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What is Scholars?

How to Apply

The Ohio State Scholars Programs are selective, intentionally developed Learning Communities which provide you with opportunities for collaborative study. Each of the 14 programs is dedicated to a specialized theme that promotes engagement and personal growth. Additionally, each program features a first-year residential community designed to help students in the Scholars Program quickly develop a strong sense of belonging. They live together, study together, experience diverse opportunities outside of the classroom, and build relationships that last throughout their college careers.

The Politics, Society, and Law Scholars Program is selective, and you must apply to be considered. Students admitted into the Scholars Program typically:


Thematic residential communities Focused co-curricular activities Enhanced advising, career planning, and mentoring Select classes with other Scholars students Collaborative learning opportunities Special study abroad programs

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Rank in the top 20% of their high school class Have a 27+ ACT composite OR Have a 1220+ SAT Critical Reading & Math combined score

Students who are eligible for the Honors Program designation at Ohio State are ineligible for the Scholars Program. Please note: Only new first quarter freshman who begin at OSU during the autumn quarter on the Columbus campus are eligible to apply for the Scholars Programs. Step 1. Apply to Ohio State at Step 2. Receive your OSU ID via email (issued within 1 week of application submission) Step 3. Apply to the Scholars Program at To be considered, please submit your application by the deadline of February 1. For additional information: • Visit the PSL Scholars Program website: • Contact Kevin Freeman at 614.247.7821 or

PSL Scholars

What We Do

The Politics, Society, and Law (PSL) Scholars examine current social issues from a legal or political perspective via a series of discussions, debates, off-campus outings, and other activities. Students explore the role such issues play in society and related careers including law, journalism, business, teaching, etc., while gaining an understanding of the opportunities afforded through a law or graduate school education. As part of a 4 year co-curricular program, all first year PSL Scholars live together in Haverfield House. This living-learning community allows students to reside in a close-knit environment while still experiencing the benefits of a large university. Most “PSLers” major in one of the eight departments in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS), however students can major in any program, from Engineering to Health Administration to Theatre (all current majors in PSL). From discussions with federal agents to debates with fellow students, PSL Scholars have a wealth of opportunities to pursue their personal and professional interests

Exploring Legal and Political Issues

• Recent topics include Ohio’s Role in National Elections, K-12 Education Funding, the 2nd Amendment, the Politics, of Health Care, and the Environment vs. the Economy • PSLers participate in debates, guest panels, student led discussions, hearings at the Ohio Supreme Court, voter registration, and other activities. • Students are encouraged to pursue internships, undergraduate research, and off-campus studies related to their areas of interest.

Exploring Careers and Law/Grad School

• Scholars have the opportunity to learn from and talk with attorneys, judges, faculty, politicians, members of the media, and other community leaders as they share their insights and experiences. • Highlights include shadowing opportunities, the Lunch with a Lawyer series, and optional trips to Chicago or D.C. to meet with alumni and other professionals while learning about PSL-related careers. • Upperclass scholars interested in law school have the opportunity to visit area law schools, observe courses, and attend a professor-taught mock law class.

Academic Involvement

• The PSL Program Manager collaborates with college Academic Advisors to track each student’s progress and provide support and resources as PSLers work toward their degree • First year students can enroll in PSL-only sections of introductory English and Political Science classes, while all scholars receive priority registration when scheduling courses.


• Thematic residential communities • Focused co-curricular activities • Enhanced advising, career planning, and mentoring • Select classes w...