Art & Illustration by Amanda Sears (Pre 2020)

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Art & Illustration PRE 2020 LOOKBOOK

By Amanda Sears

A LOOK BACK AT MY ART & ILLUSTRATION SO FAR... 1999-2019 By Amanda Sears I have always had an interest in art and creativity in general since I can remember, which was encouraged by my parents and the beauty I saw in the world and in my dreams. I drew pictures of dinosaurs and embellished my school books with collages and illustrations from the age of 6. Around that age a friend got me into Sailor Moon and I became inspired by the colour and style of Japanese anime. When I was about 11, I got into fashion design and drew hundreds of outfits and fell in love with the beauty of the feminine form. While most of my works are digitally coloured and finished that way, I do have a studio at home full of paints (acrylic, oil and watercolour), colouring pens and markers (shading, copic, liners, paint pens) and pencils (watercolour, greyscale, colour) - so I do play with a variety of mediums; although mainly due to my impatience with colour blending and the fact that I frequently change my mind and like to play with colour combinations - I generally finish my work digitally which allows more freedom. Over the following pages you will see a range of my artwork over my life from the last 20 or so years (not in any particular order)... I continue to be inspired by mythology, comics, Sailor Moon and Japanese Anime, fashion, vibrant colours, energy and the divine feminine. Some highlights I have had with my art:  Student Artist Winner at the Impressions Art Awards  Winning my artwork on the cover of GSM magazine #4 (a NZ and Australian print magazine in 2014)  Exhibiting Artist in the Nelson Board Art Exhibition  First EVER Solo Exhibition at Art@303  Donated Framed BIG Print to Nelson Hospital Children’s Ward  Various market stalls in Nelson: Day of the Dead Festival, Art on Halifax Stall, Twilight Market, Masquerade Market, Nelson Saturday Market, Great Christmas Market, Suter Christmas Market  Exhibiting Artist at Gizmos Nelson for Art in Windows  BIG Refinery Art Space Solo Art Exhibition  Self-published a Colouring in Book of my Artwork I am so proud of my achievements and want to share some of them with you throughout this ‘lookbook’ - I hope you enjoy. Some works say ‘Amanda Connolly’ these are work done before I got married and changed my last name to Sears - my maiden name is Connolly.


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