Ego + Creativity

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EGO + CREATIVITY have a co-dependent relationship.

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My sister Kim has written a novel. I used to have an ickname for her. Loquacious. I think she acts like a cartoon. S he has a lot to say. I imagine if she couldn’t express herself, she would feel stifled. Gagged.

Brian is a songwriter. We’ve shared a journey. Don’t you play music b ecause you love it? At what point does it become a task? When record companies get involved.

Screw that. We’re onto s omething new.

I was concerned with the word I h ad chosen for Paul. Would he be o ffended? Should I use “naked truth” o r “raw” instead? When I arrived at his home, h e greeted me by flashing me. I h ad my answer.

Youth. I love to listen to Samantha t alk about the projects she’s w orking on. She does just about e verything. Nothing is beyond her r each. Nothing is beyond her i magination. I want it to stay that way.

Heidi was the bartender at a club I used to play. She protected my innocence. I was so green, I had no idea what really went on. She used to do a lot of drugs. A lot of drugs. Into discovery, I guess. Thank God she discovered photography.

David produces rock bands. He had no idea how I wanted to photograph him. On our way to the location, he played me a new song inspired by a conversation about the blood of Christ. He is a dear friend. He carries a heavy burden. I’ve asked him to put it down. He won’t.

These are Carol’s hands. She’s had rheumatoid arthritis since she was ninteen. She’s my mother. When I think of home, I can hear her playing piano. It was the sound of comfort. She doesn’t play anymore. Her hands won’t let her.

I saw him riding down the road i n the middle of the night. I said, “ Pull over. I wanna take your picture.” Bob is everywhere. He lives s pontaneously. His mantra is “ My mind is a planet.”

Chad plays guitar. His band is signed to a major label. when he’s not on the road. He tends bar. Despite his success, he continues to endure sage advice from the regulars.

I see him as a spiritual man. When w e met for this photo, he wanted to s top at the book store. He was looking for a book by Rumi. The c lerk hadn’t heard of it. I said, “ What about Sufism?’ Freddie studied me, like he does. Then nodded and said, “Yeah, man. Sufism.”

Vanessa is a mother. She used to play piano. When she talks about playing, she sighs and her mind goes somewhere else. She seems at peace. When she talks about her children, she laughs and her mind goes somewhere else. She seems at peace.

I love Reggie’s mind. He is exceptionally talented and equally well read. He’s almost from a different era. That said, the pun is begging to be said. He really is though. Outstanding.

I’m addicted to the substance of l ife. Not a life of substances. People. C omplex personalities. Intricate relationships. That’s where I get m y fix. I fix people. No, really. I can help. Do you need help?