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20 We talk to new Blue Bomber CEO Garth Buchko and his game plan for the football team and new stadium.



6 City Essentials

Smartphone wars: new innovations in mobile devices compete for consumers.

25 Men’s Fashion 8 Toys For Big Boys

Fun with radio-controlled planes, boats and automobiles.

10 Health

Running barefoot? A look at the trends in minimalist shoes.

20 Looking Good

Top 10 grooming tips for men.

21 Auto Focus

We review three cars revved up for the season: Porche 911 Carrera, Mercedes CLS 63 AMG, and Audi A6.

Clothes call: Lighter suits, casual yet classy jackets, and bold shirts bring in the spring.

30 What is in your locker?

Winnipeg Goldeye Amos Ramon keeps his locker neat, and ready to play ball.

31 Men About Town

The latest events and info on Winnipeg Men Magazine and our advertisers.

32 The Last Word

with Tom McGouran and Joe Aiello.

ON THE COVER: Photography by Ian McCausland

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Š 2012 Porsche Cars Canada, Ltd. Porsche recommends seatbelt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times. Optional equipment shown is extra.

For more information visit

Nothing has changed. Except everything. The new 911 has arrived. Redefining the standard, as it always has. More than 90% of its parts are completely new or significantly re-engineered. But behind it all, the same race-bred passion that has defined every 911. Reduced weight, lower fuel consumption and increased horsepower with improved stability and driver comfort. Porsche. There is no substitute.

The new 911.

Auto Haus Porsche 660 Pembina Highway Winnipeg, Manitoba Phone: 204 284-7520

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06/02/12 8:46 AM


Winnipeg Spring 2012

The guide for living local


Photo by Ian McCausland

Spring 2012: Volume 8, Issue 1


e live in a world of constant change. Changing seasons, changing opinions, changing technologies, changing jobs. Our cover story is the epitome of changes. After 18 years of being the driving force behind the Corus radio network here in the city and being a true leader in our community with the work he has done for charitable organizations, Garth Buchko is now the man in charge of our beloved Blue Bombers. As changes go, I cannot really think of a bigger one for a person, but I truly believe they have chosen the right person for the job. I do not envy the pressure on him to help put a winning team on the field and open a new stadium as the first things on his checklist, but I am confident that Garth will demonstrate his management skills in getting it done.

Editor Barbara Edie Designer Designtype CONTRIBUTORS Joe Aiello, Darryl Crumb, Tom McGouran, Erick Oland, Kelly Parker, Susie Parker, Damone Roberts, Amanda Thomas, Steve Salnikowski (chronic creative) Published by


We also have made some changes. We recently partnered with another publishing company here in Winnipeg to help us grow Winnipeg Women/Men magazine. We have always believed that we publish the greatest city magazine and we have wanted to expand more online, do more events and generally continue to tell the stories of amazing people and places on a larger scale. Like anything, this takes time, money and focus. Doing this with a partner such as MediaEdge Publishing will really let us go to another level that you as loyal readers will see over the coming months. This partnership does not mean that I am going anywhere as Publisher. I consider myself to be very lucky to be part of such a great magazine and will be at the helm to see it grow to the next level. I think that we all realize that our city is really on the map like never before. Truly, a lot of the credit goes to the PR we have gotten since the return of the Jets, but overall, things are really moving along. It was really this that got me thinking that we needed to step up to another level with Winnipeg magazine. This partnership helps us do that, simply because it is easier to row a boat with two sets of oars than one. I am lucky that we found such a great partner to work with. You will quickly see the impact of this in the coming months. Look for us everywhere, because we will be there. Have a great Spring. See you in the Summer (when you can start the emails and calls about getting in on Pursuit 2012- Our driving event that will be bigger and better than ever!)


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e are pleased to announce that MediaEdge Publishing and the Studio Group, publishers of Winnipeg Women/ Men and Marketplace magazines, have formed a new partnership. Robert Thompson along with partner Kevin Brown own MediaEdge Publishing. MediaEdge offers a complete range of publishing, online and communication services for associations and professional organizations across North America. This new partnership sets the direction for future publications and will enhance the print, online and digital editions. In addition, MediaEdge will be the official representative of the largest and only digital outdoor media network in the Winnipeg market. This combination of print, online, digital publications and digital outdoor means MediaEdge will now offer the most comprehensive advertising and marketing platform in the market.

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20k Walk

Saturday, June 9, 2012 ...because you can!

REGISTER NOW! 927-LIFE (5433) | All funds raised stay in Manitoba.


city essentials



New mobile devices compete for consumers by Susie Parker


ore than 33 per cent of Canadians use their smartphones for business as much as they do for fun, recent data shows, and this number is expected to climb. These mobile devices trace their roots back to the personal digital assistant or PDA, used as businessperson’s right hand to track important client information, project status and task lists. Today’s smartphones are not made for just

6 | SPRING 2012

talking; they provide instant access to the internet, third-party applications (or apps), music and streaming video. Whether you’re looking for breaking news, tracking your stocks online, or researching your next vacation, chances are you can do it all from your smartphone. Most smartphones allow users to sync with desktop or laptop computers, and sync across a variety of devices such as an iPad or Playbook. This is even simpler now with things like Apple’s iCloud or Microsoft’s Sky Drive. This means users can store, view, and work on documents directly on their smartphone, and any changes will be uploaded and stored to the cloud. In addition to receiving and responding to

emails in user’s inbox or home computer, everything gets backed-up nightly within the virtual storage area – a real benefit for users on-the-go with multiple devices. Apps are the ringtones of this digital age – you didn’t know how much you needed it until you’ve tried it and now you’re hooked! Apps range from free to a few dollars and are geared toward hardworking business tasks as much as they are to visually stunning games and everything in between. With thousands of apps available to download, in a range of prices, users are sure to find something that will appeal to a wide array of tastes and interests. Apple’s iPhone OS is heavily geared toward

Whether you’re looking for breaking news, tracking your stocks online, or researching your next vacation, chances are you can do it all from your smartphone. multimedia users. According to Joseph Smith of Planet Mobility, “For those who want to do many things simultaneously, and heavy users of music and video, the iPhone is great because its operating system (iOS) integrates the needs of the user well. Its interface is very user-friendly.” The Apple OS plays well with other Apple devices. The iPhone caters to users who want an easy, pick-up-and-go solution. Of course, for tech-heads in this space, this may be seen as a drawback because there is no real customization available over how the phone looks and works out-of-the-box. Mac lovers know their devices have the reputation of being reliable and are not as vulnerable to lock-ups and crashes. This may be attributed to the fact when Apple updates the Mac OS X operating system it also knows what hardware configuration it is going to run on because it controls the hardware as well. Google’s Android phone offers personalization and unique customizations out of the box. Ron Gilbuena of Teleco Supply C. Ltd. in Winnipeg says, “Going Android is the closest thing to having a handheld computer. There are no limitations on the types of files one can view. For example, I can stream an NHL game directly off a website, unlike an iPhone.” The Android OS currently runs on a wide range of devices and is expected to grow. Key Android OS phone partners include Samsung, HTC and Motorola (which was recently acquired by Google). Says Smith, “The beauty of the Android OS lies in the fact that any phone manufacturer can choose to license the technology from Google and create an Android smartphone for the marketplace. It’s pretty cool.” The Android app market is gaining ground

on Apple (380,000+ versus 500,000+). For users that like more freedom in what applications they run on their smartphone, Android’s ability to install applications not downloaded via the Android Market is great. This is a distinct advantage over the iPhone where iOS users end up locked into the App Store. Adds Teleco’s Gilbuena, “Android means freedom. There is no syncing to iTunes or waiting to sync with your computer. All the action happens on the actual phone.” Another huge benefit of choosing Android is its Open Source format. This means any user may create and upload technology or apps for the phone for themselves and share with others through the Android App Store. Want to create an app that adds songs to your calendar? You can create that and even share it. Tech-heads love this freedom and innovation. With Google’s recent acquisition of Motorola, it has staked out its place as a serious contender for a large chunk of the smartphone market likely taking market share from competitors. Research In Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry OS has been in the game the longest. BlackBerry gained notoriety for their easy messaging system and for the ability to integrate seamlessly with most corporate email systems. Its BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) continues to be attractive to many corporations but RIM continues to lose mainstream market share to iPhone and emerging Android phones. One of the major benefits to choosing the BlackBerry operating system is its stability. With the exception of the recent outage gaffe late last year, considering their dominance in the telecomm space over the past 20 years the BlackBerry servers have been amazingly reliable. With BES, BlackBerry

users are always connected to their emails. As Smith states, “All information flows through RIM servers first, meaning images and information can be compressed before reaching the end-user saving valuable bytes of usage and allowing more information to come through in a more user-friendly format.” Of course, BlackBerry’s proprietary messaging (BBM) system has been a huge benefit for users as well. The Personal Identification Number (PIN) feature is a device-to-device means of SMS that helped create an exclusive culture among BlackBerry users. Although RIM finds itself struggling right now to remain competitive, its tablet market has helped buoy revenues and the PlayBook continues to gain market share amongst tablet users. Increasing the number of apps available to users would put it on par with the iPad and help maintain its market position while RIM reconfigures its smartphone future. Gilbuena says, “I’m excited to see what’s coming next from RIM. This next quarter will see RIM pushing the envelope.” The newest competitor in the smartphone space is Microsoft’s Windows phone. Originally released as Version 7, they are now into Version 7.5. Carmi Levy, a leading independent technology analyst who reviewed the Windows Phone version 7, calls Microsoft’s foray into the smartphone space “very impressive.” He adds, “In fact, if interface were the only criteria used to measure satisfaction, Windows Phone would be at the top. It defines slick.” Levy believes Microsoft has created its OS with a simple goal: to take fewer steps to make the phone work for the user. Says Levy, “The Windows phone allows users to get things done quickly and get back to life.” Although it is a relatively new OS, Levy asserts, “Microsoft’s recently announced partnership with Nokia serves to demonstrate they’ve taken heed of the mobile message and are very serious about being a major player in the smartphone space.” It is believed that the slick features and interface will not only make their way into Microsoft’s smartphone offerings but will be integrated into future Windows OS for personal computers and tablets. With the Windows 8 phone set to debut later this year, RIM coming out with new products, and Apple’s iPad 3 just out, one thing is for sure – consumers will benefit from the smartphone wars with more choice and quicker innovation as the major players keep trying to out do one another as they vie for wallet share and consumer approval. m

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city essentials


TOYS BIG BOYS Fun with radio-controlled planes, boats and cars by Kelly Parker



on’t call them toys.

The mind-boggling array of radio-controlled units in the 12,000-sq. ft. showroom of Eliminator RC at 120 Higgins Ave. includes cars, trucks, boats, helicopters – anything motorized – when you get down to it. See someone who really knows how to handle one of these, and you’ll understand what Laurrie Gobeil, whose husband Mike owns the family business, means when she says, “It’s not a toy that you are playing with, it’s scaled down reality.” If you do get the bug, this is going to be your mecca, and these units might just be your way into the hobby. 8 | SPRING 2012

“The Super Cub” (HBZ7400 Super Cub DSM RTF) is extremely popular, and comes with everything: the controller, the charger, the flight battery (which is electric) and an instructional DVD. The Super Cub is designed to be easy to fly. It has a four-foot wingspan, and is glider-like but still small enough to be considered a ‘park flyer.’ Those run just over $200. Once you’ve got the unit, you’ll be looking at buying extra flight batteries, and replacement parts if you happen to crash it. There are also skis and floats available as an option.

BOATS As with many of the units, you’ll be choosing between electric, nitro and gasoline. One of the favourite boats is just over four feet long, 1/8 scale, and has a gas-powered twocycle, two-stroke motor that runs for 45 minutes on a tank of gas; it does over 56 km/h. It’s a little more high-end at just over $799.99 (Aquacraft Rio 51 RC RTR Gas Vee). There are certainly boats that are less expensive (starting at about $80).

TRUCKS CARS Most will go in the 80 to 100 km/h range, but there’s a new car just released that does 161 km/h – stupid fast. The Traxxas XO-1 is an all-wheel-drive electric car billed as “the world’s fastest ready-to-race radiocontrolled supercar;” the 1/7 [68.6 cm long] scale model claims to go from 0 to 161 km/h in 4.9 seconds. It’s priced at $1049. However, that side of things is limited to more than just your pocket book. You must purchase an app and log in to a site in order to access the 161km/h capability for liability reasons; otherwise, the top speed is 80.5 kmh.

You’ll have to decide whether you want a slow-speed unit like a rock crawler, or whether you want speed. LosiTM has just come out with a large, 1/5 scale 4WD gas-powered truck with a higher price point (Losi 5IVE-T™ 4WD Off-Road Racing Truck with a price of $1599). The units that provide a little speed tend to be slightly more popular than the rockcrawling models because speed tends to provide more of a rush, and this hobby is adrenaline-based. You can go crazy, and you’re only looking at parts if you happen to break something. m




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Please drink responsibly - Moderation tastes so much better

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®†™† Trademarks of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under license by LoyaltyOne, Inc. and The Manitoba Liquor Control Commission

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running barefoot? Tracking the trend in minimalist shoes By Erick Oland


irstly, for the purposes of this article, barefoot running doesn’t necessarily mean running in bare feet. It does, however, mean running with a shoe that ‘mimics’ the barefoot experience in that it doesn’t interfere with the pattern the foot and ankle would normally take during the gait cycle. Another term for this type of running shoe is ‘minimalist’, a category that is the fastest growing in the running industry today. It’s also the most misunderstood area and topic of many heated debates among foot specialists, doctors and runners. In this day and age where we can choose from the coolest of shoes and the best technology, why would anyone want to run in minimalist shoes? I think the mass awareness to this type of shoe started about four years ago when a book by Christopher McDougal hit the market. The book is called “Born To Run” and I highly recommend it. The book has inspired many people to ask the question “Why do my feet hurt?“ and to try out the latest in running technology, which is… less technology. As a running store owner, I am a big fan of running shoes. We have more than 200 models of shoes in our store and carry so many models because different shoes work for different feet. Some people need big heavy motion control shoes; not everyone can run in minimalist shoes. If someone comes into our store and asks about minimalist footwear, we always ask questions first. We ask them about their running history, their

shoe history, and if they are currently using a custom orthotic device. Basically, the longer the person has been wearing corrective devices like stability shoes or orthotics, the less likely we will recommend a minimalist shoe. That is however, unless the person is using the minimalist shoe as a tool to help strengthen his or her feet and ankles, which is a concept I endorse. The problem arises when people get impatient and try to do too much too soon, and they get injured. The differences between a traditional running shoe and a minimalist shoe are also often misunderstood. The two main differences are heel ramp and support. Heel ramp: Traditionally running shoes are manufactured with a 12-mm heel ramp. This means that the heel is 12 mm higher than the toe. This varies slightly when it comes to racing flats but generally all training shoes are built this way. Minimalist shoes are built with a lower heel ramp. Some are at 6 mm, some at 4 mm and some even at 0 mm. Running coaches all agree the mid-foot striking is far more efficient than heel striking and have been trying to assist people in running this way. It’s quite a challenge if your shoe has a big thick heel under you. Minimalist shoes will aid in the attempt to mid-foot strike simply because the heel ramp is lower. Support: The lack of support, stability, guidance and, in some cases, cushioning are other big differences with the minimalist shoe. The object of this kind of shoe is not to

interfere with the natural motion of the foot and ankle. This is a complete 180-degree turn in thinking compared to traditional running shoes, which are built to guide the foot from heel strike through to toe off while limiting over-pronation. Considering these two differences, you can imagine the care and attention one must take when trying to transition into these minimalist shoes, especially if the person has been wearing stability shoes with orthotic devices for 15 years! The muscles and connective tissues in the feet and ankles will take months and months to strengthen but it can be worth it if you are smart about it. I personally have been working with minimalist shoes for two years and I can say with confidence that my feet are stronger and less fragile than they ever have been. They have helped me learn to run more efficiently and my foot problems have been all but eliminated! Now, I am not dependent on any one shoe. I feel that I can run in anything as long as it fits well. When my favorite shoe changes from year to year, and it will because they always do, it won’t matter because my feet will just adapt to whatever I throw on them. For this reason alone, I am a big fan of minimalist shoes. Don’t be afraid to use them as tools to strengthen your feet and ankles. Just be sure to follow the advice of your physiotherapist, podiatrist or foot specialist and be patient. m Erick Oland and his wife Cheryll own City Park Runners. 2091 Portage Ave, 837-9242.

Here are some examples of popular minimalist shoes. Vibram Fivefingers Bikila

New Balance MT-10 Minimus

10 | SPRING 2012

Brooks Pure Flow

Innov-8 XF 210

Saucony Kinvarra 2

IMAGINE... a 20, 000 square foot world-class training center, staffed by the best trainers and coaches that Canada has to offer.

IMAGINE... taking your game to the next level. NOW... Don’t just imagine it. Let our Team of Performance Professionals coach, refine and develop the skills YOU need for the game YOU play. THIS IS YOUR MOMENT...

you are meant to be HERE.

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Get ready for FUN IN THE SUN anytime of year Guertin Equipment is proud to be Manitoba’s new and pre-owned equipment experts. We have a large showroom featuring many products. Give us a call or stop by to see more about what we do! 2012 Cypress Cay Sea Breeze 210 Lifestyle 21-ft pontoon boat with lounger, sun canopy, change room & storage cover. 50 HP Mercury 4-stroke engine. Starting at $19,999.00

35 Melnick Road 255-0260 Toll Free: 800-619-0614 Visit us at

get outdoors

Luxury in the Wild

on a Private Island Paradise 2 Hours from Winnipeg, newly-built Grace Anne II Lodge offers an ultimate outdoor experience.


heltered by evergreens and the Precambrian shield, the 40 acre, groupsonly, luxury all-inclusive Grace Anne II Lodge awaits guests on a five milelong island just across the Manitoba/ Ontario border in beautiful Lake of the Woods, Canada. With no other private land on the entire island, isolation is guaranteed. The Grace Anne II Lodge offers a unique blend of elegant, impeccable service and modern conveniences that put this wilderness retreat in a class of its own. Nowhere else on Lake of the Woods has

12 | SPRING 2012

this level of impeccable service standards – save for its uniquely luxurious wilderness sister-venue, the stunning 81 year-old, 85 foot mahogany Grace Anne II Yacht. From the moment guests sail up to this 6000 square-foot lodge with 2500 square feet of sun-drenched deck space, they are surrounded by one of the most unique luxury in the wild experiences. When met by the professional staff, guests are immediately made to feel like they’re in the hands of a good friend. Highly-trained staff provide a level of service and

satisfaction that is simply unmatched. From stewards to fishing and hunting guides to a French chef, guests are in good hands with butler-like service and impeccable cuisine featuring local and international dishes and beverages. The dedicated staff’s primary goal is to provide the most elite, highly personalized, luxurious service available anywhere, all in the isolated wilderness of Canada. This above and beyond factor never sees an obstacle in the act of providing the guest with exceptional service. Amenities abound both inside and outside this lodge on an island paradise. Visiting Lake of the Woods is mainly about enjoying the splendours of the outdoors and this lodge offers choices in abundance. As a luxury all-inclusive property, guests can enjoy fishing and hunting, clay mortar shooting on a range with several stations, or a waterfront golf driving range, among many other activities – all with professional guides and equipment included.

The Grace Anne II Lodge offers a unique blend of elegant, impeccable service and modern conveniences that put this wilderness retreat in a class of its own.

For those looking to just relax, it’s easy to do so on one of the many expansive decks surrounding the property or in the waterfront cedar sauna and shower. If guests prefer to stay indoors, they can relax and enjoy a handselected pick of lake-life books in the library complete with intimate stone fireplace. They never have to miss their favourite show or movie with satellite TV streaming to LCD televisions in every guest suite and in the cavernous Grand Living Room – complete with pool and poker tables and large stone fireplace. After a long day of activities, relaxing, and enjoying the masterful cuisine of Chef Nicky, guests retire to their private suites, each with lake views and breezes on their individual balconies and private en suites with hot showers. Visiting the Grace Anne II Lodge is guaranteed to be the most relaxing and breathtaking wilderness retreat you have ever taken – not to mention the most deliciously filling! m

For more information on making your luxury wilderness adventure dreams come true, visit and contact Bonnie Hudacek, Guest Relations Manager, Grace Anne II Yacht & Lodge, at 1-800-987-3857 or

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Give in. Now. St. James Audi 670 Century St. 788-1100

Why curb your obsession, when you can get into a Audi S4. Enjoy the unmatched traction of quattro® permanent all-wheel drive, a powerfully efficient 2.0 TFSI® engine and Bluetooth® connectivity. Now, with your first month’s payment free and $0 security deposit*, it’s easier than ever to give in. Let the Audi S4 own you, today. *offer ends April 30, 2012

14 | SPRING 2012

Bomber CEO ready to play big FROM THE AIR WAVES TO THE PLAYING FIELD By Kelly Parker Photos by Ian McCausland

SPRING 2012 | 15

16 | SPRING 2012


t began Jan. 5, when former Corus Radio executive Garth Buchko was named the new President and CEO of the Winnipeg Blue Bomber Football Club. Online comment boards were alive with opinion, armchair analysis and the personal attacks that are so much a part of the arsenal of those puffed up with keyboard courage. He’d been at the Corus helm for 18 years, during all of which, the company held the Bombers’ radio rights, so he knew their passion. Now, he’d stepped out of the boardroom and onto their radar, and if he was surprised at the buzz around his hiring, he was also exactly where he wanted to be. Born and raised in Winnipeg, one of four children of a homemaker mom and police officer father, Buchko describes his parents as “humble North Enders. “They did not have a lot of extra money with four kids and a constable’s wage.” However, Buchko took that strong work ethic to heart – pumping gas, delivering newspapers and bussing tables through his teen years. Always goal-oriented, at about age 13, Buchko fell in love with an MGB convertible and made regular visits to the dealership to fawn at it. While other guys would talk about the cars they would like to own while blowing their money, the way teenagers do, Buchko, by 17, was working on a plan. “I wanted that car,” he explains, “and I saved enough money to be able to walk in just after I turned 18 and pay cash for it. They didn’t believe that I had the cash, and my dad had to come back there with me to tell them, ‘the kid can pay cash for the car right now.’ It was my own money that I had raised from working, and working hard. It is still one of the proudest achievements of my life.” After graduating from Sisler High, that convertible-driving kid had designs on a career in radio, but soon discovered a marked lack of talent behind the microphone. Not to

be deterred, he simply shifted gears and reimagined himself on the sales and marketing side of the business. After graduating from Red River College, he hit the road for his first radio sales job in Rosetown, Saskatchewan with his wife Lesley, a registered nurse, just six weeks after they wed. Soon, he and Lesley were back in their hometown, as Buchko set goals and passed milestones, building the career that put him at the top of Winnipeg radio just 15 years after that road trip to Rosetown. One of Buchko’s other proudest accomplishments is his Distinguished Alumni of RRC award, which he received in 2004 and reflects his commitment to community and drive for excellence. At home, Buchko has another driving force – his family. Daughter Riley is now 15 and son Connor is 12, but it’s his 23-year-old son Matthew who Buchko says instills in him more drive than even his own parents did. “Matthew’s the guy who taught me that there are people who are less fortunate. I never dreamt that I might have a son who is disabled, but he drove me to change my life – to change how I think about things and how I approach things. He just made me a better person.” It was Matthew who inspired Buchko to join the board of the Special Olympics Manitoba. Although less involved at SOM these days, he serves on the board of the Health Sciences Centre Foundation, where he is “heavily involved in three or four committees.” Five years ago, he sat down with Bryan Stone, head of Winnipeg Harvest at the time, and told Stone he wanted to contribute in a way that was really different, and that would enable his company to really take ownership. Buchko was told that there was a huge need to feed babies and infants, and that this was SPRING 2012 | 17

“I never dreamt that I might have a son who is disabled, but he drove me to change my life

– to change how I think about things and how I approach things.

He just made me a better person.” a pure cash cost to Harvest because nobody donates baby formula and infant food. “Right then and there,” says Buchko emphatically, “I told him that Corus Radio Winnipeg would be 100 per cent committed to ending baby and child hunger in the province. They told me they needed to raise $60,000 to $70,000 a year to adequately address the need. Now, five years later, the need is up to $200,000 per year and Hunger for Hope is solely responsible for generating almost a million dollars in cash over the course of those five years.” Buchko is a huge football fan – Bombers and Steelers. As a kid, he’d take the bus to Winnipeg Stadium and sit in the Free Press section. He hadn’t given the football job much thought until people around him started encouraging him to apply. He threw his hat into the ring and started to do his homework. By the time the club called him in for an interview, he was committed to getting the job. “I spent countless hours preparing for the meetings and presentations to the board. They did an outstanding job; they certainly

didn’t make it easy on me, I think, any of us who were applying – it was grueling at times.” Buchko officially took the reins of the club on March 1, but by that time, he’d already put in countless hours at the job. Short-term goal No.1 is helping the club transition to the new stadium. In the long term, he wants to diversify the operation to maximize every potential revenue stream. “We can’t make our revenue and bottom-line objectives by just being a football club. When we’re starting off with a $4-million debt repayment to the government for our portion of the stadium – there is no business plan possible to do that based on just those 11 games,” he explains. “So we’re truly moving to a sports and entertainment business model.” Of course, football is top of the agenda, and Buchko will be leaving that to the experts. “I haven’t been hired to make decisions about who is going to be the quarterback or offensive coordinator,” he says. “I believe that Joe Mack is the best at what he does, and he’ll find the right people. And Paul LaPolice will put the best team on the field,


and then I’ll hold them accountable for wins and losses. That’s the way I see fit to run the football club – the same way I did with the radio stations.” For the guy his friends call “Butch,” it all comes down to one overarching motivation. “I didn’t take this job to be No.2. I took it to create the best business model in the Canadian Football League,” he adds. “We have lots of opportunity to build something special, something that all of us will be proud of. We want this organization to be considered the best; not just in the CFL, but in all of sports and entertainment in Canada.” However, the target is on his back. Wins and losses are all that count. That along with the stadium and the business, and he feels the weight of the responsibility every day. But if you see that scrappy cop’s son from the North End driving by in his latest convertible, you’ll likely see him smiling – because he’s right where he wants to be. And better still, Garth Buchko has a plan. m


n Total Seating capacity is 33,500 seats, with the ability for Investors Group Field to expand to 40,000 for major events, including Grey Cup and other major international events and concerts.

n Over 250 video monitors throughout Investors Group Field.

n Investors Group Field has a sunken bowl design, where the playing field dips into the ground 25 feet below the main concourse.

n 28 Washrooms – which is 50% more than the old stadium.

n Two 30-feet high by 110 feet wide video boards- one behind each end zone.

n Smoke Free Facility n 100% more legroom

n Six elevators.

18 | SPRING 2012

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Many men consider their morning routine of a shower, shave and you know the third, as their personal grooming routine. Winnipeg Men Magazine believes it is time to step it up a notch. Follow these top 10 tips to consistently look your best.

Trim the nose hairs This is something very basic that makes a world of difference. Many companies make nose hair clippers for a moderate price (Panasonic Nose Clipper,, $8.99). Believe me, this is something that people do notice. Trim the eyebrows Get them professionally cleaned (not shaped) to open up the eyes. Remember to brush them up before you leave for the day, as this opens up the eye, keeping the face more alert. Clean the hair off ears and neck This is something your barber can do for you monthly that gives the appearance of good grooming. The sight of long ear hairs, or neck hair going into the collar of your shirt, is never appealing. Keep nails short and clean Dirty, long fingernails require no explanation as to why they don't work. If your budget or schedule permits, try a monthly manicure/ pedicure to have someone take care of this for you. Buff your nails as a way to keep the healthy shine without looking artificial. Brush and floss teeth daily It doesn't matter if your teeth are not perfectly straight and white, but please keep them clean. It is rather unappealing to talk to someone and see built up plaque or food stuck between their teeth. This seems simple, but trust me take nothing for granted.

Have your clothes tailored to fit your body This is a big one, as no matter what your shape is, the right fit makes everything look so much better. Stand up straight Mom always told us that posture was important, and she was right. You create a sense of confidence and pride when standing tall, showing everyone you are secure in the man you are. Cleanse your face on a regular basis with a facial soap Many males who use the same soap on their body that they use on their face. Most body soaps are too strong for the face. You must invest in a cleanser that is just for the face (Zirh Clean Tube, HighlandMenscare. com, $15), as facial skin is much more sensitive than the skin on the body. Remember, less is more when it comes to fragrance It's all right to smell good, but everyone doesn't have to smell it. Fragrance is such a personal preference, and you really must find the one that works best for you. Just remember not to bathe in it. Match your belt to your shoes This one is really simple and makes a world of difference. If you are wearing black shoes, don't wear a brown belt. This basic tip makes everything you wear look that much better. m

Giveaway for Winnipeg Men readers: Schick razor, Dove Men and Care and Axe Hair products. Go to to enter to win.

20 | SPRING 2012

Best ways to a clean shave 1. Wash your face with soap and warm water to remove oils from the hair and skin, and to allow whiskers to soften. Or better yet, shave after a shower when hair is fully saturated with water. 2. Apply a thick layer of shaving cream or gel, and allow it to sit on skin about three minutes. This will: • Keep moisture on the skin to enhance softening • Reduce friction caused by the razor going over the skin’s surface • Carry away debris removed by the razor blade • Enable you to see the area already shaved 3. Remember to shave in the direction of hair growth. Take your time and shave carefully over sensitive areas. For a closer shave, carefully shave against the grain of hair growth. 4. Immediately rinse with cold water to remove any traces of soap or lather. 5. Complete your shaving regimen with an aftershave product to soothe sensitive areas. Skin can be irritated by the alcohol found in many aftershaves; use a cream or gel aftershave product if you have sensitive skin. * Use a clean, sharp blade. Newer blades require less force to cut through the hair than dull blades. Since you don’t need much pressure with a new blade, you’ll reduce the risk of nicks and cuts.

car reviews


Rev Iews of new A UDI A6, Po Rsche 911 cARR eRA An D MeRce Des c Ls 63 AMG

by Amanda Thomas and Kelly Parker

AUDI A6 The completely redesigned 2012 Audi A6 has sped into town. The all-new A6 has incorporates thorough technological and ergonomic advances. The car is still powered by the same award-winning 3.0 litre V6 supercharged engine as its predecessor and the A6 engine launches the car from 0 to100 km in only 5.3 seconds. St. James Audi Sales Manager Jody Thomas says, “Audi has taken its reputation for being the benchmark in interior fit and finish and blown it out of the water. Every time, I am fortunate enough to drive the 2012 A6 I am struck by the seamless integration of the latest in technology and performance that comes in an acutely elegant package.” The secret of the A6 is really held in the bones of the car. Built with a hybrid aluminum construction this year’s model brings the weight of the car down by 15 per cent when compared with conventional steel construction. All add-on parts of the

car like the doors, hood, tailgate, and wings are made from aircraft grade aluminum. The aluminum construction allows the new A6 to be a truly lightweight, yet rigidly sporty, driving machine for even the most uncompromising driver. The hybrid aluminum construction paired with the proactive Quattro all wheel drive system brings the A6‘s safety ratings to new heights. Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) named the Audi A6 the 2012 Top Safety Pick.

an Audi single frame grille. The coupe-iike roofline and three-dimensional hood add to the exterior highlights. The interior is finished with chrome bezels and stunning precision dials. The 2012 A6 also has improved headroom, shoulder and cargo space.

While many luxury brands are using LED lights for daytime driving the Audi A6 offers an optional headlight system that is fully powered by LED technology in every light mode. LED headlights optimize the light’s lifetime to 10,000 hours and make night driving less tiresome for drivers by powerfully illuminating the road.

The A6’s MMI multimedia centre is second to none. This year Audi introduced their Touchpad technology, which enables drivers to trace, with one finger, the address they wish to input into the NAV system on a pad in the centre console. Voice commands are also possible in this impressive luxury sedan. There are also the Driver Assistance and heads-up display packages that allow drivers to set adaptive cruise control settings and increase safety measures by projecting NAV instructions, speed and warning messages onto the road ahead.

Appearance improvements include striking trapezoidal shape front and rear lights, and

Visit St. James Audi at 670 Century Street to take the 2012 Audi A6 for a test run.

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SPRING 2012 | 21

Mercedes CLS 63 AMG Performance or refinement? Often, the two are mutually exclusive choices, if only because they aren’t typically available together – at least in a car. While there are sportier accoutrements available in more refined automobiles, Mercedes-Benz was the first manufacturer to come out with a four-door supercar, now into its second generation, with the 2012 Mercedes CLS 63 AMG. This model has improved upon one of Mercedes most popular vehicles, the CLS, at a very attainable price. “If you’re looking for a supercar that also has a bit of a convenience factor in that it’s a four-door for a hundred grand,” says William Luchak of Mercedes-Benz Winnipeg, “you really can’t find one outside of the 63.” Of course, while price might factor into the buying decision, presentation is crucial. “This car is pretty unbelievable to look at – the lighting package, the body shape and aggressive look of the car, with other features like the distinctive big red brake

22 | SPRING 2012

calipers,” Luchak says. “The AMG-forged wheels, the massive front grille with the Mercedes logo – it’s just not like any other car on the road.” The 2012 model year marks the debut of a new power plant for the CLS; a 5.5-litre BiTurbo V-8 that is extremely powerful at 518HP. But go with the AMG Performance Package and you’ve got 550HP to play with, an increase from 507 in the 2011 model. “The CLS 63 AMG also has something called RaceStar mode,” notes Luchak, “which will launch the vehicle from a stop to 100km/h in a tidy 4.4 seconds.” Sure, at this stage of your life, risking a ticket to blow the boys off the line on a summer Sunday night cruise night might not be your thing. Still, doing it from the nappa-leathered, redesigned, high-tech interior of a four-door that looks like this would have its joys, no? Packages for the CLS include Advanced Driving Assistance, which includes something

called Distronic Plus cruise control, whereby Dopler radar will automatically apply the brakes if, for example, a car in front of you brakes suddenly on the highway. Mercedes’ Active Blind Spot Assist and Active Lane Keeping Assist systems accomplish similar feats using a camera mounted in the iconic Mercedes emblem on the grill, providing warnings if you start to swerve out of your lane, pulling the vehicle over and to a stop if they go unheeded. Drifting off to sleep is not likely to happen with this car strapped onto your back (as the fighter pilots put it). For under $25,000 per door, you might even feel a bit of that fighter pilot cool. “When I took the first CLS 63 that came into the showroom out for a drive,” says Luchak, “I noticed about five different people taking pictures of it as I was going by – it’s just a head turner.” To test drive the new Mercedes CLS 63 AMG please visit Mercedes Benz Winnipeg at 2554 Portage Ave.

Porsche 911 CarRera/ Cabriolet It’s 1963. The Porsche 911, a classic sports car, is born. Now comes the tough part. How does a carmaker live up to the legend it has created, while at the same time reimagining the lines, incorporating new technologies and producing a model that feels current? Classic contradiction. The trick is not trying to stay the same, but in preserving the idea, the spirit – to evolve, and as the firm puts it: “to break the stranglehold of tradition before it brings the company to a standstill.” “The company continues to set the bar extremely high,” says Darren Hinchcliffe of Auto Haus Porsche, “and then they reset the bar. You’ll never mistake it for anything but a 911,” he adds. “They’ve done such an amazing job with the lines and the styling while still keeping the classic Porsche tradition.” The first 2012 Porsche 911 hit the streets of Winnipeg in late February, looking every bit the badass 911 you’ve come to know and love. Those unmistakable lines amount to about 10 per cent of the machine because, as Hinchcliffe says, “It’s a completely different car.” In fact, fully 90 per cent of

the 911’s components are either new or fundamentally revised. If it looks a little more languid, it might be because the wheelbase is four inches longer, which translates into a smoother ride without compromising feel, and a slightly roomier interior experience. Paradoxically, overhang is now shorter at the front and rear making the new 911 look even more compact. The S-Version also sports a two-inch wider track. “This car simply has more mechanical grip than its predecessor; the rear end stays absolutely planted through the corners. The previous generation 997 was an excellent car, but this one is exceptional”, explains Hinchcliffe. The 911 Carrera models and the 911 Carrera S models are equipped as standard with 19-inch and 20-inch wheels, one inch larger than those on the respective previous models, further enhancing the 911’s sporty presence. Newly developed tires with increased rolling circumference also serve to improve both comfort and performance.

Under the hood, the 3.4-litre engine (3.8-litres in the Cabriolet) produces 350 horses – transmitted to the wheels via the seven-speed gearbox. Direct fuel injection and VarioCam Plus technology increase power while reducing fuel consumption by 16 per cent. This is partly due to the reduced 3.4-litre capacity, but mainly because of groundbreaking technologies that include the auto start/stop function, electrical system recuperation and intelligent thermal management as well as the new, energysaving electromechanical steering system. These fundamentals are just a few of the array of new and improved features on the machine that represents evolution as art form. “The Porsche 911 has always been a sports car and it always will be,” emphasizes Hinchcliffe. “But they’ve made this one just a little bit more refined than the previous generation. It is the best handling car that I’ve ever driven. It’s faster, better on fuel, and the looks are stunning.” To test drive the new 911 please visit Auto Haus Porsche, 660 Pembina Hwy. m

SPRING 2012 | 23

If you’re not talking to your kids about alcohol, who is?

Learn how to start the conversation. Pick up a free booklet at your nearest Liquor Mart or visit us online.

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CALL Dressing down for the office or dressing up for the evening.

Photography by Ian McCausland Clothing from Hanford Drewitt (354 Broadway) Clothes modeled by Brian Lowes

DENIM Denim is an essential part of every wardrobe now. Having a jacket that is comfortable and casual should be the core of the outfit. Dress it up with a patterned or colorful shirt. Don’t be afraid of the color. Also, make sure you have the right shoes. Sneakers are NOT appropriate. A great driving shoe always completes this outfit.

Hugo Boss Jacket ($550), Replay Jean ($275), Poggianti Shirt ($275)

SPRING 2012 | 25

Samuelsohn Suit ($1095), Eton of Sweden Shirt($245) Tino Cosma Tie ($135), Alberto Guardiani Shoe ($525)

SUITS It’s not that suits ever went out of fashion, but they did take a little break as more casual attire made its way through the office ranks. Well gentlemen, suits are back with a vengeance in every corner of business. Earth tones and greys are a popular break from traditional blue and black and allow some color in ties to be added in. Many times, men will say that they don’t wear a suit because it is not comfortable. As always, tailoring is the key to being comfortable and this is included in the price. A proper fitting suit is not only comfortable, but looks great.

26 | SPRING 2012

Samuelsohn Sport Jacket ($895) and Pant ($295) Shirt by Eton of Sweden ($275), Alberto Guardiani Shoe ($525)

BUSINESS CASUAL Earth-tones are still the look of this season when it comes to a business casual look. The benefit is that with a change of shirt, you can go from the office to a dinner meeting. With business casual, and suits for that matter, make sure your shirt is properly fitted. This means that you try it on in the store and get the sleeves tailored to the proper length and the excess material around your mid-section taken in. Shirts always have extra material so they can fit a larger range of men, but this needs to be properly tailored to make it fit.

SPRING 2012 | 27



Recipes to impress from Chef Darryl Crumb


ew things are as impressive (or sexy) as guys who can cook. So whether you’re a single guy, married man or just a cool dude who’s not afraid of the kitchen, here a two easy recipes to impress your family, friends, or a date.

Chorizo, chipolte mussels with fresh pasta

2lbs mussels 1/4 cup butter 1 link chorizo 2 Tbsp of canned chipolte peppers 1/3 cup minced shallots 1 Tbsp minced garlic 1/3 cup tomato sauce 1/2 cup white wine 3 grape tomatoes cut in quarters   Put all above ingredients in a shallow saucepan and steam until mussels are open. While mussels cook, cook one pack of fresh pasta in salted water. When pasta is ready, put in bowl and cover with mussels and cooking liquid.

| SPRING 28 |28 SPRING 2012 2012

Chocolate fondant 1 1/4 cups white sugar 5 eggs 5 egg yolks

Combine above ingredients and whip together in a stand mixer until fluffy and white in color. 1 cup bittersweet chocolate 1 cup unsalted butter Combine and melt in a double boiler, until liquid. Make sure chocolate and butter have melted and cooled a little bit as to not cook the egg and sugar mixture so you can combine the two.   Add: 1 cup all purpose flour and mix together in stand mixer   Pour mixture into a cupcake tray and bake at 400F for about 10 to 13 minutes or until tops start to crack. Serve with whipped cream.

about the chef Chef Darryl Crumb is the executive chef at Winnipeg’s new Brooklyn Bistro. He recently moved to Winnipeg from Vancouver where he was the executive chef at the Regional Tasting Lounge. Crumb’s professional career started out in hockey, with the former ECHL Franchise, Long Beach Ice Dogs. When a shoulder injury took him out of the game, cooking helped him find a new direction. He trained at Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa before moving to Paris, France for further experience at Le Goupil (sous chef) and Le Maree Denfert (executive chef). He participated in the Top Chef Canada last season on the Food Network. A true Prairie boy, Crumb grew up on a family farm in Anola, Manitoba enduring -40 degree temperatures in winter. He believes this is the reason his style of cooking is comfort food, made from scratch and from the heart.



Brand of Motor Oil

The Motor Oil your Dad Always Trusted.

SPRING 2012 | 29

What’s in your locker? by Kelly Parker

We talked to Winnipeg Goldeye Amos Ramon about the things in his locker and how keeping his ‘home away from home’ orderly helps him get ready to play ball. Why two bats? Actually I have a lot more but I only like to take two out per game. Why two gloves? One is my gamer and the other is a training mitt that I use during batting practice before the game. The practice mitt is A LOT smaller than the gamer. Who is the photo of? The photo is of John Weber who left it for our clubby but I thought it would be funny and put it into my locker for the photo. He is my hero. The one and only JOHN WEBER!! Is your locker set up a certain way? I like to keep my locker neat. Your locker is your home away from home. 

Photo by chronic creative

Sharpies? I usually have a couple sharpies in my locker because I forget to give them back after we sign autographs. I like to stay after and sign autographs for fans because with out them we wouldn’t be out there playing. Any superstitions? I wear eye black every game just ‘cause it makes me feel like it’s game time. The Snap Fitness card is something I keep ‘cause the gym has become really important to me. I have to thank Snap Fitness owner Ted Petz for becoming my personal trainer/ boxing coach and for getting me ready for the 2012 season. Superstition is a big part of baseball. I do keep certain things in my locker in certain areas because it makes me feel at ease and ready for the game. m

| SPRING | SPRING 3030 2012 2012

Whiskey tour rolls into town Glenfiddich, the world’s most awarded single malt Scotch whiskey, celebrated Winnipeg’s Scottish roots with Cask of Dreams on January 25 at Rudy’s. Winnipeg was the site of the inaugural launch of Glenfiddich’s cross-country cask rolling tour, where the company is literally rolling their whiskey barrels from coast to coast. Winnipeg scotch enthusiasts had the first chance to sign their aspiration and dreams on the Cask of Dreams barrels and share in the rare opportunity to help create a special vintage single malt scotch.

PORSCHE POWER Auto Haus Porsche unveiled the new Porsche 911 on February 16. This event was the last one to be held in the dealership before construction starts on a new dealership for the Porsche brand.

Winnipeg’s star sommelier tops the class Winnipeg wine expert Gary Hewitt is one of five international graduates recently awarded a scholarship for top achievement in wine studies. Hewitt graduated in January 2012 with the prestigious Diploma in Wines and Spirits from the London, England based Wine and Spirits Education Trust® (WSET). Scholarship winners are selected for high standing from a class of more than 300 graduates from around the world.

Kirk Cancilla, Gerald Boiteau and Kitrina Naaykens show off the plans for the dealership.

Hewitt has many wine credentials, including certification from the International Sommelier Guild and the Society of Wine Educators, and he is the senior buyer and educator at Banville & Jones Wine Co. “Wine knowledge is extremely valuable in today’s market,” says Tina Jones, president of Banville & Jones Wine Co. “We are fortunate in Manitoba, and in Canada, to have someone of Gary’s caliber leading our wine education programs.”

SPRING 2012 | 31

the last word

with Tom McGouran and Joe Aiello Photography by Chronic Creative

Tom says... I’ve never been one to worry about my age. The highlight for me of going to the Exhibition with my kids when they were young was going to the guy who would guess your age. Year after year he would guess I was younger than I was and the kids would be all excited about winning the prize. My winning streak ended the year he thought I was two years older than I was. We walked by that booth after that. Still I was never daunted by benchmarks like 30, 40 or even 50 years old, each time I reached that age. But I was caught off guard, when my partner Stacy revealed to me when I turned 55 in March this year, that I could now get a 20% seniors discount at Shoppers Drug Mart! I have to admit that it freaked me out a bit that anyone would consider me a SENIOR! But before I got all wrapped up in the notion of being old and worrying about it, I thought I’d research what other discounts may be at my disposal now that I had reached this landmark of maturity.

I found out that there are a hell of a lot of good deals out there for old rockers like me! On top of the Shoppers Drug Mart deal, Zeller’s will give me 20% off on the first Monday of every month. The Shoppers deal is good the last Thursday of each month and, oh yeah, there’s the 10% off the first Tuesday of every month at Safeway and St. Vital Centre. Hey, wait a minute! How are we seniors supposed to keep track of all of those days? I know for a fact I’ll end up at Zellers on Tuesday and Shoppers on Monday and not save a dime. Is this some sort of conspiracy to take advantage of absent minded old folk? There are though quite a number of deals available all the time. When Stace and I are travelling, and, if she’s not too embarrassed when I claim it, I can get us 10% off all rooms at any Best Western and even 25% at all Sandman hotels. I’ll definitely be a Sandman… er… man, from here on in. I like

the Days Inn, but I have to wait until I’m 60 to get a deal there, so they’re out of the plans now. At the same time, I discovered I could have received 10% off at the Travelodge chain five years ago, when I turned 50! Wonder what they’re offering me now? This is going to be great! I’m going to take advantage of being 55 like George on Seinfeld would have. “It’s gold Jerry, gold!” I even have exclusive use of a private medication information line now. I hit a couple of other websites and can move into a few 55 plus condo complexes right now if I want. I can join senior classes and kick their asses on sports day. There’s even a special eBay site for me now. I assume with bigger print, but no discounts. I’m really going to enjoy being a senior now. I only hope for one thing. When I ask for the discount I get carded! m

Joe says... After an incredibly warmer than normal winter, the news came out that we should have an above normal spring as well. On that note, spring has sprung and so have these random thoughts in my head. Kind of like spring-cleaning my own mind. I will warn you now that I have a short attention span… it’s so bad that friends of mine have started spelling my last name A.D.D.! All right, time to focus! JETS – What made this winter, and the start of 2012 even more special for Manitoba was the return of the Winnipeg Jets. It was a chance for all of us to fall in love with our young team and see up close the superstars and fan favourites from the NHL opposition on a regular basis right here at home. We were known as the loudest building in the league and it was an incredible vibe every time you would hear or sing along to the national anthem…“True North” indeed! BOMBERS – This should be another exciting

32 | SPRING 2012

year for the Big Blue, who are coming off an appearance in last year’s Grey Cup game. Plus, this province is buzzing big time about the opening of the new stadium! Congrats to Garth Butchko and his new job with the team… he’s a great guy, who’s a proud Winnipegger and he will make the Bomber faithful proud! CIBPA – I want to thank the members of the Sons of Italy for making me the recipient of the Canadian-Italian Business Professional Award. It was humbling and an honor. I understand where I fit the Canadian-Italian part, but I might have lost out on the business professional criteria. Those two words have never been used in a sentence to describe me. I actually have a vocabulary of 33 words and the F-word is five of them! 46 – Marks my age, my birthday is March 27, and my first one in 22 years without my wife, who passed away the day after my 45th. It turned out to be the best gift she

could have ever given me, as it was really the last day we were able to have a long conversation. I want to thank the staff at St. Boniface Hospital Palliative Care for all their compassion and professional help. They do the work of angels. GOLF – The day is near where we will be able to go for a round of golf for the first time in 2012 on one of our wonderful Manitoba courses… or at the very least buy a round – of drinks! Oh look at the time! It’s RUM O’clock! FRIENDS and FAMILY – Always thinking about my friends and family and how lucky I am to have them. They have always been there to support me through thick and thin. I really can’t put into words what they all mean to me… I just love them. Have a wonderful spring and I’ll see you around this great city we call ours. Cheers! m

Winnipeg Men Spring 2012  

Your guide to living local for Spring of 2012

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