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Lager continues to dominate the on-trade and remains the top selling product with sales figures standing at an astounding £11.4 billion last year. Cold pints provide a smooth and refreshing taste and considerably add to lager’s appeal with 95% of lager drinkers stating a brand served cold is what they expect. Within this hugely popular sector and thanks to the rejuvenation of certain brands, the future for lager looks positive. The main points to note are the strength of the best selling lager brands, the continuing growth of World Lagers and finally the interesting emergence of Craft Lagers into the market.

Brands The best selling lager brands include Beck’s Vier, Carling, Carlsberg, Foster’s, Kronenbourg, Stella Artois and Budweiser, all of which remain within the top 20 of the top 200 drinks brands. Amstel is steadily gaining in popularity and looks set to join them next year. Success stories of the year include Grolsch and Sol, both of which have now moved up the ranks into the top 50 brands.

World Lagers World Lagers represent a growth area in the market with brands including San Miguel, Peroni and Tiger all experiencing high sales figures this year. South American lagers such as Corona and Sol have also played a starring role in the World Lager category, both being good sellers and perhaps most importantly having a unisex appeal. With more and more World Lagers entering the market, licensees have the opportunity to choose an exciting and appealing range for their bar. When selecting a range, it is important to ensure that each lager offers a distinctive place within a coherent portfolio and provides a unique tasting experience. Pubs are starting to recognise the growth of the ‘weekend millionaire’: people who frequent the pub less often but are willing to spend more when they do. Quality over quantity is a must for this segment of the market and world lagers are an area that these people are willing to spend more on. Ensuring you have attractive glassware to showcase World Lagers will have a positive impact on sales.

Growth of Craft Lagers American Craft Lagers have been revealed as the UK’s fastest growing beer trend. They contain high alcohol levels which are typically lacking within British Cask Ales. Sales of Craft Lagers imported from the US have increased by 150% over the past year after being rolled out into the UK’s pubs and clubs scene.

Top Tips: •

Keep your Lager range fresh and exciting, with good representation from the big brands in addition to emerging products.

Having attractive glassware is essential to the pub drinking experience. World Lagers in particular trade on their sophisticated image so clean, branded glasses are a must.

Use chalkboards to highlight the lagers you have available as well as any relevant drinks promotions.

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Middleton Wholesale Brands Book 2012  

Middleton Wholesale Brands Book 2012

Middleton Wholesale Brands Book 2012  

Middleton Wholesale Brands Book 2012