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A free Online Monthly Arts Magazine featuring news views and reviews

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The Artists featured in this Publication have granted their permission to publish samples of their work. All other copyrights are acknowledged. Please contact the Artists if you aim to publish any images in this Magazine, there are links to their Profile Pages on SurviveFrance Network, whom we thank for their support on The SFN ArtVillage-Online Pilot launch. Thank you too to the contributors for showcasing their work with us.

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Letter from the Editor: Sheila Walshe

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Article by Sheila Walshe

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Ian Palmer

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Ian Palmer

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Neil Whitehead

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Neil Whitehead

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Es Knockaert

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Els Knockaert

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Henry Blackmore

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Henry Blackmore

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Paul HIrsh

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Paul Hirsh

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A free Online Monthly Arts Magazine featuring news views and reviews


Art Village Online From the editor: Hello and welcome to the first edition of Survive France Network Art Village-Online e-magazine. This exciting new development is intended to be a showcase of all the best that our SFN Art Department members have to offer. Each issue will present images of artwork by our members together with working links back to each member’s personal profile on SFN. We will also present an in-depth feature of one individual artist in each issue – for our inaugural issue, we are delighted to feature Ian Palmer together with an article by Ian’s wife, Susan. For those of you unfamiliar with Survive France Network, the network was set up at the start of 2010 and already has over 4,000 members, and a following on Facebook of over 6,300. SFN was started by James and Catharine Higginson so that Francophiles can share experiences, hobbies or interests and generally do all those things that you would do in a traditional networking situation. Membership is entirely free but members are required to use their own names not a pseudonym. From its inception, SFN has grown rapidly, attracting members not just in France but from all over the world. Special interest groups have also rapidly grown in number – at the time of writing, there were over 78 groups, covering diverse subjects ranging from bee-keeping to website building. The Art Department Group is a very active group, run by Neil Whitehead and Ron Birks, and the genesis of Art Village Online can be found in the discussions in that group. So, sit back and enjoy browsing through the SFN Art Village Online magazine and feel free to pass it onto your friends. Sheila Walshe

Credits: Design: Ron Birks Editorial: Sheila Walshe


ArtVillage-Online is brought to you by the Members of The Art Department of Survive France Network

Where can I exhibit? by SHEILA WALSHE-BLACKMORE

So I am delighted that with the back-up of SFN we are launching Art Village online to showcase the talent that exists amongst members of SFN.


ArtVillage-Online IAN PALMER

ArtVillage-Online NEIL WHITEHEAD Principal The Art Department

ArtVillage-Online ELS KNOCKEART




ArtVillage-Online PAUL HIRSH


A free Online Monthly Arts Magazine featuring news views and reviews

Photo James Higginson


SFN Art Village Online magazine  
SFN Art Village Online magazine  

A great new publication from Survive France Network which will showcase art created by our talented members