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steve burke design implementation and fabrication core team

Inspired by the notion that your projects external identity, should be a reflection of the care and creativity that goes into it internally, Steven established Visual Impact Studios to realize his vision of creating masterful works of art to represent people’s dreams and visions. Steven

For the past 24 years, he has been designing and implementing identity, by creating unique focal points to attract attention and communicate information. With the focus on great design and master craftsmanship the quality of the work is the secret to standing out in a very large crowd. 24 With extensive experience in the hospitality, residential, thematic, and commercial arenas both domestically and internationally, Steve is proud to have been a part of making environments and brands resonate with a unique flair. “Environmental Graphic Design is much more than signs... It’s how we steer people’s initial perception of who we are and what we are about. It is equally about functionality. It is how we evoke emotion before they arrive, and how we guide them once they are there.” Steve

Steve’s most cherished endeavours are the promotion of the arts and cultural venues that drive urban spaces and make them come alive. Steve

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