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Social justice, technology and development

David Ludwig | CPT-30806 | English | 4WD This course addresses theories and concrete situations in which social justice issues are intertwined with technological change. Notions from political philosophy, science and technology studies, development studies, sociology and anthropology are used to analyse inequality, poverty, power in social transformations, and representations of injustice.

Critical reflection on research in international development practice

Harro Maat, Marleen Buizer, Leon Pijnenburg | CPT36806 | English | 4WD This course fosters critical reflection on the use of research in international development practice. Different research designs and methodological strategies are used in various stages of development intervention, for different purposes, and with different societal audiences in mind. The course provides a solid basis for students to reflect on science-society interaction, transdisciplinarity and their future roles in international development.

Institutions and societal transformation

Sietze Vellema | CPT-57802 | English | 4AF WASS Interdisciplinary Window, for MSc-students and PhD-students This course engages PhD candidates and master students enrolled in a research track to use ‘institutions’ as a bridging concept and combine distinct concepts, methods and insights from the social sciences. During tutorials based on reading contributions from the fields of anthropology, economics, and organisation science, we try to make novel connections within the array of social sciences and to develop an interdisciplinary approach to explore and understand the flexibility and rigidity of institutions.

THEMATIC COURSES Embodiment, food & environment

Harro Maat, Philip Macnaghten, Cor van der Weele | English | CPT-56802/6 | 6WD/2AF Embodiment refers to the way the human body responds ‘by itself’ to perceptions of a particular event or environment. The course presents and reflects on different theories about embodiment. Cases and examples are selected from food production, cooking, consumption, nature and environment. Students are encouraged to experience embodiment in concrete daily activities.

Settings for health promotion

Laurens Klerkx | HSO-30806 | English | 5MO Much of what makes people healthy or sick - income, social position, where people live, level of literacy, culture, political system - lies outside the scope of health (promotion) sector. In this course we focus on analysing settings, which may include the family/household, educational settings, workplaces, recreation, prisons, hospitals and communities. By means of an in-depth and real-life case study, students explore a certain health promotion issue from a settings perspective.

Food security and sustainability: food access (MOOC)

Sietze Vellema | CPT-57302 | English | 1-6 3 September 2019 - 20 February 2020 and 7 January 2020 - 23 July 2020 What does it take to provide access to safe and nutritious food every day? In this online course (MOOC), you explore how key actors at the household, local national and international levels negotiate and make choices on access to food. You combine your insights in food access at different levels for composing the big picture, and demonstrate how different levels are interrelated. This free online course is offered as a MOOC and involves an on-campus exam for WUR students.


inclusive change courses

and vulnerabilities, and that unless we make innovation processes responsive to the needs of social actors and the bio-material, future changes will occur without explicit societal shaping, commonly driven by the power of incumbent interests and the delegation of ‘the good’ to market forces. The course teaches students how to research the relation between socio-technical practices, innovation processes and responsible futures.

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Communication, Philosophy and Technology brochure 2019-2020  

At Communication, Philosophy and Technology, of Wageningen University, we examine how societal stakeholders and policy-makers make sense of...

Communication, Philosophy and Technology brochure 2019-2020  

At Communication, Philosophy and Technology, of Wageningen University, we examine how societal stakeholders and policy-makers make sense of...

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