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VASER Liposuction Vs Laser Liposuction

If you have ever considered getting a fat removal treatment done, then you probably have wondered — what is the difference between VASER liposuction Mumbai (or simply VASER Lipo) and a Laser Lipo? Are you looking for a noninvasive liposuction or a non-surgical fat removal treatment, and aren’t very sure about which treatment option you should go for? There are so many different kinds of treatments and procedures out there, all claiming to banish your excess fat in some way or the other. But its often hard to say what will work and what is overrated.

There are many different types of fat removal procedures. And just like people are of various sizes and shapes —  diversity is great — the same is true for fat removal treatments. There are surgical treatments, minimally invasive and non-invasive treatments, and there are procedures that can target fats in a particular area. It depends on you, what kind of procedure you want and how much fat is to be removed. Therefore, it is a good idea to explore the various choices there are available for fat removal.

VASER Lipo VASER Liposuction is often considered to be the best fat removal treatment pertaining to its effectiveness. There can’t be much doubt about its effectiveness — you can even see the extracted fat, after the procedure is done, and many patients like to take photos of the fat that is extracted.

The procedure is minimally invasive and the downtime is very low as well when compared to other traditional fat removal methods, but there are certain downsides as well. The recovery from the procedure can be uncomfortable in certain cases (effective pain management and medication is provided to minimize the discomfort). The patients opting for VASER Liposuction Mumbai cannot be obese and must be close to the target weight they want to acquire. It is more of a fat removal and body sculpting procedure, and not exactly a weight loss solution, so your expectations may be needed to be accordingly. But, for the right people, it can be really helpful. The procedure is famous for a reason.

Laser Lipo Another popular fat removal treatment option is Laser Liposuction. There are many machines and generations that exist for targeting fats with the help of lasers. Some work with suction-assisted liposuction to remove the fat, while other treatment options leave it for the body to eliminate the fat out of the body through excretion. The Bariatric surgery in Mumbai help you reduce weight by reducing size of your stomach. Those who are not interested in VASER Lipo as a treatment option, and want to target small areas of fat, Laser Lipo is perfectly suitable for them.

While VASER Liposuction uses ultrasound to break fat cells down, Laser Lipo makes use of laser in order to melt the fats. VASER Liposuction specifically targets fat cells, whereas laser could disrupt the surrounding tissue while being less precise. It is important that you choose your treatment practitioner very carefully, as an inexperienced and imprecise handling can be damaging to your skin and the surrounding tissue.

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Vaser liposuction vs laser liposuction  
Vaser liposuction vs laser liposuction  

If you have ever considered getting a fat removal treatment done, then you probably have wondered — what is the difference between VASER lip...