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that work with the Hue ecosystem: “The most popular is Hue Disco.” Link it to your system, play music, and it’s an instant dance party with changing colors and lights flashing to the beat. One approachable entry point for trying out a smart product is the Wemo Mini Smart Plug ($34.99, wemo. com). Plug in any outlet and then plug in your lamp, fan or other appliance and set up the app to tell devices when to turn on and off — for example, having your porch light come on at sunset and go off at a designated time. Wemo makes smart light switches, plugs, and later this year will offer dimmers. To monitor home


energy use, connect Curb, a real-time home energy monitoring system ($399, to your breaker box to learn which devices are sucking power. You can estimate your bill, view trends and get recommendations. Don’t stop with electricity. You’ll be able to “talk” with your water system with a FLUID meter ($259,, which will be available in stores soon. The small metering device attaches to your pipes and lets you know how much water you’re using and where it’s being consumed (toilet, kitchen sink, hose, etc.). Connect it to your smartphone and set it for things like leak


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