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March/April 2013

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march/APRIL 2013

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wolverhampton west magazine | march/april 2013

Hello Readers There’s an old adage in sports writing which says: the smaller the ball, the better the writing. Well, in this edition of Wolverhampton West we have a bumper section on golf, so expect some of the finest copy since our memorable mutterings on marbles last March. Churchill (the former Prime Minister, younger readers, not the dog) said: ‘Golf is a game whose aim it is to hit a very small ball into an even smaller hole, with weapons singularly ill-designed for the purpose.’ And since he defeated Hitler with little more than a Spitfire and grim determination, I’m inclined to listen - although a visit to one of our many local golf clubs might have improved his handicap. And brought a smile to his grumpy chops. If you’ve noticed a swing towards sporting pursuits this month, it’s because at last the lighter evenings are approaching and Spring always puts a spring in our step here at Wolverhampton West. It can never arrive too early for us, and, alas, like British public transport, it never does. One thing keen to hurry along this year is Easter, the annual extravaganza which turns Waitrose et al into Willy Wonka’s playground, will be rearing its head earlier than ever this year. But don’t panic, you’ll find plenty of egg-citing offers and ideas from our advertisers inside, as well as advice on yet another calendar stalwart: Mother’s Day. There may be more chance of world peace than finding an original gift for mom, but we have to try. And, since anyone over the age of ten has given up on that, flowers and chocolates it is. There’s something reassuring about routine and predictability isn’t there? Anything less and we’d be living in the Twilight Zone. Enjoy your read...


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Contents How to Start a Business from your Sofa

4 The Local Property Market by Nick Berriman 8 Interior Design 10 Mother’s Day 12 Win a Meal for 2 at Baci Ristorante Italiano 14 Penn Tandoori – Head in the Right Direction 18 Carver Wolverhampton City Marathon 20 Recipe of the Month 22 Crosswords & Puzzles 24 Grand Theatre Competition 26 Mander Centre Competition – Car Presented to Winner 28 World Record Holder Sprints Back to Wolverhampton 28 Bravaccio’s Competition Winners 30 Rotary Club of Wolverhampton 32 It’s a Great Time to Review Your ISA Investments 34 How Much Could you be Saving 38 on your annual Lighting Bill Best of Bewdley 40 Gardening with Ann Winwood 42 Getting the Garden Into Shape 44 Rose Gardening Made Easy 46 Garden Style with Substance 47 Lisa Vickers, Lady of the Vines 48 Spring at the Vineyards 49 Apley Farm Shop wins Major National Award 50 Pure Luxury with the Travel Bureau 52 Wightwick Manor: Something on Offer for Everyone 54 Stop Horsin’ Around: Buy Local 56 Playing the Field 62/63 Golf Tip 64 Wolves Legends Club together for Charity Golf Day 66 3 Hammers Food Review 76/77 Penn Tandoori Food Review 80/81 Old Mill Antiques Centre Offer a Unique Opportunity 84 Weak at the Knees 86 Learn to Cook With Raj 89 Walk Out with the Wow Factor 90 Spring Clean your Make-Up Bag 92 Acupuncture Awareness Week 95 Women’s Fashion: The Spring in Style 98/99 Haughton Greene Competition 100 Organising a Wedding 102/103 Toms Tip 105 Stay Safe Online with Concero 108/109 Education & Schooling 113 The Social Scene 118-120 Keep the Fitness Burning 121 Brindley Volvo 128 MINI Paceman Launches at Benham 130 The New BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo 132 It’s a Great Time to Drive a Mercedes-Benz 134 AFC Wulfrunians 136 Answers to Puzzles 136 Kia Cee’d 1.6 CRDI 2 Eco 137 Congratulations to: Winners of High Society competition at The Grand Theatre Mr F Hobbs, Compton Mrs Yvette Hicken, Perton Mr John Churm, Pattingham Winner of Fabulous meal at Bravaccios Mrs Tracey Fletcher Winner of Gourmet meal at Halfpenny Green Vineyards Judy Northern, Penn


Ho w to s ta r t a b usiness fr om

your sofa! my coaching practice I help women all over the world to find their life purpose, to discover their genius and bring it into the world. I am truly passionate about this subject, so for me, work feels more like play and I get paid to do it! Look at your natural talents and gifts, what are you really passionate about? What are you really good at? What would you love to earn a living doing?

Create a simple plan Many people think starting your own business is an overwhelming challenge, but the truth is, it’s far simpler than you think. Taking control of your working life by venturing out on your own may be scary, but it’s far better to take control of your own destiny than waste your life in a stuffy office working for someone else. And in many cases, running your own business offers far more job security. If you’re toying with the idea of going it alone, let me share with you my seven steps to starting a business from the comfort of your own sofa.

Be clear on why you want to start a business in the first place Why do you want to start your own business? Self-employment is wonderfully freeing, but it isn’t for everyone, so really consider all the pros and cons. In the early days you very often have to play all roles, from finance manager, business manager, marketing manager to the cleaner. It’s full on and takes determination, focus and patience. You need to know exactly what you’re letting yourself in for, so do your research!

Decide on your line of business In order to love your work you must have a passion for what you do. In

You don’t have to create a fully comprehensive business plan at this stage. Just create a simple 12-month plan of all the things you are going to have to achieve, taking you from the ideas stage through to launch day and beyond. Include things like, what you’ll be offering, who you’ll be targeting, how much you’ll charge and what you’ll do to make it happen. It’s a fluid process that will change once you dive in, so keep it simple.

What’s your niche? Who is your target market? A common mistake new business owners make is to target everyone with a pulse. This doesn’t work in the long run. Determine exactly who your perfect customers are with great specificity, their sex, age, income, location and so on. Knowing your niche enables you to market directly to them. Once you’re clear on your market you can design your website, your packaging, your business cards so that they attract your specific niche.

The money honey!

How will you fund your business start-up? Some suggestions might be, using good old savings, asking family or friends for help or investment, bank loans, student loan, scholarship, grants, angel investment, putting money on your mortgage, business start up loan, going part-time or going freelance. I personally started my business with a tenner in my back pocket. Yes really. I maintained my day job, whilst I worked on getting my business off the ground in the evenings. Yes, it was hard work initially, but within 12 months I was in a position to quit my job and work for myself full-time.

Get out there! It’s all about marketing, marketing, marketing! As an ex marketing manager, I know this more than anyone. You need a marketing plan. Each week schedule in one day where your sole focus is to get out there and market your product or service. Many business owners are very reactive, only advertising when their customers dry up. This invariably creates the feast or famine effect, which is not good for business. Create a simple marketing and activity plan at the beginning of the year and implement it. This will ensure you have a steady and lucrative business.

Perfect pricing Your pricing shouldn’t just cover your costs; it must also generate a profit for your business. Very often when starting out, we don’t charge enough for our product or service. When deciding on your pricing, work the numbers from the top down: What are you looking to make annually? How does that break down monthly and weekly? How many products must you sell or how many clients will you need to bring in to meet those numbers? Play around with the numbers so you know what’s realistic and revisit your numbers monthly.

Louise Presley-Turner is a coach, motivational speaker and author of Finding a Future That Fits (Hay House 10.99) Visit to get your FREE life evaluator and planner.


wolverhampton west magazine | march/april 2013


You will fall in love with our choice of tiles If you are looking for an up to the minute design for your bathroom or en-suite, a traditional style kitchen or a modern and contemporary design for your lounge, hallway or conservatory. Tile Choice can meet your every requirement at exceptional prices. Our fully trained and experienced staff will assist you in planning your room layout, how to prepare the surfaces to be tiled and advise you on the correct tiles and tools to complete the project with the minimum of fuss and disruption.

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Monday - Friday 8.00am - 6.00pm Saturday 8.00am - 5.30pm Sunday 10.00am - 4.00pm





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AND GET THE BRACELET FOR FREE The invention and innovation that started it all, Nomination’s Composable Link Bracelet is made up of a series of links that can be interchanged with different decorative designs to communicate everything from initials and astrological signs to special interests, passions, memories and emotions.

Made in Italy at the Nomination atelier studios near the Renaissance city of Florence, the bracelet links are made of the highest quality stainless steel to ensure your bracelet is hypoallergenic, will not tarnish and is strong enough to be worn everyday. Today this powerful communicative relationship continues with Nomination fans around the globe.

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T.A. Henn has it all…

Tel: 01902 428486 Find us on Facebook

wolverhampton west magazine | march/april 2013


The Local Property Market by Nick Berriman Someone asked me while I was accompanying a viewing recently what type of property I would advise them to buy so they could spend a small amount of money on it and then make a large profit. They were a young couple who were obviously taking buying very seriously as they had arrived armed with an extensive buyers check list. One item was to check that the taps were running, but that didn’t get very far as the property was empty and the water had been drained! They were also advised to check if it was a friendly area and to meet the neighbours! This was rather beyond my remit but I did have to tell them that the days of making quick killings out of the property market have gone and the only sensible thing to do was to buy the property that they wanted to live in and not buy with a future profit in mind. Of course it is still advisable to buy in a good location as that is the one thing that cannot be changed (except possibly if someone decides to build a new high speed railway line nearby!) and a good area will benefit most in a rising market and suffer least in a bad market. Most people have heard the old saying that when buying a property one should look at three things. The first is 08

location… the second is location… and the third is… location. The other old saying is that it is better to buy the worst house in the street rather than the best. The logic behind this is that the value of the best house is pulled down because the other properties are not as good, whereas the cheapest house benefits from the surrounding houses being better. This being the case it is obviously better to improve the cheapest house and the most expensive will benefit least. On another matter, we often come across people who do not understand property insurance. In simple terms it is how much it would cost to rebuild the property if it were destroyed. Allowance must be made for potential demolition costs and for architects fees but the value of the site must be ignored as the site will survive whatever happens to the house or bungalow. This shows that the market value is irrelevant as this includes site value. Insurance companies insist that the replacement cost is based on rebuilding in the same style and not using cheaper modern methods. This can seem unfair but the reason is that if the house is only a partial loss the damaged part will have to be replaced in similar style. A large Victorian house built in a typical and complicated style but standing in an area which has seen better days can sometimes be more expensive to replace than its market value. Similarly a house

which is built in a more economical way but benefits hugely from a prime position can be replaced for much less than its value. But be warned. If the property is not insured for full replacement value (and therefore the premiums are lower) and there is a claim, there will not be a full payment. The insurers will average the claim, which is to say if, for instance, the cover is only for 75% of the true replacement cost then they will only pay 75% of any claim. The other warning is to ensure that the cover is not too high. When the insurance companies raise the figure covered on an annual basis it can often be seen to be too high after a few years and is worth checking periodically. I try to give a market update each month. January was better than expected, in fact we were 50% up on our sales target ( although it was a pretty low target ) but February has been more interesting as there has been much more interest shown. It was as if the holiday period and the bad weather were over and people started looking again. Last Saturday was my father’s turn on the rota and he showed ten lots of people round properties and did two sales valuations – he thought it was quite like old times!

wolverhampton west magazine | march/april 2013

Property of the Month The Hurst, Ivetsey Bank, Near Wheaton Aston A fine, period country residence providing extensive accommodation together with a separate two-storey coach house and beautiful gardens and grounds in a charming, rural South Staffordshire setting. Hall, drawing room, dining room, sitting room, conservatory, kitchen, breakfast room, five bedrooms and three bath/ shower rooms. Coach house incorporating one bedroom cottage, offices, gym and stables. Double garage. Beautiful gardens and a small paddock. (EPC: G).

OFFERS AROUND ÂŁ875,000 VIEWING: Please contact the Tettenhall Office.

13/15 High Street, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton WV6 8QS Telephone: (01902) 747744 09

As spring approaches, it is time to consider removing all the dismal signs of winter and concentrate on the basics of the home’s interior. Colours, fabrics, lighting and co-ordination are the basics for any interior design. The most important room for any design must surely be the living room, which is the first one guests, will be shown into, followed by the dining room. When choosing fabrics, firstly consider to what use they will be put. Colours and patterns are very important because you will build up the rest of the decor based on these. With patterned fabrics it is important to consider the size of the pattern. A large pattern in a small room can be over-powering, but if it is used on an item of furniture as a main feature, then it could enhance the whole room. The shapes of patterns on curtains should never be such that they make any room look small, which can happen if say, there are horizontal shapes in a low-ceilinged room. What is needed in that room is vertical pattern to give it extra height. Before considering any decor plan, it is important firstly to look at the carpeting. Is that floor covering going to remain? If so any colour scheme will have to be built up so as not to clash. If however the carpet is to be changed, a co-ordinated colour scheme of curtains, upholstery, cushions, and throws can be chosen. Exposed wood flooring, appropriately stained and covered with rugs, can actually make the planning of the rest of the decor a lot easier, and 10

Interior Design in certain circumstances can actually add light to the overall aspect. But what about the walls? Whatever is on the wall plays an important part of the whole visual effect of any room. Digital technology has created a revolution in the style of wall coverings in just the first few years of this century. Walls can be covered with traditional wallpaper or fabric but this new technology can offer patterns and prints to include 3D imagery, photographs and geometric designs. There is a trend not to cover all the walls in a room with the same pattern. Different styles, patterns and coloured papers on separate walls can enhance particular features adding interest to the overall look of the room. However, there is a trend to wallpaper door and cupboard panels. Be careful though, in some circles it is considered a ‘bit cheap’ and in a small to average size room, can actually have a detrimental effect.

Whatever you have done with fabrics, flooring, and wall coverings, they can be totally wasted if the room is dingily lit. Light probably plays the most important part in the whole internal decor plan. If the room is being taken back to basics before decorating, consider having electrical wiring installed into the wall and decide the outlets for wiring before the plastering of the room is complete. Wall lighting is now an important part of home decor and need not be the ‘old hat’, 2-pronged fitting with shades balanced on the bulbs that was once common in pubs trying to create an intimate atmosphere, and failing miserably! There is now a complete new range of wall light fittings, and these can include spot lights to highlight a particular aspect of furniture, painting or a plant. Lighting should be a combination of wall and ceiling fittings, enhanced by a selection of table lamps. Energy saving

light bulbs now enable a room to be lit at a fraction of the cost we faced previously. They are made into standard shaped and candle bulbs. They are still sold by the wattage but because they use a lot less energy, a lower wattage bulb will be needed to give out the same light. For instance, a new 11W bulb will give out the same light as an ordinary 60W bulb. New materials and new ways of using traditional materials have made a chandelier far more affordable than ever before. Once the preserve of the wealthy, chandeliers can now be installed into an average living room and together with the newly developed, concealed small light sources, will be a very practical proposition. Internal decor is always a matter of personal taste. Manufacturers and retailers today realise this and can provide an enormous selection of home style products, enough to cater for everyone.

wolverhampton west magazine | march/april 2013

Big enough to deliver, small enough to care... New Collections now in Store

Interior Design ▪ Carpets ▪ Curtains ▪ Flooring Suites & Bespoke Upholstery ▪ Co-ordinated Wallpaper Occasional Furniture ▪ All Types of Cleaning

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Drop Arm Sofa and Chair £1599 Unbeatable value and quality!

The Blyth Group Blyth House, Hordern Road, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton WV6 0HS Tel: 01902 745362 Fax 01902 745552

We welcome Stef to our team formerly from The Fabric Barm, Claverley, specialising in interiors and design.



Mother’s Day Since time immemorial, spring is the time of fertility, regeneration and the renewal of hope. And motherhood has always been symbolic of this. Indeed even in times when women were considered less than important in the universal scheme of things, mothers held a special status. It followed therefore that spring was the time to celebrate motherhood. The druids dedicated a spring festival to the goddesses of Spring, Fertility and Plenty. The Romans celebrated their spring goddess, Cebele, and a whole host of adopted spring deities, and they all represented motherhood in some fashion. This of course all started in pagan times, but when Christianity began to hold sway, the more austere attitudes tried to banish these nonChristian celebrations. However, bowing to the inevitable, it being hard to stop celebrations in times when joy was a rare commodity in life, they were adopted and adapted, as were many other non-Christian festivals. The mother of Christ was celebrated instead of the pagan deities and everyone was happy. The importance of the day increased over the years to the extent that in the 18th and 19th centuries, servants who were seldom given any time off, were allowed to return home to see their mothers and to worship in their mother church, that in which they were baptised. As the 20th century dawned, the day became less important in the church calendar and certainly of less importance to the population in general. Servants gradually became a rarity and those that remained in service were granted statutory holidays and the family either became less important or more


sophisticated. The habit of honouring mothers would have fallen entirely from custom had it not been for a certain Mrs Jarvis whose death in America, triggered the resurrection of the celebration, though in a less spiritual context. In 1907, on the death of Mrs Jarvis, her daughter vowed to celebrate the anniversary every year and she began by persuading her local church to hold a special service. Her devotion to her late mother was such that this was not enough and she campaigned to get the day recognised as an annual event nationally. She managed to persuade the then President, Woodrow Wilson, to grant the day a national holiday in 1914. And so it became. Unfortunately commercial interests saw the advantages of the day and it lost its spiritual character, much to the distress of Anna Jarvis who died a bitter and disillusioned woman. It wasn’t until 1940 that the day as we know it came to Britain with the American soldiers. Again commercial interests took charge - it was too good an opportunity to leave to chance, and a receptive public took to it like ducks to water. Celebrating their mothers seems as natural as celebrating Christmas and Easter, and it is approached in similar fashion. First come the gifts. They are very similar to those of yore except perhaps the handkerchiefs which have been superseded in general by tissues. However embroidered tissue box containers have on occasion taken their place. Flowers are popular gifts as are pot plants. Chocolates are always popular too. Small pieces of silver jewellery are often considered

appropriate as are exquisite pieces of porcelain and crystal. It is a highly personal celebration and the gifts in the main, reflect this. Celebrating in a more outward way means a special meal. Most restaurants, even those in hotels, pubs or clubs, produce special events for Mother’s Day. Tables are specially set with flowers. Children often arrange for special flower arrangements to be delivered at their booked table and tiny gifts to be set beside their mother’s designated place. It is a very popular day for eating out and it goes without saying, bookings must be made well ahead of the event to avoid disappointment. If booked well enough in advance the imagination may be brought to bear on venues she may never have been to before. How about a meal on a cross channel ferry? An alternative of course is to provide a meal for mum at home - one she has not had to deal with herself. If one or all of her children are skilled in this way it is natural for them to take on the duty. However, as not everyone can cook and present a really special meal, outside caterers could be the answer. They will come to the home, prepare the meal, serve it ceremoniously and clear away afterwards. Some restaurants will also agree to deliver and serve a special meal to a private home, but early bookings are essential.

wolverhampton west magazine | march/april 2013

Telephone: 01902 420699

17-25 Merridale Road, Chapel Ash,Wolverhampton

QUALITY SOLID WOOD FURNITURE AND BESPOKE SUITES Open: Mon-Wed, Fri & Sat 9.30am-5.00pm, Closed: Thur & Sun

Wolverhampton Fireplaces and Stoves

A Family Run Business with over 30 Years Experience with Over 80 Fireplaces in Store across our 2 Storey Showroom

15 Merridale Rd Chapel Ash WV3 9RX

Why not check us out at our Website

01902 422111

Mon-Sat 9.30 till 5.00 Sunday 11.00 till 3.00


Win A Meal For Two At Baci, pronounced Ba-Chee, is the Italian for kiss. It’s also the name of the latest restaurant to open in the delightful village of Kinver. The family behind the venture are very well known in catering and have run a number of successful businesses. Carol and Giuseppe Cataldo, along with son Jean-Michel, were the power behind La Casa Bianca in Tettenhall and Cataldo’s in Wolverhampton, which they sold three years ago, to set up a specialist Italian fine foods company. They also managed to enjoy their first Christmas day off in over 30 years together. Catering though is clearly in the blood and when approached to take over premises in Kinver high street they simply couldn’t say no for very long.

It is decorated exquisitely in pale greys and duck egg blue. Baci seats around 100 people on two floors serving everything Italian from delicious fresh pasta, fish, authentic dishes and tempting wines. There’s also a champagne bar and tapas style selections for early evening diners. They also have a private room available upstairs that can cater for business meetings, conferences, wedding receptions, birthday parties, retirement parties, etc. Menus will be created personally for each occasion and can be discussed with the management/ chef with regards to dietary requirements and special requests. The private function room offers its own unique bar, toilets and waiting service, and is completely independent of the ground floor restaurant. Seating is 50-65 people upstairs.

For further details or to book a table please visit or call 01384 878789

To be in with a chance of winning a 3 course meal for 2 with a bottle of house wine, simply answer the following question correctly. What is the Italian word for Kiss? Email your answer including your name, address and telephone number to: or on a postcard to:

1 Lytham Road, Perton, Wolverhampton WV6 7YY. All entries to be received by Tuesday 30th April 2013. Competition Terms and Conditions Winner will be chosen at random from all correct entries received and informed by telephone. To enter you must be aged 21 years or older. No cash or alternative prize will be given and booking date will be subject to availability. Prize valid until 30th June 2013. All entries will be forward to Baci unless requested otherwise.


wolverhampton west magazine | march/april 2013

505652 ff ad wolv west mag:artwork



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Here at Flaming Fires, we look forward to the long winter evenings.....

• Contemporary and traditional designs • The only approved CHESNEY’S stockist in the area • Quality fireplaces at realistic prices • Established over 20 years

High Street, Wombourne WV5 9DP (ON THE VILLAGE GREEN)

01902 898221


3 Amazing floors of style and choice Create the wow factor with our beautiful ranges of bespoke furniture and accessories


79A Darlington Street Wolverhampton WV1 4JD wolverhampton west magazine | march/april 2013


UP TO 60% OFF Tel: 01902 428489 Email:

Open: Monday to Saturday 9-6pm, Sunday and bank holidays 11-4pm


Penn Tandoori: Heading in the Right Direction Wolverhampton born pop superstar Liam Payne could probably afford to have his Christmas dinner anywhere in the world, but he chose to spend Christmas Day with his family at Penn Tandoori based on the Penn road in Wolverhampton. The One Direction star settled down for his Christmas dinner with his parents and two sisters and was happy to pose for photographs with other diners and sign autographs for his adoring fans. One Direction found fame during the 2010 series of the X Factor, their mentor was Simon Cowell. The boys in the group originally auditioned as solo candidates but failed to progress to the boys category. Guest judge Nicole Scherzinger suggested they should be put together to form a five-piece boy band and compete in the ‘groups’ category they eventually came third in the competition. Since then the band have not looked back, they have sold 15 million albums, singles and videos worldwide and cracked America! Penn Tandoori owner Mr Uddin said “Liam and his family are regulars at the restaurant; they have been coming here for some time now. He is a very friendly lad, always willing to talk and down to earth.”

So if you fancy your chances of dining with a ‘Pop Superstar’ it might just be worth booking your Christmas Lunch early at Penn Tandoori.

CreativeFinchfield Interiors Interior Design Service Designer Fabrics & Wallpapers Curtains, Pelmets, Swags & Tails, Roller, Venetian & Roman Blinds Lamps, Mirrors & Furniture Gifts & Home Accessories

We are a friendly approachable company who are only too happy to assist you in selecting a new look for your home. Please come and browse in our fabulous showrooms at:

26 Finchfield Road West, Finchfield Wolverhampton WV3 8AZ

01902 764123

Open: Mon 10am – 5pm, Tues to Fri 9am – 5pm, Sat 10am – 4pm


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Carpets & Floor Coverings The Whole Family will Love! HUGE Range of Carpets & Vinyls at Amazing Prices

• Carpets • End of Rolls • Cushion Floors • Laminate Flooring • Rugs

Over 100 Rolls of Carpet on Display Delivery and Fitting Service Available Large Showroom

FREE Measuring & Estimating Service - Book your home visit now Open 6 Days: Monday-Friday 9am-6pm • Saturday 9am-5pm • Sunday CLOSED

Unit A4, Stafford Park 4, Telford TF3 3BA • 01952 290022 19

Carver Wolverhampton Marathon Events

Representatives from the chosen charities: Alayna Warner, Jilly Rivers, Sarah Arnold, Mayor Mrs Christine Mills, Michelle Price, Sue Chance

The 2013 Carver Marathon Events, scheduled to take place on Sunday 1st September in West Park, were launched on 4th February. The organisers have already started to convene and their first task was to select the charities who are to benefit, from this, the 16th year of the running of the events.

The charities selected are The Midland Air Ambulance, Compton Hospice, and for the first time an animal charity on our doorstep, the Sunnyside Kennels. The Mayoral charities will also again benefit. We are hoping to raise lots of money again this year, and will no doubt profit from participation by the supporters of the charities. Chair, Mary Harding, is pleased to announce that Marston’s have agreed a new sponsorship deal. For the first time this year there

Henry Carver, Mayor Mrs Christine Mills & Mary Harding

will be an addition to the schedule, the Banks’s 10K. This popular distance will hopefully allow many more people to participate. The brewery is literally on the doorstep of the races and whilst Marston’s have supported the marathon from its start, Mary was really pleased that they have agreed to name the new race after their famous local ale. We are also delighted that another local company, “Angel Springs”, have agreed to sponsor the provision of bottled water this year. The other change this year is to slightly increase the distance for the cycle ride. The cycle ride gets more popular every year. It got a great boost last year from national successes in the Olympics and the Tour de France, and so we thought we ought to make the distance 20K, (it was 19.4K last year). Once again, local hero, four times World Champion, Hugh Porter has pledged his support, and will no doubt take his place on the starting line alongside Henry Carver, Managing Director of major sponsor Carver Building Supplies. There will again be a children’s mini marathon in the Park, so that there will be an opportunity for everyone to participate.

An entry form for all the events is on the Website 20

wolverhampton west magazine | march/april 2013



A Family Furniture Business for over 70 Years

‘For service as it used to be’ We are the leading stockist of Sherborne Upholstery and Old Charm Furniture in Wolverhampton, plus we stock Morris, Grangemoor, Kingstown and other quality British made items. Our showroom display includes suites; chairs; dining furniture; occasional items in oak, mahogany and yew; beds and bedroom furniture.

Huge ts discldoCuhnarm off O ded Recommen s! ce ri P il a Ret

Extensive range of Wooden TV bases now in Stock! Mahogany, Yew and all shades of Oak.

British Made Beds Now In Stock

11-13 Pitt Street, Wolverhampton WV3 0NF (opposite the outdoor market)

Call: (01902) 422543 email: Open 10.00am to 4.30pm (2.30pm Thursday) Closed Sunday and Monday






Visit our Showroom A huge range of stones and ideas on display including fabulous readymade granite garden table tops.





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Recipe kindly provided by Stuart Plant from the Six Ashes, Bobbington. Image courtesy of

Recipe of the month Braised Beef Bourguignon,

Served With Creamy Mash, Spring Greens. INGREDIENTS


• 1.5 kg blade of beef


Brown the meat in oil and drain. Brown the vegetables & herbs in the same pan then deglaze with the red wine and add the stock.


Return the meat to the pan, cover & braise on the top of the stove for 2 to 3 hours till tender.


Take the meat out and while still hot, wrap in cling film to form a sausage then leave in the fridge overnight to firm up.


Reduce the liquid down until it reaches a sauce consistency and season.


Blanch the bacon, mushrooms & onions in boiling water for 1 minute then drain & fry in butter till golden. Season.

• 1x onion chopped • 1x carrot chopped • 1x stick celery chopped • 4x cloves garlic squashed • 1x sprig thyme • 2x bay leaves • Half a bottle red wine • 1 litre beef stock • 100g bacon lardons • 150g small button mushrooms • 150g baby onions • Flat leaf parsley • 60g butter • 2x heads spring greens sliced finely • 10 g butter • Mashed potato to serve 22

Serves 4

TO SERVE Slice the beef into portions & pan fry in a little oil slowly until crispy & heated through. Warm the bacon, mushrooms & onions in the sauce & add some chopped parsley. Cook the greens till tender in a little water & the 10 g of butter. Spoon the greens onto a plate & top with the beef, pour the sauce over and serve with mashed potato wolverhampton west magazine | march/april 2013


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Quick Crossword Across 1. Outermost (7) 5. Six sided objects (5) 8. Turn (5) 9. Woman’s holdall (7) 10. Media notice (13) 11. Relaxed (6) 12. Idiotic (6) 15. Exhibition (13) 18. Not quietest (7) 19. Very angry (5) 20. Perfume (5) 21. Meals (7)

Down 1. Additional (5) 2. Robbers (7) 3. Amusement (13) 4. Racial group (6) 5. Deep thought (13) 6. Religious text (5) 7. Seen (7) 11. Hugs (7) 13. Not public (7) 14. Commented (6) 16. Small rodent (5) 17. Requirements (5)
















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Puzzle answers on 136

Word Search Find the words associated with photography in the grid and the remaining letters will spell out a related phrase.



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Three lucky winners can each win 2 tickets to see DRIVING MISS DAISY on Tuesday, 9th April at 7.30pm at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre. Driving Miss Daisy drives into the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre from Tuesday 9th to Saturday 13th April. Having broken records on Broadway and played to sold out audiences in London’s West End, David Esbjornson’s award-winning, smash hit production has dazzled audiences and critics alike. Winning the Award for Best Revival, this heart warming play is now on tour across the UK. Inspiration for the much-loved Oscar-winning smash hit movie, DRIVING MISS DAISY is the charming, poignant and utterly compelling tale of the unlikely, long-lasting friendship that blossoms between a prickly, elderly southern matriarch, Daisy Werthan (Gwen Taylor) and her kind-hearted chauffeur, Hoke Coleburn (Don Warrington) who is employed by Daisy’s son Boolie Werthan (Ian Porter). As the wheels turn and the decades roll by against a backdrop of prejudice, inequality and civil unrest, the pair slowly transcend their differences and ultimately grow to rely on each other far more than either ever expected. Sparklingly funny, irresistibly heart-warming and with a wonderful much-loved cast, DRIVING MISS DAISY is the must-see show of 2013.

Call the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre Box Office on 01902 42 92 12 or visit our website at Post Show Talk: Thurs 11th Apr. Book your FREE place via Box Office when purchasing your tickets. 26

‘Driving Miss Daisy is a delight’ Sunday Times ‘Overwhelmingly touching’ The Independent on Sunday ‘Unmissable’ The Stage To be in with a chance of winning simply answer the following question correctly and send it on a postcard with your name, address and telephone number to Wolverhampton West Magazine at the address below to arrive by Thursday 28th March 2013. Only postal entries can be considered for the competition and winners will be notified by telephone.

In the film of the same name which male actor patiently drove Miss Daisy played by Jessica Tandy? a) b) c) d)

Dan Aykroyd Sidney Poitier Morgan Freeman Denzel Washington

Competition Terms and Conditions Please post all entries to Wolverhampton West Magazine Ltd., 1 Lytham Road, Perton, Wolverhampton WV6 7YY to be received by no later than Thursday 28th March 2013. Winners to collect tickets from the box office on the night. Tickets cannot be exchanged and no cash alternative prize nights available. Winners may be required to partake in relevant publicity.

wolverhampton west magazine | march/april 2013



t: 01902 425 225 As Seen In



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Mander Centre Competition - Car Presented To Lucky Winner Ginny Jones, the lucky winner of the Mander Shopping Centre and Wolverhampton BID, Christmas Win A Car Competition was presented with her brand new Toyota Aygo car at Charles Clark Toyota, Wolverhampton on Friday 18th January. Following a colourful event at the Mander Centre where eight finalists each selected a key to see if it would fit the car, the winner of the car was finally revealed as Ginny Jones of Wolverhampton. Other prize winners included Paul Hunnisett who won the Wolves WV1 package, Vicky Sankey was the winner of the House of Fraser package and Virginie Danai picked up the Boots No7 gifts.

All the competition winners were delighted with their prizes. Ginny said, “What a fantastic prize and a brilliant way to start 2013. I can’t believe my luck!” Nicholas Pitt, Mander Shopping Centre Director and Chairman of the newly formed BID Steering group commented,

enjoy a great environment and keep coming back to the city centre” Photo, front left: Ginny Jones, competition winner. Front right: Suky Vilkhou, Toyota Garage. Rear left: Katie Fellowes, Mander Shopping Centre Administrator. Rear right: Nick Pitt, Mander Shopping Centre Director.

“This has been a fantastic competition with a high-tension finale in the Mander Centre. I’m sure the new car will ensure a very happy New Year for Ginny.” On the subject of the Wolverhampton BID he added, “The competition is a good example of how Wolverhampton BID is helping to create a better profile for the city. It involves businesses, the local authority and other stake holder groups in improving the business environment. We need to ensure that shoppers like Ginny

World Record Holder Sprints Back to Wolverhampton Former Tettenhall College student Peter Radford came back to Wolverhampton to unveil a plaque to commemorate an historic moment for both him and the city.

told those attending that he remembered the stadium opening in 1956 and it would always have a special place in his heart.

It was in May, 1960. that Mr Radford set a world 220-yard record of 20.5 seconds at Aldersley Stadium and, thanks to the city council and the efforts of local businessman John Margetts, the venue now boasts a mural picturing Radford in action and honouring his feat.

She said everyone was very proud of him when he won a bronze medal in the 100 metres at the 1960 Rome Olympics and then added another in the 4 x 100 relay at the same games.

Mayor, Councillor Christine Mills, welcomed him back to Wolverhampton and Radford 28

Among those present to see the unveiling was Lindsay Gordos of Tettenhall Wood. She was a town junior school sprint champion and as a youngster training at Aldersley remembered seeing him training there too.

The mural also pictures the bronze plaque presented to Mr Radford by the International Amateur Athletics Federation to mark his record, which was also ratified for the 200 metres. wolverhampton west magazine | march/april 2013

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Bravaccio’s Competition Winners The lucky winners were Tracy Fletcher from Wombourne and Carolyn Skitt from Finchfield. From their comments below it is obvious that they both enjoyed the experience.

Steve Bull with lucky winner Tracey Fletcher and daughter Alex Fletcher

Based on Upper Green, Tettenhall, Bravaccio’s Italian restaurant very kindly donated a fabulous meal, including drinks for 2 lucky readers and their chosen partners. Readers were invited to answer a simple question correctly based on the restaurant and hope that they were drawn out of the hat.

“Just thought I would drop you a line as we went for our meal at Bravaccio’s on Saturday evening. We had a really lovely night, the food was fabulous, the staff very friendly and attentive. All in all a very enjoyable evening. We are definitely planning on going again! Regards, Tracey.” “I just wanted to thank you so much for selecting me as the winner for the meal at Bravaccios, Andy and I went on Saturday and we had a wonderful evening. There was slight confusion when we arrived because we made the booking with Terry Bolus for 8pm but the staff on duty said he hadn’t informed them of the booking and

they weren’t expecting us, but they dealt with this well, they texted Terry who confirmed the booking and the staff couldn’t have been more polite and friendly. It did mean that a table didn’t become available until 9.30pm; however this didn’t spoil our enjoyment in any way. The bar was warm and comfortable to relax in and we were kept well supplied with bread and olives. We were even offered another complimentary bottle of wine if we’d wanted it. The meal was well worth waiting for. The food was well presented and absolutely delicious and the service was very good. Andy had calamari, followed by monkfish in a curry sauce which was divine, then a selection of ice-creams. I had a mushroom in an amazing sauce, giant prawn risotto and a heavenly homemade cheesecake. I can’t wait to go again; I don’t think it will be long till we’re back there! Sincere thanks again and very best wishes, Carolyn.”



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The Rotary Club Of Wolverhampton The Club each year sets up a festive tree as a focal point in the city’s Mander Centre, giving people the chance to donate money and remember their lost loved ones. Club Members are in attendance throughout most of the pre Christmas period either to explain the tree’s purpose or just to be there to have a chat with the family members that visit. The Club was delighted that even in these difficult times, £200 more than last year was raised and hopes the trend will continue.

Members of the Rotary Club of Wolverhampton recently handed over more than £8,000 to charities which they raised over the Christmas 2012 period from their Tree of Remembrance.

Representatives from the chosen charities Compton Hospice, Balls to Cancer, the Multiple Sclerosis Centre and Midlands Air Ambulance, were invited to join members for lunch at the end of January when former Wolves player Mel Eves, who is President of the club, handed over the donations. The competition had categories for vocalists and instrumentalists with each competitor performing two pieces of contrasting styles. The entrants displayed a very high standard of confidence and ability, with songs such as ‘Luck Be A Lady’ from Guys and Dolls, and ‘All That Jazz’ from ‘Chicago’ by the vocalists, whilst the musicians demonstrated their skills on a whole range of instruments which included Trumpet, French Horn, Clarinet, Flute and Cello, with pieces by composers such as J S Bach to Mozart, and Schonberg.

Young Musicians Sound the right note. The Theatre at the Royal School Wolverhampton was full to capacity for the Wolverhampton area round of the Rotary District 1210 Young Musicians competition on Friday 1st February 2013. The competition was organised by the Rotary Club of Wolverhampton’s Youth and Community Services 32

committee. Young competitors in the event were promoted by the club’s of Stafford Knot, Tettenhall, Wednesfield, Willenhall, Wolverhampton St. George’s as well as the Rotary Club of Wolverhampton. 12 competitors, aged between 11 and 18 from schools across the City and beyond kept the audience, guests, parents and friends entranced by their performances.

The adjudicators, Jean Martyn and Jerry Hobbs, had the difficult task of selecting a winner in each category to go forward to the District Final, but after much deliberation they selected Aleksandra Kamienska aged 18 who sang ‘Feeling Good by Anthony Newley and ‘Your Song’ by Elton John, and Stephen Matthews aged 17, who played a prelude by Vaughan Williams and ‘Last Spring’ by Grieg, on his Viola. President Mel Eves presented certificates of participation to all the competitors and whilst presenting the winners with their certificate and a small cash prize, wished them well in the next round of the competition which leads to a Regional Final and the National Final to be held in Kent on May 4th.

wolverhampton west magazine | march/april 2013


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That is easier said than done, particularly given the wide disparity between inflation and interest rates. This is the big dilemma for many savers today. Not unreasonably, they do not want to lose a penny of their hard-earned cash. However, with increasing life expectancy and potential longterm care costs to consider, they will need their money to work harder for longer and this is likely to mean taking on an element of risk. ISA investing doesn’t need to be confusing. With the help of a wealth manager, gaining a clear understanding of your options is possible for even the most inexperienced investor. Each investor’s objective will be unique to their own individual needs and goals. Whether you are looking to provide additional income in retirement, building a capital sum for the future or a combination of both, ensuring that your investments are working together is vital for your future financial wellbeing. Regularly reviewing your portfolio is an important discipline to help achieve this goal and a habit that we should all stick to.

It’s A Great Time To Review Your ISA Investments Servicing the car, shopping around for the best insurance deal, regularly investing and reviewing your ISAs, most of us accept that these are good habits to get into - but how many of us actually stick to them? When it seems that everywhere you turn you are either paying a direct or stealth tax, ISAs are probably the simplest and most accessible tax concessions available from the Government right now. As we approach the end of the current tax year many people are still to take full advantage of the £11,280 allowance. The maximum that can be placed in an ISA for the tax year 2013/14 is again to increase, this time to £11,520. This means that a couple yet to take advantage this year, could shelter £45,600 in the coming months from the need to pay tax on the interest and growth achieved. Many savers will of course have taken advantage of previously attractive Cash ISA rates offered by their banks, but will have declined to use the other 50% of their allotted allowance which can be held in an investment based ISA. These savers need to be vigilant; those who were attracted by easy access and deposit accounts offering bonus rates need to check the date when that rate runs out, as many accounts offer poor rates thereafter. Equally, with the Bank of England expected to keep interest rates on hold for at least another two years, the outlook looks miserable for those wanting to keep their money in a lowrisk environment and avoid the negative effects of Inflation. In short, savers and investors need to have their wits about them if their money is to keep pace with inflation.

Selecting your ISA investment manager is one consideration but regularly reviewing their performance is an equally important factor. Not properly monitoring the performance of your investment manager is akin to driving a car without any rear-view mirrors – you don’t get any warning of what’s coming. In the investment world, that might be the departure of a ‘star’ investment manager or the impact of economic factors on specific countries and regions around the world. But how frequently should you review your ISA portfolio? There is no right or wrong answer to this question but the commonly accepted view is that an annual inspection is adequate for most. Identifying the strong performers (and those that haven’t fared so well) is one aspect of the exercise but, fundamentally, investors should be asking one key question: is this portfolio still working to achieve my financial objectives? Conducting a regular review will ensure that your investments are working towards your objectives. Whether your portfolio needs a small tweak in one or two areas or a complete overhaul, by working together with a wealth manager, the process for getting your portfolio back on the right course can be a simple and cost-effective one. Now is the time to either take advantage of any unused ISA allowance as this will be lost come the end of the tax year in April, or at the very least you should take the time to review your existing ISA holdings to ensure your monies are getting the returns they deserve.

To receive a complimentary guide covering Wealth Management, Retirement Planning or Inheritance Tax Planning, please contact Daniel Paton, Adviser at Abacus Wealth Services Ltd on 0844 893 0068 or 07808 139025, or by email - 34

wolverhampton west magazine | march/april 2013

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How Much Could You Be Saving On Your Annual Lighting Bill? the cooler LED lamps if that is your preference, however advances in technology have led to LED’s that can produce exactly the same temperature and amount of light as an incandescent or halogen lamp with only a fraction of the wattage. Cost: I think it’s fair to say that most people are initially alienated and put off from buying the latest ranges of LED lamps, purely based on their price. With some lamps on sale for up to £25 each it’s easy to see why most people would, without proper thought, opt for their old 99p favourites instead.

What is on the Market? With the rising price of energy rates and increased threat to the planet’s well being, people are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve day to day life with both environmentally friendly and wallet friendly solutions. This is an area in which the lighting industry has been extremely active for quite some time now and over the years there has been many advances in lighting technology in regard to cutting down on costs and carbon footprints.

But if you think long term, what the overall difference in cost would be from such a seemingly insignificant decision that gets made when you’re stood at the counter of a lighting shop, you will soon realise exactly how affordable these lamps really are.

Take this case study for example: • In your kitchen you have 6 recessed spotlights that take 50w halogen GU10 lamps and these lights were in use for at least 4 hours a day, 7 days a week for the entire year. It would cost you £436.80 for that year and it would run you up to £2,184 over 5 Years. • Now; if you take those same spotlights, use them for the exact same amount of hours, days and weeks, but you replaced the a standard halogen GU10, with an energy efficient 5w LED GU10, 1 year would cost you just £43.68 to run those six lights and only £218.4 for 5 years. • And with a far greater life span, LED GU10’s will not have to be replaced as frequently as standard halogens driving your overall lighting spend down even further. Suddenly an £11-£18 light bulb, doesn’t seem so expensive.

The first wave of what are known as compact fluorescent light bulbs didn’t really go down too well with consumers due to their poor light output, warm-up time and infamous flicker. Though fluorescent energy saving lamps have continued to improve from their humble beginnings and the market is now flooded with halogen 30% energy savers, it’s LED light sources that are making perhaps the longest leaps forward in this field. LED lamps were themselves panned by shoppers and critics alike when they were first introduced to the market. They were said to be far too cold in colour temperature, producing more of a bluish, icy illumination rather than the more sought after warm and homely glow that older, higher wattage, lamps produce. But all this has changed. You can still get 38

wolverhampton west magazine | march/april 2013

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The Best of Bewdley By Rob Taylor

Images courtesy of Gary Mayner

named after the French ‘beau lieu’, meaning beautiful place. And it’s not hard to see how such a name stuck. Bewdley is a fine example of a Georgian town, blessed with a rich industrial and agricultural heritage, which has always been a popular hotspot for day-trippers, ever since the Victorians gave travel to the People. Still to this day, steam engines running along the 16 mile Severn Valley Railway from Bridgnorth to Kidderminster allow travellers to call in.

As I was going to St Ives I met a man with seven wives; each wife had seven sacks, each sack had seven cats; each cat had seven kits; kits, cats, sacks, wives: how many were going to St Ives? We all know the rhyme. And none of us know the answer. But, frankly, who cares? If the same man were on the road to Bewdley, mathematical conundrums of such sort would be the least of his worries, because the travelling bigamist and his party may well be packing felines far more ferocious than Felix. Big Cats. I mean, jump out of your faux-leopard skin coat and run for the hills big.

For those of you more keen to make use of the trail carved by Mother Nature’s hand, there’s always a spot of messing about on the river to be had in Bewdley. Popular with anglers and rowers in particular, the River Severn is a prime attraction, particularly now the long-running blight of flooding has receded after defences were erected in 2006 - at a cost of £7 million - and later fortified this year to cope with a seasonal surge, which used to cause annual damage to homes and businesses alike. One thing that is sure to never be swept away however, is the Bewdley Bridge, which was installed in 1798 by local legend Thomas Telford to replace the medieval bridge destroyed three years earlier. Although tourists will surely be swept away by the treats that await them in the neighbouring Wyre Forest. One of the largest surviving areas of ancient semi-natural woodland left in Great Britain, it is home to a rich diversity of wildlife, forest flora and fauna. As well as the ‘Go Ape’ experience which

provides an opportunity for fun high off the ground on zip wires and wooden walkways: a perfect way to absorb the panoramic vistas. The town also hosts events encompassing a carnival and arts extravaganza, music, beer and angling festivals. And visitors are also encouraged to take a butcher’s at the Bewdley Museum, set in the historic Butchers Shambles - it has all you need to know about traditional trades and crafts in the area. It’s no wonder everyone wants to visit Bewdley. Including the aforementioned travelling man, as - in case you hadn’t guessed - the answer to the riddle is one.

You see Bewdley is home to West Midland Safari and Leisure Park, as well as around 10,000 other residents (and - possibly - the aforementioned nomads of indeterminate number) who roam free in gay abandon courtesy of responsible Big Game management. There will be no Big Cat sightings in the nearby Wyre Forest, that’s for sure. This sleepy town, which sits on the River Severn, a few miles to the west of Kidderminster, is 40

wolverhampton west magazine | march/april 2013

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Managing Your Financial Future We provide an experienced wealth management service and offer specialist advice in a wide range of areas including:

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Preparing For The Growing Season If you didn’t finish clearing up leaves left on borders in the autumn because it was too wet, do so now before you top dress with fertilizer. Well-rotted manure and bark can be added as a mulch and will help keep weeds at bay. Plant young herbaceous into borders now and most of them will give a good display of flowers in their first year. Any clumps of old herbaceous that need splitting can be done now as they come into growth – keep the younger clumps from the edges and throw away the older middle sections if not required elsewhere. Pots that are planted with permanent plants will also benefit from the addition of

Tips are provided by Ann Winwood from Lealan Garden Centre, Wolverhampton

slow release fertilizer and fresh compost on the top. Plug plants of geraniums, fuchsia and hanging basket plants are all now available for potting up. Remember that they need some heat especially at night, preferably around 10-12 degrees centigrade. Hardy annuals such as Candytuft, Eschscholtzia, Nigella and Molucella (Bells of Ireland) can be sown directly into well prepared ground. Have your mower serviced over the next few weeks as work on the lawn can begin soon. When grass starts growing, cutting can begin – a light cut first, then, gradually drop the mower height. If you’ve got any bare patches, lightly fork over to loosen up the ground and re-seed. Finish digging over of the vegetable patch, making sure you’ve added some well-rotted

manure if you’re growing runner beans, also add a general purpose fertilizer. If the weather is mild enough start planting broad beans, onions, peas, carrots, shallots and hardy herbs – mint, rosemary, lavender. Potatoes can be started off, but remember to protect against late frosts. Sow small amounts of seed at regular intervals, to get a succession of crops. Start off tender vegetables under protection, tomatoes, peppers, courgettes and cucumbers all need to be kept warm, especially at night. It’s always best to be a bit cautious and sow later rather than earlier. During sunny mild days open the vents and doors of your greenhouse and allow in some fresh air.

Plug plants for growing on now in stock Hanging Baskets now being accepted for summer refilling Lealans own compost – 80 litre bags 3 for £12.00 Wide range of top quality shrubs, trees, roses, alpines and herbaceous always available

OPEN DAILY - Closed Easter Sunday

Lealans Garden Centre Bridgnorth Road, Shipley, Pattingham Wolverhampton WV6 7EZ


Tel 01902 700209

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When you need extra space in your home, whether it’s for a growing family, or an extra room to work or relax in, it could be time to use the space you already have, without the need for a costly extension or indeed to move house. Newroom Garage conversions locally based in Kingswinford can transform your existing garage into a stylish and practical room giving many potential uses, at a fraction of the cost of an equivalent size extension. Generally, no planning permission is needed, only building regulation approval, all of which is dealt with by us.




Typical price for a single garage is £6,995 and includes… • Building regs application and approval • All building works • 3 double plug sockets • Up to 6 down lighters • Source of heating eg radiator installation • Plastering and decorating • Doors-skirting and architraves • Double glazed front window • Access created from the main house into the garage

All our workers are time served tradesmen, ensuring a first class, worry free job from start to finish. Work will normally be completed within 10 days.

Please call: 01384 620506 or 07854 058222 email:

You may need somewhere to put the things you remove from your garage, so we supply and install an 8`x 6` timber shed, if needed.


Getting The Garden Into Shape With the approach of spring, the garden is beginning to stir quite seriously and if the weather is not too bad, it’s a wonderful opportunity to get down to some serious work preparing the garden for a wonderful summer. You’ll need to do some tidying up, getting rid of all that dead stuff left over by the winter. Rake out under hedges and shrubs. Put all the rubbish on the bonfire and when it’s cool, spread the ashes over the empty beds, its very good for your soil. Hoe over the borders and chop off those weeds that will also be getting going. The lawn will need regular mowing soon. Make sure the blades are set to cut no shorter than one and three quarters to two inches. You should never cut too short yet. Once all the ‘housekeeping’ chores have been done, why not take a trip to your local garden centres to get plants, seeds, tools and ideas? These are essential if you want to improve on last year’s show. You could consider


perhaps installing a pool and fountain, a rock garden or planting an orchard. All you’ll need will be available at a good garden centre. Why not consider a larger feature? A garden shed could be very useful for storing tools and bringing on seeds. A glasshouse or cold frame could enable you to grow things out of season and bring on early crops. On the other hand a summer house with a shed extension could give you an extra room to sit or entertain in and a place to store your gardening things. Another feature that is useful is the patio. It looks good, provides a pleasant place to sit on warm summer days and evenings and can help extend your home into the garden. All you’ll need to lay a tremendous patio will be available from your garden centre, and of course decking materials will be there too. Hardy annuals should be sown in spring and once the soil temperatures exceed 15.5 degree centigrade, half hardy annuals can go in out of doors as well. This is

the time to put in those gladioli corms in free-draining soil. This will also be the time to plant out all those subjects you raised from seed, planted last autumn in the cold frame of the greenhouse. For vegetable growers, now is the time to start planning for successional sowings of broad beans, carrots, early peas, turnips, radish, lettuce and spinach. If you’ve been raising seedlings of brassicas, leeks and onions, harden them off for a week or so in a cold frame, then plant them out and water them in. Early potatoes can go in at the end of spring and as it progresses, second earlies and main crops can follow. You might have to protect the early shoots against frosts; a sheet of polythene will do the job well enough. It’s worth remembering that, with house prices being what they are today; your garden represents a considerable investment. Don’t neglect it therefore; make it work for you and your family. This spring, a little planning, imagination and work will make it do just that.

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Independently Better

Hinksford Lane, Kingswinford, West Midlands, DY6 0BH



• Fencing, Paving Slabs, Block Paving, Turf, Decking, Decorative Aggregates, Building Supplies, Bricks & Blocks, Timber Supplies, Astro-Turf, Sheds & Gas

• Specialising in the installation of all the products we supply • Professional & friendly service • Free no obligatory quotes & consultancy • Design service available • Guarantees given on all types of work

• Display Area • Delivery service available

Tel 01384 401789 (5 lines) Fax 01384 401793 GARDEN MACHINERY DIVISION • Sales, service & repair of all types of garden machinery • Ride-on Tractors, push mowers hand-held machinery and much more • Spare parts available • Chainsaw sharpening • Free collection and delivery • Large mower showroom

w w w . o c l - k i n g s w i n f o r d . c o . u k Opening Times : Mon - Fri 8.00 - 18.00 | Sat 8.00 - 16.00


Rose Gardening Made Easy

The rose is regularly voted England’s favourite flower and here in Wolverhampton we are fortunate enough to have one of the world’s leading rose nurseries right on our doorstep.

combine the forms and fragrances of old roses with the wider colour range and repeating-flowering ability of modern roses have helped to transform the expectations of gardeners everywhere. If you would like to try growing some of these beauties in your own garden, but are unsure where to start, then you are in luck! Diana Perry, one of David Austin’s most experienced Rosarians, is hosting a Choosing and Planting Roses talk on the 8th, 13th and 16th March at

the nursery. Very reasonably priced at £14.95 per person, including a two course lunch, this fun day out will be packed with invaluable tips and practical advice - and you’re sure to leave buzzing with new found inspiration for your garden. David Austin Roses offer a series of informative talks and courses throughout the year, so if you’d like to learn more about these fascinating flowers, check out their website for upcoming events.

David Austin Roses in Albrighton is home to the award-winning English Roses. Since releasing his first rose, ‘Constance Spry’, back in 1961, David Austin has released For further call 01902 wolverhampton West Roses. Ad Feb 13:Layout 1 information 15/2/13 16:29 Page 1376334 over two hundred English These beautiful flowers, which or visit


E VENTS AT THE P LANT C ENTRE & T EA R OOMS We stock one of the largest collections of container roses in the country and, until the end of March, we are also offering a range of English Roses as bare roots. Alongside our Plant Centre are our tea rooms, gift shop and world famous rose gardens. Open 9am to 5pm, 7 days a week.

UPCOMING EVENTS CHOOSING AND PLANTING ROSES TALK AND LUNCH 8th, 13th and 16th March Our experienced rosarian, Diana Perry, draws on her depth of knowledge to provide an informative talk about choosing and planting roses. Priced £14.95 per person, including a two course lunch.

FISH FRIDAY Every Friday throughout March We are offering a choice of fish dishes freshly cooked to order. Priced at £15 for two people, we will also include a complimentary glass of wine with each meal if you pre-book your table.

MOTHER’S DAY LUNCH OR AFTERNOON TEA 9th and 10th March Why not treat your mum to a special Mother’s Day lunch or afternoon tea? Lunch is priced £14.95 per person for two courses and coffee. Afternoon Tea is priced £13.95 per person and is also available on Friday 8th March.

EASTER AFTERNOON TEA 27th March to 7th April A special treat to enjoy with friends and family. At 3 o’clock each day we will serve a range of sweet and savoury Easter-themed delights.Your table will be beautifully decorated with fresh roses. Priced £13.95 per person.

Call 01902 376334 or visit to book or for more information. Please book all events in advance.


Bowling Green Lane, Albrighton,Wolverhampton WV7 3HB E-mail: 46

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Garden Style With Substance By Andi Way, Award Winning Garden Designer at Boningale Garden Creations Does your garden reflect who you are, your style, personality? If not, now is the time of year to think about making your garden yours. Style is not just about decoration and the type of plants you buy – it’s about good, clear design. Many of the garden styles that we see today have evolved over the centuries. Very often they began life as large grand ideas, but they have had to be adapted over the years to suit different lifestyles and family generations. The trick to good garden design is capturing the essence of a style, or a place and making it your own, rather than creating a pastiche. The key is planning. Get some much-needed inspiration from magazines, books – even product brochures that garden centres give away freely.

Think about what style would suit you: do you want to create a Zenlike space that requires minimalist maintenance? A formal garden with traditional arrangements? Or are cottage-style borders packed with seasonal flowers more your style? Ask yourself if you like curves or straight lines. Curves tend to give a softer and more relaxed look that leads your eye through the garden, while straight lines lend themselves to a more formal, stately look that is centred on symmetrical patterns and order.

professional, but even the shortest of consultations at the planning stage could make the difference between a decent garden and a stunning one. Andi Way, who has more than 25 years’ experience in domestic landscaping, is head of the team at Boningale Garden Creations, which is based on Boningale’s wholesale plant nursery in Albrighton, near Wolverhampton.

Whatever the style you eventually choose, look carefully at the practicalities to see how it can be accommodated in the space you have. It’s always a good idea to seek professional advice from a reputable, APL approved, garden designer for new ideas or tips on planting. You don’t have to have a huge budget to employ a





garden creations INSPIRING GARDEN DESIGN Creating your perfect outdoor space is a big step, but you’ll be in safe hands with garden creations. Our award – winning designers offer imaginative designs to suit your personality and life style, traditional or contemporary, large or small. Our experienced landscape team offer a complete planting and landscaping service which will bring your garden design to life. So why not contact Andi for a free consultation to discuss your dream garden further.

Call us on:

01902 376500


Email our design team:




Lisa Vickers, Lady of the Vines There’s no average day for Lisa Vickers, co-owner of Halfpenny Green Vineyards which she runs with her husband, Clive, and father in law Martin. Lisa can be planning the next stock change for the shop, inspiring the chef to create his next seasonal menu or looking at plans for the vineyards’ expansion, it’s all in a day’s work for Lisa at the 30 acre site which is situated 3 miles from Wombourne in the very south of Staffordshire. Lisa came to become shop and restaurant manager at Halfpenny Green Vineyards in 1999, when she decided to change careers from working as a recruitment sales representative for The Express & Star newspaper group and come in to the family business with her husband Clive. And she’s never looked back. In the 13 years she has been in charge of the retail and catering arm of the business the standard of food and retail experience has gone from strength to strength and now the tearoom and restaurant are known for miles around for their fantastic food and good service. A special gourmet evening, where the vineyards are opened up one evening a month and diners can enjoy an extensive menu from the


intimate restaurant, was a concept of Lisa’s back in 2009 and now evenings sell out weeks in advance. The shop now houses a deli counter and fabulous foods from near and far, including the Chef’s Own range cooked in the kitchen by head chef, alongside the full range of wines and other gifts which make it a hub of inspiration for ideas for friends and family, or just to treat oneself. “I’m delighted to see how well the shop and restaurant do and nothing pleases me more to see people returning to dine or shop with us” explains Lisa. “Whilst Clive and Martin keep the essential vine and wine production going, I can concentrate on making a trip here a real visitor experience so people want to return again and again. We are a good team as we all have such different roles to play in the success of the vineyards”. Take a trip to Halfpenny Green Vineyards this spring and try the delicious seasonal menu for lunch, indulge in an afternoon tea or simply browse around the shop and deli and take home some wonderful fare. And if you see a determined lady multitasking her way around the shop and restaurant, you can be fairly sure it’s Lisa Vickers, the fairest of the faces behind the success of Halfpenny Green Vineyards.

wolverhampton west magazine | march/april 2013

Spring At The Vineyards What a busy spring it is! With Mother’s Day and Easter taking place in the same month of March, there’s no better place to come and spend time with mum and the whole family, than Halfpenny Green Vineyards in South Staffordshire.

Treat mum and grandma to a lovely lunch in the restaurant set in between the vines and see them as they start their spring bud burst. There’s a fabulous spring menu on offer. Or, for a more relaxed afternoon tea with gorgeous cakes and scones, then the tearooms adjacent to the restaurant is the place to be, with comfy sofas and even an outdoor option if the sun really starts to shine! Pop over to the shop and you can not only find a gift for mum, but ideas for Easter presents too, with tasty chocolates, biscuits, speciality teas and homemade Chef’s own food just some of the ideas for a Easter extravaganza. While the kids enjoy their Easter eggs, why not treat him or her to some of Halfpenny Green Vineyard’s very own award winning wine? There’s all the range on offer in the shop, and

you could really splash out on a bottle of pink fizz, ideal for Mother’s Day or Easter parties. Out in the vineyards, and Martin Vickers and his team are hard at work getting the vines in good shape to hope for a good year of crop. You can see the handy work and enjoy a stroll amongst the vines on one of the selfguided tours of the vines (maps available), and end it with a well-deserved drink back in the licenced tearooms and restaurant. Whatever you plan to do, you’ll a great day out this spring at Halfpenny Green Vineyards.

Halfpenny Green Vineyards is open every day. Bookings for lunch and our special gourmet dinner events are on 01384 221122. Halfpenny Green Vineyards, Tom Lane, Bobbington, South Staffordshire DY7 5EP

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 9.30AM – 5.00PM

Tel: 01384 221122 Email:


their hard work and dedication to the business and their constant attention to detail.

L-R: Julie Wycherley, Willow Lawley, Mark Lowe, Lord Gavin Hamilton, Gavin Real, Joanne Cole, Kate Eardley, Paula Davies, Dan Levey

Apley Farm Shop Wins Major National Award Apley Farm Shop near Bridgnorth has been recognised with a major award from the National Farmers’ Retail and Markets Association. FARMA awarded the shop, at Stockton, near Norton, its Rising Star award during a presentation ceremony with Hugh FearnleyWhittingstall held in Harrogate.


“We pride ourselves on supplying top quality, locally sourced food at reasonable prices and it is encouraging to know, given the recent findings related to certain mass-produced meat items, that more and more people are supporting their local butchers. Our in-house butchery at Apley is always busy and customers are very pleased with the excellent meat it supplies.” Apley Farm Shop is open seven days a week, parking is free, there is an adjacent licensed café / restaurant (The Creamery) and Piggs Playbarn for small visitors, plus the free Skylark Nature Trail.

“This is a remarkable achievement and we are absolutely delighted,” said Apley Farm Shop owner Lord Gavin Hamilton, who founded the shop almost two years ago. “We are still a relatively new business and so it is extremely satisfying to win such a prestigious award. “The day-to-day running of the shop is very much a team effort and I congratulate our staff for

There is also an ongoing programme of events, including countryside talks on the second Tuesday of each month, a Craft Fair in the Courtyard on the first Sunday every month – and on Saturday May 4th there will be a unique medieval jousting fair. Further information is available from the Apley Farm shop website at

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Manufacturers, Suppliers & Installers of all types of domestic and commercial fencing and gates

• • • • • •

28 Years’ Experience Free Quotations Local Authority Approved Competitive Prices Insurance Work Undertaken Metal or Wood Fencing & Gates


Do’ ‘Good A t What We Call Us Today On 01902 894747 Heath Mill Industrial Est, Heath Mill Rd, Wombourne WV5 8AP

Bradford Street

Aston Road Aston Street

Anvil Lodge




Specialised Rail Holiday Department

Florida Family Holidays.

Telephone us now on 01902 324777

For a free no obligation quotation or call in to see us at: The Cottage High Street Wombourne WV5 9DN

Pure Luxury 3368

Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 0900 - 17.30, Saturday 09.00 - 16.00

ABTA No.78359

W i t h t h e Tr a v e l B u r e a u A luxury escape to one of the world’s most beautiful locations takes time and expertise to create. A Pure Luxury holiday booked with The Travel Bureau pays attention to the smallest of details. It’s an effort we love making. The Pure Luxury Worldwide Holidays 2013-14 brochure is out now, representing the very best the world of luxury travel has to offer. Alongside a selection of classic favourites, the brochure features a fantastic range of 50 new resorts and tours including several exquisite new properties which opened in 2012. Our new brochure welcomes increasingly popular luxury destinations such as Sri Lanka, Kenya and Indochina, as well as a great range of new hotels worldwide including Grosvenor House Dubai, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, and the visually stunning St. Regis in Mauritius. Are you looking to head further afield on your special journey? We’ve created suggested touring itineraries in Australia, New Zealand, Indochina and Africa too. Sri Lanka is rapidly becoming the latest luxury holiday destination. Not only has it been named number one destination in the world to visit in 2013 by Lonely Planet, it is brimming with culture and the perfect ingredients for that once in a lifetime holiday. The Pure Luxury portfolio features four of the most deluxe hotels on the island with fantastic rates and special offers available. Indochina has also been added to this year’s brochure with a selection of great touring options throughout Vietnam, this is a great destination for those looking for a little extra authenticity in the Far East. We have selected a range of tours and extensions,

from one night on Halong Bay to the nine night Vietnam in Style package where highlights include a street food tour of Hanoi, a cruise on Halong Bay, cyclo tour of Hue and an overnight stay on a private sampan on the Mekong Delta. Guided tours include accommodation, transfers, flights where specified, and most meals, so all you need to worry about is sitting back and relaxing in the sunshine. Maybe the wild outdoors are more your style? The stunning lodges and national parks of Kenya easily rival that of South Africa. From the Marine National Parks and the coastal waters to the 5,000 metre peak of Mount Kenya, these extraordinary protected habitats offer some of the world’s most spectacular sights. The Pure Luxury Worldwide Holidays brochure welcomes an array of superb new hotels as well as some classics to the portfolio. Cap Maison in St Lucia is a family owned boutique hotel with the largest villa suites in the Eastern Caribbean and private rooftop swimming pools, whilst The St Regis Mauritius Resort opened on 1st November 2012; truly beautiful and the ideal option for those looking for a Mauritian escape. The Chedi is Chiang Mai’s only five star hotel along the scenic Mai Ping River. Book a Chedi Club Suite to receive a host of extra benefits including limousine airport transfers, champagne breakfast and evening cocktails and canapés. From the Far East to the USA, Indian Ocean to Arabia and all in between, no matter where your holiday desires are taking you, contact The Travel Bureau to tailor-make a Pure Luxury itinerary today. Fly with the world’s leading airlines and relax in luxury airport lounges before you fly – it’s all possible with Pure Luxury.

Contact The Travel Bureau 01902 324777 for details. 52 52

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Travel Accessory Shop on line offering a small range of good quality accessories for your holiday Travel Gift Card is available to treat that someone special in your life. The Travel Bureau is an Independent Travel Agent established over 27 years with experience in all aspects of Travel and provides your own Personal Travel Consultant – specialising in personal itineraries to suit individual holiday requirements for that special occasion as well as standard holiday packages.

Worldwide Flights

5 Star Destination Honeymoon and Weddings

Continental Rail Tickets

Tailor Made European & Longhaul Holidays

Amtrak American Rail Tickets

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Specialised Business Travel Department

5 Star Luxury European Destinations

Specialised Rail Holiday Department

Florida Family Holidays.

Telephone us now on 01902 324777 Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 0900 - 17.30, Saturday 09.00 - 16.00

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ABTA No.78359

For a free no obligation quotation or call in to see us at: The Cottage, High Street, Wombourne WV5 9DN


Every time you book a Pure Luxury holiday* you’ll be given complimentary lounge passes for your departure airport. Escape the terminal crowds and unwind in the quiet surrounds of an air-conditioned lounge with selected complimentary meals, unlimited snacks and drinks, and entertainment facilities including television, newspapers, magazines and Wi-Fi before you fly. *Holiday must include a flight and minimum three nights accommodation. Available at selected airports, services may differ between airports. Lounge passes given to all passengers travelling subject to availability and individual lounge terms and conditions. Valid 01 Jan 13 - 31 Mar 14.



Wightwick Manor Something On Offer For Everyone, All Year. From this year Wightwick Manor & Gardens, on the outskirts of Wolverhampton, is now open every day except Christmas Day, although the house itself is closed on Tuesdays. Visitors can enjoy the newly opened Manders’ tea-room, the extended shop as well as the magnificent house with its exquisite furnishings and art collection set in a beautiful 17 acre garden. They also have a wide range of events, catering for all tastes, throughout the year. Specialist talks on the Pre-Raphaelites and William Morris, including a saucy late night adult only tour covering the naughtier side of the Pre-Raphaelite movement, are held and from April there is a special exhibition by Morris & Co on how they produce their current designs on both fabric and wallpaper, which can then be ordered from the Wightwick shop. In the summer there are two outdoor theatre productions, Romeo & Juliet and a family friendly version of Alice in Wonderland. In fact, there is lots on offer for families throughout the year with an orienteering course, crafting activities running in school holidays and a monthly ‘Woodland Club’ that gives families the chance to explore the wooded parts of the garden and get outdoors together – great for parents and grandparents as well. For more information visit the property and pick up an events leaflet or look for details on their website


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Art Specialist PreRaphaelite talks Throughout the year

© National Trust Images/John Hammond. Registered Charity, Number 205846.

This year we are again running our very popular series of specialist art tours with our house steward. We have added two seated lectures on Simeon Solomon and on the Pre-Raphaelite women. Visit our website for details. £10 per person (inc members)

Call 01902 761400 for details

s r a C l l a s d Co al Cars & Sign


No. 1 For Airport Transfers Fully Manned 24hr Service Ring Back Service Available Low Cost Fixed Fares No Increase After Midnight

4/6/8 Seater Vehicles 24hr Card Payment Facility Courier Service Off Peak Fares Available

All Airports & Seaports Catered For Your Local Private Hire Taxi Firm’s

ANYTIME, ANYPLACE, ANYWHERE 01902 840000 / 846411 / 844888 / 842842 Email:


among (Pegas)us, although rumours that veggie burgers contain 100% uni-Quorn will cause trouble for them too. That so many trusted household brands and supermarket chains could ‘pull a Trojan Horse’ on us, the Great British public, is enough to drive (not gallop) anyone to despair like a gadfly with nothing for dinner - but don’t.

The horse meat scandal is the mane news item of the moment and it’s left a lot of consumers with very long faces indeed. Some people have been rushed into hospital - but, don’t worry, they are thought to be in stable condition. Others are angry and have the bit

between their teeth - Don Corleone has already put a “beef” burger on the pillow of Findus’s chief executive. And then, of course, there are the few who are feeling rather smug, with their I-told-you-so attitude - they’ve been denouncing ready-meals for containing too much salt and Shergar for years. Not to mention the vegetarians

Stop Horsin’ Around: Buy Local By Rob Taylor

Yes, you may by this point just think I’m guilty of flogging a dead horse, but there is a point to all this pun-tastic tomfoolery. The message is clear: for total confidence in your rump and with absolutely no risk of ending up looking like a chump, buy local. There is a whole host of top-quality award-winning (not the Grand National) purveyors of meat fit to eat in the local area - Allan Bennett Butchers of Codsall to name but one - and at this time of woe you can be sure that the only Black Beauty on sale here is Allan’s black pudding. So forget your pre-packed lasagneighs, Palomino-peppered sausage and spaghetti bologneighs and hoof it down to the local shops for something worth working up an appetite for.

A member of the Guild of Q Butchers Quite simply, this means that Allan Bennett is one of the best butchers in Britain. Quality is our number one priority, and we are committed to preserving the skills passed down through generations of traditional craftsmen. At Allan Bennett’s we produce all our products using the best English meat, which is bought from Bridgnorth market every Tuesday. This means that all of our meat has full traceability, and guarantees you top quality meat from local farmers. In short, you can’t buy better!

Staffordshire Spring Lamb Reared on the Staffordshire countryside, this is the most natural free-range meat you can buy. The lamb is hung for a week to further improve flavour and create the perfect product. The low food miles means the product is good for the environment as well as for you!

Allan Bennett Ltd, 15 Station Road, Codsall. WV8 1BX Tel: 01902 842204 Open 6 days a week : Monday to Friday 7am-5.30pm, Saturday 7am-5pm


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Chauffeur Driven Gold Service Luxury Cars

• Wedding Hire • Airport Transfers • Concerts • Anniversaries • Proms

• Birthdays • Sporting Events and any other Special Occasion...

Contact: Keith Warner on 01902 847145 / 07772 605764 E: Based in Codsall


Secure, SubSidiSed Start Louise Hunter - Business Incubation Manager University of Wolverhampton Science Park

Being part of a business incubator is considered validation for many small to medium-sized businesses. It opens doors that many small business owners don’t otherwise learn about until it is too late.

own mentors able to provide start up and developmental support in various specialist areas.

Aside from financing, the true value of business incubators is the people support they invest in their tenants. Whether that is introducing business owners to a great accountant, a mentor or another tenant struggling with the same growing pains, the networking done within business incubators is their strongest selling point. There are, of course, many businesses that have succeeded without going through an incubator, but if the opportunity is there, it is well worth considering.

This year The Marketing Exchange™ joined SPARK offering a professional marketing advisory and workshop programme for small to medium size business owners, who want to learn and share cutting-edge marketing best practice. In April, Director Carl Jarvis is launching ‘The Black Country Marketing Exchange’ at Wolverhampton Business Solutions Centre. He is currently looking for 21 local business owners, with 5 to 49 employees, who want to learn the latest leading-edge marketing strategies for use in their business.

At SPARK Business Incubator we encourage companies to network and collaborate both internally within SPARK and externally within the wider Science Park and local area. We direct companies to local support organisations such as Wolverhampton Business Solutions Centre and we have our


SParK business incubation centre Wolverhampton 01902 837400

professionals, GreenEdge has developed a reporting portal and integrated tablet app to allow effective reporting and analysis of chargeable work specifically for the refrigeration industry. Director Debbie Wiggins says: “The system enables clients to gain new business through sharing reports online with their customers; provides engineer reports from onsite work the same day, enabling invoices to be dispatched earlier; allows clients to meet key legislative targets around F-Gas; and reduces carbon footprints by reducing reliance on paper-based systems.”

Specialist software company, GreenEdge also joined SPARK earlier this year; they provide business portals and iphone apps for small businesses and retailers. Working in partnership with refrigeration

e-innovation centre Telford 01952 288200 wolverhampton

Although these companies are all relatively new to the business incubation environment they are already creating new ideas and developing new products but more importantly they have the potential in coming years to create jobs, revitalise neighbourhoods, commercialise new technologies thus strengthening local and national economies.

university of Wolverhampton Science Park 01902 824000 west magazine | march/april 2013

LOOKING FOR A QUALITY BUSINESS LOCATION? Specialist, fully-serviced business accommodation designed for companies from science, technology and creative sectors Fully serviced business accommodation Flexible licence agreements Conference & meeting room facilities Video-conferencing, catering & other services Secure 24-hour access & free car park Links to University of Wolverhampton business support

THINKING OF STARTING A BUSINESS? SPARK Business Incubation Centre provides an ideal environment for aspiring entrepreneurs and new and developing businesses Low cost, furnished, serviced business accommodation Easy in/out licence terms & all inclusive rents Free use of board meeting room, informal meeting areas Fully staffed reception CafĂŠ & meeting catering facilities Free professional business mentoring & support



TEL 01746 762248



Tuesday 5th March Tuesday 2nd April Tuesday 7th May



Saturday and Sunday 10am – 4pm, Monday 10am – 5pm prior to auction


Accepted up until 10 days prior to Auction


If you have old items around the house or you have a deceased estate to clear we have the ability and experience to help. We have monthly auctions so items can be dealt with quickly.


We have a FREE valuation day every Wednesday from 10am to 4pm. As well as discussing auction estimates we will advise on the best way to sell your items.


As we employ our own delivery and collection staff we can ensure your goods are dealt with by trained staff and are insured.




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South Staffs Golf Club

Playing the Field The impression in the finely manicured turf was sizeable; the distance the ball had travelled was not - and best measured in centimetres.

By Rob Taylor

3 Hammers Golf Club

‘Now come along old chap, that won’t do,’ barked the old Etonian with a withering look of scorn and a disconcertingly fierce mien. The tension built up in the amateur golfer’s breast; this was his first time at the tee in years and already he was beginning to tee off his playing party, as well as the many now starting to queue up behind them. Flashbacks to the many offers of guidance and tuition he spurned from his local club now flood his consciousness, further disabling

his swing. So confident was he of his innate ability to play the

game that he even refused a quiet refresher with close friends, before meeting his new boss for 18 holes. If I carry on at this rate, he thinks, I’ll make more holes than the gang of hard-hat, high-viz jacket-wearing moles, working with pneumatic drills, just out of earshot. He swings again, this time skimming the small white ball low across the surface. His workmates, now cackling like hyenas, fear that it’ll be a very long day. For the man holding the club aloft, climbing into and hiding inside one of his many freshly-cut divots seemed like the only option left.

Patshull Park Golf Club


This is a cautionary tale for anyone not blessed with either the wit or wherewithal to seek out and

wolverhampton west magazine | march/april 2013

Tuition at The Golf Academy

Wrottesley Golf Club Wergs Golf Club

capitalise upon the abundance of quality golf courses and facilities in the Wolverhampton area. To ensure that you are never the aforementioned unlucky bearer of the club, be sure to swing by 3 Hammers, Patshull Park, South Staffs, Wergs and Oxley Park golf clubs. Furthermore, you needn’t just be a novice looking for insight or practice to help raise your performance - far from it. The area in general - but in particular the above clubs - has facilities to suit everyone, right up to the most competitive scratch

player. Of course if you are still a little green when it comes to hours spent on the green, you’ll find expert advice from the team at The Golf Academy based at The Range in Essington or at the 3 Hammers in Coven. Both facilities will be eager to pitch in with top-notch advice to help improve your swing. Throw in the many social and function facilities annexed to the courses and you have everything you - and your family - will need to while away every day of the year, from fresh dew-soaked Spring mornings to frosty and bracing Winter afternoons. And you can even take to the driving range after dark. With price packages for green fees and memberships more keenly priced than ever before, you won’t find that you are left with a large hole in your pocket either. In fact, you need do nothing more than sit-back, relax and unfurl the forthcoming pages, which are packed-full of the very best of what every course has to offer right now.

Oxley Park Golf Club

And, don’t worry, every one of them has the fabled “nineteenth hole.” 63

Golf Tips from Peter Baker European Tour and Ryder Cup Star and Head Professional at The South Staffordshire Golf Club.

Peter’s playing career spans over 25 years on the European Tour, with Ryder Cup honours and more than 650 tournaments world wide including all of the major championships, and now you can benefit from his many years of experience to improve your golf game. “Over the following months my aim is to give you the fundamental tips to enable you to improve your game and become a better player.�

The Takeaway (Right handed Golfer)

In my first tip we looked at The Grip, for my second tip we focus on the Takeaway. The Takeaway dictates the path of the swing. If it’s correct it will help you get the club on a better plane which will lead to better shots. Check your takeaway is in the correct position by feeling the weight of the club. Behind the hands (Top left picture) shows over rotation in the hands and forearms off the ball. The (Bottom left picture) shows no rotation off the ball at all.

The correct way is the (Bottom Right Picture) where the club is lighter and balanced and in line with the hands and feet. This will get you on the correct swing plane and on the right track to make a good backswing.

The South Staffordshire Golf Club Limited Danescourt Road, Tettenhall Wolverhampton WV6 9BQ Telephone No: 01902 751065 Fax No: 01902 751159 64

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SPECIAL DEALS AVAILABLE FOR SOCIETIES* *All packages minimum of 12 people




18 holes of golf. Full English breakfast.

18 holes of golf. Roast carvery. Dessert of the day.

18 holes of golf. Full English breakfast. Roast carvery. Dessert of the day.

Weekdays £25pp. Weekends/Bank Holidays £30pp

Weekdays £30pp. Weekends/Bank Holidays £35pp

Weekdays £35pp. Weekends/Bank Holidays £40pp


Wergs Golf Club Keepers Lane, Tettenhall Wolverhampton West Midlands WV6 8UA e





01902 742 225


Wolves Legends Club Together For Charity Golf Day Wolverhampton Wanderers’ legends proved good sports as they clubbed together at a charity golf day, raising more than £8,000 for three charities.

The total raised from entry fees to the day and a charity auction was £8,349, giving Midlands Air Ambulance, Maureen Parks Breast Care Fund and Compton Hospice a hefty cheque for £2,783 each.

70s Wolves ace Steve Daley was principal organiser of the event held at Oxley Park Golf Course on 7th November, together with sporting memorabilia and Events Company Route 39.

Co-organiser Steve Saul of Route 39 said: “We were thrilled with the turnout and the whole day proved a real hit with all involved.

More than 80 players joined the competition including ex-Wolves players Mike Bailey, Steve Kindon, Dave ‘Waggy’ Wagstaffe, Phil Parkes, Steve Daley, Andy Mutch, Ken Hibbitt, Geoff Palmer, Steve Bull, Robbie Dennison, Willie Carr, John McAlle and Terry Wharton. Nobby Stiles, who famously lifted the 1966 World Cup, was guest of honour and son, John Stiles, entertained the crowd with a comedy set over a two-course meal at a post-game event.


“I would like to say a big thank you to the Wolves legends for getting behind this event, and to all the players that joined in the fun for three fantastic causes. Also to the Chaucer Group who sponsored the event and local businesses that offered prizes and supplies.” Following its success, Steve Daley and Route 39 have booked a further date at the golf club, on 20th September, to repeat the event in 2013.   To book your place, call Steve Saul on 07971 012370.

Back row L to R: Sofia Voutianitis (Fundraising Manager Midlands Air Ambulance), Steve Daley, Phil Parkes, Steve Saul (Route 39). Front Row L to R: Simon Cater (Corporate Fundraiser Compton Hospice) & Geoff Palmer.

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The clubhouse provides members with a tranquil setting where players can relax in between rounds. There is a lounge bar, spike bar and terrace, television lounge and restaurant, all of which capture stunning views of the 1st and 18th holes, not to mention the local countryside beyond.

Exceeding Expectations for Over One Hundred Years South Staffs is steeped in golfing history and heritage, the course at Danescourt was originally designed by Harry Vardon in 1908 and over the years the course has been ‘tweaked’ by such golfing luminaries as Harry Colt, James Braid and, more recently Donald Steel and is considered by many to be one of the finest courses in the Midlands.

South Staffs is renowned for its excellent greens and rolling fairways. Set over 160 acres and maintained to the highest possible standards, the 6,587 yard par 71 course suits a range of abilities. The club currently hosts several Midland PGA Region professional tournaments, including the three day PGA/PTS Invitational, which is covered by Sky TV cameras. For the first two days of the tournament, leading Midland professionals play with amateur partners.

Members and visitors can enjoy facilities second to none in the area including a well stocked Professionals Shop, Driving Range, and Practice Area. The Peter Baker Golf Academy allows members to book lessons with the former Ryder Cup and European Tour star. Tuition is tailored individually to the specific needs of the learner, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate level golfer or an advanced player. When play is not in progress, there is the added caveat of popular social events for members and their guests to enjoy. Membership is currently available for gentleman, ladies and juniors with full competitive schedules for all. So give the Club Manager, Mrs Sue LeBeau a call on 01902 751065 Option 1 and join one of the Midland’s finest golf clubs.

Visit for details.


Friendly Golf For All The Family Situated in pleasant parkland on the A41 Holyhead Road in the grounds of Wrottesley Hall is Wrottesley Golf Club. Wrottesley is a full 18 hole par 3 course and ideal if you only have a couple of hours spare to fit in a 18 hole game. This year, the club is holding its Open Day on Sunday 28th April. This warm invitation is extended to one and all, male and female, young and old, experienced players and beginners.

Special concessions will be offered to new members joining on the day. We hope this year’s event will be as successful as last year when over 60 people attended.

The day will commence at 10am with the last tee off at 2pm.

Come and enjoy a complimentary round of golf in lovely surroundings with a friendly atmosphere and see for yourself, but please note dress restrictions do apply.

The club professional, Shaun Ball, will also be on hand giving tips and advice to help hone your golfing skills. The club hold weekend competitions (with silverware) throughout the year and both Senior and Ladies’ sections have their own competitive events. Inter-club competitions are arranged between April and September on a Thursday evening.

If you are interested in attending the open day or want further information please contact Club Secretary, Joe Owen on 07910 681706 or contact him via our website,



18 Hole Par 3 Course 3083 yards Suitable for all ages, male and female, beginners and experienced players alike.

Membership gives you golf for less than £7 per week.

NEW MEMBERS WELCOME! For further details please contact:

07910 681706

Holyhead Rd, Codsall, Wolverhampton WV8 2HL


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Simply bring in this coupon for your FREE BUCKET OF RANGE BALLS before Sunday 31st March 2013 (2 Credits)


The Range Wood Farm, Broad Lane, Essington, Nr Wolverhampton, WV11 2RJ Tel: 07565 968314 Email: Web:


Centenary Year at Oxley Park Golf Club Oxley Park Golf Club is the Emerald Gem in the City of Wolverhampton. Situated on the Stafford Road, Bushbury on the outskirts of Wolverhampton. It is best described as an eighteen hole undulating parkland course of over 6200 yards, Par 71, S.S.S. 70. The holes are varied and testing with over eighty bunkers to punish a wayward shot. Many fairways are tree lined so there is a premium on straight hitting. Members and guests have the opportunity to play one of the finest courses in the West Midlands. The club was formed in 1912 by a group of local entrepreneurs including the then owner, Judge Henry Staveley Hill K.C., M.P. They employed Harry Shapland Colt, an international course designer to lay down the first eighteen

holes. Colt was also responsible for the design and remodelling of many famous courses including the New and Eden courses at St Andrews, Muirfield, Sunningdale and Royal St Georges. Oxley Park offers excellent bar and catering facilities to accommodate all your needs; • Excellent choice of menus for buffets, bar snacks and evening meals; • Societies/Corporate Events are catered for;

• Room hire is also available. Please telephone the office for details; • A very well stocked bar offering something for everyone; • Our Head Chef and Steward will make you very welcome. Sample Oxley’s friendly “19th” hole upon completion of your round. Visitors and societies are made more than welcome with discounted green fees and packages available that can include breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If you are interested in joining one of the best courses in the area please contact the General Manager, Neville Thomson on 01902 773989 or email:

Oxley Park Golf Club £99



• 1 month trial membership • April – September - £395* Play anytime Monday Friday • Full member rights. • • Saturday & Sunday after 12.30pm • Competitions, team events, centenary celebrations. • Refunded if you then join the club * Bar credits, egu fees, £100 admin fee refunded from following year’s subscriptions, to be added

FEATURES • 18 Hole Parkland Course

Emerald Gem in the City of Wolverhampton

• Fully stocked pro shop • PGA teaching professionals • Full bar & catering facilities

Contact: General Manager 01902 773989 or email:


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Upcoming Events

at Patshull Park Hotel Cheltenham Gold Cup Golf and Racing Day Friday 15th March - big screens, bookies and bets!

Golfers £40 per person includes Irish breakfast, 18 holes of golf, 2 course lunch and racing afternoon. Non Golfers £23 per person 2 course lunch and racing afternoon.

St Patrick’s Day Lunch

£17.95 per adult, £9.70 per child

Sunday 17th March - With live Irish folk music from Irish guitarist Rich MacMahon.

Step into Spring!

£24 per person

Wednesday 20th March - Luxury shopping, 2 course dinner, floral extravaganza with Andrew Lloyd.

Ollie Hughes as Robbie Williams Tribute Night

£29 per person

Friday 22nd March - 3 course meal, tribute act and disco.

Easter Sunday Lunch

£17.95 per adult, £9.70 per child

Sunday 31st March - Free Easter egg for children!

St George’s Day Lunch with Maggie O’Hara

£20 per person

Wednesday 24th April - 2 course lunch followed by a patriotic tribute with the fabulous Maggie O’Hara.

Call our Sales Team for further information t: 01902 700100 e:

Patshull Park Hotel, Golf & Country Club, Pattingham, Shropshire WV6 7HR


wolverhampton west magazine | march/april 2013

Patshull Park Hotel reserve the right to withdraw or change any original price or promotional offer published.

Mother’s Day Lunch Sunday 10th March Sir Jacks Restaurant

Hayward Suite

A wide choice threecourse menu is available in our intimate and exclusive pitch-facing Sir Jack’s restaurant. This menu is also available in private suites for up to 16 people.

A fabulous three-course meal in the pitch-facing Hayward Suite.

£24.95 per person £12.50 children’s half portion (12 and under)

Both packages include a visit from Wolfie and a gift for all Mothers.

£24.35 adult £12.25 children’s half portion (12 and under)

Please call 0871 222 2220 (option 5) to book or e-mail

Wombourne Tandoori Restaurant Air conditioned

Cuisine of Bengal

Fully licensed

Bookings now being taken for Mothering Sunday March 10th and Easter Sunday March 31st

Book early to avoid disappointment. RATED 5


Rafique Miah welcomes you to the longest established Indian Restaurant in Wombourne Village, serving sumptuous Bangladeshi Cuisine for over 23 years. “We pride ourselves on our Quality of Food, Excellent Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction.”

Tel: 01902 324148 / 324437

Recently refurbished in contemporary surroundings, air conditioned and fully licensed.

• Winner of ‘Simply the Best’ restaurant competition 2009 • Winner of The Spotlight Awards ‘Best Eating Place – Casual’ 2007 / 2008 Our popular Take-away Service is still the best in Wombourne offering 10% off our Menu price. Open 7 days including Bank Holidays - 5.30pm until 11.30pm

High Street, Wombourne WV5 9DN 73

Open 7 days 6pm until late Free secure car park at rear 272 Penn Road, Penn, Wolverhampton WV4 4AD

A warm welcome awaits you at Penn Tandoori… experience the Pride of Penn Specialising in Tandoori, Curry dishes, Balti dishes and also European dishes. Enjoy authentic Indian cuisine at its very best in a warm, friendly atmosphere in one of the most luxurious restaurants in the West Midlands. Whatever the occasion children are always welcome with their parents and we try our best to ensure that families feel at home and have an enjoyable experience with us.

Fully licensed 10% discount off take-aways collected

10% OFF

Your food and drink bill when dining in. Please present this voucher. 1 voucher per table.

For bookings or further details please call 01902 333319


Freshly cooked traditional food, vegetarian menu, childrens menu, specials board, popular ‘light-bite lunches’, complemented by fine ales and wines whether you’re a GOLFER OR NOT!

TUESDAY GRILL NIGHT 2 delicious grills and a bottle of selected wine for only £19.95

An ideal venue for private parties including family celebrations and funerals from groups of 2 up to 120. Special Buffet Menus also available. BAR OPEN FROM 10am until 11pm Breakfast served 10am -12pm (not Sunday). Lunch & Evening Meals served Weekdays & Saturdays: 12noon-2pm & 6pm-9pm, Sunday: 12noon-3pm & 5.30pm-9pm

To avoid disappointment please book, tel: 01902 791917 Situated on the 3 Hammers Golf Complex, Old Stafford Road, Coven, Nr Wolverhampton WV10 7PP


wolverhampton west magazine | march/april 2013



.95 *



CALL OR VISIT OUR WEBSITE TO BOOK YOUR TICKETS NOW! 01902 390000 | *Terms & conditions apply. Advance bookings only. Price per person and includes VAT. For race times and full details please visit our website.


Three Hammers Bistro By Jim Hawkins. As discerning diners may already know, the Three Hammers Bistro strikes a blow for best quality sophisticated dining at prices not too beefy to bounce the old-fashioned rubber cheque - and it’s well established as a respected rendezvous for restaurant lovers in the Wolverhampton West region and far beyond. Politicians may talk about ‘three strikes and you’re out’ but you can blow me down with a feather if this fine dining destination doesn’t have you beating the door down to get in. It’s just the place to impress a dining companion and be impressed too. For many years now I have searched in vain for someone who will request my presence at table and pick up the bill - but never let it be said that I am not prepared to push the boat out on someone else’s behalf - especially where I can guarantee myself good food together with the good company I had assiduously sourced for the evening. Vicky Tweed - Second Violinist of the Marlwood Symphony Orchestra - was desperate to hear my views on Claude Debussy, so in double

quick time I booked a table, knowing that The Three Hammers would enable me to waltz through such a splendid encounter. Upon greeting my date for the evening I was somewhat taken aback to be quizzed on Debussy’s formal connections on Expressionist painting. “My dear lady!” I exclaimed “How can a mere mortal such as I, put the ineffable into words?” “But here’s a challenge for YOU. I’m taking you to the Three Hammers Bistro in Coven. Your test is to put into words just how you feel upon tasting such cuisine”. On arrival at this very pleasant venue, with ample well-lit parking, your correspondent - an impatient fellow by nature - was pleased to be shown to a table within minutes. I’m glad to be able to report that no sooner had we entered the light and airy dining area when Ms. Tweed began to heap praise on the nature of the establishment, with its attractive and tasteful decor, wellspaced tables and comfortable overall ambience. “Gosh!” She exclaimed. “It’s certainly delightful without being ostentatious, which, if I can be blunt, is quite the reverse of you in that red jumper and Rupert trousers!” Smoothly efficient and friendly attention that was, thankfully, not over-fussy, ensured that we were

soon able to place our orders from the extensive and refreshingly unpretentious menu which offers recognisable and traditional English fayre prepared to perfection and served in most generous portions. There is, however, a touch of the Orient available should one so wish and owners Terry and Carol will even tailor a menu to suit your taste - but the mainstay of this establishment is its excellent John Bull cuisine.  From homemade steak and kidney pie to giant beef steaks and a vegetarian selection, there’s something for everyone - with main course prices ranging from £9.20 to £16.95. Ms.Tweed - small in stature but blessed with a trencherman’s appetite - announced enthusiastically that she was so hungry that she could eat a horse. “That won’t be possible here my dear” I responded. “All the meat is locally sourced from butchers


wolverhampton west magazine | march/april 2013

who know the difference between a Hereford and an Irish Hunter.”

been fully assuaged in the most satisfying way imaginable.

warm welcome is extended to anyone, be they golfers or not.

A ‘bistro-combo’ to share, at £8.95, was a lovely introduction to what was to be a splendid meal. Comprising melted cheese and potato skins, deep fried mushrooms, chicken satays and garlic bread - and served with wonderful dips, it proved to be comfortingly filling - and so a break in the proceedings was needed before settling to the main course.

“Well” I said, after Ms. Tweed had finished her dessert of banoffee pie and this writer had licked clean the bowl that had once contained scoops of the smoothest chocolate ice cream covered in lashings of chocolate sauce - and then finally polished-off the meal with coffee. “What do you think of the Three Hammers Bistro then?”

“ I can see that, Jim lad. They’ve even made a wastrel like you very welcome” replied Ms.Tweed, tartly. For further details or to book a table please call 01902 791917.

“I think it’s wonderful that you’ve introduced me to a veritable gastronomic symphony - and there better not be any strings attached afterwards!” she replied.

After the interval Ms. Tweed’s £14.95 rib-eye steak arrived, sizzling on a skillet. “Why! I do declare this is bigger than the State of Texas and more tender than the steaks we enjoyed after our orchestra played at the Cattle Baron’s Ball”.

Fixing her with a stern eye but with a definite twinkle, I replied reassuringly, “In no way am I trying to orchestrate anything untoward!”

Not to be outdone, I too sang the praises of the gammon steak before me - and it was not long before our hunger had

Quick as a flash I changed the subject and pointed out that this lovely restaurant is open to all-comers and a


Serving Fine Italian Cuisine Lunchtimes and Evenings with master chef Mario and his enthusiastic team

Traditional Sunday Roast


Bookings now being taken for a special

MOTHER’S DAY and EASTER SUNDAY menu Opening Times:

Lunchtimes Wed to Sat 12pm - 2.30pm (last orders) Sun served from 12 noon Evenings Tues to Sat 6pm - 9.30pm (last orders).

Situated at: 4a Upper Green, Tettenhall WV6 8QQ Ample Free Parking

To avoid disappointment please book

T. 01902 756052


Open from 5.30pm - Midnight (7days a week)

Indian Cuisine The Kings Repose have been awarded a 5 star award from rate my place for Kitchen Hygiene. Misbah the master chef can cook anything to suit customers requirements. All of the superb mouthwatering dishes being freshly prepared at the time of ordering, using only the finest produce.

Described by many customers as a culinary experience of a lifetime.


New Road Featherstone Nr. Wolverhampton WV10 7NW

01902 307846 01902 738299

Eat in or take away

wolverhampton west magazine | march/april 2013

Gastro Country Pub & Dining Stuart Plant - Chef Proprietor, formerly trained under Gary Rhodes. Open Tuesday to Sunday for Lunch Tuesday to Saturday for Dinner Closed Mondays Day Boat Fish • Fully Traceable Meat • Min 28 Day Dry Aged Beef Locally Sourced Produce • Regularly Using Vegetables From The Six Ashes Garden All Tastes Catered For • Private Parties and Functions Catered For Up to 22 people

LUNCH TIME OFFER 2 Course Lunch - Only £10.95 Available Tues to Sat 12 till 2.30pm

BOOkINg NOw BEINg TakEN For Mothering Sunday March 10th and Easter Sunday March 31st

images courtesy of

15% OFF YOUR TOTaL BILL INCLUDINg DRINkS On Tuesday – Friday evenings when you present this coupon. Offer available until 30th April 2013. Terms & Conditions: One voucher per table, maximum six diners. Offer only applies to a la carte menu when all diners order 3 courses which must include a main course each. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, no photocopies accepted.

Six Ashes Road, Bobbington, Bridgnorth WV15 6EJ To avoid disappointment please book, call 01384 221725 Visit for menus and register to qualify for offers


Excellence All Round at Penn Tandoori by Helen Taylor

We ordered our starters -‘Garlic Mushroom’(£4.95) and ‘Tandoori Mixed Kebab’(£3.95) - and eagerly awaited their arrival. Each dish had been carefully presented and looked great. The generous portion size illustrated Penn Tandoori’s commitment to providing customers with fantastic food at excellent value-for-money prices, and the delicious flavours proved that only the best ingredients had been used to create the course.

If you’re looking to find an outstanding Indian restaurant, then pay a visit to Penn Tandoori. A favourite with locals keen to eat out - or take-away - the restaurant serves a mouth-watering selection of authentic Indian cuisine, which makes it a must-visit destination for lovers of good food. Located on the Penn Road, Penn Tandoori is perfectly situated - just a five minute drive from Wolverhampton city centre - and is ideal for those of you heading home from work and looking to stop off to treat yourself to a delicious dinner. 80

This was just what my friend and I planned to do when we booked in for a weeknight meal. Impressed by the contemporary interior styling inside, we settled down with a drink, relaxed and looked over the menu. Comprising Tandoori, Curry, Balti and even European dishes, there’s no doubt that there’s something for everyone. Our first taste of the great food on offer was with the obligatory starter to any Indian meal, Popadoms - served with a selection of pickles and chutneys.

Which isn’t surprising, when you hear that the restaurant’s chefs work with only the freshest ingredients that are brought in every day. The team at the restaurant has worked hard to create a fabulous dining experience for their customers, from the moment they walk through the door. Owners Mr Uddin and Mr Ali, along with manager Jay, all share the same vision for the eatery, and that’s to make it as friendly and welcoming as possible, by treating their customers as family and friends, rather than just diners. It’s this approach which really sets the restaurant apart from the competition. There’s an ever friendly and attentive waiting staff, who take care of every diners’ wishes with a smile.

wolverhampton west magazine | march/april 2013

We selected ‘Mixed Vegetable Balti’ (£6.95) and ‘Lamb Malaya’ (£6.95) for our main courses, accompanied by Pilau rice and a Peshwari Nan.

finish catching up - there’s little time for conversation when food is this good we enjoyed a few more drinks before leaving and heading home.

The Balti was packed full of an assortment of fresh vegetables and coated in delightfully tasty sauce, which illustrated that a vegetarian dish can be just as succulent and satisfying as any meat alternative.

Combining all the elements needed for a relaxed and enjoyable evening, Penn Tandoori has got everything you want from a restaurant when dining out. Next time I’ll be trying the take-away menu.

My friend assured me that the ‘Lamb Malaya’ was perfectly cooked, bursting with aromatic flavour and every mouthful was a joy to savour. Deciding that we’d treat ourselves to dessert, we selected ‘Forest Fruit Sundae’ and ‘Banana Caramello’ each sweet treat provided the perfect end to the meal. Staying for a while to soak up the surroundings and

Penn Tandoori is open 7 days a week from 6pm until late, fully licensed, free secure parking. For further details or to book a table please call 01902 333319. Penn Tandoori, 272 Penn Road, Penn, Wolverhampton WV4 4AD

One Direction star Liam Payne paid a visit to Penn Tandoori to enjoy a festive Christmas meal with his family, much to the delight of staff, fellow diners, and of course, fans.


Wergs Golf Club - Not just for Members If you’re looking to find a great local restaurant, that not only serves a fantastic range of lunchtime meals, but is set in a lovely location, then a visit to Wergs Golf Club is essential. Following on from the success of their Sunday Carvery, from March 10th the club will introduce a full waitress service so diners can relax and enjoy their meal without having to queue for their main course. The restaurant is open lunchtimes Monday to Saturday from 12 until 2.30pm excluding Tuesdays and 12pm to 3pm for Sunday Lunch. With a menu that’s filled with a great selection of popular dishes, lunchtime dining is undeniably delicious.

“We’ve tried hard to make the restaurant the perfect setting for people to relax in and savour our fabulous range of freshly prepared meals, whilst enjoying the lovely surroundings at the club,” he continues. It’s not just the restaurant that’s on offer at the club though, in addition to outstanding golfing facilities, there’s also an impressive function room that can be hired for any private party or any get-together. “Our recently refurbished function room offers the ideal setting for any celebration,” says Monty. It’s good to know that all of these great facilities are open to both the public and members alike - meaning that everyone can benefit from what’s on offer at Wergs Golf Club.

Since taking over the club in 2010, owner Monty Moseley has worked hard to create a great atmosphere in the restaurant. With stylish décor and a beautiful decking area that overlooks the course - ideal for summertime dining - it’s the perfect place to enjoy excellent food in the company of friends. And what’s more, every aspect of Wergs Golf Club is open to the public, so you don’t need to be a member to visit. “We welcome everyone at the club, it isn’t for members only,” says Monty.


WERGS GOLF CLUB Come & Spend a Relaxing Sunday Afternoon with us. Served from 12pm - 3pm.



THREE COURSE: £17.95* *Minimum 2 courses served on Sundays


Wergs Golf Club


Keepers Lane, Tettenhall




West Midlands WV6 8UA e



01902 742 225 wolverhampton west magazine | march/april 2013 Giuseppe, Carol and Jean-Michel Cataldo and their team welcome you to Baci situated in the picturesque village of Kinver Enjoy the finest authentic Italian cuisine in a great atmosphere in their newly refurbished restaurant on two floors

Tuesday - Saturday Lunch Menu

12pm - 2.30pm 2 course £12.95 Tuesday - Friday Early Evening Menu

5pm - 6.30pm 2 course £12.95 Sunday Lunch

12pm - 3.30pm 2 course £14.95, 3 course £17.95

A la Carte Menu available at all times Special Occasions at BACI Bookings now being taken for

easter sunday 31st march We will be open on Bank Holiday

monday 1st april from 12pm all day Open Tues-Sat lunchtimes 12pm – 2.30pm. Tues-Sat evenings 5pm until late (last orders 10.30pm). Sun lunch 12pm – 3pm, evenings 5pm (last order 8pm) Closed Mondays except for every Bank Holiday Monday

01384 878789

For reservations call 47-48 High Street, Kinver, Stourbridge DY7 6HE



Old Mill Antiques Centre Offer A Unique Opportunity by Liz Roseblade I popped into the Old Mill Antique Centre by the river in Bridgnorth the other day and to my surprise I found some very modern and unusually designed furniture, not what I expected at all. I had not seen that type of furniture here during my many previous visits. I sought out one of the owners Denis Ridgway to ask about it and he explained. “When we opened our Antique Centre in Vancouver over 10 years ago the


man we employed as manager was a young furniture designer who now designs for a very exclusive furniture and furnishings store.� A month ago he told me they had a container of furniture that had been at the Italian furniture show and rather than take it to New York would I be interested in buying it and bringing it to England. He sent me some pictures, and the price was very attractive so we bought it. The photos on this page give a flavour of the furniture on offer, but if you are interested you will have to move fast as there is only one of everything, and for the quality they are very well priced.

wolverhampton west magazine | march/april 2013

Old Mill Antique Centre

At The Old Mill Antique Centre we have 4 floors of antiques and quality reproduction furniture – and literally thousands of gift ideas for everyone – all displayed in charming and elegant room settings

Beautiful tables made to your design & specification in-house using only the best quality seasoned Oak or Pine.

Antique & Reproduction Furniture 1000’s of Gift Ideas Bespoke Furniture

Homemade Cakes & Snacks Open 7 days – 10am to 5pm Car Parking Available

Mill Street, Low Town, Bridgnorth WV15 5AG Tel: 01746 762248


Weak At The Knees? Knee problems seem to be on the rise with treatment becoming increasingly restricted on the NHS. No fewer than 80,000 knee replacement operations take place every year in England and Wales, with figures going up annually by six per cent. This increase isn’t just down to our ageing population, according to Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons at Nuffield Health Wolverhampton Hospital: “The most common reason for a knee replacement operation is severe joint damage from arthritis. The knee is a weight-bearing joint, and the obesity epidemic means that many knees are increasingly under pressure and studies also suggest that we’re less prepared to put up with pain than in the past.” A study of 1600, 16-65 year olds carried out by Nuffield Health, the UK’s largest healthcare charity, showed that long term knee pain is common among all age groups, with almost a quarter (24%) of people saying they had lived with pain for up to two years, while a third (37%) had suffered untreated pain for five years or more. However, over 55s are most likely to suffer with acute knee pain according to the figures, with over a third (36%) of people reporting pain, a fifth (19%) saying they are in pain ‘most days’ and one in ten in constant pain. More than one in ten (12%) of people surveyed said they had needed time off work due to knee pain. Early knee replacement ops had a high failure rate but modern techniques mean they are increasingly successful. “Only elderly people used to be offered knee replacements because they wouldn’t last longer than around 10 years and were difficult to repeat but today’s techniques mean that 90 per cent

of artificial knees should last for at least 15 years,” say the surgeons. Surgery should only be considered if you haven’t been helped by medication, physiotherapy or weight loss and it’s affecting your quality of life. The knee joint is made up of three main bones each covered with a protective material called cartilage. If this becomes worn away, the bones rub against each other painfully, causing swelling, stiffness and mobility problems. During surgery the worn bones are cut and resurfaced with metal and polyethylene components to form a smooth artificial joint. However, there are several other surgical options, besides the traditional total knee replacement, depending on the extent of damage and where it is. If just the inner part is worn out then an osteotomy may be a better solution “especially for an active younger person who has had previous knee surgery” say the surgeons. There’s also a partial replacement, substituting just one of the three compartments of the joint. It’s a smaller operation using a mini incision so you recover quicker but it’s only suitable for a quarter of osteoarthritis patients. Patient-specific instrumentation (PSI) knee replacement A new procedure that is now being carried out here at the Wolverhampton Nuffield is PatientSpecific Instrumentation’ knee replacement. This allows a patient to have a ‘perfectly’ aligned individualised knee replacement which should improve longevity of the implant and function.

Prior to surgery, patients’ have either a MRI or CT scan of the lower limb; this generates a 3D image of the limb. This image allows a computer to calculate how much bone must be cut from the thigh and shin bone to perfectly realign the patient’s mechanical axis. Accurate patient-specific cutting jigs are manufactured which are used at operation to allow these perfect cuts thus restoring perfect alignment. Unlike other replacement surgery, Patient-Specific Instrumentation surgery is quicker, reducing the risk of infection and deep vein thrombosis. More information on this type of procedure can be found at Following knee replacement surgery most people will have dispensed with sticks by six weeks and will have almost completely recovered after six months and most total knee replacement patients should be able to enjoy hiking, golf or bowls afterwards. Those with a partial replacement are more likely to be able to play tennis and ski again. You could be back to work in anything from one to three months, depending on your job, with people who have had a partial replacement tending to return sooner. Not all consultants carry out all types of knee surgery so ask for your GP’s advice or contact us on 01902 267644. Once you are referred to a knee specialist they will discuss which option is best for your problem.

Don’t suffer in silence! Visit

This article was provided by The Nuffield Health Group 86

wolverhampton west magazine | march/april 2013

You see

a lengthy operation.

We see

Mike taking long walks through the woods with Fliss the Labrador, like they did before the pain made things difficult.

Our Orthopaedic specialists help you to get back to doing the things you love.

For more information, scan this code with your smart phone*:

Don’t just go private, go personal. Nuffield Health provides personal care before, during and after surgery to guarantee a quick and comfortable recovery please call 01902 267 644 or go to wolverhamptonhospital Nuffield Health Wolverhampton Hospital Wood Road, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, WV6 8LE * Terms and conditions apply. App/download may be required which will be charged at the standard network rate. Other service charges may apply check with your operator.

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14/02/2013 14:49:04


Book Now! safe for Life and Be The Best – Be Class 1 Police d former Elite an CHRIS GILBERT a tset Bobby said “From the ou driving instructor ldom see, if se I g ard of drivin displayed a stand very smooth, I. His driving was ever, from an AD idence of the ev of with plenty well planned and car control”. police system of



y P

onLy £40 FIRST 5 LESSonS onLy £20 1 ½ HouR LESSon

“Producing Safe and Confident Drivers”

L earn With Bobby Nagi (DSA ADI APPROVED) Over 20 years of Safe, Advanced Roadcraft, Defensive and High Performance driving experience. HIGHLY TRAINED by Ex-Elite driving instructors from The world famous Metropolitan Police Driving School HENDON. Awards: Institute of Advanced Motorists. Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) GOLD, HPC GOLD and many more… Courses for L earners, Advanced, High Performance, Anti-Hijack, Defensive, Eco Driving and more…

For further details and bookings please contact Bobby on 0785 77 33 999

Treatment for musculo-skeletal pain

Evening appointments

Cranial Osteopathy for children

Free parking

Male and female practitioners

Online booking available

Tel: 01902 332200 88

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Learn To Cook

With Raj If you thought the only way to enjoy the taste of authentic Indian cuisine was by paying a visit to your local restaurant or takeaway, think again. Raj’s home cooking classes offer you a fun, affordable and novel way to bring the flavour of the East into your own home and treat your family and friends to an Asian dining experience they won’t forget. Offering one-to-one, as well as group tuition, Raj shares her culinary knowledge with her students and teaches them everything they need to know about creating and blending the traditional flavours required to produce some of the best loved Indian dishes.

Raj explains: “My cookery lessons offer people the chance to learn to cook in the comfort of their own home.” “Dining out at Indian restaurants can be expensive, but if you learn how to create your favourite meals at home, you can not only save money, but impress your partner, family and friends, time and time again too.”

“All you need to do is provide the kitchen - as well as the ingredients I recommend - and at the end of the session you’ll have food for all of your dinner guests and the knowledge and skill to recreate the dishes as often as you like.” With a vast selection of traditional and tasty recipes - which include many vegetarian dishes - Raj’s meals are healthy, filling and perfect for any occasion.

All lessons are individually tailored by Raj to suit the needs and requirements of each client.

“Creating meals everyone enjoys is a very rewarding and enjoyable experience,” adds Raj.

“Whether you want to create a three course meal for a dinner party, or just some simple dishes for your family, I can help.”

So, the next time you reach for the takeaway menu, ring Raj instead and learn some new skills and make some great meals.

Learn to cook in the comfort of your own home…


Raj’s Indian cooking classes!

Want to impress your family and friends with a sumputous dinner party? Want to surprise your other half with a romantic meal? Just want to be able to cook a fabulous meal for the family? Tailored lessons to suit novices to competent cooks… Raj will teach you at home to cook authentic Indian dishes that will impress everyone. Invite your friends to take part (maximum 3 people). Raj will advise the ingrediences required. All you need to provide is the kitchen!

Prices from as little as £20 per hour classes normally take around 2 hours.

For more details or to book a class please call Raj - 01902 333258 / 07957 290974 (Based in Finchfield)


Walk Out With The Factor!

Wow Hair and Beauty is ‘the’ place to come for beautiful hair in Wolverhampton. Four fabulous, modern salons; a talented team of stylists to guarantee the very best in ontrend hair; the latest, long-lasting, Shellac nail polishes; and an impressive menu of beauty and pampering services. The philosophy: to have everyone leaving the salons feeling red carpet ready. To get you looking amazing for Spring time, Wow Hair and Beauty is offering a fabulous makeover for one Wolverhampton West Magazine reader! You’ll be treated to a full cut and colour in one of Wow’s salons as well as beauty treatments of your choice to be redeemed up to the value of £150.

Mix and match treatments to suit you – whether that be a new ‘do, a wax, eyelash extensions or a shiny mani or pedi. Or de-stress, relax and ease aching joints, with some TLC massaging whilst enjoying the calming scents of luxurious aromatherapy oils to unwind. If it’s simply a bit of colour you want, then go for a Fake Bake spray tan, or help your skin look radiant with the selection of specialist Dermalogica facials to moisturise, deep cleanse or target problem skin. As well as this amazing prize, the winner will also receive a fab Schwarzkopf Professional goody bag worth £50 - full of the very best care and styling products that Schwarzkopf Professional has to offer!

Win a Fabulous Hair and Beauty Makeover plus a Schwarzkopf Professional Goody Bag together worth £200 Prize can be claimed at Cannock Road, Penn Road, Wolverhampton Road or in the Virgin Active Health Club. To be in with a chance of winning this fabulous prize, simply answer the following question correctly.

How many Wow Hair and Beauty salons are there? Email your answer including your name, address and telephone number to: or on a postcard to 1 Lytham Road, Perton, Wolverhampton WV6 7YY. All entries to be received by Monday 1st April 2013. Competition Terms & Conditions: Winner will be chosen at random from all correct entries received and will be informed by telephone. To enter you must be aged 18 or older. There is no cash or alternative prize available. Prize to be redeemed before 29th June 2013. Winner may be asked to participate in publicity relating to the competition. All entries will be forwarded to WOW unless requested otherwise.


wolverhampton west magazine | march/april 2013

grace glory W o m e n ’s Fa s h i o n B o u t i q u e Soaked in Luxury Coral cardigan £45.00

Soaked in Luxury Dori Print Scarf £19.00 Ravel Lara Sandal £39.00

Soaked in Luxury Dori Print Top £39.00

Soaked in Luxury Plet Shirt £59.00 Soaked in Luxury Dori Print Scarf £19.00

Models wears Ichi Citty Dress £45 2 and 1 Red Shopper £34.00

grace glory W o m e n ’s Fa s h i o n B o u t i q u e

Cream Shopper £32.00

Little Mistress Mink & Black Dress £59.00

5 Limes Court,Upper Green, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, 01902 750 016 91

Spring Clean Your Make-Up Bag

By Helen Taylor

Cosmetic Bag £10. Lily & Lime

We all have our favourite beauty buys that we can’t live without - but how long have they been lurking in your make-up bag? It’s a fact that many of us use products that are long past their best and without realising it, are exposing ourselves to all sorts of nasty bacteria that can cause anything from eye irritations to blemishes. Spring is here and there’s no better time for a clear out, so take a look at our guide to discover what’s safe to hang on to and what should be thrown away. Mascara: Buy a new one at least every three or four months. Changes in texture and smell can


indicate that it’s past its best. If you’ve had an eye infection, then discard the mascara you were using when it started and invest in a new one to avoid re-infection. Pencil Eyeliner: They are fine to use until you need to replace them, as the tip that is in contact with the eye is constantly being sharpened and therefore kept fairly clean - just make sure you always cover the tip with the protective lid. Eye Shadow: Fine for a few years as long as they are stored properly in their original container. Make sure you replace the applicators regularly though, and as with all eye make up, if you suffer with an eye infection at any point, always replace everything you were using at the time.

Foundation: Generally safe to use for around twelve months, foundations should be kept away from direct sunlight or intense heat to ensure a long lifespan. If you use a foundation brush or sponge to apply your make-up, clean them thoroughly on a regular basis. Powder Blusher: Safe to use for a few years - as bacteria can’t breed easily in the dry formula, though applicators should be kept clean - washing every few weeks is essential. Lipstick: They should really be replaced after a year as they are in constant contact with your mouth. Be aware of changes in smell and texture to determine if it’s time you should be looking for a new one.

wolverhampton west magazine | march/april 2013

Haughton Greene

A fantastic and exciting new local business has a story to tell - one of love, one of necessity… In 2011, the owner of Haughton Greene was lucky enough to be allowed to share his home - and his life with his two beautiful, adopted children. Both had not had the best start in life and were suffering from terrible eczema. Previous hydrocortisone treatment had taken its toll and his children came to him in a significant amount of discomfort. Through trial and error, he quickly came to the conclusion that putting even the smallest concentration of chemicals on his children’s skin was bad news. Even many of the “95% organic” products left

him wondering exactly what made up the remaining 5%! It was time to take control of the situation and make his own products. Behold, Haughton Greene was created. Today his children are fit and healthy, with no sign of eczema and not a chemical in sight - all thanks to his products. And now (after endless months of research, red tape and safety certificates) he wants to share his 100% natural, 100% chemical free products with you too.

test-tubes to make them look and smell appealing. At Haughton Greene, they know exactly what’s in their products - because they put them there. They’ve used only the gentlest, most fragrant, simply yummy ingredients across their entire range. Just for you (and, of course, your children). To see or buy the full product range of 100% natural, 100% chemical free products visit, or telephone 01543 263113. You can find Haughton Greene on Facebook at www.facebook. com/haughtongreene, or Twitter @haughtongreene.

For some people the search for natural beauty products is a moral, rather than a medical decision. Some people want their skin products to reflect the beautiful nature around them, not rely on the contents of numerous

All Natural, 100% Chemical Free Balms, Body Butters, Bath Bombs, Dead Sea Salt Bath Salts and much more All Handmade in Staffordshire Visit to buy or Telephone 01543 263113

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Sit back, relax and be pampered with our extensive range of facial, massage, nail, beauty treatments and much more!

Now available at Olivia’s

This award winning revolutionary system, manufactured in the UK uses low level lasers for fat reduction, cellulite smoothing and body shaping treatments, a way to achieve inch loss and body contouring safely and painless.


4 week treatments, 8 sessions, 2 per week only £299 Boot Camp Course, 3 sessions in 1 week only £150


i-Lipo – the alternative to liposuction.

For further details or to book any beauty treatments please call 01902 335355 50a Wartones Road, Penn, Wolverhampton WV4 4LP

Unisex Salon Hair Colour - Design - Cut - Styling - Hair Extensions


GET YOUR HAIR DONE FOR FREE BY INTRODUCING A FRIEND If your friend has a cut and blow dry you can have a cut and blow-dry for free. If they have a cut, colour and blow-dry you can have a cut, colour and blow-dry for free* *Offer available on Wednesdays and Thursdays throughout March and April 2013. Friend will have to be a new client to the salon. Excludes hair extensions and hair products.

Specialising in Hair Extensions – Call for a Free Consulation

Please mention this advert at time of booking and present on appointment

To book please call 01902 765975 1a Brantley Avenue, Finchfield, Wolverhampton WV3 9AP London • New York • Melbourne • Paris • Sydney • Wolverhampton 94

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Acupuncture Awareness Week popular complementary therapies practised in the UK today. Yet despite its widely recognised health benefits many people only discover acupuncture as a last resort. The Council guarantees excellence in training, safe practice and professional conduct and patients are advised to look for a practitioner who has British Acupuncture Council membership.

The 2nd Acupuncture Awareness Week ran from 25th February to 3th March 2013, it is supported by the British Acupuncture Council and aims to help better inform people about the ancient practice of traditional acupuncture. With 2.3 million acupuncture treatments carried out each year, acupuncture is one of the most

Albrighton Acupuncture Clinic is situated on Albrighton High Street, where acupuncturist Vicky Nicholls, a member of the British Acupuncture Council, is always available to give out information or answer any questions you may have regarding acupuncture and health care. Feel free to drop in! Or alternatively Vicky is always available to take a call to discuss how the benefits of acupuncture can help you. She is available on 07702431820 or 01902 374364. High profile acupuncture fans include Julie Walters, who received acupuncture for night terrors, Mel C, who received acupuncture

for depression, Clare Nasir, who received acupuncture for assistance with conception, Jodie Kidd and Eva Mendes. Pop star and actress Toyah Wilcox, celebrity ambassador for Acupuncture Awareness Week 2013, has recently started having regular acupuncture treatment for insomnia, a condition that has troubled her since teenage years. Previously, in her 30’s, she had used acupuncture for pain relief for a hip problem, including post-operative pain. Acupuncture is considered suitable for all ages including babies, children and the elderly and can be very effective, especially when integrated with conventional medicine. The treatment is widely considered to be beneficial for a range of symptoms resulting from illness or from clearly defined complaints, or to improve general feelings of wellbeing and help with relaxation.


L-R: Sophie (beautician), Nicola (Penn salon manager), Natalie (style director) and Nicole (style director).

Wow Hair and Beauty is fresh, forward thinking and utterly fabulous – 4 salons in Wolverhampton offering hair, beauty, nails and tanning as well as the expertise of a top ten UK Great Lengths extension specialist, and a national Schwarzkopf Professional Young Artistic Team stylist. The light and airy salons look beautiful in tones of charcoal and white with gold and black accents to give a youthful and fresh feel and include state-of-the-art tanning booths, gorgeously appointed beauty rooms and professional nail bars. With a relaxed environment, wonderful service and an incredible range of products and services on offer, the salon group has 96

achieved 5 stars in the Good Salon Guide. The one-stopbeauty-shop approach also helps clients to arrange and run busy lives and look wonderful too. A small twist of fate for founder Ian Davidson resulted in a total life makeover and the birth of Wow Hair and Beauty. Ian says “After leaving school I took up a career in sales. The roles were varied but I was always visiting my local sun bed shop for a tan. The shop was very busy and successful, so I decided to open my own in a slightly different area and it was an instant hit. I initially extended to beauty and then when the shop next door became vacant, I branched into other services and opened Wow Hair and Beauty!” In the early days Ian was maintaining his full time sales job and running the business but quickly realised that his future lay with Wow. Undaunted by the task of retraining in his 30’s, Ian recognised that to truly understand his new business he had to immerse himself in it. So in 2008 Ian took a private full time course at the Toni & Guy Academy in Manchester and is now the proud leader of over 40 fabulously dedicated staff across four Wow Hair and Beauty Salons offering a broad and meticulously delivered range of services.

Working with beautiful colours from O.P.I. and Shellac, Wow’s technicians are expert at creating beautiful, statement manicures and pedicures - whether it’s just a tidy up or a complete makeover, and with the very best colours from the IGORA line, care and styling products from BC Bonacure and OSiS+ as well as 100% human hair extensions, you’ll always walk out red-carpet ready. De-stress and enjoy some pamper time thanks to a great choice of body massages. Relax and ease aching joints, unwind with the calming scents of luxurious aromatherapy oils or enjoy having a healthy glow with a little help from Wow’s Fake Bake spray tanning. Defuzz any area of your body: from legs to bikini to eyebrows, step out with beautiful, long eye lash extensions and tints and to further unwind and care for your skin, indulge in a specialist Dermalogica facial to combat oily, dry, acne prone and sensitive skin. New to the Wow Penn salon in March 2013 are Sophie, Nat and Nicole – all from Toni & Guy Wolverhampton. Book in with them and the other talented stylists by calling 01902 343220.

wolverhampton west magazine | march/april 2013

Hair. Tanning. BeauTy. nails.

Welcoming Nicole, Nat and Sophie (Formerly Toni & Guy) to our Penn salon

20% OFF


For Wolverhampton West magazine readers when you present this advert. Please mention offer at time of booking, not valid against hair products or hair extensions.* Valid until 6th april 2013.




Virgin aCTiVe

558 - 560 Penn Road Penn Wolverhampton WV4 4HU T: 01902 343220

92 Wolverhampton Road Birches Bridge Codsall WV8 1PE T: 01902 840062

140 Cannock Road

Broadlands Stafford Road Wolverhampton WV10 6TA T: 01902 623931

Walk out with the

Wolverhampton WV10 8PX T: 01902 861451

factor 97

The Spring in Style By Helen Taylor It’s the time of year when you can look forward to months of good weather ahead and enjoy trying out the latest Spring and Summer trends which have taken over the high street.

With so many gorgeously girly and pretty looks about you’re sure to find a wardrobe that’s perfe ctly suited to whatever you’ve got planned for the bright spring days ahe ad.

Model wears: Jumper £49. Jeans £45. Sandals £45. All from Monsoon.

Model wears: Jacket £59. Print Top £39. Jeans £49. Sandals £29. All from Monsoon.

Model wears: Jacket £69. Stripe Top £39. Jeans £39. Avalon Scarf £22. Pumps £35. All from Monsoon.

Model wears: Cover-Up £45. Embroidered Top £32. Print Jeans £49. Sandals £39. All from Monsoon.


wolverhampton west magazine | march/april 2013

Shoes £45. Bronx at Lily’s of Shifnal

Aqua Skinny Jeans £20. Next

Necklace £89. Bracelet £45. Earrings £29. Coeur de Lion at T.A. Henn

Shoes £74.99. Adesso and Capollini at Lily’s of Shifnal

Henley Handbag see in store or online for prices. Lily’s of Shifnal

Quality handmade jewellery Prices start from £35

Isabella Blue Jeans £45. LBT at Grace and Glory

Necklace £119. Bracelet £65. Coeur de Lion at T.A. Henn

Coeur de Lion, exclusively at T.A. Henn in Wolverhampton’

Stud Collar Rose Shirt £45. Soaked in Luxury at Grace and Glory

Ladies Ceramic Watch £350. Tissot at T.A Henn

Origami Print Tee £20. Selected Femme at Grace and Glory

The images used in this article are readily available in various places on the internet and are believed to be in the public domain. Wolverhampton West magazine claims no credit for them unless otherwise noted. If you own the rights to any of the images, or if any content appearing in Wolverhampton West magazine infringes on your copyright, please notify us and they will be promptly removed.


Win a Hamper of Natural Beauty Products with Haughton Greene…

Your Skin Is Special - Just Like You! Here at Haughton Greene we have a mission: to help people all across the UK appreciate the skin they’re in. Think about it. Our skin literally holds everything together. It protects our bodies, keeps us at the right temperature and allows us all the sense of touch. Simply put, skin is special. Everyone has the right to feel comfortable in their skin – it’s the only one we’ve got, after all. Yet as many as one out of every two of us Brits suffer daily with skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis and hives. All too often, we subject our skin to the harshest of treatments. Beauty products containing chemicals, colourings, fragrances take away from our skin as much as they put in, if not more. Leaving it dry, tender and prone to irritation. We know from experience that all your skin is looking for is a bit of respect and a lot of love.

In return, it will reward you with many irritation-free years – not to mention, keep the wrinkles at bay.

To be in with a chance of winning this fantastic prize simply answer the following question correctly: What percentage of Haughton Greene‘s ingredients are from natural sources? Email your answer including your name, address and telephone number to: or on a postcard to 1 Lytham Road, Perton, Wolverhampton WV6 7YY. Entries to be received by Friday 26th April 2013. Hamper contents - 1 x Rosemary & Eucalyptus Body Butter, 1 x Rosemary & Eucalyptus Dead Sea Salt Bath Salts, 1 x Rosemary & Eucalyptus Bath Bomb, 1 x Lavender Body Butter, 1x Lavender & Dead Sea Salt Bath Salts, 1 x Lavender Bath Bomb, 1 x Zesty Lemon Body Butter, 1 x Zesty Lemon & Dead Sea Salt Bath Salts, 1 x Zesty Lemon Bath Bomb, 1 x Lavender & Mandarin Sensitive Skin Balm, 1 x Gardeners Hand Balm, 2 x Lip Balms. Competition Terms & Conditions Winner will be chosen at random from all correct entries received and informed by telephone. No cash or alternative prize will be given. All entries will be forwarded to Haughton Greene unless requested otherwise.

Are you worried about your weight? If you are, Cambridge Weight Plan could be the answer. Cambridge Weight Plan is all about choices, made by you to benefit you. Together, you and your Consultant will work out a plan that suits your lifestyle – helping you achieve the best results at the rate you want.

Independent Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant

So, why not make a positive decision to change your life for the better and call me today.

Cambridge Weight Plan Award Winner Highly Commended & “Above and Beyond” 2010/11 Sales Champion & Business Building 2012/13 Karen Price t: 07974 974 994



wolverhampton west magazine | march/april 2013

Amazing accessories at Lily’s With shoes, handbags and accessories that are guaranteed to ignite a passion for fashion in every shopper, Lily’s of Shifnal boasts an exciting range of fabulously unique and undoubtedly stylish pieces. Situated in a prime position in Shifnal’s village centre, Lily’s is bursting with everything you could possibly need to accessorise your outfit perfectly. Brimming with brands that will excite all shoe lovers, Lily’s range incorporates classic designs, epitomised by Riva and Lotus, and contrasts these with the latest individual looks from the ultra trendy Irregular Choice. Chic owner Jo Shotton handpicks suppliers and shares her eye for style with any customer looking

for help, when choosing to co-ordinate that special out-fit. Jo explains, “We see a growing number of customers who come into the shop with a dress, to find matching items to piece together a whole look." “At Lily’s that challenge is made easy, enabling you to feel good for that special occasion; be it a party, wedding or just something glamorous and special.” Totally dedicated to offering only the very best in personal service, Jo prides herself on being able to spend time with her customers and enjoys delighting them with an array of superb shoes, heavenly handbags and fantastic fascinators. And it is this one-to-one treatment that sets the boutique apart from faceless high street chains, as well as explaining why the store has so much repeat business.

With exciting new handbag ranges from Henley’s and Envy soon to be gracing the shelves, the problem of trying to decide which one to choose just got harder. A fully stocked website means that you can now shop in the comfort of your own home; that’s if you can resist the temptation of seeing the sumptuous selection of shoes in the flesh.


Organising a . Wedding Organising a family wedding is the nearest most of us get to conducting a military operation.

It has been said in fact, that the Dunkirk invasion was a mere exercise when compared with the sheer logistics of conducting the happy couple through a tortuous day, to emerge at the other end, married, happy and sane. This without losing a guest, offending various members of the family, confusing the gifts, muddling the honeymoon or shooting the photographer! If you have attended a wedding that proceeded smoothly without a hitch, except the one intended that is, you can be sure of one thing, that months of careful planning and organisation preceded the event. The smoother the proceedings in fact, the more sheer hard work you can guarantee went into ensuring this smoothness. As soon as the two of you have decided to get married you must get right down and organise a timetable of action. Make several copies because if one thing is going to get lost, this is it.


On The Engagement And Soon After

• Visit and make arrangements with the Minister of religion or Registrar who will be cond ucting the ceremony, and set the date. If a licensed wedding venue is chosen, then the set date will also have to be booked with the Registrar. • Plan the reception and if it is not to be at home, book the venue and caterers, well in advance. • Draw up a list of wedding invitations having consulted with your fiancé’s family and having regard to the budg et you will have decided upon. • Shop for a wedding dress and those of the attendants. If the wedding is to be a formal one with morning suits for the gentlemen, be sure to book thos e that are to be hired as soon as possible. If they are to be tailor-made, then a visit to the tailor is also recommended as soon as poss ible. • Book the photographer • Book the transport • See the florist. • Discuss the honeymoon and get it booked up • Plan your future home and its furnis hings

If you know your family will want you to have the traditional type of family wedding then be prepared to name the day at least six months ahead. Get together with your fiancé and parents, both sides, and decide right away just how formal or informal the evening should be, where the ceremony is to take place and most important of all, how much you are going to spend on it. It is so important to set this budget and having set it, to stick rigidly to it, tailoring everything to come within its confines. If you don’t, there is a danger that costs will run away with you and you could start married life with a whacking great debt, as well as a mortgage. The bride and her family have the lion’s share of the arrangements, so here is a list that may help.

wolverhampton west magazine | march/april wolverhampton 2013 west magazine | march/april 2013

Three To Five Months Before

k • Finalise travel plans and double chec on the honeymoon booking. • Start shopping for the trousseau having an eye to your budget. tions, • Order the wedding stationery, invita ce. servi of r orde ed and print as place • Order any special stationery such . cards and serviettes for the reception to it give and • Compile the gift list the bride’s mother to circulate. s. • Help your mothers choose their outfit of ils deta r othe and ic mus uss Disc • the service with the officiator.

One Month Before

• See your hairdresser and plan your style. • Arrange seating pla n for the reception. • Try to inform the catere rs of the final guest numbers. • Finalise the trousseau . • See to the legal niceties , changing name on bank and savings accoun ts, credit cards, etc. Inform the Tax Office and other relevant officials. • Check to see that the prospective groom has made all his arrang ements.

Two Months Before

• Post wedding invitations. • Plan the recording of wedding gifts and write ‘thank you’ notes. • Record acceptances and refusals to invitations as they arrive. • Check on the progress of any wedding clothes that have been ordered. • Decide on gifts for the attendants. • Arrange for the wedding cake and discuss the finer details of the reception with the caterers. • Buy the wedding ring(s) if you have not already done so. • Go with your fiancé to get the wedding licence.

One Week Before

, • Make final checks on catering, cake transport, photography, flowers, etc. • Collect your wedding dress if you have not already done so. ssary. • Have a wedding rehearsal if nece you all have you • Make sure need for the honeymoon. • Take your bridesmaids out to lunch or organise a hen night. • Have your hair done. • Practise your make up. • Arrange for your hair to be dressed on the wedding day. • Slow down and try to relax, and have a happy, happy day!

Country House BLAKELANDS

T: 01384 221000

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Standing in beautiful picturesque grounds, Our Historic Country House, with its elegant period rooms stand as a Stunning Backdrop to your Most Special Day. Our intimate experience of weddings & personal service combine to make your Wedding the Most Memorable Day of your lives. Visit our website today, Our Full Wedding packs including pricing are available to download on line. Arrange a personal appointment to view Blakelands & together we can guide you through every aspect of your planning to create your perfect day.

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Tom Casey BSc (Hons), MCHS, SRCH Margaret Kennedy BSc (Hons), MCHS, SRCH

Treatments for: Nails, callus, corns, verrucas Diabetic & arthritic feet Heel and forefoot pain Ingrown toenails & nail surgery Functional & biomechanical issues Conditions needing orthotics/insoles

• Friendly Personal Service • Medical Centre Facilities • Secure Parking • Disabled Access • Centrally located • Home Visits Available Presentations & talks are available to interested groups.


We have now re-located our Wolverhampton Surgery to: 13a Park Avenue Wolverhampton WV1 4AH For an appointment in our refurbished modern surgery please call Tom Casey on 07828 613165 For other surgery appointments please call or visit: Evenett & Bishop Opticians 67 High Street Albrighton WV7 3JA 01902 372141 Six Ways Clinic 24 Birmingham Road Walsall WS1 2LT 01922 622521

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Toms Tip: Shin Splints Shin Splints is a common term for shin pain during exercise. It can be a misleading term and most medical professionals try to avoid using it. This is because shin pain and ‘Shin Splints’ can be due to several different conditions. One of the most common shin conditions that is frequently labelled ‘Shin Splints’ is Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome.

of the inside of the shin bone at the point where the Soleus and Tibialis Posterior muscles attach.

Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome has been reported to occur frequently in military recruits, distance runners, dancers, football (soccer) players and gymnasts. Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome has been classified into two distinct types, which affect specific tissues on the inside of the shin:

Type One

This is characterised by a stress reaction on the inside border of the shin bone. A stress reaction is a preceding stage to a stress fracture.

Type Two

This is characterised by irritation of the outer surface (periosteum)

Regardless of the type, Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome is largely caused by over-use, with those who run or walk regularly on hard or uneven surfaces being particularly affected. However, there are a number of factors, such as altered foot, knee and hip posture, which can make a person susceptible to the syndrome.

Shin Splints Treatment People suffering from Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome will feel pain on the inner border of the shin (medial Tibial border) during and following exercise. Most patients respond well to nonoperative treatment. This involves rest, strengthening and stretching exercises, followed by a gradual return to exercise after symptoms subside. In order to help prevent recurrence of the condition, a bio-mechanical analysis (an analysis of posture at rest and during walking and running) with a chiropodist/podiatrist can

be very useful. This will pick up any factors that may be making a person susceptible to Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome, so that they can be corrected before a return to activity. Muscle imbalance and leg length inequality are frequent causes of mal-alignment that can be picked up during an assessment. A common cause of Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome is pes planus (flat feet) or pronated foot position (a lowered arch). These would be identified during bio-mechanical analysis. Over pronation is the uncontrolled lowering of the arch of the foot during motion. This puts increased strain on the Tibialis Posterior muscle which pulls on the inside of the shin and can produce pain. Arch supporting Orthotics/insoles can be very effective in remedying this problem.

Thomas Casey Chiropodist/Podiatrist HPC registered

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I feel very at home at Oldbury Grange. My bedroom is furnished just the way I like it, and the food is delicious. Everyone is so kind and helpful, and there are plenty of activities to keep me busy.

Oldbury, Nr Bridgnorth, Shropshire WV16 5LW

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The Month Of Music

April is the month of music in Wolverhampton’s libraries - and they’re encouraging everyone to join in. Libraries across the City will be promoting the wide-range of musical items available for loan. “We have CDs, musicals on DVD, music scores, teach yourself an instrument books and of course biographies of famous musicians.” explained Wolverhampton Libraries’ Sharron Byard. “Central Library hosts our CD and DVD collection but every local library will have interesting books available about music and musicians. Also, I would encourage people to check our catalogue online - any item can then be sent to a specific Wolverhampton library for collection - at no charge.” “A quick check of Wolverhampton Libraries’ catalogue reveals a great variety of musical options. I found books on Lady Gaga - about her style and her rise to fame, books on how to play the piano - and the DVD of the movie, The Piano. I also found the score to accompany Westlife’s greatest hits!” “I was keen to learn more about The Beatles too and was impressed with the amount of different books on offer about them. There were also CDs that I don’t own available to borrow for a very small charge.” “That started me looking at the CDs available. My daughter asked me to check for the latest Rihanna - it’s there! And my husband was keen for the first Olly Murs one too - also available! We’ve asked for them to be reserved for us and will collect them at the weekend! What a handy idea - enjoy music month during April at Wolverhampton’s libraries - or anytime!”

Remember it’s free to join the library and it’s free to borrow books. 106

Where’s my library? Ashmore Park Library, Griffiths Drive WV11 2JW 01902 Bilston Library, Mount Pleasant WV14 7LU 01902 Blakenhall Library, Bromley Street WV2 3AS 01902 Central Library, Snow Hill WV1 3AX 01902 Collingwood Library, The Broadway WV10 8EB 01902 East Park Library, Hurstbourne Crescent WV1 2EE 01902 Finchfield Library, White Oak Drive WV3 9AF 01902 Home Library Service 01902 Long Knowle Library, Wood End Road WV11 1YG 01902 Low Hill Library, Showell Circus WV10 9JJ 01902 Pendeford Library, Whitburn Close WV9 5NJ 01902 Penn Library, Coalway Avenue WV3 7LT 01902 Spring Vale Library, Bevan Avenue WV4 6SG 01902 Tettenhall Library, Upper Street WV6 8QF 01902 Warstones Library, Pinfold Grove WV4 9PT 01902 Wednesfield Library, Well Lane WV11 1XT 01902 Whitmore Reans Library, Bargate Drive WV6 0QW 01902

556296 556253 555460 552025 556302 556257 556260 556256 556290 556293 556250 556281 556284 556308 556275 556278 556269

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Stay Safe Online With Concero UK The safest place for most children is within the confines of their own home. However, since the advent of the internet and the proliferation of affordable communications technology like smartphones, tablet devices and laptops, this is often no longer the case. Owing in part to the digital divide between parent and child and the endemic pressure upon youngsters to switch on to every new technology available, the safety of those most vulnerable has been compromised. Keen to tackle the problem head-on is Concero UK; an IT and communications support company that works closely with the education sector - in more than sixty schools in the West Midlands - that is keen to raise awareness of the growing dangers posed by threats such as onlinebullying, ‘sexting’ and unrestricted access to pornography.

Keeping children safe at school is no longer enough for the Tettenhallbased business, as director James Morris is keen to impress upon parents that - while safe at school - children can be greatly exposed to danger online while at home. “It is ironic that due to the nature of our work in educational establishments our organisation is governed by strict policies, procedures and controls all surrounding information governance when children and their parents are voluntarily revealing more of themselves online to friends and strangers alike.” Having provided Information Communication Technology services to schools, companies and homes for the last 14 years with his co-director Bradley Clegg, James, a parent himself, is well placed to comment upon the changing technological landscape. “Up to 80% of UK households are now reported to have access to the internet from home, if it hasn’t already, the internet is fast becoming a central component of our daily lives. So much so that trying to imagine a life without it would be like trying to imagine a life with no electricity.” “Accessing the internet is becoming more convenient for all of us with advancements in technology and the uptake of connected devices such as smartphones, tablet devices and Smart TV. Not only is technology continually changing the way we communicate, perform our jobs

and purchase our goods, it is also changing the way we raise and educate our children.” But all this comes at a cost. There is a worrying trend of children and young people finding themselves in potentially harmful and damaging situations because of the internet. Facebook and social media sites can be used for bullying and encourage inappropriately high levels of personal information to be shared; the unseemly business of ‘sexting’ - the act of sending sexually explicit photos, which can then be uploaded to the internet and shared - as well as unfettered access to pornography, which, it is feared, creates warped views on relationships, are all big largely unaddressed - concerns. These issues have recently received considerable coverage in the national press, prompting calls for an automatic nationwide block on all online pornography. And crucially, this is an insidious problem: “Young people are so familiar with a wide range of information communication technologies these days. It’s as though they are born with a natural aptitude for it. While on many fronts this is positive, the downside is that many parents are disconnected from what they think their children are doing online and what they are actually doing online, along with the reality of this.” “Often parents don’t know the dangers because they simply don’t understand the new technologies, let alone the potential for abusing them.” Tuesday 5th February was the 10th edition of the annual Safer Internet Day, organised by Insafe to promote safe and responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially among children and young people. However, the relative obscurity of the campaign is underlined by the fact that James only found out about it last year. He is now committed to raising awareness through his close links to the education community and to help devise solutions that will assist parents with this growing problem as well as supporting them in the home.

It’s this sort of treatment that makes Concero UK the only choice in IT. 108

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And, of course, James, Bradley and the team at Concero UK are always on hand to help with all of your computer requirements, whether it’s setting up your new system, installing security and antivirus software, answering queries or helping to keep you and your children safe online. Concero UK share their top tips for keeping your child safe online: • Remember your children’s online reputation will follow them for a long time. Do not be afraid to set boundaries and rules to protect them. While they may not thank you for this now, they will in the future. • Move computers out of your child’s bedroom and into a shared living space to make surfing the web a social activity and so all use can be monitored. • Keep internet use to certain times of the day only, so that you can be around to keep an eye on your child whilst they’re browsing. • Try not to use technology as your babysitter – we all do it sometimes but it’s important to know what they are doing. Encourage children to leave tablet devices and smartphones out of the bedroom at night. • Try to learn as much about the internet as you can and familiarise yourself with social media sites your children might be using. • Make use of filtering software and parental control features to keep inappropriate material out of reach on your child’s computer, tablet or smartphone.

• Take an interest in what your children do on the internet by asking them about it. Acknowledge the benefits of browsing, but make them aware of the potential dangers. • Encourage children to never open emails or attachments from people that they don’t know and trust, to only connect with people through social media that they know well and to make use of privacy controls. • Familiarise yourself with websites such as, and • Most importantly, talk to your children and encourage them to come to you if they have any problems online. Make digital issues part of everyday conversation.

Mathematics Tutoring Personal tuition by qualified teacher committed to providing quality educational support. Help with: A-Level Maths & Further Maths Core, Further Pure, Statistics, Mechanics & Decision GCSE Mathematics University Entrance Exams: Cambridge and Oxford 11+ and 13+ Grammar School entrance examinations For more information contact:

07957 290974 visit:

Based in Finchfield


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Fenchurch at Bank.

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The new season is here and it’s time to update your wardrobe to create a fresh fashion look for the coming months. Introduce the latest trend items for spring/summer 2013 to your staple winter wardrobe from last season to take you through the transitional period. Inject some unique style and give your outfit an edge by choosing great accessories and a statement watch.

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Babette Wasserman at T.A. Henn 110

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Because there is more to schools than technology... Like families, schools have a unique role in developing the emotional intelligence of children and providing the conditions which enable them to adapt, innovate, re-create and thrive. However, they alone cannot prepare tomorrow’s visionaries, leaders and decision makers. It takes a collective effort from the entire community. As one of the leading IT and communications companies dedicated to the education sector, we work with children, teachers, parents and communities to improve their online safety, helping them to communicate more efficiently. We provide security, peace of mind and expertise to keep systems running smoothly allowing you to focus on helping the next generation to reach new heights.

• Digital Security Solutions • ICT Support • BSF Advice and Guidance • MIS Support • Broadband Provision • Internet Technology Support • Audio-Visual Installations • Curriculum Support • Consultancy and Management




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with Get Set Swimming Lessons Available at Wombourne Leisure Centre • Non-swimmers/beginners to advanced techniques and lengths • Qualified and experienced instructors • Short 30 minute sessions to ensure concentration is at its optimum • Reasonable class sizes to ensure good quality instruction • All sessions lifeguarded to ensure complete safety of you or your child • Seated spectator area so you can watch your child progress • Courses run during both term time and school holidays to ensure continual progression

Cheslyn Hay Leisure Centre

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Education and Schooling by Martyn Long - Headmaster of Tettenhall College

As thousands of students across the country consider their final choices about which university offers to accept the role of league tables continues, as ever, to cause concern and debate as a new measure of success regarding A levels is added. The Russell Group, which represents 24 leading UK universities including Oxford and Cambridge, published advice about the best subject combinations for university courses two years ago to help young people make informed decisions about which A levels to take in order to get onto degree courses. A list of facilitating subjects was produced - maths, English literature, physics, biology, chemistry, geography, history, and languages. According to the Russell Group, other subjects such as music, religious studies, economics, philosophy, politics or art, may be considered if the applicant offers two facilitating subjects. The Russell Group clearly stated that member universities expected students to have two facilitating subjects as part of a portfolio of A levels; yet the latest league tables list the proportion of students

gaining AAB or higher in three facilitating subjects. This has led to concern that the number of students dropping subjects such as music, the arts and economics at A level because of confusion over the list of “facilitating subjects” could rise. Schools are also frustrated that once again new data has been included in the performance tables without prior warning or consultation. Concerns have been raised by a number of headteachers and in an open letter to the Russell Group, Hilda Clarke, head of Tiffin School, said the universities had “inadvertently become a pawn in some kind of political agenda”. In her letter, Ms Clarke also asks the Russell group “Did you agree to this? And, more to the point, do you agree with this? If you do, then we urgently require an explanation from you as to how the non-facilitating subjects can be sustained.” Taking three facilitating subjects is not the measure of students’ suitability for any university and if the inclusion of this new statistic could lead some students to think otherwise then the obvious conclusion is that it will cause a decline in a wide range of enriching subjects. It would be ridiculous if this happens against the intention of the leading universities because of another ill conceived ‘measure of success’ added by the Department for Education.

Rosemary Rivett, executive officer for the National Association of Teachers of Religious Education, said “The Russell Group describes religious studies as a subject which provides ‘suitable preparation for entry to university education generally’. It is not a facilitating subject because, although it is accepted as one of a combination of A levels for most courses, it is only specifically required for a few. That does not make it less academically rigorous or less valuable for study than any of the facilitating subjects.” Lesley Butterworth, general secretary of the National Society for the Education of Art and Design, added: “We have already expressed serious concerns to the Department for Education about the potential decline of ‘non-facilitating’ subjects at A level of which art and design is one. The term ‘facilitating subjects’ has disruptive consequences for students’ A level and degree choices.” Dr Wendy Piatt, the Russell Group’s director general, said that the Group believed that taking two facilitating subjects out of three was “a smart way for students to keep their university options wide open”. I hope that schools will stick with a broad curriculum, well-matched to the talents and interests of their pupils and still leaving doors wide open for university entrance. However if this is at the cost of being denounced in the press and being unfairly labelled as ‘failing’, how many headteachers will have the courage to do so? 113

Open Day At Tettenhall College As Tettenhall College enters its 150th year there has never been a better time to come and visit to find out more about the school’s rich history and exciting plans for the future. Tettenhall College caters for 2 to 18 year olds with pupils of all ages benefiting from its enviable reputation for outstanding pastoral care and meeting the needs of the individual. The latest Independent Schools Inspectorate report commented on this saying that parents were extremely happy with the quality of care and teaching, and children thrive because staff are highly committed to meeting their needs. The Preparatory School looks after 2 to 11 year olds and the head, Philip Foley, extends a warm invitation to parents to come and visit the unrivalled facilities and 114

meet the dedicated staff. He says, “Parents sometimes face difficult choices when contemplating their children’s education. They really must visit schools to see if the school’s vision and ethos for education matches their own.” Pupils at Tettenhall College Preparatory School not only achieve results significantly above national averages, they also take part in a huge variety of activities, both curricular and extra-curricular, designed to challenge and engage them. In the Senior School (ages 11 to 18) pupils across the whole age range and ability spectrum achieve exceptional academic results year on year, with Sixth Form students gaining entry to the universities of their choice. Top scholars gain straight A*s and A grades to enable entry to universities such as Cambridge, Bristol, UCL and other prestigious institutions. Tettenhall College has a strong tradition of excellence in Art, Music, Drama and Sport. Academic scholarships are therefore

supported by a number of scholarships in these areas also. The Headmaster, Mr Martyn Long, is looking forward to meeting prospective pupils and parents at the forthcoming open day. Open Day All Years - Thursday 14th March 2012, 9.30am 3.30pm & 5.00pm - 7.00pm The Open Day provides a fabulous opportunity for families with children in all year groups to view the school in action, meet the dedicated teaching staff and our talented pupils and see for yourself why Tettenhall College is in the top 1% of schools nationally for ‘adding value’. In addition to our open days, we also offer families the opportunity to have a personal tour of the school throughout the term. If you would like to take advantage of a tour or require further information please contact Annabelle Addison in our Admissions Office on (01902) 793002/751119 or email

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Taming The Exams Monster? I, for one, offer a cautious welcome to the recent proposals to reform A level examinations. It appears to herald a return to examinations at the end of a two year programme rather than exams on an almost monthly basis as is the case now.

Despite the criticism from some quarters, this move makes real sense. The modular system at GCSE and A level had grown into a monster with students having to face exams almost every term for four years; a situation that has had a huge impact not only on learning but on other key aspects of school life, such as sport, music and drama.

There had been a real danger that students were becoming exam orientated automatons. It seems rather ironic that modules were introduced partly to reduce pressure on students who panicked in exams - yet to help them cope they were examined up to six times a year rather than once - a ridiculous state of affairs. Sadly, the breaking of the link between AS and A2 exams remains a fly in the ointment. One of the unintended consequences of this decoupling is almost bound to be a pressure on students to choose their A levels whilst they are only midway through Year 11 – the final GCSE year, rather than as now, when they don’t have to make their final choice of A levels until the end of the AS programme. Hopefully, common sense will prevail. I believe Mr Gove is right to seek an end to the nonsense of perpetual testing, it will allow teachers to teach, and students to learn - in depth, and it will liberate the vital extra-curricular life of schools thereby allowing students to benefit from a well-rounded, rather than a narrow education. Vincent Darby. Headmaster, Wolverhampton Grammar School. Alongside a choice of 27 A levels, Wolverhampton Grammar School offers post-16 education that is broad, balanced and structured carefully to deliver a life enhancing education for motivated young people. To find out more about the opportunities at WGS, come to the sixth form evening, 6-8pm, Wednesday 20th March, or go to


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Social Scene







6 8 7 Photographs supplied by Codsall Photographic

The Mount Hotel 1. Mr Simon Billingham, Miss Joanne Billingham, Mr James Cox, Mrs Sarah Billingham 2. Dr Mark Smith and Ms Tracy Wilkinson 3. The beautiful Great Room, The Mount Hotel 4. Mr and Mrs Andrew Smith and guests 5. Centre Miss Gibbs (Nursery Nurse) and Miss Hyde (Nursery Nurse) and guests 6. Ball organisers - Mrs Paula Timmins, Mrs Lyndsey Smith, Mrs Sarah Billingham 7. Members of the Parent’s Association - Mrs Sarah McGuire, Mrs Emma Waites (Chair) and Mrs Becky Hadley 8. Teaching Staff - Miss Gibbs, Mr Chris Bailey, Miss Alex Hyde, Headmistress - Mrs Sarah Fisher, Mrs Moss 118

Newbridge Preparatory School’s Valentine Ball Newbridge Preparatory School Parent’s Association hosted a fundraising ball at The Mount Hotel, Tettenhall on 2nd February which brought party goers from all areas of the school community (past and present) together for an evening of great company, good food and dancing to live music from ‘parent led’ group ‘The Band that Sold the World’.

Social Scene Sponsored by

Wolverhampton Hospital The leading provider of private healthcare You couldn’t be in better hands! Call customer services on 01902 793259

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Park House Hotel Royston Blythe held their annual staff party to thank their hard working team of staff for their dedication throughout the year. This year it was themed ‘Winter Wonderland’, and had the perfect snowy backdrop thanks to the weather! Held at the Park House Hotel, Shifnal. The room was decked out in white and silver, with fantastic centrepieces by Peony Flowers and icy lighting effects with production by Show Systems.

1. Nick Malenko thanking Rita Mason for more than 20 years service 2. Royston Blythe staff Jodie Eagleton,Victoria Bowers, James Kelly, Stephanie Passmore, Emma Jeffs, Sophie Beattie, Abi Sheldon, Beth Woodman 3. Richard Cox, Cilla Poxon, Darren Hollinshead 4. Ed Graham and Richard Leggett 5. Charles Douek,Victoria Bowers, Nicola Payne and Karen Payne 6. Katie Hughes of the Park House, Royston Blythe and model 7. Sarah George and Justine Sutera 8. Catherine Boydell and Debbie Mitchell 9. Ricky Jasenbowski,Tracy Doughty and Yvette Barnett 10. Staff members Sara Tunnicliffe, Sophie Beattie,Victoria Bowers 119

Social Scene





5 6 The Steve Bull Foundation organised a fabulous evening of entertainment at Bully’s Italian Restaurant, Bravaccio’s in Tettenhall. Vocalist Paulo, entertained everyone and was brilliant as always! Steve said “It was great to see my restaurant full of friends old and new to support our valentine’s party on the eve of Valentine’s Day”


Bravaccio’s Tettenhall 1. Suresh & Paula Bawa 2. Steve & Kirsty Bull 3. Franco & Vikki Diponio 4. Lorraine & Paul Morris 5. Terry Bolus, Helen Bolus, Sue Wilde & Dave Wakefield 6. Jaqui O’Sullivan & Steve Jones 7. Wayne & Melanie Bowring 120

The Steve Bull Foundation provides charitable support in the form of grants to organisations primarily in the Black Country and the West Midlands which specialise in assisting young people, the disabled, the homeless, the sick and the disadvantaged.

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Book a FREE 10 minute one-to-one chat with a consultant at our next cosmetic event on Tuesday 14 March 2013. Please call 0845 603 4346 to book your place.

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Keeping The Fitness Fire Burning by Dave Corfield March is already with us, Christmas now a distant memory, that post Yule guilt fading fast and that fitness regime you started with such vigour and determination is rapidly losing momentum! It starts with the odd excuse to skip a session in the gym, more frequent lapses in your healthy eating plan and your favourite tipple you promised you would keep away from is now more than an “occasional treat”. Before you know it you are back to square one. No motivation, a gym membership severely underused and a slowly expanding waist line! If this sounds painfully familiar then you are certainly not alone, studies have shown that 80% of New Year Health & fitness regimes are over by mid-March! So how do we avoid the “spring drop off”? What are the most effective methods to use to keep your fitness regime firmly on track? Here are my top 6 tips to keep you motivated

1. Be realistic The chances are you are not going to go from Homer Simpson to Usain Bolt in a week! One of the first mistakes people make is doing too much; too soon, working out every day will quickly get unsustainable for most people. Be realistic, start with 2-3 times per week and take it from there. If you enjoy it and want to do more then you can increase your frequency to suit.

when repeated day in day out and your body will quickly adapt to it, limiting further progress. Try to utilise multiple workouts, there are endless combinations depending on your goals. Try “cycling” 3-4 different ones to keep things fresh in the mind and keep your body guessing.

3. Use a personal trainer or instructor For the reasons mentioned above it is definitely wise to seek advice on different methods of training, making sure you use correct form and that you are actually training in the correct way to achieve your goals. A personal Trainer will have vast knowledge on how to structure your workouts to keep them interesting and effective.

4. Use “little victories” The saying “the longest journey begins with the smallest step” is very apt when it comes to getting fit and healthy. Looking up at the mountain ahead is far more off putting than the little slope in front of you. Make little goals for yourself, such as dropping your body fat by 4% in a month, being able to run at a particular pace for a given time or making

sure you drink 4 pints of water throughout each day. When these little victories are achieved you can move on to the next challenge.

5. Don’t over obsess Everyone wants quick results but, when it comes to changing your body shape and improving your fitness these things do take time, even for the most disciplined individual. Don’t weigh and measure yourself incessantly, leave at least a week between weigh ins and never become disheartened when results aren’t immediately apparent. I often liken it to the planting of a seed- if you stand there watching the ground you’ll likely become bored and frustrated very quickly! However, come back in a year and a tree has grown.

6. Don’t deny yourself Nobody is suggesting you should live like a monk, the more you deny yourself something you enjoy, the more likely you will crave it. Allow yourself a treat a couple of times a week, if the vast majority of your weekly food intake is from non-processed “natural” sources e.g. vegetables, fruit, lean meat, fish, eggs with plenty of water you are unlikely to de-rail your efforts. The key word is “moderation”.

2. Variety They say variety is the spice of life & this is never truer than in the gym, even the best workout in the world will quickly become tedious

For more information visit our website at or text fitness on 07966 633664. 121



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Myriad Property Care offer an extensive range of maintenance and refurbishment services which can be tailor made to your property’s needs. Call us for a free quote on all your maintenance and refurbishment needs.

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The preferred choice for building and extension work in The West Midlands We’re proud of our achievements, view our completed projects at: For your free estimate please call 01543 or email:


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Andyman Services Full Home and Garden Service Specialising in Fitted Kitchens and Bathrooms (supply and/or fitting only)

Also En Suites, Plastering, Door Hanging, Laminate Flooring, Wall & Floor Tiling, Patios, Decking & Fencing, Garden Clearance, Gutter Cleaning & Repair, Loft Hatches & Boarding, Outside Taps, Shed Roof Repairs and much more.


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Providing a wide range of services to both commercial and domestic customers. Over the counter sales of locks and safes, also a key cutting service while you wait.

Locksmith Services • CCTV • Alarms Cameras • Safes • Lock Outs Lock Repair • Replacement Keys Cut Emergency Call Outs Available


se of an emergency an endeavour d always to have a locksmith with you ASAP to access yo ur property.

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Two Wolverhampton international racing drivers were reunited at a recent book launch after a gap of more than 50 years. Richard Attwood of Perton who won the well-known Le Mans 24 hr. sports car race in 1970 in a Porsche and John Rhodes of

Local Racing Drivers Reunited Codsall who became famous in the 1970’s with his skill in a Mini and eventually won the European Saloon Car Championship in Spain. The pair met up at the launch of a book of memorabilia about the Midland Racing Partnership compiled by former Express & Star motoring journalist Derek Hill, of Wolverhampton 126

who followed the team’s progress for several years. Both feature prominently along with other founder members David Baker, Bill Bradley, Alan Evans and Jeremy Cottrell, all of whom originally lived or worked in the Wolverhampton area.

both won the Irish National Championship. Together with Attwood who gained several successes in Europe they were invited to run the works team of Lola single seater racing cars and several Grand Prix drivers represented the team.

Formed in 1961 the quintet had considerable success at home and especially in Northern Ireland where Rhodes and Bradley

The best known was the double World Champion John Surtees who won the International Gold Cup at Oulton Park.

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competitive prices. If you are looking for a second hand car then look no further than Oaken Garage.

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CRM is a Fully Licensed Treatment Facility. All paperwork completed & downloaded to the DVLA ensuring no fraudulent use of your vehicle details.

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How Volvo Is Evolving Into The Premium Brand Segment The launch of V40 has shown how Volvo is evolving into the premium brand segment with cars that are attractive, stylish, sporty and competitively priced. That’s the view of Adrian Frearson, Dealer Principal of Brindley Volvo, who are giving test drives in the V40 hatchback as well as the newly launched V40 R-Design and V40 Cross Country models. “Volvo has invested a considerable amount of time and money in the development of the ride and handling capability of the V40,” said Adrian. “The V40 is a real driver’s car that looks great and performs beautifully. The sporty V40 R-Design is a fantastic car with logos on the leather seats, sporty steering wheel and stunning looks. “It is aero dynamic and has superb handling characteristics. Colours are vibrant and the price is attractive in a very competitive market place.

He said the V40 R-Design was designed around the customer who wanted a car with a more sporty look and feel. He admired the striking exterior lines which he said were enhanced with a new soft nose and R-Design logo on the grille, 17” Ixion alloy wheels and silver matt door mirrors. The unique interior design included the R-Design logo on the seats and centre console, sports steering wheel and aluminium inlay, giving the driver a sportier handling experience in every day driving. The R-Design produced 115 bhp, had a combined 78.5 mpg and CO2 emissions of 94 g/km. He said the V40 Cross Country was for those who wanted a sense of adventure every day. He said it was ideal for outdoor types who enjoyed family activities such as cycling and walking. At the same time, it was suitable for every day usage. “The Cross Country will compete in the premium market against competitors such as the Audi All

Road. The Cross Country gives greater ground clearance by 140mm with an option of having all wheel drive in the T5 engine which is unique to that model. “The Cross Country produces 254 bhp in an automatic gearbox, a combined 34 mpg and 194 g/ km emissions. Cross Country is also available is a D2 two wheel drive variant producing 115 bhp, a combined 74.3 mpg and C02 of 99 g/km.” He added: “The Cross Country, which has a ground clearance of 145 mm, has 17” alloys and comes with roof rails as standard as well as a rugged exterior design that includes glossy black window trim and autofolding door mirrors with ground lights.”

“The same goes for the V40 Cross Country which gives increased ride height, practical versatility and complete driver confidence. I don’t think any discerning driver could possibly be anything but excited with the innovation of the V40.” He added that the V40 hatchback was available to Motability customers at nil deposit – an offer exclusive to Codsallbased Brindley Volvo. Sales Manager Andy Albutt, through whom test drives of the V40 range can be booked, said the starting price of the R-Design D2 1.6-litre diesel was £22,295. The starting price of the V40 D2 SE was £22,595 and the V40 Cross Country T5 automatic started from £33,875.

For further information and to book a test drive contact Andy Albutt on 01902 841931. 128

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Motorists Offered Free Fuel With HiQ Money Saving Initiative tyres, HiQ Chapel Ash will offer motorists a £20 fuel voucher for every pair of Goodyear tyres bought and £40 for every four. HiQ owner Simon Bennett said that many Goodyear tyres - including the EfficientGrip actually offered significant fuel savings per year due to their rolling resistance technology. He added that the free fuel vouchers on top of this represented a win-win situation for motorists and their pockets.

Motorists are being given the opportunity to fill up for free as HiQ Chapel Ash offer fuel vouchers with every Goodyear tyre purchase.

Simon said: “With petrol prices still so high, the fuel vouchers are a great opportunity for motorists to save on some cash.”

To coincide with its stocking of the finest range of Goodyear

“On top of that, the Goodyear tyre offers one of the best

performances available along with reducing fuel consumption levels.” Simon said that HiQ would continue to offer free tyre checks for any motorists to ensure they are driving safely. Simon added: “With spring upon us, many breaks and holidays are being planned, meaning more pressure on tyres. We encourage all motorists to check their tyres before the start of a long journey ensuring they are safe and fit for the run.” “We give appropriate advice according to the motorist’s needs and can recommend the right tyre for any vehicle, depending on their type of journey and the conditions they are likely to face”.

For more information on HiQ’s fuel saving offer and free fuel vouchers contact Simon or his team on 01902 420234 or visit

Great savings

at HiQ Chapel Ash

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tyre prices.

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t dS Lor

ape l


Alb an

y Rd







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t en sc re sC ak O



le R ida

d hR Bat

I Ash sla

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te ga uth So


Rd erfield Summ

West Park Hospital en ha A41 ll R d Te tt

Ring Road St A nd re

We also do...Servicing, Brakes, Suspension, Exhausts, Alloy wheel refurbishment, Engine diagnostics and Nitrogen inflation.

s R rk’ aglan S t Ma M A4150 ark St sS t t nS nso phe Ste

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01902 420234 *Terms and conditions apply, please ask in-store for details. **20% off VOSA recommended retail price of £54.85 (passenger vehicles of up to 8 seats). All offers end 30th April 2013.

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engine’s power to the rear wheels, rising to as much as 100 per cent in extreme conditions, such as on ice and snow-covered surfaces. The control electronics of the MINI ALL4 system are integrated directly into the DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) management unit, enabling drive to be channelled through the wheels as required in a matter of milliseconds.

MINI Paceman Launches At Benham Driving fun will always be a MINI forte; its agile handling - aka “go-kart feeling” - has long been a hallmark of its character. Sophisticated powertrain and chassis technology ensure that every model in the British premium brand’s line-up is the undisputed leader of its class. And that hasn’t changed with MINI’s expansion into a new segment. On the contrary: the debut of the MINI ALL4 all-wheel-drive system in the MINI Countryman has injected fresh appeal into those MINI driving characteristics, rooted as they are in instantaneous and precise responses to every movement of the accelerator and steering wheel. ALL4 gives drivers an even more focused experience of the car’s unmistakable driving fun through dynamically taken corners – on rough terrain as well as smooth roads. The choice of all-wheel-drive MINI models is poised for further expansion in March 2013. That’s when the MINI Paceman will be launched, boosting to eight the number of models available with ALL4 as standard or as an option. The first Sports Activity Coupé in the premium compact segment sees ALL4 optionally teaming up with the diesel engines in the MINI Cooper SD Paceman (105 kW/143 hp) and MINI Cooper D Paceman (82 kW/112 hp), as

well as the petrol unit under the bonnet of the MINI Cooper S Paceman (135 kW/184 hp). Also primed for action is the MINI John Cooper Works Paceman. Fitted with the all-wheel-drive system as standard, it converts the power of its 160 kW/218 hp, race-developed engine into extreme driving fun with supreme assurance in any situation. All models come as standard with a six-speed manual gearbox, while a six-speed automatic can be ordered as an option. All of which means ALL4 can now offer drivers of eight MINI models a noticeable boost to traction, directional stability and agility through corners. With four allwheel-drive variants and the choice between manual or automatic gearboxes, the MINI Countryman makes its own contribution to the impressive variety of the brand’s ALL4 range. ALL4 is available as an option for the MINI Cooper S Countryman, MINI Cooper SD Countryman and MINI Cooper D Countryman, while the MINI John Cooper Works Countryman sends its eye-catching power through all four wheels as standard. ALL4 was developed specially for MINI models and, since its introduction in 2010, has broken new ground and won over additional target groups. The all-wheel-drive system uses an electromagnetic centre differential to distribute drive seamlessly between the front and rear axles. In normal driving situations ALL4 diverts up to 50 per cent of the

This set-up offers a number of advantages. In regular driving situations it optimises fuel economy. But ALL4 also responds to fluctuating dynamic requirements to give the MINI Countryman or MINI Paceman driver a particularly intense experience of the customary MINI go-kart feeling. It uses the data collected by DSC to tweak the power split pre-emptively and to impressive effect through dynamically taken corners, for example. And that means the driver enjoys outstanding agility combined with surefooted driving characteristics – in customary MINI style. The system feeds a higher proportion of the engine’s power to the rear wheels to make turn-in as precise as possible. In models equipped with ALL4, the DSC system also comes as standard with DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) mode, which allows controlled slip through the driven wheels to ease moving off on loose sand or deep snow. Added to which, when the stability system is deactivated (in DSC Off mode) an electronic locking function for the front axle differential comes into play. In tight corners it brakes a spinning wheel as required to enhance handling. Known as Electronic Differential Lock Control (EDLC), this system enhances the car’s traction without adversely affecting its steering properties. In addition, the models equipped with ALL4 have a very specific chassis set-up. Together with the sophisticated final drive and drive shaft mounting, which includes an inner vibration damper, this set-up gives the all-wheel-drive variants of the MINI Countryman and MINI Paceman the same high standard of acoustic and dynamic comfort as the models with front-wheel drive.

For further details on the MINI Paceman, or any other MINI’s in the range please contact Benham Wolverhampton, Raby Street, Wolverhampton WV2 1AS. Tel: 01902 457001 130

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A sporty new exterior design, lowered suspension for a dynamic ride and an exciting reinterpretation of the familiar interior – feast your eyes on the all-new MINI Paceman. Setting a new pace for MINI, the Paceman is set for UK launch on 16 March 2013. For more information, pop into our showroom or call 01902 457001 to speak to a member of the team.

BENHAM WOLVERHAMPTON Raby Street, Wolverhampton WV2 1AS 01902 457001

Official Fuel Economy Figures for the MINI Paceman Range: Urban 26.4–60.1 (10.7–4.7 l/100km). Extra Urban 44.8–67.3 (6.3–4.2 l/100km). Combined 35.8–64.2 (7.9–4.4 l/100km). CO2 emissions 184–115 g/km.

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The New BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo

The new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo offers a finely judged combination of driver appeal and practicality, arriving as the third variant in the 3 Series range following the Saloon and Touring models. In effect, it offers the sporty dynamics of the former, with the versatility of the other, in a unique and attractively designed package. Benefiting from a longer and taller body, and an increased wheelbase, the new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo offers increased interior space and load area volume from within a sporty, coupé-like form. At launch, three petrol engines and two diesel engines are available, with a choice of either six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic gearboxes. Thanks to the adoption of the latest aerodynamic thinking, in conjunction with BMW’s EfficientDynamics measures, including for the first time on a BMW an active rear spoiler, the new 3 Series Gran Turismo is superbly efficient without compromising any of its driver appeal. Despite its extended functionality, the new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo typically carries only a £1,300 price premium over the Touring model, starting with the 320i SE at £28,830 OTR. Engines and gearboxes: power through efficiency The new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo is available at launch with a range of five refined and economical engines, all of which feature the latest BMW TwinPower Turbo technology. The range comprises three petrol engines – the four-cylinder 320i and

328i, plus the six cylinder 335i – and two diesel engines, the 318d and the 320d. Power is sent to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox as standard, although BMW also offers an innovative eight-speed automatic as an option for all engine variants. A sports version of the automatic gearbox is available as a further option, offering even faster gearshifts and steering wheel mounted paddles. Both gearboxes link up with the fuelsaving Auto Start-Stop function. Heading the new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo engine range is the 335i, a six-cylinder petrol unit with muscular power delivery, imposing torque and outstanding refinement. This 3.0-litre engine delivers 306hp, with a peak torque of 400Nm available from just 1,200rpm all the way through to 5,000rpm. The new BMW 335i Gran Turismo accelerates from zero to 62mph in just 5.7 (5.4) seconds before reaching an electronically limited top speed of 155mph. Despite this performance the six-cylinder engine is also extremely economical and low on emissions: its fuel consumption in the EU test cycle is 34.9mpg (36.7mpg) and CO2 emissions are only 188g/km (178g/km). The new BMW 328i Gran Turismo produces a maximum power output of 245hp from its 1,997cc capacity, with 350Nm torque at just 1,250rpm, then maintained all the way to 4,800rpm. It sprints from zero to 62mph in a mere 6.1 seconds, and posts an electronically governed top speed of 155mph while recording average fuel consumption of just 42.1mpg and CO2 emissions of only 156g/km. These figures are improved further still if the eight-speed automatic gearbox

is fitted, with fuel consumption and emissions figures of 44mpg and 149g/km respectively. Every model in the new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo range features lightweight floating-calliper brakes with large inner-vented discs, with the front brake callipers made from aluminium. As well as low unsprung mass, this high-performance system also majors on outstanding heat tolerance, superior wet braking performance, easy operation and excellent feel. Various state-of-theart electronic aids are integrated into the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system, including the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Automatic Stability Control (ASC), Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), Dynamic Brake Control (DBC) and Cornering Brake Control (CBC), along with the Start-Off Assistant and an electronic limited slip function for the rear differential, which can be activated using the “DSC Off” button. Efficient Dynamics: making performance go further BMW’s EfficientDynamics development strategy is an integral part of the new 3 Series Gran Turismo, incorporated in virtually every area of the new model. In addition to petrol and diesel engines with optimised fuel economy, its highly efficient transmissions, intelligent lightweight design, optimised aerodynamics and further efficiency-promoting measures ensure the new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo has both impressive performance and enviable fuel consumption and emissions figures.

The BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo goes on sale on 15 June 2013, priced from £28,830 OTR for the BMW 320i SE Gran Turismo.

For information on any of the BMW models please contact Benham Wolverhampton on 01902 457000 or visit 132

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BMW Economics

The Ultimate Driving Machine

Benham Wolverhampton

A LEAN 51.4* MILES PER GALLON FOR A MEAN MONTHLY PAYMENT. Given the amount of thought we put into a BMW engine, it’s hardly surprising how little goes into the tank. The BMW 116i Sport 5-door model is incredibly fuel efficient. Yet even more incredibly, they deliver the same exhilarating driving dynamics you would expect from a BMW. All with an attractive monthly payment. BMW Select finance representative example for the BMW 116i Sport 5-door. Term of agreement

35 monthly payments

On the road cash price**

Customer deposit

Dealer deposit contribution

Total deposit

Total amount of credit

Option to purchase fee^

Optional final payment

36 months








£10,215.00 £23,237.92

Total amount payable

Rate of interest 4.9% fixed

Representative 4.9% APR

To find out more or to arrange a test drive†, visit

Benham Wolverhampton Lever Street, Wolverhampton West Midlands WV2 1AD 01902 457000


Official fuel economy figures for the BMW 116i Sport 5-door: Urban 39.8mpg (7.2l/100km). Extra Urban 61.4mpg (4.8l/100km). Combined 51.4mpg (5.7l/100km). CO2 emissions 132g/km. Offers are available on selected BMW 1 Series Sport 5-door models ordered between 1 January 2013 and 31 March 2013 and registered by 30 June 2013, subject to availability. Finance example is based on a BMW Select agreement for a BMW 116i Sport 5-door with a contract mileage of 30,000 miles and an excess mileage charge of 6.9p per mile. *Figure based on the 116i Sport 5-door model. **On the road cash price is based on manufacturer’s recommended retail price and includes 3 year BMW Dealer Warranty, BMW Emergency Service, 12 months’ road fund licence, vehicle first registration fee, delivery, number plates and VAT. ^Option to purchase fee and optional final payment payable at the end of the agreement if you decide to purchase the vehicle. Excess mileage charges and vehicle condition charges may be payable if you return the vehicle. Prices are correct at time of publication (February, 2013) and are subject to change without notice. Retail customers only. Finance is subject to credit acceptance and available to over 18s in the UK only (excludes the Channel Islands and Isle of Man). Guarantees and indemnities may be required. Advertised finance is provided by BMW Financial Services, Bartley Way, Hook, Hampshire, RG27 9UF. We commonly, but not exclusively, introduce customers to BMW Financial Services. This introduction does not amount to independent financial advice. †Test drive subject to applicant status and availability.

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It’s A Great Time To Drive A Mercedes-Benz.

There has never been a better time to visit Mercedes-Benz of Wolverhampton and consider driving your dream Mercedes-Benz. As well as an extensive selection of special offers and upgrades across the New and Approved Used ranges, Mercedes-Benz has opened up a new chapter in the premium compact segment with the exciting new A-Class, featuring a stunning model line up and competitive prices for 2013. With five model lines starting from £18,945, with powerful and more efficient engines, the new A-Class really beats with the pulse of a new generation. The A 180 BlueEFFICIENCY petrol includes comfort suspension, Audio 20 CD/radio with 5.8” colour display, MP3 with USB port within the centre armrest, Bluetooth and Becker Map Pilot pre-wiring. The SE model adds 16” 10-spoke alloy wheels, sports seats with a leather steering wheel and is available in both petrol and diesel engines. The A 180 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY is the first Mercedes-Benz to emit below 100 g/km CO2 emissions giving 74.3mpg on the official combined cycle. The Sport model has a choice of 2 petrol and 2 diesel engines with the A 200 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY reaching 0-62mph in 6.2 seconds and returning 65.7mpg. More dynamic than the SE, the Sport offers twin visible exhaust pipes, 17” bi-colour

five-twin spoke alloy wheels and the two lamella grille in silver with chrome highlights. It also comes with rain sensors and interior ambient lighting. To confirm the sporting credentials of the new A-Class, there are also two AMG-inspired modes to complete the range: AMG Sport and Engineered by AMG. The AMG Sport includes the Dynamic Handling Package with sports suspension, perforated disc brakes as well as AMG bodystyling and 18” AMG five-spoke alloy wheels. The Engineered by AMG model is available now as the A 250 BlueEFFICIENCY with the A 220 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY AMG Sport due in Spring. It includes the Diamond grille with one louver, taken directly from Concept A-CLASS, AMG sports suspension and red brake callipers on 18” AMG twin-spoke alloy wheels. It also features bixenon headlights with LED daytime running lights and privacy glass The new A-Class demonstrates that safety is a priority for Mercedes-Benz. In addition to ESP, Active Bonnet and Adaptive Brake with HOLD function and Hill-Start Assist, standard specification includes the radarbased COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST, which helps to reduce the risk of nose-to-tail collisions. This alerts a distracted driver through

visual and acoustic warnings if it senses an accident is likely to happen. It also primes the Brake Assist function to ensure maximum stopping power as soon as the driver touches the brake pedal. Also included as standard is ATTENTION ASSIST, the innovative system developed by MercedesBenz to monitor driver behaviour and warn of signs of tiredness. It is primarily based on steering wheel movements, since this is the first thing that becomes erratic when a driver is getting tired. The system checks more than 70 parameters, which are then assessed for signs of drowsiness. It issues an audible warning and flashes up a visual warning in the instrument cluster: ATTENTION ASSIST Take a Break! For the first time, Mercedes-Benz has integrated the Apple iPhone comprehensively in to the new A-Class. The Drive Kit Plus, available as an option across all models, will enable drivers to access all the key content from their iPhone through the in-vehicle display, controlled safely via the centre armrest. The system, accessed via a special MercedesBenz app, allows users to send predetermined messages, select music tracks and access social media, and will be optionally available across all the model lines as a retro fit at Mercedes-Benz of Wolverhampton.

With competitive offers across the range and the A-Class starting at £259 + Vat per month for business users, there has never been a better time to drive a Mercedes-Benz. Call Mercedes-Benz of Wolverhampton on 01902 276977 to find out more and arrange a test drive.


wolverhampton west magazine | march/april 2013

Refined luxury. Dynamic performance. The Mercedes-Benz Refined luxury. CLS-Class. Dynamic performance. The Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class.

Representative example CLSRepresentative 250 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY example 250 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY 24CLS Monthly On the road payments of* price 24 Monthly On the road £399.00 £47,600.00 payments of* price £399.00


Amount of credit Amount of £31,864.14 credit

Total amount †† payable Total amount £49,736.86 payable††



Customer deposit Customer £8,935.86 deposit £8,935.86

Acceptance fee Acceptance £180.00 fee

Retailer deposit contribution Retailer deposit £6,800.00 contribution £6,800.00

Purchase † activation Purchasefee £95 fee† activation



Total deposit Total £15,735.86 deposit £15,735.86

Fixed interest Fixed rate 3.30% interest rate 3.30%

Optional purchase payment



purchase payment


Representative APR Representative 3.9% APR 3.9%

Discover the CLS-Class at Mercedes-Benz of Wolverhampton. Discover the CLS-Class at Mercedes-Benz of Wolverhampton. Call 01902 276977 to arrange a test drive. Call 01902 276977 to arrange a test drive.

Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-BenzofofWolverhampton Wolverhampton Penn Road, Wolverhampton Penn Road, WolverhamptonWV2 WV24HD 4HD

01902 01902276977 276977 Official Government fuel consumption per 100km) 100km)for forthe theCLS-Class CLS-Class range: urban 20.2(14.0)Official Government fuel consumptionfigures figuresinin mpg mpg (litres per range: urban 20.2(14.0). . 44.8(6.3), extra urban 36.2(7.8)-64.2(4.4),combined combined 28.0(10.1)-54.3(5.2). 28.0(10.1)-54.3(5.2). CO2 235-135 g/km 44.8(6.3), extra urban 36.2(7.8)-64.2(4.4), CO2emissions: emissions: 235-135 g/km Whilst offer is only available throughMercedes-Benz Mercedes-BenzFinance, Finance, we do ofof other finance companies as well. Whilst thisthis offer is only available through do arrange arrangefinance financeononbehalf behalf other finance companies as well.

Model featured: Mercedes-Benz CLS 250 CDIBlueEFFICIENCY BlueEFFICIENCYat at £47,600 £47,600 on the VAT, delivery, 12 months' RoadRoad Model featured: Mercedes-Benz CLS 250 CDI the road. road.(on-the-road (on-the-roadprice priceincludes includes VAT, delivery, 12 months' Licence, number plates, first registrationfee feeand andfuel).*Based fuel).*Based on on aa Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz Agility Agreement. Example based on on 10,000 miles p.a. p.a. FundFund Licence, number plates, first registration Agility Agreement. Example based 10,000 miles † †† † Payable if you exercise the option to purchase the car. †† Excess mileage charges apply. purchase payment andand purchase Excess mileage charges maymay apply. Payable if you exercise the option to purchase the car. Includes Includesoptional optional purchase payment purchase activation Quotations available requestforforalternative alternativecontract contract lengths lengths and is available on selected CLS-CLSactivation fee. fee. Quotations available onon request and mileages. mileages.This Thisfinance financecampaign campaign is available on selected models ordered/ credit approved before31st 31stMarch March2013, 2013, and and registered registered before CLS Shooting Brake models. ClassClass models ordered/ credit approved before before30th 30thJune June2013, 2013,excluding excluding CLS Shooting Brake models. Guarantees & indemnities may be required. Offer cannot be used with any other published offer from the retailer and is subject to availability. Terms Guarantees & indemnities may be required. Offer cannot be used with any other published offer from the retailer and is subject to availability. Terms & conditions apply. Prices correct at time of going to press (02/13).Credit provided subject to status by Mercedes-Benz Financial Services UK & apply. Prices correct at time of going to press (02/13).Credit provided subject to status by Mercedes-Benz Financial Services UK 135 Limited, MK15 8BA. Limited, MK15 8BA.

AFC Wulfrunians closest and most exciting title race for a long time. We have picked up a lot of new supporters from the readership of this magazine and would be delighted if we could get a few more down to help us with our final push for glory. Our fixtures are published on our website www.afcwulfrunians. and our progress can also be followed on our social media sites on Facebook and Twitter.

Welcome to the latest update of the events on and off the pitch at AFC Wulfrunians - your local grassroots football club. I think it’s fair to say the weather has had a fairly catastrophic effect on grassroots football this season. The endless pounding from rain, sleet and snow has caused numerous postponements but it has set up what should be a thrilling run in to the end of the season.

At the time of writing, five teams are separated by just three points at the top of the West Midlands (Regional) League Premier Division table with another couple of sides poised to close the gap also. We have now reached a stage where most teams will have to play at least two games per week so there is a massive likelihood that there will be plenty of chopping and changing between now and the end of the season in what looks to be the

Be sure to keep an eye on our website for details of our open day which should take place in March where you get to watch one of our games for free. All details of our forthcoming fixtures, and details of how you can sponsor the club are on our aforementioned website. Alternatively, if you would like more information, you can call me on 07834 391284. That’s all for today.

Paul Tudor

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Word Search: Hidden Phrase: The worst club in my bag is my brain. Chris Perry


wolverhampton west magazine | march/april 2013

Style and sense seldom go hand in hand. Practicality so often pushes the ‘pose’ factor into a corner while the craving for style for its own sake so often results in driver and passengers squeezing themselves in to conform to the concept. Everyone craves the ‘Goldilocks’ car - not too big, not too small just right for the job. So, if your motoring needs run to plenty of space minus beefed-up bulk, sensible sophistication and smooth, perky, economical performance, you will be interested in what Kia have to offer in their new cee’d which has been designed in Europe by Europeans for Europeans.  In hatchback or sportwagon mode, with a range of engine options and a plethora of standard features, this automobile is as firmly positioned in a competitive market to draw admiring attention as any. It’s a nice, clean, swift looking car that’s comfortable and roomy inside with enough options on tap to satisfy every conceivable need.  I made a point of putting it through its paces in a variety of motoring situations. From the family shop at the supermarket to a trip to the sunny seaside: from the rigours of an urban commute to the delights of the open country road. The cee’d did not disappoint. It is truly a car for all seasons, a car for all reasons, a car for three cheers. I took a friend to the opera, took youngsters to the swimming baths, helped a student move into digs and in all

manners of use it proved as solid and reassuring as a firm handshake - which is probably why Kia are confident enough to give an industry leading, seven year warranty. This all-new second generation model is a game-changer for Kia and its European design and quality is a match for anything in its class. Now narrower and lower it has a sportier stance and more upmarket looks with something of a coupe-like profile. Improvements are not only visual: they are actual as well as perceived and torsional body strength has been increased by 51 per cent so it’s a lot safer too. Inside, comfort has been upgraded and the four trim grades 1,2,3,4 offer comprehensive standard equipment. Even level 2 has cornering lights, parking sensors, all round electric windows, cruise control and speed limiter, a cooling glove box and a six speaker stereo system. It’s a tasteful and well executed cabin that offers tactile delight with its good quality materials as well as space enough for five adults. It seems like luxury you shouldn’t be able to get for the price and this gives an enduring feeling of quality which many larger, more expensive cars still cannot match. At £18,295 it’s not cheap but try specifying a Focus or Astra to those levels and you might think again. Previous cee’ds were praised for their smooth and torquey engines (There are four. Two petrol and two diesel) - but Kia has not rested on its laurels. The 126bhp 1.6 diesel

of the test car that will take you to over 120mph is very smooth and is now less polluting and more fuel efficient. It’s so clean that you don’t pay VED and you’re exempt from the congestion charge, plus claimed economy is up to 74.3 mpg overall - but I couldn’t get that: 54mpg was about the best. This might be because the engine characteristics and gearing are such that you tend to only use the very ‘tall’ sixth gear on long fast trips - where I’d bet that you would achieve remarkable economy. When it comes to driving manners the cee’d feels very grown up. Ride quality is supple, roll angles are low and steering which can be switched to one of three modes (sport, normal and comfort) is precise. It feels like a bigger car with an air of imperturbability, soaking up bumps with aplomb: it’s rare for its class in having proper fully independent rear suspension which makes for a car that feels tuned for smiles. As with all modern cars the high tech stuff keeps coming and coming - but one of the pleasing features of the cee’d is that it doesn’t overawe. Everything is set for driver relaxation and the best technologies are deployed to only come into play when really needed. In the case of the cee’d it means driving with every confidence that one is in a safe car and yet one which still retains a commitment to the simple pleasure of driving. 

Kia Cee’d 1.6 CRDI 2 Eco by Syd Taylor


wolverhampton west magazine | march/april 2013


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wolverhampton west magazine | march/april 2013

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Performance inspired design

VOLVO V40 R-Design From £22,295 • £259 per month

VOLVO V40 R-DESIGN On The Road (OTR) price Customer Deposit Total amount of credit Interest charges

£22,295.00 36 monthly payments £4,286.00 Duration of agreement (months) £18,009.00 One final payment (GFV) £2,607.86 Mileage per annum

BRINDLEY WOLVERHAMPTON Wolverhampton Road, Codsall, Wolverhampton WV8 1HF Also now at


£259.01 Excess mileage charge 37 Total amount payable

14.9p/mile £24,902.86

£11,292.50 Fixed rate of interest per annum 6,000 Representative APR

3.04% 5.9%

Tel. 08430 222908 Tel. 08430 223248

Grange Lane, Lye, Stourbridge DY9 7HH


Fuel consumption for the Volvo range in mpg (l/100 km): Urban 18.6 (15.2) - 61.4 (4.6), Extra Urban 34.9 (8.1) - 85.6 (3.3), Combined 26.4 (10.7) - 74.3 (3.8), CO2 emissions 249 - 99 g/km. Offer on stock vehicles 140 wolverhampton magazine | march/april only. Prices supersede all previous offers and are correct at time of going to press.west We are licenced credit brokers. 2013

Wolverhampton West Magazine March/April 2013  

Issue 35 - March 2013. Wolverhampton West Magazine. Monthly Lifestyle/Business and Community Magazine produced by Studio 28 Design & Print.

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