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Media Kit 2011-2012

What is Genki Life Magazine? Genki Life Magazine is a free, online (electronic) magazine published quarterly/seasonal by the Genshiken of the Inland Empire (GIE) fandom club. The main focus of the magazine is to be a guide that presents information primarily on anime, science fiction, video games, events, etc. We try to give our readers good, entertaining and informative subject mater in a well-designed, easy-to-read and visually appealing magazine format. Nothing too gaudy or too sublime. We’re well aware that there are a plethora of sources out there. A lot claim to be the “number one source” or the “anime authority” and so on. We make no claims like that.

What is the reason for the magazine? The reason for this publication is to be more active in the anime fandom community. As we all know in the past few years, a lot of famous and infamous anime-genre magazines have come and gone. It was just like the “dot COM” era, the market got saturated too fast and finally crashed…the anime industry in general. There were just too many companies trying to make money from finite sources, so many went bust. By being an online magazine, this publication is strictly not-for-profit. Too much paperwork in becoming a real organization. In other words…all FREE!

How is the magazine distributed? As an online magazine, it is distributed though the internet. There is no physical product. All friends who are “Fans” or “Like” our Genshiken of the Inland Empire page on FaceBook will receive a link to the magazine. All persons, businesses and business contacts who placed an advertisement with us, past and present, or have made inquires to the magazine will receive a link via e-mail. These are the initial people who are notified. We also rely on them to “forward” the link to all who could be interested in the magazine.

Who are the Genshiken of the Inland Empire? The Genshiken of the Inland Empire (GIE) fandom club formed roughly around mid-2004. We are a local group of fans of different genre, but primarily anime and video game fans. The idea of forming a club stems from seeing colleges and universities having such clubs. I also like to bring back the feeling of belonging to a small group of people with similar interests like in the bygone days…the 80s. A few months later, we decided to name our club after the fictional club based off the work of mangaka, Shimoku Kio. The name we picked fits us perfectly because, as primarily anime fans, we have many other interest in different genres.


Genki Life Magazine Media Kit

What about contributing to the magazine? We are looking for people to contribute articles, reviews, opinions, etc., on the various genres. The written articles, since this publication is seasonal: could be about industry trends; information on upcoming anime, video games, etc.; about artists, musicians, producers, mangaka and so on. We try not to include current news unless it’s a major event that could affect fandom for the next season or later. Written reviews could be on current and past anime, video games, etc. As a group with pretty open viewpoints, pretty much anything goes. BUT, but there are some subject matter we will not accept nor tolerate. Anything with one’s own political view (without concrete rational support with quoted sources), presenting certain groups (sex, race [except one’s own], religion, sexual orientation, etc) in demeaning or stereotypical ways or sexually explicit subject matter will not be accepted.

How to Submit Your Contribution We accept any type of common word processor file format. Rich text format (RTF) is best because it keeps bolds, italics, underlines, etc., regardless of platform. The other formats–maybe, because of file translation. A plain text file is also good. Another way of submitting an article is…if you’re a graphic designer and/or know how to use a good program exceptionally well, is to create and design your own layout. Your article could be a half page, full page or any number page spread (see For Graphic Designers). But remember to use “good” design. This is not Heavy Metal or Pro Wrestling Insider after all. And try to use good spelling, “grammer” and use “punk-u-A-shuns” correctly. The last way of submitting an article is by submitting a voice recording in MP3 format. However, you must speak in a clear, cohesive and concise voice so that there’s no question of what you’re trying to say or convey. So no talking like Snoop Dog or Larry the Cable Guy, but like Obama or Barbara Walters. The transcription will also be edited for grammatical correctness. You could send your files via e-mail—if it’s small enough. Or if the file is too large for your or our e-mail servers to handle, you could use yousendit. com for free to send files up to 100 mb. If you have multiple files, put them in a ZIP, RAR, SITX or 7z file and send it.

Genki Life Magazine Media Kit


What about advertisers? We are also looking for companies or local business to submit advertisements relating the to the genres or culture. Since this is a free publication with low circulation, submitting advertisements to this magazine is FREE of charge, but only limited to one full page or two half or quarter pages.

Size Specifications: AD SIZE Quarter Page Half Page (Margin) Half Page (Full)* Full Page* 2-Page Spread

INCHES 3.75x5 7.75x5 8.5x5.375 8.5x11 17x11

PICAS 22p6x30p0 46p6x30p0 51p0x32p3 51p0x66p0 102p0x66p0

Quarter Size Full Size Half Size (Margin)

Half Size (Full)

Specification Guidelines Your files could come from any type of computer: Mac, PC, Linux, DOS, C-64, Amiga, TRS-80, VIC-20, Atari 800, Apple IIc, Bahamudo, Sharon Apple, LCARS, HAL-9000, SkyNet, Cerebro, the Matrix, the TARDIS—whatever. I got tired of the computer wars. And with whatever computer you use and whatever program you create your files with (Xpress, InDesign, Publisher, AmiPro, Print Shop Pro, Pages, paper and pen, etc), all images must have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (scaled close to 100%). It should also be able to at least output PDF format. And don’t use a word processor to create a page. You know who your are. That’s just way too ghetto! In other words…any high res format where we don’t have to deal with fonts, image resolution, proprietary files, etc. We should be able to open them with no problems. The formats we accept are: • EPS (encapsulated postscript) with fonts to outlines • PDF (portable document file) set to x-1a:2001 minimum • TIF (tagged image file format) 300 dpi (LZH compression optional) • JPG ( Joint Photographic Experts Group) 300 dpi with low image compression

* Could be sized to margin size if needed.


Genki Life Magazine Media Kit

For Graphic Designers There are graphic designers and there are graphic designers. Whichever one you are, your submissions must meet the specification guidelines. No propriety file formats. As mentioned before, your pages sizes are a half page, full page or any number page spread. The following page sizes are: PAGE SIZE INCHES PICAS Half Page 8.5x5.5 51p0x33p0 Full Page 8.5x11 (letter size) 51p0x66p0 2-Page Spread 17x11 (tabloid) 102p0x66p0 All articles must have a 3/4 inch (2p3) margin. Bleed and color space optional.

Production Schedule (Tentative) ISSUE 5 - Fall 2011 6 - Winter 2012 7 - Spring 2012 8 - Summer 2012 9 - Fall 2012 10 - Winter 2013

Genki Life Magazine Media Kit

DEADLINE START September 2-20, 2011 December 1-19, 2011 February 28-March 17, 2012 May 31-June 18, 2012 September 1-19, 2012 November 30-December 18, 2012

STREET DATE Friday, September 23, 2011 Thursday, December 22, 2011 Tuesday, March 20, 2012 Thursday, June 21, 2012 Saturday, September 22, 2012 Friday, December 21, 2012

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