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A Little About Us

Photographing little ones is our specialty. We have over twenty years child care photography experience. We LOVE what we do and it shows. Connection is important when photographing people, especially little people. How you, your children and their parents feel is extremely important to us. We are always learning and trying new things. We value every opportunity. If you are looking for a talented, experienced and fun Child Care Photographer turn the page to learn more about us!

From start to ďŹ nish

every step is customized to fit your school’s needs. Online Ordering, Pre- Printed Images or Both

Quick turn around 100% Guarantee! Super Customer Service: Many backgrounds and props to choose from Teacher appreciation night Candids for your marketing needs Discount on marketing pieces Groups and Individuals Talented, Experienced Child Care Photographers Fun for the Kids!

Your Parents

entrust you with their most precious gift, their child(ren). You want to give them the best teachers, the best in education, in play and caring but, what about their memories? Child Care photography is so very important to your business. Each image is not only a memory of a child’s time with you, it is a great marketing piece. If your parents love their images, they are going to be so excited when sharing them with friends and family; talking about where they had them created. What a wonderful gift to not only give them a printed memory of their child’s time with you but, to give them one they LOVE, one that assures them they have chosen the right center for their child. The center that does everything to provide their child with only the best.

Dear Fellow Director,

I have been in the child care industry for over 30 years and I have used many photographers. I would like to tell you about a girl named Gina and what she does. Gina has photographed my school for over ten years now. Gina takes the time to get each picture right, each child smiling, and every detail of the set just perfect. She is a master at developing a relationship with the children before she attempts to get them to smile. She understands connection and that some children need more time to get accustomed to the environment (lights, props, cameras etc ) and she gives them time and attention so they can adjust and feel comfortable. Gina has helped me with marketing tools for my center, using candid shots of the children to enlarge and mount in a professional manner that creates a “wow� effect for parents and visitors. I highly recommend Gina at Studio 73. Catherine Perry Director- Bright Horizons

Gina captures the essence of childhood! Her photographs are

magical-they make me laugh...they make me cry! Karen Long, Director - Bright Horizons Kids Place Ft. Worth TX


We know your staff works hard each day. We know that Portrait Day




schedule. Our teacher appreci-

ation nights are a HUGE hit with our schools. It is a great way to thank your staff and show them just how much they mean to you.

Pricing Marketing Backdrops & Props Families Commissions

~ Our prices are not only competitive but affordable and can be customized to fit your schools financial needs. Prices can start as low as $15.

~We can help with providing professional marketing tools that can help grow your business.

~ Our large collection of backdrops and props helps keep “ Portrait Day” exciting, fresh and new.

~ You have an option of adding “Family Portrait Night” that not only gives your families a great opportunity for a family portrait but in an environment their child is comfortable in.

~ If you are using “Portrait Day” as a fundraiser for your school we have great options to help increase your rebate. When you provide great photography with our fundraising options success is a given. This helps you earn big while doing less.


~We value the opportunity to be chosen as your child care photographer and it shows in the service and product we provide.

We are fast, efficient, qualified, f un, affordable and so very grateful . It is our mission to provide the best in child care photography by customizing each and every school with an iron clad 100% guarantee. We are booking through Dec of 2013 at the present time. We have limited number of spaces available. If we are the right fit for your school, we would love to chat more with you about it. There is never an obligation, and a live in person interview is always welcomed.


All Schools booked for 2013 schedule before April 1st will receive 100 custom rep cards with your business information and logo as our gift to you.

For More Information ( 817 ) 2 6 4 - 7171


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