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"If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be." - Maya Angelou

How to Make the Most out of

y o j n E & e m o c l e W Hello and welcome to Issue #17 of The Inspired Guide!

Designed to inform and inspire all who seek to live more conscious lives. The Inspired Guide encourages a holistic approach to soulful living which stems from our innate ability to create our own reality for a more conscious, joyful and balanced life.

Amanda Sears | Creator






For a balanced life it is important to incorporate mindfulness and personal development in all areas of our Mind, Body and Soul.

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Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

Read ANYWHERE! ♥ Read with an open mind ♥ ♥ There is no ‘one size fits all’ ♥ ♥ Hold no judgement ♥ ♥ Read what calls to you ♥

CONTENTS - #17 Get Involved ...... 6

Naturally Nurtured ...... 58-59

The Good Guide ...... 7

A Nurtured Life ...... 60-61

Incidental Comics ...... 8

Conscious Parenting ...... 62-63

Inspiration on Instagram ...... 9-11

Conscious Creating ...... 64-65

Positively Podcasts ...... 12-15

A Twist in the Tale ...... 66-67

Short & Sweet ...... 16-17

My Journey So Far ...... 68-69

Creativity & Exhibition ...... 18-29

Soulful Living ...... 70-71

Travel & Adventure ...... 31

A Balanced Life ...... 72-73

Conscious Business ...... 32-33

An Inspired Life ...... 74-75

Conscious Business ...... 34-39

A Mindful Life ...... 76-77

Money Coach ...... 40-41

Mindset Matters ...... 78-79

Living Well ...... 44-45

Healing Modalities ...... 80-81

Movement & Flow ...... 46-47

Insights into Animals ...... 82-83

Feel Great - Inspiration ...... 48-49

Divine Inspiration ...... 84-85

Feel Great - Recipe ...... 50-51

Divine Guidance ...... 86-87

Living Naturally ...... 52-53

Spiritual Guidance ...... 88-95

Helpful Herbs & Flowers ...... 54-55

Conscious Business Market ...... 96-97

Kids in the Garden ...... 56-57

Meet Our Contributors ...... 98-101 Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020


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Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

The Good Guide Not every day is a walk in the park or a breath of fresh air - but it can be... When you need a pick me up or something inspirational to shift that doom and gloom. Be uplifted & inspired with our carefully curated selection online... WATCH Look for the light in the world and you will see how bright it shines! Get a breath of fresh air with Good News! READ A book can teach you or take you away on a journey - often both... enjoy our selection of inspiring and uplifting books. ART Art is subjective... it can inspire, soothe or insight action among the viewer. Our collection hopes to do all of these things... BE INSPIRED Hear the words from great minds around the world! Watch inspiring videos and learn more about these people. LISTEN Soothe your soul, find that happy place and get your groove on with some of our uplifting musicians and singers.


Cover Art

'A Light in the Darkness' (2020) Photographic Art by Amanda Sears (Photo by Diego Martins |



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Grant began drawing comics in 2009 as an exploration of art, literature, and the creative process. He lives in Wichita, Kansas with his family, where he also practices orthodontics. You can often find him carrying a sketchbook, lost in his own thoughts. A collection of his comics have been published by Abrams in 'The Shape of Ideas' and 'I Will Judge You By Your Bookshelf'. Find him online: 8

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020





A huge book nerd and gamer with 5 cats, Dominee uses her life experiences to inspire you to really know and love yourself, to believe in yourself, trust your intuition, and realize that you have the ability to make all of your dreams come true. Follow on Instagram: @blessingmanifesting

A doctor & illustrator based in Christchurch, NZ, Greta started Me-Mo as a resource to encourage people to have more Me-Moments. Taking some time out to improve their mental wellbeing on a daily basis and to enjoy an inspired Me-Moment. Follow on Instagram: @memo.memoment

Becks is a counsellor, mindfulness coach and illustrator based in Nelson, NZ. She began illustrating mental health tools with a goal of making counselling and therapeutic techniques more accessible to everyone. Now they are a global resource! Follow on Instagram: @journey_to_wellness_

A 17 year old from Slovakia - known only as 'Teabag' she has loved drawing since she first held a pencil and never thought her digital doodles would get so much attention! Her doodles help with her own mental health and cheers her up. Follow on Instagram: @teabag.cartoon Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020




AMY CHARLETTE By Amy Charlette

ASJA BOROS By Asja Boros

Becca Reitz is an illustrator and graphic designer that resides in Denver, CO. Her work aims to capture the beauty and essence of the human experience – each piece is a visual representation of our truth, our journeys, our past, our future. Follow on Instagram: @becca_reitz

Amy's art is closely tied to her spiritual side and heavily influenced by yoga, nature, chinese medicine, metaphysics and sacred geometry. She creates art to inspire deeper connection to self, creativity, community, nature and the universe. Follow on Instagram: @amycharlette 10

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

Just an average guy residing in Ottawa, Canada, Boki writes, illustrates and shares content in the hopes of turning wondering eyes inwards. He loves art and quotes so it was natural to combine these into potent whispers for the mind, heart and soul. Follow on Instagram: @bokifide

Artist and illustrator based in Croatia, Asja's work reflects a deep desire to glance behind the curtains of daily reality, to go beyond all reason and dive into the mysterious realms of imagination and to explore her inner worlds in a playful way. Follow on Instagram: @asjaboros


Dani is an author, blogger, and designer living in Washington, DC. In 2009, she launched the website sharing experiences and insights on positivity and self-love! Now a global, destination for inspiration and resources. Follow on Instagram: @PositivelyPresent

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020



! s t s a c d o P


Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020





With Viola Hug


Jenn Scalia is a visibility and mindset strategist for entrepreneurs who want to leave a legacy. This self-professed introvert and single mom went from rock bottom, to creating a 7 figure business within 3 years. Known for her tough love, no-B.S. style, Jenn helps entrepreneurs overhaul their biggest fears and empowers them to share their message with the world. She is the creator of Meant for Millions - a company and podcast founded to help women across the world reach their dreams and financial goals.

*Episode may contain some explicit language

With Rachel White

In this episode, I chat with Tyson Sharpe about transcending patterns of fear, doubt and frustration and challenging higher consciousness into business... Tyson’s mission is to channel heightened consciousness into the world of business. Tyson has coached hundreds of online business owners helping them transcend their patterns of fear, doubt, and frustration so they can build a more conscious business as an extension of their personal awakening. He believes that when you build a business from flow, creativity, and alignment, you can’t NOT thrive, and you will create the difference in the world you are being pulled towards by your heart…

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020






With Maddy Moon

Diana Magick is a mentor, dream worker, facilitator and modern day mystic. Using a blend of ancient and modern practices, Diana helps to bring to life the forgotten gift of divine power that resides within every human. Through her courses, retreats and personal mentorship, Diana aims to assist in reconnecting you with your inner power, intuitive wisdom and magick essence to manifest what you truly desire and deserve. Working within the dream realm and the waking world, Diana takes you on powerful journey inwards and teaches you how to stand in your true power and awaken from within as you explore and experience life to your full capacity as a human being. Giving you access to the true gifts of living a heart centered life as you become an empowered empath and intuitive human. 14

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

With Rachael Kable

In this episode, I've shared my thoughts on a struggle I used to experience regularly, which I call the 'Happy Later Fantasy'. When I was indulging the 'Happy Later Fantasy' I was escaping my reality (because I felt like it wasn't good enough) to picture my 'perfect future' and all the happiness I would feel one day. The problems with doing this on a regular basis? • I was practicing the opposite of gratitude by focusing on all the things I didn't like in my life • I wasn't taking responsibility for finding happiness in my daily life - I was just waiting for it to magically appear once I achieved certain things. Tune in for my top tips stop indulging in the .Happy Later Fantasy'.






If you identify as an empath, highly sensitive person, or simply human, chances are you’ve been feeling the weight of the intense collective energy in our world today. Thankfully, there are ways to gently guide ourselves through this time with loving energetic boundaries. Today’s guest, the incomparable Sarah Jensen, is here to share her best tools and advice as she lights the way forward.

With Sarah Jensen

Does thinking about your business finances have you busting into a sweat or wanting to bury your head in the sand? And when you think about money does it feel confusing, complicated, or send you into overwhelm? Or maybe you feel like you’re just not ‘good’ at money. If that sounds like you, you’re not alone – and online business finance wizard Parker Stevenson is here to help you feel confident and in control of your money. Parker’s the co-owner of highly successful bookkeeping business, Evolved Finance, and host of The Bottom Line podcast In this episode he shares practical (and totally doable) tips to help you track your money, grow your profit, and set your business up for financial success + common mistakes to avoid. *Episode may contain some explicit language

With Jenna Teague & Ashley Looker


WHAT YOU'LL LEARN IN THIS EPISODE… • Taking care of our energy during this time • Learning how to listen to ourselves in this moment • Giving ourselves permission to just BE — and why we need that now more than ever • What is means to be an empath in the world today • How to create happiness right now *Episode may contain some explicit language Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020



Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020





With Angela Miccio-Harris

The ability to reassure and encourage yourself in the midst of a difficult and challenging time is a vital skill that we must learn if we are going to develop our character to fulfill our potential and become all we were created to be. This can be best appreciated if we understand that we all have a destiny to stand in (no one is excluded); a position where you are of influence to those around you - be it in your workplace, family life or neighbourhood. If you learn to strengthen yourself by stepping back from life to be still in each day - be it in a meditative state or a place of prayer with God to develop the skills to strengthen your inner self and to also develop greater self-awareness of who you are and what triggers you; you will have a greater understanding of who you are so you can experience greater personal breakthroughs, be a blessing and help those around you. There will be moments in your life with 'tests' and challenges that provide an opportunity where you can choose to grow; learning the tools to reassure and encourage yourself so you don’t stay bitter, disappointed or feelings of lack of self-worth. It's our own responsibility to use these tools and opportunities to bring strength to ourselves. Let’s rise to the challenge to grow in this area.

With Kimberley Stewart

Angelite connects us to our angels and helps us to interpret the messages that they provide. Its distinctly angelic energy brings a sense of calm, serenity and peace to the user and expands our knowledge of the angelic realm slowly but surely. Angels are naturally attracted to the energy of angelite and find it to be an easy energy source to tap into. Angelite is a good crystal for those who want to expand and develop their spiritual gifts. It helps to activate all psychic abilities but has a particular focus on mediumship and communication with guides and angels. Angelite can also be used to enhance dream work. It helps by keeping one’s consciousness active while the body sleeps and can aid in the practice of lucid dreaming and dream recall. When one sleeps with angelite under a pillow it can help clarify dreams and put them into order so that they are easier to understand once awake. On a physical level, angelite has a positive effect on the skeletal system, supporting bone density and effectively soothing the symptoms of arthritis. Its calming and peaceful energy naturally washes over the physical body. Angelite helps us to move into a peaceful state during meditation and has the most notable effect on those who find it difficult to relax and focus during meditation. It activates and balances the upper chakras, the throat, third eye and crown, which in turn transmit messages and connect us to the spiritual realm. Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020



Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

Creativity + Exhibition

With Guest Sian Evans (Wall Worthy Art) Having grown up in Whakatane, New Zealand, I'm currently residing in Matata but can be found in Tauranga half of the week. I'm a bit of a free spirit and wanderer. I've always been creative; my Mum is a stone sculptor and my Dad is an eccentric and writer, so naturally I grew up surrounded with art, freedom of expression and a tonne of imagination. I'm an acrylic abstract painter, creative marketer, and one of the owner/directors of an art exhibitions business called 'A Little Odd'. Most aspects of my life are entwined with creativity. EXPLAIN THE WAY IN WHICH YOU WORK: The best way to explain my work is 'intuitive abstract - led by colour'. I'm drawn to vibrant fantasy-like colours, so tend to choose a colour scheme based on my mood or story I'm trying to portray. I don't have any idea of what the end product will look like, I just keep painting until I reach a moment where it feels finished. WHAT IS YOUR EARLIEST CREATIVE MEMORY? I don't really remember my earliest creative memory, but I did love doing the side walk chalk competitions (which I'm pretty sure I always won... haha).

WHAT INSPIRES YOU? My inspiration comes from a mixture of colours, dreams and mood. I'm a lucid dreamer, and empath so I remember most of my dreams, and tend to incorporate the colours, symbols or feelings I get from the meaningful dreams. I also have a fascination with aura reading. Personally I don't physically see the colours, but I suppose I read the energy and then associate colours to that person, or place. I like to believe, I'm channeling my creativity from within or a higher place. For me, abstract painting is like meditation, I completely lose myself within the colours, textures and depth of the story I'm creating. ADVICE FOR OTHERS ON THEIR CREATIVE PATH: Just keep trying new things, don't force anything, let yourself feel if it's good for you and then evolve from there. I've always been a painter, but I didn't realize I was an abstract painter until I picked up a brush and just flowed with it one day - no objective in mind except to enjoy the feel of the paintbrush and paint. Read, learn, go to exhibitions, put yourself out there, and test out all the creative outlets. You'll know your thing, when you find it. FIND OUT MORE ON HER INSTAGRAM:

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020



Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

Sian Evans (Wall Worthy) 'Voyage' (2029) Acrylic Instagram@wallworthyart

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020


Sian Evans (Wall Worthy) | 'Night Skies' (2020) | Acrylic | Instagram@wallworthyart 22

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

Sian Evans (Wall Worthy) | 'Atlantis' (2020) | Acrylic | Instagram@wallworthyart Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020



Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

Sian Evans (Wall Worthy) 'Sherbert Sands' (2020) Acrylic Instagram@wallworthyart

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020



Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

Sian Evans (Wall Worthy) 'Lynnies Life' (2020) Acrylic Instagram@wallworthyart

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020



Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

Sian Evans (Wall Worthy) 'Beneath the Surface' (2020) Acrylic Instagram@wallworthyart

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020


Walk With



Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

Travel & Adventure With Isaac from Prowalk Tours




In this walking tour of Rome, I will take you to the most iconic sites the Eternal City has to offer as well as a few of its best kept secrets. The tour is divided into six 1-hour parts and each section of the video begins with a map of the route you will take. You can use the timestamps in the video description to quickly access different sites throughout the walk. In just the first hour, you will see the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon and Piazza Navona. Continue walking and see St. Peter’s Basilica, the Roman Forum, the Colosseum and much more! Andiamo!



Direct Link:


Experience the architecture, history, and romance of the City of Love in this 3-hour guided tour around the city’s most popular tourist destinations. The tour begins at the Louvre and continues along the Seine to Notre Dame. You will then stroll past the theatres, cafés, and luxury shops along the famous Avenue des Champs-Élysées before arriving at the Arc des Triomphe. Enjoy scenic walks along some of the city’s most beautiful pedestrian streets including Rue des Rosiers, Rue de Buci and Rue des Barres. Of course, no tour of Paris would be complete without a walk around the Eiffel Tower. Bon voyage! Direct Link:

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020


Conscious Business With Guest Foxtots Questions answered by: Jessie O'Sullivan - Director Our story began in Australia, from a desire to create a luxurious and unique organic clothing range, that is not only good for our planet, but is good for your baby. It was an innocuous discussion with friends about the harmful effects of chemicals in our everyday lives and the effects that us as humans have on the planet that got us thinking about an organic clothing range. It was at this moment that Foxtots was born. I was working within the fashion industry, in a fast paced environment but had always dreamed of fully exploring the possibilities of creating a sustainable, organic range of clothing. With many friends who were having babies I grew a strong love for little people, and the desire to dress them in unique gender neutral clothing was proving difficult. Without hesitation Foxtots would have to be designed for young children and babies.

Our love for little people, their future and nature coupled with a strong desire to offer something 100% unique in design but also sustainable gave birth to Foxtots. All we know now is we exist in a world that doesn't belong to us and it's time to give back. Living sustainably in the most simplistic way, but the most effective in the sense that together we can raise an entire generation whose consciousness will move mountains. We try to educate at markets and various events we attend, to create awareness to consumers and our customers, why we do what we do and how we try to minimise our carbon footprint from conception right though to the delivery of our orders.

Since then, the Foxtots journey has been one of fashion, quality, fair trade and fun for many parents and babies around the world.

We spent at least 2 years investigating into manufacturers within Australia and globally searching for the perfect manufacturer to partner with. What appealed to us about the manufacturer we partnered with was that they had been in operation since 1960 and had seen the unrepairable damage done by the hazardous chemicals used at each stage of conventional textile processing and a vision to make a change, an impact, led to the birth of their business - their beliefs are aligned to ours which makes doing business enjoyable, satisfying and seamless.

How do you do business more consciously? As a responsible citizen, I feel obliged to contribute our tiny share in creating a greener and more sustainable future for the future generations.

As a conscientious company they believe in fair practices of trade. This applies to not only people working for them but also to the people that would like to work for them.


Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

Describe your unique business attributes: Foxtots creates and offers a variety of organic cotton clothing that caters to the special needs of newborn babies during those precious months. Foxtots provides an attractive range of colours that are gender neutral which sets us apart from other similar businesses and all of our prints are inspired by nature and fond childhood memories and are crafted with GOTS certified organic cotton. Our colour range has been specifically tailored to suit each print design and our colour range blends together within our range, making all of our range suitable to mix and match. Our colour range has been carefully curated to stand the test of time, and be on trend for years to come, making Foxtots easy to pass on to further babies, due to its quality. It is suitable for both baby boys and baby girls. All of our clothing is printed with certified organic dyes, it is made from literally the softest most durable organic cotton fabric imaginable and with such unique prints makes organic clothing an essential part of babies wardrobe. All of our styles are unique in the sense that we don't mass produce, we only manufacture a minimal amount, therefore you know you have something special, unique and lasting.

How have you found doing business this way? We found right from conception that our customers helped us not only accomplish our dreams, but gave us the drive to do what we had dreamed of. Without them, listening to them and their desires and demands for gender neutral sustainable clothing we wouldn't be half as satisfied or even close to where we are today. They have been the fundamental drive and foundations that helped us build our dreams into a reality. We felt a strong need and desire to listen and design based on our love for the environment and also our potential fan base, building a brand that represented our dreams and their needs. Now we have a loyal customer base, that not only trust us but they keep returning to us. They keep in touch with us and provide us the feedback that makes everything we do worthwhile. We truly feel like every day we are following our dream and are doing exactly what it is that we were meant to be doing. Find out more on their Website: Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020



Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

Conscious Business With Guest Tanglewood Retreat Questions answered by: Stacey Eastwood - Managing Director

the packaging is completely compostable in our state of the art composting toilet system.

Tanglewood is a little eco-retreat built overlooking the Waimauku Valley and Woodhill Forest in Waimauku - 30 minutes North West of Auckland CBD, (New Zealand) and 10 minutes to Muriwai Beach.

We use only eco cleaning products and laundry powder. We also have a natural grey water system.

Tanglewood offers unique accommodation options for short term stays and hosts yoga and wellness retreats,as well as is available for exclusive hire for family groups, weddings and corporate events. Building a retreat centre had always been a lifelong dream of mine and Peter's (my father). When Peter was looking for a project to give new life to his property in Waimauku, I jumped at the chance to create Tanglewood - which I now run alongside my partner Riccardo.

Video Direct link >>

Tanglewood is a 'Sustainable Playground' of sorts - A place for people to come together, relax, socialise; to learn and share ideas.

We have a strong focus on permaculture and native forest restoration and plant a native tree for every booking made here at Tanglewood. We are also passionate about delicious plantbased cooking and believe locally sourced, organic, plant based food is the way of the future and enjoy sharing recipes and delicious food ideas with others. We offer plant-based catering for weddings and group bookings as well as woodfired pizza and music nights open to the public. Our beautiful and unique buildings are hand crafted with love out of recycled and natural materials; the Aroha Cobhouse was created out of clay from the earth beneath us, stones from the quarry down the road and straw from a farm next door.

How do you do business more consciously? We wanted to create a space that encompassed our kaupapa (passions and values).

We also built a Pirateship Treehouse using an old ship's hull, salvaged timber and various treasures we found along the way.

It needed to be environmentally sustainable and forward thinking, yet also contain a sense of magic and fun.

How have you found doing business this way? We love to host, we love bringing people together and creating space for them to connect with others, share their knowledge, skills and experience and help each other become the best versions of ourselves we can be.

As caretakers of this land for future generations, we want to leave it in better shape than when we received it. Therefore, everything we do at Tanglewood is done considering the impact on the natural environment around us. We are powered on 100% renewable energy. Our buildings were created from recycled and or natural locally sourced materials. We use 'smartass' toilet paper which is made out of sustainably sourced bamboo and sugarcane and

Having a space where people can come together and host workshops, festivals or retreats with this shared kaupapa has been incredible. It is amazing hearing peoples stories of how they met at a Tanglewood event and have been inspired to follow their own dreams now. We have also met so many incredible people here and had a lot of fun along the way... Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020


I’d say our favourite events so far have been the weddings. We love watching people enjoy the space with their friends and family for such a special celebration. However it hasn’t been without its challenges... We went way over budget with the Aroha Cobhouse and the bathroom and shower block always choosing the eco-choice and hand-making everything out of recycled timbers takes time and as Riccardo and I at the time didn’t have very much building knowledge we ended up paying our builder to do a lot of things himself. We are very happy with the end product though and the buildings are of such good quality that they will last for years and years - so in the end it has been and is, well worth it. Now as we have been working on renovating the Bedford Bus we have learned to do the majority of the work for ourselves and just ask a certified builder to do what’s necessary for him to do, such as structural changes etc. It’s been a learning curve and a lot of hours, but it’s also been a lot of fun. Find out more on their Website:

(Read more about their unique buildings on the following pages and check out the videos).

Video by Living Big in a Tiny House | Direct link >> 36

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

THE AROHA COBHOUSE - A LABOUR OF LOVE The Aroha Cobhouse has truly been a labour of love, with so many people from all different backgrounds and parts of the world coming together to create this beautiful space. The cobhouse as its name suggests is made out of 'cobb' which is a mixture of clay, aggregate from the local quarry, straw and water. The cobb works as thermal mass, heating up during the day and dissipating that heat into the room into the cooler evenings. We used a process called 'light earth' on the back wall which is done using formwork and having clay and straw packed into the formwork. This is much faster to build and also provides much better insulation for south facing walls that don’t get as much heat from the sun. The bones of the building were built with large framing timber from our local sawmill and upcycled jarra and terpentine telephone poles. All of the windows and door Stacey found at tip shops or building recyclers and there are bottles in the walls to create the stained glass effect at the front. The foundations were set in December 2019 with a specialised small team, working together, using sacred geometry such as the flower of life to map out the plans from our architect. Early January 2020 we had 30 humans roll in hot to help us out with our Natural Building Workshop. We ran the workshop, educating everyone on Natural Building and Sustainable building practices, provided yoga classes and three meals a day of healthy, plant-based food. There were 2 intakes of two week groups, however many from the first two weeks opted to stay on and continue building with us for the full 4 weeks. It was absolutely incredible the people that we got to connect with, while we worked together to create the Aroha Cobhouse. We had people come out especially for the workshop from Estonia, San Francisco, Melbourne and all over New Zealand. The majority of the bones of the building were completed over the 30 days, however we had many more months with a smaller team completing the finishing touches, plastering inside, and running a weekend lime plastering workshop for the outside and the beautiful joinery. Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020


THE POTTING SHED CABIN The Potting Shed Cabin was the first building created here at Tanglewood. Peter added the cabin when he first arrived on the land and named it the 'Potting Shed' after one of his favourite places in Oregon a McMenamins building that was an old refurbished planting and potting shed for the vegetable gardens. When Stacey and Riccardo arrived, the Potting Shed was in need of a little love. They fixed some rotten wood, and insulated the cabin using recycled plastic bottles and salvaged native timber. The roof was replaced with a copper roof and the outside shower was created. The Potting Shed Cabin is now the perfect place to escape for a few days. An off-grid experience with the most spectacular sunset views over the valley and native bird life. The Potting Shed boasts an alfresco dining area with woodfired oven and an outdoor shower as well as an option to use the Woodfired Hot-tub which overlooks the valley. 38

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

HINEMOANA - THE STORY OF THE PIRATESHIP TREEHOUSE Everything in the Pirateship Treehouse has been built out of recycled materials, lovingly put together by our crew. The Treehouse itself boasts a double bed in the cabin and a small entertaining area in the back of the ship with modern shared bathroom and shower facilities below. We found our beautiful Hinemoana as a shell for $700 online. Originally named Polaris, she was built in Cornwall by Pearn in 1935 and, after fishing in the English Channel (and Wales during WW2), was converted to a pleasure boat in the ‘50s by the Torquay Coroner Col H G Treasure. An English engineer saw her at Torquay in the mid ‘50s and relocated his business to Australia on the ship when he went. Australia didn't suit and he moved to New Zealand and used her until he died; she has had three owners since. When we came across her, she was not much more than a rundown shell, but she had great potential and we were super excited to give her new life as Stacey had always been obsessed with treehouses and pirateships, and from around age 15 dreamed of living in a pirateship treehouse! We used leftover wood from Peter's house to build up the sides of the boat, and upcycled kauri for the cabin inside. A mast found on the side of the road in Waiheke and a wine barrel, burnt and roughed-up become the birds nest; an old copper map that Peter had hidden in his winecellar made up the table. It was so much fun collecting portholes and pirate memorabilia to line the ship. Stacey found the set of spiral stairs in a neighbour's driveway in Muriwai when she was on the way back from a surf and left them a note in their letterbox asking if we could buy them. All the pieces have fallen together in a beautiful way to create the space that we now have. We couldn't have done it without the vision of our full-time Pirate and Carpenter Brenton, or his trusty first mate Riccardo. Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020


Money Coach With Angela Miccio-Harris TIPS TO BE FINANCIALLY PREPARED & STRESS-FREE THIS CHRISTMAS It’s one of the most expensive times of year and only a few weeks until December. This year has flown by, so no doubt the day will be here sooner than we would like to think. We’ll often find ourselves spending way more than we had planned which is why it’s important to prepare early and avoid financial stress; and stress in general, from having to rush around at the last minute. Dave Ramsey says it perfectly. "Why are we stressed financially at Christmas when we have all year to plan for it? We know it’s coming!" HERE ARE SOME TIPS ON HOW TO BE FINANCIALLY PREPARED AND RELAXED THIS CHRISTMAS: 1. Start setting money aside now Think about what you would normally spend around the holidays, or how much you can afford this year. Then take a specified amount of money each week from your paycheck, to put in a cash 40

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

envelope or open up a separate Christmas bank account; add this figure into your Budget and make the necessary adjustments to make the figures balance. You want the exact number so you can plan accurately. 2. When you start your budget, it’s important to factor in every expense. Know what it will cost. Consider these questions: • Are you traveling over the Christmas period, transport costs or extra petrol needed? • Do you have kids - have you factored in activities for them over the school holidays? • Will you be buying any new Christmas decorations, if so what are they? • Are you sending Christmas cards to family and friends? • Will you make any donations to charities at Christmas time? • What are your mortgage repayments or rent and bills over this period of time; vital if you are self-employed and have no income for a few weeks or taking unpaid leave over this time? • How many gifts are you going to buy? Who will you be buying for? Ask yourself, do you need to buy for everyone on the list? • Activities over this time, movies, entertainment, Christmas parties, meals out, etc.?

3. Save on Christmas expenses with these ideas • If you’re hosting a big lunch or dinner, perhaps you could ask guests to bring a plate (or their own drinks) and save on catering costs, or doing it all yourself as this can be a huge expense. • • What are some free activities to entertain the kids? • • Make a menu plan, and stock up when items are on sale • • If you find a good deal, count the retail price, not the discount. - What exactly do I mean by this? Let’s say you find an $16.00 doll for your niece, marked down from $26.00, and you normally spend $20 on her. Don’t go looking for another $4.00 to spend to make up the difference. • Consider making homemade gifts, which are a great way to save money and make it more unique and personal. • Christmas really isn’t all about the presents, so if you have a large extended family that keeps growing, consider talking about eliminating gifts all together, or buying a gift for each family unit with a set amount, rather than individually, or put all your family members names in a

hat and each person draws out one name and buys for just them with a set amount. • Limit the amount of Christmas cards you send or send an email newsletter to your friends and family. With email services (like Mailchimp), you can still send something really personal, add pictures, and write a small (or long!) greeting; and you can still send standard mail to Grandma if you need to. If you find you are still short on money after doing these things. Figure out ways to bring in extra income, eg. selling things or can you do some extra hours at work? Start shopping now instead of waiting until the last minute. If you have your spending budget, there is no reason to wait until a better sale comes along (unless you know one is coming ). Being stressed around the holidays is the exact opposite of what you want! If you create your holiday budget and plan ahead and stick to it, buying gifts and preparing for Christmas should be a joy. Angela Miccio-Harris, Life Coach Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020



Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020


Living Well

With Tania Huddart SPICED UP WALKING TO HELP YOU AGE WELL Walking is one of the best types of activity for our health as we age. Yes, walking! Not just all the fancy exercises that you might be doing (or not doing) at the gym. But how much is enough for our health as we age? MENOPAUSE AND WALKING During our middle years our hormones change dramatically for both men and women. Middle-aged people may be feeling time-poor, and experience hot flushes. They may feel exhausted and have increased anxiety and depression, be gaining weight, and experience sore joints and muscles. For women navigating the complexities of menopause, walking is especially helpful. Our nervous system is experiencing the effects of aging. We lose oestrogen on receptors along the nerve sheath, and our blood vessels lose their elasticity too. For millions of women, these changes increase the rate of nerve firing causing them to feel anxious, irritable and exhausted. This is why walking or other moderate aerobic activity helps. Aerobic activity is the type of activity whereby we can still breathe but don’t get out of breath. The rhythmic movement of aerobic activity helps the nervous system to fire more regularly, decreasing feelings of anxiety. Walking is one of the simplest activities that we can do for our health. Most of us have heard that 10,000 steps is what we should be striving for daily - this can be a challenging number to achieve every day especially when joints and muscles are sore and aching. As we age we would be better to reduce our steps. You can still reap the benefits of walking by aiming for 7,500 steps a day. That’s 25% fewer steps than the more common goal of 10,000 steps but it still helps to keep us healthy and may be better for an aging body. VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE Your body needs many dietary vitamins and minerals to maintain good health. Your body also needs a variety of mechanical ‘flavours’ that 44

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

come in the form of different loads that create cellular deformations. These deformations then facilitate cellular processes that help to maintain our longevity. Just like we want our diets to be rich in variety, so too we want our walking to use a broad range of environments and challenges, or spices. Walking on a treadmill is very different from walking in nature on a textured forest path. Your gait pattern will change to suit your environment. So when you do go for a walk make sure you’re not consuming only walks of a certain 'flavour'. You won’t be fully meeting your movement needs if you’re always on asphalt, going the same speed. IDEAS FOR SPICING UP YOUR WALKS. 1. Texture: If you always walk in a shoe, even in a minimal shoe or barefoot, on flat, debris-free, or man-made surfaces, there is nothing to mobilise the 33 joints in your foot. Your body is moving but your feet aren’t moving much relative to themselves. Tip: Do foot exercises that mobilise your feet and when you walk why not try walking next to the flat, level path you usually take. Chances are there is a grass, stone, or gravel verge you could walk on instead. This provides a textured surface for your body to explore while walking. 2. Add terrain: Every shape your body makes creates a different load. Adding hills, both up and down, as well as slopes, that challenges your body and changes the load. This helps you load your joints, which is great for maintaining healthy bones in ways not available in the flat settings most of us are used to. Tip: Choose routes that have hills. Bonus points for hills and texture combined! 3. Make memories: Walking with others challenges your pace. You will be challenged to

walk faster or slower than you’re used to. Either way, a change in speed works your body differently. Plus, being social can change your mood—which also changes how you walk. You can have many fun experiences that help create new memories too. 4. Carry something: Are your hands always free? When you carry something you need to balance what you are holding with a particular set of muscles. As you walk, change the location of what you're holding. Now you've changed the set of muscles used. By varying your holds, you'll be using more of your body when you are out walking. Tip: You may love your backpack. But why not try and carry that backpack in different ways. 5. Gather: Walking and moving at one speed for your entire walk isn’t as beneficial as stopping to bend, stoop, squat, reach, as you walk. Tip: If you're with kids, follow their lead. If they are looking at something, copy them and look at it too. You may need to bend and squat to get on their level. No kids? Keep your eyes looking at everything. Challenge yourself to reach or jump to grab a leaf, or bend down to move debris instead of simply kicking it. 6. Walk more frequently: Do you always walk once per day, and then sit for extended periods of time for the rest of the day? Why not break your walk into two smaller walks at different times of the day. This will keep your heart healthier than just doing that one walk each day. Tip: For one week, challenge yourself to take a 5 minute walk every hour. You'll probably end up walking farther as well. Tania Huddart Hearts & Bones Pilates

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020


Movement & Flow

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Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020


With Tania Huddart

How Do My Hips Move?

HOW DO MY HIPS MOVE? With Tania Huddart Explore the movement of the hips before lying on the floor to do some exercises for the gluteals (bottom) and hip flexors + a hip strengthening exercise that targets your glutes and hamstrings. We recommend using a pair of the Reflex large blue(10cm) balls for the myofascial release part. Tania Huddart | Hearts and Bones Pilates |

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With Michael Toru

Chill Out Yoga

CHILL OUT YOGA (30 MIN SLOW FLOW + DEEP STRETCH) With Michael Toru Let’s enjoy a 30 minute all-levels slow flow and deep stretch yoga practice designed to release tension, relax the nervous system, and create balance in the body. Michael Toru | Yoga with Michael |

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Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020


Feel Great - Inspiration With Lee Holmes THE BENEFITS OF PLANT-BASED EATING We all know that the keys to good health are to: • Reduce stress • Look after your emotional and physical wellbeing • Have a balanced diet ... ... but what are we meant to eat? There is a mountain of conflicting advice available; it's easy to feel like you're drowning in a pool of health experts, eeeek. Simply put, a balanced diet is one comprised of whole and unprocessed foods, with adequate protein, fibre, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and water. Sound more enjoyable than cutting out every food group that you've ever loved? It is! Whether you're a vegan veteran, vegetarian, flexitarian or keto fan, we can all agree that there's one level on the old food pyramid that has stood the test of time; and that my friend is the good old vegetable category. Eating whole, real, nutrient-rich and unprocessed vegetables is the ultimate way to supercharge your health. This falls into a category we call ‘plant-based’. Let's be clear: I'm talking about plant-based eating where the majority of your meals are plants, not processed fake meats, hot chips and sodium sky high seitan. I'm not going to convince you to eat eight bananas, a whole kilo of rice and bread in one sitting; that's not what plant-based eating is and not a sustainable way to live. 48

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

When it comes right down to it, a plant-based diet is one of the simplest ways to eat; all you have to do is include more vegetables in your day! So, if you're ready to get aboard the plant-based train (frozen corn schnitzel burgers and spaghetti with tomato sauce not included), get your ticket and let's get into it. A plant-based diet is what it sounds like - mostly plants – but that doesn't mean you can't consume animal-based foods. Being 'plant-based' allows individuals to consciously reduce their animal-consumption, without the strict parameters of being 'vegan' or 'vegetarian'. I believe this mindset is a lot healthier and more maintainable than one based on taking foods away. It gives us room to breathe without any guilt. So, what are the benefits of having a predominantly plant-based diet? FIBRE Vegetables and legumes are full of soluble and insoluble fibre, which is essential for getting the digestive system moving. Eating a diet rich in veggies assists in our pathways of elimination, speeding up the passage of food. Speeding up this elimination process can help decrease our absorption of toxins! Not only is fibre best friends with our digestive system, but a diet rich in fibre can also lower our low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, known as our 'bad' cholesterol. Honestly, name me something fibre can't do. ANTIOXIDANTS Want glowing skin? Antioxidant-rich veggies are the answer! Vegetables are rich in antioxidants, which help fight against oxidative damage and

stress. My favourite antioxidant falls under a group calling carotenoids and is found in sweet potatoes, kale, carrots, pumpkin and oranges. Antioxidants protect against damage from UV rays and reduce our overall inflammation. If you’re looking to up the antioxidants in your diet, vegan Fulvic Humic Concentrate will provide your body with antioxidant-rich minerals, and is beneficial for IBS, food sensitivities, diarrhoea, constipation, inflammatory bowel disease and more! WEIGHT A MINUTE‌ It's not all about our weight but let's be real, a diet high in processed and 'junk' foods isn't going to do any favours. Staying at a healthy weight is one of the most important things you can do for your health and wellbeing. Vegetables are relatively low in kilojoules, making them fantastic for anyone trying to slim down or maintain a healthy weight. A diet full of seasonal vegetables is always a good idea!

A transition to being plant-based doesn't need to happen overnight. I recommend introducing more vegetables and legumes into your diet slowly to allow your body to adapt to the increase in fibre. Going plant-based should be sustainable and enjoyable, rather than stressful and overwhelming. 2. I believe moderation is essential, and supercharging your life means you're not into extremes. Plant-based eating is a no rules approach to eating. While there are many obvious benefits to being vegan or vegetarian, plant-based is my middle ground. I eat mostly plants these days and complement them with the occasional amount of animal products and by-products. While the idea of going plant-based is lovely, I know that not everyone loves vegetables as much as I do. If your heart and taste buds are in a different place, allow me to introduce you to my Mushroom, Broccoli and Sunflower Seed Quinoa Pilaf (see next page). It's a simple, super recipe that will get you excited about plant-based eating.


Quinoa contains all of the essential amino acids your body needs to build muscle. It's also rich in B vitamins, magnesium and zinc.

1. Focus more on including plants rather than reducing your intake of animal-based foods - this means making vegetables, legumes and whole grains the focus of your plate, which naturally takes the spotlight off of animal-based foods.

Similarly, sunflower seeds contain nutrients great for our bones, including calcium, magnesium and copper.

When I say plant-based, I don't mean fake meat and vegan junk food! While it's great that these alternatives exist, becoming plantbased means focusing on plants, not preservative-laden and nutrient-free foods.

This pilaf will go down as a vegetable-packed treat. Lee Holmes Supercharged Food Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020



Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

Feel Great - Recipe With Lee Holmes


Mushrooms are a natural food, providing maximum deliciousness with minimal calories. Their addictive flavour comes from a protein called glutamic acid, the same amino acid found in monosodium glutamate (MSG), but mushrooms will satisfy your tastebuds without any unpleasant side effects. INGREDIENTS • 3 tablespoons uncooked quinoa • 180 g mushrooms, sliced • 200 g (7 oz/about 1/2 head) broccoli, cut into florets • 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon • 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin • 1/2 teaspoon ground turmeric • 250 ml (8 fl oz/1 cup) filtered water, plus extra as needed • Celtic sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste • a handful of mint leaves, chopped • a squeeze of lemon juice • 2 tablespoons sunflower seeds • Nutritional yeast flakes (optional) to top it off! METHOD • Rinse the quinoa under cold water in a fine sieve, then drain. • Heat a medium saucepan over medium heat, then add the mushrooms and broccoli with a little extra water and cook, frequently stirring, for 5 minutes. • Add the cinnamon, cumin and turmeric, then reduce heat to low and cook, stirring constantly, for 30 seconds, or until fragrant. Add the quinoa and cook, stirring constantly, for 2 minutes. • Add the water then cover, reduce the heat to low and cook for 12–15 minutes, or until the quinoa is cooked through. • Season to taste. Serve the pilaf topped with mint, with a squeeze of lemon and the sunflower seeds sprinkled over. Lee Holmes Supercharged Food

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020


Living Naturally With Hannah Shaw NOURISH As a follow up to last month’s article on detoxification, here are some recipes to aid this process and nourish your body with ease. This pudding combines two of Mother Nature's most energising superfoods - chia seeds and blackcurrants. Chia seeds were a prized food of the Aztec's. These tiny powerhouses are antioxidant and fibre-rich, contain more omega 3 than any other plant, and are super satiating. Their ability to become gelatinous when added to water also means they can be used as a replacement for eggs in vegan baking. Blackcurrants contain up to 4 times the vitamin C of oranges and have one of the highest antioxidant values of any fruit. As a result, they are a natural immune system enhancer. They contain anthocyanins which give them their deep purple colour. They possess an interesting flavour and can take some getting used to. The powder is a nice introduction to making these incredible berries a regular part of your diet. I buy mine from a company based in my home town of Timaru; added bonus - they happen to be grown organically.


Chia pudding is convenient and keeps in the fridge for 3-5 days - ready to eat at breakfast, lunch or even dinner! I love taking chia pudding to work for morning tea or lunch. Just place some in a jar with stewed fruit, and chop a banana into it before eating. On occasion I will use a tin of coconut cream as my 'plant milk'; just be mindful that coconut products are high in saturated fat so it is not advisable to do this on the daily! If the seedy texture is off-putting you can blend it into a smooth mousse-like texture using a high powered blender and add your dried blackcurrants at the end. 52

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

INGREDIENTS • 1/4 cup chia seeds • 1 cup of plant milk of choice • 1 Tbsp blackcurrant powder • 2-3 Tbsp honey or maple syrup • 1 tsp vanilla extract • 3 Tbsp dried blackcurrants (optional) METHOD • Add all ingredients, bar the dried blackcurrants, to a food processor and process on the lowest setting to mix for approximately 2 minutes to combine. • Stir through blackcurrants. • Place in a jar and store in the fridge. • For smooth mousse: • Place into a high speed blender and blend on high until smooth and creamy. • Stir through blackcurrants. • Place in a jar and store in the fridge. Serve your chia pudding with any or all of: fresh fruit, stewed fruit, granola/muesli, coconut yogurt ... or on its own!


This stunner of a pesto is great for dinner, stirred through some red lentil pasta spirals. (This pesto is the perfect mate to my Basic Plant Based Crackers). INGREDIENTS • 1 cup of walnuts • 2 garlic cloves • A large handful each of parsley and coriander (can use parsley if not a fan!) • 6 large leaves of kale (I used cavolo nero) • The juice of 2 lemons • 1/4 cup water • Drizzle of olive oil (optional, can just use water for desired consistency) • 2 Tbsp of nutritional yeast (optional) • Salt and pepper METHOD • Preheat oven to 160oC fan bake. Place walnuts on a tray and toast until lightly golden (approx. 5 minutes). • Add garlic to a food processor and blitz to chop. • Add nuts, kale leaves, herbs, lemon juice, water, oil (if using), nutritional yeast (if using) salt, pepper. • Blitz until greens are finely chopped, and desired consistency has been reached. • You will have to scrape down the sides a couple of times. • Taste and add more salt, pepper or lemon juice, if needed. Keep in the fridge for up to a week, or freeze.


We absolutely nail these homemade crackers in our household. They actually freeze well once baked which surprised me. Make sure to roll them nice and thin … unless you’re a fan of thick crackers (I won’t hold that against you!). Experiment with flavours by using various herbs and spices. Sometimes I use almonds along with the sunflower and pumpkin seeds – just make up one cup of pumpkin/sunflower/almonds. INGREDIENTS • 1/2 cup pumpkin seeds • 1/2 cup sunflower seeds • 1/2 cup sesame seeds • 1/2 cup chia seeds • 1 heaped tsp dried herbs/spices of choice (smoked paprika, thyme, basil and oregano are my faves) • 1/2 tsp garlic powder (optional) • Salt & pepper • 1/8-1/4 cup water METHOD • Preheat oven to 170oC fan bake. • Place all ingredients except chia seeds and water into a food processor. • Blend until a flour-like consistency is achieved. • Add chia seeds; season with salt and pepper; pulse to combine. • Add 1/8 cup water and process until a dough is formed (you made need another 1/8 cup but be careful to not make it too moist). • Place dough onto baking paper and form into an oval shape. • Place another piece of baking paper over top and roll until nice and thin. • Bake for 8minutes or so, keep a close eye on it, you may need to turn the oven down to 150oC if the edges are getting too dark. • The key is to ensure the centre is cooked. I also like to rotate my tray. Snap into pieces and cool on a rack. Store in an airtight jar and eat within 3 days. Hannah Shaw, A Nourishing Notion Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020



Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

Helpful Herbs & Flowers With Minette Tonoli CHIVES

They are delightful when baked into savoury muffins and scones.

Chives are one of those quintessential common herbs and should be grown in every herb or vegetable garden. A favourite since 3,000 BC, these members of the onion family are so popular because they are easy to grow, quite pretty, and taste wonderful!

The tiny bulbs are small and fiddly, but they can be used as spring onions.

Chives are clump forming perennial bulbs and can grow up to 30cm tall. The leaves are slender and cylindrical, hollow, and have a mild onion-like flavour. Purple globular flowers are in show all summer.

MEDICINAL USE While these diminutive cousins of onions and garlic are not specifically used as a medicinal plant, chives are important as a health-food simply for its nutritional content; it's beneficial to digestion and blood circulation and has an overall tonic effect.


The plants are fairly tolerant of position and soil, but prefer moist and well drained soil in a sunny position. While the plant is fully hardy, the leaves aboveground die down over winter, but will quickly emerge in spring again. Seeds can be sown in spring, directly where the soil temperature is over 19oC, or with bottom heat under cover in colder regions. Transplant when the outside soil has warmed up. Existing clumps can be lifted and divided every few years. Harvest down to about 3cm from the soil up to 4 times a year, or snip as needed. Flowers should be picked when they have just fully opened, but before the colour fades. Chives do not dry well, but keep refrigerated for up to 7 days, and can be frozen in ice cube trays. CULINARY USE The flowers, leaves and roots of chives are edible. Snip the mild onion flavoured leaves and use fresh in green salads, potato salads, or scrambled eggs. The leaves can be cooked too, but do best if added just for the last few minutes in soups and stews, or sprinkled over as an edible and tasty garnish.

Pretty purple flower heads are great edible flower additions to salads, and they colour and flavour white wine vinegar too.

OTHER USES Chives make a neat border plant. It is commonly grown as a companion plant with apple trees and roses. “Chives next to rosies creates beautiful posies.” The juice of the plant is anti-fungal and can be used as a natural fungicide against mildew and scab. Flowers are good for attracting bees. RECIPE: CHIVE BUTTER • 100g butter • 4 Tbsp chopped fresh chives • ½ Tbsp lemon juice • Salt and Pepper to taste Cream the softened butter with chives, lemon juice and seasoning. Cover and cool in the refrigerator until needed. Brilliant on baked potatoes, steak, to make scrambled eggs with or dropping a dollop into soups. Minette Tonoli MeadowSweet Herbs & Flowers Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020



Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

Kids in the Garden With Minette Tonoli MAKING A MICROGREEN MAN/MONSTER

HOW TO DO IT: 1. Decorate the container BEFORE you do anything else.

This month, an easy garden project is making a Microgreen Man/Monster.

2. Fill the container about ¾ with your soil medium.

This growing project has a quick turn-around time - great for kids who can lose interest if results are too long in coming. Some microgreens sprout within a few days and in less than a week you can give your microgreen creation a 'haircut'.

3. Sprinkle the microgreen seeds over the top of the medium - you can sprinkle it in a full layer - making sure each bit of soil is covered by a seed.

This is also an edible craft - microgreens are packed full of nutrients! Sprinkle them over a biscuit with hummus, or scrambled eggs, or put them in a sandwich. WHAT YOU NEED: 1. Any container that can hold some seedling mix, or fine garden soil - this container will become the 'face' of your microgreen man (or woman, or alien, or monster or animal let the kids’ imaginations rule). Coffee cups, small yoghurt dishes, eggshells or tin cans all work well, just make sure there’s a small drainage hole for excess water at the bottom. 2. Seedling mix or sifted garden soil. This does not need to be a highly fertile or rich soil at all as the seedlings are harvested long before they need to absorb any nutrients from the soil. 3. Microgreen seeds. Cress grows super fast, but any microgreen can be used - packets available at hardware stores or garden centres, or online through seed retailers. Remember that not all kids will enjoy the spiciness of radish, rocket or mustard seeds though. Red amaranth adds colour interest. 4. Water, preferably in a fine mist sprayer. 5. Decorations - you can buy googly eyes, or eye and mouth stickers, or let the children simply have artistic fun with markers or paint.

4. Spray with water so that the seeds are well soaked - a fine mist sprayer works best as it doesn’t move the seeds about like pouring water would. 5. Continue to spray every day, even twice a day - it could be a breakfast and dinner task. Do not let the seeds dry out. 6. The seeds should start sprouting within a few days and quickly will grow to form a full head of hair for your microgreen monster. 7. Snip the 'hair' when it’s grown enough to your liking (microgreens are generally harvested when the first or second set of true leaves develop on the seedling) and use on your chosen meal. Notes: Once a microgreen is cut, it does not regrow. You can empty the container of the soil and bits of leftover sprouts, and start over again though, making sure your microgreen man/monster is refilled every few weeks for a continuous supply. The project is a good introduction on the growth of plants. Next month we’ll do some activities specifically around seeds. Minette Tonoli MeadowSweet Herbs & Flowers

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020


Naturally Nurtured With Gaylene Hansen SKIN TO SKIN - NURTURING NEWBORN INFANTS As a neonatal nurse and health coach, my research and experience of observing well, less well, and premature infants has repeatedly shown me that skin to skin is where a newborn infant prefers, and needs, to be. It is essential to provide every baby with gentle, loving and safe care at all times - during birth and following. Loving hands, skin to skin close to their mothers breast, soft lights, quiet sounds, warm soft materials, nurture feelings for a newborn baby of being, safe, secure and loved. Skin to skin provides a wonderful way to calmly transition from life in the womb to the outside world. 58

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

Newborn babies need to smell, touch, feel, hear, taste and see their mother without interruption. The first hour is an alert time for most babies and critical for firing and wiring maternal infant attachment. It is a two way process not only involving wiring baby’s brain but also creating neural attachment connections in their mother. I consider myself fortunate to repeatedly observe newborn baby's vital signs normalise, as they snuggle in between their mother’s breasts. Warm, safe and protected, and if they instinctively orientate towards the breast, nourished. Smell is the newborn’s first sense and they are totally reliant on it. Did you know the secretions from the little bumps on the breast areola (Montgomery's Tubules) smell like amniotic fluid to a newborn baby?

First home in utero, second home skin to skin on their mother. Strange smells are considered dangerous to a baby until they learn whether they are safe or unsafe. This is something to be aware of with the personal care products one uses especially in the early postnatal period. Your baby knows and prefers your natural scent. Guided by smell, babies activate their other senses. Skin to skin provides extensive touch. What an exquisite way to activate all the neurons in their skin as they feel their mother with their hands and their near entire body. A nappy only creates a little less and is practical to use. Babies are born with perfect hearing. They cannot close their ears to unexpected sounds, so these especially if loud, lead to dysregulation. Touch, tactile stimulation plus smell, sucking and hearing their mothers, fathers, and other voices they knew while in utero and are soothed by, stimulate feelings of wellbeing and the love hormone oxytocin. Young babies also need their mother at all times for optimum auditory and language development. Babies have innate instincts to suck. Taste receptors are activated by sucking their hands, licking and nuzzling their mother and tasting her breast milk. Skin to skin also ensures transfer of microbes essential for newborn healthy gut and immune system activation.

A newborn infant lying within their mother’s heart field, enables not only hearing her heart beat, but also creates a powerful connection of energy flow between them especially when the mother tunes into her baby. Babies need skin to skin on dad too. Did you know just 30 minutes of skin on skin with dad (especially in the first 24 hours) wires his dopamine levels for life in connection with his child? The more premature the infant, the more they need skin to skin. Premature babies are less able to tolerate stress and are more dependent on their mother, father and significant others. In summary, the best place for newborn infants is on their mother. Skin to skin high up on her chest, where she can gently tilt forward and kiss them on their head. Not only is this where babies feel safe as they transition from life in the womb to the outside world, full of new experiences, it is the optimum position anatomically to maintain their airway. Mother’s smell, soft sounds, soft materials, loving gentle touch, gazing into one another’s eyes and breast feeding. Holding your newborn baby provides many of these, and skin to skin is the ultimate. Gaylene Hansen Health Coach

Infants have a huge need for social connection. If you are a mum repeatedly distracted on your cell phone while holding your baby, please pay attention. Babies constantly try to engage with their mother. She is their world, their food source, their survival. Newborns are born with emotions, smell and face recognition and prefer to look at their mother. Skin to skin fires and wires the infant’s social and emotional intelligence in the area of the brain called, the amygdala. It achieves this directly and via the prefrontal cortex, the area of our brain behind our forehead that we consider our conscious mind. The first two months following birth is a critical period for social and emotional maturation. Babies learn empathy through the eyes of their mother - that loving reciprocating gaze and early visual experience is essential for continued visual development. Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020


A Nurtured Life With Lorella Doherty MY PARENTING ANCHOR I was lying in bed with my son. He was snuggling next to me, softly snoring; and I was filled with this overwhelming feeling of love and gratitude for him. But at the same time, an overwhelming feeling of responsibility was suffocating me. It’s a funny feeling parenting, on the one side there is this love that you can not describe, but with it there is such fear. Bringing a life into this world and then raising this life into adulthood without stuffing it up; them up - it’s scary! Most of the time, these are all just thoughts in the background. A fuzzy noise that does not come to the surface often. But every now and again, in those moments of stillness, they speak loud and clear, and I wonder what on earth I am doing. I mean, it does not feel that long ago when I was a kid myself; now I have three of my own (one moving into teenage hood), and I am meant to do this without stuffing it up!? And there in, lies that inner voice that loves to tell us we are not good enough. That inner critic that wants perfection from you one hundred percent of the time. That expects from you. That judges you when you do fail. That does not forgive. But in reality, no parent; no person, is perfect. Every one stuffs up, even the most loving, balanced, wise humans on earth. We all fail miserably many times over. We all hit rock bottom, we all get so tired and over whelmed as parents that we say and do things we regret. WE ALL STUFF UP. But that does not mean just because we do, that we are bad parents, that WE are bad.

And so I have this little inbuilt list, and if I can hold this list in my mind, and come back to it. If I can reconnect with my child with this list in mind, I kinda know everything will be ok. It’s like my anchor list, it grounds me to my values as a parent. I come back to these and I forgive myself, I accept my mistakes and I can move on; together with my children. The reconnection is everything! MY ANCHOR LIST 1. Honour the unique nature of every child, accept them for who they are. Every child is different, incredibly different. Different from us, different from their siblings and different to other children. Their feelings are different, their thoughts are different, their passions, talents and gifts are different. They react differently to different situations. This uniqueness is what makes them them, it is why they are here; to spread that uniqueness into the world. Every time we compare them, try to change them, do not honour this uniqueness in them, we dim their light. The light they came here to shine. 2. Listen deeply. Under every behaviour is a need. Listen in deeply to them and what they are really trying to tell you, show you. Validate their needs. Give them presence to be able to hear the story underneath and uncover that; that is the jewel that will reveal the unease and it will lay down the seeds of trust in your relationship.

It does not mean we are unloving and doing a bad job at raising our children. It simply means we are humans, doing human things, and we are in the process of unfolding into more loving and wise versions of ourselves. It means we are living, learning, evolving; expanding.

3. Respect them. Every life on earth deserves respect. This means not treating ANYTHING like you are better or higher up on the ladder. Yes boundaries are crucial, but part of expressing your own boundaries; what is ok and what is not ok to you, is showing respect for the both of you. Communicate with them non-violently and compassionately.

However, trying to tell your inner critic this when they are in full force, after you have just yelled at your kid, said something terribly un-parent-like, made your child cry, hurt their feelings; stuffed up. It’s harder than what it sounds.

It means listening to them when they say no and honouring that no. It means above all else, respecting their own body and needs. Respect that, and they will respect themselves. Body sovereignty is everything.


Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

4. Love them unconditionally. WITHOUT CONDITIONS Model to them the thing that most of us never experienced. That we can be loved without the conditions of someone else’s expectations. 5. Trust them They need to have your trust, to know you have their back. They need the freedom to stuff up themselves, to test their own boundaries. They cannot do that without our trust in their own unique journey. They need to make their own choices, to go through the process of stuffing up, falling and failure. Be there to support them, but don’t take away from their learning journey. My anchor list is based upon my deepest beliefs as a parent and human. Those times I stuff up, no matter the age of my child I discuss with them this list. I admit my mistakes and I apologise. I listen deeply, to hear the needs under their behaviours. I express my boundaries, what was not ok and why. I accept our differing views. And I show them I respect them and love them unconditionally. I give them my presence in this reconnection. Trust, and set your children free in their own journey of living, learning, evolving; expanding. Lorella Doherty Writer

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020


Conscious Parenting With Crysal Olds E-MOTION “Being safe is about being seen and heard and allowed to be who you are and to speak your truth” - Rachel Naomi Remen Children often experience and express such big emotion. Their body does exactly what it needs to, in order to release that energy and allow it to move through their body. They may scream, cry, hit, kick, stomp up and down and yell to allow that emotion to flow through as desired. Then, you may have noticed they run off again just like nothing ever happened, moving onto the next thing in their play. Even though big emotion may be difficult to be around, ensuring we offer a safe place where children feel that they are seen and heard and able to speak their truth, can really ground a child in validation and a deep sense of safety and belonging.

So, how can we hold that space for our children to express their emotion freely and allow that energy to move through the body? Perhaps we could start with our own relationship with emotion by asking ourselves these few questions: • What relationship do I have with emotion? • What do I expect of others when they have emotions? • Do I feel free to express my emotions? Be curious about these questions and if there is anything in particular you have a strong reaction to, perhaps delve a little deeper. You may like to contact a professional in the mind-body field, to help facilitate this journey so that a space can be 'held' for you to explore this part of yourself. Once we are aware of our relationship with emotion, we can then engage with our child with awareness.


Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

HERE ARE A FEW THINGS THAT HELPED ME WITH COACHING MY CHILDREN: The emotion is real, no matter how trivial the cause/reason may seem. We can then honour their truth by being alongside them and allowing them to express freely, at the same time keeping others and yourself safe by giving them space, keeping them safe by being close by for little ones, and clearing the space of dangerous objects. There is no time limit on emotion being released. Hold a calm, loving and non-judgmental presence. It may help to think of them as a little baby, upset. If we want to hold a boundary here, we can gently and calmly say something like “I see and hear you are really angry/frustrated, etc… right now. I will be in……. (insert where you will be), come and get me when you are feeling calmer.” If setting a boundary in this area is new for your family, ensure you discuss the new way you will be dealing with this from now on and why, so it doesn’t fuel their emotion at the time. Once the energy or emotion has shifted, that can be the cue for us to engage with them. They may need a hug, a shoulder, a chat, etc… perhaps check with them if they don’t initiate the next step and honour what they sense they need. If it is an appropriate time i.e., you are feeling calm and they are feeling receptive, then perhaps ask some questions e.g., “you seem(ed) really angry/sad/frustrated/overwhelmed/envious/jealous/uncomfortable, etc” “I wonder what was happening for you?” With little ones you may need to intuit why – e.g., “are you feeling frustrated that you aren’t keeping up with your sister?”

Empathise and Normalise - e.g., “I hear you. I would feel the same as you do if I experienced that” Frame and move forward – e.g., For younger children – perhaps offer a story of a time when you had a similar experience and then overcame it – how did you do that? Perhaps encourage them to come up with solutions or query their sense of what they are trying to control e.g., “are you feeling like you will never be able to be as fast as your sister?” “what are your options?” “what is it about not keeping up with your sister that you feel is a bad thing?” “what story are you telling yourself about what just happened?” Be age appropriate – if this is new to your little one, they many need help in coming up with options for the first few times, but always ask them first, as they may have an idea. Emotions are an opportunity for us to know our children on a deeper level – what triggers them and what stories they may be telling themselves about situations they experience. These moments can be an opportunity for modeling boundaries and can provide an chance to show them that you are there for them, that you can handle the big stuff alongside them, so that they will come to you no matter what problem they are facing. Emotions can also give you an opportunity to see areas you may want to explore and give opportunities for your own healing. Crysal Olds Mind Over Matter

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020










Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

To download a printable copy of this month’s colouring page, click HERE - We would love to see the finished art if you want to tag @TheInspiredGuideNZ on Facebook or share to our page. Have Fun! Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020


A Twist in the Tale Short Stories By John Du Four O STRANGE NEW WORLD The night Lena disappeared—when I came home from work and found her gone—this was writ large in lipstick across the bathroom mirror: ‘O Strange New World!!!’ Complete with dramatic punctuation, as if any more spectacle were needed. It blazed through my reflection in Hints of Hibiscus, scrawled messily over my staring eyes and gaping mouth. In just a few mad strokes my Lena had vanished, in a maelstrom of makeup designed to . . . to . . . well, I hadn’t the faintest. Was it an expression of freedom? Uncertainty? Fear? Was is about her at all? Maybe it was a statement of revenge—a flourishing blood-wax kick to my goolies, one monumental kiss-off. But why? Whatever was going through her mind at the time, it seemed to have come out of nowhere. My heart pounded wildly, my head reeled like a fairground ride. I stumbled backwards to the toilet seat where I sat staring at the graffiti for ages. I phoned our closest friends, who were as baffled as I was, and sympathetic—but I came no closer to an answer. I contacted Bill, a mate who worked in admin at the local police station, and he told me the usual procedure was she had to be gone for forty-eight hours before they’d look into the matter. I explained that our car was still here, that I’d found Lena’s passport, but a lot of her clothes were gone, along with a suitcase. Bill said that was a good sign because it tended to indicate her leaving was premeditated and therefore likely of her own volition. A good sign? The next morning I rang in sick to work. I needed to be at home with my worry and confusion, and in case Lena returned. It was while I shuffled about in the kitchen, at last making an effort to get some food into me, that I discovered the first of the notes—the Post-its. It was in the microwave and read: To the edge of the known world. Was this a clue? Was she travelling to somewhere remote and exotic? Might she have left me a ticket to join her, a secretly planned surprise—a romantic sojourn she was teasing me with? Hope bloomed briefly from the aching soil of my soul, and I began searching all over the apartment, but no ticket emerged. However, one by one, more of Lena’s worrying messages appeared—strange missives from the missing. I discovered ‘She finds her feet’ in my running shoe, cute touch that. In the 66

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

laundry, stuck to the inside of the washing machine lid, the enigmatic ‘Days upon days’—some denunciation of the trappings of domesticity? Interlaced in the strings of my guitar was ‘Blessed release’. Was this an acidic reference to my annoying tendency to practice the same musical riffs over and over again? Many of the taut phrases made no sense of at all. ‘Not history’s plaything’ was in the drawer of my bedside table. I came across ‘Rusty chains drive my ship’ affixed to my aftershave. And later, inside the hall closet: ‘My aches are from here to winter’. In my tool box I discovered the alarming ‘Screaming like a thousand tiny raw skins’. And finally, in the car’s glove compartment, I came across the one small yellow square that bypassed all the bewilderment, impotence and rage building up inside my head, and sucker-punched me straight to the heart, leaving me slumped in the passenger seat sobbing and gasping, a gooey, wretched mess: ‘Please miss me’. I did, of course, terribly—for weeks, months, nearly two years in fact. The police thoroughly investigated Lena’s disappearance. Initially, for a time, they considered my possible role in some domestic foul play, but soon enough they ruled me out. Their eventual conclusion, and mine, was that Lena had simply decided to opt out of the life we’d known and shared together for nearly thirteen years. Ran away to rebuild her future, assuming a whole new identity somewhere else in New Zealand. My grieving emotional train wreck faithfully ran its course, bucking and heaving its way over the twisted rails of: denial (she’ll shake this off, she’ll be back home again soon), anger (she’s the meanest-spirited, most self-absorbed, stupidest goddamned bitch of all time), bargaining (Jesus, if you do exist I will believe in you forever and witness your glory to the entire world if you just bring my Lena back to me), depression (I’m a loser, a worthless worm of a man, no wonder she left me like she did) and, at long last, blessed acceptance (She’s gone, what she did was wrong, but I must and will move on). And with the final closing of one door, another fantastically opened. I met Jo at a work function. Raven-haired, amber-eyed Josephine—a knock-me-dead beauty the likes of which I could never have expected life to gift me. The ease and enjoyment we both felt in our first encounter translated quickly into a passionate love affair. After four rapturous months we had no hesitation in deciding to live together. Jo moved in with me six weeks ago and our happiness is carefree and complete. Until this morning—until just now. Jo is in the shower. I’m in the kitchen at the espresso machine. I just found it in the drawer where we keep the ground coffee. The Post-it reads: ‘Stop missing me at your peril’. Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020


My Journey So Far With Guest Emma Waters My name is Emma Waters, I was born and raised in sunny Nelson until I moved to Australia for 10 years after my 21st Birthday. I am a Mother of a 4 year old boy Benji, a 7 year old hyperactive Staffy and wife to my FIFO husband Joey who works in Africa. I am an owner of a local (Nelson) Bouquet delivery business 'Thanks A Bunch Bouquets', however have recently hung up my secateurs to take a break over summer to spend more time with Benji before he goes to school next year. DESCRIBE THE EXPERIENCES THAT HAVE SHAPED YOUR JOURNEY Running a small business has taught me more about people and myself in 3 years then anything else has in my lifetime. At the end of the day most people's core needs are the same. They want to be valued, respected and treated with kindness. I've learned through dealing with a wide range of personalities that these 3 components when applied are almost all you need to form and maintain healthy relationships; both personally and professionally. This has been the most important lesson I have learned since being a business owner. SHARE WITH US THE WAYS IN WHICH YOU HAVE CHANGED YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER Life really is all about balance, and during the

busiest times with the business, this was something that definitely was not in check. I worked from AM to PM, Monday to Sunday and every moment in between, therefore running myself into the ground and making myself sick. I suffered from Gallstones at the end of 2018 and after having 2 debilitating attacks I knew it was time to put my health first and make some much needed changes. My 2019 New Years resolution was changing to a Plant Based/Vegan lifestyle. Not only did this drastically improve my health within weeks without medical intervention but I also lost 35kgs in a short few months. Since making the change to a plant based diet I have been lucky enough to collaborate with some really amazing people and brands that have the same values and passion for animal welfare, environmental issues and health and wellness. TIPS & ADVICE Everyday make sure you do something to improve yourself. Lots of small steps daily make a huge difference over time. Don't overwhelm yourself with trying to make major changes all at once because this will be very hard to maintain. Success stripped back is just a series of healthy daily habits.

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020



Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

Soulful Living With Kerry Kingston KEY SYMBOLISM Symbols are a universal sign with common understanding and include hearts, crosses and keys to name a few; I resonate with both hearts and keys in my life and within my home. When I decided to write about keys I immediately started seeing them everywhere on social media, I heard lyrics with the word key, my kids asked me to buy keys on their online games and I reconnected with a key quote which I’ve had in a frame for over 15 years! “Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness” - Oliver Wendall Holmes (one of my favourite quotes of all time). The ancient Greeks created the first metal keys used to turn and work within the mechanisms of the lock. While technology has replaced some of the original locks the symbolism remains. Keys have been used as a universal symbol around the world and throughout history since locks were originally invented. Practically they provide security when a door is locked by a unique key; are used to secure our homes, cars, suitcases, hotel rooms, jewellery boxes, safes, diaries and other belongings. The key represents opening and closing powers - seen as authority and power. A sacred symbol holding great importance over a diverse range of religions through ancient history used by medieval kings, Christian saints and in Paganism as amulets and talisman. The spiritual and magical symbolism of the key is one of purity, wisdom and enlightenment, knowledge, mystery and protection.

Greek Goddess Hecate is known as the holder of keys, while priests and priestesses of times gone by held keys as a way of connecting to their represented higher god or goddess. Keys work as a guide, wisdom seeker and protection amulet assisting us to make our most important and intimate dreams become a reality. It is said that three keys held together represent: Love ~ Wealth ~ Health. While old vintage keys may be preferred by some as they have opened many doors in time, I prefer the ornate decorative varieties as I know they do not hold any previous misfortune or energies. If the key is unique and does not match a lock you possess it is said to bring good luck. SOME OF THE WAYS A KEY CAN BE USED: • Hold a key in your pocket to attract positive energy and deflect negative energies • An upside-down key placed near the bed is said to ward off nightmares and aid in a restful sleep • Hang a key over a photo frame for a happy marriage • Tie with a coloured ribbon to correspond with your desires • Use a key with a crystal of your choice to increase the power • Wear on a necklace - The key to my heart "The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness" - Lao Tzu Kerry Kingston Kerry Kingston Design Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020


A Balanced Life With Sarah Jensen ON LETTING GO I’ve been tucked away lately doing some work that I don’t normally do which is brand birthing – being hands on, heart all in, for the entire process of building a brand. Right from nurturing the seedling of an idea, through to lovingly harvesting its first fruit (or, in this case, putting a magnificent product out into the world for a dear friend). In the business coaching work I’ve done in the past, it’s been more about moving through blocks, nourishing clarity, amplifying confidence, and bringing elements of a business to life, as opposed to the entire thing. This is new territory for me and it’s been incredibly fulfilling but has also forced me to face some of my own limiting beliefs and self-doubts - Plus, since I’m working with a dear friend who I love and adore, there’s been that added layer of fear and worry about whether I can actually do this (and if I can, can I do a good enough job for her). Ahh the brain – it’s a curious creature, isn't it!? But the reason I'm sharing this with you isn’t to dive nose deep into the topic of self-doubt, nor sell you something new. It’s because, through this experience (and a few other little miracles and moments of kismet that have come into my life lately), one message has become very, very clear to me. And it’s this: It’s time to let go of how you think it’s supposed to look. 72

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

Every time I get caught up trying to forecast or plan, track statistics, or strategize. Every time I think I’m meant to be earning money from certain avenues, or finding joy in particular ways of being. Every time I think I’m 'behind' or 'running out of time' (two things that have been bubbling to the surface again for me lately) I hear, loud and clear. It’s time to let go of how you think it’s supposed to look. The message for me, and perhaps for you too, is to lean into the unknown, listen to your heart, trust yourself and the Universe, Source, God, or whatever energy or entity of love and light you feel connected with, and let go. As I keep coming back to that message, it feels both reassuring and freeing. It helps me step out of stress and worry; overthinking and anxiety, and allows me to let myself fully receive. It also reminds me that, more often than not, the Universe has a much grander and greater plan in store than anything I can currently imagine. For example, if you’d told 2014 me that one day I’d host a podcast, speak on stage, or create journaling courses, I’d have called you crazy! That’s because what felt possible to me back then was limited to what I’d already experienced and what I could imagine myself doing (within the ever so slightly elasticated confines of my comfort zone).

But, as our comfort zone ever so gently expands, the field of possibilities widens and what we feel ready or able to reach for, dream of, or try, opens up. It’s led me to lean on a loving caveat when playing on the swing set of goal setting too, and it’s this. When I immerse myself in the wonderful world of dreaming up my future, choosing goals, or calling in my next adventure, I lovingly craft what I desire and then I say: I’m ready to receive this, or something so much better. This approach holds immense power for two reasons. 1. It allows me to consciously create my future and cast wonder in the direction of my dreams (by setting goals and intentions or visioning the future I desire).

It’s helped life and business feel a little lighter – less like wading through mud or waiting for things to happen, and more able to trust the process, follow the breadcrumbs of what’s bringing me joy, and open up to new projects, income streams, and possibilities I’d never have noticed, let alone explored, if I’d been hyper focused on how it was 'meant' to look. If this resonates for you, I invite you to explore the journaling prompts I’ve shared below and see what guidance your Soul or highest self holds for you around leaning in, listening to your heart and letting go. Where am I holding onto how I think this 'should' look?

2. At the very same time it allows me to lean in to love and let go so I don’t miss out on the magic the Universe has in store for me (the magic that maybe I can’t quite imagine for myself just yet).

What might happen if I gave myself permission to let go?

So there you have it, a little loving Sarah waffle on letting go. But seriously, this shift has been incredibly powerful and oh so supportive for me lately.

Happy dreaming and happy journaling.

What do I need so I can feel safe or ready to let go?

Sarah Jensen, Life & Business Coach Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020


An Inspired Life With Masha G Ellman SIMPLE WAYS TO CREATE LOVING ENERGY IN YOUR HOME I love my home. I love every single everything in my home. My home is my sanctuary - loving, supporting, joyful, it nourishes me and is full of sweet loving energy. It wasn’t always like this, I spent many years living in homes I didn’t like, hated and was depressed in. It wasn’t until I had a spiritual awakening and I started to understand universal laws, and myself, that the place where I dwell became an essential part to my well-being. What I now know is that each home has its own spirit and energy and we’re the keeper of, and the contributor to, this energy. Our home holds within it the seeds that we plant. It absorbs our emotions, feelings, and energies. How we feel about our home, how we care for it, honor it, all make up the energies in our home. 74

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

TREAT YOUR HOME WITH REVERENCE Everyone who comes into my home remarks about how good it feels in here, or how nice it smells, or they say I have a beautiful home - it’s not that I have expensive furnishings, it’s the energy that they’re feeling. Your home is your sacred dwelling, your sanctuary and you can create your home to be a space that supports you and is in harmony with you. A place of healing, love, rest and renewal. A place of blessing. SIMPLE THINGS CAN MAKE BIG CHANGES Take off your shoes before entering your home - by removing your shoes you’re symbolically saying I honor you my home, I’m leaving all the dirt and burdens from the day outside. It signals change, you’re taking a pause, you’re preforming an act, declaring I am now entering sacred space. Shoes are full of bacteria and dirt, keep shoe covers for visitors and workers. When they leave thank them for honoring your home.

Have crystals in your home - they have natural healing powers and promote good energy. I keep black Tourmaline and Rose Quartz right at the front entrance, and I have crystals on my altar and in every room. Light candles - they create a feeling of warmth day or night, they also help to clear stagnant energy and they look so pretty. (use safety precautions) Create an altar in your home - you don’t have to dedicate an entire room; a little spot on your desk, or on your kitchen counter; or if you have the room put a small table or cabinet in a special place, prayer and meditation raise your vibration and that of your home. Smudge your home regularly - especially after workers and visitors, to remove any negative energy. I like to use organic white sage, if you cannot tolerate smoke, there are essential oil spray alternatives. You can also remove negative energy by using instruments like cymbals or bells, or a rattle.

These are just a few suggestions, everything in your home contributes to its energy - the colors, cleanliness, clutter, noise‌ it all makes a difference to the overall health of your home and the energy that either stays stagnant or flows sparking joy. CARE FOR THE SOUL OF YOUR HOME You have the power to create a home that will fill you with peace, embrace you with love, nourish and bless you. Enter your home with gratitude, clean it with love, decorate it with flowers. Bless your home every day. You can turn your home into a magical place filled with joy, warmth and welcome. The spirit and energy of your home is a reflection of you, honor where you dwell. Masha G Ellman, A Sweeter Life Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020


A Mindful Life With Guest Tash Pieterse CREATE SPACE FOR A HEALTHY MINDSET


2020 has been a year of mega stress, uncertainty and worry for many and one of my main focuses as a coach for ambitious and high achieving professionals is mindset work...

1. 5 to 10mins of quiet first thing in the morning Before you reach for your phone, take 5-10mins to be still and quiet. Take note of how your body feels, did you sleep well, say thank you for your warm bed, think about how you want to show up today, just take a moment.

... Creating a mindset that is confident, optimistic, courageous and abundant so they can enjoy life. I would like to start by asking you a question… Do you have space in your life to cultivate a healthy and empowering mindset? One of the most important questions to ask. In today's world where life can be so busy and we’re always 'on', do we actually create enough space within us and around us to work on our mindset? We wake up, pick up our phones, check emails, scroll social media, realise, rush around getting ready, get agitated by slow drivers, get to work and dive into emails, react to everything that comes through, sit in endless meetings, get annoyed at colleagues, rush out the door, skip gym because you’re late, get home, eat, watch TV, go to bed... Does that sound familiar? In the midst of that day, where are the moments for stillness and quiet? Where are the moments for reflection? Where are the moments for relief? A healthy mind needs as much attention (if not more) than our physical bodies. In order for our physical bodies to respond to the demands of life, our mind needs to be able to speak to our bodies so it does what it needs to do. If you have noticed the demands of your life starting to overwhelm your mind's capacity to approach it with ease, openness, and presence it is time to step back, check-in, and re-jig a little to allow few pockets of space in your day for your mind to be still, reset, and re-energise. 76

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

You will start the day from a place of presence, rather than a place of reaction 2. Drive / commute to work in silence The energy from the radio or intense music coupled with heavy traffic and agitation is a recipe for a frustrated and angered drive to work. Who needs that first thing in the morning? Sitting in silence might feel uncomfortable (which means it is necessary, the discomfort is telling you to lean in) , but I promise you will notice a huge difference. You will arrive at work from a place of calm and quiet, rather than a place of frazzled energy. 3. Take a moment before diving into work tasks When you get to the office you don’t have to jump straight into answering your emails. Take a moment to properly transition from your commute into a clear mindset to start work. Make a coffee/tea, write your to-do list for the day, THEN jump into your first task (even if that’s emails). You’ll be a little more present and clear. 4. Incidental small breaks Every 2-3 hours get up and move. Get a cup of tea, refill your drink bottle, go outside for 5mins or stretch. Do something to move the energy that’s stagnant in your body from sitting down. Moving, even for 5-10mins every few hours will give you a boost of energy and create a bit more space in your mind to then move into the next task a bit more focused.

5. Write or journal Journaling seems like a buzzword these days but it’s so powerful and something I do often. Here are 3 power prompts I love to use, list 3 for each: - I am grateful for… - I am letting go of… - I am welcoming in... Understanding how your day flows from a feelings perspective is powerful and can guide you in how you move through your day. Doing this every night or at least 3-4 times a week will see you become more intentional with how you think and act and will help you arrange your days to benefit you . So, do you believe you allow enough space in your daily life to create and cultivate a healthy mindset? If not, I hope these 5 simple ideas will help you incorporate small pockets of space in your day. You don’t need to over complicate things to see real benefits. Come back to simple and easy things you can do to step into your life with a little more presence, optimism and joy. Tash Pieterse Life & Mindset Coach

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020


Mindset Matters With Crysal Olds I SEE YOU, I HEAR YOU “I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship” - Brene Brown Recently I was offering a friend who was having a hard time emotionally some help, and her reply was – “you have already helped me enough in seeing me and hearing me”. Her response was a great reminder for me to be curious of the ‘helper/rescuer’ in me. It can be tempting to offer to help others out of a hard time, yet is the pure offer to help perhaps putting our judgment and projection on their situation? In offering help, are we missing an important opportunity for the simple gift of seeing and hearing a person in their struggle and allowing them the opportunity to just be with and accept their experience as it is. After-all, is a tough time really to be avoided, when it often breathes life to a new awakening or resilience within us? 78

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

How can we truly see and hear a person in suffering? It can often be easy for us to see and hear that another is suffering by looking at them and hearing them as they speak to us about their troubles, but, depending on our perspective on life we may hear different things which may influence or be a trigger for a particular response, which actually then becomes about us, not about the person in struggle. When there is struggle and suffering there is often drama, and the three main positions to take in a drama triangle are, perpetrator, victim and rescuer. When we take on any of these positions, we are either taking away others power or giving away our power. Let’s look at this in more detail: Perpetrator – often cast as the person who has wronged another (taking away others power) Victim – the person who has been wronged by ‘the perpetrator’ (giving away their power) Rescuer – the knight in shining armour coming to rescue ‘the victim’ (taking away others power) As a listener we can take on any of these roles.

We could take on the perpetrator role by joining in on judging the person in struggle for feeling the way they do, belittling their experience, etc. We could take on the victim role by being judgmental of the perpetrator and aligning ourselves with the one in struggle, perhaps by condemning the perpetrator and focusing on how wronged ‘the victim’ was. We could take on the rescuer role by helping the victim out of their struggle and often doing for them and ‘fixing’, rather than enabling them to do for themselves. When we view the person non-judgmentally and see and hear them in their own struggle, not one like ours, but their own unique struggle we can be that of the witness. The one who can witness the struggle, the suffering. The one who can see and hear and give, non-judgmentally, when asked, within boundaries that maintain the power of the one in struggle and maintains our own power. Through bearing witness, we can offer our own energetic strength to be seen and to be a lighthouse for others in their storm. How do we do this? Just like a lighthouse we shine a light. We can hear the person in struggle and see them. We can communicate what we see and hear to them: “I see you are really struggling with that at the moment”

“I hear you are having a hard time right now” Sometimes just that is enough. Other times there may be a sense that asking questions to coach them could be required: “Do you get a sense of what’s brought this on?” “Do you get a sense of what you may need?” “What would happen if…. (you didn’t want everything to be done right away?/accepted another’s’ words as just their point of view? Etc)” Perhaps have a play with seeing and hearing as a witness – this can be a felt sense of being neutral. Be aware of any strong reactions/needs/wants that may occur for you - A strong response may be an indicator of jumping into the drama triangle. If you find yourself in a drama triangle, step out, and remind yourself that perhaps, we just need to be seen and heard non-judgmentally, to give us the validation we need to move forward in our own time. This in turn re-ignites our resilience and learning. Crysal Olds Mind Over Matter Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020


Healing Modalities With Guest Gareth Edwards MIND, BODY & SOUL BALANCE I’m originally from Manchester and moved to Aotearoa in 2002. I’ve worked in mental health and addictions for over 20 years and about 10 years ago I got interested in other ways to heal our mind, body and soul. Like a lot of people it started with my own experience of chronic fatigue and back pain, and medicine just sort of shrugged it’s shoulders and said ‘yeah, nah nothing we can do’. With the back pain, I ended up with a specialist who recommended fusing my spine and I thought ‘yeah, nah - let’s make that plan b and I’ll see what else there is’. So I opened my mind (and eventually my heart!) and started this journey of seeking and gathering things that work for me and then sharing them with others. 80

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

How has this modality changed your life?

It’s chalk and cheese really - I went from a stressed-out, city-slicker to a blissed-out, hippy-lifestyler! What I found and am still finding is the more I come back to myself physically, psychologically and spiritually the more easeful and satisfying my life gets. It’s so easy to get caught up in the drama of our busy lives, which is why I see sessions like these as reset. Like when your phone or computer has gone a bit wonky, you turn it off and on and again and this is how these types of sessions are for me.

About this modality:

In the sessions you are fully-clothed, lying on your back and lots of people get very relaxed and even drift off to sleep. Using my finger-tips, I apply a light pressure and gentle adjustment throughout the body. This allows any physical

tension to feel supported to then release and realign itself. There’s also a focus on the points around the head to reduce mental strain and as a Life Coach people can choose to chat about challenges in their life too. Overall it people feel a sense of balance in mind , body and soul. Along with a BSc in Psychology and I’ve trained in Access Consciousness Bars, Angelic Reiki, Past Life Healing and Zero Balancing.

Thoughts on this modality in healing:

I feel all healing paths lead us to the same place and it’s about finding what works for you. This is why I only take payment if people are fully satisfied and am happy to do swaps with other healers. I’ve found great, transformative benefits from the methods I’ve learnt, but we are all different and need different things at different times in our life. So I’d say if it feels right, give it a go and if it keeps feeling right, keep doing it!

Who do you think could benefit from this?

People often come to me with a physical pain and I love it when they get off the table feeling straighter and taller. It’s usually neck, shoulders or back pain and once that starts to ease people find they can see how emotions or over-thinking are part of this stress that the body is under. So sometimes there’s tears and even laughter as people can see these challenges in a new light. For example, a lady came with pain her feet that she linked with restarting her hobby of running. After a few minutes the pain was reducing and we got talking about what was different for her in her life as this was new pain. We got into the emotions of how she felt she wasn’t 'walking her true path’ and ways she could make changes and ‘get back on track’. As the tears began to roll down her cheeks they soon turned to tears of laughter at how obvious it was to her to have pain in her feet!

Last words about your healing modality...

I feel many of us have lost connection with these kinds of healing practices in our western cultures and if you’re struggling with physical, psychological or spiritual pain then it might be worth checking out what calls to you and giving it a go. Gareth Edwards Nelson Healing Services Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020


Insights into Animals With Guest Val Heart 5 BENEFITS OF ANIMAL COMMUNICATION Animals are brought into our lives for a reason. They are our teachers, healers, angels, and guides, showing us the way and helping us be the best people we can be. Through the benefits of animal communication, you can learn to tap into this amazing resource of wisdom in the form of your animal companions. Since 1993 I’ve been guiding people all over the world to connect in a deeper way and better understand their animals through animal communication. Every day, I’m contacted by people who are desperate for insight into why their animal friends are acting in strange or dangerous ways. Or why they’re sick or dying with a seemingly untraceable cause. These pet caretakers are worried. Something isn’t right with their beloved companions, and no one, not themselves or any vet, can figure out what that missing piece is… They just worry they are missing something. The truth is, they are missing something… and it’s important. Animal communication is so important because people misunderstand their animals all the time. 82

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

They are constantly trying to communicate with us but we often miss the messages. When you learn how to recognize, respect and even revere animals as the spiritual beings they really are, your relationships with them can reach new levels of understanding and benefit for both. Wouldn’t you love to have a more direct connection with your animal? What if you could simply ask them what was wrong, where they hurt, how they felt, why they behaved the way they did? How would knowing how to do this yourself change your life? I put together a list of five amazing benefits you will experience when you begin to explore animal communication.

5 BENEFITS OF ANIMAL COMMUNICATION 1. Animal communication can help you become a better human. Talking with animals and connecting at a deeper level helps you to be a better, more balanced, kind and considerate person. Just like human children, the animals in your life try to communicate with you all the time because they have a lot to share with you.

Some of their wisdom is funny, loving and kind, and some of what they have to say is life-changing, profound and insightful. You only have to really listen – with your heart and mind! As with all healthy communication, animal communication helps you to be healthier and clearer about who you really are. Doing this one thing right can completely transform the quality of you and your pet’s life. 2. Animal communication will save you money. Unfortunately, miscommunication between us and our animals can lead to expensive guesswork in the veterinarian’s office as they try to nail down the cause of an illness in a silent patient. A common phrase among pet owners is “if only he could tell me what’s wrong”. But the thing is they can tell us, we only need to start to listen. As pet parents, we want nothing more than for our animals to be healthy and happy. Animals need to be able to tell you things so you can get them the appropriate care they need. Also, sometimes when they are repeatedly not heard, animals can turn to destroying property to get the attention they need. Proper animal communication can open up lines of communication and prevent the costly replacement costs of damaged items. 3. When you learn to speak their language, you’ll be a better communicator too! Telepathy is just a fancy way of saying that you can feel, sense and hear others over a distance. It is something you do every day, all day long, your whole life. You were born knowing how to do this. You may have shut down your senses in some way, or lost conscious awareness of how you’re actually receiving or sharing information with others, but you’re still doing it. Learning to speak to animals, with all its challenges and rewards, can be a rich training ground for developing these inherent skills. Opening your heart to animals is a life-changing experience. And you will find that this new level of communication will spill over into all your other relationships. 4. A happier, heard animal is a better-behaved animal. You can make your animals’ lives and your own a whole lot easier, more fun and healthy through the power of a two-way, respectful conversation.

A large part of misbehavior in animals is the result of unexpressed trauma, pain, depression, loneliness, and anxiety. Your animals can see what is in your mind’s eye, and they easily feel what you are feeling. Have you ever noticed how your pet disappears when it’s time to go to the veterinarian or when it’s time for a bath? Or how they can appear almost magically when you have something good to eat? They are paying attention, and they always know what’s going on with you. And when you learn how to pay attention, you can know what’s going on with them too. If your animals are able to communicate with you in healthy ways, they won’t be forced to resort to misbehavior to get your attention. 5. Animal communication can help your companion stay healthier, longer. Some of the saddest calls I’ve had to take are the ones that got to me too late. If we had talked with their animal before things got so bad, we might have been able to save their life. Without knowing what your pet is thinking, you can get into interesting and sometimes awful predicaments. You may be having problems with sick animals, animals that your vet is having trouble helping to heal, or struggling with obedience, training or behavioral issues. When everything you’ve tried so far hasn’t worked and you don’t know what to do next. Or, you may be worried about a pending euthanasia decision; you may be in agony of indecision about whether it’s time to put your animal to sleep or not, wondering what is the right decision to make. Animal communication can help to avoid these situations by being able to identify what is wrong with your animals before it becomes a crisis. Every animal lover with beloved pets has had moments of wishing you could magically stick a phone inside your pet’s head so you could know what they’re thinking! Good news! You CAN! Val Heart Animal Communicator

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020


Divine Inspiration With Aimee Shields EARTH-SHIFT The dinosaurs were an old construction in an old energy, an old blue-print. It was foreseen they would die out. They had to in order for the human being to flourish - for new ways of being and doing to begin... for the evolution of the human, the old had to die away. This is the information we bring you this day. Some of you may throw this book to the ground because, such is the trauma trapped within you due to your experiences of this change. However for you, this day it is not an animal or beast that threatens your own evolution into new ways of being... it is old constructs built in the 3D world you live in. Some of you cling still to these old constructs, which in this new energy of the Earth will be tested, each and every one of them and we tell you that if they are found wanting... they will not remain, they will be torn down and the children of the New Earth will rebuild the new in their place. We speak of old constructs; these include old ways of being, particularly in connection to relatedness to Mother Earth; old ways of doing and seeing and thinking... old ways of relating to one another... evolution is coming human whether you cling to these things or not. We do not come to bring doom or trial; we come that you might walk calmly through the challenging times of this Earth transition and loosen your grip on what you have known so you may be free to embrace the new that comes. Some of this transition will be seen in great Earth-Shifts. Changes in weather patterns that no longer fit, out-dated models of what has been, changes in landscapes - rivers changing course, great mountain ranges rising, lakes drying up and new ones appearing in other places. 84

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

Foods that have been tampered with will eventually not only contain less of the nutrients in comparison with their more consciously grown natural counterparts but they will become subject to disease; in some cases whole crops will fail. This will not be reported immediately, it will be hidden for as long as possible. The great machine of man will not want to lose control of its people. There will be more emigrations of people to other places/countries as souls seek their home places. It will be a trickle at first but, will steadily grow until it raises comments from the media. Illnesses that plagued you all will be on their way out. Great diseases that you feared will surface only in some sporadic increments until they die out completely. New illnesses will replace these however and these will be illnesses born of the Earth-shift... they will be energetic in nature and once recognised and treated correctly will be seen as a simple imbalance that need not exist at all. These times will be marked by bodies feeling heavy, pain that has no physical cause in all parts of the body, headaches for no apparent reason and hunger like you have never experienced and this hunger will not be eased by your chemically produced 3D food. It will be marked by children and people who become overly aggressive and personality changes with people acting out of character. Intolerances to foods and allergens will also rise dramatically and quickly. People will be affected on a physical level by all form of psychic attack that is directed to them or through them. The effect of this energy on people can been seen in small increments around the world. However, as the impact from this energy becomes more wide

spread throughout the world, hospital beds will be filled with people damaged through this energy. Doctors will have cases of people whose physical medical condition appears acute but, for which there is no obvious physical cause for the illness. Now dear ones, do not be alarmed, this information is not sent to cause you fear. You already have in place in your spiritual practices things that shall help you transform such illness and imbalance into rebalance and equilibrium of your health and your well-being. This information is sent to you now so you may be informed and so you may ground yourselves through these changes and rise victorious on the other side of them. In the new energy each person will be required, as a new way of being, to take absolute responsibility for their thoughts, their feelings and what they direct to others and the world. A shift in how we perceive ourselves in relation to others and the Earth will occur and many will in the initial stages of this process seek solitude and fresh connections to the Earth through nature. You will rise up to protect the Sacred Spaces of this Earth for they will hold the power to heal. The creatures of this Earth will speak to you in ways you never knew they could; some, if you listen, will lead you to these sacred places. It will become daily practice for you all to clear the energetic muck from around you, your loved ones and your homes. It will become a daily practice much like brushing your teeth.

For those that are thick skinned and feel nothing of the energy world, you will be just as affected by these changes. Some will seek other healers who may teach them the skills to move easily through this time and transition to the new way of being, however, not all healers at this time will be of the new energy, some will contain old blue-prints and so this is a calling also for all healers to work on themselves so they may be truly ready to assist others through this transition. If a healer has not fully let go of the old blue-print they will find their clientele dries up. The new energy will be such that all people will sense the vibration and will be drawn to those vibrations that are of the New Earth for these will be the vibrations that soothe their discomfort and pain bodies and allow for healing to occur. It is very important in this new energy that healers do not hold onto clientele but seek to create an independence/inter-dependence and education within them so that they are able to then go into their circles of connections and spread the knowledge they have gained once they have achieved balance. These are the challenges in the new energy upon this planet at this time. They have not been sent to create pain. Pain comes from the resistance to change. Loosen your grip on who you thought you were, what you thought reality looked like and be prepared to be a part of something miraculous and marvelous... the building of the New Earth. Aimee Shields, Divinely Inspired Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020


Divine Guidance With Michelle Cotton TRUST Welcome to this new frequency dear ones. It is a joy to be witnessing this divine transformation going on in the earth consciousness. Unity has begun on many levels and the vibration rippling through the universe from it is a pleasure to feel. It has been very testing for you in this human existence over this transition; we honour you with great love and gift you this knowledge of knowing you have passed through this 86

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

wormhole of transition and moving into the light of purity and love frequency that will shift the human consciousness to even more greater awareness and expansive love. The understanding of your own infiniteness is beginning to show in those stepping forward to guide others new to the life of light and frequency; many are stumbling in the dark, having transformed into this vibration without knowing what is happening and they are seeking your guidance - this is where trust comes in.

Trust is a beautiful insight to integrate into your being if you have not done so already; surrender any doubts you have left and trust in your path, trust in the process as it reveals itself - more will be shown as the time is right. The trust is in yourself not others. It is a great time on earth to master this, to be able to trust your own intuition and inner knowings is paramount for your continued growth at the rate you are desiring to expand.

Life on earth has evolved over the centuries in many different ways, this particular shift has been one of the most incredible to witness and those that have watched consciously over the past decade have not fallen into the matrix of what is presented; these light beings are emanating in a beautiful turquoise colour for others to recognise them - if you meet one of these souls, take the time to connect and share the wisdom you both have, much is gained for all when knowledge is shared.

Be aware of any doubts you have within you; acknowledge your doubts and look closer to see what your underlying fear is and shine your light on it to see the truth and let it go.

These turquoise souls are going to assist in showing the way ahead for those wishing to learn and expand their consciousness - such exciting times!

Come back to your heart space and trust yourself. Expand your consciousness out as far as you can, become one with everything.

There are also many others doing work through the gridlines connected throughout the world; this is aligning the vibration on a global scale - many will feel a more positive outlook on life, like life just got better overnight and their view of it has changed. How wonderful this is to witness!

Trust the universal source to be assisting you and aligning your path with the other souls you are here to connect with. Trust the guidance from within leading you in the direction you are needed most for your soul purpose. The feeling of such an expanded heart will attract those that need your help, along with those wishing to work with you. Becoming your true self aligned with the cosmos will have your frequency enhancing on all levels; your oneness with all things will allow you to assist the planet on many levels from the plants and trees, the animals on land and the water, ocean life. So much energy can be shared to assist all living things on earth to help raise the planetary alignment.

Not all will be aware or openly choose to expand, that is free will here on earth. Those that are drawn to read articles such as this are the light workers and healers of the earth, growing in your consciousness, spreading the light to others, lifting their vibration and educating on how to experience enlightenment. Blessings Dear Ones, Orion Channeled Through Michelle Cotton Clairvoyant Medium/Trance Channel FB @ michellecottonclairvoyantmedium Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020



Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

Spiritual Guidance With Guest Sara Landon THE MOST EXTRAORDINARY LIFE IMAGINABLE “When you’re grounded and present and conscious in the moment and open and allowing, you expand your life and all sorts of worlds start opening up to you and presenting themselves to you and becoming a resource to you, an opportunity for you to expand what you ever thought was possible from a human perspective... ...You think you love life now? Just wait. Just wait until you really start allowing magical and miraculous things to present themselves to you.” We are so pleased and delighted to have the opportunity to be here with you on this extraordinary day indeed. Extraordinary, extra ordinary, extra special, extra exciting, extra magnificent. That’s where your lives are going, and that’s where your opportunities lie in this moment for the extra-ordinary experience of life and living an extraordinary life, a miraculous life, a magical life, here and now. There’s nothing for you to achieve before you live an extraordinary life. There is no level of achievement. There’s no badge of honor you must receive. There’s no one’s permission that you need to live an extraordinary life at the highest level; living your fullest potential in your life every day, which means the fullness of all that you are, the fullness of all that you are in every moment. Stop trying to figure it out. Stop trying to achieve some level. Stop trying to get to that moment where you are anointed or that you are crowned the medal of enlightenment. Stop trying to figure it out, and live and be and allow it, allow it, allow it. You’re already enlightened. You’re already realized. You were before you came here. You were. And you have been in this incredible experience of form and exploring different levels of density. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Do you really love your life? Do you really love life and the human experience? Because we have said, with all great mastery, it involves great love. There isn’t anyone who ever mastered anything without love. To master a talent, to master an ability, to master even a relationship takes

great love. Great love. You want to master your life experience, but do you really, really love the human experience? Do you really love life? Do you really love living? Some of you can say yes to that. Some of you are still unsure, which means that you’re not allowing all of the beauty, all of the creation, all of the brilliance, all of the magnificence that is here for you. We know your human minds still can’t quite grasp that this is all here for you. It’s all here for you, for you to love, for you to enjoy, for you to find beauty and to delight in. It’s all here for you so that you can have fun, so that you can create, so that you can play, so that you can relate to reality, pretending that it’s not you, pretending that it’s somehow separate from you, so that you can find curiosity and new experiences and new levels of awareness of you and all that you are. Your reality is an extension of you. Do you love you? Do you love your reality? Do you love the extension of you that’s all around you? Love it. Love it. Love it. When you really love it, you allow yourself to emerge into a level of awareness of your magnificence and your innocence like never before. You emerge into an awareness of your power, knowing that you never ever need to force anything again. To emerge into a new level of awareness of your power without needing to ever force or control or manipulate or figure anything out ever again. How great would that be? How great would it be that every day was magical? How great would it be where everything that you related to every day reflected a brilliance to you, a miraculous, magical reflection of your playfulness, of your innocence, of your absolute joy, your absolute joy? Some of you would say, well, I can’t really love life because these circumstances, these conditions, these people I’m relating to, these things I’m relating to, this job I’m relating to, this world that I can’t relate to because it’s so different than me, because it’s not the way I want it to be. Yet your focus on that, your attention on that, just keeps you in an experience where what you relate to feels so different than you. Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020


"Allow your co expand, and yo most extraordinary It’s not. It’s just your opportunity for clarity, for confidence, for certainty. Isn’t that what you want? Isn’t that how you want to live your life with clarity, with confidence, with certainty, with total trust in you and your power and your ability to stay conscious and your ability to stay present in the moment and in your power, and your ability to stay open and allow and receive in every moment? There’s not one of you, not any one of you, who has even yet received even a small majority of all of the goodness that is here for you. Part of being a great master is to fully receive all that is here for you, knowing everything is an extension of you, so there’s no separation ever. But again, when you go into judgment, when you go into fear, when you go into worry, you separate yourself from everything that’s here for you, of you. You create a separation, you create a gap, and then your relation to it is that it’s out there and you’re here and it’s not where you want it and you’re not where you want to be. So, you start trying to figure it out and you start trying to go and push and force and manipulate and control and make it all happen your way. Hear this loud and clear. When you’re in lower dimensions of consciousness, when you are in resistance, reaction, you are going to move yourself down into a state of consciousness where lack and separation and fear exist. If you allow yourself to stay open and present and conscious, you will easily be in the vibration where there are higher dimensional emotions, where you 90

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

open up fully to all of your power, to all that is here for you, and you allow yourself to receive, receive, receive. What are you receiving? You hear us say that. What are you receiving? Well, you’re receiving the only thing that’s in everything. The only thing that’s in everything is energy. Fear is not in everything. Energy is in everything. Money is energy. Healing is energy. Your body is energy. Your relationships are energy. They are. Everything is energy. You are energy. And everything is consciousness. You expand your consciousness by allowing more energy. Consciousness is where it’s all at. Consciousness and energy are where it’s all at, because from a higher state of consciousness this life experience is easy to master. From higher states of consciousness this life experience is quite simple. And it can be everything you intended it to be. You can be everything that you are. And you will love your life in a way you never ever thought possible because you were so focused on all the things that you had to have and had to do and had to change, and all the circumstances that you’d have to figure out in order to get your life to a certain level so then you could love it, instead of just allowing it right now. That’s what the master knows. It knows consciousness and knows energy and now knows how to merge them into the greatest level of power and the greatest level of openness and allowing so that they can receive anything and

onsciousness to ou will live the y life imaginable" everything that is here in this moment, to serve them, and to serve through them.

level. That’s it. You will serve in raising the consciousness level of humanity.

All of you, all of you desire deeply to be in service. It is not an expectation of you, but you are at levels of consciousness where you deeply desire to contribute, to serve, to make a difference, to make it better, to make it easier. Most all of you even hold the vision of contributing to the Great Awakening of humanity, to the elevation into New Earth, to the Great Ascension. You all want to serve in positively contributing to raising the vibration of the planet, to raising the consciousness level of the planet.

You can do all of this without ever again entangling with trauma, drama, suffering, or lower-dimensional emotions where you move back into density and struggle. You can transcend it at any moment. Don’t try to figure it out. Don’t try to force it. It only happens through opening and allowing. Open and allow your joy. Open and allow your beauty. Open and allow inspiration and creativity. Open your heart. Open your eyes. Open your arms up wide. Say yes to this day, say yes to your life, say yes to loving your life and loving this world and loving this human experience. That’s all it takes!

You know what’s coming, don’t you? In order to do that you have got to raise your own. That’s the only way. If you want to raise the energy to access New Earth or to access the Great Awakening, you have to raise your own energy. To positively contribute to raising the consciousness level on the planet, you’ve got to raise your own. That is the greatest way you serve. That is the greatest way you contribute. Yes, yes, yes, there will be things that you do, and there will be groups that you serve, and there will be people that you lead, and there will be projects and services and products that you share with the world. But do not forget the most important piece of it all is your consciousness and where your energy is, whether you’re open and allowing your energy and allowing energy to serve you and to serve through you so that you can elevate your consciousness to the highest

No badge of honour. No specific achievement. No passing any test. No waiting for someone to anoint you and tell you "you have permission now". But if you need it, you have permission now, but it’s the permission you give yourself. It’s permission to the Self, capital 'S' Self. It’s you giving permission to the Self, the part of you that is consciousness, the part of you that is energy, the part of you that has never forgotten who you really are and knew how perfect you were and how perfect this experience was even when you had forgotten. It’s coming home to you, giving permission to the Self, opening and allowing you and all that you are and all of your power and all that is here for you. Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020


We understand it’s a practice. It is simple, almost so simple your human brain wants it to be more difficult. And because it’s not more difficult, you just go back and do the difficult stuff. It takes a lot of work to hold yourself in density. It takes a lot of work to be in suffering and pain and struggle. It really does. That’s what creates work. It takes a lot of work.

"You have free will to think anything you choose"

It doesn’t have to be that hard, but you’re given this magnificent ability to think and perceive and to conceptualize and to analyze and to memorize. You have free will to think anything you choose. Which means when you’re so free to choose any thought and you think really terrible, awful thoughts about yourself or others or about your world or you think hopeless thoughts or mean thoughts even about yourself, you’re free to choose. That’s how free you are. If you think of animals, for example, most all of you would say that in the presence of an animal you feel their pure Source Energy. You feel their innocence, you feel this love, you feel this sentient being that’s so divine, and you marvel in the animals so much because they are closer to pure Source Energy, because they’re most all of the time completely and totally open and allowing because they’re not limiting energy through their thinking by dragging themselves into lower dimensions of consciousness. Now, we would agree that some animals that go through certain experiences or traumatic experiences also take on limitation. We’re not going to say you transmute heavy, dense, negative emotions and thinking onto animals. However, they are very domesticated for most of you, living in your space, and continuously exposed to your consciousness, and they begin to be more susceptible to what’s going on in your field of consciousness. The greatest thing that you could do for your animals is to open and allow your own energy, to expand your own consciousness, to be in a state of peace and joy and love and freedom and openness, and less in your thinking mind. All of you, if you did, would notice that communication with the animals is becoming easier than ever before. Those of you who even thought you didn’t have ability to communicate with animals will start noticing that you do. This is oneness. This is an expansion of your consciousness, of what’s possible. This is also beginning to elevate your experience beyond a lot of the limitation. Communicating in verbal, spoken words is actually a bit of a limitation


Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

that you experience in density because of how your human minds process information. The animals are always communicating to you, just like all of those in non-physical are always with you and always available to you and always communicating with you. But they’re at such a rate of vibration that your physical senses don’t really pick up the lightness or the subtleness or the high frequency of their communication or their presence. The next level down from that would be nature, and the next level down from that would be animals. Then the next level down from that is human communication. So let’s talk about nature. As you start tuning into being able to communicate through your consciousness and your vibration with animals, you begin to open yourself up to nature and the natural world around you and the wisdom in it, the knowledge that exists there, the intelligence that exists there, and the communication that’s always available to you, and you can start co-creating, collaborating, connecting to nature and all that is here for you on such a deeper level. The trees are part of systems. The trees are part of intelligence. They’re part of ancient wisdom. The land, the fields, the grass, the mountains, the oceans, they all carry wisdom, they all carry knowledge, they all carry consciousness. You can start harmonizing with all of that. There is also a whole unseen-by-the-human-eye world of intelligence that exists all around you all the time. That’s sort of what you call divine orchestration or even magic, magical things. That’s why you tend to associate things like unicorns and fairies and elementals as this sort of magical source and the magical world, the fantasy world, the fairytale world. Don’t you all want the fairytale world? That doesn’t mean you’re not grounded and conscious and present in the moment. It actually means precisely that. When you’re grounded and present and conscious in the moment and open and allowing, you expand your life and all sorts of worlds start opening up to you and presenting themselves to you and becoming a resource to you, an opportunity for you to expand what you ever thought was possible from a human perspective. You think you love life now? Just wait. Just wait until you really start allowing magical and miraculous things to present themselves to you. Oh. This is it. This is why you’re here. This is what you’ve been preparing for. This is why you have come to the place of remembering.

You are creating the New Earth. You are creating Heaven on Earth. Although we will say, and your human mind won’t quite understand what we mean by this, you already created it. You just stepped into physical form to experience it because it’s the best thing ever. Of course in a 'New Earth' or 'Heaven on Earth' there’s more. There’s more than just what was in the lower dimensions of consciousness within the human experience. There’s more. And it’s not about doing tricks. It’s not about an illusion. It’s not about a level of magic and mastery where you perform tricks or you use your supernatural talents to entertain others or to fix others or to change others or to do what you think needs to be done. No, it’s not any of that. It’s opening and allowing and living at a level of mastery where you have absolutely redefined what’s possible. Through you living your fullest potential and expanding what is possible, you seed human consciousness and the human experience with these greater potentials and possibilities, all from a place of being fully grounded, fully present, fully conscious, in the now moment, in the human experience, but expanding it with your consciousness, your awareness, and your energy. It’s not about doing the impossible, because doing the impossible takes a lot of force. It’s not about any of that. It’s about re-imagining what’s possible, redefining what’s possible, reprogramming yourself about what you know, rather than what you believe, what you know is possible. Are you starting to get excited about your life? Are you starting to get really excited about where this is all going? Indeed. All that’s left to do is open up and allow and love yourself and love your life and be here now, conscious and present in every moment. But allow your awareness to open up to more. To more. That is how you serve in the Great Awakening. That is how you positively contribute to expanding human consciousness. That is how you elevate the vibration on the planet, through you. Through you. We’ll just take one more opportunity to help you really shift and understand this conversation around consciousness. Everything on the planet that you deem as 'wrong' and 'bad' is merely a matter of consciousness. Some of you still think consciousness is about what sort of food you choose to eat or you don’t choose to eat. Some of you think consciousness is still about a particular political party that’s more conscious than the other—about what? Some of you believe that consciousness is still very much about how to manifest more stuff. Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020


"Allow your consci It’s all of that, yes. However, that’s not really what we’re talking about. There are multiple different levels of consciousness. We’re just guiding you to open up to the highest level of consciousness possible in the human experience, the grandest perspective, so that you have the highest viewpoint of the human experience, and in that you will serve in the greatest possible ways and contribute in ways that your human brain will never understand. Where there is struggle and suffering, where there are challenges, where there are problems, we don’t want you to think about them that way anymore. We want you to think about them from a viewpoint of consciousness. It’s just where the consciousness is in that place at that time. It’s just where that person’s consciousness is in that place at that time. And that’s why there’s nothing wrong and it’s not bad and it doesn’t need to be fixed. We understand from our viewpoint where your consciousness has been at different points of time. And there’s no judgement from our side ever. You even know when you have been in different states of consciousness at different times and the level of suffering that occurred when you were in lower states of consciousness, and the choices you made from there, and the trauma and the drama that was created from the lack of consciousness, and the suffering that was created from that lack of consciousness. It wasn’t you being bad or doing something wrong that you are somehow going to get punished for or create negative karma about. 94

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020

No. It was just your state of consciousness at that time. Part of the free-will experience is your ability at any time to determine how much energy you’re opening and allowing, which determines the level of consciousness you’re in. You have the free will to choose the thoughts you’re thinking, and you have the free will to create the beliefs you want to create, and you have the free will to create your reality. You have it all. Your political parties are just in different states of consciousness. Your government altogether is in a state of consciousness. Where there’s starvation in the world, where there’s poverty, it’s a state of consciousness. Where there is incarceration and victims and powerlessness, it’s just a state of consciousness. We know it seems like a really big deal, but it’s just a different state of consciousness. It’s not the truth of who you are. You are energy, and you are consciousness. There really isn’t anything more important than you staying open and allowing energy to serve you and to serve through you. But we don’t want to talk to you about letting energy serve through you quite yet, because you start to get into expectation, specificness, you looking around, judging what’s not right and needs to be fixed, and who needs to be healed, and then you start flowing energy to them, and that’s not what we’re talking about. We want you to really master allowing energy from a state of innocence

iousness to expand" and being fully impeccable, which is just open and allow and receive and stay conscious and present. Feel it, be present to the energy. Innocence means you’re free. Innocence means you’re light-hearted. All is well, you’re joyful, you’re uplifted, there’s that twinkle in your eye, there’s that radiance about you. That’s innocence. Anytime you need to open up to your innocence, shift your gaze up to the sky, look up towards the sun or the beautiful clouds in the sky or the moon or the stars and smile. There’s this whole big universe and then there’s you, and you’re the center of the universe, and the whole universe is here for you. If that does not shift you into a state of innocence, what will? When you’re standing in nature and looking at the mountains and the trees and the birds, and you’re standing there seeing magnificence and the beauty and all the perfection in it all and you know it’s an extension of you and it’s all here for you, that’s innocence.

viewpoint, which from your state of innocence you know you can align to. But you don’t have it from your human thinking mind. Your human thinking mind can’t figure out the bigger picture, can’t figure out the highest perspective, is never going to figure out what’s going on. As you expand your consciousness and awareness, you’ll feel into it and you’ll know, but it’s not because your human mind figured it out. It’s not because your human mind achieved a state of enlightenment. That’s not it at all. Open and allow energy. Fully receive. Allow energy to serve you. Stay in a state of innocence. Stay in a state of impeccableness. Allow your consciousness to expand. Allow your awareness to expand. Be here, be present now, feel all of your power like never before, and love yourself, love this moment, love your life, love this world, love this human experience. Oh, and then watch what it’s like to live the most magical and miraculous and extraordinary life you could ever possibly imagine. And so it is. And so it is.

Innocence is oneness. Innocence is pure love. Innocence is allowing your pure light to shine through you.

We love you so much. We love you so much. And we know there is intensity in our message to you, but it is the most intense love and knowing of the truth of who you are.

Being impeccable means that you do not drag yourself down into lack and limitation and separation and create a gap in order to create and practice mastery, to stay in a state of being impeccable, in alignment or in accordance to the highest, to the highest good, to the highest standards, to the highest perspective, to the highest

Sara Landon (The Wisdom of The Council channeled by Sara Landon during a live MASTERS CLASS call on January 19, 2020 | Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020




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Divinely Inspired Aimee is an intuitive and empathic healer who paints and scribes for Spirit. She is a pure channel through which many people have been able to receive messages from their guides and Divine Spirit. A practicing Pranic and lntuitive Healer for 10 years Aimee is part of a team of healers who travel New Zealand and Australia holding channeling and healing events. Aimee has a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning from the University of Canterbury and has worked much of her adult life caring for and teaching children. She lives in New Zealand, a magical piece of Lemuria, with her beloved daughter and their two cats, two bunnies and two hens.


Sears Co Amanda has many roles in life that can be summed up in 4 words: create, connect, learn and experience. She lives a full life of possibilities and has had an adventurous life so far, full of many ups and downs. In her own personal journey she has battled through the darkness of many physical, emotional and spiritual health lessons and has come out the other side a more developed, aware and knowledgeable person. She shares helpful tips based on her own experience and observations of life in the hope to inspire those struggling on their own personal journey – while continuing to grow, evolve and learn herself.


Mind Over Matter Crysal Olds lives in Nelson, NZ with her husband and two home-schooled children. She has a degree in Psychology and Criminology and is trained in several client centred Holistic Modalities. She also facilitates Mindfulness Workshops (general mindfulness and specifically for parents) on a regular basis. Facilitating workshops and offering one-on-one client sessions is part of her life vision to help herself and others overcome challenges within themselves and grow to be the people they have always envisioned. She loves continuing to grow and learn alongside her children, her clients and all those that cross her path 98

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020


Nurturing Naturally Gaylene has a deep love for infants and their family. As a registered nurse within a Special Care Baby Unit, she cares for premature, unwell and well babies. In her health coaching work Gaylene guides those who wish to understand and heal their birth and life experiences, fears, anxieties and health concerns to be who they really want to be. She bridges her medical and nursing knowledge with a deep understanding and respect for the mind, body, brain, social and spiritual connection necessary for health and vitality. Her vision is to provide safe, nurturing, health coaching that conveys love, hope and trust.



A Nourishing Notion Hannah is a mother, wife, registered nurse and a whole food plant based-lifestyle (WFPB) proponent. Originating from Timaru, she moved to Nelson in 2007 to do her nursing degree. She works part-time at the Wakefield Health Centre and recently completed a certificate in plant-based nutrition. She proudly belongs to a group of Nelson health professionals who promote WFPB; aiming to achieve positive health outcomes, and sustainability in the community. Passionate about cooking and creating recipes, she enjoys inspiring and supporting others through her new business 'A Nourishing Notion' and via her social media.


Prowalk Tours Isaac is the guy behind the camera in the walking tour videos on the Prowalk Tours YouTube channel. For the last 6 years he has been living in Naples, Italy with his wife and kids, working as a high school math teach. Isaac started his YouTube channel in early 2017 after his uncle requested a video of Naples to watch while he walked on his treadmill. He now has close to 200,000 subscribers with an average of 76,000 views per day! What began as a channel for treadmill walks has turned into a travel channel where viewers can get the most authentic travel experience possible right from the comfort of their own home.

JOHN DU FOUR John Du Four really enjoys being creative. He has made art in everything from acrylics to encaustic to batik. He’s fired ceramics and sculpted in papier mache. He’s composed music and written jingles. He’s performed in the Edinburgh and Adelaide Fringes. He’s written and directed short films, one of which was an international finalist in New York. He has choreographed dance and written many short stories. A former chef, sound therapist, and creative director in advertising, John is on the board of Arts Council Nelson and is Arts writer for Wild Tomato magazine. He lives in Richmond with Sue.


Kerry Kingston Design Kerry combines stylish interior design with a holistic and intuitive approach to create harmonious and healthy spaces from a soulful living perspective. As a holistic interior designer she looks at a space in its entirety; from the overall design, environment and visual appearance to the feel, flow and energy. Her holistic approach includes timeless décor and practical design while taking into consideration eco living and the energy in the space; utilising a range of holistic methods to enhance these attributes, such as: decluttering, plants, Feng Shui, complementary crystals and essential oils. Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020



Supercharged Food Lee is a holistic nutritionist, yoga and meditation teacher, wholefoods chef and author of the bestselling Supercharged Food series. After changing her diet to improve symptoms of a non-specific autoimmune disease and fibromyalgia she started the Supercharged Food website from a need to share easy, wholesome and simple recipes. Experience has taught her to listen to the cues and signals from your body and that making positive nutritious food choices while having the desire within you to change your life for the better is the first step to optimum health.



Writer As a Storyteller; Lorella shares her inner wisdom and heart stories through written word. As an Intuitive Theta Healer; she holds space for others to release all that is holding them back, enabling them to manifest an abundant life filled with connection, gratitude and meaning. As a Mother to three children, a Wife and Home Educator; Lorella practices unconditional love and compassionate communication. She encourages curiosity, and fosters the discovery of their innate gifts. As a Kaitiaki of Aotearoa, and passionate earth and ocean lover; she inspires others through action, art and unity, to connect to and appreciate Papatuanuku.


A Sweeter Life Masha is an intuit, a guide, and a channel for Spirit. It is her mission to open to angels and her guides and to transmit the information she receives. As someone who has totally transformed her own life, going from living in the dark to living in the light, it’s now her passion to guide others to live in the light. With a fiery passion in her heart Masha hopes to empower, encourage and enlighten others to live a sweeter life. Now retired, Masha loves to write, coach and spend time with family.


Yoga Instructor Michael views yoga as his medicine. He was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder when he was 18 years old. Years of trying out different Western approaches, including surgery, proved to not be a long term solution. When he started practicing yoga his whole well-being became balanced and he learned to thrive! Michael now shares yoga with others to enhance their lives from the mat, to work, to family life and beyond. He has completed his 500hr training with Eoin Finn and the Blissology Yoga School. The reverence of nature and community that embody this style of yoga influences every facet of Michael’s teachings.


Clairvoyant Medium/Trance Channel At age 22, Michelle experienced the most life- changing year of her life and discovered who she truly was and her spiritual and healing abilities. Embracing this aspect of herself and realising she was a blank canvas, Michelle trusted herself and the Universal Source of Creation and started learning about all things spiritual and energetic. She loves the life she has chosen, which is filled with love, learning and pure vibrational energy... and best of all, she gets to use it to help others as a Clairvoyant Medium, Trance Channel, Healer, Teacher and Empowerment Coach. 100

Issue #17 | The Inspired Guide | November 1st 2020


MeadowSweet Herbs & Flowers Minette Tonoli is an Earth Mother and herb enthusiast striving to become more self-sufficient in her acre homestead in North Canterbury. She enjoys sharing her experiences, and the knowledge she gained over more than 15 years’ of growing and using plants for food and medicine. Through everything she does, she aims to excite and inspire others to fully enjoy nature’s gifts, and to learn more about soulful gardening for good food and good health.


Life & Business Coach Sarah Jensen is an award winning, internationally certified Life and Business Coach and host of the award nominated Rock Your Goals podcast. Sarah helps heart led coaches and creative entrepreneurs grow a sustainable, successful and super fun business (without going broke or burning out in the process). She believes in owning your awesome, writing your own rules, and chocolate!


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Hearts and Bones Pilates Celebrating her 25th teaching anniversary in 2020, Tania believes in thinking differently about the way in which to teach Pilates and has been training teachers for the past 18 years as well as teaching professional development workshops internationally. She loves to inspire people and finds it exciting to see them open up, to ask questions and explore movement without fear. Starting her career as a dancer before training to be a Pilates teacher, Tania trained in the UK and USA before establishing Hearts and Bones Pilates in Wellington, New Zealand in 2002; in 2018 she moved to Nelson, NZ with her family.

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