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U-View is the UND Television Center’s welcome program which allows you to showcase your program or services to new and returning students. The show is available on Cable Channel 3 and Channel 17 during Welcome Weekend 2010. This semester, every incoming freshman will be sent a video Web link to the U-View Web site. The program will also be available online for students to review throughout the semester. U-View is a great opportunity to reach students early in their college careers. This exciting and engaging program is hosted by Monte Koshel. It begins with a brief introduction to the university, followed by a series of two to three minute features about each participating department or organization.

Professional project

There are several different options for producing a promotional video with the Television Center. New to the program: $2,600 (Includes scripting, 12 hours of production work, air-time, advertising, a compressed digital file for Web use and a DVD copy.) Note: The client will be charged an hourly rate if a feature takes more than 12 hours to produce. An estimate will be provided after the script is written. Returning Rates: Option I: Use last year’s feature, $600 Option II: Change last year’s feature, $600+ hourly rate Option III: Produce a new feature, $2600

Promoting the show

This year, the program will be sent to every newly enrolled student at UND! Our U-View Web site allows students to watch the whole program or individual segments of programming. New students can quickly access information which will help bring awareness to your program or services on campus. The Television Center will also promote the program with an ad in the Dakota Student, a flyer in the binder students receive during Welcome Weekend, a billboard advertisement on the Channels 3 and 17 and announcements in the University Letter.

The site

New Web layout Full program

Individual features

The process

1. The concept Grabbing the viewer’s attention is one of the most important aspects of video production. The trained staff at the Television Center will help you determine how to define your services and engage a viewing audience. This is done through meetings and interviews with someone from your program or department and a Television Center staff member.

2. Shoot and edit The Television Center shoots all promotions in High Definition. The video quality meets industry standards. Television Center staff members will shoot and edit video.

3. Presentation and review Television Center staff will produce the story board, choose music and edit the promo and then present it for review. The finished video is completed while keeping clients informed during the process.

4. Reach new and returning students U-View plays on Cable Channels 3 and 17. These channels are viewed in the residence halls and in the Grand Forks community. The Web site will also be made available to new students through Enrollment Services. The program is a great way to start getting new students involved and educated once they arrive on campus.



Reaching potential students

Each new students to the UND campus will be sent a link to the new U-View Web site! Also, Cable Channel 17 plays in all residence halls while Cable Channel 3 reaches individuals in the Grand Forks community.

Web page

The new U-View Web site can be accessed by students throughout the whole semester. Readily available information helps build an educated student body.

It’s Yours

The two minute video spot we produce for your department or organization is yours to keep. You may use the video wherever and whenever you wish.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are used by many organizations to stay connected with their target audience. Help make your page stand out by incorporating your advertisement into your social media applications.


The UND Television Center Staff are familiar with many applications and video formats and are willing to help you get your video uploaded to social media sites.

Quality Video Production

All of our projects are shot in High Definition format. Most of our clients have already produced segments with our new HD cameras which meet broadcast industry standards. Highly trained staff take a concept to completion while keeping you involved with every step of the process.


-View the television show

Contact: Suzanne Irwin | UND Television Center | Director of Marketing | 701-777-3818 | 701-777-4346 | FAX: 701-777-4342


U-View is a welcome program produced by the UND Television Center

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