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†RIP † Strong leadership, creative, motivated, committed teaching team

†RIP † The DGC is the most genuinely diverse place I've ever worked.

†RIP † DGc An open interdisciplinary scope was something that really stood out for me from the first year of our DGC programme right through to our degree show at D&AD New Blood. As well as having the opportunity to work and interact with students and practicing industry professionals with such a broad range of interests and skills. This is something that truly challenges you to build that confidence and focus on finding who you are as a designer, not giving you a path to follow but rather encouraging you to make one and find your way. Being able to think laterally, challenging concepts and ideas, being lost in experimentation, taking something from a journey, drawing inspiration from whatever is around, and the big part having some serious fun on the way, are just some of the things that are still just as relevant to what I do right now as they were in my time as a student.

Vladimir Valente—Class of 2007

† RIP † DGc The DGC course changed my life. I had very little knowledge of design when I first started, all I knew was that I liked to make collages of things I found and sometimes write something around them with ink. The course took me through a journey of experimentation and discovery. It enabled me to explore creativity in a way I never new of. Those 3 years were the most exciting years I've had until then, and now the only thing that tops that excitement is when I see things I've done being professionally produced, people buying them and most importantly when receiving feedback about my work. The thing I loved the most about the DGC course was the approach of doing things for a purpose, being directed towards a final outcome. Being real, being practical and thinking about viability. This approach enabled me to find numerous internships that followed up with 2 fantastic job opportunities: first with Richard Hollis, now with Irving & Co. Thank you DGC team.

Ana Rachel Estrougo—Class of 2010

† RIP † Trick question: they wouldn't be in the crowd

† RIP †

She carED

Design for Graphic Comunication  

Degree Show 2013 (digital version)

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