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C OU N T ON FRIENDSHIP Picture story

Oh, can'y you see me?

Now you are able to see!

In the meantime the bullies attack Luigi on Facebook to isolate him even more. If you inform someone about this, I am going to kill you!

Many students read about Luigi on Facebook, and click on “Likes� hundreds of times! and post ironical comments.

Call the four bully guys, I'll take care of everything!

Luigi doesn't want to go back to school any more The two students go and talk to Luigi's parents.

Luigi feels bad. We would like to help him but what can we do?

Suggest him to inform against those four stupid guys. Only you can give us a hand! He is always in his room working at the computer

He might fall ill and even fail the year.

Don't you realize what you have done?

In the meantime the headmaster calls the four bullies.

That's not the first time. You don't only risk to be suspended!

Get out from our group then. Piss off, you bastard!

No, you get out! I'm not alone. Who' s with you?

Ivan do shut up! We are with Giovanni, we are fed up , we can't risk and continue to do stupid things just to feel strong .

Teacher, we have done bad things, many bad things but now we have to give up, deleting the bad words written on Facebook

Can you give us a hand teacher ? How can we delete those writings? Can we do it?


(M. = male, F. = female, T. = teacher)


(M. = male, F. = female, T. = teacher)

M.: First of all he is a great nerd, never gives suggestions during the classworks. The other students are not on his side so he should learn from this situation and change his attitudes towards his classmates. M.: He and the class should both change their attitudes. M.: Luigi should have iron will but he hasn't!


(M. = male, F. = female, T. = teacher)

T.: Which change would have being more effective in this situation? F.: The headmaster and classmates' one. M.: If “the nerd” changes his attitudes towards his classmates , the bullies will surely change too. F.: Bullies never change till something happens to them! M.: The classmates have to talk to each other first and then with “the nerd” and convince him to change his behavior in class ... He can not always be alone! If the bully realizes the whole class is on his side, he will also change or even if he does not change he might stop bullying, because he's one against twenty ... all the other students are against him ! F.: …Then even some of the bully' s friends might be weak , feigning to be strong so the bully accord them protection. T.: What do you think about facebook? M.: …You can have a look at it and delete what you want. F.: Yes, delete the words but not the offences, the humiliations… M.: The situation is puzzling, you can delete the words but nothing changes: not the bullied but the bullies should delete them! M.: but nobody will really know who's deleted them ! F.: We might write on facebook how we, all together, have tried to solve that difficult situation . F.: According to me the bully wouldn't agree. He wouldn't like other people know he has apologized to someone for his bad behavior! He would never apologyze on facebook, he's too proud! M.: No, the only thing he can do, according to me, is to delete everything, next time he should think twice before writing such a rubbish on internet!


Picture story

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