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February/March 2013

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Hello Readers There’s little direction to be found at this time of year. With all the festivities behind us, 2013 arrives rudely into our collective lap and, like a man being handed a new-born baby for the first time, there’s panic and confusion in equal measure. Thoughts turn to resolutions (already now broken), aspirations (already now dashed) and it all seems a bit too much. Turning to drink may have been an option to get you through the tail-end of last year, but now it’s no longer ‘social’. And gorging on leftover yuletide chocolate log invites only Fat Camp and woe. So, I hear you chunter, what is there to do now? Well, never fear loyal reader, your answer is here. This latest edition of Wolverhampton West is a heady bag of cheer-me-up editorial mixers (nonalcoholic content guaranteed) and advertising elixirs. Your prayers have been answered. We have clues to help you Ski-Doo (weather permitting) down to the best and brightest stores for Mother’s Day gifts galore, as well as a well-aimed Cupid’s arrow pointing straight to each and every retailer you’ll ever need to answer the Valentine’s Day call. We make the difference and stave off repeats of the St. Valentine’s Day massacre year after year. All charges of us blowing our own trumpet to be addressed to The Spirit of Mr. A Capone, Alcatraz Island. Enjoy your read...


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Contents A New Approach

4 It’s not Just a Question About Colour 6 The Local Property Market by Nick Berriman 8 Mother’s Day 12 Smarten Up Your Home This Winter 14 Festive Doggie Mince Pies 18 Penn Tandoori – Heading in the Right Direction 18 Carver Wolverhampton City Marathon 20 Recipe of the Month 22 Apley Farm Run 2013 24 Crosswords & Puzzles 26 New Volunteers Needed at Dudmaston Hall 28 It’s Business as Usual Despite Break-in’s for Hospice 32 Meet Your New Favourite Live Band 36 - Under The Circumstances Rotary Club of Wolverhampton 38 How are you Planning to Pay for Long Term Care 42 Ace Solar Energy Answers your Questions 46 The Changing Face of Chapel Ash 48 Marathon Run for a Good Cause 56 Gardening with Ann Winwood 58 Win a Membership at Patshull Park Health & Fitness Club 60 Men’s Fashion: Cool Looks This Winter 61 Golf Tip 62 Wolves Legends Club Together for Charity Golf Day 63 Pure Luxury With the Travel Bureau 68 Eating Out at Penn Tandoori 76/77 Eating Out at Baci 80/81 St. Valentine’s Day 82 Be Clear – Get the facts on Bowel Cancer 84 Learn to Cook With Raj 87 Fitness & Exercise After the Celebrations 89 Beauty 90 Acupuncture Awareness Week 94 Women’s Fashion: Working 9-5 96/97 Toms Tip 99 Try Something New… at My Library 100 Grand Theatre Competition 102 Education & Schooling 103 The Social Scene 108-112 Kia Cee’d 1.6 CRDI 2 Eco 118 The New A-Class: In a Class of its Own 120 The MINI Cooper S Roadster 122 BMW 3 Series Simply The Best 124 Drayton Mercedes-Benz Wins National 126 Customer Service Award AFC Wulfrunians 128 Answers to Puzzles 128 Congratulations to: Winners of Jack and The Beanstalk competition at The Grand Theatre Mrs P A Parker, Finchfield Mr Kevin Cadman, Claregate J Smith, Lower Penn Winner of Family Tickets for Top Local Attractions Mrs Natalie Wilkes, Wolverhampton Winner of Fabulous meal at Bravaccios Carolyn Skitt, Finchfield Winner of Gourmet meal at Halfpenny Green Vineyards Judy Northern, Penn



Louise Presley-Turner is a coach, motivational speaker and author of Finding a Future That Fits (Hay House 10.99) Visit to get your FREE life evaluator and planner.

APPROACH! simply indulge in the things that bring you pleasure in life?

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, a psychologist from the University of Chicago, studied thousands of people to discover what makes our lives meaningful and satisfying. From his research he wrote a book called Flow – which he describes as a narrowing of attention, a sense of being

We tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves at this time of year. We think we’ll be happy when we’ve sorted everything out – the new job, the DIY, paperwork, and the new kitchen and so on. We think that we’ll somehow be more contented when we’ve discovered our purpose, won a million or retired somewhere warm and sunny.

We are consistently on a treadmill striving for more, better, more, better! There is of course no doubt that achieving our goals and endeavors brings a great sense of satisfaction and achievement. It feels great. But the high doesn’t last long and before too long our attention has turned to yet another goal we must attain in order to feel happy.

absorbed and a feeling of transcendence. Anything can lead to flow, playing a game, listening to music, reading a romantic novel, cooking new recipes, tinkering on your classic car, digging in the soil, playing with your grandkids, dancing, having coffee with your best friend, sitting in the beauty of your garden. But it must be an activity that you love.

goals, having a million in the bank or finding the love of our life. Our primary focus must be to simply pursue our joy right now. Don’t wait for someone or something to complete you, because it never will. So my message is this. Enjoy the small pleasures that life has to offer, rather than waiting to achieve some far-out goal. Your happiness is closer than your think.

Time for action! List ten things you really love to do that put you in a state of flow (from playing with your dog, reading a great novel, playing the guitar, and baking cupcakes or playing your favorite sport). Here are some clues when you know you’re in flow:

One of my clients found that by listening to her favourite music each evening after work significantly altered her mood. Within just a week she felt calmer, happier and was more inspired with new ideas. Her whole family started to notice a change in her demeanor. This one small change greatly improved my client’s overall wellbeing and happiness.

• You lose all sense of time

When we find our flow, when we follow our joy, we are truly living a happy, full and more meaningful life. It really isn’t about achieving huge

Make it your intention to find your flow and follow your joy this year and watch the miracles unfold. Enjoy.

• You are drawn to doing these activities when you have any spare time • You always feel better once you’ve done them • They make you really happy • They are things you wish you had more time to do

The cycle continues. As a writer, coach and mentor, setting goals is at the very core of my business, yet when we’re too goal-focused, we lose sight of the simple pleasures and miss the

miracles that life has to offer. My approach is simple. Follow your joy. Rather than setting yourself a myriad of unattainable and quite frankly draining goals, how about making your sole purpose to 04

wolverhampton west magazine | february/march 2013






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It is not just a question about colour… White metals for wedding rings are very popular but they are not all white. Choosing the right metal for you: white gold, palladium or platinum? By definition gold is yellow. White gold is ‘bleached’ yellow gold and is in fact grey with yellow undertones. Generally white gold wedding rings are plated in rhodium giving this white effect. There are now new white gold alloys using gold and palladium and the end result is whiter than a traditional alloy. Whilst white gold is fine for jewellery items,

the plating wears off on wedding rings due to their extensive wear. So if white gold is your preferred choice, make sure that you buy this latest alloy. However, the most recent white alloy is palladium quality 950 and 500. Both are white and no plating is required. It has only been re-introduced into the selection of white metals available to us and is now hallmarked in the same way that the white and platinum are. It is a good alternative to white gold, price-wise. The finest white metal of all is platinum 950 of purity per thousands. Watch out

for the lower qualities of platinum as some alloys are more complicated to adjust and work with than others. It is good to have an understanding of metal purities when looking at wedding rings however the quality of the manufacturing is equally as important for your lifetime purchase. This is why buying it from a place you trust is crucial. There is so much more to explain on this subject but the space is limited so if you would like to find out more the T.A. Henn team would be very happy to take the time to tell you all about it.

A few ideas for Valentines Day!

T.A. Henn 38 - 41 Princess Street Wolverhampton WV1 1HD 06

T.A. Henn has it all…

Tel: 01902 428486 Find us on Facebook

wolverhampton west magazine | february/march 2013

*Offer valid until 28th February 2013


The Local Property Market by Nick Berriman So, we have a pretty poor market and the question is often, and understandably, asked “what do we do about it if a sale is essential?” Selling on a good market is not difficult, the challenge then is to obtain the best price but on the market we have now the problem is making a sale at a realistic price. We were talking to someone the other day who has had a bereavement and desperately needs to sell. The house is worth about £225,000 and we said that if we asked £100,000 we could guarantee that we would agree a sale within a week. This was obviously not what we recommended but it did prove the point that price is the determining factor. The trick, when a sale is essential, is to find the asking price which will attract a purchaser who thinks it is a good deal but at the same time is a sale rather than a gift. Anyone can give a property away but that is not the object of the exercise. The job of the agent is to advise the right asking price and the job of the seller is to present the property in the most attractive manner. We have quoted previously in these pages the old saying that “you only get one chance to make a first impression”. That is a bit trite but very true. The same house that I spoke about above was quite extensively improved inside and presented itself well but the external decoration was badly in need of attention so that the first impression on approaching the front door was that the house had 08

been neglected. This was not the case but the viewer would have started with a negative impression which would not have helped. Most people will have heard the old advice that the front windows and the door furniture should be polished, that a smell of coffee or freshly baked bread (which can be simulated by a few drops of vanilla essence on a hot baking tray) is better than a strong odour of cats or dogs! It is equally important in cold weather that the house feels warm and welcoming. All these things are designed to make a viewer feel at ease and it must be remembered that statistics show that people decide whether or not they like a house in the first few minutes. Opinions vary as to the best way to show viewers round a property. I always think that it is best to show the most attractive parts first as it is more difficult to overcome a bad first impression than to spoil a good start. One gains an impression of what features the viewer likes and that is what should be concentrated on. “Accentuate the positives” as the song says, but remember not to be untruthful about the negatives as we all work under the spectre of the Property Misdescription Act. It is not necessary to volunteer adverse information but any questions must be answered honestly and any information given must not be misleading. I always think that it is good tactics to have the viewers sit down in the main living room after they have been round so that they can feel relaxed and at home. Make sure they are seated to take

the best advantage of the best features in the room and so they can see the view, if there is one. All this is to make the best of the property on offer but remember that on the current depressed market price will be the major factor. When discussing asking prices people often say that they want to ask a high price and will be willing to come down. That’s all very well, they know they will come down and we know they will but the prospective purchaser doesn’t and may well decide not to view because of the high price. I can now look back at the results of the last year. The last two months were disappointingly quiet but the overall result was that we were only six sales below our in-house target for the year. We do have fairly soft targets but there has still been a substantial number of sales which will surprise those who have thought that the market has come to a full stop. The vast majority of sales, however, have been in the lower half of the price bracket. Instructions have been about 5% up on 2011 so that is encouraging as the market stagnates if new properties do not come available. So what of this year? I’ll give you the answer to that in twelve months time! As I have said many times, if you can get a mortgage this is a very good time to buy. I would like to finish by wishing all our clients, past, present and future a happy and healthy 2013.

wolverhampton west magazine | february/march 2013

Property of the Month Chillington House, Park Lane, Brewood A substantial country house with large principal rooms in a beautiful position with extensive gardens and stunning views over lovely, open countryside on the outskirts of a highly desirable South Staffordshire village. Hall, cloakroom, lounge, sitting room, dining room, breakfast kitchen, laundry, four bedrooms, ensuite shower room and bathroom. Double garage, large gardens with a total plot in excess of 0.5 acres.

OFFERS AROUND ÂŁ595,000 VIEWING: Please contact the Tettenhall Office.

13/15 High Street, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton WV6 8QS Telephone: (01902) 747744 09

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wolverhampton west magazine | february/march 2013


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ETIENNE by Parker Knoll Visit the Centre of Excellence in your Cousins store

Cousins in Birmingham, Dudley and Manchester are three of the Biggest and most inspirational furniture stores in the UK • The UK’s widest choice of furniture for every room of your home – displayed in beautiful room settings.

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• Customer restaurants – to allow you to relax and contemplate your decisions.

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Mother’s Day Since time immemorial, spring is the time of fertility, regeneration and the renewal of hope. And motherhood has always been symbolic of this. Indeed even in times when women were considered less than important in the universal scheme of things, mothers held a special status. It followed therefore that spring was the time to celebrate motherhood. The druids dedicated a spring festival to the goddesses of Spring, Fertility and Plenty. The Romans celebrated their spring goddess, Cebele, and a whole host of adopted spring deities, and they all represented motherhood in some fashion. This of course all started in pagan times, but when Christianity began to hold sway, the more austere attitudes tried to banish these nonChristian celebrations. However, bowing to the inevitable, it being hard to stop celebrations in times when joy was a rare commodity in life, they were adopted and adapted, as were many other non-Christian festivals. The mother of Christ was celebrated instead of the pagan deities and everyone was happy. The importance of the day increased over the years to the extent that in the 18th and 19th centuries, servants who were seldom given any time off, were allowed to return home to see their mothers and to worship in their mother church, that in which they were baptised. As the 20th century dawned, the day became less important in the church calendar and certainly of less importance to the population in general. Servants gradually became a rarity and those that remained in service were granted statutory holidays and the family either became less important or more


sophisticated. The habit of honouring mothers would have fallen entirely from custom had it not been for a certain Mrs Jarvis whose death in America, triggered the resurrection of the celebration, though in a less spiritual context. In 1907, on the death of Mrs Jarvis, her daughter vowed to celebrate the anniversary every year and she began by persuading her local church to hold a special service. Her devotion to her late mother was such that this was not enough and she campaigned to get the day recognised as an annual event nationally. She managed to persuade the then President, Woodrow Wilson, to grant the day a national holiday in 1914. And so it became. Unfortunately commercial interests saw the advantages of the day and it lost its spiritual character, much to the distress of Anna Jarvis who died a bitter and disillusioned woman. It wasn’t until 1940 that the day as we know it came to Britain with the American soldiers. Again commercial interests took charge - it was too good an opportunity to leave to chance, and a receptive public took to it like ducks to water. Celebrating their mothers seems as natural as celebrating Christmas and Easter, and it is approached in similar fashion. First come the gifts. They are very similar to those of yore except perhaps the handkerchiefs which have been superseded in general by tissues. However embroidered tissue box containers have on occasion taken their place. Flowers are popular gifts as are pot plants. Chocolates are always popular too. Small pieces of silver jewellery are often considered

appropriate as are exquisite pieces of porcelain and crystal. It is a highly personal celebration and the gifts in the main, reflect this. Celebrating in a more outward way means a special meal. Most restaurants, even those in hotels, pubs or clubs, produce special events for Mother’s Day. Tables are specially set with flowers. Children often arrange for special flower arrangements to be delivered at their booked table and tiny gifts to be set beside their mother’s designated place. It is a very popular day for eating out and it goes without saying, bookings must be made well ahead of the event to avoid disappointment. If booked well enough in advance the imagination may be brought to bear on venues she may never have been to before. How about a meal on a cross channel ferry? An alternative of course is to provide a meal for mum at home - one she has not had to deal with herself. If one or all of her children are skilled in this way it is natural for them to take on the duty. However, as not everyone can cook and present a really special meal, outside caterers could be the answer. They will come to the home, prepare the meal, serve it ceremoniously and clear away afterwards. Some restaurants will also agree to deliver and serve a special meal to a private home, but early bookings are essential.

wolverhampton west magazine | february/march 2013


Showroom clearance to make way for our new ranges for 2013

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Specialist’s in Multi Fuel, Gas and Wood Burning Stoves


Smarten Up The Home This Winter It is at this time of year we tend to start thinking of all the improvements that could and should be made around the home. Short of a complete demolition job followed by rebuilding with all those little touches we dream of, what to do? It’s a fact that the shortage of ready cash even the most provident amongst us suffers from after Christmas, makes the smallest structural alteration almost prohibitively expensive. So how do we turn our humble dwelling into one of those showplaces featured in some of the glossy magazines and television programmes? There is a whole lot you can do to transform what you have, with probably less outlay than you might imagine. For a start, look carefully at your home as a whole, room by room, point by point. Decide which room you intend to start on and try to observe it as if you never saw it before. Do you for example, make the best use of the room available; is there too much furniture of the wrong sort cluttering up the floor space? If so, what is surplus to requirements? It could be that one multi-use unit would replace a lot of smaller items, and let’s face it; there is a market for reasonably good, second-hand furniture, so you may be able to sell your surplus to help finance such a replacement. There is nothing quite 14

like clear floor space to give the impression of overall roominess Perhaps you feel you must decorate, well this is a good time to take a good look at the use and coordination of colour. Think about this and don’t just take the easy way out and repeat what you had before. If again your room is on the small side, bold patterned wallpapers will not improve the impression of size. Why not consider a woodchip or anaglypta paper that may then be painted or emulsioned? You could then afford to choose a colour scheme that would help to improve on the apparent size of the room. Co-ordinating the colour of walls, curtains, carpets and the rest of the upholstery will take the eye gently from focal point to focal point, and this will go a long way toward creating the impression you wish to give of the room. Whilst we are on the subject of colour, try to think beyond the whites, creams and magnolias we seem to have got stuck with over the years. You may of course have to give due regard to your existing carpet when selecting colours and upholstery, especially if this time round you cannot see your way to a replacement. A good idea here is to get it professionally cleaned first. You could well be surprised how different your carpet will look after it has received attentions from the experts. Forgotten colours could be revealed with which you could balance your new scheme.

If you have got to replace something, it will probably be the curtains. If your windows are reasonably new and draught-proof you could be really revolutionary and discard the idea of curtains altogether. Roller blinds come in as many colours and patterns and can look really sensational on their own. They take up less room on the wall and can give a smoother, slicker look to a room in general. They are also a lot less expensive than you might think. Blinds do have the added advantage of being sponge cleanable, so think about it. If your windows are old and draughty then curtains are almost a must, and these should be lined. There are thermal linings available, so an enquiry at your local upholstery shop will help. If your suite, three-piece or otherwise, is looking dingy you might wish to replace it, you can however have it covered. Loose covers or re-upholstery can transform a suite, and if it matches the curtains or blinds, your co-ordination will almost be complete. ‘Throws’ are even cheaper and easier to apply. So there you have it, you can transform your home, making the best mostly of what you have. All you need is a little imagination and a lot of ingenuity and energy, and those don’t cost a lot, do they?

wolverhampton west magazine | february/march 2013

Big enough to deliver, small enough to care...

Carpets ▪ All types of flooring ▪ Suites ▪ Furniture


New collection of BESPOKE QUALITY SUITES and OCCASIONAL FURNITURE now in store at unbelievable prices.

Tel: 01902 745362 Fax 01902 745552 The Blyth Group Blyth House, Hordern Road, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton WV6 0HS


Carvers Building Supplies


2012 was a tough old year for Carvers.

The company now has a very large temporary warehouse and shop at its site in Littles Lane and is operating as normal while work gets under way to build a new base.

After a devastating fire tore through the premises at the main site in Littles Lane, Wolverhampton, on the 29th February, the future of the 116 year old company hung in the balance. The following day, MD Henry Carver released a statement vowing to ‘regroup and rebuild’ and in the months following the fire, that’s just exactly what he’s done.

Henry has unveiled plans for a “builders’ village” where different trades such as tile and paint specialists will be able to rent space and promote their services under one roof. Meaning that by the end of 2013, Carvers will be an even better one-stop shop!

In the days after the tragedy, Henry and his group of directors worked around the clock to work out how to rebuild the company and the 150 people employed at the main warehouse in Littles Lane waited to find out just what their future had in store.

The blaze started in a faulty flue pipe in the Carver warehouse and destroyed vast quantities of stock. The fire also destroyed the company’s offices and shop. At the time, insurers advised the Carver directors that 75 per cent of companies take the insurance monies and cease trading, if they are as badly damaged by such a major fire.

Henry vowed “there was just no question of giving up” and within days the company was operating from its storage and production facility in Neachells Lane, Wednesfield with the help of a very loyal workforce desperate to get Carvers back on its feet.

“People ask whether it’s worth starting again, but for us there was no question”, Henry comments. “We’ve only been able to do this because of the great team of people we have. I knew I could rely on them. We managed to stay profitable even

in the recession and they would not let the fire stop us now.” Despite the fire, the company still organised the city’s annual marathon events on September 2nd, which raised £15,000 for a variety of worthy causes. The 2012 beneficiary charities were St John Ambulance, Wolves Community Trust, Penn Hall School, and Mayoral Charity Fund. Preliminary work has now started to rebuild the new premises and promises exciting times for the Carver team. Groundworks for phase one, a ‘drive through’ 70m trade warehouse are well underway and plans for a builders village and home build superstore will be constructed under phase two of the re-build. All of which, will expand previous trading facilities and offer a fabulous state of the art new showroom. In the meantime Carvers are trading as normal, operating at around 85-90%, customers are loyal, deliveries are being met, the Carver staff are as committed as ever and for now things can really only get better.

wolverhampton west magazine | february/march 2013

Carvers Cooker Centre Serious Cookers for Serious CooksTM

Visit Carvers Cooker Centre Showroom and we can help you design your dream range cooker. With an almost infinite choice of specifications in traditional and contemporary designs from Lacanche and Westahl. Professional friendly advice and full installation service are available.

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Festive Doggie Mince Pies

Is Your Dog The Ultimate Eating Machine? A Wolverhampton Pet Grooming Studio and Pet Store were serving up festive mince pies for its customers in aid of a local charity during December 2012. These customers were, however, of the furry four legged variety! Ellie and Oscar’s, based on the Penn Road, were busy baking special dog friendly mince pies for £1 each with all money raised going to Promise Dreams. Promise Dreams raise money for children who are seriously or terminally ill and provide treatment, help and support for both them and their families. Ellie and Oscar’s also formed an unusual partnership with Benham

BMW who kindly agreed to make the pies available from their main reception. Will Peel - Marketing Manager at Benham - “I have used Ellie and Oscar’s pet sitting services in the past and when Rob came to us with the idea we thought it would raise a few smiles and after all it’s for a good cause. Many of our visitors bought one for their dog with some coming back for more so we were very pleased with how it went.” The concept for baking the pies comes from many of Ellie and Oscar’s customers treating their dogs to festive treats and toys at Christmas. Rob comments “we wanted to do something a bit different for our customers this Christmas. In the past we have had hampers and even a three course Christmas meal in biscuit form but we have never baked mince pies before.”

The pies themselves contain Arden Grange Partners hypoallergenic dog meat with fresh parsley and cranberry extract. Ellie and Oscar’s also used the sale of pies to raise awareness of the dangers of feeding your dog various human foods over the festive period. Many pets get overfed with potentially dangerous foods off owner’s plates over Christmas and the New Year.

Penn Tandoori: Heading in the Right Direction Wolverhampton born pop superstar Liam Payne could probably afford to have his Christmas dinner anywhere in the world, but he chose to spend Christmas Day with his family at Penn Tandoori based on the Penn road in Wolverhampton. The One Direction star settled down for his Christmas dinner with his parents and two sisters and was happy to pose for photographs with other diners and sign autographs for his adoring fans. One Direction found fame during the 2010 series of the X Factor, their mentor was Simon Cowell. The boys in the group originally auditioned as solo candidates but failed to progress to the boys category. Guest judge Nicole Scherzinger suggested they should be put together to form a five-piece boy band and compete in the ‘groups’ category they eventually came third in the competition. Since then the band have not looked back, they have sold 15 million albums, singles and videos worldwide and cracked America! Penn Tandoori owner Mr Uddin said “Liam and his family are regulars at the restaurant; they have been coming here for some time now. He is a very friendly lad, always willing to talk and down to earth.” 18

So if you fancy your chances of dining with a ‘Pop Superstar’ it might just be worth booking your Christmas Lunch early at Penn Tandoori.

wolverhampton west magazine | february/march 2013 Sale Now eOn Hug ns Reductio

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Carver Wolverhampton Marathon The cheque presentation for the 2012 Carver Wolverhampton Marathon Events took place on Monday 3rd December at the invitation of the Mayor Mrs Christine Mills. Sponsors and supporters gathered together with representatives of the chosen charities who were St John Ambulance, Penn Hall school, Wolves Community Trust and the Mayoral charity fund. Ex Wolves footballer Matt Murray collected a cheque on behalf of Wolves Community Trust. The final total was £15,000 which was shared between them. The Marathon event, the largest sporting event in the City of Wolverhampton attracts competitors from not just Wolverhampton but further afield and many people have their own special charity who they wish to raise much needed funds for, so from an organiser’s point we never know exactly how much is raised. Managing Director of Carvers building supplies Henry Carver thanked the sponsors and supporters for their input and support after the massive fire that devastated their premises in Littles Lane in February. The future of the marathon was briefly in doubt but the Carver Management Board soon gave their backing so it was all systems go. Some of the staff from Carvers gave up their time to come and help out in the park on Marathon day.

Our media partners certainly gave the events some coverage and on the day Signal 107 and Richard Dodd got the events underway in carnival style aided at the start by four times world champion cyclist Hugh Porter who together with his wife Anita support the marathon events year after year. Chair Mary Harding thanked the dedicated planning committee

who meet each month in the run up to the events to ensure that everything is in place ready for the big day. Much goes on behind the scenes and already the planning committee have met to plan for 2013. The three charities chosen will be announced at the launch date on 4th February 2013.

If anyone feels they could give up a few hours on Marathon Sunday to help with marshalling, manning drinks stations or in the park please contact Mary via the website

An early entry form is available on our website Following very positive feedback from competitors in 2012 it has prompted the organisers to publish a form early. 20

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Here at Flaming Fires, we look forward to the long winter evenings.....

• Contemporary and traditional designs • The only approved CHESNEY’S stockist in the area • Quality fireplaces at realistic prices • Established over 20 years

High Street, Wombourne WV5 9DP (ON THE VILLAGE GREEN)

01902 898221



A Family Furniture Business for over 70 Years

‘For service as it used to be’

We are the leading stockist of Sherborne Upholstery and Old Charm Furniture in Wolverhampton, plus we stock Morris, Grangemoor, Kingstown and other quality British made items. Our showroom display includes suites; chairs; dining furniture; occasional items in oak, mahogany and yew; beds and bedroom furniture.

Huge ts discounrm a off Old Ch d de en m m Reco s! ce Retail Pri

Sale items include:

Bedside cabinets from £49! Wardrobes from only £189! Table and Chair sets from only £149! Sherborne ‘Paris’ Leather Chair was £999 Now £499!

British Made Beds Now In Stock

11-13 Pitt Street, Wolverhampton WV3 0NF (opposite the outdoor market)

Call: (01902) 422543 email: Open 10.00am to 4.30pm (2.30pm Thursday) Closed Sunday and Monday


Recipe kindly provided by Stuart Plant from the Six Ashes, Bobbington.

Recipe of the month

Image courtesy of

Braised Halibut & Baby Vegetables, Serves 4 Slow Cooked Oxtail, Marjarom Butter Sauce INGREDIENTS


• 4x 6oz halibut fillets


Dust the oxtail in flour then fry in a little oil till caramalised on all sides. Drain in a colander then fry the chopped carrot, celery, leek, garlic & herbs till golden. Add the drained oxtail to the vegetables then pour in the red wine & reduce by half, add the beef stock and simmer for about 3 hours till tender. Take the oxtail out and keep warm, take the herbs out, then blend the vegetables and stock with a stick blender till you get a thick red wine sauce. Pick the oxtail meat off the bones and put into the sauce and keep warm.


Put each baby vegetable into a pan of salted water, add the butter and cook till tender then keep warm.


To make the butter sauce, reduce the chicken stock by 3 quarters, add the cream and reduce by half then add the diced butter 1 cube at a time until you get a thick glossy sauce. Add the marjarom leaves and season with salt, pepper & lemon juice.


Pan fry the halibut in a non stick pan in a knob of butter till golden, turn over then pour in the stock, cover with a piece of grease proof paper and cook for 3 - 4 minutes.

• 150 ml chicken stock • 8x baby leeks • 8x baby fennel • 8x baby turnips • 8x baby carrots • 4 oz butter • 1kg large oxtail joints • 1x carrot • 1x stick celery • 1x leek • 4x cloves garlic • 2 sprigs thyme, 2 bay leaves • 150ml red wine • 600ml beef stock • 150ml chicken stock • 100ml double cream


• 150gr cold diced butter

To assemble the dish spoon the warm vegetables onto a plate, spoon on the oxtail, drizzle the butter sauce around, followed by some of the oxtail sauce then top with the halibut.

• 20 marjarom leaves • salt, pepper & lemon juice to season 22

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25% off *

• Quality kitchens to suit all budgets. • Choose from a large selection of styles and finishes. • Designed and manufactured to order. • Free measuring and design service.

128 Aldersley Rd Tettenhall WV6 9LZ Tel: 01902 754114 / 07817 407337 Open: Mon to Sat, 10am until 4.30pm

*At least 25% off is from list price and is dependent on the order value and product. Applicable only at time of quotation and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Offer ends 28th February 2013.


The Apley Park Run 2013 Following the great success of our first running of the Apley Park Run in March 2012, we’re preparing to host the 2nd edition on February 17th 2013.

• 5k – £6 / £7 / £8 10k – £10 / £12 / £13 21k – £15 / £17 / £18 • Online entries will close on the 15th February in order for us to create the start list. • On the day registration from 8:30 – 10:00am • Race start 10:30am • Finishers memento for all runners • Category prizes • Team prizes • Wolverhampton and Bilston defending the 10k. • Black Country Tri defending the 5k. • New trophy for the 21k.

The cross country run takes in amazing scenery in Apley Park which is normally private with no public access. It is being organised by Black Country Triathlete Chris Wood and the profits will go to St Chad’s Stockton and St Milburga’s Beckbury. For more details please visit the website: www.blackcountrytriathletes. com/2012/10/31/apley-estates-run-2013 The distances have been changed slightly this time around with a 5km and 10km distances replacing the 4 and 10 mile, but also a new 21km option is available for those after a bigger challenge! The cake tent will be in residence once again so add the date to your diary and look out for more information on the routes, landmarks, prizes and team awards to follow!

Spectators are again welcome to support the runners and take the opportunity to see the fantastic setting within Apley estates, but please no dogs as there is livestock within the grounds of the Estate. There will be hot and cold refreshments, cakes, tea and coffee and soft drinks. We will also have a marshalled bike stand for anyone wanting to cycle to and from the event and leave their bike securely racked. There will be toilet facilities provided as well as access to a nearby village hall at Stockton.

BCT Multi Distances Cross Country Event – 17th February 2013 • Event Location: Apley Estate, Cheswardine Lane, Norton, Shifnal TF11 9EQ • 5k, 10k and 21k – Online entries • club members / non-members / on the day Entry Fees






Visit our Showroom A huge range of stones and ideas on display including fabulous readymade granite garden table tops.





Heart of Stone Ltd


Tel: 01952 730231

Cotsbrook Farm Buildings, Higford, near Shifnal TF11 9ES 24

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Quick Crossword Across 1. Hint (4) 3. Contrary (8) 9. Error (7) 10. Frolic (5) 11. Eager (12) 13. Informal (6) 15. Titbit (6) 17. Alphabetical reference books (12) 20. Propose (5) 21. Produces lava (7) 22. Vacations (8) 23. Wagers (4)


Down 9 1. Business (8) 2. Distressed (5) 11 4. Lyrical (6) 5. From time to time (12) 13 6. Suggests (7) 7. Acquire (4) 8. Produced (12) 19 12. Flowers (8) 14. Talented (7) 20 16. Carry (6) 18. Picture (5) 22 19. Weapon (4)









8 10

12 14

15 16






Puzzle answers on 128

Word Search Find the words associated with photography in the grid and the remaining letters will spell out a related phrase.

Bow Adore Arrow Beguiled Card Charm Cherish Cupid Dearest Desire Devotion Dote Elope Emotion 26

Engagement Flowers Gift Girlfriend Hearts Infatuation Kisses Ring Romance Treasure Wine wolverhampton west magazine | february/march 2013

30% off

Orangeries & Conservatories

windows & Conservatories

The Home of Bi-Folding Doors

Quality Home Improvements With Tettenhall Windows & Conservatories

Manufacturers of Solido High Quality Wood Laminate Composite Doors

Get it Right First Time with Tettenhall Windows & Conservatories, the secret of our success is sourcing the finest products for each individual job, so rather than trying to be a jack of all trades with products that don’t suit, we offer a more extensive range of purpose made products that are the best in their individual field. For Example Origin Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors are the only Bi-Folding Doors that come with a 20 year Manufacturers Guarantee, Bi-Fold Plus upvc

Bi-Folding Doors come crammed with many unique features like concealed hinges and slim line profile. Solidor Composite Doors are 48mm thick which is 10% thicker than most alternatives, these are just a few of the reasons behind our product selection process, its our ultimate passion to deliver to our customers the very finest quality products available on the market to ensure you are totally satisfied with the Improvements you make to your home.

Some Good Quality Reasons To Choose Tettenhall For Your Home Improvements

Orangeries ● Conservatories ● Windows Doors Bi-Folding Doors ● Triple Glazing ● Roof trim ● Sash Windows Low Rate Funding Available On All Our Product Range

128 Aldersley Rd, Tettenhall, WV6 9LZ

Tel: 01902 754114

Open: Monday to Saturday 10am until 4.30pm


Her Story, Our Passion, Your Time… New Volunteers Needed at Dudmaston Merlin Waterson, former Director of Historic Properties for the National Trust, regarded Rachel, Lady Labouchere, Dudmaston’s last chatelaine, as the person who ‘made modern Dudmaston and Dudmaston modern’; and the property is looking for people who can help them to bring this fascinating story to life.

Dudmaston Hall is seeing exciting new developments in 2013 with longer opening hours, new rooms on show and new presentations for visitors. To help them achieve this they are looking to recruit more volunteers in a wide range of roles.

e l Sa

Enterprises Manager, Tessa Lovell said “this is a really exciting time at Dudmaston with lots of changes and a really clear story that explains the Labouchere’s wonderful collections and helps visitors understand what is a unique country house. Our volunteers are a vital part of the property team and we really do need some extra

faces to help us bring the place to life, especially on our additional open days. Volunteering can mean a whole range of things to people, from enjoying new experiences and meeting new friends, to gaining experience in different areas of work; there is something here for everyone”.

If you are interested in becoming involved or would like to find out more please call James Green on 01746 780866 or email:

CreativeFinchfield Interiors Interior Design Service Designer Fabrics & Wallpapers Curtains, Pelmets, Swags & Tails, Roller, Venetian & Roman Blinds Lamps, Mirrors & Furniture Gifts & Home Accessories

We are a friendly approachable company who are only too happy to assist you in selecting a new look for your home. Please come and browse in our fabulous showrooms at:

26 Finchfield Road West, Finchfield Wolverhampton WV3 8AZ

01902 764123

Open: Mon 10am – 5pm, Tues to Fri 9am – 5pm, Sat 10am – 4pm


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At Eaton Kitchens we have an elegant studio with traditional and modern displays. Our Extensive range of kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms will enable us to create the room of your dreams. Our Computer Aided Designs will give you the opportunity to experience your new room prior to installation.

For a free no obligation quote please call in at:

20 Finchfield Rd West, Finchfield, WV3 8AZ or telephone:

01902 761600


A Showroom Of Dream Designs At Roman Bathrooms - Well Worth A Visit Roman Bathrooms offer an in-house design service led by Caroline’s daughter Claire Hobbis - who has 12 years’ experience in creating dream rooms for her clients. Passionate about her job, Claire explains the design process at Roman: “We start with a home visit and room survey, then we establish what the client wants to achieve by talking through the ideas they’ve got in mind. We next produce a computer design plan and suggest products that fit with the customer’s budget, style and taste.” Unlike so many companies that try to make your room simply fit in with their designs, the team at Roman adapt their plan to work best with your requirements, so that you can make the most of your kitchen or bathroom.

A reputation for excellence has seen Roman Bathrooms become the premier choice for discerning homeowners when designing a brand new look for their bathroom.

Whether your home is traditional or modern, there are kitchens

and bathrooms at Roman that will enhance your property and make it the home you’ve always dreamed of. On visiting the showroom you will find an impressive range of room settings, that are finished with lighting and accessories, perfectly illustrating just how fantastic the finished product will look in your home. With a dedicated customer care team that’s on-hand to provide a great aftercare service, and a team of fitters, electricians and

In 2010 the company extended its outstanding range of services to the ‘heart of the home’ by supplying a complete package that will provide a fantastic makeover for any tired kitchen space. Established in 1985, the familyrun business has always placed exceptional customer-care as its number one priority, and has adapted its services to give a completely personalised, tailored package for every individual. And it’s because of this that owner Caroline Cooper expanded her company to incorporate kitchens, as she explains: “We listened to feedback from our customers and they told us that because they had such a good experience dealing with us for their bathroom, they wanted the same for their kitchen too.” “So, we decided that we would design, supply and fit quality kitchens to meet with our customers’ demands. We now offer a great range of British-made examples that will suit any home.” 30

wolverhampton west magazine | february/march 2013

Bathrooms Kitchens Tiles

tilers standing by, there’s no need to look anywhere else for your dream bathroom or kitchen. “We have client ‘thank-you’ letters from satisfied customers who have travelled from as far away as Bristol.” It’s this sort of feedback that shows travelling those extra few miles to visit Roman’s fabulous showroom is well worth it.

We are a Family Company who have been providing a full service from design to installation for over 26 years. We would like to invite you to be inspired by our beautiful showroom - Wander through a treasure trove of sparkling ideas

“seeing is believing”

Open Tuesday to Saturday 9am-5pm Late night by appointment

110-111 High Street, Blackheath B65 0EG (nr Junction 2, M5)

Tel: 0121 561 4374 31

It’s Business As Usual Despite Break-ins For Hospice Wolverhampton’s Compton Hospice has shown its resilience by launching its new Perton shop in November despite a break-in 2 days before the opening, and continuing with a fundraising event following the theft of hundreds of pounds of stock.

Compton Hospice

Caring Together

Charity Reg No: 512387

were replenished and the event continued, raising £2,500. The trading company are looking forward to putting this behind them and are certain a bright future awaits all of their 22 stores. The trading operation at Compton brings in around £850,000 each year to help with running costs and patient care at the hospice. The charity’s brand new store, at Unit 8a Anders Square Shopping Centre, Perton suffered £2,000 worth of damage when thieves smashed their way in and blew up the safe, but staff and volunteers refused to succumb to the mindless act and pulled together in a major clean-up operation to ensure the ribbon could be cut as planned on Thursday 22nd November. This was followed shortly after by a break-in at their Coffee Shop on Compton Road, where hundreds of pounds of food and drink to be sold at their Christmas Market fundraising event was stolen. Thanks to the generosity of locals and businesses who heard of their plight, stocks

It continues to expand year-onyear, with new shops opening at different locations across the hospice’s catchment areas of Wolverhampton, Walsall, Sandwell, Dudley, South Staffordshire and East Shropshire. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the hospice’s charity shops have been hit by ruthless burglars. General Manager for the trading company at Compton Hospice, Paul Carter, said: “It seems the criminals behind these breakins believe charities to be an easy target that won’t have the same level of security in place as a major high street retailer.

“While the money taken has fortunately been limited, these acts cost us in lost business, repairs and increased insurance premiums – so it does take a heavy toll. “Our supporters, both the local people and companies in the surrounding areas, have been amazing in helping us re-coup some of our losses in this latest spate of break-ins and we can’t thank them enough for their help.” “Now we are determined to put this behind us and look forward to the New Year with enthusiasm.” The hospice is appealing for donations of stock across its 22 stores. Collections of large items and large quantities can be arranged by calling the trading office on 0845 225 5497.

“We operate in the same way as any other retail outlet, but this message doesn’t appear to have gotten through yet.

Shop Locations: Albrighton Shop, 8 Station Road WV7 3QG Birches Bridge Shop, 78 Wolverhampton Rd WV8 1PE Brierley Hill Shop, 126 High Street DY5 3BB Codsall Village Shop, 24 Station Road,WV8 1Bx Compton Coffee Shop & Nearly New Shop, Compton Road West WV3 9DD Coseley Shop, 3 Roseville Court WV14 9ES Dudley Shop, 10 New Street DY1 1LP Furniture Shop, 22 Skinner Street WV1 4LD Kinver Shop, 117 High Street DY7 6HL Merry Hill Shop, 237 Trysull WV3 7LG

Penkridge Shop ,Unit 2, Penkridge Retail Park ST19 5NS Perton Shop, Unit 8A Anders Square Shopping Centre, Sedgley Shop, 37 Dudley Street DY3 1SA Wall Heath Shop & Coffee Stop, 11 Albion Parade,DY6 0ND Wednesfield Shop, 84 High Street WV11 1SZ West Bromwich Shop, 263 High Street B70 7LX Wollaston Shop, 113 Bridgnorth Road DY8 3RU Wolverhampton Shop ,39/41 School Street WV1 4LR Wombourne Entertainment Store, 1 Maypole Street WV5 9JB Wombourne Shop, 5 Maypole Street WV5 9JB Wordsley Green Shop 9, Wordsley Green Shopping Centre DY8 5PD

Opening times are 9.00am til 4.00pm Monday to Saturday. The nearly new shop at Compton is also open on Sundays from 10.00am til 4.00pm The Compton Coffee Shop, where a range of delicious home cooked meals are prepared, is open daily from Monday to Saturday between 8am and 3pm, and Sundays 10am to 3pm.


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Was £1495 Sale £995


(Limited stock available)

We Offer up tO £1000 part eXcHange fOr YOur OLD SuIte (offer only applies to suites not included in double discount sale)

Luxury 4 Drawer Divan Was £599 Sale £349




FROM £495

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dreamworld furniture kingswinford

It’s a name you can trust, a family business for over 30 years

dreamworld furniture

reclineworld furniture kingswinford

8 Stallings Lane, Kingswinford DY6 7HU Tel: 01384 295660

Open: MOn tO Sat 10aM tO 5pM, Sun 10.30aM tO 4.30pM Large free car park


• Three Piece SuiTeS • chairS • BedS • carPeTS • MirrOrS • diNiNg aNd BedrOOM FurNiTure



Open: Monday to Saturday 9-6pm, Sunday and bank holidays 11-4pm 34

wolverhampton west magazine | february/march 2013

3 Amazing floors of style and choice Create the wow factor with our beautiful ranges of bespoke furniture and accessories


79a Darlington Street Wolverhampton WV1 4JD Tel: 01902 428489 Email:


Meet Your New Favourite Live Band:

Under The Circumstances Under The Circumstances is a fantastic local band that formed in the summer of 2004.

Over the years, band members Stuart Benton, Andy Powell, Will Peel and Nigel Dutton have developed their style and play sets that encompass a wide variety of musical influences. They write and perform their own material, as well as doing a great range of covers when they play live, so it’s no surprise to hear that they’ve been in big demand with local venues. The band are passionate about what they do and are always looking for the next gig to showcase their sound. Designing their set around the event they’re playing means Under The Circumstances is the only choice for anyone looking to get their party started with live music from a quality local group.

a lot if we are indie, rock or pop, the answer is that we’re all of the them.

planned. Our songs are up-tempo, melodic and perfect to listen to.

WWM: We hear that you’ve been playing a lot of local gigs, tell us more.

WWM: You’ve released some great tracks, the latest being ‘City’, how can we get hold of this new material?

WP: We’ve played recently at the RICOH Arena Coventry, Brewood Music Festival, Village Hotel, Junction 10 - a charity gig for IKEA - The Bassa Villa and The Black Boy Bridgnorth, The Pigot Arms in Pattingham, The Fox, Shipley. WWM: Is gigging a big part of what you do as a band? WP: Yes, we love gigging and we’re actively seeking to present our music live in venues across the West Midlands, Shropshire and Staffordshire. We can play for up to two hours or shorten our set to suit individual needs. We can also do an acoustic set. We welcome people to contact us if they’re looking for a professional, brandnew sound for any event they’ve got

WP: We recorded ‘City’ in 2012 with legendary producer Gavin Monaghan - who’s worked with the likes of Editors, Ocean Colour Scene, Paolo Nutini and Kings of Leon. It’s available to listen to, download or purchase from sites like Amazon, Itunes or CDBaby - you can have a free listen at soundcloud. com or Our next single Tree will be out on 1st Feb. We have a 10 track demo CD, ‘Music Can Save Your Life’, recorded in 2011 with promoters of gig venues and people looking to book us for a private party in mind - it gives a clear idea of what to expect from us live.

We caught up with bass player, Will Peel to get the low down on the group and hear their plans for the future. WWM: Hi Will, tell us about Under The Circumstances. WP: We formed over eight years ago; I play bass, Stuart and Andy sing and play guitar and Nigel plays drums. WWM: What sort of music do you produce as a band? WP: We write and perform our own original songs, however when we play live we always include a mix of covers, so that there’s something for everyone. Our cover versions include tracks from bands like The Clash, The Jam, The Undertones, Oasis, Kaiser Chiefs, Paul Weller, Van Morrison and Cockney Rebel. WWM: How would you describe your sound? WP: People have said that we sound like Elbow, The Clash, David Gilmore, Crowded House, Green Day and Stone Roses. We get asked 36

Contact UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES 01902 701300 - 07545 769 813 - email: wolverhampton west magazine | february/march 2013



t: 01902 425 225 As Seen In



1. Buying Direct From The Factory Saves You Money Without Compromising On Quality 2. Suites Can Be Higher, Wider Or Deeper Made To Exact Sizes 3. Choose From Over 2000 Fabrics At No Extra Cost 4. 10 Year Guarantee On Frames 5. Seat Cushions Available In Soft, Medium Or Firm UNIT 1, THOMAS STREET, WOLVERHAMPTON, WEST MIDLANDS WV2 4JS


The Rotary Club Of Wolverhampton

Vocalist (left) Lucy Burden, and Holly Isherwood who is a Saxophonist & Clarinettist, both from Telford Laura Pringle, winner of the Intermediate Apprentice of the Year in the National Apprenticeship Awards

Rotary Club of Wolverhampton, support of apprentices at the The Michael Beetham Conservation Centre, RAF Cosford Several club members were recently in attendance at the Open Week of The Michael Beetham conservation centre, RAF museum Cosford, which whilst being part of the museum is a workplace where conservation and restoration of exhibits is carried out not only on behalf of Cosford, but also the RAF museum at Hendon. During the week, DVD’s of the experiences of wartime bomber command pilot and former president of The Rotary Club of Wolverhampton, George Sidebotham, were on sale. George flew Lancaster’s and was eventually a POW in the infamous Stallag Luft lll, arriving there just before the ‘Great Escape’. Proceeds from the sales of the DVD’s and the accompanying booklet go towards the club’s

annual presentation of an award to ‘The Apprentice of The Year’ from the conservation centre, set up and presented to honour George’s memory. Last year’s winner Michael Purcell-Shaw, having completed his apprenticeship, has now taken up employment in the local aerospace industry, and another apprentice at the centre, Laura Pringle, who specialises in joinery, has won the Intermediate Apprentice of the Year in the National Apprenticeship Awards, which were recently presented at the NEC. The announcement of the winner for the current year of The George Sidebotham Award, will be made at an evening presentation meeting to be held on Thursday 28th February 2013 at The Lindens, Tettenhall Road, where the apprentices from The Michael Beetham Centre will give an illustrated talk on their involvement in the current restoration work being undertaken, including the conservation of a Wellington Bomber.

Guests are welcome to attend this meeting; tickets can be obtained from


Rotary Club of Wolverhampton, Rotary Young Musicians Competition. Young performers from around the Wolverhampton area are being given the opportunity to compete in a Young Musicians competition organised by the Rotary Club of Wolverhampton. This is the second year that the competition has been organised as part of the Rotary New Generations programme of national events and follows an extremely successful first event last year, when a remarkable display of local talented youngsters performed to an appreciative packed audience. The competition is for singers and instrumentalists aged between 11 and 17, who perform 2 pieces of contrasting style for a maximum performance time of 10 minutes. Further details of the competition can be obtained from Rotarian Richard Green on 01902 763089 The performances range from the classics to pops and songs from the

shows and, judging by last year’s competition, a very entertaining and enjoyable evening is in prospect. Six singers and six instrumentalists will perform songs ranging from ‘All That Jazz’ from ‘Chicago’ to classical pieces including Debussy’s ‘Clair de Lune.’ The performances will be followed by an adjudication and announcement of the winners. The adjudicators for this years competition are both well know musicians and performers, Jean Martyn, well known for her appearance in last years finals of the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ TV show, and Jerry Hobbs, equally well known as the President of Wolverhampton Musical Comedy Company, who produced such shows as ‘La Cage Aux Folles’ and ‘Mack and Mabel’ with the company. One winner from each of the singing and instrumental category will go forward to the subsequent rounds of the competition leading to the National Finals which will take place on May 4th 2013.

The competition will be held in the Royal Wolverhampton School Theatre, Goldthorn Road, commencing at 7pm on Friday, 1st February 2013. Admission is £3, payable on the door.

wolverhampton west magazine | february/march 2013

12 Place Dishwasher Half Load Sensor SMS50T02GB

1200 Spin 7kg A++ 15 Min Fast Wash

5.3 Cu ft Larder KTR16AW20G


Macrome Road, Claregate, Wolverhampton, WV6 9HD Tel: 01902 752764 Townsend Place, Kingswinford Centre, DY6 9UL Tel: 01384 271812 Salop Street, Wolverhampton, WV3 0RX Tel: 01902 429060



Give Your Home Some L ve... Based in the middle of Staffordshire and West Midlands borders we aim to keep overheads down and prices competitive by not having our own showroom, however samples of our glass can be viewed in selected kitchen and bathroom outlets in the area. Offering a stylish alternative to tiles and grout, whether you have a full kitchen wrap or just a hob splashback and upstands, the glass will dramatically change your room giving your old kitchen a new contemporary lift or your new kitchen the classy wow factor it deserves. For bathrooms the glass can replace tiles in the shower area giving you a stunning transformation with a hygienic surface and no grout to attract debris for you to clean! Adding a glass window cill will also reflect the light giving you a sleek and shiny surface. Love Lane interiors also provide solutions for shower enclosures and wet rooms by giving you that made to measure glass door or partition that is made to fit your space perfectly. Love Lane staff are a friendly approachable team who offer a service to suit the customer, whether that is SUPPLY ONLY or TEMPLATING AND FITTING service. For more interior ideas and FREE QUOTE just call Louise on

01922 411077 Glass splashbacks Glass Window Cills- Reflective and Hygenic 1000`s of colours to choose from Made to measure shower screens Templating & Fitting service

For more interior ideas & free quote

Call Louise 01922 411077 email:


From a Bulb to a Chandelier, we can supply all your lighting needs.

Call into our Showroom and view a wide selection of lights and lamps for all tastes. You’ll find us at: 19, Louise Street, Lower Gornal DY3 2UA

Tel: 01384 825906

or to view our full product range and buy online visit

Specialists in all types of Blinds Vertical - Fabric, Wood and PVC Venetian - Wood & Aluminium Rollers Including Blackout • Awnings and Canopies Romans • Woodweave • Velux • Conservatory Blinds

Free Measuring & Fitting + 12 Month Guarantee

Call Now 01902 754 129 or 07891 197 369 No 72, School Road, Tettenhall Wood, Wolverhampton WV6 8ET


For many people the self-funding route is going to be their only option. It is a worrying prospect as the cost of care can quickly add-up and eat into your savings. On average, someone who requires care in a residential care home will pay £524 per week (£27,248 p.a.), and for a nursing care home £722 per week (£37,544 p.a.) (weighted averages for the whole of the UK, source Laing & Buisson Care of Elderly People UK Market Survey 2011/12), a huge ongoing amount to find at any age, let alone in later years. However, these are averages across local authority funded and self funded care, many self funders will pay much more than these averages. It doesn’t take much to work out that you wouldn’t have to be in a care home for too long before you or your family had spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on paying fees. In the past, pre-funded care insurance plans were an option – aimed at those who think they might need to go into care in the future. As it stands not one UK insurer provides pre-funded insurance today with the last provider exiting the market in 2010, citing lack of demand.

How Are You Planning To Pay For Long-Term Care? The funding of long-term care is becoming a major political issue, but for many families it is already a burning personal issue. It is estimated that more than 20,000 pensioners were forced to sell their homes to pay for care in 2010 (Source: The Telegraph, November 2010) and that number could be on the increase given rising care costs. Depending on your income you may get state help, although a person who owns his or her home is likely to fail the local authority means test and must therefore “self-fund” their care costs. In England, this threshold is £23,250 which has been frozen until 2013 (Source: Department of Health, April 2011).

Instead, perhaps the most popular option for paying for long-term care is an immediate care annuity, which pays a tax free fixed income for life, provided that it is paid directly to the care home provider. This can provide some certainty for people moving into care, as they know their fees will be guaranteed to be paid for life; their money will not run out and they will not have to move into a local authority-run home later. There is also the reassurance that whatever is left from the sale of the home, once the annuity has been bought, can be left to the next generation. You could try to fund care fees out of regular income if you have the means to do so. For starters, if you are going into care and have no dependants, then your own property could be rented out and the rent used to offset the fees. Alternatively, with careful planning you could build an investment portfolio designed to pay an income without taking undue risk. You will need expert help because it is crucial that your capital is protected to a large degree. Again, just be aware that several years’ fees could quickly add up, so the balance and diversification of assets will have to be just right.

In most cases this includes the value of any property owned. However, there are circumstances in which the family home is ignored: if you have a spouse or relative aged 60 or over still living in the home it will not be included within the local authority’s financial assessment. It should also be ignored if your care needs are classed as “temporary”. You need to be aware that not all benefits are meanstested. For example, people who need nursing care (as opposed to “personal care”) will receive a contribution towards these costs, regardless of their financial position. In England this is normally paid at £108 a week, with payments made direct to the nursing home. It is important to remember, however, that reliance on the state comes at the cost of choice of the care you receive.

Instead of waiting until care is imminent, it is advisable to structure your estate effectively through the legal use of Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Trusts, thus limiting its overall exposure to the potential future costs of care. We are all expected to live longer but while that is good news it is likely to mean that more people will need to consider care fees not just for themselves, but also for their parents. It is an issue that many baby boomers are dealing with at this very moment – and it is an issue that is unlikely to disappear.

To receive a complimentary guide on Wealth Management, Retirement Planning or Inheritance Tax Planning, contact Daniel Paton, Adviser at Abacus Wealth Services Ltd on 0844 893 0068 or 07808 139025, or by email 42

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Garden Style With Substance By Andi Way, Award Winning Garden Designer at Boningale Garden Creations Does your garden reflect who you are, your style, personality? If not, now is the time of year to think about making your garden yours. Style is not just about decoration and the type of plants you buy – it’s about good, clear design. Many of the garden styles that we see today have evolved over the centuries. Very often they began life as large grand ideas, but they have had to be adapted over the years to suit different lifestyles and family generations. The trick to good garden design is capturing the essence of a style, or a place and making it your own, rather than creating a pastiche. The key is planning. Get some much-needed inspiration from magazines, books – even product brochures that garden centres give away freely.

Think about what style would suit you: do you want to create a Zenlike space that requires minimalist maintenance? A formal garden with traditional arrangements? Or are cottage-style borders packed with seasonal flowers more your style? Ask yourself if you like curves or straight lines. Curves tend to give a softer and more relaxed look that leads your eye through the garden, while straight lines lend themselves to a more formal, stately look that is centred on symmetrical patterns and order.

professional, but even the shortest of consultations at the planning stage could make the difference between a decent garden and a stunning one. Andi Way, who has more than 25 years’ experience in domestic landscaping, is head of the team at Boningale Garden Creations, which is based on Boningale’s wholesale plant nursery in Albrighton, near Wolverhampton.

Whatever the style you eventually choose, look carefully at the practicalities to see how it can be accommodated in the space you have. It’s always a good idea to seek professional advice from a reputable, APL approved, garden designer for new ideas or tips on planting. You don’t have to have a huge budget to employ a





garden creations INSPIRING GARDEN DESIGN Creating your perfect outdoor space is a big step, but you’ll be in safe hands with garden creations. Our award – winning designers offer imaginative designs to suit your personality and life style, traditional or contemporary, large or small. Our experienced landscape team offer a complete planting and landscaping service which will bring your garden design to life. So why not contact Andi for a free consultation to discuss your dream garden further.

Call us on:

01902 376500


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carpets & interiors


Domestic and Commercial Carpets & Vinyls Karndean Curtains & Blinds Soft Furnishings Lighting Interior Design Interiors @ No.72, School Rd, Tettenhall Wood Wolverhampton WV6 8ET at the former Bird in Hand

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Ace Solar Energy Answers Your Questions 1.

How much value does an installation add to a property? The system should add value to the house as the remaining FIT payments will go to the new owners, this could be as much as £10,000 pounds index linked to the RPI paid quarterly, plus of course the free power they will get and the savings they will make on their electricity bills. These benefits are also tax free! The feed in tariff is going down by 3.5% per quarter, so the sooner you lock in the more payback you and the next owners of your house will get. With the inevitable rising cost of electricity due to the ageing power station closures and the cost of gas and nuclear energy, we expect all government subsidy to be removed within 5 to 10 years.

There’s no denying it, solar power is undoubtedly the way of the future. By harnessing energy from the sun’s rays and converting it via solar panels to power our homes and businesses, we can do our part to help the environment.


More importantly though it helps us and our families reap the rewards of the free electricity generated and the government backed payments they receive. Sounds too good to be true, but tens of thousands of homes across the country are already benefiting from their investment in solar power and are enjoying all of the cash and savings benefits it brings. Government incentives, which encourage property owners to become more ‘green’, mean that anyone who installs solar panel systems will benefit from their Feed In Tariff Scheme (FITS).

The contract for the FIT payments stays with the house so you should not remove them when you move house. 3.

Owner Martin Brown is on a mission to help homeowners save money and benefit from the installation of solar panels - here he answers your questions:

How long do solar panels last? The panels will last for over 30 years, there are 50 year old panels still working. The panels performance will degrade about 0.75% per year.


And there’s even more good news, because separate payments are also available to property owners when they export their excess electricity to the grid. This payment means a further 4.5p per Kwh exported back to the grid which the government estimate at half of whatever is produced, so an extra 2.2 p per kWh making a total payment of 17.64p per Kwh produced and you still get to use all of the power for free. Leading the way in solar panel installation is Wolverhampton-based company, Ace Solar Energy.

Are there any grants or incentives available for installations? There are presently no grants available for the capital costs of the system but tax free returns of over 10% on investment are achievable.


The FITS scheme pays 15.44p per Kwh for a guaranteed 20 year period once you lock into it. This rate is not fixed though, and will decrease every three months for new installations, so it’s important to lock in to the higher rate as soon as possible.

Can you take the panels with you if you move house?

Solar panels are not aesthetically pleasing; will there be any design improvements in the near future? The look of the systems is set to improve with the new in roof systems with black framed panels which sit nearly flush to the roof, these systems replace the tiles rather than sitting on top of them on a racking system.


Are the cost of the panels set to fall in the near future? The prices are now at an all-time low and should not fall any further as panel manufacturers are going out of business due to the extreme global competition.

Is your family or business missing out? call Martin today for free no obligation advice. Or just go to the website: which is packed with easy to understand information. 46

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Your Local Solar Power Professionals

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Now Fitting Solar Panels • Local family business • Insurance backed 10 year workmanship guarantee • Superior quality equipment • Bespoke systems • We complete your F.I.T. application paperwork • Free electricity • Tax free index linked quarterly payments guaranteed for 20 years • Returns of up to 10% per year compared to around a paltry 2.5% for an ISA or investing in risky shares

Please visit and see what our customers say!

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The Changing Face of Chapel Ash with clouds of noxious exhaust gases from the car in front, but with a sweet and singular aroma: hops. Answering the siren’s call to your sinuses, you look up, above the modern-day shop frontages at street level and the petty trivia of everyday life, in an effort to discern its origin - Marston’s brewery - and in so doing you are transported back into Chapel Ash’s illustrious past. Three-storied buildings of Victorian splendour dazzle you with their originality; St Mark’s Church delivers a striking blow to the visual cortex with its high Gothic architecture and the ‘gateway to the city’ impact created by two dominant corner buildings - today the Tattoo Palace and a kitchen and bathroom showroom - trumpets your arrival into Wolverhampton from the west.

There’s no chapel there now and town planners made a real ‘ash of it in the 1970s by divorcing the district from Wolverhampton’s centre, but Chapel Ash still has a story to tell, as Rob Taylor explains. Picture the scene. It’s rush hour in Chapel Ash; you’re late for work. You’re hot, sweaty and conscious that you’ve forgotten to brush your teeth again, despite the powerpoint presentation you have to make in front of 40 people in 30 minutes. And what on earth is that smell wafting into your car? You poke your nose out of the open window to investigate and are immediately overwhelmed, not

Always a notable thoroughfare on the Wolverhampton to Shrewsbury road, Chapel Ash - so named because of a 16th century reference to a chapel and burial ground, just west of the town centre - as we know it today, really got going during the urbanisation of the 19th century. The creation of Darlington Street to connect Queen Square in order to join the existing westward route out of the town, forming part of the Holyhead Road, was crucial for the development of the area. The road, completed in 1823 and named after Lord Darlington, was a planned route deliberately leading from the medieval core of the town into the countryside. Secondly, St Mark’s Church was built in 1849, attracting many of the affluent middle-class families from Tettenhall Road, including Wolverhampton’s first mayor, G. B Thorneycroft. The church is now - and has been for some 30 years - a commercial unit, prompting dissatisfied members of its 19th century congregation to haunt the offices at night. Furthermore, significant terraced housing was erected to the south much of which is now demolished - and the district became a popular shopping area. The opening of the nearby West Park in 1871 increased trade as well. And in 1895 Chapel Ash was connected to the town centre by a horse-drawn tram, which was electrified in 1902. The area continued to feed off Wolverhampton’s ever-increasing prosperity, seeing the town’s population swell from 50,000 in


1851 to 94,000 in 1901. And what better way to toast to the town’s success and continuing good health than with a brewery. Wolverhampton and Dudley Breweries was formed in 1890 by an amalgamation of three local businesses: Banks and Company, George Thompson and Sons of The Dudley and Victoria Breweries and Charles Smith’s brewery at Fox Brewery. Today the company is Marston’s PLC and its flagship site lends the area its distinctive fragrance. However after heady days came tough times. This was largely due to the fallout from the demolition of the nearby terraced housings, the disconnection of Chapel Ash from the town centre by the ring road installed in the 1970s and the economic depression of the 1980s. And the downturn didn’t stop there, as other landmark sites - the Royal Eye Infirmary and Charles Clark building - lie dormant to this day. Nevertheless, the area remains defiant and redevelopment and regeneration is in the works. The eye hospital’s former site was, in 2011, sold to make way for a care home - much to the relief of the NHS trust, as rolling security, needed to keep an eye on the site, cost around £40,000 per year. One business which exemplifies the area’s defiance is the site presently - and for the last 21 years - occupied by Hi-Q garage; there has been a garage there since 1895, which has stood firm through it all and still provides locals with this most essential service. Chapel Ash has recently cornered the market in being a top repository for home furnishings too, with Merridale Furnishers supplying stylish furniture and furnishings; Wolverhampton Fireplaces offering both the traditional and the modern and Total Glass Fittings providing architectural glass installations for the home. Many niche businesses and restaurants are also beginning to rejuvenate some of the remaining tired shop-fronts and another popular business, the Harley Davidson dealership, has twowheeled travellers stopping-off along the UK’s very own Route 66 - the London to Holyhead road (A5) - to wheely have some fun at what is now a mecca for bikers. So next time you’re stuck in traffic, let your senses nose out a pathway to the past.

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Managing Your Financial Future We provide an experienced wealth management service and offer specialist advice in a wide range of areas including:

• Investments • Retirement planning • Paying for Long Term Care • Inheritance Tax Planning For further details please contact Abacus on:

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NEW YEAR - NEW START Louise Hunter - Business Incubation Manager University of Wolverhampton Science Park

The start of a new year signifies new beginnings, giving us all opportunities to change, build and develop future success. SPARK Business Incubation Centre located at the University of Wolverhampton Science Park, provides the perfect modern, supported, office environment for new start ICT, technology and creative businesses in the West Midlands. Our tenant companies are testament that offering excellent incubation services and bespoke support allows an ambitious business to do well and be competitive in business even in uncertain times. SPARK provides start up support to entrepreneurs and new companies enabling them to build successful businesses. Our Studio offers an unmatched opportunity to start your business with minimum financial risk. Where else can you get a workstation, broadband, an excellent address and location for your business for just £50.00 plus VAT per month? Additionally we have a fully staffed reception, free use of a board style meeting room, a kitchen facility, free car park, café and several informal meeting areas. 50

SPARK’s office accommodation varies in size from a two person office through to space that can accommodate up to 10 persons, ensuring we can easily accommodate new business growth and expansion. The offices are fully furnished and heavily subsidised over a 32 month period, offering a very cost effective solution to a new business that requires a professional location. SPARK also provides tenant companies with the opportunity to work alongside other new businesses, as part of a collaborative and valuable support network. Each tenant company has access to individual business mentoring in key business areas and there are numerous onsite seminars, training sessions as well as a wide range of networking opportunities. More recently we have developed an Associate Membership for SPARK, available to companies who have been tenants for 6 months or more. Associate Membership entitles a company to many benefits including a business address and post box, access to support and funding, subsidised meeting rooms and use of a hot desk in the Studio; all for a small monthly fee. Although it is still early days we hope that this membership will be a

popular option that will help to expand, diversify and integrate the SPARK network regionally. SPARK Business Incubation Centre provides an ideal environment for aspiring entrepreneurs and new and developing businesses. Here at the Science Park we are able to provide a complete solution for businesses in Wolverhampton and the surrounding area. By facilitating the growth and development of start-up companies with our sister centre in Telford, as well as offering business support and networking through Wolverhampton Business Solutions Centre, we are able to create employment and in turn support the local economy.

SPARK Business Incubation Centre Wolverhampton 01902 837400 e-Innovation Centre Telford 01952 288200 University of Wolverhampton Science Park 01902 824000

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LOOKING FOR A QUALITY BUSINESS LOCATION? Specialist, fully-serviced business accommodation designed for companies from science, technology and creative sectors Fully serviced business accommodation Flexible licence agreements Conference & meeting room facilities Video-conferencing, catering & other services Secure 24-hour access & free car park Links to University of Wolverhampton business support

THINKING OF STARTING A BUSINESS? SPARK Business Incubation Centre provides an ideal environment for aspiring entrepreneurs and new and developing businesses Low cost, furnished, serviced business accommodation Easy in/out licence terms & all inclusive rents Free use of board meeting room, informal meeting areas Fully staffed reception CafĂŠ & meeting catering facilities Free professional business mentoring & support


Concero UK: The Solution To Your IT Troubles

Always top of the class, Concero UK provide a bespoke IT support service for more than sixty primary and secondary schools in the West Midlands. Company founder and Director James Morris says: “Wolverhampton Girl’s High School, Smestow School, St. Peter’s Collegiate School and The King’s CE School, as well as sixty others, all benefit from what we have to offer at Concero. “The majority of our work is in education, where we provide an all-round service that is designed specifically with the needs of schools in mind - we have over 13 years of experience in this field. “We cover all aspects of IT from the basic day-to-day tasks right through to design, implementation and consultancy.” “We’ve made sure that the services we provide meet with the specialised requirements of schools, such as ensuring that every member of our team is CRB checked. Many companies don’t understand the importance of these key aspects which make all the difference.” And with classrooms becoming ever more reliant upon IT, the company has never been more relevant. “Whether in person, remotely or by telephone, our team are ready to answer your technical and ICTrelated questions in order to keep everything running smoothly.” Cutting-edge technology allied to friendly staff is a proven recipe for success, which has seen the company establish tight bonds with every school they have worked with. “Our continued success in education is due to the unique partnership that is formed with each school via our own dedicated team of technicians, who work to provide comprehensive solutions to all issues or problems.” The service is good value too, as co-founder and Director, Brad

Clegg explains: “We assist with the transformation of schools by harnessing the latest technologies and providing ICT improvements to fundamentally enhance the teaching and learning environment. For this reason, we are committed to meeting every schools’ requirements and maintaining our reputation as an affordable and effective service provider.” With local authorities increasingly keen to outsource work to the commercial sector, the service is a necessity for every school. Brad continues: “Historically schools have felt a sense of security in buying services from local authorities, but the role they play in education appears to be changing and, for this reason, schools are increasingly looking to commercial providers for services.” “Our company is a service provider that shares the same moral imperatives that underpin the work of schools. Concero UK is built upon this foundation and our values are deep rooted in education.”

Even the company name Concero - is taken straight from a lesson in Latin: this company has education close its heart. But equally the business is not limited to schools, as private households and other businesses can also get the Concero treatment. Considerable investment has been put into developing an efficient platform upon which to assist organisations in running their operations more smoothly and with improved IT facilities. Home IT support is also available to anyone looking for minimum disruption and unusually low costs. Ever committed to providing the best service for each and every one of their clients - whether in education, business or at home - the Concero team frequently review, update and improve their service to make it work perfectly with every individual requirement.

It’s this sort of treatment that makes Concero UK the only choice in IT. 52

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No. 1 For Airport Transfers Fully Manned 24hr Service Ring Back Service Available Low Cost Fixed Fares No Increase After Midnight

4/6/8 Seater Vehicles 24hr Card Payment Facility Courier Service Off Peak Fares Available

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Keen to help raise funds for two worthy causes, friends Julie Hinde and Chris Inett took part in the Dublin Marathon on 29th October 2012.

Marathon Run for a Good Cause

suggested that we take part in the marathon and raise money for both.” Joining forces with Chris who runs Furnace Grange Farm in Trescott - the pair decided that the Dublin Marathon would be ideal:

Supporting Motor Neurone Association and Compton Hospice, the duo trained hard for six months before the event and achieved an impressive result, raising £8000 between them.

“The reason we decided on doing the run in Dublin was because neither of us had ever taken part in a marathon before and because the land is flat, it made it easier for us to compete, as we were first timers.”

Julie, owner of The Hollybush at Ebstree, explains:

Prior to the run, Julie held a Quiz Night in her pub:

“I wanted to do something to support Motor Neurone Association as my close friend, Karen, suffers from the disease. Chris recently endured a cancer scare and was keen to raise funds for Compton Hospice, so I

“The Quiz Night was a great success and helped us get the sponsorship we needed.”

Consider your problem

“On behalf of myself and Chris I’d like to thank everybody for their generosity and support we were overwhelmed by it.”


Cummin g s B r o t h e r s L o c k s m i t h s Open Monday to Saturday: 9am till 5pm Sunday: Closed

Providing a wide range of services to both commercial and domestic customers. Over the counter sales of locks and safes, also a key cutting service while you wait.

Locksmith Services • CCTV • Alarms Cameras • Safes • Lock Outs Lock Repair • Replacement Keys Cut Emergency Call Outs Available


se of an emergency an endeavour d always to have a locksmith with you ASAP to access yo ur property.

If you would like more information on any of our products or services

please call 01902 427000 / 07947 620 922 5 Merridale Road, Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton WV3 9RX


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When you need extra space in your home, whether it’s for a growing family, or an extra room to work or relax in, it could be time to use the space you already have, without the need for a costly extension or indeed to move house. Newroom Garage conversions locally based in Kingswinford can transform your existing garage into a stylish and practical room giving many potential uses, at a fraction of the cost of an equivalent size extension. Generally, no planning permission is needed, only building regulation approval, all of which is dealt with by us.




Typical price for a single garage is £6,995 and includes… • Building regs application and approval • All building works • 3 double plug sockets • Up to 6 down lighters • Source of heating eg radiator installation • Plastering and decorating • Doors-skirting and architraves • Double glazed front window • Access created from the main house into the garage

All our workers are time served tradesmen, ensuring a first class, worry free job from start to finish. Work will normally be completed within 10 days.

Please call: 01384 620506 or 07854 058222 email:

You may need somewhere to put the things you remove from your garage, so we supply and install an 8`x 6` timber shed, if needed.


Spring Is Around The Corner For some instant colour in the garden, buy pots of daffodils and tulips and plant with pansies and primroses. Plants such as Hamamelis (Witch Hazel) and Hellebores will all be showing signs of colour that suggest spring is on its way. Plant snowdrops at this time of year - they will settle much easier from green plants than planting bulbs in the autumn. Prune roses now, along with shrubs that will flower on this years’ growth such as Buddleja and Elder. Always prune roses back to an outward facing bud approximately 20cm above ground level. Remove any weak, diseased or crossing stems.

Tips are provided by Ann Winwood from Lealan Garden Centre, Wolverhampton

Don’t forget Valentine’s Day and Mothering Sunday (10th March) - both ideal times to buy a living gift for a loved one. Instead of buying red roses that will be over in a matter of days, buy a rose plant that will remind the receiver of you for many years to come. For Mothering Sunday there’s the cheap primrose right up to the exotic orchid or gift basket arrangement to choose from or even a spring flowering shrub to pop into the garden. Plug plants such as fuchsias, geraniums and hanging basket plants start arriving in centres shortly. There’s a huge range of varieties to choose from. If you do decide to buy some of these small plants remember they need to be nurtured with warmth and light to keep them growing. Pop into the garden centre and get your seed potatoes then start them ‘chitting’ (shoots beginning

to grow) in old egg trays inside somewhere frost free. You can grow seed potatoes in pots inside so long as they are protected from any frosts we may get. Onion Sets, Shallots, Asparagus and Garlic should all be available from mid February. Onion and Leek seeds take time to germinate so sow seeds as soon as possible. Get an early crop of Rhubarb by covering clumps with a large pot or dustbin, new sticks will soon shoot up in the dark. Whilst you have very little in your greenhouse, now is the ideal time to turn it out, wash it down and disinfect it. Use a sulphur candle to fumigate the greenhouse. Having a clean greenhouse to start with ensures that seeds and plants get off to a good start.

Seed Potatoes now in stock. Full range of bird foods, feeders and tables always in stock. We have a large range of primroses, pansies etc ready to plant out in containers and pots weather permitting. Huge range of good quality shrubs, herbaceous, trees, conifers always ready for sale.


Lealans Garden Centre Bridgnorth Road, Shipley, Pattingham Wolverhampton WV6 7EZ


Tel 01902 700209

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Abandon the Winter Blues with a Visit to Halfpenny Green Vineyards

Winter is a great time to visit Halfpenny Green Vineyards in South Staffordshire. When spirits may be a little low after the Christmas period, there’s always so much going on at the vineyards to pick you up again. Take a tour of the vineyards and you can see how the winery is an all-year round business, with Clive and his team working hard perfecting this year’s new wines for release. The vines may be bare, but a walk around the 30 acres of the vineyards would work up a great appetite to then come to the tearooms and enjoy a fantastically fresh lunch, or scrumptious afternoon tea. The tearooms are also a great place to simply come and meet friends for a morning coffee and a catch up.

In the shop and deli, a selection of delicious locally sourced food – including breads and cakes made on site – are available to take home, plus great gifts for birthdays and anniversaries, or just to treat yourself! Ask about our bespoke hampers for a fantastic and unique gift for a loved one. The well-loved Gourmet Evenings begin next month again for the year – on the 15th February for the special Valentine’s Day event – and are a chance to come and dine at the vineyards in the evening with an intimate atmosphere and with an extensive, delicious menu to enjoy. Lisa Vickers, who manages the shop, tearooms and restaurant, says “treat yourself and guests to one of our Gourmet Evenings this year. The chef really goes to town and produces some fabulous dinners for you to enjoy. We hope to see you at the vineyards again and again this year!”

Halfpenny Green Vineyards is open every day. Bookings for lunch and our special gourmet dinner events are on 01384 221122. Halfpenny Green Vineyards, Tom Lane, Bobbington, South Staffordshire DY7 5EP

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 9.30AM – 5.00PM

Tel: 01384 221122 Email:


This month we have teamed up with Patshull Park to give one lucky reader the chance to win a full leisure membership worth £609.00. Looking to lose those extra pounds you gained over Christmas and get into shape for the New Year? Patshull Park Health and Fitness Club is the perfect place to start! The benefits of a membership at Patshull Park’s Health and Fitness Club

Win A Full Year’s Membership At Patshull Park’s Health And Fitness Club

At Patshull Park Health and Fitness Club the team pride themselves on their staff training and qualifications. They have always invested in the staff and in turn have always been able to provide members with a top class service whether it is for gym programmes and workout advice, Beauty therapy treatments, or Nutritional and Lifestyle planning. No one wants to join a gym and fail to achieve the results they crave.  By joining Patshull Park Health and Fitness Club, you will be invited to have an initial 1-to-1 gym induction with a qualified fitness instructor. You will only ever be put with a member of staff who is trained to a minimum of Level 2 in Fitness.

During your one hour induction, you will get the chance to talk to your Instructor about any concerns you have about the gym, why you want to use the gym, what you hope to achieve in terms of fitness and weight loss, or muscle gain. The team are always on hand to help, which is why they also offer a free exercise programme review service after every 6 weeks for all members. This is a fantastic way for you to keep on top of your progress, and to be given the assurance you are doing everything you can to obtain your fitness goals. If you’d like a more personalised approach, Patshull Leisure also has Level 3 Advanced Fitness Instructors and a Level 3 Personal Trainer on hand to provide personal gym workouts at an additional cost.  This is ideal if you have a short space of time to obtain your goals, or if you just need to be pushed that little bit harder. Either way the team are there to help  If you’d like to become a Member of the Health and Fitness Club at Patshull Park Hotel, please call the Leisure Team on 01902 701260 (Leisure reception) or 01902 700100 (Main hotel switchboard). To find out more about current offers and full details of all products and services visit their website

To enter the competition simply answer the following question

How long does the initial gym induction last? Email your answer including your name, address and telephone number to: or on a postcard to Wolverhampton West magazine, I Lytham Road, Perton, Wolverhampton WV6 7YY. Entries to be received by Thursday 28th February 2013. Competition Terms and Conditions Winner will be chosen at random from all correct entries received and informed by telephone. To enter you must be a minimum of 18 years old. No cash or alternative prize will be given. Prize valid for 12 months from the first day of membership. All entries will be forwarded to Patshull Park unless requested otherwise. Winner may be required to partake in relevant publicity.


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Cool Looks This Winter

The cold weather is no excuse for not looking trendy this Winter. There are some great fashion buys to be had, whatever your style. Model wears: Wool Blazer £299. Ted Baker. Jumper £40. Jack & Jones Premium. Shirt £124. Paul Smith Jeans. Corduroy Trousers £70. Minimum. Scarf £65. Polo Ralph Lauren.

Paul Platt from Pockets gives us the lowdown on what to choose this season: “We all want to look our best this New Year and be warm and comfortable at the same time, that’s why I feel that the classic British Heritage look is great for the winter months. It’s built around layering and uses traditional materials like wool, tweed and corduroy that look smart and are cosy too.” Don’t forget to complete your winter look with some great accessories from T.A Henn.

All available at House of Fraser.

Model wears: Gilet £98. Nike. Jacket £280. Baumler. Shirt £70. Levi’s. Tie £40. Blick. Corduroy Trousers £115. Polo Ralph Lauren. All available at House of Fraser.

Ice Watches available in many colours

from £75. T.A. Henn

Leather Gents Bracelet

from £28. at T.A. Henn.


Golf Tips from Peter Baker European Tour and Ryder Cup Star and Head Professional at The South Staffordshire Golf Club.

Peter’s playing career spans over 25 years on the European Tour, with Ryder Cup honours and more than 650 tournaments world wide including all of the major championships, and now you can benefit from his many years of experience to improve your golf game. “Over the following months my aim is to give you the fundamental tips to enable you to improve your game and become a better player.�

The Grip (Right handed Golfer) The first thing I check for when giving a lesson is the grip. A high percentage of amateurs grip the club to high up in the palm of the left hand (Top picture). This results in a poor hinge of the club going back and a poor release coming down which also slows down the club head speed. Result lack of distance!!

Grip the club lower in the left hand running through the fingers, this will help hinge the club better in the backswing and improve your release with more club head speed. (Bottom picture).

The South Staffordshire Golf Club Limited Danescourt Road, Tettenhall Wolverhampton WV6 9BQ Telephone No: 01902 751065 Fax No: 01902 751159 62

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Wolves Legends Club Together For Charity Golf Day Wolverhampton Wanderers’ legends proved good sports as they clubbed together at a charity golf day, raising more than £8,000 for three charities. 70s Wolves ace Steve Daley was principal organiser of the event held at Oxley Park Golf Course on 7th November, together with sporting memorabilia and Events Company Route 39. More than 80 players joined the competition including ex-Wolves players Mike Bailey, Steve Kindon, Dave ‘Waggy’ Wagstaffe, Phil Parkes, Steve Daley, Andy Mutch, Ken Hibbitt, Geoff Palmer, Steve Bull, Robbie Dennison, Willie Carr, John McAlle and Terry Wharton. Nobby Stiles, who famously lifted the 1966 World Cup, was guest of honour and son, John Stiles, entertained the crowd with a comedy set over a two-course meal at a post-game event.

The total raised from entry fees to the day and a charity auction was £8,349, giving Midlands Air Ambulance, Maureen Parks Breast Care Fund and Compton Hospice a hefty cheque for £2,783 each. Co-organiser Steve Saul of Route 39 said: “We were thrilled with the turnout and the whole day proved a real hit with all involved. “I would like to say a big thank you to the Wolves legends for getting behind this event, and to all the players that joined in the fun for three fantastic causes. Also to the Chaucer Group who sponsored the event and local businesses that offered prizes and supplies.” Following its success, Steve Daley and Route 39 have booked a further date at the golf club, on 20th September, to repeat the event in 2013.   To book your place, call Steve Saul on 07971 012370.

Back row L to R: Sofia Voutianitis (Fundraising Manager Midlands Air Ambulance), Steve Daley, Phil Parkes, Steve Saul (Route 39). Front Row L to R: Simon Cater (Corporate Fundraiser Compton Hospice) & Geoff Palmer.

Golf Days: 1st Nov-31st March

Winter Golf at Patshull Park Hotel HiP MEMbErasfun , well

Looking to join dly golf club? organised, frien

Par Package

£23 per person Mon-Thurs £26 per person Fri-Sun Tea/coffee, bacon roll, 18 holes, followed by soup & sandwiches.

Green Fees (1st Nov-28th Feb) £13 per person Mon-Thurs £20 per person Fri-Sun

Birdie Package

£26 per person Mon-Thurs £30 per person Fri-Sun Tea/coffee, bacon roll, 18 holes, followed by 3 course meal & coffee.

Then look no tshull rt fu her than Pa b. lu C f ol G Park ior and Mens, Ladies, Sen ekly Junior Sections.We matches b competitions, clu . and social events

Call our pro-shop or membership co-ordinator for an initial discussion, more details or to arrange a joining interview : 01902 700100



Patshull Park Hotel, Golf & Country Club, Pattingham, Shropshire WV6 7HR








18 holes of golf. Full English breakfast.

18 holes of golf. Roast carvery. Dessert of the day.

18 holes of golf. Full English breakfast. Roast carvery. Dessert of the day.

Weekdays £25pp. Weekends/Bank Holidays £30pp

Weekdays £30pp. Weekends/Bank Holidays £35pp

Weekdays £35pp. Weekends/Bank Holidays £40pp

*All packages minimum of 12 people




OPEN FOR MEMBERSHIPS 12 Months: 5 Day £480, 7 Day £660. No Entrance Fee! Monthly payments available

Wergs Golf Club Keepers Lane, Tettenhall Wolverhampton West Midlands WV6 8UA 64




01902 742 225

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NEW YEAR NEW YOU? Fed up of playing poor golf? Friends out driving you? Losing too many golf balls? NOW is the time to take those golf lessons you’ve put off for too long. Make 2013 the year your golf improves! JANUARY & FEBRUARY

SPECIAL OFFER The Range Wood Farm, Broad Lane, Essington, Wolverhampton, WV11 2RJ Tel 07565 968314 Email Web

45 minute assessment lesson plus three 30 minute golf lessons with any of our PGA Professionals

£59.95 SAVING £25! ONLY


THE CHOICE IS YOURS! With over 90 years of butchering experience between our butchery team, you can be sure of not only receiving good advice on all matters meat, but also of receiving superb local meats. Either fresh from the meat department or as we have offered for over thirty years, freshly frozen from our large display freezers for you to purchase and use when needed. The choice is yours. You can be sure that our meat is prepared to the highest standards and will never disappoint.

We’d like to say a big thank you to all of our customers for helping us to raise money for the local community through the Making A Difference – Locally (MADL) charity. MADL was created to assist retailers, like us, in making donations to local charities and good causes within the local communities where they trade. We have raised money through the sale of specific products in store and accumulated funds over time, which are donated to a worthwhile charity or good cause in the local area. The money is raised through a proportion of the sales from specific products sold within our store being allocated to our MADL fund. Each month, many major branded products are featured- these are shown in store but now also, all Heritage branded lines (some 300 or more) also generate revenue and the sums produced are added to our fund. We have made donations to local charities such as Compton Hospice, the Giffard Catholic Primary School for playground equipment and Wolverhampton Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre in Newbridge.There are still lots of opportunities for you to help us to maintain the momentum and build our charity and good cause funds to continue to benefit the local area.

LICENSED and rose wines are

Our beers, white red wine selection all chilled and our odate. Regular is sure to accomm ctors of our licensed promotions in all seing spirits, help to department- includsier choice for that make us an even ea one stop shop.

66 1

wolverhampton west magazine | february/march 2013

• ExtEnsivE DElicatEssEn • First For FrEsh anD FrozEn


Many chilled, grocery & licensed lines. Olive & cheese counters. Many offers throughout the store. Fresh breads baked daily. Premium meats - beef, pork, lamb and poultry - all sourced locally. An extensive range of wines, spirits & beers.

Unrivalled Customer Service with FREE AND EASY PARKING Compton, Wolverhampton. Telephone: 01902 758161

Daisy Fresh anD essential Open: Mon - Fri 8.00am to 8.00pm

/ Sat 8.00am to 6.00pm / Sun & Bank Holidays 8.00am to 4.00pm

67 2

Specialised Rail Holiday Department

Florida Family Holidays.

Telephone us now on 01902 324777

For a free no obligation quotation or call in to see us at: The Cottage High Street Wombourne WV5 9DN

Pure Luxury 3368

Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 0900 - 17.30, Saturday 09.00 - 16.00

ABTA No.78359

W i t h t h e Tr a v e l B u r e a u A luxury escape to one of the world’s most beautiful locations takes time and expertise to create. A Pure Luxury holiday booked with The Travel Bureau pays attention to the smallest of details. It’s an effort we love making. The Pure Luxury Worldwide Holidays 2013-14 brochure is out now, representing the very best the world of luxury travel has to offer. Alongside a selection of classic favourites, the brochure features a fantastic range of 50 new resorts and tours including several exquisite new properties which opened in 2012. Our new brochure welcomes increasingly popular luxury destinations such as Sri Lanka, Kenya and Indochina, as well as a great range of new hotels worldwide including Grosvenor House Dubai, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, and the visually stunning St. Regis in Mauritius. Are you looking to head further afield on your special journey? We’ve created suggested touring itineraries in Australia, New Zealand, Indochina and Africa too. Sri Lanka is rapidly becoming the latest luxury holiday destination. Not only has it been named number one destination in the world to visit in 2013 by Lonely Planet, it is brimming with culture and the perfect ingredients for that once in a lifetime holiday. The Pure Luxury portfolio features four of the most deluxe hotels on the island with fantastic rates and special offers available. Indochina has also been added to this year’s brochure with a selection of great touring options throughout Vietnam, this is a great destination for those looking for a little extra authenticity in the Far East. We have selected a range of tours and extensions,

from one night on Halong Bay to the nine night Vietnam in Style package where highlights include a street food tour of Hanoi, a cruise on Halong Bay, cyclo tour of Hue and an overnight stay on a private sampan on the Mekong Delta. Guided tours include accommodation, transfers, flights where specified, and most meals, so all you need to worry about is sitting back and relaxing in the sunshine. Maybe the wild outdoors are more your style? The stunning lodges and national parks of Kenya easily rival that of South Africa. From the Marine National Parks and the coastal waters to the 5,000 metre peak of Mount Kenya, these extraordinary protected habitats offer some of the world’s most spectacular sights. The Pure Luxury Worldwide Holidays brochure welcomes an array of superb new hotels as well as some classics to the portfolio. Cap Maison in St Lucia is a family owned boutique hotel with the largest villa suites in the Eastern Caribbean and private rooftop swimming pools, whilst The St Regis Mauritius Resort opened on 1st November 2012; truly beautiful and the ideal option for those looking for a Mauritian escape. The Chedi is Chiang Mai’s only five star hotel along the scenic Mai Ping River. Book a Chedi Club Suite to receive a host of extra benefits including limousine airport transfers, champagne breakfast and evening cocktails and canapés. From the Far East to the USA, Indian Ocean to Arabia and all in between, no matter where your holiday desires are taking you, contact The Travel Bureau to tailor-make a Pure Luxury itinerary today. Fly with the world’s leading airlines and relax in luxury airport lounges before you fly – it’s all possible with Pure Luxury.

Contact The Travel Bureau 01902 324777 for details. 68 68

wolverhampton west magazine | february/march 2013

Travel Accessory Shop on line offering a small range of good quality accessories for your holiday Travel Gift Card is available to treat that someone special in your life. The Travel Bureau is an Independent Travel Agent established over 27 years with experience in all aspects of Travel and provides your own Personal Travel Consultant – specialising in personal itineraries to suit individual holiday requirements for that special occasion as well as standard holiday packages.

Worldwide Flights

5 Star Destination Honeymoon and Weddings

Continental Rail Tickets

Tailor Made European & Longhaul Holidays

Amtrak American Rail Tickets

Tailor Made City Breaks

Specialised Business Travel Department

5 Star Luxury European Destinations

Specialised Rail Holiday Department

Florida Family Holidays.

Telephone us now on 01902 324777 Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 0900 - 17.30, Saturday 09.00 - 16.00

PL7874 Lounge Passes Advert_Layout 1 15/01/2013 16:02 Page 1



ABTA No.78359

For a free no obligation quotation or call in to see us at: The Cottage, High Street, Wombourne WV5 9DN


Every time you book a Pure Luxury holiday* you’ll be given complimentary lounge passes for your departure airport. Escape the terminal crowds and unwind in the quiet surrounds of an air-conditioned lounge with selected complimentary meals, unlimited snacks and drinks, and entertainment facilities including television, newspapers, magazines and Wi-Fi before you fly. *Holiday must include a flight and minimum three nights accommodation. Available at selected airports, services may differ between airports. Lounge passes given to all passengers travelling subject to availability and individual lounge terms and conditions. Valid 01 Jan 13 - 31 Mar 14.



Gone To The Dogs This Christmas? Don’t Worry‌ South Staffordshire Council s leisure centres have got Affordable Fitness Solutions to suit you and your budget Cheslyn Hay Leisure Centre Codsall Leisure Centre Penkridge Leisure Centre Wombourne Leisure Centre Members and non-members Flexible and affordable memberships Pay as you go No joining fees, no long term contracts & no cancellation fees


Cheslyn Hay Leisure Centre:

01922 417790

Codsall Leisure Centre:

01902 844032

Penkridge Leisure Centre:

01785 714152

Wombourne Leisure Centre:

01902 898202 70

Codsall Wombournelc

1127 HD Nov12


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Book Now! safe for Life and Be The Best – Be Class 1 Police d former Elite an CHRIS GILBERT a tset Bobby said “From the ou driving instructor ldom see, if se I g ard of drivin displayed a stand very smooth, I. His driving was ever, from an AD idence of the ev of with plenty well planned and car control”. police system of



y P

onLy £40 FIRST 5 LESSonS onLy £20 1 ½ HouR LESSon

“Producing Safe and Confident Drivers”

L earn With Bobby Nagi (DSA ADI APPROVED) Over 20 years of Safe, Advanced Roadcraft, Defensive and High Performance driving experience. HIGHLY TRAINED by Ex-Elite driving instructors from The world famous Metropolitan Police Driving School HENDON. Awards: Institute of Advanced Motorists. Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) GOLD, HPC GOLD and many more… Courses for L earners, Advanced, High Performance, Anti-Hijack, Defensive, Eco Driving and more…

For further details and bookings please contact Bobby on 0785 77 33 999

A member of the Guild of Q Butchers Quite simply, this means that Allan Bennett is one of the best butchers in Britain. Quality is our number one priority, and we are committed to preserving the skills passed down through generations of traditional craftsmen. At Allan Bennett’s we produce all our products using the best English meat, which is bought from Bridgnorth market every Tuesday. This means that all of our meat has full traceability, and guarantees you top quality meat from local farmers. In short, you can’t buy better!

Perfect pastry aids top triumph Allan Bennett beat more than 200 competitors in the Meat Traders Journal Pork Pie contest in Bolton. Judges were impressed by the meaty contents of the pie and the perfectly produced pastry. Steven said: “The ingredients we use in the pies has been the key and it feels fantastic to have won first prize”.

Allan Bennett Ltd, 15 Station Road, Codsall. WV8 1BX Tel: 01902 842204 Open 6 days a week : Monday to Friday 7am-5.30pm, Saturday 7am-5pm


Eating Out, Entertainment & Leisure Special

*over a 2 month period

Promote your venue to over 48,000* readers with Wolverhampton West magazine. Please call Gisella on: 01902 744217

Open:Tues-Sat eve 5pm until late (last orders 10.30pm). Sat lunch 12pm-3pm. Sun lunch 12pm3pm, evenings 5pm (last orders 8pm).

Special Occasions at BACI

Valentines Day

Giuseppe , Carol and Jean-Michel Cataldo and their team welcome you to Baci situated in the picturesque village of Kinver. Enjoy the finest authentic Italian cuisine in a great atmosphere in their newly refurbished restaurant on two floors.

Tuesday - Friday Early Evening Menu 5pm - 6pm 2 course, choice set menu £12.95

Saturday Lunch Menu 12pm - 2.30pm 2 course £12.95

Enjoy a romantic evening with your loved one

Sunday Lunch 12pm - 2.30pm

(Sunday March 10th)

To avoid disappointment please book.

Mothers Day

Give your Mum a special treat on Mothering Sunday

To avoid disappointment please book .

2 course £14.95, 3 course £17.95

For reservations call

01384 878789 47-48 High Street, Kinver, Stourbridge DY7 6HE



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Mother’s Day Lunch Sunday 10th March Sir Jacks Restaurant

Hayward Suite

A wide choice threecourse menu is available in our intimate and exclusive pitch-facing Sir Jack’s restaurant. This menu is also available in private suites for up to 16 people.

A fabulous three-course meal in the pitch-facing Hayward Suite.

£24.95 per person £12.50 children’s half portion (12 and under)

Both packages include a visit from Wolfie and a gift for all Mothers.

£24.35 adult £12.25 children’s half portion (12 and under)

Please call 0871 222 2220 (option 5) to book or e-mail

Open from 5.30pm - Midnight (7days a week)

Valentine Bookings now being taken

Indian Cuisine The Kings Repose have been awarded a 5 star award from rate my place for Kitchen Hygiene. Misbah the master chef can cook anything to suit customers requirements. All of the superb mouthwatering dishes being freshly prepared at the time of ordering, using only the finest produce.

Described by many customers as a culinary experience of a lifetime.

New Road Featherstone Nr. Wolverhampton WV10 7NW

01902 307846 01902 738299

Eat in or take away



Bootleg Abba

and grooving to the

Sounds of the 70’s

Saturday March 2nd 2013

7.00pm at

Tickets ÂŁ24.95pp

Compered by

to include 2 course meal

For tickets contact Fundraising on


0845 22 55 497



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Upcoming Events

at Patshull Park Hotel Patshull Park Hotel Wedding Fair

FREE entry

Sunday 24th February 2013, 11.00am-4.00pm - bridal catwalk shows, great range of exhibitors.

Valentine’s Day Celebrations Valentine’s Day Dinner £25 per person

Thursday 14th February - in our Lakeside Restaurant, 3 course meal and coffee and a free gift for ladies.

Valentine’s Break just £99 per couple per night

Thursday 14th to Sunday 17th February - including 3 course dinner, bed and breakfast and use of the health and fitness facilities.

Valentine’s Dinner Dance £29.50 per person

Friday 15th February - 3 course meal and coffee, followed by entertainment from Latino singer Paulo Pinto.

Swing Along Sunday Lunch £17.95 per person

Sunday 17th February - Enjoy Sunday lunch with live accompaniment from singer Cameron (3 course meal and coffee from a choice menu).

Valentines Beauty Offers - For a loved one or to treat yourself Back Neck and Shoulder massage and Dermalogica facial £30

Mother’s Day

£21.95 per adult, £10.95 per child

Sunday 10th March - Book your Sunday Lunch early to avoid disappointment, 3 course meal and coffee plus a free gift for all mums.

St Patrick’s Day Lunch

£17.95 per person

Sunday 17th March - St Patrick’s Day Lunch with live music.

Ollie Hughes as Robbie Williams Tribute Night Friday 22nd March - 3 course meal, tribute act and disco until 1.00am.

£29 per person

Call our Sales Team for further information t: 01902 700100 e:

Patshull Park Hotel, Golf & Country Club, Pattingham, Shropshire WV6 7HR

Patshull Park Hotel reserve the right to withdraw or change any original price or promotional offer published.


Excellence All Round at Penn Tandoori by Helen Taylor

We ordered our starters -‘Garlic Mushroom’(£4.95) and ‘Tandoori Mixed Kebab’(£3.95) - and eagerly awaited their arrival. Each dish had been carefully presented and looked great. The generous portion size illustrated Penn Tandoori’s commitment to providing customers with fantastic food at excellent value-for-money prices, and the delicious flavours proved that only the best ingredients had been used to create the course.

If you’re looking to find an outstanding Indian restaurant, then pay a visit to Penn Tandoori. A favourite with locals keen to eat out - or take-away - the restaurant serves a mouth-watering selection of authentic Indian cuisine, which makes it a must-visit destination for lovers of good food. Located on the Penn Road, Penn Tandoori is perfectly situated - just a five minute drive from Wolverhampton city centre - and is ideal for those of you heading home from work and looking to stop off to treat yourself to a delicious dinner. 76

This was just what my friend and I planned to do when we booked in for a weeknight meal. Impressed by the contemporary interior styling inside, we settled down with a drink, relaxed and looked over the menu. Comprising Tandoori, Curry, Balti and even European dishes, there’s no doubt that there’s something for everyone. Our first taste of the great food on offer was with the obligatory starter to any Indian meal, Popadoms - served with a selection of pickles and chutneys.

Which isn’t surprising, when you hear that the restaurant’s chefs work with only the freshest ingredients that are brought in every day. The team at the restaurant has worked hard to create a fabulous dining experience for their customers, from the moment they walk through the door. Owners Mr Uddin and Mr Ali, along with manager Jay, all share the same vision for the eatery, and that’s to make it as friendly and welcoming as possible, by treating their customers as family and friends, rather than just diners. It’s this approach which really sets the restaurant apart from the competition. There’s an ever friendly and attentive waiting staff, who take care of every diners’ wishes with a smile.

wolverhampton west magazine | february/march 2013

We selected ‘Mixed Vegetable Balti’ (£6.95) and ‘Lamb Malaya’ (£6.95) for our main courses, accompanied by Pilau rice and a Peshwari Nan.

finish catching up - there’s little time for conversation when food is this good we enjoyed a few more drinks before leaving and heading home.

The Balti was packed full of an assortment of fresh vegetables and coated in delightfully tasty sauce, which illustrated that a vegetarian dish can be just as succulent and satisfying as any meat alternative.

Combining all the elements needed for a relaxed and enjoyable evening, Penn Tandoori has got everything you want from a restaurant when dining out. Next time I’ll be trying the take-away menu.

My friend assured me that the ‘Lamb Malaya’ was perfectly cooked, bursting with aromatic flavour and every mouthful was a joy to savour.

Penn Tandoori is open 7 days a week from 6pm until late, fully licensed, free secure parking.

Deciding that we’d treat ourselves to dessert, we selected ‘Forest Fruit Sundae’ and ‘Banana Caramello’ each sweet treat provided the perfect end to the meal. Staying for a while to soak up the surroundings and

Bookings for Valentine’s Day now being taken. For further details or to book a table please call 01902 333319. Penn Tandoori, 272 Penn Road, Penn, Wolverhampton WV4 4AD

One Direction star Liam Payne paid a visit to Penn Tandoori to enjoy a festive Christmas meal with his family, much to the delight of staff, fellow diners, and of course, fans.


Wergs Golf Club - Not just for Members If you’re looking to find a great local restaurant, that not only serves a fantastic range of lunchtime meals, but is set in a lovely location, then a visit to Wergs Golf Club is essential. Following on from the success of their Sunday Carvery, the club has now opened its restaurant on weekdays too - on Monday to Saturday from 12 until 2.30pm excluding Tuesday.

range of freshly prepared meals, whilst enjoying the lovely surroundings at the club,” he continues. It’s not just the restaurant that’s on offer at the club though, in addition to outstanding golfing facilities, there’s also an impressive function room that can be hired for any private party or any get-together. “Our recently refurbished function room offers the ideal setting for any celebration,” says Monty. It’s good to know that all of these great facilities are open to both the public and members alike - meaning that everyone can benefit from what’s on offer at Wergs Golf Club.

With a menu that’s filled with a great selection of popular dishes, lunchtime dining is undeniably delicious. Since taking over the club in 2010, owner Monty Moseley has worked hard to create a great atmosphere in the restaurant. With stylish décor and a beautiful decking area that overlooks the course - ideal for summertime dining - it’s the perfect place to enjoy excellent food in the company of friends. And what’s more, every aspect of Wergs Golf Club is open to the public, so you don’t need to be a member to visit. “We welcome everyone at the club, it isn’t for members only,” says Monty. “We’ve tried hard to make the restaurant the perfect setting for people to relax in and savour our fabulous



Come & Spend a Relaxing Sunday Afternoon with us. Served from 12pm - 3pm.



THREE COURSE: £17.95* *Minimum 2 courses served on Sundays


Wergs Golf Club


Keepers Lane, Tettenhall




West Midlands WV6 8UA e


01902 742 225


Restaurant will be closed in January and re-opens in February

wolverhampton west magazine | february/march 2013

Open 7 days 6pm until late Free secure car park at rear 272 Penn Road, Penn, Wolverhampton WV4 4AD

A warm welcome awaits you at Penn Tandoori… experience the Pride of Penn Specialising in Tandoori, Curry dishes, Balti dishes and also European dishes. Enjoy authentic Indian cuisine at its very best in a warm, friendly atmosphere in one of the most luxurious restaurants in the West Midlands. Whatever the occasion children are always welcome with their parents and we try our best to ensure that families feel at home and have an enjoyable experience with us.

Bookings now being taken for Valentines Day Fully licensed 10% discount off take-aways collected

10% OFF

Your food and drink bill when dining in. Please present this voucher. 1 voucher per table.

For bookings or further details please call 01902 333319


Freshly cooked traditional food, vegetarian menu, childrens menu, specials board, popular ‘light-bite lunches’, complemented by fine ales and wines whether you’re a GOLFER OR NOT!

TUESDAY GRILL NIGHT 2 delicious grills and a bottle of selected wine for only £19.95

An ideal venue for private parties including family celebrations and funerals from groups of 2 up to 120. Special Buffet Menus also available. BAR OPEN FROM 10am until 11pm Breakfast served 10am -12pm (not Sunday). Lunch & Evening Meals served Weekdays & Saturdays: 12noon-2pm & 6pm-9pm, Sunday: 12noon-3pm & 5.30pm-9pm

To avoid disappointment please book, tel: 01902 791917 Situated on the 3 Hammers Golf Complex, Old Stafford Road, Coven, Nr Wolverhampton WV10 7PP


Baci, Kinver By Geoff Hall (Your Editor)

It was when our struggling motoring correspondent, Syd Taylor, lamented that he was down to his last bowl of cornflakes, that we on the editorial staff of your illustrious magazine decided that we needed to treat him quickly to a course or two of fine food before he faded away in the exhaust fumes of a Testarossa. Rapidly conferring with my Italian colleague, Gisella, we decided that a taste of true Italian cuisine would be just the ticket for someone so enamoured of Italian motorcars and sharp Italian suits. It took barely the time it normally takes him to zoom from 0 to 60mph to decide that Baci Ristorante Italiano would be an ideal destination. As discerning diners may already know, this splendid establishment relatively new to Kinver - has quickly established for itself an enviable reputation and is well on the way to becoming THE premier provider of Italian cuisine in the Midlands and beyond. Proud owners Giuseppe and Carol Cataldo have been in the restaurant business for over twenty years: thirteen of those spent running that well known restaurant, Cataldos in Wolverhampton, along with their son, Jean-Michel.

On arrival in Kinver, we were pleased to find that this most picturesque and accommodating village offers ample parking making for a relaxing start to the proceedings. A short amble down the attractive High Street and we located Baci and with eager appetites made our entrance. The Italian touch was evident from the start in the tasteful sophistication of the decor and the subtle atmospheric ambient lighting which established a glow of anticipation. A warm greeting from Giuseppe and we were comfortably seated at our beautifully prepared window table with its crisp linen tablecloth, enjoying that exquisite moment when - with a glass of wine already in our hands - we got down to the serious business of perusing the extensive menu. Gisella turned to me and said “Did you know that Baci (pronounced Ba-chee) is Italian for kiss?” To which I replied “You’re ‘smack on’ there. I’ve read the back of the menu too - otherwise I might have thought you were flirting with me!” “How could you think such a thing?” she responded, blushing. “Now now youngsters!” admonished Syd. “Our true aim is to flirt with fine food.” It’s worth emphasising here that Italian ingredients are, wherever possible, sourced directly from

Italy - and this, of course, is what authenticity really means. A delicious bottle of Valpolicello refreshed our palates, doing all that an aperitif should: and in Syd’s case rather more, for in his own words he was delighted to drink of a nectar as far removed from engine oil as one could imagine. Our selection from the ‘Specials’ menu began with £7.95 ‘starters’ of rolled smoke salmon with prawns and dill and lemon sauce for Gisella, mushrooms in garlic and cream sauce for our motoring man and ravioli filled with beef in rich Ragu sauce and a dash of cream for your editor.

Knowing that our colleague is a ‘salt-of-the-earth’ type of character and not enamoured of fuss and bother and waiters with clicking heels, we congratulated ourselves on our precipitance in selecting Baci, because it is in the Italian nature to combine a warm welcome that does not stand upon ceremony, with a true connoisseurs eye for detail - and in this place, in particular, for delicious food. The aim, in other words, is for pure delight without ostentation. The only instruction given to our guest ahead of the event was to ‘come as you are’ but not in your racing overalls. 80

wolverhampton west magazine | february/march 2013

“So has it been a worthwhile treat?” asked Gisella. “More than that” said Syd, dropping into the vernacular. “The whole experience has been belissimo!” “Bene! Bene!” she responded. Syd swivelled his head round. Service was prompt and dishes arrived as quickly as one might expect from a kitchen proud of its credentials. As did Syd, I chose a main course of chicken breast in a cream sauce with Dolcelatte cheese, chargrilled Raddichio and a twirl of Fettuccini - all for £16.95. Beautifully presented, cooked to perfection and accompanied by a selection of fine vegetables... who could ask for more? Being Italian, Gisella conferred with Giuseppe, listened to his recommendations and chose the paccheri con polpette: homemade meat balls in tomato sauce. “It’s just like Mamma used to make!” she enthused - which is surely the supreme accolade. “How do you find it Syd?” I asked. I was thwarted in my efforts to extract sense from him for the only sound he made was ‘Mmmm! Mmmmm!’ (Which makes a change from his usual ‘Brmmm Brmmm’). We translated his noises to mean “Now that you ask, I have to tell you perfectly frankly - and without a scintilla of doubt - that this food is some of the best I have eaten.”

“Where? Do the Crossroads cast come in here?” It took me a minute before his meaning sank in and then we rather wished it hadn’t. Older readers will, we feel sure, understand the allusion. All too soon it was time for coffee and that was after we’d let our delicious desserts (Gelato for Syd and tiramisu for Gisella) settle. It has long been my contention that the quality of an establishment’s coffee is a measure of its seriousness in the dining stakes. At Baci it is of the finest quality, providing a fitting aftertaste to treasure. We did fear that Syd was so full that he might require the application of a starting handle but no - he leapt out of his seat. “That was a wonderful treat” he said “And the quicker we get going, the quicker I can be back again.” Fixing us with a stern eye, but not without a twinkle, he declared “There’s someone I’d like to bring here and unfortunately that someone is not you.” “Syd!” said Gisella. “You’ve cut us to the quick!”

“I can’t help it if I’m the sharpest knife in the draw” he replied. Quick as a flash Gisella responded “I don’t know if I should pity or envy the companion you have in mind. She certainly deserves sympathy for putting up with you - but there again - perhaps it’s worth it if it means enjoying a meal in the romantic surroundings of Baci.” We chortled our way back to the car and all agreed that it had been a truly refined dining experience in a splendid restaurant. Few can afford a ticket to Italy every time they wish to dine, but a trip to Kinver is comfortably within reach and at Baci, authentic Italy has found a new home.


with a line or two of amorous poetry. The Elizabethans believed that the first person a single man or girl met outside their house on the morning of St Valentine’s Day would be their true love and it isn’t hard to imagine what lengths were taken to ensure the right person was met. During the lifetime of Samuel Pepys the girl or woman would send a gift to the man of her choice - not necessarily her husband or lover, and the man had to return the complement with interest. Being a somewhat careful person, Pepys usually managed to be the Valentine of a young girl so his return gift needed not be too lavish. Unfortunately he was chosen one day by a certain Duchess and he was obliged to spend rather more money than he liked.

St. Valentine’s Day The Victorians celebrated St. Valentine’s Day with a vengeance which, considering how socially repressed couples were, is odd to say the least. They did however start the custom of sending greetings anonymously which was perhaps because of the social repression between the sexes. They exchanged small but exquisite gifts of silk, gold and silver and sent cards the like of which have never been equalled. These were beautiful, hand-made creations of silk, satin and lace with messages embroidered onto tiny velvet cushions decorated with semi-precious stones, sequins and tiny pieces of jewellery and all embellished with beautifully executed miniature paintings. Those that still survive are avidly sought by collectors. The origin of the feast is very obscure and the saint himself a shadowy person from the mists of history. He may have been one of many or a combination of them all starting with a Roman priest martyred for his beliefs by the emperor Claudius around 270BC, or a bishop of Terni martyred in Rome around the same time for conducting secret Christian marriages and holding baptisms... He may have been a Roman centurion placed in charge of martyring Christians in the arena 82

and who, out of compassion, arranged for the younger victims and the women, to be killed before the animals could really get at them. This man was said to have been clubbed to death by infuriated spectators for ‘spoiling’ their entertainment. Another tale says he was a Christian who, whilst awaiting his turn in the arena fell in love with a daughter of his jailor and sent her a love note on the day of his death. Whoever he was however, he probably did exist though his exact identity will probably never be discovered. With the official acceptance of Christianity, the pagan festivals were wiped away by the church. It proved difficult however and as it was generally agreed that love was worth celebrating, albeit in a less ‘spontaneous way’, the 14th February was adopted as the day for its celebration and the name of Valentine became inextricably associated with it. Celebrating the day has varied through the ages. The Roman way was for girls to place their names in a box and for the boys to draw them out. The couples were then considered a pair for the rest of the year. In the 14th century a similar game was played in order for ladies to choose their champions. Young men also presented the girl of their dreams with a ‘love billet’ - a slip of paper bearing his name embellished

Taking the loved one out for a celebratory meal is a wellestablished custom and restaurants put on special menus and hold special dances for the occasion. Favourite foods include lamb, salmon and shellfish accompanied by light salads with exotic ingredients. Mushrooms figure large on the list as do artichokes, asparagus and those original love apples - tomatoes. Delicious sweets with chocolate, lemon and orange mouse’s and ice creams are de rigueur as are beautifully creamy cheeses and fruit. Wine is served of course, especially champagne or a couple’s favourite white wine carefully chilled. And with the coffee, a delicious liqueur like Parfait Amour is the perfect way to end. Restaurants are usually specially decorated for the occasion and tables beautifully dressed and every effort is made to make the evening really special. Taking your loved one out for a special St Valentine’s dinner or dance is a beautiful complement. It is also wonderful way to honour your parents though do remember to organise transport for them so they can enjoy their meal and wine to the full. However, the most important thing to remember is that these occasions get booked up fast so waste no time, book as early as you can to ensure no-one is disappointed and make this special day, a St Valentine’s Day to remember!

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Serving Fine Italian Cuisine Lunchtimes and Evenings with master chef Mario and his enthusiastic team

February Offer 20% OFF YOUR FOOD BILL* When you present this coupon

Enjoy a romantic evening with your loved one at Bravaccio’s Bookings now being taken for Valentines Treat your mum to a special meal for Mothers Day – to avoid disappointment please book early.

* Excluding Friday and Saturday evenings and Thursday 14 February 2013.

Opening Times:

To avoid disappointment please book

Lunchtimes Wed to Sat 12pm - 2.30pm (last orders) Sun served from 12 noon Evenings Tues to Sat 6pm - 9.30pm (last orders).

Situated at: 4a Upper Green, Tettenhall WV6 8QQ

T. 01902 756052


Ample Free Parking

Wombourne Tandoori Restaurant Air conditioned

Cuisine of Bengal

Fully licensed

Treat your loved one to a special romantic evening at the perfect venue to dine.

Bookings Essential! RATED 5


Rafique Miah welcomes you to the longest established Indian Restaurant in Wombourne Village, serving sumptuous Bangladeshi Cuisine for over 23 years. “We pride ourselves on our Quality of Food, Excellent Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction.”

Tel: 01902 324148 / 324437

Recently refurbished in contemporary surroundings, air conditioned and fully licensed.

• Winner of ‘Simply the Best’ restaurant competition 2009 • Winner of The Spotlight Awards ‘Best Eating Place – Casual’ 2007 / 2008 Our popular Take-away Service is still the best in Wombourne offering 10% off our Menu price. Open 7 days including Bank Holidays - 5.30pm until 11.30pm

High Street, Wombourne WV5 9DN 83

Be Clear - Get The Facts On Bowel Cancer

Dr Brian McKaig Consultant Gastroenterologist and Lisa Roffey Endoscopy Lead Nurse with New Endoscopy Equipment

Bowel Cancer is the third most common cancer in the UK, affecting almost 40,000 people each year. Both men and women are equally at risk and although it can affect people of any age, 95% of patients diagnosed with bowel cancer are over the age of 55. It is one of the most treatable cancers if caught quickly enough, and there is a high survival rate in patients diagnosed at an early stage. The main signs and symptoms of bowel cancer include blood in your stool, bleeding from your bottom and repeated loose bowel especially if lasting longer than three

weeks. Other symptoms include a pain or lump in your stomach, weight loss for no obvious reason and feeling more tired than usual.

can request a kit by calling 0800 707 6060. If blood is found in your sample, you’ll be asked to see your Doctor for further testing.

Some of these symptoms could be mistaken for other conditions such as haemorrhoids or IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) which is why seeing your doctor straight away is important.

If bowel cancer is found, treatment options will vary depending on the extent and stage of the cancer and could include chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery or a combination of all three. When caught early, treatment for bowel cancer can be very successful. The 5 year survival rate of patients diagnosed with very early stage bowel cancer is over 90%, but if diagnosis is delayed and the tumour has spread, it may fall to as low as 10%.

‘People need to become more alert to the signs and symptoms of bowel cancer and to be aware of their own bowel habits, reporting anything abnormal’ say consultant surgeons and gastroenterologists at the Nuffield Wolverhampton. ‘Anyone who is worried about their bowels or experiences a change in their bowel habit lasting more than 4 – 6 weeks, or has rectal bleeding which is on-going should visit their GP for further investigations’. The NHS Bowel cancer screening programme began in July 2006 and currently screens all men and women between the ages of 60 and 69 every two years (www. The bowel screening test aims to detect bowel cancer at an early stage which is when treatment will be more likely to be effective. The kit tests for hidden blood, the presence of which can indicate bowel cancer. All those eligible for screening will receive the kit by post. It is important that you take up this offer of screening and send the completed testing kit back. If you are over the age of 70 you

If you’re invited in after screening or have noticed any symptoms, your Doctor will examine you and may arrange further tests or referral to a specialist consultant. You can also ask to be referred privately to the Nuffield Health Wolverhampton Hospital where you can get an urgent appointment to see a consultant, usually within a few days. Here at the Nuffield we have recently invested in state-of-the-art equipment with the most advanced flexible scopes on the market. The high definition HD+ scopes are flexible cameras that are inserted into the bowel, stomach, digestive tract and bladder to help detect and diagnose cancer. We also have JAG (Joint Advisory Group) accreditation on GI Endoscopy. The JAG ensures the quality and safety of patients care is paramount by defining and maintaining the standards by which endoscopy is practised in the UK (


For more information see or

None of us want to talk about our bowels and many people understandably find it embarrassing, but awareness of the symptoms of cancer and making an appointment to see your doctor if you’re worried, could end up saving your life.

This article was provided by The Nuffield Health Group 84

wolverhampton west magazine | february/march 2013

Bowel Cancer Awareness. If you would like further information call 01902 793259 or go to Nuffield Health Wolverhampton Hospital Wood Road, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, WV6 8LE Don’t just go private, go personal

wolverhampton_218x140_bowel-ad.indd 1

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Cove Care Cove Care is recruiting carers addressing the national shortage of foster carers. Our aim is to meet the needs of local communities providing children and young people with carers reflecting their cultural and social needs, reducing the deficit of carers estimated at approximately 10,000. Who can foster? You can be single, married with or without children and meet the following minimum criteria: • A spare bedroom • A full driving licence • Be available for school holidays, meetings and training • Communicate with children and young people and work with diversity • Promote a child or young person’s contact with significant people.

• Promote relationships with other professionals. • The patience and motivation to promote “Brighter futures” for children and young people. Who needs fostering? • Children 0-18 years of age. • Children with siblings. • Forming attachments, presenting as mistrusting, withdrawn, anxious. • Difficulties in education • Socialising with children of a similar age. As carer’s confidence grows they gain a personal sense of achievement, alongside an allowance for each child or young person they care for. For more information about contact Lisa Evans on: FREEPHONE 0800 508 8324

Can you help build a brighter future? Taking a child into your home is a life-changing experience. You will face challenges but it is very rewarding to see children blossom within a stable and trusting home environment. Fostering is about making a real difference to a child through what may be a difficult period of their life. You will be paid for your fostering skills and you will receive an allowance for each child you care for. Our Foster Carers receive ongoing training to develop their skills and quality supervision and support to meet their individual needs. If you feel you can help build brighter futures, call now on FREEPHONE

0800 508 8324


Unisex Salon Hair Colour - Design - Cut - Styling - Hair Extensions

CREDIT CRUNCH OFFER Cut and Blow-dry only £15 Available Wednesdays and Thursdays Specialising in Hair Extensions – Call for a Free Consulation

Please mention this advert at time of booking and present on appointment

To book please call 01902 765975 1a Brantley Avenue, Finchfield, Wolverhampton WV3 9AP London • New York • Melbourne • Paris • Sydney • Wolverhampton 86

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Learn To Cook

With Raj If you thought the only way to enjoy the taste of authentic Indian cuisine was by paying a visit to your local restaurant or takeaway, think again. Raj’s home cooking classes offer you a fun, affordable and novel way to bring the flavour of the East into your own home and treat your family and friends to an Asian dining experience they won’t forget. Offering one-to-one, as well as group tuition, Raj shares her culinary knowledge with her students and teaches them everything they need to know about creating and blending the traditional flavours required to produce some of the best loved Indian dishes.

Raj explains: “My cookery lessons offer people the chance to learn to cook in the comfort of their own home.” “Dining out at Indian restaurants can be expensive, but if you learn how to create your favourite meals at home, you can not only save money, but impress your partner, family and friends, time and time again too.”

“All you need to do is provide the kitchen - as well as the ingredients I recommend - and at the end of the session you’ll have food for all of your dinner guests and the knowledge and skill to recreate the dishes as often as you like.” With a vast selection of traditional and tasty recipes - which include many vegetarian dishes - Raj’s meals are healthy, filling and perfect for any occasion.

All lessons are individually tailored by Raj to suit the needs and requirements of each client.

“Creating meals everyone enjoys is a very rewarding and enjoyable experience,” adds Raj.

“Whether you want to create a three course meal for a dinner party, or just some simple dishes for your family, I can help.”

So, the next time you reach for the takeaway menu, ring Raj instead and learn some new skills and make some great meals.

Learn to cook in the comfort of your own home…


Raj’s Indian cooking classes!

Want to impress your family and friends with a sumputous dinner party? Want to surprise your other half with a romantic meal? Just want to be able to cook a fabulous meal for the family? Tailored lessons to suit novices to competent cooks… Raj will teach you at home to cook authentic Indian dishes that will impress everyone. Invite your friends to take part (maximum 3 people). Raj will advise the ingrediences required. All you need to provide is the kitchen!

Prices from as little as £20 per hour classes normally take around 2 hours.

For more details or to book a class please call Raj - 01902 333258 / 07957 290974 (Based in Finchfield)



New spring stock coming soon. Gifts available for all occasions. Don’t forget Mothering Sunday 10th March!

High Street, Wombourne WV5 9DN

Fashion Jewellery, Handbags and Accessories! YOUR LOCAL SCHOOLWEAR SPECIALIST


Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts Uniform and Accessories • Schoolwear Saving Club

• Woven Name Tapes

• Babywear

• NHS staff discount

• Wool and Haberdashery

• Free Parking

Mon - Fri 9.30am - 5pm Sat 10am - 4pm

CALL 01902 892300 FOR DETAILS

Treatment for musculo-skeletal pain

Evening appointments

Cranial Osteopathy for children

Free parking

Male and female practitioners

Online booking available

Tel: 01902 332200 88

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With the festivities safely behind you it is an excellent time to assess the harm you have done to your body and what can be done about it.

Fitness And Exercise After The Celebrations Is it possible overindulgence in the good things of life, coupled with the less than kind effects of winter weather, can have wreaked irreparable damage to figure, skin and constitution. Most problems can be remedied; it’s simply a matter of time and application, dedication if you like, to the cause of self-re-building. The main things lacking from every spotty and over-weight person’s life at this time of year, are exercise and fresh air. Both can be acquired without too much trouble. The trick is to have them in sufficient quantities, in the right way, at the right time. You may of course require some special, remedial treatment to your skin that diet and fresh air alone cannot provide. A good facial, nourishing treatments and massage can do wonders for the tone and appearance of even the unhappiest complexion. Your local beauty salon will assess your problem, then prescribe and treat accordingly. Allied to the beauty salon is the hairdresser, whose art and expertise can make you a completely different person. Think about a brand new style for this New Year to help you face the challenges of the coming months with brand new confidence while you’re at it, don’t overlook those hands and feet. All that work leading up to Christmas can play havoc with hands and nails. Christmas

shopping can put a huge strain on your feet. A good manicure and pedicure will make all the difference. You can then step out into the coming months with a new spring in your step, and hands you won’t want to hide under gloves.

passes you A.1. fit, fine, select your group club or team and get to work. Start gently and slowly at first, working up to a vigorous pace. Don’t rush in with maximum effort on the first day, unless you are accustomed to hard, physical exercise.

Health clubs are excellent places to get back into shape. They have the equipment that will gently massage your muscles into the sort of rhythm that will tone and ease them into a routine of increasingly heavy exercise programmes. It may be of course, you need only the sort of exercises you can get without special apparatus. Again the advice of an expert is invaluable and can save your hours of useless effort and painful exertion.

Then there is the matter of bringing the exercise to an end. It is vitally important you realise you cannot just come to a halt. Programme your exercising so that you revert to ‘sloth’ over a period of days. If you are exercising under supervision you

Perhaps you feel joining a health club is going a bit too far? Perhaps you are looking for group exercise rather than the one-toone activities of the health club? An Aerobics class, keep-fit or dance group could be your answer. You will still be workingout under supervision, but in the company of many, like-minded people. On the other hand, you may just feel happiest going for a regular, solitary jog. Whatever form your exercise takes, there are a couple of things you must remember. First, before you even begin, have a word with your doctor. There may be some physiological reason that prevents you from taking strenuous exercise. If the doctor

won’t be allowed to begin or stop too fast. Exercising and sport are, as we have said, excellent for your health. Done wisely they will tone your muscles, improve your circulation and enhance your staying power. You will look better all over. Your skin will glow with health and you will feel wonderful It takes time to achieve, but when you look at yourself in the mirror at the end of the programme, you will know, beyond any doubt, it was all worth it. Find us on..

Tired of fad diets and being overweight? Detox and Lose weight in 2013 with affordable personal training sessions that start from as little as £20.

1 to 1 weight loss programmes with leading personal trainer Dave Corfield. • Specialist toning sessions for tums and bums • Nutrition and diet plans • Female friendly environment with female instructors • Remedial massage and sports massage • Pay as you go fitness classes

For January and February only, book your FREE health check and 15 minute consultation. Simply email: or text: fitness on 07966 633664


Image courtesy of Estee Lauder

Post-Party Treat For Winter Skin

Hydra Complete Moisture Gel Mask £29. Estee Lauder.

By Helen Taylor

Hydrationist Moisture Creme and Lotion £34 each. Estee Lauder.

Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser £16. Clinique

February is here and the party season is well and truly over, which means you’re probably feeling a little worse for wear. Weeks of revelry and over indulgence across the festive period will have taken its toll on your skin, leaving your complexion looking tired, dull and dried out. It’s the perfect time then, to treat yourself to some pampering and enjoy a relaxing and renewing at-home facial. Here’s how to put back what Christmas took out of your skin:


Cleanse away all traces of makeup. You must use an eye make-up remover, cleanser and toner to thoroughly benefit the skin - makeup remover wipes just won’t cut it. Use a muslin cloth that’s been submerged in hot water to place over the face in order to open up the pores. Leave for a few moments before repeating. Double cleanse by using a wash off cleanser that will extract any deeply ingrained dirt and grime. Smooth the product over the face and neck, before

removing using circular, upward motions. Splash with water. Apply a good quality exfoliator to damp skin and work all over, concentrating on the forehead, nose and chin. This will remove dead skin cells and clear blocked pores. Put on a moisturising face mask, sit back and relax, before removing with a wet facecloth. Finish your facial by applying an eye cream and massaging a moisturising face cream into your skin.

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WeddinG Fayre at WerGs GolF Club sunday 3rd MarCh 2013 11aM - 3pM

a Wide ranGe oF exhibitors Will be here, FroM photoGraphers and Florists to Cake Creators.

Wergs Golf Club


Keepers Lane, Tettenhall

For more information please call


01902 742225 or 07849 218475

West Midlands WV6 8UA

or email

Sale Continues...

Winter Ranges Now in Stock! We stock: Riva, Lotus, Bronx, Irregular Choice plus many more


“Faye is an ex-MAC make-up artist who has great style and flair. She is a fully qualified therapist.” “Susan is a fully qualified Botox nurse.” Sam has over 24 years of experience in the industry and although she has trained in hair and beauty, her area of expertise is waxing. She offers a full menu of waxing treatments to both male and female clients. If you want to treat yourself to some serious post-party pampering this Winter, then head down to The Beauty Boutique, where you’ll find everything you need to make you feel great and look gorgeous. The family-run business offers clients the opportunity to enjoy their extensive range of treatments in the luxury of a modern and stylishly designed boutique salon. There’s a highly trained team of four, who each bring their own specialist range of skills to the salon.

Manager and therapist, Sam explains: “Every member of our team has a wealth of experience in the beauty service they offer.” “Jayde studied fashion before training as a beauty therapist. She specialises in nails - including nail art - semi-permanent eyelash applications, as well as hair and make-up.” “Sue is our fully qualified therapist and is an expert in aromatherapy, massage and Dermatological facials.”

“We welcome both ladies and gents to our salon, it’s completely unisex. We have a dedicated ‘gents room’, where guys can relax and enjoy one of our ‘Dermalogica facials’, which uses a skincare system for men.” And for those who are looking for a way to take off the years without going under the knife, there’s a fantastic non-surgical facelift available at the boutique, with pain-free age-defying results. Call in and see the friendly team today for a free consultation on any of the treatments on offer.

Beauty Boutique - Look Gorgeous, Feel Great

Open: Mon 2-6pm, Tues & Wed 9.30am-6pm, Thurs 9.30am-8.30pm, Fri 9.30am-7pm, Sat 9.30am-5pm

Specialising in all aspects of beauty in beautifully appointed private rooms for specialist treatments.


Why not indulge in a bit of real indulgence and take advantage of our Winter Offers:

Re-juvenate your skin with a non surgical facelift Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System Agelock now available

Crystal French Pedicure £38 now only £25 Full Body Massage – 1 hour treatment £40 now only £25 Add on an Indian Head Massage for only £10 Deluxe Dermalogica Facial 40 minutes £30 to include FREE Dermalogica Starter Kit Novalash semi-permanent eyelashes £60 now only £30 Sunbeds from 50p per minute Shellac only £10 on Tuesdays

On presentation of this advert (no photocopies).

Gentlemen’s pampering, body treatments and waxing available. Hair and make-up available, bridal and evening make-up. Teeth Whitening available.

Valid until end of February 2013.

To book please call 01902 713335 or 07989178218 27 Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton WV3 0TZ 92

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Are you worried about your weight? If you are, Cambridge Weight Plan could be the answer. Cambridge Weight Plan is all about choices, made by you to benefit you. Together, you and your Consultant will work out a plan that suits your lifestyle – helping you achieve the best results at the rate you want.

Independent Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant

So, why not make a positive decision to change your life for the better and call me today.

Cambridge Weight Plan Award Winner Highly Commended & “Above and Beyond” 2010/11 Sales Champion & Business Building 2012/13 Karen Price t: 07974 974 994


Bilston Craft Gallery 15 December 2012 – 9 March 2013 Today the handbag is one of the most celebrated products of branded design. This exhibition presents the diversity of approaches contemporary craftspeople have taken to bags and accessory cases. Discover Sarah Williams’ quirky and exquisitely made carrying cases, Lisa Farmer’s leather containers inspired by living creatures, and Jo Cope’s conceptual carriers that explore the notion of the bag as an extension of the self. Brighton-based Wolfram-Lohr create new bags inspired by traditional designs, and UOldBag! give a new lease of life to vintage cases. Highly personal and functional companions, bags contain some of our most precious and necessary possessions. Find out what inspires each exhibitor when they are designing and creating their bags, and treat yourself to a new hand-made bag or purse to take home from the collection in our craft shop.


Acupuncture Awareness Week 25th February to 3rd March 2013 health benefits many people only discover acupuncture as a last resort. The Council guarantees excellence in training, safe practice and professional conduct and patients are advised to look for a practitioner who has British Acupuncture Council membership.

Acupuncture Awareness Week is supported by the British Acupuncture Council and aims to help better inform people about the ancient practice of traditional acupuncture. With 2.3 million acupuncture treatments carried out each year, acupuncture is one of the most popular complementary therapies practised in the UK today. Yet despite its widely recognised

Albrighton Acupuncture Clinic is holding an open day on Wednesday 27th Feb, where acupuncturist Vicky Nicholls, a member of the British Acupuncture Council, will be available to give out information or answer any questions you may have regarding acupuncture and health care. Feel free to drop in! Or alternatively Vicky is always available to take a call to discuss how the benefits of acupuncture can help you. She is available on 07702431820 or 01902 374364. High profile acupuncture fans include Julie Walters, who received acupuncture for night terrors, Mel C, who received acupuncture for depression, Clare Nasir, who

received acupuncture for assistance with conception, Jodie Kidd and Eva Mendes. Pop star and actress Toyah Willcox, celebrity ambassador for Acupuncture Awareness Week 2013, has recently started having regular acupuncture treatment for insomnia, a condition that has troubled her since teenage years. Previously, in her 30’s, she had used acupuncture for pain relief for a hip problem, including post-operative pain. Acupuncture is considered suitable for all ages including babies, children and the elderly and can be very effective, especially when integrated with conventional medicine. The treatment is widely considered to be beneficial for a range of symptoms resulting from illness or from clearly defined complaints, or to improve general feelings of wellbeing and help with relaxation.


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grace glory W o m e n ’s Fa s h i o n B o u t i q u e

Ravel Leah Shoe


Ichi Culu Dress


Melissa Divine Pump

Soaked in Luxury Asti Star Top


Soaked in Luxury Robinia Stripe Mac



Ravel Lourdes Sandal


Ichi Kama Dress


Selected Femme Paula Top


Model wears Sugarhill Boutique Flamingo Knit


5 Limes Court,Upper Green, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, 01902 750 016 95

Working 9-5 By Helen Taylor

Models wear

Betty Barclay Now you’re back at work following the Christmas holidays why not treat yourself to a fantastic new wardrobe? Choose tailored pieces that are smart and stylish and accessorise with fabulous jewellery, statement heels and a gorgeous bag.

It might be hard working 9-5, but at le ast you’ll know you look gre at doing it. 96

wolverhampton west magazine | february/march 2013

‘Agnes’ Blazer £75.Selected Femme at Grace and Glory. ‘Wandel’ Skirt £30. Selected Femme at Grace and Glory.

Navy Dress £95. Hybrid at Grace and Glory.

Tweed Shift Dress £45. Next.

Shoes £89.99. Bronx at Lily’s of Shifnal

Ladies Black Leather Strap Watch £139. Bering at T.A Henn.

T.A Henn - End of Season Sale

Handbag £54.99. Gabriella at Lily’s of Shifnal. Silver Ring, Aubergine Enamel £115. Now £69. Ti Sento at T.A Henn.

Silver Bangle, Spiral Pattern & Aubergine Stone £190. Now £114. Ti Sento at T.A Henn.

Exclusively available at T.A.Henn in Wolverhampton

Military Coat £99. Principles by Ben de Lisi at Debenhams.

Matching Earrings £90. Now £54. Ti Sento at T.A Henn.

Matching Pendant £90. Now £54. Ti Sento at T.A Henn.

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Tom Casey BSc (Hons), MCHS, SRCH Margaret Kennedy BSc (Hons), MCHS, SRCH

Treatments for: Nails, callus, corns, verrucas Diabetic & arthritic feet Heel and forefoot pain Ingrown toenails & nail surgery Functional & biomechanical issues Conditions needing orthotics/insoles

For an appointment in our refurbished modern surgery please call Tom Casey on 07828 613165 For other surgery appointments please call or visit:

• Friendly Personal Service • Medical Centre Facilities • Secure Parking • Disabled Access • Centrally located • Home Visits Available

Evenett & Bishop Opticians 67 High Street Albrighton WV7 3JA 01902 372141

Presentations & talks are available to interested groups.


We have now re-located our Wolverhampton Surgery to: 13a Park Avenue Wolverhampton WV1 4AH

Six Ways Clinic 24 Birmingham Road Walsall WS1 2LT 01922 622521

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Toms Tip: 5 Things About Foot Pain 1. Pay attention to everyday aches Nearly 80% of people ages 21 and older have had a foot problem. Anything from improper shoes to high-impact exercise can trigger a condition. To avoid injury, take discomfort seriously. Even seemingly minor issues, such as sore feet or bunions, can worsen and ultimately require costly surgery if left unchecked.

2. Fewer pounds mean happier feet Studies found that obese people are 41% more likely to have a current foot issue and 16% more likely to have pain. No wonder: Walking/running puts up to three times your body weight on your foot with every step and can change the foot shape, most commonly, flattening the arches. Losing even a few pounds can reduce that wear and tear

and may help shrink your risk of diabetes, which can cause foot pain from decreased circulation and nerve damage.

3. Good shoes are essential Ill-fitting footwear is one of the biggest causes of foot problems. Look for a pair with a wide toe box, ankle support, a firm grip on your heel, adjustable, and only bend under the ball joints. Your foot extends when you walk, so pick a size that leaves a third to half an inch beyond the tip of your toes when you stand. Winter is here, which often means people change their footwear to protect and keep the feet warm. This can cause problems if the change is drastic, as in moving from court shoes or high heels to flatter boots/shoes. Be careful to exercise your calf muscles and the smaller muscles in your feet.

worn inside shoes, can easily be made to alleviate a lot of conditions by re-aligning foot posture and the skeleton, so as to relieve muscular and bone tension.

5. The right clinician will save you money Whether you should see a podiatrist or an orthopaedist depends on your condition. In general, a podiatrist is the best bet for minor problems and for surgeries to correct chronic issues like ingrown toenails, heel pain, foot and ankle pain, shin pains, knee pains. Orthopaedists are surgical specialists often recommended for breaks and other sudden injuries (they also tend to be more expensive).

4. Orthotics/Insoles

Thomas Casey

Shoe orthotics/insoles, which are

HPC registered


Oldbury Grange N U R S I N G


Caring for Life


I feel very at home at Oldbury Grange. My bedroom is furnished just the way I like it, and the food is delicious. Everyone is so kind and helpful, and there are plenty of activities to keep me busy.

Oldbury, Nr Bridgnorth, Shropshire WV16 5LW


Tel 01746 768586 Award Winning Care


Try Something New... At My Library Usually by this time of year, those wellintentioned New Year’s Resolutions are long-forgotten. Consigned to distant memory, along with the Christmas decorations. Plans to lose weight, get fitter, eat more healthily and learn a new language, skill or sport get overtaken with ‘real life’ as we return to our day jobs, school days and routines. But we’re not even a quarter into the new year yet and it doesn’t have to be like this. It doesn’t have to cost the earth either!

Your local library has the answer... There are 16 libraries across Wolverhampton, each stocked-full of inspirational ideas to motivate and encourage you into something new. Central library stocks DVDs to demonstrate new skills perhaps you want to learn a new beauty therapy technique? Always fancied learning Spanish? Well you’ve time to do so before your summer holiday with instruction courses on CD. Have you always said you’d get round to reading that classic novel? Well of course - that’s available to you too! All library staff are also able to help if you want to get online but don’t know where to start. “But isn’t it going to be expensive to do all these new things?” Absolutely not! It’s totally free to become a member of the library and it’s free to borrow books, use the Internet and borrow language course CDs. There is a small charge to borrow DVDs. So what are you waiting for?

Make 2013 the year that you rediscover your local library - and discover a new talent too! 100

Where’s my library? Ashmore Park Library, Griffiths Drive WV11 2JW 01902 Bilston Library, Mount Pleasant WV14 7LU 01902 Blakenhall Library, Bromley Street WV2 3AS 01902 Central Library, Snow Hill WV1 3AX 01902 Collingwood Library, The Broadway WV10 8EB 01902 East Park Library, Hurstbourne Crescent WV1 2EE 01902 Finchfield Library, White Oak Drive WV3 9AF 01902 Home Library Service 01902 Long Knowle Library, Wood End Road WV11 1YG 01902 Low Hill Library, Showell Circus WV10 9JJ 01902 Pendeford Library, Whitburn Close WV9 5NJ 01902 Penn Library, Coalway Avenue WV3 7LT 01902 Spring Vale Library, Bevan Avenue WV4 6SG 01902 Tettenhall Library, Upper Street WV6 8QF 01902 Warstones Library, Pinfold Grove WV4 9PT 01902 Wednesfield Library, Well Lane WV11 1XT 01902 Whitmore Reans Library, Bargate Drive WV6 0QW 01902

556296 556253 555460 552025 556302 556257 556260 556256 556290 556293 556250 556281 556284 556308 556275 556278 556269

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AD 347 Wolves library card 218x140_Layout 1 12/12/2011 09:38 Page 1

Support Wolves and your local library

ry card

nd aries a r b i L n ampto ity Trust h r e v l un rt Wo Comm er to suppo s e v l th Wo g toge n i k r o w eading r l a c o l

ra my lib

y m

il brary card

Get yours FREE

from any Wolverhampton library It's FREE to join your library and it's FREE to borrow books! AD 347a



Three lucky winners can each win 2 tickets to see CADFAEL THE VIRGIN IN THE ICE on Wednesday, 6th March at 7.30pm at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre. Middle Ground Theatre Company Ltd presents A classic medieval murder mystery CADFAEL: The Virgin in the Ice By Ellis Peters Adapted, designed and directed by Michael Lunney. On Stage at the Grand Theatre Wolverhampton from Wednesday 6th to Saturday 9th March.

Featuring film projections, lavish settings and bespoke music, this stunning new production is produced by Middle Ground Theatre Company, who this year mark 25 years of bringing quality drama to the stage.

Starring Gareth Thomas, Rupert Baker, Christopher Berry, Hannah Burton, Paul Hassall, Tom Kanji, John Langford, Adam Lloyd-James, Jenny-May Darcy, Daniel Murray, James Morley, James Palmer, George Telfer and Richard Walsh. Middle Ground Theatre Company proudly presents the World Première Stage Adaptation of Ellis Peters’ famous medieval sleuth CADFAEL: The Virgin In The Ice. It is winter 1139 and raging civil war has sent many refugees fleeing north from Worcester, among them an orphaned boy, his beautiful 17 year old sister, and a young nun. But they seem to have disappeared somewhere in the wild winter landscape of frost and snow – and Brother Cadfael embarks on a dangerous quest to find them... The search will lead him to discover a chilling and terrible murder, and a tale of passion gone astray.

To be in with a chance of winning simply answer the following question correctly and send it on a postcard with your name, address and telephone number to Wolverhampton West Magazine at the address below to arrive by Monday 18th February 2013. Only postal entries can be considered for the competition and winners will be notified by telephone.

With which Midlands City are the Cadfael mystries associated?

Ellis Peters’ Cadfael novels sold millions of copies globally, and this World Stage Première celebrates the centenary of her birth. Veteran actor Gareth Thomas, twice BAFTA nominated in a career which spans 50 years and includes the title role in the cult classic sci-fi series Blake’s 7, leads a quality cast of fifteen, including Richard Walsh (London’s Burning), James Palmer (River City) and Rupert Baker (London’s Burning). 102

To book tickets please call the Box Office on

01902 42 92 12 or visit our website at

a) b) c)

Worcester Hereford Shrewsbury

Competition Terms and Conditions Please post all entries to Wolverhampton West Magazine Ltd., 1 Lytham Road, Perton, Wolverhampton WV6 7YY to be received no later than Monday 18th February 2013. Winners to collect tickets from the box office on the night. Tickets cannot be exchanged and no cash alternative prize nights available. Winners may be required to partake in relevant publicity.

wolverhampton west magazine | february/march 2013

Education and Schooling by Martyn Long - Headmaster of Tettenhall College

For those of you who are not familiar with Movember it is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces in the UK and around the world, during November each year. The aim of which is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate and testicular cancer. Once registered at each Mo Bro must begin the 1st of Movember with a clean shaven face. For the entire month each Mo Bro must grow and groom a moustache and conduct himself like a true gentleman. The funds raised in the UK are directed to programmes run directly by Movember and its men’s health partners, Prostate Cancer UK and the Institute of Cancer Research.

As I look through the latest education magazines I see the following headlines; “GCSE alliance prepares for its day in court”, “MPs launch inquiry into RE training and provision” and “Hundreds of university ITT places disappear.” My last few articles have included similarly heavy topics such as GCSE reform and changes to the primary curriculum so I thought that as it the season of goodwill I would try and lighten things up a little.

A number of staff had volunteered to take part and the plan I was asked to consider was that pupils could win, as a raffle prize, the opportunity to shave the completed moustaches of a select group of staff into the shape of their choice. The event was duly organised by the pupil run committee and it provided a wonderful way to bring Movember to a close and raise extra money for such a worthwhile charity. Within days we were then staging our first ever Santa Run at Tettenhall College. The event

this time was the brain child of the Boarding community but it soon spread across all sections of the school and local community. The morning of December 8th witnessed Santas in their hundreds tackle a one mile fun run in aid of the children’s charity Promise Dreams. Steve Bull was happy to lend his support for the event and did not even complain too much about all the red kits instead of his preferred colours of gold and black! A balanced education is all about working hard to gain academic success, excellent exam results, an understanding of the world around us, care and consideration for others… and, oh yes, fun! I look forward to seeing you all sprouting a moustache next Movember (well 50% of you anyway) and a Santa Suit in December (no excuse for this one!).

One of the best things about working with children and young people is their ability to surprise and delight you. This is certainly the case when it comes to their capacity to think about unusual and intriguing ways of raising money for charity. And so it was that a few weeks ago I was approached by the Charity Committee with an idea about how to bring our efforts at supporting Movember to a suitable close.


Open Day At Tettenhall College As Tettenhall College enters its 150th year there has never been a better time to come and visit to find out more about the school’s rich history and exciting plans for the future. Tettenhall College caters for 2 to 18 year olds with pupils of all ages benefiting from its enviable reputation for outstanding pastoral care and meeting the needs of the individual. The latest Independent Schools Inspectorate report commented on this saying that parents were extremely happy with the quality of care and teaching, and children thrive because staff are highly committed to meeting their needs. The Preparatory School looks after 2 to 11 year olds and the head, Philip Foley, extends a warm invitation to parents to come and visit the unrivalled facilities and 104

meet the dedicated staff. He says, “Parents sometimes face difficult choices when contemplating their children’s education. They really must visit schools to see if the school’s vision and ethos for education matches their own.” Pupils at Tettenhall College Preparatory School not only achieve results significantly above national averages, they also take part in a huge variety of activities, both curricular and extra-curricular, designed to challenge and engage them. In the Senior School (ages 11 to 18) pupils across the whole age range and ability spectrum achieve exceptional academic results year on year, with Sixth Form students gaining entry to the universities of their choice. Top scholars gain straight A*s and A grades to enable entry to universities such as Cambridge, Bristol, UCL and other prestigious institutions. Tettenhall College has a strong tradition of excellence in Art, Music, Drama and Sport. Academic scholarships are therefore

supported by a number of scholarships in these areas also. The Headmaster, Mr Martyn Long, is looking forward to meeting prospective pupils and parents at the forthcoming open day. Open Day All Years - Thursday 14th March 2012, 9.30am 3.30pm & 5.00pm - 7.00pm The Open Day provides a fabulous opportunity for families with children in all year groups to view the school in action, meet the dedicated teaching staff and our talented pupils and see for yourself why Tettenhall College is in the top 1% of schools nationally for ‘adding value’. In addition to our open days, we also offer families the opportunity to have a personal tour of the school throughout the term. If you would like to take advantage of a tour or require further information please contact Annabelle Addison in our Admissions Office on (01902) 793002/751119 or email

wolverhampton west magazine | february/march 2013

Tettenhall College Inspirational



Tettenhall College is an Independent School that caters for pupils aged 2 to 18


THURSDAY 14TH MARCH 2013 9.30AM - 3.30PM & 5.00PM - 7.00PM Academic, Art, Drama, Music, Sport Scholarships & Bursaries are available.

To register for this event please contact Annabelle Addison on (01902) 751119 or (01902) 793002. Tettenhall College, Wood Road, Tettenhall, WV6 8QX Find us on Facebook

All Winners At Shipley Campus

Sam Edwards with Bloo

Students and tutors at the college on the Shipley Campus on Bridgnorth Road have had more than their fair share of success over the past 12 months. Here’s a flavour. Lecturer David Lakin, a former pupil of the College, won an iPad in the VETNET ‘Design an Animal Enclosure’ national competition. 16 year-old, Animal Care student Sam Edwards from Tettenhall in Wolverhampton, won a competition run by Your

Dog magazine: Sam’s winning entry was a description of her favourite walk with her Old English Sheepdog, Bloo. More Shipley success comes in the form of Sam’s Lecturer, Lyn Hunter, who is a prize-winning dog breeder and trainer who regularly exhibits at Crufts. These winning ways build on Shipley’s outstanding reputation for its Animal Care courses, as well as those in childcare, and also business, administration and IT. There’s an open event at the college campus (next to Gardenlands) on 2 February, 10.30am - 2.30pm: drop in any time to find out more or contact Kathryn Blaney, 01902 709840, email

Apply now for full-time courses at our Shipley Campus, Bridgnorth Courses available • Animal Care • Childcare • IT Office Skills Open event Saturday 2nd February 10.30am - 2.30pm Open to all

For more information please call Kathryn on 01902 709 840 or email:

Apply online at The Shipley Campus, adjacent to Gardenlands Bridgnorth Road, Pattingham, Wolverhampton WV6 7EJ

Mathematics Tutoring Personal tuition by qualified teacher committed to providing quality educational support. Help with: A-Level Maths & Further Maths Core, Further Pure, Statistics, Mechanics & Decision GCSE Mathematics University Entrance Exams: Cambridge and Oxford 11+ and 13+ Grammar School entrance examinations For more information contact:

07957 290974 visit:

Based in Finchfield


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Big Six Embodies The True Spirit Of Learning A pioneering scheme set up eight years ago at Wolverhampton Grammar School recently saw its first cohort of students graduate with impressive results. In 2004, Wolverhampton Grammar School’s Big Six was established as a unique educational experience for 10 year olds which sought to instil a deeper sense of learning for students. The ethos of Big Six enabled students to come to WGS a year early in order to ‘learn how to learn’ and to prepare for the transition to senior school without the ‘distraction’ of SATs. The students who were the first Big Sixers back in 2004 have now reached the end of their schooling and eight years on, it appears the results are rather impressive.

The 17 students who this year took their A levels achieved 85% of passes at A* - B with several achieving 3 A*grades. All former Big Six students are going on to study at one of the country’s leading universities - including one Oxbridge place. “The students who joined us at age 10 to study in what was quite an experimental junior provision, have developed into well rounded, confident and very able young adults,” comments Deputy Head, Nic Anderson. “They have all done extremely well in their examinations and those principles of deep learning have really paid off.” Big Six was built around five key points known as the WGS SPIRIT:

Skills, Personality, Intelligence, Reflection, Interest and Tenacity. “This sense of deeper learning certainly seems to have paid dividends,” concludes Nic Anderson. “I have watched these students develop and I believe that this experience has prepared them well for the rigours of an academic education and will be a huge benefit to them as they go on to the next stage of their educational careers.” WGS’s Big Six year has continued to develop over the past eight years and now forms part of the school’s highly successful junior school - Wolverhampton Grammar Junior School. 01902 421326


Social Scene





5 6


Wombourne Tandoori 1. Gaynor & Mike Boyce 2. Front - Lisa Bockhoefer (Compton Hospice Fundraiser) with Wombourne Tandoori owner Rafique Miah and his team. 3. Michael Smith, Dan Crow, Kate Ward & John Green 4. Bill Farnell, Dave Campbell, Diane McGary & Jan Farnell 5. Raffle Winner Bill Farnell with members of the Wombourne Tandoori team 6. Roger Hawkins & Sally-Anne Hawkins 7. Mark, Michelle & Carla Shelton 108

Wombourne Tandoori held a magnificent Gala Charity evening in support of Compton Hospice. Rafique Miah and his team invited 70 of their valued customers to a complimentary evening of hospitality. Fantastic raffle prizes were kindly donated, ranging from a mini-flight at Halfpenny Green Airport to a trip on the Orient Express, helped raise an incredible ÂŁ2,376. A special mention must go to Rafique for organising the whole event and providing free food and drink all evening!

Social Scene Sponsored by

Wolverhampton Hospital The leading provider of private healthcare You couldn’t be in better hands! Call customer services on 01902 793259

wolverhampton west magazine | february/march 2013

Social Scene










The Crown at Wergs Wolverhampton based childrens charity Promise Dreams held a festive lunch to raise funds to give seriously and terminally ill children their dreams in 2013. The Crown at Wergs hosted the event which attracted more than 130 ladies to the largest lunch event that the charity has ever held, raising just over £3,000, a fabulous amount at this time of year. Promise Dreams would like to say a big thank you to Simon and the team at ‘The Crown’ for looking after everyone so well. The next event is a quiz night at the Crown on January 29th and the next ladies lunch in WV1 at Molineux on 11th February.

1. Helen Ratcliffe & Heidi Hood 2. Lisa Rollinson, Amanda Fortey, Hayley Morgan & Jane Chance 3. Lesley Massey,Viv Agar & Pam Hepwood 4. Elaine Donnelly, Dianne Roberts, Helen Mitchell & Jill Russell 5. Bev, Paula, Paula & Amy (ladies from Promise Dreams) 6. Karen Price & Julia Cox 7. Sally Manson & Emmi Fisher 8. Reena McCourt & Pamela Baker 9. Andrea Campbell-Jackson & Sarah Phillips 109

Social Scene









Patshull Park 1. Carole Harrison, Selina Frisken, Elise Bennett, Sandra Williamson & Katharine Mclean 2. Joy Grantham & Lesley Humphreys 3. Tracey Crackles, Deb Holdcroft & Alison Egleston 4. Helen Pickering, Julie Davis, Leanne Anderson & Karen Dorward 5. Claire Hilton, Angela Barnfather, Vanessa Longhurst & Jo Elliman 6. Maria Pilkington, Janet Wellsbury & Clare Wootten 7. Kelly Weaver, Laura Bennett, Jenny Wright & Julie Bailey 8. Louise Jones, Claire McCormack, Amanda Sperling & Kerry Moseley 9. Debra Swaine, Hannah Walton, Caroline Ferley, Eloise Beck & Ellie Pinches 110

9 A great evening of entertainment at Patshull Park was held with ‘Want U Back’ their most popular tribute act returning to Patshull as Take That! They had the audience dancing the night away.

Looking for advice on cosmetic surgery?

Book a FREE 10 minute one-to-one chat with a consultant at one of our cosmetic events on either Wednesday 27th February 2013 or Tuesday 19 March 2013. Please call 0845 603 4346 to book your place.

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Social Scene








Wergs Golf Club


A 70’s and 80’s themed evening was organised by Fran Moseley at Wergs Golf Club in aid of Acorns Chldren’s Hospice. Fabulous food, a disco and a live performance from ‘All Funked Up’ ensured everyone had a great evening of entertainment.

1. Diane Walker & Kim Fawcett

And what’s more, a fantastic £820 was raised for a very worthy cause.

7. Nigel Mynott, Ian Detheridge & Mark Brennand

2. Phil & Julie Robbins 3. Richard Bayley, Mark Robbins, Jenny Robins & Andrea Bayley 4. Elaine Kennedy & Cynthia Harris 5. Susan Fullwood & Maria Forte 6. Fran Moseley & Zoe Detheridge 8. Tina & Ray Jones 111

Social Scene 3







9 A fantastic night of live entertainment was held at The Pavilion. The night was a sell-out and featured, Julie & Denise from ‘chart topping’ 80’s group - Tight Fit, ‘Boy George’ tribute act - Silvio from Culture Dub and regional finalist of ‘Open Mic’ - Hayley Hubball.


The Pavilion

The event was sponsored by the Blyth Group, Tettenhall.

1. Silvio Gigante 2. Hayley Hubball 3. Helen Hughes & Sian Morgan 4. Wendy Regan-Lubke, Ellie Powell, Zoe Jones & Jodie Price 5. Becky Clarke & Vicky Anthony 6. Mark Dyer & Sarah Blower 7. Maria Podmore, Katie Brold & Jess Lowe 8. Julie Jones & Ellie Goodall 9. Jay Heighway, Rob Hubball, Steve Blower & Mick Woodhouse 112

Looking for advice on cosmetic surgery?

Book a FREE 10 minute one-to-one chat with a consultant at one of our cosmetic events on either Wednesday 27th February 2013 or Tuesday 19 March 2013. Please call 0845 603 4346 to book your place.

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Registered Charity No. 512387

Can you steer your team to pole position?

Units 4/5 Cannon Business Park, Gough Road, Coseley, Wolverhampton, West Midlands WV14 8XR Teams of 4 people - A great opportunity for team building

Friday 15th March 2013 - 2pm Race Off For further information or to book your place please contact Simon Cater on

0845 225 5497


Two Wolverhampton international racing drivers were reunited at a recent book launch after a gap of more than 50 years. Richard Attwood of Perton who won the well-known Le Mans 24 hr. sports car race in 1970 in a Porsche and John Rhodes of

Local Racing Drivers Reunited Codsall who became famous in the 1970’s with his skill in a Mini and eventually won the European Saloon Car Championship in Spain. The pair met up at the launch of a book of memorabilia about the Midland Racing Partnership compiled by former Express & Star motoring journalist Derek Hill, of Wolverhampton


who followed the team’s progress for several years. Both feature prominently along with other founder members David Baker, Bill Bradley, Alan Evans and Jeremy Cottrell, all of whom originally lived or worked in the Wolverhampton area.

both won the Irish National Championship. Together with Attwood who gained several successes in Europe they were invited to run the works team of Lola single seater racing cars and several Grand Prix drivers represented the team.

Formed in 1961 the quintet had considerable success at home and especially in Northern Ireland where Rhodes and Bradley

The best known was the double World Champion John Surtees who won the International Gold Cup at Oulton Park.

wolverhampton west magazine | february/march 2013

Andyman Services Full Home and Garden Service Specialising in Fitted Kitchens and Bathrooms

PAINTERS & DECORATORS Interior and Exterior All work guaranteed. Reliable. No job too small. FREE QUOTES. City and Guilds Qualified.

(supply and/or fitting only)

Also En Suites, Plastering, Door Hanging, Laminate Flooring, Wall & Floor Tiling, Patios, Decking & Fencing, Garden Clearance, Gutter Cleaning & Repair, Loft Hatches & Boarding, Outside Taps, Shed Roof Repairs and much more.

Call Kevin on:

01902 784879 07989151412 or John on :

ALL WORK GUARANTEED! Call Andy Corfield on:

01902 567232 / 07961593160

01922 495369 07791 415181 Camrose Gardens, Pendeford, Wolverhampton



Maintenance & Refurbishment Specialists


SKIP HIRE • Small, medium & builders skips with doors • Local company • Established for over 22 years • Built from recommendations • Fast, friendly & reliable

✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Building Carpentry Decorating Electrics Flooring Fascia & Soffits Interior Design Kitchens & Bathrooms Landscaping Plastering Plumbing Tiling Windows & Doors

Myriad Property Care offer an extensive range of maintenance and refurbishment services which can be tailor made to your property’s needs. Call us for a free quote on all your maintenance and refurbishment needs.

Please Tel:

01902 722876 Yard 17, Bank Street, Wolverhampton WV10 9DU

Myriad Property Care Freephone: 0800 566 8707 2 The Gables, Essington Wolverhampton WV11 2BF Email: Website:


Charmford Homes Ltd Why move when you can improve? The prospect of extending or changing your home can be daunting.

for achieving and exceeding the exacting standards of our clients, whilst always hitting their budget and completing the job on time.”

As much as you’d love a new extension and all the extra space it would bring, finding a building company that you can trust to undertake the work can be difficult.

Charmford undertake all aspects of construction and building work as well as renovations and maintenance. No matter whether the project is small or large, the team apply the same outstanding standards of workmanship to every job.

But, thanks to Charmford Homes Ltd you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands. The well established, family-run building company has built an excellent reputation over the years that have set it apart from the rest. With a commitment to working to only the highest standards and meeting the budgets of every client, the reliable and dedicated Cannock-based team is adept at making every homeowners’ dreams an affordable reality. As Owner, Richard Mclaughin explains: “Over the years our company has become synonymous with good honest workmanship and we’ve become recognised

“We carry out a wide and varied range of building services and we use only local tradesmen and suppliers. Over the years we have successfully completed a remarkable variety of construction projects, from new builds to renovations.” From their impressive showroom - that’s situated within Hollybush Garden Centre, Shareshill - clients can design and plan their new kitchen, bathroom or extension. “We can take care of every aspect of the project - from the drawing and planning stages right through to the decorating

when the job is complete, and we advise every step of the way.” “Although we have a modern approach, our team is traditionally trained and is dedicated to producing high quality workmanship using the latest techniques.” “Our philosophy is simply to bring our clients the best possible building solution.” Charmford Housing Ltd proves that there’s no need to move, when you can improve.

NEW SHOWROOM NOW OPEN! Hollybush Garden Centre Warstone Road, Shareshill Wolverhampton WV10 7LX

One Stop Building Services All types of building work undertaken from a garden gate to a housing estate and everything in between. • Family run business based in Cannock • Established over 15 years • Good honest workmanship The preferred choice for building and extension work in The West Midlands


We’re proud of our achievements, view our completed projects at: For your free estimate please call 01543 or email:


502500 AFTER

wolverhampton west magazine | february/march 2013

OUR TRADEMARK IS EXCELLENCE Domestic Commercial Industrial Established over 10 years

Office & Showroom, “The Ballroom” 16 Station Road, Albrighton WV7 3QG

All electrical work undertaken

• Rewires

• Security Systems

• Mains Upgrades

• Periodic Testing

• Fire Alarms

• Garden Lighting & Power

• Data & Phone Points

• Showers

• Portable Appliance Testing

To arrange a free, no obligation, quotation

CALL US FIRST 01902 374831 Email:

PATRICK J BELLEW PAINTING/DECORATING INTERIOR PAINTING - WALLPAPERING EXTERIOR PAINTING • 30 Years Experience • N V Q Level 3 • Fully Insured • Free Consultation • Trusted • Honest • Reliable • Competitive Rates

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Style and sense seldom go hand in hand. Practicality so often pushes the ‘pose’ factor into a corner while the craving for style for its own sake so often results in driver and passengers squeezing themselves in to conform to the concept. Everyone craves the ‘Goldilocks’ car - not too big, not too small just right for the job. So, if your motoring needs run to plenty of space minus beefed-up bulk, sensible sophistication and smooth, perky, economical performance, you will be interested in what Kia have to offer in their new cee’d which has been designed in Europe by Europeans for Europeans.  In hatchback or sportwagon mode, with a range of engine options and a plethora of standard features, this automobile is as firmly positioned in a competitive market to draw admiring attention as any. It’s a nice, clean, swift looking car that’s comfortable and roomy inside with enough options on tap to satisfy every conceivable need.  I made a point of putting it through its paces in a variety of motoring situations. From the family shop at the supermarket to a trip to the sunny seaside: from the rigours of an urban commute to the delights of the open country road. The cee’d did not disappoint. It is truly a car for all seasons, a car for all reasons, a car for three cheers. I took a friend to the opera, took youngsters to the swimming baths, helped a student move into digs and in all

manners of use it proved as solid and reassuring as a firm handshake - which is probably why Kia are confident enough to give an industry leading, seven year warranty. This all-new second generation model is a game-changer for Kia and its European design and quality is a match for anything in its class. Now narrower and lower it has a sportier stance and more upmarket looks with something of a coupe-like profile. Improvements are not only visual: they are actual as well as perceived and torsional body strength has been increased by 51 per cent so it’s a lot safer too. Inside, comfort has been upgraded and the four trim grades 1,2,3,4 offer comprehensive standard equipment. Even level 2 has cornering lights, parking sensors, all round electric windows, cruise control and speed limiter, a cooling glove box and a six speaker stereo system. It’s a tasteful and well executed cabin that offers tactile delight with its good quality materials as well as space enough for five adults. It seems like luxury you shouldn’t be able to get for the price and this gives an enduring feeling of quality which many larger, more expensive cars still cannot match. At £18,295 it’s not cheap but try specifying a Focus or Astra to those levels and you might think again. Previous cee’ds were praised for their smooth and torquey engines (There are four. Two petrol and two diesel) - but Kia has not rested on its laurels. The 126bhp 1.6 diesel

of the test car that will take you to over 120mph is very smooth and is now less polluting and more fuel efficient. It’s so clean that you don’t pay VED and you’re exempt from the congestion charge, plus claimed economy is up to 74.3 mpg overall - but I couldn’t get that: 54mpg was about the best. This might be because the engine characteristics and gearing are such that you tend to only use the very ‘tall’ sixth gear on long fast trips - where I’d bet that you would achieve remarkable economy. When it comes to driving manners the cee’d feels very grown up. Ride quality is supple, roll angles are low and steering which can be switched to one of three modes (sport, normal and comfort) is precise. It feels like a bigger car with an air of imperturbability, soaking up bumps with aplomb: it’s rare for its class in having proper fully independent rear suspension which makes for a car that feels tuned for smiles. As with all modern cars the high tech stuff keeps coming and coming - but one of the pleasing features of the cee’d is that it doesn’t overawe. Everything is set for driver relaxation and the best technologies are deployed to only come into play when really needed. In the case of the cee’d it means driving with every confidence that one is in a safe car and yet one which still retains a commitment to the simple pleasure of driving. 

Kia Cee’d 1.6 CRDI 2 Eco by Syd Taylor


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CRM is a Fully Licensed Treatment Facility. All paperwork completed & downloaded to the DVLA ensuring no fraudulent use of your vehicle details.

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We have the latest SEDA equipment for dealing with ‘Mis-fuels’.

Advice is FREE Call Us:

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They say that good looks run in the family and the MercedesBenz range proves it. The latest arrival from the luxury German marque is the surprisingly affordable, super stylish and freshly re-modelled A-Class. Instantly recognisable - the hatchback shares the same design DNA as its bigger brothers after all - with its distinct lines and dynamic-looking front end, it exudes all the sophistication you’d expect from the brand. There was no doubt that I was sold on the A-Class by its looks alone, and would have been happy to sign the finance agreement there and then, but being sensible, I thought that I really should take a test drive first. So thanks to Mercedes-Benz Wolverhampton, I took the keys to the A250 Engineered by AMG. Checking out the exterior - that boasts the AMG Sports Suspension as well as AMG bodystyling - I

inside and was delighted to find that the interior was just as sporty as the exterior. Black leather sports seats - that are complemented by eye-catching red seatbelts - sit low in the car, indicating that when you’re in this model, you’re in for a great ride. That was something I soon discovered when I set the optional on-board navigation system to take me out of Wolverhampton and into the Shropshire countryside to see what the A-Class really had to offer. Drawing admiring, yet slightly envious glances from passing motorists, and turning the heads of busy Christmas shoppers, this latest Mercedes stood out in the city compared to the endless rows of average-looking, boring cars. Eventually reaching an open stretch of road, I was keen to take advantage of the 60mph speed limit, so I switched from automatic, to manual, and with the help of Mercedes’ new 7G-DCT automatic

in my distinctly average car so I thoroughly enjoyed the power I unleashed at the touch of the accelerator. Pulling over to make use of the COMAND Online system - which allowed me to surf the net, tweet away and get in touch on Facebook, I declared to my friends - via a status update - that the A-Class was the only car I’d be driving from now on. Impressed by the still nearly full tank of petrol, I tested the great fuel economy, claimed to be 44.1mpg combined, by heading back home via the motorway at higher speeds. Even then the needle of the gauge hardly moved as I cruised effortlessly and quietly on the M54 - the A-Class proving it’s as suited to long distance driving as it is running an A-B errand in town. With my friends now ringing me to try to get a look at the A 250 - I hadn’t updated my status in a

The New A-Class: In a Class of its Own By Helen Taylor

was captivated. Dazzling in ‘polar silver metallic’ paint and finished with striking red trim parts on the front and rear bumpers, as well as bold brake calipers - in the same colour on the 18” AMG 5-spoke alloy wheels, it wanted to be driven, shown-off and admired. Reluctantly turning my gaze away from its striking good looks, I jumped 120

Call Mercedes-Benz of Wolverhampton on 01902 276977 to find out more. gearbox, I was propelled seamlessly and quickly from 0-60mph in a surprisingly impressive 6.6 seconds, convincing me that the claimed top speed of 149mph is entirely possible. That effortless acceleration showcased just what the 2litre, 16-valve, 211 bhp petrol engine can do. I’m not used to such performance

while - I made use of the Bluetooth system and made arrangements to meet them. Of course, they were all pleased to learn that there’s more than enough room for three in the back, indicating that if you buy this car your popularity will know no bounds as you enjoy your new trendsetter status.

The range starts at £18,945.

wolverhampton west magazine | february/march 2013

Get Your Car Ready For Winter With HiQ Wolverhampton The team checks and adjusts the pressure on all five tyres and assesses the tread depth to make sure they’re in the best condition for icy weather. As well as safety, ensuring tyres are in good condition will make the car more fuel efficient - saving more money during the most expensive time of year.

HiQ Wolverhampton is helping the city get ready for winter by offering a range of free car tests and checks to its visitors.

Along with tyres, the battery is checked along with the lights and horn to make sure that road users can be seen clearly as the dark nights draw in. The windscreen is checked along with wiper blades and washers. Then the team goes under the bonnet to check the engine oil. The coolant level and anti-freeze gravity is checked and hoses and fasters, radiators and connections are checked for

Motorists in the city are being invited to take their car along to the garage in Chapel Ash to check that it is road ready for the coming cold months. The HiQ team offer free checks with a no-obligation promise, as it aims to make Wolverhampton roads safer this winter.

leaks, making sure the anti-freeze stays exactly where it should be. HiQ Wolverhampton centre manager, Mac Grundy, said: “Winter is a time when many motorists can feel uneasy on the roads. We’re hoping that by giving checks and tests, we can instill confidence into motorists at no cost and with no obligation.” For those that wish to go further than a free check, HiQ offers a tyre fitting service, MOT’s, servicing, diagnostics, exhausts, brakes and batteries. It also employs cutting-edge equipment to ensure the precise alignment and balance of all four wheels which can ensure longer lasting tyres, better handling and more miles for your money.

For more information about HiQ Wolverhampton and its offers, visit:

HiQ Wolverhampton.

Keeping you safe on the roads this winter. FREE wheel alignment checks.

FREE vehicle health check.

FREE battery check tests.

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Ask inside for details.




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West Park Hospital en ha ll R d

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Ring Road St A nd re

No obligation promise on all of our checks.

t nS nso phe Ste

HiQ Wolverhampton 11 Chapel Ash WV3 0UB

01902 420234

Tyres • Exhausts • Brakes • Batteries • Servicing • MOTs 041628 HiQ Wolverhampton W West Sept 12.indd 1

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The MINI Cooper S Roadster

The Mini Cooper S Roadster has scooped the title of best opentop at the prestigious What Car? Car of the Year Awards 2013. Chas Hallett, editor of What Car? said: “MINIs are all about fun and the Roadster delivers it in spades – in fact we think it’s the most fun MINI yet. Drop the roof and the MINI Roadster feels like a modern-day version of classic British sports cars such as the MGB and Lotus Elan – only better.”

The award comes hot on the heels of MINI’s record breaking sales year in the UK, with the brand recording 51,234 vehicle registrations in 2012, the highest since the brand’s launch in 2001. The MINI Roadster was launched in the UK in April 2012 and the two seat soft-top has exceeded initial sales expectations. Built at MINI Plant Oxford, the MINI Roadster reincarnates the spirit of classic British roadsters by combining a high quality interior with class leading engines, delivering MINI’s hallmark agility and ‘go-kart’ handling. Collecting the award, Jochen Goller, Director MINI UK said,

“We are delighted to receive this award as it is a prestigious endorsement of the MINI Roadster. The critically acclaimed MINI Cooper S Roadster starts from £20,935 OTR and is packed with technology and a high standard specification, which really sets it apart from other cars in its class.” The MINI Cooper S Roadster’s 184hp turbocharged petrol engine propels the car from 0-62mph in 7 seconds, delivering unadulterated fun behind the wheel. Performance, however, does not come at the expense of economy, as MINI’s MINIMALISM technologies are fitted as standard delivering combined fuel consumption of 47.1mpg. 

The MINI Roadster is available now at Benham along with the whole range of MINIs. For further details please contact Benham Wolverhampton, Raby Street, Wolverhampton WV2 1AS Tel: 01902 457001 122

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boot to bonnet benefits.

Getting into a Cherished MINI comes with zero worry and plenty of benefits. Every Cherished MINI has been under the nose of our expert MINI Technicians to ensure everything is in tip-top condition for you. Stacks of checks and tests are carried out and if anything needs sorting, we fix it using Genuine MINI Parts. Even your MINI’s paintwork and trim are restored to suit the individual MINI, and it has a full valet so you get it looking showroom fresh. All Cherished MINIs come with:

minimum 12 months’ mini warranty

indEPEndEnt VEhiCLE history & miLEaGE ChECKs

FuLL sErViCE history

12 month mot & mot CoVEr

FLEXiBLE FinanCE oPtions

unBEataBLy hiGh standards

mini EmErGEnCy sErViCE Benham is an Authorised MINI dealer which means we get first dibs on the best MINIs in town, so you get the hottest selection available. Right now we have plenty of MINI Cherished eye candy to turn your head. To check our full stock, pop down to Benham or visit


Raby Street, Wolverhampton WV2 1AS 01902 457001


BMW 3 Series: Simply The Best

The BMW 3 Series Saloon has once again crushed the competition to be crowned What Car? ‘Best Executive Car’ 2013, for the eighth consecutive year with the 320d Efficient Dynamics. The BMW 3 Series Saloon remains the vehicle of choice in the Executive Car category, for being the car that means you can have it all. In EfficientDynamics

guise this ‘3’ is the most economical car in its class with its fast yet frugal 2.0 litre diesel engine, making it appeal to both business and personal buyers alike. However, it was not just the BMW 3 Series’ outstanding economy that put it ahead of the competition, the judges noted that its combination of refinement, comfort and agility put it leagues ahead of its larger rivals. Chas Hallett, What Car? Editorin-chief, said: “When you consider its spacious, classy and user-friendly cabin, and its frugal running costs, there is no need to upgrade to bigger, more expensive executive cars.” Continuing the success of the ‘3’, the BMW X3 took home the accolade of What Car? ‘Best SUV’ 2013 for the second year in a row. Despite the tough opposition from newer models in this sector, the BMW X3 xDrive20d reigns supreme thanks

to its excellent residual values, practicality and superior quality. Chas Hallett, What Car? Editorin-chief, said: “The winning X3 engine is one of the most refined available today and with its eightspeed automatic transmission it’s hard to beat. The X3 offers the driver and passengers’ top-notch luxury as well as great economy and extremely attractive residual values. The X3 works on paper and is even better in real world.” Tim Abbott, Managing Director of BMW UK, said: “For the BMW 3 Series to win the prestigious ‘Best Executive Car’ award for eight consecutive years is an honour and testament to the hard work that goes into producing BMW’s core model. With the X3 also cementing its position as ‘Best SUV’, 2013 is off to a great start for BMW.”

Both these vehicles are available for test drive at Benham Wolverhampton.

To book a test drive please contact Benham Wolverhampton on 01902 457000 or visit 124

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BMW Economics


The Ultimate Driving Machine

YOU CAN’T FAIL TO BE IMPRESSED BY WHAT’S INSIDE. Heated seats, Dakota leather upholstery and two-zone air conditioning all come as standard in the BMW 5 Series. As does its 6.5-inch colour display screen with iDrive Controller and front and rear Park Distance Control. Although perhaps the most unexpected feature of this model is its attractive finance offers. BMW Select finance representative example for the BMW 520d M Sport Saloon. Term of agreement

48 months

Total amount of credit


47 monthly payments


First monthly payment


On the road cash price*


Option to purchase fee^


Customer deposit


Optional final payment


Dealer deposit contribution


Total amount payable


Total deposit


Rate of interest

3.9% fixed Representative 3.9% APR

To find out more or to arrange a test drive †, call us on 01902 457000 or visit


Lever Street, Wolverhampton, West Midlands WV2 1AD 01902 457000


Official fuel economy figures for the BMW 5 Series Saloon range: Urban 18.2-52.3mpg (15.5-5.4l/100km). Extra Urban 37.7-72.4mpg (7.5-3.9l/100km). Combined 27.2-62.8mpg (10.4-4.5l/100km). CO2 emissions 243-119g/km.

Offer available on selected models in the BMW 5 Series Saloon range ordered between 1 December 2012 and 31 December 2012 and registered by 31 December 2012, subject to availability. Finance example is based on a BMW Select agreement for a BMW 520d M Sport Saloon with a contract mileage of 40,000 miles and an excess mileage charge of 7.5p per mile. *On the road cash price is based on manufacturer’s recommended retail price and includes 3 year BMW Dealer Warranty, BMW Emergency Service, 12 months’ road fund licence, vehicle first registration fee, delivery, number plates and VAT. ^Option to purchase fee and optional final payment payable at the end of the agreement if you decide to purchase the vehicle. Excess mileage charges and vehicle condition charges may be payable if you return the vehicle. Prices are correct at time of publication (December 2012) and are subject to change without notice. Retail customers only. Finance is subject to credit acceptance and available to over 18s in the UK only (excluding the Channel Islands or Isle of Man). Guarantees and indemnities may be required. Advertised finance is provided by BMW Financial Services, Bartley Way, Hook, Hampshire, RG27 9UF. We commonly, but not exclusively, introduce customers to BMW Financial Services. This introduction does not amount to independent financial advice. †Test drive subject to applicant status and availability.


Drayton Mercedes-Benz Wins National Customer Service Award

Two in a row. The Drayton Group Customer Service awards for the last 2 years.

Drayton Group Director, Keith Caddick (left) and Mercedes-Benz of Wolverhampton General Manager, Peter Smith with the awards.

This month saw Birmingham’s International Convention Centre host the 2012 national Mercedes-Benz Retailer of the Year awards ceremony. It was a highly successful evening for Mercedes-Benz of Wolverhampton’s parent company, The Drayton Group, who won the prestigious Customer Service Team of the Year award – for an astonishing second year in a row. Wolverhampton based Drayton Group Director, Keith Caddick, was understandably delighted with the award. “Winning the award for a second year running demonstrates our commitment to giving our customers the highest levels of service, and this has doubtless helped to underpin the significant growth in volume we have seen across all aspects of our business over the last 12 months,” he said. Peter Smith, General Manager at The Drayton Group’s flagship retailer, Mercedes-Benz of Wolverhampton, added: “This

award is especially pleasing as it is based on the views of our sales and service customers. We have the highest proportion of customers most likely to recommend us to friends and family across the entire UK Mercedes-Benz dealer network.” He added: “This national recognition is fully deserved and a great credit to our hard working team. To win a national award is a terrific performance. To win it two years in succession is a stellar achievement.” In addition to the Customer Service award, the Drayton Group was narrowly beaten into second place in the Service and Parts Team of the Year category.

convenient to them. There are 4 service options with an online quotation and booking system. My® Service customers also enjoy their own exclusive lounge with complimentary WiFi and Children’s Play Area.

Mercedes-Benz of Wolverhampton operates My® Service, a new kind of service package enabling the customer to choose the service option that is most

2013 will also see further new models across the range in what promises to be another busy and successful year for MercedesBenz of Wolverhampton.

This year The Drayton Group celebrates 40 years as MercedesBenz dealers in The Midlands. Keith Caddick put the latest successes into a historical context. “These awards demonstrate that The Drayton Group’s founding principle of giving excellent service to our customers in both Sales and After Sales continues to this day.”

To experience their award-winning Customer Service, visit the Penn Road dealership or call 01902 276977. You can find out more about My® Service at and discover the latest special offers across the New and Approved Used car range at


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A Daimler brand

A Daimler brand

Drive a new C-Class for £279 per month, 4.9% APR typical. Drive a new C-Class for £279 per month, 4.9% APR typical.

At Mercedes-Benz of Wolverhampton, you can drive a new C 180 BlueEFFICIENCY Executive SE with metallic paint for just £279 per month, 4.9% APR typical. There is also a £3,900 retailer contribution to your deposit. At Mercedes-Benz of Wolverhampton, you can drive a new C 180 BlueEFFICIENCY Executive SE with metallic paint for just £279 per month, 4.9% APR typical. There is also a £3,900 retailer contribution to your deposit.

Call 01902 276977 to find out more and arrange a test drive. Call 01902 276977 to find out more and arrange a test drive.

36 Monthly payments of* 36 Monthly £279.00 payments of* £279.00

Customer deposit Customer £3,938.21 deposit £3,938.21

Retailer deposit Retailer contribution deposit £3,900.00 contribution

Total deposit Total £7,838.21 deposit

On the road


price On the road £26,915.00 price £26,915.00

Purchase Purchasefee† activation activation £95 fee†

Fixed Fixed rate interest interest rate 4.15%


Amount of Amount of credit credit £19,076.79


Total amount †† Total amount payable payable†† £29,082.21 £29,082.21

Acceptance Acceptance fee fee £180.00 £180.00



Optional purchase Optional payment purchase £10,925.00 payment £10,925.00 Representative Representative APR APR 4.9% 4.9%

Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-BenzofofWolverhampton Wolverhampton Penn Road, Wolverhampton Penn Road, WolverhamptonWV2 WV24HD 4HD

01902 01902276977 276977 Official Government fuelfuel consumption figures the C-Class C-Classrange: range:urban urban15.2(18.6)-50.4(5.6), 15.2(18.6)-50.4(5.6), extra urban 33.5(8.7)Official Government consumption figuresininmpg mpg(litres (litresper per100km) 100km) for the extra urban 33.5(8.7)76.3(3.7), combined 23.0(12.3)-64.2(4.4). CO2 Whilst this thisoffer offerisisonly onlyavailable available through Mercedes-Benz Finance, 76.3(3.7), combined 23.0(12.3)-64.2(4.4). CO2emissions: emissions:288-117 288-117 g/km. g/km. Whilst through Mercedes-Benz Finance, wearrange do arrange finance behalf otherfinance financecompanies companies as as well. well. Model C180 BlueEFFICIENCY Executive SE saloon we do finance on on behalf of of other Model featured: featured:Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz C180 BlueEFFICIENCY Executive SE saloon at £26,915 on the road, including optional metallicpaint paintatat£645. £645. (on-the-road (on-the-road price 1212 months' Road Fund Licence, number at £26,915 on the road, including optional metallic priceincludes includesVAT, VAT,delivery, delivery, months' Road Fund Licence, number plates, registration fuel).*Basedonona aMercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz Agility Agility Agreement. Agreement. Example miles perper annum. Excess mileage plates, firstfirst registration feefee andand fuel).*Based Examplebased basedonon10,000 10,000 miles annum. Excess mileage † †Payable if you exercise the option to purchase the car. †† charges apply. andand purchase activation fee. fee. charges maymay apply. Payable if you exercise the option to purchase the car. ††Includes Includesoptional optionalpurchase purchasepayment payment purchase activation Quotations available on request alternativecontract contractlengths lengthsand and mileages. mileages. This onon models ordered/credit approved Quotations available on request forfor alternative This finance financecampaign campaignis isavailable available models ordered/credit approved between 1 January and 31 March 2013, registered by 30 June 2013. Guarantees and indemnities may be required. Offer cannot be used in between 1 January and 31 March 2013, registered by 30 June 2013. Guarantees and indemnities may be required. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other published offer from the retailer and is subject to availability. Terms & conditions apply. Prices correct at time of going to conjunction with any other published offer from the retailer and is subject to availability. Terms & conditions apply. Prices correct at time of going to press (01/13).Credit provided subject to status by Mercedes-Benz Financial Services UK Limited, MK15 8BA. 127 press (01/13).Credit provided subject to status by Mercedes-Benz Financial Services UK Limited, MK15 8BA.

AFC Wulfrunians certainly help inspire the players. In the coming months we plan to have an open day where potential new supporters can come and watch us for free and we will also be doing an offer for Wolves season ticket holders, please keep an eye on our website and social media feeds for these.

Welcome to the latest update of the events on and off the pitch at AFC Wulfrunians - your local football club. The great British weather has had a major effect on our fixture list over the last couple of months with games postponed due to rain, snow and ice. However, on the occasions we have managed to play, we have continued

our steady progress at the top end of the table. At the time of writing there are a number of clubs still in the running for the title and the run-in to the end of the season looks like it will go right to the wire. Hopefully we will still be in there challenging at the end. One thing that would help us in our quest for the title would be to get more spectators through the gate. The extra revenue this would bring would be nice but, more importantly, the extra support would

Looking further ahead, we have now extended our sponsorship opportunities. This means if you were to purchase a pitch side advertising board or programme advert now, the deal would cover the last few months of this season plus the whole of next season. Again, refer to the website if you are interested. All details of our forthcoming fixtures can be found on our website www.afcwulfrunians., along with details of how you can sponsor the club. Alternatively you can call me on 07834 391284 for more information. That’s all for today.

Paul Tudor

Puzzle Answers Sudoku:


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Word Search: Hidden Phrase: When love is not madness, it is not love. Pedro Calderon de la Barca


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Useful Numbers Reporting Crime

Dial 999 - If life is in danger or a crime is in progress. Dial 0845 113 5000 - To Report a Crime, contact your local police station, get police in a non emergency and for general queries. Dial 0800 555 111 - To report crime anonymously to the independent charity, Crimestoppers. Minicom: 0121 626 4114 - For people with hearing difficulties or speech impairments.

Wolverhampton Council General enquiries Dog Warden Electoral Registration Phone Environmental Issues Fly Tipping Graffiti Neighbour Hood Watch Reporting an Abandoned vehicle Phone

01902 551155 01902 551155 01902 551177 01902 551155 01902 551155 01902 551155 0845 113 5000 01902 551155

South Staffordshire District Council General enquiries All non-emergency calls Community Safety Team Dog Warden Domestic Abuse Environmental issues Fly Tipping Graffiti Neighbourhood Watch Reporting an abandoned vehicle Rural Watch


Albrighton Library Brewood Library Codsall Library Finchfield Library Penn Library Perton Library Tettenhall Library Warstones Library Whitmore Reans Library Wolverhampton Central Library


Albrighton Medical Practice Brewood Medical Practice Castlecroft Medical Practice Doctors Surgery Lower Street Doctors Surgery, 119 Coalway Road Dr. Michael G Hall, Pattingham GP Care Out of Hours Lakeside Medical Centre, Perton Lea Road Medical Practice Leicester Street Medical Practice New Cross Hospital Newbridge Surgery Owen Road Medical Practice Penn Surgery Tamar Medical Centre

01902 696000 0300 123 4455 01902 696530 01902 696310 01902 696500 01902 696217 01902 696314 01902 696543 01785 234427 01902 696203 01785 234427 01902 372226 01902 850087 01902 842764 01902 556260 01902 556281 01902 755794 01902 556308 01902 556275 01902 556269 01902 552025

01902 372301 08444 770924 01902 761629 01902 444551 0845 072 4614 01902 700462 0845 145 1800 01902 755329 01902 423064 0845 072 4619 01902 307999 0845 675 0589 0845 072 4620 01902 333408 01902 755053


Bantock Primary School Birchfield School Castlecroft Primary School Christ Church (Church of England) Infant and Nursery School, Tettenhall Wood City of Wolverhampton College Direct Claregate Primary School Codsall Community High School Codsall Middle School Dunstall Hill Primary School Merridale Primary School Palmers Cross Primary School Perton First School Perton Middle School Sandown School Smestow School St Andrew’s Church of England Primary School St Dominic’s High School for Girls St Edmund’s Catholic School St Jude’s Church of England Primary School St.Mary’s RC Brewood St. Mary’s & St. Chad’s Brewood St. Paul’s C of E Coven St Michael’s Catholic Primary School St Michael’s Church of England (Aided) Primary School Tettenhall St. Christophers RC Catholic School St. Nicholas Church of England Tettenhall College The Giffard Catholic Primary School The King’s Church of England School The Royal Wolverhampton School: Nursery The Royal Wolverhampton School: Junior The Royal Wolverhampton School: Senior University of Wolverhampton Uplands Junior School Walford & North Shropshire College (Shipley Campus) Westacre Infant School Wolverhampton Adult Education Service Wolverhampton Girls’ High School Wolverhampton Grammar School Woodthorne Primary School

01902 558710 01902 372534 01902 556606

Sunnyside Dog Kennels

01902 790618

Animal Care

Emotional Support The Samaritans

01902 558945 01902 836000 01902 558575 01902 434200 01902 434145 01902 556417 01902 558760 01902 558322 01902 750006 01902 758244 01902 742686 01902 558585 01902 558522 01902 850248 01902 558888 01902 558848 01902 850261 01902 850373 01902 790253 01902 556368 01902 558845 01902 434310 01902 434126 01902 751119 01902 556447 01902 558333 01902 349101 01902 349100 01902 341230 01902 321000 01902 558870 01902 709940 01902 558532 01902 558180 01902 312186 01902 421326 01902 558544

01902 426422

Birmingham International Airport Information Service Codsall Cars Image Luxury Cars National Rail Enquiries Perton & Bridgnorth Travel Platinum Exec Travel

0844 576 6000


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wolverhampton west magazine | february/march 2013

Great Theatre at the Grand! MON 4 - SAT 9 FEB

TUES 12 - SAT 16 FEB



SUN 17 - TUES 19 FEB Russia’s acclaimed ballet company returns to Wolverhampton following a sensational season in 2012

The Nutcracker Coppélia Swan Lake LYRICS BY






Performed by

The Russian State Ballet & Orchestra of Siberia


















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Box Office 01902

42 92 12





(while stocks last)



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lu s











BRINDLEY WOLVERHAMPTON Tel. 08430 222908 Wolverhampton Road, Codsall, Wolverhampton WV8 1HF Also now at

BRINDLEY STOURBRIDGE Grange Lane, Lye, Stourbridge DY9 7HH


Fuel consumption for the Volvo V40 range in mpg (l/100km): Urban 25.0 (11.3) - 70.6 (4.0), Extra Urban 47.1 (6.0) - 83.1 (3.4), Combined 35.8 (7.9) - 78.5 (3.6). COD Emissions 185 - 94g/km. 132 wolverhampton west magazine | february/march 2013 For Motability details and eligibility visit:

Wolverhampton West Magazine February/March 2013  
Wolverhampton West Magazine February/March 2013  

Issue 34 - February 2013. Wolverhampton West Magazine. Monthly Lifestyle/Business and Community Magazine produced by Studio 28 Design & Prin...