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Crisp lager with a slightly hoppy flavour and a sweet nutty taste.

Full bodied, dark beer. Aromatic and flavourful.

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City Essentials Apps for the modern man.


25 Scene Writer Miles Jones tells us what’s happening in sports, entertainment and other events in October.

32 Suiting up for fall Tips on how to dress for all sizes and shapes.

42 Men About Town The latest events and info on Winnipeg Men Magazine and our advertisers.

44 The Last Word with Tom McGouran and Joe Aiello.



22 To the Rescue Paramedics program saves precious time for heart attack victims.

26 Andrew Ladd Takes the Controls


Winnipeg Jets captain ushers in a new hockey era.

31 Health Movember, creating awareness about prostate cancer and the importance of early detection.


ATVs What you need to know about All Terrain Vehicles.

10 The Journey Nine couples, one solo driver, and 10 new vehicles take to the road for our annual test drive.

12 The Vehicles We give you the specs on the hottest models for the season.

20 Fast Air We profile Dylan Fast and his soaring charter flight business.

16 The Couples Participants in this year’s Pursuit of finding the cars people love to drive.

38 Green Driving ON THE COVER: Andrew Ladd is wearing a three-piece suit, shirt, tie, belt and shoes all by Pal Zileri, available at Hanford Drewitt; and a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date watch, available at Birks Jewellry


A look at sustainability in cars and some of the new hybrids on the market.

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Winnipeg Fall 2011

The guide for living local


Photo by Ian McCausland

Fall 2011: Volume 7, Issue 3


ot sure if there is anything in Winnipeg being spoken about other than hockey these days. By the time you read this issue, you are either going to the opening night game, or planning a Sunday afternoon (and most likely into the night) return of the NHL party. Even if you are not a hockey fan, I think that most people in Winnipeg (and Manitoba for that matter) will be completely engrossed in the return of the Jets over the Thanksgiving long weekend. It made complete sense that we put the captain of our beloved team on the cover to celebrate the occasion. After spending a couple hours with Andrew Ladd during the cover photo shoot, I can tell you one thing, he is going to be a great ambassador for Winnipeg. He has a great personality and demeanor about him that I think will work well for him in the locker room getting the guys going


when he needs to, and talking to fans of all ages when he has the chance. Once people started to notice who he was during the photo shoot at Portage and Main (or as close as we could get in the courtyard at 201 Portage), they started to gather around and asked him to sign almost anything they could find. A couple people even ran down to the Jets Gear store and picked up some things. Ladd was great about making sure everyone who asked got his autograph and answered some questions. I can imagine that after the same question being asked as many times as he has answered it, it would get repetitive, but you sure could not tell by watching or listening. I, for one, am looking forward to an exciting year with the return of the Jets. If you have not already done so, raise a glass to Mark Chipman and his team for the work they have done to make this happen. This includes not only bringing back the Jets, but running a solid organization over the years with the Manitoba Moose that had it not been for that history of success, we would still be dreaming about the NHL in this hockey town. You may also notice that Pursuit is in the fall issue instead of our normal summer issue. We postponed it because of the flooding and weather, and boy did we luck out. We once again, had an amazing group of couples out to experience the event and drive great vehicles, and the weather was +28 degrees Celsius without a cloud in the sky. It was an absolutely awesome weekend that we look forward to every year and I am already looking forward to next year. Enjoy the return of the Jets.

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Enjoy your winter lifestyle in the casual elegance of genuine shearling sheepskin garments from The Wonderful World of Sheepskin. Beautiful styles. Exceptional comfort. Uequalled warmth. Sheepskin... The Wonderful World of Sheepskin.





IMAGINE... a 20, 000 square foot world-class training center, staffed by the best trainers and coaches that Canada has to offer.

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city essentials

appsformen by Kevin Hnatiuk



Undoubtedly you are an upstanding citizen who would never dream of talking on a phone or texting while driving. For the rest of us there’s Vlingo. Vlingo is a text-to-voice and voice-to-text recognition app that enables you to dial, search, text, email or update your social status via the spoken word. Cost is $6.99 - $9.99 depending on the features you unlock but it’s a small price to feel like Picard on the Starship Enterprise. Available for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Nokia and Windows Smartphone.

Plug your Smartphone into the audio auxiliary jack of your car and launch TuneIn Radio Pro for one of the most fantastic mobile boom box experiences you can purchase for under $1. TuneIn Radio uses WiFi or your phone’s data plan to stream over 50,000 Internet radio stations from around the world for free. In List View most stations will even display the current artist and song for targeted channel surfing at a glance. Options include live or scheduled recordings of streamed audio, station playlist history, and background playback so you can check your email and listen to a station without missing a beat. Once you try TuneIn you may just toss your $15/ month satellite radio subscription out the proverbial window. Available on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm, Samsung Bada, and Windows Phone.

What if you could get rid of your business cards and exchange contact information with someone just through the motion of a handshake? Bump helps you swap contact particulars through the act of the time-honoured “fistbump.” The jostle of the simultaneous bumping between two Smartphones sends a GPS signal to the Cloud that instantly recognizes you and your fellow Bumper and exchanges selected contact information, photos, apps and music you’ve agreed to share. Since using Bump over a year ago I have eliminated the use of business cards for over 80% of my meetings (provided everyone else in the room is Bump-friendly). It’s free for both iPhone and Android devices.



Any fitness magazine worth its weight will tell you that “muscle confusion” is the fastest way to get arms, pecs, and legs worthy of a supporting role in Pumping Iron 2. FitnessBuilder contains enough exercises to help confuse and grow the most stubborn of muscle groups. Part personal trainer, part workout library, FitnessBuilder logs your body stats and helps you develop a workout plan that is specific to your body type and goals. If you get stuck, you can ask a question of the fitness physiologist, or view one of 2,300 exercise images and videos from within the app. If you’re a personal trainer, you can even use it to help log your clients’ progress and email them a pdf of custom workout routines. Either way, FitnessBuilder will have your muscles so confused they’ll have nowhere to grow but out.

I still find it hard to believe that mobile carriers charge for text messages, but then, I’m not texting my friends with the regularity of a 17-year-old teenager trapped in a History of European Socialism class. WhatsApp uses your Smartphone’s WiFi or data plan to send and receive text messages for free. When travelling out of country I use WhatsApp to send messages back and forth and avoid the mafia-equivalent 25-cent service charge per text. You can even start a group text chat where you share audio notes, your map location, or photos. WhatsApp references your Smartphone’s built-in address book to send text messages so there’s no new service you and buddies need register for.

HOW TO TIE A TIE Did Chuck Norris know just one style of round -house kick? Did Warren Buffett invest in only one stock? Just like the great martial artists and investors of our time, every man should have more than one move, or in this case, more than one knotted necktie. “How to Tie a Tie” is an app that teaches you how to sport such popular neck-nooses as the Windsor, the Atlantic, the Persian, the St. Andrew, or for those casual days, the 4-in-hand, all with photographs and text to assist you stepby-step. Free for both iOS and Android phones. EVERNOTE This is one of the few apps that lives up to the moniker of Personal Digital Assistant. Evernote can help you link your email, contacts, web research, photos, to-dos and notes together into logical relationships. It’s kind of like pulling a business card out of your Rolodex and having access to all the conversations, notes, contracts and documents you’ve ever worked on with that individual. Evernote includes sharing with popular social services like Facebook and Twitter, and syncing via Dropbox. Compatible across all platforms including Mac, PC, iOS, Windows Phones, Android, Blackberry and online—it’s an essential productivity tool for organizing your business and your life. WWW.WINNIPEGMEN.COM


Kevin Hnatiuk is the Executive Director of New Media Manitoba, a 900-member Interactive Digital Media Association that supports companies with Business Development and Industry Training. His latest iPhone project; “Video Edit,” is a Top-100 Photography App on iTunes.

FALL 2011



f the first line from the tune Born to be Wild keeps running through your head, it may be time to invest in an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV). Before you get your motor running and start looking for adventure in whatever comes your way, here’s a primer on what you need to know to become a safe and responsible ATV owner. Winnipeg Men Magazine asked Jill Ruth of Headingley Sport Shop to share her advice.

by Shel Zolkewich

8 | FALL 2011


Winnipeg Men: Why do people buy ATVs? Jill Ruth: You get your ATV home or to the cottage and there’s a million things you’ll want to do with it. Drive it to the fishing hole, carry wood, get the mail, ride the trails, forget about work, mend the fence, get away from the crowd, help the neighbour, take the kids on a picnic, spend the day exploring the countryside, get milk at the corner store, plow snow, clear the lot, pull a harrow, tow the boat out of the water, pick blueberries, did I mention forget about work? You get the picture. You’ll wonder how you ever got along without one! Winnipeg Men: If someone wants to get into ATV riding for the first time, what size vehicle would you recommend? Jill Ruth: Choose the ATV that is right for the job you want to do and your skill level. If it’s just taking you out onto the trails and the trails aren’t too challenging, you could start with a two-wheel drive model. But if you want to pull a moose out of the bush and clear snow off your 300-foot-long driveway, I’d suggest the new Sportsman XP 850 with 20 per cent more power than last year. If you are 80 years old and your arthritis bothers you, choose an ATV or side by side (more on this later) with power steering. Both Polaris and Kawasaki make powersteering models that make turning on a dime a two-finger job. Hey, that sounds like a good idea no matter how old or young you are! Obviously we’d recommend an engine size that matches your skill and physical size.


Winnipeg Men: What kind of prices are we looking at? In other words, how much of an investment do I need to make to get into ATV riding? Jill Ruth: ATVs start at $4,099 for midsized, two-wheel drive models and $6,499 for adult-sized, four-wheel drive models. Headingley Sport Shop has an in-house finance office that is dedicated to getting you out on the trail with a payment plan that makes sense. Winnipeg Men: What’s the newest trend in ATVs? Jill Ruth: One of the fastest growing markets for off-road recreation vehicles is the side by side market. The riding experience on a side by side is just that, you sit side by side and it’s double the fun. You can talk, laugh and truly experience the ride together on a side by side. Check out the Razor and Ranger, made by Polaris. Winnipeg Men: Do you need a special license to operate an ATV? Jill Ruth: No but you cannot cross a road without a driver’s permit and you should check with your local municipality. They might have some by-laws that you should know about. Bottom line, treat the environment and your neighbours with respect so we can continue to enjoy the privilege of riding ATVs in the province. Winnipeg Men: Are there any special considerations for drivers under 16? Jill Ruth: There are. According to the Manitoba Off Road Vehicle Act, a person under the age of 14 must be in plain view of their guardians at all times. That means

mom or dad has to be close by and watching! Winnipeg Men: What other equipment should people buy along with an ATV? Jill Ruth: The Manitoba Off Road Vehicle Act says you must wear a helmet when operating an ATV. A sturdy jacket, gloves, boots and long pants are also good pieces of safety gear.

The All Terrain Vehicle Association of Manitoba has complete listings of clubs throughout the province along with news, events and safety tips. It’s a good idea to have a look at the Manitoba Off Road Vehicle Act. It covers things such as how to cross roadways, towing restrictions, minimum safety equipment and what to do in case of an accident. NOTE: Please keep in mind that with this summer’s extremely dry conditions, bans may be in place for fall ATV riding in some areas. Check with your local municipality before you head out.

FALL 2011




ur annual Pursuit event this year was postponed because of poor weather in the spring, and flooding in the area that we wanted to go to. We decided that this year, we would change things up and adapted the event to “Urban Pursuit”. Staying in close proximity to the cIty, we got to experience some of the great driving roads and parks, as well as some of highway driving out to Lockport (for lunch at the Half Moon) and out Highway #2 to Bridges Golf Course. Sometimes we forget that we do not have to go very far to experience great drives within and close to the Perimeter. Once again, we had a fantastic group of readers out to help us drive these amazing vehicles give you some feedback. Probably the best part of the weekend, as it is every year, is how these people who know nothing about one another on a Saturday morning are close friends when they depart back home on Sunday. Conversations that start out comparing vehicle features become comparisons of hometowns and family histories and swapping phone numbers to set up a BBQ in the next few weeks. That is truly the best outcome of each Pursuit event we do – Introduce our readers to one another to create new friendships. So this year nine couples and a solo driver, got into 10 pretty flashy cars for a couple of days — mixed in a few holes of golf, dinner at the delectable Pizzeria Gusto and a night at the Hotel Fort Garry — and created an experience few will soon forget. Winnipeg Men magazine would like to thank each of the dealers for providing us with a great line up of vehicles, Bobby Matolla at Pizzeria Gusto for an amazing dinner and wines selected by Banville & Jones, Bridges Golf Course for giving our group a great round of golf and to the Hotel Fort Garry for not simply their hospitality and rooms, but also an amazing world-famous brunch. We would also like to thank the mysterious person who invited our entire group to join their wedding festivities. Everyone had a great time dancing to the Danny Kramer Band. It was just too bad that we didn’t get it all onto ‘the twitter’.

10 | FALL 2011

Here’s what the people taking part in Pursuit, had to say during the event. “So far, the day’s been fantastic. Lunch was great and the trip, of course, in the Porsche out to Half Moon was quite the drive,” said Tara White, enjoying the Audi A7 while husband Doug drives. Winnipeg Men/Winnipeg Women Magazine got together some of the finest vehicles sold in the city, as well as a pair of more attainable models, and gathered the couples to drive them, rotating through as the weekend progressed. White, a police officer, said aside from the joy of driving the cars, she’s really enjoyed the social aspect of the event.

Out on Highway 2, heading toward Bridges Golf Course, Heim remarks: “Here comes the Porsche… and there goes the Porsche.” Heim was driving the Lexus CT200h, the newest member of the Lexus family and the newest hybrid from Toyota/Lexus. Was he blown away? No. But did he feel like he was paying a price in comfort or handling for driving a hybrid? No. So, what have the Whites and Heim learned? “I’m hoping to get a new appreciation for the technology that goes in to new cars,” Heim said. “I’m probably looking at a newer car in the next year or two and this just gives me a great cross-section.

“The best part has been meeting all these new people,” she said. “There’s been a lot of bantering, bartering for time in the vehicles. You want to set yourself up for the longest ride in a nice ride like this (A7).”

“Although the 911 was a lot of fun, it’s out of my price range and not very practical for a family of four.”

John Heim, who is doing the event solo, quipped: “I feel like I’m on Survivor with all these alliances. I think I need to start building some friendships.”

“There’ a questionnaire that came out to us and asked us what our dream vehicles are, and I hope to be able to answer that by the end of the day,” said Tara White. “That’s my goal.”

Well, nobody’s getting voted off the island, but the wide variety of cars chosen for this year’s Pursuit means there will be as wide a variety of opinions. Heim noted that not everybody’s opinion matches his.

Did they come away with a greater appreciation for the more expensive cars? “Certainly. Sure you will,” said Doug, who is in dental equipment sales.

“I like hearing all the feedback from other drivers. The Chrysler 300, for instance, some people liked for the same reasons I didn’t like it. It was bigger and they felt safer,” Heim, a partner in Jackfish Media Group said, noting he prefers the nimbler handling of smaller vehicles like his own 2006 Honda Civic. “Just because I don’t like something doesn’t mean it’s not going to sell.” The Whites both picked the Acura TL as their favourite, but as we headed from Kildonan Park down Main Street in the A7, Doug’s opinion may have been changing: “This thing is nice. You could drive a long way in this car.” The playful nature of the day was reflected in some of the banter. “Oh, look at you go,” Tara White half-sneered as another driver accelerated briskly away in the Land Rover Range Rover. “I’m going to have to put my foot in it in that one.”

His favourite: Mercedes-Benz C350.

“Absolutely,” Tara chimed in. “There’s a big difference between driving a car with power windows and air conditioning and then you get into a car with heated seats and heated steering wheel and auto defrost and these media centres with Bluetooth and GPS. It’s crazy.” But aside from the toys, Tara really appreciated the solid feel. “They’re sturdy. I really like that all these vehicles have a really good doorclosing feel. And the safety systems — the air bags are wonderful.” OK, back up the bus: the air bags? No, Tara quickly added, they haven’t actually used those. The participants were asked to complete a form listing their likes and dislikes of the cars they drove. Here are their comments, by car:


Acura TL “Very smooth braking, quiet and comfortable. Liked the dash and seats felt luxurious. Felt very safe.” — Doug and Tara White “The steering feels perfectly weighted, no AWD numbness, feels special like a luxury car should.” — Dan and Dawn Torbiak “Luxury sedan with an economical price.” — Scott and Sabrina Ricard “Cooling seats great at plus 32 degrees! Super comfortable and quiet, impressive console.” — Fred and Felicia Kriegl “Space and access — large interior means lots of personal space. A big trunk and large backseat means you’ll be hearing a lot of “Let’s take your car!” on those long road trips.” — John Heim Audi A7 “Smooth ride, outstanding brake feel, sophisticated style inside.” — The Torbiaks “Sexy, very attractive car. Easy to read display, lots of space, you can stretch out in this vehicle. Good size trunk. Loved the radio features.” — John and Denise Schimnowski

Chrysler 300 “Rockin stereo, Back up camera very nice, great amount of front space and roomy back space with lots of head room.” — The Leggats “Very spacious front and rear capacity, very comfortable. The cruise control maintained speed distance between cars — very interesting feature. Touch screen controls on the console was outstanding. Liked the digital speedometer.” — The Kriegls “Loaded with features, really like the seating positions.” — The Ricards

“The only hybrid on the tour, had a Drive Mode Select which allows drivers to select one of four ways to enjoy the vehicle, from a more efficient ride to a more exhilarating ride.” — John Heim Mercedes-Benz C350 “Handled real well, good acceleration.” — Davies and Wilson “Nice luxury interior with fast pickup.” — Kevin Dick and Rebecca Friesen

Dodge Journey “Solid reliable family car.” — Davies and Wilson

“First glance, exterior it looks intimidating with some hard lines along the nose. The rear of the car has some styling with a nice profile and duel exhaust. Lots of windows with great visibility from the drivers seat.” — Heim

“Space was great for suitcases and 2 sets of golf clubs.” — The Leggats

“Super rear space for a smaller model.” — The Leggats

Land Rover Range Rover HSE “Wow! Love the interior, feels and looks luxurious, seats provide excellent support for the lumbar area. Excellent maneuverability and absorbs bumps. Great visibility.” — The Torbiaks

Mercedes-Benz GLK “Looks great, lots of room.” — Davies and Wilson “Karen loved the vehicle, liked the heated seats.” — The Leggats “Very stylish and sleek. A very smooth ride. good power and good sight lines. So many wonderful features. I love it!” — The Schimnowskis

“Lots of space with the cargo area converting from a mere hatchback to a full trunk. Plenty of room for passengers and cargo alike. Super comfortable car, great dash, fantastic interior, dials and gadgets were all in the right place. Push button start that send the GPS screen out of the dashboard and in full view.” — John Heim

“Very nice car, roomy, wonderful leg room, Lots of space for 3 kids and 2 adults. Nice media panel, digital clock great.” — The Whites “Felt very safe being up so high, feels very solid.”— Davies and Wilson

Porsche 911 Cabrio “Well it’s a Porsche, what else can you say. Great style.”— Dick and Friesen

BMW X1 “Felt very safe, seat to steering wheel comfort.” — The Whites

“Liked everything about this car, exterior, interior, controls. Fantastic SUV.” — Dick and Friesen

“Awesome, family sports car.” — Wayne Davies and Tess Wilson

“Incredible car, Feels very safe great on U turns, huge steering wheel.” — The Kriegls

“Porsche Cabrio driven by Tess. Wow with the top down it was great, Wayne couldn’t drive he was 6”6”. Radio/ display was great.” — Davies and Wilson

“Quick take off , nice handling, very peppy” — John and Karen Leggat “Very safe family car.” — The Ricards “Ride is smoother than expected from a small CUV.” — The Torbiaks


Lexus CT200h “Liked the drop down seats.” — The Whites “Large centre console created a compact space for front passengers, fun to drive in the sport mode.” — The Kriegls

“First Glance exterior – Classic brilliance.” — The Ricards “Unbelievable car! Fantastic steering, great handling and really smooth braking. Awesome!” — The Schimnowskis “Very comfortable, liked the style, speed, looks. Pleasure to drive, holds the road.” — The Whites

FALL 2011

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THE VEHICLES 2012 Lexus CT200h: The 2012 Lexus CT 200h is a premium-compact car that is a 4-door 5-passenger hatchback that pairs a 98-horsepower 1.8-litre 4-cylinder gasoline engine with a battery-powered electric motor for a combined 134 horsepower. The CT 200h can run on one or both of its power sources to balance acceleration and fuel economy, and no plug-in charging is necessary. With four choices that drivers can make on the power train including: Normal, Eco, Sport, and EV. Normal is for everyday driving. Eco and Sport alter throttle response to suit high-economy and sporty driving, respectively. EV allows the car to run at up to 28 mph solely on electric power for up to one mile. Among the standard features are keyless access/engine start, tilt and telescopic steering wheel, USB port, and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. Our drivers were impressed with how smooth and comfortable the drive was. It did take some time to get used to how quiet the car was, especially when starting it. Each driver had to actually look at the gauges to make sure the car was ready to go. With space in the back for everyday goods and the fuel efficiency to let you drive around all day to get them, the 200h is a great addition to the driveway for any family. Find your Lexus at

2012 BMW X1: It seems that many people are looking for the same thing—a fuel-efficient, roomy, comfortable vehicle that they can drive to work each day and get away on the weekends with the gear they need. The X1 satisfies these requirements quite nicely while resembling the look and feel of its larger siblings the X3 and X5. This is not a vehicle to buy to be a family hauler, but for a younger couple without children or those in a downsizing mode once the kids have left the nest, this is a perfect vehicle for getting around and taking your things with you. Being a BMW, we expected that the comforts and luxury appointments would be plentiful. The X1 did not disappoint. The seats were comfortable, and easy to get in and out of, the driver cockpit was functional with everything in its place and easy to find, and the xDrive all-wheel-drive system (the same as used on the larger X3 and X5) gave our drivers the feel of stability. Although our weekend was hot and sunny, there was some driving on gravel, and the reports were that the system stuck to the road very well. Find your BMW at

2012 Range Rover Sport HSE The Range Rover Sport is just one of those vehicles that has heads turning wherever you go. It has a unique, sporty and luxury look that can’t be missed when it makes it way around day-to-day life. Slide into the drivers seat, which by the way has the most amazing leather, push the start button and it comes to life with an exhaust sound that gives a little shiver. Being a SUV, it has the feel of something sturdy under you when you drive, but it keeps a nimble, sporty feel at the same time. It probably did not hurt that this is assisted by the 510 hp engine that our Pursuit weekend vehicle came with. With plenty of room inside and enough leg room in the rear seats for the kids to go to hockey practice or for taking friends for a night out at a Jets game, you are going to arrive in style. The Range Rover Sport came with five video cameras that almost made you feel like you were sitting in a NASA control room when they activated on screen. This allows you to make sure that when you are parking, you do not hit a curb and damage the 20-inch rims. One of our drivers seemed to compare vehicles consistently by the sound system, and with14 speakers and the Harmon Kardon system providing the sound from the radio, satellite or ipod, he was quite satisfied to sit and listen. All in all, the Range Rover Sport is luxury, performance and something that would be a pleasure to drive everyday. Find your Land Rover at

2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

The sedan segment is crowded. There is a lot to choose from, but when our drivers sat behind the wheel of the Mercedes C-Class and drove it, it stood out pretty quickly. It had the luxury you’d expect from a Mercedes and the newly upgraded 6-cylinder that produces 302hp while still maintaining great fuel efficiency. With the new updated front grill that gives the Mercedes a nice aggressive look, the C-Class 350 that Mercedes sent for Urban Pursuit quickly became a favourite. It was comfortable and powerful. It had every feature one might expect and every person who completed his or her turn in the car said the same thing, “I could drive this car all day, everyday, and be really happy.” This sedan is meant to provide the comfort and performance of a Mercedes, and at a price that is more attainable than people initially thought. Well worth the drive. Find your Mercedes at

12 | FALL 2011



FALL 2011

| 13

THE VEHICLES 2012 Mercedes-Benz GLK

The small SUV segment has become one of the most competitive areas for auto manufacturers in recent years. With fuel costs rising, yet families needing to get to hockey, soccer, school functions and gather the week’s groceries into a vehicle while still having room for the kids, it is no wonder there are a lot of choices. Trouble is, there is a lot of vanilla out there—same looking vehicles with different nameplates. Along comes Mercedes to take some styling cues from their G-Class large SUV and smooth out the lines to make it look different than most in its class on the road, but appealing nonetheless. Well powered and plenty of room, even for our “big, tall strapping lad” who was on hand to test all headroom limits in each vehicle. Even though the GLK might sell in the small SUV category, and be priced as such, it offers a lot of cargo space (54.7 cu ft) and with the seats down had sets of golf clubs, weekend gear and plenty of room to spare. To go along with the space, it had plenty of power and nicely sipped fuel all weekend. On gravel, the independent suspension and all-wheel drive system took on the bumps with ease. All in all, for the value, the GLK ranked at the top of the list all weekend. Find your Mercedes at

2012 Chrysler 300

Chrysler has definitely changed in the last few years. They have made design changes across their model line up as well as quality improvements, and it shows. Since its major advertising debut at the Superbowl, with the endorsement of Eminem, this was the first that many of the weekends participants had seen of the 300 up close. The initial response from most was the same: “Boy, Chrysler has sure made this look good.” With new, smoother lines and some aggressive design made to the grill and lights, the 300 got a second look by everyone who walked by. Getting behind the wheel brought the same response in that the dash and controls were clean, organized and well-thought out. It was more than comfortable to drive, and when you wanted to, it got by traffic in a hurry. I mistakenly made the comment, “it is a great car, too bad it is not AWD,” and was quickly corrected by one of the participants who showed me the AWD label. Not only was I proven wrong, but was pleasantly surprised by the price. The 300 has all of what someone is looking for in its range, and more. With Chrysler’s new tagline “imported from Detroit,” they are making a statement that the quality levels of their new line ups are up to par with the imports. Suffice to say, we agreed and think that as an everyday vehicle that was fun to drive, this is one that you need to get behind the wheel of. Find your Chrysler at

2012 Dodge Journey

The Dodge people mover that is the Journey, is one of those vehicles that has a lot of appeal. With most manufactures ditching the minivans (except coincidentally Chrysler), the Journey fills this gap quite nicely. Plenty of room for the 4-5 passengers who will typically be making their way around town, with an optional third row seating package for those car pooling or “multi-kids and their friends days” that we have. Many parents have the same response when they first start having children, or the kids start getting bigger. “Whatever we do, we need to stay clear of a minivan.” Well folks, Chrysler has made people haulers cool with the Journey. At the same time, they have provided a vehicle with a lot of great features that people are looking for such as satellite radio, keyless push-start and lots of space in the front seats. They have also included some of those things that minivans became famous for like second row in-floor storage. Add in a fuel-efficient inline 4-cylinder engine and optional AWD, and the Dodge Journey gave a smooth, quiet ride that everyone enjoyed and commented on. A great option for a new or growing family. Find your Dodge at

2012 Acura TL AWD

If there is one thing that Acura almost always has going for it, it’s always a pleasure to drive, comfortable for long distances and enjoys a decent level of power. Each driver of the TL over the weekend commented on how smooth and quiet the ride was, but a few (think men) were looking for a little more aggressive power and sporty handling. There is no doubt that there is plenty of power under the hood (305hp to be exact), but it is delivered consistently and fluid, not brash. When you get in each day to head to the office, this is what most people desire. It is just that weekend unwind, when you might be looking for that snap, that the Acura may not deliver how you’d like.

With the 2012 model, Acura has made a few styling updates (mainly front grill) that help give it a little more aggressive look and inside it is well appointed. With any Acura, there are plenty of buttons to choose from to get the features you want, and there are many of those. One of the great features of the TL is Acura’s Super Handling All-Wheel Drive system. This provides phenomenal traction control to all wheels and adjusts power to each wheel when needed depending on the where slippage might be occurring. The TL may not win the ‘sexiest car alive’ contest, but every driver on weekend chalked it up to one that had to be driven a second time if they had the chance. Find your Acura at

14 | FALL 2011


2012 Audi A7

Ok, this might not be fair a fair comment but “Holy Crap!” The entire Audi line up has gone through a revamp over the past few years and recently introduced the A7 ‘Sportback.’ Although it is a 4-door sedan, it is deceiving to look at because from some angles it looks coupe-like. When Mercedes brought out the CLS a few years back, there was some wonder if other manufacturers would follow suit. That they did and Audi sure came up with a doozy. The A7 has the curbside appeal of “insert the sexiest person you can think of here.” Once sitting in the driver cockpit, it is sporty and luxurious all at the same time. It has plenty of great features to choose from including the A7’s heads-up system (that provides speed, navigation instructions, warning messages and more) as well as the very cool MMI Touch Navigation system (allowing drivers to enter a destination, name or phone number by drawing the characters on the pad with their finger). The power under the hood is provided by a direct injection V6 that provides 310hp. Many a driver commented on how smooth the power was, and how easy it was to be going 75 km/hr and think you are going slower. With such great looks (think sexy) and an amazing interior, it is easy to see why it was difficult to get people to get out of the car on the weekend and also why this car is selling so well for Audi already. Find your Audi at

2011 Porsche 911 Cabriolet

When the call came late Friday that the Porsche Panamera that they were going to send for the Urban Pursuit weekend had been sold, we panicked a little. Then the next comment, formed in more of a question was “Can we send a 911 Cabriolet instead?” Oh gee, let me think- OK! So on Saturday morning, when people started getting to the meeting locations, eyes started lighting up as they circled the 911. With the sun shining and heating up quickly, the top was down, and stayed that way until dinner. The 911 is simply the epitome of a pure sports car. It is recognized as one of the most appealing cars on the road and is sought after (or at least dreamt about) by just about every car enthusiast out there. In the past, Porsche focused hard on quality, performance and drivability. With the Porsche Communication Management system that let’s you have your phone and ipod fully integrated into the superior audio system and a touchscreen navigation system, the creature comforts are now included to complete the package. It seems that Porsche took the cues from their best selling Cayenne SUV and how people want it all in a vehicle now and included this into their sport machine. Although a 911 Cabriolet is not in everyone’s price range, it is almost surely on everyone’s bucket list and the drivers in this year’s Urban Pursuit were able to check this off theirs. And based on the fact that Porsche in Canada, including Winnipeg is having a record year (like many of the dealers in town) it seems a few bucket lists are being checked off. Find your Porsche at


FALL 2011

| 15


Self Employed Current vehicle: 2006 Nissan Altima Dream vehicle: 1964 Ford Mustang Convertible

Rebecca Friesen

Occupational Therapist Current vehicle: 2010 Nissan Pathfinder Dream vehicle: Audi R8

Most Important Feature Him Comfort Her Safety

Scott Ricard

Carpenter Current vehicle: 2010 Dodge RAM Dream vehicle: Bugatti Veron

Most Important Feature

Sabrina Ricard

Him Hauling capability (people and things) Her Comfort

Team Leader (Service Canada) Current vehicle: 2011 Chevrolet Equinox LT Dream vehicle: BMW X6

Allan Kriegl Fred Asplin

Realtor Manager Current vehicle: Cadillac Buick Enclave Escalade Dream vehicle: ’67 Jaguar Corvette XJL Supersport 427, 435

MelissaKriegl Felicia Asplin

Most Important Feature Him Smooth, quiet ride Her Heated leather seats! We live in Winnipeg!

Mortgage Kindergarten broker Teacher Current vehicle: BMW Honda745 Odyssey Dream vehicle: Whatever Porsche Carrera my husband GT Convertible wants

Wayne Davies

Junior High Principal Current vehicle: 2004 F-150 Crew Cab Dream vehicle: Jaguar Project C-X75

Tess Wilson

Most Important Feature Him Leg room and storage space Her Safety and reliability

Business Development Coordinator Current vehicle: 2004 Ford Escape Dream vehicle: Aston Martin DB5 (“Bond” approved!)

William John Leggat Zuk

Owner, Cropo Executive director Funeral Chapel Current vehicle: Buick MazdaLucerne 3 and Cadillac Dream vehicle: Lincoln Ferrari 166 Navigator

DianneLeggat Karen Zuk

Most MostImportant ImportantFeature Feature Him handling, reliable, comfortable HimNice Performance Her kids,the hockey dog HerSpace That Ifor canthe reach clutchbag (I’mand short!)

Family School Support trustee Coordinator, Cropo Current vehicle: Toyota Honda Accord Sienna Van Dream vehicle: Not Porsche sure911 (first series)

Thank you to our participating dealers:

Rene Prive

Management Current vehicle: GMC truck Dream vehicle: Ferrari

Nancie Prive 16 | FALL 2011

Branch manager Current vehicle: BMW Dream vehicle: BMW


Š 2011 Porsche Cars Canada, Ltd. Porsche recommends seatbelt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times.

For more information visit

Never Hibernate. Goosebumps come standard.

Engineered for magic. Auto Haus Porsche 660 Pembina Highway Winnipeg, Manitoba Phone: 204 284-7520


FALL 2011

| 17

THE COUPLES John Schimnowski

Account Executive UPS Freight Current vehicle: 2011 Ford Fusion Dream vehicle: Porsche 911

Denise Schimnowski

Most Important Feature Him Comfort, as I spend all day in my vehicle Her Comfort, space, style

Administrative Assistant Current vehicle: Toyota Corolla Dream vehicle: Mercedes Benz

Dan Torbiak

Manager at an industry association Current vehicle: Porsche Cayman, Subaru Impreza Dream vehicle: Porsche Cayman

Dawn Torbiak

Most Important Feature Him Handling, steering feel Her Reliability, handling on highway

Teacher Current vehicle: Chevy Cobalt Dream vehicle: Subaru Outback, Honda CRV, Audi TT

Allan Asplin Doug White

Realtor Sales representative Current vehicle: Cadillac 2008 Volkswagen Escalade Touareg Dream vehicle: ’67 WillCorvette see after427, today 435

Melissa Tara White Asplin

Most Most Important Important Feature Feature Him HimComfort, Functional handles well, practical Her HerComfort, Reliable looks hot, handles well, roomy

Mortgage City of Winnipeg broker Current vehicle: BMW 2010 745 Avalanche Dream vehicle: Whatever Yet to be my determined husband wants

John Heim

Partner, Jackfish Media Group Current vehicle: 2006 Honda Civic EX Sedan Dream vehicle: 911 GT3

Marlys Heim

Most Important Feature Him Intuitive design and handling Her Safety and styling

CIBC Current vehicle: 2003 Dodge Caravan SXT Dream vehicle: Volvo AWD Xwagon

William Zuk

Executive director Current vehicle: Mazda 3 Dream vehicle: Ferrari 166

Dianne Zuk

Most Important Feature Him Performance Her That I can reach the clutch (I’m short!)

School trustee Current vehicle: Honda Accord Dream vehicle: Porsche 911 (first series)

Rene Prive

Management Current vehicle: GMC truck Dream vehicle: Ferrari

Nancie Prive 18 | FALL 2011

Branch manager Current vehicle: BMW Dream vehicle: BMW



FALL 2011

| 19


20 | FALL 2011



t’s seven o’clock one weekday morning in early August. As you battle traffic to get into the office, Dylan Fast prepares for his commute by climbing into his Piper Super Cub at the edge of the family island on Shoal Lake. Sixty minutes later, he taxis to a stop outside the headquarters of Fast Air, on the southern edge of Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport. Such has been the growth of Fast Air that in 2002, when the company announced the addition of the first executive jet to its growing fleet, it employed 24. These days, the number stands at 80 (with a fleet of 16 owned and managed aircraft), impressive success for the company Fast started and continues to operate in accordance with a surprisingly simple plan. Fast’s father bought the very airplane his son flew into work this morning back in 1958 for a construction business he ran in northern Manitoba. One of seven kids, the married father of two teenagers started working toward his own pilot’s licence in high school. Describing himself as “just a guy who loves to fly airplanes,” Fast went pro in 1982, flying fire patrol out of Bissett, followed by years of bush flying all manner of aircraft, interspersed with several years of crop dusting, while taking winters off to hitchhike to far-off places around the globe. Finally, in 1987, he took the position that would set him on the path to the founding of Fast Air. “As a method of job preservation and because I saw a need in Winnipeg,” explains Fast, “I thought it would be a good idea to set up a corporate-type charter business, so I approached (my boss) with the idea that I would use his aircraft when he was not using it, start a charter company and we’d each make a bit of money.” That was in 1994, and Fast Air was born with one pilot and that one airplane – a Piper Cheyenne, “which was a little more corporate style than there was here in Winnipeg,” he says. Doing most of his flying up north, Fast says, “I learned everything I needed to know right in the trenches.” Before long, business picked up, leading to the purchase of several more aircraft in succession, before Fast took things to the next level three years later when he purchased a King Air 200, a pressurized, turbine aircraft, the first in Winnipeg.


Running low on space, and with an eye to providing a more polished executive image than the rented space he was using, Fast built the present Fast Air facility in 2000, incorporating such amenities as an executive lounge. “We didn’t have any corporate jets at the time,” he notes, “but we built it thinking that this would be a way to add to the existing services that we were providing. Sure enough, within six months we had our first managed jet.” In fact, while charter and medevac flights, which Fast Air has been undertaking for the provincial government since 2003, are mainstays of the company, the growth sector these days is in aircraft management. “When companies or large corporations want their own aircraft to move their people around,” he explains, “they need to have their own flight department because regulatory compliance is huge; what does Company X know about running a jet, hiring pilots and training? So, we provide a turnkey solution for them, including the pilots, our operating certificate—which in itself is a big thing—the training; we organize it all.” If Fast has had a business philosophy to this point, it would be: better instead of bigger, and everything else will follow. “I’m probably a little different than most business people that way. I just approach the business every day looking for continual improvement, and that covers all of the aspects of our business, internal and external. We keep raising the bar, and the opportunities have come through word of mouth, relationship building and trust-building.” Fast remains a hands-on owner, lest the business of running the business rob him of his first love. “I still like to fly three to four hundred hours a year,” he notes, adding, “I hire people to do some of the other stuff to make sure that I can stay out there flying the aircraft and being with the customers. I’m a pilot first and a businessman second. I take off in my little floatplane off the water at the cottage in the morning to come in to work, and in the afternoon, I’m flying a corporate jet down to San Diego. It’s perfect.” And with that, Fast excuses himself to prepare for that afternoon’s journey—just a guy who loves to fly airplanes.

FALL 2011

| 21




New Paramedics program saves heart attack victims. by Holli Moncrieff

Neil Wilcox is the last person you’d expect to have a heart attack. At 47, Wilcox was in the best shape of his life. He ran daily, had regular sessions with a personal trainer, and never ate junk food. “I was quite conscientious about my health—I had no expectation that this was going to happen to me,” Wilcox says, going back to that fateful July morning three years ago. “I’d just finished a run and was doing my stretches. That’s when I knew I was in trouble.” Although that morning’s workout had been tougher than usual, Wilcox had experienced that before. At first, the mild chest pain didn’t concern him. He even joked to his

22 | FALL 2011

partner, Randy, that he hoped he wasn’t having a heart attack. “Then it all started happening—I started having real pain, and sweating like crazy. I was really anxious—my mind was racing,” he recalls. “Ordinarily, I go for a swim after my run to cool off, but something told me I better not do that.” As Randy had left for work, Wilcox finally decided—against some misgivings—to call 911. Initially, he hung up before the call could be completed. “I told myself ‘Don’t be silly—you’re fine, don’t waste anyone’s time.’ But in the end, I called back, and it was a life-saving

decision, because I was having a heart attack. I told them I was having trouble breathing, and I needed help.” Fortunately, Wilcox was one of the first people to benefit from the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service’s STEMI program. STEMI (an acronym for ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction, otherwise known as a heart attack) was implemented to provide faster treatment for those suffering from heart attacks. Prior to STEMI, patients were transported to Grace Hospital, where they went through the triage system and were seen by an attending physician. Once it was determined that they were having a heart WWW.WINNIPEGMEN.COM


Starting from $30,959*

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*Freight, PDI, taxes, license, registration (if applicable) and insurance are extra. See your Lexus dealer for complete details.

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attack, they were transported to the cardiac unit at St. Boniface Hospital. Time can mean the difference between life and death for someone with a heart attack, so these wasted minutes were of great concern, says André Bérard, Public Education Coordinator EMS with the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service. “The time this approach would take was tremendous—you had to register at the hospital, and wait to see a doctor. During a heart attack, the sooner you can get the blood clot removed, the less damage there is to the heart,” Bérard explains. “Since we implemented STEMI, a lot of people have been surviving heart attacks with a much better quality of life afterwards, and less damage to the heart.” Within 30 minutes of calling 911, Wilcox was on the operating table. “This is the amazing, crazy, wonderful part of my story—from the time I had my first pain to the time the operation was over was only an hour,” he says. “When you have a heart attack, they say ‘time is muscle.’ Every minute you spend without being treated,

24 | FALL 2011

there’s more damage to the heart muscle.” With the STEMI program, paramedics were able to give Wilcox an EKG (an electrocardiogram test that records the heart’s electrical activity) right in his home. Within minutes, the paramedics had transmitted the information to St. Boniface and were speaking to the on-call cardiologist. “A whole army of people arrived—there were fire trucks and firefighters. They gave me aspirin, an oxygen mask, and a firefighter counted me through my breathing. It calmed me right down,” remembers Wilcox. “When I got to the hospital, they wheeled me right in (to the operating room). No one stopped to talk to anyone. They knew I was coming, and they knew what they were going to do.” To his shock and dismay, Wilcox had three blocked arteries. One of those arteries was 90 per cent blocked. He was later told that he’d had only a 50 per cent chance of surviving the ambulance ride to the hospital. “I’m part of the five per cent of the

population whose heart attacks can’t be explained. I can’t tell you how many of my friends said ‘If Neil had a heart attack, we’d better start looking at (our own health),” Wilcox says. “But my story is not a tragic one.” Though Wilcox was extremely healthconscious, he realized his life had to change. He changed jobs to something less stressful, and now takes medication for his inherited high cholesterol. With minimal damage to his heart, and the support of the Reh-Fit Fitness Centre, Wilcox was running again within three months. “Everyone always complains about our medical system, but I just don’t get that. When we really need something, it’s there for us,” he says. “I couldn’t believe how efficient it was—they (the paramedic team) were competent, professional, beyond brilliant. They saved my life.” If you suspect you are having a heart attack, call 911 immediately. Do not attempt to drive yourself or get someone else to drive you to the hospital.



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WARNING! ATVs can be hazardous to operate. For your safety always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing and never carry passengers unless the adult ATV has been designed by the manufacturer specifically for that purpose. Polaris adult models are for riders age 16 and older. Be sure to take a safety training course. For safety and training information contact your Polaris dealer. The Polaris RANGER general purpose off路road utility vehicle is not intended for and may not be registered for on路road use.

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takes the Controls JETS’ CAPTAIN USHERS IN A NEW HOCKEY ERA by Jon Waldman Andrew Ladd’s three-piece suit and accessories all by Pal Zileri, and provided by Hanford Drewitt. His watch, a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date, provided by Birks Jewellry.

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The celebration of the Winnipeg Jets’ return to our city has yet to taper, and some might expect that it never will, especially when you consider the careful strategy that True North Sports and Entertainment utilized when it dispensed information about the franchise. May 31 may have been the day that NHL hockey was returning to the River City, but it was nearly a month before we learned that the name would indeed be the Winnipeg Jets once again. Similarly, we didn’t know the logo until mid-July, and wouldn’t get a sense of the uniform until late August. We also didn’t immediately know who

“I was cut,” Ladd says with a laugh. Indeed. Ladd was cut twice by the Vancouver Giants, once at 16 and again at 17 years of age. The bite, however, did not deter the B.C. native, whose rights were later acquired by the Calgary Hitmen. One year later, he was in Calgary, where a cousin and his best friend at the time were suiting up. As he says, “Everything went right from there.” While with the Hitmen, Ladd received an invitation to try out for Team Canada’s World Junior squad, who that year (2004/05) would be travelling to Grand Forks, ND, for the annual wintertime tournament. Ladd made the squad during the team’s training camp and

that the time in Lowell was beneficial as he got a steady amount of ice time in the league. By November, however, Ladd would see his first NHL action before again going down with injury. The rest of the season would continue on a steady mix of NHL and AHL action before seeing action in 17 NHL playoff games as the Canes, on the strength of rookies like Ladd and Cam Ward, would win the Stanley Cup—an aspiration for each and every player who has ever laced their skates professionally or recreationally. So, after achieving this ultimate success, how does one stay motivated? “I think the motivation is to want to do

“AS HOCKEY PLAYERS, FOR US AS A CULTURE, I THINK WE’RE ONE OF THE BEST SPORTS IN TERMS OF HOW OPEN WE ARE WITH OUR FANS, BUT IT’S A BIG THING FOR US TO BE PART OF THE COMMUNITY AND HELP OUT WITH CHARITIES” the team captain was going to be. You see, incumbent Andrew Ladd was a restricted free agent going into July—the time when general managers and players alike explore all signing options. Ladd, who had already been through Winnipeg in June, had the option to sign on with another NHL squad (although the new team would be penalized). Shortly into the free agent season, however, Ladd was off the market, having signed a new five-year contract with the Jets. HUMBLE BEGINNINGS The path to this new contract began, as it did for so many players in the junior ranks, first in the Junior B ranks then with the Coquitlam Express in Junior A, a path that, while not entirely uncommon, is still not quite the traditional route compared to entering the Canadian Hockey League. The reason?


exhibition series which took place in Winnipeg. “That was a cool experience. With the (NHL) lockout, we had so many great players going into camp,” Ladd says of the roster which included the likes of Sidney Crosby, Corey Perry, Mike Richards and Shea Weber. “One of the memories I have is how crazy the MTS Centre was when we were playing our exhibition games. We had a lot of fun there.” THE PROS Following the World Juniors, where Canada took home the gold medal, Ladd set back to finishing his time in the CHL. The NHL resumed play the following season and Ladd found himself in the Carolina Hurricanes camp (the same team that drafted him in 2004 prior to the lockout). Rather than be rushed to the NHL, however, Ladd was initially sent to the AHL affiliate Lowell Lock Monsters after sustaining an injury during pre-season training. He reflects

it again,” Ladd comments. “You feel the rush of winning the Cup and what goes along with it—the bond with the guys throughout the whole process and really what it takes to do it. It’s a special thing, and when you have that opportunity, you want to do it again.” Ladd would soon get that coveted opportunity to hoist Lord Stanley’s mug one more time, this time as a member of the Chicago Blackhawks in 2010. At that point, Ladd was truly developing into a leader as the Thrashers would see one year later when he donned the “C” for the Thrashers. Jonathan Toews, Ladd’s teammate and captain of the Blackhawks during that Cup run, remarks that Winnipeg is fortunate to have Ladd as their leader. “He’s a good captain,” Toews says. “It just goes to show the leadership we had in the locker room the year we won the Stanley Cup. People are going to love him and they’re really going to see what he’s made of.” FALL 2011

| 27

Imagination meets engineering. From the minds of our engineers comes a whole new kind of vehicle. A true five-door luxury coupe that’s so emotive, it’ll move you even in park. The new A7: it’s everything we imagined, exactly as we imagined it. Starting at $68,600*

Motion Slickness The new Audi A7

St. James Audi 670 Century Street, Winnipeg 204.788.1100

© 2011 Audi Canada. *2012 Audi A7 3.0 TFSI quattro, base MSRP with 8-speed tiptronic automatic transmission is $68,600, which excludes freight and PDI ($1,995), license, insurance, registration, any dealer or other charges, options other2011 applicable taxes. European model is shown. “Audi”, “A7”, “Vorsprung durch Technik”, and the four rings emblem are registered trademarks of AUDI AG.WWW.WINNIPEGMEN.COM To find out more about Audi, see your dealer, 28 |and FALL call us at 1- 800 - FOR -AUDI, or visit us at



BORN December 12, 1985, Maple Ridge, B.C. POSITION Left Wing DRAFTED 4th overall, 2004 NHL Entry Draft by the Carolina Hurricanes NHL TOTALS (AS OF 2010-11) Games: 402 Goals: 92 Assists: 116 Points: 208 Stanley Cups: 2 (Carolina, 2006; Chicago, 2010) INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE: 2005 World Junior Hockey Championships (Gold) 2011 World Senior Hockey Championships (no medal)

THE MOVE Winnipeg’s faithful spent the better part of the 2010-11 NHL season following the drama of the potential Phoenix Coyotes move back to Winnipeg. Behind the scenes, as we know now, there was an increasing possibility, then reality, that it would be the Atlanta Thrashers—Ladd’s team—that would be packing up and leaving. The news, as Ladd explains, caught him and the entire Thrashers crew by surprise. “It really happened quickly. There had been a little bit of talk throughout the year, but mostly it was about Phoenix and Winnipeg and didn’t have anything to do with Atlanta,” Ladd recalls, “but in a two-week span, it became ‘maybe it is Atlanta’ and then all the sudden it was ‘Okay, you guys are moving.’ For us, it was really quick and it was kind of a shock for everyone in the organization.” Naturally, there were questions that immediately came up for the team’s personnel, namely who would be making the move to Winnipeg. “You’re going into a new situation with new people—a new general manager, so as


players you don’t know what to expect. You have an idea of what’s going to happen,” Ladd explains.


For the most part, however, the player roster was kept intact. A couple of trades were made and some free agents departed, but all told the team hitting the ice in October is extremely similar to the one that played last year in Atlanta. Names like Dustin Byfuglien, Ondrej Pavelic, Bryan Little and Tobias Enstrom will soon be on the marquee in Winnipeg. Ladd, for his part, is looking forward to the opportunity to play in front of what will now be a guaranteed sold-out MTS Centre for the next three to five years, as well as what being captain and being a Jet means to the city. “As hockey players, for us as a culture, I think we’re one of the best sports in terms of how open we are with our fans, but it’s a big thing for us to be part of the community and help out with charities,” he says. With that attitude in mind, there is no doubt that Andrew Ladd will wear the C well for the Winnipeg Jets when they hit the ice, for the first time in 15 years, this October.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date, 40mm, stainless steel, pressureproof to 300m/1,000 feet, time-lapse rotatable bezel with green ceramic insert and green gold “Maxi” dial, synthetic sapphire crystal and Oyster Glidelock bracelet. Price upon request. Available at Birks Winnipeg, 191 Lombard Avenue, 204-786-7468.

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It’s a sad fact: if you’re a Canadian male between the ages of 25 and 60 (and if the demographic work done by the Winnipeg Men marketing team holds true, you are), you or somebody close to you has been personally affected by prostate cancer. It’s a disease that one in seven men in this country will develop, making it the most common type of cancer among Canadian men. Fortunately, with early detection and treatment, it’s one of the more curable cancers, with cure rates of 90 per cent or better. However, early detection is still a difficult—and notoriously uncomfortable— prospect, making prostate cancer the third leading cause of cancer deaths among men of all ages. It’s the “notoriously uncomfortable” method of diagnosis (i.e., the digital rectal exam where “digital” refers to finger—specifically, a doctor’s—and “rectal” refers to…yeah, that—specifically, yours) that freaks out a lot of men and contributes to a reluctance to even talk about prostate cancer. Until the 600-pound gorilla in the room becomes the only thing to talk about. Awareness comes from communication and education. But if the topic makes

by Craig Lawrence

people squirm, they’re not going to be as inclined to listen. People, perhaps men especially, respond to a light approach to topics usually considered taboo. Viagra™ would sell a lot fewer little blue pills if their commercials featured a doctor in a white coat discussing the physiological aspects of erectile dysfunction, rather than a guy dancing down the road singing “Good morning, good morning!” because he started his day with a little hey-hey. It’s this approach to raising awareness and opening the discussion that Movember employs. Here’s how it works: On Halloween, Movember participants (Mo Bros) completely shave their upper lip so that the month formerly-known-as-November starts with a clean-shaven face. Then, throughout the month, Mo Bros do their best to grow a handlebar, Fu Manchu, toothbrush, ‘70s porn star, Marlboro Man, or whatever. And that’s where the fun comes in. As any NHL playoff fan can attest, the ability to grow facial hair comes in varying degrees. But whether a full-blown Lanny McDonald or a work-in-progress Jonathan Toews, according to the Movember website, those moustaches make Mo Bros “walking, talking billboards.” Mo Bros form teams (MTS TV’s

annual effort call themselves the “Snideley Whiplashes”), get sponsorship to raise funds for research, and most importantly get guys talking about prostate cancer. Winnipeg has an ardent Mo Bro in 92 CITI FM’s Joe Aeillo. Blessed with a genetic predisposition to grow a moustache in the time it takes to say “genetic predisposition,” Aeillo has been on board the Movember wagon since last year’s $76.8-million Canadian effort. “It’s a fun way of creating awareness,” he says. Aeillo is planning on taking part again this Movember. “As a 45-year-old guy, (prostate cancer) is becoming a more prevalent topic as far as getting checked during each physical is concerned.” His advice? “Schedule your physical for just after your doctor’s vacation. They’re less stressed and their fingers aren’t as swollen.” It’s that approach to the topic that makes Aeillo an important part of the Winnipeg Movember scene. Make it fun, make it light—but when it comes down to it, make sure the message gets out. “Growing a moustache is something people will notice, and once they find out you’re doing it for a cause, they get interested. It’s something people see. I don’t think you can market a product any better than that.”

Dr. Riley Senft, a resident in anesthesiology in Winnipeg, is running across Canada to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer. His campaign, Step Into Action, focuses on educating men and their families that early detection can save lives. For more information visit WWW.WINNIPEGMEN.COM

FALL 2011

| 31



Fashion tips for dressing guys of all sizes

All fashion supplied by Hanford Drewitt. Photography by Chronic Creative.

Dressing for your body shape is not as tough as you might think

I don't look like one of those runway models, what should I be wearing?

32 | FALL 2011

No matter the profession we choose, looking good when we go to work should be something we take pride in. You don’t have to break the bank to look good, but focusing on a few keys items will make you feel comfortable and look good morning to night. First, wearing properly fitted shirts is one the most common things we see that most guys need to correct. Shirts are made to fit generic. They need to be taken in around the midsection no matter what your body shape. Doing this one thing will make a big difference to how you look and feel. Second, invest in some decent shoes. Cheap shoes wear out fast and make an entire outfit look bad. Also, try not to wear the same shoes everyday. Alternate through a couple pairs and they will last longer. Third, always keep in mind- black belt, black shoes, brown belt, brown shoes. Last, don’t listen to the guys who say this doesn’t matter. First impressions are lastingwhether you are at work, or out for the night and we want you to look and feel great.


fashion THE BULKY GUY Although some guys are choosing to not wear ties nowadays, we would suggest that if you have some extra bulk, wearing a tie and a properly fitted shirt will help to not draw attention to a larger neck. The key here is ‘properly fitted shirt.’ Don’t simply buy a larger shirt because it fits bigger. If you do this, and have extra material around the midsection, it will only bring attention to this. Make sure you have your shirts taken in. Always start with making sure the shirt fits your neck comfortably first, then deal with the midsection material and sleeve length after. A properly fitting shirt will make you feel comfortable and look good.

ABOUT 5’ 10” OR SHORTER A pinstripe suit is the perfect way for the shorter, portlier guy to look visually taller and thinner. The stripes on the suit draw people’s eyes vertically up and down and combined with a shirt that has vertical stripes keeps the patterning. Remember, if pinstripes on the suit are wide, keep the shirt stripes tight. You don’t want the same stripe pattern on both. Your tie, if you are wearing one, can have some pattern (as shown here) to break up the stripes a bit, but coordinate some of the colours in the tie to the stripes on the shirt.

5’ 10” OR TALLER Dressing with a vest will allow you to hide some midsection bulk and slim you down. As you see here, also using classic accessories such as cufflinks and a pocket square and a tie with smaller patterns will simplify your suit. The slit at the back of the jacket should be closed or a single, centre slit, not a double slit as this will highlight a larger rear by allowing the flop to open too much. When at the office, having your jacket off still allows you to be comfortable and look great without drawing attention to any extra bulk because the vest keeps your midsection from drawing attention. Let them admire your cufflinks, shoes and tie instead.

If your daily office or work attire is more casual, the same rules apply—stick to vertical stripes or have some great colours and patterns in a shirt. No matter what, a jacket that fits properly, and maintains vertical stripes will always help to create a slimmer looking you. Finally, spend some money on shoes. Women always take note of the shoes you are wearing almost before anything else. If you are wearing a great outfit, whether a suit or casual, and then mess it up with those slip-ons with tassles from the 80s, you are not doing yourself a favour. If you are heavier, choose shoes that have a stiffer leather as they will hold their shape better. Soft leather gets bent out of shape and not only will give you sore feet, but take away from the work you have put in to everything else.


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fashion THE SKINNY GUY You might think that we should all be jealous of the guys who seem to have not an ounce of extra weight on them. Well guess what, if you are one of these guys, you know that it can be tough to find clothes that don’t look like they are hanging off of you. There always seems to be too much material and you can’t find where to put it. Wearing fitted shirts is really important for guys who are skinnier. Lighter color shirts that have the correct sleeve length and fit your body are key. Do not make the mistake of trying to add bulk by having a shirt not fit right. This will actually do the opposite and make you look sloppy. When it comes to your pants, again, having them fit properly is important. A lot of skinny guys have a small (or no) butt. You know what we mean. Make sure that your pants are taken in, especially around the rear end so that they do not just hang on you. Your jacket needs to have the double slit in the back opened up to let it flow and open up.


Any shirt should have either a pattern (please no pattern shirts with a suit guys (this is just a mess), or striping that is tight. Combine this with a solid pant and jacket that is either a check (squares) that are tight similar to what we see here. If you are wearing a tie, keep it to horizontal or almost horizontal stripes like we show here, or patterns to add some bulk. Stay away from vertical stripes or simple single colour ties. For a more casual look, again, stick to lighter colors, patterns or tight stripes. Also, anytime you are wearing a shirt with no tie, make sure it has a higher second button so that you are not having it open too much and drawing attention to you thinner neckline. This is common on casual shirts, but always double check.


A full suit or jacket that is a check-stripe (as shown) is best for the taller, thinner guy. This helps to bring down your visual height. Also keep shirts to solid colours with a tie or if you are going with a bit more casual shirt, stick to a check pattern (shown) but keep in mind that the pattern on the jacket should not be the same as the shirt. With the shirt we see here, it has a tighter check pattern than the jacket. For the taller guy, we recommend that the suit or jacket stick with this larger check-pattern and then use your shirt to complement it. Your tie again should be horizontal looking or as we see here, a few additional stripes that draw eyes across your body, not up and down. As an option, go with a solid colour suit or jacket and add colour with your shirt and tie. A pocket square that highlights some colours from your tie would finish it off perfectly.

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by Miles Jones


h, it’s October in Winnipeg and as the leaves fall and the days shorten you can’t help but notice a lot more people smiling this year. With winter on the horizon and the hope of an Indian summer to extend our warmth, we Peggers are usually readying for six months in our basements scraping out our fantasy football leagues and watching the NHL from the couch. Not this year, my friends. This has been a year to remember for all sports fans in Winnipeg. The announcement of the Atlanta Thrashers being sold to True North, and the success of the drive to 13,000 proved our city’s undeniable thirst for the top tier of hockey in the world. Support rarely seen even on this side of the 49th parallel brought us both global media attention and the envy of other cities. The Jets play eight times at home during October and November and with tickets being scarce, be sure to try and lock some down. The MTS Centre will not only house our beloved Jets but you can also catch an amazing lineup of talent coming through in October and November. Kings of Leon rocks the house down with their alternative


styling on October 4. The hardline Rise Against features on October 6, and Canadian icon Avril Lavigne will be hitting the stage October 14. Selena Gomez will be in town along with 12,000 screaming teenagers wondering if boyfriend Justin Bieber will make an appearance on October 21. Cirque du Soleil will do their best to interpret the King of Pop in their show “Michael Jackson the Immortal” on October 26. You can also catch The Who’s Roger Daltry in concert November 2. All tickets available at Ticketmaster. On the north side of Polo Park lies an old stadium you may just want to check out some time over the next couple of months for two main reasons. First and foremost our Winnipeg Blue Bombers are back on top of the CFL and feature a defence that has both Swagger and, far more importantly, a boatload of talent. Reason two, the Bombers play twice at home in October which will be two of the last chances you have to sit in the old Winnipeg Stadium. Saturday, October 22, they battle Montreal, which should decide the East. The following Friday, October 28 they play Toronto on to finish out their regular season home games.

With a probable home playoff game as possibly the last event in the old barn, the Bombers are setting up well to give the old girl a beautiful farewell. The puck drops on a new era October 9 at the MTS Centre when the Montreal Canadiens battle your Winnipeg Jets. That’s right: your Winnipeg Jets. Back after 15 years. Back because an ownership group, and a league, saw an opportunity in a thriving community to make it work. Our community. So when Andrew Ladd leads our team out on to the ice for the first time that afternoon, take a little time to realize how far this city has come and the pride we can all take in it. We’re back... Later in the month, a Gold Medal Plates Dinner on October 27 at the Winnipeg Convention Centre has Winnipeg’s best chefs competing for a coveted gold medal, pairing dishes with Canada’s finest wines in support of Canadian Olympic and Paralympic athletes. Call 947-9766 for tickets and Information.

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Bringing out the best in your Hot Tub

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he cylinder head covers in your new Ford spent a previous life as an indestructible carpet in a movie theatre or some other high-traffic commercial venue. The padding in your seats was once someone’s comfy Sunday jeans. And an armload of twolitre plastic bottles are now staring back at you from the instrument panel. Today’s vehicles are no longer the landfill fillers that they once were. What goes in at the beginning of the lifecycle includes plenty of recycled materials and items made from renewable resources. When a vehicle’s life on the road comes to an end, the pieces are carefully picked apart and used again, sometimes in other vehicles and other times in brand new ways. Case in point: tires are shredded, cleaned and made into comfy playground surfaces. Price and performance will always be key considerations when it comes to buying a car. But other factors—safety, fuel economy and eco-friendliness—are quickly sneaking into the mix. For some people, these features are at the top of the list. Ford is already using recycled or renewable materials instead of nonrenewable virgin materials in its vehicles. Post-consumer plastics are used to make underbody shields, battery trays, carpets, heater and air conditioning housings, replacement bumpers, roof linings and sound-proofing materials. On the renewable materials front, soybased foams are used for seat cushions, wheat straw is added to plastics to be used in storage bins and interior door panels, and sugars from corn, beets and cane will soon be used for biodegradable plastic parts on vehicles.

EYE ON THE GAS TANK Since fuel economy is quickly creeping up the list on factors to consider when buying a vehicle, it makes sense that every manufacturer is bringing more and more hybrids on stream every year. A hybrid vehicle has a gasoline engine and electric motor. At low speeds and for short distances, hybrids run exclusively on electricity. At higher speeds or when more power is needed, the gasoline engine kicks in. For 2012, Ford is offering a hybrid Escape and Fusion. In the Lincoln line, the MKZ will also be available as a hybrid. In the Manitoba market, hybrids continue to be a bit of a hard sell, but the reasons may surprise you. “Hybrids are the way of the future, that’s for sure, but they’re just not right for everyone because they do cost more,” says Len Friesen, president of Landau Ford Lincoln. “But even if you can’t justify the price premium of a hybrid, all isn’t lost if you want to do your part of the environment. The fuel efficiency of new Ford vehicles is so much more superior than it was just a few years ago. The emissions are also way down.” Friesen says on a 2012 Fusion, there’s about an $8,000 difference between the SEL model and the hybrid, but the hybrid comes with a few more bells and whistles, so you’re probably looking at roughly a $5,000 premium. Landau also says that the variety offered

in non-hybrid Fords with excellent fuel efficiency is huge, making it hard for newcar buyers to resist. “Right now we have 30 new Fusions on the lot in every colour and model configuration you could imagine,” he says. As hybrids become more mainstream, Friesen expects sales will see a spike. “Hybrids are the way to go. Things are still evolving with these technologies. It’s all going in the right direction, and with more interest, the prices will come down,” he says. “Plus if gas prices go over $1.40, we’ll see a lot of interest in a very short period of time,” he adds. Feeling the Need for Speed (and Power)? In a prime example of having your cake and eating it too, you can drive with an eye toward eco-friendliness and still get that boost of power that performance junkies crave. It’s all thanks to a new Ford engine called EcoBoost. Engines with the EcoBoost option use direct injection, turbocharging and variable valve timing. What does it all mean? It means your four-cylinder engine acts like a six and your V6s delivers the power of V8s. You might just be tempted to peek under the hood to make sure there really isn’t a V8 hiding in there. The energy savings kick in quickly because EcoBoost engines burn less fuel and weigh less than the larger-displacement engines they replace.

When a vehicle just doesn’t have any more miles in it, the crusher is no longer the first stop. About 85 per cent of the materials in Ford vehicles are recyclable. Everything from starters, alternators and transmissions to fuel tanks, seats and doors are dismantled, reconditioned and sold on the used auto parts market. Once all the recyclable parts are removed, the vehicle is flattened and pulverized into fist-sized pieces. Industrial-strength magnets separate the iron and steel so that it can be recovered to produce new steel. The steel industry in the United States recycles more than 14 million tons of steel from end-of-life vehicles each year.


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WHAT’S IN YOUR LOCKER? by Kelly Parker

In the business of professional football, his locker is the only physical place where a player can stake out his territory, however temporarily. For veteran Winnipeg Blue Bomber offensive lineman Obby Khan, that locker has taken on a semblance of permanence— become a little “lived-in,” if you will. Since joining the Big Blue in 2006, Khan’s locker has become a repository of everything from cast-off gear to, well, other things that Khan is no longer— technically—using. So, what’s in Obby’s locker?

“I have my breakfast in there—my oatmeal, my walnuts, my raisins, agave syrup—and then all of my supplements—protein, glutamine, energy pills and caffeine pills; I have a million hair ties in there, too.

“My locker is a war zone. I think I have stuff in there from 2006 when I first got here. I have cleats in there that I probably haven’t worn in three or four years, but I leave stuff in there as a precaution in case I might need them again. I’m one of those guys.”

Any personal game day routines that you’re superstitious about? “I’m not really all that superstitious, but one thing I have to do is cut my fingernails before the game...on the field. I guess that’s kind of weird, but playing offensive line, your hands are sledgehammers, and if you don’t trim your nails right back, they will get bloodied or ripped off, so I trim them. Wherever I am, home or away, I put my headphones on, then go sit on the bench, cut my nails and visualize the game. I’ve been doing that since my days at Simon Fraser University. Even if they don’t need cutting, I’ll still go out there and trim them down because it kills when you get your nail stuck in someone’s helmet. It’s not superstitious; it’s just done out of habit.”

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“I also have two quotes in my locker. One of them is a poem given to me by (then) offensive coordinator Kit Cartwright, that ends, ‘Rest if you must, but don’t quit.’ The other is The Competitor’s Creed by Theodore Roosevelt, which was given to all O-Line players by O-Line coach Pat DelMonaco.”

Any good luck charms or tokens? “Well… I have part of my knee in there. I tore my meniscus in 2007, and after the surgery, I asked if I could keep it. So that’s in a jar in my locker. It’s not really a good luck charm, but I think it’s kind of cool, and it’s also a reminder of everything that I’ve been through because I’ve had a lot of surgeries in my playing years; I think I’ve had nine surgeries. I also had ulcerative colitis a few years ago where they actually removed my entire large intestine. I asked if I could get a piece of that put into a bottle for my locker next to my knee but they said no. I guess it’s a hazard.”



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MERCEDES-BENZ 125TH ANNIVERSARY PARTY Mercedes-Benz Winnipeg hosted an evening to celebrate 125 years of innovation. The night featured a replica of the world’s first motorized car, the 1886 Benz Patent-Motorwagen. The new 2012 electric Smart car also made a stop to demonstrate that Mercedes-Benz continues to bridge the gap between luxury, economy and innovation.

Brian Lowes and Mayor Sam Katz with the 1886 Benz Patent-Motorwagen)

GREATER INTEREST GIC Through October, choose the Greater Interest GIC and get a great interest rate, plus, make a difference in the lives of local kids. Based on every dollar you invest, Canadian Western Bank will make a donation to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Winnipeg to help facilitate mentorships in your community. To find out more, call your branch at (204) 956-4669 or visit us online at

HELP HONOUR OUR “DIFFERENCE MAKERS” The Never Alone Foundation invites you to join Joe Aiello, Lyle Bauer and Dave Black at a working lunch and make a difference in the fight against cancer. On Tuesday, November 15, at Canad Inns Polo Park help us honour our Difference Makers. For information, sponsorship packages or tickets visit or call 779-2441.


MMDA GOLF TOURNAMENT A huge success, the 23rd Annual Manitoba Motor Dealers Association Golf Tournament, held July 20 at Pine Ridge Golf and Country Club, was supported by 156 golfers, including 43 sponsors. This year’s Classic managed to raise $85,000 for Special Olympics Manitoba!

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Navy Seal watches have been produced and distributed for the last three years in Canada; this is a limited production built with the elite mindset of the Navy Seal military unit. All are with black cases and with a variety of dial features; straps are genuine leather, metal or rubber; they’re water resistant to 10 atmospheres (equivalent to 300 feet); and all have quartz movements for accuracy. Price ranges from $350-$750.

WARRIOR DASH This past July, Ace Burpee joined members of Winnipeg Women/Winnipeg Men magazine’s “Eh-Team” in the Warrior Dash, the ultimate event for thrill-seeking athletes. This 5-Km race is held on the world’s most demanding terrain. The Winnipeg team participated in Hastings Minnesota.

ST. JAMES VW AUDI TURNS 40! St. James Volkswagen Audi celebrates 40 years in business. As part of the 40th anniversary, St. James donated a portion of all sales from new and used car sales, service department, parts department and collision centre for the month of September to Hunger for Hope to ensure that no child goes to bed hungry.


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with Tom McGouran and Joe Aiello Photography by Chronic Creative

Tom says... I know I’m going to strike a chord with many people when I say “home renovation.” Several emotions are bound to come up, none of which, I’m sure, resemble calm and relaxed. Stacy and I recently bought a condo and had a month to gut it and redo it before we had to move in. It’s not a huge mansion. It’s a twobedroom condo. I know what you’re thinking. Let the horror stories begin! Actually this is one of those rare occurrences where everything has gone incredibly smooth, until that is, I decided to help out. As all Winnipeggers know, when you’re doing projects like this, whatever tradesperson you need usually ends up at your door because he was referred by a friend or family member. The endorsement usually starts with something like “ahh, this guy’s the best!” As it turned out, all the guys were tremendous. Twhey came on short notice, were always on time and completed their work on budget. One guy was so good, we asked him if he could move in until the project was finished,

Joe says... This has to be considered one of the greatest summers ever. We were blessed with a consistent amount of sunshine and warm weather, no mosquitoes, our Bombers and Goldeyes were having successful seasons and of course there was the major announcement of the NHL returning to Winnipeg! In what other city would you see thousands of people wearing hockey jerseys in sweltering 35-degree temperatures? I’ll tell you where…Winnipeg aka Hockeytown, Canada! It was exciting to see Jets fans of all ages rejoice and catch the fever that afternoon of the historic press conference that seemed to have every Jets fan, not only in Manitoba, but around the world glued to their TV sets or computers. I don’t have the stats, but I’m guessing it was probably the least productive day for work rate in Manitoba, unless you worked in the bar business or for the MLCC. Hey, we know how to party!

44 | FALL 2011

but apparently he had a family he had to return to periodically. Anyone who has listened to our morning show on 92 CITI FM will know that I am admittedly the world’s worst handyman. At the same time, as I watched all these guys come and go, I would marvel at how good they were at what they were doing. From painting to flooring, taping drywall, to the one guy, who refused to move in, who turned out to be the carpenter, electrician, plumber and everything else. In fact one day he saw me trying to construct a closet organizer, and couldn’t stand to witness the ineptitude any longer. He kindly suggested he could take care of it and did, in about 15 minutes. How do you repay such great people beyond taking care of the invoice? I had a brilliant idea. I could somehow contribute to the project by cleaning up after the tradespeople left for the day! After spending an hour or so one evening sweeping and cleaning and throwing stuff out, I was quite proud of myself for somehow chipping into this effort. I felt I was part of this group transforming our home. Stacy had already been painting everything and getting

For some of us this is will be the third time that we get a chance to see our beloved hockey team. There was the WHA version, the Jets joining the NHL, and now the new franchise Jets 2.0. The passion runs so deep with all three and it has led to many cocktail conversations about people’s past memories of certain hockey heroes who donned the uniform to special games at the old barn. Who can forget the Avco Cup? Ulf, Anders and the Golden Jet, plus all the other former stars who still live in this province like Ab McDonald, Joe Daley and Mike Ford. I would now pay money just to talk to these local hockey legends, who donate so much of their time for local charities. The same could be said about the first run in the NHL with not only former Jets, but NHLers living here still today: Scott Arniel, Mike Keane, Carey Wilson, Randy Gilhen, Perry Miller and Jordy Douglas to name a few. They, plus all the others, are proud of being from Winnipeg as much as we are. Plus we can’t forget all the

accolades for her prowess in that discipline, so she was already part of the gang. I did try to help but was fired for a bad brush stroke. I discovered cleaning wasn’t even a skill I had any talent at, when Glen, the jack of all trades, showed up the next day wondering who had messed with his work space and thrown out all the stuff lying around. He was gracious about it, but I knew I was off the team right there. One of our listeners put it all in perspective for me when I told the story on the show. He said when he worked on a renovation he had an hourly rate. If you watched him, the rate doubled. If you tried to talk to him or, even worse, help him, the price tripled. He went on to say he had never come across a guy who tried to clean up “his stuff”!! In his words he would have “charged me quadruple, and stapled me to the wall so I could watch” as he made his organized mess. We have since moved in. The reno is still underway, but almost complete. Stacy continues to paint. Glen continues to do everything else. I’m sitting back having a beer admiring their work. I know, pretty sweet, but it sure would be nice to be part of the squad.

great things the Manitoba Moose players did, not only on the ice, but off. They are first-class people, who will be missed in our community. Okay, before I let you go, here’s a little food for thought re: the old Winnipeg Arena… I still remember the lineups at the “freshly popped” buttered popcorn stand and the broiled hotdogs that didn’t come in a bun, but on a toasted and folded piece of sandwich bread. My final memory was the playoff game against the Detroit Red Wings. What an emotional night it was! I remember standing next to Tom and at the end of the game as the players were saluting the crowd he tapped me on the arm and managed to spill my beer! It was the perfect guy excuse to explain the tear streaming down my face. Thanks to the Chipman family and True North Sports and Entertainment, the hockey world will once again smile when we all hear, “Here come your Winnipeg Jets!” WWW.WINNIPEGMEN.COM

WINNIPEG Men- Fall 2011  
WINNIPEG Men- Fall 2011  

For Fall, we introduce the Captain of the Winnipeg Jets, Andrew Ladd all dressed up for a night on te town after a game. We also discuss ATV...