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Auberon’s Time

Imagination is Key


Night Time in St. Reverie. Inside Auberon’s Workshop.

Everything okay, Aube’y?

Oh, hey Leo. Yes, I’m fine.

The boy’s asleep for the night, and I’m just looking over some blueprints for the next adventure. He’s been imagining some amazing things.

Don’t I know it...

I am his muse after all.

So I have to ask, what’s with your pocket watch? I never hear it ticking.

Oh, this silly thing? It’s my keepsake.

Ah, like my headband.

Yep, and Amy’s Bell. The keepsake is like a birthmark to an imaginary friend, as we have it when we’re first brought to life.

I remember it so well.

I was brought into this world by a very energetic child.

He would just draw, and draw, and draw some more.

We drew so much, I began to really appreciate it and refined my skills.

One day, he was building a model boat, and he just couldn’t do it.

He always dreamed big though, and in his mind the model was always perfect. Despite his lack of real world modeling skills, his imagination never failed him.

It was then and there that I realized my calling. I was to be a builder; a master architect of the finest objects he could imagine.

Thanks to all the drawing, I learned how to make blueprints and schematics.

I could build whatever thought crossed his mind, be it a race car, a robot, or whatever he desired.

You couldn’t find a bigger smile of joy when his imagination took form.

Now normally a human would eventually move on and leave you behind, but not this one.

As time went on, he kept me around like I was his own brother. Adventures were replaced with discussions, drawings gave way to term papers, and the like.

I was the friend he had whenever he needed one.

Then, years later a funny thing happened. He told his wife all about me. So now she could see me.


Yep. That never happened before. She’d even ask about me every so often. Then one day, our boy showed up, in baby form of course.

But that’s when the really strange thing happened.

The baby could see me.

We couldn’t understand each other obviously, but he reached out and hugged me - he knew I was there.

Turns out his mom and dad were telling him bedtime stories about me. She even made a stuffed animal that looked like me for him to hold.

Must be weird knowing you had a walking talking teddy bear that no one else could see.

Wait, you’ve been an imaginary friend through two generations? With no travel?


I’ve been with them for so long that time really has no meaning to me. Not that it did before being an imaginary friend and all.

Amy was the boy’s first original imaginary friend. It was so funny, she had no idea what she was getting into when i met her. *

HEY! It wasn’t until Amy showed up that I realized I’ve never wound my pocket watch all this time. I have no idea how long it’s been undone.

I look at it symbolically now. Just how timeless the whole experience has been.

Wow, that’s pretty amazing.

So wait...if Amy’s Bell rings when she travels between people, what happens when your watch chimes?

I don’t know, and truth be told... Hey! It’s morning, we’re on call!

...I hope I never learn.

The End

The Boy with a Dreaming Key: Auberon's Tale  

Welcome back to The Boy with a Dreaming Key! Just like in “Amy’s Tale”, “Auberon’s Time” explores the origins of our favorite brown bear as...

The Boy with a Dreaming Key: Auberon's Tale  

Welcome back to The Boy with a Dreaming Key! Just like in “Amy’s Tale”, “Auberon’s Time” explores the origins of our favorite brown bear as...