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"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone." - Audrey Hepburn

How to Make the Most out of

y o j n E & e m o c l e W Hello and welcome to Issue #15 of The Inspired Guide!

Designed to inform and inspire all who seek to live more conscious lives. The Inspired Guide encourages a holistic approach to soulful living which stems from our innate ability to create our own reality for a more conscious, joyful and balanced life.

Amanda Sears | Creator






For a balanced life it is important to incorporate mindfulness and personal development in all areas of our Mind, Body and Soul.

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Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020

Read ANYWHERE! ♥ Read with an open mind ♥ ♥ There is no ‘one size fits all’ ♥ ♥ Hold no judgement ♥ ♥ Read what calls to you ♥

CONTENTS - #15 Get Involved ...... 6

Conscious Creating ...... 48-49

The Good Guide ...... 7

Divine Inspiration ...... 51

Incidental Comics ...... 8

Divine Guidance ...... 52-53

Inspiration on Instagram ...... 9-11

Insights into Being ...... 55

Positively Podcasts ...... 12-16

An Inspired Life ...... 57

Short & Sweet ...... 18-21

A Balanced Life ...... 58-59

Creativity & Exhibition ...... 22-33

Mindset Matters ...... 61

Conscious Community ...... 34-35

Soulful Living ...... 63

Helpful Herbs & Flowers ...... 36

A Nurtured Life ...... 65

Living Naturally ...... 37

Lifestyle Extra ...... 66-67

Feel Great Food ...... 38-41

Naturally Nurtured ...... 69

Healing Modalities ...... 42

A Twist in the Tale ...... 70-73

Living Well ...... 43

Conscious Business Market ...... 74-75

Movement & Flow ...... 44-47

Meet Our Contributors ...... 76-79 Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020


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Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020

The Good Guide Not every day is a walk in the park or a breath of fresh air - but it can be... When you need a pick me up or something inspirational to shift that doom and gloom. Be uplifted & inspired with our carefully curated selection online... WATCH Look for the light in the world and you will see how bright it shines! Get a breath of fresh air with Good News! READ A book can teach you or take you away on a journey - often both... enjoy our selection of inspiring and uplifting books. ART Art is subjective... it can inspire, soothe or insight action among the viewer. Our collection hopes to do all of these things... BE INSPIRED Hear the words from great minds around the world! Watch inspiring videos and learn more about these people. LISTEN Soothe your soul, find that happy place and get your groove on with some of our uplifting musicians and singers.


Cover Art

'A Moment in Time' (2020) Photographic Art by Amanda Sears (Photo by Ali Pazani |



We realise there is A LOT of great content in The Inspired Guide that you may want to find again, for example a chocolate cake recipe or steps on personal freedom... AND you probably don't want to search through all of our previous editions to find it! So we have created 'Topic' pages on the website where you can peruse for a certain topic that tickles your fancy OR find a topic from any edition to re-read or share. You can now use our simple search option to find a specific article by typing in what you are looking for! So easy!


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Grant began drawing comics in 2009 as an exploration of art, literature, and the creative process. He lives in Wichita, Kansas with his family, where he also practices orthodontics. You can often find him carrying a sketchbook, lost in his own thoughts. A collection of his comics have been published by Abrams in 'The Shape of Ideas' and 'I Will Judge You By Your Bookshelf'. Find him online: 8

Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020





A huge book nerd and gamer with 5 cats, Dominee uses her life experiences to inspire you to really know and love yourself, to believe in yourself, trust your intuition, and realize that you have the ability to make all of your dreams come true. Follow on Instagram: @blessingmanifesting

A doctor & illustrator based in Christchurch, NZ, Greta started Me-Mo as a resource to encourage people to have more Me-Moments. Taking some time out to improve their mental wellbeing on a daily basis and to enjoy an inspired Me-Moment. Follow on Instagram: @memo.memoment

Becks is a counsellor, mindfulness coach and illustrator based in Nelson, NZ. She began illustrating mental health tools with a goal of making counselling and therapeutic techniques more accessible to everyone. Now they are a global resource! Follow on Instagram: @journey_to_wellness_

A 17 year old from Slovakia - known only as 'Teabag' she has loved drawing since she first held a pencil and never thought her digital doodles would get so much attention! Her doodles help with her own mental health and cheers her up. Follow on Instagram: @teabag.cartoon Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020




AMY CHARLETTE By Amy Charlette

ASJA BOROS By Asja Boros

Becca Reitz is an illustrator and graphic designer that resides in Denver, CO. Her work aims to capture the beauty and essence of the human experience – each piece is a visual representation of our truth, our journeys, our past, our future. Follow on Instagram: @becca_reitz

Amy's art is closely tied to her spiritual side and heavily influenced by yoga, nature, chinese medicine, metaphysics and sacred geometry. She creates art to inspire deeper connection to self, creativity, community, nature and the universe. Follow on Instagram: @amycharlette 10

Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020

Just an average guy residing in Ottawa, Canada, Boki writes, illustrates and shares content in the hopes of turning wondering eyes inwards. He loves art and quotes so it was natural to combine these into potent whispers for the mind, heart and soul. Follow on Instagram: @bokifide

Artist and illustrator based in Croatia, Asja's work reflects a deep desire to glance behind the curtains of daily reality, to go beyond all reason and dive into the mysterious realms of imagination and to explore her inner worlds in a playful way. Follow on Instagram: @asjaboros


Dani is an author, blogger, and designer living in Washington, DC. In 2009, she launched the website sharing experiences and insights on positivity and self-love! Now a global, destination for inspiration and resources. Follow on Instagram: @PositivelyPresent


Follow her on Instagram: @theself_carekit Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020



! s t s a c d o P


Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020





With Viola Hug

Candice Thomas is the author of the book ‘The Success Sense: Intuition For Entrepreneurs and Professionals.’ She teaches entrepreneurs, artists, and leaders how to use their own intuition to achieve life changing results for themselves, their clients, and their communities. Candice has been featured on the Mind Love podcast, Tiny Buddha, Elephant Journal, Thrive Global, Bustle, and Brit+Co. For more information visit her website ‪

With Rachel White

Today’s incredible guest is Viola Hug, she is an intuitive coach, mentor, author, podcaster, and the creator of the Abundant Babes brand. She coaches women on business, wealth, spirituality, and mindset, and how those things utilised together allow you to have it all in life. In this episode I chat to Viola about: • Abundance and noticing it around you • Shifting your mindset • Money abundance • Accepting that you are deserving of abundance • Soulful businesses And so much more…

*Episode contains some explicit language

Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020






How do you find answers when you feel stuck and uncertain?

After running out of coffee recently, I decided to experiment with other strategies to help boost energy. After trying them all out during the day, I gave each strategy at rating out of 10 so you can easily see what worked the best.

With Katherine Rose

Maybe you intuitively know something needs to shift in your work, relationships, home environment finances…but it’s not possible to take action now (hello, isolation) or you don’t yet have the clarity to change things right now. I hope this episode brings some comfort and a little bolt of inspiration on what to do next.

With Rachael Kable

Below are the energy-boosting strategies I tried! • Strategy 1: Spend time outside in the sunshine and fresh air (rating: 8/10) • Strategy 2: Snack on healthy foods, like almonds and oranges (rating: 7/10) • Strategy 3: Moderate exercise (rating: 8/10) • Strategy 4: Cold shower (rating: 5/10) • Strategy 5: Do something fun when your energy dips (rating: 10/10) I hope you enjoy trying out these strategies for yourself! 14

Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020





Today’s guest is marketing professional and serial side hustler, Lindsey Allen. Lindsay is one of those rare & wonderful people who loves her 9-5 AND her business way too much to choose just one. In this episode, Lindsey shares how she juggles her full-time job as a marketing co-ordinator with her successful freelance marketing and website design business. Plus, Lindsey walks us through the must knows (and mistakes to avoid) when it comes to creating a website that connects with your dream clients.

With so many of us experiencing a profound lack of motivation right now, Ashley and I (Jenna) wanted to explore what exactly motivation is, where it comes from, and alternative options for when motivation feels nearly impossible to access.

With Sarah Jensen

We round out the episode with an honest conversation about how to maintain healthy relationships (especially with your partner), as well as your own energy and enthusiasm, when you’re trying to do all of the things (and often all at once). *Episode contains some explicit language

With Jenna Teague & Ashley Looker

Want a sneak peek? As it turns out, when it comes to motivation and inspiration, one is externally driven whereas the other comes from within, and one of them is waaayyyyy more sustainable than the other.

*Episode contains some explicit language Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020






With Brooke & Ben McAlary

I chat with author and Japanologist Beth Kempton about slow living through the lens of Japanese culture. Or more specifically, through the lens of wabi sabi. Complex to define, wabi sabi is an exploration of acceptance and contentment. An acknowledgement of the true nature of life and as such is a really powerful way of shifting our worldview. Beth introduces me to the complex nature of wabi sabi and we discuss how the idea of perfect imperfection can impact the way we purchase and consume things, the way we connect with people and the environment around us, and how it’s a welcome respite in a world that calls us to constant comparison and competition. We also discuss whether wabi sabi, or any personal philosophy really, has the power to change the world, as well as the beauty of creating and honouring pockets and rituals of slowness in a busy life. 16

Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020

With Maddy Moon

In this episode, Madelyn talks about an amazing book, The Missing Element, that she just received from a previous podcast guest, Astrologer – Debra Silverman. This book discusses the four elements — air, earth, water, and fire and how they affect your inner world. Many of us are on a quest to learn more about ourselves and others, and perhaps now more than ever, it’s a great time to go within and learn more about how you function as an individual. The Missing Element was written for all of us who have ever felt that something was “wrong” with us, that we are odd and outside the norm. This book helps you to see beyond your perceived flaws to find your ‘true’ self, your gifts and your place in this world. You don’t have to have an extensive Astrology background to understand these profound teachings. This is a fun playground to explore so you can learn more about yourself and others.

Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020



Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020





Today it is even more important than ever to stay focused, to stay on the course of your vision.

INGREDIENTS • 300g Almond meal • 50g Sweetener (We use a Eyrthritol/monkfruit blend, but you could also use coconut or soft brown sugar) • 125g Coconut cream • 1 Scoop Vanilla pea protein powder • 2 Tbs Coconut oil, melted • 100g Macadamia nuts, chopped • 100g Chocolate, chopped (sugar free / high cocoa variety) • ½ tsp Xanthan gum • 1 tsp Vanilla

With Angela Miccio-Harris

We all agree that actually having a vision is the first and most important step to see our vision accomplished. What is that burning vision in your heart. Do you have one? You must have it written down. Have it so real to you that even though you don’t see it yet in the natural, you have Faith for it to come about. Learn to communicate your vision and refuse distractions. Know what you need for your vision to be fulfilled so then you can take practical steps. Is it training, connections, money or another resource? Now you know what you need, the steps required, and the focus to communicate to those required. As you take these practical steps keep the passion for your vision high! See it realised in your minds eye, trust and be full of expectant hope and thankfulness for it. Seek wisdom and keep peace in your heart. Be a giver in some way to others be it your time, money or energy. Don’t only focus internally, but look outwards as well. Be aware of the naysayers you meet along the way. Watch your words to eliminate negativity. Beware of compromise. Lastly refuse to be distracted. Do not allow troubles you encounter to taint or destroy your vision. Keep your vision burning within you, do the work, be patient, and it will come about.

With Sweet Not Sugar

METHOD • Add all dry ingredients together in a mixing bowl, mix while adding coconut cream and oil. • More or less coconut cream and oil may be required to ensure a thick, tacky mixture. • Roll mixture into 25 balls. Or make them larger or smaller to suit. • Place balls on a lined baking tray. • With a fork, press into flat discs. • Bake at 180°C for around 15 minutes, until golden.

Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020






To the Great Soul that dwells within

Pink opal is the most powerful crystal available to help heal grief associated with the loss of someone in your life. Whether this grief is caused by the passing of a loved one or the break down in a relationship, pink opal has the ability to help us through.

With Aimee Shields

May the calm of the Ocean's breath fill you May the steadiness of the grounded earth enfold you as you endure the storms that rage around you and within you May the mists of the air cover you in the mantle of spirit so that you may always know the hand of God touches you even now And may the great warmth of fire open your heart to the mystery of the journey that is laid out before you... Because it is a bright spark that lights this darkness And it is born in you before it finds its way into the world that awaits its glory.

With Kimberley Stewart

Pink opal has a strong connection to the heart chakra. It realigns and soothes the heart chakra, bringing balance to the emotions that it is dealing with. It also allows the heart to communicate with our mind, brining a sense of understanding and acceptance to any losses that we have undergone. Because pink opal has such a strong connection the heart chakra, it naturally has a positive effect on our physical heart. Pink opal strengthens this organ by taking stress off the heart and bringing our blood pressure and heart rate down to a healthy level. People who experience heart palpitations due to anxiety or stress would benefit greatly from carrying a piece of pink opal around with them. Pink opal brings renewed hope to the user, allowing us to once again fill our heart with love even though we may have suffered terrible heartbreak and loss in the past.


Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020





With Amanda Sears

Despite the fact that I would like to say "no" it appears more often than not I would say "yes". My deep love for people and desire to help them meant I would put my own needs on the back burner and give my energy to them - sometimes it made my old insecure self feel validated; but the BIG reason I often said "yes" instead of "no" to people was because when I did say "no" it made people angry and they would lash out like wounded children and hurt me with their words and actions, so it was just easier to say "yes" - even if they treated me like crap, didn't say thanks or even appreciate my help and just abused my kindness and love for their own gain. After awakening to my own divinity and as the creator of my own reality, my focus is back on ME and MY happiness as #1. I can proudly say that now, if my heart says "no" so do my words - I've said "no" to what friends think I should do, be or say; to clients that behave in ways that no longer resonate with me; to belief systems imposed on me by family; to old commitments I made to myself that I no longer feel joyful with, etc... Now I only say "yes" when it feels light and joyful - sometimes I will end up having to say "no" but I understand that the experience has just run its course and it does not bother me. Now I listen to my heart's guidance, have firm personal boundaries (even with friends and family) and respect, love and honour myself by doing so. It was hard at first - but loving yourself is easier and natural.

With Lee Holmes

When you have a bath with Epsom salts, the magnesium sulphate is absorbed through the skin, and draws toxins from the body. It also sedates the nervous system to relax you completely, reduces swelling, relaxes muscles, relieves muscular aches and pains and is also a natural emollient and exfoliator. The best way to make an Epsom salt bath is to add two standard cups of Epsom salts to a warm bath whilst the water is running. Once the bath is at the right level and temperature for you, climb in slowly and let your body soak for 15-20 minutes. Epsom salts can be used for a variety of beauty purposes too: • Facial Cleanser: mix a half-teaspoon of Epsom salts with a tablespoon of yoghurt and massage into skin and rinse with luke warm water. If you prefer a thicker cleanser add a teaspoon of oatmeal. • Avocado Skin Mask: For normal to oily or dry skin, mix 1 egg, 1/4 cup of yoghurt, the juice of 1 lemon, and a half-teaspoon of Epsom salts. Apply the mask to damp skin. Leave on for 10 minutes and then rinse off with luke warm water. • Skin Exfoliator: Epsom Salts are a fantastic exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate tired looking skin. Massage half a cup of Epsom salt over your wet skin whilst you are in the shower. Don’t forget to rinse off. • Shampoo: As Epsom salt soaks up excess oil from hair it can be added to your favourite shampoo when your hair is extra oily. Add about a quarter of a cup while you are shampooing. When it comes time for conditioning pour lemon juice through the hair for a natural rinse. Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020



Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020

Creativity + Exhibition With Guest Autumn Skye

“Each Canvas Takes Me On A Journey, And As My Paintbrush Follows, Each Time I Am Led Back To My Centre. I Believe That The Role Of The Artist Is Especially Crucial At This Challenging And Exciting Time. While The World Is At The Precipice Of Momentous Change, Artworks Have The Potential To Be Maps, And These Maps Can Help Guide Humanity Forward Into New And Positive Ways Of Seeing And Being. Through Creativity We Have The Opportunity To Transmute Shadow And Pain Into Visions Of Healing And Wholeness. And So, I Offer My Artwork As A Mirror, Both An Intimate Personal Refection And A Grand Archetypical Revelation. Within These Visions, May Each Viewer Recognize Their Own Sacred Heart And Cosmic Divinity. And, Through This Recognition, May We Remember The Innate Grace That Autumn Skye's childhood was spent traveling the boundlessly majestic landscapes of North America, developing a deep wonder for nature and the diversity of humanity. She's been translating this inspiration through artwork since she was old enough to hold a pencil. Recognizing her curious imagination, creativity was always supported by her family. Autumn Skye's meticulous and poignant paintings continue to gain expanding recognition, attracting collectors and students from around the globe. As a self-taught artist, she has dedicated innumerable hours in creative exploration. Her style gracefully weaves together refined realism, iconic imagery, profound symbolism, and subtle geometries. She teaches and exhibits worldwide, and otherwise now lives and paints on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of BC, Canada. Considering herself immensely blessed, Autumn Skye strives to support others through inspiration and creative empowerment. Find out more on her website or watch the video below:

Direct Link>>

Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020


Autumn Skye | 'Holy Grail' (2020) | Acrylic on Canvas | 24

Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020

Autumn Skye | 'The Alchemy Of Us' (2020) | Acrylic & Gold-leaf on Panel | Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020


Autumn Skye | 'Ascension' (2020) | Acrylic & Gold-leaf on Panel | 26

Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020

Autumn Skye | 'Seraphim' (2020) | Acrylic & Gold-leaf on Panel | Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020


Autumn Skye | 'My Body, My Temple' (2015) | Acrylic on Linen | 28

Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020

Autumn Skye | 'Phoenix Rising' (2019) | Acrylic & Gold-leaf on Canvas | Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020


Autumn Skye | 'Pura Vida' (2013) | Acrylic on Canvas | 30

Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020

Autumn Skye | 'The Pact' (2016) | Acrylic on Canvas | Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020


Autumn Skye | 'Light Work' (2016) | Acrylic on Canvas |


Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020

Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020



Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020

Conscious Community With Dino DoGooders Valerie Pinnock purchased her first dino suit in 2017. Her family was celebrating one year since her father's cancer diagnosis. In that year, Todd entertained himself with various dino videos online. The entire family purchased suits, and had a celebration. The dino suit reappeared during the COVID pandemic in 2020, in an attempt to make the yoga community laugh. With the help of some amazing friends, this has since molded into the Dino DoGooders. Founding Members (in addition to Valerie): Kat Harmon Heather Price Tuxedokat What We Do Our goal is to spread love and joy to as many people as possible. Let's face it, we are all having a difficult year. We are faced with a completely new way of life and many are missing their loved ones. We are a group of friends that simply wanted to make people smile.

Through the last several months, we have traveled to numerous locations to do just that. Along the way, we've collected several new friends who share our dream. And now, we have been presented with people nationwide and internationally that also want to help bring joy to those who need it most. To Join Our Mission: If you would like to join in our mission, please visit our guide to see how you can help in your community: How You Can Help We do not charge for our services to spread joy, so to help us out you can donate here: Find out More

Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020


Helpful Herbs & Flowers With Minette Tonoli BORAGE, STAR-FLOWER BORAGO OFFICINALIS

September, and it is officially spring! There is a distinct feeling of renewed energy in nature, and even if we still have a few cold spells, it is impossible to deny that we are moving into the seasons of growth and abundance in our gardens. In accordance with this, September is also Bee Aware Month in New Zealand, according to Apiculture New Zealand: “a nation-wide celebration of bees and their importance to our ecosystem, food chain and economy.� Herb gardens tend to be abuzz with bees as a lot of our herbs and their flowers attract and feed bees. For September we will focus on one such popular bee herb, Borage, as our Herb of the Month. Borage is an upright and bristly plant with starshaped flowers that are commonly blue, but there is also a white cultivar of Borage available. Growing to about 60cm high with a 30cm spread, it's not too fussy about the soil it grows in and


Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020

succeeds in almost any sunny position. Although it is an annual plant, meaning it completes its life cycle in one growing season, it maintains well in gardens by self-seeding readily so that there seems to always be a borage popping up somewhere. Highly attractive to bees and often found in pollinator-gardens, the plant is also grown as an edible and medicinal herb. Edible Noted as an edible flower, the beautiful bright blue blooms are added to drinks, salads, fruit platters and as edible garnish on cakes. They look particularly delightful when frozen in icecubes for summer drinks. The leaves can also be eaten in moderation, raw or cooked, although it is best chopped finely as the whole leaves are quite hairy. Borage has a cucumber-like flavour and is sometimes referred to as cucumber herb. Minette Tonoli MeadowSweet Herbs & Flowers

Living Naturally With Hannah Shaw GUT HEALTH

• Omega 3 fatty acids

Excellent gut health is foundational for vibrant well-being.

• Exercise

You may have heard of the 'gut brain connection'; this describes the neurological connection between the stomach, small intestine, heart and lungs, to the brain via the vagus nerve - the 10th cranial nerve. It is the longest in the body; beginning at the brain stem and ending at the gut. This nerve is implicated in the experience of a 'gut feeling' and also plays a significant role in our mental and emotional health. The vagus nerve is part of the parasympathetic nervous system, responsible for the 'rest and digest' functions in the body. The stronger our vagal nerve tone, the better our mental well-being, digestive health, memory-making ability, and inflammation levels.

• Massage • Intermittent Fasting • Social connection + laughter Of course you don’t have to do all of these things to improve vagus nerve function, but many of them are simple and could be implemented into your daily routine to help ease existing symptoms or build resilience for greater mental well-being. Hannah Shaw A Nourishing Notion

Having a toned vagus nerve is particularly helpful for symptoms of anxiety and depression; it also means we recover better and relax faster after incidences of stress. WAYS IN WHICH YOU CAN STRENGTHEN THE VAGUS NERVE: • Gargling morning and night - use water or a natural mouthwash • Cold water therapy - cold showers and dips in the river or ocean • Deep, slow breathing • Singing, humming, chanting • Fibre/plant rich diet + fermented foods (the better your microbiome the healthier your vagus nerve) • Probiotics - lactobacillus rhamnosus + bifidobacterium longum • Regular meditation Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020



Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020


They’re also loaded with vegetables to ensure that breakfast fulfills its criteria of being the most important (and delicious) meal of the day.

Are you a sweet or a savoury person?

I’ve even added my mouth-watering pumpkin and cauliflower mash to this recipe for some added sweetness. Think of it as your bonus from me. You’re welcome. If you’re following a low FODMAP approach, swap out the cauliflower for the green part of the spring onion, and two large carrots.

I used to be all about the sweet. I could never pass up on my gutmeal, pancakes or a smoothie bowl for breakfast. But recently, I’ve found myself craving something else. I’ve become bored of sweet foods and I’m ready to take the train to savoury station. But, I’m not one to settle for plain old boiled eggs or a soggy piece of bread with overripe avocado. I want something bite sized that I can grab when I’m in a rush. I want decadence with a side of nutrients. When I hit one of these moods, I bring out the muffin pan. If you don’t think you can get tasty savoury muffins, you know nuffin’ about the muffin. Muffins can be savoury and exploding with nutrients. They’re a great on-the-go meal for when there’s not enough time to think. I like making a batch of muffins and freezing them for when I need a pick-me-up ASAP. Muffins are a great way to sneak in extra goodness. I pack them with a whole load of vegetables, protein and healthy fats to help keep me (or whoever’s lucky enough to get one from me) going until my next meal. One of my first explorations into the world of savoury muffins were my Spinach and Carrot Muffins back in 2013. To this day, these muffins are constantly on rotation in my house. If you’re worried by the S-word in the title, don’t worry, you can’t taste the spinach. Spinach adds a plant-based source of iron that you won’t even know exists. These muffins also contain flax seeds which are rich in omega 3, making them great for helping to reduce inflammation. Another favourite savoury meal to make in a muffin pan are the delicious Savoury Cupcakes with Pumpkin Mash. They’re a perfectly balanced meal, containing beef or lamb for protein, and eggs and almond meal for quality fats.

These muffins contain garlic and onion; two anti-microbial vegetables part of the allium family. The allium family are known to kick our immune systems into gear and help control blood pressure. These muffins are truly glorious and will be the envy of children and adult lunch boxes everywhere. Just be sure to keep an eye on them so no one happens to grab yours ‘accidentally’. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. These muffins are quick, simple and offer a delicious breakfast or snack. What’s my favourite way to serve them? Warm with a drizzle of tamari. All that stands between you and these muffins is half an hour. My work here is officially done!. Ps If you’re a busy working parent without a lot of time on your hands there are great fresh alternatives for affordable meal kits such as Hello Fresh too. --

CARROT AND SPINACH MUFFINS Makes 6 large muffins or 12 minis

I love these muffins because not only do they taste delicious, they use the natural sweetness of carrots paired with the incredible antioxidant properties of lemon zest. I’ve been using spinach in my dessert recipes a lot lately. Using spinach in dessert recipes offers up a healthy dose of iron just when you need it. I’ve found that one of the best ways to keep on Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020


top of my auto immune disease is to make sure my iron levels are topped up and to follow an anti-inflammatory diet. At the Inflammation Research Foundation, in Massachusetts, USA, Dr. Barry Sears is continuing his ongoing research into treating diabetes and believes that obesity and type 2 diabetes are strongly associated with increased inflammation. As the inflammation in adipose tissue increases, this becomes a strong driving force for the development of increased systemic inflammation that results in metabolic syndrome, eventually followed by the development of overt type 2. He believes that potential reversal of both conditions can be achieved by reducing the levels of inflammation through the use of an anti-inflammatory diet. They’ve been in the news a lot and more of us are starting to learn that good fats are essential to our bodies. I believe the best way to obtain them is from our food. Healthy fats are every bit as important as protein, minerals and vitamins when it comes to our overall functioning. According to a study published in Psychosomatic Medicine, eating a diet high in Omega-6 and low in Omega-3 is associated with increasing levels of cytokines - proteins released from cells that trigger inflammation. Flaxseeds are a good source of Omega 3’s which help to lower inflammation levels. The primary Omega-3 fatty acid found in flaxseeds is alpha-linolenic acid, or ALA as it is commonly known. Even if you’re using flaxseed in your baked goods, the good news is that the ALA component has been found to be stable for at least 3 hours of cooking at moderate oven temperatures. Bring on the healthy desserts! Lignans which make up the structure of flaxseeds are fibre-like compounds, which provide antioxidant protection and mucilage which is a water-soluble, gel-forming fiber does wonderful things in the intestinal tract, helping to improve absorption of certain nutrients. You’ll love the effect that these muffins have on your body. INGREDIENTS: • 1/3 cup tapioca flour
 • 1 cup buckwheat flour
 • 1 tsp. baking powder
 • 3 tbsp. flax seeds • Pinch Celtic Sea Salt • Squeeze of freshly ground black pepper • 1/2 tsp. nutmeg • 1 tsp. ground cumin (optional) 40

Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020

• 3 eggs beaten • 1 cup plain sugar free yoghurt • 2 medium carrots coarsely grated • 200 g fresh spinach leaves, roughly chopped • 1 small brown onion, chopped fine • 1 TBS lemon juice • 1 tsp. lemon rind • 1 clove garlic • 1/4 cup pumpkin seeds for topping (optional) METHOD: • Set the oven at 175 degrees Celsius • Mix the first eight ingredients in a bowl and set aside. • In a separate bowl add eggs and yoghurt and stir • Add carrots, spinach, onion, lemon juice and rind and garlic, stir well until combined • Mix the dry ingredients with the wet and stir with a spatula • Pour batter in muffin tray and top with pumpkin seeds • Bake in oven for 20-25 minutes until a toothpick comes out clean Keep these muffins in a sealed contain in the fridge and they’ll last for over a week. --


Who says cupcakes need to be sweet? These savoury ones save the day with their deliciousness. Serve warm with a drizzle of wheat-free tamari. INGREDIENTS: • extra virgin coconut oil, for greasing • 500 g (1 lb 2 oz) minced (ground) beef or lamb • 1 onion, finely grated • 3 free-range eggs • 25 g (1 oz/1/4cup) almond meal • 1 tbs Love Your Gut Powder • 1 garlic clove, crushed • 1 tablespoon mixed dried herbs of your choice, such as rosemary, sage, parsley, basil • 2 tablespoons wheat-free tamari or coconut aminos. • 1 quantity warm Pumpkin & Cauli Rosemary Mash (below) METHOD: • Preheat the oven to 180°C (350°F). Grease a large six-hole 250 ml (9 fl oz/ 1 cup) capacity cupcake tin with coconut oil. • Place the beef, onion, eggs, almond meal, garlic, herbs and tamari in a large bowl. Season with

sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, then use your hands to mix and thoroughly combine. • Using your hands, scoop the mixture into six even portions and shape into balls. Press the balls into the cupcake holes. • Place the cupcake tin on a baking tray, transfer to the oven and bake for 20–25 minutes, or until the cupcakes are browned on top. • Remove the cupcakes from the oven. Using a piping (icing) bag or a spoon, pipe or dollop the warm mash on top of the cupcakes. If you like a crunchy topping, place them under a hot grill (broiler) to crisp them up a bit.

Lee Holmes Supercharged Food (Originally Published By Lee On November 20, 2013 and December 3, 2019)

Serve warm. Leftovers will keep in an airtight container in the fridge for 2–3 days. --


INGREDIENTS: • 1/2 small jap or kent pumpkin (winter squash) • 1 head of cauliflower, cut into florets (For a FODMAP-friendly version, use the green part of the spring onion, and two large carrots instead of the cauliflower.) • 2 tablespoons coconut cream • 2 teaspoons extra virgin coconut oil • 1 teaspoon mustard powder • 1 tablespoon chopped spring onion (scallion) • 1 teaspoon fresh chopped rosemary or dried rosemary • pinch of Himalayan or Celtic sea salt • 2 tablespoons nut butter (optional, if tolerated) • nutritional yeast flakes (optional, if tolerated), for sprinkling • small rosemary sprigs, to garnish METHOD • Peel the pumpkin, remove the seeds and cut into 2–3 cm (1 inch) cubes. Steam the pumpkin and cauliflower together for 15–20 minutes, or until the pumpkin is soft and you can poke a fork through the cauliflower florets. • While the steamed vegetables are still hot, place them in a food processor or high-speed blender. Add the coconut cream, coconut oil, mustard powder, spring onion, rosemary, salt and nut butter, if using. • Whiz together, stopping and scraping down the sides of the blender • if necessary, until all the ingredients are well incorporated and smooth. Serve warm, sprinkled with nutritional yeast, if desired, and garnished with rosemary sprigs.

Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020


Healing Modalities With Guest Tania Huddart PILATES

I am passionate about movement and wellbeing. I love helping people move better and feel amazing in their bodies. Helping people to understand how to move more, more often is my goal. There are so many overlooked movement opportunities in everyday life. This approach is at the heart of how I teach. Pilates is at the core of my approach. I use many other tools like archetypal postures, the Franklin Method, and myofascial release therapy. I started attending Pilates to help me manage my own injuries. I was a dancer and dance teacher at the time. After years of intensive training my body was pretty much ‘broken’ and I was always in pain. I worked with Lesley Ackland in London in the mid-1990s. After three months I had an almost new body and was in love with this new way of moving. Lesley took me on as an apprentice until I moved to New Zealand in 1997. While living in the USA (2000-2002), I completed a comprehensive Pilates training course with the Physicalmind Institute. In 2002 returned to New Zealand and set up my studio.

How has this modality changed your life?

Pilates has been an integral part of my life for the past 25 years. The practice of Pilates has also empowered me during times of change and uncertainty. It has helped me age well. Pilates has given free reign to my natural curiosity about the body and how it moves and continues to open doors for me.

About this modality:

Pilates can help you increase your muscle strength and flexibility. It can also help you prevent or recover quicker from injuries. It’s also good for improving your breathing, balance, co-ordination, mood, posture, and alignment. When I started training to teach Pilates it was obscure. Few people knew what it was or that its creator was a man called Joseph Pilates. 42

Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020

Formal training courses were just starting to emerge in the USA. I was lucky enough to move to the USA in 2000 and study this method with a variety of well-known teachers and have done classes with some of Joseph Pilates’s original students and respected teachers. They gave me the tools and the courage to teach in an authentic way so I can help people move with ease and confidence.

Thoughts on this modality in healing:

Pilates is a great method to support healing, especially as we age. Our instinct is to stop moving when we experience pain or loss of mobility. Fear often stops us moving when we need it the most. The good news is that the Pilates studio is where we can create safe, smart movement strategies. Pilates can adapt to meet your needs. The Pilates studio can bridge the gap between physical therapy and full rehabilitation. To me the ultimate goal of Pilates is to help you live your best life outside of the studio.

Who do you think could benefit from this?

Anyone can enjoy Pilates. I have been fortunate to work with a wide range of people over the years. The Pilates machines assist your movement; the springs used for resistance allow you to navigate physical limitations and conditions with more ease. Many years ago I worked with a man in his 70s who had fallen off a roof. He fractured 8 ribs, 3 neck vertebrae and his tailbone. His surgeon said he would be in a wheelchair in 6 months. He attended Pilates twice a week for 3 months and also did exercises at home. On his follow-up appointment, he astounded the surgeon; he could almost rotate his head in both directions to end range - He went on to improve his golf game and win competitions against people half his age. Tania Huddart, Hearts & Bones Pilates

Living Well

With Tania Huddart ACTIVE AGING WITH PILATES Movement is key to aging well and Pilates can empower you during this time of uncertainty. Many changes take place in our bodies that it can be confusing and overwhelming. During your middle years your joints and spine may be feeling a little less supple; your balance may be more of an issue, or, you don’t have the strength and endurance you once had. The Pilates method of exercise can help you manage these issues. Active aging has been an ongoing area of research over the past two decades. Findings have proven that staying active through your life, benefits your wellness. Being more active helps you manage conditions like diabetes, and heart disease. It also helps you cope with pain, and improves your mood. Many people over the age of 50 are fit, free of pain and want to keep their mobility. But there are also those with physical limitations that need to go about exercise in a different way. Pilates is a great way to move an aging body regardless of what condition it is in - couch potato or super star. This method of exercise can adapt to meet each person where they are on their fitness journey. As Pilates teachers we take our cues from the way you breathe. Then we help you to develop new body awareness and strategies to help your body move well. Pilates teachers consider each person’s specific needs and capabilities. We then design programmes to suit your age and stage in life. The goal is to support you to find ways to increase your movement and fitness and help improve your everyday life. Do you need more motivation to take up Pilates? Here are some reasons why the Pilates method can help you look and feel great at any age. 1. Pilates teachers are knowledegable and can help give you confidence. A thorough Pilates teacher training programme includes learning about the body’s anatomy. The programme should also develop an understanding of key movement patterns and dysfunctions. A good Pilates teacher can help you maintain

your confidence in your body’s ability to move well even if you are limited in some way. 2. Personal and progressive If you’re a person with disabilities, disease or pain, a private Pilates session is the way to go. Choose a class that uses the unique spring loaded Pilates machines. The springs allow you to navigate physical limitations and conditions with more ease. The use of the equipment allows your teacher to change the load, range of motion, and intensity. Your teacher can design a rigorous program for improved balance, strength and flexibility. If you haven’t exercised in a while don’t worry. There are plenty of Pilates exercises for beginners. A good teacher will design a graded sequence of basic movements. Over time you will keep expanding from there. 3. Pilates is safe if you are experiencing age-related aches and pain. Our instinct is to stop moving when we experience pain or loss of mobility. Our fear often stops us moving when we need it the most. The good news is that the Pilates studio is a place where we can create safe, smart movement strategies. You will be able to achieve your goals. Stay positive about those age related changes and keep moving without fear. 4. Pilates can help you move your body for 'real' life. The ultimate goal of Pilates is to help you live your best life outside of the studio. In a well run studio class sizes are small. To become a Pilates teacher takes many hours of study and rigorous examinations. The Pilates studio can bridge the gap between physical therapy and full rehabilitation. Pilates can help you transition from being anxious to move to a person that moves without fear. Tania Huddart Hearts & Bones Pilates Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020



Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020

Movement, Breath & Flow

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Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020



With Tania Huddart

Looking After Your Lower Back

LOOKING AFTER YOUR LOWER BACK With Tania Huddart If you are a back pain sufferer, you are not alone. Staying active can help reduce your pain and shorten recovery time. Learn how to strengthen your hips and mobilize your ribs to help off-load your spine. Exercises Bridge, Glute strengthening in standing – transfer of weight, Rib rotation. Tania Huddart | Hearts and Bones Pilates |

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With Michael Toru

Feel Good Morning Yoga

FEEL GOOD MORNING YOGA (20 MIN ALL LEVELS STRETCH + FLOW) With Michael Toru This flow holds all the keys to guarantee you wake up on the right side of the bed. Even if you only have a short amount of time. A little bit of everything is packed into this short sequence. Stretch into the front, back, and sides of your body. Activate the core and strengthen your arms and legs. Michael Toru | Yoga with Michael |

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Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020

Qi Gong

With Natalie Meijer

Arch The Back

ARCH THE BACK With Natalie Meijer Arch the back and free up channels in whole body. This form is particularly good to strengthen the kidneys which has been a focus of the winter editions. Natalie Meijer | Heart Wisdom | >> Direct link to video:

Conscious Breath With Natacha Anthoni

Expanding Within

EXPANDING WITHIN WITH CONSCIOUS BREATHING With Natacha Anthoni What is the difference between expanding inwards and expanding outwards? We'll look at this often misunderstood but very important difference and practice it in a guided meditation using the conscious breath. Natacha Anthoni | My Breath | >> Direct link to video:

Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020










Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020

To download a printable copy of this month’s colouring page, click HERE - We would love to see the finished art if you want to tag @TheInspiredGuideNZ on Facebook or share to our page. Have Fun! Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020



Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020

Divine Inspiration With Aimee Shields INTERCONNECTEDNESS In a remote jungle where the trees are plentiful an old ancient being that has stood for centuries completes its last exchange of energies. For a final time it produces the oxygen into the air that the people of the world and all its inhabitants breathe. In its final moments it continues to serve its grand purpose and though not many of the benefactors of its service will see its demise, it rests proud in its moment of beginning again. The great ancient one knows that its leaves, branches and wood will be used even in its passing to serve as fodder, shelter and the rich soil that shall fuel new life. One can only hope to serve as silently and valiantly as this great forest elder, the giant, this one known by no other name to you than 'tree'. Across the globe in a garden shop a young lady is looking through seedlings. She selects one, guided by the whispers our mother has written into her heart. She returns to her home in suburbia and follows the instructions and plants her seedling.

So you see my darling ones when you think you live tiny lives that hold no consequence, our mother speaks to you in grand and humble ways. The ways of an earth warrior can at times seem humble and small, however, the jungle that lost a member, the earth that had one less tree to make the air sweet for you all found a way to balance the loss. It found a way to reach one of an open heart and completed its mission that day to plant a tree, to honour the great giant of the forest and create a new beginning. Do you see what we say to you dear ones that not one single thing is without a response from this earth, your mother. She knows all and sees all. Such is the majesty of the interconnectedness that exists and you all are a part of it. You act out from it unconsciously and many times unaware of your place in it... wouldn't you like to be more aware... Listen to your hearts dearest ones; keep them open and in tune with the rhythms around you and Gaia shall speak to you and you will hear her. Aimee Shields Divinely Inspired

She continues to care for this seedling; watering, fertilizing and giving it love every time she thinks of it. This quiet earth warrior on the day of the great ancient's death planted a tree, because something in her whispered that the world was in need of another tree. Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020


Divine Guidance With Michelle Cotton GUIDANCE ON YOUR JOURNEY It is with great love and compassion we come to speak with you on this day. So many have transformed there lives towards the path of higher learning and many are in the process of endings; which to those already experienced, it means new beginnings once the transition has been accomplished. It is therefore of importance that we shed light on the aspects of the whole; from the ending and despair some experience while transitioning, through the expansion and awakening. Know this is truly a journey of inspiration that takes you to the next level. Something will transpire in your world... whether it be the end of a job, a relationship, a house; it will be something of great importance that will shake your core beliefs to bring you to the space required to surrender into the ending of old energy patterns and beliefs that are no longer resonating for your path. You will often feel alone as you grieve the loss of what ever it was you were attached to; allow yourself the opportunity to feel all that is at this time to be able to release it. Once the initial shock and fear has subsided you can begin to process new opportunities. If you hold yourself in the space of trust, know the universe has your back and will guide you to where you need to be. Once this is integrated into your being you will find inspiration appear either in people or media posts. 52

Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020

In places that you find yourself going to - be open and aware; allow the inspiration to fill your being as this helps lift your vibration to expand even more light into your energetic body. Everything is as it should be even when we are in despair, great learning is in abundance through the experiences you are having, not only for yourself but also for those surrounding you. Hold yourself in the space of opportunities. Don’t become a victim to circumstance - this will drain your energy and trap you from seeing the possibilities before you. Hold your belief high to maintain your energy levels - you attract what you put out, so make it count in a positive way. We do not say to not weep at tragedy or hurt, we ask that you do not get stuck in it and prevent yourself from being the soul light you are here to be. Now we feel we have clarified that aspect we will continue to guide you further. Learn to sit still and listen to your own inner voice, your intuition. It can take time to get comfortable and gain a strong sense of your ego verses your intuition but don’t give up. Work on loving yourself and sustaining a healthy balance between mind, physical body and spirit; this will help to keep your emotional body from reacting to outside influences and your mental body from going into ego mode to control everything. Exercise in any form you enjoy to keep the physical body in balance; drink plenty of

water and eat healthy for more clarity. This will maintain a healthy energy level to promote the emotional and mental wellbeing with greater ease. If you are keen, learn meditation or focus on your breath while having quiet time. Check out how you feel spending time in nature; it has a powerful effect on boosting your energy and clearing the mind. It also reminds us of nature in its finest form - going though the circle of life with trust and how things transform from a seed in the dark to a strong tree; a caterpillar to a butterfly - just two examples. Take one day at a time and trust in yourself to grow. Self-empowerment is of great importance, so follow those that inspire you and make you feel good within; if it resonates with you that means its right for you. Blessings Ramon. Channeled Through Michelle Cotton Clairvoyant Medium/Trance Channel FB @ michellecottonclairvoyantmedium

Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020



Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020

Insights into Being With Guest T.C. Aeelah THE PARADOX OF KNOWING & NOT KNOWING AT ALL She was on a path of surrender. Nothing she knew mattered, though she knew all she needed to know, not knowing anything in-between. She had long dispelled the herculean task of having to know, even when the time was not yet ripe. Now she was free from the game of tomorrow, experiencing her unplanned Soul Self as it invited her to boldly step onto the inexistent path. “It will be there when you step forth. Rest assured, dear One, I will never lead you astray.� And so it was. Every single time she seemed to be stepping into the vast nothingness of uncharted living, the path unfolded just enough for her to step safely and surely on solid ground. Immediately the path behind her crumbled out of sight. It was no longer needed in her landscape of Now. Needing to know was slowly slipping out of her focus as the bliss of not having to know at all gradually took over. She had no great plans, no hopes and surely no regrets as all of her experiences merged into one single existence: her own. And this is what made her unique. Oh yes, she had hoped. A long time ago. She had believed in saving the world.

She had intended to be useful. A warrior of Peace - as if this were not the grandest paradox in itself. Hope had proven gullible and immature and saving the world had been a selfish whim of an overactive Mind that does not understand the perfection in all of creation. Compassion had flooded her with the knowingness that there was nothing to save, in the strict sense of the word. Saving would keep the victim a victim and the abuser an abuser. Walking the path of sovereign choice and Trust in her Divine nature - this was the way of her Essence. Never imposing. Inviting. And her never forcing. Allowing. Just like a dream walker prancing from star to star, she was creating new avenues of possibility with each Conscious Breath, with each one of those bold steps into the void beyond illusion. You learn what you experience and as soon as one brave human steps into the vast unknown it immediately becomes knowable by many. And so was her choice. To walk the talk of her heart, as she breathed it in, breathed it out, absorbed it in every fibre of her physical, tangible self. It was possible to just be. T.C. Aeelah In Passion Coaching Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020



Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020

An Inspired Life With Masha G Ellman HAPPINESS IS GIVING YOURSELF A DAILY ‘PEP-TALK’ If you walked near me in the parking lot on the way into the store and you could hear the chatter in my head, you would probably think I’m nuts (LOL) because what you will hear is - "I am so talented. I can do anything. I’m young and vibrant and full of vigor. I’m a great writer. I’m amazing…" This is some of my daily ‘pep-talk’ to myself. It just takes a few words to raise my vibration, make me feel good, empowered, happy, and have that 'I can do it' feeling. Loving yourself enough to really cherish who you are, to believe in yourself, to live with gratitude in yourself; is an attitude and mindset that you can cultivate. Growing up I wasn’t taught to believe in myself; to think of myself as beautiful, or that I could do anything. At first, I was afraid to say loving words to myself. I started jokingly saying, "I’m wonderful". Then I realized that a change was happening inside me; I wasn’t disliking and putting myself down, and I started to believe in what I was telling myself, and it was feeling pretty good. Last year when I had knee replacement surgery, it was my daily pep-talk that got me through it. Telling myself, "I can do this, I’m strong. I’m healthy…" it’s what helped me heal. At times during the recovery period, when I got depressed, just a few encouraging words changed the way I was feeling and filled me with hope. Why give yourself a pep-talk? Because you are you. Because you deserve. Because you can. Because it’s your life. Your choice. Because it’s good for you. Because it will elevate you, open your heart, help you to become aware and awake to yourself. Every word that you say to yourself is either empowering or disempowering you, making you

healthy or making you sick, it’s building you up or tearing you down. Every single word is influencing your mood, how you see yourself, feel yourself. How you see the world around you. Every word is influencing your experiences, and the actions you take. Giving yourself a pep-talk is like feeding yourself some spiritual medicine. Who hasn’t encouraged a friend, uplifted them with words like, "you can do it. I’m so proud of you. You look great in that dress…" A pep talk is not just reserved for others, and you don’t have to sit around and wait for anyone to come and tell you the warm, loving, encouraging words you want to hear. You tell them to yourself. Every word that uplifts you, empowers you, opens you up to yourself, opens the way to your inner truth, is like planting a little miracle inside of you. Nourish yourself with a pep-talk; you’ll gain confidence, courage, trust in yourself. You’ll gain self-esteem. Giving yourself a pep-talk can help you heal; it’s a great motivating tool. It can get you through challenging times, it will fill you with happiness - "I’m worthy of more... I’m proud of myself. I am fearless…" there’s so much you can say to yourself. Search online to get ideas. You are a magnificent miracle, blessed with the freedom of choice. You can live your highest or your lowest self, it’s your choice. Honour yourself, honour your life. Nourish yourself with goodness. Give yourself a pep-talk every day. Talk to yourself in loving words because it’s your life and you deserve AMAZING!!! Masha G Ellman A Sweeter Life Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020


A Balanced Life With Sarah Jensen CHANGE I have a confession to make. I’m not very good at change... I like to think I am. I tell myself I’m an adventurer, curious at heart, someone who loves to learn and travel. But my day to day is a well-rehearsed routine that runs like clockwork. And when it doesn’t, I have a tendency to feel anxious or cranky and out of sorts. Anything from running out of eggs and avocado (my daily breakfast staples) to running late can send me into a tailspin. And don’t even get me started about studying (especially when it’s 'for' something – like hope-filled plans for a brighter and better future). At Kinesiology training a couple of weeks ago this old chestnut showed up big time, in all sorts of creative ways. I’ve been seeing a wonderful Kinesiologist for a few years now, and every so often she floats the idea of me learning Kinesiology too. This year I finally got out of my own way and said "yes". We had our first full weekend of training recently and, after the initial excitement (and discomfort for this little introverted hermit) of showing up on the first day, going around the room introducing myself, and meeting the other 11 people on the course, the 'no change allowed' monkey jumped on my back and started shouting in my ear. You want this so badly, but what if you’re rubbish at it? You sucked at high school science so you can’t possibly do this. What if you can’t remember something and you look stupid? What if people laugh at you? What if people actually pay you for this and you’re terrible at it?! What if you’re putting all your hope on this to be something important in your business and life, and it doesn’t work out? What will you do then? So many negative thoughts all conspiring to send me straight back to my comfort zone (where apparently my ego thinks I belong). 58

Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020

I wanted to share this because you might just relate. I think that far too often when we’re doing things we’re excited about, perhaps things that feel more like a calling than a curiosity, our mind can play tricks on us and try to pull us backwards (usually at warp speed, am I right?). And in paying a little loving attention to how I felt over the weekend, I found comfort in the following loving reminders. I hope they’ll feel like a hug for your heart too. #1 - IT’S OKAY TO 'SUCK' WHEN YOU ARE NEW AT SOMETHING I mean jeez, I didn’t quit trying to drive just because I stalled it three times in the middle of an intersection during my first driving lesson (true story). And I didn’t quit learning how to cook even though I used to expertly burn microwave packet pasta (also a true story). So I’m giving myself full permission to suck, and to practice at not sucking, until I get great at it. #2 - THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS 'PERFECT' A.k.a. - you don’t have to know everything on day one. You won’t know everything on day one. And if you did know everything on day one, there’d be no point being there! Here’s a little something about me (and maybe you’ll relate); I have a strange, in-built expectation that I must always know the answers - to absolutely everything at all times - lest I look stupid and people laugh at me. Logically I know that even if I lived for 1,000 years, I couldn’t possibly know everything. And while I can reassure the rational part of my brain that ‘it’s okay’ and ‘don’t be silly, you don’t need to know everything’ – there’s still a part of me that’s afraid of being judged or rejected for not knowing something. That fear also serves as high octane fuel for my inner perfectionist. So I’ve decided to tell fear and perfectionism to take a hike and I’m giving myself full permission to soak up the thrill of

learning, enjoy doing something brand new, and letting myself feel safe in the world of not knowing everything.

Once you’re done, take a few long, slow, deep breaths; sigh out any stuck or heavy energy and invite in feelings of lightness, ease and joy.

#3 - THERE’S ALWAYS SOMEONE YOU CAN ASK FOR HELP At Kinesiology training it meant having a quick cry in the trainer’s office (she’s a dear friend and my Kinesiologist), expressing exactly how I felt and what I was afraid of, and having her remind me that “you can’t fail”, “I won’t let you fail” and “you’re not meant to know it all yet, it’s only the first weekend.”

Give yourself permission to dabble, play and try things on for size.

Sometimes just knowing you don’t have to do it all yourself is enough to soothe a weary heart or worried mind. Also, why spend all that time worrying and wondering if you’ve understood something properly or if you have it 'right' – just ask. And if it feels uncomfortable to ask in front of everyone in a group situation, seek out one person and ask them privately in a way that feels comfortable and safe for you.

Follow your heart, and immerse yourself in the energy of exploration, for no other reason than it feels fun for you. And remember, you don’t have to know it all, there’s no such thing as perfect and it’s okay to ask for help. You’ve got this and I believe in you. Sarah Jensen Sarah Jensen

Over and above all of the worries, wonderings and workings of my ego, inner saboteur, and recovering perfectionist in me, I’m absolutely loving Kinesiology so far and I can’t wait to see how it weaves its way into my world, my life and my business. Stay tuned. Journaling Prompt Since perfectionism has been showing up in all kinds of wicked ways for me, and for many of the women I work with, recently I wanted to share a journal prompt about it. So grab your favourite notebook and pen and ponder this prompt: Where in my life is perfectionism showing up right now? How can I offer myself love and give myself permission to take imperfect action instead? If the word ‘perfectionism’ doesn’t resonate for you, what comes up for you instead? Perhaps it’s comparison, over-thinking, overwhelm, or something else. Whatever word or feeling pops into your head or heart first, let that guide you forward and use it to explore how you can gently move through what you need to move through in this moment. Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020



Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020

Mindset Matters With Crysal Olds DOING NOTHING “Doing nothing is sometimes one of the highest of the duties of man” - G.K. Chesterton Doing nothing. Just those two words together can bring up so many emotions, and yet they are just words. Doing nothing in our culture has often been associated with laziness, neglect, etc that I would argue none of us want to be associated with, yet doing nothing in many instances can actually deliver a more beneficial outcome for those involved. So, read on for an argument in support of doing nothing. THE BENEFITS OF DOING NOTHING: • Others may problem solve on their own, gaining resilience and greater confidence • Our body gets the opportunity to rest and regenerate itself expelling all the toxins (including stress), restoring a sense of balance • Our body and mind gets the opportunity to digest our experiences • We invite creativity by allowing ourselves the space to restore balance (it is hard to be creative under stress) • We align ourselves more with the flow of the collective consciousness which allows us to tap into collective information • We allow ourselves to see others for who they are rather than who we would like them to be • We can ‘go with the flow’ rather than needing to be in control • We can focus on ourselves and our needs • Our childlike curiosity is reignited • It can bring us back to our natural state of 'human being', not 'human doing' But how do we ‘do’ ‘nothing’? For those of us who are busy and for whom doing nothing is like being in a foreign country and not speaking the language, then don’t fret. Doing nothing is as simple as learning hello in that other language. Start small and build up from there. HOW TO DO NOTHING • Set time aside each day to sit and do nothing (just 5 minutes to start with is enough)

• Take a few deep breaths and allow yourself this time away from devices (quietly acknowledge any thoughts of ‘to do’s’, ‘shoulds’, etc… and just bring your attention back to the here and now) • Think of this as a time to give back to you. You are worth it. This is your time just to ‘be’ without anyone needing anything from you, without any expectations, just 'be'. In 'being' we don’t actually need to 'do' anything – we are already doing nothing. • If you are searching for something to focus on, try repeating to yourself “doing nothing”, “doing nothing” over and over OR “as I do nothing, I am allowing my body and mind to rebalance and repair” • Notice your reactions and be kind to yourself - this is new. Like you would a new word, just keep repeating it and find ways to do nothing throughout your day. As stated before, doing nothing has historically been associated with laziness, yes and neglect, yes. Doing nothing in some situations may still be associated in this manner e.g., eating unhealthy takeaways every night would be considered neglect of our body’s requirement for healthy nutritious food to function at a high level, yet there are many instances where these lines can be blurred, and this can happen when we don’t allow ourselves to do what we need to do on a regular basis to rest and regenerate ourselves. We let our 'to do' list and our 'shoulds' take control of our lives. The lethargy that ensues can result in laziness or neglect where we have been pushing ourselves for too long. These are just a flag showing us that we need a bit more self-care and 'doing nothing' time. With the new growth and increase in energy that usually comes with spring, remember to allow yourself a regular practice of 'doing nothing' to maintain balance and flow throughout this busy time and to allow yourself to return to your natural state of being. This is your permission slip to DO NOTHING. Crysal Olds, Mind Over Matter Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020



Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020

Soulful Living With Kerry Kingston THE WITCH NEXT DOOR

• Having a pantry full of spices and herbs, and a herb garden bursting with life

The feeling of coming home, both to your house and within yourself is heart-warming and feels familiar and safe.

• Using a mortar and pestle to make your own grindings and tinctures

Magick and witchcraft have endured many hundreds of years of ridicule and misguided fear, yet in today’s society women are reclaiming their power both on a personal level, within their homes, as part of online collective covens and businesses alike. While this is my perspective on the magical home there are plenty of historical and traditional practices, varied approaches, and types of witches to explore.

• Enjoying cats and other pets as part of your family • Finding joy and practicing intention in daily rituals and life • Talking to your home and showing gratitude for the haven you have created • Sweeping with a broom any unwanted energy from your front door

There are books to read and lessons to be learned if you are interested in digging deep into your ancestral roots.

• Using protective magick through crystals, smudging and spells to promote good energy and remove negativity

I would describe myself as a House Witch (Kitchen and Hedge Witch combined) who follows my own rules and inner guidance with a knowing that I have always had.

• Taking baths with rose petals, essential oils, and crystals to invigorate your soul

So what does this all mean; it means as women we are connected to the earth and have been since the beginning of time, we know how to heal, how to make a house a cosy home, we stand in or strengths and lead; we stand up for what we believe, we look to the moon, we trust our intuition; we connect, ground and we work with energy. HOME RITUALS FOR A HOUSE WITCH MAY INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: • Cooking and baking with nutritious wholesome foods, herbs, spices, and plants • Enjoying beautiful and beneficial scents from candles, incense and oils. Or hanging flowers and herbs in your home

• Making and using natural remedies from essential oils, herbs and plants • Enjoying brewing, blending, and offering herbal teas to guests and soul sisters • Moon and star gazing and following the lunar and seasonal cycles to assist in your life • Respecting mother earth by reusing and recycling and preserving what we have If this resonates maybe you have a little bit of Witch in you... now, the trick is to unashamedly embrace it! Kerry Kingston Kerry Kingston Design Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020



Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020

A Nurtured Life With Lorella Doherty REWRITING FAMILY STORIES A while ago now, my husband called a family meeting after the kids had been fighting about a game they play together, that seemed to cause trouble day after day. We like to talk things through as a family; a lot. We believe in the importance of reconnecting after we have disconnected from disagreements or disharmony. We also try our best to communicate compassionately; as to us this is the key to a loving family dynamic. So it was interesting to me that when my husband so formally announced that we were to have a family meeting I sunk back in my chair awkwardly. I sat with my legs up underneath me and my arms crossed as a shield across my chest; listening but not partaking at all. When I caught awareness of myself and wondered what was going on for me here, I realised that the word ‘family meeting’ brought up pain. ‘Family meetings’ in my past had not been positive experiences. Instead they were blame-driven and disconnected communication styles that shut me down on all levels. As soon as I became aware of this, (it is said that awareness is 90% of healing), I was able to let go of this unease. My arms dropped, my feet came down, and I joined in on the conversation. This was a completely different scenario happening here in my own family. In fact, it was not long after this that one of my daughters who had chosen not to join in on the conversation, came and sat down with us and joined in so we were now all involved. All five of us were heard, seen and acknowledged. It was light hearted (funny at times), with the aim of coming up with a way to all still play the game, but without it ending in the usual fighting. All worries and ideas for problem solving were

heard, and a resolution with a few agreed boundaries was decided. The kids all came away happy, and my husband and I looked at each other pretty proud; as he said “well that story just got rewritten”; in that moment my heart opened wide for the man sitting across from me creating new blueprints for family communication. Most of the time, the way we parent stems from the blueprint we have inside ourselves to go off. It’s the way we were parented, based on the way our parents were parented and so forth. But if we can take those blueprints, spread them all out on our big table and rewrite the ones that are not serving us (and our children), then these new blueprints are the ones that get passed on, rather than the old ones that we automatically repeated until now. If there is blame, anger, resentment or shame in the letting go of old parenting patterns; acknowledge these feelings are there, and wrap this pain in deep honour, gratitude and forgiveness for our parents and their parents; for the amazing job they did in surviving in harder times, and doing the best they could with what they knew. In making mistakes, but still bringing us into the world. We would not be here today, and who we are without their parenting, no matter how that was. I am sure there are also some incredible blueprints we can acknowledge in ourselves and continue to repeat. We are blessed to be of a time where we can rewrite old stories that no longer serve us (whether on a parenting journey or not), and creating new versions that are filled with connection, compassion, love and joy. Lorella Doherty Writer Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020


Lifestyle Extra With Crysal Olds CHILDREN’S CONCEPT OF TIME…. How many times have you said to your child(ren) – “we don’t have time for that right now”, or “yes, we can do that, but tomorrow, because it’s time for sleep now”….? I know I have said this many times and nearly every experience of saying this has left me feeling a sense of disappointment in not seizing the moment. When I feel it’s 'time', the moment for my children has gone and that opportunity has become collateral damage to a life based around the concept of time. Children have this beautiful way of seizing the moment and doing things on a whim, so how can we as parents embrace this sense of freedom and timelessness when we often operate with time constraints? Read on to explore…. I have noticed that our sense of time and lack of flexibility with time can depend on two important things: 1. Our reaction to routine being disrupted, and 2. Our childrens’ reaction to routine being disrupted. If we were child-led, then the latter would not be an issue, because if the child is asking for the routine to be disrupted (if doing so fully informed), then they are in charge and will finish an activity/experience when they are ready. If, on the other hand, it is our reaction to our routine being disrupted, then that is something we can work with if we choose to do so. Having a sense of timelessness is not a foreign concept for us. Just remember back to your childhood and you too may have had a great sense of freedom and timelessness that will still be a part of you. It is just a matter of peeling back the layers of worldly conditioning to uncover again that sense of boundless freedom. If we wish to work on having a more flexible relationship with time, we could ask ourselves the following questions: • What is a routine giving me? • Do I trust my child to know what they need and when? 66

Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020

• Do I trust myself to know what my child needs and when? • What does flexibility mean to me? • What are my fears around being child-led? • What is my relationship with time? • What are my beliefs about time? • What would a place with no sense of time be like? • When do I feel a sense of freedom from time? • How can I bring this sense of freedom from time into my life more? Having answers to these questions can help you formulate life affirming boundaries around time and determine any triggers that you may have. We can then explore with ways that work for our family, to invite timelessness into our lives. 3 WAYS WE CAN INVITE TIMELESSNESS INTO OUR LIVES: 1. Schedule time for free play – often our children’s lives are packed full, just as ours are. They go to school, then after school there are play dates, dance classes, music lessons, sports, extra mural classes etc… and before we know it our children have their lives all planned out for them with limited free time. Free time is important for maintaining balance and enabling curiosity and creativity. Scheduling free time can also set our children up for maintaining balance and self-care later in life. 2. Have an easy dinner option – sometimes we can spend so much time preparing and cooking healthy and appetising dinners each night that we can miss opportunities for connection and following our child’s interests and moments of wonder. Try having an easy dinner option to pull out of the hat, just for those times, so that you can get caught up in the freedom and timelessness with your child(ren).

3. Have a flexible bedtime – often children get bursts of intense learning and focus close to bedtime, as they start to wind down and gain a sense of calm after the day. Having a flexible bedtime (if this works for you and your child) can help to cater for these bursts of focused attention and creativity and make bedtime smoother as the child’s needs are met. There are many ways we can embrace our child(ren)s sense of freedom and timelessness and even encourage it in daily life. I encourage you to have a play with freedom from time and notice how that sits with you and your family. Crysal Olds Mind Over Matter

Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020



Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020


We find ourselves in interesting times. For many, a time of confusion, uncertainty and challenges on multiple levels. What does all this create for us as social beings with a survival need for love and connection at both an individual, and a collective level. I invite you to take time to sit with yourself, to tune in, to recognise and acknowledge how you feel. What are your fears, concerns and beliefs and how are you experiencing these. Do you have many thoughts racing through your mind? Thoughts that are showing up as feelings and sensations in your body? • What does this feel like for you? - a sensation, pain, numbness, disconnection … • What is it telling you? • Where has it come from? • Is there a memory, a story, a meaning attached to it? What if you could be curious and open to exploring within. To activate your innate guidance system, your road map to understanding what you are experiencing and why. For some, these global events may invoke something much deeper; a memory, a feeling, a knowing, an emotion arising from very early in your life. Maybe it was there when you were born or from early childhood, or maybe it is something more recent that is coming up for you and adding to the uncertainty and concerns. What can you do to guide you through this time? A plan. A strategy. Consider the resources you already have. Maybe you need to remind yourself of these. A list, a journal, a picture, a note somewhere you can see it. For some it may be time out with another who understands. Someone you connect and feel safe with. To hold, hug, have time with. For others, meditation, yoga, Qigong, sunshine, fresh air, or connecting with nature, trees, grass, the sea, a river, or animals may give you the peacefulness you are seeking.

The chance to consider what else is possible, to allow new thoughts, new feelings to arise. Maybe your resource is prayer, or guidance from a higher being. What else can you do? (You and your children) • If you are pregnant, have a small baby or child, tune in with your little one. Talk to them with love in a soft gentle soothing voice and let them know that you are processing something that is not theirs and they are ok and safe. • Learn and use EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) a stress releasing process that quietens your mind. • Bring in your colour for safety, to breathe or wrap around you like a snuggly warm blanket. • Breathe in for a count of 4 and out for 6, a breath pattern that sends a calming message to your autonomic nervous system. • If you feel alone place your hands over and tune into your heart. Bring your loved one (s) into your mind. Feel the love and connection. Send it to your loved one and receive it as it returns. • Raise your vitality with plenty of water and foods that nurture and nourish your body. Rest, sleep when you need to. Exercise in the way that you love. • Look for and express gratitude for everything you have and are. • Find what excites you, something that ‘makes your heart sing’ and practice it every day. • Read and share inspirational words and books • If you or your child, elderly, loved one . need a physical reminder, create a love heart for each to have when not physically together. As you each tune in you can feel the magic and know you are held in connection and love. Be curious and play with this. Trust and love yourself. When we settle our thoughts and find peace within, our immune and nervous systems regulate into an ‘all is well’ feeling that is essential for our health and wellbeing. As we raise our own energy to a higher vibration, together as one, we raise the love and collective consciousness for all. Gaylene Hansen, Health Coach Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020


A Twist in the Tale Short Stories By John Du Four THE FIRST TIME I FLEW The first time I flew was no easy thing. I’m not talking about airliners here: no Boeings or Airbuses, or for that matter those smaller Cesna kind of things. No helicopters, micro-lights, paragliders. And just so you don’t think I’m being clever, no trippy drugs either. No, I’m talking about the real thing, actually lifting both feet off the ground and simply moving through the air. Except simply doesn’t apply. There was nothing simple about it. I was alone in my home. It was the middle of the night and I’d just woken up and shuffled off to the loo for a pee. I live by myself, one failed marriage was more than enough for me. Today, at 45 years of age, I’m a happy convert to the many desirable liberties of bachelorhood. So I was heading along the hallway, yawning my way back towards the bedroom, naked because that’s how I sleep. I’ll never understand how anyone can expect a good night’s kip when they wrap their body in fabric and then lie between two more layers of fabric, and all night long everything clutches, drags and grabs at you. A total violation of your freedom of movement. Freedom of movement – that’s what you get when you fly. Complete and utter freedom of movement. But believe me, not at first! Now, you might be wondering if I’d never flown before, how I would even think to attempt such a thing? All I can say is I just knew I could, that I had to do it right then and there in that very moment. In fact, it’s like that every time. I can never just take off at will. Rather, it comes over me. I suddenly recognise that flight is upon me. I just yield to the knowing and off I go. So that first time my mind didn’t even go to the place of thinking I had no idea whatsoever of how to go about it. Looking back, I do realise I must have had at least some notion, some kind of innate, instinctual understanding of what to do. Like a baby bird, I guess. Which doesn’t mean I still didn’t have everything to learn. Oh no. So I felt this weird urge, right there in the hallway, and just held my arms out in front of me, leaning forward a little bit, like I was on the edge of a swimming pool all set to dive in. Then I lifted my left leg and held it out behind me, standing on one leg wobbling slightly. Briefly, I became conscious of my mass, of the weight of me bearing down on my one foot. I noticed the softness of the carpet beneath it. The moment of truth! I carefully lifted my other leg. The moment my foot was off the ground I rocked violently from left to right. It was ridiculous how unbalanced I was, how unsure of my own centre of gravity, like it was totally unknown to me! I didn’t place my foot back down, but neither could I raise it any higher. I just remained there suspended, body more or less horizontal, right leg dangling just off the floor. I continued rocking and jerking back and forth in the newness of the sensation. Imagine lying on your stomach, stretched out like Superman, on a thin, tautly stretched piece of rope that runs under the entire length of your body. Imagine how unstable you would feel, falling first to one side and then the other, always rolling, grappling, trying to somehow pinpoint that elusive stable centre point. It calls for hyper-vigilance and anticipation: a constant micro-adjustment of weight shifts determined in nano-seconds. It took me a good ten minutes to gain even a modicum of control. And that was only the most immediately difficult bit. As I slowly raised my right leg ever higher, not only did the ungainly rolling again increase, I also realised as I struggled to keep my body straight and parallel to the ground that my stomach and back muscles were tensing to the point of rigidity. I may have had gravity on the back foot but in no way was it letting go 70

Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020

entirely. In fact, it never really does. Even now, as I swoop and soar in my confident, practiced manner, I am respectful of that force of nature which, given half a chance, would snatch me without a moment’s notice and hurl me back to earth. It’s nothing like floating in water, which at least has some viscosity to help buoy you. With flying you are in air, a virtually frictionless space offering you no support whatsoever. My diaphragm ached incessantly and invisible knives sliced into my lower back. I shook and shuddered, straining not to fold into an inverted V. This was when I recognised the next tricky thing: how to keep from pitching up and down like some sort of manic seesaw. One moment my head was pointing towards the ceiling and the next, alarmingly, it was just off the ground. The knack, I discovered over another ten minutes, is to actually relax. The absolute furthest thing from my reeling mind and tormented muscles. But thankfully, having gained the upper hand on the rolling, I did begin to loosen up, just a bit. Enough, finally, to reduce the dizzying extremes of the pitching motion and maintain at least some approximation of horizontal control. So there I was, not flying, but most certainly floating in the air! A brief exhilaration pulsed through me. This was really happening! Something beyond my wildest dreams! For the first time I allowed myself to look around me, take in the hallway from my new floating vantage point. I was about a metre off the ground. When I turned my head to the left I saw against the wall the small oak hall table. In the gloom I could just make out the ghostly white of the paper nautilus shell with its implausible delicate frills. And next to it, the equally white piece of flat, chalky North Dakota hillside, cleaved to reveal its secret interior: the fossilised remains of a Palaeolithic fish, its rust-coloured framework like some schematic etching of a metalwork Victorian fancy. I remember, in that moment, thinking about evolution, about the weird and wonderful workings of nature over aeons of time. Was I one of the first of a new breed of human? Was this the race’s next step, was our destiny to take to the skies? My roaming concentration suddenly had me again pitching and rolling. The next thing I had to figure out was how to overcome the yawing. For no apparent reason I would suddenly start to rotate sideways, to the left or the right, like a dangling mobile. I squirmed and shimmied hopelessly in an effort to correct these back and forth swings. I tried opening out my arms and legs, hoping that would help, but I discovered that as soon as I moved them from my ‘flight position’ I would begin sinking to the ground. I guessed this would be useful when it eventually came to landing, but I was nowhere near ready to come back to earth! Luckily, being in the hallway, the walls on either side were near enough that I was able to push off with my fingers whenever I came into contact with them and send myself back towards centre. This went on for some time. Had I been in the middle of a bigger space I might have bobbled around in circles endlessly. Like the rest of it, though, I eventually got the feel for it, for how with the slightest of rolling actions I could counter and control the swings. It all links together, you see. No one motion occurs in isolation. I thought of how I’ve watched seagulls hovering on the wind. At first they appear motionless, but if you look closely you see they are constantly making hundreds of tiny corrections, the silent whirring of a thousand lighter-than-air spindles and sprockets, a network of invisible linkages: the capricious clockwork of flight. By this time, in spite of the breakthroughs and exhilaration, I was becoming exhausted. Sweat from the continuous physical and mental strain was running into my eyes and I blinked wildly. Still I continued. The big problem now was how to get any forward motion. Since remaining aloft meant my legs had to stay together stretched out behind me, I couldn’t use them to thrust off the walls. I tried kicking as if using a paddleboard in a pool but it was obviously ineffectual and I’d begin to drop. So there I remained, bobbing and flexing, a spastic, suspended naked larva. What I had yet to realise was that while roll, pitch and yaw are all embedded in the real science of flight, the physics of it, actual propulsion, is dependent on something far more mysterious and metaphysical: intention. The incredible power of thought, driven by nothing more than absolute human desire. To fly one needs to give oneself over completely to the omnipotence of purpose and passion, the will; and its inevitable effects on a world otherwise made Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020


up of, let’s face it, mere matter. It was only when I wanted to move forward more than anything else, needed to, absolutely, with every fibre of my being, so that all else faded from my mind and my surrender to longing was total, that I began to silently drift forward. Oh the sensation! No feeling of being pushed or dragged along by some tangible force, just an invisible slipping through the air. I was astonished. My breath caught in my lungs. Looking ahead I could just make out my incredulous eyes and delirious grin as I bore down on the wall mirror at the end of the hallway. Just before I reached the end of the passage, where the hallway turns to the right, I instinctively tried rolling and yawing slightly and to my astonishment I successfully flew around the corner. That’s right, flew. No doubt about it. This, at last, was flying! I continued gently flying down the next length of hallway, gliding past my bedroom on the left, and again negotiated a right hand turn at the end to find myself now floating into the kitchen. I was still at my starting elevation, about the same level as the bench I was gliding alongside, past the espresso machine, the microwave, the hob and oven. I slipped silently by the toaster, just making out my body bending and distorting in the stainless steel corners like a fun-house mirror. Then past the sink, the evening’s dishes stacked in the bottom. I moved through into the dining room and my body floated over the table – barely. At the height I was flying I was only just clearing it and I heard the shuffle and rustle of a few unopened envelopes from the day’s mail catching on my stomach, dragging along the wooden surface. I immediately began to consider how to gain elevation. Obviously it had to do, more than anything else, with pitch. As I exited the dining room and entered into the lounge I realised I’d arrived at the perfect testing ground. My home is in Highgate, on the eastern side of the rolling green hills and vales of Hampstead Heath. The dwelling is large, staid and comfortable, and from the road appears like any other in the street. Strict heritage codes forbid me making any alterations to the exterior, so it looks virtually unchanged from when it was first built in 1865. But inside I’ve made a number of dramatic changes. The kitchen, dining and lounge areas have all been ripped out and rebuilt. The lounge is large and open planned, tending towards minimalism. I like the room’s masculinity. It has white oak parquet flooring set off with rugs from Turkey and Morocco, a handsome selection of spotlit objets d’art and paintings, a large wall-mounted screen with projector, and in one corner, a mirror and glass 1920s art deco bar complete with original stools and lighting. By taking out the floors immediately above, the room reaches up two and a half stories, overlooked by a wide mezzanine opening that is closed off with curvaceous wrought iron railing at the very end of the upstairs passage. Here I had some ten metres of vertical space, thirty metres of length and twenty of width to play around in. It was time to test my elevation theory. As I floated towards the black leather sofa, I flexed and arched backwards, pointing my outstretched body upward by some fifteen degrees. Sure enough, I sailed gently skyward. I aimed myself even higher and found myself heading towards one of the ceiling corners. Then I took a premature risk and willed myself to increase in speed. I shot ahead, covering some five metres in just moments! In panic I thought ‘slow down’ but the looming wall and ceiling clouded my concentration and I crashed into the corner, shuddering violently as I scraped along the ceiling’s edge at alarming speed. In a few seconds I’d covered the width of the room, banged to the left at the corner and was now careening along its length. I slammed into the next corner and again continued on my bruising, frantic way. Thankfully, after the initial shock I was able to focus my intent fully on slowing down and almost instantly I was cruising again at a controlled pace. I soon got the hang of flying in wide circles around the room’s perimeter. And I learned I could drop in elevation by either aiming downwards, or easing my arms and legs out of flight position to sink horizontally, like a Harrier Jump Jet. However, something inside told me clearly and unequivocally that my flying time was over. Indeed, it always disappears as mysteriously as it arrives. I leveled out, slowed to a hover and allowed myself to sink to the ground without mishap. After more than an hour in the air, I could barely walk. My legs trembled and I collapsed into a chair. I was both elated and exhausted. Eventually I managed to stagger my way back to bed, and in spite of my back’s 72

Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020

agony, my body’s aching, cramping stiffness, I fell into the deepest of sleeps. So that was it, the first time I flew. And as I said, it wasn’t easy. But I have since become a very good flyer. Now, whenever the knowing descends upon me, I take to the air like I was born to it. For some reason I can only fly unclothed. But if you think about it, how could a bird fly in pants? Or a bat in a jumper? The fine balance nature has devised in order to create flight does not cater to the practicality or whims of fashion. Obviously I can’t allow myself to be seen, and not just for reasons of modesty. I can think of nothing more life destroying than being found out: a celebrity flying freak, fodder for the paparazzi, the target of endless tabloid scrutiny. Or even scarier, the subject of covert government scientific study and experimentation: x-rays, scans, biopsies. My God no! My secret remains with me. But on occasion, after dark on warm nights, I slip outside and escape into the night sky over the Heath. Oh, the thrill, the absolute giddiness! First I buzz the cream-coloured spire atop nearby St Anne’s Church, swooping rapturously around its fine golden cross. Then I set a north-west course out over the patchwork of reedy, bush-clad bathing ponds. I circle the broad, gentle tree-ridged rise of Parliament Hill and meander the skyways over scrubby woodland and winding walkways, the twinkling city lights below encircling the blackness of my playground like some fantastic fairy ring. I take care to never venture further than the Heath, or stay out longer than an hour, just in case my flying reverie should suddenly depart and leave me stranded in, let’s face it, rather awkward circumstances. But while I’m airborne, well, there’s nothing like it on earth! Little joke. And I’m getting more daring. I’m starting to teach myself acrobatic manoeuvres – in the safety of my lounge of course. Flips and rolls, stalls, that kind of thing. Some are kind of risky, but I guess I’m a stunt pilot at heart. I realise I may never know whether this is my own unique and precious gift, or if, given the chance, people everywhere could learn to fly. But such freedom, such boundless freedom! Oh, brave new world! So to preserve my experience for posterity, just in case anything should ever happen to me, I’ve written it all down here. My full fantastical story! It’s the Gods-honest truth. Everything has occurred exactly as I’ve related. It is fact, not fantasy. Michael L. Chapman, 2016. ‘So what do we do with it?’ ‘Stick it in with the case notes. Let’s face it, the guy was some kind of a nutter.’ ‘Pretty weird though, don’t you think? I mean after everything he wrote. Broken neck and all, and him lying here starkers.’ ‘Took a fall plain and simple. I’d say he tumbled over that railing up there. It’s a big drop. Could’ve been drunk, or on something. Maybe even suicide.’ ‘Still Guv, you gotta wonder.’ ‘All I’ve got to wonder about is getting home to tea. Forensic’s shot through, the photographer’s packing up – let’s get the ambulance guys in to bag him and get the hell out of here. It’s the coroner’s baby now.’

By John Du Four Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020




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A special meeting place where Divine Spirit can connect to you through the healing medium of colour.


Each of these unique works painted by Aimee brings into being extra sensory vibrations and downloads specific to the new earth energy which allows the individual to be supported along their Soul journey. Aimee is available for commissioned ESVP paintings. Visit the gallery:

Looking for clarity or guidance life? FREE eMAGAZINE TO UPLIFT in & your INSPIRE For all who seek to level up their life, upgrade their models of Wanting to know the path your current reality and enrich their whole lives, lifestyles and livelihoods.

choices are leading you on?

Reader Open Minded & Full of Possibilities I am Master Nate and I work with a collective from the Higher Realms and through of Readers  Holistic Wellness & Conscious Livingthis connection I have access to the Universal wisdoms and  Free for ALL Anywhere in the World expansive fields of potentials that exist for you.  Easy to Read and Informative

I am also a Reiki Master/Teacher and offer Energy and  Spreading & Positivity Pranic Healings and FaceKnowledge to Face Aura Light Readings. To Book a Session Contact Master Reader Nate: Amanda Sears P: 0211 582 357 | E: | 027 974 3879

Available via Skype, Facetime or Phone | In-person in Golden Bay, NZ

Callah and the Ancients

FREE eMAGAZINE TO UPLIFT & INSPIRE For all who seek level to upyou theirinlife, upgrade their models of Wetocome Divine Love. reality and enrich their whole lives, lifestyles and livelihoods.

Bringing awakening, facilitating self realisation and Divine Healing for all who seek it.  Open Minded & Full of Possibilities

Soul Whispers:  Holistic Wellness & Conscious Living Channelled individual soul messages

Free for ALL Anywhere in the Worldto clear Distance or  In-Person Treatments: Designed energies multidimensionally, time & space  Easy to Read andacross Informative Visit Our Online Shop: Soul paintings, books and audio  Spreading Knowledge & Positivity

We welcome you to visit ourSears website to find out more: Amanda | 027 974 3879 Available for Distance, Phone or In-Person Treatment. Golden Bay, NZ. 74

Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020

Release your past, clear your energies and find your authentic light within Reiki & BlueStar Healing Rekindled Ancient Wisdom Inner Child Healing Finding Your Light Reiki Training Renae Bailey - 022 626 3046


Unique Handcrafted Jewellery

Custom work available in Copper, Brass and Silver. Louisa & Ytai Facebook @KiwaCreations Instagram @kiwa_creations

FEEL GOOD WHILE YOU DO GOOD! Help us positively impact 1 million lives through the Pay It Forward Program & Random Act of Kindness Scholarships. Donate journaling and self-development courses to those who may not otherwise be able to access them; be it a friend or a stranger. Courses are just AUD13 and have the chance to change a life.


For every course purchased or donated through the program I will donate another. Visit to donate, nominate or share, and let’s change the world with kindness together.

TOGETHER WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD WITH KINDNESS Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020



Gemify precious memories into a forever keepsake. We encapsulate items such as breastmilk, a first lock of hair, placenta, botanicals, fabrics, and more – into a bespoke forever treasure. Marta Willis - 022 586 2686

Handcrafted wire wrapped jewellery with ethically sourced gemstones. Created with love and intention to amplify the healing power of the gemstones we work with. Blessed with elemental energies and cleansed with water and smoke.

Meet The Contributors AIMEE SHIELDS

Divinely Inspired Aimee is an intuitive and empathic healer who paints and scribes for Spirit. She is a pure channel through which many people have been able to receive messages from their guides and Divine Spirit. A practicing Pranic and lntuitive Healer for 10 years Aimee is part of a team of healers who travel New Zealand and Australia holding channeling and healing events. Aimee has a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning from the University of Canterbury and has worked much of her adult life caring for and teaching children. She lives in New Zealand, a magical piece of Lemuria, with her beloved daughter and their two cats, two bunnies and two hens.


Sears Co Amanda has many roles in life that can be summed up in 4 words: create, connect, learn and experience. She lives a full life of possibilities and has had an adventurous life so far, full of many ups and downs. In her own personal journey she has battled through the darkness of many physical, emotional and spiritual health lessons and has come out the other side a more developed, aware and knowledgeable person. She shares helpful tips based on her own experience and observations of life in the hope to inspire those struggling on their own personal journey – while continuing to grow, evolve and learn herself.


Mind Over Matter Crysal Olds lives in Nelson, NZ with her husband and two home-schooled children. She has a degree in Psychology and Criminology and is trained in several client centred Holistic Modalities. She also facilitates Mindfulness Workshops (general mindfulness and specifically for parents) on a regular basis. Facilitating workshops and offering one-on-one client sessions is part of her life vision to help herself and others overcome challenges within themselves and grow to be the people they have always envisioned. She loves continuing to grow and learn alongside her children, her clients and all those that cross her path 76

Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020


Nurturing Naturally Gaylene has a deep love for infants and their family. As a registered nurse within a Special Care Baby Unit, she cares for premature, unwell and well babies. In her health coaching work Gaylene guides those who wish to understand and heal their birth and life experiences, fears, anxieties and health concerns to be who they really want to be. She bridges her medical and nursing knowledge with a deep understanding and respect for the mind, body, brain, social and spiritual connection necessary for health and vitality. Her vision is to provide safe, nurturing, health coaching that conveys love, hope and trust.



A Nourishing Notion Hannah is a mother, wife, registered nurse and a whole food plant based-lifestyle (WFPB) proponent. Originating from Timaru, she moved to Nelson in 2007 to do her nursing degree. She works part-time at the Wakefield Health Centre and recently completed a certificate in plant-based nutrition. She proudly belongs to a group of Nelson health professionals who promote WFPB; aiming to achieve positive health outcomes, and sustainability in the community. Passionate about cooking and creating recipes, she enjoys inspiring and supporting others through her new business 'A Nourishing Notion' and via her social media.

JOHN DU FOUR John Du Four really enjoys being creative. He has made art in everything from acrylics to encaustic to batik. He’s fired ceramics and sculpted in papier mache. He’s composed music and written jingles. He’s performed in the Edinburgh and Adelaide Fringes. He’s written and directed short films, one of which was an international finalist in New York. He has choreographed dance and written many short stories. A former chef, sound therapist, and creative director in advertising, John is on the board of Arts Council Nelson and is Arts writer for Wild Tomato magazine. He lives in Richmond with Sue.


Kerry Kingston Design Kerry combines stylish interior design with a holistic and intuitive approach to create harmonious and healthy spaces from a soulful living perspective. As a holistic interior designer she looks at a space in its entirety; from the overall design, environment and visual appearance to the feel, flow and energy. Her holistic approach includes timeless décor and practical design while taking into consideration eco living and the energy in the space; utilising a range of holistic methods to enhance these attributes, such as: decluttering, plants, Feng Shui, complementary crystals and essential oils.


Supercharged Food Lee is a holistic nutritionist, yoga and meditation teacher, wholefoods chef and author of the bestselling Supercharged Food series. After changing her diet to improve symptoms of a non-specific autoimmune disease and fibromyalgia she started the Supercharged Food website from a need to share easy, wholesome and simple recipes. Experience has taught her to listen to the cues and signals from your body and that making positive nutritious food choices while having the desire within you to change your life for the better is the first step to optimum health. Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020



Writer As a Storyteller; Lorella shares her inner wisdom and heart stories through written word. As an Intuitive Theta Healer; she holds space for others to release all that is holding them back, enabling them to manifest an abundant life filled with connection, gratitude and meaning. As a Mother to three children, a Wife and Home Educator; Lorella practices unconditional love and compassionate communication. She encourages curiosity, and fosters the discovery of their innate gifts. As a Kaitiaki of Aotearoa, and passionate earth and ocean lover; she inspires others through action, art and unity, to connect to and appreciate Papatuanuku.



A Sweeter Life Masha is an intuit, a guide, and a channel for Spirit. It is her mission to open to angels and her guides and to transmit the information she receives. As someone who has totally transformed her own life, going from living in the dark to living in the light, it’s now her passion to guide others to live in the light. With a fiery passion in her heart Masha hopes to empower, encourage and enlighten others to live a sweeter life. Now retired, Masha loves to write, coach and spend time with family.


Yoga Instructor Michael views yoga as his medicine. He was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder when he was 18 years old. Years of trying out different Western approaches, including surgery, proved to not be a long term solution. When he started practicing yoga his whole well-being became balanced and he learned to thrive! Michael now shares yoga with others to enhance their lives from the mat, to work, to family life and beyond. He has completed his 500hr training with Eoin Finn and the Blissology Yoga School. The reverence of nature and community that embody this style of yoga influences every facet of Michael’s teachings.


Clairvoyant Medium/Trance Channel At age 22, Michelle experienced the most life- changing year of her life and discovered who she truly was and her spiritual and healing abilities. Embracing this aspect of herself and realising she was a blank canvas, Michelle trusted herself and the Universal Source of Creation and started learning about all things spiritual and energetic. She loves the life she has chosen, which is filled with love, learning and pure vibrational energy... and best of all, she gets to use it to help others as a Clairvoyant Medium, Trance Channel, Healer, Teacher and Empowerment Coach.


MeadowSweet Herbs & Flowers Minette Tonoli is an Earth Mother and herb enthusiast striving to become more self-sufficient in her acre homestead in North Canterbury. She enjoys sharing her experiences, and the knowledge she gained over more than 15 years’ of growing and using plants for food and medicine. Through everything she does, she aims to excite and inspire others to fully enjoy nature’s gifts, and to learn more about soulful gardening for good food and good health. 78

Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020


My Breath

Natacha has been assisting people to open up to their full potential with conscious breathing through workshops and guided breathing sessions since 2009. She is passionate about her personal journey of living as a fully conscious, divine human and assisting others to do the same. Conscious breathing has been the most profound tool in her journey of self-realization, and it is her passion to share this through workshops and free online guided meditations. NATALIE MEIJER


Heart Wisdom Natalie started her path training with Yuan Tze in Ren Xue and its connected disciplines of Yuan Gong Qigong and Yuan Ming Medicine around 14 years ago. “I have benefited so much from these tools in my everyday life and it feels such a natural extension to want to share this with others�. Natalie works from home and in the wider Nelson/Motueka community where she runs classes online and in person as well as healing and life cultivation sessions. In New zealand her home base is setup for intimate retreats and wellness weekends.


Sweet Not Sugar Paula and Sam are the creators of a range of naturally sweet, sugar-free baking based around wholefood ingredients that are low carb, nutrient dense and delicious. Paula has always had a passion for food with many culinary endeavours in her background, including runner up in MasterChef NZ 2013. She started Sweet Not Sugar in 2019 and as it got busier, Sam (a brewer of 17 years) came on board and they have been working together ever since. Based in Nelson, NZ they are passionate about the sugar free lifestyle, and love the creativity and challenges presented through using alternative low carb ingredients.


Life & Business Coach Sarah Jensen is an award winning, internationally certified Life and Business Coach and host of the award nominated Rock Your Goals podcast. Sarah helps heart led coaches and creative entrepreneurs grow a sustainable, successful and super fun business (without going broke or burning out in the process). She believes in owning your awesome, writing your own rules, and chocolate!


Hearts and Bones Pilates Celebrating her 25th teaching anniversary in 2020, Tania believes in thinking differently about the way in which to teach Pilates and has been training teachers for the past 18 years as well as teaching professional development workshops internationally. She loves to inspire people and finds it exciting to see them open up, to ask questions and explore movement without fear. Starting her career as a dancer before training to be a Pilates teacher, Tania trained in the UK and USA before establishing Hearts and Bones Pilates in Wellington, New Zealand in 2002; in 2018 she moved to Nelson, NZ with her family. Issue #15 | The Inspired Guide | September 1st 2020


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