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g n i ir t n w o i r t e a d m n r U fo In Contact: Suzanne Irwin UND Television Center Director of Marketing 701-777-3818; 701-777-4346 FAX: 701-777-4342

The Show Studio One is a one-hour live television show produced at the University of North Dakota’s Television Center. The program, which debuted in the spring of 1987, is similar to NBC’s Today Show or ABC’s Good Morning America. Students produce news, weather, sports and entertainment segments. They also interview guests ranging from local people to national and international celebrities.

What is Underwriting?

Underwriters provide the �inancial support needed to produce the show. Underwriters receive a 30-second promotional spot on Studio One telecasts, Web casts, and podcasts. Underwriters are also listed on the Studio One Web site. Professionally produced video spots can be created if your organization does not have one. Along with providing support for the programming, underwriters also provide students with exceptional, hands-on experience.

What is a “Spot”?

A spot is a 30-second promotional video segment that highlights your department, program or organization. Every 30-second spot is produced under your direction. Television Center staff write, shoot and edit your spot. You approve your spot before it is telecast.

Packages 1 2 3 4 5 6

$1750 - plays 1000 times during the fall and spring telecast in all markets. $2250 - Production of one new 30-second spot and 1000 plays during the fall and

spring telecast in all markets.

$2500 - plays 2000 times during the fall and spring telecasts in all markets.

$2900 - Production of one new 30-second spot and 2000 plays during the fall & spring telecasts in all markets.

$1300 - Discount package: 1000 plays in all markets except Bismarck & Prairie Public during the fall & spring telecasts. $1500 - Discount package: Production of one new 30-second spot and 2000 plays in all markets except Bismarck & Prairie Public during the fall & spring telecasts.

Studio One Markets Studio One is played in 13 markets across the Midwest. Markets reach as far north as Winnipeg, Manitoba and as far south as Colorado Springs, Colo. Underwriting is an excellent way to bring a presence of your organization, program or school to potential UND students.

Telecast Schedule

North Dakota markets Other markets

North Dakota Markets Bismarck-Mandan | Dakota Media Access Channel 12 Monday: 5:00pm Fargo | Channel 12 Monday: 8pm Friday: 2pm

Grand Forks | Channel 3 Monday: 7am, noon, 6pm, 11pm Tuesday - Wednesday: 7am, noon, 7pm, 11pm Thursday: 7am, noon, 5pm, 7pm, 11pm Friday: 7am, noon, 7pm, 11pm Saturday - Sunday: 7am, 10 am, noon, 7pm, 11pm Grand Forks | Channel 17 Thursday: 5pm Friday - Saturday: 5:30pm

Jamestown | Channel 17 Monday - Friday: 12pm

Minot | KMSU Channel 19 Monday: 2pm Tuesday: 3pm

Steele | BEK Sports Network Inc. Channel 19 Friday: 5:30pm

Dickinson Rural Cable Network Consolidated Telcom | Channel 18 Monday: 7pm and 9pm

Ray, N.D. | Northwest Communications Cooperative Channel 55 Tuesday - Saturday: 7pm Sunday - Monday: 8pm

Other Markets Brandon & Winnipeg, Manitoba | Prairie Public channel 13.1 Saturday: 6am

Colorado Springs, Colo. | Channel 19 Friday: 5pm Saturday: 4pm Sunday: 7pm

Denver, Colo. | Channel 57 Tuesday: 11:30 am

Minneapolis, Minn. | Metro Cable Network Channel 19 Wednesday: 11:00am

Underwriting Benefits New this semester: Graphic Ad on Web site promoting underwriters

For seasons 46&47 we will be posting a graphic promo before each story, highlighting our underwriters. According to our Google Analytic account, we have viewers from across the world watching our stories online. Now is your opportunity to let potential UND students know what your program or organization has to offer. Since this is a new promotion, we will be testing our formatting of the promo over the next two seasons. There may be an additional charge in the future for this promo.

It’s Yours

The 30-second video spot we produce for your department or organization is yours to keep. You may use the promo wherever and whenever you wish.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and You Tube are used by many organizations to stay connected with their target audience. Help make your page stand out by incorporating your advertisement into your social media applications.


The UND Television Center Staff are familiar with many applications and video formats and are willing to help you get your video uploaded to your social media sites.

Quality Video Production

All of our promos are shot in High Definition format. Most of our underwriters have produced segments with our new HD cameras which meet broadcast industry standards. Highly trained staff take your project from a concept into a finished project while keeping you involved with every step of the process.

Named as Underwriter on the Studio One Web site

An explanation of your program or organization and your promo will be posted on our Web page.

Reaching potential students

Studio One has markets in Denver, Colorado Springs, Colo., Minneapolis, Minn. and across the state of N.D.

Expanding markets

We are continually looking for new markets in areas that have potential UND students.

Underwriting Information  

Underwriting rates

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