye to eye with all determination. And the key question is always and in every circumstance of life: Am I loving myself or hurting myself? This is the fundamental choice that gradually shifts our focus from the outside in, so that our perspectives and experiences are transformed from the inside out. To fight against anything is to get hurt. The definitive transformation does not occur with a fight, but only when we remove the 90

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

My purpose right now here on Earth is just one - to be the Peace that I Am, that we all are, when all distractions are removed. Nurture it, be true to it and from it, be firm and assertive in my choices, clear, direct and consistent. Walk in complete harmony between what I feel, say and do. Celebrate myself in the fullness that overflows from my Joyful Presence and be the expression of that, allowing me to experience all the Freedom that I always dreamed of and that I now know where it is and discover it without haste, as it invites me to taste it gracefully and sensually, just because YES. I know who I really am and I know that we are all this in our Essence, behind all the illusions of the world of form. This world that I love, respect and honor, starting with taking care of myself with all the Love, that I cannot not deserve because it is what I am. I cannot wish this for everyone, as it would be preventing everyone from exercising their free will and making their own experiences in the way that their path provides them.

But I can live the Truth of my own Freedom, completely and intensely. And I can remain available to support those who have made this choice for themselves but who are grappling with the whirlwinds that all this massive change in patterns implies, maintaining a stable and secure space where each one can access their own clarity, without interference, without noises, no distractions; completely and intensely. Today I would like to invite you to make a daily and constant review of every thought, word and action in the face of this question: am I loving myself or hurting myself? But before that, choose what it is that you really want for yourself, in your life in this precious time that is nothing more than who we are, because Space and Time are just the result of our reflection. You know, I have been reviewing over the last few years, as a result of my evolution in my marketing work - which is one of the functions that I exercise and for which I studied, for some good years - who is my client after all? I was suggested to create a so-called Avatar, which is nothing more than the exact definition of my type of client. Is it male or female? How old are you? What is your level of education? Where do you live? Where do you work? Etc etc. etc. Well, I realized that it is everyone and anyone, regardless of their creed, age, gender, ethnicity, race and everything else that can be used to define 'types' of people, anyone and everyone who wants to live to its fullest fulfillment, without excuses. Whoever really wants to live in total harmony with the totality of the Being that he is, discovering himself again in each breath from his Essence, changing habits, attitudes,

Of course, I am also available to bring my space of Consciousness to these processes, with simplicity, serenity and compassion. What follows will be discovered moment by moment. What I am not available for is to feed victim / abuser / savior games, in which the Little 'Human Self' has more authorization to define the choices of each one than the 'Whole Human', the one who really decides which way to go and which voice to follow within yourself. I am available to help you see and feel beyond the Mind, following the heart and making it (the Mind) your greatest ally to navigate here on Earth where it is absolutely necessary, not as the commander but as the servant of our true Essence. I also take the opportunity to thank you for reading these shared words and for being one way or another in my panorama of reality. T.C. Aeelah In Passion Coaching

It may be an experienced therapist, someone awake and in your spiritual 'search', or not. It can be anyone who feels this internal call - the “That's enough. My time has come to transcend myself. � And who is not interested in its full realization but only in loosening some knots to smooth its way? Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020



Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

"Your PRESENCE is the best GIFT you could ever GIVE" - Sara Landon

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020


Divinely Guided With Guest Sara Landon ONLY YOU CAN SET YOURSELF FREE (Listen to the audio/video or read the text)**


“There is nothing more important that you will ever do than realize the master that you are of your own human experience, to come into full realization of all that you are, the power that you have, and the creator that you are within your own creation.� We are so pleased and delighted to have the opportunity to speak with you all on this fine day in the year 2020, which is proving to be one of the most incredible, incredible times to be living in the human experience, right here, right now. There is nothing else going on anywhere more exciting than what is happening on your Earth plane at this time on your planet, and you have a front row seat to the most extraordinary transformation of human consciousness that has ever existed in any lifetime; the greatest opportunity for technological advancements, the greatest opportunity for awakening, the greatest opportunity for innovation and creation that has ever happened at an incredibly expedited rate of creativity, inspiration, excitement, enthusiasm and love. We want to begin with one of the things we have been talking to you so very much about. How many of you have made the correlation that the message we continually encourage you to focus on transcending is that of judgment, transcending judgment, your own judgment of yourself, of others, of circumstances and situations? Now you are seeing the opportunity for transcending judgment playing out on a global stage at this time. You are seeing that the entire human family is looking at the potential and the opportunity to transcend judgment. Now, again, this is an inside job. The world that exists around you is a reflection of what is going on within you. Those who judge the most are the ones who experience the most judgment and see the judgment and feel the judgment. 94

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

We have been encouraging you strongly, we might say, to transcend judgment within you. Many of you have come to this place of fully having transcended the shame that we have talked about for years in your Earth time—the opportunity to transcend shame, the opportunity to transcend guilt, to come to a place of knowing that all is forgiven, that you are forgiven, that all is forgiven, and that there is only love, and that that is the truth. From there we bring you into this knowing that the opportunity to transcend judgment is yet the next phase of your own realization and enlightenment and ascension into higher levels of consciousness. It is judgment that entangles you, and judgment is up very strongly in your consciousness, in your mass consciousness, in human consciousness at this time. What is playing out is an opportunity to transcend judgment, to transcend your own, and then in your own transcendence of judgment making it possible for your human family to rise above judgment of each other, of yourselves, of circumstances and conditions. At this time you have a very global event of exploring your beliefs, your programs, your triggers, your reactions, and your resistance of race. You are one human family. We invite you to remember that there is a much greater perspective, a much grander viewpoint of this that is available to each and every one of you. We have said you have all been all things. You have all been the slave, and you have all been one who has enslaved others. You have all been the victim, and you have all been the villain. You have all been the murdered, and you have all been the murderer. And all is forgiven. You are forgiven. All is forgiven. There is only love. If you are one who resonates or believes that the experience of past lives or reincarnation is part of this human experience, it would be easy for you to understand from that perspective that you have lived thousands of lifetimes, and within those thousands of lifetimes you have explored everything possibility within the human experience, every single facet of every single corner of this incredible human experience.

You have played your parts beautifully as if you were Academy Award-winning actors and actresses, within the plays and the movies and the scripts that you have chosen for yourselves and chosen to participate in. Nothing is happening to you. On a grander perspective it is the journey of the soul through the human experience, through human consciousness and all that exists here, that you have explored many different incarnations of being powerful and using it to harm others, of being powerful and using it only for good, of being powerless and blaming others, of being powerless and blaming yourself, of being powerless and blaming God - although it is you. Many of you who would say that you have a certain level of privilege in this life also, from a grander perspective, have chosen lives where you came in with very little privilege. You chose lives where you were experiencing lack and limitation as part of your incoming experience, but that you were also part of prejudice on both sides, that you were part of separation on both sides, that you were part of fear and lack and also part of wealth and great privilege. You have all been all things. If you do not believe in past lives and you do not believe in reincarnation, then you can look within your own life experience here and now and see where you have been free and you have been in bondage, where you have loved and

where you have hated, where you have been kind and where you have created harm. Even the most well-meaning, in times of unconsciousness, create harm for yourselves and others; have experienced hatred of yourself and others, have denied God in yourself and others, have cursed circumstances and conditions, have cursed yourself and have cursed others. You have all been all things in this life and in all lives. And you are forgiven. All is forgiven. There is only love. A complete reversal of prejudice and segregation and separation does not right the wrong because there is not one. Every single human being is a multidimensional, sovereign, infinite being of light. You will cause your own suffering and contribute to the suffering on your planet when you think you know what another soul’s journey is or should be. That does not mean you do not speak your truth. That doesn’t mean that you don’t come into the place of the highest consciousness in this moment and let the highest words flow through you. Even more importantly than that, standing in the presence of all that you are in this moment, allowing your light to shine through you, allowing the vibration of all that you are to raise the vibration of the planet and the environment around you, allowing your consciousness to raise the consciousness of your human family in times where maybe no words are needed at all. Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020


The most powerful change is consciousness, presence, and love; not right nor wrong, not good nor bad. It is not even necessary to have masses. When there is one of you in the moment, in your power, allowing all that you are, you are more powerful than millions that are not. But imagine... imagine that whatever you feel in this moment — whether it be love or hate, freedom or bondage, worry or lack, or fulfillment and abundance, sadness or joy, sickness or wellbeing — imagine that whatever you feel in this moment, everyone for miles around you feels whatever you feel amplified ten times, twenty times, a hundred times. Imagine that whatever you feel, a million people who are the closest in proximity to you on the planet will instantly feel whatever you feel. That is the responsibility you have. You are not responsible to change the world. You are not responsible to choose for others. You are not responsible to work and struggle, to try to drag your beloved human family over the finish line to remember who they are or to come home to the truth within them. Your responsibility is of you and the force field of creation that is you and what you are powerfully broadcasting in that force field of consciousness that is you, because that is what you are contributing to your human family in any moment. That is true karma. True Karma. Imagine that the definition of karma is that, whatever you feel in this moment, a million people will also feel exactly what you feel times ten. Times ten. That is your responsibility. In moments when you are triggered, in moments when you are in reaction, and especially in moments when you are in judgment of yourself or any other, stop, close your eyes, take a breath, come home to the truth within you, come back to your consciousness, come back into your presence, come back into this present moment, because all of infinity is here for you now. All of eternity is in this moment, and all of your power is here and now and available to you. When you are triggered, when you are in reaction, when you are in judgment, stop. You instantly stop contributing to it. You instantly stop adding momentum to the fear and the chaos and the judgment and the reaction and the triggers that are taking place on a global stage on your planet right now. And then choose, as the conscious creator that you are, what you want more of within you and in the world around you. 96

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

More peace. More love. More freedom. More joy. More beauty. More abundance. More wellbeing. Ask yourself right here, right now what is the one thing that you most want to create more of in your life and in the world around you. One thing right here, right now, what is it? Whatever the answer is, is perfect, but choose it. Choose it, and then align every cell in your body to the frequency of that which you most want in the world around you. Then powerfully focus it in the force field that is you, and expand it from you in every direction, as high as the stars, to the center of the Earth, horizontally all across your planet. Let it travel through your light, through your consciousness, and reach the hearts of all those who are open, who in this moment are allowing. And they might never know why in this moment they feel a bit more peaceful. They might never know why in this moment they feel more love. They might never know why all of a sudden for just a moment life appeared a little more beautiful to them. It’s because of you. That is true karma. That is karma. That is possibility and potential. That is why you are here. That is how you raise the consciousness. That is how you raise the vibration. There is nothing more important that you will ever do than realize the master that you are of your own human experience, to come into full realization of all that you are, the power that you have, and the creator that you are within your own creation. We are going to take you deep into the heart of creation, to know yourself as the creator that you are, and the I Am Creator frequency that takes you beyond manifestation from lack, limitation, and separation, and fully into true creation. If we were to give you some things to remember in this time, number one always is consciousness. Your consciousness is what will change your life. Your consciousness is what changes your world. Consciousness is everything. If you want to see humanity live in a more beautiful, harmonious, loving, abundant world, it comes from consciousness. It is very important that you start expanding your perspective of abundance to understand that the greatest currency on your planet is consciousness, that the wealth will reflect consciousness in times to come. Not hard work and effort. Not growth and struggle and determination and

achievement. Consciousness. Wealth will come from consciousness. Abundance, prosperity is your inherent, divine birthright, and you are either allowing it or denying it based on the level of consciousness you are in, period. There is nothing holy about being in lack. There is nothing divine about being in lack and limitation and struggle. There’s no more need, and there really never was, for you to believe that abundance was meant for others but somehow not for you. It is who you are, and infinite abundance is always available to you unless you are denying it based on the level of consciousness you are holding yourself in where lack and limitation and struggle are part of your experience. You may think the problems in your world are about racism and prejudice and separation and the haves and the have-nots and the privileged and the non-privileged. But the issue is allowing your innate, inherent abundance; because if all beings lived abundantly, you would not experience lack, separation, prejudice, struggle, and suffering. When you allow your own abundance, when you allow your own wellbeing, when you allow love in your experience, when you allow beauty in your experience, you begin to understand it was there for you all along, the entire time. As we’ve said, awareness, realization, consciousness is like a bird that has been flying over your head every moment of every day your entire life. You just never looked up and noticed it. Abundance has been here for you all along if you allow it. It is not about fixing problems and issues. It is about elevating your consciousness and allowing all that is here for you. You’re going to see great transformation on your planet. You do not have time — although time is not linear as you think of it. But truly we say this with a sense of urgency. You do not have time to give your attention to lower agendas, to fears of control or technologies that are going to harm you, or others taking your freedom, or dark and evil beings, or people that have prosperity trying to keep you enslaved. You do not have time for these lower-level agendas and conspiracies. You really do not. You have entire new paradigms to create here on this planet at this time through consciousness, through awareness, through allowing, through inspiration. You do not have time for the conspiracies and the fear, and you are starting to realize that there is a whole world that is available to you no matter what anyone is choosing

for them. It is available to you. You have an entire soul family here. All the puzzle pieces are here. It’s time to put them together and create the greatest masterpiece. Your job is to hold the vision, to create it within you, and then live it fully and illuminate the potential for all of humankind to come into greater potentials and possibilities of what this new paradigm presents to you. You do not have time for lower agendas. But it requires your consciousness. Conscious of your thinking, conscious of your feelings, conscious of your emotions, conscious of your choices, conscious of your vibration, conscious of whether you are allowing energy to support you in this time or whether you are denying not only your energy in this moment but your abundance. Take any word that you want more of and interchange it with the word ‘energy’. Allow energy to serve you. Allow all of the energy because it’s all here for you. Allow the energy. It’s all yours. Let the energy guide the way. Change it with any word you wish. Abundance. Let in all of the abundance that is here for you. Let abundance serve you. Let abundance guide the way. Let abundance, all that is here for you. Allow it. Receive it. Beauty. Let beauty serve you. Allow the beauty. Let the beauty guide the way. Take any word you want, but allow it in because that is what energy converts to. Beauty. Energy converts to abundance. Energy converts to love. Energy converts to wellbeing. Energy converts to harmony. Energy converts into the fulfillment of everything you could ever need and more because you are infinite love, you are infinite intelligence, you are infinite wellbeing. You are. Allow it. Don’t deny it. Allow it. Allow it. Allow it. Are you allowing abundance? Are you allowing wellbeing? Are you allowing love? Are you allowing beauty? Are you allowing infinite intelligence in this moment, what you might call inspiration or knowing or intuition? Allow it. Consciousness is going to be very, very, very important. The greatest wealth on your planet is going to be consciousness, and those that experience the greatest wealth on your planet are those who are conscious. It’s time to allow it in. You’re going to see economic and financial systems that are based on consciousness. Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020


An abundant world is possible. When one chooses abundance they transcend prejudice, suffering, limitation, lack, struggle, when you choose abundance. It’s important that you all choose abundance, it’s important that you all choose wellbeing, it’s important that you all choose to align with infinite intelligence, and it is important that you all align with the love that you are. Consciousness is going to be so very important. If you will equate your consciousness with your level of wealth and abundance and prosperity and riches, then you will understand a great important part of what is coming. All of the money you have invested, all of the energy you have put into your own consciousness, all of the money you had put into raising your own awareness — the time, the resources, the money, the passion, the energy you have put into your own realization and mastery and elevating your consciousness and awareness — is going to prove to you to be the greatest investment you have ever made. The relationships you have left, the jobs you have left, the comforts, the securities that appeared to keep you safe that you had the courage to go beyond for the elevation of your consciousness and awareness are going to prove to be some of the best choices you have made as consciousness becomes the greatest wealth on your planet. That does not mean that your financial systems are going to go away tomorrow or the next day. It is not about lower-level agendas or conspiracies or fear. It is about you transcending those things to realize the abundance that is available to you. It is also going to become very, very, very important that you focus on creative expression. Entering the heart of creation is mastering impeccable creative expression dedicated to the highest good of all, which means that you have no personal agenda. You’re not coming from lack and limitation and struggle and not-enoughness and trying to force something to happen that you think is right or fixes the problem or temporarily relieves you of some level of resistance or difficulty. No. Creation, creative expression, creativity is to work with the existence of Source/God/the Divine to play and create in new levels of consciousness and energy that are available to you. Creative expression is very important. However you choose to express yourself creatively as the creator that you are is more important now than ever. 98

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

Focus on creative expression, expressing all that you are. Part of the very reason for you being on the planet: the expansion of your soul, to have experiences, and to express all that you are. Whether you are taking rocks and making a heart or a smiley face with rocks or you are building a sandcastle or you are taking leaves and putting them in beautiful little shapes or you are painting a picture or creating a beautiful piece of music or creating a moment of love with another; focus, focus, focus your attention on creating all day long as often as possible. What am I creating? How do I want to express myself creatively? What would be fun? How do I want to play? What experience do I want to have? And then create it. True creation has no personal agenda, meaning you’re not creating the sandcastle to then sell it to someone because you need money. You’re not creating from lack and neediness and wanting energy. You’re creating from being the powerful Source Energy, God that you are, knowing that you have everything you need and more, going beyond needing and wanting to enjoying all of the good that is here for you. Creating is to take All That Is and to put some interesting, fun, fulfilling, purposeful use to all that is here for you and doing so in a way that is innocent and impeccable, coming from pure joy, pure creation. Creative expression is going to be very, very, very important, and abundance is going to flow where creativity is being expressed, so focus on creating, on creation. Now, are you going to exchange some of those creations for resources and money? Yes. That’s beautiful. It’s an energetic exchange. But if you’re not feeling the inflow of abundance, it’s often because you’re not externally expressing your creativity from a place of abundance. You’re waiting for the stars to tell you what you should do. You’re waiting for something outside of you to tell you what your purpose is or why you’re here. You’re here to realize the master that you are of your human experience. There’s no one outside of you that can tell you what you should do or what you should be. It comes from within you and you express it through you. You are consciousness. You are a force field. If you were to think about it this way: you are not this body. You are a force field of energy and light and vibration and consciousness, and your consciousness is what is moving energy into form within your force field.

As we’ve said to you, life will be really, really fun for you when you don’t limit your creation simply to physical form and you allow yourself to enjoy all of your creations, even the ones that in this moment appear to you as formless. That is to allow every part of you, every potential, every possibility, and you begin to play and create in timelines of potentials in the most impeccable and innocent way without being attached to those moving into form. But in your allowing they will move into form in the most easy, effortless, harmonious ways because you’re having fun with it all. There’s nothing wrong with manifestation, but what has been traditionally meant or how you have experienced it was the lack of something, and in your needing and wanting you decided what it is that would make the needing and wanting feeling go away. Then you decided to go out there externally and figure out how to get that thing that would take the feeling of needing and wanting away so then you could finally feel good and be happy. True creation is going beyond needing and wanting, to knowing that you are everything and everything is you. You stand in the knowing of all that you are, creator within your own creation, and the particles of infinite creation within the force field that is you begin to respond to you, and you get more of all that you are, and you draw things to you in the force field of creation that is you. By shining your light, by being the radiant, magnificent being that you are, you will have everything you need and more. It will come to you. When you allow it with ease and grace, in the most effortless way, each day is filled with magic and miracles and grand adventures, and you enter into the heart of creation. Oh, and then life presents to you the most beautiful expressions of true creation. Consciousness, creative expression, and choicelessness. We remind you there’s no need to be making big decisions when you allow it to be choiceless. Let it come to you. Draw it to you. The particles of infinite creation are responding to you. Imagine that you are consciousness, you are this force field of infinite creation, and reality is moving through you. You’re not moving through reality. Reality is moving through you. You are a force field of infinite creation, creator within your own creation.

Imagine that there are timelines, there are potentials, there are all sorts of possibilities, and they are all attached to a string or they’re all attached to a rope, and what you are doing is pulling it to you. You are drawing reality to you and through you. You are pulling it to you. You’re pulling on the string. You’re pulling on the rope. It’s coming to you. But you are sitting within your own creation, creator that you are, the very existence of the Divine, and you’re drawing those experiences, those timelines, those potentials, those strings, those ropes, and whatever is at the end of it, you’re drawing it to you. If you noticed at the end of one of those ropes was fear, you would stop pulling the rope because you don’t want it to get any closer. You don’t want to continually draw it into your experience. If at the end of this string was chaos and suffering and pain, you would stop pulling on that string. But if all of a sudden at the end of that rope was the most beautiful thing you’d ever seen, then you would pull, draw, open to it, and let it come to you. That is what your focus does. The thoughts you’re thinking, the things you’re focused on, your emotions, your feelings, that is what’s drawing whatever is at the end of that rope to you. You are a field of infinite potential. Reality is moving through you. When you allow things to come to you, then you don’t need to make any big decisions. You allow yourself to let the energy and the light guide the way, and there just comes a time when it’s choiceless. Only you can set yourself free. Each individual human is also the only one that can set themself free. But when you set yourself free then you shine the light for others so that they, too, remember that they can choose to set themself free no matter who or what they appear to be. There is no person anywhere in the human experience that cannot choose to set themself free. Governments do not free you. Religions do not free you. Nobody outside of you can set you free. Only you can set yourself free. It’s so important that you remember this. In times that you want to judge another soul’s journey, remember you have all been all things, and you will cause your own suffering when you think you know what another soul’s journey should be. If you want to contribute, then set yourself free. If you want to make a difference, then set yourself free. If you want to create change, then set yourself free. Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020


From what? Judgment. Set yourself free from your own judgment of yourself and others and circumstances and conditions. Set yourself free from worry and anxiety. Set yourself free from chaos and struggle. Set yourself free from lack and limitation. Set yourself free from the prison you hold yourself in with the thoughts that you’re thinking. Only you can set yourself free. The problems in the world — prejudice, suffering, lack, poverty, war — every single one of those things is about a lack of consciousness, period. The level of consciousness you are in is determining the experiences and the realities that you are drawing to you. You might be living in the same world, but you do not have to live at the level of anyone else’s consciousness. You can elevate your own in any moment, and that is the greatest thing you could ever do to positively contribute to change in your world. Are there actions? Yes, but they are choiceless. There’s a knowing. There’s no big decisions. There’s no big plans. There’s not a bunch of effort and figuring it out. It’s just choiceless. There’s a knowing. The action is inspired. The action comes with ease and grace. The action is Source flowing and expressing through you. The action is you elevating your consciousness. The action is you elevating your vibration. The choice, the action is you elevating your consciousness, your vibration, your awareness, and your frequency. That’s the action. That’s the choice you make. That is how you will create change. Elevate yourself out of poverty. Elevate yourself out of lack and limitation. Elevate yourself out of separation. Elevate yourself out of fear. Elevate yourself out of struggle and sacrifice. Elevate yourself out of pain and bondage. Someone asked us the question, don’t you have to really work on your beliefs and your programs? Don’t we really need to address all of the beliefs that are there out there? Don’t we really need to see all the programs that we have? No, because those just exist in a level of consciousness. If you elevate your consciousness, you go beyond the beliefs and the programs to the truth. Beliefs, programs, they sit down here in lower levels of consciousness. You transcend them all when you raise your vibration and your consciousness. You come into alignment with infinite love and oneness and the truth. That is the way. That is the way. There might be others who spend lifetimes continuing to navigate and explore the different ends of the Earth and all the things that are 100

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

available in the human experience. That has nothing to do with you. The very person that feels the most enslaved may have chosen this lifetime to explore what that feels like because in a past lifetime they were the ones who enslaved entire generations. Yet there is no judgment. They’re not coming back enslaved because that’s their terrible karma. We told you what karma is. Karma is whatever you’re feeling in this moment is amplified and felt by a million others in this moment ten times whatever you’re feeling. That should be your definition of karma. Are you peaceful, joyful, abundant, free? Are you feeling the beauty, the love, the abundance, the wellbeing, the joy? Because true karma is in your feeling into all of the beauty and the peace and the love right here, right now. You feeling so free — setting yourself free, feeling freedom, and aligning every single cell of your body to align with the freedom that is available to you — that a million in this moment not only feel that freedom, but they feel it amplified even ten times greater sense of freedom. That is how powerful you are. That is what is possible. That is how you contribute to change. That is how you navigate these times as the wayshowers and the leaders and the guides that you are, and that is why we say there’s nothing better going on anywhere than being right here, right now. Consciousness, creative expression, allow things to be choiceless. You’re entering into the heart of creation. Creation. Beyond manifestation. Transcending lack and limitation to allow the fullness of all that you are. To allow particles of infinite creation to surprise you and delight you. Your consciousness matters. Your creative expression matters. You allowing things to be choiceless really matters. You being all that you are, you living your life to the fullest, you setting yourself free, it matters. It matters now more than ever. Set yourself free. Be all that you are. Live the life you choose for you, and live it to the fullest. We’re asking you — to choose — to transcend judgment. Your perfection is not required, but it is a choice. It doesn’t happen to you, it is a choice you make. It is a potential and a possibility that is available to you. If you do not want to see judgment in the world around you, if you do not want to see people judged for the color of their skin or judged for the profession that they’re in, then choose to transcend judgment within you and you will contribute to the potential for your entire human family to transcend judgment, to transcend their own judgment, to transcend an

experience of being judged. Do you understand that? When you transcend your own judgment, you transcend the experience of being judged. So, what is the opposite of judgment? Some of you have been spending so much time on judgment and creating such experiences of being judged that you don’t know what lies beyond, what exists beyond judgment. What is the opposite of judgment? Acceptance, allowing, loving, understanding, uniting, celebrating. When you accept yourself, when you allow yourself, when you love yourself, when you unite and integrate all that you are and you celebrate who you are, those are the experiences you will draw to you in the world around you. What if each of you transcended judgment into fully accepting and allowing and understanding and loving and uniting and celebrating every part of you such that that is the experience you draw to you, and then you all create a new paradigm where each and every one of you experience that within you and all around you? That is the puzzle pieces coming together to create a new world, a New Earth, a better way, new paradigms. You do not have time to be in conspiracies and lower-level agendas and judgment and fear and chaos and resistance and struggle and suffering. You don’t have time. This is the life that you chose to fully self-realize the master that you are. It is all here for you now, every single one of you. Whether you have been listening to us for years or you just heard us for the first time today, it is possible for every single one of you to come into full, absolute realization within the next three months’ time. And most of you are so close. Just allow it. Just relax, breathe, and allow it. Just allow it.

Coming into realization, stepping into the heart of true creation, allowing all that you are. That’s what you’re doing. Just allow it. Allow it, allow it, because we are going to have so much fun with you all as the true realized masters that you are here on Earth. You are — you are — The Council on Earth. You are the ascended masters here on Earth. How does an ascended master live his or her realized life? What is a realized life? What is an enlightened life? What is an ascended life? You’re going to know. You’re going to experience it, and then you’re going to seed the entire human consciousness with the potentials and the possibilities that you yourself have created, creator within your own creation, a master of impeccable creative expression dedicated to the highest good of all. And so it is. Set yourself free. Set yourself free, and allow it. Allow it, allow it, allow it. And so it is. Sara Landon (The Wisdom of The Council channeled by Sara Landon during a live MASTERS CLASS call on June 7, 2020 | (VIDEO Direct Link:

There’s nothing left to do. The struggle is over. The fight is over. Just allow it. Stop fighting yourself. Stop fighting with others. Allow it. Stop warring with yourself. Allow it. Stop denying yourself. Allow it. Stop trying to hide from yourself. Allow it. Stop creating chaos within yourself. Allow it. Allow it, allow it, because on the other side of your realization is the most beautiful existence of reality and creation that you could ever imagine. All that’s left to do is allow it, allow it, allow it. What are you doing this summer? Summer’s not cancelled. What are you doing this summer? Coming into realization, entering into the heart of creation. For you in the southern hemisphere, what are you doing this winter? Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020


A Twist in the Tale Short Stories By John Du Four

SO MOTE IT BE Faey emerges from the underground and is immediately picked up and swept northwards towards the locks by the sea of bodies surging along the rise of Camden High Street. Her bobbing head stands out from the crowd, even in this amazing array of shopping humanity where all types rub shoulders and nothing is too strange. It’s her black hair. Not just any black, but a shimmering jet-black-blackerthan-black-so-black-it-borders-on-blue-black. The fringe dissects her forehead in a severe picture-perfect slash, a horizontal lobotomy. Midnight sheen tumbles away to either side in a ruler-straight coal fall sheared off just above the base of her slender neck. In vivid counterpoint to the hair is her white powdered face, a startling death mask somehow invitingly alive. It is lifted from the grave by soft smoky-green eyes the colour of water-worn pounamu, sacred jade stone from her far off New Zealand homeland. Her eyes are set slightly wider apart than expected, lending her gaze a doe-like beguiling innocence, in contrast to the scary trio of titanium circlets burrowing and overlapping their way along the outer halves of each thin eyebrow: fleshy chainmail. Her mouth is small and sweet, her pouty lips much more at home on a child, but disguised here by a rimmed tracing of black before surrendering wholeheartedly to the bloodwash vamp of startling red. 102

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

She is covered from head to toe in black garb: layers of it, hiding into itself, spilling from pallid neck down boyish front and slender hips, shawl over skirt, over dress, over denims, arms bound tight and narrow, finishing in lace across the back of her full-moon-pale hands. She marches quickly to the scuffling beat of her Doc Martins and the rhythmic swing of variously beaded black necklaces. Somehow it all comes together in gothic harmony – a union of Victoriana, hippy, bovver boy and funeral director. Faey works in the market, Canal Market to be precise: the smallest of the myriad of markets scattered the length and breadth of Camden Town. Her tiny stall sits at the very back of a single long passageway containing a rag-tag collection of a hundred-and-fifty stalls and shops selling everything from fashion accessories to recorded music, computer games to clothing, jewellery to gifts and collectables. And predictions. For Faey is a psychic. A medium. A seer. She scrys soul paths and prophesizes life’s probabilities for those who pay their £25 to sit at her table and open themselves to possibility. Behind beaded curtains, beneath posters and wall hangings that depict wolves howling at the moon, white unicorns in dark forests and dragons flying far above ancient stone circles, the punters sit. Surrounded by crystal geodes, small carved goddesses, wafting sticks of amber and cedarwood, and the dancing glow of candles. They watch as, at first, Faey gazes searchingly into their eyes, then shuts her own, mumbles a mysterious mantra and shuffles her spirit cards. Then she lays down their futures, or their pasts, depending on what comes through. Faey is a Sun Scorpio, Aquarius Ascendant. Faey is a vegan. Faey strikes singing bowls and sounds tingshaws. Faey understands that according to the Wisdom Elders of the Andes these are the days of Pachacutia – a time of transformation, when the earth and cosmos are turned upside down. And one other thing: Faey is a fake. She makes her way past Inverness Street and Jamestown Road, up over Regents Canal and down to the right, where she enters a covered tunnel and is immediately enveloped by the smells of international take-away food stalls: sharp, cloying, pungent, savoury – an olfactory blur that confuses and entices in equal measure. ‘Hello Faey,’ comes a shout from behind an enormous steaming wok. Faey walks over and smiles. ‘G’day Lucy.’ With strong, short arms and metal scoop, Lucy Wong is digging in and flipping a tangled nest of noodles, flecked with yellow egg, green peas, orange carrot and pink shrimp. ‘You starting late today! Sleep in, you lazy head?’ No,’ says Faey. ‘I had to go to the Post Office to send a prezzie home for my nephew.’ She looks around. ‘Think it’ll be a busy day?’ ‘You tell me – you the fortune teller,’ says Lucy. Faey laughs. ‘I see lots of chow mein in your future.’ ‘Gee, you good!’ says Lucy. ‘I bring you Pork Bun later, maybe Siu Mai too, eh?’ ‘That’d be great!’ says Faey, waving as she heads off down the long sloping passage towards her stall. Reggae music crashes out to her right, clashing and combining with a crooning Tony Bennett from the shop opposite in a duet that somehow seems to work. Faey pokes her head in DaRastaShack and shouts, ‘Hi ya, Bennie.’ Below the counter a deep booming black voice burrows out from under the sunny Jamaican soundscape: ‘Morning to you, Faey-child. Or should I say afternoon?’ Faey reaches the end of the walkway, coming to her makeshift doorway of long elder branches. They are lashed together with a woven twist of that farming fix-all from her homeland: Number 8 Fence Wire, a touch of Kiwiana that never fails to bring a smile to her lips as she arrives. She unfastens the small padlock and enters, rubbing her hands against the chill, and turns on a small fan heater beneath the round table covered with heavy black velvet – shivering punters are never good for business. She plugs in the electric kettle, then sets about lighting the many tea-lights and candles positioned around the small space, finishing with the large red one in the very centre of her table. She lights her incense, then makes herself a cup of chamomile tea, wrapping her cold fingers around the chipped mug. She pushes play on the battered old cassette player down behind her chair. Ambient new age music washes around her: swirly, swishy synth sounds that help to create atmosphere and block out the market din beyond her gate. Faey hears a musical ping from inside her handbag. It’s a text message from her flatmate Tia: u hme late? indn takwy gud? Faey is punching in her reply when out of the corner of her eye she sees a woman some way off heading towards her stall. She quickly turns around fully, her back to the entrance, and waits for the precise moment when she knows the woman is about to enter, then says, her back still turned, ‘Welcome.’ As Faey expects, the woman is startled and impressed. Faey turns around and smiles a warm, winning smile, and says, ‘Please come in and take a seat.’ The woman enters and sits down. She says nothing at first, just looks about her. Faey seizes the opportunity to make a quick assessment: she is Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020


alone, no friend in tow. So, a falling out perhaps? Or is it no lover? It might well explain the dark rings under the woman’s eyes, the sleepless nights. Faey notes the Chloe handbag and Manolo Blahnik shoes – no money worries then. She sees the clinging cat hairs on the woman’s overcoat: a beloved pet at home. Time is up, the woman is watching her, there’s enough to get on with. ‘Let’s start with names, shall we? I’m Faey.’ ‘I’m Jennifer.’ ‘Okay, Jennifer. All you need to do is sit back and relax. I’ll look at you for awhile. Then I’ll draw a card from the stack in front of me. Soon I’ll start to pick up on things. I’ll just relay to you what I’m getting, and you let me know when I’m on the button. Whatever you need to know will just kind of unfold before me like a vision, a story. It’s as simple as that, really.’ ‘Okay.’ ‘Any questions?’ ‘I don’t think so.’ ‘Good, then let’s begin.’ Faey shuffles and cuts her stack of spirit cards, slides the top card off and sets it face down before her with her right hand resting over it. Then she closes her eyes and takes in a slow deep breath through her nose. She exhales, and as her chest drops she whispers her enigmatic incantation: Ca nu, ca nobleh nu, eh passu mon nobleh, ci teh rond a nu, feteh a cincum bo, ester nu do. Ester nu do. Ester nu do. She opens her eyes and looks into Jennifer’s. Then she goes for it: ‘What is the name of your cat?’ The woman is surprised. ‘My cat? Oh! Mr Moggles.’ Faey smiles. ‘I sense Mr Moggles is a real comfort to you right now.’ The woman looks down and says, ‘Yes, yes he is.’ Faey sighs. ‘Animals are so often there for us when people aren’t. They don’t let us down.’ She watches Jennifer carefully. Something telltale is bound to emerge soon. Sure enough, the woman’s eyes redden and gloss over. Ah ha – tears are not far away. Always a good sign. ‘I sense a hurt, Jennifer. Who would hurt you so bad?’ The woman sobs. It’s the kind of goey lip-trembling flutter that can only spell one thing. Faey sends it out. ‘I see a man. It’s a man, isn’t it Jennifer.’ Jennifer nods. Faey continues, playing the best odds. ‘He wants you to still be friends?’ Jennifer scratches in her bag for a hanky. As she blows her nose she mumbles through the material, ‘He walked out on me.’ Faey takes a punt: ‘Forgive me for this, Jennifer, but the sex, it hasn’t been right for a long time, has it?’ Jennifer lets out a sad, tiny yelp and nods. Faey looks on her with compassion and cranks up the intimacy; it’s time to cement their sisterhood: ‘Oh, Jen – can I call you Jen? – Jen, you’re thinking it’s because of you. That you weren’t good enough. Couldn’t satisfy his needs.’ The woman’s eyes harden and she crushes the hanky into her tight fist. Good, thinks Faey, anger is so much easier to work with. She now feels safe to push on into unknown territory – it’s all in how you handle it. ‘But he was a bit, how should I say this . . .?’ Come on, come on . . . ‘Kinky!’ blurts the woman. Ah! Well, unexpected . . . but okay, let’s run with it. ‘Let’s just say his needs extended to the unusual, shall we?’ says Faey, still probing. ‘But Jen, Jen! You are above all that.’ Jennifer says, ‘He’d wrap my body in Glad Wrap . . . it made him excited.’ Faey, truly startled, masks her surprise with a shake of her head and a sigh. The woman nods shamefully. ‘Until I finally said no.’ What to say next? Then Faey smiles, she just can’t help herself: ‘Well, it’s obvious to me you were in quite a bind!’ For a moment Jennifer stares at Faey, and then in an instant they both dissolve into guffaws of laughter. Great! The turning point – every session has its turning point, and this one’s come early. Now Faey is confident she knows what this woman needs. Because all the assessing, the guessing, that goes on in her sessions, is really about Faey finding out her clients’ needs. This is how Faey sees her job: to assist people to feel better about their lives when they leave than when they walked in. Social work, she tells her few select confidants, with a psychic spin. And Faey is clear she is not meddling – take Jennifer, for example: the fact that she herself made the decision to come and see a psychic shows she’s ready to move on, needs to put the pain of a troubling and broken relationship behind her. Faey is simply 104

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

facilitating Jennifer’s life journey. Healers, she is quick to point out, work in many different ways. Now for the close, the all important summary – time to lay it all out so the punter will go away thinking it was Faey and Faey alone who gleaned everything about her, saw her like no other, understood her like no other, and joy of joys, opened her to a bright new future. ‘Jen, you don’t need me to tell you this but I will anyway. You are a desirable, attractive woman living a life many would die for. You’re successful, and you surround yourself with beauty.’ This stands to reason – she’s got the dosh. Faey continues: ‘You’ve been on a journey of the heart that’s had many twists in the road you’ve traveled. You knew the path had somehow veered off into brambles and bracken, didn’t you, Jen. Cutting you, hurting you! But you were strong, so strong – and so committed that you stayed the course, even though you knew it was growing dark and you were in danger of getting lost.’ ‘Until your man . . .’ Faey pauses expectantly. ‘Quincy,’ says Jennifer. Quincy? For real? Faey hadn’t seen that coming. ‘Yes . . . Quincy, he took the left fork and headed off alone that he might find some way to satisfy his tawdry yearnings.’ Faey likes the metaphor. She stretches it: ‘While you, Jen – the strength of you! – have kept on course. You see, you’ve taken the right fork . . . towards the light.’ Faey leans forward earnestly. ‘I see that light, Jen. It surrounds you. It radiates from you. You don’t know it but you are basking in its glow right now.’ Jennifer is openly crying now, tears streaming down her cheeks. Faey smiles, ‘And best of all, Jen – best of all – you have dear, loyal Mr Moggles to remind you what love is all about, until the real deal comes along.’ And finally, just to make sure hope is kept alive and not swallowed by doubt or despair, Faey pauses, closes her eyes, and says, ‘For I see another in your future, Jen. Yes, another man, a good man. A loving man worthy of you! And I see your heart opening like a rose, full in flower and scented like heaven.’ What a great line to end on! As luck would have it, the music on Faey’s tape player finishes just as she does. She quickly reaches down and clicks it off before the next track kicks in and spoils the magic. What a show! She earns all her 25 quid and then some. Just one more act for the finale: Faey reaches out and takes the woman’s hand and says, ‘Jen, shall we look at your spirit card now?’ Jennifer nods and Faey slowly turns the card over. Bingo! It depicts a medieval Princess lifted high by tiny putti with fluttering wings, escaping the stone-arched window of a tower so high it sits in the clouds. The princess’s eyes are closed; there is a beatific smile on her face. Couldn’t be better! Faey smiles and says, ‘Well, there you go.’ The woman gazes at the card and shakes her head in amazement. ‘My friend came to you a few weeks back,’ she says. Faey is on a roll – she does a quick mental inventory of recent punters, assessing who might be the match: who would live in the same moneyed area and be of similar age, who would be most likely to share the story of her own session with Jennifer. Got it! Two weekends ago – her name was Sharon. ‘Sharon,’ says Faey, matter-of-factly. ‘That’s right!’ says Jennifer, her eyes widening. ‘Sharon said you were good. But I had no idea. You’re amazing! Thank you, thank you so, so much!’ And she reaches in her bag for her purse, pulls out three £10 notes, and says, ‘Please keep the change.’ Faey takes the money and says humbly, ‘The gift of my gift is that it might be a gift to others.’ As the woman departs Faey says, ‘Goodbye Jen – may all the graces smile over your every step.’ Adding: ‘Do feel free to pass my name on to your friends.’ Because let’s face it, there’s no better advertising than word-of-mouth. The day may have started late, but it’s a steady one. Faey talks a teenaged girl through the loss of her first job; a middle-aged housewife through an ongoing and nasty dispute with her neighbours over their noisy and endless renovations; and finally, a young couple desperate to conceive their first child after two years of trying. Faey is about to start blowing out candles when she becomes aware of a man standing before her stall. She calls out to him, ‘Hi there. I was just thinking about shutting up shop, but I won’t if you’re here for a reading.’ The fact that he’s standing there and not entering gives her a pretty clear lead, so she goes for it. She pops her head out the doorway, smiles and says: ‘I know you’re feeling a bit unsure – but we both know you’ve come this far and have no intention of not following through with it.’ She’s hit it on the head. He smiles briefly and walks into her space. ‘Please sit down,’ says Faey, indicating the chair. She’s already started her study of the man, noticing the slight limp as he moves. Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020


Is he getting over an injury? He’s well dressed, in a studied, casual manner. His hair is neatly cropped. Probably a professional. Lawyer maybe? Or a banker? Perhaps in the financial markets? He’s not big, but well built – probably works out. She can smell something subtly sharp and tangy under his after shave, what is that? Got it – chlorine! He’s been swimming. She begins: ‘Let’s start with names, shall we? I’m Faey.’ ‘I’m Alan.’ ‘Okay, Alan. Just sit back and relax. What I’ll do is look at you for awhile. Then I’ll draw a card from the stack. Soon I’ll start to pick up on things. I’ll say what I’m getting, and you just let me know when things resonate with you. Whatever you need to know will emerge. That’s really all there is to it – so any questions?’ ‘Just one: are you an Aussie or a Kiwi? Faey smiles. ‘Kiwi. Anything else?’ ‘No,’ says Alan. ‘That’s all.’ ‘Good, then let’s begin.’ Faey shuffles and cuts her cards, selects one, closes her eyes and recites her mantra. She opens her eyes and looks into Alan’s. Play it safe to start: ‘You’re happy in your work, you’re successful. No money worries. In fact, I see lots of money.’ ‘Not all mine, I’m afraid,’ says Alan. ‘But you handle a lot of money.’ ‘Yes, I’m a stock broker.’ Bingo. ‘You try hard to look after yourself. Your body, I mean.’ ‘Yeah. I go to the gym, but not so much lately.’ Faey chances it: ‘Since the accident?’ She sees the surprise register in his eyes. ‘That’s right! Came off my motorbike a few weeks ago. I’ve been having physio.’ ‘Well, that swimming’s certainly a good idea.’ Again Faey sees Alan startle. ‘Keep it up. Low impact exercise will do that leg a world of good.’ She knows he is impressed. She continues: ‘But we both know that’s not why you’re here.’ Alan gazes at length into Faey’s eyes. ‘No,’ he says. Faey fishes: ‘I sense a loss.’ There is so often some form of loss. She sees the tiny wince, the hurt creep into his eyes as they soften with sadness. Boy, she’s on form today. She tosses the line out again: ‘There is a youthful energy around you.’ She watches carefully. Alan looks down, and out it starts to come: ‘You mean was around me.’ She plumbs for it. ‘A child.’ Alan nods. Now, a fifty-fifty call: ‘Your son?’ ‘Daughter.’ ‘But the name I’m getting, it could be a boy’s?’ ‘Yeah, I guess, depending on how you say it. Dominique.’ ‘Ah. Dominique, Dominic – I was confused a bit.’ Good recovery. Now, what kind of loss? Faey’s mind races. Marriage split – moving away, maybe? Something more serious? Ill health? Death? She probes on. ‘Alan, this hurts you. To talk about it I mean.’ ‘Well, no-one likes to admit failure, do they,’ says Alan. ‘Certainly not. But you’re perfectly safe here.’ Alan smiles sadly. ‘When Sarah walked out on me I thought I could cope. Things weren’t right for a long time so I figured it was the best thing for both of us. I just never counted on how it would feel to not have Dominique in my life – you know, daily. Seeing her grow, talking about what she did at school, watching her play.’ His eyes moisten. ‘I miss all of that so much!’ Alan’s words burn deep into Faey. Briefly, unavoidably, she revisits her own parents’ break-up, the acute childhood pain of it. How terribly she missed her father, especially when a few years later he remarried and shifted to Oz and the phone calls and letters dwindled. She still carries the loss, muted though it may be, like a secret, a poorly healed wound – scar tissue, hidden from all but her. Faey forgets the pretense of foreknowledge. ‘Oh, Alan. Are they far away?’ ‘They’re in Edinburgh now. That’s where the new fellow lives.’ ‘That’s harsh,’ says Faey. She needs to say things, needs to soothe this man, give him hope. For Dominique’s sake. She needs for him not to give up on Dominique. Faey is looking at Alan, sitting with his shoulders slumped, when there is a blinding, blurring flash of colour, a sudden smearing of the room around her – and in an instant it is she herself she is now 106

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020

watching: she is seeing herself from Alan’s side of the table, through Alan’s eyes. She watches the Faey opposite stand up, and as money is handed over, bend down briefly. She sees her wave goodbye. Now she is walking up the passage as the market is closing around her. She pauses to look in a window, then enters one of the shops. She emerges and looking down, sees a big soft teddy under her arm. Now she is exiting the tunnel. Crossing the canal. She is in the pressing crowd as it stumbles its way back towards the underground, packed tight and barely shuffling – so she steps out into the High Street to bypass the thick of it. There is a horn blast and screech of tyres. She feels the sharp impact. Sees the sky flash past overhead. Then nothing but silence – silence and blackness. ‘You okay?’ Faey slowly becomes aware of the session again, again feels her weight upon the chair. The candle on the table swims back into focus. Looking up, she sees Alan watching her, a worried expression on his face. ‘You alright?’ he says. ‘Can you hear me?’ Faey shudders, takes a deep breath and smiles shakily. What the hell was that? Did she fall asleep? Have a crazy dream? Some kind of weird out-of-body experience? Whatever it was, it’s a first. She is shaken, and feels slightly nauseous. Should she mention it maybe? But then Faey remembers and gets back to the business at hand, for the one thing that she is certain of right now is she can’t let anything get in the way of her really helping Alan and Dominique in their time of need. It’s her overriding duty to look after their best interests – help fix a dreadful wrong. Their futures are at stake! ‘I was just, er, tuning into your finer vibrations, that sort of thing. Now, where were we?’ ‘Edinburgh,’ says Alan. ‘Ah yes. Look Alan, you’re a successful man, a really nice guy. And you’re a loving father. The kind of man, the male role model, Dominique so needs in her life.’ She looks at him imploringly and continues: ‘Alan, you might be considering whether to move to Scotland to be nearer to Dominique. Or maybe you know you don’t want that, because of your work or whatever, so you’re wondering how to keep up a meaningful relationship with your daughter from here in London. How to manage regular visits, with you going to see her, and she coming to stay with you. But in a sense, Alan, none of that matters. It’s just nitty-gritty detail and something a man of your capabilities and strength can sort out no messing.’ Faey sighs. ‘The thing is this, Alan. Without you in her life, Dominique will grow up damaged. And the same holds true for you. What I hear from Spirit right now is the need for you to undertake, profoundly, to never give up on her. Never turn your back. Never disappear! Even when it hurts. Can you do that, Alan? Can you swear to stand by your daughter, now, and always?’ Alan sees the earnestness in Faey – feels the power of her conviction. ‘Yeah,’ he says. ‘I swear. Of course I do. I owe her that. Anything less would be wrong.’ Faey feels a huge sense of relief. She smiles. ‘Oh Alan. So mote it be. So mote it be!’

Alan stands and smiles. ‘Well, I guess that’s that. Thanks a lot. You’ve been really helpful, no doubt just what I needed to hear right now.’ Faey smiles back brightly. She feels something inside her has shifted, she feels lighter. ‘Twenty-five pounds, right?’ Faey nods and rises as Alan hands over the cash. A note slips from his hand and flutters across to Faey’s feet, and she stoops to scoop it up. Alan waves and Faey, feeling a warm glow inside, returns the gesture. ‘Do feel free to pass my name on to your friends.’ Doors are shutting, lights are switching off, flattened boxes and bags of rubbish are being stacked in front of various stall fronts. Alan notices in the window of a shop still open a big, cuddly purple teddy. It’s Dominique’s favourite colour and on an impulse he goes in and purchases it. Then he heads out of the market and onto the busy footpath crammed with tired end-of-day shoppers all heading for the tube. Faey begins to blow out candles and switch things off. She goes to wrap up her spirit cards in their tie-dyed silken handkerchief when she notices the unturned card still on the table. She realizes how in all her driving reason to ensure Alan never let young Dominique down she’d totally forgot to end the session with her usual revealing flourish. She flips the card. She stares at it. It is the hanged man. The throng creeps along at a snail’s pace. To bypass the thick of it Alan steps off the curb, out into the road. Out into Camden High Street. By John Du Four Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020


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Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020


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Meet The Contributors


Divinely Inspired Aimee is an intuitive and empathic healer who paints and scribes for Spirit. She is a pure channel through which many people have been able to receive messages from their guides and Divine Spirit. A practicing Pranic and lntuitive Healer for 10 years Aimee is part of a team of healers who travel New Zealand and Australia holding channeling and healing events. Aimee has a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning from the University of Canterbury and has worked much of her adult life caring for and teaching children. She lives in New Zealand, a magical piece of Lemuria, with her beloved daughter and their two cats, two bunnies and two hens.


Sears Co Amanda has many roles in life that can be summed up in 4 words: create, connect, learn and experience. She lives a full life of possibilities and has had an adventurous life so far, full of many ups and downs. In her own personal journey she has battled through the darkness of many physical, emotional and spiritual health lessons and has come out the other side a more developed, aware and knowledgeable person. She shares helpful tips based on her own experience and observations of life in the hope to inspire those struggling on their own personal journey – while continuing to grow, evolve and learn herself.


Mind Over Matter Crysal Olds lives in Nelson, NZ with her husband and two home-schooled children. She has a degree in Psychology and Criminology and is trained in several client centred Holistic Modalities. She also facilitates Mindfulness Workshops (general mindfulness and specifically for parents) on a regular basis. Facilitating workshops and offering one-on-one client sessions is part of her life vision to help herself and others overcome challenges within themselves and grow to be the people they have always envisioned. She loves continuing to grow and learn alongside her children, her clients and all those that cross her path 110

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020


Nurturing Naturally Gaylene has a deep love for infants and their family. As a registered nurse within a Special Care Baby Unit, she cares for premature, unwell and well babies. In her health coaching work Gaylene guides those who wish to understand and heal their birth and life experiences, fears, anxieties and health concerns to be who they really want to be. She bridges her medical and nursing knowledge with a deep understanding and respect for the mind, body, brain, social and spiritual connection necessary for health and vitality. Her vision is to provide safe, nurturing, health coaching that conveys love, hope and trust.



A Nourishing Notion Hannah is a mother, wife, registered nurse and a whole food plant based-lifestyle (WFPB) proponent. Originating from Timaru, she moved to Nelson in 2007 to do her nursing degree. She works part-time at the Wakefield Health Centre and recently completed a certificate in plant-based nutrition. She proudly belongs to a group of Nelson health professionals who promote WFPB; aiming to achieve positive health outcomes, and sustainability in the community. Passionate about cooking and creating recipes, she enjoys inspiring and supporting others through her new business 'A Nourishing Notion' and via her social media.


Prowalk Tours Isaac is the guy behind the camera in the walking tour videos on the Prowalk Tours YouTube channel. For the last 6 years he has been living in Naples, Italy with his wife and kids, working as a high school math teach. Isaac started his YouTube channel in early 2017 after his uncle requested a video of Naples to watch while he walked on his treadmill. He now has close to 200,000 subscribers with an average of 76,000 views per day! What began as a channel for treadmill walks has turned into a travel channel where viewers can get the most authentic travel experience possible right from the comfort of their own home.

JOHN DU FOUR John Du Four really enjoys being creative. He has made art in everything from acrylics to encaustic to batik. He’s fired ceramics and sculpted in papier mache. He’s composed music and written jingles. He’s performed in the Edinburgh and Adelaide Fringes. He’s written and directed short films, one of which was an international finalist in New York. He has choreographed dance and written many short stories. A former chef, sound therapist, and creative director in advertising, John is on the board of Arts Council Nelson and is Arts writer for Wild Tomato magazine. He lives in Richmond with Sue.


Kerry Kingston Design Kerry combines stylish interior design with a holistic and intuitive approach to create harmonious and healthy spaces from a soulful living perspective. As a holistic interior designer she looks at a space in its entirety; from the overall design, environment and visual appearance to the feel, flow and energy. Her holistic approach includes timeless décor and practical design while taking into consideration eco living and the energy in the space; utilising a range of holistic methods to enhance these attributes, such as: decluttering, plants, Feng Shui, complementary crystals and essential oils. Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020



Supercharged Food Lee is a holistic nutritionist, yoga and meditation teacher, wholefoods chef and author of the bestselling Supercharged Food series. After changing her diet to improve symptoms of a non-specific autoimmune disease and fibromyalgia she started the Supercharged Food website from a need to share easy, wholesome and simple recipes. Experience has taught her to listen to the cues and signals from your body and that making positive nutritious food choices while having the desire within you to change your life for the better is the first step to optimum health.



Writer As a Storyteller; Lorella shares her inner wisdom and heart stories through written word. As an Intuitive Theta Healer; she holds space for others to release all that is holding them back, enabling them to manifest an abundant life filled with connection, gratitude and meaning. As a Mother to three children, a Wife and Home Educator; Lorella practices unconditional love and compassionate communication. She encourages curiosity, and fosters the discovery of their innate gifts. As a Kaitiaki of Aotearoa, and passionate earth and ocean lover; she inspires others through action, art and unity, to connect to and appreciate Papatuanuku.


A Sweeter Life Masha is an intuit, a guide, and a channel for Spirit. It is her mission to open to angels and her guides and to transmit the information she receives. As someone who has totally transformed her own life, going from living in the dark to living in the light, it’s now her passion to guide others to live in the light. With a fiery passion in her heart Masha hopes to empower, encourage and enlighten others to live a sweeter life. Now retired, Masha loves to write, coach and spend time with family.


Yoga Instructor Michael views yoga as his medicine. He was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder when he was 18 years old. Years of trying out different Western approaches, including surgery, proved to not be a long term solution. When he started practicing yoga his whole well-being became balanced and he learned to thrive! Michael now shares yoga with others to enhance their lives from the mat, to work, to family life and beyond. He has completed his 500hr training with Eoin Finn and the Blissology Yoga School. The reverence of nature and community that embody this style of yoga influences every facet of Michael’s teachings.


Clairvoyant Medium/Trance Channel At age 22, Michelle experienced the most life- changing year of her life and discovered who she truly was and her spiritual and healing abilities. Embracing this aspect of herself and realising she was a blank canvas, Michelle trusted herself and the Universal Source of Creation and started learning about all things spiritual and energetic. She loves the life she has chosen, which is filled with love, learning and pure vibrational energy... and best of all, she gets to use it to help others as a Clairvoyant Medium, Trance Channel, Healer, Teacher and Empowerment Coach. 112

Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020


MeadowSweet Herbs & Flowers Minette Tonoli is an Earth Mother and herb enthusiast striving to become more self-sufficient in her acre homestead in North Canterbury. She enjoys sharing her experiences, and the knowledge she gained over more than 15 years’ of growing and using plants for food and medicine. Through everything she does, she aims to excite and inspire others to fully enjoy nature’s gifts, and to learn more about soulful gardening for good food and good health.


Life & Business Coach Sarah Jensen is an award winning, internationally certified Life and Business Coach and host of the award nominated Rock Your Goals podcast. Sarah helps heart led coaches and creative entrepreneurs grow a sustainable, successful and super fun business (without going broke or burning out in the process). She believes in owning your awesome, writing your own rules, and chocolate!


Issue #16 | The Inspired Guide | October 1st 2020



Hearts and Bones Pilates Celebrating her 25th teaching anniversary in 2020, Tania believes in thinking differently about the way in which to teach Pilates and has been training teachers for the past 18 years as well as teaching professional development workshops internationally. She loves to inspire people and finds it exciting to see them open up, to ask questions and explore movement without fear. Starting her career as a dancer before training to be a Pilates teacher, Tania trained in the UK and USA before establishing Hearts and Bones Pilates in Wellington, New Zealand in 2002; in 2018 she moved to Nelson, NZ with her family.

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