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Dunadi As an artist, Dunadi has multidimensional capacities. He is able to work not only individually but also together with many people in high complexity. He is so responsive to situation around him. His personal works bring us into discourses about the psychosocial crisis happening within the human life. As a sculptor, who makes sculptures for monuments, he has reached very high achievements. He is one of world-class sculptors owned by this country. With advanced techniques of realism, he may become the successor of Indonesian eminent sculptors like Edhi Sunarso. His portfolio is of many sheets. Some of the prominent monuments he has made are Arjuna Wijaya Monumental Sculpture that recently set in Boyolali, Central Java. He has also been internationally recognized as shown in his works like the statue of Hands Holding the Globe in Jeddah–Saudi Arabia, statues in Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom Singapore, interior of Central Park in the Netherland, Saraswati statue in Australia, General Soedirman statue in Japan, etc. Besides making statues for monument, by order he also makes decorative elements for park or house. Often he exports his works to Europe.

Curriculum Vitae Name

: Dunadi

Date of birth

: Bantul, 3 Agustus 1960


: Indonesia

Marital status

: Married


: Moslem

Formal Education

: Bachelor of Arts, Sculpture courses, Art Indonesia Institute, Yogyakarta, Year of 1988


: Director and Owner of CV. Satiaji Maninri


: Krapyak Kulon No. 89 RT.05/51 Panggungharjo, Sewon, Bantul, Yogyakarta.


: (0274) 387964 / 0811292622


: (0274) 372839



Earliest Work (1978-2015) Year



Making of Veteran Relief in Bantul, Yogyakarta.


Making of Relief and Sculpture in SMSR Yogyakarta.


Making of Navy Relief in Jakarta.


Making of Diorama in Manggala Museum, Jakarta.


Making of Relief in Menpora Senayan, Jakarta.


Making of Sculpture in Military Museum TMII, Jakarta.


Making of Diorama in Vredeburg Museum, Yogyakarta.


Making of Monument in Muara Enim, Palembang.


Making of Diorama in Yogya Kembali Monument, Yogyakarta.


Making of Bantul Regency Gateway


Making of Interior of Soekarno-Hatta Airport in Cengkareng, West Java


Making of Gesang Monument in Solo., Central Java


Making of Jend. A. Yani Sculpture in Purworejo.


a. Making of General Urip Sumoharjo Sculpture Monument. b. Making of Acupuncture fond. leader Sculpture in Jakarta.


a. Making of Taruna Akmil Sculpture Monument in Magelang. b. Making of Japan Military for Museum. c. Making of National Heroes in Museum Vredeburg, Yogyakarta.


a. Making of Bola Dunia for Arab Saudi. b. Making of Relief “ Wawasan Nusantara and Ketahanan Nasional� in LEMHANAS, Jakarta.


a. Making of Monument Jend. A. Yani and Letjend Urip Sumoharjo in Purworejo, Yogyakarta. b. Making of Diorama in Vredeburg Museum ,Yogyakarta. c. Making of Garden Sculpture in Bukit Mas Regency Semarang.


a. Making of Tiger Sculpt in Serang Regency Gateway, West Java. b. Making of Battle Monument in Nganjuk Regency, East Java. c. Making of Raja Haji Fisabilillah Monument in Tanjung Pinang.


Making of Buddha Sculpture in Wihara, Batam.


Making Sculpture of Interior Hotel Holiday In in Kuta bali.


Making Sculpture of Proyek in Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom Pte. Ltd. Sentosa, Singapore.


a. Making Sculpture of Interior for Proyek in Centerparcs De Eemhof, Belanda. b. Making Sculpture of Komodo Sculpture length 7m in Bintan Resort, Bintan, Riau.


a. Making Sculpture of Orang Utan & Badak Sculpture, t: 4,5m in Bintan Resort, Bintan, Riau. b. Making Sculpture of Eksterior element, Interior for RI in Filipina.


a. Making of Abstract Sculpture for Real Estate in Jakarta. b. Making of Army Students Sculpture in AKMIL, Magelang.


Making of Patin Fish Sculpture for Kab. Rengat, Pekanbaru, Riau.


a. Making Sculpture of Mr. General Hendro Priyono, Jakarta. b. Making Sculpture of 10 PANDAWA for Waterpark, in Solo Baru. c. Making of Jend. (Purn) Gatot Soebroto Sculpture for AKMIL, Magelang, Central Java.


Making of General Sudirman Sculpture in Kusuma Negara Heroes Cemetery, Yogyakarta.


a. Making of Diorama Ancient human in National Museum, Jakarta. b. Making of TEKA Monument in MAUMERE, East Nusa Tenggara. c. Making of Proclamation Manuscript Diorama, Jakarta. d. Making of Jend. Besar A.H. Nasution Scuplture for AKMIL, Magelang. e. Making of Jend. A. H. Nasution Portrait Sculpt(Mabes POLRI). f. Making of Dome Mujahiinn and Sekado Mosque, Pontianak. g. Making of Simpanse and Lumba-Lumba Sculpture in Belanda. h. Making of Kalamakara and Naga Sculpture in National Museum, Jakarta. i. Making of Moh. Hatta and Ahmad Subarjo Sculpture, in Kebangkitan Nasional Museum. j. Making of Garden in Pandawa Waterpark & Landscape, in Solo.


a. Making of kompeni in Kebangkitan Nasional Museum. b. Making of Relief for Library in Riau, Sumatra. c. Making of Ryacudu Sculpt, Golden Kopiah and Siger in Lampung, Sumatra.


a. Making of Adipura in Pangkalan Bun, Kalimantan Tengah. b. Making of Scull Replica for Purbakala Museum, Sangiran, Central Java. c. Making of Zainal Abidin (Pagar Alam), Lampung, Sumatra. d. Making of Piala Adi Bahasa for 3 Provinces, Direct submission by the President RI 2009. d. Making of Saraswati dari Dinas DIY for Indonesian Embassy in Darwin Australia. e. Making of 20 Music Goddess Sculpture for Concert Hall in STEMI, Kemayoran, Jakarta. f. Making of Elephant family sculpture for Hotel Nirwana Garden in Lagoe, Bintan.


a. Making of Diorama for Sanin Museum, Yogyakarta. b. Making of Zainal Abidin Sculpture, Lampung. c. Making of Memanah, Palainan Park Apartement, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara. d. Making of Garden Ornament in Apartemen Solo Paragon. e. Making of Mayor Achmadi sculpture, Surakarta. f. Making of Belitung Horse Sculpture, Belitung Timur. g. Making of Raja Batak Sculpture, maket Andau Toba and Mannequin of Mr. TB. Silalahi, for Batak Museum and TB Silalahi Center, Medan, Sumatera Utara. h. Making of Dome for Polnep Pontianak.


a. Making of Lambang Garuda for Istana Bogor. b. Making of Dome for Polnep Pontianak. c. Making of Tombak Gading, Mangkok and Kopiah, Lampung.


a. Making of Replika Barang-barang Semasa Perjuangan Pangeran Diponegoro beserta patung Prajurit Diponegoro, Museum Benteng Vredeburg, Yogyakarta. b. Making of a set of deers for Hasanah Damai Putera, Jakarta. c. Making of 1 set kuda lari for Wakil Bupati Ponorogo, Ponorogo Jawa Timur. d. Making of Alm. Soekarno-Hatta relics replica for Museum Benteng Vredeburg, Yogyakarta. e. Making of Medan Horse and 2 Figur For Mr. Posman Manihuruk. f. Making of a set of deers for Perum Delta Sari, Sidoarjo. g. Making of Totem for Borneo Paradiso, PT. BKS Cowell Kapi, Balikpapan.


a. Making of Deer and Puma Sculpt for Sinarmasland, Surabaya. b. Making of Santo Petrus Sculpt, Batam. c. Making of Gunungan JNE, Jakarta. d. Making of Topeng Sculpt, Lampung. e. Making of Karakter Sculpt for Waterpark, Tangerang. f. Making of Basoeki Abdullah Sculpture for Museum Basoeki Abdullah. g. Making of Orang Utan Sculpture for Orang Utan conservation, Kalimantan Timur.


a. Filling Replicas on Museum Sandi, Yogyakarta. b. Making of Icon “Marlin Fish” Sculpture for Hasanah Damai Putra, Bekasi. c. Making of Mascot Lampung province. d. Making of Portrait 3 Big Teacher for Wijaya Kusuma University, Surabaya. e. Making of Raden Saleh Portrait Sculpture, Ragunan.


a. Making of “Elang Sculpture” for Mr. Eddy Sugianto House, Marina Royal Coast Jakarta b. Making of Soekarno Sculpture and Relief Soekarno for Palangkaraya c. Making of General Besar Soedirman Sculpt for Boyolali, Jawa Tengah d. Making of Ahmad Yani Sculpt for Boyolali, Jawa Tengah e. Making of Sapi Ndekem Sculpt for Boyolali, Jawa Tengah f. Making of Arjuna Wijaya Sculpt for Boyolali, Jawa Tengah

Selected Award Achievements from 1973-2015 Date


22 Juli 1991

Gesang Foundation, Japan


Joined Design Exhibition in Los Angeles, Amerika.

20 Agustus 2009

Award for Sarasvati Sculpture from Charles Darwin University, Australia.

18 Agustus 2010

Indonesia National Record Museum for ‘Kuda Batik’ karya Dunadi.

Periode tahun 2015

Finalist International Artist Grand Price Competition, “Art Revolution Taipei” Exhibition, Taiwan.

Earliest Exhibition (2010-2015) Year



Solo Exhibition “SINGING ON THE DARKNESS”, Jogja Galery, Yogyakarta


“MAXIMUM CITY: SURVIVE OR ESCAPE?” Exhibition, Jakarta Biennale. Jakarta.


“DHARMA (BOROBUDUR INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL)” exhibition, Borobudur, Yogyakarta.


ORIENTASI 20 + "JOGJA LIVING ARTISTS" exhibition by Talenta Organizer, Jakarta.


“ISI isi Art Group Exhibition 2014” Gallery Kemang 58 by Talenta Organizer, Jakarta.


“OUTDOOR SCULPTURE EXHIBITION 2014”, Malioboro, Yogyakarta


“ART REVOLUTION TAIPEI” international exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan




API “Jogja Street Sculpture Project”, Yogyakarta updated Desember 2015

Profile for Studio Satiaji

Dunadi's profile (Indonesian Sculptor Artist)  

As an sculptor artist, Dunadi has multidimensional capacities. He is able to work not only individually but also together with many people i...

Dunadi's profile (Indonesian Sculptor Artist)  

As an sculptor artist, Dunadi has multidimensional capacities. He is able to work not only individually but also together with many people i...