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Table of Contents Studio One Marketing Team Biographies Executive Summary Product Review o The Internship o Alumni Target Audience o UND Campus  Targeting Strategy | Subsets o Grand Forks Community Secondary Audience Telecast Market Review SWOT Analysis Goals and Strategies Action Plan Fall 2011 Budget Evaluation

Marketing Plan Season 48 Fall 2011

Studio One Marketing Team Biographies

Maddy Ackerman

Richelle Ballenger

E-News Writer | Tour Guide

E-News Writer | Media Producer

Maddy Ackerman, is senior at UND and will be graduating with a marketing major and a Spanish minor. She brings an international perspective to the marketing team. She studied abroad in Spain during spring 2010 semester. She also has a variety of marketing experience since she also promotes study abroad across campus, working as a marketing assistant at the Study Abroad Office.

Richelle Ballenger joins the Studio One marketing team for the first time this semester and is excited to take on the tasks of media producer, Web assistant, E-News writer and greeter. She is a Minnesota native and found her passion for the communication field at Minnesota State University Mankato after taking a creative writing class. Ballenger is currently a senior at UND working toward a B.A. in communications with an emphasis in public relations and journalism and a minor in political science.

She is also an active member in Student Leaders International which is a student organization that promotes and mentors students about the benefits of study abroad. This semester Maddy will be a member on the Studio One marketing staff and will help promote the award winning show across campus. She is also busy this semester preparing for her December wedding.

Marketing Plan Season 48 Fall 2011

Ballenger bring a variety of leadership experience to this year’s team. She is was a member of the National Honor Society, a People to People Student Ambassador and a Girl Scout for over ten years. She has been awarded the Bronze and Silver Award by the Girl Scout organization and has been able to participate in education adventures to Australia and Europe. She is also the recipient of the Mark Carlson Community Journalism Scholarship and the Thomas Deats Memorial Award for Excellence. When she is not working or studying, Ballenger enjoys relaxing with her husband, reading, taking care of their fresh and salt water aquariums and learning through unique experiences.

Brady Bruhn

Audience Development Team | Green Room Brady Bruhn is entering his senior year at the University of North Dakota. He will be graduating in May 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Public Administration, majoring in marketing. Bruhn will be entering his first semester on the Studio One team and is very excited to get started. He plans to bring his leadership and public speaking skills to the team. He participates in Junior Achievement instructing as well is currently the Vice President of Education for UND Toastmasters.

Nicholas Byrne News Release Writer | Tour Guide Nicholas Byrne has been with Studio One for two semesters. He is a junior at UND pursuing a major in Air Traffic Control and a minor in communication. At Studio One, Byrne has been a green room attendant and on the audience development team. He is excited for his role as a tour guide and a press release writer this upcoming season.

In addition, Byrne is involved in several organizations on campus including: SATCA, Gamma Theta Upsilon and the Vice President of Bruhn will be a part of the Audience Development Programming of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. Team in which he will be responsible for marketing Byrne has been on the Dean’s List of Excellence for the growth of the show and program. The team’s the past three semesters at UND. goal is to fill the seats in the studio on show day. Byrne is a positive leader who is always optimistic. Bruhn has lived in Grand Forks for four years and He is an avid traveler and seeks to immerse himself loves it. He plans on settling in the area if possible. in new ideas, cultures, and perspectives. He enjoys attending Fighting Sioux hockey games Memorable experiences for him include rebuilding with his girlfriend Haley. In the summer, he loves an orphanage in Romania, hiking a 14,000 foot to spend time at the cabin with Haley and her mountain in Colorado and a 500 mile bike trip family. through Napa County in Northern California.

Marketing Plan Season 48 Fall 2011

Christalin Casinader

Glendon Gengel

Christalin Casinader is a Business Economics and Communication major at the University of North Dakota, expecting to graduate in May 2014. Casinader is a marketing intern for Studio One, UND’s television program. She is an international student from Colombo, Sri Lanka and brings a unique perspective to this year’s team. She has previously interned as a News and Feature Reporter, Production Assistant and Floor Manager. Along with her reporting experience, she is also experienced with print journalism. Casinader is a staff writer for The Dakota Student, UND’s biweekly student newspaper. She also works as a Credit Specialist for the Finance Department.

Glendon Gengel is a senior majoring in marketing at UND. His Call of Duty rank has suffered dramatically since coming to UND thanks to a debilitating case of motivation. His real passions lie in technology and multimedia. He has been published in four international graphic design magazines. He has also been working as a freelance Web and graphic designer for a couple of years. His clients include Trojan Promotions, Woman Lake Lodge (Canada) and Christian Eggert Violins. On campus he is also involved with many organizations.

News Release Writer | Tour Guide

Casinader is an accomplished student. She has been the recipient of the International Student Tuition Waiver for the past two years and has also been on the Dean’s List and Presidents Honor Roll. Casinader likes to be involved on-campus she is the President of the International Organization and helps organize the Feast of Nations, one of the biggest events in the Greater Grand Forks community. She lives in Grand Forks and enjoys reading, traveling and experiencing the world.

Marketing Plan Season 48 Fall 2011

Graphic Designer

After college he plans to work promoting bands and designing their posters, CD covers, Web sites and advertising their concerts. Aside from being a complete technology nut, he has a tragic passion for downhill skiing... while living on a part of the globe which (scale wise) is flatter than the surface of a pool table.

Jenna Hamann Audience Development | Stage Manager Jenna Hamann is a senior at UND pursuing a degree in marketing. This is her first semester working with the team. She brings management and marketing experience to the project. Hamann is the Burtness Theatre Box Office Manager on campus. She has also worked as a Sales Lead at Bath and Body Works. Hamann is from Becker, Minn. where she likes to spend time with her family. When she isn’t at Studio One, studying, or working, she can be found watching CSI or playing softball.

Victoria Hvaring Student Marketing Director | Green Room Victoria Hvaring was born and raised in Narvik, Norway. She moved to North Dakota in 2008 to pursue her bachelor’s degree in marketing at UND. She is in her third semester on the Studio One marketing team and her first semester as the student Director of Marketing. Hvaring has experience in press release and e-news stories writing, and promoting the program from her past positions at Studio One. Hvaring is a senior at UND. She plans to use her internship experience to pursue a career within the marketing field after graduation. When she is not busy with Studio One projects or school, you are more than likely to find her nose deep in one of the seven Harry Potter books.

Marketing Plan Season 48 Fall 2011

Cody Orr Web Designer Cody Orr is a senior at UND, majoring in communications. Orr is returning to the Studio One marketing team as the Web Designer. Last semester he enjoyed his position as Web Designer and is excited to gain more experience working with the Web design software this semester. He is responsible for maintaining sections of the Studio One Web site, in addition to developing promotions and advertisements to help promote the program and internship opportunities. When he is not working at Studio One, you can find him - at the Ralph Engelstad Arena as a Concessions Stand Manager, having fun with his FiancĂŠe and family in Fargo, or spending time outdoors hunting and fishing. He is also an active member of the Grand Forks Kem Shrine.

Marketing Plan Season 48 Fall 2011

Studio One Executive Summary Team Dynamic Studio One’s 48th Season marketing team consists of nine team members: four returning marketing interns, one previous feature reporter intern, and four new additions to the team. Such a large number of new interns to the marketing team present the team the opportunity of gaining thoughts and ideas brought from outside the project. This gives the team a way of creating marketing strategies that have not yet been explored. This semesters marketing team also has the advantage of having a returning intern with a diverse internship background. The added benefit of hands-on experience from other areas of Studio One will help during the planned booths and classroom presentations. The Studio One subsets This semester the team developed a new marketing strategy. The team sees it important to understand the different groups of prospective Studio One interns—their wants, needs, and understanding of the program. Previous research shows that many businesses that differentiate their target audience into subsets have seen an increase in profits. The season 48 marketing team plans to see an increase in recruitment and awareness of Studio One after implementing this strategy. The marketing team developed four different subsets of our target audience at the University of North Dakota (UND): “the Unknowns” o This group only needs to learn that Studio One exists, and the goal is to turn them in to “Kinda-Maybes”  Haven’t heard of Studio One  Not interested in TV  Don’t have/know their major  Don’t understand how internships can help their future career  Don’t need internship “the Kinda-Maybe’s” o This groups needs to know what Studio One is, what positions they can hold at Studio One and how they can apply. The group needs to know how the program can benefit them, both during the internship and job opportunities after. This group needs to know the difference between the television show and the internship opportunities. Need to be specific about the application deadline. Marketing Plan Season 48 Fall 2011

 Heard about it  Confused between the show and the internship  Haven’t taken time to apply  May think it’s just for TV internship/career “the Getting Warmers” o This group has been exposed to Studio One and has signed up for more information about the program. The group needs to know why it’s important for them to apply in the early stages of their college careers rather than junior and senior year.  May want to apply for internship during junior and senior year  Freshman who think they are too young  Students that want to apply but think they need experience  Need internship  Students that sign up for booths, classroom presentation and events  Juniors and seniors that need an internship Concerned about their future  Friends of current or previous Studio One interns  Students that got nominated “the Loyalists” o This group contains students who have applied for Studio One This season’s recruitment will focus on tailoring the Studio One message to the specific groups. The marketing team needs to be aware of which segment of the target audience they are talking to when promoting the internship and program. The Booklet The marketing team is working on a booklet that includes general as well as major specific information. Each page in the booklet has an individual design created to inform students about specific internship opportunities related to their major. General Studio One information Marketing Communications Weather The booklets will be given out to department advisors, internship advisors, as well as staff on campus that promote internships. It will be used as a tool for prospective interns to find out more about Studio One.

Marketing Plan Season 48 Fall 2011

Surveys Surveys are an important research tool. Season 48 will be the third semester the marketing team surveys UND students that are not affiliated with the program. This survey is essential for the marketing team to gain important and valuable information about student’s knowledge and view of the program. Past results have helped the marketing team tailor marketing messages.

Marketing Plan Season 48 Fall 2011

Product Review The Show In 1986, University of North Dakota student, Tom Buehring and Director of Television, Barry Brode, developed the concept for Studio One. Since the first show in 1987, the program and individual interns have received more than 526 regional and national awards. Today, Studio One is an informational weekly telecast produced by staff and students at UND. Each show is one hour and has a similar format as other morning news shows.

4300 James Ray Dr. Stop 7307 Grand Forks, ND 58202 Ph. (701) 777-4346 Fax: (701) 777-4342 E-mail: Program

Studio One is accessible to more than 4 million households including select communities in North Dakota, eastern Minnesota, Michigan, Virginia, Wisconsin, Colorado, and southern Manitoba.

Founded: 1986 Employees: 9 Season 48 Interns: 39 Non-Profit

Location & Audience Attendance


Studio One is located in the Skalicky Tech Incubator on the UND campus. Each week Studio One produces a live show that is free for the public to attend. Before the show, audience members get a tour of the Television Center. Over last three years Studio One interns have tracked attendance to the live production. The team is using this data to increase weekly visitors.

Underwriters Studio One is a nonprofit organization, supported by other programs and nonprofit associations in the community. Underwriting helps Studio One keep up with the technological changes. Industry standard equipment helps preserve the quality of the show. The Television Center produces a 30 second promotion for underwriters in return for their financial support.

Legal Status Studio One was registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on October 12,2010. Parties using the trademark should be notified of the registration and should include in any such statement to the effect of: STUDIO ONE is a registered trademark of the University of North Dakota and is used with permission. Marketing Plan Season 48 Fall 2011

Barry Brode Director of Television Stephanie Flyger Studio One News Director Suzanne Irwin Director of Marketing Monte Koshel Studio One Executive Director Marv Leier Director of Creative Service Scott Lima Production Manager Dale Ricke Chief Engineer Lori Shafer Budget Specialist Sandi Koshel Administrative Clerk

The Internship Studio One offers internship and volunteer opportunities to UND students of all areas of study. Interns and volunteers gain hands-on experience in a professional environment. Students work on the following teams to produce the weekly show. The teams include: news, programming/feature, production, marketing, weather and graphics. The news team is responsible for two news segments, interviews and producing two sportscasts for each live show. The programming team produces feature and entertainment stories and develops guests for each show. The production and graphic teams are trained to operate high tech computer equipment to create visual images for each show. Each team also plays a role in the live production of the show by operating lights and cameras. The weather team works with the UND’s Aerospace Network (ASN), television facility. Weather reporters write, shoot video, edit footage and anchor weather related stories for the live show. • • • • • • • •

Assistant News Director Weather Producer Assistant Producer Producer Assistant Director Director Marketing Director Graphics Director

Directors & Producers 96 hours/week

• • • •

News Sports Weather Co-Anchor

Anchors 42 hours/week

578.5 hours weekly

Reporters 108 hours/week

Other Teams

208 hours/week

• News • Sports • Feature

*Hours generated with help from Lori Shafer- Internship Coordinator

Marketing Plan Season 48 Fall 2011

• • • • • •

Weather Production Crew Marketing Web Designer Graphic Designer Photographer

Season 48 Student Directors:


Kelly Kracht Producer Caitlin Mullally Graphics Director Victoria Hvaring Marketing Director

Studio One has had over 700 interns work with the program since 1987. Many alumni have perused careers outside the television field but say that opportunities and skills developed at Studio One have helped them succeed in their occupation. Studio One Alumni Careers

Derek Korczak Director Jon Schaeffer Assistant News Director Miranda Hilgers Weather Director

Business Manager Advertising Marketing Human Resources Creative Director

Business 35%

Current Underwriters: Communications 31%

UND Alumni Association

Public Relations Manager Public Relations Specialist Community Relations Journalist

UND College of Business and Public Administration


The Energy & Environmental Research Center


UND Graduate School UND Department of Occupational Therapy UND School of Engineering and Mines UND School of Medicine and Health Sciences

UND Women’s Center Closed Caption underwriters: NDAD LISTEN Center

Marketing Plan Season 48 Fall 2011

Other 12%

Anchor Director Meteorologist Photographer Producer Reporter

•Raio-Reporting •WebRadio-Reporting Site Content Manager Web Site Content Manager

*from summer 2011 Studio One alumni survey.

Target Audience | UND Campus The primary target audience for Studio One is the UND student body. They are most likely to apply for internships and come to a production. To better understand this audience, the Studio One marketing team electronically distributed a survey to UND students. The survey results illustrate how familiar the campus is with the Studio One television show and internship program. The survey also provides specific information about the reasons students apply for an internship and how they were informed about the program. The survey also asked when they had first heard of Studio One, their knowledge of the show/internship, the reasons for applying or not applying to the internship, and what specific attributes they look for in an internship

Results from the fall 2011 campus survey: What year in college do you plan to apply for an internship?

Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Graduate Other

3 12 20 20 16 24

3% 12% 21% 21% 17% 25%

What year (if applicable) did you first learn about “Studio One�?

High school Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Graduate Other

Marketing Plan Season 48 Fall 2011

6 56 15 3 2 6 10

6% 57% 15% 3% 2% 6% 10%

Have you ever considered applying for a “Studio One� internship? Yes No Other

26 67 6

26% 68% 6%

Have you seen any Studio One advertising? Table tents in dining center Stickers on coffee sleeves Posters Cable Channels 3 & 17 ads "Studio One" Web site Memorial Union display case Social media N/A Other

44 19 43 23 17 31 13 17 5

45% 20% 44% 24% 18% 32% 13% 18% 5%

Has anyone ever talked to you about Studio One?

A friend Classroom presentation Received nomination Internship coordinator Teacher recommendation Tour of facility Attended a live show Studio One shirts N/A Other

How familiar are you with UND's television show, "Studio One?" Marketing Plan Season 48 Fall 2011

30 26 1 6 7 11 9 13 36 7

31% 27% 1% 6% 7% 11% 9% 14% 38% 7%

I watch frequently I've seen a few episodes I have heard of the show, but don't watch it I know someone who has been involved with the program I've been on a tour of the television show I've never seen the show Other

How do you watch the show?

Marketing Plan Season 48 Fall 2011

2 23 26 8 5 29 8

2% 23% 26% 8% 5% 29% 8%




You Tube









Channel 3



Channel 17



I do not watch the show






Targeting Strategy | Subsets The team is using a new marketing approach this semester. This strategy consists of tailored messages to potential applicants. Based on the survey results the marketing team has organized the UND student body into four market subsets.

“the Unknowns” This group only needs to learn that Studio One exists, and the goal is to turn them in to “Kinda-Maybes”.

“the Kinda-Maybe’s” This groups needs to know what Studio One is, what positions they can hold at Studio One and how they can apply. The group needs to know how the program can benefit them, both during the internship and job opportunities after. This group needs to know the difference between the television show and the internship opportunities. Need to be specific about the application deadline.

“the Getting Warmers” This group has been exposed to Studio One and has signed up for more information about the program. The group needs to know why it’s important for them to apply in the early stages of their college careers rather than junior and senior year.

“the Loyalists”

Marketing Plan Season 48 Fall 2011

Haven’t heard of Studio One Not interested in TV Don’t have/know their major Don’t understand how internships can help their future career Don’t need internship Heard about it Confused between the show and the internship Haven’t taken time to apply May think it’s just for TV internship/career

May want to apply for internship during junior and senior year Freshman who think they are too young Students that want to apply but think they need experience Need internship Students that sign up for booths, classroom presentation and events Juniors and seniors that need an internship Concerned about their future Friends of current or previous Studio One interns Students that got nominated This group contains students who have applied for Studio One

Target Audience | Grand Forks Community Studio One’s target audience also includes the Grand Forks Community. Within this target audience most members watch the show or attend a production. Also, many potential UND students and possible Studio One interns are exposed to the show through marketing efforts.

Production Attendance Classroom Pesentations- UND students Extra Credit Opportunity High School Students Family Members From a friend Advertisement Email invitation Featured in a story Other

*This graph illustrates the people who attend the show from the surrounding community over the spring 2011 semester.

Marketing Plan Season 48 Fall 2011

Secondary Audience The secondary audience is composed of locations outside the Grand forks area. This audience is of significant value to Studio One as well as UND. The Marketing team’s efforts to promote Studio One in these locations may attract students to the University of North Dakota and the Studio One program. The show also becomes more valuable to the underwriters as Studio One gains more national exposure. This graph illustrates the Web traffic generated form the primary and secondary audiences over the past year. The Studio One site has Google Analytics installed to track visits.

Marketing Plan Season 48 Fall 2011

Telecast Market Review It is important to know telecast and potential viewer information for several reasons. It allows the marketing team to promote viewership in current markets and viewer information gives value to the show. Studio One is supported by Underwriters. Providing information to financial supporters can give them more incentive to continue promoting their organization or program on the show. Recognizing where UND students are from is also an important aspect in relation to developing new markets. The 2010-2011 UND Fact Book shows that North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and South Dakota are the states with the highest number of UND students. This information provides insight on where to develop new markets in an effort to help recruit UND students. Enrollment according to the 2010-2011 UND Fact Book: North Dakota – 6,578 Minnesota – 4,409 Wisconsin – 256 South Dakota - 230 If time allows during the semester, the marketing team will also research potential markets.

Marketing Plan Season 48 Fall 2011

North Dakota Markets Bismarck-Mandan: Dakota Media Access Channel 12

Mon @ 5pm

Dickinson: Consolidated Telcom Channel 18

Mon @ 7pm and 9pm

Fargo: City of Fargo Channel 99

Tues @ 7:30pm Thurs @ 2pm

Fargo: Prairie Public Television Channel 13.1

Sat @ 6am

Jamestown: Dakota Central Telecommunications Channel 17

Mon – Fri @ 12pm

Minot: Minot State University: KMSU Channel 19 Oakes: Oakes High School SRCTC – Oakes Channel TBA

Mon @ 2pm Tues @ 3pm TBA

Ray: Northwest Communications Cooperative Channel 17

Wed – Fri @ 7pm Mon – Tues @ 7pm

Steele: BEK Broadcasting: KMSU Channel 28

Fri @ 5:30pm

Out Of State Markets Colorado Springs, CO: DCTV-17 Channel 19 Denver, CO: Deproduction: denverevolution Minneapolis, MN: Metro Cable Network Channel 6 White Bear Lake, MN: Suburban Community Channels Channel 18 Herndon, VA: Herndon Community Television Cox Comm. Ch 23 Verizon FiOS Cable Ch 28

Fri @ 5pm Sat @ 4pm Sun @ 7pm Mon @ 11am Wed @ 11am TBA 7pm

Whitehall, WI: TCCTV Channel 18 Washington, MI: MI Community Media WBRW TV Washington, Romeo, Bruce Channel 6

Marketing Plan Season 48 Fall 2011


Jamestown 15,427** Ray 1800*

Minot 40,888**

Fargo 20,000*

Grand Forks 66,861**

White Bear Lake 35,000*

Minneapolis 600,000* Dickinson 17,787** Bismarck 29,000**

Denver 120,000*

Steele 2,435**

Oakes 8,000*

Washington 840,978**

Whitehall 28,816**

Herndon 23,292**

Colorado Springs 75,000*

Brandon, Manitoba

41,511*** Winnipeg, Manitoba

632,063 ****

Legend Current Markets Marketing Plan Season 48 Fall 2011

Prairie Public Household Subscribers * Potential Viewers (2010 Census)** Economic Development Brandon*** GeoNames ****

SWOT Analysis • Strengths

• Weaknesses

S W O T • Opportunties

• Threats

A SWOT analysis is a strategic method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project. It involves setting an objective and recognizing the internal and external factors of a project to achieve a goal or objective. A SWOT helps marketers focus on key topics and determine what features and aspects should be highlighted in the program.

Strengths Strengths are the internal attributes of the program; they are the characteristics of the program that give it an advantage over others in the industry. Strengths are aspects that the program has control over and are helpful in achieving our goals. Hands-on experience o Interns produce the show Helpful and knowledgeable staff o Team environment Flexible scheduling Inspiring leadership o Staff and student leadership Marketing Plan Season 48 Fall 2011

Award-winning program o Students have the chance to also receive awards for their work with the program o National appeal  Across the Midwest and southern Manitoba o Quality work o Strong reputation Professional Atmosphere o “Studio One did more for me than any other part of my University of North Dakota experience. It taught me about professionalism and quality work, and helped me get my first job out of college at Valley News Live in Fargo.” –Nick Johnson o “Keep up the high level of professionalism.” –Adam Caskey Enthusiastic Alumni o “LOVED the people and the experience.” –Kathy Ulmer o “I believe Studio One was the single best part of my college career and education that prepared me for the job market!” –Danielle Lochow Networking o 39 interns o More than 700 Alumni o 9 Staff members State of the art facility o Technology Studio One Equiptment Items: Quantity: Student cameras 2 Tripods for student cameras 2 Wireless mics 3 Edit Bays 4 Studio lights 1 Headset system 1 Tripods for studio cameras 3 EZ News software (initial purchase) 1 EZ News yearly support (8 yrs to date) 1 Studio mics (Sennheiser) 5 Batteries for student cameras 10 Total Total TV Center Equipment Inventory =

Marketing Plan Season 48 Fall 2011

Price: $ 10,689 $ 1,500 $ 800 $ 34,051 $ 67,885 $ 50,044 $ 5,999 $ 12,450 $ 12,600 $ 844 $ 490

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

Total: 21,378 3,000 2,400 136,204 67,885 50,044 17,997 12,450 12,600 4,220 4,900 333,077

$ 2,062,149.85

The internship program can be taken for academic credit or as a volunteer Gain a variety of skills including: o Writing o Editing o Communication o Teamwork o Professionalism o Quality o Time management Great resume builder o “Studio One will give you skills for a professional career no matter what you choose to pursue. The experience is well worth the time and effort.” –Kira (Dordal) Benz o “The pursuit of excellence philosophy that Barry creates and delivers builds a sustaining attitude critical when entering the job market and ultimately throughout your career. Studio One is a fantastic training ground to learn fundamental leadership and work ethic qualities that pay long-term dividends.” –Todd Smith

Weaknesses Weaknesses are internal factors that can hinder the team achieving its goals. They are characteristics that place the program at a disadvantage relative to others. Weaknesses are also aspects that the program has control over. Unpaid Time consuming o Inside and outside the studio Teams are separate and it can be hard for students to network with each other o Students who do not have a show day position can feel left out The show is weekly and can be hard for people to watch consistently o Show takes holiday and summer breaks Strict schedule o Training is short before starting the live show Limited internship positions Limited advertising budget No scholarship opportunities o Still generating funds for scholarships Marketing Plan Season 48 Fall 2011

Opportunities Opportunities in a SWOT are external factors that the marketing team can use to its advantage to improve the quality of the program. These are aspects that the program has no control over. UND always has a diverse group of incoming students Some faculty members are supportive of program o Mary Askim, Connie Bateman, David Keifel and Tim Pasch Students have the option to receive academic credit for internships Some teachers offer extra credit to students who attend the show UND homepage utilizes more media features o Opportunity to feature video o Offers links to YouTube and Career service Web page internship list o Use as a comparison tool Networking with UND faculty to promote the quality of the internship Press releases Share buttons for Facebook and Twitter at the end of Studio One videos

Social networking tools o Facebook  Weekly contests/trivia  Photos of alumni/ current interns Marketing Plan Season 48 Fall 2011

Post videos from marketing and community events Video news stories updates Post videos on group’s pages Ex: roller derby  Post photos throughout season from events/booths/on set  Advertising opportunities o Twitter  Post updates about stories and events o Video Sharing  Post North Dakota Specific content on their Web page  for Minnesota specific content  other campus Web sites for organizations   

Threats Threats are external factors that hinder the marketing team from achieving its goals. They are characteristics that place the program at a disadvantage relative to others. Threats are aspects the program has no control over. Some faculty members are unsure of process getting involved and credit opportunities Students perceive it as only ‘on air’ positions Students are limited to taking the internship for only 2-3 credits per semester, and there is cap on the number of credits received from the internship Internship/practicum credit is only available to communication and marketing majors-other students must take it as “arts and sciences” credit Many students don’t know the UND Television center is inside the Skalicky Tech Incubator, which is located on the outskirts of campus

Marketing Plan Season 48 Fall 2011

Students don’t plan on applying until junior year, according to surveys What year in college do you plan to apply for an internship? *from fall 2010 Studio One student survey

*from fall 2011 Studio One student survey

Other news shows Career Services Web page internship list shows many paid internships for marketing/communication majors Huge time commitment for students with other classes/work

Marketing Plan Season 48 Fall 2011

Goals and Strategies The Studio One marketing team has outlined its Season 48 goals and strategies to increase potential reach as a team, television center, internship program and as a credible resource in the community. Internal Goals – 3 events T-shirt Days o Coordinate 2 dates for interns to wear their Studio One T-shirts o Bright colored T-shirt with a white logo/graphic o Build team spirit and serve as an advertising tool October 27 – After Show Potluck Event o Celebrating for the hard work and successful completion of the first half of Season 48 and the end of Season 49 recruitment o Shows interns appreciation for their work o The event will aid in team building Community Service Projects – 2 Events September 23 - Handing out water for Potato Bowl Fun Run o A way to contribute to our community o The marketing team will have a booth set-up with promo items and fliers promoting the internship and television show o Interns will staff one of the water stations during the run and assist with the “Tater Trot” November – Red Kettle Campaign o The marketing team will ask other teams to help staff and ring bells during the Christmas season to help raise money for the Salvation Army o We will be asking for 10 volunteers to help in addition to the marketing staff o Helping the Salvation Army is a good PR event Recruitment Booths – 9 scheduled Recruitment booths will be set up in the Memorial Union, Gamble Hall, Merrifield Hall, outside O’Kelly Hall and The Link New locations include the Hughes Fine Arts building and Squires dining center An assessment of students schedules showed that these are places to find our target audience These locations also have high student traffic We will tailor our message to specific categories within our target market Marketing Plan Season 48 Fall 2011

Marketing team will also focus on reversing student perceptions that to be an intern at Studio One, one has to be looking for a career in television Promos Classroom presentations (40 – presentations) o The marketing team will adjust internship messages depending on classes they attend  Unknowns: 100/200/U-Life Points to emphasize: Don’t have to have experience – don’t have to like TV – don’t have to take internship for credit – don’t have to want to go into TV – wide variety of networking  Kinda-Maybes and Getting -Warmers – Gamble/Atmospheric Science Points to emphasize: Try to talk about specific jobs and how it applies to those majors – talk about alumni and what they are doing and how they used their Studio One experience to get a job o Give incentive for other interns from other teams coming along to class presentation Radio Dates – TBD o The marketing team will try to schedule radio interviews on Z94, 104.3 KZLT and 97 KYCK  Last year’s interns had a difficult time keeping the XL93 DJ professional and wanted to still work with the radio without only going to one station Bus Sign o Studio One advertisement will be placed on the side of campus shuttle buses o Bus sign will be used for the entire month of October Bag Tags o This was successful last season – new interns will receive their tags to put on backpacks o The same design will be used as the previous semester Table Tents o Place tents twice during the semester o Put a QR code on tents o Set up an account so students could text in for a chance to win a prize Marketing Plan Season 48 Fall 2011

Posters o Posters will be up for the month of October o Have target market specific posters for the “Kinda-Maybes” and the “Getting Warmers” o Create five different designs: marketing/graphics/weather/reportinganchoring-writing/general Night Life Event o September 30 – Studio One Bingo Night o Will assist in recruiting as well as team building Magnets o Business card sized magnets will be given our free at booths o Magnets will have basic information about Studio One as well as a season schedule of shows o This is a new promo item Roll-up Water Bottles o Another new promo item, these bottles are colorful and different! o It will be eye-catching and will come in a variety of colors o Will have the Studio One logo and Web address printed on them Stickers o We will use the same design as last season as it was precise and effective o Stickers will be used on coffee sleeves at the UND Bookstore Weekly Press Releases o Keep everyone updated on what stories will be playing on that week’s show o Press releases will be sent to target and secondary markets o Releases will also be sent out to special interest groups or clubs on campus to highlight certain topics on the show UND Calendar of Events o All Studio One events will be entered into the UND Calendar of Events on the UND Web site Marketing Plan Season 48 Fall 2011

o This will include external events and show dates to ensure that students know where booths will be held and when Studio One is playing Social Media o Facebook Advertisements  A cap amount will be spent on Studio One Facebook advertisement  Highly effective advertising with the ability to pinpoint our specific target audience o Video segments may also be implemented to reach specific groups or clubs o Facebook quizzes will be developed to engage fans of the page o Flip Cam videos will be posted on the Facebook page to give quick updates about the teams on the program o Stories with national appeal will be posted on the YouTube channel Donations o Businesses will be contacted for donations to be used as intern and recruitment incentives o Businesses to be contacted include Blue Moose, River Cinema, Rhombus Guys, Valley Dairy and the Grand Forks theatres o Coupons and certificates cannot be used to purchase alcohol Memorial Union Display Case o The display board used in the past will be updated and displayed in the union o Display case will emphasize our tagline: Your Future In Focus o A cardboard cutout of a silhouette with a mirror on the face/head area will be featured so potential interns can visualize themselves as part of the Studio One team Listserv Announcements o Listservs set up for communications, business and other students in related majors will receive Studio One announcements via email Community Billboards o Promo information will be placed on Channel 98.1 and in the union Expanding Markets o The marketing team will research new and potential markets for Studio One

Marketing Plan Season 48 Fall 2011

Audience Development 20 audience members per show Team will use survey results from Season 47 to help develop a large audience each week The audience development team will focus on inviting, friends/family of interns, high school media classes, UND classes with extra credit opportunities and people in stories Applications The marketing team has a recruitment goal of 70 applicants

Marketing Plan Season 48 Fall 2011

Studio One Action Plan The Outline The following pages detail the specific events and promotions that are currently scheduled to help in promoting the show as well as gaining new applicants. The Focus Marketing research shows booths and class presentations generate the most applicants. Community service and promotional events are still important, however previous events indicate these need to be carefully planned as hockey games draw students over Nightlife events. The team plans to take the classic "work smarter, not harder" approach and are putting more effort into hosting a couple of well planned and executed events on dates with no competing forms of entertainment.

September 2011 Sunday


















Booth - Gamble 10:30am – 1pm

Booth - Outside Okelly 12pm-2pm

Community Service Event - handing out water for Hugo’s Potato Bowl 8K Run & Tater Tot Trot

Night life – Grocery Bingo



October 2011 Sunday







1 2




























Table Tents (16th-18th)

Table Tents (10th-12th)

Booth – Merrifield 9:30am – 1pm

Booth - Memorial Union 10:30-1pm

Booth – Hughes Fine Arts 10:30-1pm

Booth Merrifield 10:30 – 1pm

Booth - Squires 111:30

Booth – Memorial Union 9:30am-1pm

Booth – Gamble 9:30-1pm

T-shirt day

T-shirt day


Internal event: Potluck



Other events Other events happening in October: Bus Sign Coffee sleeves and UND bookstore, Caribou Class presentations (plan on scheduling 40) Radio Dates: TBD (planning on visiting 3 radio stations)

November: Community service - Red Kettle Campaign

Fall 2011 Budget Promotional Water Bottles


Shipping & Handling






Advertisements & Stickers


Dues fees & Binders


Other(Display case/booklets)




Fall 2011 Budget




Marketing Plan Season 48 Fall 2011

Evaluation Evaluations are an important way to identify effective marketing strategies. Here is an outline of how the team plans to evaluate their efforts over the fall semester. Campus surveys The Studio One marketing team has been able to survey the UND student body with the help of Student Government for the past three semesters. This has allowed the team to evaluate the overall perception of Studio One on campus. Sign-up surveys The marketing team will develop a survey to distribute to people who’ve signed up for more information about Studio One internships at booths, events or class presentations. The survey will include questions about how well they were informed about the program and ask for feedback. This will help the team understand how interns are perceived at booths, classroom presentations and at events. Tracking applicants from sign-ups This year’s team also wants to track how many people that have signed up from booths and events that have actually applied for internships. The team will work on an efficient way to achieve this goal over the semester. From past data, about 20 percent of students apply after putting their name on sign-ups. Internal surveys Two surveys will be distributed to Studio One staff and interns. The marketing team will ask for internal feedback. Update to application The marketing team plans to update the dropdown box on the external internship application. The team will add more options to the list that provides choices such as, “booths”, “posters”, “nightlife”, and “radio” to name a few. This will help determine what encouraged students to apply for internships.

Marketing Plan Season 48 Fall 2011

Current Application Options:

Audience Development Audience development surveys will be given to those who attend the live show. This allows the audience development team to evaluate what brings people to the shows. Last semester the live audience attendance rose 25 percent compared to the previous semester. Audience Numbers Spring 11 audience - 166 guests

Fall 10 audience – 133 guests

How did you find out about today's show? Friend


Family E-mail Invitation

19% 0%

High School Tour Extra Credit Opportunity

22% 15%



Was featured in a story Classroom presentation

1% 3%

Other 22% People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%. *Spring 11 audience survey

Marketing Plan Season 48 Fall 2011

Season 48 Marketing Plan  

Learn about the marketing strategies for the Stuido One marketing team.

Season 48 Marketing Plan  

Learn about the marketing strategies for the Stuido One marketing team.