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Bob Mulder, Pepi Burgos | CPT-34806 | English | 5MO The development of an individual research proposal in the area of communication for intervention is a central activity in this course. You develop a problem statement and research questions, learn to find and use literature, develop a conceptual and theoretical framework, and take decisions about research approach, design and methodology. This course is highly valued by students from social and life science study programmes

COMMUNICATION THEORY IN PRACTICE Communication and persuasion

Pepi Burgos | CPT-23306 | English | 2MO This course focuses on persuasive communication in various contexts and in relation to present day issues in science and society. Processes underlying persuasion and influence will be studied mainly from a communication sciences perspective and related fields. We will go into questions such as ‘how do persuasive principles play out in different contexts?’, ‘how are people influenced by their social environment?’, and ‘can people be influenced without being aware of this?’. The course aims to increase your understanding of persuasive communication, both on the individual and group level, by analysing and revising persuasive strategies using theoretical accounts.

Communication and technology

Bob Mulder, Tim Stevens | CPT-24803 | English | 3MO This course provides insights into theoretical and practical-strategic matters of communication about novel technologies and their application in society, e.g. novel products, foods or medical services. Special attention is given to the life sciences and life science technologies such as biotechnology, genomics and (bio-)nanotechnology. The course introduces relevant perspectives from science communication, social psychology and communication science. Working in small groups, students analyse the communication issues around a specific technological innovation, conduct a small piece of focus group research and develop a communication plan.

Communication and organisations

Margit van Wessel, Pepi Burgos | CPT-35306 | English | 3WD Organisations constantly interact to stay in tune with their environments. In this course, we take up the questions of the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of external and internal communication of organisations, zooming in on key themes and challenges. In a group case study, you put theory into practice in a real life example.

Cross-cultural studies

Rico Lie | CPT-26306 | English | 3WD 4WD 5WD 6WD This course is provided at Breda University of Applied Sciences and follows a different academic schedule. This course evaluates main theories and principles of cross-cultural studies and addresses how to apply cultural sensitivity in an international context. It specifically aims to analyse cultural dimensions of tourism related interventions.

Intercultural communication

Rico Lie | CPT-35806 | English | 4WD This course offers a survey of theories and issues related to communication across cultural borders. The course explores areas of interest such as: changing identities; religions; gender issues; social and family issues; the existence of different worldviews; the role of the mass media; individualism vs. collectivism; the role of language; time and space across cultures; the role of culture in international development; and multicultural health care.

Communication and policy making

Margit van Wessel| CPT-21806 | English | 5AF This course charts the nature and significance of interaction in policymaking, in different forms and between different types of actors involved. We show how policy making processes are situated in society and involve a series of elementary questions and dilemmas concerning communication and democratic problem-solving. We address these by studying theory and concrete examples situated in developing countries as well as western democracies, and also explore how better communication can contribute to better policy.

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Communication, Philosophy and Technology brochure 2019-2020  

At Communication, Philosophy and Technology, of Wageningen University, we examine how societal stakeholders and policy-makers make sense of...

Communication, Philosophy and Technology brochure 2019-2020  

At Communication, Philosophy and Technology, of Wageningen University, we examine how societal stakeholders and policy-makers make sense of...

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