Goals 21st Century Liberal Arts and Sciences, Infographic for Occidental College Los Angeles

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goal: 21st Century Liberal Arts and Sciences

Curricular and scholarly transformations

1.2 enhance the ratio of tenure-track faculty to students

2.3 partnerships with major political, social, economic, educational, scientific and cultural institutions in Los Angeles

Global culture

2.8 capitalize on the unique environmental features of the Southern California basin to enhance the curriculum, programs and activities of the College

3.2 develop programs that connect students and faculty to globalization and transnational issues and ideas

2.2 top-tier internship program that takes full advantage of the opportunities in the Los Angeles area

6.8 develop a strategic approach to the relationship of the College with the neighborhood and community

2.7 incorporation of accomplished professionals into campus life 2.6 enhance curricular and co-curricular innovation for the analysis of issues and phenomena essential to urban life

6.3 outfit and maintain learning spaces with appropriate furnishings and technology and create compelling outdoor spaces 6.2 sustain a residential experience that fosters students’ personal growth and behavior

6 Living and learning

5.5 support and networking opportunities for Occidental graduates in fields with active alumni 4.6 access to high-impact activities for all students through increased financial resources

5.2 increase programming and activities that involve alumni, neighbors, students and faculty in the new alumni center 5.3 connect alumni and parents to each other as well as to the college

6.7 implement a campus environmental stewardship and sustainability plan

6.1 involve faculty and staff with the residential life of students

5.4 engage alumni and parents in developing mentorships and internships for students in particular regions

5.1 build and sustain a robust community of alumni and parent volunteers

6.4 renovate existing science buildings to keep pace with innovations in science education and research 4.3 enlarge community’s capacity for mutual respect across social differences


1.8 a comprehensive set of institutional and programmatic learning outcomes and assessment measures 1.7 advance the Academic Commons as the campus intellectual center

3.1 create a center for Global Affairs that will house programs in Politics, Foreign Languages and Diplomacy and World Affairs

2.5 coordinate existing and new community engagement programs

Los Angeles

3.3 innovative curricular and programmatic offerings on Mexico, the Americas and Asia Pacific

3.4 increase admission of international students, especially from Mexico, the Americas and Asia Pacific

2.4 enable students with access across Los Angeles and the time necessary to engage in off-campus activities

1.5 strengthen support for faculty and student scholarly work

2.1 make experiential learning in and about Los Angeles a distinguishing characteristic of the educational program

4.4 promote a climate of open discourse, civil engagement, tolerance and respect

Inclusive excellence

4.2 foster a community that challenges personal and institutional forms of discrimination and exclusion

6.6 develop a plan for the improvement of athletic facilities

1.4 provides students with opportunities to work closely with faculty on research and creative expression


4.1 integrate the commitment to inclusive excellence into the curriculum, educational programming and student life


3.5 expand opportunities for international experiences for students and faculty

1.3 enhance opportunities for all students to engage in high-impact activities including research

3.6 additional programming to bring international scholars to campus

5.7 increase professional development and opportunities for staff


4.5 scholarships to ensure that talented students from all backgrounds have the opportunity to attend and thrive at Occidental

3.7 opportunities for students to engage with the many nationalities, languages and cultures active across Los Angeles

1.6 develop a comprehensive program that prepares students for life after graduation

1.1 innovation and experimentation in teaching, mentored research and learning

5.6 engage with parents for support and long-term connections with the college community

5 Connected community

6.5 develop plans for academic buildings that include collaborative and appropriate teaching and research spaces