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National Scholars Honored

Scholarship and Fellowship Winners and Finalists at the 2011 Student Achievement Reception (top row left to right): Dominic Labanowski, Benjamin Briskin, Tyler Merz, Chris Skovron; (middle row left to right): Bill Babeaux, David Agranovich, Katherine Bovee, Christina Flores, Laura Sanman; (bottom row left to right): Jacqueline Ohmura, Seva Khambadkone, Philip Bunting, Samantha Sekar

Each year the Honors Collegium hosts a Student Achievement Reception to celebrate those students who have been recognized in national scholarship and fellowship competitions. We also congratulate graduating Honors Collegium seniors and recognize those Collegium students who have exhibited outstanding leadership and purpose during their undergraduate career. Held at the Faculty Club on May 16th, this year’s reception included student participants from across the University. Dr. Brian Winer led the event, with speeches by President Gee and graduating senior Bill Babeaux, and closing remarks from Dr. Linn van Woerkom, Associate Provost and Director of the Honors & Scholars Center. Bill recounted his experiences in the Collegium and activities on campus, and emphasized the importance of faculty mentors in his development as a student and leader. He encouraged students to seek out such mentors, draw from their counsel, and thank them for their continued guidance. Bill acknowledged the role of several individuals, including Collegium Faculty Community leader

Stephen Hills, in his successes, including most recently being awarded a Fulbright Binational Business Grant to Mexico, which he will undertake this fall. Many in the audience identified with his speech as some of Ohio State’s most accomplished students. In fact, this year’s honorees included a Churchill Scholar (page 4), six Fulbright Scholars (page 7), two Goldwater Scholars and two Honorable Mentions (page 5), and ten National Science Foundation Fellows (page 6). In addition to these scholarship winners and honorable mentions, the Collegium recognized their graduating seniors, a class of twelve students whose future plans are diverse and impressive. The class includes students traveling to India with MIT’s Poverty Action Lab and to Minneapolis to begin service with Teach for America. Many students will begin study at top graduate programs in the country in disciplines ranging from architecture to law. These graduates join a distinguished group of Collegium alumni and will undoubtedly become leaders in their fields throughout their careers.

From the Director

Collegium Communiqué


Volume 5, ISSUE 2

Letter from the Director tablished more than eight years ago, and The spring Collegium Communiqué is it was an excellent always dedicated to the Scholarship and Fellow- time to step back and ship applicants and winners along with the senior review our progress Collegium members. As you will discover in the and growth. As a pages that follow, we have had another excellent first step, the Colleyear. Ten OSU undergraduates were awarded Na- gium staff and I pretional Science Foundation Graduate Research Fel- pared a self-assesslowships, our highest number ever. These students ment of the program, will use their fellowships at a variety of top gradu- which was a beneficial and enlightening exercise. ate programs including Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Our findings include the following data regarding and Yale. This year Tyler Merz, a graduating se- the approximately 60 members in our program: nior from the Collegium, was named a Churchill • Currently, 41 different majors are represented and about 60% of the students pursue dual maScholar. The Churchill Scholarship funds one jors year of graduate study at Cambridge. Tyler is only the second Churchill Scholar from OSU and the • Each year 60% engage in research or extracurricular scholarly activities first since 1967. Finally, senior Collegium members are pursuing a variety of post-graduate activi- • 86% complete an honors thesis ties including a Fulbright Scholarship to Mexico, • More than 95% have a study abroad experience prior to graduation a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship to University of Ulster, law school, medical school, and other • After graduation, our students pursue a variety of programs (see Figure 1). About 80% engraduate programs. Please join me in wishing all ter graduate or professional programs and, of of our recent alumni the best of luck for their futhese, about half attend top ten ranked instituture endeavors. tions. This spring, the Honors Collegium under- In addition to the membership program, went an external review. The Collegium was es- the Honors Collegium assists all undergraduates pursuing prestigious scholarships and fellowships such as Rhodes, Marshall, Truman, Goldwater, Udall, Fulbright, and NSF. Figure 2 shows the dramatic increase in the winners and finalists for these awards over the last several years. When we compared OSU to its benchmark institutions, we found a number of interesting trends. First, when counting presFigure 1 Member Activities after Graduation tigious awards with a small Note: Data does not equal 100% because some students participated in multiple Dear Friends,

activities (e.g., post-grad program followed by PhD)



From the Director

number of winners (Rhodes, Marshall, Truman, Goldwater, Udall), OSU had the most students recognized by those foundations compared to our benchmarks during the past five years. When NSF Graduate Research Fellowships and Fulbright grants are included, OSU ranked 4th among the ten institutions, only slightly behind Wisconsin and Texas. We are continuing to put extra effort on the NSF and Fulbright awards. In May, we co-sponsored the 2nd annual Fulbright Week on campus with the goal of raising awareness and interest for the Fulbright program.

Figure 2. Undergraduate Scholarship Winners and Finalists, 2000-2010

As a result of the external review process, we will be implementing a number of changes to the Honor Collegium office. Perhaps the biggest change will be in regards to our dual mission of running a program for student members that seek to extend themselves beyond the classroom and administering the Scholarships and Fellowships program. After discussions with the external review committee, the student and faculty advisory committees, Associate Provost Van Woerkom, and Dean Carlson, we have decided to create a new fellowship office within the Honors and Scholars Center. The Undergraduate Fellowships Office will manage all the fellowship administration currently housed in the Collegium. The Honors Collegium will continue to exist with its entire focus devoted to working with its student membership. This division will allow clear messaging and branding of both programs around campus. In addition, with a highly visible fellowship office, we hope to develop a campus culture that encourages more undergraduate students to pursue prestigious opportunities.

Finally, on a personal note, I will be stepping down as Director of the Honors Collegium at the end of this summer. My physics research program took a new turn in January, and I have started to participate in research at the Large Hadron Collider located in Geneva, Switzerland. This new effort will require much of my attention, and I will be taking sabbatical most of next academic year. Associate Provost Linn Van Woerkom will be assuming the responsibilities of the Collegium Director. This summer I am working with Dr. Van Woerkom and the full Collegium staff to transition the program to its new structure and ensure that we continue to deliver strong support for high-ability students and assist all undergraduates in the pursuit of prestigious scholarships and fellowships. As Director, I cherished the opportunity to work with the best students at the university and a fantastic staff. I look forward to following their future successes.

Scholarships & Fellowships



Churchill Scholar Tyler Merz, a Collegium senior majoring in engineering physics, was named one of fourteen Churchill Scholars. Awarded by the Winston Churchill Foundation, the scholarship funds one year of graduate study at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom to students demonstrating exceptional academic talent, outstanding personal qualities, and a capacity to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the sciences, engineering and mathematics. Tyler is only the second Ohio State student to ever be named a Churchill Scholar and the university’s first in 44 years. A 2010 Goldwater Scholar, Tyler has studied in Germany on a Research Internship in Science and Engineering (RISE) award from the DAAD and conducted research at Cornell University on an NSF REU. His resarch has resulted in four peer-reviewed publications and multiple presentations in the U.S. and Brazil. On campus, he founded Students for Science, Engineering, Technology, and Math (SSTEM), a student group which introduces engineering to underrepresented students in the Columbus public school system. He also promotes education exchange in Germany to U.S. students as a DAAD Young Ambassador. Tyler will obtain an MPhil in physics at Cambridge before pursuing a PhD in applied physics at Stanford on an NSF Graduate Tyler Merz Research Fellowship.

Truman Finalists The Truman Foundation annually recognizes 60 college juniors who have demonstrated exceptional leadership potential and a commitment to public service, providing funding towards graduate studies and leadership training. This year two Ohio State students were named Finalists, the most in any single year since the Collegium began managing the campus application process. Collegium student Seva Khambadkone conducts neuroscience research with Dr. John Bruno and is active in health education, leading the OSU chapter of Project Nicaragua and the Global Health Initiative High School Global Health Mentoring Program. She will pursue an MD in pediatric neurology and an MPH, focusing on malnutrition’s effects on neurological development in developing countries. Samy Sekar and Seva Khambadkone Samantha Sekar, a Presidential Scholar and 2010 Udall Scholar, is pursuing research on sustainable agriculture in Karnataka, India. She is the Communications Director for the campus environmental EARTH Center and the treasurer for the Association for India’s Development, Columbus. She will pursue a career in environmental law and policy.

Soros Fellow 2007 alumna Yoonhee Ha was named one of 30 Soros Fellows, a graduate scholarship awarded to New Americans or children of New Americans achieving leadership in their chosen fields. At OSU, Yoonhee was a Collegium student, named a Truman Scholar, and selected for the USA Today All-College Academic First Team. She completed a master’s degree in public health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine as a 2007 Marshall Scholar and is now a first-year MD/PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

Yoonhee Ha

Collegium senior Surili Sheth was a Finalist for the 2011 Rhodes Scholarship, which funds 32 American Scholars annually for two yeras of graduate study at the University of Oxford. Surili, an economics and political science major, has addressed disparities in health and education among rural populations in India through volunteer

Surili Sheth

work with two NGOs. In addition to the Rhodes, she received the university’s nomination for four other nationally-competitve awards, including the Marshall Scholarship, Truman Scholarship, Carnegie Junior Fellowship, and Fulbright program. For the next two years, she will work in India as a Research Associate with the MIT Poverty Action Lab.

Pickering Undergraduate Foreign Affairs Fellow

Evan Davis

The Thomas R. Pickering Undergraduate Foreign Affairs Fellowship provides support for the senior year of college and the first year of graduate study to students with an interest in pursuing a Foreign Service Career in the U.S. Department of State. Evan Davis, a third-year International Affairs Scholar and double major in international

relations and diplomacy and political science, was named a 2011 Pickering Fellow. Evan has studied in Canada, Turkey, Bolivia, and, more recently, Brazil, where he studied Portguguese language on a Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) fellowship. He plans to pursue a career in public policy.

Four OSU Students Recognized by Goldwater Foundation The Goldwater Scholarship is one of the most prestigious awards for undergraduate students pursuing careers in the sciences and mathematics. This year, two Ohio State students, Clark Butler and Dominic Labanowski, were named Goldwater Scholars; an additional two students received Honorable Mention. Clark is a junior in mathematics who has conducted research in Dr. Sergie Chmutov’s VIGRE working group on Knots and Graphs and with Dr. Joe Verducci through the Mathematical Biosciences Institute.

Clark Butler

He plans to study topology, graph theory, and differential geometry as a professor of mathematics. Dominic, a junior in the Collegium, has researched spintronics in the lab of Dr. P. Chris Hammel for two years; he will further develop this research with a summer NSF REU at UC Santa Barbara. He plans to pursue a PhD in electrical and computer engineering. Philip Bunting and Martin Dalefield each received Honorable Mention from the Goldwater Foundation. A third-year chemistry major, Phil joined the lab of Dr. Mal-

OSU’s Goldwater Honorees

colm Chisholm after being awarded the Beckman Scholarship and has recently been published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society. He plans to obtain a graduate degree in chemistry. Martin is a Collegium junior who has conducted research under Dr. Dennis McKay in the College of Pharmacy and studied at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke at the NIH in Bethesda, Maryland. He plans to obtain a PhD in pharmacology to promote cross-disciplinary efforts in drug discovery and development.

Dominic Labanowski


Scholarships & Fellowships

Rhodes Finalist


Scholarships & Fellowships



National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellows The National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowships provide three years of support for graduate study leading to research-based master’s or doctoral degrees. Each year the foundation awards approximately 2,000 fellowships to ensure the vitality of science and mathematics in the U.S. This year, ten Ohio State undergraduates were named Fellows and three received Honorable Mention. A December 2010 graduate, Katherine Bovee examined emission reduction of Ohio State’s EcoCar vehicle

Honorees pictured from left to right:Mark Politz, Laura Sanman, Jake Connors, Katherine Bovee, Jacqueline Ohmura, Tyler Merz, President Gee, Christopher Skovron, Kevin Yang

in her Honors thesis. She is currently pursuing her work with the EcoCar team as a graduate student at OSU’s Center for Automotive Research. A Collegium senior and 2010 Goldwater Scholar, Jake Connors has worked for several years in the high energy physics lab of Dr. Richard Hughes and Dr. Brian Winer searching for dark matter accumulations in the Milky Way galaxy and hunting for the Higgs boson

NSF Honorable Mentions Thomas Henighan is a 2010 OSU graduate and is currently studying at the Delft Institute of Technology in the Netherlands on a Fulbright Grant. He plans to attend Stanford to pursue a PhD in physics upon return. A chemical engineering major, Mark Politz has studied the expression of oxygen carrying proteins in the bacteria E. coli and their purification with Dr. Andre Palmer. He will begin graduate studies at the University of Wisconsin at Madison in the fall. Christopher Skovron is a Collegium senior majoring in political science and English. He has researched public opinion of gay marriage ballot initiatives and the role of rhetoric in state ballot initiatives. He will pursue a PhD in American politics at the University of Michigan.

at particle colliders. In the fall, he will begin graduate study in physics at Harvard University. Li-Wei Hung graduated in winter 2011 with majors in astronomy and physics. She has participated in several research projects, including two at OSU, one at Harvard, and one at CTIO, the inter-American telescope observatory, in Chile. She will study astrophysics at Harvard. Since graduating from OSU in 2010, Hudson McFann has been conducting research on spatial equity and waste commerce on a Fulbright Grant in Canada. A 2009 Beinecke Scholar, Collegium graduate, and former Politics, Society, and Law Scholar, he will begin graduate study at New York University this fall. Tyler Merz was named a 2011 Fellow. Read more about Tyler on page 4. Jacqueline Ohmura, a materials science and engineering major, held a research appointment at the OSU Medical Center and completed an NSF REU at UC Santa Barbara’s Materials Research Lab. She will pursue a PhD in biological engineering at MIT on the department’s Whitehead Graduate Fellowship. Biochemistry student Laura Sanman has been involved in research since her freshman year, most recently in the lab of Dr. Zucai Suo. This fall, she will join the Chemical and Systems Biology Department at Stanford University as a PhD student. Currently researching barriers to prenatal care in rural Tanzania on a Fulbright Grant, Adrienne Strong is a 2010 graduate of OSU, where she was a Presidential Scholar and member of the Collegium. She will pursue a PhD in anthropology on fellowship at Washington University in St. Louis. A chemistry and microbiology major, Emily Wong’s research has earned her a poster award at the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum, a Beckman Scholarship, and a Pelotonia Fellowship. She will begin doctoral studies at Yale’s Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry program in the fall. Kevin Yang will graduate with a degree in chemical and biomolecular engineering. He has conducted research with Dr. Michael Paulaitis and held leadership positions with OSU FIRST and the Engineer’s Council. In the fall, he will join Teach for America in the Los Angeles area before pursuing a PhD in chemical engineering at the California Institute of Emily Wong Technology.


Bill Babeaux

Gary Bearden

Kathryn Ivancic

Kelly Schultz

Alex Wilkerson

Each year the Fulbright Commission offers grants to support one academic year of study, research, or teaching assistantship experience in over 140 countries. Over 1,700 grants are awarded annually to increase mutual understanding between the U.S. and other countries. This year, Ohio State had eleven finalists, six of whom were named Fulbright Scholars. William Babeaux, an Honors Collegium senior, has studied in Mexico, Ethiopia, Brazil, and Ecuador and held multiple leadership positions on campus, including one with the Alleviating Poverty Through Entrepreneurship Summit. Next year, he will continue his commitment to improving economic disparities in the developing world on a Fulbright Binational Business grant to Mexico. A French, Russian, and international studies major, Gary Bearden served as the Community Service Committee chair for his Humanities Scholars group and taught at the Columbus Literacy Council. Following his Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship (ETA) in Russia, he plans to complete a master’s degree in global security and international law at Georgetown University. Jaime Gusching was awarded an English Teaching Assistantship to Turkey. You can read more about Jaime on page 8. 2007 OSU alumna Kathryn Ivancic is an extensive traveler, having taught science and English in Spain on a grant from the Spanish Ministry of Education. She has worked for the USDA, the National Wildlife Federation, and the office of Senator Sherrod Brown. During her Fulbright year, she will study the indirect consequences of U.S. interna-

Jaime Gusching

tional trade laws on Uruguay’s natural resources. Currently teaching English in Dharamsala, India, Kelly Schultz was selected as a Fulbright scholar to teach English in Korea. As an undergraduate in anthropology, Kelly’s interests lay in cultural contact between Buddhism and the West, and she plans to return to OSU’s Department of Comparative Studies to continue investigating these cultural encounters as a graduate student. Alex Wilkerson studied abroad in both Bonn and Dresden, Germany, during his time at Ohio State. Next year, he looks forward to integrating his interests in German language and creative writing in the German classroom as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant. Upon return, he will begin graduate studies at OSU in order to teach English at the university level. Devyn Paros, a Collegium senior and international studies and French major, was named a Fulbright Alternate to Ghana. Devyn studied with Dr. Kelechi Kalu, interned at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, DC, nad co-founded the International Development Coalition on campus. Additionally, four students were Fulbright Finalists: Cheasequah Blevins (molecular genetics), Benjamin Briskin (personalized study program), Sean Corey (mathematics), and Valerie Hendrickson (Chinese and international studies).

Devyn Paros

Scholarships & Fellowships

Six Undergraduates Receive Fulbright Grants


Scholarships & Fellowships



Critical Language Scholarship This year, three Ohio State undergraduates garnered Critical Language Scholarships. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, the Critical Language Scholarship Program offers fully-funded intensive summer language institutes overseas

in thirteen less commonly taught languages. Collegium sophomore David Agranovich is a political science and international studies major. He spent last summer in Washington, D.C., as an intern with the Polaris Project, the leading NGO combating human trafficking, and he now works with a similar group in Ohio. He will travel to Russia this summer on his Critical Language Scholarship. Christina Flores is a first-year student David Agranovich and Christina Flores double majoring in with President Gee Korean and Spanish. This summer, she will

travel to Korea as part of the Critical Language Scholarship’s beginning Korean program. At OSU, she is involved in PASS (Program for Advising in Scholarship and Service), Humanities Scholars, Nourish International, and the Multicultural Center. Jaime Gusching is a graduating senior in international studies and international business. She has served as a Senator in the Undergraduate Student Government and co-chaired the Alleviating Poverty Through Entrepreneurship Summit. A two-time winner of the Critical Language Scholarship, she will return to Turkey this summer to further develop her language skills before beginning her Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in the same country.

Thank You, Scholarship Panelists! The Honors Collegium is grateful to the faculty, administrators, and community leaders who participated in campus selection committees and mock interviews this year. Panelists play an integral role in ensuring that Ohio State endorses high-caliber candidates for national awards and preparing applicants for these competitive opportunities.

David Andereck Mark Bender Caroline Breitenberger Angela Brintlinger Snjezana Buzov Leo Coleman Kathryn Corl Irene Delic David Frantz Richard Gordon Anna Grotans Deborah Haddad Linda Harlow Rick Herrmann Liz Klein Anastasia Kostetskaya Jesus Lara Donald Larson

William Liddle David Lieberman Morgan Liu Klaus Lorenz

Randi Love Mitch Masters Kathleen McGraw Brian McHale Katherine Meyer Terry Miller

Debra Moddelmog Mark Moritz Sean O’Sullivan Eddie Pauline Barbara Piperata Lauren Podalsky Danielle Pyun Cathy Rakowski Rip Ripley Illeana Rodriguez Brian Roe Louisa Shea Morna Smith Richard Steckel Joseph Steinmetz Julia Watson Sabra Webber Andy Woodmansee

(Greek and Latin) and Dr. Amanda Bird (Molecular Genetics and Nutrition), two faculty members who recently received their PhDs from UK institutions, shared their experiences and discussed differences between graduate study in America and in Britain. The series culminated in a fireside chat with 2008 Rhodes Scholar and OSU alumna Jessica Hanzlik, followed by an English tea-themed reception at the Kuhn Honors & Scholars House.

Jessica Hanzlik returned to OSU in April to share her experiences as a Rhodes Scholar

Mitchell Scholars Program Director Visits Ohio State

Jennie LaMonte

In April, Ohio State hosted Jennie LaMonte, the Managing Director of the George J. Mitchell Scholarship Program. The Mitchell provides funding for one year of graduate study in Ireland. Ms. LaMonte met with faculty and administrators from OSU and regional institutions, including Ohio Northern and the University of Cincinnati. She enjoyed lunch

with a group of Collegium students and addressed potential Mitchell applicants at an afternoon information session. Collegium senior Elaine Householder was this year’s nominee for the Mitchell. The Collegium is dedicated to increasing awareness of the program at Ohio state and is looking forward to identifying and assisting future Mitchell Scholars.

OSU Holds Second Annual Fulbright Week The Honors Collegium once again partnered with the Office of International Affairs and the Graduate School to organize this year’s Fulbright Week on May 16 - 20. A series of events open to all faculty, staff, and students promoted opportunities available through the Fulbright and Fulbright-Hays programs to potential undergraduate, graduate student, and faculty applicants. Past recipients were recognized at the President’s fifth annual Fulbright and Fulbright-Hays Reception on Thursday, May 19th.

The Collegium organized multiple preparation for the fall 2011 appliadvisory events across campus, in- cation cycle. cluding information sessions, tabling on the Oval, and a Fulbright writing workshop, where potential applicants learned about the elements of successful Fulbright essays and began drafting personPresident Gee speaks at the Fulbright Reception al statements in

Scholarships & Fellowships

Road to the Rhodes This spring, the office held a threepart programming series called the Road to the Rhodes. The series aimed to introduce undergraduates to the Rhodes Scholarship and other prestigious awards for graduate study in the United Kingdom. Geared especially for underlcassmen, the first session, What is the Rhodes?, offered an overview of British fellowships, the award selection process, and how to become a competitive applicant. At the second session, Dr. Anna McCullough



Collegium Update


Volume 5, ISSUE 2

Collegium Award Winners The Honors Collegium recognized three students for their undergraduate accomplishments at the Student Achievement Reception. Sophomore Devin Oliver was granted the Holbrook Enrichment Award for his commitment to international development and urban planning. His grant will help fund language and culture study in Brazil this summer. Brian Yeh received the

Brian Yeh, Devin Oliver, and Tyler Merz

Martha Garland Outstanding Freshman Award for his initiative and purposefulness during his first year at Ohio State. This summer, he will complete two internships in China. Tyler Merz was selected for the Provost’s Distinguished Senior Award for his dedication to the ideals of the Collegium, including consistent campus leadership and uniquely purposeful academic experience during his undergraduate career.

Congratulations to the 2011 Collegium Graduates! Future Plans William Babeaux Fulbright Binational Business Grant to Mexico Ryan Connolly MArch at Yale University Jake Connors NSF Graduate Research Fellowship to pursue PhD in Physics at Harvard University Elaine Householder Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship to pursue a master’s at University of Ulster

Collegium 2010 graduating class. (From left to right): Collegium Director Brian Winer, Tara Stephan, Chris Skovron, Devyn Paros, Tyler Merz, Mal Mrozek, Surili Sheth, Jimmy Mei, Marco Satala, Bill Babeaux, Jake Connors

Zhen Mei MD at University of Illinois at Chicago

Marco Satala JD at Boston College Law School

Tyler Merz Churchill Scholarship to pursue MPhil in Physics at University of Cambridge & NSF to pursue PhD in Applied Physics at Stanford

Surili Sheth Research with MIT’s Poverty Action Lab in India

Malgorzata Mrozek Teach for America in Minneapolis Devyn Paros Work for NGO or think tank in D.C.

Christopher Skovron PhD in American Politics at the University of Michigan Tara Stephan PhD in History and Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies at New York University



The Honors Collegium welcomes new members of the classes of 2015, 2014, and 2013. At the annual Open House held on May 26th, new members from the classes of ’13 and ’14, current members, staff, Collegium Faculty Community leaders, and Collegium Advisory Committee members gathered at the Kuhn Honors & Scholars Center.

Class of 2015 Morgan Freisthler International Studies & Russian Nathaniel Henry Systems Engineering

Greg Kemper Biochemistry Michael Lemon Industrial Design Ellen Milligan English

Gina Price Animal Sciences Samantha Taylor Mechanical Engineering Ruthie Wygle Microbiology

Class of 2014 Jacob Bogart International Studies Kelly Chen Psychology

Alexis Goots Anthropological Science Brian Hurwitz Biomedical Science Andrei Jipa Chemistry

Zachary Karabatak Political Science & Arabic Jennifer Mayer Political Science

Rebecca Monteleone Molecular Genetics & Social Work Henry Peller Horticulture & Design

Class of 2013 Mary Bauer Linguistics Kelsey Bisson Geological Sciences

Erika Sulecki Psychology & Spanish Olena Zyga Neuroscience PSP

Shelby Kretz Psychology Elizabeth Pillion Linguistics

Collegium Update

Collegium Welcomes New Members

Rachael Billock Biology Elizbeth Bley Biomedical Science Annelise Del Rio Zoology

Collegium Faculty Community Biological Sciences Deborah Parris Professor of Molecular Virology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics Amanda Simcox Professor of Molecular Genetics Business Stephen Hills Professor Emeritus of Business Engineering David Tomasko Associate Dean of Engineering Humanities & Arts Maurice Stevens Associate Professor of Comparative Studies & African American & African Studies International Studies Douglas Southgate Professor of Agricultural, Environmental & Development Economics Natural and Mathematical Sciences Brian Winer Professor of Physics Social & Behavioral Sciences Paul Beck Professor of Political Science

The 16th Annual Denman Undergraduate Research Forum was held on Wednesday, May 9 at the RPAC. Five Collegium students were recognized in their research categories. • • •

• •

Alex Chaitoff (2012) - 3rd Place, Biological Sciences “Characterization of a Novel Riboswitch” (with Adam Tabbaa) Nicholas Denton (2013) - 3rd Place, Health Prof.:Lab/Cellular “SMPD1 Contribution to GBM Biology and Response to Radiation and Chemo” Elaine Householder (2011) - 2nd Place, Social & Behavioral Sciences “Symbolic Associations of Violence in Northern Ireland and South Africa” Surili Sheth (2011) - 1st Place, Social & Behavioral Sciences “Investigating Service Delivery for the Urban Poor in India” Kelsey Shoub (2013) - 3rd Place, Social & Behavioral Sciences “Gubernatorial Reelections”

Thank you, Collegium Faculty The Honors Collegium thanks the members of the Collegium Advisory Committee (CAC) and the Collegium Faculty Community (CFC) for their service over the past year. The Advisory Committee offers guidance and input on program development and strategy, while the Faculty Community encourages student and faculty communication through regular meetings and events with leaders and assigned cohorts of students. Faculty involvement is key to student success, so we thank all involved professors for their dedication and time.

Collegium Advisory Committee David Denlinger Distinguished Professor of Entomology Richard Dutton Distinguished Professor of Humanities Kathy Flores Associate Professor of Material Science Engineering Lisa Florman Professor of Art History Kelechi Kalu Professor of African American and African Studies

The Honors Collegium

Collegium Members Take Top Honors at Denman


301 Enarson Hall 154 West 12th Avenue Columbus, Ohio 43210 Phone: (614) 688-5805 Fax: (614) 292-5446 collegium/Default.aspx

Clark Larson Distinguished Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences and Chair of Anthropology Jennifer Willging Associate Professor of French Linn Van Woerkom Associate Provost of Honors and Scholars Pat Woodward Professor of Chemistry Ahmed Yousef Professor of Microbiology

The Honors Collegium is a program for purposeful students who expect to distinguish themselves beyond the baccalaureate degree. The Collegium also serves all undergraduates pursuing national scholarships and fellowships.

Collegium Junior Elizabeth Otto shares her research at the Denman

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Collegium Communique Spring 2011  

Collegium Communique Spring 2011

Collegium Communique Spring 2011  

Collegium Communique Spring 2011