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is an exploration and experimentation for speculating near future technologies involved with our environment. We believe our digital design method could face to multiple aspect in pragmatic projects with optimum communications inbetween architects and clients which lead to mutually satisfactory vision and results.


Tritonia is specialize in digital architecture and generative designs. Our mission is bridging the radical architectural explorations and pragmatic projects, which could push the periphery of architecture further.

Visualization Urban Straegies Master Planning Sustainability Energy Design Project Management Building Technology Detailed design Construction


Interior Design Product design Installation and art

Computational design Geometry Studies Digital Production BIM Fabrication Visualization VR similation Animation

The visualizations has been using a tool in Tritonia to portray unbuilt architecture in order to pursue a mutual objective between all stakeholders engaged in the individual projects. We believe that a high level of communication early on in the process is directly related to the final outcome. The visualization technic has in Tritonia largely include not only architectural renders but also animation, 360 simulation, and augmented reality with VR device.


We provides hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies of architectural production as well as rapid prototype and additive manufacturing. From the early stage to see the potential of geometry and the late stage of production in real construction we fabricate the invaluable qualities such as delicate craftsmanship and computational production (with CNC, 3D printing, FRP modeling..etc.)

Parametric Modelling and BIM

We believe parametric model is more than an aesthetic trend. With parametric tools we are able to react quickly to changes and to calculate and analyze many different variations in real time. It is important for us to communicate with clients and constructors in the same common design language and to be able to work closely. (including Penalization, structural optimization, and façade solutions..etc.)

Theory and Pedagogy

Tritonia is always willing to share it’s own upfront theory and vision. Wildly in many ongoing blog, architectural magazines and publication, we try to explore/sharing/exchange ideas and engage with our environment by using the media such as webinar tutorial, workshop, and online publication.

Taras Kashko Gianni Ranaulo Design/Architect, project leader/ Dubai 2016-17 Activities: architectural design of commercial center, office tower. Stages: concept, executive design, detailed design , project leader Kramall Studio/Architect, project leader/ Kiev,Ua Activities: architectural design of residental complex, hotel building Stages: concept, detailed design


PJSC Kievproject-5/Architect/ Kiev,Ua Activities: architecture, interior, landscape design Stages: concept, detailed design


Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture/2010-15 Bachelor of Science in Architecture/Field of studing: urban planning Tempus European Commision/SEHUD/ Course: urban sustainable development


Damon Wu Gianni Ranaulo Design/Architect, project leader/ Dubai 2016-17 Activities: architectural design of commercial center, office tower. Stages: concept, executive design, detailed design , project leader Najjar-Najjar Architects/DesignArchitect/ Vienna Austria Activities: Villa and housing projects design Stages: concept, detailed design


CACUWU Architects/ExecutiveDesigner/ Taiwan Activities: Architecure designer and coordinator Stages: urban planning, feasibility study, concept design


University of Applied Art in Vienna 2014-15 MSC in Urban Strategies with distinction (mit Auszeichnung bestanden) National Taipei University of Technology Bachelor of Architecture


VALBONNE OpenSky Shhopping Center

Function: Shopping Center, hotel, office Location: SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, FRANCE Year: 2016-17 Client : Compagnie de Phalsbourg

The Valbonne Sophia Antipolis project is located in the Clausonnes district of Valbonne Sophia Antipolis, in the heart of the Sophia Antipolis conurbation. The development of this sector therefore constitutes a major challenge for economic development at the level of the agglomeration, and more broadly of the entire departmental territory.

BIM modeling Providing the free form BIM model for the engineering partner, and coodinate with MEP, facade company.

French Journalist nice-matin 19.Jan.2017

Retail Design Lafayette

Programs Diagram Animation:

Sustainability Analysis - create an environmentally-conscious building design

General Plan Drawing & Commercialization Surface optimization

Genral Elevation and Section Drawing

THE VILLAGE Shopping Center

Function: Shopping Center, hotel Location: LYON, FRANCE Year: 2017-18 Phase 2 schematic Design, Phase 1 Construction Design Client : Compagnie de Phalsbourg Year: underconstruction til 2018 Located at the gates of Lyon, in the heart of France’s 2nd tourist capital, on the motorway of winter sports (motorway A43), THE VILLAGE represents an exceptional potential, able to accomodate a very large clientele. This first village of brands in the region will group 120 luxury brands, premium luxury and sport as well as 8 restaurants. In a contemporary village architecture, THE VILLAGE will offer exclusive services that encourage customer loyalty.

Construction Site 2017 June

Detailing Fabrication

BIM model via Revit

The Wave Extention Shopping Center

Function: Shopping Center Location: Metz, FRANCE Year: 2017-18 Phase 2 extension schematic Design 2014 phase 1done Client : Compagnie de Phalsbourg The orininal part Opened October 31, 2014, Waves Actisud is the first Open Sky Shopping Center by the Compagnie de Phalsbourg. In an exceptional architecture and landscaping, it integrates the best of the outskirts, the best shopping centers and the best of leisure. Waves Actisud owes its name to its roof which, visible from the A31, is its true facade. This mirrored polished stainless steel roof forms a large wave movement. This movement, fluid and dynamic, is extended on the facades by a skin also made of stainless steel which reflects the image of the sky and nature.



The World SPA health care center Function: health care center Location: Dubai, UAE Year: 2016 competition Client : MAG Property Development

The project is a high profile site in Dubai and is located in Dubai HealthCare City expansion, phase 2, is developed by DHCC. Phase 2 is Dubai Healthcare City’s expansion into wellness, completing the continuum of care. Occupying 22 million square feet, located along Dubai Creek, Phase 2 will drive wellness tourism together with medical tourism. The World SPA will introduce for the first time in the region unique water-facing rehabilitation and wellness offerings covering 3.3 million square feet to cater to all age groups including the older adult population, and to ensure people are healthy physically and mentally. The optimal design of phase 2 will provide 25 per cent for medical and wellness services, 25 percent are dedicated to hospitality.

The project is to establish a unique image and setting excellent standards of design efficiencies, functionality, practicality, buildability and building aesthetics. Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) principles are to be considered to meet the Project budget and provide viable solutions that could be incorporated into the project’s development.


Microclimate Diagram

Energy saving Facade Design

Long Elevations

Genesis Tower Function: Public, Farming, Retail, Residential Location: Bagdad,Iraq Year: 2016 The main idea of the Genesis tower is to recreate an efficient life source for the population around the world by provide a place to live in, to eat from, and work in, our goal was to search around the world for countries where the main fundaments of economics was teared down, In poor countries food is often lost between the farmer and the market, due to unreliable storage and transportation. Consumers in the developed world could reduce waste by taking such simple steps as serving smaller portions, eating leftovers, and encouraging cafeterias, restaurants, and supermarkets to develop waste-reducing measures. Of all of the options for boosting food availability, tackling waste would be one of the most effective. Because of that we attempt to find a solution for giving a better living experience from our side as an architects, so we chose Iraq, but at the same time Genesis Tower could be adapted and build in any place in world.

Building divide into floor structures which: 1.first three floors which the entire process of providing organically made products. At the same time the three main floors contained by louver facade system which have the same functional purpose as Shanasheel( wooden screen with openable windows gives shade and protection from the hot summer sun while allowing the cool air from the street to flow through),the louvers main purpose to control the insulation inside the building and let the cool air to flow thought.

The courtyard inspired by old methodical way of construct in Iraq to provide the comfortable temperature in the hot summer time floors with 1000 apartments to provide a place to live for everyone, because of the situation in Iraq and the fall of economics a lot of people went for the last 30-50 year without a place to live in. The resedential floors are completely flexible so they can accommodate a wide variety of layouts, there is a central core where elevators and stairs are located.

Building shape was inspired by wheat structure, by creating the strips which at the same time working as constrictive element to hold the curvature of building. Genesis Towers propose organic farming which can also greatly reduce the use of water and chemicals—by incorporating cover crops, mulches, and compost to improve soil quality, conserve water, and build up nutrients.

Gasometer Tower Function: Office, Residential Location: Vienna,Austria Year: 2015 Near the famous historical Gasometers in Wien, this skyscrapper tried to use algorism to create not only sculpture like form, but also minimize effect of the fall wind and shadow cast. The 105 meter tower will offer 36,600m2 of flexible space which can accommodate both business and housing, as well as retail spaces, restaurants, cafes and parking in lower floors.

Through the Q-hull cutting operation, the mass of tower responds to neighborhood by opening up views towards the Gasometers and the rest of the city

Dakar Water FrontTower Function: Public, Retail, Residential Location: Dakar,Senegal Year: 2017 Collaboration: GRdesign Dubai The Dakar Tower blurs the line between serviced apartments andpremium hotels. Located in the embassy area of central Dakar, the development represents the epitome of quality living, and the pinnacle of lucrative investment opportunities. The 55-storey tower is an imposing and attractive figure, fitting seamlessly into its incredible neighbourhood. Furnished and serviced, one, two and duplex Penthouses Round the clock reception and concierge desk 24-hour valet parking service Elegant lobby with cafĂŠ Generous parking Global dining restaurant State-of-the-art gymnasium place in the world

The The Dakar Tower is situated in close proximity to some of the most prestigious landmarks and attractions that Dakar has tooffer, making it a highly desirable location in the city

3D print prototype

Diamond Tower Function: Office,Retail Location: Kiev,Ukraine Year: 2015 The contest conditions were granted a plot of 6400 square meters. And a ceiling of 50 m. The volume of the building we arranged on the site in such a way as to make room for the improvement of the territory. Functional zoning is divided into 2 main functions. The main one is the office one, the second one is reserved for the showroom. The facad of the building consists of 3 types of panels, different in size, which will control the sun’s rays inside. The structure of the panels folded from the frame, covered with metal sheets.

The facad of the building consists of 3 types of panels, different in size, which will control the sun’s rays inside. The structure of the panels folded from the frame, covered with metal sheets.

Galway Hotel Function: Hotel, Commercial Location: Paris, France Year: 2014

Galway Hotel Paris located at the historic part of the city and will feature 25 guest rooms and grand guest rooms. The ground floor will include Galway Hotel’s signature space, a hybrid lounge/bar, and shops. Part of the design objective was to create a special place with a spatially rich living experience, provided with a great capacity for passive lighting and cooling. This will be achieved through a variety of construction elements, but specially using metal panels with perforations. The building is thoughtfully designed as a singular form with material simplicity. It seeks to create a city focal point that adapts to its surrounding context. Galway Hotel seeks to create a city focal point that adapts to its surrounding context. The design of the hotel was primarily focused on providing a soothing harmony between architecture and its city environment. Designed to blend into its surrounding typography, the hotel offers a varying appearance depending on one’s point of view.

Siziwan Sailboat Club Function: Public,Cultural Location: Taiwan Year: 2015 This project is a study for floating tourist center and sailboat habor on the sea, a unique landmark nearby the coast of a famous tourist region. At the same time, the study itself challenged the definition of architecture, and questioning why should a building always stay at one place. For example from the Ocean liners and the warmachine carrier, because of the complex of programs, its not just a ship.

This project is a study for floating tourist center and sailboat habor on the sea, a unique landmark nearby the coast of a famous tourist region. At the same time, the study itself challenged the definition of architecture, and questioning why should a building always stay at one place. For example from the Ocean liners and the warmachine carrier, because of the complex of programs, its not just a ship.

Hans Hollein’s “der Flugzuegtraeger in der Landschaft� was referring to the spatial performance of this vessel. So this project attpemt to experiment bring this new typology which can work totally isolated or interact with city environment to extend the urban space. The another goal of this project is also create a new sustainable way. Tide and waves transform the kinematic power into an experience of place and to harvest energy for the building. All these parameters were influencing the design process with its own form finding rule and were leading to the resulting ship typology.

Kiev Youth Cultural Center Function: Public,Cultural Location: Kiev,Ukraine Year: 2015 A simple and organic gesture creates a topographic form that blends into landscape making a fluid and natural relationship between inside and outside – people move over as well as through the building.

A dual layer is created as a walkway of one side of road to the city quay that is cutted out of pedestrian pass, enabling visitors to walk over the building as well as through it.

This project is also about democracy. It is a building for the people – for the people of Kiev, for cultural visitors and for tourists. A building for culture and leisure defines the boundaries between public space and highway.

Annecy-Grand Epagny Function: Commercial Location: Epagny,Swizarlend Year: 2017 Collaboration: GRdesign Dubai

The boundaries of the project is connected to the surrounding urban spaces, following the structure of the city. The building claims to transmit an iconic value that is commercial centre its public use. A skin has been designed that besides its formal language and its special character based on louvers, expresses several characteristics of identity related to the activities of this sector.

The continuous and fluid surfaces navigates between interior and exterior nearly seamlessly. The resultant design is a fluid form that defines the site’s perimeter and enables a woven program of indoor and outdoor retail venues. By wrapping the building around the site’s edges, the shopping center gains the elevation necessary to become a prominent reference point in the town.

Immouzer Palace Guest Residence Function: Housing Location: Morroco Year: 2015 Collaboration: Chalabi Architekten&Partner Austria

Set in Palace gardens, the new intervention provides an additional residence and a number of guest suites. The building is situated along the upper edge of the existing orchard and merits from fine views across the landscape and the desired North/ South orientation.

The form of the building develops in response to the context of the site and its topography. S-shaped forms of the building levels intertwine and overlap with each other. At the centre of this overlap, a cantilevered level housing the main shared spaces – the Majlis and dining areas - forms a covered approach to the main entrance foyer. The adjacent sunken courtyard gives access to the recreational spaces and pool in the lower level. ain entrance foyer. The adjacent sunken courtyard gives access to the recreational spaces and pool in the lower level.

The foyer has a direct access to the Majlis above and leads to a generous terrace overlooking the apple orchards. The curved tails of the building house the residential suites and the stepped form provides a generous terrace for each.

Luxury Estimate Villa Function: Housing Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE Year: 2016

This contemporary villa placed near the ocean, giving its residents an opportunity to enjoy in breathtaking views or relaxing sounds that ocean waves make while crashing into the rocks below.

This curvy concrete villa features a large circular puncture to provide the occupants sheltered terrace. The design is also intended to offer privacy to the master bedroom and pair of outdoor terraces that occupy the two ends of the upper level. The facade also curves upwards on the underside to allow light to enter the first-floor living and dining room through an angled glass wall. Inside, a concrete staircase follows the rounded top of the glass pane.

Sliding glazed surfaces allow the lounge, kitchen and dining areas on the ground floor to be entirely opened up to the outdoors. The facades scoop inwards to give these terraces the benefit of the shade provided by a concrete lip that defines the grassy roof. Two hosts an shaped swimming pool and sun deck, while another forms a gravelled patio. The final segment hosts a sunken seating area.

The design of the concrete shell and the courtyards’ orientation is such that it produces shadows at specific times of the day.

School of Research&Science Function: Education Location: Dubai, UAE Year: 2016 Collaboration: GRdesign

The design of the School of Research&Science auditorium refers to the nature of UAE as inspiration and suggests an inverted, fully enclosing scenographic landscape. Undulating surfaces with light strips on fold lines scatter across the ceiling evoking images of evening sun streaking sand dunes.

Visitors entering the auditorium disconnect from everyday life to immerse into the surprising and striking space of the staged narrative in the new Dubai School of Research&Science Auditorium.

Lounge of Dubai School of Research&Science

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