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June/July 2013

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wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

Hello Readers You may be feeling ripped-off and thoroughly exploited at the moment - we feel it too, we read the newspapers and a lot of the latest news has given us the blues. News of fuel price fixing allegations at BP and Shell suggests we’ve all been taken for a very expensive ride, shelling out over the odds for black stuff more pricey than caviar. Like the city-boy Libor scandal before it (only less boring), it’s sent our collective blood pressure (BP) soaring to record levels. Well, here’s your tonic. It’s the sound of champagne corks whizzing and popping at Wolverhampton West HQ, in celebration of our magazine’s third anniversary. An achievement we are all particularly proud of and keen to share with you in our magazine retrospective feature. But don’t think we’ve been resting on our laurels, drunk on our own success - oh no, it’s business as usual in the coming pages: features full of facts, familiar faces, fashion and fun and frolics, designed especially to see you get the best out of the coming summer months and the local area. And there’s more: stories of local interest - like Diffusion’s move into the landmark “Bank” building on Lichfield Street in Wolverhampton, pointers on home design and furnishings, beauty tips designed with summer in mind and a top motoring section so good it must surely drive the competition ’round the bend. It’s the very least we can do for you, dear reader. Enjoy your read...


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Happy Birthday Wolverhampton West 4 The Local Property Market by Nick Berriman 8 Summer Homes 10 Louise Presley Turner – Life Coach 12 Comatose Culture in Claverley 14 Wolverhampton Carvers Marathon 16 Crosswords & Puzzles 18 W.I. Wulfrunians 20 The Search for Annie 20 Recipe of the Month 22 Grand Theatre Competition 26 Have you got the Tettenhall Factor 28 Creating a Financial Legacy for your Family 32 Rotary Club of Wolverhampton 40 Awnings 42 Gardening with Ann Winwood 44 Good designs are Timeless 45 Another Award for Allan 48 Spring at the Vineyards 49 Kinver Country Fayre 50 The Beauty of Canada 52 Holiday Preparations 54 Wolverhampton Round Table “Reaching New Heights” 56 Men’s Fashion: Get Noticed this Summer 60 Golf Tip 62 Tee for Two 64 Compton in the Park 66 Cosford Prepares to Dish Up its First Food Festival 72 Sunday Lunch 76 A New Store for Diffusion 84 Pretty Woman Goes Gorgeous 86 Summer Beach Body 88 Win £250 worth of Vouchers with Diffusion 90 Get Gorgeous, Glowing Skin - Whatever Your Age 92 Amazing Hair at WOW 94 Women’s Fashion: Sunshine Styles 96/97 Combatting the Summer Sniffles 100 Toms Tip 103 Education & Schooling 108 The Social Scene 112/115 Centenary Year of the MINI 122 BMW 330D Touring 124 Sleek new CLA Coupé at Mercedes-Benz 126 of Wolverhampton AFC Wulfrunians 129 Answers to Puzzles 129

Magazine design: We gratefully acknowledge the support of businesses whose adverts appear in Wolverhampton West Magazine and whilst every care is taken to ensure accuracy, The Publishers cannot accept responsibility for loss, damage or omission caused by error in the printing of an advert or editorial. All artwork is accepted on strict condition that permission has been given for use in this publication. Adverts are accepted on the understanding that descriptions of goods and services are fair and accurate. Wolverhampton West Magazine does not officially endorse any advertising material included within this publication. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in any retrieval system or transmitted in any form - electronic, mechanical, photocopying or otherwise - without the prior consent Wolverhampton West Magazine Ltd.

Congratulations to: Winner of the meal for 2 at Baci Mrs Amanda Wollam, Tettenhall Winners of the Blood Brothers competition at The Grand Theatre Ruth Wake, Brewood Mrs M Evans, Codsall Jackie Smith, Lower Penn Winner of the Haughton Greene competition Claire Cottrill, Perton Winner of the Fabulous Hair & Beauty Makeover with WOW Mrs Christine Guy, Finchfield

*Total distribution 24,000 copies across 2 months


Happy Birthday Wolverhampton West: Our Magazine Celebrates Its Third Anniversary! Thirteen is unlucky. Seven is clichéd. But three is a magic number: there’s the Holy Trinity, the Three Musketeers and, er, the Three Stooges. Forget that the best things in life are free, this year the best things are three. Wolverhampton West Magazine was three years old last month. So before we get the party started, we thought we’d take a wander down memory lane with you, dear reader. The brainchild of Perton-based couple, sales director, Gisella Wiley, and editor, Geoff Hall, the magazine took its first baby steps in the uncertain times of doom and gloom recession and from modest beginnings quickly became a firm favourite among its 48,000 readership. In fact, without wishing to blow their own trumpet, there were hardly any teething problems at all. With a mandate to serve and celebrate the local community, Wolverhampton West thrived when so many others fell by the wayside. And no-one knows exactly why that is better than our illustrious editor: “Our success is mainly down to a great professional team working on the magazine. Everyone is motivated to produce a quality publication that readers will enjoy.” And today the mission is no different to three years ago: Wolverhampton West is still a bastion of local news, a champion of local charities; a platform for local business and, above all, a servant of the community. 04

Geoff is always keen to stress he wanted a quality magazine from the get-go - not just a directory of advertisers. “When we started there wasn’t anything of this ilk in the area: we wanted a proper local magazine that made good light reading, not just a pamphlet listing businesses. And today is no different, of course. “We felt we could really contribute to the local community by carving out a niche product that could please both reader and advertiser alike. Good quality editorial is win-win for both parties. I think our success underscores this fact above all others.” But don’t take their word for it, if you want proof that readers love this magazine, Geoff has the hefty postbag he receives every day as evidence. “We continue to get lots of positive feedback from readers saying how much they enjoy reading the magazine, because it includes lots of features on local organisations and businesses.” So as you can see it’s not all self-praise and immodesty. Well, ok, some of it is, but this is a perk of the job. And since we are all well aware that pride comes before the fall, they’d like to thank all the readers and advertisers for the years’ of support and ask you to join us for a toast to the continued good health of the magazine. Sadly, for budgetary reasons, complimentary champagne is not available for every reader. This is a free magazine, after all. wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013










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wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013


The Local Property Market by Nick Berriman There was a poll in one of the national newspapers recently asking which professionals are most trusted to tell the truth. Top of the list was the family doctor with 83%, followed by teachers and judges in the top three. The list descended through journalists and politicians until guess who was bottom with 13%? The only good news was that bankers were not on the list as there was a distinct possibility that we would have beaten them! I know it is a long standing music hall joke to take the mickey out of estate agents but it is quite worrying if we have lost all public confidence. When my father started 60 years ago estate agents were respected professionals so what has gone wrong in the meantime? I think it is only since the first property boom in 1973 that things have gone downhill. It is probably due to a small number of black sheep who sought to make unjustified profit from the overheated market and a number of high profile cases of fraudulent behaviour that started our slide down the graph of public regard. I think (and you will say he would say that wouldn’t he) that this is tarring very many hard working, honest and reliable people with a brush which should be reserved for the few who transgress. We were criticised for our part in the gazumping problems 08

– and doesn’t that seem part of a different world – but it was not generally understood that when a higher offer was made before contracts were exchanged the agent was under a legal obligation to report that offer to the seller who had to decide what action to take. The whole problem could have been resolved years ago if the Government had adopted a clause in the Estate Agents Act which would mean that all agents would have to have a recognised qualification before being allowed to practise. This is the case with Solicitors and Accountants but the government think that it would restrict competition. The responsible members of the profession have wanted registration for many years and the majority have joined the Ombudsman Scheme which gives some redress against improper behaviour. Many are either Chartered Surveyors or members of the National Association of Estate Agents, both of which organisations police the behaviour of their members. We don’t expect you to love us but please don’t stereotype us all with the music hall image! So, what of current market conditions? It’s qualified good news. The better weather has brought a renewed surge of interest with more viewings, more sales and a good number of new instructions which can often kick start a stagnant market. Government initiatives

to help purchasers are having an effect but the most important ingredient is confidence. If buyers have confidence that things will get better, or at least not get worse, then the market will become stronger. This confidence depends to a high degree on the state of the economy both in this country and globally. Strange things can trigger an improvement. The boom in 1973 has been attributed the Chairman of one of the Building Societies (I won’t say which one in case he is still alive!) going on television, predicting that prices would rise and recommending that people should buy today as they might not be able to afford to tomorrow. Wouldn’t it be nice if something like that could happen again ! In all seriousness no-one wants to see a crazy boom with prices going sky high as that helps nobody and there is always payback time. However we may be seeing the first green shoots of a recovery.We have certainly seen a significant increase in activity during recent weeks with a higher level of enquiry and viewings. This demand has led to more sales and it is encouraging that, in contrast to the recent past, more of the interest has been for mid and upper price range properties. Watch this space for monthly reports, hopefully confirming that this trend is continuing.

wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

Property of the Month Fourways, 54 Woodthorne Road, Tettenhall A landmark house occupying a prominent position in a large plot with extensive accommodation which has recently been the subject of an award-winning extension. Hall, cloakroom, drawing room, dining room, family room, kitchen. large breakfast room, conservatory, laundry, five bedrooms, dressing room and three bath / shower rooms. Double garage and superb, surrounding gardens with a large corner frontage to Woodthorne Road and Wrottesley Road.

OFFERS AROUND ÂŁ630,000 VIEWING: Please contact the Tettenhall Office.

15 High Street, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, WV6 8QS Telephone: (01902) 747744 09

Survey the outside of the property; look at the roof, the walls, the guttering and down pipes, drains, window and door frames, windows and doors. Survey the fabric inside too. Look at the ceilings, walls, woodwork, is it all in good repair? Look under widows for signs of damp. Look at ceilings upstairs for signs of a leaking roof. Remember where the draughts came from last winter, make a note and plan to have them banished. Now think about the services of the property. When was the house last re-wired? Are there enough power points and are they in the right places? What about lighting, is there enough? Should you be considering outside security lights, they are cheap enough these days. Was the central heating performing well last winter? If not it may be time to renew the boiler, put in more radiators, change the fuel or the entire system. Have you had the boiler overhauled yet, it should be done every year?

Summer Homes Summer is a wonderful time for the home owner. The weather and light are conducive to repairs and redecoration, the opportunity is there to extend and improve and, with the past winter in mind, appropriate changes may be made to ensure the next cold snap will pass unnoticed indoors. Mind you, there are problems. You have to do everything properly because that clear summer light shows up every little imperfection, highlights every faded spot and emphasises those murkier areas you hoped noone would ever notice. Still, your home represents a considerable investment so it pays to keep it in tip-top shape if only to maintain the value of your investment. Start off with the fabric of the building, is it intact? Could it do with some long over-due repairs? If so, don’t delay, either get down to the work yourself or, get in a good local builder to tackle the work. 10

Perhaps there are more radical changes you could do with. If you need more space, perhaps an extension would be an idea. Have you a loft that could be converted, a garage you could build over, or space in the garden? Think of what you could do with that extra accommodation. On the other hand, a conservatory might be a better idea. Again it could open up all sorts of possibilities as well as bringing your home and garden into much closer proximity. If an extension is on the cards, have a word with your local planning department, they’ll put you on the right road to organising it. They may even be able to give you a list of approved architects, surveyors and builders. Less expensive but almost as useful might be an extra bathroom, shower room or cloakroom. They are all amenities that will add to the value of your home as will double glazing, cavity wall insulation, specially insulated exterior doors or a burglar alarm. Of course your home may not be able to provide the space for such radical innovations, so you could just concentrate on your bathroom. With a brand new suite, separate shower cubicle, bidet and vanity unit your comfortable bathroom could become a

luxury one and thus one of the supreme pleasures in your life. When all or any of that is in hand you’ll need to give some thought to decor. There’s nothing like bright sunshine to show up the flaws in that wallpaper, those chips in the paint. There never has been a better selection of decorating materials in the shops, and it’s at prices most can afford. Hire shops will provide the tools and equipment and you can supply the energy. It really takes comparatively little time to give your home a completely different look and with modern materials, most of the difficulties have been ironed out so you don’t need the greatest of skills. Of course, all this has its disadvantages. Once the inside looks perfect, the furnishings may begin to show signs of age. Well why not? The shops are stacked full of wonderful furniture and furnishings. And don’t you think you owe yourself the comfort and pleasure of a completely face-lifted home? Of course you do. And if you can’t quite run to a new suite, a new carpet and loose covers with some spectacular scatter cushions and curtains to match will make everything look brand new. When all that has been attended to, give a thought to your kitchen. Is it fit for the second decade of the 21st century? Does it have all that is necessary to make your life easy? Does it accommodate all the family’s requirements? Are you proud to show it off to your friends and family? Take a tour around the big DIY stores or the specialist kitchen suppliers. If you don’t see the kitchen you could kill for, it would be most surprising. The latest kitchens are breathtakingly beautiful, wonderfully practical and supremely comfortable. For those who have to spend a great deal of their time at home in that kitchen, the best is really only just good enough. So there you have it. This summer, turn your home into a show house. Make it the envy of your friends, the focus of your family’s activities, the haven you all need to relax in at the end of a busy day. It’ll take a month or two to get it right but when you’re done, just think how satisfying it all will be!

wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

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A r e P e o pl e A r o u n d y o u H o l d i n g yo u B a c k L i v i n g

you r D r e a m s?

Do you ever wish your family or friends were more supportive of your goals? Do you feel alone and unsupported in the world? Do you feel destined for bigger things? I clearly remember handing in my notice at work 7 years ago. I walked into my boss’s office, with my hands trembling I slid my resignation letter across the table and told him that I was leaving to start my own business and write my first book. It wasn’t the normal ‘I’m leaving’ conversation he was used to having, that I’m sure. It was without doubt the scariest, yet most liberating moment of my life. When I announced my departure to my friends and colleagues the responses were unexpectedly mixed. As I shared my vision of being an author, talking on stage and helping people around the world, people looked at me like I’d literally lost the plot. It was like I was an alien from another planet talking a different language. This was a big wake-up call for me. People didn’t seem to share my enthusiasm. The truth is, not everyone wants the same things in life, not everyone has the courage to pursue their dreams and not everyone is willing to take the action necessary to make the change. Deep within my being (as terrifying as it was) I wanted bigger things for my

life. I knew I was here for a reason and I wanted to make my mark on the world, it was almost like a calling from above. I couldn’t bear another day wasted doing work that didn’t inspire me, working with people who didn’t share my ambition and passion for life. I wanted out. It takes courage and guts to leave the flock and go your own way, those around you will be sceptical and dubious. As much as our family and friends love us and care for us, they all have their own opinion and idea about what they think we should or shouldn’t be doing with our life. And this gets in the way and influences us greatly. But here’s the truth. People don’t like change. What a surprise eh? When they see us forging forward and doing big things, it almost highlights their own inaction and inadequacy to change their own life. And it also scares them, as they may think that the changes you’re making will somehow alter your relationship with them. It can be a bitter pill for them to swallow. People almost need to see your success before they fully get behind your goal. Believe me, I’ve been there. Very often my clients experience resistance from those around them as they move forwards towards their goal. This is where having a coach in your corner is invaluable. The key is not to let others stop you from pursuing your dreams. So how do you get the support you need in times of change and uncertainty? Here’s what to do.

get into action, show them you can do it and find support elsewhere.

Keep your light under a bushel. Much like pregnancy, we keep our special news a secret until we’ve reached the 12-week milestone. There is nothing sweeter than announcing your new venture to the world once you’re well on your way to success. Keep your light under a bushel until you’re good and ready otherwise you run the risk of others pouring cold water on your motivation and slowing down your progress.

Find people who share you goal. Finding support is really the difference between you succeeding and failing. When you’re working towards a big goal you need people in your corner who can peel you off the floor when you’re feeling flattened and who can also celebrate your successes. Those that have support and accountability achieve their goals far quicker and with greater ease. Find support groups, networking groups, online communities or consider hiring a coach or mentor. It makes the world of difference! Don’t live a life of mediocrity just to fit in or please others, be brave, be bold and go for it!

You owe it to yourself.

Remember, you can’t change your family or friends. Your family is your family. Love them for who they are and don’t waste your energy trying the change them or convince them that you’re right or your big idea will work. Instead,

Louise Presley-Turner is a coach, motivational speaker and author of Finding a Future That Fits (Hay House £10.99) Visit to get your FREE life evaluator and planner.


wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

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Comatose Culture in Claverley By Rob Taylor Lazier than a rug on Valium; more sleepy than an Octogenarian peer in the House of Lords, the village of Claverley in Shropshire is like an episode of Midsomer Murders. Without the murder. In fact, I’d bet that the closest any one of the 1,000-odd residents who live there has ever got to such scandal is vicarious and from the s of The Daily Mail. Wife-swapping orgies and cross-dressing vicars may be prime tabloid fodder, but such titillation has no business here. This is a time-capsule, archived and enshrined in the 1950s by custodians for the benefit of future generations. Today visitors peer into the past as they seek solace from the dark and nasty big wide world. Wi-fi won’t work here, Sat-navs can’t find it and there’s no mobile phone coverage. Like some Amish community - minus the beards and big hats - Claverley is a sight


for sore eyes - a Shangri-La in the dark depths of the Black Country.

of this hero) and that the Holy Cross is the unifying theme.

And as is always the case with such a picturesque English idyll, it has a church. And a few pubs. There’s also Postman Pat. A local do-gooder collecting for Oxfam and a Range Rover with shotguns and a Labrador in the back. Oh yes, and some retired gentle-folk to fill up the tea rooms, while extolling the virtues of composting.

Personally I wondered if it depicted Chaucer’s The Knight’s Tale from his Canterbury Tales. However, students of history reliably inform me that his book was penned some hundred-odd years later. And that it never featured a blond Australian called Heath Ledger.

It may not sound like much, but it’s a tonic to the hum-drum rat race. And I can recommend a look at the rare 13th century wall painting inside All Saints Church, depicting knights in combat. If you’re a clever clogs you may even want to pick up this gauntlet: to help the research boffins who have yet to identify exactly what it’s all about. Suggestions abound and include the idea that it depicts scenes from the 5th century poem Psychopathic - a battle between virtue and vice - by Prudentius. Another theory conjectures that the knight with the horn is Roland (it is therefore the only surviving medieval mural

One relic of the past that even the preservationist culture in Claverley could not immortalise for posterity is Gatacre Hall. A local landmark and prominent ruin in the latter part of the 20th century. The owner, Lord Gatacre, seemingly just disappeared some hundred years ago and abandoned his home to the creeping decay of time. It is thought that the site was until then occupied since the first hall was built in 1200, but the second rebuild was completed in 1730 and it is this Georgian example that occupies the minds of locals and lives on, shrouded in mystery. So maybe there’s something for Barnaby and Troy to investigate after all.

wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

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Here at Flaming Fires, we look forward to the long winter evenings.....

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Walk, Jog or Run To Raise Funds For Local Charities

If you fancy dusting off your running trainers and doing something special to help raise funds for three local charities, then now’s the time to get into training as the ‘Carver Wolverhampton Marathon Events’ is calling for entrants to take part. Race day, which takes place on Sunday 1st September, is open to all runners young and old*. The event organisers now are encouraging people to register their interest for this fun day out as in previous years places have been snapped up quickly. Participants can enter the full marathon, half marathon, Banks’ 10k run, the 20k cycle or the children’s mini marathon and entry fees range from just £4 to £27 depending on the race.

Over the event’s 15 year history, it has raised over £224,000 for a number of local organisations and this year it aims to raise vital funds for three fantastic regional charities: Midlands Air Ambulance, Birmingham Dogs’ Home Sunnyside Kennels and Compton Hospice. Sarah Arnold, corporate fundraising manager for Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, speaks on behalf of the charities: “Large scale events are the life blood to any charity, which is why we are all honoured to be named as the beneficiaries of the Carver Wolverhampton Marathon Events. “If you’re interested in walking, jogging or running to help raise funds for our three great causes, then I strongly recommend you register your interest sooner rather than later.” * Age restrictions apply to certain races.

To find out more and to register for the Carver Wolverhampton Marathon Events, please visit or call 01902 577000. For further information about Midlands Air Ambulance, please visit or contact the team on 0800 8 40 20 40. For further information about Compton Hospice, please visit or contact the fundraising team on 0845 2255 497. For further information about BDH Sunnyside Kennels, please visit or contact the fundraising team on 0121 643 5018.


wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

New Kitchen Design Studio

Join us for the exciting launch of our brand new

Kitchen Design Studio Saturday 29th June: 10am – 4pm Free refreshments and friendly advice

Design and Installation Service available


1st 20 kitchen orders* placed will receive a free top of the range NEFF fully integral dish washer, model number S51T69 retail value £799.00 Inc. VAT *NB. Kitchen order must exceed £7,500 Inc. VAT

Kitchen Design Studio - Littles Lane,Wolverhampton, WV1 IJY Tel: 01902 577080


Quick Crossword Across 1. Seats (6) 4. Burst (6) 9. Reduce in length (7) 10. Moves rapidly (5) 11. After sunset (5) 12. Before (7) 13. Marvellously (11) 18. Cultivate (7) 20. Hurry (5) 22. Arrogant (5) 23. Terminates (7) 24. Sibling (6) 25. A sign (6)


Down 1. Place for gambling (6) 2. In the midst of (5) 3. Turned (7) 5. Senior (5) 6. Incomplete (7) 7. Large arid area (6) 8. Halted (11) 14. Apparent (7) 15. Sad (7) 16. Adjusts (6) 17. Container (6) 19. Narrow shelf (5) 21. Rub hard (5)









8 9







16 18

17 19








Puzzle answers on 129

Word Search Find the words associated with photography in the grid and the remaining letters will spell out a related phrase.

Aperitif Appetizer Bill Cashier Chairs Chef Cooks Cups Customer Drinks Fork Glasses Knife Meal 18

Menu Napkins Order Plates Salad Spoon Tablecloth Tables Tea Tip Waiter Waitress Water Wine wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

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Wulfrunian Ladies W.I. area. After contacting the regional W.I. office the fantastic support network was evoked and our new venture had begun. We didn’t have a campaign drive, just word of mouth. Some of the reactions to a W.I. were very interesting; ‘’ I cannot bake or sew!’’ was one of the comments. We want to encourage ladies away from the jam and Jerusalem image. We hope to encourage ladies to try something new or attempt a new skill and widen their circle of friends, but most of all it is about having fun. Our first meeting went well and we voted on a name and gave suggestions for activities and speakers. These included laughter yoga, how to tweet, first aid, and physiotherapy to name but a few.

It all started back in February whilst discussing how best to decorate the children’s wendy house. The conversation steered to learning new skills and taking on new projects leading to the suggestion of a local W.I. We decided to set the wheels in motion as we had discovered that there wasn’t a group in our local

Wulfrunian Ladies W.I. meets on the first Monday of every month at 8pm at Old Wulfrunians Social Club. Why not come along we have a bar serving tea, coffee or something stronger, coupled with our very warm welcome, it is an excellent reason to have some ‘you’ time.

For further details please email: or telephone Sue on: 01902 831511.

The Search For ‘Annie’ When Bilston Operatic Company decided on a date to audition girls for their production of Annie, no one could have predicted the extreme weather conditions that were experienced on that weekend in March, but in true ‘Am Dram’ style the show - or in this case the auditions - must go on. As the gates opened at Tettenhall College at 8.30am on Sunday 24th March, the eager and excited girls began to arrive. By 9.30am

over 100 girls had turned up and it was time for the search for Annie and the orphans to begin. Towers Theatre lit up with the sound of girls singing their hearts out to ‘Hard Knock Life’. It was evident quite early on that the production team were not going to have an easy job whittling down the numbers. By 11.00am, the 100 had become 45. The next half an hour would prove to be the most difficult. The two groups were finally decided (17 in each!!!). Now to find Annie. The budding Annie’s were asked to sing ‘Maybe’ and perform a short piece of dialogue. Finally after nearly four hours, numerous renditions of ‘Maybe’, Amber Hughes and Phoebe Bruerton were cast as Annie It had been a long morning for all concerned, there were the inevitable tears from the


disappointed, but the talent that was witnessed by all concerned meant that it could have been cast four times over. Congratulations to you all!! A special mention must go to the parents who ‘dug’ themselves out of drives or walked for miles in the snow to enable their daughters to take part in the auditions and pursue a dream ‘Annie’ is a heart-warming tale of a young orphan girl’s journey from the hard-knocks New York orphanage to the luxurious home of powerful, self-assured billionaire Oliver Warbucks. Bilston Operatic Company will perform this much loved family musical at The Grand Theatre in Wolverhampton from 5th – 9th November 2013. Tickets are available from the theatre box office 01902 429212 or from any company member. For more information please visit or contact the secretary 01902 745739.

wolverhampton wolverhamptonwest westmagazine magazine| june/july | june/july2013 2013


Recipe kindly provided by Stuart Plant from the Six Ashes, Bobbington. Image courtesy of

Recipe Of The Month Cherry Clafoutis Serves 4 INGREDIENTS


• 500 gr griottine cherries


Whisk yolks, eggs & sugar together.


Add the double cream & griottine juice, and then gently fold in the flour. (The mix should look the same thickness as a Yorkshire pudding mix)


Put the cherries into 4 gratin dishes, pour the batter over and cook in the oven @150c for 20 mins.

• 100gr sugar • 4 egg yolks • 2 eggs • 250ml double cream • 50ml griottine juice from the jar



• 50gr sifted flour

Leave to cool slightly then sprinkle over the almonds and dust with icing sugar.

• 20gr toasted almonds

Serve with an ice-cream of your choice.

• Icing sugar

(At the Six Ashes we serve it with Pistachio ice-cream).

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Free CDA SV150 Oven & Gas Hob*

• Quality kitchens to suit all budgets. • Choose from a large selection of styles and finishes. • Designed and manufactured to order. • Book a free design and quote, appointments at any time to suit you

128 Aldersley Rd Tettenhall WV6 9LZ Tel: 01902 754114 / 07817 407337 Open: Mon to Sat, 10am until 4.30pm

*Dependent on the order value and product. Applicable only at time of quotation and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Offer ends 29th June 2013.


3 Amazing floors of style and choice Create the wow factor with our beautiful ranges of bespoke furniture and accessories


79A Darlington Street Wolverhampton WV1 4JD wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

Tel: 01902 428489 Email:

Open: Monday to Saturday 9-6pm, Sunday and bank holidays 11-4pm



Two lucky winners can each win a Season Ticket for 2 to the Summer Play Season. MURDER IN PLAY on Tuesday 25th June at 7.30pm, STEAMING on Tuesday 2nd July at 7.30pm, THE TROUBLE WITH OLD LOVERS on Tuesday 9th July at 7.30pm, A MURDER HAS BEEN ARRANGED on Tuesday 16th July at 7.30pm at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre. Tues 25 June - Sat 20 July sees another summer season of Drama at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre. Murder In Play TUES 25 - SAT 29 JUNE When hapless theatre director Boris Smolksey discovers his wife murdered during a rehearsal for his latest murder mystery, the race is on to discover which member of the company is the guilty party in this wickedly witty whodunit starring Dean Gaffney, Gemma Bissix and Katy Manning. Steaming TUES 2 - SAT 6 JULY Take the plunge into the forbidden world of the allfemale steamroom as six very different women come together for one riotous night of wit, wisdom and will-power as together they fight to save their little piece of heaven from the threat of permanent closure! The Trouble With Old Lovers TUES 9 - SAT 13 JULY

To be in with a chance of winning simply answer the following question correctly and send it on a postcard with your name, address and telephone number to Wolverhampton West Magazine at the address below before Friday 14th June 2013.

Four old flames meet up for dinner after twenty years apart following a chance encounter at a wedding! What could possibly go wrong? Peter Amory leads an all-star cast in this riotous comedy of seduction, misspent passion and marital strife.

Only postal entries can be considered for the competition and winners will be notified by telephone.

A Murder Has Been Arranged TUES 16 - SAT 20 JULY

a) Neighbours b) Eastenders c) Doctors

When famous eccentric Sir Charles Jasper finds himself on the verge of inheriting two million pounds, his fascination with the occult leads him to celebrate at the haunted St James Theatre - home to several mysterious deaths! With reports of ghostly sightings in circulation and nephew Jasper waiting in the wings, will Sir Jasper survive long enough to get his hands on his fortune? 26

Call the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre Box Office on 01902 42 92 12 or visit our website at

What is the name of the BBC Soap which starred Dean Gaffney?

Competition Terms and Conditions Please post all entries to Wolverhampton West Magazine Ltd., 1 Lytham Road, Perton, Wolverhampton WV6 7YY to be received by no later than Friday 14th June 2013. Winners to collect tickets from the box office on the night. Tickets cannot be exchanged and no cash alternative prize nights available. Winners may be required to partake in relevant publicity.

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At Eaton Kitchens we have an elegant studio with traditional and modern displays. Our Extensive range of kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms will enable us to create the room of your dreams. Our Computer Aided Designs will give you the opportunity to experience your new room prior to installation.

For a free no obligation quote please call in at:

20 Finchfield Rd West, Finchfield, WV3 8AZ or telephone:

01902 761600


It’s Official - Diffusion’s New Store Is Now Open Following extensive re-development with a £500,000 budget, the listed building has been transformed from its previous incarnation as a bar into a stylish and modern store.

Carl Peddie, James Swash, Gez Bailey

Guests were lucky enough to get a first look at the well-designed interior - which marries period character features with modern and contemporary styling - and given a chance to check-out Diffusion’s clothing collections from both established brands and up-and-coming designers. Tottenham striker Jermain Defoe, former footballer and TV personality Ian Wright and Wolves legend Steve Bull where present among the crowds on the night to celebrate the launch.

There’s no better way to mark the opening of a brand new store than with champagne, celebration and celebrity guests. And that’s exactly what Diffusion boss, Gerald Bailey, and his business partner, Carl Peddie, planned when they welcomed more than 250 visitors to the launch of their newly relocated designer fashion store on Thursday 2nd May. Making the move from its premises in Victoria Street, the independent retailer has set up home in the former Midland Bank building which is situated next to the art gallery in Lichfield Street, Wolverhampton.

Gerald started the company with Carl back in 1989 and the business grew from a small shop in Broad Street into a large independent concern that now boasts 14 stores across the country, a multi-million pound annual turnover and a team of 329 staff. The new premises will not only provide stylish shoppers with the best in designer goods, but will also act as the company’s new headquarters, with an administrative department located on the first floor and a dedicated office for Diffusion’s website on the top storey. “We’re really proud of our new flagship store. The response from our customers has been fantastic and sales are great,” says Carl.

Have You Got The Tettenhall Factor? Tettenhall Round Table are a group of local men aged between 18 and 45 who regularly get together to participate in a variety of activities such as go-karting, clay pigeon shooting and quad biking as well as organising and supporting local community events (including Tettenhall Village Fete) and raising money for local charities. Celebrating its 15th anniversary, this year’s Tettenhall Village Fete looks set to be the biggest and best yet! Top attractions include a stage dedicated to local artistic talent, from up and coming bands to local dance and theatre groups. Benham BMW will also be offering a free entry raffle to win a BMW for a weekend as well as giving all fete attendants the opportunity to draw and write personal messages on to a real BMW in special marker pens! 28

Signal 107 will again be in attendance throughout the day along with local businesses, charities and organisations who will be providing refreshments and entertainment including a bouncy castle, tombola, Clairvoyant and the now legendary Tettenhall Round Table Tea Tent kindly packed with a fine selection of yummy cakes made by local residents (donations are greatly appreciated!). West Midlands Concert Orchestra will also be performing on the day. Through the fete, Tettenhall Round Table hope to generate in excess of £5000 on the day for Children’s Wish – a small, national charity that grants wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses - as well as raising funds for other local causes.

Tettenhall Village Fete takes place on Sunday 7th July on Tettenhall Village Green with stalls opening at 12pm and the raffle being drawn at 4pm. Entrance is free all day. Your support will be greatly appreciated by all involved and also by all who will benefit from the donations!

Contact: Robert Buka (Tettenhall Round Table PR and Media Officer) Mobile: 07834374181 Email: Andrew Morey (Tettenhall Round Table President and Tettenhall Fete Committee Chairman) Mobile: 07956 323999 Email: wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013






Visit our Showroom A huge range of stones and ideas on display including fabulous readymade granite garden table tops.





Heart of Stone Ltd


Tel: 01952 730231

Cotsbrook Farm Buildings, Higford, near Shifnal TF11 9ES


Top Value and High Quality Sofas Created by Craftsmen

one of them is ‘nearly’ right for you, their ‘made to measure’ service means they can alter the size, proportions and cushion filling until it is just perfect for your needs.

Why choose The Sofa Factory Outlet? Here are 10 good reasons... 1. Exceptionally well made, stylish, comfy sofas 2. Great value - a fraction of the price of similar high street sofas

At The Sofa Factory Outlet in Thomas Street, Wolverhampton, you’ll find the best value, high quality, beautiful and comfy sofas (and beds) combined with the best customer service in the industry. All sofas are handmade in the Black Country by skilled craftsmen and guaranteed for up to 10 years – so not only will you be able to choose a sofa that’s perfect for you, you’ll be supporting local manufacturing at the same time. In addition, their “Price Promise” is your assurance that wherever

you go, you won’t beat The Sofa Factory Outlet on price.

3. Bespoke sofas, hand-made for individual customers

The team at the Sofa Factory Outlet understand how difficult the process of choosing a new sofa can be, so they go out of their way to provide you with all the help you’ll need to make sure you get exactly what you want. Their 20 years of experience in helping people to make the right choice, combined with their unrivalled customer service, means you’ll be glad you chose them.

4. Beautiful, natural fabrics selected from the top mills to keep costs down

Don’t be deceived by external appearances - the factory outlet shop in Thomas Street is a veritable Aladdin’s Cave of sofas (and beds) with a huge range of styles, sizes and fabrics to choose from - and if

5. Over 2,000 fabrics to choose from at no extra cost 6. 10 year frame construction guarantee 7. All sofas are ‘made to measure’ and ‘made to last’ 8. A second-to-none delivery service 9. Price Promise - they won’t be beaten on price 10. Hand made in the Black Country by skilled craftsmen... and, of course, because they care and they love their customers! The team at The Sofa Factory Outlet are committed to offering the best value, quality sofas and beds in the UK. Why not give them a call on 01902 489590 or pop in to the showroom and see for yourself why they are regarded as one of Wolverhampton’s best-loved businesses. The showroom is open: Monday - Saturday, 10.30am - 5.30pm. Sunday, 11.00am - 5.00pm. The showroom has recently undergone a massive extension. Customers can now browse a huge range of suites, including their new range of leather sofas.


wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013


Excellent customer forums check us out


Individual sofas, for individual needs 6 Easy Steps To Buy Your Made To Measure Sofa

1. Bring in your sizes 2. Select from 50 designs all available as corner sofas and bed sofas 3. Choose from over 2000 fabrics 4. Leave only a 10% deposit 5. Pay the balance on delivery 6. Save hundreds of pounds when buying direct from the manufactures

Showroom Thomas Street Wolverhampton WV2 4JS

01902 425 225

20 years of Quality Manufacturing

sofa factory outlet


have a valid Will, you risk depriving your family of their home, increasing the inheritance tax (IHT) burden and leaving parts of your estate in the wrong hands. In addition to Wills, Trusts can also help you to protect and preserve your estate as they allow you give away assets but restrict or direct how and when they are used. There are many different types of Trusts, some straightforward and others very complicated. A common use of a Trust is to hold assets on behalf of a child until they are old enough to look after their own money. However, it is vital that you seek expert help before you take the plunge because there may be income tax or capital gains tax as well as Inheritance Tax implications that need to be considered. To ensure that the assets are invested in accordance with the terms of the Trust you should ensure that you appoint trustees who have the necessary skills and knowledge. Another method for helping to reduce any potential IHT burden is gifting away money before you die. This can be done through potentially exempt transfers (PETs) which revolve around the “seven year rule”. Put simply,

Creating A Financial Legacy For Your Family Raising a child is a costly business - nappies, clothes, pocket money and school trips are just the tip of the iceberg. The results of a survey indicated that by the time your child has reached 21 you would have spent an average of £218,000 on their upbringing (Source:, January 2012). It doesn’t get any easier once they reach adulthood age. The chances are high that they will need financial help to fund a gap year, or to get a foot on the property ladder. But looking after your children doesn’t end when they start carving out a career and have a family of their own. In all likelihood you will want to create a financial legacy to ensure that the wealth you have created is preserved, protected and passed on to them. Preserving as much of your wealth as possible requires careful estate planning; otherwise you may not pass on as much wealth as you anticipate. Inheritance tax (IHT), which is just one barrier to the transfer of wealth, is a 40 per cent tax imposed on the worldwide estate of anyone who is UK-domiciled on all assets above the nil rate band of £325,000. The nil rate band can be passed to a surviving spouse, if not used, increasing the survivor’s nil rate band to up to £650,000. The Chancellor has now confirmed that the allowance will now be frozen until April 2018. One of the simplest IHT mitigation tools is a Will. Not only can a well drafted Will mitigate IHT, it is also crucial for anyone wanting to protect their family from a huge headache after they die. Only with an appropriately drafted Will can you be certain that your estate will go to the right people. If you do not

if you wish to pass assets to family and friends during your lifetime, these gifts will only be made free of IHT providing you survive seven years from the date of making the gift. If you die within this seven-year period, potentially the value of the gifted assets will be added back into your estate albeit only the value calculated by the date of the gift and not any subsequent growth or increase in value. There are some lifetime gifts that are exempt from any IHT. You can gift up to £3,000 a year, which can be divided between as many people as you like. You are also allowed to use the previous year’s allowance if it has not been used. Parents are each allowed to give away £5,000 to their children when they get married, while grandparents can give £2,500. Setting up a pension for a child (you are allowed to invest a maximum of £3,600 gross a year on their behalf) is one of the most efficient financial gifts you can make. You get tax relief on the contribution and the child benefits from tax-free growth. Because the money is invested over such a long term – up to 55 years or more – you have the luxury of taking a unique long view on the investment strategy, which presents the opportunity to really go for maximum returns. On top of all this, if your child is financially dependent on you, you need to make sure you have adequate provisions in place to replace your income in the event of death, illness or disability. Being a parent brings with it rich rewards, from watching your children walk their first steps, to applauding them when they walk on stage to collect their graduation scroll. But such rich rewards do not have to be only emotional; they can be real too, with a little foresight and some expert financial help.

To receive a complimentary guide covering Wealth Management, Retirement Planning or Inheritance Tax Planning, please contact Daniel Paton, Adviser at Abacus Wealth Services Ltd on 0844 893 0068 or 07808 139025, or by email - 32

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Specialists in all types of Blinds Vertical - Fabric, Wood and PVC Venetian - Wood & Aluminium Rollers Including Blackout • Awnings and Canopies Romans • Woodweave • Velux • Conservatory Blinds

Free Measuring & Fitting + 12 Month Guarantee

Call Now 01902 754 129 or 07891 197 369 No 72, School Road, Tettenhall Wood, Wolverhampton WV6 8ET

Your Local Solar Power Professionals

We’ll never be beaten on price 100% peace oF mind • Free electricity Please visit and see what our customers say! or ring Martin NOW on 01902 562440 for free EXPERT advice email:


• tax Free index linked quarterly payments guaranteed For 20 years • returns oF up to 10% per year compared to around a paltry 2.5% For an isa or investing in risky shares

wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

W OPEN O N • M O O R W O H S NEW LOOK • NEW Domestic and Commercial Carpets & Vinyls Karndean Curtains & Blinds Soft Furnishings Lighting Interior Design Interiors @ No.72, School Rd, Tettenhall Wood, Wolverhampton WV6 8ET

01902 892 682 35

Lighting Majestic - Local Lighting Just For You In most cases the thing that really holds people back when planning a purchase of an expensive light fitting, is actually being able to see the fitting in the flesh, so to speak. Viewing an image of a spectacular light fitting on a website or catalogue is one thing, but to have something such as a crystal chandelier hanging right before your eyes can have a drastically different effect on your decision to take the plunge. As well as give you the clearest indication as to the products quality. This is why the sales staff here at Lighting Majestic, situated in the heart of Lower Gornal Village, Dudley; invite customers to our welcoming, modest and diversely impressive showroom. Once inside our store you will be greeted by a helpful Lighting Majestic team member and an almost overwhelming visual feast of light fittings to suit all tastes and price ranges. For such a small showroom we really have bulked up the eye-appeal; carefully selecting some of the hottest items on the lighting market today in both modern and traditional designs, sourced from a host of reputable industry suppliers and manufacturers from the UK and across Europe. We also can provide lighting and electrical accessories such as; light switches, plug sockets, light bulbs and shade accessories, with many other essentials just waiting to be provided at your request. In the event that you don’t see exactly what you are looking for on our ceiling and walls, our shop floor also has a number of lectern books featuring thousands of products to choose from, products, that we will be more than happy to order in for you to view before you make a decision with no obligation to buy and no deposit necessary. Another disconcerting issue when purchasing a new light fitting, for those of us that aren’t electricians, is actually fitting your new light in your home. If a customer of ours is having trouble finding a dependable electrician, we do offer a fitting service for the local area. Our trusted and fully qualified installation expert works predominantly on Saturdays, making our fitting service ideal for customers with busy schedules throughout the week. Simply ask in store to arrange a time that suits you when you make your purchase. Customer service is very important here to us at Lighting Majestic. We feel that it is important for you to get the right fitting for you and our onsite industry experts are here to talk you through your options. So feel free to stop by for a browse and to speak to our helpful and knowledgeable staff: Tuesday-Friday 10.00am – 5.00pm and Saturdays 9.00am-5.00pm. 36

wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

From a Bulb to a Chandelier, we can supply all your lighting needs.

Call into our Showroom and view a wide selection of lights and lamps for all tastes.

Tel: 01384 825906

You’ll find us at: 19, Louise Street, Lower Gornal DY3 2UA

or to view our full product range and buy online visit



Room 2 (up to 16 Sq/m)


The same free "In Home" sales service with full installation if required.

Room 3 (up to 12 Sq/m)

Full range of quality vertical, roller, venetian and pleated blinds in a large range of colours.

For a free quotation call 01902 714143

Room 1 (up to 20 Sq/m)


We are now located in Wolverhampton

Dedicated personal service and value for money.


Special Offer on curren t stock of replacem ent now from Slats only £2

Hurry on ly availabl e until stock lasts!

Unit 23, The Hollies Industrial Estate, Graiseley Row, Wolverhampton WV2 4HE




Lowest Prices & Next Day Service All Work Guaranteed



Call 01902 745362 for instant price, quote ref: WWM Visit website for promotion offers 37

Stylish Shade Solutions

for your home Your Carpet Foundation Retail Member

Suppliers Of Quality Carpets

You will get these benefits: • Impartial Professional Advice • Written Terms of Business • Written Quotation • Deposit Safeguards • Free Extended Guarantees • A Free Installation Guarantee • After Sales Procedures

Simple, elegant and robust Inshade sails keep your conservatory cool in the summer months by reducing UV rays by up to 95% whilst maintaining natural light levels. Made in the UK from an exclusive solar control fabric – Inshade sails can be washed in a domestic washing machine to ensure they maintain their looks and performance for years to come. Call Paul now to arrange a home visit:

01746 768138 Or visit our showroom at 10 Whitburn Street, Bridgnorth


KEEPERS LANE. CODSALL. WOLVERHAMPTON. WV8 1QJ (Off A41). 01902 843173 / 07888 691899


61 Worcester Street Wolverhampton WV2 4LQ

01902 428131





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When you need extra space in your home, whether it’s for a growing family, or an extra room to work or relax in, it could be time to use the space you already have, without the need for a costly extension or indeed to move house. Newroom Garage conversions locally based in Kingswinford can transform your existing garage into a stylish and practical room giving many potential uses, at a fraction of the cost of an equivalent size extension. Generally, no planning permission is needed, only building regulation approval, all of which is dealt with by us.




Typical price for a single garage is £6,995 and includes… • Building regs application and approval • All building works • 3 double plug sockets • Up to 6 down lighters • Source of heating eg radiator installation • Plastering and decorating • Doors-skirting and architraves • Double glazed front window • Access created from the main house into the garage

All our workers are time served tradesmen, ensuring a first class, worry free job from start to finish. Work will normally be completed within 10 days.

Please call: 01384 620506 or 07854 058222 email:

You may need somewhere to put the things you remove from your garage, so we supply and install an 8`x 6` timber shed, if needed.


The Rotary Club Of Wolverhampton Raise Funds for Your Club Best Foot Forward, 13th July 2013 The Rotary Club of Wolverhampton are organising on the 13th July 2013 at Aldersley Leisure Village and Sports Centre, a Unique Community Fund Raising event with the support of Wolverhampton City Council and the Express & Star.

within that period, two or three separate times if you wish. What a way to tone up the physique. Rather than thinking up a fundraiser or holding yet another beetle drive or book sale, why not sign up a team for the Best Foot Forward Challenge.

Corporate support for the event is assured by many leading companies including, Marstons, Carillion, Jaguar Land Rover and Wedge Group. Groups, who could be a scout/guide group, church group, sports club who want to raise funds for their own use or charity, are being encouraged to join in the event when citizens young and old of the City, whether able bodied or with wheelchairs, will be able to clock up circuits of the track in the knowledge that they are raising funds for highly deserving local charities. The event, unique in the UK, will run for 12 hours from 8 am until 8 pm. You can start and stop whenever you like

All the money raised by you will be able to go to your charity or use whilst helping us provide money for Children in Need, Compton Hospice and Rotary’s own charities. Go to for further details.

Health Check Day 11th May 2013 Rotary Club of Wolverhampton and the M S Centre, Newbridge The local Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre set up and opened by members of the Rotary Club of Wolverhampton in 1986 in Newbridge, Tettenhall, has recently acquired the bungalow which adjoins the property and set about a refurbishment program to expand the centre. The Wolves Aid Charity “Kicked Off” the work to improve facilities at the Centre with a donation of £20,000 to help provide private treatment rooms, a counselling suite and a training and exercise area for the growing number of patients and visitors attending. These further facilities will enable additional therapies and treatments to be on hand. The cheque was presented to centre chairman Peter Williams and club president Mel Eves, when Wolves chief executive, Jez Moxey together with Dean Saunders visited to see for themselves the work that the centre does. 40

Once again the Rotary Clubs of Wolverhampton and Tettenhall joined forces to help volunteer members of staff from the Wolverhampton Royal Hospitals Trust with what has been over the last decade, the annual Stroke Awareness Day in the Wulfrun Centre. These earlier events were restricted to advising members of the public the likely risk of stroke through high blood pressure, but this year the Hospitals Trust had instigated a more rigorous series of tests. The event was held in the Concourse of the Wulfrun Centre on May 11th 2013, where Rotarians engaged in conversation with passers by, and those who showed an interest were given a twenty minute thorough health check including blood pressure and BMI advice. Over two hundred people were seen during the day, which resulted in several members of the public being encouraged to seek immediate medical help, but many were given encouragement when they were given the allclear. Once again an ideal example of Rotary working hand in hand with volunteer professionals to help the public. President Mel Eves commented, learning your blood pressure is high can be worrying, but visiting the volunteers at this event was very worthwile as they were able to give advice on the simple steps you can take to keep it under control, as well as other measures to keep fit and healthy. wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

abacus wealth services ltd

Managing Your Financial Future We provide an experienced wealth management service and offer specialist advice in a wide range of areas including:

• Investments • Retirement planning • Paying for Long Term Care • Inheritance Tax Planning For further details please contact Abacus on:

0844 893 0068


Awnings Awnings can add shade for you both inside and out. Their advantages are that they can, firstly, look so good when looking out from the inside of your home, and secondly shelter you from direct sunlight when sitting out on the patio. Under an awning you can also sit out in your garden when the weather is not quite so clement, and be protected from wind and rain, so you can enjoy your garden all year round. Awnings can be tailorAwnings shown available from Love Your Blinds, Bridgnorth made to suit your individual needs. Specialist Awning manufacturers offer a 5 year guarantee companies will make them on those they install and purchase prices are very up to measure, usually of resin bonded acrylic competitive. If you haven’t before considered which is fade-resistant and UV protected, in an such a feature for your home, contact your enormous range of colours and modern patterns. local supplier and find out the unquestionable Frames are made from rust-free, powder coated advantages of a patio or conservatory awning. aluminium, which provides maintenance-free supports. They also come with the latest in remote control technology, so you are able to adjust your awning from your lounger. Awnings can be supplied with automatic sun and wind sensors so that they retract during wind and extend when the sun shines.

Beautiful Shutters

Awnings can come with a range of night lights so you can enjoy a pleasant evening sitting outdoors, and these can also be operated from your remote control. It is advisable to have your awning professionally measured and installed. However there are DIY factory direct awnings available which can be installed by the buyer in a matter of a few hours, provided they have the correct tools and assistance with lifting. Most householders elect to have their new awing professionally installed. Depending on the property, it is normally recommended that the awning be at least 500mm wider on each side than the area to be shaded, with as deep a projection as possible. Awnings can be installed at almost any point but consideration must be given to the fact that you will want to walk underneath and allowances must be made for the opening of doors and windows when the awing is extended. It is recommended the awning is fitted at least 2.5 metres above ground level, the front when extended should be 2.0m from the ground. Most manufacturers have a range of conservatory awnings, but their suitability will depend on the style of your conservatory. As the blind is fitted above the conservatory roof the noise from rain is greatly reduced and in summer provides a cooler shaded area in your conservatory. 42

TimeleSSly STyliSh and forever pracTical

• Shutters offer a stylish and elegant solution that will enhance contemporary or traditional rooms. • Made to measure they can be supplied and fitted to any shape or size of window or patio door. • Wide range of colours available in wood or UPVC. Book your home visit now:

01746 768138 Or visit our showroom at 10 Whitburn Street, Bridgnorth

wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

Independently Better

Hinksford Lane, Kingswinford, West Midlands, DY6 0BH



• Fencing, Paving Slabs, Block Paving, Turf, Decking, Decorative Aggregates, Building Supplies, Bricks & Blocks, Timber Supplies, Astro-Turf, Sheds & Gas

• Specialising in the installation of all the products we supply • Professional & friendly service • Free no obligatory quotes & consultancy • Design service available • Guarantees given on all types of work

• Display Area • Delivery service available

Tel 01384 401789 (5 lines) Fax 01384 401793 GARDEN MACHINERY DIVISION • Sales, service & repair of all types of garden machinery • Ride-on Tractors, push mowers hand-held machinery and much more • Spare parts available • Chainsaw sharpening • Free collection and delivery • Large mower showroom

w w w . o c l - k i n g s w i n f o r d . c o . u k Opening Times : Mon - Fri 8.00 - 18.00 | Sat 8.00 - 16.00


The Growing Season Is Here After the cold weather in March and a few brighter days at the end of April, May started off cold and wet again, but as we move into June lets hope the weather will settle down and we get some warm sunny days. With a few days warm weather the plants will soon start to grow. Plant up your basket and keep it inside until the beginning of June depending on the weather, remember it’s not unknown to get a late frost in early June, especially this year as everything’s been delayed. Why not plant a basket up with one type of plant for example trailing petunias for an instant effect or even a productive one with tumbling tomatoes or herbs. The end of May/beginning of June is about the right time for

Tips are provided by Ann Winwood from Lealans Garden Centre, Wolverhampton

planting out the more tender bedding plants, such as Salvias, Dahlias and Geraniums. Although we won’t have the seed raised bedding Impatiens, we will be having the new New Guinea Impatiens Divine which appears to resist Downy Mildew. Spray gooseberries against sawfly, as once you get the caterpillars on your plants they’ll strip it within a matter of days. Protect any fruit against bird damage by netting over the bushes. Trim back perennial Alyssum and Aubretia as soon as the flowers finish. Very often Aubretia will produce another batch of flowers later in the summer and into the autumn. Early flowering shrubs such as Weigela, Deutzia and Philadelphus can be pruned back after flowering ends. A neat lawn makes everything else in the garden look at its best. Apply lawn feeds and weed killers now.

We have a new product in stock at the moment called MO Bacter which is a slow release organic fertiliser for lawns. This feeds the lawn over a 12 week period and contains a bacteria (bacillus sp) which is naturally found in the soil and when added to fertiliser it consumes dead material like thatch and moss, it makes it unnecessary for raking or scarification after treatment. It’s been used on our own domestic lawns and we’ve found it to be an excellent product. Although we’re rapidly approaching the warmest months of the year, give a thought to planting some seed potatoes for a Christmas crop. These should be planted in July and can be harvested ready to cook for Christmas dinner.


Tel 01902 700209 Hanging Baskets ready from the end of May weather permitting Wide selection of Bedding Plants, Geraniums, Fuchsias all ready for planting now New range of garden furniture now in stock

Lealans Garden Centre Bridgnorth Road, Shipley, Pattingham, Wolverhampton WV6 7EZ


wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

Garden Design Inspiration What should you look for when getting your garden professionally designed? We ask Andi Way, award-winning garden designer at Boningale Garden Creations, to summarise his tips and advice in this one-minute interview. What makes a good garden designer? A good garden designer has to be in tune with the customer – and gaining trust is absolutely vital. This means spending hours with a customer to ascertain exactly how they want to use the garden and what it is they want to achieve. Go through existing features, talk about preferred styles, and, crucially, budget. It’s only when those details are sorted that the design can be created. I’m not one for just immediately sending in the hard landscaper – the garden has to be considered as a whole, as a living space.

What should people look for if they want to use a garden design company? Do some digging! Before signing on the dotted line, ask to speak to previous customers and check to see if it is a member of the Association of Professional Landscapers – this will give you added assurance of quality and guarantee of service.

and having the imagination to see how they could work in a domestic environment. Even something as simple as painting a fence black and using it as a backdrop to show off the colourful plants can work wonders. Taking gardens of various sizes and conditions, building ideas and bringing ideas to life is a really satisfying process. It’s a rewarding job.

Where do you get your inspiration from? I visit lots of National Trust gardens to pick up ideas. You don’t have to have a large or grand garden to be able to inject some of the design tips and styles that are used in Trust Gardens. It’s about honing the idea

Visit: or call Andi direct on: 01902 376500

garden creations

garden creations INSPIRING


Creating your perfect outdoor space is a big step, but you’ll be in safe hands with garden creations.


Our award – winning designers offer imaginative designs to suit your personality and life style, traditional or contemporary, large or small. Our experienced landscape team offer a complete planting and landscaping service which will bring your garden design to life.

Consultation Contact us today


So why not contact Andi for a free consultation to discuss your dream garden further.


01902 376500




The Development Of Garden Magic Ltd Garden Magic Ltd was started by engineer Gordon Essex in 2004 following a visit to Australia where he saw new irrigation methods being employed, using equipment unavailable in the UK. Soon after his visit he was in contact with the Australian manufacturers who then granted exclusivity for the sale of their equipment in the UK and Europe. His company, Advanced Manufacturing and Marketing Ltd., started to market this equipment to Local Garden Centres and good feedback was obtained. Then on 16th February 2005 Garden Magic Ltd. was formed to carry on the business of selling and installing garden watering systems. The idea behind the name is that: an automatic watering system waters your garden, even when you’re away, as if “by magic”. Jennie Childs joined Gordon in the Spring of that year and they

quickly obtained contracts with 15 garden centres to regularly supply components and kits for garden watering. At the same time Garden Magic applied for, and received, a European grant to develop an e-commerce website. Wolverhampton University was commissioned to do this detailed work and in 2006 was born. It boasts an Installation team who recently installed an irrigation system for Lord Saville’s Estate near Huddersfield (now privately owned). The company then greatly expanded, now having a UKwide marketplace. Orders from householders all over the country poured in and a range of garden lighting was introduced; the company then exhibiting at the GLEE trade show at the NEC and also at the Malvern Spring Gardening Show. The website has recently been completely updated and Garden Magic has given

employment to 4 associates and has just started to employ an intern from Wolverhampton University to introduce a new accounting system. Garden Magic moved to much larger premises on the Tettenhall Road in April 2013 and has ambitious expansion plans for the future. Garden Magic Ltd 187 Tettenhall Road Wolverhampton WV6 0BZ Tel: 01902 568066 Email: Website: Buy directly from us

Small Gardens

Large Estates


Path light


garden watering systems & d.i.y kits lighting for: gardens, driveways & security lighting Garden Magic Ltd. 187 Tettenhall Road, Wolverhampton

Tel. 01902 568066 (3 lines)


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Manufacturers, Suppliers & Installers of all types of domestic and commercial fencing and gates

• • • • • •

28 Years’ Experience Free Quotations Local Authority Approved Competitive Prices Insurance Work Undertaken Metal or Wood Fencing & Gates


Do’ ‘Good A t What We Call Us Today On 01902 894747 Heath Mill Industrial Est, Heath Mill Rd, Wombourne WV5 8AP


Another Award for Allan It’ll be no surprise for Wolverhampton West Magazine readers to hear that legendary Codsall butcher, Allan Bennett, has been at it again; bringing home the bacon for his latest competition entries. Allan scooped an impressive six gold awards at the Butcher’s and Baker’s Spring Fair that was held at The Three Counties Showground, Malvern, on Sunday 7th April. The event attracts hundreds of people from all over the UK and offers visitors the opportunity to meet a range of exhibitors from across the industry who showcase new and existing products and services. Gaining further recognition for his already famous pork pies, sausage rolls, burgers and black pudding, Allan impressed judges in each of the categories - in fact, Allan’s black pudding was deemed the best in the show.


Allan explains: “It was great day in Malvern and I was really pleased to win the awards and proud that our black pudding made an impression. “All of our products are made using good quality ingredients, we spend time perfecting them to make sure they are the best they can be and the results speak for themselves.” If Allan’s not winning awards, then he’s probably handing them out:

“On the 10th April I was busy judging entries for The Great Hampshire Sausage & Pie Competition in Winchester, which was organised by Hampshire Fare. There were some really good meat products from many local butchers and I enjoyed getting a look at them all.” There’s sure to be many more honours on the horizon for Allan in the very near future, so watch this space.

wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

Vines, Wine And All Things Fine… With warmth finally in the air, there’s no better place to get out and spend time enjoying the best of English countryside, than at Halfpenny Green Vineyards in South Staffordshire. After wandering through the rows of vines as they start their bud burst on a self-guided trail through the vineyards (for a nominal fee with a glass of wine afterwards) why not head in and check out the fabulous spring menu on offer in the restaurant and tearooms, or enjoy an afternoon tea with lovely homemade cakes and scones. In the shop there are more special offers to look out for, along with the

range of great gifts for food and drink lovers, including speciality teas, artisan chocolates and attractive preserves. Treat yourself to Halfpenny Green Vineyard’s very own award winning wine also available in the shop; with last year’s rosé now ready to buy, it’s an ideal drink for a long lunch or an evening get together with friends. To celebrate English Wine Week, Halfpenny Green Vineyards is running free mini tours and tastings at 12pm and 3pm from Sat 25th May to Sat 1st June, where visitors

can see how the winery operates, learn about the season of the vineyards and try some of the award-winning wine produced on site. Call 01384 221122 to find out more or book your place. Open every day and with the craft centre and fishing lakes also on offer, there’s so much to do at Halfpenny Green Vineyards, making it a great place to meet friends, enjoy a refreshing drink or hearty lunch, or just relax in the tranquil countryside.

To find out more, for bookings for lunch and for the special gourmet dinner events, contact Halfpenny Green Vineyards on 01384 221122 or go to Halfpenny Green Vineyards, Tom Lane, Bobbington, South Staffordshire DY7 5EP

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 9.30AM – 5.00PM

Tel: 01384 221122 Email:


Kinver Country Fayre Sunday 16 June 2013

Heavy horses, vintage vehicles, crafts, live music, fine food and real ale are just some of the things on offer at this year’s Kinver Country Fayre on Father’s Day, Sunday 16 June. Don’t miss the Grand Parade through the High Street at 11am, featuring heavy horses and carts, dancers, musicians, colourful characters in costume, steam engines and vintage vehicles. Dads on their day out might find the line-up of vintage vehicles appeals. The focus is on the 1920s with locally produced Beans and Clynos, a Bull Nosed Morris contingent and other rare beasts. This year the Fayre features House of the Blackstar. The re-enactment group, based at Whittington Castle, will be setting up camp on Stag Meadow. They have a full programme of entertainment planned, with their own arena to showcase battles, weapons displays, music, dancing and archery. Another new attraction for 2013 is the Wye Valley Axe Men, who will be staging some great shows in the arena. Animals play a big part in the day. The popular fun dog show will be back, along with the DRUAC dog agility team and their athletic canines. You can meet some rather special owls and very large horses; see alpacas, goats and ponies; get to know a selection of small animals and reptiles from Dudley Zoo and take a donkey ride. Children can also enjoy puppet shows, activities with the Scouts and football challenges with Kinver Colts. For those interested in shopping, village shops and dozens of stalls will be tempting visitors with delicious food, handmade crafts, jewellery, furniture, wooden items and leather goods, plus plenty of fun and games. Then there’s the competitions tent, craft demonstrations, live music in the High Street and at the real ale tent and so much more….

Visit or follow us on Twitter @KinverFayre.


wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

The popular Monthly




will be held at the

Chauffeur Driven Gold Service Luxury Cars

LEISURE CENTRE Nr Stourbridge, DY7 6AA


Sunday 9th June & Sunday 14th July between 9.30am & 4pm Items for sale include: China, Jewellery, Glass, Militaria, Books, Linen, Toys, Pictures, Clocks, Postcards, Stamps and more. Entry £1.50 Over 60s £1 For further information log onto or call 07771 725302

• Wedding Hire • Airport Transfers • Concerts • Anniversaries • Proms

• Birthdays • Sporting Events and any other Special Occasion...

Contact: Keith Warner on 01902 847145 / 07772 605764 E: Based in Codsall


CLEANING, RE-COLOURING & SEALING SERVICES Do You Have Concrete Printed Driveway? Is it Looking Faded and Dated? Let us revive it back to a brand new appearance and prolong its lifespan with our re-colouring and sealing service.



WE ALSO CLEAN & RESTORE Block Paving Re-sanding & Sealing External Brickwork Tarmac Restoration UPVC Gutters, Soffits & Fascias Windows & Conservatories Solar Panels



The Beauty Of Canada Travel Accessory Shop on line offering a small range • Marine Wildlife & Whale Watching Tours - From The Travel Bureau will tailor make around the middle of July until the end of of good quality accessories for your holiday

your Canada Holiday to suit your

Travel Gift Card available to treat personal taste andisbudget. Such a vast and beautiful country be covered that someone specialcannot in your life. in one visit but travelling by train can cover many miles without any real effort on your part. Sit back and enjoy the stunning views from the Dome Car of the Rocky Mountaineer for example. Perhaps you are tempted by a “Journey through the Clouds” from Jasper to Vancouver on one of Via Rail’s iconic routes across Canada. Add a train journey to your trip for a truly great Canadian experience - Let the train take the strain! An alternative option is to drive. - or to take an organised tour direct from your door.

September (or when the whales depart our area) this tour features whale watching in the world renowned Johnstone Strait, an area frequented by 16 different pods of killer whales and rated as one of the world’s best spots to observe and photograph these magnificent Orcas.

• Inlet Cruises - The Inlet Tour is a beautiful scenic cruise that takes in the natural wonders of Knight Inlet - tremendous waterfalls plummeting out of sheer rock faces, ancient glaciers with trails carving through the mountains and wild, remote rivers teeming with life.

• Rainforest Walk - This is one of the few pristine watersheds left in this area. Walk up the valley to large moss-covered old growth trees and stunning waterfalls. Your guide will inform you about the rainforest and the various plant of lifeTravel that’s abound. TheAll Travel Bureau is anSelf Independent Travel Agent established over 27 years with experience in all aspects of our Canada Drive holidays are tailorsoyour if you don’t already know what you would andmade, provides own Personal Travel Consultant – specialising in personal itineraries to suit individual holiday • Sea Kayaking Tours - Drifting quietly in your like, how long to go for or what sort of distances requirements for that special occasion as well as standard holiday packages. sea kayak, you will witness grizzly bears are involved... then come and talk to us. as they quietly forage amongst this fresh Worldwide Flights of exciting cities, so why not 5 Star Destination Honeymoon and Weddings sedge growth in the protected waters near Canada has a number our lodge. You may be fortunate to see consider taking in a city break - whether you fancy Rail Tickets European & Longhaul Holidays new cubs fresh from their winter den. theContinental French feel of Quebec with its wealth of history or Tailor Made cosmopolitan Toronto or Vancouver with its beaches And finally, not consider exploring Amtrak American Ticketsof beautiful hills Tailor Made Citywhy Breaks and harbours against aRail backdrop Canada and then adding an Alaskan - we can organise your perfect visit. Perhaps you - fjords and glaciers galore! Specialised Business Travel 5 Star Cruises Luxury European Destinations fancy a few days in the city with aDepartment whale watching experience or a visit to Niagara Falls. Any of these We would be delighted to recommend a number Specialised Rail FloridaofFamily destinations may be Holiday added toDepartment other itineraries. Cruise Holidays. Lines that offer an exciting selection of cruises with a range of cabin choices to There are also many exciting and varied Wildlife please the most discerning enthusiast. Adventures. Whether you self-drive, take an excursion, Foror a free no or obligation quotation or callsuch in toas seeKnight us at: The Cottage High Street Wombourne WV5 9DN a tour, overnight somewhere Inlet Lodge BC, the wildlife on land or sea is a must Opening Hours: Monday Friday 0900 - 17.30, 09.00 - 16.00 do! Whales and -Bears do tend toSaturday be favourites but there is also so much more on offer, for example; ABTA No.78359 We have a sample of self-drive itineraries in each Canadian province to give you an idea of where you can go and what you can see.

Telephone us now on 01902 324777


Contact The Travel Bureau 01902 324777 for details. 52 52

wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

Travel Accessory Shop on line offering a small range of good quality accessories for your holiday Travel Gift Card is available to treat that someone special in your life. The Travel Bureau is an Independent Travel Agent established over 27 years with experience in all aspects of Travel and provides your own Personal Travel Consultant – specialising in personal itineraries to suit individual holiday requirements for that special occasion as well as standard holiday packages.

Worldwide Flights

5 Star Destination Honeymoon and Weddings

Continental Rail Tickets

Tailor Made European & Longhaul Holidays

Amtrak American Rail Tickets

Tailor Made City Breaks

Specialised Business Travel Department

5 Star Luxury European Destinations

Specialised Rail Holiday Department

Florida Family Holidays.

Telephone us now on 01902 324777 Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 0900 - 17.30, Saturday 09.00 - 16.00


ABTA No.78359

For a free no obligation quotation or call in to see us at: The Cottage, High Street, Wombourne WV5 9DN

s r a C l l a s d Co al Cars & Sign


No. 1 For Airport Transfers Fully Manned 24hr Service Ring Back Service Available Low Cost Fixed Fares No Increase After Midnight

4/6/8 Seater Vehicles 24hr Card Payment Facility Courier Service Off Peak Fares Available

All Airports & Seaports Catered For Your Local Private Hire Taxi Firm’s

ANYTIME, ANYPLACE, ANYWHERE 01902 840000 / 846411 / 844888 / 842842 Email:


Holiday Preparations

The holiday season is almost upon us and if, like many people, you have booked your trip already you will be counting down towards departure day. However, don’t imagine you can get all your preparations completed a week or so before you go. If you want to have a really good holiday you really need to start planning two or more months in advance. Start off with the baggage. If you are travelling by plane you will be restricted by weight limits as to what you can take. Obviously you will need light, flexible luggage and if you don’t already possess a set of suitable cases, you should buy some. The best are soft sided and weigh the very minimum. A washable fabric or vinyl are the best choices. Inoculations come next. Depending on your destination you may need several, some of which may be given in a course over several weeks. Make enquiries of your travel agent or GP. Malaria too needs prophylactic treatment in advance of your journey so again, make enquiries. On the subject of matters medical, it is a good idea to take a well-stocked holiday medical kit. In some countries certain things are difficult to get. Typical contents of your medical kit could include:- Sunblock of factor 15 or higher; sunburn treatment such as soothing cream, calamine lotion or tee tree oil burn treatment; your usual painkillers such as paracetamol or aspirin and junior forms for children; plasters of assorted sizes; antiseptic wipes; a couple of small bandages; anti-diarrhoea remedy and oral rehydration solution; your usual indigestion remedy; insect repellent; sanitary wear; your usual contraceptives. Depending on your destination you may also need anti-malarial tablets and water purification tablets. You should also pack a pair 54

of scissors and tweezers for splinters. Do make sure you have adequate medical insurance for your holiday. Check your passport is in date and you have all the necessary visas. You will also need to consider the matter of currency. Travellers cheques are best for those big spends but you will also need some local currency. Your travel agent will advise but you can obtain the necessary from your own bank. If you have to travel some distance to the airport or place of embarkation, organise for a taxi, hire car, friend or relative to drive you there on your day of departure. Don’t forget to book them for the return journey too. Then there is the clothing. Buying this can be fun. Remember though, in very hot climates, pure cotton is the order of the day. Man-made fabrics can be very hot and uncomfortable. Loose, light garments are best, they are easy to wear, easy to pack, take up little room in the case and travel usually very well. Do take something to cover up while you are getting used to the sun. A hat is essential in sunshine but you can usually buy one when you get there. Take a pair of light, comfortable shoes for the flight because your feet will swell. Sandals however are another item you could well buy when you arrive. If you are travelling to an Islamic country, do make enquiries before you buy your clothes. The ladies in the party may need more of themselves covered than would otherwise be considered necessary in Europe. Do take something to read on the plane and beach, and remember to pack that camera or camcorder and sufficient film if you use it. It would be a pity not to have holiday snaps or movies with which to bore your friends on your return. Finally don’t forget to pick up the tickets and other travel documents. Depending on your travel company, these may be at the travel agent or awaiting you at the airport. It’s wise to ask before you leave. wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

• New Mercedes Viano 8 seater • All airports, seaports, corporate functions, social & sporting events • Wolverhampton, Bridgnorth & surrounding areas • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year • No journey too far or too short • Very competitive prices • Reliable and on time

Contact Us Now On:

07807 123 688

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Dog Listener Annabelle Addison Are you unhappy with your dog’s behaviour?

Does it: Pull on the lead? Show aggression? Destroy things in the home?

If you need help with your dog, please call me…

On 07801 88 28 23


Wolverhampton Round Table “Reaching New Heights” Twitter @WRT4Peaks and are focussed on digital media to promote the event. Any donations can be made at

Round Table 17 embarks on its most adventurous challenge yet to support Tettenhall Wood School. Thirteen members of the Wolverhampton Round Table No. 17 are preparing to undertake the Four Peaks Challenge in June. The team led by Chairman Gary Thomson will climb Slieve Donard in Northern Ireland, Ben Nevis in Scotland, Scafell Pike in England and Snowdon in Wales – each nation’s highest peak. The group hope to complete the challenge in under 40 hours. The journey will take the team by air, boat and car, covering 1,000 miles and walking around 33 miles whilst ascending almost 14,000 ft. The team have been training over recent months. Chairman Gary said: “The team range in age from 28 to 49 years old and many see this as a challenge to get fit, eat healthy and put something back into the community. We hope to raise in the region of £25,000 to fund a mini-van for the school.” Gary continues: “We have obviously had to plan the trip meticulously to consider the itinerary, safety and fitness. The trip is being funded solely by the members of Round Table themselves. Every penny raised will be used to support Tettenhall Wood School and other worthwhile local charities.” The Club are now registered for charitable status and have set up a Facebook ( wolverhamptonroundtable) so people can track the journey with regular updates and photographs on route. In addition, the Club are now active on 56

The Tabler’s visited Tettenhall Wood School recently to meet the children and staff. Andy Timbrell added: “It is fantastic to see the work that the staff are doing firsthand and to meet the children we hope to support. “Seven years ago Wolverhampton Round Table was close to closure with only five members. As the 17th oldest Club in Great Britain and Ireland, it is great to see that the Club has now grown and regularly has 18-20 members in attendance. This has meant that we can muster a team of this size and raise a substantial sum for local charities.” The club has been supported by their main sponsor Listers Group and sponsored by Forward vehicle Rentals, Alexander Head Insurance Brokers, DBA Estates Limited, Holdens Brewery and Peter Clarke Cultivation. In addition, the Club have been supported by Go Outdoors in Wolverhampton. Wolverhampton Round Table is a gentlemen’s club that has existed in the city since 1929. The club has members from all walks of life. They are involved in sport and leisure activities during the year and also carry out fund raising using their Christmas sleigh each year around Perton, Codsall and Pattingham. The Club meet at Perton Golf Club on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday in the month. Contact Wolverhampton Round Table is part of the worldwide Round Table movement to offer a club for likeminded men to socialise, meet new people and support the local community. To find out more please visit the dedicated website For more information please contact Andy Timbrell on 07738 941460, or email wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

With so many exciting changes in their newly refurbished stylish salon

Are keen to take on an experienced


To become part of an established, friendly team contact Karen at Pretty Woman on 01902 754111.



1000 Business Cards with Spot UV Varnish from only £79

6 Page Websites with 1 year hosting from only £699

5000 A5 Leaflets Double-sided CMYK from only £99


01902 744 544


FoUndAtIon FoR GRoWtH Louise Hunter - Business Incubation Manager University of Wolverhampton Science Park

Business incubation is not a new concept. It focuses on growing new companies and has been continually evolving since the mid 1980’s. What started as an experiment in the United States has over the course of three decades encompassed Europe and become a global trend. Being part of a business incubator creates opportunities to meet successful entrepreneurs. Working alongside people who are also trying to build a business can be a huge advantage to incubator tenants, providing a group of peers who understand the challenges and can share ideas and concepts. Such opportunities may not be available to entrepreneurs struggling solo with the day-to-day workings of running a business. SPARK Business Incubation Centre (SPARK BIC) was established in January 2004 and has since developed an enviable record in assisting new-start businesses through their early growth stages. The facilities and services provided at SPARK BIC are second to none and are specifically tailored to the needs of start-up or early stage businesses in the creative, ICT and technology sectors. There are four types of flexible business accommodation offered: a studio workstation, a shared office facility, an individual, fully furnished, modern, air conditioned office or associate membership for companies unable to commit to office accommodation. 58

“SPARK ticks all the right boxes for a new start-up company looking for its first business premises. Not only is it exceptionally cost effective in these times of austerity but it is also has excellent facilities. The convenient location, ample parking, 24 hour access, coupled with networking and collaboration opportunities and professional business mentoring is the icing on the cake.” Simon Bowring, Sales Director, Transitiv Technologies Limited.

business advice and support to a diverse range of businesses from start-up companies to large established organisations. “The business solutions centre has been a valuable source of information and support in developing the strategic direction and growth of our organisation. The centre has been instrumental in linking us with valuable knowledge transfer programmes along with skill development programmes.” Mark Winsper, MD Rhys Engineering Ltd

A sister incubation centre, the e-Innovation Centre (e-IC) was launched in 2006 at the University’s Telford Innovation Campus located just off Junction 4 of the M54. The e-Innovation Centre offers flexible business accommodation and support services to new start technology businesses in Shropshire. The centre has 36 incubator units and a number of larger grow-on units, as well as a facility for businesses that may require a “drop in” service.

Wolverhampton Business Solutions Centre, (WBSC) located at the University of Wolverhampton Science Park, provides a single point of contact for access to a wide portfolio of innovative business solutions. It offers tailored

If you are starting a business then why not come and look at the facilities we have at both the University of Wolverhampton Science Park and The University’s Telford Innovation Campus.

SPARK Business Incubation Centre 01902 837400 e-Innovation Centre 01952 288200 University of Wolverhampton Science Park Limited 01902 824000 Wolverhampton Business Solutions Centre 01902 321272

wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

LOOKING FOR A QUALITY BUSINESS LOCATION? Specialist, fully-serviced business accommodation designed for companies from science, technology and creative sectors Fully serviced business accommodation Flexible licence agreements Conference & meeting room facilities Video-conferencing, catering & other services Secure 24-hour access & free car park Links to University of Wolverhampton business support

THINKING OF STARTING A BUSINESS? SPARK Business Incubation Centre provides an ideal environment for aspiring entrepreneurs and new and developing businesses Low cost, furnished, serviced business accommodation Easy in/out licence terms & all inclusive rents Free use of board meeting room, informal meeting areas Fully staffed reception CafĂŠ & meeting catering facilities Free professional business mentoring & support


Get Noticed this Summer Men’s tailoring is a major trend for summer 2013.

Coming in the form of block-colour suits and patterned/printed tailoring, the main colour dominating this scene is good old fashioned blue. Carl Peddie from Diffusion gives us the low-down on what to choose this season: “Update your current wardrobe with key items such as a bow tie, cravat or a pocket handkerchief. This look can also be transferred to a more relaxed look by wearing denim jeans with a tailored jacket. These pieces are designed to get you noticed!” Scotch & Soda Bow Tie Shirt



Scotch & Soda Blazer



Model wears:

Diesel Blazer Jacket £220

Nudie Jean

Scotch & Soda Bow Shirt £89.00

Paul Smith Handkerchief

Paul Smith Stripe Wallet




Diffusion online


Diffusion online

Nudie Jean £89.00 Grenson Shoe £180

Grenson Shoe


Dr Martens Shoe



All at Diffusion


‘A pair of cufflinks for every hobby!’ Fabulous English made Silver & Enamel cufflinks only at T.A. Henn in Wolverhampton. From Classic to funky, many more styles in store.


£230 'New & Now in store Frederique Constant, Quality Swiss made watches.

From £680.

£265 60


Exclusively available at T.A. Henn in Wolverhampton. wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013





SPECIAL DEALS AVAILABLE FOR SOCIETIES* *All packages minimum of 12 people




18 holes of golf. Full English breakfast.

18 holes of golf. Roast carvery. Dessert of the day.

18 holes of golf. Full English breakfast. Roast carvery. Dessert of the day.

Weekdays £25pp. Weekends/Bank Holidays £30pp

Weekdays £30pp. Weekends/Bank Holidays £35pp

Weekdays £35pp. Weekends/Bank Holidays £40pp


Wergs Golf Club Keepers Lane, Tettenhall Wolverhampton West Midlands WV6 8UA e





01902 742 225



wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

Oxley Park Golf Club 4 MONTH





• 1 month trial membership • June – September - £265* • Full member rights. • Play anytime Monday - Friday • Saturday & Sunday after 12.30pm • Competitions, team events, centenary celebrations. • Refunded if you then join the club * Bar credits, egu fees, £100 admin fee refunded from following year’s subscriptions, to be added

• 18 Hole Parkland Course

Emerald Gem in the City of Wolverhampton

• Fully stocked pro shop • PGA teaching professionals • Full bar & catering facilities

Contact: General Manager 01902 773989 or email:

Patshull Park Hotel, Golf & Country Club

Twilight Golf

Get in shape for summer

Trout Fishing Lessons

£15 per person after 3pm.

Health and Fitness memberships.

Makes a Great Fathers Day present for 16th June.

Enjoy one of the best courses in the area.

Available at one of the friendliest and most scenic clubs in the area, annual subscriptions start at less than £8 per week per adult.

Experience the thrill of fly fishing, and the challenge of landing a Rainbow Trout.

Contact the Pro Shop on (01902) 700342. Golf Club Memberships also available.

Classes, nutritional advice, and expert gym instruction are all available.

Contact Patshull Fishing Lodge on (01902) 700774 for further information. Trout Club Memberships also available.

www. Tel: 01902 700100 Email:

Patshull Park Hotel, Golf & Country Club, Pattingham, Shropshire WV6 7HR


Tee For Two On Monday 13th May 2013 golfing enthusiasts gathered at Patshull Park Hotel, Golf and Country Club to take part in a golf day with a difference. A total of 22 teams made up of businesses and golfing fans from across the West Midlands competed against one another in a Celebrity Golf Tournament organised by two Wolverhampton based charities - Compton Hospice and Beacon Centre for the Blind. Teams were given the opportunity to tee off alongside some of football’s most celebrated players including Aston Villa’s Gary Shaw, West Bromwich Albion’s Cyrille Regis and Steve Daley, Geoff Palmer, Phil Parkes and Kenny Hibbitt of Wolverhampton Wanderers fame. Each team played 18 holes of golf before sitting down to an evening of entertainment which included food, the comedy styling’s of John Stiles, a raffle and grand auction before concluding with a prestigious prizegiving ceremony where trophies were handed out to the teams coming in first, second and third place. The team that took top prize were made up of Steve Smith, Ashley Bayliss, Dan Paton and Wolverhampton West’s

Gary Shaw teeing off with Kenny Hibbitt & Phil Parkes looking on

very own Geoff Hall who represented BNI (Business Networking International) Wulfrun. Geoff Hall from the winning team said of the day “Compton Hospice, Beacon Centre for the Blind and Steve Saul from Route 39 should be congratulated for organising such a fantastic day. A special mention should go to all the staff at Patshull Park for looking after everyone so well. To win was a real bonus and to be presented with the trophy by Albion legend Cyrille Regis capped off a great day”.

Simon Cater, Corporate Fundraiser for Compton Hospice said “We were delighted to see so many teams turn out to support the day. On The winning team from BNI Wulfrun being presented with their prizes by Albion behalf of both Compton legend Cyrille Regis (centre) L-R: Steve Smith, Geoff Hall, Ashley Bayliss, Dan Paton Hospice and Beacon Centre for the Blind I would like to thank everyone who took part including our sporting celebs who took time out of their busy schedules to support the event”.

The highlight of the evening was the comedian John Stiles son of world cup winner Nobby


Following the success of this year’s event another Charity Celebrity Golf day has already been arranged to take place on Monday 12th May 2014. For more information please contact either Simon Cater on 0845 2255 497 or email or Steve Saul, Route 39 on 07971012370 or email

wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013


Give us your old golf shoes and we will give you


The sun is out, so what better time is there to get to grips with golf. One of our PGA Professionals will teach you all about the various aspects of the game in just 2 hours! You don’t need any equipment as we have plenty you can borrow. Come and give golf a try for

£15 OFF

ANY NEW PAIR of FOOTJOY or ADIDAS golf shoes throughout June and July!


ONLY HALF PRICE FOR JUNE AND JULY! SHAVE SHOTS OFF YOUR SHORT GAME! FREE USE of our all weather putting green and short game area during June and July and FREE PUTTER FITTINGS.



The Range Wood Farm, Broad Lane, Essington, Nr Wolverhampton, WV11 2RJ Tel: 07565 968314 Email: Web:


‘Compton in the Park 2013’ On Sunday 16th June 2013 In West Park, Wolverhampton 9.30am till 5pm

Compton Hospice

Caring Together

Charity Reg No: 512387

Following the success of our last years ‘Compton in the Park’ fun day, staged in conjunction with BBP Security Services & Training Ltd, we are doing it all again!    We will be taking over West Park in Wolverhampton to bring you a full family day of fun, activities and entertainment. Last year around 4,000 people came along to the fun day and a great time was had by all as you can see from some of these photos!

This year, get set to be wowed by sounds from some of the best live bands in the West Midlands and be entertained by the many arena acts we have lined up for you including cheer squads, dance groups, dog display team and street dance. Have a stroll around the many Compton market stalls, funfair rides, petting zoo and much, much more, or simply sit a relax with some food and drink provided by our very own coffee shop. Join in the fun with the Signal 107 radio roadshow who will be broadcasting live across

the county with presenter Dicky Dodd compering our arena and stage acts. Don’t miss the popular and very hilarious ‘It’s A Knockout’ competition. Watch brave teams slug it out in ridiculous foam filled races and watersoaked games. The louder you cheer, the wetter they get!  This free family fun day will be kicking off at 9.30am with the start of our ‘Annual 5 Mile Sponsored Memory Walk/Fun Run’  and with other activities and shows starting at 10am. Also new for this year we are featuring “Dive for Dosh” - a 150ft Bungee Jump in aid of Compton Hospice! Be brave and take that dive!

For details of all events and activities and to enter teams in It’s a Knockout, to enter the sponsored memory walk or to take part in the bungee jump – contact, call 0845 225 5497 and ask for the fundraising department, or visit 66

wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013


TEL 01746 762248



Tuesday 4th June Tuesday 2nd July Tuesday 6th August



Saturday and Sunday 10am – 4pm, Monday 10am – 5pm prior to auction


Accepted up until 10 days prior to Auction


If you have old items around the house or you have a deceased estate to clear we have the ability and experience to help. We have monthly auctions so items can be dealt with quickly.


We have a FREE valuation day every Wednesday from 10am to 4pm. As well as discussing auction estimates we will advise on the best way to sell your items.


As we employ our own delivery and collection staff we can ensure your goods are dealt with by trained staff and are insured.




Learn to cook in the comfort of your own home…


Raj’s Indian cooking classes!

Want to impress your family and friends with a sumputous dinner party? Want to surprise your other half with a romantic meal? Just want to be able to cook a fabulous meal for the family? Tailored lessons to suit novices to competent cooks… Raj will teach you at home to cook authentic Indian dishes that will impress everyone. Invite your friends to take part (maximum 3 people). Raj will advise the ingrediences required. All you need to provide is the kitchen!

Prices from as little as £20 per hour classes normally take around 2 hours.

For more details or to book a class please call Raj - 01902 333258 / 07957 290974 (Based in Finchfield)




y P

Book Now! safe for Life and Be The Best – Be Class 1 Police former Elite and CHRIS GILBERT a tset Bobby ou the said “From driving instructor ldom see, if ard of driving I se displayed a stand ry smooth, ve s wa g I. His drivin ever, from an AD nce of the ide with plenty of ev well planned and . ol” car contr police system of

G £40) onLy £60 (SavIn FIRST 5 LESSonS 0 onLy £2 1 ½ HouR LESSon

“Producing Safe and Confident Drivers”

L earn With Bobby Nagi (DSA ADI APPROVED) Over 20 years of Safe, Advanced Roadcraft, Defensive and High Performance driving experience. HIGHLY TRAINED by Ex-Elite driving instructors from The world famous Metropolitan Police Driving School HENDON. Awards: Institute of Advanced Motorists. Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) GOLD, HPC GOLD and many more… Courses for L earners, Advanced, High Performance, Anti-Hijack, Defensive, Eco Driving and more…

For further details and bookings please contact Bobby on 0785 77 33 999 68 wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

Eighteenth Century Walled Garden Back Into Production At Apley Are you ready to wake up your taste buds and see something different on your plate? The award winning Apley Farm Shop will soon be supplying an amazing selection of unusual, tasty vegetables from the newly restored Apley Walled Garden. The gardens, which have been derelict for 50 years, have been brought back into production under the guidance of Lady Harriet Hamilton and head gardener Phil Allen. Work started in February, and with some very hard work an area of

the gardens has been transformed from scrub and grass into rows of vegetables, ready to supply Apley Farm Shop in the next few weeks. ‘We have sourced traditional varieties known for their flavour’ explained Phil Allen, the Head Gardener. ‘These varieties are well suited to the Walled Garden environment, but are not available in supermarkets.’ ‘We are thrilled that this very special garden which used to produce so much for so many people is now coming back into use in the twenty first century’ commented

Lady Hamilton. ‘There is a huge amount still to do. We are planning to grow soft fruit and flowers as well as vegetables. The greenhouses are run down, but once we have one of these in use we will be able to grow more exotic varieties.’ The work so far has been done by Apley Estate staff and volunteers. The gardens are open for private group tours, strictly by prior appointment only. To register as a volunteer or book a tour, contact Apley Farm Shop: 01952 730 345,, Apley Farm Shop, Pigg’s Playbarn and The Creamery are open seven days a week, 9.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Saturday and 10am - 4pm on Sundays. Apley Holiday Cottages 01746 762 110.

APLEY FARM SHOP The Creamery Pigg’s Playbarn

Taste, Discover, Enjoy Sunday June 9th

Open Farm Sunday

THE CREAMERY at APLEY FARM SHOP Local & home cooked food. Summer Menu. Courtyard seating. Perfect place to meet friends or business contacts for breakfast, lunch, coffee, tea & cake. Free WIFI Sun 2nd June & Sun 7th July - Craft Fair in the Courtyard Tue 11th June - Tuesday talks: Lord Hamilton, Apley Farm Shop Tue 9th July - Terry Merchant, Forester & Arborist – Tree talk Sun 28th July - Ice-cream Sunday WWW.APLEYFARMSHOP.CO.UK

A Great day out for the family

FREE entry (except Playbarn), Farm Machinery, Steam Engines, Scotty’s Animal Park, Children’s Farm & Food activities, Guided Walks, BBQ & Shropshire Beer

Apley Farm Shop, Norton, TF11 9EF (Between Telford and Bridgnorth on the A442)

T: 01952 730345

Scotty’s Animal Park • Piglet’s Toy Shop • Little Hippo Craft Shop • Skylark Nature Trail


Department Store On The River Severn Bridgnorth’s Old Mill Antiques Centre is still attracting as many visitors as it always has since its opening back in 1996, when people flocked to the Low Town venue to see the opening of the new centre.


The choice at the Old Mill is almost endless, it is a lot more than just an Antiques Centre it is really a Department Store on the banks of the River Severn, and is therefore ideally located to spend a day out. The range of items on sale is vast, catering for all kinds of tastes and budgets - and that’s why the Old Mill is so popular.

Jewellery, porcelain, militaria and weapons, pop ephemera, watercolours, oil paintings, silver, collectables, linen, upholstery, antique furniture and quality reproduction furniture - the list just goes on and on. “People come here to browse and buy from all over the country, often spending hours here and having a break in our tearooms, which opens for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. I think part of the attraction is that people can browse at their leisure, there is no pressure from our sales team - they are just on hand to help and advise if called upon.”

Operating in the historic premises of a former riverside seed mill, the antiques centre is one of the biggest in the country and offers four floors of displays and stands featuring literally something for everyone.

”We are not on an expensive retail park” says Denis Ridgway, “and so we do not have to charge our dealers expensive rents and that saving is passed on to our customers, which means all of our goods are very competitively priced.”

Traders from all over the UK and Europe sell their stock at the Old Mill, ”We have 90 dealers operating at the Old Mill, from as far afield as Brussels and Berlin”, says Codirector Denis Ridgway “and that enables us to offer the enormous variety of goods that gives the centre its popular appeal.”

The Old Mill is open seven days a week from 10am until 5pm. Parking is free and a delivery service is available. The Old Mill Tea Rooms are also open every day and is a very pleasant place for ladies to meet and have elevenses or afternoon tea in very pleasant surroundings.

wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

Old Mill Antique Centre

Antique & Reproduction Furniture 1000’s of Gift Ideas Bespoke Furniture At The Old Mill Antique Centre we have 4 floors of antiques and quality reproduction furniture – and literally thousands of gift ideas for everyone – all displayed in charming and elegant room settings

Beautiful tables made to your design & specification in-house using only the best quality seasoned Oak or Pine.

Homemade Cakes & Snacks Open 7 days – 10am to 5pm Car Parking Available

Mill Street, Low Town, Bridgnorth WV15 5AG Tel: 01746 762248


Cosford Prepares To Dish Up Its First Food Festival This Summer the RAF Museum Cosford will be giving visitors to the popular West Midlands attraction a slice of variety, as it holds the first ever Cosford Food Festival. This brand new Museum event is set to tantalise taste buds with a bustling market of around 70 independent food and drink retailers, including local businesses and award winning brands. Taking place in the last weekend in July, a whole host of yummy treats and refreshing beverages will be available to purchase. This food festival with a twist will take place outdoors with the Hercules acting as a backdrop for the food market. Suppliers from across Shropshire, Staffordshire and the West Midlands will be exhibiting a wide range of exquisite local, fresh and handmade produce not available from your average supermarket store. Learn fascinating techniques and tips from the experts through live talks and cooking demonstrations and sample some of the culinary delights available. With entertainment taking place over the weekend including cookery workshops for children, it is sure to be a great day out for the whole family. Plus, the Cosford RAF Voluntary Band will be creating a real buzz with live musical performances over the weekend as they play nestled in the heart of the festival. Visitors to the food festival will also have access to the RAF Museum which is home to the world’s oldest Spitfire and the mighty Vulcan bomber. Plus, a flypast from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Dakota both days is sure to be a crowd pleaser (weather permitting).

Win Three Family Tickets to the Cosford Food Festival.

The Cosford Food Festival will run from 10am to 5pm Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th July 2013.

This month we have teamed up with the RAF Museum Cosford to give three lucky readers the chance to win family passes to the upcoming food festival.

Admission prices: Adult - £5 Family - £12 (2 adults and up to 4 children) Concessions - £4 Children - £2 (aged 5-16) Under 5’s - Free

To be in with a chance of winning this family prize simply answer the following question correctly.

Which Museum aircraft will be at the heart of the food festival? Email your answer including your name, address and telephone number to: or on a postcard to 1 Lytham Road, Perton, Wolverhampton WV6 7YY. Entries to be received by Friday 12th July 2013. Competition Terms & Conditions: Winners will be chosen at random from all correct entries received and informed by telephone. No cash or alternative prize will be given.


A FREE Cosford Food Festival programme is included in the ticket price. For more information and tickets please visit the Museum website or call the Museum on 01902 376200.

wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

A bustling market with around 70 independent food and drink retailers including award winning brands. Buy tickets in advance or on the gate See website for details Opening hours 10.00 - 17.00

Tel: 01902 376 200 Cosford, Shifnal, Shropshire, TF11 8UP


Creepy House Will Keep Kids Reading All Summer! goodies and stickers. On their 4th visit to the library they will complete the Challenge, winning more stickers, a medal and certificate. Each Wolverhampton library will be awarding a prize for the best book review received during the Challenge and all children who complete the Challenge will be entered into a prize draw with a chance to win a family day out at Alton Towers.

There is no excuse for children in Wolverhampton to feel bored this summer as the Creepy House Summer Reading Challenge gets underway. All of Wolverhampton’s 16 libraries will be taking part in the Summer Reading Challenge again this year, ensuring that the city’s youngsters have fun, join in craft activities and keep reading throughout the holidays – with a Creepy House theme! The fun starts even before the holidays! Children aged 4 to11 can join up for the challenge at their local library from Saturday 13 July.

The scheme is operated by libraries and The Reading Agency who recognise that children’s reading can ‘dip’ during the long summer holidays. The annual Summer Reading Challenge helps to get three quarters of a million children into libraries to keep up their reading skills and confidence.

It doesn’t matter if they’re not yet a member of Wolverhampton’s libraries – it’s totally free to join and to borrow books and will take just a few minutes when joining the Challenge.

The Summer Reading Challenge is open to all children and is designed for all reading abilities. Schools work with local libraries and give out information to encourage children to take part.

Because everything changes when we read.

Once registered, each child receives their Creepy House starter pack and are encouraged to pick at least 2 books of their choice to read before their next visit. When they return to the library the next 2 times, having borrowed at least 2 books at each visit, they will receive Creepy House

Where’s my library? Ashmore Park Library, Griffiths Drive WV11 2JW Bilston Library, Mount Pleasant WV14 7LU Blakenhall Library, Bromley Street WV2 3AS Central Library, Snow Hill WV1 3AX Collingwood Library, The Broadway WV10 8EB East Park Library, Hurstbourne Crescent WV1 2EE Finchfield Library, White Oak Drive WV3 9AF Home Library Service Long Knowle Library, Wood End Road WV11 1YG Low Hill Library, Showell Circus WV10 9JJ Pendeford Library, Whitburn Close WV9 5NJ Penn Library, Coalway Avenue WV3 7LT Spring Vale Library, Bevan Avenue WV4 6SG Tettenhall Library, Upper Street WV6 8QF Warstones Library, Pinfold Grove WV4 9PT Wednesfield Library, Well Lane WV11 1XT Whitmore Reans Library, Bargate Drive WV6 0QW

01902 01902 01902 01902 01902 01902 01902 01902 01902 01902 01902 01902 01902 01902 01902 01902 01902

556296 556253 555460 552025 556302 556257 556260 556256 556290 556293 556250 556281 556284 556308 556275 556278 556269 74

wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013




FREE fun entertainment for the kids and exciting racing for the adults. Plus a mascot race in aid of The Children’s Trust. Peppa Pig © Astley Baker Davies Ltd/Entertainment One UK Ltd 2003.





CALL OR VISIT OUR WEBSITE TO BOOK YOUR TICKETS NOW! 01902 390000 | *Terms & conditions apply. Price per person and includes VAT. †Children under 18 when accompanied by a full paying adult. For race times and full details please visit our website.


Sunday Lunch Of recent years, Sunday has become one of the more popular days for eating out, especially with the family. Recent surveys have shown that families no longer tend to eat once a day, formally around a table. Busy lives have dictated that a lot of folk ‘eat on the run’. Take-aways, fast food delivered hot to the door, and snacks, have begun to play a large part in all our lives. Even the big, formal Sunday lunch with traditional roast and all the trimmings has lost some of its popularity. Families meet in passing, on holiday or in front of the TV, and there’s precious little time for elaborately prepared meals whoever it is that elects to prepare them.

Well the beauty of Sunday is, it happens every week. This gives a great opportunity to ring the changes, visit a number of venues in turn, and sample different styles of cooking and different menus. Another good thing about it is, because of the popularity of the meal, a great diversity of establishments offer Sunday lunch. This means you can match your dining to your budget. You can also match the restaurant to your mood. Cosy and informal one week, grand and formal another. It all depends what you want, what your tastes are, how far you wish to travel and the reason you

are eating out. Sunday lunch after all, can be a perfect opportunity to celebrate a family event, to say “thank you”, to ask “will you?” and perhaps even to say “yes!”. On the other hand, it can stand alone for its own sake, an opportunity to take a breather from the mad rush life of the 21st century. If you want to give your life a little lift. If you wish to mark at least one day of a busy week as special. If you just like eating out. Think no more about it. Just get booked in to the restaurant of your choice and enjoy the pleasures of Sunday dining out.

All this has probably contributed to the rising popularity of eating out on Sunday lunch-time. All over the country, pubs, clubs, hotels and restaurants are busily engaged in providing the traditional meal once prepared by mum who, whilst probably holding down a demanding job of her own, is disinclined to spend her few precious hours of freedom, incarcerated in the kitchen slaving over a hot stove. Sunday lunch eaten out in the congenial surroundings of a comfortable restaurant or dining room can be a most relaxing time. It is a time when the family can relax around a table to talk over the week`s events, make plans and enjoy each other’s company. It’s a time when they can all enjoy the delights of good food, perfectly prepared and expertly served, without the chores of preparation and the horrors of clearing away. But Sunday lunch out isn’t just a time for families. It’s just as good for couples or for larger parties of friends, to gather and enjoy the delights of a good menu, fine ales, wines and delicious sweets, whilst chatting, relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. But how do you choose the establishment at which to eat? 76

wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

Suckling Green Lane, Codsall, Wolverhampton WV8 2BP

The Best

Tex-Mex Food in Town!


A real traditional Pub with a great atmosphere serving real Ales:

Enville Directors, IPA Doom Bar

plus 2 guest ales every week

Follow us on Facebook The Bentlands Pub

OPEN ALL DAY EVERYDAY Food served 12 noon until 9pm We now take bookings, to avoid disappointment please call 01902 843654

Father’s Day Lunch at Molineux Sunday 16th June Hayward Suite 3 course carvery, a gift for Dad and a tour of Molineux £22.65 pp

Sir Jack’s Restaurant 4 course Sunday Lunch including coffee, a gift for Dad and a tour of Molineux £24.25 pp

Please call 0871 222 2220 (option 5) to book or e-mail


Wombourne Tandoori Restaurant Air conditioned


Cuisine of Bengal

Fully licensed


Rafique Miah welcomes you to the longest established Indian Restaurant in Wombourne Village, serving sumptuous Bangladeshi Cuisine for over 23 years. “We pride ourselves on our Quality of Food, Excellent Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction.”

Tel: 01902 324148 / 324437

Recently refurbished in contemporary surroundings, air conditioned and fully licensed.

• Winner of ‘Simply the Best’ restaurant competition 2009 • Winner of The Spotlight Awards ‘Best Eating Place – Casual’ 2007 / 2008 Our popular Take-away Service is still the best in Wombourne offering 10% off our Menu price. Open 7 days including Bank Holidays - 5.30pm until 11.30pm

High Street, Wombourne WV5 9DN


Freshly cooked traditional food, vegetarian menu, childrens menu, specials board, popular ‘light-bite lunches’, complemented by fine ales and wines whether you’re a GOLFER OR NOT!

TUESDAY GRILL NIGHT 2 delicious grills and a bottle of selected wine for only £19.95

An ideal venue for private parties including family celebrations and funerals from groups of 2 up to 120. Special Buffet Menus also available. BAR OPEN FROM 10am until 11pm Breakfast served 10am -12pm (not Sunday). Lunch & Evening Meals served Weekdays & Saturdays: 12noon-2pm & 6pm-9pm, Sunday: 12noon-3pm & 5.30pm-9pm

To avoid disappointment please book, tel: 01902 791917 Situated on the 3 Hammers Golf Complex, Old Stafford Road, Coven, Nr Wolverhampton WV10 7PP


wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013


Wergs Golf Club - The Carvery is Back! If you’re looking to find a great local restaurant, that not only serves a fantastic range of lunchtime meals, but is set in a lovely location, then a visit to Wergs Golf Club is essential. Due to popular demand the Sunday Carvery is now back, in addition, there is a full waitress service for diners who want to relax and enjoy their meal without having to queue for their main course. The restaurant is open lunchtimes Monday to Saturday from 12 until 2.30pm excluding Tuesdays and 12pm to 3pm for Sunday Lunch. With a menu that’s filled with a great selection of popular dishes, lunchtime dining is undeniably delicious.

“We’ve tried hard to make the restaurant the perfect setting for people to relax in and savour our fabulous range of freshly prepared meals, whilst enjoying the lovely surroundings at the club,” he continues. It’s not just the restaurant that’s on offer at the club though, in addition to outstanding golfing facilities, there’s also an impressive function room that can be hired for any private party or any get-together. “Our recently refurbished function room offers the ideal setting for any celebration,” says Monty. It’s good to know that all of these great facilities are open to both the public and members alike - meaning that everyone can benefit from what’s on offer at Wergs Golf Club.

Since taking over the club in 2010, owner Monty Moseley has worked hard to create a great atmosphere in the restaurant. With stylish décor and a beautiful decking area that overlooks the course - ideal for summertime dining - it’s the perfect place to enjoy excellent food in the company of friends. And what’s more, every aspect of Wergs Golf Club is open to the public, so you don’t need to be a member to visit. “We welcome everyone at the club, it isn’t for members only,” says Monty.




Come & Spend a Relaxing Sunday Afternoon with us. Served from 12pm - 3pm. Choose from our waitress service or help yourself to our delicious Sunday Carvery.


Wergs Golf Club


Keepers Lane, Tettenhall




West Midlands WV6 8UA e



01902 742 225 wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

Country House Blakelands

Halfpenny Green

One of South Staffordshire's leading Restaurant, Banqueting & Wedding Venues

Evening Meals Come for yourself & find out what many Wednesday & Thursday Evenings from 6.30pm with 20% off Meal prices Wednesday Evenings Friday & Saturday evenings from 7.00pm

Our Current Menus are available to download from our website

others already know.

The Best Food, The Best Service, In the Best Setting

Traditional Sunday Lunch

Your New Favourite Restaurant

Halfpenny Green, Bobbington, South Staffordshire, DY7 5DP

is served from midday till 1.30pm

Private Celebrations for parties up to 30 can be catered for after lunch

Phone: 01384 221000 ~ Email: ~ Open from 5.30pm - Midnight (7days a week)

Indian Cuisine The Kings Repose have been awarded a 5 star award from rate my place for Kitchen Hygiene. Misbah the master chef can cook anything to suit customers requirements. All of the superb mouthwatering dishes being freshly prepared at the time of ordering, using only the finest produce.

Described by many customers as a culinary experience of a lifetime.

New Road Featherstone Nr. Wolverhampton WV10 7NW

01902 307846 01902 738299

Eat in or take away


Serving Fine Italian Cuisine Lunchtimes and Evenings with master chef Mario and his enthusiastic team

Traditional Sunday Roast from


2 Main Meals

for £10 off lunchtime Menu

Available Wednesday to Saturday Bookings now being taken for Fathers Day Sunday June 16th

Opening Times:

Lunchtimes Wed to Sat 12pm - 2.30pm (last orders) Sun served from 12 noon Evenings Tues to Sat 6pm - 9.30pm (last orders).

Situated at: 4a Upper Green, Tettenhall WV6 8QQ Ample Free Parking

To avoid disappointment please book

T. 01902 756052


Open 7 days 6pm until late Free secure car park at rear 272 Penn Road, Penn, Wolverhampton WV4 4AD

A warm welcome awaits you at Penn Tandoori… experience the Pride of Penn Specialising in Tandoori, Curry dishes, Balti dishes and also European dishes. Enjoy authentic Indian cuisine at its very best in a warm, friendly atmosphere in one of the most luxurious restaurants in the West Midlands. Whatever the occasion children are always welcome with their parents and we try our best to ensure that families feel at home and have an enjoyable experience with us.

Fully licensed 10% discount off take-aways collected

10% OFF

Your food and drink bill when dining in. Please present this voucher. 1 voucher per table.

For bookings or further details please call 01902 333319 82

wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

Registered Charity No. 512387

Bungee Jump

for Compton Hospice

West Park

Sunday 16th June 2013


For further information and registration contact Fundraising on: or visit:

11:00AM – 4:00PM

0845 225 5497

Bungee Event Operated by

01833 695773 Minimum age 14. If aged 14-16, written parental consent will be required. Some medical conditions will exclude you from participating in this event. Please consult your GP for guidance or Fundraising for advice. This event is operated by Extreme Sensations Bungee Ltd who are fully licensed and insured. Please see for further information.


A New Store for Street to a large independent concern that now boasts 14 stores across the country, a multimillion pound annual turnover and a team of 329 staff.

Lovers of designer labels will know that Diffusion is a store that’s packed full of the hottest clothes, shoes and accessories - for men, women and children from leading premium brands and exclusive up and coming designers.

Renovation of the 4,500 sq ft building was carried out to make the most of its unique character and original features, whilst creating the ideal retail environment for style-savvy shoppers. Local companies, Design to Build and Bespoke, were employed to draw up designs and construct the new look for this landmark structure. Gerald explains the move: “It was the right move for us at the right time. We want to do our part in promoting and supporting Wolverhampton. We used a local architect and construction company for this project and we’re keen to re-ignite interest in the city by encouraging people to come and shop here. “We will be searching for a regional streetwear designer whose clothing can be featured in our Lichfield Street location.” The latest Diffusion store is wellstocked with quality ranges from established designers; Hugo Boss, Barbour, Armani and Vivienne Westwood. There’s also trendy designs from newer brands, including; Obey, Nudie Jeans and Religion. And that’s not all, as Carl explains: “We’ve got a feature denim wall in store which offers over 100 different styles of jeans.” With an ever loyal and strong customer base in the city, Gerald and Carl are keen to see the reaction of their clients when they set eyes on the brand new premises.

But what they might not know is that the independent retailer has just moved its Victoria Street shop to an exciting new location within Wolverhampton city centre. A historic, Grade II listed building situated in Lichfield Street formerly a branch of Midland Bank - will now be home to the company’s flagship store. Thanks to extensive re-development and a £500,000 budget, the


premises - which occupies a prime location next to the Art Gallery has been completely transformed from its former incarnation as a bar and is now the perfect setting for Diffusion’s stylish and modern clothing collections. Diffusion boss, Gerald Bailey, started the company with his business partner, Carl Peddie, back in 1989. The business grew from a small single shop in Broad

“Wolverhampton is where it all started for us, so it’s great that we can have our flagship store in a really strong location. We’ve been in retail for many years and we know that this is the perfect place for us to take our business to the next stage,” he adds. Diffusion Online has recently been launched: - and it’s loaded with great buys from all of the brands you’ll find in store and much more.

wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013


turn back the clock, Elaine Roe, is a fully qualified, highly trained facial injection specialist who is skilled in sorting out all troublesome lines and wrinkles.

Goes Gorgeous

L to R: Owner Karen, Jacki, Emma, Kelly

You are invited to meet the girls at Pretty Woman of Tettenhall in our visually stunning and newly refurbished salon which offers its cliental a contemporary, stylish and comfortable setting to relax in peace and tranquility.

That said, the team of girls pride themselves in offering a totally professional bespoke service with the aim of enhancing a person’s natural beauty. They do this by providing excellent personal care using high-end, quality products. Karen says “we aim for perfection and how we deliver our services is a clear reflection of that.”

Pretty Woman is a successful beauty salon that has been meeting the pampering needs of their customers for over 9 years. It is situated in Lowlands Avenue, Wolverhampton and is a small and welcoming establishment that offers a relaxed, personal and friendly atmosphere. Karen, the owner, tells us her team strives for excellence whilst providing enjoyable and luxurious treatments.

The Pretty Woman salon is most definitely aesthetically pleasing; the light and airy salon provides an elegant and fresh feel with tastefully colour coded seating and professional nail bars. The salon also boasts elegant, individual beauty rooms offering privacy for the more intimate procedures such as waxing and laser teeth whitening. And, for those who are looking to

Pretty Woman of Tettenhall offers a professional, friendly service covering a vast range of essential beauty treatments using the premium products. Karen says, “We only use the best products for all of our treatments.” Recently a new spray tanning booth has been installed, ready to provide a safe golden glow for the summer months and those special evenings out. What’s more, Karen tells us there are plans well underway for a new Hair Studio which will be up and running this summer. Look out for ‘Hair by Michelle Lawley.” Karen says that she is very proud of her team “we know the importance of trust for our customers and this begins with trust in the team” she adds, “I want to thank my girls for all their hard work and their continued support. I also want to thank my dedicated customers without whom my business would not have reached its current success.” With so many exciting changes taking place at Pretty Woman, it’s no surprise that Karen is keen to take on another team member on a part-time basis. So, for any experienced nail technicians looking to become part of an established, friendly team, contact Karen at Pretty Woman on 01902 754111.

Recently Pretty Woman has received a stunning makeover courtesy of Karen’s husband, Mr Paul Dittman. Paul has succeeded in completely redesigning the premises to create a clean, sleek and spacious environment which is modern and comfortable. Karen tells us “we aim to provide our guests with total comfort and relaxation in a very informal way. My regulars know and trust me; they will tell you I have no airs and graces. What you see is what you get, we are totally comfortable and proud of who we are!” 86

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Beauty at its best, in a professional friendly salon Newly refurbished Nail Extensions by Creative Shellac Manicures Pedicures Waxing Eyelash Extensions Eye Lash and Eyebrow Tinting Spray Tanning Laser Teeth Whitening Cosmetic Facial Injections (Free consultation by a medical expert)

Train to be a Nail Technician at Pretty Woman Open Monday to Saturday

To avoid disappointment please book on 01902 754111 1A Lowlands Avenue, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton WV6 9PA


Summer Beach Body by Dave Corfield

Another summer is fast approaching and all those summer breaks will be with us far quicker than we anticipated! Every year I’m always asked “I’m going away next week, how can I get a flat stomach by the time I go?” Of course the answer is “in that time frame… with extreme difficulty!” The real solution is don’t leave it until last minute, start making the most of that gym membership now or get yourself to those classes you’ve been promising yourself to attend, then when your holiday finally gets here you’ll be in “beach condition” and ready to show off the results of all that hard work . Everybody likes to feel confident and look their best on holiday. So here are my top tips for getting a lean, toned physique you’ll be proud to show off on the beach!

1. Train smart Training smart means making the most of your time in the gym, why waste time doing single joint movements like bicep curls and leg extensions which have limited use, less muscle fibre recruitment and use less energy when you could be doing multi joint “metabolically expensive” movements like squats, clean & presses and chin ups, these multi joint - whole body movements have much more impact on both the muscles and your metabolism helping you build more muscle while simultaneously burning body fat. This holistic approach is much more effective when it comes to getting a flat stomach than doing abdominal exercises in isolation. Ask your instructor for information on this type of exercise or why not visit our website and check out some our videos for some ideas at 88

2. Plan & progress A structured workout and Progressive resistance is essential for attaining optimum results. I see lots of people come in and out of the gym with very little structure or obvious purpose, they shuffle aimlessly from one piece of kit to another taking time between each set to stare blankly at the TV or their mobile like a kind of “gym zombie” if this sounds like you then it’s time to start planning! Look at the latest workouts online or in magazines, speak to your instructors and keep a detailed training diary. This way you’ll be sure you are progressing with each workout and making the most of your valuable time.

3. Eat clean Vital to staying lean and attaining a flat stomach! I could literally write a book here but I’ll sum it up in a sentence: “eat natural nonprocessed foods and stay away from refined sugar and processed fats” if you stick to this basic rule of thumb then you can’t go far wrong. Take the majority of your diet from fruit, veg, lean meat, fish, nuts, seeds, eggs, beans & pulses, drink plenty of water. Do this and you will have low body fat levels, leaving those toned muscles you worked so hard for clearly visible.

The old adage “you are what you eat” has never been truer.

4. Stay motivated Keep in mind the reasons why you are working so hard. Keep your goals firmly placed in your mind. Imagine yourself on the beach, looking good and feeling confident. We all have days where we would much rather curl up on the sofa and relax than go to the gym and it’s at this familiar point in time where we triumph or fail. Take a minute to re-focus, think of how good you’ll feel once you have completed your workout, a curl up on the sofa post workout will feel much sweeter!

5. Seek advice Don’t be too proud to seek advice! I’m afraid men are much more guilty of this than women. We all like to give the impression we are seasoned athletes when we walk into the gym but the truth is techniques and approaches to training change frequently, our knowledge of exercise and our body’s response to it increases year on year. In my experience all it takes is a little education on how to maximise your effort and freshen your approach to exercise to revolutionise your results in the gym. Instructors are there to help and advise - use them!

To request a summer homework-out plan e-mail For more information visit our website at or text fitness on 07966 633664.

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Sugarhill Boutique Flamingo Shift £49.00

Selected Femme Rikalma Pink Top £40.00

Melissa Flip Flop £45.00

Long and Son 2 in 1 Bag £48.00

Ichi Axa Dress £45.00 Sugarhill Boutique Botanical Garden Top £37.00

Soaked in Luxury Anica Knit Cardigan £59.00

Sugarhill Boutique Lila Sky Blue Dress £49.00

LTB Peach Stretch Jeans £45.00 Ravel Lydia Metallic Shoe £40.00

grace glory W o m e n ’s Fa s h i o n B o u t i q u e

Soaked in Luxury Carla Top £39.00

5 Limes Court,Upper Green, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, 01902 750 016 89

Win £250 worth of Vouchers with This month we have teamed up with Diffusion to give one lucky reader the chance to win £250 worth of vouchers to spend at their new flagship store in Wolverhampton. Diffusion have moved to Lichfield Street into a Grade II listed building which was formerly a branch of Midland Bank and occupies a prime location in the city centre. A £500,000 re-development has seen the premises completely transformed from its former incarnation into a stylish and modern setting that compliments the feel of the store perfectly. Diffusion opened its first multi-brand store over 20 years ago and has since gone on to open several stores across the West Midlands. The company recognised the need for an online presence in an effort to reach out to new customers both locally and around the globe. As a result, the company launched its Diffusion Online website offering the very best in Fashion, Life & Style. Diffusion is a forward thinking retailer and has retained all the hallmarks and principles of services on which it was founded. To be in with a chance of winning this fabulous prize, simply answer the following question correctly.

Where in Wolverhampton is the new flagship store situated? Email your answer including your name, address and telephone number to: or on a postcard to 1 Lytham Road, Perton, Wolverhampton WV6 7YY. Entries to be received by Friday 28th June 2013. Competition Terms & Conditions: Winner will be chosen at random from all correct entries received and informed by telephone. No cash or alternative prize will be given. All entries will be forwarded to Diffusion unless requested otherwise.


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Get The Body You’ve Always Wanted At Olivia’s Beauty If you’re fed up of those stubborn fatty areas on your body that don’t seem to budge, no matter how much you diet and exercise, then you’ll be pleased to hear that Olivia’s Beauty has got just the solution you’ve been looking for - i-Lipo. Salon owner, Fiona Brooks answers your questions. Q. What is i-Lipo? A. i-Lipo is a revolutionary new laser treatment that offers clients an alternative to invasive liposuction surgery. There is no anesthesia required because i-Lipo is completely pain free. It doesn’t bruise and there’s no risk of infections, because it’s a non-invasive treatment. You don’t need to allow any time for recuperation, because its non-surgical. Q. How does it work? A. i-Lipo works by emitting low levels of laser energy which targets fat cells in the body via a chemical signal, so that they can be broken down

and then burned off during a short period of exercise after treatment. Q. Is it safe? A. The procedure is completely safe - it’s non-surgical and it has been fully approved by the FDA. i-Lipo is suitable for use on all skin types and doesn’t damage any of the body’s tissue, cells or organs. Q. What results should I expect? A. Results can be seen immediately after treatment. You can typically expect to see a 2-4cm reduction in fat on your abdomen with every treatment. A course of 8 treatments is recommended over 4 weeks with 2 treatments per week. Q. Can i-Lipo be used on any part of the body? A. Yes. Arms, legs, bottoms, thighs, tummys, hips and even double chins all benefit from i-Lipo. Q. How much does an i-Lipo treatment cost? A. £299.00 for a course of 8 sessions.

Present this editorial and get 10% discount off i-Lipo 8 session treatment. (First treatment to be booked by 4th July 2013)

Sit back, relax and be pampered with our extensive range of facial, massage, nail, beauty treatments and much more!



Choose from: • Shellac nails • Acrylic nail extentions • Eyebrow wax and tint with eyelash tint • Pedicure • 30 minute facial • 30 minute neck back & shoulder massage • Waxing special (half leg, underarm & bikini wax) • Weekend lashes (individual bulb lashes that last up to 5 days) • Spray tan Treatments must be taken by one person, all on the same day with the exception of the spray tan, this can be taken later on in the week. Please mention offer at time of booking. Valid until 6th July 2013.

For further details or to book any beauty treatments please call 01902 335355 50a Warstones Road, Penn, Wolverhampton WV4 4LP


Get Gorgeous, Glowing Skin - Whatever Your Age By Helen Taylor

We all want our skin to stay looking young, fresh and flawless for as long as possible. That’s why it’s important to establish a skincare regime that works, and then stick to it. No matter how old you are, it’s never too late to start. Here’s our guide to looking after your skin, whatever your age.

In your late 20s and early 30s… Protect your skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays by using a specially formulated day cream that is guaranteed to safeguard your skin. Always cleanse, tone, exfoliate and moisturise to make the most of your complexion.

In your late 30s and early 40s… Once you hit your mid thirties you may start to notice the earliest signs of ageing - such as laughter lines, frown lines or wrinkles around the lips. Use an eye cream daily to treat and postpone the onset of fine lines around sensitive areas and select a richly moisturising night cream to keep both face and neck thoroughly nourished. It’s essential at this time in your life to commit to paying real attention to looking after your skin, so as to ensure it looks younger and more youthful in years to come.

In your late 50s and early 60s… A dull complexion is common in your 60s. Owing to a build-up of dead skin cells due to the skin’s inability to renew itself, the surface can be left looking uneven and lifeless. So regular exfoliation is essential. Not only will this reveal fresher looking skin, but you will also be creating the ideal base on which to apply your anti-ageing products, ensuring they are absorbed deep into the layers of your dermis. Though be careful not to scrub or use an exfoliant that is too harsh, as this can damage thinning skin already suffering from a reduction in collagen and elastin fibres.

In your late 60s, early 70s and beyond… As skin is much more demanding at this time of life, it can be hard to manage dry skin and the more established signs of ageing. It is essential to build on the routine you have established throughout previous years by continuing to spend time putting back what ageing takes out. Use intensive and targeted anti-ageing day creams and try face oils at night that will penetrate deep into the skin to provide much needed hydration.


'Image courtesy of Clinique'

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Varied Range of Jewellery, Shrugs & Fascinators also Available Available in various colours with matching handbag

Many Brands Available: Bronx, United Nude, Riva, Irregular Choice, Lotus, Laceys, Ellie.d, Cefalu, Fitflop & many more

Unisex Salon Hair Colour - Design - Cut - Styling - Hair Extensions

CREDIT CRUNCH OFFERS From only £10 Wash n blowdry/set £10 add a colour extra £10, add a cut extra £10

Only £30 for a cut, colour, wash and blow/dry Available on Wednesdays and Thursdays

CLIPPER CUTS from £5 Specialising in Hair Extensions – Call for a Free Consulation

Please mention this advert at time of booking and present on appointment

To book please call 01902 765975 1a Brantley Avenue, Finchfield, Wolverhampton WV3 9AP London • New York • Melbourne • Paris • Sydney • Wolverhampton


Amazing Hair at

If you want great hair, then you’ve got to find a salon that’s got the Wow factor. Helen Taylor explains. There’s no better way to start the weekend than with a little pampering, so I decided to book into Penn’s newest salon, for a wash and blow dry. I’d been keen to get a look inside Wow since it opened last September and I wasn’t disappointed when I stepped inside. The salon is stylish, modern, well-designed and surprisingly large. Spread over two floors, there are dedicated areas for both hair and beauty. The hair salon takes up most of the ground floor space, along with a nail station that’s fully stocked with everything needed to get hands and feet looking gorgeous. Upstairs, there are several welldecorated private therapy rooms that are used for facials, body massage, spray tanning and waxing. Keen to get on with my consultation, I sat down with my stylist, Natalie, and discussed the look that I wanted for my hair. With Saturday night in mind, I was keen to find a glamorous style that would be perfect for my night-out but have the staying power to last all evening - that’s something that’s quite hard to achieve when you’ve got long, straight hair. Fortunately Natalie knew just what I wanted and recommended a voluminous, wavy blow-dry. Before getting started, she treated my hair to a replenishing conditioning treatment from Wow’s professional expert hair-care range, Kerastase. With the treatment on, I was left to relax with a coffee and magazine for five minutes before it was time to get the product washed off and head over to the other side of the salon for my blow dry. Sharing all of her tricks of the trade, Natalie gave me lots of advice on how to get the best out of my hair at home. She recommended products that would work well for my hair type and went into great detail explaining how exactly I should use them to get the finish that I wanted. The end result was amazing - perfectly full, glamorous wavy locks that would look great with my little black dress. Natalie had captured exactly the style I was after and the best part was that it lasted all night long.


wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

Hair. Tanning. BeauTy. nails.

Welcoming Nicole, Nat and Sophie (Formerly Toni & Guy) to our Penn salon

20% OFF


For Wolverhampton West magazine readers when you present this advert. *Offer valid on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only until 26th June 2013 and does not include hair/beauty products or hair extensions. Please mention offer at time of booking.




Virgin aCTiVe

558 - 560 Penn Road Penn Wolverhampton WV4 4HU T: 01902 343220

92 Wolverhampton Road Birches Bridge Codsall WV8 1PE T: 01902 840062

140 Cannock Road

Broadlands Stafford Road Wolverhampton WV10 6TA T: 01902 623931

Walk out with the

Wolverhampton WV10 8PX T: 01902 861451

factor 95

Sunshine Styles By Helen Taylor Look girly and glamorous this season by embracing all of those feminine fashion trends which encapsulate the feeling of spring.

Pastel shades, ice-cre am hues and floral prints look gre at on sunny days, so be adventurous with colour and enjoy brightening up your style re ady for the summer months to come. Model wears: Yumi’s spring and summer collection. See in store or online for prices.


Model wears: Yumi’s spring and summer collection. See in store or online for prices.

Model wears: Yumi’s spring and summer collection. See in store or online for prices. Model wears: Yumi’s spring and summer collection. See in store or online for prices.

wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

Isabella Peach Jeans £45. LBT at Grace and Glory

Milly Sheer Top £35. Selected Femme at Grace and Glory

Shirt £54.99. Fever London Trousers £35. House of Fraser

Great Plains Frill Top £35. Boutiqued Bridgnorth

Nude Shoes £40. Lotus at Lily’s of Shifnal

Shoes £84.99. Bronx at Lily’s of Shifnal

Dress £79. Monsoon

Armani Purse £85. Diffusion

Armani Handbag £159. Diffusion

Armani Jeans Logo Shoe £145. Armani at Diffusion Exclusively at T.A. Henn in Wolverhampton

‘Last chance to buy this set’ ‘New Spring/Summer Collection’

Buy the Necklace & Bracelet and T.A Henn offers the Earrings free.

Necklace £89, Bracelet £75, Earrings £49.

Necklace £109, Bracelet £55, Earrings £32.

Exclusively at T.A. Henn, in Wolverhampton’

Exclusively at T.A. Henn, in Wolverhampton.

The images used in this article are readily available in various places on the internet and are believed to be in the public domain. Wolverhampton West magazine claims no credit for them unless otherwise noted. If you own the rights to any of the images, or if any content appearing in Wolverhampton West magazine infringes on your copyright, please notify us and they will be promptly removed.


Don’t Forget “Private” Is Another Choice! Why Wait? With ever-growing waiting lists on the NHS for many procedures, and in some cases the procedure no longer being available, getting treated privately may be more affordable than you think. Our services are available to everyone, whether you have private healthcare or are paying for yourself, so next time you visit your GP with a problem that needs to be seen quickly, efficiently and with clinical excellence, don’t hesitate to ask to be referred to your local private Nuffield Health Wolverhampton Hospital for your consultation and treatment. There are 3 ways of paying for your treatment here at the Nuffield: PAY VIA MEDICAL HEALTH INSURANCE You may have medical health insurance that is provided by your employer or you may have your own private healthcare policy. We have arrangements with many insurance companies, BUPA, AXA PPP, Aviva Healthcare, PRU Health, Cigna Healthcare, to name but a few that will allow you to choose to have your treatment here. This treatment is then paid for through your private medical insurance. However, it’s important that you liaise closely with your insurance provider before and throughout your treatment. PAYING FOR YOURSELF Self-pay provides the opportunity to get the diagnosis or treatment you need without the wait, allowing you rapid access to the

clinics and treatments available, giving you peace of mind and reassurance. You can pay for your treatment as a one off tailored, fixed payment even if you don’t have private medical insurance. PAY BY MEDICAL LOAN In some circumstances you can arrange an interest-free* personal medical loan to pay for your treatment. First Medical Loans, our recommended finance provider, offers you a different way to cover the costs of your treatment. They will help you work out what the best options are, enabling you to go ahead with your treatment without a delay or worrying about payment. With an interest-free* loan there is no deposit required and you simply pay back the cost of your treatment with 6 or 10 equal monthly payments, completely interest free. For more information on loans please visit or call 0845 618 5375 to speak to an advisor. In some locations and for some procedures we have agreements in place with local NHS authorities to provide treatments in our hospitals. Ask your GP about the availability of these under the NHS choices scheme – www. Choosing us for your treatment means you are selecting state-ofthe-art healthcare, in a spotlessly clean environment, with the most professional nurses and dedicated specialists. We have a dedicated and personable matron, who ensures the highest of standards throughout the hospital. Over the last 12 months the hospital, which is located in

6.5 acres of extensive mature grounds, has undergone a £1 million refresh programme creating a modern, comfortable relaxed environment with the installation of the latest safety features – such as advanced nurse call systems and refreshing the operating theatres. There are 39 private rooms, each complete with a flat screen TV, wi-fi and en-suite facilities. We have on-site physiotherapy with our therapists being leaders in their field and can provide you all you need to help you with pain relief and rehabilitation for a wide range of conditions. The hospital also has an onsite pharmacy and pathology department and an imaging department capable of providing X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, ultrasound and the latest digital mammography equipment. IN OUR HOSPITAL YOU CAN EXPECT: • Matron-led care with a dedicated, friendly nursing team • Clean, comfortable surroundings • Consultant-led care throughout your stay • A personal care plan • Easy and convenient preadmission service • Complete follow-up care So having private treatment may be easier than you think and it is reassuring to know that there is a top-notch and thoroughly refreshed alternative on your doorstep! Don’t wait any longer than you need for the best medical care. Call us today on 01902 267631.

This article was provided by The Nuffield Health Group 98

wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

What are you

waiting for?

At Nuffield Health, we wait for you If you’re waiting for an operation or the operation you need is no longer available on the NHS, talk to us today. Your local private hospital is affordable and accessible both for customers with private medical insurance and for those who wish to pay themselves. Here’s what you can expect from Nuffield Health: • rapid access to consultations, x-rays and treatment • see the same Consultant throughout your entire treatment • matron led nursing care • first class treatment and clinical standards • private, ensuite rooms • financing options available through First Medical Loans* *All loans subject to status. Exclusions apply. 0% APR typical. There will be a £55 admin charge. Please visit for more information.

Don’t wait any longer. Call today on 01902 267631 wolverhampton_218x140_ad.indd 1

18/04/2013 15:01:00


Combatting The Summer Sniffles to restore vitality and alleviate the symptoms of allergic reactions for over 2,500 years. By inserting fine needles into specific points on the body, acupuncture can stimulate the body’s own healing response due to the significant effect it has on modulating the immune system.

Say goodbye to annoying sniffles and hay fever this summer. The long awaited summer is just around the corner but unfortunately this is not good news for everyone. For 20% of the UK population who suffer from hay fever, the irritating symptoms of the allergy will make for a miserable time of year. Acupuncture has been used in China and other eastern cultures

The sun may be shining outside but it is just as important to feel the heat from our internal sunshine. Acupuncture can have a very positive effect on lifting mood and emotion, and if the long winter has left you feeling run-down or lethargic, let acupuncture give you a boost to lift your energy for the summer.

Oldbury Grange N U R S I N G


Caring for Life

I feel very at home at Oldbury Grange. My bedroom is furnished just the way I like it, and the food is delicious. Everyone is so kind and helpful, and there are plenty of activities to keep me busy.

Oldbury, Nr Bridgnorth, Shropshire WV16 5LW

Tel 01746 768586 Award Winning Care


wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

New Treatment Provides Effective Relief From Shoulder Pain Recently published research conducted in Belgium* has shown very positive results for a new form of shoulder rehabilitation. The experiment involved two groups of patients suffering with shoulder impingement syndrome; a general term given to many painful shoulder conditions, including tendonitis, capsulits and bursitis. One group of patients received a traditional form of rehabilitation including soft tissue massage, stretching and strengthening exercises. The other group received a new exercise rehabilitation programme called Motor Control. After ten weeks the patients who had received the new Motor Control rehabilitation programme showed significant improvement in their

pain and arm movements, whereas those patients receiving the traditional rehabilitation treatment showed no improvement. It has long been understood that most shoulder pain is due to problems with the muscles that support the joint (the rotator cuff), or the muscles that move the shoulder blade. Traditionally the focus of treatment has been to increase the strength and flexibility of these muscles. In many patients, particularly those with long standing pain or very severe problems, this does not work. In light of recent research the problem is now thought to be not with the strength or flexibility of the muscles themselves, but with the way in which the brain controls the muscles. The Motor Control approach therefore uses

exercises which train the brain to work properly again, rather than the muscles. Typically this involves performing the exercises at home for two minutes, twice a day, with the occasional visit to a clinic for monitoring. If you would like more information about this please email Daniel at *Scapular focused treatment in patients with shoulder impingement syndrome: a randomised clinical trial. Clinical Rheumatology (2013) 32:73-85

Daniel Bailey works in private practice (, as well as lecturing nationally and consulting for organisations such as Wolves FC and Team GB.

Treatment for musculo-skeletal pain

Evening appointments

Cranial Osteopathy for children

Free parking

Male and female practitioners

Online booking available

Tel: 01902 332200





Tom Casey BSc (Hons), MCHS, SRCH Margaret Kennedy BSc (Hons), MCHS, SRCH

Treatments for: Nails, callus, corns, verrucas Diabetic & arthritic feet Heel and forefoot pain Ingrown toenails & nail surgery Functional & biomechanical issues Conditions needing orthotics/insoles

• Friendly Personal Service • Medical Centre Facilities • Secure Parking • Disabled Access • Centrally located • Home Visits Available Presentations & talks are available to interested groups.


We have now re-located our Wolverhampton Surgery to: 13a Park Avenue Wolverhampton WV1 4AH For an appointment in our refurbished modern surgery please call Tom Casey on 07828 613165 For other surgery appointments please call or visit: Evenett & Bishop Opticians 67 High Street Albrighton WV7 3JA 01902 372141 Six Ways Clinic 24 Birmingham Road Walsall WS1 2LT 01922 622521

wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

Tom’s Tip: Heel Pain? Heel pain is also known as ‘policeman’s heel’.

Causes of heel pain •

Biomechanical problems (walking abnormalities) are a major cause of plantar fasciitis.

Tight plantar fascia (this is often caused by tight calf muscles).

Excessive flattening of the arch on weight bearing.

Excessive pronation (rolling in of the foot too much)

Obesity is a major cause of plantar fasciitis. Which is why this condition is common in middle aged and over weight adults.

Symptoms include a dull ache which is felt most of the time with episodes of a sharp pain in the centre of the heel or on the inside margin of the heel.

A sudden increase in weight, such as pregnancy can also lead to plantar fasciitis.

A sudden increase in walking or a sporting activity can also be a contributing factor.

Often the pain is worse on first rising in the morning and after rest and is aggravated by prolonged weight bearing & thin soled shoes.

Standing for long periods at work.

The most common cause of heel pain is plantar fasciitis which is commonly referred to as a heel spur. The plantar fascia is a broad band of fibrous tissue which runs along the bottom surface of the foot, from the heel to the toes. Plantar fasciitis is a condition in which the plantar fascia is inflamed. This condition can be very painful and cause considerable amount of suffering.

There are several conditions which may cause pain under the heel.


Osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, fractured heel bone, bursitis, neuritis, oedema, circulatory issues, poly and fibromyalgia are but a few.

Treatment options for heel pain Orthotics (insoles)- One of the most effective treatment options. This comes with Stretching exercises for plantar fascia and calf muscles. NSAIDs (Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) may also be prescribed by your chiropodist/podiatrist or doctor. Plantar Fascia night splints, Steroid/local anaesthetic injection and surgery are further treatment options.

Thomas Casey Chiropodist/Podiatrist HPC registered


The Wolverhampton hip and knee clinic has been developed to provide modern, comprehensive and evidence based treatment for all hip and knee disorders. Mr David Simpson is an established and experienced Consultant orthopaedic surgeon. He is the leading regional exponent of custom made, personalised ‘Signature’ knee replacements.


Areas of expertise: - Hip and knee arthritis - Hip and knee replacements - Custom made patient specific ‘Signature’ knee replacements - Sports Injuries - Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction surgery - Cartilage surgery - Tibial osteotomy / realignment surgery

To book an appointment or for further details please contact: The Wolverhampton Hip and Knee Clinic, Nuffield Health Hospital, Wood Road, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, WV6 8LE Tel: 01902 754177 ext. 2391, 01902 793225 or visit:


Swimming Advert 218x140mm_Layout 1 19/04/2013 15:49 Page 1

Faceb ook


Learn to Swim

with Get Set Swimming Lessons • Non-swimmers/beginners to advanced techniques and lengths • Qualified and experienced instructors • Short 30 minute sessions to ensure concentration is at its optimum • Reasonable class sizes to ensure good quality instruction • All sessions lifeguarded to ensure complete safety of you or your child • Seated spectator area so you can watch your child progress • Courses run during both term time and school holidays to ensure continual progression

Cheslyn Hay Leisure Centre

01922 417790

Codsall Leisure Centre

01902 844032

Penkridge Leisure Centre

01785 714152

Wombourne Leisure Centre

01902 898202 104

wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

prizes, goody bags of your choice… and then Jammy Jammy Splodgers - the premier party Splodgers clear away the party mess - leaving you planners - offer bespoke packages for children to enjoy the rest of the day! We’re ready to put our of all ages. Working with the best entertainers vast experience and creativity to use and will happily tailor any party to your child’s individual needs. around, Jammy Splodgers deliver a service You can also take advantage of our Wolverhampton that suits both you and your budget. We want you to enjoy the party as much as the children, so we do absolutely everything for you! Our most popular party package includes: full room set up with decorations and tableware, a two hour party run by Jammy Splodgers, entertainment of your choice, face painting and glitter tattoos, music with games and

West offer of £25.00 off a full party package! We love what we do so much and are always adding extra services, such as: entertainment for children at weddings and special occasions, soft-play equipment hire, bell tent hire and local Holiday Workshops.

For the full range of what we offer please or take a look at our website Contact Leanne on 07736 000722 or Katie on 07882 247525 or you can e-mail us on

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Glorious Glass House With over 20 years of floristry experience, The Glass House in Wolverhampton offers floral arrangements with inspiration, passion and imagination at the forefront of every creation.

contemporary look. We do flowers for major corporate events through to a simple posy as a gift for someone you care for.” Bespoke, handcrafted wedding flowers are The Glass House’s forte, and there’s even free local delivery.

Fresh flowers are integral to every design; The Glass House has a unique flower arrangement for every occasion, and at a reasonable price. “My aim is to re-ignite and enthuse our customers’ passion for fresh quality flowers and designs, whilst offering exceptional customer service” says Paul Jones, founder of the Glass House. “There’s a discount loyalty card scheme for regular visitors, and styles range from traditional to a more

In addition to the floral collections, there’s a range of accompanying gifts including helium balloons, scented candles, glassware and greeting cards for all occasions. Based overlooking Bantock Park in Bradmore, The Glass House has customer parking so that visitors can spend time browsing and getting the perfect flowers for every occasion. Where passion, imagination and design and the care of customers are priority – visit The Glass House and see for yourself.

The Glass House, 15 Broad Lane, Bradmore, Wolverhampton WV3 9BN. Telephone 01902 335443. Go to:

Mathematics Tutoring Personal tuition by qualified teacher committed to providing quality educational support. Help with: A-Level Maths & Further Maths Core, Further Pure, Statistics, Mechanics & Decision GCSE Mathematics University Entrance Exams: Cambridge and Oxford 11+ and 13+ Grammar School entrance examinations For more information contact:

07957 290974 visit:

Based in Finchfield


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Newbridge Preparatory School – 75 Years of Education Excellence their education into a senior school is not predetermined.

As a Preparatory School, preparing girls for a variety of Senior School Entrance Examinations is always an integral part of our curriculum. Our aim is to help parents to be in a position to choose from a range of senior schools and enable each girl to find the very ‘best’ senior school for herself as an individual. As a ‘standalone’ preparatory school which is not tied into a senior school, we are truly ‘independent’. Here at Newbridge Preparatory School, we believe that we can serve the best interests of our children because the next step of

We consider that it is only when your daughter reaches Years 5 and 6, that you will be in the best position to see how she has developed and select a senior school that is best suited to her personality, interests and academic abilities. This is the perfect time to begin the decision making process about which senior school will be right for her. Parents who choose ‘all through’ schools (2-18 or 7-18 years old) are in reality making this decision many years earlier; at a time when no-one can foresee how their child will develop. We are always mindful, that in addition to academic criteria, many of the selective schools also look for successes and talents in other areas; especially if scholarships are being sought.

Ranked 17th in the Top 100 Independent Preparatory Schools in England (2012)

It is important therefore to ensure that each girl is involved in extracurricular activities and have additional interests beyond the classroom. We pride ourselves on developing well-rounded individuals. Newbridge Preparatory School offers children an educational experience which prepares them for their transition into the most suitable senior school at 11+. We provide an education, balanced between academic work, music, sport, and the arts, and enable each child to develop to the best of their potential. COME AND SEE WHAT WE HAVE TO OFFER YOUR CHILD – Prospective Parents’ Open Day Friday 7th June 2013. Please contact the school to book an appointment – 01902 751088.

Inspiring Individuals - Daring to dream it Working to achieve it


Tel: 01902 751088

Celebrating 75 Years of Education Excellence



Education and Schooling by Martyn Long - Headmaster of Tettenhall College

Although the consultation over the new national curriculum has now closed, the many issues raised about what students should study will continue to be debated until its introduction in September 2014. A recent blog by Pete Henshaw, editor of SecEd an educational newspaper, highlighted some important issues which form the basis of my thoughts this month. Many of the new, shorter and fact-led programmes of study have caused controversy within education circles, with concerns raised across many subject areas. Dr Matthew Wilkinson, who leads a group of academics, teachers and employers that develop humanities education called the Curriculum for Cohesion has said that the new history proposals are “narrow” and their “nationalistic” thrust could have “far-reaching consequences” for our country. Primary pupils are not to be taught about “puberty” in the science curriculum – despite the fact that the average child starts puberty at 11 (sometimes as young as 8). The key stage 3 (pupils aged 11 to 14) science curriculum does not include sexual health and disease, contraception, adolescence or hormones. The new computing curriculum, where the Department for Education (DfE) made more than 50 changes to the programme of study that had been drafted by the expert steering panels, caused much frustration within the sector. 108

Citizenship has also proved controversial, as campaigners were left frustrated at the programme of study’s focus on volunteering and its complete failure to mention human rights. Teachers have raised concerns that the new curriculum seems to be obsessed with facts without enough emphasis on skills such as critical-thinking or problem-solving. Elsewhere, a letter written last week by a state secondary teacher arguing against the curriculum reforms has gathered signatories at a very fast rate. It was penned after a letter in the Independent signed by 100 academics challenging the wisdom behind the reforms received a dismissive response from education secretary Michael Gove, who labelled them “bad academia”. Elizabeth Truss, Parliamentary under secretary of state for education and childcare says that the point of the consultation is to hear all of these debates and makes the following case; “Rather than the current detailed specifications for each subject, the new national curriculum is a framework; core content around which schools can build their own school curricula and their ethos for how their pupils are taught. We are simply laying the trellises, defining the borders and marking out the footpaths. The way the garden will grow is down to teachers. Because pupils are not inspired by dry statements devised in Whitehall but by living people in their classrooms explaining why things are important or interesting. We are determined to combine exacting standards about where students should be at key points in their schooling with much greater freedom for schools. We have specified the “what” at a high level, but believe that the “how” is very much the professional responsibility of teachers.”

Her points seem reasonable and valid at face value, but holding consultations is very different to taking notice of the concerns raised by them and is a 10-week consultation enough to consider the implications of changing our entire national curriculum? You could also argue that if the layout of the trellises is wrong, the boarders are inappropriate and the footpaths lead in the wrong direction that even the most gifted teachers in the world will not be able to produce a beautiful garden. I agree that giving teachers the freedom to decide the “how” is of great importance, but getting the “what” correct is not at all easy or straightforward and so I sincerely hope that the DfE will take on board the experts’ concerns voiced during the consultation. Confidence in this, however, is not inspired by the education secretary’s unambiguous views on what should be taught or his response to the 100 academics opinions. Tettenhall College is an Independent Co-educational School for pupils aged 2 to 18.

wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

classroom. That is why at Tettenhall College recent weeks have seen a Mathematics, Business and Technology Faculty trip to Prague, a choir tour to Frankfurt and a rugby and netball tour to Oxford.

A Rich Diversity Of Education At Tettenhall College As Tettenhall College enters its 150th year there has never been a better time to come and visit to find out more about the school and its exciting plans for the future. Tettenhall College is an independent co-educational school for 2 to 18

year olds with pupils of all ages benefiting from its enviable reputation for outstanding pastoral care and meeting the needs of the individual. Successful education requires engaging and varied learning experiences. Well planned lessons delivered by first class teachers are vital ingredients for any school but not all learning takes place in the

Pupils across the whole age range and ability spectrum achieve exceptional academic results year on year, with Sixth Form students gaining entry to the universities of their choice. Top scholars gain straight A*s and A grades to enable entry to universities such as Cambridge, Bristol, UCL and other prestigious institutions. Tettenhall College has a strong tradition of excellence in Art, Music, Drama and Sport. Academic scholarships are therefore supported by a number of scholarships in these areas also. We offer families the opportunity to have a personal tour of the school throughout the term. If you would like to take advantage of a tour or require further information please contact Annabelle Addison in our Admissions Office on (01902) 793002/751119 or email


Historic Appointment Opens A New Chapter For Grammar School A leading independent school has written a new chapter in its long and distinguished history by appointing its first female head teacher in more than 500 years of providing excellence in education. Kathy Crewe-Read is set to join Wolverhampton Grammar School from The King’s School, Chester. She will take up her post in September following the retirement of the current Head, Vincent Darby.

as a leading twenty-first century educational establishment.”

fundraising campaign which has recently seen donations exceed £1million, enabling it to forge ahead with a ground breaking capital development programme. “Wolverhampton Grammar School has a wonderful history stretching back to the 16th Century, a heritage we are all extremely proud of,” comments Mr Philip Sims, Chair of WGS Board. “However it is also an aspirational school which revels in managing change. The appointment of Mrs Crewe-Read will enable us to drive on with our plans to ensure it retains its local pre-eminence

Mrs Crewe-Read is Wolverhampton Grammar School’s 34th Head, and the first woman to be appointed to the post. She is married to Mark who is Deputy Head at Manchester Grammar School. They have two children, Amicia and Theo. Vincent Darby, current Head of WGS, said of the appointment: “Though of course I am extremely sad to be leaving a school which I have been a part of for the past five years, I am heartened in the knowledge that I will be handing over to someone of the calibre of Kathy. “This has been a wonderfully exciting time for the WGS Foundation. I am proud to have helped steer the school through its 500th anniversary and I know the school is in extremely safe hands as it continues on into its next 500 years.”

Chair, Philip Sims (right) welcomes Kathy Crewe-Read to WGS.

Mrs Crewe-Read, who has been Deputy Head at King’s since 2009, studied Pure Mathematics at Aberystwyth before gaining her teaching qualification at Durham University. “There is a positive energy about WGS that I felt on my very first visit to the school,” she comments. “This is clearly founded on great mutual respect between staff and pupils and forms the life blood of a vibrant learning community. “I am delighted to have been appointed to the Headship of such a school and am looking forward to September enormously. The appointment of Mrs CreweRead is the latest in a series of exciting developments that have taken place at the school over recent years. Last year, the Wolverhampton based school which was founded during the reign of King Henry VIII, celebrated its 500th anniversary and as part of the activities to mark its quincentenary, WGS opened a brand new junior school and launched a major 110

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Social Scene









Pretty Woman Tettenhall 1. Brian & Sam Saunders 2. Emma Saunders, Jade Saunders & Daniel Hallam 3. Jacqui Jeavons,Tracy Doughty, Christine Goodman & Kaylie Jeavons 4. Jasmine Dhaliwal, Manjit Dhaliwal, Christine O’Neill, Catherine O’Neill & Paul O’Neill



Pretty Woman beauty salon in Tettenhall has received a stunning makeover courtesy of Karen’s husband, Mr Paul Dittman. Family, friends and customers were invited to celebrate the official opening in style.

Social Scene Sponsored by

5. Pat Truran & Sandra Dainty 6. Jessica Ross, Kate Donakey, Jen Ross & Sarah Wilson 7. Marie Heppell & Sarah Roberts 8. Kirsty & Tracy Jackson 9. Paul & Salon owner Karen Dittman 10. Kelly & Jack Dittman 112

Wolverhampton Hospital The leading provider of private healthcare You couldn’t be in better hands! Call customer services on 01902 793259

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Social Scene 3









The Grand Theatre Driving Miss Daisy 1. Helen McWilliams & Gary McWilliams (Halesowen) 2. Janet Dent & Michael Whitehouse (Wolverhampton)

10 Stars of Driving Miss Daisy, Gwen Taylor, Don Warrington & Ian Porter share a post-show drink with Friends of The Grand at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre on Tuesday 9th April. 6. Paula Astbury (Darlaston), Ian Porter (Boolie Werthan), Josephine Hyde (Aldridge)

3. Jane Rose (Cannock) & Diana Jones (Cannock)

7. Jim Hulme, Pat Hulme (Wolverhampton) Paul & Karen Hill (Pelsall)

4. Richard Lloyd (Stoke), Don Warrington (Hoke Holburn), Alan Menkin (Walsall)

8. Kath Guest (Tettenhall), Jennefer Marston, Alison Norton (Wolverhampton) & Paul Martson

5. Pamela Buchner (Himley), Neil Patterson (Actor – Understudy), Malcolm Crisp (Himley), Pat Crisp (Actress - Understudy)

9. Les & Margaret Millington (Coseley) Don & Anne Jackson (Newport)

10. Brian Wilde (Oldbury) & Gwen Taylor (Daisy Werthan) 113

Social Scene 2







Diffusion Wolverhampton Diffusion officially opened their new flagship store following a ÂŁ500,000 re-development of the Grade II listed building in Lichfield Street, Wolverhampton, with a champagne reception. Over 250 guests attended including invited celebrity guests, Jermain Defoe, Ian Wright and Wolves legend Steve Bull.

Looking for advice on cosmetic surgery?

Book a FREE 10 minute one-to-one chat with a consultant at our next cosmetic events on Tuesday 25 June 2013 and Wednesday 17th July 2013. Please call 0845 603 4346 to book your place.


1. 2. 3. 4.

Steve & Kirsty Bull & Phil Oaten Lauren Hughes, Rav Rayet & Kelly Shaw Jack Purdie, Jon Purdie & David Wells Georgia Edwards, Carol Colley, Ami Jones, Kirsty Thomas & Danielle Hansell 5. Peter Smith, Steve Compton, Maria Malleady & David Wareing 6. David & Helen Peters, Simon & Sarah Bowdler 7. Tedrick Bailey, Junior Cross, Duane Young & Jayson O’Kelly 8. Christine Goodman, Melissa Bradford & Sue Cooper 9. John, Amelie & Magali Henn 10. Carl Peddie, James Swash & Gez Bailey 11. Isabelle Wells & Emma Rigby 12. Charlotte Hathaway & Cate Davies 13. Kerrie Thomas & Shauna Jackson 14. Jermain Defoe & Ian Wright 15. Anita Samuels, Durand Bailey & Maureen Brown 16. Helen Taylor & Vicky Smith 17. Shak Akhtar & Hasan Akhtar 18. Matt Hickman & Adam Henshaw wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

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18 115

Specialists at Your Service

Andyman Services Full Home and Garden Service Specialising in Fitted Kitchens and Bathrooms (supply and/or fitting only)

Also En Suites, Plastering, Door Hanging, Laminate Flooring, Wall & Floor Tiling, Patios, Decking & Fencing, Garden Clearance, Gutter Cleaning & Repair, Loft Hatches & Boarding, Outside Taps, Shed Roof Repairs and much more.

Are you looking for a Specialist Service for your Home?

ALL WORK GUARANTEED! Call Andy Corfield on:

01902 567232 / 07961 593160

Then look at pages 116 to 118 for local tradesmen and services…


OUR TRADEMARK IS EXCELLENCE Domestic Commercial Industrial Established over 10 years

Office & Showroom, “The Ballroom” 16 Station Road, Albrighton WV7 3QG

All electrical work undertaken

• Rewires

• Security Systems

• Mains Upgrades

• Periodic Testing

• Fire Alarms

• Garden Lighting & Power

• Data & Phone Points

• Showers

• Portable Appliance Testing

To arrange a free, no obligation, quotation

CALL US FIRST 01902 374831 Email:


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PAINTERS & DECORATORS Interior and Exterior All work guaranteed. Reliable. No job too small. FREE QUOTES. City and Guilds Qualified. Call Kevin on:

01902 784879 07989151412 or John on :

01922 495369 07791 415181 Camrose Gardens, Pendeford, Wolverhampton


NEW SHOWROOM NOW OPEN! Hollybush Garden Centre Warstone Road, Shareshill Wolverhampton WV10 7LX

One Stop Building Services All types of building work undertaken from a garden gate to a housing estate and everything in between. • Family run business based in Cannock • Established over 15 years • Good honest workmanship


The preferred choice for building and extension work in The West Midlands We’re proud of our achievements, view our completed projects at: For your free estimate please call 01543 or email:




502500 AFTER


SKIP HIRE • Small, medium & builders skips with doors • Local company • Established for over 22 years • Built from recommendations • Fast, friendly & reliable

» » » » »

30 Years Experience Fully Insured Trusted, Reliable & Honest Competitive Rates NVQ Level 3

Please Tel:

01902 722876 Yard 17, Bank Street, Wolverhampton WV10 9DU

Tel: 01902 684191

Mob: 07793 589984 19 Worcester Court, Wolverhampton, WV3 7EG


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HiQ Wolverhampton Launches Crusade To Eliminate Illegal Tyres In 2011, nearly 10,000 drivers were convicted of driving on dangerous or defective tyres, while illegal tyres are responsible for one in three of all accidents. These figures are disturbing when you think that as a whole we are spending less on tyres now than ever before.

Based in Chapel Ash, HiQ Wolverhampton recently conducted its own illegal tyre audit which revealed that 20 per cent of motorists are making journeys on dangerously worn tyres below the 1.6mm minimum legal tread depth.

HiQ has now launched a crusade to help raise awareness of its free tyre check service with a new campaign which urges motorists to ‘let us check your tyres before he does’.

HiQ owner Simon Bennett has said that a record number of motorists were found to have defective tyres when checks were made on every car visiting the centre and that many drivers did not appreciate the importance of driving on reliable tyres, or the penalties associated with defective ones.

The campaign aims to encourage drivers to take advantage of HiQ’s free tyre safety check service before they get stopped and checked by the Police, something which could result in a hefty fine and points on your licence.

Simon said: “The number of illegal tyres we are coming across is staggering. We checked 500 cars and it would appear that tyres are the forgotten part of the vehicle in many motorists’ minds when in fact, it is the most important.”

t dS Lor


Alb an

Ring Road St A nd re

ape l

y Rd




Tel us about your visit and you could win vouchers worth £250 for your feedback.

Cli fto nS t

t en sc re sC ak O


Visit to find out more.



d s RR rk’ aglan S t Ma M A4150 ark sS t nd


h Bat

I Ash sla

R ale rrid Me

te ga uth So


Rd erfield Summ

West Park Hospital en ha A41 ll R d

t nS nso phe Ste

To let HiQ Wolverhampton check your tyres before the Police do call them directly on 01902 420234 or visit

at HiQ Chapel Ash How did we measure up?

Te tt

“Some vehicles we checked had three or even four defective tyres, which would amount to 12 penalty points and up to £10,000 in fines if they had been stopped and checked by the Police. It is that serious.”

Great savings

Let us check your tyres before he does.

Call in today for your free, no obligation tyre safety check.

“The prospect of penalty points on your licence, let alone the cost implications and safety element, is particularly strong and a fact that we hope will resonate with a number of people. To say we were shocked by our audit results is an understatement. We were staggered that thousands of motorists are sitting on an automotive time bomb.”





tyre prices.

Wheel alignment




We also do...Servicing, Brakes, Suspension, Exhausts, Alloy wheel refurbishment, Engine diagnostics and Nitrogen inflation.

HiQ Wolverhampton

We aim to beat any local price. Just ask!

11 Chapel Ash WV3 0UB

01902 420234 *Terms and conditions apply, please ask in-store for details. **20% off VOSA recommended retail price of £54.85 (passenger vehicles of up to 8 seats). All offers end 31st July 2013.

Tyres • Exhausts • Brakes • Batteries • Servicing • MOTS


the whole wheel, some smart repair systems only touch up the face and this simply provides a temporary resolution to the problem, we fully prepare the wheels to remove damage and corrosion, before applying a multiple extremely durable thermo treated finish, that is how our finishes last such a long time. By using such superb quality processes and bespoke equipment, I just know that the people of Wolverhampton will be blown away by the results”

Nice Car Shame About The Wheels! Are your wheels letting you down - but can’t afford to spend ££££’s on buying a new set? May will see the launch of The Wheel Specialist-Wolverhampton. Manager Stuart Richards and Steve Perry with a team of specialist technicians will be providing Wolverhampton with a top quality same day total wheel refurbishment service. “It was very important to provide the people of Wolverhampton with a business that we could be confident that every customer received the best in market products as well as great customer care. The Wheel Specialist is a rapidly growing nationwide network of franchisees providing 1000’s of customers with exactly that, I am really looking forward to getting started” says Stuart.

wheels can be transformed into their factory-fresh former selves, or try something bespoke if you fancy something a little different. With a vast range of finishes available and on display within a welcoming and comfortable showroom you will be sure to find something that is right for you. For over 30 years The Wheel Specialist have been providing quality affordable durable refurbishments to both public and trade. The company’s many clients include renowned motoring journalist and presenter of TV shows such as Top Gear and Fifth Gear, Quentin Wilson.

What makes The Wheel Specialist different? Stuart explains “What makes us different is that we can refurbish

“Having the opportunity to work at The Wheel Specialist gives me the ideal opportunity to work within a market that I have great enthusiasm for, wheel refurbishment is such a fast growing market as it covers such a great spectrum, whether you are looking for a new funky finish to give your car a unique look or simply looking to revamp your vehicle with new-look wheels The Wheel Specialist can help, we use unique products and bespoke equipment and processes to create the most durable and desirable wheel finishes” adds Steve.

So Simple… All you need to do is drive in or drop off, there is no need to be without your car for days and days you can have your new look wheels in just one day, plus they are fully guaranteed.

Breathe new life into your existing car by having your wheels professionally refurbished at The Wheel Specialist. Scuffed, curbed, corroded or damaged For an instant quote call Wolverhampton team on 01902 490118, pop in to see us at Unit 10 Echo Way, Spring Road Industrial Estate, Lanesfield Drive, Wolverhampton WV4 6UA or visit 120

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Centenary Year Of The MINI

MINI Plant Oxford is celebrating 100 years of production. And to mark the occasion, a centenary exhibition was opened at the plant’s new Visitor Centre in March. 100 years ago to the day, the plant’s first car – a “Bullnose” Morris Oxford – was built just a stone’s throw away from where the current MINI production facility stands. Back in 1913 weekly production stood at 20 vehicles, but over the years that followed the factory’s output was to grow rapidly. To date, the plant has produced over 11.65 million cars bearing the badges of 14 different brands. Some 500,000 people have worked here over the years, the workforce peaking at 28,000 in the early 1960s. Today, Plant Oxford employs 3,700 associates and builds up to 900 MINI cars every day. More than 2.25 million MINIs have rolled off the assembly line since production began.

production facility. Indeed, the stateof-the-art production equipment here provides an excellent example of how intelligent investment and British manufacturing can come together to great effect.” A helping hand from a British philanthropist It was the plant’s founder William Morris, later Lord Nuffield, who got the ball rolling. Morris was one of the country’s most respected philanthropists – in a sense, the Bill Gates of his time. In total he gave away around £11 billion (€13 billion) in today’s money. Other legacies of his work include three wings of the University of Oxford that bear his assumed title and the iron lungs he manufactured and subsequently donated to local hospitals. These ventilators did not represent the factory’s only foray into unfamiliar territory. Far from it: Tiger Moth aircraft, ambulances and parachutes were all manufactured

here at various times. However, its main business was always automotive production, and a large number of important models have rolled off the assembly line in Oxford over the course of its history – cars such as the Morris Minor, Morris Marina and Austin Maestro, as well as the classic Mini, of course. Today, the Oxford plant is home to the core of MINI production. The MINI Hatchback, Convertible, Clubman, Clubvan, Roadster and Coupé are all built here. Plus, major new investment is making its presence felt, funding the installation of around 1,000 new robots in a new bodyshop and other existing areas of the plant. This accounts for the lion’s share of the £750 million investment programme that came on stream last year with the aim of preparing the production facility for the next generation of MINI models.

This historic occasion also elicited congratulations and best wishes from arguably England’s most famous address: 10 Downing Street. “The substantial contribution which the Oxford plant has made to the British economy over the last 100 years is something all involved should be proud of,” said Prime Minister David Cameron. “MINI’s worldwide success has gone handin-hand with a rejuvenation of the 122

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BMW 330D Touring By Syd Taylor.

When BMW decided that as a mark of distinction they should not produce anything as common as an ‘estate’ car, they designated the estate variant of their 3 Series saloon a ‘Touring’ car. Having had the delight of putting the 330D Touring to the test, it has to be said that BMW consistently and unarguably hit the bullseye every time. To use refined language, the BMW 330D Tourer is a ‘belter’. From the moment one claps eyes on its prepossessing, panther-like profile, one knows that here is a machine contrived to make men out of mice and ladies out of lettuce leaves. Approach it slowly and one is immediately struck by the fact that it doesn’t just ‘sit’ on the road - it squats like a purposeful beast with a purity of form that mirrors elegant engineering. Inside, one cannot place oneself in exceeding comfort behind the steering wheel without knowing that sublime feeling of assurance that tells you all is well with the world and one is well placed to relish the best that twenty first century technology can offer. There’s roomy accommodation for five and the load capacity offers up to 1500 litres of space, making it a very useful load carrier. Versatility is the key note and there’s no better car for the busy executive or for the family holiday. Nothing will beat its potential in transporting a ton of elk meat from Stavanger to Swindon. It’s certainly a ‘feel good’ cabin of ergonomic excellence with an attractive dashboard and lots of soft touch materials.

State-of-the-art ‘head-up display’ reveals low down on the screen that one is pootling along nicely at an honest speed necessary for the obstacle ridden limits of our urban cart tracks. Sniff the open road, apply feather light pressure to the throttle and - lo and behold - you are a ‘Sun God’ in a chariot, belting along with the alacrity of a raging torrent of technological might. It goes where it’s told and is too bold for its humbled rivals - and yet there is more in store. A ‘sport’ button when depressed unleashes a jolly Pandora’s Box of pleasure: power upon power. This is a load carrier that feels like a sports car. A luxury tourer that takes off like a rocket and clings with the talons of a tiger. It’s difficult to say of any car that has a list price of £36,300 (this one had a list of ‘extras’ that totalled a whopping £11,305) that it’s a snip - but believe me, a spell behind the wheel will convince you that every pfennig is well spent. Remember - you can’t put a price on the ‘feel good factor’ nor can you compromise - as BMW clearly understand - on quality. This Touring model is ‘grand’ in every respect. And let me take the opportunity to bang the drum for rear-wheel-drive. It’s a car that doesn’t ‘pull you about’ at the wheel. It boots you from behind: in the best possible taste, of course.

With the smart key on ones person (or in ones handbag) one merely reaches out a finger to bring forth the promising refined rumble of a ‘get-you-there-quickly’ engine. The 6 cylinder, 3.0 litre, 258bhp diesel is one of the finest in Christendom and the eight speed auto box is as unobtrusive as one could wish for. Tickle the pedal and the car seems to drift forward into a motion that is more ‘willed’ than mechanically contrived - all the way to an electronically limited 155mph if you want.

Call Benham Wolverhampton on 01902 457000 to find out more and to book a test drive or visit 124

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BMW Economics

Benham Wolverhampton

The Ultimate Driving Machine

BMW Select finance representative example: BMW X1 sDrive16d Sport. Term of agreement

47 Monthly payments

On the road cash price*

Customer deposit

Dealer deposit contribution

Total deposit £7,824.00

48 months





Total amount of credit

Option to purchase fee^

Optional final payment

Total amount payable

Rate of interest





2.00% fixed

Representative 5.9% APR

THE NEWS YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR. LOW MONTHLY PAYMENTS ON THE BMW X1. With its combination of exhilarating driving dynamics and exemplary fuel economy, the new BMW X1 Sport is full of surprises. Perhaps the biggest surprise of all, though, beyond even its standard sport seats and 17" alloy wheels, is how affordable you’ll find each monthly payment. To find out more or to arrange a test drive†, visit

Benham Wolverhampton Lever Street, Wolverhampton West Midlands WV2 1AD 01902 457000


Official fuel economy figures for the BMW X1 range: Urban 39.2-54.3mpg (7.2-5.2l/100km).Extra Urban 55.4-68.9mpg (5.1-4.1l/100km). Combined 47.9-62.8mpg (5.9-4.5/100km). CO2 emissions 154-119g/km.

Offer available on new BMW X1 models ordered between 01 April 2013 and 30 June 2013 and registered by 30 September 2013, subject to availability. Finance example is based on a BMW Select agreement for the model stated a BMW X1 sDrive16d Sport with a contract mileage of 32,000 miles and an excess mileage charge of 5.70 pence per mile. *On the road cash price is based on manufacturer’s recommended retail price and includes 3 year BMW Dealer Warranty, BMW Emergency Service, 12 months’ road fund licence, vehicle first registration fee, delivery, number plates and VAT. ^Option to purchase fee and optional final payment payable at the end of the agreement if you decide to purchase the vehicle. Excess mileage charges and vehicle condition charges may be payable if you return the vehicle. Prices are correct at time of publication (May 2013) and are subject to change without notice. Retail customers only. Finance is subject to credit acceptance and available to over 18s in the UK only (excluding the Channel Islands and Isle of Man). Guarantees and indemnities may be required. Advertised finance is provided by BMW Financial Services Europa House, Bartley Way, Hook, Hampshire RG27 9UF. We commonly, but not exclusively, introduce customers to BMW Financial Services. This introduction does not amount to independant financial advice. †Test drive subject to applicant status and availability.


Sleek New CLA Coupé

at Mercedes-Benz of Wolverhampton The CLA-Class Coupé is new this month at Mercedes-Benz of Wolverhampton. A cool, compact four-door coupé, the innovative CLA balances fresh style with practicality. Despite its alluring lines, the CLA is capable of carrying five people and even has a large, practical boot. The CLA range in the UK is split into two model lines – Sport and AMG Sport – paired with a choice of two efficient and refined engines. The CLA is the most aerodynamically-efficient car on-sale today – allowing the choice of four-cylinder petrol or diesel engines to deliver the highest possible economy whilst retaining the levels of refinement and performance expected of a Mercedes-Benz. The powerful CLA 220 CDI is capable of accelerating from rest to 62 mph in 8.2-seconds yet can return 62.9 mpg. The engines are combined with a six-speed manual transmission or with the 7G-DCT dual clutch automatic transmission, which reconciles comfort and sportiness in inimitable fashion. The cutting edge design is matched by an equally impressive specification. A long list of standard features includes Attention Assist, Collision Prevention Assist, Bluetooth® interface and dual zone climate control. The CLA is fitted with integral seats in the front and rear, underscoring its sporty character. The rear bench seat emphasises the outer seats (2+1-seater). Coloured contrasting stitching is available, according to the selected interior appointment options. With its frameless doors, the newcomer features a radar-based braking system (COLLISION 126

PREVENTION ASSIST) as standard which is able to warn the driver of an obstacle from a speed of 4 mph and to initiate precision braking when the driver steps on the brake pedal. The innovative approach continues in the engineering of the car. A year ahead of the scheduled introduction of the Euro 6 in 2014, all petrol-engine variants and the top diesel variant of the new Mercedes-Benz CLA already meet the future requirements of this European emissions standard. The latest multimedia generation deployed in the CLA boasts new functions, additional apps and a modified graphic colour scheme. Daimler’s Digital Drive Style app concept, which together with the “Drive Kit Plus for the iPhone®” enables seamless integration of the iPhone® into the vehicle, has been extended. The highlights include Siri voice control and Glympse real-time location sharing. Glympse enables the user to share his or her current location with selected persons. Other functions are Facebook®,

Twitter®, internet radio, AUPEO!™ Personal Radio and the advanced navigation solution from Garmin® with web-based real-time traffic information, online special destination search including Street View™ and 3D map display. The COMAND Online multimedia system has also been developed. The latest generation offers improved, photo-realistic map display, an additional Bluetooth® profile (to enable the internet to be accessed by iPhone®, for example), the display of images additionally in bmp and png formats and the real-time transfer of traffic data via LIVE TRAFFIC. Mercedes-Benz of Wolverhampton Sales Manager, Debra Garbett, told us that the new CLA-Class also offers drivers value for money: “Not only is the CLA-Class at the leading edge of design and innovative technology, but starting from £24,335 it is extremely competitively priced within its sector. We are anticipating demand to be high, so please contact us soon to arrange your test drive and avoid disappointment.”

Call Mercedes-Benz of Wolverhampton on 01902 276977 to find out more and arrange a test drive. wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

The new CLA-Class.

Get into a sleeker shape for the summer.

Discover Discover the the new new CLA-Class CLA-Class at at Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz of of Wolverhampton. Wolverhampton. Call 01902 276977 to arrange a test drive. Call 01902 276977 to arrange a test drive.

Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz of of Wolverhampton Wolverhampton Penn Penn Road, Road, Wolverhampton Wolverhampton WV2 WV2 4HD 4HD 01902 276977 01902 276977

Official Official Government Government fuel fuel consumption consumption figures figures in in mpg mpg (litres (litres per per 100km) 100km) for for the the Mercedes-Benz range: urban 13.0(21.7)-52.3(5.2), extra urban 22.4(12.6)Mercedes-Benz range: urban 13.0(21.7)-52.3(5.2), extra urban 22.4(12.6)80.7(3.5), 80.7(3.5), combined combined 17.8(15.9)-68.9(4.1). 17.8(15.9)-68.9(4.1). CO2 CO2 emissions:372-109 emissions:372-109 g/km. g/km.

Model featured: Mercedes-Benz CLA AMG Sport for illustration purposes only. Prices to start from £24,335 otr for CLA Model featured: Mercedes-Benz CLA AMG Sport for illustration purposes only. Prices to start from £24,335 otr for CLA Sport and £26,555 otr for CLA AMG Sport subject to confirmation. (otr price includes VAT, delivery, 12 months' Road Sport and £26,555 otr for CLA AMG Sport subject to confirmation. (otr price includes VAT, delivery, 12 months' Road Fund Licence, number plates, first registration fee and fuel). Prices correct at time of going to press (05/13). Fund Licence, number plates, first registration fee and fuel). Prices correct at time of going to press (05/13).


The Rock Garage

No Fuss! No Frills! Just Plain Honest Good Service & Advice


A family owned business - established in 1961

Vehicle Recovery

- Accident and Breakdown.

Welding / Chassis Repairs



Family owned business, established over 30 years

- to MOT standard - No vehicle TOO old.

Friendly advice, reliable service


Servicing and Repairs – All Makes MOT Testing Breakdown Recovery Engine Diagnostics Aircon Regas Fault Finding Analysis

- Check us out at

Accident Management & Advice

- Replacement vehicle for NO-FAULT accidents.

Legal Vehicle Disposal

- CRM is a Fully Licensed Treatment Facility. All paperwork completed & downloaded to the DVLA ensuring no fraudulent use of your vehicle details.

Car Parts

- We supply both NEW & USED parts for most makes.

Wrong Fuel

- Do Not Start the Engine - Call us! - We have the latest SEDA equipment for dealing with ‘Mis-fuels’.


(01902) 751036

Call Us: 01902 341845 Parts Line: 01902 334556 49 Church Road, Bradmore, Wolverhampton, WV3 7ER

Lower Street, Tettenhall, WV6 9AA

Suppliers of all makes of quality used cars IAL SPECER OFF


competitive prices. If you are looking for a second hand car then look no further than Oaken Garage.

MOT £39


Service & Repairs All Makes

MOT Testing

Engine Diagnostics

Air conditioning Re-Gas

Tyres, Exhausts, Brakes, Suspension




Holyhead Road, Oaken, WV8 2HX - On the A41 west of Wolverhampton



wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

AFC Wulfrunians

Welcome to the latest update of the events on and off the pitch at AFC Wulfrunians - your local grassroots football club. A long, action-packed and exciting season ended in dramatic style as we secured the West Midlands (Regional) League title on the final day of the season. Going in to the last game, we needed to beat Malvern Town and hope title rivals Lye Town failed to win at Wolverhampton Casuals and that’s exactly what happened. Our celebrations went long into the night.

This league success means we now move up to step 5 of the non-league pyramid and will be playing in the Midland Football Alliance next season alongside teams such as Tipton Town, Westfields and Stourport Swifts. The league title success capped off another magnificent season which began with the appointment of a new management team consisting of former Telford United star Steve Palmer and former Wolves winger Jon Purdie before we hosted some big name teams in pre-season such as Kidderminster Harriers and Hednesford Town. When the season

started we enjoyed good runs in the FA Cup and FA Vase and we also got to host another England Schoolboy U18 International as England took on New Zealand. If next season is half as exciting as this one, I personally can’t wait but the giant strides we are making on the pitch means we have to work twice as hard off the pitch to keep pace. Before the new season starts, we hope to strengthen our committee and to bring in new investment. If you think you could bring some expertise to our committee, at any level, or if you are interested in sponsoring our football club, you can get further information from our web site or you can give me a call on 07834 391284. Finally, may I wish you all a good close season and remind you to keep an eye on our website for details of our pre-season friendly schedule. That’s all for today.

Paul Tudor

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wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

Great Theatre at the Grand! MONDAY 3 - SATURDAY 15 JUNE

WED 19 - SAT 22 JUNE


Nottingham Playhouse Theatre Company present

by Mellie Buse and Jan Page





























Follow us on





Like us on Facebook: Wolverhampton Grand

Box Office 01902


42 92 12



scandinavia’s most wanted

volvo V40 D2 ES

From only £17970

We will not be beaten*

including 3 years servicing

Official fuel consumption for the All-New Volvo V40 range in mpg (l/100km): Urban 24.4 (11.6) - 70.6 (4.0), Extra Urban 44.1 (6.4) - 83.1 (3.4), Combined 34.0 (8.3) - 78.5 (3.6). CO2 Emissions 194 - 94g/km. *New orders only - retail only with in a 50 mile radius - stock cars only - must be registered by 30th June. Services must be carried out at a Volvo Authorised Repairer. Retail offer only. Excludes fleet operators and business users. See for full terms and conditions.


Tel. 08430 222908

Wolverhampton Road, Codsall, Wolverhampton WV8 1HF


Tel. 08430 221165


Grange Lane, Lye, Stourbridge DY9 7HH


wolverhampton west magazine | june/july 2013

Wolverhampton West Magazine June/July 2013  

Issue 38 - June 2013. Wolverhampton West Magazine. Monthly Lifestyle/Business and Community Magazine produced by Studio 28 Design & Print.

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