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the book of graphene

A message from our founder

Technical Documentation Prototype and MVP Development App Development Web Development IoT Development Quality Assurance Testing Support and Maintenance

Digital Marketing Strategy Website Optimisation Organic and Paid Search Marketing Social Media Consultancy






Branding Web Design App Design Online and Offline Collateral


Goal Setting Impact Mapping Specification Writing






We are an ambitious digital delivery partner with a mission to turn ideas into reality.

the book of graphene

Digital disruption is having an extraordinary impact globally. We set up Studio Graphene on the principle that innovation doesn’t need to be scary, expensive and slow. Technology offers us an amazing opportunity to change the world we live in on an unprecedented scale.

Since our inception in 2014, our business has been built from the ground up, establishing a team of experienced, energetic and knowledgable creatives and developers who work hard every day to achieve for our clients and deliver on promises. We want to work with organisations, government bodies and businesses who share our passion for innovation to turn great ideas into reality.

Ritam Gandhi Founder, Studio Graphene


More than half of Fortune 500 companies that existed in the year 2000 no longer exist.

a message from our founder

A message from our founder

the book of graphene

What we do

Our speciality is using existing technology in new ways. We work closely with you during the initial phases of goal setting, user journey mapping, prototyping and specification writing right through into branding, UX and UI design, the full build stage, and beyond. We utilise our own custom-built products and tried and tested solutions to aid and inform our projects from beginning to end. We have sat as co-pilot in over fifty startup ventures; we know what works.


Our agile approach facilitates working in short sprints, allowing us to produce frequent and tangible deliverables, iterating and adapting the product as your project moves forward.

Our bread and butter is creating beautiful and functional design pieces, complex web builds, mobile apps and digital marketing strategy for both B2B and B2C startups and more established companies. We are also kings and queens of IoT technologies, have extensive experience with NFC, beacon technologies, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Voice and Visual Search and are lean, mean, MVP-producing machines.

what we do

Working as an extension of your team, we love to work on blank canvas projects. Projects where we get to bring your idea to life - in fact, we brought over a dozen new ideas to life last year alone.


We’re software and programming language agnostic and believe in applying the most appropriate tools to the task, so if you have a preferred technology stack, we’re sure we can work with it.

the book of graphene

We are the Studio of Better Things.


Who we are

We are Studio Graphene.

With our people coming from the likes of WPP and Accenture, we turn ideas into show-stopping designs, and designs into market-ready products.

who we are

We are inventors, experimenters and creatives.


We invent new ways of using existing technology, and deliver apps, websites and IoT software to ambitious start-ups and cutting-edge enterprises.

12 the book of graphene


who we are

the book of graphene

—who we’ve worked with



who we’ve worked with

Delivery Partner

the book of graphene

How we do it


We like to work closely with our clients, as an extension of their internal teams rather than a bolt-on solution. We always allocate dedicated Project or Product Managers to your project, but you’ll also likely have direct lines of communication to our designers, developers, analysts and QA testers throughout the project ensuring that your voice is heard, every step of the way.

how we do it

Team Augmentation Sometimes, a team needs an extra resource or three. That’s why we launched our team augmentation service - a trusted and experienced bunch of Studio Graphene designers and developers who you can second for a day, a week, a month or longer to work on your in-house projects. And don’t panic, if you need someone to wrangle them, we have a full Project Management team for that.


Studio Graphene Ventures Have a great idea, but need a partner in crime? Through our ventures arm we help build and launch start-up ideas. We invest in select early stage companies, taking a share of the stress, hugs and ramen that come with getting a product to market.

A little of what floats our boat...

—our technology


the book of graphene



Apple Watch

POS devices

ARKit and ARCore

Live Streaming

Core Bluetooth

Open Street Maps API


Angular, ReactJS and React Native


MySQL, Mongo DB and PostgreSQL

Amazon AWS

our technology



Want to know more? studiographene.com/our-technology-expertise

the book of graphene





the book of graphene

Do you know why most projects fail? Poor planning. Between us, we’ve got decades of experience under our collective belt, and we’ve seen all number of gotchas, snagging points and outright botches. That’s why we launched our startup strategy service; to aid founders in setting realistic goals, fleshing out user journeys, building comprehensive specifications, formulating prototypes and consulting on the who, why, when and how of their big idea.

What’s more, we even built our own tool - “DEFINE” - for all and any startups to use, allowing non-technical founders to share their vision in a way that user experience and technical experts can translate into a real life product.


Whether you’re at the beginning of your start-up journey, or have gotten a little way in but want to call a strategic time out, we can help you get your plans straight, and give you the best chance of success.

the book of graphene

You know what they say... fail to prepare and prepare to fail.


Goal setting


Working with our Product Management and Project Planning team, your business goals will be ascertained, targets set and KPIs produced. Without clear project goals, it’s near impossible to know whether the product is a success. This is why we encourage, and work with, companies big and small to commit their goals to paper. We can also work with you on roadmapping and budgeting, turning your creative vision into a clearly executable plan.


These goal setting sessions are hosted by our best strategic minds, creatives and developers, ensuring we look at a project as a whole. You will be included every step of the way to ensure important decisions remains yours.

the book of graphene

Impact Mapping If the key to a great product is a clear concept, then the key to a clear concept is rigorous user experience research, married with concise and considered user journey impact mapping. Sound intimidating? It needn’t - our strategists and UX designers documented over 1,000 user journeys in 2017 alone; an average of 50 per project.


We’re well versed in taking an idea out of someone’s mind, getting it down on paper, and evaluating every part.

Getting all your requirements agreed and down on paper ensures that your project runs smoothly, and that you end up with the product you wanted.

A good specification will leave you under no illusion as to what will be delivered, and also acts as a singular point of reference for the entire project team. In short - the specification may well become your holy text during your project (although fortunately these holy texts are open to revisions!). Measure twice, cut once.

In the US alone the rework cost of failed software projects or abandoned products is estimated to be upwards of $75bn a year, and major contributing factors to this rework is cited to be imprecise specifications and insufficient planning and analysis.

Paul Michaels Director of Consulting at Metri Measurement Consulting, UK 27

Design and Technical Specifications may not be the most glamourous part of the job, but speak to any Product Manager, Project Director, Designer or Developer and they’ll all tell you the same thing - a well written specification is essential.


Specification Writing

Alchemy Wings

the book of graphene

Bringing the country’s corner stores straight to your door

Initially conceived by Diageo, but with sponsors including Coca-Cola, Mars, Heineken and Treasury Wine Estates, Alchemy Wings is a delivery service for alcohol, soft drinks and snacks through innovative technology and a courier network. We worked with the concept team to unlock how we could use the UK’s fragmented convenience store network to offer a fast delivery service to customers for impulse purchases.


The solution had an incredibly short time frame to test the market, and needed to be completed effectively for a limited budget, with no wasted code - to achieve this we conducted in-depth research throughout the process, putting real boots on the ground to fine tune our strategy as we progressed.


Alchemy Wings received wide press coverage when the product launched, including a feature in The Times!

the book of graphene




32 the book of graphene


From initial branding, to print design, to full user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) projects and everything in between. If you’ve got the idea, we’ve got the vision to turn it into something both beautiful and functional.


Whilst you can’t design out poor functionality, a great product can definitely live and die by a user’s first impression. That’s why we have a dedicated and crazy-talented design team.


the book of graphene


Ever wonder where Apple would be without Put like that, you’ll want to make sure you’re the apple? Or adidas without the stripes? I doing it right. mean, chances are they’d still be doing very well for themselves, but without their laser-foOur design team can work with you to get to the cussed visual identity, we bet they wouldn’t heart of your brand values, and translate that spring to mind so easily. into a brand suite that not only effecA brand is more tively cuts through the noise of the A brand is more than a font - it’s a than a font — competition, but that you’d also want whole ethos, mission statement, to take home to meet the parents. demographic allegiance and vote of confidence, all encapsulated in something that could be no bigger than a stamp. — it’s a whole mission statement

design 35

Nish Nesta


the book of graphene


The branding for Mooba had to stand out from the competition in an arguably crowded marketplace, and needed to be accompanied by a full suite of custom iconography and illustration.

We conducted cultural research on Japanese design trends, undertook a full sweep of competitor reviews to ensure that Mooba utilised unique colourways and ensured we used techniques to emphasise the ‘movement’ so inherent to the Mooba concept. The final branding piece satisfied all client requirements, and test audiences loved it!


The Japanese ski resort market was ready for a travel revolution; skiers needed specific, on-demand and reliable transport to take them (and their kit!) between hotels and slopes, and we were up for the challenge.


Creating an on-demand transport hailing app for the Japanese ski resort market.

the book of graphene

Nesta Working with Nesta and Innovate UK to inspire drone innovation across the country.

Flying High is a joint initiative between Nesta and Innovate UK which is supporting five cities as they bring together local citizens, public services, businesses, regulators and technology teams to make drones work for the common good.


Nesta came to us to deliver them a clean, informative and creative brand to showcase this initiative, and inspire people to get involved.




Martina Huckletree

the book of graphene

Your customers should be able to find what they’re looking for, and quickly. A confusing interface is an online death knell, and a website not designed to perform on mobile? Wave goodbye to your conversion rate, and your SEO positioning.

We’re sure we don’t need to tell you that a well-researched and consciously designed website is an essential business need, but did you know that nearly 8 in 10 people said they would stop engaging with a site that doesn’t display well on their device?

Our design team can make sure that your users are kept happy, on-site and engaged.


In an age where people’s first instinct is to Google it, your brand’s reputation can be ruined by poor online presentation.


Web Design

the book of graphene


Huckletree came to us with a designer’s dream brief; they already had a strong brand to work with, and wanted a new website that reflected their creativity, their playfulness, and a site that - like them - didn’t follow the rules.


We integrated real-life interior design features from Huckletree’s spaces into the website design; utilising the same graphical designs on the site pages as are found in the Huckletree interior walls, incorporating the neon signs found across Huckletree’s common areas as on-page elements and featuring notes across the site, in founder Gabriela’s handwriting.



the book of graphene 44

We wanted the site to nod towards the non-conformist elements of web brutalism, whilst also providing a seamless user experience and harnessing all the key facets of conversion rate optimisation (they run a business, after all).


The designs were brought to life by our crack team of front-end developers using ReactJS, a relatively new JavaScript library on the block, famed for enabling coders to build fast and fierce user interfaces.


We featured dynamic animations throughout the design, as well as unexpected transition effects between content, to provide an online nod to the energy of the Huckletree communities. We also kept onsite imagery in a predominantly square format; an ode to one of the Huckletree demographic’s guilty pleasures - Instagram!


Metix iOS App

the book of graphene

You couldn’t be blamed for thinking that app design is just like website design, but for a small screen - unfortunately, you couldn’t be further from the truth. User behaviour on mobile, and in apps specifically, is a world away from their behaviour on your website - and we bring in-depth user research into our app design process right from the beginning, ensuring that customers don’t just use your app, but actually enjoy doing so (and want to tell their friends about you too!).


App Design


User behaviour on mobile, and in apps specifically, is a world away from their behaviour on your website

Design Life

the book of graphene

Harnessing visual search for interior design

Ever seen an incredible chair in a restaurant, or the most perfect lamp in a hotel, and wanted to know where to find it? Design Life is a new iOS app that leverages Google Vision’s API, combined with a bespoke business logic element that we developed, to create high-power image recognition functionality. Through the app, users can upload a photo of any interior design piece, and Design Life will either tell you exactly where you can buy it or, if its a vintage piece, they’ll help you get the closest match. The Design Life app utilises clean and spacious design to ensure that not only is the UX seamless, but that all the focus is on the products.


Let us apologise to your bank balances in advance...



the book of graphene

Online and Offline Collateral Looking to create some video content for your Social channels? How about an infographic to explain your company’s process? Don’t panic - you’re in the right place. Our Design team are real hotshots, can work with you to create any digital collateral you need and will make sure it ties in perfectly with your existing brand suite.

Don’t forget the office supplies! When you’ve got a killer brand, a beautiful website, and a slick app, you don’t want to be let down by flyers that were rushed through as an afterthought, or a presentation cobbled together in PowerPoint (not that we think you’d do that, of course…)


We create stunning documents, pitch decks, event materials, infographics and diagrammatic displays on any topic, and to meet any requirements.

design 51

In short? We make you look good.

In fact, one of our clients has blown one of the assets we made for them up, and it’s the first thing you see when you walk into their London HQ. Now, if that’s not a ringing endorsement of our creative prowess, we don’t know what is.

Growth Enabler

the book of graphene

Using AI and algorithms to create intelligence on disruptive technologies and digital innovations.

We worked with Growth Enabler to create design assets for their product suite and market pulse reports. Traditional research reports have lacked an engaging visual element and we wanted to address this by creating iconography and a visual style that would make it much easier to consume complex research and insights.


Following the successful launch of the AR / VR Market Pulse Report, Growth Enabler made the decision to use our work as the template for all subsequent Market Pulse Reports. What’s more, the design assets created were also subsequently leveraged for further company communications, both internal and external.



54 the book of graphene

AV Secure

AVSecure is an age verification software system, built on blockchain and in response to the Digital Economy Act.


Building a brand for online Age Verification

We worked with the AVSecure team on every element of this project, from initial concept branding to website design, creative brand awareness campaigns to event stand materials.


Ensuring a clear brand identity was core to this project, and we worked to keep a consistent and cohesive thread across all their online and offline collateral.



the book of graphene


the book of graphene

With an international and handpicked development team across the United Kingdom, Switzerland and India, our rockstars have written more lines of code and deployed more releases than you’ve had hot dinners. From iOS, Android or React apps to CMS driven websites, connected devices to CSS or JS front ends, we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver fast, clean and efficient builds, using the newest, shiniest and most robust platforms and technologies available.


We build bespoke solutions, but draw on our ever-growing catalogue of APIs, libraries and integrations - this


Over the last few years we’ve helped build and launch a PropTech app who had over 60,000 users pre-registered at launch, developed the first circular screen IoT device (which then went on to win a place on the Marriott TestBED Incubator programme) and designed and built the software powering London’s first cashless restaurant who not only raised over £1.6m on CrowdCube, but also received a pre-money valuation of over £20m.


means that development costs are kept low, and you have the assurance that your product has a wealth of research, development and testing behind it; far greater than the sum of its parts.

the book of graphene


Once you have nailed your big idea, you might find yourself wanting to create a prototype. Building a low (or high!) fidelity model of how your product could look, behave and function can be invaluable to either show off to potential investors, or to test potential features before you jump into full production. We have experience in creating prototypes using Adobe XD, InVision and Axure RP, but also frequently adopt the preferred technologies of our clients.


Building a model of how your product could look, behave and function can be invaluable

An MVP is a product that allows you to test your idea in real life, with real users, before you’ve dedicated debilitating amounts of resources to the project. Our team are adept at distilling grand plans, identifying key features and focussing in on the aspects of your product that give your users the biggest bang (for your buck).

build Re-work can account for up to 40% of the project cost, so the earlier that defects or potential problems are identified, recorded and rectified in the lifecycle, the lower the cost.

Paul Michaels Director of Consulting at Metri Measurement Consulting, UK


MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Development can be a crucial stage in securing investment for your startup, hooking in early adopters, or simply getting your product to market quickly.

Go lean, then go home!



the book of graphene


We built Delivertree by leveraging the incredible power of Apple’s ARKit - we wanted users to be able to view a 3D model of a real Christmas tree in their house, flat or office to help establish what size tree they could buy, what it would look like and where they should place it. Once a user has decided which tree to buy, they can easily purchase that exact tree by being redirected to the Delivertree website.


Bringing augmented reality Christmas trees to life.


This project was unique for us - it was conceived under our Joint Ventures arm in collaboration with Alpaca Communications, and was conceptualised, designed, developed and launched to market in four weeks.

the book of graphene 64

Delivertree was launched before Christmas 2017, and made a bit of a splash! We found ourselves featured in the Evening Standard and The Memo.




Learn what you need to know and become an instant expert on any subject

Flick through our extensive









the book of graphene

Hitchcock was positively enamoured by Bloch’s novel, whose shocking content was partly inspired by real-life serial killer Ed Gein, the same man that also inspired the ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ movies. Though Hitchcock personally made around $15 million from the movie, he bought the rights for a trifling $9,000.









Build your own personalised

It’s easy to tell if the Queen is at home or not. The Royal Standard Flag is flown over Buckingham Palace when the Queen is in residence. If the Union Flag is raised, it means she’s elsewhere. It is the job of the Queen’s ‘Flag Sergeant’ to keep on top the Queen’s movements and raise or lower the flags accordingly.

The drink was invented by JamesPimm, an enterprising Victorian oyster bar owner who developed a punch, that he originally called his ”fruit cup”. The public were impressed with the drink - and even more so when Pimm claimed the boozy cocktail was a health tonic. (His early marketing campaign says the drink ‘aids digestion’.


As an aspiring 21-year-old model, Monroe’s first success came as she won a beauty contest in Castroville, California. She beat all other entrants to the glamorous title of ‘Queen Artichoke 1947’. In 1953, Monroe became Playboy’s first ‘Playmate of the Month’. She had been paid $50 to model for the pictures several years earlier.


For five days a year, Rio is run by a jester named King Momo. Five days before Ash Wednesday, Rio explodes with energy and dance, mainly the samba, when millions take to the streets for the world’s biggest carnival. over the keys to the city to ‘King Momo’, a jester who acts as the head of the festivities. To enforce his party credentials, Momo is traditionally a fat bloke in a gold hat!

Bluffer’s iOS App

App Development


We build native mobile applications across iOS and Android platforms, and feature-rich web applications primarily using Objective-C, Swift, Java & React Native. Using a mixture of cutting edge programming languages and failsafe libraries, we can deliver beautifully efficient apps for B2B and B2C markets alike. Whether you’re planning on revolutionising a particular industry, or think a certain part of your business would benefit from a devoted app, we have the experience, skills and vision to bring your idea to life.


We can deliver beautifully efficient apps for B2B and B2C markets alike.


the book of graphene

The smartest way to save money on exchange rates

The Agio App is the easiest way to find the best exchange rates near you. Save time, effort and money with just a few taps on your phone. Using GPS, the app identifies your location and allows you to compare exchange rates between money exchange bureaus near you. Once a user books an exchange, the app relays the details to the bureau, launches Google Maps to show directions and generates a unique QR code for the transaction. We focused on the core user journey so that users would have a hassle-free experience when trying to find the money exchange bureau offering the best exchange rate within their vicinity.


When Agio launched, it won the ‘Best New App’ award from Apple. Kerching!




Wisetree Web Platform

the book of graphene

We’ve worked on everything from CRO updates for a luxury sock brand to building a marketplace site for a student lettings disruptor, and even the interface for a digital health-food vending machine. Our full stack development team use cutting edge technology (as well as tried and tested libraries) to create brilliant websites for you and your customers to use.

If you can dream it, we can build it.


Websites tend to fall into two categories - the website either is the product, or is selling the product. Either way, you want your website to be fast, stable and engaging. You want people to get to your site and feel like you’re exactly what they’ve been missing all this time. You want to be proud of your online shop front.


Web Development

72 the book of graphene

Langu A twenty-first century Tower of Babel

We delivered a technically challenging build encompassing a virtual classroom that integrated WebRTC and Google Docs to replicate ‘whiteboard’ functionality alongside video conferencing.


Travis Wentworth, a University of Oxford Masters student, wanted to help the world connect. He wanted teachers and students from around the world to interact, and learn new languages, and decided that an online classroom was the perfect answer.

Langu is the first online language learning provider with a fully functional virtual classroom. If that wasn’t enough, the platform also automated a number of additional features such as managing escrow payments across multiple currencies.


¡Viva Langu!


Nick Twistar

the book of graphene

Our work in digital product design and IoT solutions has blurred the line between the digital and the physical. We’ve built groundbreaking digital products by bringing together design thinking, sensor data, interactive devices, real time analytics and cloud computing.

Since we started Studio Graphene we’ve worked on projects ranging from a circular connected feedback device for the service industry, a revolutionary temperature monitoring device and dashboard for the food safety sector, and an Apple Watch app utilising a mix of data feeds and beacon technology for a world-renowned theme park.

We’ve been joining the dots of IoT since 2014.

44.7% of London tech founders either are currently using, or have plans to integrate, IoT in their products*

*London Start-Up Founder Research, Studio Graphene and City Road Communications, 2018 75

With the number of connected devices expected to more than triple by 2020 to 21 billion, Studio Graphene is joining the dots of IoT.




the book of graphene

Twistar is the first consumer feedback tool that takes voice and AI data and applies it in-moment.

Now in its pilot phase and being used by teams across the Marriott Hotel Group in Dubai and TUI (formerly Thomson Holidays), the market version of Twistar is a customisable feedback device, which uses a Quad-core 1.3 GHz processor, Mali-T720MP2 GPU, running on Android 7.0 Nougat, and features an impressive Antenna array: 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, BLE, GPS, and NFC Space. Twistar also has Artificial Intelligence capabilities using Natural Language Processing and the hardcore computing might of IBM Watson.


The unique circular screen features the highest of resolutions, and is constructed with protective Gorilla Glass 3 and a water resistant O-ring seal.

build 77

It is the world’s first circular-screened IoT device, and since its beta launch it has gone on to win a place on the Marriott TestBED Incubator programme (2017 cycle), as well as winning the Best Startup in Hospitality Services at the Dubai Tourism Awards and featuring in New Design Magazine.


the book of graphene

Saving lives with the Internet of Things

Hawk is a food safety and temperature monitoring system which is now being used by the likes of the University of Cambridge, M&S and Selfridges, and has been awarded Butchers Q Guild corporate membership. A network of temperature and humidity sensors monitor any environment. The monitors are battery powered and wireless, with ranges spanning hundreds of metres. This network requires nearly no effort to set up, but offers an unparalleled, real-time data stream of information to a local hub. We worked with the Hawk product team end to end on this project, creating everything from the UI / UX designs, to the overall software architecture.


One of the biggest challenges to mass adoption of IoT is onboarding new hardware. We took an extremely complicated product, and designed and built an intuitive and user


We even won an award for our efforts, being awarded the Gold prize in the Smart Kitchen category at the annual FoodTalk awards!


friendly onboarding tool to configure the hardware. This was a game changer for this market as it opened up this particular industrial IoT device to the masses.

the book of graphene

Quality Assurance Testing QA testing is probably the biggest unsung hero of the product development process. Testers might be the thorn in every developers side, but they can be the last line of friendly defence before your product gets launched into the big bad world.


We apply meticulous test scripts, use regression testing principles and employ automated testing through tools like Selenium before your app, website or product launches to ensure that it’s us, and not your users, that find any problems.

The story doesn’t finish when your project goes live - we’ll work with you on enhancements, bug fixes and new major versions for as long as you need.

Our support and maintenance agreements are as flexible as we are - whether you want to have a rolling agreement that gives you a bank of time each month to play with, or you’d prefer tackling items on a more ad hoc basis, we work in whatever way suits you (and your budget) best.


We’re never gonna give you up. We’re never gonna let you down. We’re never gonna run around and desert you.


Support and Maintenance

the book of graphene




84 the book of graphene


We can offer a range of digital marketing services, and consultancy levels. Whether you’d like a one-off session to set you up and start your business off on the right track, have a specific project in mind or would prefer a more hands-on approach with regular contact, projects and updates we can work in a way that suits you.


We provide plain-talking, hard-working digital marketing strategy and services for your startup or small business, or give tactical support on short-term digital projects.

the book of graphene

Digital Marketing Strategy So, you’ve got a good looking website, but aren’t sure if it’s doing everything it should? Opened up Social accounts and post from time to time, but aren’t getting the followers you’d hoped for? Got a list of email addresses, but not quite sure what to do with them? Not enough hours in the day? That’s where we can help. We’d love to meet up for a coffee and chat, to talk about where you are and - importantly - where you want your business to go.

32.9% of London Startups cite customer acquisition post-launch as their main challenge*


*London Tech Founder research, Studio Graphene and City Road Communications, 2018

We’ve worked with all types of start ups, from portrait artists to blockchain backed security companies, on getting their businesses working harder online and, ultimately, increasing their bottom line. We’d take a look at your current set-up, build a holistic plan, and work through piece by piece, improving as we go. No fear about hefty project bills either, we can work with you to figure out a plan and pricing structure that works for you - we love start ups, and we love working with founders, so we’re invested in finding a solution that suits you.

Nailed the basics, but want to push ahead?

market 87

Andrea Dandy Does


the book of graphene

Website Optimisation

The immortal words of Daft Punk don’t lie. Your site should be working to maximum capacity for you, and if it’s not - that needs to change!

From tidying up templates, exposing more content, re-architecting the website and beyond, our site optimisation solution is ideal for start ups looking to take the next step with their digital presence, or who would simply like a fresh set of eyes and an independent opinion.

However, we also understand that sometimes you might not be ready, or might not have budget on hand, for a full site overhaul. That’s where we Work it harder, Make it better, We’ve worked with a range can step in; using your current Do it faster, Makes us stronger. of clients across a broad set of industries; from platform and content management system we can audit your existing site, eco-friendly high-tech cyclewear to lifestyle and work with you on ‘quick win’ recommenbloggers and beyond, and are always looking for the next project to sink our teeth into. dations that help you rank higher in SERPs.

Now, we’re not talking about joining those leagues (and if you think you might be, I’m afraid you’re in the wrong place!) - we specialise in Search Marketing for ambitious businesses; employing effective and affordable SEO practices, and working with you within paid budgets that don’t break the bank.

We can work with you in a number of ways - we can provide initial set-up and a one-off strategy consultation, or we can work more closely with you and your business, providing monthly support and completing ongoing activity. It’s completely up to you.

If you believe in magic... Search Marketing might not be for you.


Rumour has it that 81% of all internet journeys begin with Search, and Google reports that its search bar is used over 4 billion times a day. And how about paid marketing, is that big business? Well, Amazon seem to think so - they’re reported to spend $58billion A DAY on paid advertising.


Organic and Paid Search Marketing

the book of graphene 90

Annie Annie’s Portraits

Social Media Consultancy

We can work with you on planning what to post, when to post, what platforms to post on and - crucially - making sure you’re connecting with your audience. We’ll also work to get Social Media forming a natural part of your

If you are struggling for content, no problem - we can either work with you to get a suite of photography produced, help with research into appropriate forums to generate content, or provide expertly produced written articles

Struggling to We hear you.



working day, and get you confidently engaging with your followers.



There are currently 1.8 billion users on Facebook. Twitter has over 300 million users. LinkedIn reported 467 million users as of the end of 2016. And Instagram? The platform currently boasts 600 million users. That’s a whole lot of prospects to get your business in front of!



the book of graphene

Bringing digital to the student lettings market.

SPCE is an online app-based housing marketplace, specifically designed and targeted to students. We worked with SPCE across their entire Digital Marketing operation; Organic Search, Paid Search, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Live Events and Social.

market 93

We ran a holistic awareness campaign promoting a SPCE-driven competition in Spring 2018 in which we made just over three quarter of a million impressions on just under half a million people, over the period of six weeks, for under ÂŁ2,000. SPCE also saw a significant increase in app downloads during this period, with figures rising by over 130%.

Have a project you’d like to talk about? Great! Get in touch with us at hello@studiographene.com

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Let’s get a coffee and chat it over.


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