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We are the Kuumba Collective, a group of progressive artist and designers who would like to introduce a collection of gift ideas and novelties for you, your family and friends. Start your shopping off with a local communitybased design organization. Know that the money you spend is going to fund local initiatives in graphic design. We will be teaching local high school students formats, layout and the production cycle to creating documentaries about Kenya’s largest refugee camp. We all joined back up in 2004. Four years later, we are launching a joint venture: The Kuumba Collective. So, this holiday season, begin down a path with us, a few creativetypes( Kuumbas), who dedicate their craft and passions to help fill in certain artistic voids the spaces with initiatives that they can see, touch and feel within the communities.

Table of Content

Yellow (cover)

The Color the World

to some of the areas (worldwide that is) profound designers .


We are led by a group of young African American chandlers

Raheem DeVaughn, vol5 to kora Master Diali Djvmc


Get a candle-like shell that

placing one of our scented soy tea lights inside.

Around the world

Fostered by artist from all over the world, these posters explore the many ways of approaching a 18”x24” space. From typographic treatments,

Konyate and all in between.

Barack O-Lantern Meditation Stools Tuff Credits + Order

your home. Lighten it up by

Poster’s from

Ever wanted to always know

tion. From local artist like

kitchen back in 20004.

you can use to add decor to

The founders of Kuumbaa Collective Abadeu + Gabriel + Jabari + Team


be in every music collec-

area that started out in the

Make the Most of It.

Music for Life

about top artist that should

from the Richmond and DC

The Lanterns

Congo Square


14 15 18 19

Check out the following. A production

All the money in the world couldn’t buy her style, for she had an element somewhere somehow that always allowed her to know how wonderful and beautiful she is. She wore L-beado As she ran, as she worked,

loved, cared and grew, her character was founded in a style of her own sometimes she showed, others she kept it inside, but all the while she came to find her true love, her love of self. L-beado Luxury Jewelry by Ciara Arnise Calbert Available online at




The Lanterns

Start your orders here, and

(2) Tea light LT_RF (3) Filled to LT_BR

A mix of sandalwood, patchouli and cedarwood essential oils, this blend is an excellent warming scent for any area. Let the subtle woodsy aroma make any occasion a blissful event.


(1) Lanterns, LT_LT

Not only did we think outside the box, but we thought inside the box, around the box, and we actually thought about the box—all this to give you a lantern that provides a relaxing lighting system. Let us help you find release from the high impact world. The lanterns (1) are powered by our scented tea lights (2), or filled (3) with one of a wonderful array of scents. With over 20 color and stencil combinations, these personalized solutions work to fit a variety of decors. 
 T hese creative lighting solutions also work well when you need a desk organizer, pencil holder, or a coin collector… whatever you like. You see, every product we make is handmade, packaged, shipped, opened, and enjoyed.



refills $2 the Brims

(4) Soya smell SO_YA


$9 $7

Possible Color Combos

Yellow on Green Brown on Orange

finsh your orders on pg 19.

Lantern LT_AS_1

About Us Pasquales Amore is a small firm dedicated to producing natural holistic products that promote positive energy and living. We use our knowledge to create healing spa packages and materials for all types of living areas: The bathroom, bedrooms and spiritual areas. Our goal is to create products that cover a selected range of energies, as well as enhance the night with a touch of creative spark.

Above: Tea lights drying after a pour, Middle: get any or all your lanterns filled for a more long lasting experience.




Love Spell Lavender

Take one whiff, and you’ll see why this high and soft blend of two mellow scents is a staff favorite. Jasmine will lift your heart and spirit. Honeysuckle invites you to be fully present, enjoying the wonder of Now.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please use wisely, because the name says it all. Taking in just a hint of this tangy floral scent can spark a frenzy. Prepare your senses for the whirlwind of love .

Let this warm scent soothe your mood and lighten your thoughts. Add balance to your home and spirit. Gentle lavender is known for its seductive aroma. Relax and Enjoy…

Ahhhh sweet Vanilla…It just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t come up with our own rendition of this well-rounded classic scent. Its warm presence will light up and cool down any area .

Possible Color Combos

Possible Color Combos

Possible Color Combos

Possible Color Combos

Lantern LT_HJ_1

Lantern LT_LS_1

Lantern LT_LA_1

Lantern LT_VS_1

Purple on Yellow Blue on White

White on Red Orange on Yellow

White on Purple Yellow on Purple


Brown on Brown Brown on orange

The Builds– Watch this video online at and

The Lantern With over 20 combinations, you will definitely find a design that adds distinction to that dinning set, that vase, plate or bedspread. You use it, so you choose; we’ll do the rest. Our lanterns are crafted from high temperature-resistant paraffin wax, which prevents it from melting when used properly with Pasquales Amore’s Scented Soy Tea lights.

Twins Why not have two? These candles make a perfect pair. When you purchase them in large quantities, they will light up your nights. As night turns to day, they will add feng shui to your desktop or working space—just right for any small or medium area. We take our time to hand craft every candle to perfection. Get a pair of each décor!

Big Rooms Add our Soya Smell Good Travel Tins to your twin set to give that extra kick of aroma. These tins are perfect for people on the move so take them with you while you’re on your next vacation or business trip. Decorate your desk and spread the love to your coworkers and colleagues. They’ll love them.

$7 TH_1

(1) 4” x 4” x 4.5” Pariffin Lantern (3) Scented soy tea lights Burn 12hr

$12 TW_1

(2) 4” x 4” x 4.5” Paraffin Lantern (3) Scented soy tea lights Burn 12hr

$17 BR_1

(1) of the Above (1) 4 oz Scented Soy Tin Burn 40 hrs

The Basics.

Looking for that perfect home set? Well here it is. Now that you’ve gotten the vibe going with the candle sets, set it off with our Reed Diffusers! The diffusers let you expand the experience into new areas round the house.

$23 TB_1

(1) of the big room set with (1) reed diffuser 1 mnth arome

Spa Package This ultimate package comes with an extra lantern. We feature hand made soaps by my best friend, whose company is in development. This will add perfection to any night. So, when you want an intimate one-on-one; or want to just cool down from a day’s work; treat yourself to a helping of Pasquales Amore’s splendid array of relaxation products. And when you order a Spa Package, you can recieve a FREE Poster from pg 10-11.

$35 SP_1

(1) of the above

(1) extra Lantern



The Posters

Designed by artist from around the world and who go around the world, we bring you the world, on paper. and jreamn. com, led by two of the areas distinguished visual communicators teamed up with illustrators and typographers from around the world to produce a series of posters. This year’s theme: Community and Cultural Expression. Take a dive into a small piece of the creative presence that continues to inform and engage people through the visual basics of Graphic Design We’re visual communicators and what we love about posters is how the mix of shape, colors, picture, form and text, make a profound and resounding message. We use our talents to help fund and foster the youth of today, who will become the leaders of tomorrow. We teach design education and this just so happens to be our class project for our middle (3)

school students. We let them create their own posters using The design development process. Stay tuned to our blog online at studio3wd. net to see updates on our creation process and make sure you catch our latest artist posters, the following are a few posters, we have more posters available online. You can log onto


What Makes Art? Is it the relationship of something else, anything else? Is it just an expression, in any medium, on any platform? Really, what is Art? This is the queston asked for this years poster contest four our students in the foundation program. We provide a 18� x 24� blank canvas for the students and they can present anything from an essay, a quote, a colage, photograph, or anything else in relaion to what art is. To them.


Man, (2)Sunrise, (3) arp. (4,5) Scent posters.





Wise Man

Thought Process

The Lantern.

We are selling our inauguration

Produced by the other half of

Thought Process is a poster

Another print by Noah Wil-

design as a product of a pro-

the brother team, Jreamn—

designed to function as an

liams. IT signifies the source of

cess we developed to improve

Noah Williams, Wise Man is a

abstract interpretation of the

energy and process of energy

our design practice, called,

story of strength, struggle and

thought process. As one thought

here on Earth. Maintaining a

“1-a-dé” (one-a-day), where we

perseverance. Maintaining

starts in the lower left corner,

calm and peaceful position

spend at least fifteen minutes to

serenity and peace throughout

it grows and changes. In the

helps maximize he energy we

a half-an-hour a day designing

the steps and stages of life

original process, as it grows,

encounter on our day to day

anything… from anywhere…for

prolongs the lifetime of a Wise

the intensity of that thought

life. The original artwork is

anything. It is an idea-sparking

man. Williams’ influence is

decreases = the thinning of the

acrylic painted on canvas.

session experimenting with

the work of John Biggers,

line as well as the length of time

the various mediums used in

an artist known for his large

= distance of the line increases.

every day design. As you can

depictions of hand sand faces.

expect, the act of regularly

Williams’ original artwork is

sharpening our skills has carried

acrylic painted on canvas.

1-a-dé (One-A-Day)

over to the wonderful solutions


presented in this project.

(1) 18’ x 24” Poster Use code under poster

Launching Feb 09

(2) Poster Framed add _FR after code

$10 $20 Free

(3) Order a Spa Pack And recieve a poster (pg 7)




The Lantern.


@))( Action Calender

Celebration Life.

Jreamn and the candles guys

Afrikan Refugee Project (arp) is

Celebrate this upcoming

Designed by Gabriel Williams,

a documentary film and produc-

year with a

half of the team,

inform people about the condi-

“Action Calendar” poster. The

one of his many depictions of

tions and actions of members of

poster/Calendar is to act as a

one of Africa’s largest refugee

reference in places that a ca-

camps. We attempt to cover the

lander is needed, but just might

reasoning for and the reality of

not look right. Available in all

this situation. The Poster was

the colors from the studio3wd.

designed to show that one issue

net brand book. Give it as a gift

happening in one part of the

to those who are around the

continent affects the continent

world and across the world.

PS_US_01 +

teamed up to create a series of posters that accent the scents and style of Pasquales Amore’s 2008 Fall line of Fine Natural Hand-made products. The posters are in a set of five—each with a theme and color that complement the original candle lanterns and soy tea lights.

You can view them all online at . +

tion designed to educate and

as a whole, as well as the communities of African descendants throughout the Diaspora. Launching Feb 09

designed this poster to show what our “Inner Energy” looks like. It is a celebration of life, because it represents the universal spirit that is present in all things. IT is goes by a few names, Kundalini, Chi, Ra, and Life Force. This work was inspired by the late Maury Deillars, an artist known for his lively colors and blend of different shapes. Original art was created using color pencil and water color on paper.


When somebody you know is in

track record of making each

do not hesitate to mention that

web and branding initiatives

need of design services, please

you know a group of progressive designers, looking for work, and that they have a proven

and every project unique. From to motion graphics and film

grading, even to brochures and catalogues like this one here.

Enjoy. congos square


About the group PRINT / WEB / MOTION / GRAPHICS / NEW MEDIA / SEO / HTTP / FLASH / XML + PHP began with a

mission to serve the customer

unique and innovative designs. We are free thinkers and begin every project that way. Watch

us this year as we become one of the area’s premiere design

groups. They have been working together since 2004 and have over twenty years of design

and art direction experience.

Abadeu Madyun Design and Direction

Gabriel Williams Design and Direction

Menhefen Rasberry

Illustration and Film Director

Chris LeCount Illustration

Noah Williams Illustration

Ciara Calbert Copy Editing

John Henderson Project Management

This Could be you

Sales (and yes’ were looking)


Barack O-Lantern In light of the results of the 2008 Presidential Election, we would like to celebrate the newly elected President with a candle lantern themed in his honor. In light of the results of the 2008 Presidential Election, we would like to celebrate the newly elected President with a candle lantern themed in his honor: Barack O-Lanterns. Messages of hope and change have invigorated us this political season, illuminating a common thread: the desire for something Better. May you continue to let hope radiate from within.

Burn the midnight oil. Seek your own enlightenment. Manifest your Brilliance. At this momentous time and place in history, Pasquales Amore honors President Barack Obama. And Pasquales Amore honors You. In the words of Mr. President, “We are what we’ve been waiting for.” Shine On.

(1) Barack BR_LT


(2) Tea light BR_RF


refills $2

(1) Meditation AUM_MS




Meditation Stools Three reasons to relax on our traditional meditation stools: Improved posture, focus, and over-all joy (and longevity).


When you sit on a stool, your pelvis is tilted at the correct angle, which allows the spine to assume it’s natural lordosis. Sitting this way can help to prevent backache and ease existing pain caused by poor posture.

Circulation to the legs is unhindered. Weight is relieved from the knees, making the meditation stools the most comfortable way to kneel on the floor. In the kneeling position the spine is effortlessly poised and the lungs are able to reach their full capacity; breathing happens naturally from the lower diaphragm.

 With the added comfort you will receive from sitting on our stools, you will increase your ability to focus during your meditation while keeping the proper posture. By maintaining the natural curvature of your spine (lordosis), you help open up the energy channels known as chakras (located about three inches in front of your body) and the main Meridian of your spine, known as the “triple warmer”. As the entire body is already pure energy, it is these energy centers that have the greatest

potential to assist in your endeavors. So, while sitting on the stools, focus on these central locations. It is always good to focus on the fourth chakra (heart center) first. 

LONGEVITY With the ability to focus and maintain comfort, you will also achieve the ability to extend your meditations. By extending the length of meditation and improving your concentration level, you will be able to get more and more out of your meditation overall.

Other uses »» As a chair for a low tableJapanese dining »» To enjoy your favorite book or film »» To sit on while weeding your garden »» As a small desk to write in your journal, in bed or on the couch.




















When ordering replace the number sign above (#) with your selection

(1) “Lost and Found”

(2) “Break The Soil”

(3) “Listen”

(4) “Lovely”

Genre: Jazz – Hip Hop

Genre: Reggae

Genre: Jazz

Genre: Soul

Artist: Matt Grason (Motel Project)

Artist: Bambu Station

Artist: Will Smith (Quartet)

Artist: Afi

-Featuring: Hueman Prophets,

-A classic taste of the Bambu

-The best selling album for the great

-The long awaited debut album

Dirty Water, Opus Akoben, Priest Da Nomad

Station Experience

Saxophonist, Will Smith

Y.U., and John Moon

from DC’s own Afi, mixing soul, jazz, and hip-hop

vibes that feel so good.

(5) “Sing if you want it”

(6)”Mass Instructions”

(7) “Khabila” Family Lineage

(8) “The Lotus of….”

Genre: Soul

Genre: Hip-Hop

Genre: West African

Genre: Hip-Hop

Artist: Omar

Artist: Kokayi


Artist: Shambala

-Grammy Nominee w/ hit single featuring: Angie Stone

-Debut album solo from the

Producer, Singer, MC extraordinaire from the Hip-Hop Group Opus Akoben

Artist: Djimo Kouyate -An oral history sung over traditional Mandingue Kora and voice

-Hip-Hop meets Taoism / Buddhism and sounds like this…..

(9) “Legacy”

(10) “The Old Souls Mix Album”

(11) “Mr. Moov Sumthin”

(12) “Truth…Lies….Etc.

Genre: Hip-Hop

Genre: Hip-Hop

Genre: Hip-Hop

Genre: Hip-Hop

Artist: Akir

Artist: Hueman Prophets

Artist: Preist Da Nomad

Artist: Mello-D and the Rados

-Featuring: Immortal Technique and

-A non-stop rush and seem-

-Explosive production and

-2nd album from the

some other phenomenal MCees.

less flow of Hip-Hop, exploring many different sides of

explosive rhymes (nuff said)

the Hueman Prophets’ imagination

(13) “The Street Experience: Vol. 5”

(14) “Only the Water Separates Us”

Genre: Soul / Hip-Hop

Genre: West African

Artist: Raheem DeVaughn

Djembe Orchestra

and friends

Artist: Farafina Kan

-This just some incredible

-Acoustic. Live, Beautiful,

music point blank….

world renowned Mello-D, featuring: KRS-One

(15) “Paranoia”

(16) “Insights”

Genre: Poetry

Genre: Poetry / World Music

Artist: Poem-Cees

Artist: Black Notes

-A royal smashing of world

-An experimentation of poetry

play and imagination

set to rich live instrumentation

and forceful

Founded by Jabari Exum, Congos Square is a Catalogue of Independent

Other ArtistS available Thru Congos Square:

Music that is dedicated to collecting the most prolific and progressive artists who have emerged to raise the consciousness of the planet. Congos Square functions as an Online and physical Mobile Store. For more info about available titles and artists e-mail us at

W. Ellington Felton / Bilal Salaam / Ayanna Gregory / Dirty Water / Green Tea / Mustafa Akbar / Akshun / 5th L / Ras D / Brother Ah / Tamara Wellons / Asheru / C Love/ .......and / Many / Many / More


Order Form NATION HOUSE Design Lab

Afrikan Refugee Project (arp..) began recently offering design theory and action method classes to a group of wonderful students over at 770 park road otherwise known as Nation House. Our goal is to raise funds for the development of a Mac based design lab and to acquire 15 iMac stations with the Academic versions of Adobe CS4. If you would like to contribute directly to this cause, or can offer any suggestions that you think will make this process flourish, please e-mail

Afrikan Refugee Project (arp) is a documentary film that is currently in production. It is designed to educate and inform people about the conditions and actions of members of one of Africa’s largest refugee camps. We attempt to go indepth, and cover the “Why? ” with regards to this situation. We are raising funding for post productions of the documentary as well as promotion. We currently have over 18 hours of footage that was taken during a recent trip to Kenya.

us at .

Web site

Credits Design and production


Fund raiser Coordinator

Esi Akoto

Copy Editor

Ciara Calbert

Organization web site

$ 29,867

Please refer to this page to find out how to order your lanterns and lantern

sets: 1) First select which scent you would like for your lantern, 2) Choose

which color combo you would like, 3) Finally choose a stencil. Use the order codes for the items listed below as your reference. If you have any ques-

tions, please feel free to contact us directly at Products


LT Lantern

LL Lantern + Light

AS Antiqui SandalWood

FB Filled to the Brime

BR Big Rooms

LS Love Spell

ST Scented Tea light

SS Soya Smell Good Tins RD Reed Diffuser

TB The Basics

SP Spa Package

HJ HoneySuckle Jasmine VA Vanilia

LA Lavander

Brown | Orange | Red | Yellow | Purple | Cream | Green | Blue Brown Orange Red Yellow Purple Cream Green Blue

(1) Hearts on Vine

(2) Lavender Flowers (3) Sankofa Heart

(4) Jasmine Flowers (5) Honey Suckle

TO_SPPRT_THSE_intiatives_led_by th_dsgn_ house_wthn_ths wndrfl_catalougue

TW Twins



IS Our ultimate goal


more stencils available online at

Providing a collection of gifts from “Our Family”, for your family. Give a gift that was hand-crafted right within your own community, and help support those who push forward every day making this world the blessing that we all see it to be. Kuumba Collective’s roots began on Rhode Island Ave and Ninth Street, where a couple

NATION HOUSE Design LAB What does a Design Lab consist of? Find out at

of four and five-year old creatives began plotting their twenty-year billion dollar plan. This is the season in which we planned for it all to begin! We would like to introduce you to the Creatives -- the works they have for sale and the missions they support. Enjoy.

Kuumba Collective Winter 08  

This catelog is deisgn by a group of collectives who take there talent to raise funds for local design education. You may find out more abou...

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