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PRESENTATION CAIXA DE CONSERVAS is an interdisciplinary project created by a team composed of six people from four different countries, backgrounds and fields of activity, willing to cross and share their skills in order to promote diverse forms of interaction and appropriation of the public space. The main goal of the project Caixa de Conservas, is to motivate, encourage and engage Guimarães inhabitants' in the construction of an archive of collective memories embodied in objects and testimonies. Working as an experimental lab that includes both an artistic and social approach, the project will involve creators and participants in a plural process of exchange and reflection around the notions of communal and self-identity, representation of time and space and the collective imaginary.

MOBILE DEVICES A mobile capsule, a mutant device will be constructed, partly from recovered materials. This mobile memory buster becomes an ‘exchange office’. It functions as a workshop area and as a daily meeting point open to all visitors. The device can also be in transit, moving around and exploring the territory, collecting and creating contents, images, reinterpreting memories.


Mobile Capsule

caixa de conservas

Participants can visit the office and can be reached at home as well as in any public space of the city and its surroundings. Visitors will be asked to donate an object. This represents or symbolises the passing on of knowledge, be it a skill, a memory, a craft, an artifact, a text, or music, ...anything they would like to share with others. It is also possible to do a photographic display, a reproduction and/or an audio caption of the objects visitors bring in but do not want to leave behind. Participants will be given a certificate of participation with their name, the number of their package, a photo reproduction and a description of their donation.

RESULT A wooden box is filled with different kinds of ordinary artifacts, texts and images related to individual and collective memories, local traditions and craftsmanship, social rituals and practices. But also with what Guimarães inhabitants would like to keep for the future, to tell to future generations, to unveil behind a given object. An inventory is made of this diverse set described in encyclopedic style, a catalogue of donations, skills, stories and "savoir-faire". The inventory allows the visitor to associate the objects she/he sees with the stories and descriptions they convey. Participants and visitors will be able to observe the preserved collection, safely stored in the interior of the box, through peepholes: dreamy tools of access to a real world of wonders. So our final aim is also to induce subjective vision of a collective construction.

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mutations Mobile Capsule

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MAIN GOALS - To encourage exchange between artists, creators and participants, and between city inhabitants themselves. - To build an alternative archive - an object made of objects - of a collective memory of the city embodied in the donations of it's inhabitants. - To induce subjective vision of a collective construction. - To raise awareness on the importance of alternative community and popular heritage.

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