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It is common to hear 'a teacher can't be taught', 'an accountant is bad with their own money', 'a life coach doesn't take their own advice', etc. - it brings the awareness back to yourself and asks the question: Do you practice what you preach?

Have you ever wanted to work with someone on a project that you have envisioned, only to find that they completely misunderstand what you are trying to do or produce results that don't quite make your heart sing..? eg. a logo or brand designer for your new business.

With Amanda Sears www.searsco.nz

You wouldn't go to a morbidly obese person to learn how to lose weight, nor a broke accountant to learn how to manage your money - so when was the last time you took a step back to see if you were still in alignment with what you preach? Do you still believe in how and why you preach what you do? Do you live it and love it? The best way to preach is to embody it and inspire others by being a living example. So... this is just a gentle nudge to remind you to stop every once in a while and review yourself so that your external expression matches your internal vision, consciousness and belief systems. A few things to review (to get you started): • how you dress and present yourself • what you spend your money on • what you tell your children • how your business is presented • what you teach your students/clients • your feelings around spirituality • belief systems you no longer align with • where you focus your energy • why are you doing what you are doing • your daily habits and behaviours Now is a great time to review all aspects of your life. So... do you believe what you are saying and are you still practicing what you're preaching?

With Amanda Sears www.studio-s.co.nz

Sometimes this comes down to lack of skill and experience or misalignment of compatibility, but in my personal experience it often comes down to how grounded YOU are in your vision. As a designer, it is my passion to externally express the internal vision of my clients - in whatever way that looks. I have often wondered why some clients are easier to work with and others were 'disconnected' from the process - I have arrived at the awareness that it comes down to how grounded the client is in their vision. The clients where the work moved with ease and fluidity were the ones who were deeply passionate about their vision but didn't necessarily have the skills or knowledge to externalise it into reality - they were present, engaged and empowered through the whole process and development. How to Ground Your Vision: Do the 'ground work' for what it is and why you want to do it. Get into a space where you can feel the idea evolve and start from there - An informal 'business plan' or 'vision board' can help with this + working it through with a trusted and aligned consultant for the areas you haven't quite 'nutted out' fully yet. Often the energy of 2 passionate people can shine a light on the areas that haven't appeared yet. It is your expression, so be empowered in it. Issue #14 | The Inspired Guide | August 1st 2020


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The Inspired Guide - Issue #14  

Read Issue #14 of The Inspired Guide - FREE Conscious Living and Holistic Wellbeing ePublication! Filled with carefully curated inspiring a...

The Inspired Guide - Issue #14  

Read Issue #14 of The Inspired Guide - FREE Conscious Living and Holistic Wellbeing ePublication! Filled with carefully curated inspiring a...

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