MacGuffin no8 / Desk on desk / 01-2020

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Hot Desks


Clean your desktop, we are told. Both physical and digital. It saves time finding stuff, improves privacy and reduces stress. The Forbo Furniture Linoleum comes in a range of colours with an uncanny resemblance to those of computer desktops. The linoleum collection inspired this family of abstracted devices, each with its own screen, on a Forbo desktop.

Concept and photography by Sander Plug Art direction by Stef Bakker


85 Set 1: 4164 salsa screen, 4154 burgundy desk, 4175 pebble background.

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Set 2: 4186 orange blast screen, 4132 ash desk, 4185 powder background.

Set 3: 4157 pearl screen, 4023 nero desk, 4180 aqua vert background.