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DRINK UP Stop buying bottled water and get fresh filtered water at home


When it comes to refrigerator water filters, the leader of the pack seems to be the General Electric MWF system, which helps to remove many water pollutants such as lead, trace pharmaceuticals including ibuprofen and progesterone and other harmful components.

Looking for filtered water and then some? Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator line has FlexZone storage compartments that can switch between fridge or freezer, precise temperature control, ensuring food stays fresh longer (meaning less waste) and a Wi-Fi-enabled touchscreen. Built-in cameras connect to your smartphone, allowing you to take images of what you already have so you don’t buy duplicates.

A different take is General Electric’s Autofill Pitcher, available in two top-freezer models in white or stainless steel. The fridges use magnets to attach the pitcher to its dispenser (and detect its presence). When sensors recognize the pitcher, it will refill automatically without overflowing.