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December 2012/January 2013

Great prizes to be won inside this issue: A Fabulous Meal for 2 at Bravaccio’s Family Tickets for Jack and The Beanstalk at The Grand Theatre A Gourmet Meal for 2 at Halfpenny Green Vineyards Family Tickets for Top Local Attractions

December 2012/January 2013

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wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013

Hello Readers ‘Tis the season to be jolly, so carol singers shout at us. ‘Tis the season to be thankful, so the Church implores of us. ‘Tis the season to do without the Christmas clichés, according to grumpy old men who moan at us. At Wolverhampton West magazine we don’t make any such demands upon you and strive only to deliver just what you need to survive the Christmas season. That’s right, you might even say that by providing a bumper issue chock full of guides on where to eat, where to play and where to shop and what to buy, we have made Christmas come early for you, dear reader. Taking inspiration from the bible of cab drivers everywhere, the A-Z roadmap, and the ball of string used by Theseus to escape the labyrinth, you hold in your hands your salvation to seasonal stress. Between us and our advertisers, you’ll have the holiday season well in hand. We have fashion and beauty tips to keep you looking trim despite the turkey and trimmings; we have gift ideas with which to spoil your loved ones; a Santa-sack loaded with restaurants and eateries to facilitate partying with your friends and a bountiful supply of retailers offering the very best in home furnishings, that way you won’t be embarrassed if Santa chooses to drop by early on Christmas Day. So it’s with warm wishes and much merriment that we wish every one of you a very happy Christmas. And never fear, we’ll stay with you long into the New Year. Enjoy your read...


Contents Festive Foods


A Fresh New Look At T.A.Henn


The Local Property Market By Nick Berriman


The Christmas Tree


Win Tickets For Top Local Attractions


Refurnish For The Season


Carver Wolverhampton City Marathon


It’s All In The Cards


Win A Gourmet Meal At Halfpenny Green Vineyards


Recipe Of The Month


Mnd - Not Today Thank You


Crosswords & Puzzles


Grand Theatre Competition


70’S And 80’S Night At Wergs Golf Club


Win A Fabulous Meal For Two At Bravaccio’s


Rotary Club Of Wolverhampton


Bj’s Charity Bike Ride - Wolves To Brighton


Codsall Dramatic Society Presents - Snow White


Allan Bennett - Champion Of Champions Interview With Kk Downing Winter Essentials For The Guys

50 58/59 60

Golf Tip


New York / Bermuda


Gardening With Ann Winwood


Eating Out At Wv1


Eating Out At The Holly Bush


Christmas Glamour


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New Ford Ranger Double Cab Wildtrak


The Mini One D - Why Bother With Anything Else


The New Bmw 3 Series Touring


Beat The Cold Weather This Winter With Mercedes Benz of Wolverhampton


Answers To Puzzles


Winners of the Grease competition at The Grand Theatre Mrs L Smeeton, Penn Mrs A Macmillan, Brewood Mrs June Pratten, Codsall Winner of the Gourmet meal for 2 at The Six Ashes, Bobbington Mrs Anne Birkett, Codsall Winner of the Hamper of Award Winning Wines with Halfpenny Green Vineyards Mrs M Barr, Codsall


Festive Foods Christmas food is expensive and it’s plain daft to spend good money on things you don’t really relish when you could use it to have twice as much of the things you do. Take Christmas cakes for example. Everyone buys one but few actually cut it on due date. Indeed the traditional Christmas cake often doesn’t get touched till the New Year, or even later. If this happens in your home, why buy one? Why not leave the purchase of a cake till New Year or, better still, indulge in the traditional but almost forgotten Twelfth Night cake - you might fancy cake by then. Some people like sweet things and some prefer savoury. Sweet things abound at Christmas and if this is your taste, look round for the unusual. Imported cakes and biscuits from Europe make very interesting eating, as of course do those wonderfully traditional chocolate selections, preserves, sweets, crystallized fruit, marons glacés, etc. And it all goes stupendously well with sweet and delicious dessert wine. If you have a savoury tooth look for special glazed hams, smoked meats and fish. The latter seem particularly right for Christmas eating. A glass of cool, white wine with a dish of thinly sliced smoked salmon and fresh brown bread and butter 04

takes a lot of beating, as do oat cakes and butter with smoked eel and horseradish sauce. The food you buy for Christmas dinner may be less than inspiring after years of repetition, so why not ring the changes? If you are tired of turkey, buy something else, it’s only a recent tradition after all. Try cockatrice, the truly traditional dish (enjoyed on medieval tables) of goose stuffed with chicken stuffed with a small game bird, each accompanied with an appropriate stuffing of its own. Your butcher will help if the task is beyond you. Don’t forget the wines and spirits, again buy what you like whether it be red or white, sweet or dry, still or bubbly. Take no notice of exhortations to provide this and that for your guests. Buy for yourself not your possible visitors. If they don’t like your selection - tough, they can always go back home! All this may seem a little hard and selfish, but is it? Christmas should be a time for the family to enjoy all that is best in its experience. It’s not a time to pose or to do what’s expected regardless of your own wishes. Christmas fare should be special, it should also be special to you, because it’s your Christmas. This year when you are shopping for your Christmas fare bear that in mind. Buy adventurously, buy boldly, but don’t buy recklessly. Buy only what you fancy and what you or your family prefer. That way you can be sure you’ll really get your money’s worth at this expensive time of the year.

wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013

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this year, is keen to continue offering the finest quality precious jewellery whilst bringing to you the latest fashion brands. T.A. Henn already gathers a number of fashion names such

as Pandora, Ti Sento, Tresor Paris, Coeur de Lion, Clogau Gold, Bering and Ice Watches, from soldier to soldier and there are many more coming from this November....

Still more fashion to come at T.A. Henn from this November Your story around your wrist

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The invention and innovation that started it all, Nomination’s Composable Link Bracelet is made up of from a series of links that can be interchanged with different decorative designs to communicate everything from initials and astrological signs to special interests, passions, memories and emotions. T.A. Henn 38 - 41 Princess Street Wolverhampton WV1 1HD 06

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wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013



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The Local Property Market by Nick Berriman We were asked by a client recently how long we thought it would take to sell his property. My father recalled being asked the same question many years ago and replying, in all seriousness, that if we hadn’t sold it in two weeks we would have done something wrong! He also remembered one of his partners,back in the Walker Barnett and Hill days, saying in the mid 1980s, that the property market had closed for Christmas in 1979 and not reopened until 1985! These two remarks illustrate just how much the market has fluctuated in the last forty years. There was a boom in prices immediately after the last war and then a fall in the late early fifties but after that there was a period of stability when prices grew by about 5% each year until 1973 when the first price explosion happened. Sadly since then there has been little stability with years of extraordinary price rises followed by periods of gloom and doom when houses were difficult to sell and, on occasions, prices fell. There was one period of five years when house prices rose by three times. Although it was a fun time to be an estate agent it was not sustainable and in the end did no one any good. Of course there are always two sides to a story and when I was bemoaning the current bad market 08

recently I was called to task by one of the staff who was hoping to buy a house and who said that so far as she was concerned a good market was when prices were falling and houses were becoming more affordable! I have written in these pages before that there is always a balance between average house prices and average incomes. If the scales are weighted too heavily on one side or the other the imbalance will be reflected by the market. If prices outstrip incomes the market will slow down as houses have become unaffordable and if the reverse happens then there is buying capacity and prices will rise. Without becoming too technical the ratio should stay between 3.5 and 5 times and our present problem stems from the fact that prices have outstripped incomes and we are in a period of readjustment. There are other factors which are making things worse, in particular the unwillingness of lenders to provide mortgages on reasonable terms. Their caution is understandable after the toxic debt which had been built up but there is a world of difference between caution and the unreasonable attitude now being shown. If Mr Cameron would like some well meant advice on how to start the property market moving, with all the other spin off benefits that brings to the economy, then I suggest he

brings as much pressure to bear as possible on the banks and building societies to start lending responsibly but with much more freedom than they are now showing. I try to give a monthly assessment of our local market but it is difficult to find a regular pattern or trend. As I have often said we have our own in -house targets and this year have found February, May and August to exceed the targets, and in August by almost double, but with much more disappointing months in between. Sales for October were much better than September and achieved our in-house target for the month, continuing to demonstrate the inconsistency of the market. The one feature which is fairly consistent is that the majority of sales are being made in the under £500,000 bracket and although we are selling higher priced houses the upper end of the market is much more difficult. There was a time when the top end of the market was little affected by the vagaries of the economy and sailed on regardless but this is not the case at the present time as the current economic gloom affects everyone. There will be light at the end of the tunnel but the problem is that we don’t know the length of the tunnel! On a brighter note, if you can find a mortgage it’s a very good time to buy.

wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013

Property of the Month Hilton House, Hilton, Bridgnorth An elegant Grade II Listed Georgian house with well proportioned three storey accommodation in a convenient position between Bridgnorth and Wolverhampton. Hall, cloakroom, cellars, three reception rooms, conservatory, breakfast kitchen, laundry, five bedrooms and two bathrooms. Adjoining annex with potential for office / residential accommodation and oak framed games / leisure building. Good frontage and a fine rear garden. Total area approx 0.5 acres.

OFFERS AROUND ÂŁ765,000 VIEWING: Please contact the Tettenhall Office.

15 High Street, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton WV6 8QS Telephone: (01902) 747744 09


TREE decided to settle and it is pretty certain that America saw Christmas trees before Britain did. They were introduced, again by German settlers, and by the Hessian soldiers in George III’s army when they were set up in their camps during the American War of Independence.

By the 1850s the tree had almost completely supplanted the ‘Kissing Bough‘, a wreath-shaped garland of greenery hung horizontally from the ceiling in the main living room of the house. It was decorated with ribbons, rosettes, sweets, red apples and candles, and a bunch of mistletoe was suspended from its centre under which young members of the household were expected to kiss and celebrate the season. The real origin of the tree itself is not at all clear. There is a record of one erected in Strasbourg in 1605. Martin Luther has been credited with its invention in the 16th century by some. It is said that on his journey home one night, he saw the stars twinkling through the branches of the forest trees and thought how beautiful they would look if translated into a tree erected at home lit with candles. Others believe it was either St. Maternus or St. Boniface on a missionary tour who stopped a human sacrifice, substituting instead a small fir tree.

The origin of the Christmas tree as we know it dates from the mid-1800s. In 1841, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert had one placed at the gates of Windsor Castle. It was a tradition the Prince imported from his German homeland when he came to be Victoria’s consort. The royal tree however, was not the first to be erected in Britain. There are records of a tree erected in Queen Caroline’s household in 1821 and another three in 1829 in 10

Penshanger. All were decorated in honour of children’s parties held at the royal palaces. In Manchester however, the tradition was already quite widespread, having been introduced by an enclave of German immigrants. Indeed Christmas trees were to be found anywhere where Germans settled in the country and the native British were only too happy to adopt such a charming and pretty custom. The Windsor tree really made the custom fashionable amongst the nobility and wealthy. Christmas trees in fact followed Germanic migrants wherever they

This would place the first Christmas tree around the 4th or 8th century AD. The most likely explanation is that a felled fir formed the central part of some pre-historical pagan ceremony and has, like many another ritual or tradition, been adapted over the centuries to suit whatever religious belief was in vogue at the time. Actually the Christmas tree has only become acceptable in churches since the late 1800s. It was to begin with, a strictly secular custom that spread out from the home. Its place of honour in town centres was a focus for carol singing and other seasonal festivities. In churches it eventually became the place where gifts for the poor could be left for distribution.

wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013

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Here at Flaming Fires, we look forward to the long winter evenings.....

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Win Family Tickets For Top Local Attractions Visit Birmingham, in association with London Midland, is giving one lucky reader and their family the chance to win tickets to some of the best local attractions in Birmingham & The Black Country. We’ve put together a prize that includes an overnight stay for two adults and two children at De Vere Village Urban Resort in Walsall. Relax in luxury with supercomfy beds, free Wifi and a state-of-the-art health suite with 25m heated pool and spa facilities, before sampling the onsite Verve Grill and Victory Ale House. Also on offer is the chance to visit the Black Country Living Museum, a unique open air museum set in an industrial canalside village where you can experience what it was like to live, work and shop in the 1800s to 1940s. Meet costumed characters and learn about the region’s industrial past. The lucky family will also receive entrance to the National Sea Life Centre Birmingham, where you can meet over 1,000 sea creatures including hammerhead sharks, giant turtles, seahorses, otters and rays. Get ‘hands on’ with feeding demonstrations and the interactive rockpool and enjoy over 60 displays including the million-litre underwater tropical tank. The winning family will also be treated to a meal at the award-winning Chamberlains Quality Fish & Chips, a family run restaurant serving over 10 types of fish and seafood, starters, meat and vegetarian main courses and desserts - officially Birmingham’s premier Fish and Chip venue!

If required, return train travel to Birmingham is provided by rail operator London Midland, which provides cheap and convenient train travel into the heart of the city. For more information on Birmingham and the wider region log on to To be in with a chance of winning this fabulous prize simple answer the following question:

How many litres of water does the underwater tropical tank hold at the National Sea Life Centre? Email your answer including your name, address and telephone number to: or on a postcard to Wolverhampton West Magazine Ltd, 1 Lytham Road, Perton, Wolverhampton WV6 7YY. Entries to be received by Friday 28th December 2012. Competition Terms & Conditions Winner will be chosen at random from all correct entries received and informed by telephone. To enter you must be a minimum of 18 years old. No cash or alternative prize will be given. Prize is based on a family of 2 adults and 2 children. Prize return transport to Birmingham is included but travel whilst in the city is not included. Prizes to be redeemed by date shown on vouchers. Winner to arrange receipt of prize with venues directly after Visit Birmingham has notified them of their success.


wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013

Pre Christmas Offers

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Refurnish For The Season Wandering ‘round the local furniture stores is one of the more pleasant activities in life. It’s even nicer if you are seriously contemplating the purchase of some item of furniture and there really is nothing nicer than buying new furniture in time for Christmas. Somehow that smell of newness emanating from new furniture pervades the whole house and adds that final touch of magic to the season. The trouble is the choice is so wide, how do you select the perfect piece? Try to get a feel for what’s in fashion, what’s most attractive to you and what is best value for money. Look for the workmanship too and if possible, always consider the British makes first. They are usually the best 14

though maybe not the cheapest. Bear in mind you will only get what you pay for. Cheap and cheerful furniture will have a short life and a merry one. It will look good for a short while after which it will need a tremendous amount of care to keep it that way. Cheap furniture is also less likely to stand the slings and arrows of outrageous children, so bear that in mind as well. If you are seeking a new threepiece suite, make sure it is well upholstered, of the correct height for your leg length and made on a beech frame. It’s worth choosing one with arm protectors and washable, slip-on cushion covers. An extra set of loose covers will also help lengthen its life and ring the changes as the seasons change. If you are refurnishing the bedrooms you’ll have to decide whether to install fitted units, free-standing furniture or a judicious mixture of the two. Look for adaptable furniture for a children’s room.

Choosing a new bed however, is a much more difficult choice. The possibilities are so very varied. Will you have a divan or a bed on legs with integral head and foot board, a full four-poster or just one with a half canopy? Should it be a double, king size or super king size? Then there are the various types of divan, some with mattresses that provide the different degrees of softness required by different partners who don’t want to resort to single beds. You may like to consider an electrically powered bed that can be adjusted to give the sleeping position you prefer or even to provide gentle massage for aching limbs. And all this assumes you are looking for brand new furniture or some modern reproduction of your favourite period. Antique furniture is yet another possibility and an excellent investment it can be too. So, if you really want a treat this Christmas, why not refurnish your home?

wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013

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Carver Wolverhampton City Marathon It seems an age away that we were planning the 2012 Marathon Events. Now the debrief has taken place and planning is underway for 2013. Some exiting new things are planned and the organisers are looking for charity recipients for 2013. Any charities wishing to apply must write to Mary Harding at Carvers Building Supplies, Littles Lane, Wolverhampton. In order to fulfil the criteria 25-30 people are required to train as marshals and commit to helping on Marathon Sunday. This is crucial for the smooth operation of the events with so many people out on the roads at one time. Also anyone wishing to sponsor the events please contact Chair Mary Harding for information about involvement with this, the largest sporting organisation in the Wolverhampton City calendar. This event grows from year to year with so many people taking part and helping to raise money for worthwhile causes. There is something to take part in for every member of the family.

To view pictures from 2012 and find out more about the events log on to our website www.wolverhamptonmarathonevents 16

wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013

Winter Wonderland * VAT FREE DAY Saturday 1st December 2012 10am - 2pm

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It’s All

In The Cards

‘Must haves’ for Christmas this year will include: ‘The Tree’ with my favourite decorations – essential Mince pies – in moderation Chocolate – obviously Lots of Christmas carols – but at home, not in the shops And, of course, sending many Christmas cards with the annual exchange of news with friends near and far. It’s great to keep in touch this way and in particular with CHARITY CHRISTMAS CARDS. They do so much good and give such value for money. And, as always, the biggest and best selection of Charity Christmas Cards in Wolverhampton is to be found at the:


‘CARDS FOR GOOD CAUSES’ Multi Charity Christmas Card Shop In St Peter’s House Coffee Shop Exchange Street (just off Queen Square) Open from 29 Oct to 13 Dec Mon to Fri 10.00am to 3.00pm Sat 10am to 1pm

‘Buy once, give twice’ is a CARDS FOR GOOD CAUSES motto. By buying charity cards not only will you be sending season’s greetings to friends and family but you’ll also be contributing to the much needed funds of your favourite good causes. CARDS FOR GOOD CAUSES guarantees to return at least 75p out of every £1 to the charities whose cards it sells. You can buy online too! Visit

You will find a huge range of cards from more than 25 local and national charities and a happy band of volunteers to help you make your choice. There’s a wide selection of Christmas goods too – Advent Calendars, wrapping paper, small gifts and stocking fillers. Something for everyone and all very reasonably priced too. Why not make choosing your cards an occasion? Bring your friends and, having made your purchases, treat yourself to coffee and one of the St Peter’s House delicious scones.

wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013

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Win a Gourmet Meal for Two at Halfpenny Green Vineyards Restaurant

Halfpenny Green Vineyards is offering one lucky winner a delicious dinner for two at one of their special Gourmet Evenings, worth £60. Held in the vineyards’ restaurant, Halfpenny Green Vineyards’ Gourmet Evenings take place once a month and offer diners

a special experience and delectable gourmet menu, not on offer to daytime visitors. Choose from appetising homemade dishes including: duo of cured salmon, new potato and caper salad, roast breast of guinea fowl with a game and thyme gravy and puy lentil casserole, and lavender pannacotta with blackberry compote and honeycomb.

You can contact Halfpenny Green Vineyards to book on a Gourmet Evening on: 01384 221122 or, for a chance of winning a meal for two, answer the following question:

What Year Were The First Vines Planted At Halfpenny Green? Email your answer including your name, address and telephone number to: or on a postcode to Wolverhampton West Magazine, 1 Lytham Road, Perton, Wolverhampton WV6 7YY. Entries to be received by Friday 14th December 2012. Competition Terms & Conditions The Gourmet Evening meal for two must be taken in February or March 2013 on the specified dates. Contact the vineyards for more information. Winner will be chosen at random from all correct entries received and informed by telephone. To enter you must be a minimum of 21 years of age. No cash or alternative prize will be given. All entries will be forwarded to Halfpenny Green Vineyards unless requested otherwise.


wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013

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Recipe kindly provided by Stuart Plant from the Six Ashes, Bobbington. Image courtesy of

Recipe of the month Scampi Of Pork Belly

Serves 4



• 1 kg pork belly, skinned and boned


Season the pork belly and fry in a pan till golden on both sides and remove.


Fry the vegetables and herbs in the same pan till golden and put into an oven proof dish.

• 1 stick celery chopped


Add the pork belly and enough goose fat to cover.

• 1 onion chopped


Cover with grease proof paper and cook in the oven on a low heat for 2-3 hours till soft and tender.


Take out and drain on a cake rack for 5 mins then wrap in cling film and press with a weight on top preferably overnight.


The next day, cut into 1 inch cubes, dust in flour; dip in egg wash then into the bread crumbs.


Deep fry for 1 min till golden then put into a pre-heated oven 180 for 5 mins, remove and drain on kitchen towel.


Peel core and chop the apples and put into a pan with the sugar and water and cook until soft, blend and season to make apple puree. Keep warm or re-heat as required.


Mix all the ingredients for the ravigote sauce together and season.

• Goose fat to cover • 4 cloves garlic • 1 carrot chopped

• 2 bay leaves • 1 sprig of thyme • 1 egg whisked • Seasoned flour • Japanese bread crumbs APPLE PUREE • 3 bramley apples • 4 tbls caster sugar • 2 tbls water • salt & pepper RAVIGOTE SAUCE • 2 tbls chopped gherkins • 2 tbls chopped capers • 2 tbls chopped shallots • 2 tbls chopped curley parsley • zest of half a lemon • 4 tbls extra virgin olive oil 22

TO SERVE Serve the crispy pork belly in a bowl with the warm apple puree and ravigote sauce in separate dipping bowls. wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013

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MND Not Today Thank you by John Henn

Simon and I meet the man himself

It was a beautiful September morning when we arrived at Trentham Gardens to watch the 5th stage of the ‘Tour of Britain’. Before the day was out we would shake hands with Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish from Team Sky and give Simon, our Motor Neuron Disease suffering friend, a great day out. Simon was diagnosed a year ago with MND after returning from cycling a stage of the Tour de France, one leg was still a little stiff after a couple of weeks and so he went looking for answers which resulted in this life changing diagnosis. My friend Robert had contacted the office of Dave Brailsford the man who has overseen the renaissance of British cycling, and Team Sky coach, with a view of giving Simon a ‘Peak’ in his otherwise spiraling decline. Feeling a little forgotten, the day before we were due to go, his office called to let us know that they could arrange for us to meet the team and have a tour of the bus, affectionately know as the ‘Death Star’.

We were all friends, Simon, Dominic our brilliant Chiropractor, Robert who makes things happen, Mike, there is nothing he doesn’t know about cycling, and myself. We were met at the bus by Rob our appointed fixer who graciously made sure we were in all the right places, and arranged for us to meet the team. Simon was able to communicate with ‘Wiggo’ through his iPad and was able to tell him about the motorbike ride we had undertaken earlier in the year from John O’Groats to Lands End, before he had lost the use of his legs. Also that only 12 months earlier he was riding in the Alps on a bike not too dissimilar to his, well almost. (Wiggo’s is reportedly 10k and comes with two mechanics!) After the start we watched them ascend the category 1 climb at Gun Hill north of Leek and gave a live interview on BBC Radio Stoke before retiring to lunch in a local pub. It was a great day, just five blokes escaping for a few hours. It was a privilege to get up close to one of the most successful winning teams in all of sport.

To read the whole story about our trip from ‘End to End’ go to; MND is a monster and whilst it may be too late for Simon lets see if we can find a chink in its armor for the next generations. Pictures: John Henn, Mike McGraw, Robert Osborne, Dominic Senior, Simon Cupitt in the chair with Wiggo’s bike.


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From a Bulb to a Chandelier, we can supply all your lighting needs.

Call into our Showroom and view a wide selection of lights and lamps for all tastes. You’ll find us at: 19, Louise Street, Lower Gornal DY3 2UA

Tel: 01384 825906

or to view our full product range and buy online visit


Quick Crossword Down 1 Painter (6) 2 American handbag (5) 3 Masterpiece (7) 5 Wireless (5) 6 Woollen cover (7) 7 Fast (6) 8 Assembled (11) 14 Departing (7) 15 Right (7) 16 Lines of a verse (6) 17 Method (6) 19 Clenched hands (5) 21 Frighten (5)

Across 1 South American animal (6) 4 Clans (6) 9 Whirlwind (7) 10 Male duck (5) 11 Casseroles (5) 12 Surprised (7) 13 Source of power (11) 18 Cars, buses etc. (7) 20 Dangerous (5) 22 Tacks (5) 23 Graceful (7) 24 Eighth month (6) 25 Flow (6)




Puzzle answers on 128

Word Search Find the words associated with photography in the grid and the remaining letters will spell out a related phrase

Amid Angels Another Away Carol Come First Good Hark Herald Jolly Just Kings Little Manger Merry 26

Nicholas Night Old Rest Royal Saint See Silent Sing Snow Star Three Town Watched Winters Wish wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013

Best prices on triple glazing


Special Offer on Edwardian or Victorian Conservatory

Only £6,250 fully installed 3.6mtr x 3.0 mtr (12ft x 10ft)

Includes: Base, Brickwork and Electrics,35 mill Polycarbonate Roof

Plus Finishing Touches

This Conservato ry for just

Upgrade to self cleanin g Glass Roof for £700

£97.75 per m onth

WHY COMPROMISE, INVEST IN TETTENHALL’S ECO WINDOW TRIPLE GLAZED AS STANDARD Installing Triple Glazing can save you up to 28% per year on your Heating Bills compared to traditional windows. As Triple Glazed units are up to 40% more Thermally Efficient than Double Glazed units. This will help reduce your energy Bills and your Carbon Emmissions, plus with our flexible Low Rate Options Funding you could Triple Glaze your Home for just £78.50 per month. 128 Aldersley Rd Tettenhall WV6 9LZ Tel: 01902 754114 Open: Mon to Sat, 10am until 4.30pm

Making energy savings even more affordable with low rate funding Example Loan amount


monthly payment (x120)


£78.50 term of loan 120 months APR 15.3%. Total amount repayable £9,420 subject to status.

Orangeries • Conservatories • Windows/Doors Bi-Folding Doors • Triple Glazing • Roof Trim • Sash Windows Visit our updated website at: 27


Three lucky winners can each win 4 tickets to see JACK AND THE BEANSTALK on Thursday, 10th January at 7.15pm at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre. This Christmas, gather up your family, friends and neighbours and get yourself down to Wolverhampton Grand Theatre for their star studded pantomime extravaganza Jack And The Beanstalk, starring the fabulous Sherrie Hewson from Loose Women and Benidorm. The Grand has very kindly given Wolverhampton West Magazine three sets of family tickets (four tickets per family) for you to join in all the Panto action this festive season! Sherrie Hewson will be joined on stage by Keith Harris and the loveable Orville and Cuddles who will play Simple Simon, Jack’s brother. Joining Sherrie and Keith is former Coronation Street star Ken Morley as King Crumble, Grand Theatre favourite Niki Evans in the role of Fairy Fortune and Nigel Ellacott as Dame Trott. They have all been enlisted to help Jack save the Princess Apricot and defeat the evil giant! Jack And The Beanstalk promises to be another sensational combination of comedy, music and stunning special effects Jack And The Beanstalk is at the Grand Theatre Wolverhampton from 8 December to 20 January 2013. 28

To book tickets please call the Box Office on 01902 42 92 12 or visit our website at To be in with a chance of winning simply answer the following question correctly and send it on a postcard with your name, address and telephone number to Wolverhampton West Magazine at the address below to arrive by Friday 7th December 2012. Only postal entries can be considered for the competition and winners will be notified by telephone.

Keith Harris and Orville had a hit single by what name? a) I wish I could Fly b) When you wish upon a Star c) The Ugly Duckling Competition Terms and Conditions Please post all entries to Wolverhampton West Magazine Ltd., 1 Lytham Road, Perton, Wolverhampton, WV6 7YY to be received no later than 7th December 2012. Winners to collect tickets from the box office on the night. Tickets cannot be exchanged and no cash alternative prize nights available. Winners may be required to partake in relevant publicity.

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At Eaton Kitchens we have an elegant studio with traditional and modern displays. Our Extensive range of kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms will enable us to create the room of your dreams. Our Computer Aided Designs will give you the opportunity to experience your new room prior to installation.

For a free no obligation quote please call in at:

20 Finchfield Rd West, Finchfield, WV3 8AZ or telephone:

01902 761600


70’S And 80’S Night At Wergs Golf Club - All In Aid Of A Good Cause There’s a fantastic event planned for Saturday 24th November at Wergs Golf Club, and it’s all in aid of a very good cause. The 70’s and 80’s themed evening will feature fabulous food, great music, a disco and even a live performance from All Funked Up - one of the Midland’s hottest function bands with a vast repertoire of hits from the era. And what’s more, all of the funds raised will go to Acorns Children’s Hospice.

team at Acorns and looked around the hospice. “I was amazed by what they do there- it’s fantastic. Next year is Acorns 25th anniversary and I am really keen to support them as much as possible - it’s an amazing charity.”

She explains: “Our last event at the Golf Club was in April and it was a great success. We entertained guests with a fantastic fashion show - with help from many local businesses - and managed to raise an incredible £2400, thanks to everybody’s support and generosity. We split the money between Acorns and Help The Heroes.” After the event, Fran personally presented the cheque to the

Following on from the enormous success of previous events at the club - that have raised muchneeded funds for deserving charities - organiser Fran Moseley, is keen to get the party started and treat her guests to a great evening.

There will be a spectacular buffet on the evening, laid on by the Golf Club, that will feature a vast selection of delicious savoury foods - along with an extensive selection of sweets - sure to whet the appetites of all who attend. A raffle will be held, and there will be the opportunity to dance the night away to all of the best 70’s and 80’s hits. And, for those of you who are keen to re-live the good old days, there’s always the option to attend dressed in the fashions of the era.

Tickets are just £25 and are on sale now, so contact Fran or her daughter Zoe Detheridge directly on 07770446869 or 07870274084. To purchase tickets from Wergs Golf Club, call 01902 742225.

Dog Listener Annabelle Addison Are you unhappy with your dog’s behaviour?

We are now located in Wolverhampton

Does it:

The same free "In Home" sales service with full installation if required.

Pull on the lead? Show aggression? Destroy things in the home?

Full range of quality vertical, roller, venetian and pleated blinds in a large range of colours.

If you need help with your dog, please call me…

Dedicated personal service and value for money.

For a free quotation call 01902 714143

On 07801 88 28 23 30

Established 40 years

Special Offer on curren t stock of replacem ent now from Slats only £2

Hurry on ly availabl e until stock lasts!

Unit 23, The Hollies Industrial Estate, Graiseley Row, Wolverhampton WV2 4HE

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A Family Furniture Business for over 70 Years

‘For service as it used to be’

We are the leading stockist of Sherborne Upholstery in Wolverhampton, plus we stock Old Charm, Morris, Kingstown, Grangemoor and many more.

Huge ts discoun arm off Old Ch d de en m m Reco s! ce ri P il a et R

We specialise in British made suites and chairs and offer an extensive range of occasional furniture in various finishes including oak, mahogany and yew. Our bedroom ranges are ready assembled - not flat packed - and come in a wide variety of sizes and colours. British Made Beds Now In Stock

11-13 Pitt Street, Wolverhampton WV3 0NF (opposite the outdoor market)

Call: (01902) 422543


email: Open 10.00 am to 4.30 pm (2.30 pm Thursday) Closed Sunday and Monday



£45.00 (up to 16 Sq/m) £25.00 (up to 12 Sq/m) FREE OF CHARGE

(up to 20 Sq/m)



Lowest Prices and Next Day Service All Work Guaranteed



Call 01902 745362 for instant price, quote ref: WWM Visit website for promotion offers


Win a Fabulous Meal for Two at Bravaccio’s This month we have teamed up with Bravaccio’s, Tettenhall, to give one lucky reader the chance to win a sumptuous 3 course meal for two including a bottle of house wine. Bravaccio’s Italian restaurant on Upper Green Tettenhall is scoring with diners. Under the supervision of legendary Wolves star Steve Bull, the best of Italian cuisine, the warmest of welcomes and the most inviting of interiors combine

in a hat trick of benefits for the discerning. His is a ‘hands on’ interest when it comes to ensuring that things are running as they should in the interests of complete customer satisfaction - while at the catering end, complete confidence resides with master chef Mario and his enthusiastic staff. Starters from £4.50 and main courses starting at £9 and rising to no more than £20, Bravaccio’s represents quality dining and excellent value.

It’s obviously a cliché to say that Bully has scored again in this match, but the Romano - Wulfruna connection is well ahead of the pack and Bravaccio’s is the place to be for fine Italian dining. Christmas menu served throughout December - a mixture of traditional and Italian cuisine. For reservations, please call 01902 756052. 4a Upper Green, Tettenhall

To enter simply answer the following question.

Who is the master Chef at Bravaccio’s? Email your correct answer including your name, address and telephone number to: or on a postcard to Wolverhampton West Magazine, 1 Lytham Road, Perton, Wolverhampton WV6 7YY. Entries to be received by Monday 31st December 2012. Competition Terms and Conditions Winner will be chosen at random from all correct entries received and informed by telephone. To enter you must be aged 21 years or older. No cash or alternative prize will be given. Prize valid any evening (excluding Thursday 14th February) subject to availability. Prize to be redeemed by Thursday 28th February 2013. All entries will be forwarded to Bravaccio’s unless requested otherwise.


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All Saints Church Trysull are holding a

Bathrooms Kitchens Tiles

Nativity Festival

From Friday Dec 7th to Monday Dec 10th 2012 This picturesque and historic church in the lovely village of Trysull will be open from 10 am to 4pm each day during the first weekend in December to display a variety of different Nativity Scenes created by children and adults from the local schools and villages. You will see many depictions of the ‘Nativity Scene’ be it small, large, fanciful, traditional, minimalist, grand or simple. What they all have in common is the meaning of Christian Christmas, the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. On the Saturday afternoon a “Messy Church” will be held in church which will include games and activities for families.

will have assembled the traditional orange with its candle to create visible symbols of the Christian message. Refreshments and cakes will be available in church. Throughout the festival there will be a selection of music played and periodically there will be live musicians who will be playing Strings, Piano, Trombone and the church Organ.

We are a Family Company who have been providing a full service from design to installation for over 26 years. We would like to invite you to be inspired by our beautiful showroom - Wander through a treasure trove of sparkling ideas

“seeing is believing”

There will be no entrance fee although we would appreciate donations to help us maintain the fabric of our lovely Church. For further enquiries please contact Fiona Bowers 01902 895954 or Pauline Careless 01902 894723

On the Sunday at 10am there will be an All Age Christingle Service when all are welcome to join in. The Children of All Saints School in Trysull

Open Tuesday to Saturday 9am-5pm Late night by appointment

110-111 High Street, Blackheath B65 0EG (nr Junction 2, M5) Tel: 0121 561 4374


Open: Monday to Saturday 9-6pm, Sunday and bank holidays 11-4pm 34

wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013

3 Amazing floors of style and choice Create the wow factor with our beautiful ranges of bespoke furniture and accessories

79a Darlington Street Wolverhampton WV1 4JD Tel: 01902 428489 Email:


The Rotary Club Of Wolverhampton

Tree of Remembrance The Rotary Club of Wolverhampton Tree of Remembrance will be in place again, as it has been for the past 8 years, in the Mander Centre, thanks to the co-operation of the Centre Management. We erect and decorate a tree sourced from Cannock Chase, using it as a focal point for our collection, to raise money for distribution to various local charities. The idea of the tree was conceived by members of the club as a platform that people around Christmas time can remember loved ones, friends, pets, etc., who may have passed on, or who are separated by distance and time, by displaying their names together with a short message. In return for a donation of £5 for a name to be remembered, the club prints the names and messages on ‘scrolls’ which are housed in display cabinets for about 6 weeks, located around the tree prior to Christmas. In addition with the co-operation of the local newspaper, the Express & Star, these same names together with their messages are printed regularly in the build up to Christmas in the newspaper, and also appear in the dedicated section on the Clubs website, where a downloadable form is available to add further tributes at The Mayor of Wolverhampton, Councillor Christine Mills together with the Centre Management and 36

Rotarian members in attendance, will be switching on the tree lights on Saturday 17th November 2012 at around 11.00am. During the time that the tree is in place before Christmas, members of the Rotary Club will be in attendance in order to talk to and answer questions from passers-by. Pre-printed donation envelopes will also be available by the tree. These can be left in the brightly coloured post box for collection to add names to the list.

Rotary Shoe Boxes One of the schemes that Rotary Clubs around the area get involved in at this time of year is the Rotary Shoe box scheme. The Rotary Club of Wolverhampton enthusiastically joins in the filling of these boxes and encourages local schools and organizations to help. Boxes are filled with items to cater for different age groups and situations but mainly fall into three categories, for young Children, for older children, and Household goods.

When filled they are sent to a central clearance warehouse with the type of contents clearly marked on the boxes to help with onward distribution. The gift of a Shoebox that contains toys, toiletries, educational items or household goods brings a drop of happiness to the people of Eastern Europe who live in a world of poverty. For many, it will be the first present that they have ever received and it lets them know that somebody somewhere cares. We are indebted this year for the help that we are receiving from Penn Hall School and the Giffard Primary School who are both filling 35 plus boxes. If you wish to take part in this truly worthwhile scheme, flat pack Shoe Boxes can be obtained from ‘Daisy Fresh and Essential’ 24 Bridgnorth Road, Compton, Wolverhampton WV6 8AA, (01902 758161) or by contacting Rtn. Mike Boyce at

The organisation of the annual Dragon Boat challenge to be held in 2013 is well underway. If your company or organisation wants to take part in this fun day with the object of raising funds from sponsorship for your favourite charities, contact the club secretary via the web site at

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dreamworld furniture kingswinford

It’s a name you can trust, a family business for over 30 years


riSe & recLiner chairS frOM OnLY £495

SaLe nOw On! Save up tO


Drawer DivanS frOM OnLY £299

Order nOw fOr guaranteed delivery befOre Christmas adjustabLe beds Large seLection of nassa memory foam beds incorporating the cooL air system from onLy £495

Large dispLay of both modern fabric suites, Leather suites & corner units from onLy £499

we offer up to £1,000 in part exchange for your old suites noW stocKing the WorLd famous La-Z-boy recLiner chairs

odd bases & mattresses to cLear… from £69

Large choice of dining and occasionaL furniture from onLy £299

free hOMe DeLiverY anD free reMOvaL Of eXiSting furniture three piece Suites, tables, chairs, Beds, carpets, Mirrors

8 StaLLingS Lane, kingSwinfOrD, DY6 7hu teL: 01384 295660 dreamworld reclineworld furniture kingswinford

furniture kingswinford

Open: MOn tO Sat 10aM tO 5pM Sun 10.30aM tO 4.30pM Large free car park


BJ’s Charity Bike Ride 2012 - Wolves to Brighton

On May 5th 2012 a group of cyclists embarked on an epic 185 mile charity bike ride from the home of Wolves at Molineux to Brighton. This was the third annual charity bike ride in memory of Bijay Khela. He was a lifelong Wolves fan and cycling enthusiast whose life was tragically cut short by cancer in 2009 at the age of 41. Bijay tackled his illness with tremendous courage, unwavering humour and an optimism that has become a lifelong inspiration to many. This year saw our first female cyclist, Sharina Chaunkria taking part. She showed great determination and a great

spirit to complete the bike ride, as did all the cyclists. With fine Bank Holiday weather of rain and sleet to see them off they travelled through towns and villages taking in some of the most beautiful English countryside. Over 120 miles was completed the first day before an overnight stop in Windsor. The next morning saddle sore and tired they set off for the remaining 65 miles to Brighton. Despite a few wrong turns and the cruellest of steep hills going into Brighton they arrived at the Pier to a hero’s welcome. This year’s charity bike ride raised over £13,000, taking our 3 year total to over £90,000. The funds raised from BJ’s Charity bike ride will be distributed to three charities. The first being Cancer Research UK, the world’s leading charity dedicated to helping beat cancer. Money raised will fund directly studies into

brain tumours - one of the most aggressive forms of the disease. The charity’s ground-breaking work has already saved millions of lives and has changed the way we prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. Promise Dreams the second charity, is a local charity which helps to raise money for children who are seriously or terminally ill. They help to provide treatment and support for both the child and their family. Promise Dreams are committed to delivering every child’s wish, whether it’s for a holiday, toy, medical treatment and equipment or even to meet their favourite celebrity. The Steve Bull Foundation is the final charity we support. The foundation provides charitable support in the form of grants to organisations primarily in the Black Country and the West Midlands which specialise in assisting young people, the disabled, the homeless, the sick and the disadvantaged. The bike ride wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support of friends, family and all the fundraisers. Next year will be our biggest challenge yet, cycling from Wolverhampton to Paris! The total journey being over 400 miles. If you would like to donate towards this cause or for any information on upcoming events please email


wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013

t: 01902 425 225 As Seen In




1. Buying Direct From The Factory Saves You Money Without Compromising On Quality 2. Suites Can Be Higher, Wider Or Deeper Made To Exact Sizes 3. Choose From Over 2000 Fabrics At No Extra Cost 4. 10 Year Guarantee On Frames 5. Seat Cushions Available In Soft, Medium Or Firm UNIT 1, THOMAS STREET, WOLVERHAMPTON, WEST MIDLANDS WV2 4JS



Give Your Home Some L ve... Based in the middle of Staffordshire and West Midlands borders we aim to keep overheads down and prices competitive by not having our own showroom, however samples of our glass can be viewed in selected kitchen and bathroom outlets in the area. Offering a stylish alternative to tiles and grout, whether you have a full kitchen wrap or just a hob splashback and upstands, the glass will dramatically change your room giving your old kitchen a new contemporary lift or your new kitchen the classy wow factor it deserves. For bathrooms the glass can replace tiles in the shower area giving you a stunning transformation with a hygienic surface and no grout to attract debris for you to clean! Adding a glass window cill will also reflect the light giving you a sleek and shiny surface. Love Lane interiors also provide solutions for shower enclosures and wet rooms by giving you that made to measure glass door or partition that is made to fit your space perfectly. Love Lane staff are a friendly approachable team who offer a service to suit the customer, whether that is SUPPLY ONLY or TEMPLATING AND FITTING service. For more interior ideas and FREE QUOTE just call Louise on

01922 411077 Glass splashbacks Glass Window Cills- Reflective and Hygenic 1000`s of colours to choose from Made to measure shower screens Templating & Fitting service

For more interior ideas & free quote

Call Louise 01922 411077 email:


Your Local Solar Power Professionals

No sales people!

Now Fitting Solar Panels • Local family business • Insurance backed 10 year workmanship guarantee • Superior quality equipment • Bespoke systems • We complete your F.I.T. application paperwork • Free electricity • Tax free index linked quarterly payments guaranteed for 20 years • Returns of up to 10% per year compared to around a paltry 2.5% for an ISA or investing in risky shares

Please visit and see what our customers say!

or ring Martin NOW on 01902 562440 for free EXPERT advice email:



Dramatic Society Presents

Your Carpet Foundation Retail Member


Join us for our ever popular Children’s Play as we follow the story of Snow White and her step-mother, the vain and evil Queen. Meet a group of miners, a bumbling huntsman, and of course, the handsome Prince. Come along to boo the evil Queen, sing, dance and cheer on Snow White and her trusty friends. Aimed at children aged 3-11.

Suppliers Of Quality Carpets

Performances at Codsall Village Hall on Thursdays and Fridays 29th, 30th November and 6th, 7th December at 7.30pm, Saturdays 1st and 8th December at 2.30pm and 6.30pm. Tickets are only £4.50; adults come at children’s price. Ticket price includes a drink and biscuit for children during the interval and FREE entry into our colouring competition with prizes at every performance.

Tickets will be available soon from: Ian Rigby Jewellers, Birches Bridge, Codsall Village Deli, The Square, Codsall Learning Ladder Toy Shop, Anders Square, Perton

or order online at:

You will get these benefits: • Impartial Professional Advice • Written Terms of Business • Written Quotation • Deposit Safeguards • Free Extended Guarantees • A Free Installation Guarantee • After Sales Procedures

61 Worcester Street Wolverhampton WV2 4LQ

For parties of 6 or more please telephone 07792 784908 or order online. To find out all the news and gossip at CDS and to see photos of past productions join our Facebook page by searching for ‘Codsall Dramatic Society’ and once you’re there if you click on “Like” you can be kept up-to-date with all future events.

01902 428131


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Spark Nurtures New-Starts Louise Hunter - Business Incubation Manager University of Wolverhampton Science Park

SPARK Business Incubation Centre provides a unique environment in which business start-ups can grow and thrive. Based at the University of Wolverhampton Science Park we offer a variety of business space ranging from a studio workstation, through to space to accommodate up to 10 people. However, here at SPARK we don’t just supply office space; we also offer business support to all our clients as well as a range of networking events to help them to stimulate business. For new businesses it is not just about moving into SPARK and using the office space but about growing and developing their business. To help fledgling businesses start up with minimal cost we offer easy in/ out contracts so there is no tie to a long term contract. We supply a workstation, telephone, broadband and an excellent location for your business for just £50.00 plus VAT per month. Additionally we have a fully staffed reception, free use of a board style meeting room, a kitchen facility, free car park, café and informal meeting area as well as subsidised use of an onsite professional photo studio.

company who has developed a new initiative to add to their company’s portfolio. Although each of the companies profiled here has a very different business, they share a common theme – the desire to be a successful enterprise.

Daredevil Creative specialises in professional, eye-catching design for your business marketing, both in print and online. They have recently developed a cost effective website publisher called Webcard that is perfect for both start up and established businesses. Webcard allows a client to add as many pages and images as they want and edit the content themselves as many times as they wish. There is a bespoke design option available and also a copywriting service. Webcard has a number of satisfied

In this article I would like to introduce you to a new company who has recently joined SPARK BIC and a

clients whose comments can be viewed on

The Gym Team Limited, is a specialist company delivering national and internationally recognised qualifications for people looking to work in the health and fitness Industry. The Gym Team joined SPARK earlier in the year and has since placed 90% of its graduates in employment including several graduates abroad in locations such as Europe, Australia and the America’s. The company provides courses for people from all walks of life including students from schools or colleges, university graduates, parents, senior citizens as well as persons who are unemployed. They offer a diverse range of courses covering areas such as nutrition for physical activity, fitness instruction, studio cycling, pilates and pre/post natal fitness training.

If you are currently starting or thinking of starting a new business in the ICT, technology or creative sectors come and have a look at the facilities and support our Centre offers.

01902 837400 43

Virgo Carpets And Interiors At “No.72” her competition prize - a case of champagne - on the day.” Cora is delighted to finally have the space to display her wide range of carpets, vinyl and Karndean flooring: “I’ve never had a showroom before, so I’m really excited to be able to show off my ranges at “No.72”. There will be fabrics for curtains and soft furnishings, as well as home accessories and lighting, not to mention a selection of wallpapers, and of course flooring too.” “The showroom will be open to both domestic and commercial clients alike. Virgo has always undertaken projects in places like schools, hotels and offices, and we will continue to do so.” Opening times haven’t yet been confirmed, but Cora is keen to offer clients the opportunity to book an appointment at the showroom, so that they can spend as much time as they need establishing the look they want for their home, with expert advice from the team at Virgo. “We work from conception to completion and attend to every aspect of design and fitting, whether that’s for just one room or the entire property.”

There’s been a great deal of re-development at Tettenhall’s former landmark pub, The Bird In Hand, since Cora Turner Collis of Virgo Carpets and Interiors bought the premises in February. Keen to give the building a new lease of life - as well as a much needed facelift - Cora planned to create a showroom that would display her range of flooring and home interior products, as well as provide a base for other companies to showcase their services. Teaming up with Val Hever Blinds Ltd, as well as garden design company, Bonningale Garden Creations, and The Window Store, 44

who will be building an orangery to display their ranges of windows & conservatories, Cora has created a destination that’s perfect for homeowners and commercial clients alike. For a long time Cora wasn’t sure what to call the premises, but with the help of Wolverhampton West Magazine, she ran a reader competition and Mrs Josie E Buckard suggested the perfect name - “No.72”. “We were delighted when Mrs Buckard suggested “No.72” - it was just what we were looking for,” says Cora. Excitingly, “No.72” showroom is set to open this November and will be known as Interiors at “No.72”. “Mrs Buckard will be officially opening the premises in November and she will be presented with

“If a client wanted to go on holiday and return home to a completed project, we would be able to take care of every aspect.” Benefiting from 20 years of experience in the trade Cora can offer guidance and advice every step of the way. “Whether someone is looking to change just part of their interior décor scheme or all of it, I can help.” It’s not just the showroom that will be at “No.72” though; a function room will be open in the near future. It will be available to hire out for parties and meetings and will of course be stylishly decorated, thanks to Virgo. “The function room is due to be open in the new year, so watch this space!” Come and take a look around the new showroom at “No.72”, it’s got everything you need to make your interior design dreams a reality.

wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013

carpets & interiors


Domestic and Commercial Carpets & Vinyls Karndean Curtains & Blinds Soft Furnishings Lighting Interior Design Interiors @ No.72, School Rd, Tettenhall Wood Wolverhampton WV6 8ET at the former Bird in Hand

01902 892 682


Val Hever Blinds:

Different Name, Same Quality Service Valentines Blinds of Wolverhampton has rebranded and moved to new premises after joining forces with a specialist interior design company. After moving from their shop in Codsall Road last year, husband and wife team Val and Debbie Hever set their sights on developing the business, extending their range of products and offering far more than one-off sales of fitted blinds. A new partnership with Virgo Carpets and Interiors will see them operate from brand new showroom space in Wolverhampton, and will enable them to offer a full interior design package as well as continuing the same high quality service to clients looking for blinds alone.

With over 20 years in the blinds industry, Val and Debbie have built an enviable reputation for their excellent customer service and superior products. Their modernised brand, Val Hever Blinds Ltd, will focus on their commitment to the personal, and very tailored service they offer their customers. The collaboration with established interiors firm Virgo will enhance the package they offer to homeowners and the corporate market. Their beautiful range of blinds, which include Roman, pleated and honeycomb blinds, canopies, parasols and awnings as well as a new collection of high spec Venetian wooden blinds, perfectly complement Virgo’s carpets, soft furnishings and bespoke interior design.

The newly refurbished showroom, named ‘Interiors at No.72’, is on the site of the former Bird in Hand Pub on School Road, Wolverhampton and will showcase products from both companies and offers a seamless service to customers wanting to revamp their home or business environment. For advice on the best products for your home or office, and a no obligation quote, contact Val or Debbie on 01902 754129.

Check out the Val Hever Blinds Facebook page to see some of their beautiful blinds and for exclusive news and offers. Go to

Specialists in all types of Blinds Vertical - Fabric, Wood and PVC Venetian - Wood & Aluminium Rollers Including Blackout • Awnings and Canopies Romans • Woodweave • Velux • Conservatory Blinds

Free Measuring & Fitting + 12 Month Guarantee

Call Now 01902 754 129 or 07891 197 369 No 72, School Road, Tettenhall Wood, Wolverhampton WV6 8ET


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Boningale Garden Creations

“Gardens with style” Whether you want to relax, eat, play or entertain in your garden, bringing in expert designers can be a golden opportunity to make the most of the space you have available. Your garden may well be the biggest singular space available to you and your family - an extra room outside that can enrich your life, add value to your property and enhance your environment. At Boningale Garden Creations, our multi award-winning team create garden designs to suit your requirements; style and character, combining shape, structure and materials with carefully selected plants to enhance the overall design. We pride ourselves on our sensitive and intelligent design service. Our

clients’ needs are at the heart of what we do, every step of the way. We can visit your garden to explore its potential or meet at our headquarters (we are based at Boningale nurseries, who have been producing plants for more than 50 years) and be inspired by in excess of 40 acres of plants to view. Once we understand your hopes for your garden, we begin to plan how to turn your dream into reality, which can include a plan of new plants to add to its beauty. When you’re happy with the design proposal, we give you our quote and work can begin. Every project is carefully managed, with you at the centre of the decision-making process. We ensure minimal disruption and make sure we leave your site clean and safe - our work is backed by the Association of Professional Landscapers and we are proud of our record of excellence.

We source materials locally, using established and trusted merchants and manufacturers. We strive to bring true individuality to our work - and our landscape team have many years of experience constructing gardens across the region.

When creating your garden, do it with style Creating your perfect outdoor space is a big step, but you’ll be in safe hands with Garden Creations. Our team of award-winning designers have over 25 years’ experience, achieving gold medals at Chelsea, Shrewsbury Flower Show and Malvern autumn show including Best in show. Our professional landscaping team brings designs to life, traditional or contemporary, large or small, we offer a full landscaping and building service which comes with a guarantee from the APL (Association of Professional Landscapers).

T 01902 376500 E Follow us on @boningalegarden

So why not call Andi to discuss your dream garden further. Holyhead Road, Albrighton, Wolverhampton WV7 3AT



Gardens with style.





1000 Business Cards with Spot UV Varnish from only £79

6 Page Websites with 1 year hosting from only £699

5000 A5 Leaflets Double-sided CMYK from only £99


01902 744 544


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• New Mercedes Viano 8 seater • All airports, seaports, corporate functions, social & sporting events • Wolverhampton, Bridgnorth & surrounding areas • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year • No journey too far or too short • Very competitive prices • Reliable and on time

Contact Us Now On:

07807 123 688

Tel: or Email: Web:





Wipe the Floor with the Competition Superclean are a family business that have over 21 years experience within the cleaning industry. What is their secret? Well the difference is that they listen to you and tailor their services accordingly. Superclean offer a personalised cleaning service and their core philosophy is that they are communicative, flexible and responsive.   Their main objective is to meet customer requirements; they have set procedures in place to guarantee customer satisfaction. 

The other secret ingredient is their staff. They know that the only way to ensure the quality of each and every clean is to fully employ precisely the right people.  With this in mind all Superclean employees are comprehensively referenced, extensively trained and contractually obliged to clean to the very highest of standards. Chat to them about a plan for you and how their tailored, fully managed cleaning service can fit into your lifestyle, and how they can clean yours like it’s theirs.

Superclean we clean so you don’t have to... domestic & commercial cleaning to suit you

daily weekly fortnightly or monthly

friendly, conscientious & thorough staff all fully insured

free, no obligation quotation

(minimum clean 3hrs)

text or call: mobile: 07515 742035 office: 01746 783879 or email us: 49

Allan Bennett. Champion of Champions by Syd Taylor from the Q Guild of Master Butchers. By invitation only, Butchers from the four corners of the British Isles - who had to already be accredited champions - converged on Harrogate where judging took place to find the finest sausages in the land. With his ‘Bucks Fizz’ sausage created to celebrate twenty five years of Q Guild, our very own Allan Bennett emerged supreme: ‘Champion of Champions’. The ultimate accolade!  So, if you pop some of these in the pan, everyone is guaranteed a treat and it has been known for folk to get a knock on the door when doing so, as salivating passers-by make plaintive enquiries as to the source of the irresistible aroma.

Codsall connoisseurs of succulent scrumptious sizzling sausages know all about the ‘Bennett Brand’. Or to put it into local parlance - ‘If it’s a bostin’ banger that yer after, then beat a path to Bennetts’, for Allan Bennett, prestigious butcher, has long been known for the superior - indeed peerless - quality of his fine sausages. In todays hectic ‘snatch-it-fromthe-shelf’ world, quality, alas, only too often takes a back seat to the pressures of commerce. Wise folk, however, while appreciating that the best things in life are not always free, consider a little extra care worthwhile when selecting those delicacies without which life would be, indeed, mundane. 50

The humble sausage is often overlooked as a source of hedonistic pleasure - but as the Doctor in Fawlty Towers once eloquently testified ‘When the chips are down, there’s nothing to beat a banger’. And you don’t need a doctorate in sausage meat to appreciate the truly tasty treat embodied in the best sausages. Indeed, it’s difficult to write on this subject (and I’m speaking from experience here) without yearning for that piquance that comes from a good quality sausage containing the finest and freshest ingredients such as Allan Bennett proudly purveys. His aim, if you like, is not ‘more bangers for your bucks’ but rather better bangers for bounteous banqueting. And we’re talking about award winning sausages here - and what better to confirm this as no idle boast friends, than the supreme endorsement

As a lifelong afficianado of ‘Bennetts Best’ I have to say that ‘Continentals’ may crow about their cuisine, but a Bennett’s sausage has them well and truly licked. Never has the phrase ‘Our aim is your true delight’ been so apt. A simple delight? I think not. Refined products of this sort are a source of national pride. As British as a bulldog and as honest as the day is long. My advice to locals is to take advantage of those treats available now. If you do, you’ll continue to use them  - but keep it a secret eh! - Because there are some things that should be ours and ours alone. A selfish attitude? No. A sensible one. Forgive me; I have to rush. I’m a Codsall reporter and I need my sausages. In preparing this piece I attempted to capture a quote from Allan - but like all true artisans, he prefers his products to do the speaking for him. 

wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013

Gourmet Christmas With over 50 years experience of the meat industry, Allan Bennett and his staff strive to create the best quality money can buy. This quality has brought success at the highest level, winning national competitions for his Bacon, Black Pudding, Sausage, plus international success for pies & pastries. Visit us for help and advice to help make your Christmas a success.


Our Dupheshen is based on the traditional three bird roast. A duck is boned then stuffed with chicken and pheasant breast, sausage meat, orange and apricots. Once roasted it can be served hot or cold for that special Christmas feast. Aproximate weight: 3-3.5kg, 7-8lb Servings: 10-12 people for a meal or more served on a buffet.

Winner Pork Sausage, Overall Best Product, Stafford County Show 2010

Allan Bennett Ltd 15 Station Road, Codsall, Wolverhampton, WV8 1BX Tel: 01902 842204

Codsall Cars


& Signal Cars

No. 1 For Airport Transfers Fully Manned 24hr Service

4/6/8 Seater Vehicles

Ring Back Service Available

24hr Card Payment Facility

Low Cost Fixed Fares

Courier Service

No Increase After Midnight

Off Peak Fares Available

All Airports & Seaports Catered For Your Local Private Hire Taxi Firm’s

r £5 OFF when you spend £50 or ove more £10 OFF when you spend £100 or 0 or more £20 OFF when you spend £20tran sfers. Sea port On all UK Airports and 02/01/13 - 31/03/13.

Valid for travel between please state voucher One voucher per vehicle, on outward journey. uce prod and king when boo

days! i l o H y p p Ha

ANYTIME, ANYPLACE, ANYWHERE 01902 840000 / 846411 / 844888 / 842842



The Spirit of Christmas at Patshull Hall Patshull Hall will be hosting their annual Christmas Fayre again this year on Sunday 2nd December. This popular event has been running for the past 5 years and continues to go from strength to strength (this year is to be no exception), attracting more visitors and gift stalls than ever before. Visitors will have the opportunity to marvel at the beautiful architecture and grounds of this stunning Stately home. Sipping mulled wine, whilst listening to live music (provided by local group Synergy), and browsing the stalls for your Christmas gifts… this event is an excellent way to fill you with festive spirit.

The Hall is a privately owned Grade 1 listed Stately Home, nestled in the Staffordshire countryside, overlooking idyllic parkland with breathtaking views. Mr Reynolds, the proprietor, brought the property 11 years ago, and has lovingly restored it to its full glory.

In addition, the hall is available to hire on an exclusive basis, thus retaining its unique romance and warmth of a family home. Offering a wide range of services including; weddings & civil ceremonies, corporate events and office parties, birthdays, christenings, banqueting and any special events.

For more information, please visit our website or phone 01902 701041.



PATSHULL HALL ANNUAL CHRISTMAS FAYRE Sunday 2nd December 2012 • 10.00 am – 4.30 pm



Children free (under 12)

Burnhill Green, South Staffordshire, WV6 7HY Tel 01902 701041 • Fax 01902 701288 • EMAIL PATSHULLHALL@GMAIL.COM

Close links to the M54, M5, M6 motorway networks


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selection of Apley Park game, hams and other local meats. The Apley Cheese selection has been increased and now boasts over 40 varieties of mainly British cheese in an extended cheese counter. This year Apley is baking its own Christmas Puddings, hand decorated Christmas cakes and mince pies.

Nationally Acclaimed Apley Farm Shop Gears Up For Christmas Fresh from being nominated as one of the Independent’s top 50 British Farm Shops as well as being finalists in FARMA’s best New Farm Shop and best Farm Shop café, Apley has lots of great food and entertainment in store for Christmas. The shop’s Christmas launch will officially take place on Saturday 24th November with a huge food fair where dozens of local producers

will showcase their Christmas selections and customers will be entertained with Christmas Carols. The Creamery will be serving mulled wine and Christmas treats. This will be followed by weekly Christmas tastings every Saturday up until Christmas. The Butcher has already started taking Christmas orders with free range Turkeys being supplied from High Downs farm near Bridgnorth. He also has a wide

The Creamery has an exciting Christmas menu featuring locally produced and home made food. It now offers full waiter service for breakfast, lunch and at any time during the day. The Creamery can also be exclusively booked in the evening for the perfect Christmas party in a stunning and festive setting. Pigg’s Playbarn has a full program of events for children, including Santa’s grotto, Christmas present and card making sessions, and breakfast with Santa amongst others. Apley Farm Shop, Pigg’s Playbarn and The Creamery are open seven days a week, 9.30am 5.30pm Monday to Saturday and 10am - 4pm on Sundays. Telephone: 01952 730345.



PIGG’S PLAYBARN taste, discover, enjoy

Free Christmas Tasting every Saturday in December


Open Every Day for Delicious Freshly Cooked Food, Tea, Coffee & Great Service • New Christmas Menu • BOOK YOUR CHRISTMAS PARTY • Free WI FI

Butcher, Delicatessen, Homemade Christmas Puds & Cakes CRAFTERS’ FAIR– Sunday 2nd December FISHMONGER EVERY FRIDAY WWW.APLEYFARMSHOP.CO.UK

Apley Farm Shop, Stockton Buildings, Norton, Shifnal, TF11 9EF (Between Telford and Bridgnorth on the A442) Telephone: 01952 730345


Christmas… In Wolverhampton Wolverhampton’s been the place for people to come together, to shop and to celebrate for over a thousand years. That’s why when we do Christmas, we do it in style. We open our doors to the world – and we make sure that we’ve got something for everyone to enjoy! As you’d expect, Wolverhampton’s got warmth and personality by the sleigh-load. Over 700 shops, stores, restaurants, cafes, wine bars and traditional pubs are just a short stroll from each other through the city centre’s pedestrian-friendly streets. Wherever you go, from any of our 300-plus independent traders, through the Mander and Wulfrun shopping centres packed with big high-street names to the glamorous House of Fraser store, you’re guaranteed brilliant gift ideas, good old-fashioned service and a genuinely warm welcome. Wolverhampton’s also a great place to celebrate. In the city centre alone, you can choose from nearly 50 different restaurants and cafes. There’s everything you could wish for, from hand-made sandwiches to eat on the go to the exotic Indian and Bangladeshi flavours of the Michelin-rated Bilash. The city centre also has over 50 different licensed premises, welcoming everyone from lounge-lizards to party animals, Indie Kids to real-ale connoisseurs. So whether it’s a family meal after a busy day’s shopping, catching up with friends after work, a romantic dinner with someone special or partying all night long, there’s something on the menu just for you. Christmas in Wolverhampton also means great family entertainment. There’ll be carol concerts, festive brass bands, craft fairs, live steam engines in Market Square and special guest appearances from Peppa Pig, Fireman Sam, Wallace and Gromit and Thomas the Tank Engine. Shoppers will also get the chance to win a brand new car in a great, free-to-enter competition. Perhaps the best news is that all this is within easy reach. The railway station, Metro, bus station and major car parks are right in the heart of things – something to be grateful for as you head home at the end of the day, arms full of gifts and Christmas treats!

This year in the run-up to Christmas you’ll also be able to take advantage of free parking in some city-centre car parks, including House of Fraser and the Mander Centre. For details of free parking and more, visit

Wolverhampton is here for you this Christmas. And you’re most welcome! 54

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Promise Dreams Staff supporters, assisting them on their fundraising journey. Lisa Needham, Alison Cotterill and Paula Jones

Based in Wolverhampton, Promise Dreams is a national registered charity, dedicated to helping seriously and terminally ill children and their families turn a very special dream into a reality. Whether the child would like a holiday, a toy, medical treatment, house adaptations, or even the chance to meet their favourite celebrity, Promise Dreams is committed to help. Not receiving any funding from the government, grants or lotteries, they are entirely reliant on donations from the general public – people like you and your family and

friends. Any gift from you will make all the difference, bringing joy to those brave children waiting for their dream. Promise Dreams reached its 10th Birthday in 2011 and we are extremely proud of our achievements; helping to deliver over 1250 children’s dreams; and having raised £2million.

Lisa Needham, Schools Fundraising Co-ordinator. Experience within her own family means that she is a fabulous addition to the team to look after our educational supporters. Lisa works with local schools and colleges to introduce our charity into young people .

Promise Dreams has always been managed by a very small team but have recently added three new members who are all keen to add their experiences to fund raising for the charity.

Alison Cotterill, Charity Administrator, has joined the team as a part time employee after spending time volunteering. Dealing with dream administration and coordinating community volunteers, the generous people who help the charity when there just aren’t enough full time staff!

Paula Jones, Corporate Fundraiser who’s primary role is to gain and work closely with corporate

For further information please contact the Promise Dreams office on 01902 212451.





Chauffeur Driven Gold Service Luxury Cars

• Wedding Hire • Airport Transfers • Concerts • Anniversaries • Proms

• Birthdays • Sporting Events and any other Special Occasion...

Contact: Keith Warner

on 01902 847145 / 07772 605764 E: Based in Codsall


Chairman Jane Emery welcomed members and friends to CAMEO Ladies Breast Cancer coffee morning at the Mercure Goldthorn Hotel.

£500 with donations still due in. Sales tables including cards, jewellery and scarves gave added interest. Entertainment by Trevor Johnson, a Black Country poet, gave a light-hearted addition to a fantastic morning. Many thanks to the Mercure Goldthorn Hotel for their hospitality and free use of their venue.

Dressed in pink the ladies enjoyed assorted cakes including cupcakes and homemade sponges, kindly donated by committee and some members accompanied by tea or coffee. A huge raffle arranged by Elaine Lay was a great contribution towards the total, which has reached

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Christmas All Wrapped Up At Halfpenny Green Vineyards Visitors can enjoy a Christmas lunch and so much more at Halfpenny Green Vineyards in South Staffordshire.

Before settling down to delicious locally sourced Christmas fayre, why not take a look in our stunning shop and deli, packed full of great gifts for Christmas including our bespoke wine and gift hampers, tailor made for each and every customer. You won’t be able to buy hampers like this anywhere else. A spot of shopping will give you a good appetite for Halfpenny Green Vineyard’s mouth-watering Christmas menu, which this year includes a triple bird roast of Turkey, Duck and Chicken, a Baked Goat`s Cheese and Winter Vegetable Pie and a Braised Brisket of Devon Ruby Red Beef. All homemade and cooked to order, the restaurant gets very popular during the festive period so booking is advised to avoid disappointment. The great uniqueness of the place

is that diners can enjoy fantastic English sparkling wines, rosés, whites and the now famous red wines to go with their Christmas meals, all produced by the Vickers family in the winery just metres from the restaurant itself. Clive Vickers, winemaker at the vineyards, recommends the following wines for Christmas time, which can be purchased from the impressive shop with its huge selection of great gifts for friends and family: “For Christmas morning, our sparkling white is an excellent choice. Light smooth and zesty bubbles to really start the day with a swing. If you are having a traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings, then our mighty Rondo is a must, and finish the meal off with our wonderful dessert wine, Late Harvest”

Halfpenny Green Vineyards is open every day up to and including Christmas Eve. Bookings for lunch and our special gourmet dinner event are on 01384 221122. Halfpenny Green Vineyards, Tom Lane, Bobbington, South Staffordshire DY7 5EP

‘For unique Christmas gifts and delicious festive food’

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 9.30AM – 5.00PM Tel: 01384 221122 Email:


Our Roving Features Writer, Syd Taylor, Interviews Ken Downing

My conundrum was mind blowing. What to ask the axeman - and we’re talking about THE axeman extraordinaire. Grammy Award winning guitarist Ken Downing songwriter and founder member of heavy metal band Judas Priest - has been rated as one of the top guitarists of all time. For over forty years Ken - also known as K.K. - travelled the world with the band but retired in 2011 to a happy and rural idyll. 58

wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013

From humble beginnings on the Yew Tree council estate in West Bromwich to the ‘far side of town’ at beautiful Astbury Hall just outside Bridgnorth, where country house splendour and tranquility seem, on the face of it, a long way from the sweaty mosh pit of a clanging heavy metal concert, I wondered how he had bridged the gap between the two worlds. To me, the chasm appeared too wide to cross, but Ken seems to have found the secret. MAN OF THE PEOPLE Still a polite ‘man of the people’ who stands for no nonsense, he has, through his wonderful Golf complex, changed from hammering heavy metal to joining the swingera set: which is a particularly eyebrow raising achievement. So I asked Ken what sort of people he wanted to attract. I pointed out that golf has an elitist image and that some might think that it’s at odds with ‘democratic heavy metal freedom’ - to which he replied that he was into ‘inclusiveness’ rather than ‘exclusiveness’ and that at Astbury there’s no traditional membership. One just books and plays at this facility that is open to everyone - giving the lie to the commonly held belief that only the well-heeled can take to golf.  WONDERFUL AMBIENCE And he was at pains to point out that he wants people to see a visit to Astbury as an ‘experience’ where they can just enjoy the wonderful ambience of the hall and its surroundings with a relaxing drink in the bar and maybe a meal in the soon-to-be-opened restaurant: and they might not even want to play golf at all.

But should they wish to do so, they will be playing on one of the finest courses in the land. “Designed by one of the world’s experts,I suppose?” Said I without thinking.. Modestly, Ken enlightened me and pointed out that HE was the architect of this course - which is acknowledged to be top notch and which he started planning way back in 1990 and really got to grips with at the end of the 2003 Judas Priest world tour.  Questioned further about this remarkable achievement he revealed how he had played on the worlds best courses when touring internationally with the band and that an interest had become an all-consuming passion - giving rise to an ambition to reach the same dizzy heights in the golfing world as he had reached as a musician. THE GREAT JIMMY HENDRIX   As a guitarist, just as he must have been fanatical about practising his scales after being inspired by the great Jimmy Hendrix, so he must be fanatical about his golf swings and golf course. The continuity seems to me to be apparent when you consider that here is a man who will not settle

for second best - and this gives rise to his determination to continually improve his golf: at the moment he ‘plays off twelve.’ Set like a jewel in beautiful Shropshire countryside, charming Astbury Hall doesn’t disappoint inside either. As you would expect, reminders of his musical career are everywhere with walls adorned not only with photographs of Judas Priest and other bands, but with evidence of his bands great success in the form of treasured gold discs. VISCERA-SHAKING It goes without saying that any sound system installed here would not be for the faint-hearted, but it was still a viscera shaking experience when Ken proudly demonstrated the latest technology that enabled him to play any radio station in the world through the bar speakers. With a twinkle in his eye he dialled - via a pocketsized podule - foundation shaking volume that would do credit to any heavy metal concert. And so as my assistant and I said our goodbyes and thanked Ken for his hospitality, I pointed the car down the long and winding driveway and reflected upon how a young lad from an inner city council estate had transformed one hundred and fifty golden acres of Shropshire into the realisation of his dreams - into a fairway, not just for himself, but into a sunny fairway for all. 59

Winter Essentials For The Guys

Find the five key fashion pieces you’ll need for this season with a little help from Paul Platt at Pockets. All items are available in store or online at And don’t forget to check out T.A Henn’s top three stylish accessories too - all of which are in store now.

Ceramic & Steel Watch with

Classic Pea Coat “If you don’t already have one, get one. Burberry London’s Addison Pea Coat is fantastic.”

Sapphire Glass £249 Bering exclusively at T.A. Henn in Wolverhampton

Hat and Scarf “A great hat and scarf combo is essential at this time of year - the knitted kind look best. It’s all about colour and pattern, so why not go for Paul Smith’s classic multi stripe? It’s a personal favourite.”

Shawl Collar Cardigan Leather & Silver Bracelet


T.A. Henn

Cord Trousers “Corduroy is a great material for the colder months, so think of cord trousers as your updated chinos this season. Ralph Lauren and Hugo Boss have both got a brilliant selection.”

“Versatile, warm and stylish the shawl collar cardigan looks great dressed up for a night out or down for daytime. Hackett, Barbour, Paul Smith, Ralph Lauren and Stone Island have all done a version this season.”

Leather & Steel Bracelets

from £28. T.A. Henn.

Boots “Think dressy when choosing boots this winter. Go for black or brown leather in a cap-toe or brogue style. Crockett & Jones and Alfred Sargent have got some great styles.”


wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013


Great Value Golf

Winter Golf at Patshull Park

Golf Days 1st Nov-31st March Par Package £23 per person Mon-Thurs £26 per person Fri-Sun

ip MeMbersh n, well

a fu Looking to join golf club? ly organised, friend

rther than Then look no fu olf Club. Patshull Park G nior and Mens, Ladies, Se eekly Junior Sections.W ches at m competitions, club and social events


Tea/coffee, bacon roll, 18 holes, followed by soup & sandwiches.

Birdie Package £26 per person Mon-Thurs £30 per person Fri-Sun Tea/coffee, bacon roll, 18 holes, followed by 3 course meal and coffee.

Green Fees (1st Nov-28th Feb) £13 per person Mon-Thurs £20 per person Fri-Sun Call our pro-shop or membership co-ordinator for an initial discussion, more details or to arrange a joining interview with our golf club: 01902 700100 62

Patshull Park Hotel, Golf &wolverhampton Country Club, Shropshire WV62013 7HR westPattingham, magazine | december 2012/january







OPEN FOR MEMBERSHIPS 12 Months full playing for only £660, No Entrance Fee! Wergs Golf Club Keepers Lane, Tettenhall Wolverhampton West Midlands WV6 8UA e



01902 742 225




Our previous tips have focused on key fundamentals of the golf swing that without doubt will help you hit lots more good shots. However, without the correct equipment tailored to suit your golf swing you will not reap maximum benefits. The process of building or adjusting golf clubs to suit an individual is known as custom fitting. to build clubs to your specifications. The process of being fit for equipment can be expensive depending on where you go for a fitting, however, custom fitting at The Golf Academy is FREE OF CHARGE.

Whatever your level, the aim is to ensure that if you make a good swing, a custom fit club will produce a desirable trajectory and straight ball flight. Custom fitting wont cure all bad shots but alongside coaching it can help you reach your potential as a golfer. Custom fitting could even get rid of that dreaded slice or hook you’ve been hitting. Many people wrongly assume that custom fit golf clubs are more expensive – this is not the case. Manufacturers do not charge more

With Christmas fast approaching if you’re considering asking Santa for some new golf equipment make sure the equipment is going to help you improve your game with a FREE custom fitting. Here at The Golf Academy we stock top brand manufacturers Ping, Taylormade, Cleveland, Srixon, Wilson, Benross and more. If you would like to know more about custom fitting at The Golf Academy or would like to book a fitting please call our professional team on 07565 968314 or email Don’t forget to visit our website

The Range, Wood Farm, Broad Lane, Essington, Nr Wolverhampton, WV11 2RJ. Tel: 07565 968314 Email: Web:


wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013



Enjoy 3 x 30 minute golf lessons with any of our PGA Professionals for only £40 SAVING OVER £20!

For more details please contact 07565 968314 email or visit


“ C H R IS T M A S D E L IG H T S ”

Here at Daisy, we have always believed in providing our customers with the very best locally sourced beef, pork and English turkey. All our meat can be traced back to its origin and once at our store, it is prepared by our team of skilled butchers and offered for sale both freshly frozen, and on our fresh meat counter. Whether fresh or frozen, customers can choose their particular joint or steak and have it cut to their exact specifications for their meal of the day, their weekend roast, for that extra special dinner party, or of course - the most important meal of the year - the Christmas Dinner! With over 100 years of butchering experience available in-store, you can be sure of the best advice and service.

sen eats, pork pies, delicates m as tm ris Ch ur yo all r fo “To place orders 8161 or visit us in store”. 75 2 90 01 ll ca rs de or and party

Daisy Fresh anD essential 66

Open: Mon - Fri 8.00am to 8.00pm /wolverhampton Sat 8.00am to 6.00pm / Sun & Bank Holidays 2012/january 8.00am to 4.00pm west magazine | december 2013

DELICATESSEN Our Delicatessen counters are well worth a visit and will open up an array of cheeses, meats and olives plus many other items which are prepared and cooked in-store to inspire - if it looks good - why not ask to try a sample? Whatever your budget or party size, we can assist with a tantalising assortment of Party Platters which certainly take the pressure off the day, please enquire in store.

fuLLy LICENSED We have all that you need for that evening in by the fire or for the liveliest party occasion. Our beers, white and rose wines are all chilled and our red wine selection is sure to accommodate. Regular promotions in all sectors of our licensed department including spirits, help to make us an even easier choice for that one stop shop.


There is a great selection of cheese to be found on our dedicated cheese counter and also in our chilled section. We offer far too many varieties to list here and you can always “try before you buy”. From the rich and creamy Old Sussex Cheddar to the smooth and distinctive Colston Basset Stilton to Charles Martells famous Stinking Bishop - and that’s just from the British selection! We offer many more cheeses from around the world too and even if we do not sell your particular favourite - however obscure - we are sure to be able to source it for you.

frESh & LoCAL

It’s taken a while for us to perfect the recipe, but we now offer our own Pork Sausages-all produced by our butchery team. Hand made in store using only lean pork leg meat and a selection of herbs and spices. We produce three varieties- Traditional Pork Sausage, Pork with Cracked Black Pepper and Pork with Caramelised Red Onion. Already these are our biggest sellers- made fresh every day- just how meaty do you need your sausage to be? Lovely! Keith Winkle is our favoured supplier of hand made pork pies. The pies are hand crimped and cooked fresh every day at his premises in Wolverhampton. As if these pork pies do not sell fast enough during the year, at Christmas time- we can hardly keep them on sale! Orders are being taken now for the festive period.

Many chilled, grocery & licensed lines. Olive & cheese counters. Many offers throughout the store. Fresh breads baked daily.

Premium meats - beef, pork, lamb and poultry - all sourced locally. An extensive range of wines, spirits & beers.

Unrivalled Customer Service with FREE AND EASY PARKING

Compton, Wolverhampton. Telephone: 01902 758161 67

Specialised Business Travel Department

5 Star Luxury European Destinations

Specialised Rail Holiday Department

Florida Family Holidays.

Telephone us now on 01902 324777

For a free no obligation quotation or call in to see us at: The Cottage High Street Wombourne WV5 9DN

Do you want a different Winter Holiday?


Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 0900 - 17.30, Saturday 09.00 - 16.00

Do you want a different Summer Holiday?

ABTA No.78359

Are you looking for a different Honeymoon Destination?

Why not consider a two centre City and Beach Holiday…

New York/Bermuda Bermuda - the pink sand paradise

Sat in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, the beautiful island of Bermuda is a mere six and a half hours from the UK. With a semi-tropical climate and temperatures that range between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s the perfect destination for a paradise break. Bermuda enjoys just two seasons, Spring and Summer - or “Golf and Spa” and “Beach ‘n’ Sizzle” as the locals refer to them. Add to that the miles of unique pink sand beaches, traditional and contemporary properties to suit all budgets and a vast range of activities including golf, spa and diving, and it means that this is the perfect place to banish the winter blues. On Bermuda you’re never more than half a mile from its beautiful turquoise waters; season after season the island is a sport and water lover’s paradise, offering deep sea fishing, parasailing, waterskiing, kayaking, horse riding along the shore and much more. Just soaking up the atmosphere on this beautiful island is enough to inspire romance; whether it’s a honeymoon or anniversary, Bermuda is perfect for couples. Enjoy a horse-drawn carriage tour by night or take a lazy stroll along the Railway Trail, a secluded 18-mile route that runs the length of the island with a stunning backdrop of harbour and bay views. Beachfront diners can experience the best of Bermuda’s romantic side - gourmet dining,

breathtaking sunsets and professional service - while playing footsie in the island’s famous pink sands.

Add a dash to New York to your stay… Surely a perfect shop and flop combination! New York is just a two hour flight from Bermuda. There is nothing new to say about New York Broadway, Museum of Modern Art, the Empire State Building, Times Square and Central Park! But don’t forget Macey’s Bloomingdales and Saks. Take an evening cruise around Manhatten. The choices are bewildering and very exciting. Multi centre holidays are the perfect solution for those wanting a holiday with a difference. You won’t have to choose between the luxury of a Bermuda beach break and the adventure of a New York shopping and sightseeing trip - with twin centre holidays you can have it all! Please call us now or for a price on tailor-made multi centre holidays to New York and Bermuda

You will be pleasantly surprised. Although New York Bermuda multi centre holidays are a great option, you have alternative choices of Boston and Bermuda and Toronto and Bermuda. Call us now for further information.

Contact The Travel Bureau 01902 324777 for details. 68 68

wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013

Travel Accessory Shop on line offering a small range of good quality accessories for your holiday

Travel Gift Card is available to treat that someone special in your life.

The Travel Bureau is an Independent Travel Agent established over 27 years with experience in all aspects of Travel and provides your own Personal Travel Consultant – specialising in personal itineraries to suit individual holiday requirements for that special occasion as well as standard holiday packages.

Worldwide Flights

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ABTA No.78359 69

Tips are provided by Ann Winwood from Lealan Garden Centre, Wolverhampton

Add Living Colour To Christmas This Year This Christmas why not pay a visit to Lealans Garden Centre and have a look at the wide selection of pot plants and gift bowls available, including our own home grown cyclamen plants. There is always a wide range of flowering houseplants for sale such as Azalea, Kalanchoe, and Orchids. Top quality locally grown Poinsettias in a range of colours are now in stock. Planted Arrangements in bowls and baskets can be gift wrapped free of charge. Christmas plants provide colour during the winter months. With proper care, their flowers and fruits will often live for several months. Several general rules apply to all indoor plants during the winter. Water less than you would during the summer, and stop feeding. Always empty water from saucers after approximately 15 minutes. Most plants with showy flowers and fruits need bright light, so do not display them in a dark location for long periods of time. Avoid drafts and locations where temperatures are likely to fluctuate greatly. If plants are very close to windows, remove them at night to prevent chilling. One of the most delightful Christmas plants is the Poinsettia. With its bright bracts it gives instant colour to a room. Always buy Poinsettias from a reputable supplier, if they get a draught from standing in supermarket doorways or on outdoor markets they’ll soon suffer the affects. They like good light during the day and a warm room at all times. Only water when the soil is dry and never stand in water for longer than 10 minutes. Did you know that in the USA, December 12th is National Poinsettia Day? The date marks the death in 1851 of Joel Roberts Poinsett who introduced poinsettias from their native Mexico to the USA.

with its shiny red-orange berries. Christmas cacti produce beautiful red, orange, white or lavender flowers. Cyclamen which are a popular gift are very easy to look after, so long as they are in a cool room and never stood in water for any length of time. Azaleas will flourish in either a warm or cool room and are very easy to keep. From the end of November, fresh Christmas trees will be available. We stock Nordman Firs (Abies nordmanniana), and Norway Spruce (Picea abies) Proper care of your Christmas tree is essential to guard against loss of moisture, colour, and needle drop. Here are some tips to keep your tree fresh and beautiful so that you can enjoy it throughout the Christmas season. When you purchase a cut tree from us, it will come ready blocked and we will net it for you, and load it into your car. If possible put the tree in a stand or pot. Keep the base of the tree moist whilst inside as the warm temperature and dry air will make the tree absorb water quickly. Make sure the tree is away from sources of heat such as radiators, open fires and TV sets. This will keep the loss of moisture to a minimum.

If you want a rooted tree, we have Nordman firs, Norway Spruce, Fraser fir and Blue Spruce. When you get your tree home, leave it outside for as long as possible. When you do take it inside, make sure that you stand a saucer underneath it so that you can water it regularly. Try not to keep the tree indoors for more than 14 days. After Christmas, take the tree back outside and stand against the warmest side of the house for a day or so to help the tree adjust itself to the colder outdoor temperatures. Make sure that if we get a mild spell the tree is kept watered. Hopefully you will see new shoots appear on your tree in spring. When choosing your Christmas tree, don’t forget to have a look at our extended array of colourful Christmas decorations in our newly refurbished shop. There’s a multitude of baubles, garlands, lights and villages and if you don’t want a real tree, we have a lovely range of fibre optic and artificial trees available. If we do get some bad weather, we have in stock bags of pure 100% rock salt, snow shovels, sledges and window scrappers.

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2013 to you all.

Other plants ideal for Christmas colour are the Christmas Cherry 70

wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013

Winter bedding plants and bulbs in stock. Cut and potted Christmas trees available from the end of November. Gift Bowls and Baskets, Poinsettias, Cyclamen and much more. We stock a range of Christmas lights, artificial trees and decorations.

Lealans Garden Centre Bridgnorth Road Shipley, Pattingham Wolverhampton WV6 7EZ

Tel 01902 700209


Learn From The Best: Driving Squad Finding a good driving instructor can be difficult. With so many schools failing to live up to their promises, it is hard to find someone you can trust. But thanks to Driving Squad, there is no need to look anywhere else. Passionate about driving and committed to equipping his learners with all the skills they need to not only pass their test but to be safe, capable and confident motorists for life, Bobby Nagi employs his 20 year history of exceptional driving proficiency to expertly tutor beginners, existing drivers or those looking to undertake a specialist course in motorway, high performance, anti-hijack, defensive or eco driving.

expert level of skill that makes him completely adept at handling and instructing on any driving situation. Receiving many accolades, his awards include; Gold Award from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, Police Advanced Driving CPD certificate, Institute of Advanced Motorist, HPC Gold Award, Cardington Specialist Test Grade A to name but a few. As driving today seems to be more challenging and stressful than ever before, Bobby is determined to stress the importance of safety first in motoring: “As a father of

LP three teenagers, I understand how worrying it can be for parents when your teenager is out driving on the road, in what seems to be an ever more volatile driving environment. That’s why I always ensure that my students have all the training they need to be safe, skilled and confident whilst driving.” So, whether you are a total novice who is keen to start learning or an experienced driver looking to brush up on your skills, contact Bobby today and start enjoying the open road. Visit Bobby’s road to success on

Highly trained and driven with the elite including instructors from the world famous Metropolitan Police Driving School in Hendon, Bobby’s driving education far surpasses that of other instructors. It is this


wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013

“Producing Safe and Confident Drivers” L earn With Bobby Nagi (DSA ADI APPROVED)

Over 20 years of Safe, Advanced Roadcraft, Defensive and High Performance driving experience. HIGHLY TRAINED by Former Elite driving instructors from The world famous Metropolitan Police Driving School HENDON. Awards: Institute of Advanced Motorists. Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) GOLD, HPC GOLD and many more… Courses for L earners, Advanced, High Performance, Anti-Hijack, Defensive, Eco Driving and more…

Book Now! safe for Life and Be The Best – Be Class 1 former Elite and CHRIS GILBERT a the outset m ro “F uctor said Police driving instr ng I seldom a standard of drivi Bobby displayed was very ng an ADI. His drivi see, if ever, from of ty en pl th ned and wi smooth, well plan ntrol”. co r ca of m ste lice sy evidence of the po

ages Driving Gift Packft Set


ers Gi Complete Beginn cy Official: “DSA Guide to Driving, en Ag ng Standards ry Test Kit” Drivi ns - Theo eory Test Traffic Sig Highway Code - Th lessons Voucher for first 5

£99! All this foCorurosenplly us other Winter Driving available Driving Gift Sets

For further details and bookings please contact Bobby on 0785 77 33 999


Serving Fine Italian Cuisine Lunchtimes and Evenings with master chef Mario and his enthusiastic team

Christmas Bookings now being taken! To avoid disappointment please book

T. 01902 756052

New Sunday Lunch Menu with choice of roasts and traditional menu.

2 courses £13.70 3 courses £17.90

E. Opening Times:

Lunchtimes Wed to Sat 12pm - 2.30pm (last orders) Sun served from 12 noon Evenings Tues to Sat 6pm - 9.30pm (last orders).

Situated at: 4a Upper Green Tettenhall WV6 8QQ Ample Free Parking

The Hollybush is a country pub offering a warm welcome by Julie and her team. An intimate, award winning restaurant with 3 open fires and a cosy bar serving fresh seasonal local produce.

at Ebstree

Seasonal Dishes - Daily specials Real Ales - Fine wines

Lunchtime Menu Tuesday to Saturday 12pm until 2.30pm

Evening Menu Tuesday to Saturday 6pm until 9.30pm Sunday Lunch 12pm until 4pm

Book now for Christmas To avoid disappointment please book

01902 326249 Ebstree Road Trysull, WV5 7JE

Festive Lunchtime Menu 1 course £7.99 / 2 course £9.99 3 course £11.99

Festive Evening Menu 2 course £20.95 / 3 course £24.95

(only 2 miles from Wombourne)


wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013

WV1 Bar & Grill

The brand new Bar & Grill experience in Wolverhampton located at Molineux Stadium is now open. Come and join us for a drink and if you choose to sample our fantastic menu you will get 25% off your food bill until 30th November 2012! Open Wednesday to Saturday 5pm till finish, 7pm on matchday Saturdays. | 01902 828314

Christmas at Molineux 2012 Christmas party packages for parties from 2 to 280 are now available to book!

Parties so hot I’d be a puddle...

Call 0871 222 2220 option 5 or visit


Bar & Grill There’s a brand new eatery in Wolverhampton and it’s got everything you need for a great night out - whether you’re a football fan or not. Helen Taylor explains. Molineux has always been close to the hearts of every home team supporter, and now thanks to its latest addition - WV1 Bar & Grill - it’s sure to be a firm favourite with foodies too. Located in the brand new £18 million Stan Cullis Stand, WV1 is perfectly situated and impresses diners with a delightfully contemporary warehouse-style setting, that’s been finished to the highest standards. There’s striking design features - open ceilings and exposed brickwork - and modern furnishings, that together create a trendy look that’s certain to meet with the approval of every style-savvy visitor. And the one thing WV1’s got that no other bar in the city has, is unparalleled views of its main attraction - the football ground. It really is a dream come true for Wolves fans.

But if football isn’t really your thing, you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s unbeatable views of Wolverhampton and Shropshire too. Taking a modern approach to dining, the bar and grill have been styled to sit comfortably together to produce a relaxed atmosphere - perfect for a enjoying a Saturday night out with friends. Keen to be one of the first to get a look inside, my friend and I booked in the day after opening night to soak up the surroundings and settle down with a bottle of house wine, before taking a look at the menu. There’s a good range of starters on offer - ‘Homemade Soup of the Day’, ‘Chicken Caesar Salad’ and ‘Parmesan and Pea Fritter’ - but we were keen to try one of the ‘Sharing Platters’ that are unique to the venue. Showcasing flavours from around the world, the ‘Sharing

Platters’ offer diners a taste of Italy (Antipasti Meat Board, £8.45), Mexico (Mexican Selection Board, £7.50) and India (Indian Selection Board, £7.50). We ordered the latter and were presented with a tasty mix of vegetarian Indian favourites Vegetable Samosas, Onion Bhajis, Spring Rolls, Poppadoms, Onion Salad, Raita and Mango Chutney. Every element of the platter had a perfect balance of flavour, and we found ourselves fighting over the last spring roll. It’s obvious that the skilled chefs at the eatery are keen to cater for all tastes, that’s why there’s a novel idea on the menu - Build Your Own Burger. There’s an innovative selection of 4oz burgers to choose from including; ‘Stilton’, ‘Jalapeno and Lime’, ‘Brie’, as well as a ‘Cajun Spiced Chicken Fillet Burger’, not to mention a special regional favourite - the ‘Black Country Burger’, which includes Black Pudding. With a commitment to sourcing as many locally produced ingredients as possible, all of the steaks are acquired within the area, as is the pork that’s used to create WV1’s Mixed Grill. My friend was pleased to hear that the ‘Catch of The Day’ was ‘Lemon Sole’ (£10.95) and hurriedly placed her order for the main course. I, however, thought that the seasonally inspired dish, ‘Pumpkin Ravioli’ - Sage Butter, Parmesan Shavings, Sunflower Seeds, Baby Spinach - sounded irresistible. Served with gourmet fries, the ‘Lemon Sole’ was perfectly cooked and packed full of flavour. The ‘Pumpkin Ravioli’ impressed


wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013

thanks to a mouth-watering mix of ingredients and made for a great main course choice. Our waiter was keen to point out that the ‘WV1 Chocolate and Ice Cream Bowl to Share’ (£6.95) was the dessert to have. So we eagerly anticipated our sweet. Consisting of a chocolate fudge brownie, coated in chocolate fudge sauce, layered with vanilla ice

cream and finished with whipped cream, chocolate shavings and sweets, there was more than enough for two - just as well because it was truly delicious.

Whether you’re looking for a fantastic selection of food or a great venue to chill-out with friends for a drink, WV1 Bar & Grill has got it all.

On leaving WV1, we made the most of being only a five minute walk away from the city centre, and headed towards the bright lights to enjoy the rest of our Saturday night.

Thanks to a well-stocked bar and a happy hour that runs from 5pm to 6.30pm Wednesday to Saturday, WV1 is bound to become your new favourite drinking and dining destination.

WV1 Bar & Grill is open Wednesday through to Saturday, from 5pm (7pm on match days). There is ample parking at the site. For opening times and booking details visit or call 01902 828314. 77

Open 7 days 6pm until late Free secure car park at rear

272 Penn Road, Penn, Wolverhampton WV4 4AD

A warm welcome awaits you at Penn Tandoori… experience the Pride of Penn Specialising in Tandoori, Curry dishes, Balti dishes and also European dishes. Enjoy authentic Indian cuisine at its very best in a warm, friendly atmosphere in one of the most luxurious restaurants in the West Midlands. Whatever the occasion children are always welcome with their parents and we try our best to ensure that families feel at home and have an enjoyable experience with us.

Christmas bookings now being taken Fully licensed 10% discount off take-aways collected

10% OFF

Your food and drink bill when dining in. Please present this voucher. 1 voucher per table.

For bookings or further details please call 01902 333319


Celebrate the Festive Season and Enjoy our Christmas Fayre. Whether you are a party of 6 or 60 we offer a delicious traditional Christmas Fayre in our lounge overlooking the golf course. Available from 1st December until 21st December. Bookings Only. Please ask for further details on menu.

3 Courses For Just £16.95pp

Welcome in the New Year with our Fantastic Celebrations. Our NYE 2012/2013 Black Tie Event includes champagne and canapés on arrival, followed by a sumptuous buffet , then dance the night away to Heartbeat. Welcome in the New Year with a spectacular fireworks display.

Admission For Just £50.00pp

For further details or to book please call: 01902 742 225

Keepers Lane, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, WV6 8UA


wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013


The Holly Bush at Ebstree Fine Dining in a Cosy Setting By Philip Bargery We in the Wolverhampton West district are richly served when it comes to welcoming restaurants, but nowadays canny proprietors are ever more eager to steal a march on their rivals.

current trends would seem to indicate a desire for locally sourced best and freshest ingredients served-up with a twinkle and a flourish. I’d heard good things about the re-vamped Holly Bush at Ebstree and not being one to rely on hearsay, needed to rush out and ‘put the pudding to the proof’ so to speak.

For you and me it has to be good news, for when good eating gets better, we’re the ones to benefit. More and more customers are expecting that little extra and

A meal, no matter where, is just ‘a meal’ without a companion, but with likeminded company, simple ‘scoffing’ is transmogrified into one of the fine arts, so a long

standing lady acquaintance, the Fair Estella, happened to be in Wolverhampton for the weekend and welcomed the opportunity of heading out to The Holly Bush. “It’s always a pleasure” she said, “To be escorted by a gentleman to a hostelry of renown.” I acknowledged her remark, though without comment, as the only infallible rule we know is, that the man who is always talking about being a gentleman never is one. The car journey passed quickly and before we knew it I was helping her out and in through the welcoming door -  Estella’s feet, like little mice, peeping in and out of her long dress as she hastened to find her place. “Goodness” I observed. “You’re certainly very eager.” “There’s nothing wrong in that” she responded. One is always reassured when entering a quality establishment to discover all those small signs that speak volumes - not least of which a tantalising aroma of fresh produce freshly cooked in a tastefully designed setting with its three open fires. We were warmly welcomed by Julie and Steve into the good fellowship of the restaurant where fine real ales, good wines and good chat in the best traditions of a well-loved ‘local’, foster fun and a friendly community spirit. This must surely have been instrumental in winning for the Hollybush and its team, the prestigious ‘Taste of Staffordshire’ award.


wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013

at Ebstree

Rebuilt four years ago from a virtual derelict shell this old building gradually began to give up its secrets - some of them quite ‘dark’. Julie and Steve have not been the only ones to experience a paranormal presence and poltergeist activity. Ask them about the young boy in the corner of the bar - maybe they’ll show you the photographs!

We were well seated, and well on our way to making our choice in a jiffy. The extensive evening menu is fairly priced but a fellow and his lady may eat at lunchtime for less, should funds be restricted. (Main courses all priced at £7.99 and three courses for £11.99). And, of course, there is a ‘specials board’ that is changed weekly, serving seasonal local produce.  

A further introduction completed the preliminaries and chef Anthony was at pains to point out that seasonal fruit and vegetables come from Chubby’s allotment at Trysull Farm just down the road and that potatoes are so local that they are much loved neighbours from the field next door.

Baked field mushrooms topped with smoked bacon, leeks and melted brie at £5,50 and panfried scallops served with crispy pancetta, cauliflower puree and balsamic dressed leaves at £7.25 were delicious starters. Estella though, rarely dines with men of straw like your correspondent and regularly frequents Dunlop five star establishments where menus list no prices, so I thought it impolite to try and ‘rein her in’. She chose the wonderful, 10oz twenty eight day aged rib eye steak from Bridgnorth, the steak was perfectly cooked and succulent, served on a tomato and baked field mushroom with hand cut chips (£18.50) and I selected the mouth-watering herb crusted fillet of salmon with asparagus and wilted spinach in white wine and tarragon sauce at £11.90, it does seem churlishy bad style to mention monetary cost when commenting on such quality. Everything about the Holly Bush is ‘top hole’, from the overall ambience, the excellent service and the finest food this side of the

San Andreas fault. As Robert Louis Stevenson once wrote: ‘Give a man a steak he can eat and you give him a boat on which to sail’. Certainly we were well fortified with a wonderful main course. Naturally, readers interests must be fully served - and so to the sweet selection: Fine British and Local cheese plate served with tomato chutney, sticky malt loaf and Staffordshire oatcakes for this writer at £6.90 and raspberry and white chocolate crème brulee for Ms. Estella, both were truly delicious, followed, of course, by a liqueur coffee and a cafetiere of freshly ground coffee. After our meal as we made our way back to the car, Estella cried “Look at the crescent moon. It hangs like an ivory bugle.” “Indeed,” quoth I, “And no doubt ‘twill blow a fanfare in praise of The Holly Bush... ta ra ra boom de ay!” It’s not often my head is turned by a simple dinner - but that night was exceptional. What a fine place to have a Christmas/family get together we thought. Holly Bush, Ebstree Road, Trysull, WV5 7JE. To book please call 01902 326249. 81

Festive Events at

Patshull Park Hotel, Golf & Countr y Club

Boxing Day Lunch Four course meal and coffee

£24.95 per person

NewYear’s Eve Gala Buffet Four course meal and coffee

£72.50 per person

Live band and disco... followed by 2013!

Limited places still available....

Three night Christmas and NewYear residential packages Including golf, and use of health club

from £260pp

Get fit in 2013

Extensive range of Health and Fitness memberships available. Also refer to special membership offer for all 60’s and over.

Call our sales team to book! Tel: 01902 700100 Patshull Park Hotel, Golf & Country Club, Pattingham, Shropshire WV6 7HR 82

Patshull Park Hotel reserve the right to withdraw or change any original price or promotional offer published. wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013

The Best

Tex-Mex Food in Town!

The Bentlands Pub Christmas bookings now being taken

A real traditional Pub with a great atmosphere serving real Ales:

Large round party table available to book, seats 10 to 14 people OPEN ALL DAY EVERY DAY!

Enville Directors IPA Doom Bar

Food served 12 noon until 9pm Suckling Green Lane, Codsall, Wolverhampton WV8 2BP

Tel: 01902 843654

Wombourne Tandoori Restaurant Air conditioned

Cuisine of Bengal

Fully licensed

Bookings now being taken for Christmas Day Lunch RATED 5


Rafique Miah welcomes you to the longest established Indian Restaurant in Wombourne Village, serving sumptuous Bangladeshi Cuisine for over 23 years. “We pride ourselves on our Quality of Food, Excellent Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction.”

Tel: 01902 324148 / 324437

Recently refurbished in contemporary surroundings, air conditioned and fully licensed.

• Winner of ‘Simply the Best’ restaurant competition 2009 • Winner of The Spotlight Awards ‘Best Eating Place – Casual’ 2007 / 2008 Our popular Take-away Service is still the best in Wombourne offering 10% off our Menu price. Open 7 days including Bank Holidays - 5.30pm until 11.30pm

High Street, Wombourne WV5 9DN


‘Light Up A Life’ Christmas is that special time when our hearts light up with love – love for our families, our special ones and also our friends!

Compton Hospice

Caring Together

Charity Reg No: 512387


This usually joyous and happy time of the year can be especially hard for the many families facing bereavement and loss, either for the first time or for a successive Christmas remembering special departed ones, missed so deeply.

the decision has been made to move the Light Up a Life event away from the open air setting to the warmth and comfort of the newly refurbished main hall at the Wolverhampton Grammar School, Compton Road.

For over 30 years Compton Hospice in Wolverhampton has been caring, sharing and helping families and individuals during this time of heightened sadness. The annual LIGHT UP A LIFE service, this year taking place on Sunday, 2nd December at 3.00pm will be an especially memorable one. Given the inclement weather conditions over the past few years,

Designed to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the foundation of Compton Hospice, this hugely popular service will take on an extra special flavour this year. In an exciting Christmas ‘Songs of Praise’ style service a variety of distinguished guests from Compton Hospice, both past and present, will share their personal memories, thoughts and sentiments highlighting the deeper meaning of this Christmastide season. A selection of favourite carols, musical items, readings and songs will focus upon a beautiful nativity scene. In a central act of commemoration and dedication a Book of Remembrance will help celebrate the love and memory of the lives of loved ones lost. Despite the obvious emotional style to the service, this Light Up a Life event will help convey a sense of thanksgiving, love and real hope! Members of the Salvation Army Band will welcome guests with seasonal music, before the event in the main hall of the Wolverhampton Grammar School includes all of your favourite carols, along with items from the Compton Hospice Choir adding a touch of magic to the occasion. Fr Barry Smart, Chaplain

of Compton Hospice, said, “This memorable, moving and uplifting event promises to inspire and comfort the hearts of all the loved ones who feel an increased sense of sorrow and loss at this significant time of the year.” A warm welcome is on offer to any of the families, friends and supporters of Compton Hospice – not just those who have lost loved ones more recently but anyone who has had connections with the Hospice family throughout its proud 30 years of service and care. Come along and ‘light up a life’!

wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013

Get Energised

With Codsall and Wombourne Leisure Centres

Get your FREE class in December Plus JOIN US in December for just £15 Spinning Pump FX** Punch It Up* Circuits Tai Chi Kettle Bells Boxercise Yoga Boot Camp

Zumba Zumba Tone* Aqua Core Stability* Stability Ball** Step Body Conditioning Bounce and Tone* Rebounding**

Exercise classes for every age, every ability, everyone! Call Codsall Lesiure Centre on 01902 844 032 or Wombourne Leisure Centre on 01902 898202 *Codsall only


Customer Name: Date:

**Wombourne only

Signature: Class:

Leisure Centre:

Terms and conditions: This voucher is valid from 1st – 23rd December 2012. 1 voucher per person only. Booking is advisable and places are booked on a first come first served basis. This voucher must be presented at reception upon booking and bookings can only be made in person with this voucher, they cannot be made over the telephone. Terms and Conditions: This membership offer is available from 1st December and can only be used during December 2012. This offer applies to exercise classes ONLY, offering you unlimited entrance into exercise classes. It does not include the use of any other leisure centre facilities. Exercise class programmes may vary and hours may be restricted slightly over the Christmas period. Age restrictions may apply to some of the classes. This membership offer is a one off payment only of £15.00. Booking is advisable and places are limited. Sessions are also booked on a first come, first served basis. Please be aware that before participating in any exercise classes, you will need to read and sign the leisure centres Health Commitment Statement. I agree to all of the terms and conditions set out in the normal membership and I agree to the additional terms and conditions set out above as part of this membership offer.


Department Store On The River Severn Bridgnorth’s Old Mill Antiques Centre this year celebrates 16 years in business - and is still attracting as many visitors as it always has since its opening back in 1996, when people flocked to the Low Town venue to see the opening of the new centre.

Traders from all over the UK and Europe sell their stock at the Old Mill, ”We have 90 dealers operating at the Old Mill, from as far a field as Brussels and Berlin”, says Codirector Denis Ridgway “and that enables us to offer the enormous variety of goods that gives the centre its popular appeal.”

Jewellery, porcelain, militaria and weapons, pop ephemera, watercolours, oil paintings, silver, collectables, linen, upholstery, antique furniture and quality reproduction furniture - the list just goes on and on. “People come here to browse and buy from all over the country, often spending hours here and having a break in our tearooms, which opens for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. I think part of the attraction is that people can browse at their leisure, there is no pressure from our sales team - they are just on hand to help and advise if called upon.”

The choice at the Old Mill is almost endless, it is a lot more than just

“We are not on an expensive retail park” says Denis Ridgway,

Operating in the historic premises of a former riverside seed mill, the antiques centre is one of the biggest in the country and offers four floors of displays and stands featuring literally something for everyone.


an Antiques Centre it is really a Department Store on the banks of the River Severn, and is therefore ideally located to spend a day out. The range of items on sale is vast, and caters for all kinds of tastes and budgets - and that’s why the Old Mill is so popular, and the perfect place to buy all your Christmas presents in one trip.

“and so we do not have to charge our dealers expensive rents and that saving is passed on to our customers, which means all of our goods are very competitively priced.” The Old Mill is particularly proud of its very large selection of jewellery and the quality of its reproduction furniture. It offers a complete range of jewellery, from costume to fine jewellery and from antique and Edwardian jewellery to the modern, there is a huge selection, all well displayed and at very good prices. The Old Mill is open seven days a week from 10am until 5pm. Parking is free and a delivery service is available. The Old Mill Tea Rooms are also open every day and is a very pleasant place for ladies to meet and have elevenses or afternoon tea in very pleasant surroundings. Old Mill Antique Centre, Mill Street, Low Town, Bridgnorth WV15 5AG. Tel: 01746 762248.

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Old Mill Antique Centre Make this Christmas Special - call in and see our extensive range of Fine Gold and quality Fashion Jewellery. Dress Rings 2 Engagement Rings Bracelets 2 Necklaces 2 Earrings Brooches 2 Hair Jewellery We have a huge selection and our prices will make your Christmas sparkle!

Open Seven Days a week 10am until 5pm F

F of F n nt O y o ou % ller f isc 0 e o D to 2 Jew tion rt d a e % Gol ent adv 10 ine pres this

Old Mill Antique Centre Mill Street, Low Town, Bridgnorth WV15 5AG

Tel: 01746 768778


The Orchid Rooms

- For All Your Beauty Needs

If you’re in need of some pampering this winter then a visit to Codsall’s premier beauty salon is a must, as our fashion and beauty writer Helen Taylor discovered when she booked in. The Orchid Rooms has long been a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation for local women - and men - since opening in the village seven years ago. Offering a full range of professional beauty treatments, owners Diane and Amy Turner - along with their fully trained and expert team work hard to ensure excellent standards in every aspect of their business, and it shows. The salon has been designed to offer clients an escape from the stresses of modern-day life; it’s equipped with everything that’s needed for total relaxation and is simply perfect for those who want to indulge in some ‘me time’. Which is exactly what I wanted to do when I took a much-needed break from my busy schedule, to relax, unwind and experience a Decleor Aroma Expert Facial. The large private treatment room at the salon had been set with 88

soft lighting, candles and ambient music in order to create the perfect atmosphere for melting away the stresses of the day, and it certainly did just that from the moment I stepped inside.

After the facial my skin glowed. Looking radiant and totally refreshed, I was amazed at the results and keen to get my hands on some of the products that had been used during my treatment.

Thanks to Willow, one of The Orchid Room’s resident beauty therapists, my skin type and requirements were determined so that a tailor-made combination of Decleor’s 100% natural products and oils could provide the results I was looking for.

The salon is well stocked with some great gift sets - perfect for this time of year - and I was keen to treat myself to something from the Decleor range to recreate my salon facial at home.

The 1 hour 15 minute treatment began with a diagnostic back massage - this is standard with all Decleor Facials - and was perfect for relaxing both my mind and body. Designed with oily and combination skins in mind - like mine - the Aroma Expert Purify Facial balances the skin. Essential oils of Ylang Ylang and Tea Tree clear, refine and illuminate, the natural way. After cleansing, toning and exfoliating to brighten my complexion, the expert Decleor products were applied. It’s the aromatherapy aspect of the facial that really makes it so special and unique, not to mention thoroughly calming and intensely relaxing. And so, it’s no surprise that I savoured every moment.

If you’re looking for Christmas gift inspiration, then The Orchid Rooms have got it all. Stocking fillers are priced from just £6, and there are gift sets from the top brands that are on offer at the salon, as well as gift vouchers - just right for treating family and friends. There’s a full and extensive range of expert beauty treatments at the salon too, including: St Tropez tanning, Jessica manicures, waxing, Crystal Clear MDA Microdermabrasion and even specialist Facial Aesthetics - such as Dermal Fillers and Medical Skin Peels - from specialist Nurse Practitioner, Jayne Beckett. The Orchid Rooms is certainly the only place to visit for all of your beauty needs. I’ll definitely be back there again very soon.

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Choose from a full range of beauty treatments performed by fully qualified Therapists. We are a highly professional and friendly salon. We believe in making your time spent with us an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

Winter Beauty Package Decleor Time Precious Facial Spray Tan (half body) File and Polish Fingers File and Polish Toes Decleor Vital Eye Treatment (anti-ageing plus reduces puffiness and dark shadows)

Swedish Back Massage Choose 3 treatments from the above


(valid until 31st December 2012 and not to be used in conjunction with any other offer)

The Orchid Rooms, 3 The Square, Codsall, Wolverhampton WV8 1PT To book please call 01902 846000


High Street, Wombourne WV5 9DN

Gifts & Gift Vouchers Available

Come and see our winter wonderland of gifts available for your loved ones this Christmas.

Fashion Jewellery, Handbags and Accessories!


Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts Uniform and Accessories • Schoolwear Saving Club

• Woven Name Tapes

• Babywear

• NHS staff discount

• Wool and Haberdashery

• Free Parking

OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK Mon - Fri 9.30am - 5pm Sat 10am - 4pm

CALL 01902 892300 FOR DETAILS 89

Keeping A-BREAST Of Your Health Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK. Each year over 40,000 women in the UK are diagnosed with the condition and, although it is rare, approximately 300 men in the UK get breast cancer each year. As women get older, their risk of developing breast cancer increases. Nearly half of all cases are diagnosed in people in the 50-69 age group. The estimated risk of developing breast cancer according to age is:      

Risk up to age 29, 1 in 2000 Risk up to age 39, 1 in 215 Risk up to age 49, 1 in 50 Risk up to age 59, 1 in 22 Risk up to age 69, 1 in 13 Lifetime risk, 1 in 8

The lifetime risk of developing breast cancer is 1 in 8. This means that 1 in 8 women in the UK will develop breast cancer at some point in their life, but this also means that 7 out of 8 women won’t develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Breast cancer can be diagnosed at different stages of development and can grow at a different rate which means that people can be given different treatments, depending on what will work best for them. Because there are better treatments now available more and more people are living long and full lives.

Being breast-aware is part of caring for your body. Being conscious of how your breasts look and feel and regularly checking them is vital. What changes to look out for:  Changes in size of the breast or if one breast is noticeably larger than the other  Inverted nipples or a change in nipple shape  A rash on or around the nipple  Discharge from one or both nipples  Puckering or dimpling of the skin of the breast  A swelling under the armpit or around the collar bone  A lump or thickening of the breast  Constant pain in the breast or your armpit It is easy to check for any changes as you are getting dressed or in the shower. You should feel all parts of your breast, your armpits and up to your collarbone. There are many reasons for changes to occur in the breasts. Cysts can easily develop - these are fluid filled sacs and are usually harmless. Some women will experience lumpy breasts just before their period, which is a normal response to changing hormones and often the lump or lumpiness disappears after the period, however if these lumps do not disappear or if you have a persistent breast lump that feels unusual, it is

Digital Mammogram Machine

important to get this checked out by your doctor, don’t wait! Most changes won’t turn out to be breast cancer, but if they are, the sooner this is diagnosed the more effective treatment can be. Because breast cancer is more common in women who are over the age of 50, women aged 50 - 70 are invited for routine NHS breast screening (mammogram) every three years. A mammogram which is a breast x-ray is used to screen for and detect breast cancer and other breast conditions at a very early stage so they can be treated as soon as possible increasing the chance of a successful recovery. At the Nuffield Wolverhampton we offer a ‘self-referral’ breast screening mammography service for women aged 40 years and over and who are symptom free, but if you do have any symptoms you need to seek advice from your GP who if necessary can refer you to the/a hospital for a mammogram or to a breast clinic where you will see a breast consultant. Early diagnosis is likely to improve long-term outcomes, so it’s important not to ignore symptoms, but to always get checked out by your doctor.

If you would like to find out more about the breast clinics and/or screening service that we offer, please contact us on 01902 793259.

Remember - A few minutes once a month is all it takes to check if your breasts are healthy! Other statistics from:, 90

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Did you know that 1 in 9 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer?

For more information, scan this code with your smart phone*:

Be Breast Aware. For further information on the screening, management and surgical options available please call 01902 267521 or go to Nuffield Health Wolverhampton Hospital Wood Road, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, WV6 8LE

* Terms and conditions apply. App/download may be required which will be charged at the standard network rate. Other service charges may apply check with your operator.

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The Village Vibe Lifestyle Boutique - Call in Today in Vibration Plates. They have been proven to benefit people in reducing their weight and burning calories, as well as improving their circulation, flexibility and reducing back and joint pain.”

If you’re looking for a fun way to lose weight, tone-up and burn calories then The Village Vibe is perfect for you. The lifestyle boutique opened in Codsall earlier this year and quickly established itself as a must-visit venue for local ladies - and gents. There’s everything you need to look gorgeous inside, from the high-tech vibration plates that offer a fatigue-free way to help you get in shape, to the best tanning systems, manicures, cosmetics and fashion accessories. Owner Michelle Kelly explains: “Here at The Village Vibe we specialise

“A one month course costs only £30 and three months just £75. This allows ladies to visit the boutique for a ten minute session everyday, Monday to Saturday. We offer a discount on course renewals, which reduces the price of a one month course to £25.” It’s not just about Vibration Plates at The Village Vibe though, there’s a fabulous range of essential beauty treatments too. With expert Vani-T spray tans available - as well as a stand-up sunbed - a visit will ensure you keep a sun-kissed glow all year round. There’s also a range of great nail services, including manicures and pedicures, as well as the latest must-have - Shellac. With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to get those last

minute gifts. If you’re stuck for ideas, The Village Vibe has got just what you’re looking for: “We’ve got a fantastic selection of presents at really affordable prices. There’s scarves, jewellery, accessories, gift vouchers and cosmetics from Art Deco, a leading quality make-up brand.” In fact, the boutique even offers a professional make-over service using the Art Deco products - for £10. And the best part is, the fee is redeemable against any make-up product you buy. And what’s more, there’s even a ‘wish list’ service that enables ladies to choose the presents they’d like to receive from their partners, treating gents to a hassle-free Christmas shopping experience. There’s a great relaxed atmosphere at The Village Vibe and the friendly team make everyone welcome. Call in today.

The friendly must-visit venue Open: Mon 9am-6pm, Tues 9am-7pm, Wed 9am-6pm, Thur 9am-7pm, Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 9am-4pm

High-tech Vibration Plates Lose up to 800 calories in 10 minutes, perfect for a busy lifestyle without fatigue.

Vani-T Spray Tans Manicures Pedicures Artdeco Make-up (No.1 in Germany) Professional Make-over service Fashion Accessories

Please call to book your FREE trial! Call in today at: 6 Station Road, Codsall, Wolverhampton WV8 1BX

Tel: 01902 845777 92

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Perfect Party Shoes at Lily’s of Shifnal The Christmas party season is here and there’s never been a better time to visit Lily’s of Shifnal. Packed full of those all important fashion buys - that are certain to make you sparkle this season - Lily’s has shoes, bags and accessories that are perfect for a party. “We have some great ranges that are ideal for Christmas gettogethers. If you’re looking for something special to team with your dress or outfit, we can help you find it,” explains owner, Jo Shotton. There’s exclusive and stylish designs from top brands at the boutique, including Irregular Choice, Bronx, Riva, United Nude Blackmail Lotus and Fiona Mcguinness. And, with a fantastic choice of bags and accessories as well,

you don’t need to look anywhere else for those finishing touches.

for the females in the family, not to mention gift vouchers too.

Lily’s is so well stocked in fact, that Jo even has just the thing for post-party feet too:

And that’s not all, there’s a completely hassle-free shopping experience waiting for the guys, thanks to the boutique’s ‘wish list’ service.

“Redfoot shoes are a must at this time of year. They’re small, foldable and just the right size to squeeze in to your handbag. Slip them on after a night spent dancing in heels for maximum comfort. We’ve got a great selection of sizes and colours in stock.” A visit to Lily’s doesn’t just ensure that you find your perfect pair of party shoes though, you can also find a great selection of girly presents that are just right


5 years

“Ladies can come in and try on shoes that they’d like to receive as gifts from their partners. We make a note of the details, so that when their partners come in they only have to pick something from the list. We even offer a completely free gift wrap service too.” Make every part of this season perfect with a visit to Lily’s of Shifnal.

New Autumn & Winter Ranges Now in Stock!

We stock: Riva, Lotus, Bronx, Irregular Choice plus many more


Christmas Glamour By Helen Taylor

Double Wear Mineral Rich Loose Powder Make-up £27.50 and Double Wear Maximum Cover Make-up £27.50 Estee Lauder

‘Image courtesy of Estee Lauder

Make an impression this Christmas party season with a classic make-up look that’s sophisticated, stunning and sure to get you noticed. Statement berry-stained lips, smoky eyes and flawless skin make for a perfect combination, and look great when teamed with your little black dress. There’s no better time of year to try out a striking make-up look, so enjoy looking fabulous.

Smoky Eye Palette - Moonstone £14 The Body Shop

High Impact Lip Colour - Sassy Spice £16.50 Clinique High Impact Mascara £16 Clinique 94

Pure Colour Blush - Exotic Pink £24 Estee Lauder

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Selected Femme

Vivi Boutique


The Best


There’s no doubt that great accessories really make an outfit. Choosing the right ones can transform otherwise plain and uninteresting dresses, trousers and tops into something altogether more chic and fashion-forward.

Here at Wolverhampton West Magazine we love our accessories, so that’s why we’re dedicating a page to the very best shoes, boots, bags and scarves. All of which are available to buy from local boutiques.

Update your winter look this season; pay our advertisers a visit.

Mia Satchel Bag £49 Abbiss

Red Classic Handbag £58 Vivi Boutique at Grace and Glory Mary Jane Court Shoe

Boot £99 AW12 at The Shoe Tree


Rockport at The Shoe Tree

‘Kirk’ Boot £85 Ravel at Grace and Glory

Gloriosa Bordeaux Suede Shoes £59.99 Lotus at Lilys

Hand bag

£59.99 Gabriella at Lilys

Desire Ribbon Scarf




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CALL 01902 759 222

21 High Street, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton WV6 8QS

38 - 41 Princess Street Wolverhampton WV1 1HD 01902 429 409

Be inspired at


If you want a celebrity inspired look for your hair this season, the team at Urban Hair and Beauty have got the skill, creativity and know-how to transform your locks from boring to show-stopping in no time.

Always keen to stay ahead of the latest hair trends, the stylists and colourists at the Codsall salon are able to re-create the hottest celebrity looks using an expert range of colours and colouring techniques, as well as a great selection of products. As Colour Technician Hayley Lewis explains: “We know that a lot of our clients want to have their hair cut and styled like their favourite celebrities, such as Cheryl Cole and Rihanna, so we make sure that we can offer them what they want.”

There’s a fantastic selection of TIGI products available to buy at the salon too, including the very latest ‘wash and care’ ranges from Bed Head. ‘Recharge’ High Octane Shampoo and Conditioner delivers great results with minimal effort and has been designed for those who like to work hard and play even harder. Rich in antioxidants, the shampoo and conditioner work to remove pollutants, sweat and build-up from the hair to reveal high-octane shine and vibrant results.

Urban recently introduced TIGI’s brand new copyright©olour range. With 100% intermixable shades, the team can create individual colour looks, that are completely fashion-forward.

And Bed Head’s ‘Elasticate’ Elastic Strength Shampoo and Conditioner is perfect for those looking to strengthen weak and damaged hair. It’s packed with protein and elastin for strong, flexible, antisnap locks that won’t break.

“We’re so excited about our new copyright©olour range that we are having a makeover in the salon to create a new colour area,” she adds.

TIGI gift sets are available in the salon now, just in time for Christmas, so treat yourself and your friends to gorgeous hair this season.

Celebrity Hair Looks At Urban Hair And Beauty

SPECIAL OFFERS: Root colour, cut & blow dry plus FREE bottle of new BEDHEAD RE-CHARGE high octane shine shampoo (worth £10.95)

Only £60

Full head of woven hi-lights, cut & blow dry plus FREE bottle of new BEDHEAD ELASTICATE strength shampoo and conditioner (worth £22.90)

Only £80

Offers must be quoted at time of booking and advert must be presented when attending. All offers valid Tuesday and Wednesday until Wednesday 30th January 2013. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offers.

Call 01902 847306 to book your appointment

13 Wolverhampton Road, Codsall, WV8 1PT


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Prevention Is Better Than Cure headaches, dry skin, insomnia, pain, or whatever other common issues that come and go are ways your body communicates with you. Preventive medicine is the part of medicine engaged with preventing disease rather than curing it. From the very beginning, Oriental medicine has had a bias toward keeping patients healthy. Years before afflictions were detected with MRI’s and lab tests, these imbalances would have presented as pain, sleep disturbances, mood changes, abnormal digestion, headaches etc. Feeling tired, stressed, having minor digestive upsets,

Through the process of evaluating these subtle physical signs, as well as the emotional condition of a person, acupuncture can balance health problems in their earliest stages. It is important to remember that emotions play a role in effecting our health; stress causing physical tension or headaches; worry causing stomach upset or grief causing a lack of vitality.

Through treating the root cause/emotion these symptoms can be addressed.

Open: Mon 2-6pm, Tues & Wed 9.30am-6pm, Thurs 9.30am-8.30pm, Fri 9.30am-7pm, Sat 9.30am-5pm

Specialising in all aspects of beauty in beautifully appointed private rooms for specialist treatments. Why not indulge in a bit of real indulgence and take advantage of our November and December Offers: Crystal French Pedicure £38 now only £25 Full Body Massage – 1 hour treatment £40 now only £25 Add on an Indian Head Massage for only £10 Deluxe Dermalogica Facial 40 minutes £30 to include FREE Dermalogica Starter Kit On presentation of this advert (no photocopies). Valid until end of February 2013.

HAIR SALON OPENING SOON Gentlemen’s pampering, body treatments and waxing available. Hair and make-up available, bridal and evening make-up. Teeth Whitening available.

To book please call 01902 713335 or 07989178218 27 Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton WV3 0TZ


Get Ready… To Party! By Helen Taylor Models wears


It’s time to get ready to party. Christmas is here and there’s never been a better time to embrace a glamorous look for all of the dates you’ve got in your diary. Find your perfect party dress and prepare to dazzle. Choose statement styles that exude seasonal sparkle and opt for elegant and exquisitely made figure-hugging designs, for a totally feminine look this season. Carefully chosen jewellery, shoes and bags are essential for completing the look, so make sure they’re just as special.

It’s the most wonderful time of the ye ar for fashion - enjoy every moment. 100

wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013

Necklace £119. Earrings £75. Ring £75. Coeur de Lion set with Swarovski elements at T.A. Henn.

Black Dress £55. The Vestry

Pleated Dress £69. Darling at Grace and Glory

Bag £27.99. Claudia Canova at Lily’s of Shifnal Black Ceramic Watch with Sapphire Glass £179. Bering exclusively at T.A. Henn in Wolverhampton

Black Cut-Out Dress £55. Yumi

Shoes £45. Bronx at Lily’s of Shifnal Shoes £75. Lemonade at The Shoe Tree

Beaded Dress £229. Mint Velvet

Red Dress £55.The Vestry

Mesh Steel & Swarovski Crystals Watch with Sapphire Glass £99.90. Bering exclusively at T.A. Henn in Wolverhampton

Gold Metallic Dress £69. Darling at Grace and Glory

The images used in this article are readily available in various places on the internet and are believed to be in the public domain. Wolverhampton West Magazine claims no credit for them unless otherwise noted. If you own the rights to any of the images, or if any content appearing in Wolverhampton West Magazine infringes on your copyright, please notify us and they will be promptly removed.


Unisex Salon Hair Colour - Design - Cut - Styling - Hair Extensions


Wash n blowdry/set £10 add a colour extra £10, add a cut extra £10

Only £30 for a cut, colour, wash and blow/dry Available on Wednesdays and Thursdays Specialising in Hair Extensions – Call for a Free Consulation

Please mention this advert at time of booking and present on appointment

To book please call 01902 765975 1a Brantley Avenue, Finchfield, Wolverhampton WV3 9AP London • New York • Melbourne • Paris • Sydney • Wolverhampton

CHRISTMAS GOLF LESSON & GOLF SHOP GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE. From as little as £20. For more information or to purchase, contact our professional team on 07565 968314, email or visit

N AT U R A L n a i l utifu ca l Nrailes

For Bea

Full Set in acrylic or gel Tips in Glitter and White Infill / Overlay / Manicure & Pedicure Shellac / Vast colour range Experienced staff Only quality products used Open 10am until 7pm Monday to Saturday To book please call

01902 718100

49 Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton WV3 0UF (near Harley Davidson)

The Range Wood Farm, Broad Lane, Essington, Wolverhampton, WV11 2RJ


FREE parking at rear

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Sparkle This Season With No outfit is complete without jewellery. It’s the sparkly finishing touches that make whatever you’re wearing look truly special, so it’s important to get it right when you pick your pieces. Finding suitable styles though, can be hard, especially if you don’t want to settle for what’s available on the high street and if you’re not keen to wear your expensive items every day. Thanks to Planet, there’s a fantastic solution; an array of gorgeously designed pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets and sets that are made from genuine Swarovski Crystal elements and fashioned into timeless, elegant styles. The online business started earlier this year when owner Clare

supplied with an upgraded sterling silver chain at no extra cost. “I have painstakingly sourced, evaluated and hand selected each piece of jewellery in our collection following hours of research.”

Norton was keen to offer ladies something different from their usual jewellery, as she explains: “Precious stones are great to own and treasure, but there is a firm place in all of our jewellery boxes for sparkling, glittering crystals which offer versatility and modern elegance at a lower cost.” “I wanted to create a range that would appeal to women of all ages and that could be worn for all occasions, so I set about researching the market and selected items for Planet Crystal that are made from Swarovski Crystal elements, world-renowned for their quality.” Clare is passionate about her collection and ensures that every piece of jewellery meets the highest standards. Most pendants are

That’s something that’s reassuring to know, especially if you want to buy a special present for friends and family. And Planet Crystal’s jewellery makes for a fantastic gift. With prices ranging from just £20 - £40, any item you choose will look fabulous, especially when placed in its handmadein-the-UK presentation box. “Quality, sparkle, wow-factor and a timeless appeal is essential to us,” adds Clare. View the collection - that’s available now - at In perfect time for Christmas, Planet Crystal will be showcasing their jewellery range at The Shugborough Christmas Events on Friday 7th, Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th December. Don’t miss it.

Fabulous jewellery featuring Swarovski Elements Crystals

We offer luxury statement pieces with wow factor or more traditional and classic designs. And we have a young, funky and fun range with quirky sparkling jewellery for princesses. Our jewellery makes a gorgeous gift or treat yourself and accessorise that Christmas outfit with something exclusive. Rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets. Two, three or four piece sets. All presented in a handmade gift box. Buy at your convenience, delivered to your chosen destination with no need to go shopping!

FREE delivery for orders over £40 Visit us now at

Perfect presents with glitz and glamour! 103




Tom Casey BSc (Hons), MCHS, SRCH Margaret Kennedy BSc (Hons), MCHS, SRCH

Treatments for: Nails, callus, corns, verrucas Diabetic & arthritic feet Heel and forefoot pain Ingrown toenails & nail surgery Functional & biomechanical issues Conditions needing orthotics/insoles

• Friendly Personal Service • Medical Centre Facilities • Secure Parking • Disabled Access • Centrally located • Home Visits Available Presentations & talks are available to interested groups.


We have now re-located our Wolverhampton Surgery to: 13a Park Avenue Wolverhampton WV1 4AH For an appointment in our refurbished modern surgery please call Tom Casey on 07828 613165 For other surgery appointments please call or visit: Evenett & Bishop Opticians 67 High Street Albrighton WV7 3JA 01902 372141 Six Ways Clinic 24 Birmingham Road Walsall WS1 2LT 01922 622521

wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013

Toms Tip: Excessive/Over Pronation Why do my feet flatten when I stand up?

One of the most common causes of foot and leg discomfort is a condition known as excessive/over pronation. Normal pronation, or “rolling inward” of the foot is necessary as the foot adapts to the ground. With excessive pronation/over pronation, the arch flattens, collapses, and soft tissues stretch. This causes the joint surfaces to function at unnatural angles to each other. When this happens, joints that should be stable now become very loose and flexible. This scenario occurs very frequently since we now walk on flat hard surfaces every day. Some people have no problems but many will identify with at least one of the following features and symptoms. At first, excessive pronation may cause fatigue. As the problem gets worse, strain on the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the foot and lower leg can cause permanent problems and deformities.

Symptoms Of Excessive Pronation 1. Hallux Abducto Valgus (bunions) 2. Hallux Rigidus (stiff 1st toe) 3. Arch Pain 4. Heel Pain (Plantar Fasciitis) 5. Metatarsalgia (ball of the foot pain) 6. Ankle Sprains 7. Shin Splints 8. Achilles Tendonitis 9. Osteochondrosis

10. Knee Pain 11. Corns & Calluses 12. Flat Feet 13. Hammer Toes 14. Lower Back Pain (the above conditions will be discussed in forthcoming issues)


Excessive/over pronation occurs due to a biomechanical dysfunction (walking abnormality). This can be controlled via Insoles and Orthotics. See a Chiropodist/Podiatrist for an assessment if you are concerned. They can provide insoles/orthotics for your associated condition and is usually combined with some stretch exercises or manipulative therapy.

Thomas Casey Chiropodist/Podiatrist HPC registered

Oldbury Grange N U R S I N G


Caring for Life

I feel very at home at Oldbury Grange. My bedroom is furnished just the way I like it, and the food is delicious. Everyone is so kind and helpful, and there are plenty of activities to keep me busy.

Oldbury, Nr Bridgnorth, Shropshire WV16 5LW

Tel 01746 768586 Award Winning Care


Education and Schooling by Martyn Long - Headmaster of Tettenhall College The summer of 2012 has seen even greater controversy than normal with regard to examination results with the grading of English GCSE papers under the spotlight because of a disparity in the grades awarded in January and June. This issue is still ongoing with an alliance of schools and local authorities seeking a Judicial Review over the decision not to regrade the papers taken this summer. On top of this the government has also released information on possible changes to the GCSE and A level system as a whole. Although these changes are still at the consultation stage, which the government is keen to emphasise, the ideas released so far give an indication of the direction the government wants to go in. In terms of the GCSE reforms the key proposals are: • From 2015 pupils will begin sitting new-style English Baccalaureate Certificates, taking exams for the first time in 2017. The qualifications will be offered in the core academic subjects of English, maths, science, foreign languages, history and geography. Pupils gaining good grades in these subjects will be awarded the full “English Baccalaureate (Ebacc)”. • Each subject will be provided by just one exam board - each main board will be able to bid to offer individual subjects as part of a five-year franchise. • Teachers will be expected to produce a detailed record of the achievement for students in each curriculum area at the age of 16 to ensure that the small number of pupils unfit to sit any exams can leave with some form of accreditation. • The grading system will be overhauled with the possibility that the existing A* to G structure will be replaced by a six point A* to E scale. 106

• All exams will be sat at the end of the two-year course. • Differences between grades would be more clearly marked out to make it easier for employers and universities to identify bright, average and weak candidates and the current cliff-edge between a good C and poor D will be ended. Mr Gove and Mr Clegg said: “We need a new set of exams for students at the age of 16 - qualifications which are more rigorous overall and more stretching for the able but which also ensure the overwhelming majority of children can flourish and achieve their full potential.” They also suggested that existing league tables will be scrapped in favour of a new school accountability measure. This will prevent schools “teaching to the test” to boost their position in rankings. Promising to consult widely on a replacement for league tables they said “we are determined to have better ways of recognising schools that add value and help the poorest.” Information on changes to the A level system is only just coming through as I write this article but in the next stage of reforms, Mr Gove is hoping to drive up standards by developing an overall framework known as the ABacc. Students would still sit A-levels, but there would be major changes: • It is expected that A-level modules would eventually be scrapped. Gove has done this with GCSEs and is minded to do so again with A-levels, though he is expected to move at a slower pace. • Students would be stretched by being asked to write dissertations of up to 5,000 words. This would probably be in addition to their A-levels and would give them a higher overall ABacc grade. Many universities have complained that students often struggle to write longer essays.

• Anyone studying arts subjects, such as English and history, would be expected to choose a “contrasting” subject in the sciences or maths. Those studying the sciences would be expected to take a “contrasting” arts subject. The changes are designed to answer universities’ complaints that too many students have a narrow outlook and often lack basic literacy skills. • Some form of voluntary work could also be introduced. Other political parties and teaching unions have of course raised some serious concerns and it is crucial that these proposals are scrutinised and considered in a very thoughtful way. I am certainly not against change and development, without it organisations whether dealing with education or not are at risk of standing still and stagnating. However, after countless changes to the education system during my time in the teaching profession my wish is that the consultation exercises are meaningful and not rushed, that points of view are given in a productive manner and that we do not just enter another slanging match and propaganda war between the various factions.

wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013

Successful Developments At Tettenhall College Tettenhall College has enjoyed incredibly positive feedback from pupils, staff and parents after the launch of two major developments at the start of term. September saw the opening the new Preparatory School, created as the former Drive School and Lower School unified under the leadership of its new Head, Mr Philip Foley. The Senior School also started the year with a reorganisation of the academic structure with the introduction of four core faculties and the appointment of Mr Simon Wrafter as Deputy Head (Academic) to oversee the teaching and learning of the school. The Preparatory School provides unrivalled facilities, small classes and outstanding teaching for 2 to 11 year olds and the Senior School continues to provide the same rich environment for pupils aged 11 to 18.

Mr Long, the headmaster of the College says, ‘Tettenhall enjoys an exceptional reputation for maximising the potential of every child. The Governors and I are delighted that theses recent developments have strengthened further the excellent work that has always taken place here. Parents have commented on the wonderful vibrant atmosphere in the Preparatory School and staff in the senior school are relishing the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from different subject areas within their faculties. The improved opportunities to exchange ideas and discuss approaches to teaching and learning are already benefiting the pupils.’ Information Evening for Sixth Form Entry - Tuesday 22nd January 2013, 7.00pm Scholarships are available for pupils demonstrating outstanding achievement in art, drama, music or sport in addition to academic scholarships.

Open Day - Thursday 14th March 2013, 9.30am - 3.30pm & 5.00pm - 7.00pm The Open Day provides a fabulous opportunity for families with children in all year groups (from Nursery to Sixth Form) to view the school in action, meet the dedicated teaching staff and our talented pupils and see for yourself why Tettenhall College is in the top 1% of schools nationally for ‘adding value’. In addition to our Open Days, we also offer families the opportunity to have a personal tour of the school throughout the term. If you would like to take advantage of a tour or require further information about the Entrance Examination or the Open Day then please contact Annabelle Addison in our Admissions Office on (01902) 793002/751119 or email




Academic, Art, Drama, Music, Sport Scholarships & Bursaries are available.

Tettenhall College Inspirational



Tettenhall College is an Independent School that caters for pupils aged 2 to 18

To register for this event please contact Annabelle Addison on (01902) 751119 or (01902) 793002. Find us on Facebook 107

Shipley Students’ New Donkeys

charges. The outcome: the College has fostered two rare breed donkeys to live at Shipley, initially for a six month period.

It was a win-win situation. Walford and North Shropshire College’s animal-care training facility at the Shipley Campus near Bridgnorth needed to expand its range of over thirty animal species, so that students could increase their experience. Donkey Rescue UK, the Bridgnorth-based donkey sanctuary, which looks after abused or unwanted donkeys, was seeking good homes for two of its

Lynn Hunter, lead animal care tutor at Shipley was delighted: “These donkeys are very special rare breeds and are perfect for the students. They have lovely temperaments and will keep the students very busy, particularly the Baudet de Poitou which has a long coat which takes a lot of grooming. Both donkeys are actually very healthy as they have been well looked after by someone who has fallen ill and simply can’t look after them anymore. It’s been a fabulous outcome for everyone.”

Apply now for full-time courses at our Shipley Campus, Bridgnorth Courses available • Animal Care • Childcare • IT Office Skills Open event Saturday 2nd February 10.30am - 2.30pm Open to all

For more information please call Kathryn on 01902 709 840 or email:

Apply online at The Shipley Campus, adjacent to Gardenlands Bridgnorth Road, Pattingham, Wolverhampton WV6 7EJ

Are currently looking for a


to join their friendly team. Interested candidates must be qualified to NVQ level 3. Experience preferred but not essential. If you are interested in joining this highly professional established salon please post your CV directly to the salon at the address below. The Orchid Rooms, 3 The Square, Codsall, Wolverhampton WV8 1PT


wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013

Students Mark Time At WGS Students from Wolverhampton Grammar School decided to make their own mark in history when they buried a time capsule as part of the school’s 500th anniversary celebrations. The students who are all in Year 8, began their ‘A day in the Life’ project as part of their geography course whilst in Year 7. The students were using 1512 as a basis to look at their immediate surroundings and the wider world around them and to see how it has developed over the past 500 years. The students voted on the items to put in each capsule which included the names of all WGS students, school tie and history book. Each student also wrote a

letter entitled ‘A day in the life…’ which gave a picture of what life is like for young people in 2012. “The students really took to their task and went about researching and gathering items to put in their time capsules with real enthusiasm,” comments Head of Geography, Mr Tom Baker. “Firstly they considered how we see the world as it was 500 years ago, and then they had to imagine what students in 500 years time might think when they look back to our time.

ticket and a photograph of high profile footballer, Mario Balotelli.

“We wanted students to give a real flavour of early twenty-first century life from a personal perspective in the items they were burying. They were also asked to look at what was happening in the wider world.” Along with the school related items and a photograph of each student who took part, the time capsules also included some quirkier items including an Olympic admission

A plaque will be placed close to the capsule burial site so that future generations of WGS students can unearth them in order to get a real glimpse of the past. 2012 marks the 500th anniversary of WGS. The school was founded by local wool merchant Sir Stephen Jenyns who was knighted by King Henry VIII and went on to become Lord Mayor of London.


Sixth Form at WGS pushes us to develop as mature

& individuals and

prepares us for

life beyond school Tom & Lauren, Year 13

WGS achieves outstanding A Level results and its value added statistics are exceptional. Find out more about post-16 education at WGS.

01902 422939


Who’s Your Star of 2012? As the end of 2012 nears, Wolverhampton Library Service is encouraging its visitors to nominate their favourite book of the year. Thrillers have again been incredibly popular during the year so far with Lee Child, James Patterson and Karin Slaughter books being heavily borrowed from the city’s libraries. The Affair by Lee Child is his 16th Jack Reacher novel and is set 6 months before the release of his 1st novel, Killing Floor and marks the turning point in his career. James Patterson’s latest book NYPD Red was released late in the year - October 25th - but his previous books are still firm favourites and feature regularly in the top 10 most borrowed books from libraries. Karin Slaughter, infamous for her brutal crime fiction set in Atlanta, Georgia, thrilled her fans with Criminal - her latest novel released this year. Criminal saw Special Agent Will Trent revisiting his past when he investigates the murder of a woman which bears startling similarities to another murder 40 years previously. In addition to these crime thrillers, no-one can deny the phenomenal success of EL James’ Fifty Shades books which have encouraged many non or lapsed readers to pick up a book this summer. As Christmas approaches, there is, as usual a plethora of celebrity biographies. Will Miranda’s Is it Just Me? make a last-minute rush for the number one spot or will Paul O’Grady, Cheryl Cole or Rod Stewart’s tales be more popular? If celebrity chefs are more your cup of tea, then will new releases from Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson or the Hairy Dieters get your vote? All of these books - and many, many more are available from Wolverhampton’s libraries. So next time you visit one of them, pick up a card and vote for Wolverhampton’s favourite book of the year. 110

Where’s my library? Ashmore Park Library, Griffiths Drive WV11 2JW Bilston Library, Mount Pleasant WV14 7LU Blakenhall Library, Bromley Street WV2 3AS Central Library, Snow Hill WV1 3AX Collingwood Library, The Broadway WV10 8EB East Park Library, Hurstbourne Crescent WV1 2EE Finchfield Library, White Oak Drive WV3 9AF Home Library Service 01902 Long Knowle Library, Wood End Road WV11 1YG Low Hill Library, Showell Circus WV10 9JJ Pendeford Library, Whitburn Close WV9 5NJ Penn Library, Coalway Avenue WV3 7LT Spring Vale Library, Bevan Avenue WV4 6SG Tettenhall Library, Upper Street WV6 8QF Warstones Library, Pinfold Grove WV4 9PT Wednesfield Library, Well Lane WV11 1XT Whitmore Reans Library, Bargate Drive WV6 0QW

01902 01902 01902 01902 01902 01902 01902 01902 01902 01902 01902 01902 01902 01902 01902 01902

556296 556253 555460 552025 556302 556257 556260 556256 556290 556293 556250 556281 556284 556308 556275 556278 556269

You can find out the results in the new year at wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013


Pete and Christine Hayward with Linda Duckett and Angela Blaney

Carol Marshall-Broom, Steve Broom and Leslie Taylor

Michael Lewis with Kevin and Jane Blair

Jeremy Brown, Peter Cutchie, Nigel Ellacott as Dame Trot and Iain Watkins

Wolverhampton Grand Theatre’s Pantomime Party Night at Wolverhampton Racecourse hosted by Panto Star Nigel Ellacott as Dame Trott. Money raised from the evening is to be used for the theatre’s Education Pantomime Projects.

Social Scene Sponsored by Patshull Park Hotel, Golf & Country Club Bookings now being taken for Christmas Party Nights at Patshull Park Call the sales team on 01902 700100


Brian O’Faolain, Jim Pallett, Eddie Payne and Adrian Parker

Nita and Richard Barker with Jonathan Thompson and Jason Lane

Jill Hitchman, Peter Suddock and Jonathan Kieley

Mike Barlow with Peter Pingree

wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013

Tess Warhurst, Chris, Gerlando, Antonio and Giuseppe Cacciatore

Tina Griffiths, Heather Harwood and Sue Aston

Victor and Tina Catellani, Angelo and Heather Carlesimo

Danielle Ford,Vito Carlesimo, Daniella Carlesimo-Lucas and Anthony Lucas

Diane and Chris Wainwright

Caroline and Roy Bernard

A great evening of Bond and Bollinger was enjoyed by 200 guests at The Mount Hotel, Tettenhall on Friday 26th October to celebrate with Bollinger the release of Skyfall.

Tammy and Dean Lewis

Mark Cranidge, Matt Jenkins, Andy Swift and Andy Flavell

Laura Betteley, Stella Baxter and Jo Plimmer

Katie Jones, Karen Flavell, Julie Cranidge and Lyndsey Smith


Specialists at Your Service

Are you looking for a Specialist Service for your Home? Then look at pages 114 to 117 for local tradesmen and services…



Maintenance & Refurbishment Specialists

✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Building Carpentry Decorating Electrics Flooring Fascia & Soffits Interior Design Kitchens & Bathrooms Landscaping Plastering Plumbing Tiling Windows & Doors

Myriad Property Care offer an extensive range of maintenance and refurbishment services which can be tailor made to your property’s needs. Call us for a free quote on all your maintenance and refurbishment needs.

Myriad Property Care Freephone: 0800 566 8707 2 The Gables, Essington Wolverhampton WV11 2BF Email: Website:

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OUR TRADEMARK IS EXCELLENCE Domestic Commercial Industrial Established over 10 years

Office & Showroom, “The Ballroom” 16 Station Road, Albrighton WV7 3QG

All electrical work undertaken • Security Systems • Periodic Testing • Garden Lighting & Power • Showers • Rewires • Mains Upgrades • Fire Alarms • Data & Phone Points • Portable Appliance Testing

To arrange a free, no obligation, quotation

CALL US FIRST 01902 374831 Email:

Excel Solar

Our NEW Company providing P.V. Installations, both commercial and domestic saving you money on energy bills and reducing your carbon emissions, helping create a greener future.

Please contact us for further details.


SKIP HIRE Your total electrical solution Rewires ● Alterations Reports ● Testing ● Certificates Extensions ● Showers ● P.A.T. Testing Alarms ● Upgrades

Your local solar power professionals

• Small, medium & builders skips with doors • Local company • Established for over 22 years • Built from recommendations • Fast, friendly & reliable

Please Tel:

01902 722876 Yard 17, Bank Street, Wolverhampton WV10 9DU

Tel: 01902 562440



Andyman Services Full Home and Garden Service

Interior and Exterior

Specialising in Fitted Kitchens and Bathrooms

All work guaranteed. Reliable. No job too small. FREE QUOTES. City and Guilds Qualified.

(supply and/or fitting only)

Also En Suites, Plastering, Door Hanging, Laminate Flooring, Wall & Floor Tiling, Patios, Decking & Fencing, Garden Clearance, Gutter Cleaning & Repair, Loft Hatches & Boarding, Outside Taps, Shed Roof Repairs and much more.

Call Kevin on:

01902 784879 07989151412 or John on :

01922 495369 07791 415181


Camrose Gardens,

Call Andy Corfield on:

Pendeford, Wolverhampton

01902 567232 / 07961593160 Email:

NEW SHOWROOM NOW OPEN! Hollybush Garden Centre Warstone Road, Shareshill Wolverhampton WV10 7LX

One Stop Building Services All types of building work undertaken from a garden gate to a housing estate and everything in between. • Family run business based in Cannock • Established over 15 years • Good honest workmanship The preferred choice for building and extension work in The West Midlands


We’re proud of our achievements, view our completed projects at: For your free estimate please call 01543 or email:


502500 AFTER

wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013

Hyde’s Key Locker - Keys and Much More There’s a friendly, professional and reliable service waiting for you at Hyde’s Key Locker.

card holders and many other items that can all be personalised.” “We strive to meet the needs of our customers, so will always try to undertake any job they require - we have no letter restriction and are always open to ideas.”

Whether you need a spare set of keys cutting or have something to be engraved, the family run business - that’s located in Hollybush Garden Centre - is the only place to visit.

There’s a selection of locks and padlocks in store and a fitting service is also available. Shoe care products and fire safety equipment is on offer too, and everything comes with free helpful advice from the team.

Manager Tom Hyde explains: “We do all house keys, cylinder, mortice, safe blanks and locker keys with a huge range of key blanks in our shop. If we don’t have the key you require, we’ll do our best to source it for you within two working days.” Keen to brighten up any dull key chain, Hyde’s offer the best selection of colourful and funky designs, including: glow-in-the-dark, football clubs, Disney characters and Betty Boop, to name a few. It’s not just house keys that the team take care of though, they also look after car keys too: “We provide plain keys with no transponder, spares with a transponder to start the engine, as well as fully remote car keys that are fitted with a transponder as from a dealer.”

Thanks to Hyde’s commitment to great customer care, you can be sure that you’ll always be receiving the best service.

And what’s more, Hyde’s offer a professional engraving service as well: “Our engraving service is mainly used for pet tags and memorial plaques but we can also engrave many other objects. We have a range of trinket boxes, Zippo lighters, compact mirrors,

“We aim to keep undercutting our rivals and provide a better, friendlier and more reliable service. If there are any problems or you require something out the ordinary, don’t hesitate to ask.” “There’s free parking and all services are carried out while you wait, leaving you more time to enjoy everything that the Hollybush has to offer.”

Car Keys Key cutting Engraving Security products Key accessories

House Keys

from £3


from £4

Plain Car Keys

from £7.50

Spare Car Keys with Transponder

from £30

Remote car keys as from dealer

from £70

Tel: 01922 411210 / 07581 041840

Hyde's Key Locker Hollybush Garden Centre (New Extension) Warstones Road Shareshill WV10 7LX

Open 7 days a week: Mon-Sat 9am-5.30pm Sun 10am-4.45pm


AFC Wulfrunians Twitter account AFCWulfrunians and Facebook page facebook. com/AFCWulfrunians. These are very good outlets for keeping track of what’s happening at our football club, along with our website Feel free to have a look for yourself.

Welcome to the latest update of the events on and off the pitch at AFC Wulfrunians - your local football club.


As the season progresses, things continue to snowball for our football club. As well as moving up the league table, we have also progressed to the second round of the prestigious FA Vase, for which the final is at Wembley Stadium. After beating higher division opposition Tipton Town in front of a big crowd in the first round, we now entertain

fellow West Midlands (Regional) League side Shawbury United at the Castlecroft Stadium on Saturday 17 November with a 3pm kick off. It has been noticeable over the last few weeks that our crowds have been on the increase with more and more new supporters coming to the games and leaving with very favourable feedback. We have worked hard on improving our match day experience for supporters, especially families, and it’s pleasing to see our hard work paying off. We have also built up a good social media following through our

With our club growing rapidly, we are now on the lookout for a volunteer journalist to join our ranks. Our match reports are published in the local press, on our website and in our programme. If you fancy having a go at this, please get in touch with me. We are also on the lookout for potential new sponsors and have some great opportunities to suit all budgets. Further information can be found on our website or by calling me on 07834 391284. That’s all for today.

Paul Tudor Call us today on 01902 757143


wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013

Church Road Motors The Trusted Choice for Vehicle Repair It’s rare to find a company that truly cares about its customers these days, but at Church Road Motors excellent customer service is still the number one priority, just as it always has been. The company has long been established in Bradmore, and recently celebrated its 50th year in business. Owned and run by a family team of four - Steve Bentley, his wife Mary, their son Chris and daughter Sarah - each member takes an active role in the running of the successful garage. Aware that many women - and men - feel uncomfortable when

taking their cars in for repairs, the team at Church Road make sure that they take the stress out of all aspects of vehicle repair by being completely customer focused. Mary explains: “We clearly explain all aspects of the work we’ll be carrying out, so that the client is well informed. We pride ourselves on talking in language that the customer understands and always explain how much the work will cost.” “We have constantly strived to look after our customers and it’s an integral part of what we do here at Church Road Motors. We give honest advice and have our clients’ best interests at heart.” “Lady customers can rest assured that they are in a completely safe environment. We’re a

family orientated company and we aim to create a really comfortable and female-friendly atmosphere,” she adds. It’s this refreshing approach that sets the garage apart from the rest, and it’s why they have earned the outstanding reputation they have. The business caters for all vehicle makes and models and is adept at handling mechanical repairs, accident damage, insurance repairs, MOT preparation, paint work and welding repairs. With a wealth of experience and a highly skilled team, every job is expertly completed. Church Road Motors has established a loyal customer base over the years and any new client will see why when they pay them a visit.

CHURCH ROAD MOTORS (BRADMORE) LTD A family owned business - established in 1961 49 Church Road, Bradmore, Wolverhampton WV3 7ER

No Fuss! No Frills! Vehicle Recovery

Just Plain Honest Good Service & Advice

Accident and Breakdown.

Legal Vehicle Disposal

Welding / Chassis repairs

CRM is a Fully Licensed Treatment Facility. All paperwork completed & downloaded to the DVLA ensuring no fraudulent use of your vehicle details.

Vehicle Servicing - All Makes and Models MOT Preparation

Car Parts

To MOT standard - No vehicle TOO old.

Check us out at

We supply both NEW & USED parts for most makes.

Wrong Fuel Accident Repairs/Management/Advice Do Not Start the Engine - Call us! All vehicles repaired. Replacement vehicle for NO-FAULT accidents.

We have the latest SEDA equipment for dealing with ‘Mis-fuels’.

Advice is FREE Call Us:

01902 341845 / 01902 334914 Parts Line:

01902 334556


Rugged as a ruffty tuffty lumberjack, big enough to block out the sun, and as cool and sophisticated as a dry Martini, the new Ford Ranger Wildtrak bucks the trend towards titchy tiddlers with their self-righteous ‘Holier-than-thou’ hybrid habits - emphasising that we still live in a world that has room for a big motor and a big-hearted owner who takes the bull by the horns, refuses to roll over, and makes critics of his sturdy individualism eat his dust. Designed for the world-wide market and with styling similar to its American cousins, it’s a handsome beast that’s beautifully built, big, brawny and butch. You could be forgiven for thinking that anabolic steroids have been incorporated into the construction process because it’s in a different league from its predecessor and is a significant step forward on all counts. It has just got a whole lot

rather than the highly competent working vehicle that it is. This top-of-the-range, £25,040, 200PS, 3.2 litre Wildtrack is a most sophisticated product that contains adjuncts to comfortable and civilised motoring that sybaritically conscious buyers  require: heated leather seats with power adjustment for the driver, lots of airbags, a good sound system, climate control, and also privacy glass to give that air of mystery as you ride into town. At the wheel you sit in a high, commanding position enjoying excellent visibility. (Adjust the seat up or down as you wish). There’s room for five supersize ranch hands all wearing their stetsons - so you appreciate how much bigger inside it is than the previous Ranger. All controls are sufficiently chunky to remind you that you this is muscular motoring, yet everything is so light and easy to operate. A six-speed automatic box and a facility to

view mirror. The Parson’s wife could jump straight from her Nissan Micra and drive like a hooligan across a ploughed field in one of these. Most of the time you’ll be in two wheel drive on the highway where it rides well, handles well and cruises so effortlessly and quietly at speed that you wonder whether it really is a big diesel. Motorway travel is effortless - and allowed to run wild, the Ranger will reach 110mph. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, of course, and this version is claimed to guzzle gas at the rate of 26.7mpg. Now here’s the splendid news. I actually got 30.0 mpg overall. Where you can really enjoy the benefits of the big 5 cylinder diesel is in overtaking, tick-over revs, pedal to the floor - and you get the pulling power of a pachyderm. You look down on the frenetic buzz boxes rowing along on their gears and you revel in the sheer

New Ford Ranger Double Cab Wildtrak 3.2 TDCI (200PS) Automatic By Syd Taylor

tougher and even with the new crop of pick-ups from the likes of VW, Isuzu, Nissan and Mitsubishi, the New Ranger (especially with the 3.2 TDCI engine here) takes on all comers and is surely in the running for the accolade of ‘toughest truck in town’. Step up into the four door cab and you enter a refined environment reminiscent of a quality saloon 120

switch from two-wheel drive to four-wheel high or low at the twist of a knob makes adventurous off-road work a doddle. ‘But such a brute must be difficult to handle’ I hear you say. Not a bit of it!  Light steering, a splendid auto box, parking sensors, ESP, Traction control, EBA - and the finest reversing camera I’ve come across: it’s in the rear

effortlessness of the Wildtrak - and such levels of torque ensure that you can tow your boat/caravan up the steepest gradient - and, of course, a pick-up is about load lugging so the Wildtrak has a big 1.2 cubic metre load bay. There you have it. The Wildtrak is that rare beast. A pick-me-up pickup that won’t let you down. Ever.

wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013

Get Your Car Ready For Winter With HiQ Wolverhampton The team checks and adjusts the pressure on all five tyres and assesses the tread depth to make sure they’re in the best condition for icy weather. As well as safety, ensuring tyres are in good condition will make the car more fuel efficient - saving more money during the most expensive time of year.

HiQ Wolverhampton is helping the city get ready for winter by offering a range of free car tests and checks to its visitors.

Along with tyres, the battery is checked along with the lights and horn to make sure that road users can be seen clearly as the dark nights draw in. The windscreen is checked along with wiper blades and washers. Then the team goes under the bonnet to check the engine oil. The coolant level and anti-freeze gravity is checked and hoses and fasters, radiators and connections are checked for

Motorists in the city are being invited to take their car along to the garage in Chapel Ash to check that it is road ready for the coming cold months. The HiQ team offer free checks with a no-obligation promise, as it aims to make Wolverhampton roads safer this winter.

leaks, making sure the anti-freeze stays exactly where it should be. HiQ Wolverhampton centre manager, Mac Grundy, said: “Winter is a time when many motorists can feel uneasy on the roads. We’re hoping that by giving checks and tests, we can instill confidence into motorists at no cost and with no obligation.” For those that wish to go further than a free check, HiQ offers a tyre fitting service, MOT’s, servicing, diagnostics, exhausts, brakes and batteries. It also employs cutting-edge equipment to ensure the precise alignment and balance of all four wheels which can ensure longer lasting tyres, better handling and more miles for your money.

For more information about HiQ Wolverhampton and its offers, visit:

HiQ Wolverhampton.

Keeping you safe on the roads this winter. FREE wheel alignment checks.

FREE vehicle health check.

FREE battery check tests.

Ch t dS Lor

ape l


Alb an

y Rd




Ask inside for details.




I Ash sla

R ale rrid Me

h Bat

fto nS t

t en sc re sC ak O

d s RR rk’ aglan S t Ma M A4150 ark St sS t nd


te ga uth So

West Park Hospital en ha ll R d

Rd erfield Summ

Te tt A41

Ring Road St A nd re

No obligation promise on all of our checks.

t nS nso phe Ste

HiQ Wolverhampton 11 Chapel Ash WV3 0UB

01902 420234

Tyres • Exhausts • Brakes • Batteries • Servicing • MOTs 041628 HiQ Wolverhampton W West Sept 12.indd 1

24/10/2012 11:05


The MINI ONE D ‘Why Bother With Anything Else?’ By Syd Taylor Great slugs of torque are more useful in real world driving than frenetically struggling to keep your 50 million rpm petrol motor in its narrow power band. Whizzing about is a breeze. It handles brilliantly with élan and roller skate fun, rides comfortably and has a slick six-speed gearbox that encourages enthusiastic use: though you don’t need to row it along on the gears because there’s enough ‘tugboat’ torque from low revs. Performance is delivered in a smooth and sophisticated way so that the argument that diesels are noisier is now dead. It’s quiet and relaxing at high speeds too. Low wind, road and mechanical noise and the high sixth gear make for effortless travel. The only limiting factors being what you see: it’s a bit ‘tight on’ if you have two rear passengers. 

New generation MINIs have been a familiar sight for so long now that they are becoming retro classics. Their success has never been down to pure nostalgia but to the hard facts of solid engineering coupled with designer flair.

petrol - and I have to declare with a very solemn face, that the truth of the matter is that I spent nothing on petrol during the entirety of my acquaintance. Here I must hastily add before the ‘Trades Description’ people rush up to haul me away, that - yes it’s true; but only because I was testing the diesel alternative.

Currently, with so many variants, one is spoiled for choice, so it is illuminating to see what virtues the ‘basic’ model has. As one might put it - ‘Is the MINI ONE the one to have?’ There is only one way to find out.

And what an alternative. Even those who don’t go dewy-eyed over diesel cars will drool in delight at this 90bhp 1.6 litre diesel’s economy, at the same time as they jump with joy at the 115mph performance that this basic MINI ONE delivers. Your correspondent never achieved the claimed 74.3 mpg overall but 66 mpg was easy to achieve; even when driven hard and fast. 

I will have none of the diehard’s argument that these MINIs are not true MINIs: they are. We’re talking of a philosophy rather than a pedantic insistence on the past. Let me declare that I love the look but also it’s reassuring, comforting and satisfying, to acknowledge that underpinning the ‘eye candy’ attractiveness is a dependability and precision of manufacture that one could scarcely have dreamed of back in the old days. The only problem one is likely to encounter, is paying for the

‘Aha! Diesel fuel’s now so much more expensive than petrol’ you say ‘So what’s the point?’ Well, everyone has become so obsessed with economy that by making it the main point in their consideration of going diesel they are missing the point. For old fashioned low down punch that used to be the preserve of V8’s when ‘cubes’ were king, substitute ‘ turbo diesel.’ That’s the point.

I was staggered at how good this MINI is - zippy as a sand fly and with the torque equivalent of twenty elephants packed away under the bonnet and not in the fairly small trunk. A flavour of the driving experience can be sketched in a few words. Everything is solid: nothing shaking. (Except the leaves on the trees!) Accommodation is as comfortable as you’d expect and then there’s that instant gratification that comes from firing up the engine and taking to the highway in a vehicle that makes you feel you’ve arrived even when you’re in the process of getting there. I’ve driven a few cars in my time and it’s only the best that extract from me the thought ‘Why bother with anything else?’ For example, leaving aside the dynamics of road behaviour, the interior is so well thought out, so practical - and yet at the same time so chic - that all one can do is smile. Retro styling cues have been deployed with superlative ergonomic sense and the scale and the dominance of the central speedometer (an immediate target for the eye) is as unmissable as an episode of The Archers.

The MINI is a car for all types, all seasons and all weathers. Colonel Blimp would chuckle behind the wheel and the most glamorous supermodel wouldn’t mind cruising in one of these ‘ONEs’ in Monaco. My advice? Buy one at £14,540 and save one for your grandchildren! 122

wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013


Small things are easier to manage. That’s why we’ve created The Pay Monthly Deal that includes MINI tlc Service Cover* for just £189† a month plus deposit ‡. Good show. Contact Benham Wolverhampton on 01902 457001 to find out more or to book a test drive^.


Raby Street, Wolverhampton WV2 1AS 01902 457001

Official Fuel Economy Figures for the MINI Range in mpg (l/100km): Urban 26.4 – 67.3 (10.7 – 4.2). Extra Urban 44.8 – 80.7 (6.3 – 3.5). Combined 35.8 – 74.3 (7.9 – 3.8). CO2 emissions 184 – 99 g/km. † Example based on a 48 month Contract Hire agreement for the model shown, a MINI Cooper Hatch 1.6 with PEPPER Pack, 15" 5 Star Twin Spoke Alloy Wheels and MINI tlc. ‡Deposit £4,029, contract mileage 32,000 and excess mileage charge of 2.5p per mile. You must return the vehicle at the end of your agreement. *MINI tlc provides scheduled service cover for the length of your agreement or 5 years or 50,000 miles (whichever comes first) at MINI Workshops; maintenance items (e.g. tyres, brake pads and 2nd brake fluid change) not covered; not transferable to another vehicle. Figures are correct at time of publication (September 2012) and are subject to change without notice. Hiring is subject to status and available in the UK only (excl. the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man). Individuals must be 18 or over. Guarantees and indemnities may be required. Advertised hire facilities provided by MINI Financial Services, Bartley Way, Hook, Hampshire RG27 9UF. We commonly but not exclusively introduce customers to MINI Financial Services. Retail customers only, when ordered and registered by 31 December 2012. MINIstry of Finance is not connected to or endorsed by any government department. ^Test drive subject to applicant status and availability.


The new BMW 3 Series Touring: Dynamic flair and practicality wrapped in a sporty and elegant design • Cutting-edge Touring concept combines dynamic performance, elegance and versatility in a perfectly proportioned overall package. • More space for passengers and luggage: 495 litres of stowage room sets the benchmark in this segment. • 40:20:40 folding rear seat bench (standard), rear window opens separately from the electrically operated tailgate (standard), separate partition net and luggage compartment cover. The latter can also be stored in the underfloor compartment. • Modern Line, Luxury Line, Sport Line and M Sport package plus an extensive selection of assistance systems, including full-colour Head-Up Display. • All engines operate efficiently and powerfully with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology, Auto Start-Stop function and ECO PRO mode. Eight-speed automatic gearbox available for all models. • Sporty suspension with enhanced ride comfort, Electric Power Steering, M Sport options with new aerodynamic package.

The new edition of the BMW 3 Series Touring makes its mark in the premium sports estate segment with its hallmark BMW dynamic prowess, enhanced practicality and versatility, and a range of standard equipment features assembled to meet the challenges of everyday life. Its larger interior is extremely versatile and designed to adapt to everything its customers’ modern, active lifestyles can throw at it. In this role, the new BMW 3 Series Touring convinces equally as both a sporty, elegant and dynamic way to eat up the miles and a comfortable and spacious vehicle for sports and leisure pursuits. Its harmonious proportions ensure the new BMW 3 Series Touring appears from every angle as if cut from a single mould and proves that impressive practicality and dynamic design need not be mutually exclusive. The sweeping silhouette with smoothly sloping roofline, side windows extending well back to the rear and a powerful rear end all combine to create a distinctive Touring character and highlight the huge potential of the new BMW 3 Series variant at first glance. Alongside its extra practicality and versatility, the new BMW 3 Series Touring also benefits from enhanced ride comfort, the availability of the new Sport Line, Luxury Line and Modern Line equipment packages, and the materials and colour concept familiar from the recently introduced Saloon.

To book a test drive please contact Benham Wolverhampton on 01902 457000 or visit 124

wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013

The new BMW 3 Series Saloon

The Ultimate Driving Machine

Benham Wolverhampton


BMW epitomises the ultimate driving experience with near-perfect 50:50 weight distribution, rear-wheel drive, high level of standard equipment and BMW EfficientDynamics technologies that deliver improved performance and economy. Now, thanks to generous deposit contributions and attractive finance, our offers are almost as well engineered as our cars. BMW Select finance representative example for the new BMW 316d Sport Saloon. Customer Dealer deposit deposit contribution

Term of agreement

47 monthly payments

On the road cash price*

48 months


£26,770.00 £337.00


Total deposit

Total amount of credit

Option to purchase fee^


£23,501.00 £10.00

Optional final payment

Total amount payable

Rate of interest

£10,687.50 £29,441.71 3.9% fixed

Representative 3.9% APR

Visit to tailor your own quotation or to view stock available for immediate delivery.


Lever Street, Wolverhampton, West Midlands WV2 1AD 01902 457000 Official fuel economy figures for the new BMW 316d Sport Saloon: Extra Urban 72.4mpg (3.9l/100km). Urban 51.4mpg (5.5l/100km). Combined 62.8mpg (4.5l/100km). CO2 emissions 118g/km. Offer available on selected BMW 3 Series Saloon models ordered between 1 September 2012 and 31 December 2012 and registered by 31 December 2012, subject to availability. Finance example is based on a BMW Select agreement for the model stated, a new BMW 316d Sport Saloon, with a contract mileage of 32,000 miles and an excess mileage charge of 6.75p per mile. *On the road cash price is based on manufacturer’s recommended retail price and includes 3 year BMW Dealer Warranty, BMW Emergency Service, 12 months’ road fund licence, vehicle first registration fee, delivery, number plates and VAT. ^Option to purchase fee and optional final payment payable at the end of the agreement if you decide to purchase the vehicle. Excess mileage charges and vehicle condition charges may be payable if you return the vehicle. Prices are correct at time of publication (September 2012) and are subject to change without notice. Retail customers only. Finance is subject to credit acceptance and available to over 18s in the UK only (excluding the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man). Guarantees and indemnities may be required. Advertised finance is provided by BMW Financial Services, Bartley Way, Hook, Hampshire, RG27 9UF. Whilst we have close links with BMW FS and commonly introduce customers to BMW FS, we do not work exclusively with BMW FS. BMW EfficientDynamics reduces emissions without compromising performance developments and is standard across the model range.


Beat the cold weather this winter. Keeping you on the road with a complimentary vehicle check at Mercedes-Benz of Wolverhampton.

As Autumn turns to Winter, driving conditions become more hazardous. The colder weather and lower temperatures not only affect road surface conditions, but can also have an impact on your car’s performance. At MercedesBenz of Wolverhampton, we’re committed to keeping you on the road this winter, whatever the weather. So we’re offering all MercedesBenz drivers a complimentary winter vehicle health check. It doesn’t matter if you are not one of our existing customers. If you bring your Mercedes-Benz to us, we’ll give it a Winter Check. Best of all, it is completely free of charge and is carried out in about half an hour while you relax with a cup of coffee in our customer waiting area. We will also carry out various other checks including:

The health check includes a STAR test using computerised Mercedes-Benz diagnostic equipment with essential safety and performance checks. On completion we will provide a report and go through the results with you. You can get back on the road safe in the knowledge that your Mercedes-Benz is ready to face the winter elements.

Cold Weather Tyres mean safer driving For continued carefree driving, you could also choose to prepare yourself for the winter season in good time with Cold Weather Tyres and Complete Wheels from MercedesBenz of Wolverhampton. Produced with higher levels of natural rubber, Cold Weather tyres remain more supple at temperatures below 7°C providing better grip and handling on wet roads as well as during periods of ice and snow.

Anti-freeze top up

Top up of fluids

Lights and levels check

Tyre wear, condition and tread depth check

Visual brake check

By having Cold Weather Tyres fitted to your vehicle, your braking distances could be reduced by 10% in the wet, up to 15% on icy roads and as much as 50% on snowy surfaces.

Winter Screen Wash top up – protects your Screen Wash up to -29˚ C.

Cold Weather Tyres are a cost effective way to

get better performance and a longer useful life from your tyres. We will fit them now allowing you to store the tyres currently fitted to your car. When the weather improves in the spring, we will replace the Cold Weather Tyres with your normal tyres, allowing you to retain your Cold Weather Tyres for later in the year. By sharing the two sets of tyres in this way, you have the optimum grip and handling for your car to suit the driving conditions enabling your tyres to last longer by reducing their annual mileage. Mercedes-Benz of Wolverhampton General Manager, Peter Smith, added. “We are dedicated to helping Mercedes-Benz drivers. The Health Check will help you to prepare your car for winter driving, and it won’t cost you a penny. It is carried out in our workshop by factory-trained technicians using the latest genuine MercedesBenz parts and equipment.”

To find out more about Cold Weather Tyres or arrange a free Winter Health check for your Mercedes-Benz, please call Rewth Brookhouse at Mercedes-Benz of Wolverhampton on 01902 276977 or visit 126

wolverhampton west magazine | december 2012/january 2013

A Class apart. The new generation A-Class at Mercedes-Benz of Wolverhampton.

To book a test drive or pre-order your new A-Class to avoid disappointment, please contact our Sales Team on 01902 276977.

Mercedes-Benz of Wolverhampton Penn Road, Wolverhampton WV2 4HD

01902 276977

Official Government fuel consumption figures in mpg (litres per 100km) for the A-Class range: urban 32.5(8.7)-52.3(5.4), extra urban 45.6(6.2)-72.4(3.9), combined 39.2(7.2)62.8(4.5). CO2 emissions:168-118 g/km. Model featured: Mercedes-Benz A250 BlueEFFICIENCY Engineered by AMG at ÂŁ29,345 on the road including optional metallic paint at ÂŁ570. (on-the-road price includes VAT, delivery, 12 months' Road Fund Licence, number plates, first registration fee and fuel). Prices correct at time of going to press (11/12).


New Cosmetic Treatment Clinic Opens at the Nuffield Botox and fillers are no longer just for film stars and footballers’ wives as a hospital in Wolverhampton has opened a new clinic specialising in the cosmetic treatments. The Nuffield Health Wolverhampton Hospital has undergone a £1 million rejuvenation programme and £250,000 of that was spent on creating a clinic for non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Heading up the clinic is cosmetic surgeon Dalvi Humzah from Stourbridge who has appeared on TV’s Embarrassing Bodies as well as Dispatches. He has worked at a number of Midland hospitals including Russells Hall in Dudley, Wordsley Hospital and the private West Midlands Hospital in Halesowen. Now he is bringing his skills to the Nuffield in Wood Road, Tettenhall and says as well as the popular Botox and fillers there will also be treatments for scars, removal of moles and

minor day case procedures such as the OneStitch face lift.

Specialties “People really want these procedures now and with the clinic at Nuffield they are able to have the treatment in a hospital environment, meaning they are in a safe environment with the back-up of a whole range of specialties,” he says. “With the new clinic I can see someone in a consultation room, take them through to the theatre and they can relax afterwards in the recovery lounge. All these rooms are next to each other and that means that those having cosmetic treatments are different to other outpatients.” Treatments at the clinic include Botox for £200, fillers cost £229, a jowl lift is around £1,700 and thread lifts are around

£3,000. Thread lifts are where small incisions are made and a thread is inserted under the skin where it is tightened and gives the face a lifted appearance. Mr Humzah says: “Sometimes people will come to me and say they just want to get rid of the sagging skin under their chin and the procedure is very simple and done with local anaesthetic. “Fillers can be used to plump up areas like the lips or get rid of the lines either side of the nose, they can also be used to rehydrate the skin.”

For further information please telephone 01902 793259 or visit our website at

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Registered Charity No. 512387

Can you steer your team to pole position?

Units 4/5 Cannon Business Park, Gough Road, Coseley, Wolverhampton, West Midlands WV14 8XR Teams of 4 people - A great opportunity for team building, or an alternative to the ‘usual’ Christmas parties’

Friday 7th Dec 2012 - 2pm Race Off For further information or to book your place please contact Simon Cater on

0845 225 5497


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Don’t follow the crowd

volvo V40 0% APR representative

personal contract purchase

£199 per month

78.5mpg combined fuel consumption, 94g/km emmission PCP finance example for Volvo V40 Diesel Hatchback D2 ES 5 door: Cash price of vehicle £19995.00, Deposit £5329.40, Amount of credit £14665.60, Interest £0, Total charge for credit £0, Interest rate 0% APR Representative, one initial payment of £199.00, 35 monthly payments of £199.01, Duration of agreement 37 months, one final payment of £7501.25 (guaranteed future value), Total amount payable £19995.00

BRINDLEY WOLVERHAMPTON Tel. 08430 222908 Wolverhampton Road, Codsall, Wolverhampton WV8 1HF

BRINDLEY STOURBRIDGE Grange Lane, Lye, Stourbridge DY9 7HH


Fuel consumption for the Volvo V40 D2 in mpg: Urban 70.6, Extra Urban 83.1, Combined 78.5.0, CO2 emissions 94 g/km. PCP based on annual mileage of 10,000 excess mileage charged at 14.9pence (plus vat) per mile for the first 5000

miles, twice that rate thereafter. Prices supersede all previous offers and are correct at time of going to press. Picture for illustration only. Part of the

132 Brindley Garages Group – keeping the West Midlandswolverhampton motoring since 1931. west magazine | december 2012/january 2013

Wolverhampton West Magazine December/January 2012  

Issue 32 - December 2012. Wolverhampton West Magazine. Monthly Lifestyle/Business and Community Magazine produced by Studio 28 Design & Prin...

Wolverhampton West Magazine December/January 2012  

Issue 32 - December 2012. Wolverhampton West Magazine. Monthly Lifestyle/Business and Community Magazine produced by Studio 28 Design & Prin...